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ART BY: Join United American Indians of New England (UAINE) at 53rd National Day of Mourning “We will continue to gather on this hill till corporations and the U.S. military Since 1970, Indigenous people have gathered at noon on Cole’s Hill in Plymouth to commemorate a National Day of Mourning (NDOM) while the US observes its thanksgiving holiday. Many Native people do not celebrate the arrival of the Pilgrims and other European settlers. The holiday is a reminder of the genocide of millions of Native people, the theft of Native lands, and the relentless assault on Native culture. Participants in NDOM honor Indigenous ancestors and the struggles of Native peoples to survive today. It is a day of remembrance and spiritual connection as well as a protest of the racism and oppression that Native people continue to experience. The NDOM protest was founded in 1970 by Wamsutta Frank James, an Aquinnah Wampanoag tribal member, when then MA Governor Sargent refused to allow Wamsutta to give a speech at a banquet commemorating the 350th landing of the Pilgrims, calling his speech “inflammatory”. The speech that Wamsutta instead delivered in Plymouth was based on historical fact instead of the hollow fiction portrayed in the thanksgiving myth. (The full speech can be read at Protesters will gather again on Cole’s Hill this year on Thursday November 24th. As Moonanum James, son of Wamsutta Frank James and the late co-leader of UAINE, said to the crowd at the 2019 NDOM:

stop polluting the Earth. Until we dismantle the brutal apparatus of mass incarceration. We will not stop until the oppression of our Two-Spirit siblings is a thing of the past. When the homeless have homes. When children are no longer taken from their parents and locked in cages. When the Palestinians reclaim the homeland and the autonomy Israel has denied them for the past 70 years. When no person goes hungry or is left to die, because they have little or no access to quality health care. When insulin is free. When union busting is a thing of the past. Until then, the struggle will continue.” *Interested in participating? Get on the NDOM Bus, which departs from “The Brewery” in JP at 10 AM on Nov. 24th. Details and Eventbrite reservations can be found at www.facebook The event can be viewed virtually on the livestream by Sunny Singh of

—Kisha James

Notes From The Crew: Working On Work Culture Happy November, friends! Always glad to be asked to write this here “Notes From The Crew” (NFTC) column because it’s truly the best way to hear directly from us—the volunteers, staff and leadership of Brain Arts Org, Boston Compass Newspaper, and Dorchester Art Project. Last NFTC, we heard from BCN Contributor Stephen about how we are now paying all contributors that help produce the newspaper, and how this is a major milestone for our organization. Surely we will mention it in the press, social media, and our mailing lists eventually, but NFTC readers hear about these big updates first, so kudos to YOU, family. For this month I

wanted to talk a little bit about the work culture here at Brain Arts Org, because it is something that we have been working on (naturally) in our 10 years as a nonprofit and has now actually become a program in itself and prioritized above all other efforts in the past two years. We have learned unequivocally that it is not worth doing our arts advocacy and cultural programs if we can’t ensure the health and wellness of our people first. Now, this is challenging work already (ask an HR head!) but it is especially hard for groups or initiatives that are limited to volunteer and part-time workers. I think some of these grassroots efforts and small businesses often care more about their people than their corporate counterparts do, but sadly, they possess only a fraction of the resources it takes to create and truly protect a healthy work culture.

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...CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 For us, it became really clear during the height of the pandemic—once we expanded to 13 paid staff members (in addition to dozens of volunteers) we actually weren’t equipped to handle and care for everyone to the high standard we hold ourselves to. People left for other opportunities, some felt slighted or unappreciated and naturally, our programming suffered too. That is why above all the money and opportunities created for artists, the most positive thing to come out of these past two years is what we learned about capacity and wellness; in order to be truly aligned with the values and course of our mission, there must be alignment in recognition of capacity and wellness of our team for any meaningful programming to take place. Now, I could go on for days about how this concept is tested and incorporated into our daily work, but this past weekend was a great example of achieving big change with small moves. On Saturday we had the pleasure of tabling at the Watertown Free Public Library Annual Zine Fest in Watertown Square, and in preparation for the event we had staffing, materials and other logistics to consider. We broke it into 2.5 hr shifts, allowing overlap for each volunteer so there was time for each person to experience the event, get a snack, take a breather, socialize with their peers before/after their shift and above all, enjoy themselves. I realize this may seem obvious, but for years we were prioritizing public engagement, connections with other artists, getting names on the clipboard (all

