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wume, magdalena abrego, & dashawn Borden Baltimore, Maryland synth/drum duo WUME

NEW Local CINEMA playwright brings FROM you a slice of life BRAZIL

summon churning, hypnotic pulsations that physically impact the listener. Like part of WHEN: Elizabeth James crashed onto the Boston theater some cultic ceremony, their minimalist sonic 11/16 WHEN : scene with her 2017 production of “Uncommon experiments burst and pop in perfect rhythm 11/5-11/6 Ties,” a look into the life of Valerie, a middle-aged WHERE: to vibe out, wherever you may be. I personalwoman tired of “doing the right thing” to please DAP WHERE: ly put WUME on to get hyped up and low key everyone around her except her. Audiences at Hi- DUDLEY CAFE make everyone in the room a fan … waiting HOW MUCH: bernian Hall were alternately stunned and moved for that inevitable “yo who tf is this?” from $10 +FEES by Valerie’s story of coming to grips with her own HOW MUCH: across the room. Happened with Dashawn $17 WHEN: The world of cinema is an ever evolving beast, identities and desires. James followed Borden at the DAP office for example, so we thought we would what with the amount of new releases thrown at 11/2-11/9 this debut by hosting a stage reading have the Fields Corner native kick off this night of transcendent us every week. As a cinephile who likes to watch WHERE: of her next work, “Yes, Jesus Loves Me” at Dorchester’s rhythms and cosmic sounds. Borden is a young R&B, hip-hop as many new releases as possible, this can make Great Hall. This choreopoem delves into the coexistence and jazz percussionist who has quickly made a name for himMFA it extremely difficult to catch a lot of the smaller, of homosexuality and religion using stories gained self both as a musical visionary and a true community leader foreign films I'd like to see in between. Hell, it's hard HOW MUCH: through interviews with members of the local LGBTQ and activist. After Dashawn gets everyone’s attention, we are $13 to to see these movies in theaters, let alone VOD. community. Feedback following the stage reading was lucky enough to have the extremely radical Magdalena Abrego at Luckily, your best friends over at the Museum of ($10 for MFA so touching, James took the project back to the interthe core of this incredible night. This Boston-based triple threat Fine Arts always make sure that you get to catch members) view phase. According to Ms. James, “The untold story is is not only a beacon of improvisation and experimental music in the best of international cinema. Case in point: the a life unlived. I believe everyone has a story and someBoston — she is also an educator and editor of her own zine, Input/ New Cinema from Brazil series. The festivities start on November 2nd times, to feel alive … to stay alive, you must tell your Output Mag. Equally comfortable flying solo or accompanied by with director Kleber Mendonça Filho’s surprise Cannes Festival hit story!” James’ latest work, “Welcome to Me-Ma’s,” will run other talented musicians from Boston and beyond, Abrego continBACURAU, followed by ARABY. The festival continues on November over two days, Nov. 15 and 16 at Dudley Café in Roxbury. uously ups the ante and lays down blissful and beautifully erratic 8th with THE INVISIBLE LIFE OF EURÍDICE GUSMÃO, and concludes This production depicts two sisters, one mixed-race and compositions. Honestly, the same can be said for all the players on on November 9th with MARIGHELLA. This curated festival celebrates the other not, as they confront the complexities of family, the bill, which promises to be an all-around wild the best working directors out of Brazil today, including the likes of sisterhood and colorism. Elizabeth first conceived the ride. Please keep your hands inside the cart at all Wagner Moura and Karim Aïnouz. It's not every day you get to these piece in a play writing class with Mr. Ed Bullins at Roxbury times during the shows and try not to flail. type of films at a theater, so do yourself a favor: escape the horrors Community College in 2003. “[Welcome to Me-Ma’s] is of the cineplex, head over to the MFA, and give the films that truly about the barriers within ourselves, about colorism and —Michael Achille, Sam Potrykus deserve your attention a try. intra-racial conflict,” James said. “I wanted to put it out —Kyle Brunet there and tell my sisters of all hues this; that I love you and I am here for you.” Don’t miss “Welcome to Me-Ma’s!” Tickets are available via Eventbrite. —Liz James- Maisha Ni Sanaa wit h E m m a Fa r ma n We often think of energy efficient homes as the Howdy readers! I hope that you’re curled up with our little paper provenance of fancy folk who “own land” in your local coffee shop, on the T, a sunny park bench, or your and “have bank cozy couch. Wherever you are right now, you may be wondering accounts.” Pfft. I’ll never How did this cool little arts and culture