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July 5, 2018


4730 Squaw Prairie Rd., Belvidere


An Affordable Assisted Lifestyle Community for the Older Adult

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BUCHANAN STREET PUB 111 Buchanan St., Belvidere 815-547-1012 Sun.-Tues. 11 AM-2 AM Wed.-Thurs. 7 AM-2 AM Fri.-Sat. 6 AM-2 AM

Providing Great Real Estate & Living Solutions For Seniors You can rely on me to deliver outstanding results, flawless service & a rewarding real estate experience. My focus is YOU. My priority is YOU. My commitment is to YOU.

Gil Bleidorn Broker-Associate 815-985-3679 Call or Text 815-975-3607 815-985-3679 411 S. State St. Belvidere, IL


with Others.

The Health Benefits Of Grandparent-Grandchild Relationships In the not-so-distant past, extended families were the norm, with multiple generations residing on the same street if not in the same house. Today the family unit is largely an amalgam of different situations. The rise of twoincome families has pressured parents into finding childcare situations. Often grandparents once again step in to offer guidance & support for youngsters. This can be a good thing for both grandparents & grandchildren. Although a bevy of psychological research focuses on parent-child relationships, new evidence points to the benefits of the grandchild-grandparent relationship as well. Close relationships between these different demographics is often a sign of strong familial ties. A study from researchers at Boston College discovered that emotionally close ties between grandparents & adult grandchildren reduced depressive symptoms in both groups. Research at the University of Oxford among English children between the ages 11-16 found that close grandparent-grandchild relationships were associated with benefits including fewer emotional & behavioral problems & fewer difficulties with peers. Adult & grandchildren alike benefit from relationships with their elders. Grandparents can provide a connection & exposure to different ideas while providing a link to family history & knowledge regarding traditions & customs not readily available elsewhere. Nurturing grandparent-grandchild experiences may be easy for families where grandparents live in the same house or close by. For others, it may take some effort. The following are some ways to facilitate time spent together. • Schedule regular family reunions or get-togethers. Host or plan multi-generation events that bring the family together & expose children to various members of their family. • Promote one-on-one time. Have grandchildren spend time with grandparents in intimate settings. Alone time can be good for both & offers each undivided attention. A meal at a restaurant or time spent doing a puzzle or craft can be interesting to both generations involved. • Video chat when possible. If distance makes frequent visits challenging, use technology to bridge that gap. Send photos, letters & electronic communications. Tech-savvy grandparents can use Skype or Facetime to stay in touch & speak one-on-one with their grandchildren. • Share skills with each other. Either generation can play teacher to the other. Grandparents may have certain skills, such as baking, sewing or wood crafts, they can impart that may not be readily taught today. Children can help grandparents navigate computers, video games or sports activities. Grandchildren can help grandparents feel younger, & grandchildren can learn new experiences from their grandparents.

Pork Chop Fundraiser Hosted By RSVP BE A BLOOD DONOR.

(815) 965-8751

The Retired & Senior Volunteer Program Non-Profit will be hosting a Pork Chop Fundraiser on Friday, July 27th from Noon to 4 PM at Pacemaker Countryside Markets - Belvidere location at 413 Southtowne Drive. $8 Pork Chop Meal with drink or $6 Pork Chop Sandwich (meal includes grilled chop, potato salad & baked beans). RSVP is a non-profit program. Donations are appreciated. For info call 815-397-7103.

We Buy Diamonds Bring In Your Gold, Silver, Platinum, Watches, Coins & Jewelry Too. Find Out How Valuable It Really Is. FAMILY OWNED & FRIENDLY. TOP PRICES ALWAYS PAID. We Also Sell Gold & Silver Coins!

