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A now and then column by Ian F Svenonius exclusively for the Boston Compass As the guest columnist this month, I Ian Svenonius, am proud to announce the search for a Boston Compass MASCOT. That’s right, a contest to determine the Compass’ official mascot. Starring YOU, the constituency. The Compass staff might disagree, but I put it to you dear reader: isn’t it time this venerated magazine had a mascot? Some sort of symbolic creature who embodies the ethos of the mag and its faithful, idealistic readership? Just as Mad Magazine had Alfred E Newman, the USA has its bald eagle, the Grateful Dead had their “steal your face” death mask and Hefner had his pagan bunny head, so does the compass require an insignia. Let’s take this thing to the next level. Start scrawling on your napkin and come up with something NOW. Some thoughts on what to consider when conjuring the mascot: Each of the aforementioned icons represented the mores and agendas of its respective institution. Playboy’s cocksure rabbit represented rampant fertility with the unfeeling de-

meanor we associate with the lagomorph. Newman, a sociopathic man-child proto-punk, was intent on spreading mischief and harm on the hypocrite moralists of post-war America. Grateful Dead’s skull man has erased his ego and identity with LSD and belladonna and lives in another dimension altogether, a parking lot of the soul. The bald eagle is capitalism personified, preying on defenseless critters; anti-social in the extreme, terrifying to behold. The Compass mascot needs the qualities that embody not only the magazine but the readership. It has to represent the can-do attitude of the Hassle crew, the resourcefulness and uncompromising show-must-go-on ethos of the bands it promulgates, and the rough hewn beauty of its aesthetic. Should it be a toad? A snail? A cheetah? A lichen? A mollusk? An asteroid? A piece of plasma in the cosmos, ready to birth a new universe? A dish? A kitten? I can’t say. This is up to the Compass readers who are hereby encouraged to submit their ideas. Whoever wins the contest will be rewarded with a large french fry from the restaurant of your choice. May the most appropriate mascot win. - Ian Svenonius

ART BLAST .............................................. PAGE 2 Get a little bizarre in Lowell and LEARN SOMETHING FOR ONCE in Boston

FILM FLAM ............................................. PAGE 3 MARCH CINE-MADNESS: BUFF, SFF, & SFPF (Scorsese’s Favorite Polish Films!)

THE TARDY EAGLE ................................ PAGE 6 SXSW, History, Heartbreak, Uterus Stuff

BOSTON HASSLE BRIEF........................ PAGE 7 Androgynous Mind, KRILL, Olho Seco, GROOMS, Cherry Glazerr and more

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Listen To BACKWOODS on WMBR Every Saturday Morn

Every Saturday morning get a dose of feel-good kookiness courtesy of DJ JOHN FUNKE. It’s been 3 years to the month since we last mentioned our favorite weekly radio program and it hasn’t changed a lick. You’ll have the best vintage Rock and Roll, obscure Rhythm N Blues and incorrigible Country and Western flying at your ear holes amidst zany sound effects and the jive wisdom of legendary area-nut JONBENET BERLUSCONI. Feel the carefree Saturday morning vibe and keep it tuned to Backwoods on WMBR 88.1FM every week from 10am-Noon. - Sam Potrykus

NEW GROUP: Holiday Music Releases First Full Length

From the mysterious minds that brought us Magic Magic comes a new project, HOLIDAY MUSIC. With a more ethereal sound, this crew released their first full-length “Atlantis” last month via PUEBLO 2012. It’s a beautifully blissed-out album with centrifugal force that you can snatch up on their bandcamp. Pueblo2012’s Mike Chew also has clothing brand called Pueblo that will be sponsoring a show @Video Underground Friday 3/14 with HOLIDAY MUSIC, SOFT FANGS, and DOZE. Be sure not to miss this one, ‘cause it could be your last chance to catch a show at VU! - Sarah Martin

Glenwood Garden Launches Locally Sourced Food E-Market

A for-profit business with a social mission, Glenwood Garden aims to help non-profits by providing an e-market for them to sell their locally-sourced goods via They also feature a line of sustainably made food ready for consumption. Now that they are operational, they’re reaching out to other non-profits like the FOOD PROJECT (MA) and GREENING OF DETROIT (MI) to share in net profits from sales on their website. If you have any suggestions for food producers they should work with or non-profits to partner with, email info@glenwoodgarden. - Ron Kwon


On OSR Tapes!

PALBERTA: Lily, Ani, and Nina; instrument-switching American original singers. Ask somebody and it might be punk rock, ask someone else and they might not care to stab it with a name. Are Palberta a sign of things to come, a genetically mutated oasis in the post-industrial wasteland of contemporary music? OSR says yes, and for only 6 dollars you can own thousands of feet of electromagnetic tape in full and reckless agreement. This album is incredible, go see Palberta and listen to “When I Come” on the Internet now! - Nals Goring

Soulelujah/Cultures Of Soul Co-Release Obscure Soul 45

BIG NEWS for collectors of little-known funk and R&B gems: the crack team behind award-winning dance night/veritable Boston institution SOULELUJAH joined forces with crate-digging, local rare reissue label CULTURES OF SOUL to release a new 45 last month! This hot slab o’ wax combines the furious femme funk of IRENE REID’s “Dirty Old Man” with a weirdo R&B jam, allegedly tracked by a mysterious CUPPY RECORDS studio band, on the B side. Hear this prodigious platter at, where you’ll find clips galore. - Ben Potrykus

A Marathon of Jams 3/20-3/28 The WHITEHAUS FAMILY RECORD is back with the seventh installment of BLASTFEST—the record label/collective/residence’s annual celebration of fringe music and comradeship. To say that this year’s fest is bigger than ever is no hyperbole according to the organizers, who boast a 9-day schedule this year, including not just unkempt music at clubs/galleries/DIY venues across the city (Cambridge YMCA, Aviary Gallery, Midway Café, 119 Gallery, etc) but also improv, comedy, workshops and more. According to WFR’s ARKM FOAM, the institution is still “pumping purely,” so get in while the flowing is good. - Jonathan Donaldson

azing First Reco

ase Am PALBERTA Rele


3/2 sees the SOMERVILLE ARMORY @191 Highland Ave hosting a day of FREE CLASSES, taught by some talented Somervillians themselves. There’ll be nearly 40 wild workshops in seven spaces, covering everything from urban beekeeping (Best Bees Company) and bicycle maintenance (Emily Thibodeau) to basic silkscreening (Liz Corkery) and link-stitch bookbinding (Athena Moore)—drop in whenever, and take as many or as few courses as you like! Not enough for you? How about FREE STUFF (Pizza! Beer! Chocolate!) from local sponsors? This event is all-ages and did we mention it’s FREE? 12-6PM - Ben Potrykus

Illusion Of Porpoise Debut Record Out Now On WFR

Submerge yourself in the cerebral and psychedelic swamp that is the ILLUSION OF PORPOISE. This 7-piece Boston supergroup features prominent players of all ages, ready to push your brain into the blender. The heavenly brothers and sisters at the WHITEHAUS FAMILY RECORD present their debut album of six syrupy jams that wield weird grooves relentlessly and clock in at just under 80 minutes. This album is truly a hazardous masterpiece full of intentional spaces to bring you back to earth, just before sending you right back into the next trimention. Find it on Archive.Org and Stay trippy. - Mark Johnson

Knewbody Presents: Rainbows Are Just Refracted White Light

Come engage in a FREE Artvention with DARKMATTER @SMFA on Sunday 3/2 at 5pm. Darkmatter is a queer South Asian performance and literary arts duo by ALOK VAID-MENON & JANANI BALASUBRAMANIAN. The group uses spoken word to renegotiate ways of loving your body and confront ideas of colonialism, white supremacy and desire. The event is organized by folks at KNEWBODY, a local performance/lecture series that brings together POC creatives to bounce ideas off each other & build community. Past programming includes SUZY X and Black Radical Imagination—check & - Nabeela Vega

SCATV Will Make A Filmmaker Out Of You!

It’s hard for filmmakers to get out there and do their thing in this city we call home (I know, you know, we all know). There’s always shooting your friends smashing up a TV, but Boston has more to offer if you look for it. SOMERVILLE COMMUNITY ACCESS TELEVISION, the oldest of its kind in MA, offers a space to work on your craft through classes, group projects, and networking events. On Sunday 3/9, SCATV is hosting ROUGH CUT SOCIAL at The Uniun in Union Square—a night for media makers of all shapes and sizes to share their works-in-progress and get creative feedback. RSVP & find more info online! - Ari Shvartsman

LISTINGS FREE (unless noted)

BRIAN PATRICK ADAMS: 23 IMAGINED STORIES & TURNER HALE: NEW WORKS @James Gate (JP) now—3/23 Separate approaches to mixed media collage by two artists at this mellow vibe bar with extensive exhibition space. Brian Patrick Adams and Turner Hale show us two series of collaged subject matter and imagery presented as mixed media painting both 2D and 3D. A three headed fox wearing a tuxedo and animal statuettes and alien spaceships are a few sites to be seen at this bizarre and vibrant exhibit. Definitely one worth checking out; grab a drink by the fireplace and enjoy the show. -Dave Custodio

BOUND TOGETHER @Washington Street Studio 3/8—3/29 opening 3/8, 7-10pm Peruse works inspired by the art of bookbinding at Athena Moore’s first solo exhibition. Working with handcrafted books and paper, resident artist Moore weaves together a series that explores human relationships, personal history and the individual’s experience of the world. Originally introduced to the craft by a friend, Moore has since completed the bookbinding program at North Street Bennet School and gone on to work as a book conservator at the Northeast Document Conservation Center. Stop by the opening and catch music from the Cool Kids Club. -Scout Hutchinson

PHASES @Boston Harbor Islands Pavilion ongoing An art installation by SOPHIA BRUECKNER and CATHERINE D’IGNAZIO commissioned for the Boston Harbor Islands Pavilion @State Street & Atlantic Avenue. Curated by BOSTON CYBER ARTS and opened on July 8th, 2013. The installation, only visible at night, is reminiscent of a Lite Brite or pixilated videogame showing moonlight on waves. The motion of this graphic is programmed to reflect real-time information from the Boston Harbor such as the tides and moon phases. If you’re in the area check it out! -Joe Difazio