guide find its way into have enough money for the downpayment on a house, my hands? Here at the compass we have an extraordiunless it’s a doghouse with a 100-year mortgage, and nary team of volunteers helping us bring this arts and my selling agent is a Rottweiler named Brodie McBones culture guide from concept to reality. As the Distribufrom Bone-afied Realty. Still, we plebeians can cheaply tion Coordinator, my job is to ensure that our labor of love reaches you Bostonians! Our adored readers! The plug the leaky orifices of energy waste in our pleebzones. For Compass strives to bring our communities together, example... ELECTRIC AVENUE: Using renewable electricity is one This month’s hang-able place ventures beyond obscure VHS rental illuminate underground artistic achievements, and let of the most effective ways individuals can address the climate stores turned coffee shops and hole-in-the-wall hat stores turned y’all know about the haps around town. Unfortunately crisis. By adding renewable power to the grid, energy offsets alternative performance spaces. Yes, this month we are really getting there are many neighborhoods in Boston that have not displace the demand for fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse experimental! Located on Mass Ave, past Porter, in the northwest received enough of our Compass love, and we need gas emissions. If your apartment can throw a few extra bones fringes of Cambridge, Pemberton Farms is a family-owned grocery your help to fix that. We want to share our mission of towards electricity, consider offsetting through the Green Energy store that has been a mainstay of the area since 1930. If you’re lucky, artistic inclusion and shine a spotlight on rad subterraConsumers Alliance. This nonprofit helps MA households convert wandering its friendly aisles, you might run into fourth-generation nean content creators in the communities of Mattapan, to renewable electricity, without changing energy providers. It owner, Greg Saidnaway, who has made some positive changes in retakes five minutes to make the switch online. The additional cost, cent years. In addition to increasing the number of local brands on the Dorchester, Jamaica Plain and Roxbury. Not only are we looking to expand our readership, but we’re expanding approximately $10-20/month, is tax-deductible. WATERWORLD: store’s shelves—pro tip: get a fresh chicken from Featherbrook Farms, Greywater is domestic wastewater other than toilet water. Some content too! The Compass is working to expand from delivered each Thursday—he is responsible for upping the community four to eight pages, and we need designers, content homeowners install greywater systems to collect and store water for programming. We’re a bit late for PemberFest, their annual local managers, creators, thinkers, doodlers, and everything reuse on their precious lawns. My greywater “system” is more handsbeer festival, which is as cute as it sounds, but be sure to check in between. If you’re passionate about the Compass and on, but costs negative dollars to implement. I simply think about water social media for any November happenings. want to become more connected with the city we call as a resource (because it is) that I pay for (because I do) and Pemberton, or “Pemby” as my husband and I lovingly refer to it, is recycle as much as possible. After a bath, soap hand-washing in more than just a supermarket; it’s a member of the community, and home, whether that be walking around your neighborthe used water. Capture and reuse cold water run-off from the it’s got something for everyone. For uppity Cambridge shoppers, it’s hood dropping off papers or sharing your artistic talents in print, please reach out and join our team! And make beginning of a shower. Water plants using old water from rinsing/ got hyper local food options; a killer craft beer selection; an insane sure to fill out our expansion survey using the QR code soaking produce. Turn off the tap when dishwashing. Soak ‘em, bulk refill section (who doesn’t want their bird food in bulk?); and on the back page. scrub ‘em, and rinse. Use a dishwasher if you have one, they’re even a CHEESE MONGER!!!! But they also offer plenty of convencompassdistro@brain-art.org for distribution inquiries generally more efficient. Rinse soapy dishes over a bin of dirty tional/affordable options (inc. discounts on day old bread!). And dishes. If it’s yellow, let it mellow. kevin@brain-arts.org for expansion inquiries if you don’t see what you like, they take suggestions, which won’t Keep food scraps, oils, “flushable” get lost into a vacuum of nothingness (i.e. Jeff Bezos’s soul). So get wipes, paint, and tampons out of — Emma Farman out there and support independent groceries. They’re a rare breed the pipes. these days. And Pemby’s a damn good one. THIS PROGRAM IS SUPPORTED IN PART BY A GRANT FROM THE BOSTON CULTURAL COUNCIL, A LOCAL AGENCY —Karine Vann —Melanie Bernier

