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June 7, 2018

DISPILL Medication Packaging System


We Offer A Worry-Free SelfMedication System To Prevent Your Loved One From Missing Medications Or Taking Too Much. Filled Directly By Our Pharmacist, So There Are No Mistakes. Your Co-Pay Is The Same Anywhere You Go. So Why Not Support Your Local Pharmacy?

• Competitive Pricing • Personalized Patient • We Accept All Major Insurance Consultations • Durable Medical Equipment & Medicaid/Medicare • Diabetic Shoes • User Friendly Packaging HOME HEALTH CARE DEPT. Support Stockings Braces/Splints Lift Chairs Bath Benches Wheelchairs Walkers Crutches & Canes Commodes Hospital Beds





Happy Father’s Day June 17th

DELIVER! Delivery Available 6 Days A Week

Enjoyable Ways To Spend Father’s Day

Monday - Saturday

Many dads and father figures will attest that Father’s Day is special because they get to spend it with their families. While the gifts might be nice, it’s the time together that dads truly cherish. Family members who want to make Father’s Day extra special this year may want to put extra effort into customizing Father’s Day fun rather than shopping for gifts.

O’Brien’s Pharmacy 216 S. State St., Belvidere • 815-544-3433 Pharmacy Hours: Monday-Friday 9 am - 7 pm; Saturday 9 am - 4 pm; Sunday 9 am - 1 pm

So what equates to a fun-filled and enjoyable day for fathers? That all depends on Dad’s interests. While no two fathers are the same, there are some universal ideas that can make for a memorable Father’s Day.

Veterans Assistance Commission Of Boone County

Rest & relaxation - Fathers do a lot for their families, and many fathers have hectic daily schedules. Come Father’s Day, Dad may just desire a day when he’s not called on to do anything. Provide this for him by removing many of the responsibilities that can bog your father down. This includes chores that may be tackled on Sundays or even responsibilities that Mom often relies on him to tackle.

The Veterans’ Assistance Commission provides needed services exclusively to Honorably Discharged Military Veterans & their families. We work with local Veterans’ Service Organizations as well as local, state & federal agencies, to ensure your rights. Services include: Interim and/or emergency veterans’ (financial) assistance, emotional support services, administrative case work, transition center services & VA medical-related transportation services.

Special dinner - On this special day, Dad may deserve a dinner that stands apart from more routine family meals. A specially cooked meal that the entire family prepares together or a reservation at a favorite restaurant will no doubt bring a smile to Dad’s face. Make sure that the meal includes his favorite foods. Favorite activity - Plan the day around an activity that Dad enjoys. If he’s an avid fisherman, this could mean taking the rods out and spending a few hours seeing what’s biting. Or it may involve attending a ball game, watching his favorite movie or playing a few rounds of golf.

Vietnam Vets Encouraged To Apply 815-544-6464

Father’s Day is a special day that many fathers would insist is even better when spent with family.

130 S. State St., Suite 212, Belvidere Email:

Belvidere Funeral Home Inc. 203 Logan Ave., Belvidere

5th Annual Senior Picnic - Western Style

The Keen Age Center will be hosting the 5th Annual Senior Picnic on Friday, July 27th, 10 AM - 1 PM. Tickets are $2 each and go on sale Monday, June 25th at the reception window at 2141 Henry Luckow Lane, Belvidere. Seating is limited.

Family Owned & Operated Since 1906 Colin A. Jensen - Funeral Director

The Keen Age Center Lending Closet

We Offer:

If you need a wheelchair, commode, walker, toilet riser, shower chair or a bathtub transfer seat, etc. go to the Keen Age Center. Some of the items are stored at an off site facility, so please call first at 815-544-9893. Before you purchase anything new, check with the Keen Age Center. It will save you and your insurance from paying out unnecessary dollars.

• Tradition Services • Cremation Services • Pre-Planning Services

Why Pre-Plan? √ Peace Of Mind √ Personal Choice √ Lower Costs

To Schedule A Free Consultation, Please Call


If you would like to donate, the Keen Age Center accepts wheelchairs, cadillac walkers, knee walkers, pads, shower stools, shower chairs and small & medium disposable underwear. Thank you to those who have donated. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

Specializing In Short & Long Term Care Quality Healthcare Provided By A Professional Staff In addition to the highest quality care, we also strive to maintain the highest quality of life.


