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THANKS FOR PICKING UP COMPASS #48! In this new year we encourage you to MAKE MORE NOISE! I think everyone can relate to the feeling that sometimes their talents and artistic voice are going unnoticed or underappreciated. It’s a feeling that discourages and even stunts ideas and is too common of an occurrence. It may be a natural part of the process but we feel a responsibility to combat this notion. We are here to remind you (literally the reason we exist as a resource) that your art does make a difference and that your productivity is vital to the health of our city’s cultural landscape. From your peers to your potential audience and fans, even to unassuming passerby’s and certainly yourself, the more noise flying around out there the better it is for us all.

When we say noise we don’t just mean “music”, we are talking about all creative output. From the audible and the physical to the practical and the mystical, all artists should create like there is no tomorrow. The more noise that’s out there the more ideas will proliferate throughout the community, making us stronger and more inspired. We address all of our readers as artists because we believe there’s a creative spirit inside us all but even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, recognize how vital the role of appreciator is to the scheme as well. Whether you’re putting it out there or just taking it in, keep your ears up and your eyes open for that important, inspirational stuff and enjoy being in a city where there is always something good going on. - Sam Potrykus

The Boston Counter Cultural Compass is produced by the Boston Hassle

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ANCIENT FILTH NEW 7” IS JUST PLAIN DIRTY Pull those studs out of your skull and pick up the new Ancient Filth 7”! Boston’s own hallowed hardcore brutalizers have been churning out the realest shit in the area since 2010 and their latest crop “You’re Nothing You’re Everything” is no exception to their no-bullshit rule. The Filth deliver hardcore anarcho-punk that is fast, groovy and gnarly. Set to a tireless beat, their ripping leads and in your face mad front-man really shove it down your throat. Circle-pit the wagons and get behind Ancient Filth. Get it Friday 1/3 @Democracy Center—see SHOWS pages for details.

FREE PIZZA AND DYLAN EWEN 20 MINUTES OR LESS TOUR JP based BUFU Records’ very own Free Pizza and Dylan Ewen are going out on a little baby New England/NYC tour early this month. These two batches of buds embody the kool attitude and fun-loving RnR jammage that makes Boston so sweet. Tour kicks off Friday 1/3 at the holiest spot in JP featuring Vermont’s Kurt Weisman and Luke from Happy Jawbone and continues throughout New England in a weird zig zag shape including a stop at Feeding Tube Records. It’s youthful and truthful pop for kids like you and me, find it and be set free! -SP

(NEW ENGLAND) PATRIOTS AND SEDIMENT CLUB EAST COAST TOUR This month two of the best bands the Northeast has to offer are heading south for a swath of dates together. The Sediment Club (repping Providence, MA and NYC) and (New England) Patriots will be bringing their aggressive no-wave and punk noise rock down to NC and back, starting with a PVD melee on 1/14. These two are integral to the New England underground sound so if you give a shit about that be @Charlie’s Kitchen Monday 1/20 to welcome them back to town with fellow rock and roll ruffians Skimask and DOG (NY) -SP

DEBO BAND JANUARY-FEBRUARY RESIDENCY Jamaica Plain’s very own Ethiopian funk trailblazers Debo Band will be doing a residency @The Lizard Lounge starting Thursday 1/23 for four Thursdays in a row! Debo will be playing for at least 1.5 hours a night and it will be a crazy, sweaty, Ethiopian funk-rock/ trance music dance party. It’ll be $10, 21+ and start around 9 or 10pm. Plus there’ll be opening bands, dj’s and other good stuff announced later. GET BUSY WITH EACH OTHER. And keep your eyes peeled for an ALL AGES Debo Band show in late February, Boston Hassle is determined to make that happen -SP

FLICK THANKS TO COOLIDGE’S MONTHLY OPEN SCREEN Local filmmakers and enthusiasts get ready to rock out. The Coolidge is now hosting OPEN SCREEN, a monthly open-mic style short film event. If you like making movies (or even if it’s a painful process) this series is truly exciting. They accept submissions just a half hour before the screenings - sign up at 7pm, show at 7:30pm. Whether you want to share your masterpiece or something you filmed the night before, OPEN SCREEN will showcase your under 10 minute works on the big screen! This month’s event is on Tuesday 1/14. Be there! - AS

DOUG TUTTLE LP DROPS THIS MONTH VIA TROUBLE IN MIND For those of you interested in spellbinding psychedelic pop you really ought to be turned on to the music of Doug Tuttle. Doug is perhaps best known for his band MMOSS, NH/MA psych giants who recently called it quits, but if the first single off the Doug Tuttle LP is any indication, it’ll have you forgetting about his old band in no time. From his beautiful melodic voicings to the warm timbres in which they’re delivered Doug’s genius shines quite brightly on his debut solo album. Get it Wednesday 1/29 @Middlesex at Treat Yo Self night! -SP

THE COMPASS SEEKS ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Have you ever wanted to learn how to run an independent newspaper? Us too. Now’s our chance! Help the administrative team who makes this free publication with the dayto-day stuff, learn some skills and maybe teach us a thing or two as well! As with all Compass roles this is a VOLUNTEER position. The compensation is all about feeling good at the end of the day that you’re putting your tenacity and dedication toward something worthwhile and pretty life changing. Interview might involve a trip to Lanes and Games. Serious inquiries only: Sampotrykus At Gmail Dot Com

LIFE IS POSERS AND NOTHING MATTRESS JOINT RELEASE PARTY Local riotous comic artists who doodle masterfully under the names Life Is Posers and Nothing Mattress are joining illustrious illustration forces to release their respective second issues! Watch internet JPEGs come to life, pick up some comics to support the dudes, drink a few beers and enjoy a live interview/Q&A session hosted by Ancient Alien’s Chris Pittman! We here at the Compass are particularly excited about this event because these two rad artists are on us every month (see pages 2 and 8). 1/9, 8pm All Ages, FREE and going down @Lorem Ipsum in Inman Square -SP

BOSTON HASSLE JOINS EYE DESIGN TO PRESENT TREAT YO SELF NIGHT Treat Yo Self: Creative Industry Night is a monthly art/music event started by the Eye Design collective. Starting this month they welcome Boston Hassle into the mix to curate this night of kickass bands and outstanding area artists. Get down @Middlesex Sunday 1/29 for the first of this historic collaboration. Treat your senses to Doug Tuttle (of Mmoss) and Caustic Rainbow (b0oth celebrating their records’ release), Ghost Box Orchestra, Doug Warman (of King Orchard) and the fantastic comics and art of local legend Ronnie Nordac and Hassle art honcho Sylvie Mayer! -SP

GREAT VALLEY RETURNS TO BOSTON FEBRUARY 1 WITH NEW RECORD! Brattleboro Vermont’s fabled pretend-popsters Great Valley are beloved friends of Boston. They have a loyal following here due in part to their fantastic make-believeamusement-park-ride live shows and their latest record will take us even further down the rabbit hole. “Lizards Of Camelot” is a bizarro fantasy concept album done in their unique, playful and hazy electro/acoustic pop style. Join them Saturday 2/1 for Boston Hassle Night @Lilypad with their old pals The Needy Visions, reuniting to release a tape of their own! Check NNA Tapes and Bufu Records for updates on said releases! -SP

#48 CREW

MANAGING EDITORS: Sam Potrykus, Dan Shea, CEEK, Ari Shvartsman LAYOUT TEAM: James Staub, Rose Parry, Anya Kanevsky, Doug Katz CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS: Alizée De Pin, Jeffrey Johnson, Mona Maruyama, Sylvie Mayer, Kurt Egghart SHOW COMPILERS: Chris Collins, Sam Rogich FILM CALENDAR: Pablo Torroella, Sydney Kinchen, Alex Schab, Oscar Goff, James Moore, Stefan Grabowski COPY-EDITORS: Nabeela Vega



FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC It’s a new year! Resolve to see more art and be better with your money! FIRST FRIDAYS is a monthly free-for-all that features the 15 galleries and 50 artists studios all located @450 Harrison Ave in the South End. Mark your calendars for 1/3 from 5-8:30pm and let the free booze keep you warm. - CEEK

MONUMENTS by ZOARD WELLS TYEKLAR @Lilypad On view Now-1/31 Reception 1/31 9pm ZOARD WELLS TYEKLAR has produced some of the most memorable and dynamic show posters Boston has seen in the last few years. This long overdue solo show includes print work and drawings which explore our ability to be connected without actually knowing one another (or ourselves for that matter). The closing reception is 1/31 at 9pm with the rocking distorted haze of FEDAVEES and HOMEWORLD @1353 Cambridge St. Catch it while ya can! - CEEK

PAPEL MACHETE @Villa Victoria Center for the Arts On view 1/31-3/17 Opening 1/31, 6-8pm Performance 1/31, 9-11pm PAPEL MACHETE, a radical collective from Puerto Rico, is putting on their very first exhibition. Their performances employ puppets, masks, objects and music to denounce exploitation, while supporting the struggles of the working class. With a roster of artists, workers and students, we’re in for an engagement that delves into their theater of resistance. Head to the South End to see why so many of Boston’s scene came together to bring this special show to Villa Victoria. - Nabeela Vega

DOODLE @Navy Gallery Annex (Davis Square) 1/10-1/26 Opening 1/10, 6-8pm Comics and cartoons rule. Creating a narrative visually tends to look simple when it’s done well, but requires a steady hand and a sharp mind. For two weeks only, almost 20 artists are showing their stuff @53 Chester St in Davis Square (including Art Blast faves CRAIG BOSTICK, FISH McGILL, RON LeBRASSEUR, & MARIA PHOTINAKIS). You can thank local cartoonist, children’s book author/ illustrator, and musician JEF CZEKAJ ( for curating an exhibit as delightful as this. - CEEK


