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COMPANY PROFILE & PROCESS Diego Bortolato & Partners is an architectural and design practice operating in the Monferrato Area, Piedmont, Italy. We take a collaborative and participatory approach to providing custom architectural and design services, specialising in retail and luxury hospitality. With professional experience since 1998, Diego Bortolato & Partners have worked with clients throughout Italy, U.K., France, Switzerland, Lebanon, Dubai and Russia. With broad experience and an open-minded approach, we identify the unique challenges of each projects and work towards creating solutions to address them. Our practice incorporates the principles of sustainable design, recognition of the value of original architectural details and detailed attention to the science of building and design. At Diego Bortolato & Partners, our goal is to produce highly aesthetic sustainable design and functionality for private and commercial clients. We have been a Member of the Italian Architectural Association (Ordine degli Architetti) since 2002.

SERVICES Bio-architecture for both new development and refurbishment Interior design, specializing in retail space for luxury brands Branding and corporate design Lighting and image consultancy Full planning and implementation services, from the design stage through planning, drawings, building permits and approvals and construction



DIEGO BORTOLATO ARCHITETTO – VALENZA – ITALY (2010 – PRESENT) Specializing in luxury retailspaces since establishment in 2010, including jewellery retail space for the area of Valenza – one of the most important jewellery hubs in the world. Provide image consultancy service throughout Italy and Europe. Clients include Leo Pizzo, Annamaria Cammilli, Crivelli Gioielli, Spallanzani Milano, Staurino Fratelli, RCM Gioielli, Roberta Porrati, Lançon (Geneva), Jahan (Geneva) in Switzerland, the U.K., the Lebanon, Dubai and Russia. DIEGO BORTOLATO & UNITÀ DI PROGETTO – VALENZA – ITALY (2002 – 2009) Partnership in an architectural office. Expertise in jewellery display and design of jewellery retail space and stands. Comprehensive interior and architecture planning and implementation. Lighting experience design for retail MAP PROJECTS – LONDON – UK (2000 – 2002) Helped build the foundation for Map Projects, an architectural and interior design office based in London, assisting architects Pasquale Amodio and Randa Hanna. Involved with all aspects of design, with the commitment of creating buildings, homes and workspaces in which modern timeless design and environmental merege. Projects included refurbishment of three homes, a 15-storey office building, an apartment building in Lebanon, refurbishment of an old school into flats and office space, as well as interior design for private clients. GIANLUCA RE ARCHITETTO – VALENZA – ITALY (1998 – 2000) Project Manager, Site Manager and Associated Architect.

OUR PROCESS We draw from our extensive experience to take a holistic approach


to design process. Every project is planned and executed with the

Project inception begins straight off with the initial meeting with

whole process in mind, from design through to construction. At

our client to immediately put into focus his requirements and

every stage the project requisite are balanced with the client’s

preferences. This initial consultation helps us develop project

expectations, thus ensuring the client is fully informed and aware

objectives and prioritization. At this stage, we thoroughly

of the various elements involved in a projected budget. We work

document the site and context to identify all its features and

hard to build strong relationships with our clients so that we can

then acquire a current boundary survey. A preliminary analysis

fully meet respect and meet the clint’s needs.

of the regulatory planning laws will help establish the project’s

We provide invaluable advice on the most suitable method

regulatory parameters and identify any authorities that have

of construction for the project and budget. As part of our

jurisdiction over the site.

construction management services, we also assist our clients with all the necessary municipal (and any other related) permits


and documentation.

Once we have a full understanding of the site, its existing conditions and any zoning or other restrictions on the property,

Every project evolves through five phases:

we start to explore various design concepts. A plan starts to take

| 1 | Preliminary Design

shape as we render a series of preliminary design sketches and

| 2 | Schematic Design

diagrams based on the client’s briefing and budget.

| 3 | Design Development

We explore and offer various options for the project’s general

| 4 | Construction Documents

layout and creative direction, always keeping our client closely

| 5 | Construction




We help secure the necessary building permits by preparing

The basic design layout and scope leads to the refining of the

the application, assisting our clients throughout the application

agreed-upon schematic design for a clearer definition of the

process and offering guidance with respect to any other required

scope and quality of the finished project. We will explore further


design details, including construction methods and materials, and finalise cost projections. Our design concepts are rendered


through drawings, sketches and physical and/or computer models

Throughout the construction phase, we work alongside our

– methods that help our client understand the building proposal

client’s contractor or construction manager to help keep the

and feel confident moving forward. At the end of this phase, the

project on track, running smoothly and in accordance with

“feel” of the project can be easily conceived by the client. If the

building regulations. During on-site visits we will determine if

scope allows, we can include such interior details as the selection

construction is proceeding according to the contract, and that

and sourcing of plumbing and lighting, kitchen specifics furnishing

the design, materials and quality of work meet with acceptable

and finishings.

standards We will assist with the resolution of issues that arise during construction.


We offer our own complete construction management services,

Upon final approval of the design concepts, we start to coordinate

ensuring that the entire design and construction phases run

the construction dettails, specified materials, necessary

smoothly. Despite careful planning, unexpected issues and new

consultants and working drawings and specifications. We ensure

opportunities arise as every project develops. As the construction

that the proposal complies with building regulations identified in

manager, we can easily refine details of the project as the design

the Preliminary Design phase.

continues to evolve throughout construction phases.








