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Thank you for picking up Compass #46! After three years of total dedication to covering and supporting local MUSIC alone, The Compass recently expanded into FILM and ART, and we want to express how much we value your continued readership and participation in this thing--you’re a part of something special! Even as our format expands, our connection to music remains strong and unique. The shows organized by Boston Hassle and all of our independent show-booking brethren in Boston are continuing a beautiful tradition, one that is focused on helping TOURING BANDS. It’s our way of unifying, commingling, and associating our city’s culture with others’ cultures, which has a positive effect on all communities involved. It’s also just super fun getting to know fellow freaks operating out of other cities in the world.

Local DIY bookers/collectives organize and promote thoughtfully-curated concerts every night of the week, bringing choice traveling bands to town and pairing them up with killer Boston/New England bands. This persistent practice introduces our awesome music/arts scene to these visiting artists who then act naturally as cultural ambassadors - promoting the notion that Boston is worth visiting, at home and at each stop along the way. Participating at any level (whether organizing or simply attending) helps keep our culture alive. Independent organizers are doing it largely at their own expense--hoping to provide a fun, positive and potentially inspirational experience for us all to take in. Boston is truly blessed to have such a hard-working independent infrastructure. Celebrate it! -Sam Potrykus

“The Foam Doesn’t Fall Far From The Shore” Available This Month Via Hot Releases! Arkm Foam, he of Whitehaus, Peace Loving, Bang Bros and many other crucial kookie projects, is one of the most diligent, inventive musical artists MASSACHUSETTS has ever produced. The mountain of tapes, CDrs and genius performance art/concert experiences he has delivered over the years have us more than ready for Foam’s first Long Playa. It is essentially a noise/jazz record made with tapes and toys but like everything he does it’s distinctively DEEP - you just have to dig below the topsoil. Get your hands dirty and trust your dome with Arkm Foam. Search Soundcloud for a snippet - SP

Electronic music fans! Need a reason to get off Soundcloud for the night? The folks at Fourthwall are throwing a book launch party for Boston hip hop legend Joe Mansfield’s BEAT BOX: A DRUM MACHINE OBSESSION on Saturday, November 2, 7-10pm @ Fourthwall Project in Fenway. The coffee table book features 214 photos of Mansfield’s personal collection by award winning photographer GARY LAND and includes interviews from drum machine pioneers. Not only can you buy the book before it hits stores, but there will be live screen printing by ANTI-DESIGNS and exclusive giveaways from GET ON DOWN. -SN

Essential Source: Mass Ave and Beyond On WZBC. Generally, New England rock, noise, psych, punk, folk and dance music are a rare find on the radio dial. WZBC’s Mass Ave and Beyond though, has been carrying the torch for years. For the last two years, DJ Chris Collins has been the one responsible for playing the deep and relevant local cuts every Friday from 5-7pm on 90.3FM. He also reads the Chosen Shows concert report and has local favs (most recently Designer and Fat Creeps) live on air. Make it part of your routine and get caught up on the archives at! -SP

Discover Thriving Poetry Culture At The Boston Poetry Slam! For nearly 10 years now SlamMaster Simone Beaubien has been the host of this crucial cultural pillar, taking place every Wednesday @Cantab Lounge in Central Square. It’s a wonderful night of free thinkers and wordsmiths spitting thoughts at each other--and you’re invited to get into the crossfire! New folks are always welcome and we hear that their open mic is the shit, so get there at 7 if you want to sign up. Then stay for local greats, cool features from around the country and the slam itself. 8pm 18+ $3 cover. Be thankful this exists! -SP

Know About NET WORKS, Presented by New Craft Artists in Action. This killer NCAA project aims to teach people to craft hand-made basketball nets for empty hoops in their neighborhood! You’ve got to see these things, beautifying and making every court they touch totally unique. Support this! Help them raise money to print a knit & crochet workbook that will continue the flow of good vibes this inspirational initiative has started. To see examples of just how cool this project is and learn more about how it works (plus find their Kickstarter page) on THE INTERNET. Get inspired! -SP

Rad Film Lecture! Dorothy Aufiero has been on the back end of films like SESSION 9, GOOD WILL HUNTING, and THE FIGHTER. From being on production staff to actually producing a Hollywood Blockbuster, this woman knows what’s what when it comes to working the movies. On Wednesday 11/13 she’ll be sharing her expertise for FREE @ Fisher College in downtown Boston. If you’re dying to put those skills you got rigging video/sound systems in house-show basements to the test in the movie biz and don’t know how, this lecture is for you. Requires RSVP on EventBrite: – AS


BOsToN HASsLE FEST FIVE FRIDAY 11/8 @ Cambridge Elks Lodge - 55 Bishop Allen Dr.

SATURDAY 11/9 @ Cambridge Elks Lodge - 55 Bishop Allen Dr.

5:10 Nice Guys 5:30 Cottaging 5:50 Lame Drivers 6:10 Designer 6:30 Zebu! 6:50 Kal Marks 7:10 Obnox 7:35 Hunnie Bunnies

4:30 4:50 5:10 5:30 5:50 6:10 6:30 6:50 7:10


7:55 Street Gnar 8:20 Ed Schrader’s Music Beat 8:40 Keith Fullerton Whitman 9:00 Doomsday Student 9:20 Japanther 9:50 The Beets 9:40 Neptune 10:20 Lightning Bolt

Cambridge, MA 4pm-11pm / $15-$20 sliding scale / ALL AGES FREE FOOD AT DOORS Free Pizza Psychic Blood Bezoar Bad Behavior 2 Ton Bug Aykroyd Johns Doug Tuttle Fat Creeps

7:30 Grizzler 7:50 Profligate 8:10 Ben Hersey 8:30 Spacin’ 8:50 Guerilla Toss 9:10 Speedy Ortiz 9:30 Nate Young 10:00 Black Dice 10:30 Prince Rama

Hassle Fest Continues... Friday 11/8 @ Cantab Lounge 738 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA. 11pm-2am / FREE w proof of attendance of earlier part of the fest or $5 otherwise / 21+

Hassle Fest Continues... Friday 11/9 @ Western Front - 343 Western Ave Cambridge, MA. 11pm-2am / FREE w proof of attendance of earlier part of the fest or $5 otherwise

11:10 Taps 11:30 Cloud Becomes Your Hand 11:50 Crosss 12:10 Krill

11:10 The Channels 12:10 Priests 12:30 PC Worship

12:30 Monsieurs 12:50 Mutwawa 1:10 NE Pats

Cambridge, MA 4pm-11pm / $15-$20 sliding scale / ALL AGES FREE FOOD AT DOORS

12:50 Dan Friel 1:10 Skimask

The Boston Compass is produced by the Boston Hassle


OPEN STUDIOS FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC BÁLINT BOLYGÓ @Huret and Spector Gallery Now-12/15 You’ve got TWO chances to see London-based Hungarian artist Bálint Bolygó’s debut US exhibitions. Bolygó creates elaborate drawing machines and sculptures powered by natural forces - gravity, light, etc. - that explore the similarities between artistic and scientific creation. The show is a joint effort between BOSTON CYBERARTS GALLERY in Jamaica Plain and Emerson College’s HURET & SPECTOR GALLERY and is something you won’t want to miss. It’s a small and tech-heavy show, but you don’t need a physics degree to enjoy this one. -Sam Nickerson

OPEN STUDIOS is an opportunity for the public to explore the work environments of Boston artists, see what they make and even purchase art directly from the creators. Get a headstart on your holiday shopping and find some one-of-akinds for your one-of-a-kinds. Even if you’re broke, these events are FREE to attend and a great way to get inspired. You don’t need to spend money to support (and enjoy) local art...just show up. 11/1 and 11/2 @ROSLINDALE OPEN STUDIOS 11am-5pm @SOUTH BOSTON OPEN STUDIOS 12-6pm 11/9 and 11/10 @ALLSTON ARTS DISTRICT 12-6pm 11/16 and 11/17 @FENWAY STUDIOS 11am-5pm 11/23 and 11/24 @BRICKBOTTOM ARTISTS ASSOCIATION 12-6pm


VISIONS CELESTE @French Cultural Center of Boston (Back Bay) 11/2-12/2 Opening 11/9, 6:30-8:30pm Let some old French cartographers show you our astronomical Universe. Art and Science meet and marry in this exhibit of 17th and 18th century charts and maps of the stars and planetary systems. BOSTON UNIVERSITY’S Stone Gallery collab with the FRENCH CULTURAL CENTER OF BOSTON @53 Marlborough St to give us a glimpse of this rare exhibit from the Mendillo Collection. Astronomy enthusiast or not, this is worth checking out! - CEEK

SHARING BOOTH @Hyde Square Parklet 10/27 & 11/1 11am-1pm Artists FAITH JOHNSON, LUCY WATSON, COLLEEN DOWLING &ZOE E LING are putting together an interactive installation/happening @ Hyde Square Parklet on Centre St next to Blessed Sacrament Church. The artists want you to participate in a filmed conversations with each other & them. A golden frame will set the tone for significance of moment. Documentation will exist on http://loveparkletarts.tumblr. com. Bring your lunch and wisdom to share, the work is about connecting with YOU. - Nabeela Vega

