Botany 2021 - Celebrating the Conference and Thanking our Exhibitors

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A Wrap-Up!

Celebrating Botany 2021 and Honoring our Exhibitors!

A quick wrap-up of Botany 2021 Support our Amazing exhibitors - some who have extended their discounts for conference attendees Remember - as attendees you can review all the conference content on our virtual platform until July of 2022! A great way to keep learning and not miss anything! Didn’t attend you can still review the abstracts on the conference site It was a great conference from many accounts! See snippets of the Social wall with your comments!

Conference Sponsors

Sponsored the Botanical Society of America’s Emerging Leader Lecture:

Dr. Christopher Muir University of Hawaii Eons of pore decisions: how selection shapes the stomatal morphospace.

Sponsored the Annal’s of Botany Special Lecture:

Mario Vallejo-Marin University Of Stirling Buzz pollination: Bees, buzzes and floral function.

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New Titles in Botany From Chicago

Extraordinary Orchids Sandra Knapp

With a Foreword by Mark W. Chase Cloth $30.00

Amber Waves

The Extraordinary Biography of Wheat, from Wild Grass to World Megacrop

Catherine Zabinski Cloth $24.00

Tropical Arctic

Nature Remade

Jennifer McElwain, Marlene Hill Donnelly, and Ian Glasspool

Edited by Luis A. Campos, Michael R. Dietrich, Tiago Saraiva, and Christian C. Young

Lost Plants, Future Climates, and the Discovery of Ancient Greenland

Cloth $30.00 Forthcoming this Fall

The Wardian Case How a Simple Box Moved Plants and Changed the World

Engineering Life, Envisioning Worlds

Convening Science: Discovery at the Marine Biological Laboratory Paper $45.00

Luke Keogh Cloth $35.00

From the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

From the Missouri Botanical Garden Press

Field Guide to the Amaryllis Family of Southern Africa & Surrounding Territories

Driven by Nature

Graham Duncan

Illustrated by Barbara Jeppe and Leigh Voigt Paper $65.00

Field Guide to the Plants of the Falkland Islands Thomas Heller, Rebecca Upson, and Richard Lewis

Edited by Colin Clubbe Field Guides Paper $110.00 Forthcoming in January 2022

A Personal Journey from Shanghai to Botany and Global Sustainability

Peter H. Raven

Edited by Eric Engles With a Foreword by E. O. Wilson Cloth $35.00

A Checklist of the Orchidaceae of India André Schuiteman, B. R. Kailash, Uttam Babu Shrestha, and Naresh Swami Monographs in Systematic Botany from the Missouri Botanical Garden Paper $65.00 Forthcoming this Fall


A Color Reference System from the Natural World

Nature’s Palette

A Brief Compendium of Floral Lore

A Brief Compendium of Arboreal Lore


Trees of Life

Patrick Baty

Carol Gracie

Joan Maloof

Max Adams

Cloth $39.95


Cloth $16.95

Cloth $16.95

Cloth $29.95

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Botany 2021 and Plant Biology 2021 Present a Special Joint Symposium Wednesday July 21, 11:00 am (ET)

An Exploration of Inter-kingdom Interactions Featuring: Bacterial endosymbionts of Mucoromycota fungi; lessons from evolutionary, functional, and computational genomics

Bidirectional communication along the microbiome-root-shoot axis.

Jessie Uehling

Utrecht University

Corné Pieterse

Oregon State University Perception of lipo-chitooligosaccharides by the bioenergy crop Populus

A set of conserved receptors is essential for root system architectural changes induced by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Jean-Michel Ané University of Wisconsin

Uta Paszkowski Cambridge University

Symbiotic forms and the lichenized phenotype

Klara Scharnagl

University of California, Berkeley

Organized by: Heather Hallen-Adams

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Mycological Society of America

Gary Stacey

University of Missouri American Society of Plant Biologists

Elizabeth Kellogg

The Danforth Center Botanical Society of America

Review the abstracts for this special symposia at

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The Botany of Invasions

Botany 2021 Symposia

Organized by: Nicholas Kooyers, Brittany Sutherland, Craig Barrett, Maribeth Latvis, Erin Sigel, Michael McKain, and James Beck Sponsored by: ASPT, and BSA Ecology, Genetics, and Northeast Sections

Gene regulatory networks in fungal development and morphogenesis - towards fungal evo-devo Organized by: Jaqueline Hess and Laszlo G. Nagy Sponsored by: MSA and BSA Mycological Section

Frontiers in Botany: Environmental DNA as an Emerging Tool for Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Plant Biodiversity Organized by: Brenda Molano-Flores and Mark Davis Sponsored by: ASPT, and BSA Ecology, Genetics, and Northeast Sections

Botany 2021 and ASPB Special Symposium

Organized by: Elizabeth Kellogg, Gary Stacey, and Heather Hallen-Adams Sponsored by Botany 2021 and ASPB

The Hills are Alive: Ecology and Evolution of the Intermountain West Flora Organized by: Catherine Rushworth and Susana Wadgymar Sponsored by: ASPT, and BSA Ecology, Economic Botany, and Northeast Sections

Applications of CRISPR technology across the plant tree of life

Organized by: Shengchen Shan, Douglas E. Soltis, Pamela S. Soltis, W. Brad Barbazuk, and Bing Yang Sponsored by: BSA Economic Botany, Genetics, and Northeast Sections

Review the abstracts for these symposia at

Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections

Join our global community dedicated to the preservation, conservation and management of natural history collections

SPNHC 2022: hosted by Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and National Museums Scotland, UK SPNHC 2023: hosted by California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, USA, May 28-June 2, 2023 SPNHC

@SPNHC “It’s pronounced “SPINACH!”


Botany 2021 Colloquia Chromosome and Karyotype Evolution in Plants Organized by: Rebekah Mohn and Amanda Grusz

Mechanisms underlying exceptional plant diversity across eastern Asia Organized by: AJ Harris and Huafeng Wang

Reasons for Rarity? Exploring Acclimatory and Adaptive Constraints to Commonness Organized by: Jennifer Cruse-Sanders and Jennifer Nagel Boyd

PhyloCode 2020: Naming the Tree of Life

Organized by: Nico Cellinese and Michael Donoghue

The Contribution of Regional Flora Projects to the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation

Organized by: Nina Rønsted and David Lorence

Enhancing Quality and Use of Herbarium Collection Data through Community Data Curation

Organized by: Joe Miller, Gil Nelson, Erica Krimmel, Anne Bruneau, Barbara M.Thiers, and Sandy Knapp

Darwins’ reversals: What we now know about Feralization and Crop Wild Relatives

Organized by: Makenzie Mabry and Alex C. McAlvay

Modeling the processes that mediate speciation and extinction rates across plants

Organized by: Carrie Tribble and Rosana Zenil-Ferguson

Phytochemistry: From atoms to organisms

Organized by: Gaurav Moghe and Robert Raguso

Speciation Mechanisms in Plants

Organized by: Patricia Bedinger, Lila Fishman, Kathleen Kay, Jeremiah Busch, and Susan Kalisz

Review the abstracts for these colloquia at

Lessons from Plants

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6/8/21 1:06 PM

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