ROY FLUKINGER: VISITING ARTIST LECTURE @Lesley University Get yourself to Kenmore Sq 3/ 5, 11A M- 12 PM and bask in the wit and immeasurable knowledge of ROY FLUKINGER (Currently the Senior Curator of Photography & Film at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center), one of the most prolific photographic scholars/historians of our time. Flukingers lecture “But Enough About You...”: Some Reflections, Observations and Life Rules from A Few Decades in the Curatorial Profession” plans to explore the photographic curatorial world through personal experiences. - Nabeela Vega

ITS VIRTUE IS IMMENSE @Lot F Gallery opening 3/14, 7-11pm A tribute to the fading face of penmanship… As cursive faces possible extinction in our depressingly digital world, LOT F GALLERY and MEREDITH KASABIAN (of Boston beautifiers BEST DRESSED SIGNS) are celebrating work by 20 of the best sign painters from around the world. Historically, beautiful penmanship has been an indicator of virtue and civility but aesthetics aside, the art of hand lettering continues to communicate more than just words. Lot F openings are quality and a goddamn zoo (in the best possible way). This one has got a live DJ set by Alanzi. Do yourself the favor: Be There. -CEEK


@Gallery 360 now-May A cavalcade of psychedelic show posters from BILL GRAHAM’s historic San Fran hotspot THE FILLMORE. This place was the epicenter of 60’s counterculture back in the day and has a long lustrous history worth remembering. Take the E line to NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY and scope their (consistently well curated) walls gridded with 120 show posters featuring THE GRATEFUL DEAD, JOHNNY CASH, THE DOORS, CHUCK BERRY and hundreds more from the last 30+ years. Check our listings for other cool shit happening there this month! -CEEK


A LITTLE BAZAAR @Mill No. 5 (Lowell) 3/1, 12-7pm Nestled within the rustic brick walls of Lowell’s Mill No. 5, JP transplant Amelia Tucker is bringing together a plethora of artisans and crafters under a rotating theme with her monthly marketplace “A Little Bazaar.” 3/1 marks the third installment, with over 50 independent vendors showcasing books, comics, zines, art prints, and artisanal paper goods united under the banner of “Pulp & Press.” The night caps off with an after party and a Midnight Market as Lowell’s Howl Magazine celebrates their second birthday with live music and food and live painting by Markus Sebastiano! Ketchup with Amelia with a full interview at: - Sydney Kinchen

BARBAROUS COAST @555 Gallery Now-3/22 Artist Talk with Neal Rantoul 3/15, 5-7pm Grab the red line to South Boston and head into the depths of an old manufacturing plant for the inauguration of Boston’s newest contemporary art photography gallery, featuring the legendary NEAL RANTOUL & DAVID MATTOX in “Barbarous Coasts”. The show aims to engage the audience in sprawling, surreal landscapes and ethereal content spanning the coasts of Iceland and Alaska. 3/15, catch Rantoul talk about his related residency in Hofsos Iceland, don’t miss this one night only opportunity. -Nabeela Vega

CINEMATIC MIGRATIONS SYMPOSIUM @MIT Act Cube (Cambridge) Sit in on this conversation with some brilliant artists, filmmakers, producers and scholars 3 / 7 examining the everchanging & 3 /6 role and multi-faceted nature of cinema, specifically in relation to the work of filmmaker JOHN AKOMFRAH and producer LINA COPAUL of the BLACK AUDIO FILM COLLECTIVE. Both of whom will be speaking (amongst many others). Check for more info - CEEK SOLAR EXPOSURES WITH 3/15 SCOTT PATRICK WINER , 1-3 PM @Mills Gallery (BCA) Collaborate with artist SCOTT PATRICK WIENER on a project which asks “How do we capture and give physical form to our memories?” He will use UV light to translate one of your own images onto construction paper. Over time, the captured image will fade like the memory itself... Check to learn how to register - CEEK PHOTOGRAPHIC LECTURE SERIES: LESLEY MARTIN @MassArt (Tower Auditorium) 3/18, 2-4PM If you keep up with contemporary photography, you’ve most likely heard of the quarterly magazine APERTURE— undoubtedly the most significant photo catalogue out there. As part of its ongoing Photo Lecture Series, MassArt welcomes LESLEY MARTIN, publisher of Aperture’s series of photobooks. Martin will elaborate on her experience as writer, editor and curator of photography. - Scout Hutchinson LECTURE: NATO THOMPSON @Harvard Carpenter Center Life ain’t the same as it used to be. Contemplating how we make sense of this world and the evolving face of cultur3 /2 7 al production. Independent , 6PM curator NATO THOMPSON supplements his recent exhibition LIVING AS FORM (THE NOMADIC VERSION)—a show of international epic proportions. Exploring over twenty years of cultural works that blur the forms of art and everyday life emphasizing participation, dialogue, and community engagement. - Caitie Moore

ALLSTON @Boston University Art Galleries (808 Gallery) Cullen Washington Jr.: The Land Before Words Now-3/30 (808 Gallery) The Lightening Speed of the Present Now-3/30 (808 Gallery) Accumulations: Mehdi-Georges Lahlou 3/5, 7pm (808 Gallery) Accumulations: Jeffrey Byrd 3/19, 7pm (808 Gallery) Accumulations: Creighton Baxter 3/26, 7pm (Stone Gallery) Making Connections: The Art and Life of Herbert Gentry Now-3/30 (Sherman Gallery) Susan Metrican: Wavy Panes Now-3/7 (Gallery 5) Beautiful Anger 3/24-4/4 (BUAG) Lecture: Karen Kurczynski 3/26, 6pm BACK BAY @Boston Public Library (Copley) Made in Boston (Maps) Now-3/10 Public Women, Private Lives 3/7-5/30 City of Neighborhoods: The Changing Faces of Boston 3/22-8/22 @French Cultural Center of Boston Lorna Ritz: A Travelogue in Color Now-3/31 @Gallery 360 (Northeastern U) NIGHTFALL: Botond Reszegh Now-3/9 CAMBRIDGE @Carpenter Center for Visual Arts (Harvard) Living as Form (The Nomadic Version) Now-4/6 HOOPS workshops with New Craft Artists in Action 3/11 & 3/25, 6:30-8:30pm (Sert Gallery) Caitlin Berrigan: Lessons in Capitalism 3/27, 6-8pm (Sert Gallery) BYO: Performing Feminisms 3/28, 6-8pm (David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies) Working the Line: David Taylor Now-5/18 @Gallery 263 Massachusetts 3/20-4/12 @Kathryn Schultz Gallery (CAA) Pretty/Ugly 3/6-3/29 @MIT List Center (Hayden Gallery) Sonia Almeida: Forward/Play/Pause Now-4/6 | In Gallery talk with Peter Dourmashkin 3/7, 12-12:30pm (Hayden Gallery) Hans Op de Beeck: Staging Silence (2) Now-4/6 (Reference Gallery) Hourly Directional: Helen Mirra and Ernst Karel Now-4/6 | Reading and Walking Seminar 3/19, 6-7pm (Bartos Theatre) Guided tour of all 3 exhibits 3/22, 2-4pm | 3/29, 6-7pm @Mobilia Gallery Tom Eckert Illusions 3/4-4/30 @Mobius TRACES 3/29, 10am-6pm | 3/30, 12-10pm @University Place Gallery (CAA) Mined over Matter 3/5—3/31 DORCHESTER @Hallspace Geographical Point Now-3/15 Jo Ann Rothschild: An Important Day 3/22-4/26 Opening 3/22, 3-6pm @Howard Art Project Recto and Verso Now-3/21 DOWNTOWN @BSA Space Lecture: Viewing the Bauhaus 3/11, 6pm Lecture: Reinvention of the Harvard Art Museum 3/23, 6pm @Rumor RAW presents: MOSAIC 3/23, 7-11pm FENWAY/KENMORE @MassART (Pozen Center)Theatre of Eye/Ear: A Collaborative Concert 3/3 | Doors at 7:30 @MFA(Remis Auditorium) Diane Arbus in Manhattan with Hilton Als 3/6, 6:30-7:30 // $18 (Alfond Auditorium) Intonarumori: Seth Cluett 3/31, 12:30pm-2pm JAMAICA PLAIN @Arnold Arboretum Peters Hill 360: Photographs by Meri Bond Now-5/24 @Aviary Gallery From Life 3/6-3/28 opening 3/6, 6-9pm @The Hallway Gallery WYOMING 3/1-TBD opening 3/1, 6-9pm @Uforge Gallery In Motion 3/6-3/30 opening 3/6, 6-8pm SOMERVILLE @Arts at the Armory Somerville Skillshare 3/2, 12-6pm @Nave Gallery Chaotic Forms 3/6-3/30 opening 3/6, 6-9pm @Nave Gallery Annex Practice 3/13-4/5 opening 3/12, 8pm | Massmouth Story Slam 3/31, 7pm @Tufts University Galleries (Tisch Gallery) Seeing Glacial Time: Climate Change in the Arctic Now-5/25 | Walk Through 3/9 (Koppelman Gallery) Tanja Softić: Migrant Universe Now-4/27 SOUTH BOSTON @A Street & Summer St Starry Night: public art installation ongoing @35 Channel Center Exploring Color Through Paint and Memory Now-6/6 @Wormwood Park Everyday Thanks: Public art project ongoing SOUTH END @Galatea Fine Arts Arnold Trachtman: Portraits Stephanie Angelo: THIS LAND is YOUR LAND 3/5-3/30 | SOWA First Friday opening 3/7, 6-8pm Ed Friedman: STREETwHYS: A personal view of Street Photography 3/5-3/30 @kijidome HOTSPOT 3/9 2pm, 4pm, 6pm & 8pm @Kingston Gallery Erica Wessman: Hunger 3/5-3/30 @Mills Gallery BRINK v1 Now-4/13 Panel Discussion: Itinerant Photography 3/20, 7pm @Villa Victoria Center for the Arts Papel Machete Now-3/7