Since the 1970s, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) has had the tradition of holding a sort of yard-art sale @230 Fenway. The annual event is happening 11/21 - 11/24 and boasts hundreds of works by SMFA students, faculty members, alumni, affiliated and visiting artists alike from the New England Area and beyond. This is literally one of the greatest chances to get your hands on a smorgasbord of some kick-ass work from famous, might-be-famous and shouldbe-famous-because-they’re-just-that-good artists. The sale has had a rotation of some great artists in the past, such as Nan Goldin, Cy Twombly, Ellsworth Kelly, and Rachel Perry Welty. The sale offers thousands of works, all priced by the artists, including prints, paintings, jewelry, new media, drawings and more. Needless to say, this is a great event for art collectors—which also means this is one of the year’s best opportunities to network—so if you’re an artist, you might want to come check out their opening reception celebration 11/21 from 5-8pm. Beyond the enticement of spending some dollars on well deserving artists, the sale also aims to support SMFA students financially by contributing at least 50% of the proceeds from each piece sold to the school’s financial aid program. With past tag lines like “Who will you discover?” there is something for everybody at this event. Admission is FREE, take advantage—you might find that one piece you can’t live without, or your grandmother’s holiday present. - Nabeela Vega


FIRST THOMAS YOUNG ANNEX SHOW @Lincoln Arts Project Now-TBA | Opening Reception: 11/15 6-9pm LINCOLN ARTS PROJECT, a formal gallery space & artists studios dedicated to innovation, is hosting fellow Boston space THOMAS YOUNG GALLERY’s first annex show featuring 2D works by COURTNEY LEIGH COX, ANDREA EVANS & HELLEN POPINCHALK. From minimal and ethereal drawings, high contrast and brilliant prints, these works explore ideas of nature, organic textures and the human condition in a really dynamic way. Grab the 70 bus and to check out some really great work @289 Moody St (Waltham, MA). - Nabeela Vega


3RD ANNUAL JP ROCKS & ROLLS RECORD & ART FAIR @Spontaneous Celebrations 11/10, 12-4pm Explore 2 floors of secondhand and handcrafted treasures! Spend a Saturday afternoon in Jamaica Plain with some DIYers and get some of your holiday shopping done early. For the third year in a row, table after table will be packed with local vendors slinging their Arts + Crafts, Records, Zines, Food, Clothing, Jewelry, Music and More! Hop the Orange Line to Stoney Brook, grab a coffee at Ula’s Cafe or City Feed then head around the corner to the fair @45 Danforth St. - CEEK YBOS2: YOUNG BOSTON ARTISTS 2013 @Harbor Gallery (UMass Boston) 11/15-12/13 | Opening 11/15, 5-8pm Check out this showcase of work by local art students and recent grads @UMass Boston’s long standing student-run gallery. Juried by two art professors and an editor of BIG, RED & SHINY, the show aims to support dialogue between the new faces and the established arts community. And if last year’s edition was any indication, this mixed media ripper will make a strong case for why Boston should provide more opportunities for its young artists. -Sam Nickerson

Get buzzed and check out a bunch of art for FREE! Every first Friday of the month the South End wants to show you a good time. With 15 galleries and 50 artist studios to check out, you will not be bored. Grab a free drink @450 Harrison St and just follow your eyes. The openings end early, so you can still make it to that basement show later. @Acme Fine Art—Hans Hofmann Early Drawings Now-12/7 @Boston Sculptors Gallery Laura Evans: Not Just One Thing Now-11/30 Jessica Straus: Scrap! Now-11/10 @Bromfield Gallery Adria Arch: Force Field Gallery Now-11/30 Artists: PRINTS Now-11/30 @Carroll and Sons Gallery Karl Stevens: Four Portraits Now-12/21 @Chase Young Gallery Michael Schultheis Now-11/30 @Galatea Fine Art Laurie Goddard | Joe Kitsch Nowtba @Galeria Cubana Group Show Ongoing @Gallery Kayafas N.W. Gibbons Agricultural Tintypes & Ambrotype Now-11/30 Danny Custodio: Trees Now-11/30 Ten Big Prints Now-11/30 @Gurari Collections Wendy Artin: Stone from Delphi Now-11/30 @kijidome S01E01 Now-11/8 @Kingston Gallery Gail Erwin: Arcadian Concert, Van Dyke Brown Prints Now-12/1 @Laconia Gallery Me Time Now-11/17 @Miller Yezerski Gallery Michael Oatman Now-12/21 @Samson Projects Penn Young: What I Owe Now-11/23 @Soprafina Gallery Printmakers Exhibition Now-11/30 @Steve Zevitas Gallery/OSP James Sterling Pitt: The White Peacock Sings Now-12/7 @Vessels Gallery Peter Callas: Hot Environment Now-11/3 - CEEK



FREE AND MBTA ACCESSIBLE PICKS ALLSTON @Boston University Elements, Rudiments & Principles 11/8-12/20 | Opening 11/7, 6pm (Gallery 808) Boston Printmakers North American Print Biennial Now-12/20 (CFA Concert Hall) Janine Antoni 11/14, 6:30pm @Orchard Skateshop Extension Gallery NB# presents Arto Saari Now-tba | Opening 11/9, 8-11pm @Refuge Cafe Frankie Nash Now-12/17 ARLINGTON @13Forest Gallery Good on Paper Now-11/15 Plenty 11/22-tba | Opening 11/22, 7-9pm @Artisphere Emily Francisco Interactive Art Now-1/12 BACK BAY @Arden Gallery Robert C. Jackson 11/5-30 | Reception 11/9, 4-6pm @Barbara Krakow Gallery Julian Opie Now-12/7 @Gallery 360 (Northeastern U) Sister cities: Tokyo, New York, Kyoto, & Boston 11/2-12/4 | Opening 11/14 (Section A-C)Josh Wisdumb Spivack Now-1/15 @Robert Klein Gallery Jessica Backhaus Now-11/30 CAMBRIDGE @Cambridge Arts Assoc.(Kathryn Schultz Gallery) The Irony of Movement: Three Artists 11/6-12/5 | Reception 11/8, 5:30-7:30 (University Place Gallery) A Closer Look: Five Visions 11/7-12/4 | Reception 11/15, 6-8pm @Carpenter Center (Harvard) ARTIST TALK: Catherine Lord 11/12, 12-1pm (Room B04) ARTIST TALK: Kalup Linzy 11/21, 7-8pm @Eridanos Tattoo Shop Grand Opening/Live Painting 11/9, 7-11pm @Lorem Ipsum Books 2 x 2 Reading of Poetry: Mathias Svalina, Stephania Heim, Phil Cordelli 11/9, 7pm @Maud Morgan Arts Center Parsing the Universe Now-11/28 | Reception 11/7, 6-8pm @VanDernoot Gallery (Lesley) Naoe Suzuki Now-11/27 CHARLESTOWN @Sunne Savage Gallery Abstract LandscapeNow-1/31 | Opening 11/19, 5:30-7:30pm @Zume’s Coffee House Amy Rizzico Now-11/30 DORCHESTER @HallSpace Brigid Watson: Materia Prima Now-11/30 @Howard Arts Projects Lecture Series: Sexuality and Sculpture 11/14, 7-9pm DOWNTOWN @Equal Exchange Cafe Eric Perkins Photography @LotF Gallery Group Show 11/22-Dec EAST BOSTON @KO Pies in Shipyard Live painting by Studio Fresh & Live screenprinting by AntiDesigns 11/1, 8-12pm FORT POINT @Atlantic Wharf Gallery BIG PICTURE Now-11/22 @Boston Children’s Museum Intercellular Now-12/9 FENWAY @MassART Selections Now-12/7 @SMFA Intonarumori: Christopher DeLaurenti 11/18, 12:30-2pm JAMAICA PLAIN @Arnold Arboretum Dispersal: Photographs by Anna Laurent Now-1/26 @Boston Cyberarts Gallery Bálint Bolygó Now-12/13 @Hallway Gallery Sarah Rushford Now-11/30 | Artist Talk 11/2, 7-9pm @The Space Jon Diotalevi: Additional Birds 11/11-11/15 | Opening 11/9, 7-10pm @Uforge Gallery Kristilyn Chintia Kirana: Perjalanan Hidup Now-11/10 | Closing Reception 11/7, 6-8pm KENMORE @Art Institute of Boston (Main Gallery) Imagi(ni)ng) India: Paintings and Videos by Kathryn Myers 11/1212/15 | Opening 11/18, 5-7pm @Panopticon Gallery On First Contact Now-1/14 (Emerging Artis | Featured corner) No Thoughts Magazine exhibit Now-1/14 NEWTON @Lot F Gallery Newton Dana Woulfe Now-11/30 @New Art Center (Main Gallery) The Country Between Us 11/15-12/20 | Opening 11/15, 6-8:30 (Holzwasser Gallery) Julie Gorn & Irwin Thompson 11/15-12/20 SOMERVILLE @Brickbottom Artists Association Open Studios Directory Exhibition Now-11/24 @Nave Gallery Peer-viewed Submissions 11/2-11/23 | Opening 11/2, 6-8pm @Tufts University Galleries (Tisch Gallery) Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons: My Mother Told Me Now-12/8 (Koppelman Gallery) Cuban Virtualities: New Media Art from the Island Now-12/8 SOUTH BOSTON @LaMontagne Andrew Mowbray Now-11/30 Aaron Williams: Construction Now-11/2 @Proof Gallery All Our Tomorrows and Yesterdays 11/9-12/14 | Opening 11/9, 6-8pm SOUTH END @Kijidome S01E01 Now-11/8 @Mills Gallery (BCA) About, With & For Now-12/1 1860’s Paper Canoe Building with Mare Liberum 11/16, 10am-1pm

see more on the calendar @




1 TLE 11/ T A R B @

Not quite ready to exorcise the Halloween spirit? The Brattle dives into November with a tribute to Mexico’s reigning maestro of twisted fantasy, Guillermo del Toro. Celebrating his recently released book Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities: My Notebooks, Collections, and Other Obsessions (Harper Design), the series kicks off Friday 11/1 with his blood-soaked first feature CRONOS (1993), a vampire horror film, followed by his mutant-insect infested sophomore thriller MIMIC (1997). Saturday 11/2 pairs art-house hits THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE (2001) and PAN’S LABYRINTH (2006) for a phantasmic double feature chock full of ghosts, faeries, and sadistic Falangists. The series concludes with with the steampunk splendor of HELLBOY (2004) and HELLBOY 2 (2008) (both 11/3) and his monsters vs. robots mash-up PACIFIC RIM (2013) (11/4). - Sydney Kinchen


It’s 1997 as 1981 imagined it, and Manhattan is a maximum security prison. Kurt Russell stars as soldier-turned-criminal Snake Plissken, who has 24 hours to rescue the President from terrorists in this gritty, dystopic romp.


