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We believe that there are enough Compass readers and believers out there that if even just a portion of them contributed (as little as $2 a month) that the newspaper could actually be paid for directly by the people who it is made for. If you use this sheet as a resource and anticipate its arrival month after month we urge you to consider signing up. This is without a doubt the easiest and fastest way to help. It’s a truly exciting realization to think that we think can ensure the existence of this thing by combining the efforts of the community that it represents! Help ensure the survival of this rare beast and help it realize its potential to enhance the cultural landscape of our city/region/world. Please consider contributing and keep on reading the rag! find our Patron21 icon on the front page of – Sam Potrykus

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Next month TREAT YO SELF night cools it’s promiscuous heels and settles down @Tasty Burger in Harvard Square. This is the second of our ongoing collab with EYE DESIGN’s monthly creative industry night featuring some of the illest bands and artists in the area. On Friday 2/28, we’ll be featuring artwork from a bevy of zines that will be available for pick up or purchase at the event. But how can we feature the best zines in town if we don’t know about yours??? Deadline for submissions is Friday 2/14. Email us at -CEEK

Behold The Wonder The Harvard Film Archives

Boston Hassle Volunteer Orientation February 4th!

The Hassle will be holding a general volunteer orientation for brand new volunteers, explaining the several areas where help is wanted and how YOU can get involved with our expansive music and arts organization. Some of these areas in which you can contribute and gain valuable skills include newspaper production, web development, music/art/film writing, audio/visual/show production, fundraising, and so much more. Possible school credit may be rewarded too if you’re in it. Visit our HQ in JP Tuesday February 4th at 7pm and join our posi posse of culture mongers. -JW/SP

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Pretty sly of Speedy Ortiz to release a song called “Everything’s Bigger”, the first single off their latest Real Hair EP. The thing rips like Katy Perry, soaring through banging chromatic riffs, powering vocalist Sadie Dupuis’s cryptic parables. People wanna talk shit about how Speedy “sounds like the 90s” but this new EP straight up sounds like Speedy Ortiz - building on the catchy and dissonant dialectic of last year’s well received releases. Believe the hype & get it before it sells out February 8th @Tasty Burger in Harvard Square presented by Boston Hassle. -JF

Avi Jacob Makes His Quintessential Soul-Folk Album

Boston songsmith Avi Jacob offers up his soul with a foundation of rootsy American folk. Perfect music for a living room show or backyard hootenanny, this is just the setting in which Avi cut his teeth. It’s been a transformative time for this Whitehaus extended-Family member and these songs reflect the raw emotion of it all. Recently establishing roots in Charleston, SC you can find him between here and there casting his cool, alternative web of folk rock for anyone who wants to get caught up in it. “So Hard To Reach You” out now on Whitehaus Family Record. -SP

One of the best things going for this city’s cinema scene is the Harvard Film Archives. In addition to screening greats from the world’s acclaimed cinema giants, in quite a cozy theater, the HFA brings in the people who have made these films a reality. This month they have influential greats such as French filmmaker Alain Guiraudie (Stranger By The Lake, The King Of Escape), 16mm hero Timoleon Wilkins (Drifter), musician and composer Herbie Hancock, and possibly even Harmony Korine making appearances. Jump on the Red Line to Harvard Square and you’re 5 minutes away! -AS

New CULT & LEPER Record Out Feb. 14th

Jamaica Plain’s Cult & Leper stun old and young with their wild brand of revved up synth pop. Rich with bold vocals, celestial synth/guitar shredding and a penchant for 80’s pop, Cult & Leper generously shower you with heavy grooves and proggy washes. Look here for impressive musicianship, solid songwriting, and an ambitious sense of style. This dreamy, party odyssey is called Twin Knobs Power City. Available on CD and cassette via Burlington and Boston labels and features art by Nick Rocco! Catch their release show Friday 2/14 @Some Bitchin’ Club in Allston-SP

JP’s State Of The Neighborhood 2014 Forum February 27th

We highly encourage everyone in Boston to get involved in or at least be aware of the ever-shifting state of their neighborhood. In Jamaica Plain they have the State of Our Neighborhood forum, a community conversation about JP today and the neighborhood we want in ten years. The 2014 forum is Thursday February 27th 6-9pm @Kennedy Elementary in Hyde Square. This year will focus on creating Racial Justice and Equity with breakout groups on gentrification, food justice, health equity, and fairness for local businesses. Be part of the conversation! And bring a neighbor! -SP

Brattleboro’s FUTURE COLLECTIVE Opens Their Own Space: The Future

The Future Collective, Brattleboro, Vermont’s highly active artist collective, announces its acquisition of a community arts space at 17 Elliot Street! This is hugely exciting news for all champions of independent art in New England, we’re personally ECSTATIC for them. The collective will use it’s space as a not-for-profit art gallery/performance space, and for community workshops, meetings and events. FC has been organizing events and fundraising for the arts since 2012 and will do wonders with their own space. Drop em a line or or plan a visit to The Future: thefuturecollectivebrattleboro at gmail -SP

SPEEDY ORTIZ’S New EP Drops February 8th

Pretty sly of Speedy Ortiz to release a song called “Everything’s Bigger”, the first single off their latest Real Hair EP. The thing rips like Katy Perry, soaring through banging chromatic riffs, powering vocalist Sadie Dupuis’s cryptic parables. People wanna talk shit about how Speedy “sounds like the 90s” but this new EP straight up sounds like Speedy Ortiz - building on the catchy and dissonant dialectic of last year’s well received releases. Believe the hype & get it before it sells out February 8th @Tasty Burger in Harvard Square presented by Boston Hassle. -JF

Boston Hassle Seeks Grant Writers!

Join us in our nonprofit’s mission to make Boston a cooler place for all. Boston Hassle is seeking savvy writers to help with research and drafting grant proposals. We’d like to raise funds for more fests, a permanent All Ages space and to continue exposing exciting, independent and under-heralded artists in the Greater Boston area. It’s not just about making these things happen, it’s about establishing a sustainable infrastructure for Boston’s music and art community so they KEEP happening. We’re a 100% volunteer-run so the position is unpaid but it’s invaluable experience and a rare opportunity to work for a nonprofit on the ground floor ! -AC


SKIES, WATER & DEATH @Distillery Gallery now-3/22 The uncertainty of our own mortality comes to light in this exhibit where the shadows are as important as the objects that are casting them. Local artist, designer, curator, renaissance woman SILVER ORIS joins up with THE DISTILLERY GALLERY to bring together the works of 10 varied local talents (including CHAD CHESKO, DAN McCARTHY, JOYCE McDANIEL and JACOB BANNON). Head out to Southie and consider the infinite… - CEEK

BRINK v1 @Mills Gallery (BCA) opens 2/13 6-8pm runs until 4/13 This is the first in a series that will showcase up and coming artists from the Northeast based on a theme. Invited curator LEXI LEE SULLIVAN chose COLE CASWELL, NELSON CHAN, GEORGIE FRIEDMAN, SCOTT PATRICK WIENER, and collaborative HOUSEBOAT PRESS to explore ideas of itinerancy in contemporary photographic practices. The artists’ work expresses movement, travel, and western expansion. Definitely a can’t miss. - Joe Difazio

Q&A W/ CITY COUNCILLOR NADEEM MAZEN  Art Blast took a minute to catch up with NADEEM MAZEN, co-founder of DANGER!AWESOME (a laser cutting and 3D printing makerspace) and Cambridge City Councillor for some wise words on Art, Boston & feeding your true passions. Q: How can we begin to support our scene and get more artists and musicians involved? How can we make our scene more (danger)awesome? A: First, Don’t believe a word I say—just get out there and do it. Get a home base and daily routine. Turns out you need a daily practice to create and express yourself in order to stay fully human! You may not always notice when it’s gone—but it feels so right when it’s there. Treat yo’self! Recruit awesome-izing friends to join the ranks. The point is to grab this new network—artists and friends you’ve recruited—and make change in your community, collaborate on shared projects, and make your mark. You have energy, opportunity, a great network, and a lot of potential. It’s time to spend just a couple of hours a day growing your community impact and feeding your true passions. Explore Nadeem’s method to art life in 617 and read his full response on our website! - Caitie Moore and Nabeela Vega

PETERS HILL 360: PHOTOGRAPHS BY MERI BOND @Arnold Arboretum opens 2/15 1-3pm runs until 5/24 A love letter from MERI BOND to trees. A collection of photos which documents nature take it’s course as the same trees and views travel through seasons and time. Bond’s long term love affair with the ARNOLD ARBORETUM will be exhibited for the next 3 months @the Hunnewell Building. Pack your walkin shoes and hop on the orange line to catch the show and the epic view of our city’s skyline rising behind tree tops on Peter’s Hill. - CEEK

