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NOTE: If this is a first time installation, follow the instructions in the App Setup section of this User Guide to register your thermostat to your smart device.

The following may cause a failed connection to the device: ▶▶ Wi-Fi signal is too weak ▶▶ 5 GHz Wi-Fi network is not supported ▶▶ SSID contains space or non-ASCII characters ▶▶ Incorrect password ▶▶ Wi-Fi is okay but your internet is unavailable ▶▶ Additional web authentication is not supported After you have successfully established a connection, your network name appears. If your thermostat is already registered to your account on your smart device, your User ID name appears.

NOTE: For all smart devices that require access to the same thermostat, you must use the same account.


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Bosch Connected Control (BCC100 Thermostat) User Guide  

Bosch Connected Control (BCC100 Thermostat) User Guide