“I wanted to make a film based on a novel that I couldn’t read, since it was written in a language that I don’t understand, and there’s no translation. Strange idea, you might say.” So it is, and so Nicolas Rey’s DIFFERENTLY, MOLUSSIA (2012) stands as one of the most beguiling narrative experiments in recent memory. The novel in question is Günther Anders’ The Molussian Catacomb, a hybridized narrative combining allegory and theoretical dialogues in its prescient musings on the nature of state power. Rey’s lin-

gering images of the post-industrial landscapes surrounding Paris open a visual correspondence with the text. Perhaps most radically, Rey approaches the narrative as a kind of slide puzzle, with nine chapters/reels randomly arranged for each screening (with 362,880 possible combinations, the film is close to inexhaustible). For Rey, who helps run an artisanal film laboratory in Paris, the hand-processed images represent an underlying commitment to the unique properties of cinema—not only its tactile pleasures, but its possibilities as a medium for philosophical inquiry. DIFFERENTLY, MOLUSSIA (2012) screens along with two of Rey’s earlier 16mm features during his visit to the HFA. - Max Goldberg


grisly Israeli thriller BIG BAD WOLVES does Midnite honors @Coolidge on 11/9. u A few days later on 11/14 Arnold does it again! But this time it’s not bad guys he has to deal’s children! KINDERGARTEN COP is @VideoUnderground. u One of the most magical and mysterious of films is Robin Hardy’s THE WICKER MAN. Experience this “Final Cut” version of the film, the results of a worldwide search for a complete 35mm print of the film that concluded somewhere deep within the Harvard Film Archive! Experience Hardy’s intended version of his strange film on 11/15 & 11/16 @Coolidge at Midnite. u Schlock craftsman William Lustig’s MANIAC COP 2 is one of those horror movies that gives sequels a good name. With a script by Psychotronic hero Larry Cohen, this is a wholly ridiculous and over-the-top piece of (the best kind of) crap @Coolidge 11/22 & 11/23 at Midnite. - Dan Shea


14 THE SOVIETS PLUS ELECTRICITY @HFA (2001) dir Nicholas Rey

Filmed on Super-8 and blown up to 16mm, watch a trek by train from Paris to the coast of Siberia. Shots of empty landscapes haunted by traces of humanity galore.


LEVEL FIVE @HFA (1997) dir Chris Marker A computer programmer seeks to experience the Battle of Okinawa through a sophisticated computer network in this surreal, cyberpunk video essay.

@C OO LID GE 11/1 2

THE ROOM @Coolidge (2003) dir Tommy Wiseau A director/actor as strange as this movie is terrible makes this a must-see. YOU ARE TEARING ME APART, LISA!


BIG BAD WOLVES @Coolidge (2013) dir Aharon Kesheles and Navot Papushado In what Tarantino dubbed the best film of the year, this Israeli revenge thriller send a rogue cop and the father of a murder victim on the hunt for the main suspect in a series of recent child slayings.

@ M FA



11/10 a t 2 PM

@Coolidge (1973) dir Robin Hardy

Pagan rites and ‘60s counter-culture abound in this occult detective story deemed by Christopher Lee his best performance. Abridged by its UK distributors, The Wicker Man’s long-lost 92-minute cut is now available in this 40th-anniversary digital restoration.


THE PRINCESS BRIDE @BPL (1987) dir Rob Reiner Revenge-crazed Spaniards, masked pirates and Rodents of Unusual Size, oh my! It’s THE PRINCESS BRIDE, and tonight it’s FREE.

NETWORK @HFA (1976) dir Sidney Lumet Socially conscient and truly ahead of its time, Network is a classic from the 1970s that looks at the media, corporate greed and how one man who’s “mad as hell” is manipulated by both parties. Did I mention the screening’s completely free to the public too?



RIVERDOGS @HFA (1978) dir Robb Moss This documentary follows post-collegiate river guides on a 35-day trip down the Colorado. True to its baby-boomer origins, the film portrays a shaky utopia through languid editing, gorgeous scenery, and oft-naked subjects. Screens with NETWORK.

MA NIAC CO P 2 The adage “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is alive (undead) in the second installment of the MANIAC COP franchise. After decoding Davy Jones’ locker combo, hulking ex-NYPD supercop Matthew Cordell (Robert Z’dar) resumes his Voorheesian warpath within NYC to punish the cops, judges, and inmates that framed and left him for dead. This time he partners with a sycophantic serial killer (and Manson lookalike). Without the whodunit suspense and thematic probing of police brutality/social unrest in its prequel, the film goes straight for the jugular, blending spectacular stunts, car chases, and hilarious deaths. Features a Danny Trejo cameo and one of the best end credit rap anthems ever. Cult auteur Bill Lustig will appear in person at the screening! If you happen to believe that A.C.A.B., wait’ll you get a load of MANIAC COP 2! -Greg Abrams

SHOLAY @ArtsEmerson (1975) dir Ramesh Sippy

RUN LOLA RUN @Coolidge (1998) dir Tom Tykwer In this German film, Lola has 20 minutes to bring a whole bunch of money to her boyfriend, who owes it to some bad dudes. However, in a video game twist, she gets to try again after each failed attempt.

In this Bollywood classic, an aging ex-cop enlists two outlaws as his hired hands to capture the ruthless bandit who killed his family and terrorizes their village.

PSYCHOTRONIC MOVIES IN OUR ZONE Halloween is over, and so goes the Psychotronic season, right? Wrong. BIRTH OF THE LIVING DEAD opens its theatrical run over @Coolidge on 11/1 and I couldn’t be more excited to get the whole back story on one of the greatest independent films and one of the greatest horror films of all time, Romero’s original zombie flick game changer, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. u ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK is a Carpenter/Russell gem and film’s first encounter with that one eyed anti-hero, Snake Plissken @Coolidge on 11/1 & 11/2 at Midnite. u Also on 11/2 @Brattle they screen del Toro’s nightmarish PAN’S LABYRINTH, an instant classic full of dreams and incredible monsters. u Director John McTiernan made some great films in the 80s, and PREDATOR is absolutely one of them. It just can’t get better than Arnold, the Body, Carl Weathers, and that badass giant Indian guy battling it out with aliens in the jungle. That’s @VideoUnderground on 11/7. u The

PAN’S LABYRINTH @Brattle (2006) dir Guillermo del Toro


In fascist Franco-era Spain, a young girl, escapes from the perilous life wrought by her sadistic militant step-father into an eerie fantasy world.


ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK @Coolidge (1981) dir John Carpenter




/15 DGE 11

NO @HFA (2012) dir Pablo Larraín Politics and advertising are examined in this smart drama set during the 1988 Chilean election. Director Pablo Larrain will appear.


TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY @VU (1991) dir James Cameron True to his promise, the Terminator is back! Future revolutionary John Connor reprogrammed the machine to save his past self and mother from a robotic assassin that takes human form.

25 INLAND EMPIRE @HFA (2006) dir David Lynch

As an actress becomes too engrossed in her role, her personality begins to split and her world turns into a nightmare in David Lynch’s LA trilogy finale.


@HFA (1961) dir Robert Rossen

Black-and-white pool-shark flick is the quintessential American sports tale. Desperate to beat champ “Minnesota” Fats, Paul Newman’s “Fast” Eddie must instead learn artful surrender. Cool trick shots and noir atmosphere abound in this searing depiction of winners and losers.

pNOVEMBER FIRST RUNp NEW RELEASES NOW—BIRTH OF THE LIVING DEAD dir Rob Kuhns @Coolidge NOW—KILL YOUR DARLINGS dir John Krokidas @Kendall 11/8—CAPITAL dir Costa-Gavras @Kendall 11/15—THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN dir Felix Van Groeningen @Kendall 11/27—PHILOMENA dir Stephen Frears @Coolidge 11/27—NEBRASKA dir Alexander Payne @Coolidge LISTINGS NOTE Below is the theater abbreviation key: Brattle Theater - Brattle Harvard Film Archive - HFA Coolidge Corner Theater - Coolidge Museum of Fine Arts - MFA Somerville Theater - Somerville Video Underground - VU Due to space limitations we can’t give you those sweet showtimes. Please see our sister website for our full listings w/ showtimes and other info. FILM FLAM SEEKS VOLUNTEERS!!! If you would like to get involved with our film section or submit listings please send an email with COMPASS FILM as the subject to