Trained at Vermont’s Center For Cartoon Studies, Sam Gas Can is a multimedia/performance artist and musician based in Northampton MA. Hear him perform or read one of his zines and you are likely to crack a smile, either for his irreverent humor or for his daring to try something different. “I get bored quick,” says Sam. “I decided long ago that I wasn’t going to make something unless it’s fun. If you are bored you end up with lazy art.” See for yourself at! -James Moore


WILLIAM KENTRIDGE: THE REFUSAL OF TIME @ICA 2/5-5/4 Walk into a darkened room and get plowed by the cacophony of a “breathing machine,” a thirty minute, five channel video installation projects like metronomes, each playing at their own tempo. Incorporating sound, live action and animation, The Refusal of Time is brought to you by famed South African illustrator/filmmaker WILLIAM KENTRIDGE in collaboration with Harvard Professor, PETER GALISON. On view through May, this exhibition attempts to resist the pressure of mortality and questions our comprehension of time. Definitely a must see. - Caitie Moore


JERRY SALTZ & ROBERTA SMITH IN CONVERSATION @Morse Auditorium (BU) 2/24 at 6:30 Ever wonder what it would be like to hear New York’s favorite cut-up art critic JERRY SALTZ in person? Well the cards are in your favor. This month, BOSTON UNIVERSITY hosts pragmatic power duo JERRY SALTZ & ROBERTA SMITH for one night to discuss trends and comments about contemporary art in America today. Think this will be another boring lecture? Think again, here to save us from the dreaded “New Seriousness” of art, these two are a breath of fresh air, and won’t fail to impress. -Caitie Moore

SPIRITUAL KINGDOM @Mobius public viewing 2/3-2/6 8am-9pm Imagine a self-generating installation using sound, movement and performance- involving artists SARAH JUNE, JANE WANG & MAX LORD, based on Philip K Dick’s 8000 page “Exegesis”. Now imagine an absorbing collection of psychological themes that delve into the supernatural experiences of the author & only being able to view the performances if you received a secret code in the mail. It’s called Spiritual Kingdom & YOU have a chance to steal a glance at the installation, sans code, for 3 days. - Nabeela Vega

Bringing you some knowledge for your dome, don’t miss these one night only lectures, panels and artist talks that promise to pack a punch. Open to the public. Preach. @BU Art Galleries NIKKI A. GREENE Herbert Gentry exhibition 2/5 & 2/6 RACHEL TOLANO on Herbert Gentry 2/26, 4pm @Harvard (Carpenter Center) MIKE MANDEL 2/4, 12pm DOUG ASHFORD 2/20 at 6:30pm @Harvard (David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies) DAVID TAYLOR 2/26, 5:30pm @Harvard (Adolphus Busch Hall) Museums and the Construction of Identities 2/27, 6pm @Harvard (Tsai Auditorium) DAVID TAYLOR, DANIEL ARREOLA, RUBÈN ORTIZ-TORRES 2/27, 6pm @ICA JENELLE PORTER on Christina Ramberg 2/6, 2pm @MassArt (Trustees Room) LOU SUSI 2/13, 6pm @MFA/SMFA (Remis Auditorium) LYNNE SACHS 2/5, 12:30pm @MFA/SMFA (Alfond Auditorium) SAGE SOHIER 2/6, 12:30pm INTONARUMORI 2/10, 12:30pm DANIEL BOZHKOV 2/11, 12:30pm DAWIT PETROS 2/27, 12:30pm LISI RASKIN 2/25, 12:30pm @Montserrat College of Art VALERI LARKO 2/6, 11:30am JOOHEE YOON 2/12, 11:30 KELLI CONNELL 2/19, 11:30 RICHARD RYAN 2/27, 11:30 ANTONIADIS & STONE, MASAKO KAMIYA, BEA MODISETT and LEONIE BRADBURY 2/28, 7-9pm - Caitie Moore


LISTINGS see more on the calendar @ ALLSTON @Boston University Art Galleries (808 Gallery) Cullen Washington Jr.: The Land Before Words Now-3/30 (808 Gallery) The Lightening Speed of the Present Now-3/30 (808 Gallery) ACUMMULATIONS: Philip Fryer performs 2/5, 7pm (808 Gallery) Accumulations: Kelly Hunter & Dan DeRosato 2/12, 7pm (808 Gallery) Accumulations: Shannon Cochrane & Márcio Carvalho 2/19, 7pm (Gallery 5) Kaity Reilly: I Can See The Gears Turning 2/3-2/14 (Gallery 5) Courtney Licata: The Tragedy of Being Human 2/17-2/28 (Sherman Gallery) Susan Metrican: Wavy Panes Now-3/7 BACK BAY @Arden Gallery Lynda Lowe 2/4-2/27 @Barbara Krakow Gallery Surar Welitoff 2/8-3/15 George Segal 2/8-3/15 @French Cultural Center of Boston Patrimoine de Paris-Historical Spaces 2/1-2/27 @Gallery 360 (Northeastern U) 50 Years Forward: Portraits of Civil Rights Now-TBD @Robert Klein Gallery Paulette Tavormina 2/8-2/29 CAMBRIDGE @Carpenter Center for Visual Arts (Harvard) Living as Form (The Nomadic Version) 2/7-4/6 opens 2/7, 6-8pm (Ser Gallery) Caitlin Berrigan: Lessons in Capitalism 2/7, 6-8pm @Kathryn Schultz Gallery (CAA) Mirrors and Windows 2/5-2/28 @MIT List Center (Hayden Gallery) Sonia Almeida: Forward/Play/Pause 2/7-4/6 (Hayden Gallery) Hans Op de Beeck: Staging Silence (2) 2/7-4/6 (Reference Gallery) Hourly Directional: Helen Mirra and Ernst Karel 2/7-4/6 @Mobius Mobilize Performance Series: Tanya Mars 2/14 Tinderbox Series 2/21-2/22 Performing on Paper 2/23 @Voltage Coffee & Art GUMBO: Adam O’Day Paintings and Collaborations Now-2/16 CHARLESTOWN @Artists Group of Charlestown Valentine Boutique and Jewelry Show 2/8, 11-5pm & 2/9, 12-4pm DORCHESTER @Hallspace Geographical Point 2/1-3/8 opens 2/1, 3-6pm DOWNTOWN @Lot F Gallery ERSTWHILE: works by Will Sears and Tessa Greene O’Brien Now-2/28 FENWAY/KENMORE @Panopticon Gallery (Main Gallery) A Wicked Winter Show Now-3/12 (Private Room) Architectural Analysis Now-3/12 JAMAICA PLAIN @Aviary Gallery Tony Bevilaccqua: Object/Plane 2/6-2/28 opens 2/6, 6-9pm @Boston CybertArts Gallery COLLISION20 Now-2/23 @The Hallway Gallery Chromogenic: installation by Clint Baclawski Now-2/22 SOMERVILLE @Nave Gallery Linear Notions 2/8-2/23 @Nave Gallery Annex Love Shack 2/14-3/1 opens 2/14, 6-8pm @Washington Street Art Center Animal Nature by Ileana Doble H 2/1-2/22 opens 2/8, 6-8pm SOUTH BOSTON @LaMontagne BLACK WHITE Now-2/22 @Proof Gallery (The Distillery) Boston Does Boston 7 Now-2/28 SOUTH END @Boston Sculptors Gallery Andy Moerlein & Elizabeth Alexander 2/5-3/9 @Bromfield Gallery Daniel Feldman: Contingency Plan 2/5-3/2 Judy Riola 2/5-3/2 @Boston Sculptors Gallery Dennis Svorotonos | Liz Shephard 1/1-2/2 @Chase Young Gallery Nina Tichava & Pamela Murphy 2/5-2/28 opens 2/7, 6-8pm @Gallery Kayafas Geoff Hargadon: Warhol Coming Soon | Remi Thorton: Jesus Coming Soon Now-3/1 opens 2/7, 5:30-8pm @kijidome Green Dream Now-2/8 | Video Screening 2/8, 6-8pm @Kingston Gallery Jennifer Moses: The Black and White of Things 2/5-3/7 opens 2/7, 5-7pm @Miller Yezerski Gallery Christian Haub & William Ciccariello 2/7-3/11 @Mills Gallery The Infinite Space of the Possible Now-2/2 | Curator’s Talk 1/9, 7pm @Samson Projects Carlos Jimenez Cahua Now-2/28 @Villa Victoria Center for the Arts Papel Machete Now-3/7 WATERTOWN @SweeTree Ink Gallery A Winter Wonderland 2/8, 7-11pm