SELF PORTRAIT @Bathaus 1/31, 6pm Bathaus is hosting a one night performance event organized by resident artist TOM MAIO, who wants to provide the artists with an open platform to perform/intersect with other artists at different stages in their careers. With 30 minute rotating performances by KLEDIA SPIRO (MFA, SMFA), SAM GLIDDEN (BFA, Montserrat) & MARISSA IAMARTINO (BFA, MassArt) and video performances by London artist ESSE DARLING and New York artist JUSTIN DURSO. The show promises to pack a punch, don’t miss it. - Nabeela Vega

NOTATIONS @Howard Art Project Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays 1/13-1/31 Reception 1/24, 6-9pm SARAH POLLMAN is a photographer, teaching fellow at SMFA, founder of 3200K, writer for BIG RED & SHINY, AINT BAD MAGAZINE and the recipient of the Warhol Foundation writers grant. If all of that wasn’t a mouthful already, Notations is a cumulative solo exhibition, highlighting her MFA thesis. Pollman, with her love of all things film, can be expected to deliver beautiful, ethereal photographs with a side of critical theory. Hop the red line and join in on the conversation. - Nabeela Vega ACCUMULATION @808 Gallery (BU) 1/23-3/30, 7pm You’re not going to want to miss this cumulative 10 week performance series, curated by Boston’s very own SANDRINE SCHAEFER. Boasting a handsome line-up of artists, this series takes place every Wednesday through 3/30, starting at 7pm. Relics from previous performances will remain in the space posing interesting challenges to the following artists as they must incorporate these objects into their own work. Head down to see what impromptu performances will ensue. - Caitlin Moore

@Boston Sculptors Gallery Dennis Svoronos | Liz Shephard Now-2/2 @Bromfield Gallery James Lentz: “IS/ISN’T” | Kim Carlino: “The Artifice of Geometry” | Helen Payne: “Here I Sit, Brokenhearted” 1/3-2/2 @Chase Young Gallery Cynthia Packard 1/3-1/31 @Galatea Fine Art Jo Ann Boback | Barbara Eskin | Carolyn Newberger Now-1/31 @Kingston Gallery Luanne E Witkowski: IV 1/2-2/2 Artist Reception 2/24, 5:30-7:30 @Miller Yezerski Gallery John Coplans: Hands 19882000 2/4 @M-Y Projects Elain Spatz-Rabinowitz 1/3-2/4 @Samson Projects Carlos Jimenez Cahua: Neoplasms & Pleonasms 1/3-2/28 @Steve Zevitas Gallery John Dilg: This Land is Your Land Now-2/1 @Vessels Gallery Le Jardin: The Ceramics of Anat Shiftan Now-1/5

At the center of any great creative community is camaraderie, and the good people who run the HOWARD ART PROJECT have PLENTY of it! With a special eye attuned to under-represented and non-traditional cross-disciplinary approaches to art making, it’s is an excellent resource for current students and recent art school grads, offering a supportive and constructive environment with fertile grounds for planting your creative seeds. For more about Howard Art Project and a full-interview with co-director LEAH CRAIG, check out the Boston Hassle’s art blog - Sydney Kinchen

BOSTON Y ZINES Boston DIY is alive and the proof is in the print. Here are a few of our locally-made picks. THRIFTY TIMES Allston based monthly zine from SARAH McDONALD centered around the art of thrifting and more! Issue #15 takes us through the holidaze with gifting ideas, crafts, recipes and reviews. NO THOUGHTS ZINE | $10 MICHAEL J DeMEO’s quarterly “photobook disguised as a magazine.” The most current issue (#10) explores city life through the lens of 26 photographers from near and far. #EVERYEVERYTHING A compilation of creative collaborations between brothers/artists/friends NICK Z and MATT ZAREMBA that feels both nostalgic and new at once. Illustrations, pics, and quips for your consumption. UNEXPECTED TREAT | $10 A collab between CHUBBY BEHEMOTH & OXEN FREE this quarter size, full color zine is 20 pages of bizarre collage and paintings that will keep you guessing. These zines & more available at

SAD GIRLS CLUB Local show fixtures SONAM PARIKH and MICHELLE PARECE’s new pet project with pics, doodles and oddities that’ll make ya tilt your head and smile. Contributors include a couple NICE GUYS and one SKIMASK. For more zine love stayed tuned to - CEEK



More event information at ALLSTON @Boston University Art Galleries (Stone Gallery) Making Connections: The Art and Life of Herbert Gentry 1/31-3/30 Opening 1/30, 6-8pm (Gallery 5) Contemporary Issues Now-1/17 (Commonwealth Gallery) Sarah Brown Now-1/19 (Commonwealth Gallery) Joan Moffitt 1/20-TBD BACK BAY @Arden Gallery Ben Steele 1/2-1/29 Opening 1/11, 4-6pm @Barbara Krakow Gallery Clues Now-2/1 Fred Sandback: Sculptures for Corners and Related Drawings Now-2/1 @French Cultural Center of Boston Les Nuits de Noël: An American Flâneur in Paris Now-1/6 @Gallery 360 (Northeastern U) Bill Graham Presents TBD (Section A-C) Josh Wisdumb Spivack: connecting the motion of ideas Now-1/15 @Society of Arts and Crafts Gallery From Minimal to Bling: Contemporary Studio Jewelry Now-1/11 CAMBRIDGE @Cambridge Arts Association RED: Northeast Open Show Now-1/24 @Maud Morgan Arts Center (Chandler Gallery) Draw From Within Now-1/3 Another World: Objects and Images 1/13-2/14 @MIT List Center List Projects: Kambui Olujimi 1/21-2/23 @Mobius Zeleny Les 1/10-1/28 Mobilize Performance Series: Tran Luong 1/31 @Out of the Blue Gallery Drawings on Papièr Now-1/6 @Outpost 186 Elyn Kroger Now-TBD @Voltage Coffee & Art Adam O’Day TBD CHARLESTOWN @Zume’s Coffee House Jamie Valhouli Show Now-2/28 DORCHESTER @Hallspace Bea Modisett: By Way of Bangkok Now-1/25 DOWNTOWN @Equal Exchange Cafe Tony Cyizanye Now-1/15 @Suffolk Universy Art Gallery From Paper to Pixels Now-1/17 FORT POINT @35 Channel Center Ian Kennelly: Hay Buster and Friends Now-1/31 @Atlantic Wharf Rights of Way: Mobility and the City Now-5/26 FENWAY/KENMORE @MassART Alison Saar: Still… 1/23-3/8 @Panopticon Gallery (Main Gallery) On First Contact Now-1/14 (Private Room) What I Did On My Summer Vacation Now-1/14 (Emerging Artist | Featured corner) No Thoughts Magazine exhibit Now-1/14 (Main Gallery) A Wicked Winter Show 1/18-3/12 (Private Room) Architechtural Analysis 1/18-3/12 (Emerging Artist | Featured corner) Sean Sullivan 1/18-3/12 JAMAICA PLAIN @Arnold Arboretum Dispersal: by Anna Laurent Now-1/26 @Aviary Best in Show 1/2-1/31 Opening 1/2, 6-9pm SOMERVILLE @Brickbottom Artists Association Chain Reactions Now-1/18 Muskat Studios: The First 20 1/26-3/8 @Tufts University Galleries (Tisch Gallery) Seeing Glacial Time: Climate Change in the Arctic 1/30-5/25 (Koppelman Gallery) Tanja Softic: Migrant Universe 1/21-4/27 SOUTH BOSTON @LaMontagne Group Show by Shay Kun and Brian Alfred 1/1-1/31 @Proof Gallery (The Distillery) Boston Does Boston 7 1/18-2/28 SOUTH END @Boston Sculptors Gallery Dennis Svorotonos & Liz Shephard Now-2/2 @Mills Gallery The Infinite Space of the Possible Now-2/2 Curator’s Talk 1/9, 7pm @Villa Victoria Center for the Arts Paredes en Fuego: Cacique Youth Art Show 2013 Now-1/15



ANIMAL CRACKERS (1930) @Brattle dir. Victor Heerman Containing zingers aplenty, the Marx Brothers (minus the less comedically talented Karl) hit slapstick gold in this one, ironically made during the Great Depression. To quote a great thespian, “You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hurl.”

REBUILD OF EVANGELION @Brattle, January 11







More a revamp than a retelling of the 1995/1996 anime series NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, the REBUILD OF EVANGELION series is a Mankind vs Alienkind vs Humanity epic told in four movies. At present, the first three have been released: 2007’s EVANGELION 1.0: YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE, 2009’s EVANGELION 2.0: YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE, and 2012’s EVANGELION 3.0: YOU CAN (NOT) REDO, which can all be seen at a special (nearly) all day screening at the Brattle. For veterans of the series, the biggest change is probably the animation quality. Compared to the grainy, Saturday-morning cartoon look of the original series, these films are glorious. For those who have not seen the series, think a more mature PACIFIC RIM and go buy your ticket already. - Alex Schab


The true story of a French sculptor whose affair with Rodin drove her into an insane asylum. A beautiful film about the wilting of a great talent. Juliette Binoche portrays this in the most striking way. Several screenings through 1/10.