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CREDITS GIOIELLERIA LEO PIZZO ROMA Progetto: arch.Diego Bortolato con arch.Gianluca Re Cronologia: progetto 20072008 Realizzazione: 2008 Collaboratori: Arch. Daniela Goppion – Management allestimento Sig. Roberto Ceriani – Ingegnerizzazione e sviluppo Arch. Silvia Anghinelli – coordinamento allestimento CIME SPA – Sig. Mauro Stanchi – illuminazione Tessuti – Laboratorio d’Arte – Sig.ra Marinella Francia Opere: Impresa – Menichelli Sig. Vittorio Menichelli Impianti elettrici – Servizi Srl Clima e Idraulica – Servizi Srl. Stucchi – Acquilinea – Sig. Vignone Pavimenti – Piba Marmi Sig. Simone Soliman Luci teche Def srl – Sig. Paolo De Vecchi Allestimento ed arredo: Laboratorio Museotecnico Goppion GIOIELLERIA LEO PIZZO MILANO progetto: arch.Diego Bortolato con arch.Gianluca Re fotografie: Jurgen Eheim direzione lavori: Arch. Diego Bortolato general contractor: Impresa Contiero, sig. Bellebono M. allestimenti arredi e finiture: Barth Innenausbau KG/SAS progetto illuminotecnico: Turn Lights s.r.l. – Vicenza decori e stucchi: Michele Valenti & F.lli GIOIELLERIA SPALLANZANI MILANO Progetto: arch.Diego Bortolato con arch.Gianluca Re Assistenza alla Direzione Lavori: Arch. Marco Vistarini General Contractor: Impresa Contiero – resp. M.Bellebono Arredi e finiture: F.lli GROPPO Srl. Progetto Illuminotecnico : CIME SPA – sig. Mauro Stanchi Cronologia: progetto 20062007 Realizzazione: 2007

REPOSI CALZATURE ALESSANDRIA Progettazione: Diego Bortolato Architetto Fotografie: Daniela Bortolato General Contractor: R2 – IMPRESA COSTRUZIONI Arredi: F.lli GROPPO Srl. manager: Arch. Alberto Seita Impianti Elettrici: – VIOLA IMPIANTI, di Viola Claudio Cartongessi ed sculture in gesso: BONELLI CESARE Lampade su disegno: PROGETTO LUCE Decori e Tinteggiature: MICHELE VALENTI & FIGLI Serramenti e boiserie metalliche: SELVAVETRI di Davide Selva Parquet: GIORIO PAVIMENTI IN LEGNO Affidamento d’incarico: Dicembre 2009 Inaugurazione: Marzo 2010 Superficie del lotto: 70 mq. Garibaldi 6, 15100 Alessandria ABITAZIONE PRIVATA CASA_M_SSM Progettazione: Diego Bortolato Architetto Fotografie: Daniela Bortolato General Contractor: LIgnoalp DAMIANIHOLZ&KO S.p.A. Brixen Arredi su disegno: Isaia Emanuele Falegname Impianti Elettrici: – Voltalux di Pastorello Patrizio Pavimenti in Cemento: Capodicasa Pavimenti in Legno: Bonardi Matteo per CP Parquet Illuminazione: Sacchi Giuseppe S.p.A. Resp. sig. Mauro Stanchi Affidamento d’incarico: Luglio 2010 realizzazione: Settembre 2011 Luglio 2012 ABITAZIONE PRIVATA CASA_C_PE Progetto: arch.Diego Bortolato con arch.Gianluca Re consulenti: Enzo Francescato , Francescato SAS. Impresa Edile progetto: 20062009

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APPARTAMENTO APP_B_VA Progetto: arch.Diego Bortolato con arch.Gianluca Re APPARTAMENTO APP_G_VA Progetto: arch.Diego Bortolato Fotografie: Daniela Bortolato General Contractor: F.lli Pantaleone APPARTAMENTO APP_P_VA Progetto: arch.Diego Bortolato Fotografie: Daniela Bortolato General Contractor: R2 – IMPRESA COSTRUZIONI Arredi su disegno: Villosio Arredamenti Stucchi e finiture murarie: Acquilinea Alessandria Serramenti e carpenterie metalliche: Maryni Matteo Frassineto Monf. STAND GROPPO F.LLI ARREDAMENTI Progetto: arch.Diego Bortolato con arch.Gianluca Re Collaboratori: Ing. Claudio Groppo, progetto strutturale Progetto: 2006 Realizzazione: 2006

STAND DI.GO. GIOIELLI BASEL Progetto: Arch.Diego Bortolato Progetto: 2011 Realizzazione: 2011 Scaglione Falegname Illuminazione: Progetto Luce di Giacomo Sanzogni STAND MARTINI SANT’ORSOLA VINITALY 2008 Progetto non relizzato. Progetto: arch.Gianluca Re e arch.Diego Bortolato Progetto:2008 STAND F.LLI GANCIA VINITALY 2012 Progetto: arch. Diego Bortolato General Contractor: Scaglione Stefano & C. s.a.s Progetto Grafico: Agenzia iO, prima persona plurale. Cronologia: progetto 2012 Realizzazione: 2012

DIEGO BORTOLATO ARCHITETTO Via Frontoni 1 15048 Valenza AL +39.338.1125873 | +39.0131.482732 Albo Architetti AL 752 BRTDGI71D02L570P Partita IVA 01963240062

diego bortolato architetto portfolio  

My professional resume and portfolio 2013

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