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Belvidere Collectible Coins 880 Belvidere Rd. • 815-547-7111 • M-F 9:30-5, Sat. 10-4

Two, convenient Boone County locations Belvidere Poplar Grove Physical Therapy Physical Therapy 1686 Henry Luckow Lane 1 -uOLe 'rLYe 815-547-4777 815-765-1155 2rWKoSeGLc ‡ 6SorWV ‡ ,nGuVWrLaO 5eKaELOLWaWLon &oPSOLPenWary LnMury VcreenV , oVWLSWcoP

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July 5, 2018




Life Skills Seminar Hosted By Anderson Funeral & Cremation Services Submitted by Steve Anderson of Anderson Funeral and Cremation Services

The needs of a family continue long after the death occurs. When we experience the death of a loved one, there are so many emotions that flood us, not only at the time of bereavement, but lingering well after the fact. There are two principles to address the spiritual needs and the worldly needs. For this publication we will look at the worldly needs.

1701 West 5th Avenue, Belvidere, IL 61008 P 815.547.5451 F 815.544.4059

A decade ago, I myself found myself in the midst of grief and bewilderment with the death of Patty. There are so many emotions and feelings that a person experiences and has to live through, that it is understandable why grief is so exhausting. I found that the “tidying up” of worldly affairs I had more questions, more concerns and more exhaustion. Jesus teaches us in John 13:27 “Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” But our sinful nature allows fear to creep in. Some of my fears were financially related, as I had kids in college with tuition that needed to be paid, legal needs as well as investment concerns. Let alone how to do laundry & cook for myself without encountering food poisoning & other household chores. For others the concerns may be related to selling property, long term care needs, etc. Is there a solution?

Barr’s Flowers 119 S. State St. 815-544-3141 Belvidere’s Only Complete Florist Seasonal Giftware, Purses & Scarves, Greeting Cards, Truffles & More!

In September we will be starting a four week “Life Skills” seminar on Saturday afternoons at Anderson Funeral and Cremation Services, that will address the topics of legal, financial, Long-term care and real estate / property decisions. We have asked leaders in their professions to spend some time with us talking about these very issues. Planning is the key, and knowledge is powerful because death, loss and mourning are unique to the individual who is experiencing the event, there is no one set solution for this worldly adjustment. We will also provide some light refreshments following the presentation. Seating will be limited, so if you have an interest, please give me a call and we would be glad to reserve you a place.

Family Owned & Operated Same Day Delivery Available Monday-Saturday! Proud member of the teleflora network ©

5th Annual Senior Picnic - Western Style

Expertise & Experience

How To Determine If Items Can Be Composted

• Burials • Cremation Burials • Pre-Burial Arrangements • Monument Markers And Memorials

The Keen Age Center will be hosting the 5th Annual Senior Picnic on Friday, July 27th, 10 AM - 1 PM. Tickets are $2 each and are on sale now at the reception window at 2141 Henry Luckow Lane, Belvidere. Seating is limited.

Cemetery Lots $850 to $900 Grave Openings $950

Compost is an eco-friendly way to grow a healthy & flourishing garden bed or landscape. Full of nutrients & rich organic materials, compost is often called “black gold” by gardeners for the benefits it provides. One of the main advantages to compost, apart from the way it boosts plant growth & health, is that it is relatively low in cost. Compost is created by food scraps & other materials that are left to break down naturally. Backyard composting speeds up the natural process of decomposition. In optimal conditions, organic matter can decompose more quickly. According to the U of I Extension, microorganisms like bacteria, fungi & actinomycetes account for most of the decomposition that takes place in a compost pile. However, insects also can do their part to create compost. Such insects are referred to as “physical composters” because they break down materials by chewing, grinding & digesting them into smaller pieces. Bacteria create an oxidation process that heats up the compost pile & aids in its decomposition. Homeowners can create their own compost piles with just a few items. Some of the staples of composting include foods that normally would be discarded. Vegetable peels, fruit rinds, eggshells, coffee grounds, & the like can be put into a compost pile. Meats & poultry should not be placed in a compost pile because of the threat of harmful pathogens & bacteria. Other items that are not food-related also can be added to compost piles. It may be challenging to determine which ones are applicable. These products are usually considered safe: Paper plates with no coating; products made from bagasse, a fibrous matter that remains after sugarcane or sorghum stalks are crushed; cardboard boxes; paper towels; wax paper; wax-covered paper cups; products certified as compostable by BPI; certified bio-plastics. Anything that is coated in plastic that is not a bio-plastic must go into the trash or be reused in another way. Composting is a cost-effective, viable way to reduce trash & produce a beneficial product for gardening and landscaping.