How to live a zero waste lifestyle


Pemberton Farms





Wed 11/13 Halfsour, Fran, Rick Rude, Jeff Beam @O'Brien's Pub 8pm 18+ $10 Wed 11/13 Exhumed, Gatecreeper, Necrot, Judiciary @ONCE 7pm $18 Wed 11/13 Fully Celebrated Orchestra with special guest Brian Fink @Midway Cafe 8pm 21+ $5 Fri 11/15 Fri Forbes Graham + Kate Village @Boston City Hall 7pm All Ages Free (rsvp) Fri 11/15 Kal Marks, Exhalants, Rong, Aneurysm @Hong Kong Harvard Shows 7:30pm 21+ $10 Tue 11/19 Mikal Cronin @Great Scott 8:30pm 18+ $16-18

Fri 11/15 Daisybones, oldsoul, Horse Mode, Green Piece @Zorba Music Hall Thu 11/21 Psychic Weight, Hellhorse, Moss Folk (Lowell) 8:30 21+ $ome Cost @O’Brien’s Pub 8pm 18+ $10

Sat 11/16 Lifetime with Gouge Away, Fiddle- Thu 11/21 Suffer on Acid, Hellhorse, Moss Folk head, & Anxious @Hardcore Stadium 5pm All @O’Brien’s 8pm 18+ $10 Ages $25 Sat 11/23 Tunnel of Love, Nice Guys, Feminine Sat 11/16 Wume fr Baltimore, Magdalena Aggression, Song Birds, Swettes @Cambridge Abrego, Dashawn Borden @Dorchester Art Elks 7pm All Ages $13 Project 8pm All Ages $ome Cost Sun 11/24 Johnny Cab (CT), Kermits Finger, The Sat 11/16 Oroboro, Fred Cracklin, Freaking, Negans, Baabes, Bernie’s Garage @Midway Cafe Queen Crony @Sunnyside 8pm All Ages $5-10 3pm 21+ $8 Tue 11/5 Bad Breeding, Pandemix, Final Gasp, Hu- Sat 11/16 Data Dreams #1: Akua, Aura T-09, Sun 11/24 Isaac Levine, Bad History Month, Inman And Dust @Hong Kong Harvard Shows 7pm Final Object & Dev/Chron @Cambridge Elks spector 34, Morgan Reed @OK House (Lowell) Lower Level 10pm All Ages $11 6pm All Ages $ome Cost 21+ $10 Fri 11/1 The Tits, Vaxine, Video Filth, Ambush, Car- Tue 11/5 Tatsuya Nakatani - Sara June/Max Lord -Chris Strunk/Noell Dorsey @The Wire Factory (Lowtridge @Hong Kong Harvard 7pm 21+ $12 ell) 8:30pm All Ages $10 Fri 11/1 Record Hospital Fall Show 2019 @CamWed 11/6 Great Grandpa w/ DUMP HIM and Really bridge Queen's Head 7pm All Ages $ome Cost From @ONCE Somerville 8pm 18+ $12 Fri 11/1 Los Ladrones (PR), Los Gueys (PHL), Funeral Cone, PCP & the Knives @Obriens 8pm 18+ Thu 11/7 Madball, Brick By Brick, No Option, Vantage Point @Middle East Downstairs 7pm $20 $8

Sun 11/17 Wound Man, Brain Tourniquet, C-4, Tue 11/26 DAP Open Mic @Dorchester Art ProjExertion @Dorchester Art Project 7pm All ect 8pm All Ages Free Ages $10 Sun 11/17 Vital Remains, Mourned, Blood Tithe @Middle East Upstairs 8pm $18 Mon 11/18 Doom Service & Call Shotgun @ Charlie's Kitchen 8pm 21+ $5