very important to further our ultimate goals as an org) to the point where we often risked stressing-out and harming our own people with long shifts and little compensation. Not anymore. Frankly, those connections and the engagement aren’t worth it if we don’t extend the same intention and care to our volunteers and administrators. This weekend, all participants had a healthy good time because we deliberately acknowledged the capacity of our team members to do activities with wellness as a focus. This is the only way. Ultimately I am proud to share with you that I thought twice about staffing this event and made adjustments to avoid applying stress or pressure on our people. Our EIC, Kevin, was even going to bring materials at 9 am, then return for each shift throughout the day to check in with everyone. But what about Kevin himself? I need to look out for my peers as they do for me, because it all starts with us and the example we set as Brain Arts Org admins. I’m confident that making this type of thinking part of our daily wellness practice at Brain Arts Org will serve our mission more than any amount of public engagement would without it. Shoutout to Arrests and Algorithms: the hundreds (if not thousands) of people How Police and Big Tech fuel Gentrification who have volunteered with us since 2010, your contributions got us here, to the point where health & wellness is actually an arts Under late stage capitalism, rents have was a direct result of place-based policing program itself. increased faster than worker’s wages for meant to target her ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Learn more at www.Brain-Arts.Org over four decades. Full time minimum Glover whose home was located at the center workers cannot currently afford a of the renewal project. A month later Glover --------------------------------------- SAM POTRYKUS wage two bedroom apartment in any state. house was repossessed and bought by the The pandemic exacerbated the housing city for $1. Development-directed policing crisis, compounding evictions that have hyper-criminalizes Black personhood to further displaced poor and working class push racist urban renewal projects, removing communities. Beyond stagnant wages and entire communities for the benefit of new corporate greed, there are other structures white residents. contributing directly to the decimation Gentrification can be driven by policing of affordable housing and the rapid models that target communities for removal, gentrification of American cities – the police as well as profitable algorithms. The housing and big tech. crisis has presented an opportunity for Development-directed policing refers to the developers and property owners to drive practice of a premeditated police presence up market rates aided with the illusion of in areas of “urban renewal” for the monetary unbiased technology. ProPublica reported a benefit of potential white residents and real global technology platform that provides the estate elites. Between 2010 and 2020, the real estate industry with data analytics called historically black Bed-Stuy neighborhood in RealPage has enabled property owners to New York lost 22,000 Black residents, while drive up rents. Their YieldStar software uses gaining 30,000 white residents. A study an algorithm to analyze client data, as well entitled “Policing Gentrification’’ analyzed as private data on competitor’s prices to neighborhood-level data in New York to determine rent, to which the company states capture policing’s relationship with three key it can help clients “outperform the market 3% components of gentrification: class, race and to 7%.” According to ProPublica, “Experts property value. The researchers found that say RealPage...invites scrutiny from antitrust “for every 5 percent increase in property enforcers because of their use of private values, neighborhoods experienced a 0.2 to data on what competitors charge in rent and 0.3 percent increase in discretionary arrests’’. creation of work groups that meet privately Low-level policing does nothing to reduce and include landlords who are otherwise crime, but enables police violence and rivals, a red flag of potential collusion.” The carceral trauma. The enhanced surveillance rent optimization software that prices leases and criminalization of these potential presents a mirage of a techno-democratic “trendy” neighborhoods are aided through determinate hidden under collusion. the use of Silicon Valley technologies. Both the tech and policing industries In 2018, an aggressive redevelopment have contributed to the housing crisis by effort by the city of Louisville known overlapping means, through the incarceration as “Vision Russell” ignited increased of communities and the complicity in soaring police surveillance in majority black West rents. To end homelessness in this country Louisville. The city implemented a “Place- would cost $20 billion, an affordable price Based Initiatives Squad” policing model tag for the US. To the core capitalism is not based on the removal of crime through the about freedom alone, but importantly, the heightened enforcement of “nuisance” freedom to be free from others suffering. offenses, typically drug possession. In March There should be guaranteed housing for all 2020, Louisville police officer Kelly Goodlett and a radical pivot from a system that would falsified a warrant to conduct a no-knock raid leave anyone with no shelter. of Breonna Taylor’s home, leading to her murder by officer Brett Hankinson. This raid ------------------------------------------------------- GRACE RAIH