Exhibiting the utmost audacity and artistic determination, CLOSED CURTAIN marks the second film that Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi has made since a 20-year ban from filmmaking was imposed upon him in 2010 for “propaganda against the Islamic Republic”. The film tells the story of a screenwriter trapped indoors with his illegal dog (considered unclean under Islamic law) as they hide

from the authorities with windows shuttered, in what many view as a reflection of Panahi’s own experience under house arrest and a general expression of the repression felt under the Iranian regime. While both the film’s co-director (Kambuzia Partovi) and main actress (Maryam Moqadam) had their passports revoked to prevent them from promoting it, Panahi managed to appear via Skype at the film’s screening in the Czech Republic, in direct defiance of his own ban from giving interviews. - Stefan Grabowski

date of the original CLASS OF NUKE ‘EM HIGH uMS. 45 (1981) is strict sexploitation sleaze from cult Director Abel Ferrara @Coolidge at Midnite on 1/17 & 1/18 uOn 1/24 & 1/25 HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER (1990) directed by John McNaughton screens @Coolidge at Midnite. Michael Rooker acts the creep convincingly in this stark $110,000 psychological horror uFerrera’s MS. 45 screens again, this time @Brattle on 1/24-1/26 (at Midnite on 1/24 & 1/25) uThe legendary Merian C. Cooper directs the awesome KING KONG (1933) as Fay Wray screams at the ghastly ape (first called Giant Terror Gorilla). Cooper actually seems pretty interesting to tell you the truth. Screens on 1/27 @Coolidge as part of the Science On The Screen series uArt meets gore in Claire Denis’ TROUBLE EVERY DAY (2001) w/ Vincent Gallo @Coolidge at Midnite on 1/31 & 2/1. - Dan Shea

ALIENS (1986) @Coolidge dir. James Cameron Who said sequels are always inferior? Not James Cameron, who helmed part 2 to the now classic sci-fi franchise and practically adds more to everything good in the first installment. A TOUCH OF SIN (2013) @Brattle dir. Jia Zhangke A story of the effects of economics and corruption in contemporary China. Four regular people struggle to survive and turn fantastically violent. Screens everyday through 1/6.


PSYCHOTRONIC MOVIES IN OUR ZONE January punches you straight in the damn face with a pair of midnight screenings of ALIENS (1986) on 1/3 & 1/4 @Coolidge at Midnite. Sigourney, Henrickson, Reiser, Aliens. Directed by mega-director James Cameron uHERE COMES THE DEVIL (2012) is a Mexican thriller chiller about two missing children…who return! @Brattle; the third installment of the lauded giant robot anime series, EVANGELION 3.0: YOU CAN (NOT) REDO (2012), also screens @Brattle, both on 1/10-1/12 uWRONG COPS (2013) is screening on 1/11 & 1/12 @Coolidge at Midnite and it sounds amazing. Directed by French electronic musician Quentin Dupieux, the film stars Eric Wareheim, Marilyn Manson, and Steve Little amongst others. As cops. Well at least some of them. Sounds juicy. Can’t wait uRETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH VOL. ONE (2013) is @Coolidge at Midnite on 1/11. Directed by Troma master Lloyd Kaufman, this is an up-

CAMILLE CLAUDEL 1915 (2013) @MFA dir. Bruno Dumont

MOLOCH (1999) @MFA dir. Alexander Sokurov A Russian drama about the Fuhrer and his #1 lady, Eva. Set in 1942, Hitler goes to a secluded retreat with his lover and other Nazi VIPs. One of the director’s films on humanizing men of power. Also screens on 1/16.


SECRETARY (2002) @Coolidge dir. Steven Shainberg After a young woman takes a job as secretary to a demanding lawyer, the relationship soons become sexual and sadomasochistic. Join the director and cast of the Huntington Theatre Company’s Venus in Furs for a conversatIon following the film!

HER @COOLIDGE 1/10 (2013) dir. SPIKE JONZE Joaquin Phoenix looks for love in a computer program that’s like Hal 9000 crossed with OKCupid.


FAUST (2011) @MFA dir. Alexander Sokurov What can you expect from a FAUST made by the director of the infamous RUSSIAN ARK? Pure, searing hot imagery. An enlightened man sells his soul to the devil in exchange for a woman. Also screens 1/9 to 1/12 & 1/15 to 1/19.

COMES THE DEVIL 10 HERE (2012) @Brattle dir. Adrián García Bogliano

The bad news: a couple lose their children on a hiking trip. The good news: they reappear the next morning! The worse news: they may or may not be evil. WRONG COPS (2013) @Coolidge dir. Quentin Dupieux Cops are one segment of society that are always a fair target for mocking, because, well, they’re cops. This tale of an accidental shooting does it and does it well. Also screens on 1/11. RETURN TO NUKE ‘EM HIGH VOL. 1 (2013) @Coolidge dir. Lloyd Kaufman Join gonzo godfather Lloyd Kaufman as he introduces Troma’s latest masterwork, a NUKE ‘EM HIGH so epic that it apparently couldn’t fit into one movie. Watch out for The Cretins!

15 LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (1962) @Brattle dir. David Lean

Oh-so-epic and even better than CITIZEN KANE, this film is definitely mandatory material. Plus, given the recent passing of Peter O’Toole, who plays Lawrence, what more reason do you need to watch this striking saga of deserts and guerrilla warfare?

17 MS. 45 (1981) @Coolidge dir. Abel Ferrera

A mute seamstress wreaks a roaring rampage of revenge against the piggish men of Hell’s Kitchen, with the help of the titular firearm. This grindhouse classic is getting the re-release treatment from Drafthouse Films. Also screens @Brattle 1/24-1/26.


@C OO LID GE 1/31 & 2/1 This month’s pick is an erotic horror film from acclaimed director Claire Denis. Causing a lot of shock when it screened at the 2001 Cannes Film festival, TROUBLE EVERY DAY is a fascinating experience. The film centers on Shane Brown (Vincent Gallo), a man whose insatiable appetite for sex (think HELLRAISER) leads him to a special clinic while he’s in Paris with his wife. When he meets the similarly “deranged” Coré (Béatrice Dalle), their shared penchant for incorporating violence, eating, and death into sex (a French term for orgasm translates as “little death”) unfolds as spectacle. Worth watching just for its poignant playing with gender roles. - Ari Shvartsman

KINEMA CLUB @Harvard AWA T H E OT T B E ST O F T IO N A L IN T E R N A N F IL M A N IM AT IO 2 0 13 L F E S T IVA @ IC A 1/9 s im at ed fi lm T he b es t an b y ar ti st s e ad o f 20 13 m e. er th e g lo b fr o m al l ov

Harvard’s Reischauer Institute is hosting a one-day conference on moving images from Japan! The Kinema Club, comprised of scholars and film geeks alike, pinpoints 3 years regarded as highly transitional in Japanese cinema. Dive into a day of lectures and screenings covering everything from anime to yakuza!

23 L’ENFANT (2005)

@FCC dir. Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne Les freres Dardenne have made some of the most awarded, modern European social drama films in existence. At some point, life slaps each of us out of childhood. L’ENFANT is about that moment, following a young Belgian couple grappling with the notion of consequence.


SERIAL KILLER (1986) @Coolidge dir. John McNaughton Before killing zombies on The Walking Dead, Michael Rooker was randomly murdering anyone in this disturbing, psychological profile of a man with too much time on his hands. Unrelentingly bleak – you’ll leave the theater shaken and impressed with its craftsmanship.

27 KING KONG (1933)

@Coolidge dir. Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack Before PACIFIC RIM, before even GODZILLA, this was the original monster throwdown. Unscrupulous filmmakers bring the title ape to Manhattan, but he’s got eyes for ingenue Fay Wray. Legendary effects work; the final scene is one of cinema’s great images, period.

DRIVE 28 MULHOLLAND (2001) @MFA dir. David Lynch

The MFA kicks off its “Mind-Bending Movies” series with Lynch’s twisted, neo-noir thriller following an amnesiac woman around LA as she pieces her life together after a car crash with the help of a perky Hollywood wannabe.

 DEC. NEW RELEASES  NOW - THE WOLF OF WALL STREET (2013) dir. Martin Scorsese @Coolidge 1/10 - AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY (2013) dir. John Wells @Kendall 1/10 - HER (2013) dir. Spike Jonze @Coolidge 1/17 - THE INVISIBLE WOMAN (2013) Dir. Ralph Fiennes @Coolidge LISTINGS NOTE Below is the theater abbreviation key: Brattle Theater - Brattle Harvard Film Archive - HFA Coolidge Corner Theater - Coolidge Museum of Fine Arts - MFA French Cultural Center - FCC Institute of Contemporary Art - ICA Please see our sister website for our full listings w/ showtimes and other info. FILM FLAM SEEKS VOLUNTEERS!!! If you would like to get involved with our film section or submit listings shoot us an email at