Tue 11/19 Allah-Las @Paradise Rock Club 8pm Fri 11/1 Super Natural Psycho, Pony Hole, ZEEL, Fri 11/8 The Veldt (NYC), Mint Green, New Aura, JRS All Ages $22 The Materialistics, Kevlar @Michael's Bar (Somer- @Dorchester Art Project 8pm All Ages $ome Cost ville) 8pm 21+ $ome Cost Fri 11/8 Christian and Lions "Young Familiar" tape reFri 11/1 Umbrella Pine, Art of the Loop, Nick Jo- lease w/ Audrey Ryan, Helenor @Pink Noise Studios liat/Dan Wick @Dorchester Art Project 8pm All (Somerville) 7:30pm All Ages $10 Ages $10 Fri 11/8 TV Shirt, Graveyard of The Atlantic, HusSat 11/2 Change Today: Joe Wood [TSOL] - Full bands @Worthen Attic (Lowell) 8pm 21+ $ome Cost 80’s TSOL Set @Ram Ranch (ask) 7pm All Ages Sat 11/9 Rat-Nip Heavy Discipline Jackal Corrode $ome Cost Facade @The Democracy Center 7pm All Ages $10 Sat 11/2 Quintron and Miss Pussycat @Great Scott Sat 11/9 Lisa Prank, with Lilith and Honey Cutt 8:30pm 21+ $12 @O'Brien's Pub 9pm 21+ $10 11/2 +DOG+, SW/AS, Bath Consolidated (KC), Nico Tracy @Firehouse (Worcester) 10pm ALl Mon 11/11 CreepyFreaks, TyskTyskTask, ThreatLevelBurgundy, Triheart @Charlie's Kitchen 8pm 21+ $5 Ages $5 (notaflof ) Sat 11/2 High Command, Malleus, Enforced, Vid- Tue 11/12 Chastity Belt @Brighton Music Hall 7pm eo Filth, Moss Folk, Marrow @The Raven (Worces- 18+ $15 ter) 7pm All Ages $10 Tue 11/12 Mint Green, Hush Club, Les Soniques Sat 11/2 Buck Gooter fr VA, Evil Sword fr PA, Ser- (MTL), Jeb Bush Orchestra @O'Brien's Pub 8pm $10 vice, Thighs @Dorchester Art Project 8pm All Tue 11/12 Littlefoot, True Blue and Betty Moody @ Ages $10 Lilypad Inman 10pm All Ages $ome Cost Mon 11/4 Human Host, the Disaster March, Rage//Quit, Tensor @Charlie's Kitchen 8pm 21+ $5

Discover the Others: Pick of the Month:

Show Me the Body w/ Urochromes @Hawks and Reed Performing Arts Center 8:30 PM AM - 11:30:00 PM AM All Ages $10 This months little highlight needs little introduction. NYC’s increasingly legendar y and enigmatic punk infused hip-hop three piece SHOW ME THE BODY are prepared to tear up Western Mass. They get in your face in the best way. No Boston show this time around so get out there if you can. Especially considering Jackie Boy and his cohor ts in UROCHROMES will be dumping their version of fuzzed out noise punk into the blender. I’m gonna confront ya indeed. —Michael Achille

W. M A S S

Fri 11/1 La Neve, Mal Devisa, Feminine Aggression @Flywheel Arts Collective 8pm All Ages $ome Cost Sun 11/3 Buck Gooter, Evil Sword, Beige, Pussyvision @Root Cellar 8pm All Ages $7-15


Sat 11/16 Queen Elephantine, Hammer Party, Rectrix & Gyna Bootleg, Mark Cetilia @AS220 8pm All Ages $ome Cost

NEW HAMPSHIRE Tue 11/12 Slothrust, And the Kids @3S Artspace (Portsmouth) 8pm All Ages $16


Sat 11/2 La Neve @SPACE Gallery 8:30pm All Ages $8 Sat 11/16 Kal Marks, Rick Rude, Amiright @SPACE Gallery 8:30 All Ages $8