Gio Shyne Searches Within On “A Reason To…”

Dorchester is one of Boston’s most reputable neighborhoods. Not only is it a place rich in both culture and history, but it’s home to a myriad of creators, many of whom aim to intertwine the essence of their home into the fabric of their work. One of such artists is Gio Shyne, a rapper and vocalist who, time and time again, utilizes his music as a deep form of self-expression. Whether delving into the dark corners of his psyche, or uplifting himself when he needs it the most, Gio is no stranger to facing his inner-self when he steps into the booth. Nowhere does this ring true more than on his most recent release, A Reason To…. Resting just north of seven minutes in total length, A Reason To… is a collection of three songs which according to a recent Instagram post of his were assembled during a time where Gio “was really going through it the most and trying to find a reason to live.” Faced with overwhelming emotion and a desperate plea for the light at the end of the tunnel, this EP serves as his guiding light. With help from longtime collaborators Briefcvse, Christian Yoon, and Timbo who help shape the sonics of A Reason To…, Gio refreshes his mindset, taking happiness into

his own hands when all else seems to fail. “Warm Sun” kicks off the project. From the song’s very beginning, ethereal production paves the way for Gio to overcome bouts of negativity by reminding ourselves of who we really are and what we’re capable of accomplishing. At times, the lyrics almost read as a pep talk in the mirror, shifting his focus away from helpness and toward control. “Vegas” quickly follows up on this sentiment, with shimmering guitar strings and piano notes that come together to create a magical soundscape for Gio to float atop. My favorite part of this project comes at the end though, with “Pink Sky. This song is a strong addition to his discography, as the Dorchester native reflects on the pure fact that his life is just beginning. Despite all of the turmoils that have brewed within, there’s still so much beauty out there to experience, and that alone is a reason to keep going. In Martin Gohary – The Boxer the EP’s waning moments, listeners are met with the repeated line “dust it off again and Last year, Boston based pianist Martin try and be a better me.” Whenever life isn’t going our way, this is the mantra to live by, Gohary booked two sessions at PBS and it is one that has helped revive the Gio Studios in Westwood, MA, invited some long-time collaborators to join him, and Shyne that we all know and love. the engineer to hit record. Nothing -------------------------------------------------- SHAMUS HILL told was planned—no arranged compositions, not even a key or tempo. Martin’s goal was to use the freedom of unrestricted improvisation to allow everyone to play from their subconscious. Over the last year, Martin has been pouring over those recordings, selecting excerpts, and arranging them into Chemical X is full of ragers and bangers, albums. A total of nine albums are planned, sorrowful ballads and vulnerable self- and five have already been released. The reflection. Retro is electric with his energy two most recent albums, The Boxer and and flow, each bar is round, and the clip is Monkey Business, came out in September never ending. The production is consistently and October and feature Martin on piano dynamic in instrument choice and variation, and Erik Van Dam on saxophone. full of dark melodies and psychedelic synth The output of the recording sessions could that allow you to see that this project was a have been dissonant chaos front to back (the labor of love and time. Retro has successfully history of free jazz is full of such examples). created a project that places the listener in his It could have also been hours of aimless shoes and mind, experiencing every step he noodling. But instead, the tracks of The took between high and lows of his journey. Boxer and Monkey Business lead us on an This album will leave you feeling reflective on engaging, sometimes harrowing, melodic your darkness and perhaps where it plays a and thematic journey. Martin told me: “I role in your life. Overall Retro is on the way to listen to the material over and over again putting his hometown Brockton on the map until a movie starts playing in my head…. if he continues to make quality, standout When editing my improvisations, I think like music. a filmmaker. Where are my scenes? What am I visualizing? After making the cuts, I started to arrange the takes in the order of how I felt they could fit into an overarching theme.” Martin’s cinematic approach to playing and editing come across beautifully in The