(Weekends Slightly More)

BCelvidere emetery Association

Frank Lloyd Wright Pettit Chapel 1121 N. Main, Belvidere 815-547-7642 Medicare & Most Insurance ACCEPTED



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Our mission is to celebrate one’s life and help families navigate the journey of loss with a sense of hope. One of the most painful events we experience in life is the loss of a loved one. At Anderson Funeral and Cremation Services, we believe that finding an appropriate and meaningful way to celebrate your loved one’s life while giving thanks to God for their life is the necessary foundation to healing. - Stephen Anderson

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July 5, 2018

Belvidere Family


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Menopause Diet: What To Eat & What To Avoid Healthcare professionals note that the foods women eat can affect how they feel during menopause. Some foods may reduce or eliminate troublesome symptoms, while others actually may make conditions worse. Weight gain, hot flashes, lack of energy, and mood swings are some of the more widely known symptoms of menopause, which is the time when a woman’s menstrual cycle permanently ceases due to the natural depletion of ovarian follicles & oocytes. Elevated follicle stimulating hormone, or FSH, & low estrogen levels are consistent with menopause & can cause any number of symptoms. While hormone replacement therapy is one option, women may find that changing their diets is enough to make them feel better & help them reduce their risk for certain diseases & manage some of the negative side effects of menopause. • Osteoporosis: Menopausal women are at a greater risk for osteoporosis, a condition in which bones become weaker & more brittle. Increasing one’s intake of foods rich in calcium & vitamin D can help. Calcium-rich foods include low-fat yogurt, sardines, broccoli, & firm tofu. • Weight gain: It’s possible to gain some weight during menopause. Data from the International Menopause Society & the Mayo Clinic point to decreases in metabolism as the source of menopausal weight gain. Women should cut back on fatty foods & trim any visible fats from the foods they cook. Eating foods high in complex sources of fiber can help a person to feel full on less food. • Mood swings: Hormone fluctuations may lead to mood swings & feelings of anxiety or depression. Improve mental well-being by increasing intake of foods rich in B vitamins & omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming whole grains, lentils, flaxseed, & oily fish can help. • Risk for other diseases: Women who are menopausal are at an elevated risk for breast cancer & even cardiovascular disease. The North American Menopause Society says such women should cut down on alcohol consumption, which can contribute to increased risk for both of these conditions. Women who have between two & five drinks per day are 1.5 times as likely to get breast cancer than women who don’t drink at all. • Fatigue: Foods can control how the body sustains energy levels. Sugary foods may provide a fast jolt of energy, but that boost often dwindles thereafter. Look for carbohydrates from fruits & vegetables, as such carbs provide longer-lasting energy. Boosting iron intake also may provide more pep & may even boost metabolism.

For All Your Auction Needs We Are Your Local Full-Service Boone County Auction Company Our Services Include: Residential & Commercial Real Estate Consignments, Estates, Liquidations & Collections Complete Cleanout Service Available

Owned & Operated By: Lyle & Patti Lee Lee Auction Service, 815-988-0249 Illinois License #440.000200 Wisconsin License #2863-52

For Independent Seniors Now Age 55+

Smart food choices can help women reduce the severity of some symptoms & side effects of menopause.