Tues 11/12 Story Slam: You Name It @ Trident Booksellers 7 - 9pm $12 Tues 11/12 Visiting Artist: Andy Graydon @Peter Fuller Building (BU) 7:30 - 9pm Fri 11/1 Video art: Manifest Dismantling w/ Mo- Tues 11/12 ACT Graduate Student Open House bius @ Boston Cyberarts GAllery 6 - 8pm $5-10 @20 Ames Street (same building as the List) noon - 6pm RSVP online donation Sat + Sun 11/2-3 The Fiber Festival of New En- Wed 11/13 Exhibition Opening/Lecture/Book gland @The Big E fairgrounds (Western MA) Signing - Transformation, Crisis and Reinvention w/ Ronald Grim and Alex Krieger @BPL Co9am - 3pm $7 pley Square 6-8pm Fri + Sat + Sun 11/1-3 Ink Spot Festival (celebrating area playwrights) @BCA’s Calderwood Thu 11/14 Conversation about art, culture and literature: The Black Studies Reading Room Pavilion, various times - check online FREE Crafting a Black Public Sphere @Tufts University Sat 11/2 Symposium: Art and Journalism in the Art Galleries 6:30 - 9pm Era of Post-Truth Politics @The deCordova Museum 1-4:30pm FREE with museum admission Thu 11/14 Lecture: Cedric Douglas @Mass Art noon-1pm (totally free if you ride a bike there) Sun 11/3 Mapping Out Utopia CounterCultur- Thu 11/14 Communication Design Lecture Seal Walking Tour @Inman Sq (Meet at Practice ries: Cedric Douglas @MASSArt 12pm Space at 1PM) Thu 11/14 Gallery Talk with curator Leonie BradTues 11/5 Lecture: Suné Woods @MAss Art bury @Emerson Contemporary 6-6:30pm 2pm-4pm Fri 11/15 Boston Book Fair @Hynes Convention Wed 11/6 Workshop: Modern Calligraphy @ Tri- Center 4pm-8pm $25 dent Booksellers 6:30 - 8pm $65 Fri 11/15 Party and Reception: Photo RevoluWed 11/6 Workshop: No-no Yes-yes Ikebana @ tion @The Worcester Art Museum 6pm-11pm Storefront for Somatic Practice 5:30-7pm $40 $15 - $25

Managing Editor: Oscar Goff Contributing Writers: Kyle Brunet, Oscar Goff, Matthew Martens, Nicholas Perry Fri 11/1 HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH (2001) dir. Thu 11/21 KNIVES AND SKIN (2019) dir. Jennifer John Cameron Mitchell @MFA Reeder @PARAMOUNT The greatest musical ever? Oh, it's up there Mystical teenage neo-noir Fri 11/1 DESTROY ALL MONSTERS (1968) dir. Ishiro Director in person - Free!

Honda @COOLIDGE Fri 11/22 REEFER MADNESS (1936) dir. Louis J. All the Kaijus you could ever ask for in one movie New restoration. Kaiju pop-up store from Mecha- Gasnier @COOLIDGE Tell your children! virus! New 2k restoration! Sat 11/2 BACURAU (2019) dir. Kleber Mendonça FilFri 11/22 EL NORTE (1983) dir. Gregory Nava @VU ho and Juliano Dornelles @MFA The land of opportunity? The roaring return of Brazil’s rural repressed Sat 11/2 WAVES (2019) dir. Trey Edward Shults @ Sat 11/23 DOLEMITE (1975) dir. D'Urville Martin @COOLIDGE BRATTLE Underrated best worst movie. Dolemite is the Getting through the ripples of life, together man. Mon 11/4 HER SMELL (2019) dir. Alex Ross Perry @ Digital restoration HFA Rock and roll breakdown Director in person!