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E 3/19 L T T A R @B SALEM FILM FEST @CINEMASALEM, Peabody Essex Museum, & other locations 3/6—3/13 Salem Film Fest, now in its seventh year, is the jewel in Witch City’s pointy hat, and in 2014 it glints more brightly than ever. Dedicated exclusively to documentary films from around the world, this year’s week-long Fest

MARTIN SCORSESE PRESENTS: MASTERPIECES OF POLISH CINEMA 3/14—3/23 @Brattle Leave it to Martin Scorsese, that tireless advocate of film preservation, to curate this special program celebrating Poland’s oft-overlooked contributions to world cinema. Spanning 1957-1987, these films righteously reveal a nation toiling under Soviet rule, at a time when political outrage in movies was a definite no-no. Rampant censorship and state-sponsored distribution reigned. So, filmmakers like Andrzej Wajda and Krzysztof Kieślowski masked their people’s raging discontent in historical epics about Nazi occupation, imploring the viewer to look closer despite the clear consequences. Wajda’s ASHES AND DIAMONDS (1958) and Andrzej Munk’s EROICA (1957) both employ Nazis as their surface antagonists, while the harsh road of post-war progress posing as idealism is the real villain. It’s not all pain and suffering though. Tadeusz Konwicki’s JUMP (1965) sparkles with enigmatic New Wave energy, while Aleksander Ford’s BLACK CROSS (1960) is a rip-roaring medieval adventure. Nineteen films screen in total. A treat for film lovers and history buffs alike. - Jon Meyer


A gang of motorcycle-riding ninjas corrupts Orlando with “stupid cocaine.” Only taekwondo-practicing, synth-rock band Dragon Sound can stop them! This is truly incompetent filmmaking of the highest order.



PSYCHOTRONIC MOVIES IN OUR ZONE THE BOSTON UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL 3/26 - 3/30, @Brattle The Boston Underground Film Festival (BUFF) is back at Boston’s coolest movie house. At 16 years old, BUFF is Boston’s best assemblage of the latest in independent and underground cinema’s most out-there, insane, weird, and just plain wrong output. From 3/26 - 3/30, the Brattle will be inundated by a deluge of the drippings from the underbelly of Earth cinema. This is truly independent filmmaking. These films are oft low-budget, and rough around the edges. Like the films in any festival, you’ll end up liking some and, more than likely, cursing the name of a good chunk of the rest. But for us, my dear fellow Psychotronic Film Explorers, in BUFF we truly meet our best annual home-turf opportunity to discover a new favorite trash-pick, cult classic, or idiosyncratic wonder that we’ll be compelled to share with all of our psycho(tronic) friends. Just a couple of the sordid, early highlights from the Fest’s only partially-released

lineup as we go to print are available. Writer-director Jeremy Saulnier has received acclaim at the Cannes and Toronto film festivals for his BLUE RUIN (2013). The film tells the tale of a Virginia drifter (Macon Blair), bungling his way through the exacting of revenge for the deaths of his parents. This gutter character study is at the very top of my list for BUFF films to check out. My other top pick to check out (thus far) would have to be THE CONGRESS (2013). Director Ari Folman’s film is an off the rails live action/ animated hybrid starring Robin Wright as a fictionalized version of herself, who is convinced by her agent (Harvey Keitel) to have her image scanned and sold to a film studio for use long after she has shuffled off this mortal coil. What follows is apparently confusing, brilliant, and most psychedelic. Sounds like it’s worth a go to me. If far out and just generally Psychotronic-styled cinema is your bag, then support BUFF and the Brattle! They’re supporting your weird film obsession, and movie culture in Boston!!! - Dan Shea

This film about friends planning a robbery does more than just hint at the brilliance to come from the director. Quirky, cutesy, and starring Owen Wilson.


SPRING BREAKERS (2013) @HFA dir. Harmony Korine

TOUCH OF EVIL (1958) @MFA dir. Orson Welles

TRASH HUMPERS (2010) @HFA dir. Harmony Korine Before going (relatively) mainstream with SPRING BREAKERS, Harmony Korine visited the opposite end of the spectrum with this grainy VHS oddity about old people molesting garbage cans. Director in person!


THE THIRD MAN (1949) @Somerville dir. Carol Reed Sordid scheming is afoot in post-war Austria when an American writer arrives looking for his friend (Orson Welles) and finds exploitative greed instead. A fantastic story, soundtrack, and cinematography come together to create one of the greatest films of all time.


WILD AT HEART (1990) @Coolidge dir. David Lynch A film that Lynch himself described as being about “finding love in Hell.” Nic Cage and Laura Dern head cross-country to start a life together only to be hunted by hitmen sent by Dern’s crazed mother. Also screens on 3/8. A FIELD IN ENGLAND (2013) @Brattle dir. Ben Wheatley The visionary director takes us back in time for a black and white, psychedelic trip through the English countryside in the 1600’s in which an alchemist captures a group of military deserters and forces them to hunt for treasure. Screens nightly through 3/13.

Opening with one of the most iconic long-takes in cinema history, the story literally explodes from there, sending a swarthy Charlton Heston into a mystery south of the border.

Four of Boston’s major cultural institutions – Balagan, the DocYard, Non-Event, and the Harvard Film Archive – have teamed up to bring three consecutive nights of experimental film and music. Starting on Sunday, 3/23 @HFA at 7PM, the HFA will screen A SPELL TO WARD OFF THE DARKNESS (2013), a highly-anticipated collaboration between filmmakers Ben Rivers and Ben Russell. The film follows an unnamed character, played by musician Robert A. A. Lowe (a.k.a.

BOTTLE ROCKET (1996) @Brattle dir. Wes Anderson

Spring Break… Spring Break FOREVER. Four college co-eds have the vacation of their lives, involving the gang bangers, shoot outs, and wanton drug abuse. Korine will appear in person to settle just what this film is about.

features a remarkable array of premieres, talks with filmmakers (Alan Zweig, Cozette Russell, many others), panel discussions on the state of the art, and opportunities to hobnob with fellow festival-goers. A truly special event, SFF is plenty worthy of your time and a trek up to the North Shore. Check out the schedule online, marvel, and plan. - Matthew Martens

Lichens), through three distinct moments in his life – as part of a commune on a remote Estonian island, in isolation in the Finnish wilderness, and as the lead musician performing in a black metal band in Norway. The following night, Monday, 3/24 @Brattle at 7PM, a program of shorts by Rivers and Russell will screen with Russell in attendance. On Tuesday, 3/25 @Middlesex at 9PM, Lowe and Russell will team up for a performance including intense improvised vocalizations and live 16mm film projections. - Stefan Grabowski

A dapperly dressed fox swiftly outwits his cruel farmer neighbors in a vivid stop-motion animation rendering of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s novel.

BURST CITY (BAKURETSU TOSHI) (1982) @Harvard dir. Ishii Gakuryū Up the punx with this groundbreaking cinematic tour de force as rival biker gangs clash with yakuza and pigs to protest the construction of a nuclear reactor plant.

THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX (2009) @Brattle dir. Wes Anderson

BOSTON VIEWFINDER LICHENS & BEN RUSSELL 3/23 - 3/25, @Various Locations


MIAMI CONNECTION (1979) @Brattle dir. Y.K. Kim


BUBBA HO-TEP (2002) @Coolidge dir. Don Coscarelli Bruce Campbell as a geriatric Elvis fighting a cowboy-mummy alongside an elderly, black JFK sounds like the ultimate gorehound comedy. It is – but it’s ALSO a surprisingly poignant meditation on aging, AND maybe cinema’s most dignified portrayal of The King! Also screens on 3/15.

20 JÎN (2013)

@MFA dir. Reha Erdem Running from an armed group, a teenager escapes from the conflict of her world and into a vast forest. Trapped there by the war, she integrates into both her hiding place and the lives of the animals that reside there.

21 TRUE ROMANCE (1998)

3 /6

@Coolidge dir. Tony Scott A fairy tale, love story, and winking crime caper; enlivened by some electric scenes and supporting turns (Walken! Hopper! Gandolfini! Brad Pitt as a stoner!). This is late director Tony Scott’s finest work, and one of Quentin Tarantino’s giddiest screenplays. Also screens on 3/22.


@COOLIDGE 3/28 & 3/29 (1989) dir. JIM JARMUSCH

Jar mus ch’s firs t fora y into col or film wea ves tog eth er thre e sto ries link ed by Elv is and cha nce enc oun ters in a see dy Me mp his hot el.

26 PSYCHO (1960)

@Somerville dir. Alfred Hitchcock What is there to say? The best horror film ever made, by the greatest director of all time, featuring one of cinema’s most iconic scenes, one of its most memorable scores, and one of its most deeply realized characters. MOTHER!

31 FAT CITY (1972) @HFA dir. John Huston

Screenwriter Leonard Gardner will be on hand as the HFA reprises its Late Huston series with this little-seen, bruising beauty – a downbeat tone-poem elegizing small-time, Californian boxers who were never contenders and are barely survivors. Starring Stacy Keach and Jeff Bridges. MARCH NEW RELEASES NOW - THE WIND RISES (2013) dir. Hayao Miyazaki @Coolidge 3/7 - BETHLEHEM (2014) dir. Yuval Adler @Kendall 3/7 - GENERATION WAR (2013) dir. Philipp Kadelbach @Kendall 3/14 - THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL (2014) dir. Wes Anderson @Coolidge 3/28 - LE WEEK-END (2013) dir. Roger Michell @Kendall


LISTINGS NOTE Below is the theater abbreviation key: HFA - Harvard Film Archive Harvard - Harvard University MFA - Museum of Fine Arts Rivers and Russell, exper- PEM - Peabody Essex Museum

THE DARKNESS (2013) @HFA dir. Ben Rivers & Ben Russell

(2014) dir. WE S ANDERSO


ind The latest from this wunderk as nes Fien h Ralp s find ctor dire his a polished concierge proving innocence in a murder.

imental filmmakers interested in ethnography and society’s outliers, produced this beguiling, woozily abstract, visionary travelogue. Structured as a triptych, it’s the centerpiece of three evenings of local events devoted to their work. Q&A with Russell follows.