Mudd on guitar, Razor on bass, and Gaudy on drums. The most present experimental exercise features percussive madman Gaudy hitting snares, toms and cymbals that remind me of the speedier drum and bass / breakcore tracks of underground electronic. The guitar and bass sounds intertwine with each other, presenting maximal distortion and compression pairing perfectly in each track. All the songs combined reach just less than 5 minutes in length. This short EP is definitely worth your listening whether considered truly experimental or not. 3. Unfamiliar Ceilings - Lina Tullgren & Alec Toku Whiting Unfamiliar Ceilings features Lina Tullgren on violin and Alec Toku Whiting on Koto and bass Koto on tracks “47” and “polly chainsaw,” with Ted Reichman joining on synthesizers and effect pedals on track 3, “every finger an eye”. This is an all around masterful and fully intentional tape. Whether improvised or composed, Unfamiliar Ceilings blurs the already blurring line further. Gothic, concrete and electronic undertones show up throughout this wonderful EP and are always personally appreciated. Definitely give a listen to any or all of these releases, and I’ll see you next Excursion.

------------------- MICHAEL MAMBRINO


CHEMICAL X: LET THERE BE RAGE! Released on October 1st, Chemical X is hella fitting for this spooky season. Racking up to 17 tracks with 38 minutes and 52 seconds of playtime, Chemical X is pretty compact. Chemical X is a peek into the dark vortex that is Retro Gmt’s mind as he journeys through the realms and dimensions of Planet X. Within the mind of the Prince of Rage Retro GMT, you will find his deepest fears and fantasies, heart breaks, but most importantly—his rage. Throughout the album Retro is accompanied by an entourage of unnamed comical homies with frequent appearances on the project’s transitions. All of this is facilitated by the illusive and mysterious substance Chemical X. The project begins with a robotic warning to the listener, letting them know what they are getting into: “A world like no other, where they unveil the covers of reality and there they create a world of dreams. Be warned; everything you see is still real.” It then transitions right into the first song: a banger Chemical X. Throughout the project there are A LOT of bangers and Chemical X sets the tone. But as you get deeper into the album, the songs get darker and darker. What makes Retro and Chemical X stand out though is the abundance of punk rock inspired tracks. The songs are really good and dive deeper into Retros’ struggles with the darkness and his mental health. Some stand-out songs are “Forever & After,” “Y,” and “Die Alive”. Here’s a line from his interlude as an example of what discusses on the project: “Pain comes in too many forms to count… But will you overcome that pain or will you let it consume you?”

Hello readers! It’s been a very long time since the last iteration of this series. I have tons of stellar releases on my mind that didn’t make the cut so I ask for forgiveness for the 3-release limit on today’s iteration. Thanks for your attention and let’s get into the excursion. 1. Common Metals Staubitz and Waterhouse From bronze to steel, this album will provide it. Jokes aside, Staubitz and Waterhouse’s Common Metals, comprised primarily of layered and unedited field recordings, truly immerses the listener in organic industrial chaos. The track by track length extends itself skillfully after each recording. This usually would turn my focus away, yet, when listening, I only find myself in full concentration. The duo’s versatility in releases solo and collaboratively is another impressive aspect and hopefully will entice you to listen to Common Metals. 2. A Basement Punks Philosophy Vomit Dolls After a year of doing this series, I finally decided to feature a band here. While Vomit Dolls would be categorized in the traditional sense as “some super specific genre of Grindcore,” I think they really push the boundaries of what grindcore is as a whole. Vomit Dolls’s members are Spider on vocals,

------------------------------------------------------------- YUHRAEUS

and Monkey Business (jazz) Boxer and Monkey Business. The album art and song titles start the journey by setting a scene for the listener’s imagination. The Boxer begins with the track “Training Montage” where Martin and Erik playfully dance around each other, tossing out melodic and rhythmic ideas for the other to react, reinterpret, and throw back. The next track “Hit Me!” takes a darker tone—the piano and sax are now taking jabs at each other; one throws a punch and the other ducks. The third and final track “Round XII” is an emotionally complex, roller-coaster of a ride through the final scenes of the match, which ends, not in a triumphant victory, but, like the album art, with a sense of uncertain contemplation. Monkey Business similarly evokes a cinematic, emotional journey. I will spare you all my tortured interpretation. These albums offer so much to anyone willing to dive into their intricacies and surrender to the journey. With every listen I uncover new brilliant nuances in the spontaneous conversation between piano and sax that is at the core of these albums. The Boxer and Monkey Business are available on Martin Gohary’s Bandcamp page and on major streaming services. Be on the lookout for the next four albums in the series, and if you are in the NYC area, check out Martin’s next performance on November 17th at JACK in Brooklyn as part of the Radical Acts Festival.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- STEVE B.