WEDNESDAY 1/1 If this first show of the year is any indication, 2014 in Boston is going to be an all out brawl of sick bands coming together from all sorts of places and styles. Tonight PILE and (NEW ENGLAND) PATRIOTS, two of the best rock bands to ever call Boston ohm play host to frantic Brian Connolly Nashville drum and guitar duo Gnarwhal, their New Orleans tour companions Woozy and Carbondale experimentalists Wei Zhongle. Plus new JP punk brats The Unicorn Fantasy and DJ EMO G kick it off and make sure it’s cooked throughout @Great Scott 8:30pm 18+ $9 uELSEWHERE IN NEW ENGLAND: MA loop troupes Warped Forest and Nashoba kick off their East Coast tour w/ alternative indie rockers Meat Grover and lo-fi Lowell cats The Lonely Machines @The Laundry Room in Lowell 8pm All Ages Donate to tha dudes on tour. THURSDAY 1/2 This fine night has a few local options for you, as well as two top notch NE events at your disposal so get that holy carpool organized before it’s too late! Full Scene Ahead presents solo psycho songwriter Gangbang Gordon (who makes some seriously out there music) and Zak Smith whose band plays out his more traditional songwriting ventures so it should be a pretty interesting pairing down @Club Bohemia 8pm 21+ $8 uMmmmaven’s live DJ dance party Make It New is @Middlesex and even though the DJs are still To Be Announced you can rest assured that it will be a stellar dance party of fun ass electronic music. That is, if that’s your thing 9pm 21+ Some undetermined cost, sometimes its $5 before 11 and $10 after uCheck out some kind of shoegaze soiree @O’Briens tonight w/Strange Mangers, Warped Forest (water sounds washing over indie folk) their more rock-based loop loving touring bros Nashoba and Meet Grover 8pm 21+ $8 uELSEWHERE IN NEW ENGLAND: Punks be flying off their handle bars @The Red Door in Portsmouth NH thanks to MA’s own Chandeliers, NH pop punks Notches and the first show of Super Dudes (NH homies from Comma and People Skills) 8pm 21+ $5 donation $3 Well Drinks uMeanwhile south of town, in sunny Providence, RI, a combination of intensely psychedelic visuals and far out underground sounds will really put you in your place. It’s Gyna Bootleg’s birthday and she will be kept company by the truly haunting pop wonder of SUICIDE MAGNETS, the dark and droning Witch Wolf, the sludge marriage of Groke, Boston’s audio/visual/drug testing jesters Language Sex Drugs Violence and the sonic tidal noise journey of MA native I.C.P.C.P. (San Fran). A freaky night of video noise performance mashups indeed @KRISTINA’S WORLD (PVD) 10pm All Ages $5 FRIDAY 1/3 This weekend is buck wild with shows so please read carefully and choose wisely. You can’t see more than one show a night can you? Or CAN you!? Students for a Free Tibet presents a fucked up awesome punk show with anarcho-punks Ancient Filth (releasing their ripping 7”) and No Sir I Won’t, Future Binds (NC), zany shitbirds Funeral Cone, Nervous Condition and Flaccid @Democracy Center 7pm ALL AGES $6 hold on to yer spikes uFor a high caliber noise show you really need to be @SBC for W Mass’ Noise Nomads, the NC based Lazy Magnet, Tether (Philly), Dungeon Broads (PVD) and I.C.P.C.P. (Oakland). Be aware, these noisers will be hurling electronics and wild beats at you along with their psychedelic sounds, don’t say we didnt warn you 9pm All Ages $5 sugg. donation uScrappy psych rock gang Underwater Bear Ballet are having Rochester NY fuzz bros Pink Elephant and JP nasty boys The Unicorn Fantasy @PA’s Lounge 8pm 21+ Some undetermined cost u Interstellar pop show going down in the most used living room (and basement) in New England: Kurt Weisman (Feathers), Ruth Garbus (Happy Birthday) and Luke Csehak (Happy Jawbone Family Band) are all incredible musical minds from the great state of Vermont. Tonight they come down to JP to join Free Pizza and Dylan Ewen for the mini bb tour kickoff @Alaska Shrimp - oh holy night to remember <3 9pm All Ages $5 suggested donation uOver in Allstonia there’s a benefit for Lianne Segar which should be quite successful considering they’ve got Mean Creak, Earthquake Party! and The Fagettes on deck @Great Scott 9:30pm 21+ $10 uAnd right down the road angst and rock and roll collide @O’Briens thanks to Idiot Genes, Zip Tie Handcuffs and Middleboro grunge-meisters Black Beach 8pm 21+ $8 uELSEWHERE IN NEW ENGLAND: Nothing is Worcester then being left out of the know so we’re here to tell you about some Central Mass sassafras going down TONIGHT - Secret Lover is kicking off a US tour and they’ve got Fat Creeps, The Final Frontiers and Gnards coming out to make it special @Hotel Vernon 9pm All Ages Donate uIf you’re just looking to get out of town for a night (we all feel it sometimes) you will find an equally killer show in equi distance from Boston @Kristina’s World w/ NYC punk wave wildfire Cellular Chaos, Post Wreckage (new line-up debut), Providence sludge punks In Heat, our very own spazzoids Designer and bone crunching RI scene pillars Finished! Early Show - 9pm All Ages $5


Doritos and dark surfy garage psych from Newburyport thanks to The Televibes. Fuckin’ rad option as well 9pm 21+ $5 uAbove average synthy pop duo Mahogany and Autodrone are @Great Scott. haven’t seen either of them live yet, see you there? $8 9pm 18+ uELSEWHERE IN NEW ENGLAND: Free Pizza, Dylan Ewen and some W Mass shrimps who can keep up with positive vibes will be letting loose @Feeding Tube Records in Northampton, MA, a holy holy spot 9:30pm All Ages Donate TUESDAY 1/7 The Whitehaus Family Record Monthly Residency continues @Midway Cafe but the performers are To Be Announced.. see what they’ve got under their sleeves tonight 9pm 21+ $ome Cost uFor that bangin pulse of house and techno get your SVVIM on @Middlesex 9pm 21+ Free uThe Murdock Manor Presents uplifting alternative/folk/ gospel songwriter Anjimile releasing her second EP and performing tonight with w/ Ryan Garvey. Plus Sarah Berns and Nothing,Nowhere @Phoenix Landing. Get some feel good alternative rootsy vibes in your life. This show is 18+! Starts at 10pm and costs $5 uThomas Nola & The Black Hole are a disturbing loungy new wave band from Salem and they’ll be playing with fucked up power violence crew xDOLPHINRAPECAVEx. If this show’s got one thing it’s shock value. @Great Scott 9pm 18+ $7 uELSEWHERE IN NEW ENGLAND: Foam Castles from Portland continue their pretty pop rock romp around New England @ The Red Door in Portsmouth, NH tonight w/ Blinders and Jimmy Farquhar 8pm 21+ $ome Cost WEDNESDAY 1/8 Experimental folk duo Hyena are from Maine originally. They’re now based out of Boston but they’re still our main freaks with a flair for the dramatic. They be bringing down fellow dark folky Mainers Butcher Boy along with at least one more TBA. Get in touch with a part of yourself that usually goes ignored, this woozy shit is good for that @JP Drizzle 8pm ALL AGES $5-10 Sliding Scale Donation uHeavy All Ages hardcore show tonight with Fucking Invincible (RI), Lords of Death (NYC), Mad Diesel (NYC) and Rash Tongue @Roggie’s then go to the Model after to hear Steve Quicksilver DJ punk records all night granitestategabe AT gmail for more info 7-10:30pm ALL AGES $7-10 Suggested Donation uPlus pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS night is going down with top pop crop keepers BENT SHAPES @Middlesex 9pm 21+ $3 THURSDAY 1/9 KILLER Boston comic artists who speak to/for our particular slice of subculture are releasing their respective second issues this night! Life is Posers and Nothing Mattress (both found on this and every issue of the Boston Compass) will be hosting a FREE event this evening where you may come and watch as internet JPEGs come to life, pick up some comics (support these dudes) drink a few beers and watch a live interview/Q&A session hosted by Ancient Alien’s Chris Pittman! All going down at the lovely @Lorem Ipsum Bookstore in Inman 8pm All Ages and FREE! uHeavy hard-rock and metal will be bursting at the seams @O’Brien’s tonight thanks to The Proselyte, Jar’d Loose, Rozamov and Raw Blow 8pm 21+ $8 uOver in Cambridge Dreamt, Squanto and one more TBA @Lilypad 9pm ALL AGES $8 uFor a mix of eclectic upbeat jams check in @Great Scott for Streight Angular, Friendly People, Summer of Aden and Frank & Dependant 9pm 18+ $8 uConverse continues their FREE Rubber Tracks series show w/ Joey Bada$$ @Sinclair 8pm 18+ Free w/ RSVP uELSEWHERE IN NEW ENGLAND: Fiveeighthirteen are throwing down with mathy NH rockers Comma and indie rock fucks Lady Bones (Boston) @The Red Door (Portsmouth, NH) 8pm 21+ $ome Cost FRIDAY 1/10 If you’re in Union Square, you’ll find some eclectic rock with Death Waltz ‘76, brooding grrl Unstraight, upbeat power poppers The Elephants and Worchester punk groovers Rotating Strawberry Madonna @PA’s Lounge 8pm 21+ $8 uExplore the depths of psychosis with the pounding thumps and electronic drones of UWE 60D, Planning fOR Burial, My Mountain, FRKSE @SBC 10pm All Ages Donate SATURDAY 1/11 Over in Lowell, chill out with the ambient acoustic strummings of Rochester’s Squanto, along with the mellow Americana of Boston’s Harmoos, others TBA @119 Gallery (Lowell) 9pm All Ages Free u In Cambridge you can catch peppy psych rippers Ghosts of Jupiter, small town country truckers The Mallett Brothers Band and easy beat biker pop of Dead Boots @The Sinclair 8pm 18+ $10 uLet those feel good hippie folk vibes flow with ‘TRUE’ SONGS: Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli @St. John’s Coffeehouse (Arlington, MA) 7:30pm All Ages Student/Senior $12 General $15 uAnd you can always trust in Soulelujah to keep the prime funk and soul feels flowing @Middle East Upstairs 11pm $5 18+

SATURDAY 1/4 The badass show madness continues tonight with 6 viable options. The first we will recommend is our very own Boston Hassle Night! This will be nearly a year that we’ve hosted the first Saturday of the month @Lilypad in Cambridge and tonight promises to be the most bonkers edition yet. We got that NYC no wave you crave delivered by CELLULAR CHAOS, Providence shock punk rock TINSEL TEETH and the fresh noise funk of THE CHANNELS (featuring mems of Guerilla Toss, Designer and Aykroyd), plus Boston Hassle DJs spinning only the most relevant grease they can find for yer dome piece. Every first Saturday of the month is Hassle Night, get used to it. 10pm All Ages $5-10 sliding scale uIf you think some shit is just too weird or if you’re just a garage punk purist dig on Triple Thick, Hassle favorite’s White Pages, fresh blood Mata Ratas and one more TBA @O’Brien’s 9pm 21+ $10 uBy now you’ve got some decisions to make and we ain’t making it any easier.. THE MONSIEURS, the Boston king and queens of raw garage anthems, are @Great Scott with a handful of bands that belong for at least one reason - it’s called We Got The Beat: Woman Drummer Showcase. The Monsieurs will play alongside Petty Morals, Apple Betty, Post Modern Authors and Thrust Club, all propelled by powerful ladies pounding on the drum skins 9pm 21+ $11 uOver in Brighton the dudes at Eye Design are presenting Fax Holiday’s Record Release Show! Get some dark soul vibes flowing through you thanks to Fax Holiday themselves, Bunny’s A Swine (W Mass), Los FINKS and Vundabar @Roggies 8pm 18+ $6 uOr to go further into the depths of musical traditions for folk, rock and Americana get over to JP for “Fast Times At Midway High” w/ The Old Edison, Old Har, Yankee Cockfight, Cactus Attacks and Jenn Kitten @ Midway Cafe 9pm 21+ $7 uELSEWHERE IN NEW ENGLAND: Spooky synth pop group Secret Lover creep away from their native Worcester still at the beginning of their US tour and joined by Final Frontiers, Nightmom and more TBA @A Spot in Providence, RI. Ask around for info yo.