4452 Squaw Prairie Road, Belvidere, IL 61008 tel: 815.547.6377 • fax: 815.547.3857

For A Private Tour Call Our Admissions Department Today

Rehabilitation Services Our rehab services extend far beyond the physical - it is about serving every aspect of an individual with care, kindness and respect. Our goal is to provide the necessary approach to facilitate a complete return to health and successful return to home.

Serving Boone County Over 40 Years!

Nor thwoods

2250 Pearl Street, Belvidere, IL 61008 tel: 815.544.0358 • fax: 815.544.5006

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June 7, 2018



American Flag Etiquette Celebrate Flag Day June 14th! The American flag symbolizes many things to many people. While the American flag is proudly displayed in millions of buildings & homes across the U.S. year-round, it tends to draw special attention each summer, when Americans celebrate their independence on July 4 & Flag Day on June 14. The Flag Code formalizes & unifies the standards of respect that must be given to the flag, even containing specific instructions regarding how the flag should not be used. The following are some of the rules that govern how to display the American flag. Raising & lowering the flag: According to, the American flag should be raised quickly & lowered slowly & ceremoniously. While the Flag Code suggests the flag should be displayed only between sunrise & sunset, if it is displayed at night, it should be illuminated. The flag should be saluted as it is hoisted, & when lowered that salute should be held until the flag is unsnapped from the halyard or through the final note of music, whichever is the longest. When displayed indoors, the flag should be displayed to the right of the speaker, staging area or sanctuary. Any additional flags hanging in the room should always hang to the left of the American flag. When flags are grouped for display, the American flag should be in the center & at the highest point of any flag.

4730 Squaw Prairie Rd., Belvidere

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In mourning: When placing the flag at half staff, first hoist it to the peak for an instant before lowering it to a position halfway between the top & bottom of the staff. During mourning, when the time comes to lower the flag, it should once again be momentarily raised to the peak before it is lowered. The American flag is flown at half staff when mourning designated, principal government leaders. It also must be flown at half staff upon presidential or gubernatorial order. When covering a casket, the American flag should be placed with the union at the head & over the left shoulder. The flag should never be lowered into the grave. Parading the flag: When the American flag is carried in a procession, such as in a parade, the flag should always be to the right of the marchers when it is the lone flag being represented. When other flags are carried, the American flag may be centered in front of the others or carried to their right. Parade audiences should salute the flag as it passes in the procession. Flag restrictions: There are many conditions under which the American flag is not to be used. These include: • The flag should never be used as a decoration. Use bunting to decorate with the colors of the American flag, always ensuring the blue stripe of the bunting is on top. • The flag should not be used as part of advertising. The flag also should not be embroidered, printed or impressed on articles such as napkins, boxes, or anything considered temporary & likely to be discarded. • The flag should not be used as part of a costume. The uniforms of military personnel, firemen, policemen, & members of patriotic organizations are permitted to wear American flag insignias on their uniforms. • The flag is not to be used as a receptacle to carry, deliver, hold, or receive anything.

BUCHANAN STREET PUB 111 Buchanan St., Belvidere 815-547-1012 Sun.-Tues. 11 AM-2 AM Wed.-Thurs. 7 AM-2 AM Fri.-Sat. 6 AM-2 AM

Providing Great Real Estate & Living Solutions For Seniors You can rely on me to deliver outstanding results, flawless service & a rewarding real estate experience. My focus is YOU. My priority is YOU. My commitment is to YOU.

Gil Bleidorn Broker-Associate 815-985-3679 Call or Text 815-975-3607

The American flag is an enduring symbol of freedom & sacrifice to millions of people across the globe. The flag should always be displayed with the utmost respect & in adherence to the guidelines set forth by the Flag Code.

815-985-3679 411 S. State St. Belvidere, IL

Clean Out The Medicine Cabinet Spring cleaning takes on an entirely new meaning when getting rid of expired or unsafe medicines. Even though people may be quick to toss out expired foods or even clean closets of ill-fitting clothing, few individuals exercise such diligence with their medicine cabinets. The U.S. Food & Drug Admin. says the medicine expiration date is critical when determining if a product is safe to use & will work as intended. Medications past their expiration date may not be as strong as intended, & even their chemical composition may change, making them risky to keep around. Taking inventory and cleaning out medicine cabinets frees up space and creates a safe home environment. Checking medications & removing expired products from the house can prevent accidents related to medications & ensure that all medicines in the house are as effective as possible. FREE! Medication Disposal: Bring In All Your Unused Over-The-Counter & Prescription Medications. Protect Your Family, Protect Your Community, Protect Your Environment. Saturday, June 9th, 9 AM - Noon at the Belvidere Township Building, 8200 Fairgrounds Rd., Belvidere. Accepting: Prescription & Non-Prescription Medications, Aerosol Inhalers, Veterinary Medication. Not Accepting: Needles & Sharps, Medical Waste, Biohazardous Materials.


with Others.