Auteur, misogynist, visionary… Nazi? Lars von Trier has seen plenty of praise and derision throughout his career as the filmic enfant terrible of Denmark. His work portrays a man with uncompromising, often times bleak views of the human condition, or lack thereof. His cinema also leaves an impression, regardless of what you think of von Trier, which should be commended in and of itself. In the director’s own words, “A film should be like a rock in the shoe.” Throughout the month, the Fenway is about to get a lot more interesting as the Museum of Fine Arts will be presenting a sample of some of the filmmaker’s best work, from his debut 1980s sci-fi detective story THE ELEMENT OF CRIME to the 2009 exploitation/art film ANTICHRIST that’ll have you saying “ouch.” What more could be desired from the self described “best film director in the world?” - Pablo Torroella



Timoleon Wilkins’ first-person cinematography hearkens back to the American avant-garde’s golden age—the visionary peaks of Brakhage, Baillie, et al. Of the Los Angeles filmmaker’s recent DRIFTER (19962010), Baillie wrote “Escritura del alma” (“writing of the soul”)—high praise indeed. I’m hard-pressed to remember many specifics of a screening of Wilkins’ THE CROSSING (2007) a few years ago, only that I was rendered temporarily speechless by the intensity of the image. As Brecht Andersch

wrote about that film, “[It] suggests…the last abstract glories of Kodachrome, memorializing this period in which that most glorious of color film stocks is passing from our lives.” Indeed, this forced obsolescence of Wilkins’ chosen materials raises the stakes of his artisanal conviction that the means of expression are inseparable from what is being expressed. Drastic times require drastic measures: Wilkins has taken to projecting in-camera originals of certain films, jolting audiences with a primary experience of film as film. - Max Goldberg

PSYCHOTRONIC MOVIES IN OUR ZONE THE 39TH ANNUAL SCI-FI FILM FESTIVAL 2/7 - 2/17 THE ‘THON 2/16 at 12PM - 2/17 at 12PM @the Somerville Theater Annually, the month of February (and with it, Presidents Day weekend) brings to us the most psychotronic film event of the year. The Boston Science Fiction Film Marathon (The ‘Thon, natch) will be held @the Somerville Theater from noontime 2/16 until noontime 2/17. 2014’s edition is the 39th annual (your author’s 19th). Audience participation, many strange rituals, a violent waving of an array of nerd/freak flags, and quite a cast of characters: this thing’s got it all. Via email, I spoke a bit with The ‘Thon’s GAREN DALY about the wonderful sci-fi madness that he is about to set into motion yet again. We talked of the Marathon as a Brigadoon-like community that emerges each New England winter, rev-

eling in Science Fiction, and imbued with the spirit of The ‘Thon’s original home: the Orson Welles Theater. That historic place was a Boston film community epicenter right on Mass Ave. that was lost to fire in 1986 (Daly is currently in the midst of making a documentary about the Welles). We talked about expanding the Marathon into the weeklong Boston Science Fiction Film Festival (the Fest begins on 2/7—The ‘Thon its crown jewel conclusion) and Festival Director Daly’s goal: to “be one of the most important genre film festivals in the world.” Awesome ambition, I must say. They’re already forming relationships with related festivals in London and South Africa. We talked about The ‘Thon’s curation process, Daly explaining that “the most fun is finding those films that few people know about,” and that “the other kind of films I am looking for are films that have ‘slipped between the cracks.’” And as a ‘Thon veteran, I can tell you that this commitment to fresh and interesting programming is what keeps me coming back year after year. This year the lineup includes: DR. WHO AND THE DALEKS (1965), FLASH GORDON (1980), SILENT RUNNING (1972), THE WORLD, THE FLESH AND THE DEVIL (1959), THE VISITOR (1979), GRABBERS (2012) and on and on. 2013’s EUROPA REPORT will also be screening with its director present, completely exposed to the elements of the ‘Thon and its inhabitants. Killer lineup! Heavy on 70s/early 80s flicks, my favorite. Big ups to the Dick Miller Fan Club. See you in the front row. And if you happen to be in Davis Sq., and see a bunch of people outside of the Somerville Theater, asleep on the sidewalk in the freezing cold at 3am... don’t worry, that’s just us! One of the highlights of my year every year. See you there!! - Dan Shea

THE VISISTOR (1979) @Brattle dir. Michael J. Paradise


@MFA dir. Lars Von Trier

This beautifully shot split narrative film was crafted during the a depressive episode the director suffered through. It follows two sisters during and after one’s wedding. If marriage isn’t depressing enough, he also throws a rogue planet on a collision course with Earth for good measure. Also screens on 2/20.

An 8-year-old girl from Atlanta possesses telekinetic powers and turns out to be the daughter of the evil space being Zathaar, who has been impregnating women to preserve his diabolical lineage. Just try to decipher this psychedelic mess/masterpiece. THE MIRROR (1975) @HFA dir. Andrei Tarkovsky An 8-year-old girl from Atlanta possesses telekinetic powers and turns out to be the daughter of the evil space being Zathaar, who has been impregnating women to preserve his diabolical lineage. Just try to decipher this psychedelic mess/masterpiece.



BREAKING THE WAVES (1996) @MFA dir. Lars Von Trier If God is love and your love wants you to do something pervy, what do you do? Find out in Trier’s Dogme debut which garnered him the Cannes Grand Prix. Also screens on 2/8. MY BLOODY VALENTINE (1981) @Coolidge dir. George Mihalka Sorry, shoegazers – this 1981 horrorshow has nothing to do with indie rock’s swirliest godheads. It is, however, a delightfully nasty slasher classic. The perfect date movie for the Fangoria set! Also screens on 2/8.

10 SOME LIKE IT HOT (1981)

@Coolidge dir. Billy Wilder After the St. Valentine’s day massacre, two male musicians train hop dolled-up as women in an all-female band. Hijinks ensue when one of them falls for bandmate Sugar (Marilyn Monroe) in this uproariously funny comedic classic.

13 CASABLANCA (1942)

@Brattle dir. Michael Curtiz CASABLANCA speaks for itself, literally. Though often misquoted, the script is the film’s best asset, enlivening the rapport between Bogart, Bergman, and everyone else. The Brattle’s annual Valentine’s Day screening always sells out, so get tickets early for you and your S/O. Screens through 2/15.

14 LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (2008) @Coolidge dir. Tomas Alfredson

This Swedish new-classic competes with THE THING for the title of “chilliest horror movie.” A shy boy crushes on a mysterious girl in his apartment building. Turns out she’s a vampire. Don’t you hate when that happens? Also screens on 2/15.

@ I CA

ir. KE - 69 ) d



swn re n Bro e r K e p e u n a t iv ng S M a s s - s h is s w ir li t o n c e t a u r r e c h e d e li a t h k e s o f c 8 p s y a n ie d t h e li d T h e p an a c c o m Z e p p e li n , n d ! ou r r ix , g d r n e e H t Und Ve lv e

( 1967

THE THING (1982) @Coolidge dir. John Carpenter A remake that trumps the original, Carpenter’s chilly sci-fi scare-fest is a horror classic, despite bombing in 1982. Maybe audiences were too enamored with cute little E.T. to accept an alien visitation this grim. The Coolidge presents all the claustrophobia and icky practical effects in gorgeous 35mm. A real winter treat. Also screens on 2/22.

UNDER THE VOLCANO (1984) @HFA dir. John Huston An 8-year-old girl from Atlanta possesses telekinetic powers and turns out to be the daughter of the evil space being Zathaar, who has been impregnating women to preserve his diabolical lineage. Just try to decipher this psychedelic mess/masterpiece.






THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI (1947) @Brattle dir. Orson Welles Orson Welles gets dark and gritty in this noir classic, co-starring his future wife Rita Hayworth. A convoluted, surrealistic hodgepodge of backstabbing and scheming that culminates in an inventive shootout only Welles could’ve thought up. Enjoy the hijinks! Also screens on 2/23. GUMMO (1997) @HFA dir. Harmony Korine Harmony Korine kicked off his directorial career with this blisteringly nihilistic, sickeningly hilarious portrait of a tornado-ravaged Ohio town. Includes an accordion-playing skate punk in bunny ears, Chloë Sevigny, and the most memorable spaghetti-eating scene since LADY AND THE TRAMP.

25 THE DIRT BIKE KID (1985) @Brattle dir. Hoite C. Caston

True American magic realism - the story of a boy, his magical dirt bike, and a Little League team of underdogs. But really, it’s terrible. As the second Trash Night screening of the year, audience heckling and debauchery is required!

