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BORJAFERNANDEZ|BSc (Hons) Arch, MArch. ARB ARCHITECT ProfessionalExperience Borja Fernández Flórez Spanish Flat 44, Priory Heights | 2, Wynford rd (N19SL) Schipluidenlaan 96, 1062 HE Amsterdam +44 07922 465682 Borja Fernandez Florez

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-Brentdord Urban Quarters -Victoria Square Woking -Allders Minerva Croydon -AstraZeneca Headquartes

NETHERLANDS: Productive Landscape


Mainz City Hall Rehabilitation



Bamiyan Cultural Centre

Fine Arts Museum Badajoz




Fine Arts Museum Gran Canaria


ABU DHABI: The Sixth Museum

Al Basheer Medical City


Oman Botanical Garden


Building Desing Partnership (BDP) 2019-2020

Collaboration in projects: AstraZeneca Headquarters (Cambridge) (teams in London consisting of 25 components, in Cambridge consisting of 32 components and in Sheffield consisting of 6 components, 53,000sqm, Tipology: Laboratories & offices)


Benoy 2016 - 2019

( Collaboration in projects: Brentford Urban Quarters (Chiswick) (team consisting of 5 components, 90,000sqm, Tipology: Residential & Mixed Use) Multifunctional Residential Masterplan Almaty (team consisting of 4 components, 13Ha & 6.7 Ha, Tipology: Multifunctional Residential) Solitaire (team consisting of 7 components, 96,000 m2, Tipology: Retail&F&B), Allders Minerva, Croydon (team consisting of 3 components, 48,000 m2, Tipology: Retail&F&B), Victoria Sq Woking (team consisting of 12 components, 70,000 m2, Tipology: Retail, Residential, Hospitality, Tall Buildings, Mixed-use), The Sixth Museum (team consisting of 7 components, 545,000 m2, Tipology: Urban), Al Basheer Medical City (team consisting of 4 components, 65,000 m2, Tipology: Healthcare), St Edburg´s Walk Bicester Oxfordshire (team consisting of 5 components, 19,000 m2, Tipology: Retail&F&B), 81 - 103 King’s Road (team consisting of 3 components, 23,000 m2, Tipology: Retail&Offices)

September 2008 - June 2014

Architecture degree

September 2008 - June 2011

Creativity and graphic expression master

College of architecture in the Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid). Scholarship of excellence in the community of Madrid in the first year with an average of 9.65 (average undergraduate grade: 8.2) Master degree in architecture-related, developed over three academic years. Drawing techniques, media and forms of expression, and methods of development and fostering of creativity are some of the knowledge acquired.

ProfessionalAssociations December 2014 - Continued Registered member of Oficcial Architect Collegue of Madrid March 2016 - Continued Registered member of Architects Registration Board (UK)

Awards, Achivements & Publications Printed Publications -Farini de Orleans, Elena. TIME AND CITIES. Editorial: UFV. ISBN: 978-84-89552-83-8 -Esguevillas, Daniel. THIS IS TOMORROW. Editorial: UFV .ISBN: 978-84-15423-13-3


Grimshaw Architects 2015 - 2016


Collaboration in projects: Oman Botanical Garden (team consisting of 40-50 components, 15 ht surface, client: private developer), Macadam Building Planning Study (team consisting of 4 components, 25,000 sqft surface, client: FRASER )

Hago Office 2014 Design BIM Architect, with studies carried out in the Francisco de Vitoria ARCHITECT University and a degree from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. ( Experience in Spain and United Kingdom. Collaboration in projects: The Mainz City Hall contest of rehabilitation (equipment made up of 6 components, 5700 m2, client: Mainz City Hall), Museum Extensive training due to my professional experience and due of my of fine arts Badajoz (nominated for the Mies Van der Rohe awards of archiunstoppable curiosity. Extrovert, ease at personal relationships, having tecture 2014; team consisting of 8 components, 3300 m2 and budget of € 5 excellent work capacity, effort and permormance, and on top of all, passion million, client: Badajoz City Hall), Gran Canaria fine arts museum competition for architecture as measure of expression. My goal is to develop personally (team of 4 components, 11000 m2, client: City of Gran Canaria) and professionally through a job that allows me to contribute with my knowledge, values and desire to take on challenges and leadership. ARCHITECT

-Designing the future. Review nº5. Editorial: Advantia com. gráfica. ISSN: 2340-9150

Online Publications -Productive Landscape: Rotterdam |

is self-sufficient (PFC): |

http:// http://nodopfc.