Brian Connelly

Friday 11/1 Non Event and WZBC Present a high caliber experimental music show with Brooklyn based artist BEN VIDA doing a piece called Damaged Particulates for fixed and live electronics and the Ashley Paul Quartet expanding minds with more traditional instrumentation @Goethe Institute Boston 8pm ALL AGES $15 general / $12 students  For a slightly more relaxed avant-garde outpouring check out Hypothesize, Improvise, & Otherwise #3 featuring Joe Burgio and Paul Kafka-Gibbons dance duo, Ricochet (Steve Norton & Noell Dorsey whiling out with reeds and voices), a trombone duo, poetry and violin and some fun guests @Nave Gallery 8pm ALL AGES $10  Meanwhile over in JP, powerful and hypnotic electronic music will be dished out by Solid State Entity along with 3M2k, Of The Sun, Molt Corps and AWNG who all seem a little mysterious to us but will surely bring the good vibes @Aspot in JP 8pm All Ages Donate  Skalloween 3 has A Guy Named Guy, Poor Jeremy, Short Handed Goal, Llllllllama Tsunami and The Rolling Coasters @Roggies 8pm 18+ $5 or $1 in Costume  Or if you are looking to dance hard in da club maybe your best bet is the Sweet Shop: Dio de les Muertos (house and techno, mexican style) w/DJ Claptone from Berlin @GoodLife 9pm 21+ $10 booze awarded to best skeletal themed outfit Saturday 11/2 Boston Hassle Night is the first Saturday of the month @ Lilypad in Cambridge. #9 has underground party starters Juiceboxxx (WI), Extreme Animals (NYC) and Secret Lover (Worcester) throwing an assortment of rad noise and pop into a blender for you to chug down and live up with your homies 10pm ALL AGES $5-10 Sliding Scale  Similarly, a group of awesome people bringing a unified vibe to fruition will be creating a totally sick experience @The Other Ill Spot in JP. This time it’s Ancient Filth, (New England) Patriots, The Dreebs (nyc), Oozing Wound (Chicago) and Bbigpigg (nyc) - the vibe being gnarly punk not pushing but more like burning the envelop altogether 8:30pm ALL AGES $5-10 Sliding Scale Donation  Elsewhere in JP top quality weirdos, Simon Says Smut, Coincidental Hour and Smarty will demonstrate their wacked out concepts @Deep Thoughts for all that love fun 8pm ALL AGES $5-10 Sliding Scale Donation  For something much more “normal” but still not fully accepted by society go see sweet underground pop/rock bands Hands & Knees, Mail the Horse, Bunny’s a Swine and Kal Farts do their thing @O’Briens 9pm 21+ $5  Post-Halloween show: Innerpink & Friends present Rocks OFF Halloween w/ THe Peppermint Patties, Huge Face (as Double Nirvana), Tres Hombres (ZZ Top Tribute) @Midway Cafe 9pm 21+ $8  Also see Soulelujah now @ Middle East (Upstairs) 11pm 21+ $5  And DRAMA - Somerville’s Monthly Queer Dance Party w/DJ DIVER and DJ MsLadyJ @PA’s Lounge 21+ Free before10pm $5 after Sunday 11/3 Psycho-tight noise rock show of the evening: spazz pioneers Melt Banana (Japan), Brain Tentacles and Boston’s own veteran noise bruisers Neptune are at that huge place @The Sinclair 7pm 18+ $13.50 adv/$15dos  Clicky Clicky Music Blog is hosting a benefit for Community Servings - the incredibly rad JP org that prepares and delivers fresh and nutritious meals to terminally ill people and their families in the Greater Boston area. Earthquake Party, The Hush Now, Soccer Mom and K. Heasley (mem. Lilys) do it live and DJ Sadie Dupuis (of Speedy Ortiz) keeps the jams flowing throughout the night @TT the Bears 9pm 18+ $10  Org: Censorship is a series that brings performing and visual artists together to express their artistic voices around the concept of free speech and the suppression thereof. This installment features ACLU Benefit, Cassandra Long, Natti Vogel, Jaggery and more TBA @Oberon 7:30pm ALL AGES $15 adv $20 dos Monday 11/4 Night Of The Living Dead Head begins it’s last month of programming Monday nights @Zuzu after 4 years of dedicated service to the scene. Go forth and pay your respects to Edison Tesla for making it happen with such consistency and watch Spitzer Space Telescope, Today Junior and Idiot Genes rock the hell out 10pm 21+ Free  Infamous New England tape/electronic noise artist Jason Lescalleet will bring his hard sound to a basement near you. Joined by Circuit Des Yeux, Owlfood and LSDV this should be one intimate and intense night of experimental audio/visualizations thanks to BOW Shows @SBC 8pm ALL AGES $5-10 sliding scale sugg. donation  The Series @Weirdo Records has Zwornikins 8:30pm ALL AGES $5 Donation Suggested :)  Plus gnarliness ensues on Monday’s @Charlie’s Kitchen these days thanks to the Fast Apple crew. Tonight they have Creaturos, Guantanamo Baywatch, Beware The Dangers of A Ghost Scorpion and Miami Doritos bringing the garage to the burger bar and serving it up medium-psychedelic 9pm 21+ $5 Tuesday 11/5 The Whitehaus Family Record Monthly Residency has free noise jam big band featuring an infant, ILLUSION OF PORPOISE, Big Bad Wolf and new energetic cosmic synth rock collabo Saga Genesis (Contex meets Cult and Leper) @Midway 8pm 21+ $5  Punk’s Dead. Long Live Punk! is a weekly punk-centric DJ night with a whole lot to offer - resident DJ Ghost spinning lost punk rarities and great punk hits, 3 tables of FREE pool and punk videos on the big screen. All @Ramrod every Tuesday night. Friendly scum, you’re welcome 10pm 21+ FREE  For a techno/house music hang look no further than Mass Ave to find SVVIM night on their 1 year anniversary! Featuring Fuzzy Fotch, Brad Mood, Ian Flux and Kidd Drunkadelic @Middlesex 9pm 21+ Free


Wednesday 11/6 is full of choices. Trustworthy show throwers pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS deliver a one-two punch of edgy grooves w/ SKIMASK and ANCIENT FILTH @Middlesex 10pm 21+ $3  If you like it hard and want to plunge fully into experimental sound you will be in good company with Mike Shiflet (OH), Ehnahre, Deleuzer and Arkm Foam @SBC in Allston 8pm ALL AGES $5- 10 Sliding Scale Suggested  Coke Weed, Passerine and Bad History Month are @O’Brien’s 9pm 21+ $8  Rad prolific indie pop master John Vanderslice is in town, playing a bunch of East Coast shows with Boston’s own Bent Shapes including this special evening @Great Scott! 9pm 18+ $12adv/$15dos  Primo punk pile: Violent Party Vol.48 has Ruleta Rusa (ex.Peligro Social), the fucking awesome Who Killed Spikey Jacket?, Aspects Of War, Lude Boys and Chain Rank @Roggies 6pm SHARP 18+ $7