(815) 965-8751

We Buy Diamonds Two, convenient Boone County locations Belvidere Poplar Grove Physical Therapy Physical Therapy 1686 Henry Luckow Lane 1 -uOLe 'rLYe 815-547-4777 815-765-1155 2rWKoSeGLc ‡ 6SorWV ‡ ,nGuVWrLaO 5eKaELOLWaWLon &oPSOLPenWary LnMury VcreenV , oVWLSWcoP

Bring In Your Gold, Silver, Platinum, Watches, Coins & Jewelry Too. Find Out How Valuable It Really Is. FAMILY OWNED & FRIENDLY. TOP PRICES ALWAYS PAID. We Also Sell Gold & Silver Coins!

10% MORE For Your Jewelry With This Ad.

Belvidere Collectible Coins 880 Belvidere Rd. • 815-547-7111 • M-F 9:30-5, Sat. 10-4

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Grilling Foods To Be Safe & Healthy

1701 West 5th Avenue, Belvidere, IL 61008 P 815.547.5451 F 815.544.4059

Barr’s Flowers 119 S. State St. 815-544-3141 Belvidere’s Only Complete Florist Seasonal Giftware, Purses & Scarves, Greeting Cards, Truffles & More! Family Owned & Operated Same Day Delivery Available Monday-Saturday! Proud member of the teleflora network

People rely on indoor & outdoor grills to prepare foods all year long. Not only can menu items made on the grill taste delicious, but they also may be healthier than foods cooked via other methods. When done correctly, grilling is a versatile way to cook tasty foods relatively quickly. One of the challenges of cooking over high, open heat is the difficulty in determining just how long to keep foods over the flame. Take them off too soon & they may be undercooked. Wait too long & items may be dry & charred. Use these tips to make grilling easy & safe. Preheat & prepare the grill - Be sure to preheat the grill to 400 F - 500 F. Use a nonstick spray on the grates while the grill is heating. This way foods will not stick & ultimately require considerable cleaning. Buy a meat thermometer - One of the easiest ways to take the guesswork out of grilling is to use a meat thermometer. By knowing internal temperatures in a few seconds, grillmasters can have juicy foods that are cooked to the correct temperature so food borne illnesses do not become a problem. Cooking by sight is inaccurate, as the outside of the food may look well done even though the inside is still pink. Thermometers allow cooks to avoid cutting open foods to check doneness, spilling out tasty juices in the process. Keep in mind that food continues to cook when it is taken off the grill. Fish is fast - Don’t avoid grilling fish because of its delicacy. Using wood planks or any of the newer grilling gadgets available can keep flaky fish from falling through the grates. Plus, fish is an ideal go-to when one is really short on cooking time. If necessary, experiment with varieties of fish that are durable, such as salmon or tuna. Leave an empty spot - Have an unheated area of the grill or one that is set to a low temperature so there is somewhere to move food if a flare-up occurs or if something is cooking too fast. This is also a good spot to finish foods that may need a little more time over indirect heat - such as burgers that require melted cheese. Use sauce at the end - Avoid charring foods by using sugary sauces toward the end of cooking. Otherwise, the sauce can burn quickly & contribute to potentially carcinogenic char. Grilling can be made easier with a few tricks of the trade. The results will be delicious, healthy & safe to enjoy.


Expertise & Experience • Burials • Cremation Burials • Pre-Burial Arrangements • Monument Markers And Memorials (Weekends Slightly More)

BCelvidere emetery Association

Frank Lloyd Wright Pettit Chapel 1121 N. Main, Belvidere 815-547-7642 Medicare & Most Insurance ACCEPTED


• • • •

Provided By The STRAWBERRIES WITH CINNAMON SAUCE Recipe U of I Extension Office

Ingredients 1 cup nonfat vanilla yogurt 2 tsp. sugar

1 tsp. cinnamon 5 cups strawberries, washed & hulled 4 Tbsp. nonfat whipped topping (optional)

Directions 1. Stir together yogurt, sugar & cinnamon until sugar completely dissolves. 2. Refrigerate sauce at least 2 hours. 3. Immediately before serving, slice strawberries into 4 dessert glasses. 4. Spoon cinnamon flavored sauce over strawberries & top with whipped topping if desired.