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Saturday 3/1 Okay, so this night has at least TWELVE cool shows. What are you gonna do about it?! Hassle Night has the return of heady-rock founding fathers ONEIDA, doom pop heavies Crosss (Halifax, NS), and rad new spastic rippers Lair @Lilypad 10pm All Ages $5-10 sliding scale  Over in Allston, our beloved psych pop powerhouse QUILT returns to town to play with homies Creaturos (heavy garage), Doug Tuttle (beautifully textured 60s vibes) and Weyes Blood (NY experimental folk) @Great Scott 9pm 18+ $9  In JP, BUFU Records and BOW Shows present the soulful Sean Nicholas Savage (Montreal), sweet sweet Saralee, hausmates & fellow party poppers Free Pizza, and Flag Day @Why Haus 8pm All Ages Donate!  Right around the corner you’ll find a night of relevant Americana from JP mainstays Old Wave (ex-The Broons / Pancho The Kidd), The Porter Squares, and The Nickel and Dime Band @Midway Cafe 8pm 21+ $5  If you make yer way down to the Fenway, Rock On Foundation presents The Nightcap: An Annual After-Sloan Conference party. This is a night of comedy and music with performances by DJ Mac Machine of Big Digits, Gregg Gethard of the Holding Court Podcast, Aaron Hertzog, Shaun Bedgood, Hari Kondabolu, DJ VID KID, and Big Digits @Church 7:30pm 21+ $12  Get that underground rock vibe with Earthquake Party, Harmoos, Make It Up (tour kickoff/album release), Tall Tremors, and Lina Tullgren @Fork Foskett 8pm All Ages Donate  You could make it a Cleveland Circle night with Mind Your Mother, Warped Forest and more @Roggie’s 9pm 18+ $ome cost In Allston proper, Streight Angular are having a CD Release with Death Waltz ‘76, Hope & The Husbands, and PowerSlut @O’Brien’s Pub. 8pm doors 21+ $8  For an intensely intimate experience with Danish singer/songwriter Agnes Obel be in Cambridge this night. She will be complimented nicely by the chamber pop of Gem Club, don’t miss it. @First Church 8pm All Ages $25  The fine folks at Eye Design and Indie Rock Ranger have VYGR, Harris Hawk, J / Q, and Hero(n) @TBA for a brutal rock show 8pm All Ages $5  Down in Providence, scoop some tender tunes up from Littlefoot, Rachel Ries (from VT, album release) and Cuddle Magic (NYC) thanks to Columbus Cooperative @ Columbus Theatre (upstairs) (Providence, RI) 8pm All Ages $10  OR for the holiest music concert in a record store going this night see the storytelling folk shredder Hurricanes Of Love at his album release/tour kickoff show w/ Tarp, and Gastric Lavage @Feeding Tube Records in Northampton. Pristiiiiiiiine 9pm All Ages Donate!

- Erica Fletcher Sunday 3/2 Witness songs and storytelling brought together in an extremely special and gangstronamous way with Hurricanes Of Love. The magical Fahey-disciple is celebrating his new LP “Quintorian Blues” and this is the official Boston album release show! As such, he will be joined by three of the finest noisemakers in Bostweez: ARKM FOAM, ANGELA SAWYER, FOOM @JP Drive In 8pm All Ages and bring donations cause Hurricane be on a real big tour and dat gas be pricey! Also that record swag, get that record  Whiling out with nasty post-punk will be The Men and New England’s own sick rippers Ukiah Drag @Great Scott 9pm 18+ $10 adv / $12 day of  And in Providence, greet the jams of Los Nightmom, Shining Wizard (Montreal), Kiss Concert, and Maricamerica with enthusiasm @Spark City USA 9pm All Ages Donate

Bartos Theater 8pm All Ages | $5 ($3 for MIT community)  Rad shows continue in NH tonight thanks to those Salty Speakers blog dogs - Vesper Chimes, Lichen, Seth Gooby (Kittery ME) and Family Planning (Portland ME) are @Red Door (Portsmouth) 8pm 21+ $5  Or take a trip to the outer reaches of NE to see Ryan Power in his natural habitat: Burlington, VT. This show is his tour kickoff and features the joyous Danny Bissette and Lauren Akin @Burlington City Arts 9pm All Ages $10 Friday 3/7 Boston Hassle & B.O.W. Shows present the dastardly synth-pop of Ryan Power and his radical band, the weirded out bounce of Secret Lover (Worcester), the relentless power-synth wave Cult & Leper and bedroom dream-weaver, bowl-packer Bong Wish @Video Underground 9pm All Ages $5-10 sliding scale  For some bluechip improv nuts crack into Grizzler (Boston’s favorite big band) performing pieces by: Angela Sawyer, Jack Callahan, and Morgan Evans-Weiler. Plus a twisted veteran trio of Dave Gross/Jack Callahan/Mike Bullock, jingle jammers Cotton Candy and John Lindaman @Washington Street Arts Center 8:30pm All Ages Donate  Down in New Beige find Lazertüth, Gezan (Japan), and nasty out-rockers Baylies Band blow it up @No Problemo (New Bedford) 10pm 21+ Free  Or for you TRUE PUNKS (what?), VIOLENT PARTY VOL. 56 is going down @FIREHOUSE (Worcester). See System Fucker (Insanity punk from Nagoya Japan), Future (Philly/Florida punk), Aspects of War, Savageheads, Sunshine Ward, Sadist (1st gig) 7PM All Ages $10-15 BUCKS SLIDING SCALE (Part of the money is going to help fix the Firehouse roof! Show needs to end at a reasonable hour. Show up on time to see all the bands) Saturday 3/8 If you are looking for tender moments and folk-serenading you best be there for Gracious Calamity, The Keys, The Woodrow Wilsons, and PKMS tonight. They will not disappoint @Aviary 8pm All Ages Donate  Rumor has it we are now in the final days of JP’s beloved (and last standing) video store. If you haven’t caught a show in this incredible shop, do it before its too late! Check out the sick sounds of Sam Franklin, Slowdim, Courters @Video Underground 11pm All ages $5 suggested donation  Music and Video Composers OLIVIA BLOCK, Mike Bullock, Seth Cluett & Tucker Dunlin with be performing a variety of experimental pieces as part of the Non-Event series @Goethe-Institute 8pm All Ages $10 / $8 for students with ID or $10/$15 at the door  For a night of the purest Black Metal of New England, check out ONE MASTER (CT), BOG OF THE INFIDEL (RI), MORGIRION (CT), GRUE (MA) @Roggies 8pm All Ages (21+ to drink) $7  The fine folks over at Bowery Boston are bringing us one of the most killer shows of the week: Brooklyn rock heros Swearin’, paired with Western MA phenoms Potty Mouth, & California X, Local heavyweights Yale, Massachusetts, and Florida’s Direct Effect @Great Scott 9pm 18+ $9  Bob Colby will be presenting A Benefit for Mary Lou Lord featuring My Own Worst Enemy, Kingdom of Love, Hilken Mancini, Love Love, Só Sol, Matt Minigell @Midway 8pm 21+ $5  If you’re looking to get out of town, Mission of Burma drummer Peter Prescott’s MINIBEAST (also featuring some of 6 Finger Satellite) will be killing it along side The Viennagram, Gezan (from Japan), Baylies Band, and Nick “Deep Thoughts’” Cave Bears @The Parlour (Providence, RI) 9pm 21+ $5  SONORIUM, a series of improvised experimental music in Salem, MA will be hosting veteran noise heads Golden Shores (Donna Parker & Dan Boucher), homemade instrumentalist Mitchel Ahern, instrumental rock group Axemunkee, and power electronics artist Shawn Greenlee @Griffen Theatre, (Salem) 8pm All Ages $10  Bryan Cook will be hosting Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction, featuring performances by local comedians and writers @Davis Square Theatre 9pm All Ages $10 Sunday 3/9 KILLER SUNDAY. Get down and celebrate CULT & LEPER’s CONFESS TO SUCCESS MOTIVATIONAL TOUR KICKOFF w/ local masterminds Fume Hood, our favorite cave pop kids SARALEE and the loveable Con Tex @Midway 9pm 21+ $5 Monday 3/10 If you’re looking to get spun in the sun, head out to ‘Our Monthly Flow’: The Cool Kids Club (DJ night) @The Independent 10pm 21+ Free!  Take a trip to Central Square’s RAD CASTLE showcase featuring Mary Desmond’s Art Party Double Party w/ ALL EYES ON ME, THE I WANT YOU (Jonathan Donaldson’s mystery machine) @Zuzu 10pm 21+ Free Dig on the experimental sounds of Jason Belcher @ Weirdo Records 8pm All Ages $5 sugg. donation  Local booking phenoms Fast Apple are hosting the resident pop heros Saralee, Sht Knf and OJ @Charlie’s Kitchen 9pm 18+ $5  Dance experimentalists Howse & Hardon Collider will be kicking it @Deep Thoughts 8:30/9pm All Ages Donate