Thursday 11/7 WZBC’s Fall Concert is a downright doozy of shredding indie rock shredding the meaning of ‘indie rock’ - Marnie Stern, Speedy Ortiz and Boytoy @Great Scott 9pm 18+ $10 adv/$12dos  ODD THURSDAYS @ Lilypad has two great pop and Americana bands, Wilder Maker and The Broons each bringing a bottle and a batch of songs to the table 10pm All Ages $5  Local rock heavies Grass is Green and Kal Marks host CA rock vets The New Trust (CA) and Sat. Nite Duets (WI) @Roggies 8pm 18+ $ome cost  And if that’s not enough for you check out solo shrimp If Not I Than Who Then? - utilizing a drum set, vocals and a loop pedal to perform a multitude of magical spells in the form of futuristic danceable radical courage music holding up poetic open-ended manifestos. Plus Mouth Sounds (Erich Haygun doing just what the name implies) and more! @Red’s Restin’ Place in Jamaica Plains 8pm All Ages Bring a dozen donates On Friday 11/8 The people who produce this very newspaper are throwing BOSTON HASSLE FEST 5! See the front page for full schedule. DAY 1 has Lightning Bolt, Japanther, The Beets, Doomsday Student, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Designer and Hunnie Bunnies to name a few @Cambridge Elks Lodge 3pm-11pm FREE FOOD at DOORS! ALL AGES $15-20 and AFTER PARTY w/ Crosss (NS, CA), Krill, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, NE Pats and more @Club Bohemia 11pm 21+ FREE with Proof of Fest Attendance (or $5). Hear something new!  The awesome Night Beats (Seattle) cast a shadow of soulful garage psych over Allston tonight with the help of New Highway Hymnal, Gymshorts and Thunderbloods @O’Brien’s 9pm 21+ $10 Saturday 11/9 If you want to continue to HEAR SOMETHING NEW the Hassle crew has got you - BOSTON HASSLE FEST 5 Continues @Cambridge Elks Lodge w/ Prince Rama, Black Dice, Speedy Ortiz, Guerilla Toss, Ben Hersey, 2 Ton Bug, Free Pizza and way more. See the front page of this very newspaper for full schedule. 3pm-11pm FREE FOOD at DOORS! ALL AGES $15-20 and AFTER PARTY @Western Front 11pm FREE with Proof of Fest Attendance (or $5) w/The Channels, Priests, PC Worship, Skimask and more  The legendary Os Mutantes will be over @Middle East (Downstairs) tonight w/ Capsula 9pm 18+ $20  And yet another bunch of freaks will be losing their minds to HARD NIPS (NYC), Mean Creek, So So Glows and Earthquake Party!, you could be among them @Great Scott 9pm 21+ $10  If you dig a cool LIT EVENT check out the 2x2 Reading Series w/ Mathias Svalina, Stefania Heim, Phil Cordelli @Lorem Ipsum Books in Cambridge 7pm All Ages Free Sunday 11/10 Killer show curators Open Loop present Jean-Sebastien Truchy (Montreal) w/ local mind and circuit bending electronic tweakers Reuben Son and Gay Shapes @Lilypad 10pm ALL AGES Donate  Over the top rock is in full ass swing w/Lovely Bad Things (La Mirada, CA), Diarrhea Planet (Nashville) and Western MA punks California X @TT the Bear’s 8: 30pm 18+ $10adv/$12dos  Also feel FREE and empower yourself with knowledge at the Boston Anarchist Book Fair @Simmons College www. for schedule and fun FAQs Monday 11/11 Native, Solids, and Sneeze will imbue the room with their post-hardcore sounds @Great Scott 8:30pm 18+ $10  Funeral Cone take over The Series. And when I say take over, I mean take over @Weirdo Records 8:30pm ALL AGES $5 Donation  Stellar local scribe Jonathan Donaldson heads up an evening of quirky songwriters in a round robin setting w/ Doug Linse, Michael Douglas Sherman, Con Tex @O’Brien’s 9pm 21+ $5  The Boston Anarchist Book Fair continues today @Simmons College, radical. See for info. Tuesday 11/12 Creature From Dell Pond are a local band making some strange and interesting indie rock/pop music. They‘re w/ Ace Reporter, Fourlegged, Angry Elephant @Midway Cafe 7pm 21+ $5  San Fran acid rock mainstays Wooden Shjips will slice you with their psychedelic sword, but not before you check out their recent Thrill Jockey release. Chicago’s Cave are longtime Compass favorites who take the German road to psychedelia @Great Scott 9pm 18+ $12  An unplugged sesh featuring locals and touring friends w/ Rick Maguire from Pile, Jack Sprat (a man who knows his history), Frankie Cosmos and Aaron Maine (both of NY band Porches, and playing solo sets) @The house that CD-Rs built 8pm All Ages Donations  Non-Event presents… WMUA DJ/ Sedimental Records head Rob Forman who creates sound collages over a selection of lock grooves @Cafe Fixe 8 pm All Ages Donation situation  Punk’s Dead. Long Live Punk! is Boston’s ONLY Weekly Punk DJ night! So if you want a place to mingle in a sea of black then you best represent w/ Guest DJ Bloody Turntables (Koward) @Ramrod (downstairs) 10pm 21+ FREE Wednesday 11/13 Illegaly Blind & Seagreen Records present up and coming indie rockers Vundabar w/ Tiny Moving Parts @Middle East (Upstairs) 9pm 18+ $10  You can find your fuzz @Roggies w/ noise-pop upstarts Julius Earthling, 14 Foot 1, Everything and Everyone 8pm All Ages $5  I don’t really know what to make of synth-pop and indie singer, Sky Ferreira but maybe you’d like her? She was friends with Michael Jackson w/ Smith Westerns @Paradise 8pm 18+ $18 Thursday 11/14 Seana Carmody was a member of the initial incarnation of the wonderful Swirlies, and you can now find her playing with a psych-pop trio called Reindeer. They play w/ Harvey Mapcase, Uranium Daughters and 28 degrees Taurus @Cantab Lounge (basement) 8pm 21+ $8  Two of New England’s contemporary psychedelic pop greats (both recording for Mexican Summer) come through Boston on their current tour. Boston’s Quilt and Happy Jawbone Family Band (VT), mellow vibes and pop sensibility @ TT the Bear’s 8:30pm 18+ $10  Allston Pudding presents… PAWS, an indie punk crew all the way over from Glasgow. See them w/ Little Big League, and a recent discovery of mine, Idiot Genes, doing their killer shambling punk thing @Great Scott 9pm 18+ $8  Late 60s San Francisco bred power-pop/ proto-punk legends Flamin Groovies can no doubt still cause a ruckus. To what degree is a secret between you and your ruckus-o-meter w/ The Connections, and Andy Shermoff @Radio 9pm $ome cost Friday 11/15 Dutch sound poet/performance artist Jaap Blonk stutters and pops and orates his way into Western Mass tonight, alongside a wonderful

bill of pan-Mass wonders: Designer, Zebu! and Sam Gas Can @Feeding Tube Records 9:30pm ALL AGES Donate  Boston Hassle and Open Loop have been bringing together the best in visiting and native underground electronic beat oriented music makers for some time now under the banner of the SCANNERS dance night. The situation continues here with Allston’s Solid State Entity and Worcester’s Coralcola making it electronic w/ resident DJ Won’t @Lilypad 10pm All Ages/21+ to drink $5-10  B.O.W Shows presents… the incredible guitar stylings of NYC’s Hubble who arrives with a new NNA Tapes recording. Cult & Leper, Great Valley and Fume Hood round it out with a great cross section of New England weird pop @Video Underground 11pm All Ages $5-10  The shimmering psych/ folk pop of Mutual Benefit and the jangling pop of Orca Orca will do you some good to hear. They’re w/ Slowdim and Funeral Advantage @PA’s Lounge 9pm 21+ $10 Saturday 11/16 Open Sound presents... a great night of electronic experimentation w/ Michael Rosenstein & Vic Rawlings in a cello/electronics duo, modular synth/electronics trio Triode, Intransitive Recordings main man Howard Stelzer utilizing electronics/tapes, and the circuit bent electronics/ synths of trio Gay Shapes @Third Life Studio 8 pm All ages Donate  British trip-hop pioneers Nightmares On Wax are back with a new album @ Paradise 9pm 18+ $17  Skinny Bones create folk music through electronic production. They’re @O’Brien’s w/ Oakes Brine, Doug Wartman, and Jordah (mem of Crinkleface) 9pm 21+$7  Make Shift is having a dance party w/ DJ Ultratumba (of Pico Picante) and Li’l Mermaid @Make Shift Boston (South End) 8pm All Ages FREE  Psychobilly punkers The Caught Flies join Tigerman WOAH!, Thee Icepicks (ME) and The Mad Doctors @ Radio 8:30pm 21+ $7  Ancient, impervious sludge punks Kilslug and hardcore/thrash punks Psycho are the two heads on this loud and snarling showbeast w/ Matryvore, and Desolute @Cantab basement 9pm 21+ $8  Longstanding, wildly popular, and now occupying two rooms in the Middle East complex is the amazing funk and soul dance party known as Soulelujah @Middle East Upstairs/ZuZu 11pm 21+ $5  Open Loop presents… Philadelphia’s sludgy psychedelic drifters Creepoid, and Chicago’s most psychedelic Crown Larks w/ new band on the block LAIR @Lilypad 10pm All Ages/21+ to drink $5-10 suggested donation  MMMMaven presents... Berlin’s Machinedrum makes experimental electronic music spanning a large spectrum for amazing labels like Planet Mu and Ninjatune. He’s @ Brighton Music Hall 11:30pm 21+ $15 Sunday 11/17 Purveyors of Afro-beat/ world groove music, Opposite People are something of a JP institution. Here you will find them w/ Uncle Johnny’s Band and Jazzadelic @Midway Cafe 9pm 21+ $ome Cost  Brain Trust presents Mind Spray ft. John Robinson, Mr. Fritz @Middle East Upstairs 9pm 18+ $10 (ladies free before 10pm)  Japanese instrumental rockers Mono and Pittsburgh space rockers Majeure touch down in Boston @Brighton Music Hall 9pm 18+ $13  It’s Violent Party Vol.50 and it’s The Epidemic’s return to action (featuring famous punk Jay Yetman)! Minneapolis pogo punks Ponx Attax and Denver’s The Bad Engrish head up the rest of this punk-ass show w/ Rat Race @Roggies 6pm SHARP 18+ $7 Monday 11/18 Electronic music event organizers MMMMAVEN celebrate their 2nd Anniversary w/ producers Jon Hopkins & Clark w/ Nathan Fake @ The Sinclair 8pm 18+ $15adv/$18dos  The Series continues on because it is a Monday. Lord Nathaniel is tonight’s guest exploring the world via experimental dancelectricacoustics @Weirdo Records 8:30pm All Ages Donate  Fast Apple presents… Last show alert! And it’s a doosie of a show people! It’s Aykroyd ‘s last show, they’ve just returned from tour, AND it is their BUFU records 7” release show! Buy their 7” and send them off nice-like! And who else is on the bill?! The raging urban streetnoiserock of Guerilla Toss, Chicago’s ultra awesome and raw Tiger Hatchery (w/ Quicksails/ Moonrises’ Ben Billington) and the D-Boyz themselves, noise rockers Designer @Charlie’s Kitchen 9:30pm 21+ $5  It’s Johnny Allen’s last shift @ ZuZu as the Night of the Living Dead Head finally meets the dawn w/ Creaturos and Blinders 10pm 21+ Free  The rawness of Cat Power comes as a mixture of punk, folk and blues, that the singer herself doesn’t always seem in control of. The enigmatic singer-songwriter is scheduled to perform w/ Nico Turner @Paradise 9pm 18+ $28 Tuesday 11/19 Lo-fi indie rockers Beach Fossils are touring in support of a recently released record on Captured Tracks @Middle East Downstairs 9pm 18+ $12 Wednesday 11/20 Mandolinist Dan Bui performs alongside some of his favorite musicians from the Boston acoustic music scene @Outpost 186 ALL AGES $5 Students, $10 Public  Electronic dance music label Supply Records is throwing a label takeover @Good Life Boston w/ Paul Morse, John Barera, and Will Martin working in the realm of techno, house and disco. 9:30pm 21+ $5  EyeDesign is throwing another Treat Yo Self event! Treat Yo Self is an awesome bringing together of live music, live creation of art, and good food from local businesses. This is going to be a wild one w/ San Francisco garage pop sweethearts Shannon and the Clams getting everyone all overly excited and whatnot @Great Scott 9pm 18+ $10  A touring comedic oddity stops in as Atlas Riffed: a live, second-by-second running commentary on the notoriously awful film adaptation (Atlas Shrugged: Part One) of Ayn Rand’s novel occurs @Middlesex Lounge 7pm 21+ Free  It’s Violent Party Vol.51: this time featuring California’s Condition who bring a skewed, but no doubt still raw Dbeat attack. Lowell’s crazed hardcore freakers Dry Humphead up the rest w/ The Combat Zone, Exit Order, Knives @O’Brien’s 8pm 21+ $9  Afterwards there’s a Condition after-party at Punk’s Dead. Long Live Punk! night w/ guest DJ Mike (2x4) @Ramrod (downstairs) 10pm 21+ No Cover Thursday 11/21 If you dig mellow country fried blues, chew on the electric curd grooves of MA locals Steep Leans, The Cattle Walk, Rye Pines, and The Way Ways @O’Briens 8pm 21+ $8  Bring your own headphones over to Bay State College in Back Bay, where a senior practicum hosts a Silent Disco dance night @The Spot 7pm All Ages $15 Friday 11/22 There is something refreshingly earnest going on with Boston rock these days, epitomized by tumultuous tempo changes and emotive grooves of Pile and Krill. They’re joined by New York comrades Porches