This Month’s Healthy Recipe SALMON & ASPARAGUS SALAD Ingredients 4 cups water 6 salmon fillets, 4 oz. each 1 tablespoon margarine 2 cups asparagus, cut in 1-inch pieces

Recipe Provided By The U of I Extension Office

Nutrition Facts Servings Per Recipe: 6 Servings Amount Per Serving:

3 cups cooked rice 1 cup thawed frozen peas 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper

Directions 1. Use 4 cups of water in a skillet to steam or poach salmon until salmon flakes with a fork. Remove salmon & discard water. 2. Heat margarine in skillet & add asparagus, cooking until tender. 3. Stir in rice, peas, salmon, salt, and pepper. 4. Cook about one minute, just to heat, stirring to prevent sticking.

Calories 380 Total Fat 16 g Sodium 419 mg Carbohydrates 28 g Fiber 3 g Protein 29 g

2018 Concerts In The Park Series The Boone County Arts Council presents the 2018 Concerts In The Park Series - Sundays at 6:30 PM. Bring your lawn chair or blanket & enjoy the sounds of these upcoming artists. Free to the public.



July 8th - The Groove Hotel at The Baltic Mill Stage Contemporary & Popular Jazz July 15th - That Gurl at Vintage Wings & Wheels Museum 70’s Cover Band July 22nd - Prime Time Live Band at The Candlewick Lake Recreation Center - Classic & Contemporary Rock

520 Pearl St. • Belvidere

We’re growing for you. At Midland States Bank, we truly care about our customers’ goals and financial success. It’s a value that has stuck with us since we were first established as a community bank in 1881. Even as we grow, we’ll never forget what brought us here, our customers. No matter our size, one thing will never change — we will always put our heart and soul into every relationship, every experience and every customer interaction. With convenient locations throughout Illinois, you can trust that Midland States Bank will be there when you need it most.

Member FDIC

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July 5, 2018

DISPILL Medication Packaging System



Honoring John H. Kaiser, Namesake of Boone County VFW Post 1461 Submitted by Robert R. Ryder, Superintendent of the VAC of Boone County Residents from all across Boone County came together at the Boone County Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1461 Sunday, June 10th to honor the memory of World War I Veteran, John Hugo Kaiser. Kaiser, a World War 1 Marine, was killed in action in France on June 6th, 1918, fighting against a German advance moving toward Paris. He was the first Belvidere resident to die fighting during World War I, thus Post 1461 was named after him. The June 10th ceremony was held in honor of the 100th Anniversary of John Kaiser’s death and attracted almost 100 local residents. “I think it’s important the public recognize the sacrifices our men and women in uniform make for the country,” pointed out John Darley, a Vietnam War Veteran himself and organizer of the ceremony. “I was amazed at the flow of the event, how everybody pitched in and took care of business.”

We Offer A Worry-Free SelfMedication System To Prevent Your Loved One From Missing Medications Or Taking Too Much. Filled Directly By Our Pharmacist, So There Are No Mistakes. Your Co-Pay Is The Same Anywhere You Go. So Why Not Support Your Local Pharmacy?

• Competitive Pricing • Personalized Patient • We Accept All Major Insurance Consultations • Durable Medical Equipment & Medicaid/Medicare • Diabetic Shoes • User Friendly Packaging HOME HEALTH CARE DEPT. Support Stockings Braces/Splints Lift Chairs Bath Benches Wheelchairs Walkers Crutches & Canes Commodes Hospital Beds


Darley came up with the idea to honor Kaiser back in January. After finding support from most of the VFW Post Members, he began putting together a volunteer staff of about 20 people to help the event become a reality.

DELIVER! Delivery Available 6 Days A Week

One of their most important goals was to try to locate members of Kaiser’s family to see if they could attend the ceremony. And with the help of Boone County VFW Post Commander, Greg Kelm, they were able to locate Bonnie Birkett, the great niece of John Kaiser. “I was honored to attend & excited to learn more about John,” said Birkett. “I also was eager to see the few remaining relatives of John who were present at the event. I met John’s nephew, Earl Mackey!”