Monday 3/3 The fabled trumpet twister Nooge Nugent returns to Boston this evening to play The Series @Weirdo Records 8pm All Ages $5 sugg. donation  Down Mass Ave you will find Rad Castle night’s Spring Hopes Eternal! Featuring BEACH TOYS (Captain Ian Steamship and a coupla Fagettes brave an Earthquake Party), BONG WISH and Nighttime Gallagher @Zuzu 10pm 21+ Free  And back in Harvard Square, Fast Apple has their hands full with Wakes, Future Carnivores, and Vundabar @Charlie’s Kitchen 9:30pm 18+ $5  Sweet living room and basement vibes be high with Sara Century (CO), Con Tex, Paster Chan, Vesper Chimes, and Lichen getting wild @What haus? 8pm All Ages Donate  Get outta town and get busy at a SCREEN PRINTING CLASS @ALL About Records (Taunton) 6-9pm All Ages MUST RSVP, space extremely limited  Or bring it down to Rhode Island for Hurricanes of Love, Alek K Redfearn, and Player 2 @ New Funky Jungle (Providence) 9pm All Ages $5 donate Tuesday 3/4 Whitehaus Family Record night @Midway has Loudville, The Grudges (W. MA), God’s Dogs (FDOME and Homeworld dude’s new project’s only show ever maybe) and hopefully Buttercup (Asshole With A Clarinet and Lee from Saralee on drums) 9pm 21+ $5  Behold a special night for improvisers and those impressed by improvisers. Arbor Day XI: Joe Morris + Pat Kuehn duo, Joint Raker and a free improv w/ Cale Israel, Sam Lisbeth, Ethan Parcell, Simon Hanes and Andy Allen @A spot in JP 8pm All Ages Donate  Over in Cambridge, there’s a gig with Hands! Collective, Lesser Animals, Licious and SWYM @TT the Bears 8:30pm 18+ $9  Revolutionary Snake Ensemble Mardi Gras Show & “Live Snakes” CD Release Party with special guest Charles Neville @Regattabar 7:30pm All Ages $20 Wednesday 3/5 A metal/electronic/dance/noise/rock party ensues tonight in JP as BUFU Presents “the Bad Boiz Chillin Mad Hard Across America” Tour Kickoff featuring Free Pizza, Designer, Malportado Kids, Acidosis @Alaska Shrimp Taco (Allston Location) 8pm ALL AGES $5-10 Sliding Scale DAYUM  Primordial Sounds- night’s got ExMagicians, Steven Konrads & the Eternals, and Orie Pierre plus choice jams DJed, thanks to the PS crew. Mark every first Wednesday in your calendar with a curated night of rad music @Middlesex Lounge, primordial sounds will do the rest 9pm doors 21+ $3 donation  Scope locals Animal Flag, Jesse Denaro (NY), The Western Den and Bigfoot Wallace @Middle East (up) 8pm 18+ $8  And for a more unique sonic experience this evening take in Helen Mirra and Ernst Karel’s quadraphonic sound performance @ACT CUBE at MIT 6pm All Ages Free

“Born/Dead” Volume 1

GTOSS Peteʼs Mixtape of Grateful Dead for the not yet convinced. call 646 369 6070 if you want one


Thursday 3/6 The option to get a heavy rock and roll dose exists in Allston tonight thanks to Flat Swamp, Raw Blow, Sneeze and Brave Bird @The Bottom 8pm All Ages $5 for touring bands  For something a little more HEADY, Ampersand Concert series presents local psychedelic music veterans Twilight Tipi (Rob Byrd and Kris Thompson) and the mesmerizing Andrew Tomasello (ex-Caustic Rainbow, ex-Eat Cloud) @MIT

- Egan Budd Tuesday 3/11 Find yourself in Jamaica Plain for this mellow night of smooth grooves and angelic harmonies with electronic pop outfit Citrusphere, country soul songstress J & the Birds, folk crooners The G-Spots!, and special guest Laurel Kirtz @Midway 9pm 21+ $5  Always in tune with the electro-acoustic avant-garde in Boston and Beyond, Non-Event host a night of glacial ambient drone zone-out with Tooms @Cafe Fixe 8pm All Ages $5

Wednesday 3/12 We haven’t yet heard of any interesting shows for tonight, but we’d bet top dollar something will come up. Thursday 3/13 Catch a night of face melting noise and electronics as Existence Establishment presents Sharpwaist & Marabou Stork, digital hardcore of Goodbye Cruel World, industrial bouncers FRKSE, harsh droner Retribution Body and local toxic synth druid Xiphoid Dementia @O’Brien’s 8pm 21+ $8  Harvard Square goes country with root-groovers Tallahassee, Philly Americana frolicers Toy Soldiers, and corn husk crooners These Wild Plains @Sinclair 9pm 18+ $12  Boston screamy noise punks Choke Up join folksy dreamer Lee Corey Oswald (Portland, OR), Hayfever (Newmarket, NH), and Pilgrims (VT) @Red Door (Portsmouth, NH) 8pm 21+ $ome cost Friday 3/14 Did you know today is Pi Day? Celebrate the high-minded beauty and elegance of this special mathematical constant with an evening of uplifting modern classical compositions from D’Anna Fortunato (mezzo soprano) & Peter H. Bloom, (C and alto flutes, baritone sax), performances of ‘The Crystalline Ship’ by Karl Henning, ‘Vowels’ by Daniel Pinkham, ‘Toward Myself’ by Matt Samolis, ‘Pi Approximations for soloist’ (2014) by Matt Samolis, Mary Joy Patchett (saxophone), and the Jason Belcher Ensemble. There will also be a special pie reception after the concert @Church of the Advent 8pm All Ages $10 sugg. donation  Get dark and surly in the dungeons of lower Allston with Providence noise lurker Sunk Heaven (Austin of Sediment Club), sax-noise duo Michael Foster Leila Lovell (NYC) Radio Shock (NYC) + more TBA @SBC 9pm All Ages Donate  Soaring, emotive escapades and brawny melodic hardcore is the name of the game @Democracy Center with Like Waves, American Verse, Pinnacle ,These Hollow Vessel, Wolfbeater 7pm All Ages $5 sugg. donation  Breathe in the afrofunk fumes with the Macrotones, plus The Big Mean Sound Machine @The Milky Way Lounge 10pm 21+ $10 Saturday 3/15 Get out to the new ill spot in Allston, as Dreamhaus alumnus Little Spoon covers all with comfy electronic bed sheet beats and dreamy pillow pop. Kicking off a Northeast tour together, darling sparkle princesses Couples Counseling and IAN jam melodic with dark languid vibes. The droner loops of St. Nothing and Bees complete this juicy lineup @The Womb 8pm All Ages Donate  Iceland comes to Boston with Reykjavik Calling, a night of glacial pop from our island neighbors to the north. Iceland’s electro pop candymakers Retro Stefson, Sin Fang, and Hermigervill pair nicely with locals Skinny Bones and The Love Experiment @Middle East Downstairs 9pm 18+ Free  Calling all EDM lovers- The Brain Trust present another night of wobbly progressive funk jams with lespecial, afrofunk stompers Elephant Wrecking Ball and Light Bright @ Great Scott 8pm 18+ $8 adv / $10 dos  Park Slug host a night cerebrum-teasing hard rock @O’Brien’s with churning groucho Gondoliers, noisy saber rattlers 92 Protons, and epically-oriented schizoid power proggers Cordaro Giles & Stronge 8pm 21+ $8  St. Patty fans looking for a proper pub rock experience can sing along with Texas ‘crustabilly’ rag-time ramblers Everymen, Americana songsmiths Yankee Cockfight, banjo junkers The Radiator Rattlers and The Old Edison @Midway Cafe 4pm All Ages $10  Experimental hip-hop goes whacky with Qwack-X’s album release show @Mass College of Art, Godine Gallery 7pm All Ages FREE Sunday 3/16 Allston surfadelic pop outfit The Shones get those boots a-stompin with fellow hometown shakers Geometrist and indie-sweet The Symptoms @Middle East Upstairs 8pm 18+ $10

Saturday 3/22 Open Sound and Non-Event bring you electronic soundscapes that meet on the blurred bordline of acoustic and electronic noise and constructed melodies with Stockholm’s The Schematics. Accompanying them is New England sonic improv guru Vic Rawlings, and the Matt Samolis/Caroline Park duo @Third Life Studios 8pm ALL AGES $8  Blastfest 7 continues with Whitehaus alum Michael Collins (Prince Rama), The Cups, Suicide Magnets (Providence), Chris North and Jonathan Donaldson @Midway Cafe 9pm 21+ $5  And over @Middle East Upstairs pop lovers The Sun Lions, Thunderbloods, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion! and Soft Pyramids are bringing back the sound of the Bryan Adams late 80’s stadium heyday. 7pm 18+ $10 Sunday 3/23 Oh! Finally a Sunday that rocks wicked hard. Blastfest 7 keeps blasting through the local dimensions. Tonight’s bill is a noise feast featuring many prominent local musicians including Wash and Gouache (A power trio featuring Steven Norton, Weirdo Record’s Angela Sawyer, and Jesse Kenas-Collins), Katt Hernandez, Western Mass’s noise supergroup Egg Eggs, Marc & Deix, Matt Samolis, and MFDJr @119 Gallery (Lowell, MA) 8pm All Ages Donate

- Jamie Espino

Monday 3/24 Thanks to Fast Apple Booking, Monday has become a bumpin’ day of the week! Legendary Boston Trio Heathen Shame is slaying their trumpet infused guitar noise alongside Providence’s Noise guru Luke Moldof, and Western MA’s World Domination! This affordable rager is happening @Charlie’s Kitchen 9pm 18+ $5  Blasting forward, this evening’s installment of Blastfest 7 is going down @Deep Thoughts! Fresh off the BUFU Tour we got Free Pizza preaching their rok’n’rol gospel, the holy Greg Besun band, and the woefully beautiful pop-gaze of IAN. 9pm ALL AGES Suggested Donations  Heads will bang @ZuZu tonight with the psychedelic Credence-esque rock riffs and fuzzed out feels of Creaturos, Grave Ideas, and Czech Republic’s Please The Trees! Brought to you by Boston Hassle and Rad Castle! 10pm 21+ Free  Get your heart ripped out by Miguel Morte Valentine as his life experiences make your heart sink down to your stomach and cry via acoustic guitar sing-alongs. The noise of Jamaica Plain’s Chris Cross aka Foom will sure be ripping it up as well @ Weirdo Records 8pm All Ages $5  Bubbly pop rockin mood pervades the atmosphere @Midway Cafe with Best Dressed, and Philly’s W.C. Lindsay and SHMNS 8pm 21+ $5 Blastfest 7: New Bums (featuring Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance), Free Pizza, Greg Besun + Band (Greg what’s the name of this going to be?? is it still Dark Beach??), IAN (Jillian + band) and Friendly Ceremonies @Deep Thoughts. 9pm. All ages. Suggested Donation to Touring bands. Tuesday 3/25 Something holy has been bestowed upon us on this fine day. Maybe it’s the birth of a metal god? Who knows, but all we know is many shrimps will see the light tonight. Miami’s Holly Hunt is in town and they are stomping in with their truly blood curdling, bone crushing, trance-inducing, doom metal riffs. Shred-cellent riffing will also be brought to you by Hollow Leg, Finisher, and Balam @O’Briens Pub 8pm 21+ $10  Whitehaus Family Records keeps pushing through with Blastfest 7, this time a psychedelic shin-dig @Sunnyside in JP with jammers Los Greys, VHS noise drone mashers LSDV, mod synth wunderkind Dinnersss, and much more. 8pm All Ages Donate  Non-Event bring the multi-sensory experience, setting your visuals to sound as Robert A.A. Lowe composes music to the live projections of Ben Russell @Middlesex Lounge 9pm 21+ $10 Wednesday 3/26 Crawl out to lower Allston tonight to bump some fists and bump some hips because WFR’s BlastFest 7 is still intoxicating the brainwaves via psychedelic electrowaves with Pure Matrix (NYC), World Cup, Citrusphere, Ballpit, Mike Simonelli and more @Sweaty Butt Crack 9pm All Ages Donations Thursday 3/27 Blast Fest 7 takes over Cheap Seats 15 tonight! Who knows what’s going down this time? It could be shred metal, it could be lap dances, it could be comedy, it could be some plain old rock! Probably a little bit of everything @Cambridge YMCA 7pm-10pm. All Ages $5-10 donation  Bleached out garage pop dream queens The Dum Dum girls are serenading the masses with the spellbinding Blouse @Brighton Music Hall. 8pm 18+ $18.50  Or get the fuck out of town and see Bedroom Eyes, Super Dude (NH) and Flatswamp get up in Portsmouth @Red Door 8pm 21+ $5 suggested donation