26 AMOUR (1981) @FCC dir. Michael Haneke

In the Cannes winner AMOUR, you are forced to see, honestly, some things you’d probably rather ignore in your own life. This is why seeing it in a small, friendly viewing group is best. Then, go call your parents.

28 DARKMAN (1990)

@Coolidge dir. Sam Raimi This wonderfully batty monster/superhero movie is the missing link in Raimi’s career between his EVIL DEAD and SPIDER-MAN trilogies. Liam Neeson is a disfigured-but-indestructible scientist who wreaks havoc on the mobsters who destroyed his life. GIVE ME THE PINK ELEPHANT! Also screens on 3/1.

ANTICHRI ST @MFA 2/16 & 2/21 (2009) dir. LARS VON TRIER A couple retreat to a cabin in the woods following the death of their child. Spooky stuff starts to go DOWN.

 FEB. NEW RELEASES  NOW - OSCAR NOMINATED SHORTS - DOCUMENTARY @Coolidge NOW - OSCAR NOMINATED SHORTS - ANIMATED @Kendall NOW - THE PAST (2013) dir. Ashgar Farhadi @Kendall 2/7 - THE MONUMENTS MEN (2013) dir. George Clooney @Kendall LISTINGS NOTE Below is the theater abbreviation key: Brattle Theater - Brattle Harvard Film Archive - HFA Coolidge Corner Theater - Coolidge Museum of Fine Arts - MFA French Cultural Center - FCC Institute of Contemporary Art - ICA Please see our sister website for our full listings w/ showtimes and other info. FILM FLAM SEEKS VOLUNTEERS!!! If you would like to get involved with our film section or submit listings shoot us an email at


max dickinson Saturday 2/1 First Saturday of every month is Boston Hassle Night! Tonight they sOUR


have Brattleboro cosmic pop bros Great Valley joined by their old friends Needy Visions, reuning for the first time in over a year to release their second record on cassette! With Fume Hood kicking it off it will be a full evening of strangely sweet pop music @Lilypad 10pm All Ages $5-10 sugg donation  Over in Harvard Square dark rock corrupts all ages and leaves em shoegazen @Democracy Center Bedroom Eyes, Strange Mangers, Jonesing, Paths, The Lonely Machines 7pm All Ages $7-10 sliding scale donation  JP culture pillar @Deep Thoughts plays host to the engaging songwriter guy ACLU Benefit, Wicked Rot, People Live Here, and Northampton’s Hoonah 8:30pm All Ages Donate  This independent film made it’s way to our shows page, it has a lot of friends over here and it’s not yet used to the Boston Compass FILM FLAM pagee but aaanyway: PISSPANTS is a 92 minute independent film written by solid local dudes Jeffrey Power and Frankie Symonds. These guys are funny and weird, but that’s all we’ll say @Video Uderground 8pm All Ages Donate somethin  If you’re up for a trip out to Western Mass this is the type of show worthy of yer gas money: Guerilla Toss, Ryan Power, Palberta, Bomp Treb @Flywheel Arts Collective (Easthampton) 8pm All Ages $ome cost  And up in Portsmouth, NH you have a crazy good lineup with Quilt, Doug Tuttle, Creaturos and Rick Rude @The Press Room 9pm 21+ $ome cost


Thursday 2/6 AS BUILT PResents a cooly mixed affair, where the Civil Warblers’ weird blend of rockabilly and country meets the more serious indie folk of Old Soul (Portland), the super catchy indie pop of Vundabar and songwriter Derek Teichert 9pm 21+ $5  Plus STIR: Callithumpian Consort’s music series, has a brilliant collection of contemporary works featuring composer Lee Hyla and the world premiere of his work, MIGRATION, for mezzo-soprano and ensemble. MIGRATION is the third commissioned work written for @Isabella Steward Gardner Museum 7pm All Ages $15/ $5 students  Balls out rock show in New Hampshire tonight with Grass is Green, Comma and Idiot Genes @The Red Door in Portsmouth, NH 8pm 21+ $5 Friday 2/7 Smash It Dead Fest Benefit Show! Sun Young, Fleabite, Wet Dress and Big Buck Hunter @SBC 9pm All Ages Donate The other sick punk gig tonight is VIOLENT PARTY VOL. 55 @FORT WARNER w/ Asylum (HC punk from RVA members/ex-members of Aghast, Pissheads, Soma, and 2am Revolution), Cleansing Wave, White Line Fever and Human Bodies (1st gig.) ALL AGES 7PM $7 BUCKS Go spend an evening at the bottom of Beacon Hill! Advent Library Concert Series has NYC experimental music & performing arts ensemble presenting several shorter original works from recent and upcoming projects. Plus Eric Hofbauer Quintet, who have a reputation for reworking significant 20th century pieces, pretty cool stuff! @Advent Library 8pm All Ages $10 suggested donation Interactive Sampling Workshop with Ali Berger @Mmmaven 6pm All Ages Free Muyassar Kurdi Raajmahal, Samara Lubelski @Lilypad 10pm All Ages $ome cost Perhaps, Beauchene Skulls, Ryan Jackson Troika, Doug Wartman @O’Brien’s 9pm 21+ $10 And the 5th annual Bob Marley tribute show w/ iLa Mawana @Church 9pm 21+ $12 Saturday 2/8 Weirdo Records 5th Birthday: Tredici Bacci, Ken Reid, Shawn Armistead, Katie McCarthy, Christine An, Chris Braiotta, Andrew Durso, Ryan Douglass, Ben Dryer, Patrick Bryant, and tons more @ Lilypad 8pm All Ages $7 Kilslug, Bugs & Rats, Power Masters @ Bathaus 9pm All Ages Donate Boston Hassle: Speedy Ortiz (record release), The Channels, Sneeze (rec release), Idiot Genes @ Tasty Burger 8pm All Ages $5- sliding scale Open Sound: Orlando Cela, flute, plays Sciarrino and more, Bats from Pogo: (Walter Wright,Andrea Pensado, Doug Van Nort) more TBA @ Third Life Studios Applejam: Dylan Ewen & the Sulk Scouts, Indian Twin, TBA @ Crabs haus (Davis) 9pm All Ages Free Cibo Matto, Salt Cathedral @ Sinclair 9pm 18+ $20adv /$22dos

Sunday 2/2 Papercut Zine Library is having a massive awesome sale! Start your day here. In addition to a large variety of weirdo comics they will also be selling odds and ends, this and that, miscellaneous sassafras and other chotchkies. Get the picture? Make an offer! Store and Library will be open for business and refreshments will be served! 11am-7pm All Ages  Ed Schrader’s Music Beat are a pummeling minimalist rock duo from Baltimore. Pummeling bass, pummeling drums, pummeling concepts. Get pummeled. Plus Saralee will counteract the scary madness with their powerful dreamy pop. Should be a grudge match. Also the abominable skimask @Deep Thoughts 9pm All Ages Donate  If you’re anywhere near Providence though, save yourself a trip because some dark mesmerizing pop is wasssup in Onleyville - Great Valley, DOG (NY), The Suicide Magnets and Witch Wolf @Kristina’s World $5 All Ages 10pm or so Monday 2/3 The Series (Weirdo’s weekly in-store) has comedian Christine An, she funny @Weirdo Records 8pm All Ages $5 donation  Down the block Rad Castle Night has Streight Angular, Anubis Pop and Harmoos leaving you with an indie pop bruise @Zuzu 10pm 21+ Free  Completely the trifecta of Cambridge’s Monday night guaranteed good times is Fast Apple night in Harvard Square: Tsons Of Tsunami go over the top, Providence’s Littlefoot lull you into sweet submission and this sick band from Middleboro MA Black Beach is in town with there menacing garage punk. Cool show! @Charlie’s Kitchen 9pm 18+ $5  Between Sophie Dickinson’s hypnotic harp, Greg Sun’s super chill guitarness and Peg House’s ethereal vocals beautiful folk music music will be stringing you along all night @Midway and you’ll love every minute of it 9pm 21+ $5  Meanwhile in Allston Mississippi garage rock force Bass Drum Of Death is @Great Scott with Thunderbloods and Vundabar 9pm 18+ $10  Get another dose of Ed Schrader’s Music Beat while he’s up in New England, he be @Kristina’s World tonight with Houseboy and the abominable skimask 9pm All Ages Donate