SUNDAY 1/12 A soft night of mellifluous music with the subtle harp melodies of Sophie Dickinson, haunting folk songs of Portland’s Emily Dix Thomas, orchestral pop trio Vio/ Mire and ambient tape droners Tooms @Washington Street Art Center 7pm ALL AGES $5 Donation

SUNDAY 1/5 A mixed bag of ambient, drone, rock and singer-songwriter goodness is being dragged into @Great Scott tonight and dumped on stage. See Parachuter, Banjoshi, futuristic electro-rock violinist Mei Ohara and your pure songwriter type Rachel Thomasin do their thing in rapid succession 8pm 18+ $10

WEDNESDAY 1/15 For some uplifting pop with an easy going indie rock sheen, go see locals Guillermo Sexo, Slowdim, Lindsey Starr and Confessions strut their stuff @Great Scott 8pm 18+ $8 uLet your eyes pop out and ears bleed freely with this warped experimental bender - Portland’s Teacher Mother Secret Lover combines live drums and effects into startling noise beats, while wildmen Video Nasties got that whole brit punked thing going - still waiting on confirmation from those freaks, stay tuned @Zuzu thanks to Freak Flag! 9pm 21+ $ome cost

MONDAY 1/6 Welcome to the first Monday of 2014. Yes, they will all be this stacked with killer music shows of every variety. For one thing you can always count on The Series @ Weirdo Records for a good old fashioned in-store live performance every Monday night. Tonight they have mysterious, hard-to-search-for-on-google, possibly experimental trio Long Blonde Wig 8pm ALL AGES $5 Donation *bear in mind that this is the only ALL AGES weekly happening on Mondays* uA stones throw from The Series every Monday you will find the RAD CASTLE night @ZuZu! This brand new weekly night is hosted by my bro and local playa Joe Marrett and tonight features the heavy garagey psych of Steep Leans, the hopped up pop of Foam Castles (Portland, Teenarena Records) and Somerville’s own Soft Pyramids dosing everyone with their chill pill rock. Solid show right here 10pm 21+ FREE uBut just wait! Fast Apple booking has their own thing going on every Monday in Cambridge as well! FA has taken over booking duties at the beloved Harvard Square staple known as @Charlie’s Kitchen and they have done a fiiiiinne job so far. This evening they have a glamy, garage hodge podge w/The Fagettes, rabid youths Miami

MONDAY 1/13 Debbie downers best forget their blues with so many sweet shows tonight in Boston. Over in Allston, experimental pop maestro and Dreamhaus bud Mutual Benefit shares his wondrous, floral electronic compositions, along with New York intimate bedroom blueser Frankie Cosmos (of Porches), and hometown heros and Russian Lit lovers KRILL all @Great Scott 9pm 18+ $10 uCambridge holds it down as always with the trio of Monday mainstays. Funnyman Chris Braiotta hosts his filmstrip comedy show @Weirdo Records 8pm All Ages Donate uFast Apple brings the noise with swaying skronkers Bbigpgg (NYC), deranged pop-tarts Designer and stormy rhythm riders Lair @Charlie’s 9pm 21+ $5 uRad Castle is taken over by spit punk soul crushers Ancient Filth and fuzzed out garage sneerers Future Spa @ZuZu 10pm 21+ FREE TUESDAY 1/14 Veteran purveyors of ominous noise and vicious power electronics Existent Establishment host weirdo tape ripper Shredded Nerve, feedback void groaner Deceiver, electro-acoustic trash compactor A Snake In The Garden and menacing synth screamer Vehement Caress @O’Brien’s 8pm 21+ $10 uFor something a little less raw, a little more ‘intellectual,’ but still far, far out, try this Non-Event: multisensory artiste Asha Tamarisa and avant composer Caroline Park elevate the brain @Cafe Fixe 8pm ALL AGES $5 uDown in Providence you’ll find some frenzied noise punk with (N.E.) Patriots, Sediment Club kicking off their Northeast tour Rhode Island style with local dawgs Finished @Kristina’s World 9pm All Ages Donate

THURSDAY 1/16 Inclined to the smart and personal kind of rock and roll? Columbus’ Saintseneca bring a spirit you can bop to, LVL UP rock your bedroom like true powerchord fiends, Ovlov keep it grounded and female fronted Fleabite blow out your speakers like true grunge grippers @Great Scott 9pm 18+ $9 uGet up and go with power pop meanbeatters Earthquake Party!, NYC shoegaze flower mopers Infinity Girl, Chicago fuzzball holy rollers Thunders and Allston’s Chandeliers @Middle East (Upstairs) 8pm 18+ $9 uGet spaced out and all sorts of psychedelic with Erotic City, Raw Blow and Teacher Mother Secret Lover @The Red Door (Portsmouth, NH) 8pm 21+ $ome Cost uOr if you got tickets (or you’re not afraid of scalpers) alternative rock godfathers Neutral Milk Hotel return to form with Elf Power @Orpheum Theatre 8pm All Ages SOLD OUT

FRIDAY 1/17 Jump into some cozy electronic goodness @SBC in Lower Allston tonight with Dreamhaus alum Little Spoon, spreading his bedroom pop thumpers, dark synth seamstress Via App, soulful loopers Couples Counseling, Huff Daddy and Lord Nathaniel 8pm ALL AGES Donate uPlus We are Oceans, bloodpheasant, Goddard and Harris Hawk are @O’Brien’s 9pm 21+ $8 uAnd again, if you got the tickets or know a good scalper, take this rare opportunity to see Neutral Milk Hotel while they are in Boston and find the key to understanding the last two decades of ‘alternative rock.’ With Elf Power @Orpheum Theatre 8pm All Ages SOLD OUT SATURDAY 1/18 Rediscover the stillness deep within your soul with the experimental electronics of Patrick Emm, Good Area, The Greys and one more TBA @SBC 8pm ALL AGES Donate uAcross the Charles, Park Slug puts on a real ripper of a show with psych-skronk face melters Gondoliers, garage boppers Z*L and pub night bruisers Royal Wedding @Lilypad 9pm ALL AGES $8 uPound some cheap tall boys and jump along as Philly’s Community Service bring the sunny ska rhythms back to pop punk, with additional irresistible party punk scrounger vibes courtesy of locals Nice Guys, Idiot Genes and Vundabar @O’Brien’s 8pm 21+ $5 uIf you are swayed by ethereal, quasi-baroque singing and upbeat psych folk grooves, you’ll want to check out Cate Le Bon with breezy dream pop singer Kevin Morby and local spaced out groovers 28 Degrees Taurus, all presented by Illegaly Blind @Middle East (Upstairs) 8pm 18+ $10 uThe holy Pixies descend from storied halls of rockdom to ask us that eternal question: ‘where is my mind?’ With Texas skate punk go getters FIDLAR @Orpheum 7:30pm All Ages $ome cost SUNDAY 1/19 Our parent organization Boston Hassle always knows whats up (ok so what if we’re biased), and tonight’s no different @Deep Thoughts record store in Jamaica Plain. New York’s Man Forever mesmerize and tantalize with perpetual rock drones that slowly boil over, the burning and brooding songs of Nurse And Soldier (feat. Bobby of avant rock stalwarts Oneida), and experimental drummer extraordinaire Chris Strunk 8pm All Ages $5-10 Sliding Scale uIn Cambridge you’ll find a startling combination of raw and demonstrative rock and folk with Pat “The Bunny”, Douglas Fur, Evan Greer, Chris O’Grady and Meracula @Middle East (Upstairs) 7pm ALL AGES $8 adv/ $10 dos MONDAY 1/20 Trust in Mondays; they shall deliver unto us the most awesome of shows. On Mass Ave in Central find prolific and multi-talented Somerville musician Morgan Evans- Weiler create intimate worlds of startling sounds with his free improv approach @ Weirdo Records 8pm All Ages $5 Donation uDown the road @Zuzu Rad Castle hosts a funky soirée with highly danceable pop-leaning beats via locals Pure Sunray, Let’s Wait and Disco Yo 10pm 21+ Free uIn Harvard Sq the always excellent Fast Apple heralds the return of loony noise punk bleeders (N.E.) Patriots, disjointed no-wave lovers Sediment Club (RI), the indescribable, inconceivable Skimask and trash temple noisezoids Dog (NY) @Charlie’s Kitchen 9pm 21+ $5 uAnd in Allston, Broken Social Scene frontman Brendan Canning goes solo with White Hinterland singing stark, soaring tales of glacial love and locals Eksi Esko dripping with synth funk @Great Scott 9pm 18+ $15 TUESDAY 1/21 A magical gathering is taking place. Is it going to be music, noise, poetry? It’ll be ill for sure. Shrymprov Nyte # 2 w/ Edwin Perry, Chelsea Tadeyeske, Al Margolis, Walter Wright, Steve Norton, Phelan, Foam and Gang Clan Mafia @Whitehaus 8pm All Ages Donate uIf you’re in Cambridge you’ll be in for a night of soothing indie/folk from Bonfide Blue, brave elephant, Licious and Skinny Bones @Middle East (Upstairs) 8pm 18+ $8 uLocal Mass. favorites Speedy Ortiz are raging tonight with UK’s dance-rocking upand-comers Los Campensinos! @Paradise 9pm 18+ $20 WEDNESDAY 1/22 It’s gonna be a rock ‘n roll party tonight. Surfin’ sounds, garage rock riffs and plenty of shred. It’s the Televibes EP release, hosted by Illegally Blind and Vanyaland. With a plentiful spread of regionally ill rock bands including Atlantic Thrills (RI), Vundabar and The Guru (CT) @Middle East (Upstairs) 8pm 18+ $10 uAllston is reclaiming its Rock City title tonight. Waxahatchee is going to deliver the sad yet triumphantly uplifting anthems from their new album ‘Cerulean Salt’ , Northampton’s rad all girl group Potty Mouth are bringing the hard hitting pop punk, along with All Dogs, Cayetana @ Great Scott 9pm 18+ $12