11/14 Disowned, Be Released, Done, Gnasher @O'Briens Pub 7PM 21+ $10-12 11/15 Lane, Class President, Sunglaciers, Betty Moody @Midway Cafe 7:30PM 21+ $5 @tinyoakbooking

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video & film 11/10 Japan's all-time favorite director Akira Kurosawa and actor Toshirō Mifune join forces in Sanjuro, the samurai movie that inspired Clint Eastwood's iconic career in westerns. Don't miss!! Tix at @Brattle Theater 6:15PM $12-14 11/14 Father Surrealist film Luis Bunuel’s sexy and satiric masterpiece, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie screens @Coolidge Theater 7PM $13-15 @thecoolidge

visual art 11/05 November Photo Meet Up by Women Artists In Action. Theme is cute & spooky. Attire should be family friendly and no nudity allowed as there are sometimes children in the area. Buildings can be dusty so wear a mask if you have a sensitivity. @Medfield State Hospital 10:30AM All Ages FREE 11/05 Headstrong: A night filled with art, music, beverages and good people for a good cause Art from the Boston Button Factory resident artist, Ari Hauben will be on display alongside work by artist Jimmy McCaffrey as well as special guest artist, & director of the Boston University CTE Center, Dr. Ann McKee. A portion of the proceeds will go towards supporting the Concussion Legacy Foundatio. @Boston Button Factory 6PM @arihaubenart 11/06 Artist Talk: Joiri Minaya with Camilo Alvarez Join Joiri and moderator Camilo in conversation to discuss Minaya's practice and body of work. This artist talk is presented in conjunction with Minaya's solo exhibition, The Great Camouflage. @Coolidge Theater 2PM FREE 11/06 Oaxacan Woodcarving Workshop Learn basic tools and techniques of this folk-art form, passed down through generations, from Oaxacan woodcarver Norbert Fabian @ Eliot School for the Arts 9:00AM–5:00PM $285 11/08 Vernon St Studios Benefit Bake Fundraiser Flatbread in Davis Square will be donating a portion of their sales to Vernon Street Studios to help support their Fall/Winter Open Studios on December 3rd & 4th. Meet some fellow artists, participate in a 50/50 raffle and of course enjoy some DELICIOUS pizza! @Flatbread 5:30PM–9:30PM All Ages 11/14 Designing with Canva: Digital Literacy Class During this two hour workshop you will learn how to use Canva – a free, graphic-design tool website with access to millions of graphics, photographs and fonts. This is a

great class geared towards artists, activists, creatives, business owners and alike. @Somerville Media Center 12:00PM– 2:00PM FREE 11/19 Brickbottom Open Studios 2022 Please join Brickbottom Artists and Joy Street Studios in celebrating their annual open studios event where 60+ artists and artisans open their studios to the public. @Brickbottom Studios 10:30AM–4:30PM 11/19 Virtual Chinese Brush Painting Classes: "Autumn Persimmon Series" Take a Saturday afternoon to relax, create, and meditate from your home with this class. Presented by PAO Arts Center. Classes taught in Mandarin, but Englishfriendly. Deadline for registration with mailed supplies: 11/6. Please allow 10 days for mailing and delivery. Register at @2PM–3:30PM 18+ $15-45 The Great Camouflage by Joiri Minaya features three new largescale photographic collages; never before exhibited paintings, photographs, and wallpaper; and the video Sábila / Leche. In this exhibition, Minaya explores her relationship to changing landscapes as a migrant, a diasporic subject, all while grappling with the contested and intertwined colonial histories of the Caribbean and the Northeast United States. On view until 11/13 6PM-8PM @Praise Shadows Art Gallery, Brookline Project Room No. 2: Azadeh Tajpour is a multidisciplinary artist born in Tehran and based in Boston. This installation is based on camera footage that documents an encounter with a US border patrolman in front of a library, while he was preventing a family from meeting inside the library. Each piece in this installation represents a part of that footage. On view until 11/12 Wed-Sat 1PM-6PM @BCA Mills Gallery Shared Habitat Earth is an art exhibit and a call for action, and it is returning to Boston’s Waterfront! SHE suggests cross species respect, intercultural solidarity, and a shared sense of responsibility. It celebrates the beauty of nature and exposes the dramatic impact of human activity on the environment. On view until 12/10 Sun-Sat 7AM-10PM @The Gallery at Atlantic Wharf A Temple For The Queer And Unconventional Anukriti’s A Temple for Timeless Beasts, the newest exhibition in the 1:1 Exhibition Series at Boston Center for the Arts (BCA). Open Mic: Prayers for Queer Salvation: 11/5 7PM-9PM. Exhibition open until 11/12