-Actuosa Participatio, Capilla universitaria (UFV):


-Finalist in 5th Schindler Spain architecture Awards Contest (Local ) -2nd in PLADUR® XXIII competition (Local ) Constructive Solutions

Relevant Skills & Competency Software

Arocas & Gozalez Architects 2013 - 2014

The years of experience have generated in me, as an architect, a special sensitivity towards the development of the projects in an effective, ( organized way, and maintaining the good architectural style in the decision Collaboration in projects: Polyclinic and future university hospital centre (team consisting of 4 components, 8400 m2 surface, client: private develmaking process. oper), Nursing home “La Merced” (team consisting of 4 components, 3200 I am sure that I can provide within a company the confidence to allow me to m2, € 3.5 million budget, client: private developer), Residence and produclead projects and coordinate teams, knowing how to delegate work within tive Botanical Garden (team of 6 people, 15000 m2, € 2 million, customer: the team, how to deal with clients, consultants, etc. All of these ensuring private developer and City Hall in Tres Cantos), Rehabilitation building of that the deadlines are met with company standards achieved and always laboratories in Tres Cantos (team of 4 components, 1500 m2, 2.3 million, customer: Merck laboratories) motivating the team, specially when working under pressure.


-Farini de Orleans, Elena. FLOWSCAPES. Editorial: UFV. ISBN: 978-84-15423-43-0

Social Media Languages Social / Volunteering

Proficiency: Revit, Adobe Suite, AutoCAD, Sketchup, V-ray, Lumion, Enscape, Office, Navisworks Experimented User: 3D Max, Lumion Some experience: ArchiCAD, Microstation, Grasshopper, Dynamo, Rhinoceros Leadership, Managment, Resolutive. Drawing, Sketching, Draughting, Photography Spanish (mother tong), English (Fluent), French (User Level), Dutch (User level) Teaching of social cooperation: 2D and 3D drawing (Horizontes Abiertos NGO) Development Educational buildings Volunteer (VIPEIKA FUNDATION)






Location: Cambridge (UK) Role: Design BIM Co-Ordinator Term: 12 months Area: 90,000 Sqm Team: 60-90p Typology: Offices & Research


Astrazeneca Headquartes

Stage: Technical Design & vConstruction (Stages 4 & 5)


Plans for the site on the existing Cambridge Biomedical Campus centre on a triangular building designed by Herzog & de Meuron with a central courtyard and serrated glazed facade. This will be a research and development centre, with laboratories separated from other work spaces with glass walls. AstraZeneca said that the use of internal glazing would “promote ‘visible science’, ensuring scientific innovation is the primary focus for all staff, both in R&D and other functions”. The low-rise building will also house office facilities dedicated to the company’s commercial and regulatory activities. The triangular shape of the structure was chosen partly to reduce journey times when moving around the building and encourage more staff interaction The whole structure is connected in a single loop, providing short connections within the building and modern, innovative workspaces that support collaborative working. The ‘saw-tooth’ roof, which carries on through to the facade, aims to unify the appearance of the building and give it a distinctive character.



Astrazeneca Headquartes


BDP | Astrazeneca Headquartes



Astrazeneca Headquartes


BDP | Astrazeneca Headquartes



Astrazeneca Headquartes






Location: Chiswick (UK) Role: Design BIM architect Term: 4 weeks Area: 90,000 Sqm Team: 7p Typology: Retail & F&B

BENOY | Brentford Urban Quarters

Stage: Concept


The project DNA diagram opposite identification the main uses of the overall scheme and their interrelatinships. We can see that the public realm works as the central element, the link between all the main uses of the scheme, connecting all different uses and activities. Rather than creating a development with standalone uses we are proposing to create shared or connected uses across the development. For example the car show case manufacturers would take advantage of the cinema to utilize their auditoriums for car launches. The inhabitants of the residential will also use the leisure facilities. The Hotel is also strongly related to the car showcase, as it could be used to accomodate the people involved in events and conferences taking place there. In high-density urban developments such as this providing access to valuable external amenity creat areas of calm away from main public spaces. By utilising the rooftops they also become a valuable visual amenity for residents and visitors. The scheme utilises podium rooftops for residential and student amenity gardens with spaces for play, leisure and relaxation.