- Alexis Lawson Monday 3/17 Today is St. Patty’s day, that terrific/terrible holiday that encourages us to binge drink and wear copious amounts of green. Skip the over-stuffed sports bar schlock and catch one of Cambridge’s three stalwart Monday night shows. The Series @ Weirdo Records hosts Brain Fink 8pm All Ages $5 sugg. donation  Garage goons Fast Apple host 40oz guzzlin’ punks Nice Guys and garage stoner chompers Miami Dorritos as they embark on a northeast tour to promote new 7” Splifft (KYLAM). They’re joined by guttural grippers Kal Marks and disjointed forlorn ghouls Buttercup @Charlie’s Kitchen 9pm 18+ $5  And over in Central Square, Rad Castle hosts a St. Patrick’s Day Fiasco with ecstatic pop mongers Hallelujah the Hills and swaying folk of Thick Wild @ ZuZu 10pm 21+ Free Tuesday 3/18 LOOK ON THE INTERNET FOR MUSIC CONCERT THIS EVENING Wednesday 3/19 Get yourself @O’Brien’s Pub in Allston for another reliable local rock showcase brought to you by Park Slug. This mellow mid-weeker features the lethargic pop Strange Mangers, the ghostly folk of Fax Holiday, easy-going indie poptart Jordah! and whimsical roots rockers Harmoos 8pm 21+ $7  New Jersey pushers of that hypnagogic surf revival sound Real Estate pour nostalgic sand in your ears, along with fuzzed-out spectral pop of Pure X @Sinclair 9pm 18+ $20adv / $22 dos  Jonathan Richman, legendary frontman of 70’s Mass proto-punks The Modern Lovers plays the first of three consecutive nights with long time drummer-collaborator (and fellow guest star of ‘There’s Something About Mary’) Tommy Larkins @Middle East Upstairs 8pm 18+ $18 Thursday 3/20 Looks like Portsmouth, NH is pretty happening these days, what with so many rocking shows @The Red Door. Here’s another: Boston’s dark and stormy posthardcore grunge-groovers Kal Marks get down and dirty with NH local slop rockers Rick Rude and slam punks Notches 8pm 21+ $5 sugg. donation  Back in the Hub, Detroit electronic pop duo Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr ride some pulsating rays of technocolor dreams, along with soothing singer Chad Valley @Brighton Music Hall 9pm 18+ $ 18.50  The oh-so-sweet college pop pairing of beachbums Real Estate and reverb rider Pure X play their second consecutive night @Sinclair 9pm 18+ $20adv / $22 dos  And the perennial ‘Roadrunner’ Jonathan Richman and longtime drummer Tommy Larkins graciously return for another night of rocking @Middle East Upstairs 8pm 18+ $18 Friday 3/21 How glorious of a Friday we have bestowed upon us, as Whitehaus Family Record’s extended family hosts the 7th annual BLASTFEST! Head down to JP for an inspiring roundabout of folk and pop inspired tales with Toronto’s folk songstress Charlotte Cornfield, New Jersey’s Adam Finchler, WFR’s The Stoo-ooges, B Law and Duck That! @Aviary Gallery 7pm All Ages Donate Plus HOOT afta!  Basement party vibes @Cantab as we sift through some modern rockin’ vibes brought to us by Jane Park, Rude Young Professionals, Surprise Party and Potsy 9pm 21+ $8  Alternative tribal jazz influenced hip-hop artists BLKBX and SAX as get down under stunning visuals by their homie SAMO tonight @MASSart Godine Family Gallery 8pm ALL AGES Donate

march begins and ends with a new moon. plan for the month to peak lu-gnarly on the ides.

Friday 3/28 SMASH IT DEAD FEST begins tonight at the Cambridge YMCA. A slew of bands from the region are uniting as a benefit for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. Shady Hawkins, Funeral Cone, Downtown Boys, Curmudgeon, Chemical Peel + countless other bands rock out for a good cause @Cambridge YMCA 6pm All Ages Donate  All great things come to an end. Blastfest 7 is going out with a blow out. It’s been a wild ruckus/mixpot of the regions finest folk poppin’ / noise lovin’ / kool kids! Come down to clown @A spot in JP and get ready to HOOT 9pm All Ages Donate  Spring forward to summer vibes with the Seagreen Records crew down @Roggie’s! The Guru, Strange Mangers, Sam Kogon keep things sufficiently psychedelic 7pm 21+ $5  We’re passing ‘em to the left tonight during Easy Star All Stars play ‘Dub Side of the Moon’ @Sinclair 9pm 18+ $20adv/$22adv  Plus for some spun fun check out Waxxed: All Vinyl, All Night with DJ DogKatz @ROI (Providence RI) 9pm All Ages $3  Down @The Midway Cafe tonight, you’ve got The Major Stars, Animal Hospital, Planet of Adventure, and Long Blonde Wig for some raw rokkin’ riffage 8pm 21+ $8 Saturday 3/29 SMASH IT DEAD FEST continues with a whole slew of nasty rockers from around the region @The Democracy Center 6pm All Ages Donate  Looking for the fun? An animal party is brewing on the Tufts campus down @The Crane Room. Exploding In Sound Records alternative power pop groovers Ovlov play with buds LVL Up, Disco Doom, and Indian Twin. I heard they have Arizonie’s on tap. 9pm All Ages Free  Back on the prowl after releasing their brand new LP, Allston rock city punks Sneeze, Maura, Lee Corey Oswald, and Choke Up get wild @O’Briens Pub 8pm 21+ $8  B.O.W. Shows presents a spiritually compact show in JP tonight. Folk goddess Ember Schrag will be accompanied by Dear Creek, Concetta Abbate, and Long John (Kate Lee) @ The Spot 8pm All Ages Donate  Large ensemble of local musicians, assembled by percussionist Nick Hennies to perform his composition ‘Expenditures.’ featuring Steve Norton @Washington Street Arts Center 8pm All Ages $ome cost  Patrick Emm, Max Lord, Sam Ou, Christopher R.N., Alissa Cardone, Sara June, Callie Chapman, DeAnna Pellecchia, Angie Conte, Jennifer Hicks and more @Nave Gallery. 7pm. All ages $10 suggested donation.

@Video Underground

Sunday 3/30 Smash It Dead Fest Continues! @The Democracy Center 6pm All Ages Donate  Fast Apple booking is down to clown tonight! No games with your local soft grunge, hard rockin’ gurlz in Fat Creeps, Washington’s punky Tacocat, Allston’s gruesome two-some Miami Doritos, and BUFU Records male model Dylan Ewen @A Siq Spot 8pm All Ages Donate  Exploding in Sound records doesn’t think you got enough pop power from Ovlov and Disco Doom a few days back. So they are asking you to join the Boston Hassle tonight with local seamonster’s Krill for the release of Pile’s rippin’ new 7”@Great Scott 9pm 18+ $10 Monday 3/31 Rad Castle is turning Zuzu into a garage-rock DIY show tonight with Allston’s proto-punk sounding Nice Guys, and Chicago’s fuzz riffing Crown Larks @ Zuzu’s 10pm 21+ Free  Couldn’t get enough of last night’s Fast Apple rager? Lucky for you, BOW shows is teaming up with Fast Apple to bring you a Noise Boiz feast of local favorites such as (New England) Patriots, Ukiah Drag, and New York’s Lushes @Charlie’s Kitchen 9pm 18+ $5 For last minute shows, additions and changes, follow our Chosen Shows calendar on & on da Boston Compass FascistBook page - whether you LIKE it or not, it’s out there. SEND SUBMISSIONS TO: Show Submission Deadline 3/22

PEEK INTO APRIL Monday 4/7: Mac Demarco, Juan Wauters, Amen Dunes, Vundabar @Middle East Downstairs 8pm 18+ $13adv / $15dos Tuesday 4/8: Cloud Nothings, Pleasure Leftists, DJ Carbo @Brighton Music Hall Friday 4/18: BOW Shows/Deep Thoughts Paper Castles (VT), Daniel Bachman, Bad History Month, Avi Jacobs @Deep Thoughts 9pm All Ages $5 suggested donation Sunday 4/20: Middle East and Illegally Blind Present… White Fang, Denney and The Jets, Earthquake Party, Nice Guys and Free Pizza 7pm 18+ $10



LADY LEARNIN’ by Angela Sawyer

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Hey, ladies. Do you hate sports? Ugh, me too! March would interest me way more if basketball were played by gaggles of mothers super furious at drunk driving. And at least that would be like a cause, right? Anyhoozle, to save you from googling on your phone as your beau starts blathering on about this stuff over the next few weeks, I grilled my gorgeous man & got you some answers. Useful things to know below. FINAL FOUR: These are the select types of women your guy is willing to date once he’s over 25 and starting to secretly think about wedding bells. BE ONE OF THESE LADIES! To find out what makes you on the team or off, be sure to read lots of Cosmo. NOTRE DAME: A 16th century diagnosis of bipolar disorder, which once spread through entire villages via bread mold. Scary! DIVISION ONE: Just another bullshit nickname guys give their favorite sperm. So immature. DUKE: Not a dog mascot, but one of those TV used car salesmen who scream & scream about savings. I guess he’s such a big deal in the Midwest that he doesn’t even need a last name. HOOSIERS: Pronounced like the ‘who’ in ‘Who’s your daddy?’. This is the one & only ska band ever formed without an awful pun in their name. Much respect to them! I love to dance.