zines 11/04 Boston Art Book Fair A free, all-ages three-day art event uniting all levels of the arts community. As one of the largest Art Book Fairs on the East

Coast, this curated event features over 130 exhibitors, artists and publishers. With art installations, DJs, workshops, panels, and a chance to mingle with truly innovative artists and creatives of our generation, this year’s fair invites audiences of all ages to engage in an art-filled weekend to expand their ideas about print. First night is a ticketed 21+ preview party 6-9PM. @Boston Center for the Arts All Day All Ages FREE 11/12 Boston Anarchist Book Fair This event hopes to bring together people struggling to destroy capitalism, imperialism, patriarchy, heterosexism, transphobia, racism, colonialism, statism, fascism, slavery and all other forms of oppression. Come browse local authors and publishers! All workshops are also virtual to enjoy from home! Masks required! @Democracy Center FREE Breaking The Chains Mag Vol. 7. No. 1 The Woman Worker out now! The expanded organizing of women workers has the potential to bring class struggle front and center to the women’s movement in ways that have been repressed and elided over the last several decades. What do these developments mean for women workers in the struggle for socialist liberation? How do we utilize our history, a vast history of women’s leadership and initiative in the labor movement, to inform our work in the current context? Snag your copy at COMIXSCAPE LJ-Baptiste, art educator and cartoonist, runs this vibrant comic book series featuring the adventures of a bright-eyed, perpetually preteen boy and his raccoon sidekick. Learn more and buy a copy @xscapistlj Flight Or Visibility Cookbook Unlike most cookbooks, this one has very few actual recipes. It is designed to empower readers to get creative in the kitchen, developing their own sense of flavor and spicing, balancing their meals, accommodating dietary restrictions, and using some basic tips and tricks such as cutting onions without crying! With illustration by Lavender Menace Press! Snag one at a show or hit them up for one on IG @flightorvisibility How to Fight Hundutva from the Diaspora & more! Payal Kumar creates powerful, unique digital zines that are available for free online! Explore these beautiful pieces and learn tools of knowledge to expand your notion of a “zine”. Middle of Nowhere (Part One) This is the journey of two main characters; Andre and Tracey. The story is true to its title, as you are dropped in a random point of their lives. You literally navigate the timeline with them as their journeys intertwine. What seems like nothing, or nowhere, wherever you are... means something. Book created by Mechillwave. Grab a copy here and check out other cool wares! @chillwvy

community 11/04 Dunamis Presents: In Conversation with Mara Novembre Join us and Designer, Wardrobe Stylist and Entrepreneur, Mara Novembre. @GrubStreet 6PM $15 @mara.novembre 11/05 Experience a traditional Dia de Los Muertos celebration and honor your loved ones who have passed with live music, authentic Mexican food, ballet folklorica and an altar ceremony that dates back thousands of years. Tix at door. www.spontaneouscelebrations. org @Spontaneous Celebrations $TBA 11/20 Bartlett Square Makers Market is a summer/fall monthly market featuring local creatives, artisans, and craftspeople. The goal is to bring together the local artisans of JP in a safe, accessible space where people can meet, share their skills and materials, and learn from one another. @18 Bartlett Square, JP. Every 3rd Sunday 11AM to 3PM 11/25 Record Store Day At Tres Gatos Black Friday at Tres Gatos is part of Record Store Day, the celebration of indie record stores, the people who shop and work there and the incredible music they carry. Like other RSDs, it will feature hundreds of rare, limited and special release albums; unlike other RSDs, it also provides a perfect chance to get a head start on the holiday shopping season and the opportunity to find the perfect gift for the music fan on your list. Weather permitting, the event will take place outside and we will be offering free coffee and pastries. @Tres Gatos 9AM –4PM Central Square Farmer’s Market open every Monday 12PM-6PM from until 11/21. Their footprint, like last year, includes Norfolk Street and Starlight to increase space for vendors and distancing for shoppers.