BENOY | Brentford Urban Quarters


BENOY | Brentford Urban Quarters


BENOY | Brentford Urban Quarters






Location:Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) Role: Design BIM architect Term: 5 weeks Area: 96,000 Sqm Team: 7p Typology: Retail & F&B Stage: Concept

An Arabian rock sculpted along the years by the elements. The sun and its light rouses the wind and through its dance, unveil the gem. This Option is about bringing people in, and protect people from the noises, sunlight and pollution where people will dwell. Where rocks cracked, the gem will be revealed from the streets. Plans and sections are developed to reflect the concept and to consider environmental analysis.

BENOY | Solitarire Shopping Mall

The project has been developed up to schematic, with a scheme of 3 +GF floors of mixed F&B and Retail units, generating 2 main Plazas at the sides of the main boulevards, and making a clear distinction between 2 atmospheres, with an external and an internal retail areas.


An Arabian rock sculpted along the years by the elements. The sun and its light rouses the wind and through its dance, unveil the gem. This Option is about bringing people in, and protect people from the noises, sunlight and pollution where people will dwell. Where rocks cracked, the gem will be revealed from the streets. Plans and sections are developed to


BENOY | Solitarire Shopping Mall


BENOY | Solitarire Shopping Mall


BENOY | Solitarire Shopping Mall






Location: Croydon / London (UK) Role: Architect Term: 3 weeks Area: 48,000 Sqm Team: 3p Typology: Retail & F&B

BENOY | Alders Minerva (Croydon)

Stage: Feasibility


The proposed scheme promotes a full redevelopment of the site, providing a mix of retail, leisure, office, and residential uses. Building on the history of Croydon as a thriving market town, this scheme provides a strong and dynamic retail podium level with commercial use residential and office towers above. Structured into 5 interlinked blocks, a total of approximately 49,000 m2 GEA in size, the scheme consists of the following programme: • Block A: 14 storey residential accommodation located adjoining Dingwall Avenue with a basement level car and bicycle parking. • Block B: 3 storey commercial office accommodation above retail levels adjoining George Street. • Block C: single storey of plant adjoining North End and located on the roof. • Block D: 5 storey residential accommodation adjoining the Whitgift Centre to the North. • Block E: the largest element of the scheme comprising 3 storey retail and leisure accommodation fronting North End, George Street and adjoining the Whitgift Centre with a basement level of retail, leisure, storage and servicing.


BENOY | Alders Minerva (Croydon)






Location: Saadiyat Island / Abu Dhabi (UAE) Role: Design/Lead architect Term: 4 weeks Area: 545,000 Sqm Team: 7p Typology: Urban Residential, Hospitality & Retail + Cultural Stage: Competition

BENOY | The sixth Museum

Create connections through water... Extend the museum into the everyday... Water acts as a connecting element, an identity and character creator and a cooling component to the scheme. It is multi-functional, adds beauty and playfulness to the environment and leaves an indelible memory in visitors minds through sensory generating installations.


Water permeates through the site, imbuing a sense of hierarchy and importance to main streets, axis and view corridors. Different expressions of water are filtered throughout the site to respond to the character of each district. Playful interactive water fountains and mist installations are used in the community focused zone. Spiritual, meditative water is displayed in the wellbeing high-end district. In the dynamic and innovative zone, water walls and waterfalls are high energy and interactive, creating words as drops fall and playing with the sense of enclosure and transparency. This is The Elixir, the central heart of the scheme. The scheme remains both sympathetic to surrounding iconic museums but also promotes it’s own strong identity. An identity created by water and art and the integration of the two. This is The Sixth Museum...


BENOY | The Sixth Museum


BENOY | The sixth Museum


BENOY | The Sixth Museum







Location: Karthoum (Sudan) Role: Design BIM Architect Term: 4 weeks Area: 65,000 Sqm Team: 7p Typology: Healthcare Stage: Concept

From the project outset it was imperative to understanding the wider client/project aspirations and goals. The aspirations transcend individual buildings, components and architecture and provide the backdrop and character to the overall development. These aspirations can be summarised as follows; To create a world class Medical City.

BENOY | Al Basheer Medical CIty

A destination that is memorable, dynamic and recognised as a place for healing and wellness. Aligning our design thinking with the project aspirations we created a series of key design objectives that were aimed to shape and define the project.


These objectives were centred on opportunities to: Create a world class healthcare facility that creates and positive environment for wellness, recovery and research. This facility needs to utilise modern thinking and best-practice aligned with. • Create new connections and links between project components and avoid heavily segregated and isolated solutions. • Produce an architectural (and master planning) solution that responds to the local climate in its orientation,proximity, design, and materiality.