WEDNESDAY 1/29 The Legendary Garage Punks who brought us the mother fucking jaaaam “Dirty Water” are back! Considered pioneers of Proto-Punk, The Standells will be in Cambridge with a hefty bill of local support featuring Thick Shakes, and Jittery Jack @TT the Bears 9pm 18+ $20 uYou are in for an ill treat tonight Treat Yo Self (now brought to you by Boston Hassle AND Eye Design) is hosting the record release for former Mmoss guitarist frontman Doug Tuttle (whose self titled debut record is going to blow all of our minds open by the way) with his shimmering psychedelic pop/rock and roll. Also releasing a brand new slab tonight is local looper Caustic Rainbow, soothing your mind with heady electronic soundscapes. Plus Ghost Box Orchestra and Doug Warman (of King Orchard) join the fun to make it one hell of a show @Middlesex 10pm 21+

liz Samis

THURSDAY 1/30 Jazz Contemporary songsmith Nancy Mroczek will be sharing her lyrics and shredding her thoughts on the weird world we live in while she rocks out @Club Bohemia 11pm 21+ $7 uThere is never enough dreamy powerpop and with Future Carnivores, Butterknife, The Fatal Flaw and Effzero that statement is shown to be true @Middle East (Upstairs) 8pm 18+ $10 uThe monthly gathering of all things cool, weird, different, old, and new. It’s time for our favorite: CHEAP SEATS 13 @YMCA Cambridge 7pm ALL AGES $5-10 Sliding Scale Donation uPlus a mixer of sorts featuring the acoustic beauty of Harmoos, the manic folk of Dirty Dirges, The Sour Doo Dah’s and Cape Cod OG’s The Zookeepers @O’Brien’s 9pm 21+ $7 FRIDAY 1/31 Boston’s favorite noise rock nuisance Guerilla Toss are getting sick-nasty at the DIY stadium. It’s the release show for NNA069 aka “Gay Disco”, their brand new LP out on the beloved NNA Tapes. They will be joined by the quintessential tumultuous relationship Skimask and Vermont soul deviant Ryan Power and his sultry band of electro-cuted noise artists @Cambridge Elks Lodge 9pm ALL AGES $ome Money uJust down Prospect St you will find one of the nastiest artists to ever occupy Boston - ZOARD’s art-show @Lilypad is coming to a close this evening and with it the fantastic psych pop rockers Fedavees and powerful trippy beat master Homeworld throw down to make it one hell of a send off. Details are still a little bit fuzzy as we go to print but probably 9-10pm All Ages and $ome undetermined cost, follow for the full low down! uAlso going down tonight is our locally proud/Hardly Art’s very own Gem Club getting busy with Nat Baldwin and BriAnna Olson @MFA Remis Auditorium 7pm ALL AGES $20 A PEEK INTO FEBRUARY: SATURDAY 2/1 Boston Hassle Night has The Great Valley, with their new NNA Tape release “Lizards Of Camelot” in tow and The Needy Visions, reuniting for the first time in over a year to release their 2nd album Deuce thanks to JP’s own Bufu Records! Special night of strange pop music right here @Lilypad 10pm All Ages $5-10 Sliding Scale BUY THE TAPES! uSome of the best psychedelic rock and roll New England has to offer is coming together in New Hampshire this evening Quilt, Doug Tuttle (fresh off the release of his brand new record), Creaturos and Portsmouth’s Rick Rude @The Press Room (Portsmouth, NH) TUESDAY 2/4 Middle East and Illegally Blind Present… NO BUNNY, HUSSY and more TBA @Middle East (Downstairs)

For last minute shows, additions and changes, visit & da Boston Compass FascistBook page. Whether you LIKE it or not, it’s out there. SEND SUBMISSIONS TO:

THURSDAY 1/23 Come one, come all! The Winter Warmer Comedy night will help you laugh off all the extra pounds you gained this Christmas. Catch the Ben & Eric Winter Warmer @Milky Way Lounge 9pm 21+ FREE uIt’s punk, it’s rad, it’s fun, it rocks. Etal, Nice Guys, Black Beach and Safety Tested @Club Bohemia 8pm 21+ $8 uWe see them rarely in our hometown but Boston’s favorite Sub Pop group Debo Band are laying down the Ethio-jazz grooves during the first night of their new monthly Cambridge residency @Lizard Lounge 10pm 21+ $10 uWe are wylin’ out and playing no games with the Brick Squad goon Waka Flocka, presented by Leedz Edutainment @Middle East (Downstairs) 8pm 18+ $25adv/ $28dos FRIDAY 1/24 Somber vibes, and liquid smooth pop hooks tonight with Tan Vampires, Bent Shapes and Sun Club @TT the Bear’s 8:30pm 18+ $10 u Shred-cellent riffs, gang shouts and summer feels with ONSLO, California X, Make It Up @O’Brien’s 9pm 21+ $8 uJamaica Plain Girls Night Out w/ Erin Harpe & The Delta Swingers, Looker and Sara Colb & The Sagamore James Band @Midway Cafe 9pm 21+ uThe mystical union is gathering again for all things ill. Come see, hear and feel the noise set to some dreamy visuals where the Beehive Mystic Social Presents: Solid State Entity, Huff Daddy and Angela Sawyer w/ visuals by LSDV @SBC 9pm All Ages Donate uCatch the tidal wave of awesome that is going down at Berfest featuring Average C*ck, local heroes Pile, the dreamy pop rockers Fax Holiday, the anti-folk rebel known as Bad History Month, the uniquely intense Kal Marks and local pop punk pretty boys Flat Swamp @Middle East (Upstairs) 7pm 18+ $9 SATURDAY 1/25 Down in the DIY stadium in Cambridge we have a stacked lineup featuring some of Exploding in Sound Records’ very best. Nothing but the finest post-punk, indie-rock jams. Grass is Green, Ovlov, Krill, Palehound and Tresspasser @Elks Lodge 8pm All Ages $8 uA perfect night for drinking those PBR tallboys in Somerville. With a mix of Proto-punk and psychedelic shredding, you know rocking out is taking place. Lesser Knowns, Three Legendary Rockin’ Prophets and Tigerman, WOAH! @The Engineers’ Mansion 8pm ALL AGES $7 Suggested Donation uSomebody better call police code ‘5150’ because we are getting buck wild tonight. Leedz Edutainment is bringing us West Coast Hip-Hop’s finest with Dom Kennedy and Skeme @Middle East (Downstairs) 8pm 18+ $15adv/ $18dos MONDAY 1/27 What feels like a scythe of aggression and is coming to tear you to shreds with a night of ghoulish horror filled surf-rock? Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion!, So Sol and Global Thrill Music destroy your soul @ZuZu 10pm 21+ FREE uFast Apple hasn’t been letting down. You are in for a night of spastic punk rock fun with Chicago’s Jimmy Whispers and Brooklyn’s Moondudes @Charlie’s Kitchen 9pm 21+ $5 uThe Series on Mondays is always a safe bet for those with an experimental ear. Enjoy the free improv sounds of Lester Bowie Duo featuring Howard Martin and Jesse Collins @Weirdo Records 8pm ALL AGES $5 Donation TUESDAY 1/28 Has one choice show and it’s the only one you need: SCANNERS - a regular night of techno, house, and underground beats presented by Open Loop and Boston Hassle - tonight has live sets by Samantha Vacation (Meager Sunlight/Supernaturelle) from Providence & Boston’s own electronic noise charmer Via App plus DJ sets by Coralcola & DJ Won’t! A truly sick lineup of forward thinking dance music @Middlesex Lounge 9pm 21+ $5

Jessica Dunegan

Rose Parry



THE TARDY EAGLE STAFF REVIEWS 2013 A.D. 6. Read 2 books that were “far more than an entertaining read”.


3. Marketed an app that enhances a user’s personal brand by touching their tiny roids-balls. INSTEAD OF LISTENING TO THE 4. Drank my own tears from a Mondays mug.



by Chris Braiotta • Hesher dad, meet Monty Python fan. Repeat x 15,000. • The guitarist goes by the name “Buck Dharma.” Supposedly the original idea was that they’d all have science fiction nicknames, but he was the only one that followed through. In my head he didn’t realize that the others flaked until he saw the credits on the first album. “Fine. I guess I’m Buck Dharma. Thanks, guys.”

8. Rode an eagle over the roof of the NSA headquarters. 9. Killed ants with window cleaner. 10. Explored the joys of healthy breakfast grains.




7. Ate popcorn shrimp.

• A riddle: I have a headless bass and Ed Hardy sport sandals, what am I? Answer: one of the younger members of Blue Öyster Cult, such as the bass player. • The above is not strictly factual but in fiction we’re after truth not fact. His bass was perfectly headful and I couldn’t see his shoes. Might have been Sauconys. • Bald dude in a Rush shirt, sitting on the ground and moving back and forth in the fœtal position. Does that count as “headbanging”?

for standalone images: please include it in the body of your email. Give your thing a title. Tell us your name.