and Summer People for a heavy roller of a show @TT the Bear’s 8:30pm 18+ $10  Get yourself to Lynn and catch the esteemed cinematic mind blowers Devil Music Ensemble as they perform their live original soundtrack to classic silent horror film “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” (1920) @City Hall Auditorium (Lynn, MA) 8pm All Ages $10  Montreal 4 piece The Bombadils mix jazz, folk, celtic and classical in Jamaica Plain @Eliot Street Coffeehouse 8pm ALL AGES $10 students, seniors and the unemployed; $13 adv/ $15 dos

Mei Ohara

Saturday 11/23 If you take pleasure in the raucous rolling waves of classic surf rock, you’ll love Tubefest - a New England surf showcase featuring The Waveriders, Tsons of Tsunami, Dustclouds of Mars, The Televibes, Matt Heaton and the Electric Heaters, 9th Wave, Axemunkee, The Derangers, Thee Icepicks @O’Brien’s 2pm 21+ $8  Non-Event, those A-list curators of esteemed and compelling avant garde electronic performers, tonight bring experimental vocalist Jaap Blonk @SMFA, room A202 8pm All Ages $5  For some far out noise with electronics, get over to Salem for violin static duo Wall Wymyn (NY,PA), improv drummer Christopher Strunk, sound explorers Noise Nomads (W MASS) and vicious industrial droner Bereft, curated by Sonorium @Griffen Theatre (Salem, MA) 8pm All Ages $10  Pillar of the dance night scene, queer friendly Don’t Ask Don’t Tell gets all bump in the night @Great Scott 9pm 21+ $8  Across the Charles, Soulelujah provides another standby good time with of funk and soul deep cuts @Middle East Upstairs 11pm 21+ $5  Over in Union Square enjoy the collaboration of local film and sound artists, including Gordon Nelson, Tara Nelson, Frankie Symonds (film), Chris Johnson, Peter Gumaskas (sound) and others @Washington Street Arts Center 8pm All Ages Donations Sunday 11/24 Our parent organization Boston Hassle brings downtempo drum machine pop of Advance Base (Owen Ashworth of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone), drousy alt rock of Hello Shark (VT) with local support from intricate pop beauts Skinny Bones + TBA @Lilypad All Ages Sliding Scale Suggested Donation $5-10  West Coast synth funk maestro Thundercats (Brainfeeder) unravels deep, sparkling grooves @Sinclair 9pm 18+ $15adv/ $18dos  Chicago psych pop looper Netherfriends and spazzy pop Zookeepers play @Midway Cafe w/ more TBA 9pm 21+ $ome cost  Lace up those boots and throw on some studs for Pogo & Work, a punk DJ night @ Zuzu spinning oi classics with live performance from St. Ripper 10pm 21+ Free Monday 11/25 Cambridge is as usual the place to find exciting live music on Monday nights. Take the Red Line to Central Sq and find yourself @ YMCA Theater for Cheap Seats, that Whitehaus affiliated, rapid fire music and performance extravaganza. Tonight they partner up with otherworldly noise beat spelunker Mark Johnson his last Raw Meet before moving down to Philly. Truck Stanley is composing a play to be acted out by a gaggle of electrified screwballs, each performing a short experimental sets in classic Cheap Seats style 7pm All Ages $10 Sugg. Donation  Mosey a little ways down Mass Ave for the Series @Weirdo Records, where absurdist comedian and Tardy Eagle editor Chris Braiotta presents his filmstrip comedy show 8:30pm All Ages $5 Donation  That most holy Monday night showcase Night of the Living Deadhead comes to a bittersweet end tonight after 5 years of awesome, free shows. The night’s much loved curator Johnny Allen celebrates in true style by performing himself, both in stoned fuzz-spacklers Headband and heavy spaced groovers Fedavees plus local psych folk denizen Bobb Trimble and his Flying Spiders @Zuzu 10pm 21+ Free  Fast Apple is always good for a heavy bruiser rock show, so head to Harvard Sq for Gondoliers (record release), Whore Paint and Star Power @ Charlie’s Kitchen 9pm 21+ $5 Tuesday 11/26 Are you inclined to the astral, engrossed by the psychedelic and curious of the occult? Then come meet some intriguing individuals at the Beehive Mystic Social, a monthly happening @Arts at the Armory 7pm All Ages Free  If you prefer more bombast and aggression in your counter-cultural associations, get stomp-happy @Ramrod with Punk’s Dead, Long Live Punk, Boston’s only weekly punk DJ night with DJ Pee Pee (Aspects of War) 10pm 21+ Free Friday 11/29 Compass Header artist this month Coco Roy hosts this three band hi-octane garage rock grunger, check out fuzzed out horror punks Mangled Dead, grueling oddballs J/Q and scorched surfer Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion @Radio down 9pm 21+ $ome undetermined cost Saturday 11/30 Headbang Soviet style with long-running heavy metal group Aria, Russia’s answer to Iron Maiden @Middle East Downstairs 9pm 18+ $45 adv/$55 dos  Then trade up the long haired greasers for some sultry funk with the always classy Soulelujah @Middle East Upstairs 11pm 21+ $5

Downtown Boys at NEUMFest Photo by Mona Marayuma

For last minute shows, additions and changes, visit & da Boston Compass FascistBook page. Whether you LIKE it or not, it’s out there. SEND SUBMISSIONS TO:





Designated Hitter of the Boston Red Sox

With Nick Branigan Holy shit, bro. You KNOW that Papi has to be practically held at knifepoint to go a movie these days—too tired, bro!!!! But I’m really glad my best friend Alphonsus dragged me out of my 300 acre home shaped like a giant silver Baseball/SUV/ UFO that Papi had custom made to see Gravity. WOW! First of all, it had real sounds like a real thing all the time, and a cool way of doing it! Now, all of you in the Papisphere all know the quote: “If the big man checks a flick, it’s because there’s a chick.” (I’m usually 100% indifferent to the premise, bro!) But this time, Papi doesn’t know, bro, something happened. Papi was hooked and Papi felt like Papi was out in the vast wasteland of space, too. Seriously, bro—it brought some profound shit to the surface. Papi never gives a spoiler, but also never gives an alert, so to those who can’t

It was totally for real, bro. I mean, it looked real! When homegirl was spinning uncontrollably, Papi lost his shit! Papi immediately transposed a baseball for Bullock, getting hurtled at his head at a million miles an hour in the vast and weightless expanse of nothingness that is our cosmos, bro. And that baseball came to represent all of my past failures, my insomnia, my deep-seated worry about my ability to hit the ball like everyone expects me to. Papi felt so insignificant, like a particle of atomless carrion, wafting aimlessly at the whims of the seamless, inky, windless forever, destined to be forgotten and swept into infinity.

by Chris Braiotta •

“We all make choices in life, Clara. This morning, I chose to jerk off instead of eat breakfast. That was a choice I made. You chose to kill me. That was a choice you made. Choices.” •

He turned to address the crowd. “OK! Now which a’ you clowns is totally into LOVE?!?!?”

I do not think I shall ever see a poem as lovely as MURDER [note: actually a title]

Whoa, bro. Clooney was pretty good too, bro. Papi was wondering: “Where is his chinstrap beard?” as Papi wiped his gargantuan buttery paw on his oddball, strangely expensive black t-shirt with a silver foil wraparound graphic of an eagle on it.

“You do that,” Grayson snarled, “and I will lick your neck down. I will lick it and lick it til it dissolves away like rock candy. And then your head will just. Break. Off. The coroner will declare the cause of death to be ‘erosion.’ Because I will lick your neck skinny, you ASSHOLE!”

Either way, Papi left the theater stunned, and by the time I got back to my $80,000 Escalade or whatever, I was changed forever.

“I’ll tell ya a secret, Alan. There’s a whole lotta chicks in the world, and 98% of ‘em are screaming’ for some pud. Just screamin’ for it, man. And that’s where we come in.”