Nutrition Facts Servings Per Recipe: 4 Servings Amount Per Serving: Calories 130 Total Fat 1.5g Sodium 45mg Carbohydrates 27g Fiber 4g Protein 4g

No-Bake Desserts Make The Perfect End To A Meal

Cemetery Lots $850 to $900 Grave Openings $950

• • • •

This Month’s Healthy Recipe


Locally Owned & Operated Since 1988 5027 Harrison Avenue, Rockford

815-965-9454 Mon.-Fri. 9 AM-5 PM • Sat. 9 AM-1 PM

It is the season for entertaining, when barbecues & parties abound. Consider serving a no-bake dessert so you don’t have to turn on the oven in the warm weather. Need inspiration? Browse the Internet & you’re likely to discover dozens of delicious no-bake recipes. Otherwise, you can try your hand at these simple recipes. * Ambrosia salad: Ambrosia is a variation on a traditional fruit salad. Although ambrosia salad can have different variations, many recipes begin with a dairy base (pudding, sour cream or yogurt) & then include different canned or fresh fruits, shredded coconut & mini-marshmallows. This salad is refreshing on a warm day. * Pudding trifle: Trifles are made by layering different ingredients to create a striated design. This dessert may include a variety of ingredients, from cake to cookie crumbs to fruit. Trifles also can be customized to fit a party theme. Patriotic parties may feature a trifle made with berries, whipped cream & cubes of vanilla pound cake. * Fruit pizza: This is a refreshing & relatively healthy dessert to complement any occasion. Start by making a graham cracker crust, either by mixing graham cracker crumbs with melted butter & a bit of sugar & pressing into a pie dish or by simply buying one ready-made. (You can use a sugar cookie dough to make a cookie crust.) Mix whipped cream cheese with a bit of strawberry jam, or your favorite fruit flavor. Spread over the crust. Place slices of fruit on top of the cream cheese. Peaches, apples, grapes, cherries, kiwi, & blueberries can be used. * Fresh strawberry yogurt pie: The benefits of eating yogurt abound. Yogurt is lower in fat & calories than ice cream, & yogurt boasts active, live cultures that keep your digestive system working correctly. Purchase a readymade chocolate cookie pie crust or make your own from ground chocolate sandwich cookies. Mix together 8-10 ounces of strawberry Greek yogurt & a small container of thawed frozen whipped topping. Add in slices of fresh strawberries & chocolate shavings. Pour into the pie crust & freeze until firmly set. Thaw slightly to slice easily. Experiment with different flavor combinations, & you just may discover a new crowd favorite.

Complete Service Of Cars & Light Trucks

Our Family Is Here For Yours.

We Carry

See Our “Pros” For

• Brakes & Suspension • Wheel Alignment • Shocks & Struts • Air Conditioning

• New Tires • Roadside Tire Service • Small Engine Sales & Service

R. J. Daniels Fuel & Tire Fairgrounds Rd., Belvidere, IL 815-544-2118 8094Open Daily 7-5; Sat. 7-Noon

218 W. Hurlbut Ave., Belvidere


Our mission is to celebrate one’s life and help families navigate the journey of loss with a sense of hope. One of the most painful events we experience in life is the loss of a loved one. At Anderson Funeral and Cremation Services, we believe that finding an appropriate and meaningful way to celebrate your loved one’s life while giving thanks to God for their life is the necessary foundation to healing. - Stephen Anderson

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June 7, 2018



8 Ways To Improve Your Golf Game Warmer weather sends scores of golfers to their favorite courses each & every day. Golf is a challenging pastime, but a few pointers can help golfers hone their short games, long games & everything in between. • Choose the right clubs. There is more to selecting clubs than pulling any old iron out of your golf bag & whacking away. Wind, hazards & obstructions in landing areas should influence your decision of which club to use. • Anchor your foot behind the ball to drive the ball further. Right-handed players will keep the right foot anchored, & lefties will do the opposite. Do not lift your foot prematurely; otherwise, you can lose power & distance. • Identify your weaknesses. As with any hobby, identifying those areas that need the most work can help you become a better golfer. Keep track of each shot you take, & then look at the results to see which areas of your game need the most work. • Fix your alignment. Align your shots by assessing the target from behind the ball. Then set the clubface behind the golf ball & align it with the target before you enter your stance. • Use your torso for power. The torso is essential to a solid swing. Practice rotating from your core to control your backswing & then maintain the same spine angle and posture on the downswing.