sylvain delzant

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Tuesday 2/4 The Whitehaus Family Residency continues with the impeccable indie pop of Saralee, the wicked fun rock Free Pizza, Sun Young’s underwater rock. Plus DJ Dayglow and your host, Con Tex @Midway 9pm 21+ $5  Twisted garage punk nasty man Nobunny is in the house tourin with Madison, WI sickos The Hussy and paired perfectly with local rock and roll sass attacks from The Fagettes and Banditas. Plus super freak Gangbang Gordon @Middle East (Upstairs) thanks to Illegally Blind 9pm 18+ $10adv/ $13dos  Mind Yeti wanders back from the wild to let out a boisterous heady psych jam in support of Hummingbird from Chicago along with Hard Shrugs and the mysterious Uncle Frank @O’Brien’s 9pm 21+ $7  Dance to electronic music: SVVIM @ Middlesex 9pm 21+ Free  Have you been noticing more cool shows happening in Portsmouth NH lately? Well someone’s doing something right up there, someone who loves cool shows. Tonight they got Ed Schrader’s Music Beat paired with the nast psych crunch of Black Norse and Soft Eyes (Luke from NNH, Mmoss, Migs - First Show). @The Red Door Plan a trip to visit this cool New England zone! 8pm 21+ $ome cost  Boston Free Radio (community access/free speech station) - General orientation NOT A SHOW, BUT COOL! @Somerville Access TV 8pm All Ages  And Brazilian Girls, DJ Carbo are @Brighton Music Hall 9pm 18+ $15 Wednesday 2/5 Primordial Sounds continues it’s reign of first Wednesdays in Cambridge this evening. Blinders is area chiller Marc Valois and other usual suspects of the Cambridge rock and roll sect (Dan Webb, Elio DeLuca and Sean Mcalister) pumping out dirty garage pop with ease. Beach Toys is cut from a similar cloth, beachy rock and roll, a hazy delight. Plus DJ set from E Dorsey of Soulelujah and the PS guys spinning in the gaps I’m sure. Looking forward to this one, it’s gonna be the 60s up in this beach @Middlesex Lounge 9pm 21+ $3

Sunday 2/9 Nice Guys, Dead Wives (mem Speedy Ortiz), Chandeliers, Flat Swamp @ Great Scott 9pm 18+ $8 Benefit for Somerville Local First: Mission of Burma, Bugs and Rats, Minibeast @ Regent Theatre (Arlington, MA) 7pm All Ages $23-27 Jack of Hearts (Slovenly), The Monsieurs, Gymshorts, Thick Shakes @ O’Brien’s 9pm 21+ $10




MA 2




Monday 2/10 Jenifer Gelinau @ Weirdo Records 8pm All Ages $5 sugg. donationRad Castle: Native Sun w/ DJ Howse @ Zuzu’s 10pm 21+ Free ACLU Benefit, Young & Old, Dying Falls, The Double Stops @ T.T. the Bear’s 9pm 18+ $7 Fast Apple: Miami Dorritos, Buttercup, Ian @Charlie’s Kitchen 9pm 18+ $5 Tuesday 2/11 Poets Andrea Gibson and Shira Erlichman sings the body electrified with radical and heart-felt lyrics about queer culture and activist social politics @Middle East Downstairs 9pm All Ages $12adv/ $15dos  And over in Brookline, let those hard working lovers of the electronic avant guarde of Non-Event tickle your cranium with composer Jonathan Zorn (no, not that one), who specializes in imporvised electro-acoustic featuring processed voice and interactive text software @Cafe Fixe 8pm All Ages $5 Wednesday 2/12 NotloB Parlour Concerts presents an intimate night of inspired contemporary folk with celtic and appalachian roots with local four-piece 4TET @A Spot in Watertown (email for details) 7pm All Ages Donate no new moons in february

focus your energy on growth, regeneration, making changes, gathering information and starting new things in the days leading up to the full moon focus on loss as the full moon fades away by losing stress and negetive feelings, working on addictions and bad habits, or correcting past mistakes and making amends

Thursday 2/13 Jam-packed local show in Allston with everybody’s favorite self-deprecating soul-rousers Krill. They’re celebrating the release of new EP ‘Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Breaks Down Crying’ and of course it rocks. Brooklyn crystalline avant pop pals Ava Luna, instantly appealing garage gals Fat Creeps, and Exploding in Sound labelmates Kal Marks and Bad History Month will surely draw an eager crowd @Great Scott 9pm 18+ $7  If you’re in that special mood for rumbling psych grooves, let Dead Meadow invade your inner space with local mind-melters Ghostbox Orchestra, Sand Reckoner @ Sinclair 9pm 18+ $12  Neo-soul upstart Evolfo Doofeht gets the dancefloor all shook up with colorful hippie pop mainstays Streight Angular, Northampton’s And The Kids, Vary Lumar and The Flies @TT the Bears 8pm 18+ $8adv/ $10dos  Up in Portsmouth, NH, western Mass noise breeders Egg Eggs get messy and breaks a few shells with Boston industrial synth amalgam Full Color and stark droner noise beast Vehement Caress @The Red Door (NH) 9pm 21+ $ome cost Friday 2/14 Prepare to get your mind blown to infinitesimally small particles of pure joy. Jamaica Plain’s Cult & Leper redefine prog with an alien funk feel you can smell a mile away. They’re rocking out with the release of their new record ‘Twin Knobs’ on Allston’s Blood Oath Slumberparty Records. They pair nicely with the angular drugged-glam grooves of Northampton’s Rabbit Rabbit. Ambient-pop dreamer Bent Knees, Acrid Fluff (Greece) and Licious all keep it sufficiently weird @SBC 9pm All Ages Donate  Local rock lovers can delight in this stacked Boston showcase. Exuberant pop-mongers Hallelujah the Hills join scorched psych sparklers The Dazies, cigarette burnt doo-wop fiends Fagettes and chug-punks Nice Guys party late @ Lilypad 10pm All Ages $ome cost  Electronic dance lovers the Brain Trust present the spacey post-rock beats of Emancipator Ensemble with Odesza, Real Magic @Paradise 8pm 18+ $18 Saturday 2/15 It’s a Burger Records double-double tonight @Great Scott as southern California’s smarmy garage fuzzballs Together Pangea play with Dutch golden sun pop groovers Mozes and the Firstborn. Local off-kilter punks Zip Tie Handcuffs start things off right at this sure bet of a show 9pm 21+ $10  Non-Event can do no wrong. Berlin-based Heatsick returns with his signature sprawling dance freak-beats fuelled by broken casio loops. Providence techno pummeler Container and JP mod-synth technician Dinners make pleasant patterns out of blips and bloops @Goethe Institut 8pm All Ages $10adv/ $15dos  Boston Hassle hosts the record release party for Providence boardwalk bar punks Atlantic Thrills. With the turbo punk burners White Pages and primal garage bop evangelists The Monsieurs and Allston street rats Nice Guys @ Tasty Burger 9pm All Ages $5-10 sliding scale  Over in JP BOW Shows and Bufu Records presents the shredding Acidosis, the slicing Free Pizza and the brand new Muhammad Ollie (dudes from Designer) @Da Drive In 8pm All Ages Donate  And in nearby Providence, the unstoppable horn-heavy punk behemoth known as Downtown Boys rock their own record release party with Brooklyn female-fronted noise punks Shady Hawkins, grime grinders Power Masters, smooth surf breezers The Yabeautifuls and host Shey Riviera @ Spark City (Providence, RI) 9pm All Ages $6 sugg. donation

of the electronic avant-guarde, Non-Event push you far outside your comfort zone with Bhob Rainey, master of improvised processed sax attacks, and Bonnie Jones, maverick of bent circuits. They twist their talents to create exquisite compositions you may be tempted to call ‘futuristic’ @Goethe Institute 9pm All Ages $10/ $8 student  The awesomely-named Kiss Concert rock out hard with Chandeliers, Green Bastard @ The Red Door (Portsmouth, NH) 9pm 21+ Some cost  Plus Libyans, White Load and Funeral Cone make for one psycho sick weird punk show @Spark City in Providence 9pm All Ages Donate Friday 2/21 Eye Design will have you bouncing off the walls with Dischord records up-and-comers Alarms & Control (DC), who are supported by Boston punk crazies Grass is Green, Lady Bones, Horsehands @O’Brien’s 8pm 21+ $8  There’s a truly alternative rock show in Central Sq with with Positive Negative Man, Cardboard Mercenaries, and One Time Mountain @Club Bohemia. 9pm 21+ $8  It’s a time warp back to the 90’s! Come to Cleveland Circle to catch locals The Takeaways, OTP, and Poor Jeremy shred some 3rd wave ska sounds tonight @Roggies 7pm 18+ $5 sugg. donation  Mellow dance vibes abound as Color Channel, Moxa, and The Stampede rip through some heavy funk and soul @Great Scott 9pm 21+ $10  Chill punk show with Parasol, Peeple Watchin’, Paths, Ivy Neff and Crime and Punishment @Democracy Center 7pm All Ages $5-7 Donation and respect this holy spot  Something Sneaky, The Cattle Walk, Rye Pines and The Way Ways are 4 locals indie rock crews on the same page and tonight they support Canadian grunge-pop aficionados Cousins @Why? Haus 9pm All Ages  What Time Is It Mr. Fox? & Erich Haygun @ Club Passim 8pm all ages some cost

frankie symonds sOUR


Saturday 2/22 Eye Design is bringing out the punks tonight at the tastiest spot in town. Come rock out with Sneeze, The Dirty Nil, Zip-Tie Handcuffs @Tasty Burger 9pm ALL AGES $6