2. Measured my grandmother’s bone brittleness by hitting her knee with a small hammer until she made a noise.

by TD Sidell

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5. Cured the breast cancer of each & every football player.

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1. Starred in the local remake of 2001’s Carmen: A Hip-Hopera.

• I bought an ice cream. It cost $3. Paid with a $5 bill. Got $6 in change. Conclusion: math is for Postal Service fans.



That’s it! 2013 kinda blew, huh? So let’s make 2014 better!

Let’s rename the months!!! THE ESSENTIALS

A table for eating on, a chair for sitting in, and a multi-purpose bed. We combine all three into the ultimate piece of space-saving furniture. Comes with a built-in clock radio.


Feels like an ottoman, works like an ottoman, but is also home to man’s best friend. Holds up to one medium-sized cage.

The months of our calendar are named after old gods / nature shit / Caesar, none of which are relevant to our lives now. Numbers seem like a good idea, but we blew it there too! The “Sept” in September means 7, and it’s the 9th month— how embarrassing is that! We will look like total turd-sucking dongfeathers to future civilizations! The Tardy Eagle wants to bring our time-periodnaming into live, stinkin’ modernity. Join us.

January: Shincracker (Abbr.: Shn.) February: Charlie Rose (Abbr.: ChaRo.) March: Miss Myriad Mimsy (Abbr.: (MMM.)


April: Chuntz (Abbr.: Chu.)

You’re tired. Too tired to reach for the switch, but it’s okay because this lamp understands. It turned itself off a long time ago. It’s not broken; you’re just that tired.

May: Percipient (Abbr.: PCP.) June: Shorts (Abbr.: Legz.) July: Beer (Abbr.: Beer.)


August: Kanye (Abbr.: Ye.)

We have no idea what this does, but maybe you do. There’s only one left!!

September: Proficiencies (Abbr.: None.) October: Beer II (Abbr.: Beer2.)


November: Walmart (Abbr.: :0~~~. )

A stuffed, life-sized manatee you can sit on. Nothing less!


December: Proximity (Abbr.: PXY.)



TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN LOVE (VOL. 2) by Jessica Campbell “Ken Ken—you up there?” His wife’s shrill searching crept up the stairwell, under the sliver of space between the floor and the bottom of the false semen-coated wall, up into his silvery Brillo pad of hair, to his outer ear hair, in to his inner ear hair and finally, shivering down his spine. While he would once have felt his wife-induced spine shivering electric charge continue along his taint and into his generous erogenous zones (as he called them, his erogenerous zones), he now felt it divert away from his cock to his coccyx, where it promptly exited his body into an invisible tail of fear. Without even realizing it, he held his breath, inflating his chest into a buoy that might float him away from this dammed reservoir of sexual restrictions he had inadvertently beavered for himself. Why could not her voice emulate the dulcet tones of his own? He thought back to his favourite (ed. note: author is Canadian) song, “The Gambler”, and reminded himself of his own advice. Certainly, he had known when to hold her, and when to fold her (sexually), but had he, in fact, known when to walk away? When to run? He turned towards the tiny window in his miniature phone sex booth and briefly thought of hurling himself through it, then considered that he would likely be discovered by his much loathed neighbours (ed. note: author is still Canadian), sprawled out on the lawn in nothing but his crotchless leather underlovelies, and thought better of it. Wouldn’t Willie Nelson just LOVE that, the pervert. The pigtailed tax-evader had been eyeing up the sensual Santa, as Kenny was affectionately known around the neighbourhood (ed. note: God bless America), since he had moved in several years ago. “Ken-Ken, you in the walls again? I’ve rotisseried you up some Kenny Rogers Roasters brand Malaysian chicken, just the way you like it.” Kenny Rogers felt the shiver resurge through his out-hair, in-hair, spine and coccyx, as he was reminded simultaneously that:

In case you forgot, TD Sidell moved to NEW YORK CITY, and therefore has seen many celebrities. He figured that you guys were sick of trading stories about seeing Gary Cherone busking or Tom Ashbrook lifting weights or whatever and that he would ENRICH YOUR LIVES with some tales of all the amazing celebs he got to see with his own eyes RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE. This list should appear monthly or until all celebrities leave New York.


Independent Curators International Benefit Auction, SOHO I’m a pretty lucky dude; my better half gets invited to fancy stuff and occasionally, I get to tag along. This was an art auction that she was in, and, boy, these seem like terrible things for artists to sit through. Their name and work get put up on a giant screen and they have to watch as it is bid on (or in some cases not bid on) alongside other people’s work. Watching as people gave my friends/colleagues more money than me would just burn me up (but of course I’m a selfish person who can barely stand when anyone other than me attains success (j/k! (well only kind of j/k))). Anyway, this is the dude that did that Piss Christ thing forever ago that people got all in up in arms about and he looks kind of like David Lynch. Since all of that hullabaloo, he’s done multiple covers for late-career Metallica records so maybe Jesse Helms was right about this guy.


Independent Curators International Benefit Auction, SOHO This lady was there too—you know her from sitting in a chair or that link about her and a dude meeting on the Great Wall of China that your friends who like to think that they are into art posted on Facebook. At one point during the evening, a bunch of us were outside and we saw her lurking by a glass door and we all had big hahas about how she was debuting a new performance called Lurking by the Door. Our laughter died down as we all silently realized Jay-Z wasn’t asking us to be in his videos anytime soon.


Independent Curators International Benefit Auction, SOHO I didn’t get close enough to Sofia Coppola to tell her that The Bling Ring would have been better if John Waters directed it.

1) his wife knew he was in the walls somehow; 2) all of his delicious chicken chains in the United States had closed and now were relegated to countries like Malaysia, whose specific roasting styles he’d been forced to become accustomed to. Just as these thoughts bounced around in his surgically altered head, he happened to look at the phone. Its red light was aglow; someone needed him.

CLYDE’S is located - eh - just follow the scent of molded dreams and old bandaids - you’ll find it.

SELF-INVENTORY CROSSWORD If you can’t find the answers, maybe you need to find yourself. by Katie McCarthy and beautiful YOU

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Q: It feels like every year I make the same resolutions and abandon them by February. What can I do to really make it stick this year? Keira: Maybe this is the year of exploratory missions. Start planning that trip you forgot to take last year. Find out what jeggings are and if they are something you want in your life. Read something you pretended to read in high school. Look, maybe you’ll quit smoking on a Thursday in March. Maybe not. But feeling bad about resolutions will only keep you from succeeding. Ryan: Make a resolution to break your resolution. That way, when you do, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment to help you realize that whatever your resolution was is kind of stupid. Most resolutions have to do with going to the gym or quitting cigarettes, and if you do either of those things you’d be a lot less fun to be around anyway. Q: Is seasonal depression a real thing? Because I totally think I have it.


ACROSS 5 What’s up with our love life 7 Thing we have hated forever that we will try to hate less in 2014 9 The thing about our best friend, Abbr. 10 Is it too much effort to groom today 12 Possible omen for the way 2014 will turn out 13 General life lesson gleaned from today, Abbr.

DOWN 1 What are we not going to do so much this year 2 What are we going to do more of this year 3 What is stuck in our head right now 4 A thing we have been putting off cleaning 6 What is stuck in our hair and/or beard right now 8 Motto for 2014, Abbr. 11 How are we today, really?

Keira: Very real. And you are not alone. I got one of those happy lamps last year and it’s actually pretty great. I also try to get out of town for at least one long weekend, preferably somewhere with a hot tub or a fireplace. I can’t finish answering this question without sounding like a magazine for ladies (seriously, I was about to say “get a massage!”). Just don’t forget to take care of yourself, ok? Ryan: Yes, it is. Kill it by choosing a stranger at random and imagine falling deeply in love with them and never wronging them once. It can be the beautiful long-legged lady on the T or the small ball of an old man with glasses waiting for the bus. Key is they gotta be riding, or about to ride, public transportation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Need an answer to something? Ask Keira and Ryan:


Cold Mission Keysounds (2013) ILogos comes out of nowhere with an insane long player for Keysounds. This is some of the most inspiring, future­looking techno manipulation we’ve heard since Jam City blew ears up with the still jarring Classical Curves. And really, Curves, is just about the only foil that comes to mind when toying around with Cold Mission conceptually. The isolated, perfectly sculpted sounds take me back to the JG Ballard­tinged streets of sex and magic that Jam City toured me through so long ago. But still, something tastes different... It could be that Logos opts for the more overtly psychedelic at every point that Jam City would choose restrained, blunt sonic objects. This allows for engagement at a different level. Logos wraps listeners up into a meditative headspace at points, like the blissful “E3 Night Flight” or the creepy “Swarming,” which features labelmate Rabit. Cold Mission really holds its own when it operates both inside and outside of Eski Grime and ‘Step cliches. This occurs during an awe­inspiring triple­header right in the middle of the disc. “Sea Wolf” and “Alien Shapes” replace the generic guts of UK electronic movements with space, allowing object fetish comparable to Oneohtrix Point Never. “Menace” furthers the method more successfully, operating on a level that is sinisterly approachable, like a surgical, club­aware distant cousin to the Modern Love crew. Logos’ sound is their own, though – can’t wait to see where it goes next. ­ - Matty McBride