“Milords, miladies, I came to Scarborough Faire to do two things: eat some sage, and kick some ass. And it looks like we’re all out of sage.”



read between the Papi-lines: You’re shit out of luck. Either way, bro, Papi doesn’t want to give too much away. Basically, there’s these people out on the Moon or something that get hit by a huge asteroid that then spin around and get upset.






a Sawyer, LADY

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Orson Welles drinking wine A horse trainer Fred Flinstone at 55 Someone who lived before the invention of photography A briefs guy Rod Steiger in a mask of your dad A college guy Someone who lived before the invention of writing A more ethnic Antonio Banderas An emo guy A cross between Bieber and Benson (Robert Guillaume) A 5th cousin

IST!! LArioDdsYwoL mp womp

Briefs Guy?

pe on shoe ugh a used bandaid sprinkles thpaste cap go where did my too been home in en ev b/c I haven’t 3 days at work fuuuuuh • left keys on desk

Rod Stie ger mask of yo in a ur dad?

• • • •

Hotties illus. by Cody Pettengill




3/5 ABSTRACT UNITS THIS GUY THAT CAME TO MY WORK NEAR THE PRUDENTIAL BUILDING So this really chiseled guy came to the food truck I work at and asked if we could turn off the generator. Bear in mind that he had just purchased food made possible using said generator. He said that it was too loud and he likes to hear the church bells during his lunch break, thus proving that there is such a thing as loving your child too much. 1/5 ABSTRACT UNITS





So a bunch of Emerson kids (presumably) all just froze in place, posed as if they were taking a first step into the street at a major intersection. Though they thought it was thought-provoking they were really just blocking the sidewalk, confusing drivers, and frustrating everyone involved. But when you think about it, that’s a perfect metaphor for art schools in general. So maybe they were on to something.

So this dude looked kind of like Reggie Watts but that is the problem with New York City: everyone always looks kind of like someone you know. When I got here, I thought it would be funny to go around town taking photos with people who looked vaguely like celebrities and make a tumblr of the photos. Then I thought that would be too much like an Improv Everywhere prank and those people make me wanna barf. Also people don’t like being told they look like someone else; I know because once an entire town in Alabama thought I was “Earl” from the show Earl (that was how they put it, I swear) and it really sucked. I suppose I could have lied to all of you and told you that I was sure it was Reggie Watts, but this is not the Jukt Micronics newsletter. I’m sorry if that was really you, Reggie Watts. I don’t really know what you look like because I don’t watch that show you’re on because the other dude on that show is mad annoying.


The Place That I Work, Williamsburg

Benedict Cumberbatch is thought to be one of the sexiest dudes going these days but showed up at my bar looking GREASY! He was all fancy dressed but hadn’t shaven and that is almost never a good look for an Englishman. Also, some dummy broke the cardinal rule and wanted to take his picture. WAY TO GO, DUM DUM. To his credit, Benny politely refused rather than telling that dude to shove it and absconded the old fashioneds he ordered for himself and his equally-fancy-but-greasy English pal.


Bedford L Stop, Williamsburg

Adam Arkin was just as annoyed with the L train as I was.


Caption: “That’s no bowling ball— that’s my unaddressed existential dread.”

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RYAN: Let Miley be. As someone who spent some time in the entertainment industry as a young child, I can say that you’re exposed to an amount of sex, drugs, and inexplicable attention that should make people very concerned about you on a daily basis for the rest of your life. Let her bask in it. You’re just jealous no one gave you E then put you in a limousine with a Batman movie co-star on Halloween night.

Q: Sometimes when I expect someone to do something that will annoy me, they actually don’t and I feel disappointed. What the heck?


KEIRA: Were you looking forward to this person failing so that you could feel right or better in comparison? Maybe there’s a part of you that’s getting off on their bad behavior? Hey, it’s ok. I’m totally guilty of this too. But guess what? We both need to cut that shit out.

MEAT Delicious. Would eat again. 5/5 ABSTRACT UNITS

RYAN: I’m confused. What? Listen. Just go to your parents’ house and tell them they raised you wrong. They put you through some great education systems and instilled morals and a concept of respect that you hold dearly to this day. If you would just be more like Miley, you wouldn’t write to an advice column.

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Corner of Metropolitan and Driggs, Williamsburg

KEIRA: My short answer is that it will be over soon. If you can’t wait until that happens, the next time the conversation takes that turn, say something vague and intellectual like, “I find these discussions problematic when one doesn’t take into account the historical frameworks surrounding issues of authenticity and performance.” If that doesn’t manage to scare everyone off (or worse, it just engages them further) say, “Oh, what’s this?” and make everyone watch a Big Freedia video.


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Q: My friends are talking about Miley Cyrus WAY too much. I don’t think it’s becoming. This one is not about me. How do I convince them how untoward this is for grown-up, interesting people?


THE HARVARD AVE. SIDEWALK BETWEEN COOLIDGE CORNER AND COMM. AVE. I walk this sidewalk a lot. The people on it walk too slowly. They take it pesonally when you try to pass them even though they are all moving at the speed of erosion. It’s a very family-friendly area so it’s pretty safe to walk at all hours. Except after the sun goes down during Shabbat. That’s when the the wolves come out.


You never write.



• Remember for the survival of the human race not to mention that shit about the Spider Lord to non-ladies!!! • Hey if it happens, beauty bonus: getting thrown right into the sun by some giant bug is a great exfoliant, right? Get it because you won’t have sk—waait—ugh • Fuuuuck • Just don’t say anything maybe at all about the Spider Lord to anyone • :(

In case you forgot, TD Sidell moved to NEW YORK CITY and therefore has seen many celebrities. He figured that you guys were sick of trading stories about seeing Tom Brady washing his dog or a Kennedy getting his/her shoes shined or whatever, and that he would ENRICH YOUR LIVES with some tales of all the amazing celebs he got to see with his own eyes RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE. This list should appear monthly or until all celebrities leave New York.

Chr. Cammett

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Downtown Boys

Downtown Boys self released (2012) Hailing from Providence, and full of bi-lingual piss and vinegar and saxophones, they come off sounding like some genetic splicing of X-RAY SPEX and some ape shit hardcore killers of yore like CONVERSIONS, OLD SARUM, RAISE THE CURTAIN or the like. It’s more the energy and the shrieking of singer Victoria (she doesn’t just screech, but when she does she does it well) that brings to mind hardcore though, as the band never really hits the tempos associated with most of that genre. This band’s self titled record is hardly new, but it’s new enough to me, and we haven’t written about before so let’s do it! Out of the 10 songs one finds on the record my favorite has to be “Car Boys”, a male and female vocal back and forth with a bouncy punk energy that I haven’t heard in a while. Bringing saxes into the punk rock mix is a dangerous move, but the dual sax attack employed by DB really adds to the overall, making this stew of high energy punk rock, and wild woman singer all the more interesting. Vocals pass from Victoria to guitarist Joey and then onto full band shouts seamlessly as the rhythm section charges on and the saxes play it cool. And that’s every song, but it never gets boring because the approach is continuously switched up, and the arrangements are pretty weird. This band and its music feels like a rolling ball of energy and fury, set to go off the rails at any moment, but somehow, someway it continues to barrel ahead smashing into your brain and spreading it’s infectious energy and enthusiasm throughout your body, shooting it right on out of the tips of your fingers and toes. - Dan Shea

Solid Attitude

Dash-Ex 7” Rotted Tooth (2013) Boy, it’s nice to hear punk kids with an ear for melody and phrasing. Why so often do bands feel they gotta throw the baby out with the bathwater to grit their teeth and bang their heads? Strip away the punk accoutrements of Solid Attitude’s new 7” on Rotted Tooth and what you have is lean, good­ole­fashioned pop songwriting. “Dash­Ex” is without a dominant function chord (the tent pole of harmonic organization), but its riff melodies outline interesting modal colors around B major. The band uses rhythmic motives to drive the song forward: the jerky yelp phrases of the vocal, the continuous eighth notes of the bass, and the tom rattles of the drums (kudos to the drummer here, keeping energy without snare blasts that upstage everyone else). Every element is a concise, hooky burst. The chorus uses the same progression as the iconic verse of “And Your Bird Can Sing”, and once the thin, drowning bagpipe keys cut in with a “na­na­na” pop group line, you know Solid Attitude are consciously adopting and manipulating these tropes. The fact that Solid Attitude can conceive of and construct songs to be immediately attractive and then present them with screaming and bashing makes their music much more aggressive and effective. There may be pop elements, but at no point do they neuter the darker edge and drive of the music. Instead of empty noise, it’s noise driven by clear artistic and rhetorical choices to have greater emotional impact. Solid Attitude show you don’t have to sacrifice melody to be a barking punk band. “All acts must demonstrate the intention of whoever executes them”. ­ - Patrick Collins

Shady Hawkins

Dead To Me self released (2012) When a band’s name is a dark wordplay on the infamous character who inspired girl­asks­out­guy dances, you know you can probably expect something edgy and feminist. Shady Hawkins delivers on that expectation; in fact, they take that notion to the extreme. The band’s Facebook description simply reads “militant feminist revengecore”. So yeah, this isn’t your mom’s grrrl band. The Brooklyn group’s most recent LP, “Dead to Me”, starts with a full­throttle punk tune, “Not My Comrades,” where lead singer Suzy X shrieks, “You’re dead to me! You’re dead to me!”. In “Wrath”, she sneers, “Don’t you ever come my way...or I will set you straight!”. If Shady Hawkins were a person, she’d be one chica you wouldn’t want to mess with. Still, later tracks– my personal favorite piece of ear candy from this album is “When Yr Gone”– begin to show a trace of vulnerability. Beneath those power chords and fuck­you attitude lurks an audibly delicate side, if only hinted at in fleeting moments of vocal inflection. I love this album because it’s musically so tight– it’s a sick punk record, and it’s not trying to be lo­fi or shoegaze or chillwave or anything trendy at all– and that’s why it’s just so goddamn cool. It is worth pointing out that Suzy X sounds a helluva lot like Corin Tucker of Sleater­Kinney, but I certainly have no qualms with that– somebody’s gotta fill the S­K void, right? ­- Sarah Moylan