Belvidere Family


• For Youth Development • For Healthy Living • For Social Responsibility


• Programs Recommended By Arthritis Foundation • Silver Sneakers & Enhance Fitness • Gymnasium & Fitness Center With Trained Staff • Fitness Classes Free With Membership • 85 Degree Swimming Pool • Adult Lap & Open Times Throughout The Day • Discounted And Subsidized Memberships

220 West Locust, Belvidere, IL 61008

Free Consultation • Wills • Trusts • Probate • Powers of Attorney • Nursing Home Planning • Real Estate

• Become a better chipper. Many players put so much emphasis on their backswings & putt shots that they fail to devote any practice to chips. All shots are important for golfers trying to shed strokes off of their scores.

John H. Maville Attorney At Law 815-544-3165

• Keep fit. Maintaining or improving your physical strength & overall health can help your golf game. Exercise & eat right, & you will have more endurance on the links. Suite 307, 600 S. State, Belvidere

• Not every golf game will be played in perfect weather. Know how to make adjustments for the wind depending on the shot. Use the wind to your advantage when you can, & adjust your swing when hitting into the wind.

Want to work on your game? Try these Boone County courses - Beaver Creek Golf Course, 815-569-2427; Timber Pointe Golf Club, 815-544-1935; Swanhills Golf Course, 815-547-3232. Call for rates & tee time.

Tips When Booking Vacation Rentals Vacation rentals are a relatively new yet popular addition to the travel market. Such rentals, which are typically homes, apartments or condos rented by private citizens via websites such as Airbnb, provide tourists with alternatives to hotels. Holiday rentals are now the fastest-growing sector of tourism. Rentals may offer more space, additional amenities & more affordable prices than hotels. Families often enjoy rental properties because they can provide a home-away-from home feel. Rentals also may feature fully functioning kitchens, allowing renters to prepare some meals themselves, saving them money on meals. Even though vacation rentals are quite popular & there are many booking resources that will put interested parties in touch with private renters or rental organizations, vacationers must recognize that booking & paying for a vacation rental is very different from booking hotels. Here are some tips for travelers: • Consider an aggregator site. Aggregator websites showcase properties from multiple rental sites on a single page so that renters can easily compare their options. • Read the fine print. Read all of the information about rentals carefully. Details like lack of parking or no cable service should not be ignored. • Look at reviews. Read all of the reviews of a property on sites such as TripAdvisor, Google, Yelp, & the vacation rental site itself. Pay attention to the important details on where the property may be lacking.

For All Your Auction Needs We Are Your Local Full-Service Boone County Auction Company Our Services Include: Residential & Commercial Real Estate Consignments, Estates, Liquidations & Collections Complete Cleanout Service Available

Owned & Operated By: Lyle & Patti Lee Lee Auction Service, 815-988-0249 Illinois License #440.000200 Wisconsin License #2863-52

For Independent Seniors Now Age 55+

• Do an online map search. Plug in the address on a satellite mapping site & see what is around the property. This will help renters determine if the property really is “steps from the beach”. Mapping also helps identify restaurants, shopping & recreation in the area. • Verify rates & payment information carefully. Price quotes may differ from the final price when other “fees” are added on. Certain rentals may have cleaning fees or require renters pay for cable or internet access. Verify with the rental owners that credit cards are accepted. A credit card offers more protection against fraud. • Call the owner or manager. Speaking to the property owner or manager can give potential renters a feel for the person with whom they are doing business. Rental properties should be properly vetted before travelers book their vacations.


(815)547-8479 520 Pearl St. • Belvidere

We’re growing for you. At Midland States Bank, we truly care about our customers’ goals and financial success. It’s a value that has stuck with us since we were first established as a community bank in 1881. Even as we grow, we’ll never forget what brought us here, our customers. No matter our size, one thing will never change — we will always put our heart and soul into every relationship, every experience and every customer interaction. With convenient locations throughout Illinois, you can trust that Midland States Bank will be there when you need it most.

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Senior Living June 2018  
Senior Living June 2018