BENOY | AlBasheerMedicalCIty


BENOY | Al Basheer Medical CIty


BENOY | AlBasheerMedicalCIty






Location: Woking (UK) Role: BIM Architect Term: 16 months Area: 70,000 Sqm Team: 12-14p Typology: Retail & Residential Stage: Design & Technical Development

Victoria Square is a significant regeneration scheme for Woking. It is part of a wider ambition which aims to reposition the town, improve and reinforce the way in which its existing retail components are connected and create a new gateway to the town centre from the West. The development is centred on an external public space in the town with generous landscaping and a substantial dining district. It will also be the address for almost 400 new homes including two tall residential buildings.

BENOY | Victoria Square Woking

A third tower will incorporate an international 4-Star hotel with spa, gym and two restaurants, one of which is located on Level 22 to exploit the magnificent views.


This comprehensive, mixed-use development will also include a medical facility and additional car parking..


BENOY | VictoriaSquareWoking


BENOY | Victoria Square Woking


BENOY | VictoriaSquareWoking

GRIMSHAWARCHITECTS|OmanBotanicalGarden Location: Muscat Expy (Oman) Role: BIM Architect Term: 10 months Area: 15 Ht Team: 12-14p Typology: Cultural / Botanical Garden Stage: Design & Technical Development

The Oman Botanic Garden is a project of national importance and international signifi cance. It is an institution which seeks to understand and preserve the diversity and fragility of the natural world. Oman Botanic Garden will bring habitats to life from all over Oman.

GRIMSHAW ARCHITECTS | Oman Botanical Garden

Visitors will be able to experience the landscapes, damp, cool fog forests of Dhofar all year round, the baking sand desert, unique juniper forest, arid, salty Sabkha, dry gravel desert and the beautiful wadis all in one place; surrounded by a stunning nature reserve.


The mix of both internal and external habitats will be the largest of its kind in the Arabian Peninsula.A comprehensive master plan was prepared by Atkins in 2006 to guide the development of the Oman Botanic Garden from concept through to implementation. Since that time, the development of the Oman Botanic Garden has proceeded and strayed from the recommendations of the original 2006 Master Plan to such a degree that the current design does not meet the philosophical, scientific or operational requirements of this internationally signifi cant project.


GRIMSHAW ARCHITECTS | Oman Botanical Garden


GRIMSHAW ARCHITECTS | Oman Botanical Garden


GRIMSHAW ARCHITECTS | Oman Botanical Garden

HAGO OFFICE| Fine Arts Museum of Badajoz Location: Badajoz (Spain) Role: Architect Term: 6 months Area: 4,500 Sqm Team: 6-8p Typology: Cultural

HAGO OFFICE | Fine Arts Museum of Badajoz

Stage: Design & Technical Development


The backbone of the architectural strategy for the extension project of the Fine Arts Museum in Badajoz is meant to regain an Identity: a new built environment (Architecture) that interacts with the urban context (City) through its cultural content (Museum). We project a complex whose starting point is the expansion of the existing museum, located in a listed building in the center of Badajoz. The complex includes two new buildings that are connected through a courtyard and are opened to two different streets of the city. Due to the difficult circumstances that come together in this place (archaeological remains, party walls and the rehabilitation of the listed building) a powerful and coherent architectural response is required. A typological scheme organized by an inverted “L�, responds to the functional, spatial, structural and technical aspects. This scheme is fostered (inside and outside) through a cladding, a perforated prestressed concrete panel, whose scale and pattern seem to print a message in the skin of the building. The efficient and silent result allows the building to be integrated into the city without resorting to a compositional exercise, overflowing the physical limits of the buildings and turning the proposed spaces into real stars of the urban environment. This project represents an encounter with beauty where the memory and its power remain in time; convert the whole museum into a new social, urban and artistic reality in the center of Badajoz.


HAGO OFFICE | Fine Arts Museum of Badajoz


HAGO OFFICE | Fine Arts Museum of Badajoz


HAGO OFFICE | Fine Arts Museum of Badajoz

HAGO OFFICE| Mainz CIty Hall Rehabilitation Location: Mainz (Germany) Role: Architect Term: 2 weeks Area: 5,700 Sqm Team: 5p Typology: Cultural Stage: Competition

This competition arises from the city of Mainz. The Goverment sets a renovation of its headquarters (building of Arne Jacobsen), and a recovery in the immediate surroundings.