advocacy 11/17 The Wellman Anti-Racism Effort Presents Social Issues in Optics and Photonics: a discussion group Accessibility and equity in optical technology: a case study @Democracy Center 4:30PM– 6PM All Ages FREE

BDS Boston recognizes that Israel has been involved in the oppression of not only Palestinians, but people in the Caribbean, Central, South, and North America, Africa, and Asia. Israel and the US have been jointly responsible for developing Melanin Owned Business the infrastructure of surveillance Vendors Flea Market is back at and repression of people of a new location 1351 Hyde Park color and immigrants. They are Ave every Saturday 12PM-5PM. committed to building alliances Spoken Word open mics too! with other groups to fight this Contact 585-237-8487 for vending oppression. Join the movement! opportunities. Vendors of color @bdsboston please reach out! @m.o.b_vendors21 Cocoon Collective A weekly drop-in space for young women Lucy Parsons Center, your favorite and girls affected by incarceration radical bookstore and community to receive academic support and space, is moving back to the mentorship as well as work on South End (Into MakeShift’s seasonal goals. Every Monday former spot). They need your help 4PM-5PM via Zoom. Email to join fundraising to make the transition - smooth and help keep this Boston staple going! To donate visit The Eastern Mass Abortion Fund or provides assistance to people check their social media who live in or are coming to @lucyparsonscenter Eastern Massachusetts for an abortion and provides people Hatch Makerspace Workshops with funding and practical Tons of free with registration support to access abortion workshops all month long. From care. They help them get onto programming to sewing to making MassHealth quickly or find paper flowers, Hatch is a really doctors that will take their cool community spot you have to insurance. They negotiate with check out! abortion providers and pay for callers’ bus or train tickets, car rides, hotels, childcare, and translation services.

North American Indian Center of Boston Their mission is to empower the Native American community with the goal of improving the quality of life of Indigenous peoples. They honor Indigenous people who may or may not be part of a federally recognized or state recognized tribe, as well as the peoples whose tribes have been split by the U.S.-Canada border and the U.S.-Mexico border. Lookout for all kinds of awesome community events and gatherings! @naicob91

opportunity GRANT FOR DANCERS: Next Steps for Boston Dance This grant program aims to support Greater Boston choreographers creating original work in any dance genre and at any career level, post-college, to move forward and take a “next step” in their careers. Deadline to apply is 11/3/22 CALL FOR EXHIBITION PROPOSALS! Gallery 263 is taking pitches for their Spring 2023 art exhibition. Organize and present a well-curated exhibition of contemporary art from start to finish, with guidance and support from the staff. A successful proposal considers our unique, multi-functional space and engages our audience visually and conceptually. Open to New England artists of all media types and career levels. Deadline 1/8/2023 Apply online at


Fishy Papa by Daniel Alejandro



Sitting by Meg Scribner


@sketchygothandz Greenhouse Affect by Mehitabel Glenhaber

@MGlenhaber Demonic Hall of Fame by Ben Doane

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Art by Anna F. Rodriguez AKA “Ella” Presented by the Lucy Parsons Center