Monday - Saturday

O’Brien’s Pharmacy 216 S. State St., Belvidere • 815-544-3433 Pharmacy Hours: Monday-Friday 9 am - 7 pm; Saturday 9 am - 4 pm; Sunday 9 am - 1 pm

John Hugo Kaiser was born June 22nd, 1886 & was one of 13 children raised by Anna & Friedrich Kaiser of Belvidere. Their home still remains at 313 Perry Street in Belvidere.

Veterans Assistance Commission Of Boone County

John Kaiser’s body is buried at the Asine Marne Cemetery in France, close to Belleau Woods, the site of one of the U.S. Marine Corps bloodiest & most famous battles. There is also a tombstone in the Belvidere Cemetery honoring Kaiser.

The Veterans’ Assistance Commission provides needed services exclusively to Honorably Discharged Military Veterans & their families. We work with local Veterans’ Service Organizations as well as local, state & federal agencies, to ensure your rights. Services include: Interim and/or emergency veterans’ (financial) assistance, emotional support services, administrative case work, transition center services & VA medical-related transportation services.

Despite less than ideal weather a sizable crowd showed up for the ceremony. Organizers were pleased with the turnout & public response. “I felt the goal of the event was achieved,” pointed out John Darley. “I was especially please Bonnie Birkett & other member of the Kaiser family attended. That alone made the program very special.” “This memorial for John was very special to me...” stated Bonnie Birkett. “It was a joy to witness people honoring my Great be part of it was very special.” As part of the day’s ceremony Rick Frank, Adjutant of VFW Post 1461 presented Post Commander, Greg Kelm with a certificate of commendation officially recognizing the day’s event in honor of John Kaiser. A display of World War I uniforms, medals & military gear was also on hand to view. Taps was played, & the VFW Post 1461 Honor Guard fired a 21-gun salute as a final tribute to John H. Kaiser as well.

Vietnam Vets Encouraged To Apply 815-544-6464 130 S. State St., Suite 212, Belvidere Email:

Join Us At RSVP (Retired & Senior Volunteer Program) We have a variety of volunteering opportunities and benefits for you! Who we are: RSVP: is a Retired & Senior Volunteer Program, which is a part of the national volunteer organization, Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS). We currently are the largest RSVP Program in the state serving in Boone & Winnebago counties . RSVP provides volunteer opportunities for people ages 55 & older with a myriad of experience & interests from all economic, educational, workforce, & social backgrounds to serve on a regular basis part-time, for an average of 3-4 hrs./wk. (Sometimes more hours) in a variety of settings throughout their communities. RSVP volunteers offer services, which utilize their own talents & interests; & present their communities with a rich array of options for addressing the full spectrum of community needs. VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES:  Prevention projects, disaster relief, tutoring & senior companionship, substance abuse counseling, budget & tax assist., environmental surveys, home repairs & weatherization, consultancy services, adult basic education mentoring, center-based nutrition programs, bereavement counseling, drive for Meals on Wheels programs, hospital volunteer service, docent services, transporting veterans & much more. Give us a call or stop by at one of our locations today! Rockford Office - 1111 S. Alpine Road, Suite 400, 815397-7103. Belvidere Office - 2024 N. State Street, Suite 700, 815-544-7128.

Belvidere Funeral Home Inc. 203 Logan Ave., Belvidere

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Specializing In Short & Long Term Care Quality Healthcare Provided By A Professional Staff In addition to the highest quality care, we also strive to maintain the highest quality of life.


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Rehabilitation Services Our rehab services extend far beyond the physical - it is about serving every aspect of an individual with care, kindness and respect. Our goal is to provide the necessary approach to facilitate a complete return to health and successful return to home.

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Nor thwoods

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Senior Living July 2018  
Senior Living July 2018