HAGO OFFICE | Mainz City Hall Rehabilitation

Proposes the removal of the existing podium of 5 m, which is considered a barrier for the population, from the urban to the river arising in the East facade of the building.


This seeks to bury the road traffic, to generate greater freedom of transit between areas, proposing at the time an extension of one of the main routes which will result in the river as leisure and recreation.As for the intervention of the building itself, it reorders highlighting the points of greatest architectural wealth. At the time, the unevenness to access the building in its original state is also removed.


HAGO OFFICE | Mainz City Hall Rehabilitation

HAGO OFFICE| FineArtsMuseumofGranCanaria Location: Gran Canaria (Spain) Role: Architect Term: 2 weeks Area: 3,200 Sqm Team: 4p Typology: Cultural Stage: Competition

HAGO OFFICE | Fine Arts Museum of Gran Canaria

The competition rules state an urban needs in order to revitalize the historic center. Our proposal, far from raising global action, aims to create a major trigger for the activation of this historic downtown area. It is proposed to build a visitor reception center on the site located north of Ramon y Cajal street, opposite the main entrance of the Museum. This building largely solve all the needs identified in the program of the competition with regard to public car parks, entrances, bus stops and connections between Juan de Quesada street and the historic center.


The proposal suggests that a space that serves as presentation for all the cultural axis that exists in this area of the city is settled inside.Its roof, a large viewing platform, will serve as a public space prior to the Museum and emphasize the presence of the institution in the urban fabric, also dignifying the presence of the building in the environment.Generally a dual action is pursued, since in the north facade the permanence of historical space is represented, while in the south the volume that hosts all functional uses of the program offering a more contemporary image of the built complex is drawn.The proposed Museum of Fine Arts in Gran Canaria presents a comprehensive review of the existing set in order to renew its functionality and upgrade relations with the environment of the city.


HAGO OFFICE | Fine Arts Museum of Gran Canaria

GALLINERO ARCHITECTS | BamiyanCulturalCentre Location: Bamiyan (Afghanistan) Role: Architect Term: 2 weeks Area: 2,000 Sqm Team: 4p Typology: Cultural Stage: Competition

Project developed in collaboration with Gallinero architects. The project departs from the published bases by the UNESCO for the development of a cultural center in Bamiyan’s zone (Afghanistan).

GALLINERO ARCHITECS | Bamiyan Cultural Centre

This way two basic concepts are decided that will remark the evolution of the project: The reorganization of the area that exists nowadays, seeking to reorientation of the sights towards the locations of the former budas (UNESCO heritage) and a game of walls of concrete Cyclopean that similarly adapt to the new level curves, they are contain as requested in the program.


Therefore the presence in the existing landscape scarcely changes, and the set goes unnoticed except where it´s now open, seeking interesting sights. At the same time a landscape labor is being done integrating a series of agricultural gardens in the environment, to energetically self-supply the set and to use the activity of major economic power of the zone.


GALLINERO ARCHITECS | Bamiyan Cultural Centre

FINAL DEGREE PROJECT | Productive Landscape Location: Rotterdam (Netherlands) Role: Student Term: 12 months Area: 11,000 Sqm Team: 1p Typology: Mix Use

FINAL DEGREE PROJECT | Productive Landscape

Stage: Final Degree Project


The general idea of the project is based on establishing agriculture, and architecture of the programs linked to it, as the hinges between the urban environment and the rural adjacent; the aim of this project where we draw our full attention, and all interventions developed along the territorial scale of the Rotterdam; Taking advantage of the economic gaps and areas lacking green, which are set on the outskirts of the North, both Rotterdam and adjacent municipalities, through specific interventions are connected by agriculture and green locomotion, generating a new agro-arquitectonica hinge linking Rotterdam society with their immediate natural environment through primeval activity in the composition of cities. The architectural piece is located in the urban limit (West side) of the municipality of Vlaardingen, near Rotterdam. The plot is defined by its location in what is nowadays a park without hardly any use lack of connections with the surrounding urban fabric, and it´s limited on one of its sides by a channel that acts as a fissure or urban-rural limit. The project is defined because of it´s original conception of an element that is directly linked to their constructive and structural nature from different areas and points of action.


FINAL DEGREE PROJECT | Productive Landscape


FINAL DEGREE PROJECT | Productive Landscape


FINAL DEGREE PROJECT | Productive Landscape

A Building Is a story told every time, enriched by the people who use it. Woven into a fabric of time an space. A testament. A narrative.


BSc (Hons) Arch, MArch. ARB Architect

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