Thur 11/7 Lecture: Heneghan Peng Architects Sun 11/17 Boston Arm Wrestling Dames Fight Night @Oberon 7pm $15-$20 @MIT Department of Architecture 6 - 8pm

Sun 11/24 SYSTEM CRASHER (2019) dir. Nora Fingscheidt @COOLIDGE A pint-sized wild-child’s kitchen-sink disruption Wed 11/6 SAFE SPACES (2019) dir. Daniel Schechter Presented by Goethe-Institut Boston @COOLIDGE Sun 11/24 PHAROS OF CHAOS (1983) dir. Come for Fran Drescher, stay for Fran Drescher Director & star Justin Long in person! Also screens Wolf-Eckart Bühler and Manfred Blank @HFA [35mm] 11/7 @BRATTLE & 11/10 @JCC Sterling Hayden’s long goodbye grows longer

Thu 11/7 Workshop: Organizing and Submit- Wed 11/20 Workshop: Studio-based Artmaking ting Digital Images @ NewTV (Newton) 7pm- to Support Emotional and Behavioral Health @ Urbano Project 5-8pm $30 9pm $15

Fri 11/8 THE FACE BEHIND THE MASK (1941) dir. Sun 11/24 FRIZZI 2 FULCI @COOLIDGE Robert Florey @HFA [35mm] Peter Lorre pilots the downfall of a self-made mug Live performance by horror soundtrack legend Fabio Frizzi!

Thu 11/7 Artist Talk followed by a reception: Wed 11/20 Gallery Talk: Brandeis students on JooYoung Choi & Trenton Doyle Hancock (Kith Zilla Sánchez’s Las troyanas @The Rose Art Mu& Kin exhibition) @ Marran Theater at Lesley seum 3:30-5pm University 6 - 7:30pm Sat + Sun 11/23-24 Open Studios: Brickbottom Fri - Sun 11/8 - 11/10 Boston Art Book Fair @Cy- and Joy Street studios Somerville @ Brickbotclorama 7pm (Friday) All Ages $ome Cost, 12- tom Live/Work building 12-6pm both days 5pm (Sat&Sun) FREE! Sat 11/23 DIAGONALLY @ Mill No. 5, Lowell Fri 11/8 Workshop: Press Press “What is Sanctu- noon-6pm (must reserve tickets online) ary? A Manifesto” @Tufts University Art GallerSat 11/30 MWP Productions presents the Annuies noon - 2:30pm al Day With(Out)Art/World AIDS Day @The CyFri 11/8 Reception: Art and Letters @Groiler Po- clorama 11pm 11:55pm on December 1st. etry Book Shop 7pm-10pm Sat 11/30 WaterFire Holiday Art & Craft Festival Fri 11/8 Poetry: Reception for Art and Letters @WaterFire Providence noon-6pm Literary Magazine @Groliers Book Shop 7-10pm Sat 11/30 Fashion Show: 2nd Annual Plus Size Fri 11/8 Art Battle @ Studio Allston 7-11pm $20- Couture Fashion Show @The Residence Inn by Marriott Downtown/South End 7-9pm $50 25 Sat + Sun 11/9-10 Boston’s Anarchist Bookfair @ Ongoing exhibitions Kilth & Kin: Friends and Mentors of the Lesley Location TBD, check the website for details MFA Program @The Lunder Art Center 10/24Sat 11/9 Opening Reception: STAGED. New Vi- 12/1 sion of Boston Music Photography @Dorches- Future Ancestral Technologies: nágshibi​@Emerson Contemporary 10/17-12/15 ter Art Project 7-10pm CRISTI RINKLIN: The Weight of Ghosts @Steven Sat 11/9 Performance Art: Sandrine Schaefer - Zevitas Gallery 10/4 - 11/30 gaggle walks @ starts in front of the BCA 1:30 MOCK public art by Pat Falco @109ish Northern Avenue Seaport 9/18-11/30 - 3:30pm FREE Only Owls - Wildlife Photography by Peter Green Sat 11/9 Opening Reception & Artist Talk - @Blue Hills Trailside Museum 10/31-11/25 Prints & Paintings by Brooke Lambert @ The Video Creators Lounge (Melrose) 5-8pm Sat 11/9 Reception: Wild Ocean: Prints and Paintings by Brook Lambert @Video Creators Lounge, Melrose 5pm


Fri 11/8 EVIL DEAD (1981) dir. Sam Raimi @ COOLIDGE Light reading in the woods 4K restoration w/ new soundtrack by Joseph LoDuca. Also screens 11/9 w/ drag show by Haus of Oni

Fri 11/29 TAMMY AND THE T-REX (1994) dir. Stewart Raffill @COOLIDGE A sexually driven revenge story about a killer T-Rex played by Paul Walker. Newly discovered R-rated cut!