HEY BACKWATERERS, In case you forgot, TD Sidell moved to NEW YORK CITY, and therefore has seen many celebrities. He figured that you guys were sick of trading stories about seeing Maria Menounos at a Sephora or Yo Yo Ma complaining about the T or whatever and that he would ENRICH YOUR LIVES with some tales of all the amazing celebs he got to see with his own eyes RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE. This list should appear monthly or until all celebrities leave New York.


Reynard’s, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Isabella Rossellini was eating breakfast by herself and reading a book and looked super cool. This means Isabella Rossellini is a person that is far more evolved than I am because anytime I try to eat anything besides a sandwich while reading, I end up looking like some sort of inhuman monster. Granted, I can’t imagine I eat with a lot of grace to begin with—but throw into the mix trying to hold a book open, reading it, and operating a fork and I end up looking like I just spent two months in a body cast. Anyway, I did not see what Isabella Rossellini was reading which was kind of a bummer and I didn’t have time to re-enact the scene from Blue Velvet where she shows up on the lawn all beat up and naked so that was also a bummer (for just me really).

RACHEL DRATCH 6th Ave, Manhattan

by Ben Potrykus Live at The Slovenly Senator with Ch33tin’, Hidden Valley Ranch Hands, and Ctrl+V for the Tom’s of Maine “Au Naturel” BBQ (7:00 PM, 21+) Tedeschi’s 99¢ Rager w/ David Buoy, Silver Perverts, and Shootyz Groove at The Large Intestine (11:00 PM, Wristband-Only) Sea World Presents #SXSWET w/ Nerf Herder, 4Shame, and The Hung at Yeah! Burritos! on 4th + Stank (12:15 PM, Lanyard-Only) Upstairs at Jack Nicholson’s Grinder w/ I00100I, Toyota Ford, & Probs for Supercuts’ “Deep Cuts” Matinee Coffee Klatsch (5:30 AM, All-Ages, 4th Floor) Ssips’/Austin P.D. Hockey Team’s “Juicy Penalty Box” Night at The Cankery w/ Bottlewerk, Dusty Transport, & Static-X (1620 Hours, Wristband-and-Lanyard-Only, Appropriate Footwear Required) With Hubby/Wifey, The Prostate, and Van Der Beek Generator at Club Seals, Sponsored by Ace Hardware (2:57 PM, 30+, Free 18-Gauge Wire Samples!)

KEIRA: Piles of trash. A subway system that sometimes makes the MBTA look

Rachel Dratch was pushing a stroller that I can only assume contains the baby that she had and wrote a book about. I did not have time to tell her that I hope she enjoyed the gin and tonic I made for her in 2007 when she wandered into very loud and very empty bar I was working in. (If I ever see Natalie Portman I’ll ask her about the egg salad sandwich I made her in 2001). She seemed way more psyched to be pushing around that baby than she was drinking that gin and tonic, so looks like things have worked out for her! WAY TO GO DRATCH! I always felt like you got a raw deal during the whole 30 Rock thing.

RYAN: My mom’s from New York. Born and raised. Even went to college and


Q1. Should I move to New York? It seems like everyone else is. good in comparison. (“Are you there L train? It’s me, Keira.”) Crowded everything. But also bagels. It’s a tough choice. Every time I’m in the city of my birth (why yes, I WAS born in a hippie Midwives Clinic in Manhattan) I accidentally spend all my money. But it’s always on something pretty cool. Or at least something that would be perceived as pretty cool by others. So go to NY if you want doughy goodness and Instagram likes. Leave Boston to the rest of us dorks. We’ll be fine without you.

spent her first years with me there. You know what she does now? She drives a van trying to sell fake jewelry at malls. So go to New York now, but just know that after 25 years that’s what you’ll be doing.

Q2. What are some new hobbies I can look into so the snow doesn’t drive me to murder? KEIRA: About 5 years ago, some friends and I started a Friday Night Supper Club for the winter. Each house in Somerville took turns hosting and cooking. That way we always had weekend plans close by. (No epic T and bus rides through slushy streets. Sorry JP friends, see you in May!) It got me out of the house, eating real food, and laughing with people I care about. And no murder! RYAN: Well, it’s a real catch-22 we have here. For one, hobbies prevent you from murdering people. On the other hand, meeting people who have hobbies will most definitely drive you to murder. So you’re really flipping a To Murder Or Be Murdered coin here. If you do murder and go to prison, you can finally read all those books and paint all those paintings you tell girls you do. So just feed that demon and live your life free of hypocrisy.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn James Murphy said, “Musicians make no money— I mean, Damo Suzuki just had to downgrade his wireless plan!” That is a sentence I heard, New York City.


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MERE SECONDS AGO, I set myself on fire as an act of political protest and wow! Have the last few moments ever been an education. If I had to boil it down (Ha! Get it?) to one lesson it would be this: think really, really hard about it before you set yourself on fire because it›s a really bad idea. I really, really, really regret this. I'd say the regret settled in—oh, I don't know— immediately? OK, probably not until my nerve endings had time to scream with overwhelming pain messages, Mr. Technicality Pants!!!

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Gonna be pretty hard to get the toothpaste back in the tube on this one. You know, getting toothpaste back in a tube sounds like a pretty fun afternoon project right now, compared to being on fire. I guess the first thing I'd try is blow really hard to get the tube open and then use like a coffee stirrer or something to pipe the toothpaste back in. I don't know; just spitballing here. My point is, I feel like I have a lot of insight into what it's like to set yourself on fire. I'm not trying to brag here. I'm a Tibetan monk! You know how we do. But being on fire brings a certain clarity to the whole operation and what it's taught me is this—do not set yourself on fire. This sucks so bad!!! I don't really remember what I was protesting to be honest. I'm a little pre-occupied with having done the most painful, most irreversible thing ever. I'm pretty sure it was China I was mad at—you know how those dudes carry on. Then I struck the match and there was kind of a "woof" sound and mostly what I thought was, "I really need to think a little harder before I act." So, here's my advice to anyone thinking about setting themselves on fire: 1) Probably don't. Actually, yeah. That pretty much says it all. I threw in the "probably" because there must be some exception I'm having trouble thinking of. Because I am on fire. Well, I have to finish burning now. I feel like a real dummy. Namaste, ya nerds!


APE STEW: A crowded intersection. PUPROAR: Two dogs having intercourse, or an all-male bridge game. “OIL SLICKS!”: “Ankle’s twisted!” TAFTABLE: To be worth wedding, despite your shortcomings.

Androgynous Minds Nightstalker Faux Discx (2013)

NIGHTSTALKER welcomes you mid-assault, as if you have just unwittingly walked in on a domestic meltdown detailed with frying pans thrown against walls and a case of shrieking psychosis. Opening duo “Bobbi” and “Good Friday” deliver two minutes of jarring no wave-inspired commotion. Guitars are stabbed beyond recognition, drums are utilized for their roar rather than their rhythm, and distant screams claw their way through the madness with shrill acrimony. When the opening strings of “Knock on My Door” manage to form an actual melody, the sense of relief is palpable. The storm has passed, the havoc is history, and the barren wasteland that has been left behind is a surprisingly serene one. “Knock” works as both the literal and figurative centerpiece of this debut EP, sequenced as the third of five tracks, and arranged as the most alluring piece of music. The song swiftly glides along with celestial guitar work that swells up in the chorus, while lulling monotone vocals help anchor the piece back down to earth. “Juanita” emanates from the same abandoned ballroom as “Knock”, while “Desert Corpse” rolls in like a late storm cloud, though the brazen noise assault has been reduced down to a comparatively mild exercise in guitar tension. It’s difficult to gauge which direction ANDROGYNOUS MIND will head in for their next release. Thanks to Nightstalker, it’s easy to stoke anticipation. - JP Galeotalanza


Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Bursts into Tears Exploding in Sound Records (2014) This is not Pile—this is KRILL—it is just about Pile...kind of. Deviously disguised as a Pile-worship concept album, this EP contains some seriously introspective and compelling tunes. That is the genius of Krill, as they have mastered the art of creating songs that are both utterly silly and tremendously thoughtful all at once. If you question that genius, just listen to “Turd,” which aptly compares feelings of confused stagnation and indecision to being an eternally unflushable piece of poop. The inability to commit is a relatable notion, making this a genuinely meaningful song about poo. None of these songs take themselves too seriously, filled with odd humor, dog imagery and other Krill-isms. But they also have an interesting dysfunctional edge, lyrically capturing a lot of doubt and existential panic even at their most upbeat. The release can’t be pinned into one genre, dipping into garage and punk and pop and rock. The result is a perfect medley of bursting aggressive energy and mellow jangly interludes. Krill continues to share their distinctive sound, driven by singer/bass player JONAH FURMAN’s intriguing strained, crooked vocals, the choppy, grungy guitar style of AARON RATOFF, and the grounding stomping drums provided by IAN BECKER. This release is as clever instrumentally as it is lyrically, and if Krill continues to create more of these addictive forlorn anthems, some band is sure to be inspired to fail to write a concept album about them, too. - Mary Kate McGrath