Sunday 2/16 Brooklyn sweetheart Frankie Cosmos rocks well enough in outlandish pop band Porches, but its her bedroom solo project that truly breaks hearts and blow minds. Enjoy her melancholic odes to unbalanced love and rediscover your inner romantic. With Rick (of Pile), ACLU Benefit and We Can All Be Sorry @Whitehaus 8pm All Ages Donate Monday 2/17 Mondays are never boring with these three long-running event series. For an experimental soiree with improvised electronics that chart new territory inside your inner-ear, find Walter Wright, Jack Wright, Andrea Pensado for The Series @Weirdo Records 8pm All Ages $5 sugg. donation  Hard rock obsessives Fast Apple got a doozy for you over @ Charlie’s Kitchen. Baltimore grunge kids Roomrunner and Canadian psychedelic headcleaners Multicult join exuberant pounders PILE and local punks Choke Up for this hefty head-banger of a show 9pm 18+ $5  And Rad Castle, those late-night inheritors of the Deadhead mantle, scrounge up some impressive (and impressively underappreciated) locals. Barn-burning roots rockers Hands and Knees and lo-fi gurrl punks Fleabite get rowdy @Zuzu’s 10pm 21+ Free



Sunday 2/23 Every third sunday is Boston Comedy Chicks night and Weirdo records vinyl-loving guru Angela Sawyer, among others, will be there delivering the ill stand-up comedy. A potent mix of cutting commentary and a love of the absurd @Doyle’s in JP 8pm 21+ $ome cost Monday 2/24 “I Just Got Weirdo,” a stand up performance by local comedian Wes Hazard will have you laughing all the way home from @Weirdo Records 8pm All Ages $5 sugg donation  Fast Apple booking delivers the goods tonight with Rozamov, who bring the balls to the walls metal riffage, alongside Maine’s noise metal gods Black Norse @Charlie’s Kitchen 9:30pm 18+ $5  And to complete the Monday show trifecta, Rad Castle brings the indie-fied psych rock with local sitar-infused garage goons Moontower, Abadabad and The Sun Lions @Zuzu 10pm 21+ Free Wednesday 2/26 Philadelphia’s psychedelic punks Bleeding Rainbow roll into town alongside Brooklyn’s noisiest brat rock brawlers, Hunters, and local garage-loving bad gurlz Fat Creeps @Tasty Burger Thanks a lot Boston Hassle. 9pm All Ages $5-10 sliding scale

Tuesday 2/18 You may know Mike Greensteen as that affable musician who occupied downtown JP last summer with a cavalcade of boisterous sound. You may have even bought an instrument or two. Well he’s got a new record and he’s ready to celebrate it with all his folk-focused friends @Midway Cafe 9pm 21+ $ome cost  And if you’re feeling a little cloudy, let Northampton psycho-burners Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth give you a thorough cranial enema with their acid-fried celebration of all things freaky and Gaga. Soul-aligning and refining guitar rambler Hurricanes of Love adds an additional layer of spiritual appreciation @UnCharted Studios (Lowell, MA) 8pm All Ages Donate Wednesday 2/19 Freak Flag’s monthly night @Zuzu always features no-bullshit punks, gutter-minded noise fiends and plenty of deep cuts in between acts. Bands TBA but trust it will be sick! 10pm 21+ $5  Further down Mass Ave catch Ben and Eric Comedy Show and laugh so hard you’ll feel like you’ve been punched in the gut - in a good way. Standup comedy, videos, puppets and skits! @Middlesex 8pm 21+ Free Thursday 2/20 Boston Hassle and Open Loop’s monthly dance night SCANNERS brings the mutant rhythms to Jamaica Plain. All star 3-piece Form A Log (Container, Profligate and Dinner Music) combine forces for a heady funk overload that’ll fry your motherboard. Providence hard-techno sparkler Unicorn Hard-On, top notch experimental breakdown duo of TAPS and resident weirdo DJ Won’t keep the freak beats alive @Deep Thoughts 9pm All Ages Donate  The Allston-grown Kal Marks rock with a plodding earnestness and a brooding grind that’s hard to resist. See for yourself as they play with Richmond punk metal riffers New Turks, Dead Cat Dead Rat @O’Brien’s 9pm 21+ $8  Curators

Thursday 2/27 It’s getting absolute cray tonight in JP. Get ready for an absurdist interactive variety hour game show with Providence’s own The Coincidental Hour, Bengeorge7 (Ben Hersey + George W. Myers), and Palberta, no-wave inspired punks from Hudson Valley (first Boston show) @Deep Thoughts 9pm All Ages Donate Friday 2/28 Boston Hassle and Eye Design present… Treat Yo Self Night! Tonight will be a DOUBLE BILL and it’s going to be a rowdy rock throwdown, twice. First see Western Mass wildmen Flaming Dragons Of Middle Earth, Brooklyn chamber-prog legends Cloud Becomes Your Hand (celebrating the release of their new record!) and Guerilla Toss at 8pm All Ages $5-10. THEN at MIDNIGHT New Jersey’s garage-punk crushers Liquor Store their Boston counterparbad @ Tasty Burger 8pm All Ages $5-10 Sliding Scale It’s going to be a shred fest @ O’Brien’s tonight! Portland’s premiere sludge thrashers Lord Dying (Relapse Records) are coming to town and playing alongside a slew of known heavy bands Vaporizer, Lunglust, and Modern Voice @O’Brien’s 8pm 21+ $10 Evie Ladin and Keith Terry give a friendly and informal folk serenade @ A Spot in Watertown (email for details) British electro-acoustic duo Public Service Broadcast rock a laid back vacation kraut feel for stoned music students, with Io @ Cafe 939 (Berklee) 8pm All Ages $10 PEEK INTO MARCH 3/1 BOSTON HASSLE NIGHT w/ ONEIDA (1st Boston show in a loooong time!), CROSSS (Halifax, NS), LAIR @Lilypad 3/1 HURRICANES OF LOVE “QUINTORIAN BLUES” ALBUM RELEASE SHOW and tour kickoff w/ Tarp, Crystalline Roses and Gastric Lavage @Feeding Tube Records (Northampton)

natasha sharpe



Here is a comic meant to answer the question, “What happens when you cross the Sunday funnies with women’s health policies in America?” Turns out what happens is a transcendental journey through a mysterious landscape of impossibly gigantic icky body parts.

by TD Sidell

At a private party I worked, Williamsburg

HEY BACKWATERERS, In case you forgot, TD Sidell moved to NEW YORK CITY, and therefore has seen many celebrities. He figured that you guys were sick of trading stories about seeing Conan O’Brien at Guitar Center or Kelley Olynyk getting hair extensions or whatever and that he would ENRICH YOUR LIVES with some tales of all the amazing celebs he got to see with his own eyes RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE. This list should appear monthly or until all celebrities leave New York.


The This American Life Holiday Party, Williamsburg


We want you to live better! Because we’re tired of the way you’re living! In this special section, our staff and contributors present things you can do to make us hate you less.



I snuck into the TAL holiday party because even though I have mixed feelings about the show I have this column to file every month AND I KNEW YOU PEOPLE WOULD WANT TO KNOW. Anyway Ira showed up a little later than everybody else and you know what, HE WAS A DAMN HANDSOME MAN. Part of this was due to the fact that he was wearing a nicely tailored suit and everyone else was, um, “dressed for radio”. Note to the dude who I assume is an intern: loosened loud tie on an untucked loud shirt and jeans is nothing a man should wear.



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If your crowd’s a little “edgy,” try Beef Subpoenas. Same recipe, but instead of delivering the letters, trick your guests into accepting them, and yell “YOU’VE BEEN SERVED!!!”

Give in.

By Jack Torrance

Just let go! Fighting forces larger than you is exhausting and futile. Let the darkness wash over you, rendering you a magnified sum total of your deepest flaws and internal torment.

Get plenty of vitamin D. Sometimes the sluggish feeling you get when you wake up in a large, empty hotel is the result of a vitamin D deficiency. Other times it’s the aching tug of past sins slowly pulling you toward a cruel destiny. Either way, it’s best to take a supplement during the long winter months.