Sat 11/9 THE KING OF COMEDY (1983) dir. Martin Sat 11/30 FREAKED (1993) dir. Tom Stern & Alex Scorsese @HFA [35mm] Winter @COOLIDGE [35mm] The original Joker Bonkers MTV sideshow comedy Sun 11/10 MR. KLEIN (1976) dir. Joseph Losey @ MFA DoppelDelons differently doomed in occupied Paris Screens through 11/30

LISTINGS NOTE: Below is the venue abbreviation key: BRATTLE - Brattle Theatre COOLIDGE - Coolidge Corner Theatre HFA - Harvard Film Archive Sun 11/10 A WALL IS A WALL: SHORT FILM PRO- ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art JCC - Jewish Cultural Center Riemer Goldstein GRAM @ICA Theater (Newton) Tales from the border MFA - Museum of Fine Arts Boston Free w/ museum admission! PARAMOUNT - Emerson Paramount Theater Thu 11/14 WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE (1995) SOMERVILLE - Somerville Theatre VU - Video Underground (JP) dir. Todd Solondz @COOLIDGE [35mm] Prepare to cringe from beginning to end on this [35mm] – Projected on ACTUAL FILM! one folks Please see our sister website BostonHassle.com/ Sat 11/16 BABE (1995) dir. George Miller @ Film-Flam for our full listings w/ showtimes and other info. FILM FLAM SEEKS VOLUNTEERS!!! If COOLIDGE "That'll do pig, that'll do." Remember when Babe you would like to get involved with our film section or submit listings, e-mail our film editor at was nominated for Best Picture? Oscar@Brain-Arts.org Sun 11/17 TLV TV BINGE @BRATTLE Prestige TV from Tel Aviv - all day long! Part of the Boston Jewish Film Festival Mon 11/18 ATLANTIQUE (2019) dir. Mati Diop @ HFA Love life on the beach of ghosts Director in person!


E PHOEB E NT DELMO lmonte bede @phoe N A. A I R D AND A @maw


e rt Proj ester A h c r o D at HQ Events rain Arts Org B ter Ave orches 1486 D

11/1 Experimental Boston Composers: Art of the Loop, Umbrella Pine, Nick Joliat 8pm 11/2 Buck Gooter fr VA, Evil Sword fr PA, Service, Thighs 8pm $10 Suggested Donation Costumes Encouraged! 11/6 Metal Show 8-11pm 11/7 2020 Night: Redemption features live music from rap collective 2020 and hip hop group the Ill Addicts 8-11pm 11/8 Workshop with Rixy Fz. 6-8pm, Free! 11/8 The Veldt (NYC) [] Mint Green [] New Aura [] JRS 8pm 11/9 STAGED. New Visions of Boston Music Photography: Opening Reception 7-10pm 11/9 Armand Hammer fr NYC, Esh, BattleAxe, FEN 8pm 11/12 Music As A Second Language Workshop. Angela Sawyer presents "How to Listen So Hard You Ruin Your

Life" 8-10PM 11/13 Damien Scalise, Queen Crony and Sneeze Awfull (Pittsburgh), TBA, 8pm 11/14 Halshug, Corrode, Skrawl, Phlegm 7pm-12am $10 Suggested Donation 11/15 Brandie Blaze Listening Party 6:30-10:30pm 11/15 Cam Sleeper // Castling 8:30pm 11/16 Brain Arts Org presents WUME from Baltimore, Magdalena Abrego, Dashawn Borden 8pm $10 Suggested Donation 11/17 Boston Hardcore showcase 11/18 Boston Hardcore ft. New Heart, Kind!, Gripe, Certain Shapes 8pm $7-$10 Suggested Donation 11/19 Music As A Second Language Workshop. Stephanie Germaine presents "Exploring Joy and Meaning Within Chaos" 8-10pm 11/22 SPNDA Album Release Show ! 11/23 Experimental underground techno night with acts from Boston and NY 11/24 Queer and Trans Figure Drawing 2-4pm $5-$20 Suggested Donation


Y: A RT B ia


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Natalie N.