Sophie Dickinson

Tarps Whitehaus Family Record (2013) Sophie Dickinson played one of the first house shows I ever attended in Boston – I sat on a stranger’s living room floor, transfixed, as she improvised over incidental tape hiss. She evoked another world, one of fluid structures and disparate recollections. The songs ended with a tape punch, sometimes in the middle of snowy snippets of conversation, only to begin again from the same spot or in the midst of another tape’s progression. This juxtaposition of time and musical time really struck me. Dickinson’s new record on Whitehaus Family Record preserves this organic experience. Whispers, reel hum, and domestic sounds thread together in odd phasing. Musical allusions leap from song to song: the palm­spanned Satie sway in “North End Bridge”; the hollow British Isle balladry (and even clavichord arpeggiations) in “Oh Ba / O’er Yon Hill”; the muted clusters and hints of pentatonic guzheng in “Soapy Dish in Sink.” The overall effect is one of subconscious multiplicity: the ear negotiates concurrent flows of perceptions that align and conflict serendipitously, assembling a “whole” or drifting between differences (like a “choose your own adventure” read straight through). The cyclical return of found sounds, the sparse appearances of the voice, and the warm resonance of the harp bend around each other in the immediate memory. And then everything is suddenly snapped off. ­- Patrick Moore

The Ding Dongs

Rang Tang Ding Dong Norton Records (2013) Mark Sultan, our man BBQ (we last had him up @ Hassle Fest 2), has been involved with a massively disproportionate amount of modern rock & roll/ late R&B/ early soul and country rockin’ classics. His solo records, and his collaborations with King Khan, and Bloodshot Bill as THE DING DONGS, are rife with crustily­ fi’d riffs on the sweet spot in American music where white and black music collided and initially fused together. Just as King Khan does in their band together, BLOODSHOT BILL seems to be able to perfectly meld with BBQ, each roughing out the other’s edges. Further proof of that has just showed up in the form of RANG TANG DING DONG, the band’s second LP for NORTON RECORDS. It’s named for a great and obscure strange doo wop rocker by THE CELLOS (though that song’s exact title is: “Rang Tang Ding Dong (I Am The Japanese Sandman”)). “Stammer and Sin” is the sunny pop shaker of my dreams. Whistling, jangling chords, and a dark melodic turn here and there. “Motorcycle Girl” adds some twang to the mid­tempo rockin’ that is just non­stop throughout this record. The melody just melts right over this grimey, scuzzy groove. Overall what you have here is 16 songs, many of them of the variety that will get stuck deeply within your skull after a few listens. Prepare to have a new favorite record if this kind of music appeals to you at all. Damn. Even though it would ruin his other band’s name, we might just have to start calling Mark Sultan KING BBQ. ­ - Dan Shea

Gelatin Kids

Don’t Be A Victim Lillerne Tapes (2013) In September, Gabe Holcombe re­released his Don’t Be A Victim tape under his Gelatin Kids moniker through his own label Lillerne Tapes. The recordings reflect shoegaze as a temperament more so than an aesthetic. The lyric “don’t be a victim,” is a sentiment suited for the heartsick­showgoers­of­yore for whom the genre tag was first penned. The six songs on the tape maintain a persistent wistful character, through which the titular phrase changes shape from the dialogue of a heartbreak to a therapeutic mantra. Holcombe lives by his own words as evidenced by his work in three different projects and tape label; a full­time crusader for DIY. In terms of guitar aesthetics, Holcombe brings his own perspective to the ambient guitar discussion. His distinctive tone is the sound of four­track gain cranked up to where static sizzles warmly on top of each strum like acid rain. There are a handful of moments where Holcombe allows the textures of the recording process to bleed in or between songs. This simple and thrifty sonic logic reinforces the sincerity of his message. It’s a life­affirming tape that anyone interested in lo­fi or struggling with solipsism needs to hear. Stay tuned for his other dream­pop project Vehicle Blues’ upcoming tape release on Pretty All Right Records. ­ Maxwell Parrot


Live In San Fransisco Castle Face (2013) If you were one of the lucky attendees at Fuzz’s live show at Great Scott a few months back, you can vouch for how uniquely awesome this band is. Somewhere, among the crossroads of stoner metal, psychedelic rock, and garage punk, you’ll find Fuzz, who are, in the best possible way, simply monstrous. Fuzz is one of the many projects of Ty Segall, garage rock’s most prolific son– and if you never knew that Ty is an INCREDIBLE drummer, well, just take a listen to this album, and you’ll understand. Charlie Moonheart (Ty Segall Band) on guitar and Roland Cosio (Epsilons, Charlie and the Moonhearts) on bass round out this very talented trio from San Francisco. Live in San Francisco was recorded at an intimate gig this summer on Ty’s birthday. And while Fuzz’s studio recordings are unquestionably great, the band’s dexterity and raw power really gets a chance to shine on this live disc. If you haven’t heard Fuzz yet, those of you who enjoy Ty’s heavier work—I’m thinking specifically of Ty Segall Band’s 2012 album Slaughterhouse—will absolutely dig this band and this album. Preview all the tracks on YouTube before grabbing a copy for yourself (and maybe a friend– this would make a pretty sick, if belated, holiday gift) from Castle Face. ­- Sarah Moylan

New Highway Hymnal Reverb Room Vanya Records (2013)

The psychedelic hellhounds of The New Highway Hymnal just dropped a new EP on the megalithic Vanya Records – and boy, does this thing bark. For the most part, Reverb Room shows NHH working with well­honed, familiar tools: Amy’s mesmerizing bass riffs are spunky, simplistic, and utterly groovy; Travis’ drumbeats get their power from sparseness and precisely placed gaps in sound, rather than from obnoxious, overbearing fills; Hadden’s surf­and­sand­saturated tones are as sharp as his trademark screeches, and his circular lyrics rope you into the band’s already inescapable revolutions. But what makes Reverb Room such a great release – what’s really exciting for me – is to hear all the new, unfamiliar aspects of this band’s sound coming to fruition. Case in point: those blooming male/female vocal harmonies on the explosive chorus of “By The Pool” – I don’t think there have ever been vocal harmonies on a NHH album, and even if there were, they’ve never been this powerful, this interesting. “Isolation” shows the band becoming more patient, more comfortable with those rad plateaus of 60s vamps that make these jams surprisingly contemplative in the midst of energy. And the band’s relationship with noise is more experimental than ever: the stall­and­skip feedback of “By The Pool”, the sandstorm of squeals and echoes on “Isolation”, and, of course, the psychic acid­journey that is the “Reverb Room”, are all evidence of this band’s changing sound. This album is gut­crunching, free­wheeling, and perfectly unique – be sure to scope it out on the NHH bandcamp and on Vanya Records. ­- Dean Antonio

A Brief History Of Time

Used to be something you maybe noticed once enough had passed. / Generalized units like sunrise and seasons. / Now we can measure the spacetime discrepancy between the man at the station and the man on the train. / That’s extreme but we’ve all got phones and the XX:XX is right there on top, always. / I get anxious with the 7’s, trying to round up with my mind. / Nevermind the clock towers and LED marquees, as invasive as billboards. At least we’ve got an antidote. / Show o’clock. Y’all know what time it is. Somehow we make it for the first band. / There’s beauty in the 20 minute set. Like an LP side. The difference being one experience you can repeat and one you cannot. You ever think about movies and plays? / Forget “catchy,” which is just nostalgia in emperor’s clothes. The world is round, so choose a direction. / Either: BPM. Loops and hooks sticking like velcro. Drones and ambience. Repetition is power. Lends itself more to the record. / Or: the long and winding road. Twists and turns. You’re waiting for that one part. Tension and release. Anticipation. Something you have to see ­the record merely a documentary of what it was like. / Speed metal. Slow jams. Neither settles whether you’re fighting or fucking. As long as you’re moving. As long as your heart beats. / The oldest folks yet are born every day. I still feel like a teenager.


Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA A former run-down wasteland of warehouses that was well on its way to becoming the location of a new NASA space center (really, until JFK went down) in the ‘60s, Kendall Square throughout my life has been known as a wasteland of bio-tech offices and labs. I worked here for years (things ended badly @ the Kendall Theatre) and back then there wasn’t much else to do nearby (I miss you Video Oasis). I still felt that way. The theater does its job. I love Emma’s. The Similans is amazing. A bunch of other places are OK. Were my feelings living in the past? My friend Dave flew in from someplace in Missouri to investigate with me. First stop: a new bar beneath the Friendly Toast. Suggested on the merit of its shuffleboard table, it was depressing to learn that the table was only about 6 feet long and, so, not fit for human use. Dave’s High Life, whiskey and bitters cocktail? Woof! My beer was better. The servers wee eager. The decor was blatantly fake dive bar. Addams Family pinball! Weird rating. Next stop: Meadhall, next to that hotel. A paradise for beer lovers in an impossibly spacious, high-ceilinged room of two tiers. Delicious beer of myriad brewing processes and places of origin consumed. Good hummus plate. Respect. Lastly: what has to be the closest bar to the salt and pepper bridge, Firebrand Saints. A mouthful. There wasn’t much happening when we visted, but there is word of cool DJ nights on the horizon. Burger experiments and alcohol. I didn’t eat, but there were veggie options. You could hang here. Kendall Square, it’s right there.

Dylan Ewen

Sylvie Mayer Mona Marayuma


waddup b, clearly you’ve said “Merry this” and “Merry that”, perhaps you’ve even been down to get married, it’s a holly jolly yehaw and everyone’s up in your dinner party. Boys don’t cry, yes this is true. Take a look at old family photos this month, discover who you used to be and analyze said situation: never gonna give you up.

Capricorn YOURE dinner party was OFF THE CHAIN. Your veggie patties delisted even the most devout subway vegan, all your mom talks about is you. Discover your nines coil comentary and keep it to yourself. Try out new ways of expressing New Years, for example: get all of your family around and watch eyes wide sssshhhhhhh. Michael style: a famous Capricorn. Also check out: Marilyn monsoon and tool. 1997 Phillip Seymour Hoffman is a Leo.

Ryan Douglass


Compass #48 January 2014  
Compass #48 January 2014