DELUXE CARDBOARD PICTURE FRAME: Picture frame or beer coaster?

This is also a door stop. Available in packs of twelve or fifteen.

CLYDE’S is located in the - uh - just take a risk for once in your goddamn life - you’ll find it.

SCROLLING NEWS WATER COOLER: You’ll never run out of conversation topics at work or at home!

Take control. Is something or someone getting in the way of a peaceful state of mind? Taking up ALL YOUR PRECIOUS TIME so you can’t even THINK for TWO SECONDS without all the wah wah whining?? Why don’t you DO something about it? You understand. You’ve always understood. So this winter when you find yourself pacing long hallways that lead to a room where a man in a bear costume is blowing another man, take a moment to reflect and realize that cabin fever is temporary. The cure is permanent.

Jack Torrance is a writer from Colorado frozen to death just outside a large maze.

Q: I’m thinking of deleting my Facebook account because I always feel jealous and yucky looking at everyone’s lives, but I’m scared that I won’t know what’s going on and all my friends will forget me. What should I do? Keira: Take a FB break for a month. Don’t announce it like a jerk. Just deactivate your account for a full month. See how it feels. If you feel better, keep it up. And remember, this is not an all or nothing situation. You can check in now and then to look at invites if you are worried about missing out. Please, PLEASE don’t let someone’s photo of their feet in an interesting location ruin your day. You do know that everyone’s a liar on the internet, right? Ryan: Your friends forgot you a long time ago. Your friends have ideas of memories with you through photos, but the concept of “you” is dead. Please bring this up with Mark Zuckerberg, because I’m not big enough to do it alone anymore.


Use paper money as panties.

I really wished this lady that looked like Tilda Swinton was Tilda Swinton but she was not.

Imagine this! You are seated at a table surrounded by other guests. Where is your hostess? You do not know. Suddenly, the mailman arrives. No! It is your hostess. From a large satchel, she pulls out a clutch of large envelopes. Your hostess hands you one and whispers, “It’s for you.” She does this for each guest. Your name is nicely calligraphed on the heavy envelope. You open it and inside is a very thinly cut slice of flank steak, folded in thirds. Wow! You’ve just been served a Beef Letter. You feel so festive now! It’s the most festive you’ve ever felt. You can’t imagine that anyone has ever felt so festive.

As you can see, the symptoms range from mild to pretty not okay! Here are some ways you can eliminate these unpleasant feelings and get back to winter as usual!

Always name your pet, or refer to any animal, as “the jazz.” You’ll save precious memory resources on mammals and music alike.

The place I work at, Williamsburg

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• The desire to be alone and undisturbed while completing mind-numbing tasks • A renewed reliance on alcohol • Speaking casually with ghost/satanic bartenders • Making out with decomposing elderly ladies • Feeling empathy for demonic ghost dads

Drink the snow. Eat the leaves. Don’t fall for the worldwide conspiracy that says you need “food.”


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by Chris Braiotta

The shorter, darker days that this season brings can make anyone feel desperately out of control and violent. We hole up inside, stealing glances at our loved ones, while growing increasingly distrustful and enraged. That’s why it’s important to be on guard and ready for those chilly winter blues! Here are some signs that you or a family member may be coming down with a case of old-fashioned cabin fever:

Why waste your efforts on makeup & surgeries? Use string & packing tape to hold up sagging body parts.

This is a dude who was like the fifth banana in The Sopranos and Goodfellas and a bunch of other lower-rent mob movie stuff. He was the guest of honor at a party for a plumbing company that I worked. It happened during a particularly unseasonable night but nobody liked my jokes about a group of plumbers actually showing up in bad weather. He booked the entertainment, WHICH WAS A RACIST COMIC WITH THREE RACIST PUPPETS (I mean the puppets were inanimate but a white dude shouldn’t be wielding a puppet that’s anything other than white or muppet). Seriously, this dude was like the Staten Island Jeff Dunham (w/ homophobia) and he came with his own morning zoo style sound effects, it was an intense thing to stand in the back of the room and ignore. Guess what, THE PLUMBERS LOVED IT. Other than booking this nightmare dude (who I forgot to mention was a puffy body shape with frosted tips), Tony Darrow was very nice.

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After the presents are unwrapped and the New Year is rung in, there’s a certain dreadful feeling in the air. It’s one part post-holiday slump, and one part crushing emptiness and spiritual takeover by evil forces. I’m talking, of course, about cabin fever!

It’s year zero. Now is the time to hack your own soul.


Q: There is a girl I’ve been spending time with. I really like her, but we have zero in common. She loves going out every night to thrash metal shows, while I would prefer to hibernate this winter with fancy coffee and Doctor Who episodes. Is there any hope for us? Keira: You are silly and adorable. Chances are you will spend the entire winter in bed together. When you both come up for air around April, you’ll still be able to go do the things that make you an interesting individual (oh hey, these are the things that made you attractive to her in the first place!) and your friends won’t complain that they never see you anymore. Go to 1 out of every 4 metal shows she does and don’t sulk while you are there. Ryan: The question isn’t if there is any hope for you two, but if there’s any hope for you. Seriously, did your parents raise you on a Christmas tree farm? Either learn to date a real woman now or get ready to discuss John Cale at pixie potlucks with people who wear scarves every night for the rest of your life.

Louie Berceli

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Tonight’s Whispering Midriff Records (2013) IJagged. Epileptic. Throbbing. Gondoliers‘ sound has bubbled and festered since their last release and this newest grimy brew is well worth the wait. Tonight’s Whispering shows the band clearly working in the “freakout garage” subgenre, but the sheer variety of texture and coloring is astounding and sets this crew apart from other bands in that scene. Take the opening track, “Hair Patterns”: the album zips to life before shards of lead synth and dissonant guitar cut through the buttery bass synth. The tune spins into Gondoliers’ classic cyclonic sound; that spinning goes on to fuel the Hitchcockian merrygo-round of “Man Next Door”, beckons you to delight in the greasy, gravelly snowballing effect of “Downward Drift”, sets off the lurching bends of “Slaves” like wooden tops. “Loose Associations” buries you in the sound of the cosmos teetering off its axis, then breaks into a jittery dance beat that finds its match in the heavy groove and tubular noises of “Gold Wings”. When these guys aren’t spinning or dancing, they’re sinking in quicksand: the dirty bass groove of “Unshared Beliefs” sounds like a stoned Pac-Man is eating his way through your speakers; “We Fit” stumbles and pulses like the worst hangover of your life. The album culminates in a ferocious 1-2 combo as “Mackerel Hill” – the newest episode of “Drunk Story Time! With Charles Manson” – writhes and bleeds into the decrepit, stringy jungle beat of “Broadcaster”. Stream Tonight’s Whispering on the Hassle website courtesy of Midriff Records, jam out to Gondoliers’ older tunes on their bandcamp, and enjoy this twisted piece of sonic neurosis. - Dean Antonio


Originals Weird Ear Records (2013) Glochids is the one-man project of James Roemer from Tempe, Arizona. Roemer, who is adept at both field recording compilation/manipulation and physical instrument playing (particularly gamelan, keyboards, guitars, and various percussion instruments) alike, has channeled his creative prowess into making a rather unique and intriguing product for Raub Roy’s excellent label, Weird Ear Records. Originals is comprised of several short compositions that utilize Roemer’s field recordings (apparently consisting of sources both from South America and Wisconsin, among others) and instrument playing to equal degrees. The pieces, while generally brief and relatively minimal in their components, display a very focused sense of formal evolution to the degree that they often end only at the point where the first opportunity for sonic stasis presents itself, and sublime beauty is achieved. While the record is somewhat split between combinations of guitar, percussion, and keyboard/piano centric pieces, there is an overarching quality of playfulness and serenity that unites the record’s esthetic. If beautiful and intriguing/challenging yet unpretentious and unassuming music is something you’re into, Originals will be a very rewarding and surprising listen. - Nick Neuburg

Bill Orcutt

A History Of Every One Editions Mego (2013) Odd back-story for this one – guitarist Bill Orcutt of 90s noise legends Harry Pussy returns to performing a decade later with solo acoustic records. But fret not, ye screamers and bashers, because the new act is not a toothless evangelization. Orcutt’s four-string forays are just as incisive and insightful without the distortion, and A History of Every One is a modernist fracturing of America’s musical psyche through free-time improvisation and re-harmonization.His source material, mined from our collective milieu, can seem sardonically assembled at times. There are three Disney songs (including my boyhood tape favorite “Ballad of Davy Crockett”), golden age ballads, and even a Harvard fight song. There are also some nods to blues greats Leadbelly, Lightnin’ Hopkins, and Blind Lemon Jefferson. But ultimately Orcutt doesn’t draw heavily on these songs – this collection certainly does not conform to the expectations of a “cover” – he uses them as the phantom context for his own commentary and creation. Sure, sometimes he half-vocalizes the original melodies, hovering behind his virtuoso playing like a front porch Glenn Gould. But these pieces are all primarily departures, deconstructing the formal language of the songs and laying them out on an equal plane to be reassembled and rearranged at his whim. Importantly beyond the technical artistry, Orcutt knows that the titles start a musical exposition rolling in our heads before he ever strikes a string – that at times you will catch yourself trying to “sing along”. In this way, Orcutt plays with our memory as much as he manipulates any particular melody or chord progression. - Patrick Collins