Sonnet Expectations are the devil's playground I fall into hims with alacrity hes dull inner sparkles, a queen uncrowned teeth & tongue pulled out, a wolf in the sea again and again and again--a choice not a mistake, I want to test my strength with every come back? regaining my voice but the string of my life is loosing length many games of snakes and ladders I play with my heart like dice on a stranger's board pearls before swine, reprimand past day no discerning judgement, made pig my lord punish a goddess who loves a mortal free me from my feelings through this portal


Gabriel Don's new collection of poems is Living Without Skin (A Gathering of The Tribes, Fly By Night Press). She lives in New York City.

—Gabriel Don Belladonna

V i

V e

s c o u

r s


e s

Viscous Verses is edited by Raquel Balboni & Ben Mazer (artandlettersmagazine. squarespace.com)

The feral belladonna bears Dark berries that make witches fly, Quicken the heart, enlarge the eye, And catch their eaters unawares With conjured hellhounds, fractured sense, Blue lightning splitting up the night Like flocks of demons taking flight, And faces in the chain-link fence. This widow’s weed that men attack Not knowing that her fruit can kill Some seek out for the doubtful thrill Of touching death and turning back.

Heide S.


When Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi was 17 he had an industrial accident that almost put an end to his young career. “I’d be on a line and they’d pass stuff down to me and I’d weld it, and then it’d go on to somewhere else. One day, the person that would be sending me the thing to weld never turned up, so they put me on this giant, huge press — a guillotine-type press. I don’t know what happened, I must have pushed my hand in. Bang! It came down. It just took the ends off [my fingers].” Tony was quickly ushered to the hospital where the doctors told him he’d never be able to play guitar again. Inspired by a co-worker showing him Django Reinhardt, who fretted a guitar with just three fingers, Tony was determined to find a way to play. He began by making his own prosthetic fingertips, first by melting down a plastic soap bottle and by attaching various types of cloth to the tips. With nothing working, he had the idea to cut up an old leather jacket and voila! It took some while to get used to but he persevered. However, this unfortunate incident may have played a pivotal role in creating his signature sound and thus heavy music. The tips made bending difficult so he required lighter gauge strings. With guitar strings not being made smaller at the time he began stringing his guitar with thinner banjo strings. He also began requesting Black Sabbath to tune the strings down several steps to make the songs ‘heavier’ but also easier to play. And that’s the story of the Iron Man’s Hand of Doom. —Zachary Fairbrother

Blake Campbell is a recipient of the Aliki Perroti and Seth Frank Most Promising Young Poet Award from the Academy of American Poets. He lives in Salem.

She bears her fruit without a care For those who cross her by mistake: The spinster twitching on a stake, The stoner poisoned on a dare.

What is the role of a browser? A browser is a program that reads and displays website content for you. Think of it as the way a prism displays the rainbow from rays of light. That said, there are all sorts of implications with the way a browser accomplishes this: Does it show you all the information? What if you want it to block ads or, even worse, malicious scripts? Remember how awful and omnipresent pop-ups were? It was eventually browsers that paved the way towards a better online experience, but first it was plugins.

—Blake Campbell

Plugins are the premier way to modify your browsing experience, offering everything from ad-blockers to shopping assistants and security plugins. Firefox and Chrome both offer plugin support; Chrome through its web store and Firefox through its own plugin browser. There are malicious plugins out there, which is why you shouldn't get a plugin anywhere else except from the store itself. If a website ever tells you to download their plugin, just don't. It's usually not beneficial and the possible downsides are numerous. For some simple security boosts to your browser, I recommend the following plugins: Decentraleyes, uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, and HttpsEverywhere. Each of these beef up your security and should be mostly unnoticeable except for uBlock Origin which entirely blocks ads (nifty, eh?). Give these a shot and let me know what you think. We want to add 4 pages to the Compass, but we need your help! Fill out the survey and tell us what you want to see in the expansion!"


Peter L.


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We need to bring more papers to South Boston, Fields Corner, and Jamaica Plain!

After last year, you might be pretty

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Boston Compass #117  


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