Brown Sugar Peanut Butter Cookie Skin She’s the color of brown sugar Peanut butter cookie Brownie fudge latte With Extra cream She’s that extra kit kat sweet And melanin is s’mores warm Her color is Late summer night car therapy sessions And Winter night cocoa dates Sunrise drives into neo-soul backgrounds Back around her grooves Groove between Depths of her cinnamon mind Her beliefs Belief in black greatness Black Love Appreciation through reciprocation Appreciate this moment Take a breathe And she’s Not breath cause... That’s an exaggeration But She’ll be reason I watching my breathing when she sleeps And I don’t want to disturb her peace Cause her color is peace R&b and incense Glass of wine and a warm bubble bath Piece of scripture She’s prayer The way she affirms you sounds like sermon And she can preach How can you not feel Godly Uplifted When a mocha Goddess sings your name in praise The joy across her caramel grin is sweet to kiss Her laughs are black choirs When the spirit hit And isn’t that intimacy Isn’t her color sacred? Her color is chapel Temple She is pyramid Holy land and have you prayed Have you given thanks Even when you don’t feel worthy How her color is calm Patient When you don’t have patience for yourself She always gives you space and time For you to forgive yourself And isn’t that just a different hue Sweet like brown sugar going from living single To being mushy as Overton


2022’s environmental struggles have a fertile corner. Despite many losses, one practice seems to be spreading steadily: municipal food waste collection. Yesssssssssssssss. This past summer I tried Project Oscar for the first time. Project Oscar is a free, 24-hour access, compost dropoff pilot program run by the City of Boston.

Finding the nearest dropoff site was tricky, and signage was non-existant, but I did find it and have been bringing my food scraps over ever since. Recently the number of drop-off locations expanded from 5 to 15, including a site much closer to me (with better signage!). Here’s how I collect kitchen scraps for Project Oscar:

1 – Kitchen Well-sealed jar under the sink. This keeps it accessible. I wash it regularly.

Roxbury Dudley Cafe

Fields Corner, outside DAP

2 –Backyard Kitty litter bucket with lid, inside plastic trash can with lid. You could do this on a porch or back stairs too.


Old State House

Allston Twin Donuts

(Stony Brook)

High Energy Vintage

Little Free Libraries throughout Boston | (Somerville)

I highly recommend trying out some form of composting or food waste collection. I haven’t had any problems so far and I live in Rat City.


C DOCK: K Jamaica Pond Pond St. & Jamaicaway • Comes with adjacent classy gazebo and boatF house. Rent a boat, stay a while why don’cha?


E BLOCK: A Minton Stable Community Garden Williams St. & Dungarven Rd. S A peaceful garden with picnic table abutting T a bit of woods. Tucked away. Do your thing. C O M M U N E • P A R T A K E • E N J O Y


Who are you?

(Jamaica Plain) (Cental Sq)

Not all food scrap collection programs accept the same items. Meat and dairy can only be broken down by compost systems that reach high enough temperatures, like the large compost piles run by businesses. “Anaerobic food digesters” can also process meat and dairy, using bacteria in an oxygen-free environment and creating biogas for fuel use. This isn’t the same as a composting process and has a very different output, gas instead of soil.

H ============================================= K • ROCK: • Nira Rock S 22 Nira Ave. G N Quite a cliff, I must say. Plenty of shade A below and a view a-top. Orchard adds a touch. A Z

City Feed & Boomerang's

Midway Cafe

An increasing number of MA cities and towns are doing the same. Cambridge has offered residential food waste pickup since prepandemic, Ipswich processes their curbside collection at their transfer station, and Watertown rolled out their first bins this fall. Keeping food waste out of the garbage saves towns money by reducing trash pickup costs, and it’s better for the environment in many ways. Uneaten asparagus will create harmful greenhouse gasses in a landfill, but when devoured by the microorganisms in compost it sequesters carbon and puts nutrients in the resulting soil.

C H I L L • R E L A X • M E D I T A T E N Article: Neighborhood: B Rocks Jamaica Plain O A Docks By: Neil Horsky S & Blocks S


1369 Coffee House

Each organization has a “What we accept” list on their website.

Take our survey

Stony Brook Orange Line


Even more recently, I learned Boston has a new curbside food waste collection program for residents. The first round is full, with openings in spring, but you can join the waitlist now:

Boston’s curbside pickup program will eat your cheese and chicken bones, but Project Oscar is strictly vegetarian.

Scan the QR


In the backyard bin, some at the bottom and more on top of each deposit. This reduces odors and sops up food sluice.


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3 – Torn brown paper bag

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