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Why choose Delnet ? Delnet offers a simple, effective approach to make your vision a reality. We have made our reputation by striving to reach your goals and expectations throughout all facets of the project. Allowing us to be your partner allows you to do the most important thing – run your business.

Who we are Derek Morley Having spent 32 years in the office furniture industry, my role has developed from simply selling basic furniture solutions to developing into both sales and procurement consultant through to acting on the side of the client as their nominated representative during specification, mock-ups, purchasing and all ‘Day Two’ requirements.

Steve Bates Over a period spanning more than 40 years in the design industry, I have completed numerous projects either as Project Architect (Interior Design ) or Project Manager. Projects completed, include over 4.5 million sq.ft of office fit out ranging from 2,000sq.ft to 500,000sq. ft. Most of these projects have been turnkey to include all of the associated furniture.

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What we do Holistic and joined-up service, advising on, supplying and maintaining all loose furniture and equipment, audio visual systems, fit out and bespoke works.

Pick a Leg Pick an edge detail

Pick a top

your vision our solution Pick a screen

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your reality

Pick a pedestal

Pick a range

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Project management In conjunction with the supply of office furniture we can also Project Manage your fit out offering a full design and build, turnkey solution. Steve Bates has worked extensively in the commercial office environment, formerly as a Design Director for a major interior design practice and latterly as Project Manager/Director for the last 16 years encompassing over 4.5milion sq. ft. of fit out works. Should this be of interest, to deliver a well considered project we would adopt the following approach:

1 Project process At project inception we would meet with you, the client, to understand your key objectives and produce a strategic brief.

2 Approach In conjunction with our design team a basic programme will be produced taking into account your key dates showing the duration of all key phases of the work to include:

• Brief • Concept • Scheme • Detail / Production • Procurement • Construction • Completion

In dividing the project into key phases it is important that all team members understand the deliverables expected. Time, cost and quality implications can be reviewed at each stage providing the client with adequate confidence to give approvals prior to moving on to the next stage.

3 Key issues At project inception it is important that the team collectively input and are aware of all key issues. Typically these could include:

• Consistency of brief • Completion date with regard to lease implications • Generic flexibility of design • Churn frequency • Maintenance regime • Cost effectiveness

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Bronze range

The traditional cantilever legged desk offers a classic look to the office.

Choose from a selection of styles to create the look you want for your business. These desks can be used singly or configured as four-way desks with the option of adding screens, storage and extensions to suit your needs.


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Silver range

Beam desking offers a practical and versatile solution to your desking needs. The beam system is interchangeable and leg supports can be easily reconfigured to meet your needs as your business evolves. The leg-share functionality provides an economical solution and increases leg room when grouping desks together as well as the ability to change between left and right handed desks. Power and data cables can be incorporated into the beam system providing a tidy working environment.


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Gold range The Gold range promotes our marque brand, offering exceptional styling and functionality with total flexibility in mind for continuity and future proofing.


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In summary This brochure outlines what we can offer and we would hope that there is something of interest? Given it is only an outline document, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs to see if we can assist in delivering your project.

our client portfolio includes:

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Services We Offer • Consultation • Survey & Audit • Move Management • Filing & Storage Audits • Design & Planning • Furniture Supply • Project Management • Compliance • Installation & Reconfiguration • Audio Visual Solutions • Acoustic Solutions • Maintenance & Service • Restoration & Repairs • Replacement Keys & Locks

Call us now and get the working environment you want OFFICE INTERIOR SOLUTIONS a DELNET company 5 Peartree Close Little Billing Northampton NN3 9TH

t 01604 413946 m 07971 842861 e

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Office Interior Solutions... The UK's leading Office Interior Solutions  
Office Interior Solutions... The UK's leading Office Interior Solutions  

THE EASY OFFICE... workplace specialists Making things simpler for you is our objective. Delnet offers a simple, effective approach to ma...