Infinity Caller Western Vinyl (2013) NYC’s GROOMS have been crafting thoughtful but catchy “art-damaged” rock since around 2003. 2011’s Prom is an intricate and beautiful work of art for anyone in love with guitars. With 2013’s INFINITY CALLER, Grooms decided to pull from punk rock more than ever, bringing a ragged-butethereal aesthetic and no-bullshit assertiveness to their sound. They simultaneously succeed at being both mysterious and intimate, surreal and visceral, emotional and cryptic. In “Completely” they play a fairly straightforward noise-rock song that climaxes into a surreal guitar lift-off, leaving the listener disoriented and awe-struck. The thoughtful rhythms shift erratically while remaining contained in succinct pop song forms and the nuanced production lends a noisy tinge to every snare hit and cymbal splash. TRAVIS JOHNSON’s lyrics are playful and poetic, enigmatic and often beautifully dreamlike. Above everything, each song has a distinct identity and immediacy that feels comforting, while the subtle intricacies of background synths, dreamy vocals (courtesy of bassist and main song-collaborator EMILY AMBRUSO) and various sonic accents take the songs into more surreal territory. Ambruso also stars in one of the most buoyant and enjoyable tracks on the record, “Iskra Goodbye,” an infectious noise-pop gem that eventually explodes into a triumphant fuzzy guitar solo. This is music that moved Michael Azzerad to invite GROOMS to play the Our Band Could Be Your Life Anniversary show in 2011. They decided to include their dreamy interpretation of “Something I Learned Today” just for good measure. For fans of Sonic Youth, Pavement, Helms, Polvo. - Chris Villon

THIS MONTH IN BOSTON COUNTER-CULTURAL HISTORY In the 1760s a radical mob of Bostonians, the Sons of Liberty, intimidated and terrorized merchants and local officials for colluding with Britain in the tyrannical rule of the American Colonies. In 1768 British troops were ordered to occupy the town and keep the peace. After incidents of harassment on both sides, on March 5 1770, in an armed altercation near what is now the Old State House, a soldier in the 29th Regiment accidentally fired upon the mob, startling other soldiers to fire. Five Americans were killed. The details of the Boston Massacre tragedy are misconstrued in America’s public memory thanks in large part to an engraving and poem The Bloody Massacre in King Street published by Son of Liberty Paul Revere three weeks later. In the mass-media of the day, the propaganda artwork demonizes the British while depicting the volatile mob as wholly innocent, swiftly garnering in the 13 Colonies public sympathy for and solidarity with the Sons of Liberty, leading ultimately to revolution. In Revere’s interpretation of events, women, a puppy and well-clothed unarmed men comprise a peaceful public gathering. An officer stands behind a row of soldiers, ordering them to fire upon the crowd. A line from the poem reads, “Like fierce barbarians grinning o’er their prey, approve the carnage and enjoy the day.” The slain figure of Crispus Attucks, a Native/AfricanAmerican who was the first to be shot, is portrayed as a European. This fabrication, however, did not cement into historical fact, as the true Attucks has since been deemed a Patriot and martyr. Neil Horsky ·

Cherry Glazzer

Haxel Princess Burger Records (2014) I don’t know about you guys, but when I was in high school, I was pretty much consumed by getting a good score on the SATs and trying to find someone to give me a ride home so I wouldn’t have to deal with the underclassmen on the bus. But the impossibly hip high schoolers in CHERRY GLAZERR (a wordplay on the name of a KCRW anchor) are doing all that and more—and in this case, “more” means playing in a pretty successful pop-rock trio, which just released its debut album, HAXEL PRINCESS, from BURGER RECORDS. Like many other bands whose music has been released by Burger, there’s nothing inherently complex about the lip-smackingly saccharine garage pop of Cherry Glazerr, but these damn catchy tunes are a reminder that there’s not necessarily anything wrong with a simple song. A few songs deal with the usual drama of being a teenager (like the aptly titled “Teenage Girl” and the makeout melody “Bloody Bandaid”) while others are just, like, fun (see: “Grilled Cheese”). There are also some very subtle but well-placed surf guitar-isms throughout—my personal favorite is the one in “Sweaty Faces”—that are a fitting nod to the band’s California heritage. When all is said in done, this album might just make you want to skip class, grab some In-N-Out Burgers, and hang at the beach with these talented teens. Seriously, keep an eye out for this band—if they’re already killing it before graduating high school, they’ve got a bright future ahead of them. Hopefully we’ll see Cherry Glazerr around Boston in 2014. In the meantime, check out Haxel Princess streaming at or pick up a copy on wax from Burger Records. - Sarah Moylan

Ohlo Seco

s/t EP reissue Your Poison Records (2013) 2013 was a big year in terms of reissues, collections and demo compilations, from the release of the 17-piece Can boxset on Mute/Spoon Records to the Omnivore releases (Gene Clark’s “White Light Demos,” Merle Haggard and George Jones singles collection 10”s, etc.). In the realm of world hardcore, 2013 saw the reissue of the first three EPs from Swedish dbeat masters Anti-Cimex (out on Nada Nada/Spicoli Discos) and the second EP from Brazil’s OLHO SECO. Formed in 1980, and resuming activity in 1998 after a 9 year hiatus, Olho Seco play a fast and raw style of hardcore that earned them a reputation as one of Brazil’s premiere acts. The EP, out on YOUR POISON RECORDS, shows Olho Seco at their best, refining the thrashing hardcore of “Botas, Fuzis, Capacetes” and predating their foray into Confuse-style noise punk with releases like “Fome Nuclear” and “Olho Por Olho.” OLHO SECO features five tracks: two studio recordings, including the definitive “Isto É Olho Seco,” on the A-side and three live songs on the B-side. While the B-side is nowhere near as good, the strength of the songs makes the roughness of the recording less of an issue and the Aside more than makes up for any shortcomings. An excellent slab from this seminal Brazilian act. - Chris Defalco

Andy Tomasello

Elephant in the Room self-released (2014) Fans of mellifluous, pulsating ambient electronics, take note. Out in the Pioneer Valley lives a one ANDY TOMASELLO, who for many years has explored various electronic-based avenues under the names Eat Cloud and, more recently, Caustic Rainbow. Since Tomasello abandoned the city life for the relative quietude of Western MA, he’s dropped the pseudonyms and refocused on exploring his droner zoned depths. After an extended musical hibernation, Tomasello now re-emerges with his first full length in several years—ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. The album is a cohesive set of excursions through processed guitar and various electronics (no wonky computer program manipulation here, folks), twisted and effected into exquisite patterns that feature a cold, delicate beauty, like wind blown icicles dripping in the winter sun. Warm, swollen tones rise and fall through glacial melodies, complemented by a collaged cornucopia of stuttering glitches and static chops that articulate the opaque, meditative mood. This juxtaposition between smooth undulating tones and chattering, sparkling sonic flora creates an engaging contrast that somehow simultaneously lulls the listener into gentle reveries and tickles the frontal cortex with its spritely micro-tones. It all comes off like the swan song of a dying android; powering down with a gentle but firm and inevitable motion. The ghost in the machine resists with stirring glitch groans, fried hardware spasming with final flickers of electric life. Expect much more from this electronic chameleon, who now, happily, has discovered in the hills of Western MA the time and space to delve further into uncharted charged zones. -Chris Collins

This one goes out to Ronnie. “Hipster” is a word with so much baggage (baggage like leaking garbage), you have to weigh what you’re saying against the taste it leaves in your mouth. I’ve never agreed with anyone on what it actually means (talk about narcissism of small differences). But I’d guess that for most people, hipsterdom is the uncanny valley of good taste; not only are you obviously trying to be cool, but what you’re trying for isn’t even that cool. Speaking for myself, even if I occasionally feel this way, I trust I’m not so fucked as to fully embody it. And I gotta believe part of the reason you pick up this paper is because you have enough faith in yourself to decide what you like and not leave it up to p4k (AKA Consumer Reports) or whatever bullshit to color in your cultural world. I’ll go on record as saying most of what’s represented in these pages is way more about going with the Boston flow than some PR masterplan. Maybe back in the beat days when hipness was elite, it meant something to have taste. But I doubt it… and anyway, (a would-be hipster’s) nostalgia for old school hipsters is not the twist I’ve been driving at. I’m saying liking cool shit doesn’t make you cool. If you’re special, and hopefully someone thinks you are, than the shit you like is cool because you like it. That’s it. There’s no such thing as “good taste,” unless your idea of shelter is a sand castle.


VIDEO UNDERGROUND 385 Centre Street Jamaica Plain, MA


Hyde Square. Jamaica Plain. My now-wife Meg and I rented PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE from this place on our third date. At the time, our relationship had no title or term of significance, and now we are about to have our first child. The passage of time. That was over ten years ago. In a time before Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, and On Demand ruled the landscape, the film freak and the casual dabbler (as almost all are) had to pop into a place like the VU and browse. Et voila! A film for you! 10 years ago the VU was a revelation (in Boston at least). A video store, yes, but one very much striving to stir up enthusiasm for local filmmakers by providing a community and exhibition space for them to utilize. EVONNE HYLA WETZNER, already a stalwart member of Boston’s independent film community, had a great idea in 2002 and executed it. Video stores were already starting to disappear, but this was a bold, beautiful, and community-driven notion.

Java script is the affordable fashion for interest and seer-sucker time passers in the merry month of March. Pisces, get lost in the new lush nuisances of the digital realm. She'd want you to shed tears, nothing is worth fighting for. P*I*M*P

Time passes. In late 2011, Wetzner sold her labor of cinematic love to one of her employees, JOSIAH SIMMONS. He’s the guy with the big hair that you see there most days. At the time, the VU and Cambridge’s Hollywood Express were the only independent video stores in the Boston area. And then there was one.


fuck it bruh you did it mayb vodka and red bull slam dunk. Yo - listen closely - you might not "be" an earth sign (fire bruh) but you're down to clown with mountains, kayaks, and shit HM DUH Aries lucky number is 420 burger records CYA - Rory MacMurdo

jamie espino

According to Simmons, the Video Underground will be closing very soon. End of March, maybe April. It’s not quite clear. However, you should know he is selling off his entire stock, including rare titles. Just stop by the store and start shopping. I will miss the wonderful selection of films, and the ability to hold a video in my hand and flip it to read the plot. I will miss the large and unholy cult flicks section. I will miss the screenings in the concrete patio out back, beneath the stars, a block away from my home. I will also miss the space for so many amazing shows that Josiah provided to us @Boston Hassle for so long. And I will miss another cultural cornerstone lost to changing times. I’d like to think that in a place like Jamaica Plain an entity like the VU could find a way to last forever. So it goes. You could hang here, yes, but you don’t have long to do so. And jeez, help the guy out and buy a movie or three. (And, while you’re at it, celebrate HOLLYWOOD EXPRESS, the last store standing!!!)

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dylan ewen


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