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Synthetic ID

Apertures 1-2-3-4 Go! (2012) Synthetic ID are a San Francisco group who have seemingly emerged from a 30 year old time capsule to help provide the contemporary underground a glimpse of the kind of music their dawn of the 80s brethren excelled at. Their label, 1-2-3-4 GO!, ambitiously compares Synthetic ID to a collection of the talent behind Gang of Four, Wipers, and Wire. Spend some time with Apertures, their first full length album, and you will likely find yourself inclined to agree with that favorable association. Synthetic ID approach song melodies in a very similar fashion as their post-punk predecessors, emphasizing a constant sense of urgency and an eagerness to erupt into flurries of spiky guitar tantrums. Throughout the course of the LP, the bass and guitar develop a tendency to craft jagged paths for the brief tracks to rambunctiously propel over. Shouted claims of “that’s two faced!” and “there’s too much tension!” help lend healthy doses of suspicion and stress to the stormy mix. Apertures boasts the energy and anxiety of an off-road vehicle desperately racing against an advancing landslide, rattled by the harsh road conditions, and rocketed by the sense of emergency. For those of us who missed out on the overlap era between punk and post-punk three decades ago, where wild and weird mixed and mingled with enduring results, a band like Synthetic ID can provide an echoed sense of the sort of demeanor and songwriting approach that prevailed. Consider Apertures as a relic in the making. - JP Galeotalanza

Secret Boyfriend

This Is Always Where You’ve Lived Blackest Ever Black Records (2013) Fresh out of North Carolina’s harsh noise scene blooms Secret Boyfriend with his first full LP out on Blackest Ever Black Records. Ryan Martin’s solo project occupies a precarious intersection between damaged pop-melancholia, ghostly folk, and musique concrete. This Is Always Where You’ve Lived delicately explores some of the confrontational principles at the heart of harsh noise of from an unconventionally gauzy angle. Having mentioned some of the noise origins of This Is Where…, let me clarify that it is way more By This River than Stabbed In The Face. The ebb and flow of the record weaves between intimate acoustic tunes to dissociative, while rarely harsh, textural washes. “Form Me” entwines tranquil Frippertronic guitar tones and grainy razor-edged machine-scrape. “Deleted Hill” tumbles like a xylophone trapped in a cathedral-sized dryer. This Is Where… captures Ryan Martin as a maverick of the noise game. In his interview with Noisey, Martin discussed the pleasure of getting his lip split open in the act of smashing a cymbal suspended from his face during his live sets. He explains that there’s an analog between the discomfort of physically shedding blood and that of exposing your fragile inner self in an acoustic ballad. Perhaps masochistic, perhaps therapeutic, Martin’s insistence on pushing his emotional state ends up manifesting the despondent and eerie under-layers of his psyche. - Maxwell Parrott

Grass Is Green

Vacation Vinny Exploding In Sound (2014) No surprise – here’s another great record on Exploding in Sound. The label seems to be recruiting an X-Men fighting force of top Massachusetts bands. Grass is Green are Allston veterans who steadily release shifty-eyed splatters of thinkingman’s guitar rock. Their fourth full length, Vacation Vinny, darts around with controlled mania like a disturbed kid on a leash. Grass is Green’s monster rhythm section is a destroyer-ofworlds, bashing the skins in and rattling my ribcage while still dexterously hovering around tempo (they got that FEEL, man). This solid foundation allows for the disjointed, closely dissonant guitar reaches that slice in stereo pan. It’s an aggressive sound, but they still maintain a dynamic awareness, building and dissecting pedal layers around the melodic bass. My favorite moments are the syncopated interplays (that abound), especially the snark of “I’m From Dot Too” and the fluid noise funk of “Tambo.” The songs stay punky in Andy Chervenak’s extended-arm strum and snotty vocal delivery (that at times sound as if Brandon Flowers swapped sequins for pick guard stickers, but that’s probably just me). “Spore” is a psychotic lullaby, ending with phantom whistling leaking through fee-fie-fo-fum squeals. “Vacation 2.0” is radio-ready, building a sonic narrative from sultry whispers to a confluence of paranoid shards to jagged full-band stomps. - Patrick Collins

THIS MONTH IN BOSTON COUNTER-CULTURAL HISTORY On February 12, 1812 Massachusetts Governor Elbridge Gerry signed a bill redrawing Essex County’s voting districts to aid his Jeffersonian-Republican Party over the rival Federalist Party in the upcoming election. The new boundaries concentrated Federalist voters into one district while giving Republican voters a slight majority in several others, ensuring more seats in the State legislature for the Republicans. Once word of the rigged bill began to spread from Beacon Hill, a political cartoonist caught wind and drew his own map of the new oddly shaped districts. He illustratively embellished district borders to resemble a profile of the mythical winged fire-lizard “salamander,” and comically named it the “Gerry-Mander.” The Boston Gazette published the cartoon map a month later, further fueling a public critique of Gerry’s corruption. As yet another example of art’s power to capture and expand public consciousness, the practice of corrupt redistricting has henceforth carried the name: gerrymandering. Neil Horsky ·

One November evening at the dinner table, circa 2002/3, my pops, whilst kvetching about the latest mess left by the current band sharing his practice space in Hyde Park, offered me and my little bro, Cas, the chance to tag along to the MassArt show they were playing. The Young Sexy Assassins. We made it just in time to see the opener, a band of MassArt students named LA Drugs, joining the thin crescent of crossed arms and experimental posture. This was the first time I witnessed a performing group handle their instruments with less finesse than I personally felt capable of. They played like tempo and unison were simply out of their hands, each misshapen power chord resonating with a pang of my own projected embarrassment. Cas picked his nose as my pops said something general about drummers playing “like they mean it,” cocking his head to an angle of grim solemnity. Years later my own band would join two thirds of LA Drugs, playing as Rotten Apples, at a basement joint in Brighton. YSA took the stage next, and not till my late, late teens would I get chance to get acquainted with anything resembling their style, an earthier take on no wave, screeches bent more toward moving bodies around the floor than away from it. My pops dug the set while allowing Cas to becoming the first 5th grader to heckle a noise band. Practicing drums the next afternoon, I tried to recreate everything I could remember.


Lilypad 1353 Cambridge St. Inman Square Cambridge, MA I’m in Cambridge. I’m in Inman Sq. I’m at Lilypad. I’m at one of great live music venues in our vicinity. Can you find another venue in the Boston area that’s all ages, hosts live music almost every night (or something like that), serves wine, beer, and cider, and is also an art gallery? I wish! Answer is no. Over the years I have booked many shows at Lilypad: King Tuff, Wildildlife, Juan Waters, Tyvek, Clockcleaner, ETC. And I’ve seen many more great ones that I didn’t book! Lilypad is casual. For many years an out jazz haven (it still is, actually), they are now branching outside of that wild box by incorporating a broader spectrum of performance into their schedule. Talk to Jesse Gallagher, he’ll set you right up. Give him the secret password: “You shaved your beard?” If you do this, all will be well. I’m into Inman Square. Stop by, grab some food, and catch something at Lilypad. Right now incredible local artist Zoard Tyeklar has a show up called ‘Monuments’. We @ Boston Hassle throw shows @ Lilypad constantly, including Boston Hassle Night (every first Saturday of the month) . This month (Sat 2/1) it’s my band Needy Visions’ record release show w/ Great Valley (VT) and Fumehood & the men of Free Pizza DJing. Lilypad is ripe, get on it. You could hang here, and you’d be correct if you did.

Aquarius Hey bruh, Whats going down. Whatever, turns out you still don’t give a shit in 2014. Good luck for you bruh, nothin means anything any way. Thought about going Gluten free ? Yeah duh no way that’s happening. Keep sticking to uh yknow. Ok bye


Life is still confusing. If you have felt that the amount of showers you already take should be cut down at all, you’re not correct. This is probably the only thing that keeps you from falling into a small puddle-like mass and dripping down the pipe line. Cobain was Pisces, so if you have a tumblr, remember to re-tweet my twatter, bruh.

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