Liquor Store

In The Garden Almost Ready Records (2013) It’s been said that Liquor Store’s 2nd LP “In The Garden” (out now, Almost Ready Records) sounds “arena rock” but I beg to differ. These guys fit in more so with the kinds of fuckers depicted in Heavy Metal Parking Lot. They’re more apt to do all of your drugs and drink all of your booze, and instead of going to that Judas Priest show they’ll be writing this record in a basement in between passing out on the floor and booty calling your girlfriend. I asked Liquor Store mastermind Sarim Al-Rawi about the new album and he told me, “I’d just cozied up for nap-time at Bin Laden’s, when Seal Team Six busted through the ceiling and woke me up with a couple rounds to the throat. Luckily I had a crack lawyer and with all the settlement money I was able to get a good deal from an honest mechanic on an extra set of man eggs and a new pair of Reeboks (the Navy stole my sneakers during the burial at sea) and so I have returned as a humble phoenix ready to spread my wings and splooge. Best record I never bought.” Confused? Don’t be. This is all you need to know, it’s only rock-n-roll, and there is absolutely no doubt that Liquor Store have a kung-fu grip on the concept. Play this loud enough to annoy the neighbors, try to wrap your head around all those guitars, and crack open a beer or 30. - Christine Moore

Una Bestia Uncontrolable

Observent Com El Mon Es Destrux La Vida Es Un Mus (2013) Una Bèstia Incontrolable are a relatively new band. Formed last fall, the Barcelona hardcore outfit put out a demo before releasing an album called Observant Com El Mon Es Destrux on La Vida Es Un Mus this spring to coincide with their US tour alongside NYC’s Crazy Spirit and Barcelona’s GLAM, with whom they share members. Combining elements of experimentalism, psychedelic rock, and noise rock into a hardcore framework, Una Bèstia Incontrolable has created one of the best records of the year. The driving, primitive sound with vocals that come off as almost more chanted than yelled bring to mind a non­metal version of Power of the Spoken Word. There is also a hypnotic quality to the repetition of the riffs, although that is not to say that any of the songs’ intensity is lost, think something along the lines of a psychedelic Unsane. Una Bèstia Incontrolable is just further evidence that Barcelona has one of the best music scenes around right now with the likes of GLAM and OTAN among others. Hopefully 2014 will see a return to the US as well as a new album. ­Chris Defalco

Sissy Spacek

Wreck Phage Tapes (2013) John Wiese’s noise outfit, Sissy Spacek, always keeps its listeners on their toes. While honing both The Haters worship (Devils Cone And Palm or even releases like Scissors) and noisecore/grindcore (the Agathocles split, Gore Jet, Gutter Splint, Dash, the Freaked With Jet compilation) sounds, the band never likes to remain too predictable and the range of ground they cover through their sound separates them from the majority of their peers in the world of harsh noise. Wreck, released by Phage Tapes earlier this year, presents another facet of the Spacek sound over the course of 30 minutes riddled by the insane collision of harsh noise and grind. The CD, released on Phage Tapes, presents six tracks culled from two live performances with two variations on essentially the same lineup – Wiese/Corydon Ronnau/ Charlie Mumma/Phil Blankenship on tracks 1, 3, 4, and 6 while tracks 2 and 5 lack Blankenship. The tracks without Blankenship come across as denser versions early power electronics acts like Libertarian Recordings and Con­Dom channeled through harsh noise, while the tracks with Blankenship come across more directly as harsh noise. All tracks contain the sense of mania contained in the band’s more noisecore/grindcore tracks, creating some serious deeply claustrophobic spaces. All­in­all, another strong effort from the group. Stay tuned for new releases featuring Sara Taylor of Youth Code doing vocals over Wiese led beast music in the not too distant future. ­- Chris Defalco


Every Thanksgiving Day since 1970 the Jamaica Plain-based United American Indians of New England (UAINE) organize the National Day of Mourning in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Native people and their allies protest against the falsification, sterilization, and mythicization of the Pilgrim Thanksgiving story, and the misinformation regarding Native culture, colonization and genocide.

Last month I left on the tip of the iceberg of how I hear noise: if most of the music in our lives is a combination of texture, rhythm and harmony, noise is when you remove one of those three. No harmony? No New York is your 101 shit. No rhythm? Black Dice’s 04-05 work comes to mind. No texture? I’d like to hear that. What about when you take away two? Just rhythm… this gets us into a campfire as much as does into Chris Corsano. Square one, linguistically speaking. Just harmony? Well that’s some of the oldest music we’ve got and far away from anyone’s idea of noise. Just texture? Either we’re ambient (noise’s best bro) or waste deep in Raw Meet. Might be cool to get into some “what is texture?” shit down the line. It’s overwhelming to consider. But what this says to me is how resiliently anti-genre noise is. If it doesn’t have a sound, it has a community. What makes this community special is how it brings virtually every discipline together. If you get bored making jazz, electronic, classical or whatever, noise is the Wild West; untamed and unbent to any mainstream/monetary agenda. It’s a place where I see two crazy things happening. First, noise, as music, gets fused with the extra-musical: comedy, dance, storytelling, performance art - anything. Universes collide. Second; new phrases, new rhythms, new colors, as in the straight up invention of music. Sometimes it feels like the last alchemic front we’ve got. - Wes Kaplan

During the November 27, 1997 National Day of Mourning 25 protesters were arrested by State and local police. Known as the Plymouth 25, the defendants received considerable public support in the form of petitions, letters, and an economic boycott of the Town of Plymouth. Facing a public backlash that threatened the Town’s robust tourism industry, on October 18, 1998 Plymouth reached an unprecedented settlement with UAINE. The Town dropped all charges against the Plymouth 25 and agreed to allow demonstrations every Thanksgiving Day in perpetuity without permits. Among other concessions, Plymouth contributed $100,000 to the Metacom Education Fund to teach accurate Native history in New England, and funded the installation of two plaques downtown. The text for these plaques was written by UAINE and approved in its entirety by the Massachusetts Historical Society. One plaque honors the National Day of Mourning on Cole’s Hill. The other in Post Office Square honors Metacomet, son of Massasoit who greeted the Pilgrims, called King Philip by the colonists, leader of the Wampanoag uprising known as King Philip’s War 55 years after Plymouth Rock. The following are excerpts from each: “…Many Native Americans do not celebrate the arrival of the Pilgrims and other European settlers. To them, Thanksgiving Day is a reminder of the genocide of millions of their people, the theft of their lands, and the relentless assault on their culture...” “…Metacomet was murdered in Rhode Island in August 1676, and his body was mutilated. His head was impaled on a pike and was displayed near this site for more than 20 years. One hand was sent to Boston, the other to England. Metacomet’s wife and son, along with the families of many of the Native American combatants, were sold into slavery in the West Indies by the English victors…” The Plymouth 25 settlement marks a victory for all oppressed peoples struggling for justice and the liberation of their past as well as present. The United American Indians of New England have vowed to continue to protest on the National Day of Mourning until “the oppression of Two-Spirited people is a thing of the past.” Neil Horsky •



Sam Thornley

Scorpio: yehaw. November’s the big one for y’all. It’s all cowboys and Indians with you “scorpions”. “Yehaw”. Sink into the ship and have a real time. Do life in real time for 2013. If you find yourself in the fjords and sassing off, you should be able to think of a justification. This is nothing new. You knew it all along, “Babi”. You will not find romance this month but you may figure out how to score devo tickets.


Sagittarius: yehaw. Life’s cr@zy for you at the moment. All of these changes and you’re uh, there. You’re. Cool numbers to look out for this month aRe 3 numbers. Any, you keep competing in anything you can get your yehaw’s on, for example, running. You’re run. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself surprised about surprising stuff surprising you surprise.

Harvard Film Archive 24 Quincy St, Cambridge, MA 02138 I head inside because it is getting colder. My choice is the warm embrace of a heated indoors now that we have reached the calendar’s eleventh month. Turkeys face no threat from me as I direct us toward the Harvard Film Archive, tucked away beneath an art gallery on a side street just outside of Harvard Yard. For my money the HFA is Harvard’s greatest gift to the Boston area public. A learned, thoughtful and organized approach is taken to the consumption of film here (makes sense). And while the fare tends toward the serious, I did memorably see Rambo: First Blood Part II here some years ago. A living, breathing film museum and education rolled into one, its only true rival in the Boston Area’s Most Important Film Institution Sweepstakes is the nearby independent Brattle Theater. The screening room itself is unexceptional; a bland, crooked auditorium with a podium in the corner. The lights always go down though, and that is when the place transforms into an immortal conduit of moving pictures from across the world and from throughout the history of cinema. And the cinema is just the public face of this place. Behind closed doors lies the archive and its 25,000 35 and 16mm prints being preserved and restored to their former celluloid glory. A font of film culture!! You could hang here, and get to know more about Indonesian working class cinema (for instance) than you could have ever imagined! And the pivotal directors in the movement will most likely be there in person too.

Sylvie Mayer

Dan Shea


Alizee De Pin

Ryan Douglass

Compass #46 November 2013  
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