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BOOMER MAGAZINE | FIRST EDITION | THE NEW ARTIST In the last hundred years humankind has seen unprecedented innovations and changes- from skyscrapers to moon landing to social media to human rights to Art. In this very moment in our society everything moves really fast, time doesn’t seem sufficient anymore, artists seem to find their path much harder, the ongoing changes create a need for a continuous state of Transcendence. The aim of this publication is to find out what’s the trend in contemporary art and to create a dialogue between the artists and the viewers. Editor’s Note. As we’ve mentioned previously, the aim of this publication is to connect artists with a wider audience and to find out what’s the trend in contemporary art. While most of the art collectors are looking to invest in very established artists, buying a work of art from a not so known artist is not a bad investment at all. For this publication we have chosen Picasso as a role model so let’s have a brief look at he’s artistic development in regards to our publication.


While in Paris in 1905, Picasso was no different from any other artist and most of he’s works were bought for a purely decorative purpose and not as an investment. One of this works was “Young Girl with a Flower Basket”, purchased by the young collectors Leo and Gertrude Stein for some 200 francs. Over a century later that same work was auctioned for $115 million dollars, an amount that neither Picasso or the Steins would have ever imagined and here we come to my previous remark- you can’t go wrong investing a reasonable amount of money into a work of art that you like, you will be able to enjoy something that you genuinely had a desire for and you might end up with a million dollar artwork in your collection with no effort and no major risk, something that develops on its own, purely on the artist’s own hard work and artistic development. Don’t take my word for it, let’s briefly look at some contemporary artists. Jeff Koons, works valued at some $20000 in the 80’ are now worth over 20 million dollars, the same with Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat, Tracey Emin, David Hockney etc. While we look at this great artists we need to keep in mind that great art can be anything in any form, it doesn’t have a pattern or a standard - From childlike lines to colour spots spread over a piece of canvas to realistic portraits or landscapes to a bed installation to a video to a formless idea- ANYTHING CAN BE ART! Ok, so far so good but what’s the new trend in contemporary art, who is “THE NEW ARTIST”? Everything and anything is the new trend and anyone can be “THE NEW ARTIST”. As we look into my previous mentions, any kind of art style and artistic practice can be very successful so... is not about a particular style or technique, it’s all about the artist- the ability to overcome hard times and critiques while carrying on doing ART. Action is the foundational key to all success.- “Pablo Picasso”.

Editor @Constantin.lll Gallery’s Note.

The path for creating this publication was very exciting and we had a really great time working with so many talented artists. Artist from all around the world are participating in this exciting publication and their works and biographies are truly amazing and inspiring. Kindly note that over 80% of the works are for sale. For any enquires regarding artists, prices, purchase, shipments- you can kindly contact us at or you can contact the artists directly via Instagram (Instagram user name in the bio). Thank you for your attention and we hope you will enjoy reading about the selected artists and their works. Boomer Gallery

TABLE OF CONTENT - BOOMER MAGAZINE - MARCH 2021 Borbala Eszteri John Denniston II Jenny Jiyoung Han Victoria Sevastyanova Selin AYDINOL William Hughes Roberto Grosso Ekaterina Demenina Zoe Antona Ana Maria Guta Anna Wiesinger Calli Rae Vincenzo Cohen Alberto Magrin Joyce Camilleri Mckenna Geffers Ann Huang Franziska Ostermann Sarah Waters Sabrina Barrera Shuko Kawase Tiziana Rasile Adam Starr Ravil Naregeev James Williams Younes Mohammad Anna Poliakova Sarah Boisvert Penn Tang Tamungang Sharmaine Thérèsa Pretorius Sanniya Adnan Eleonora Hrybniak Sam HEYDT Sally Dion Fikos Lauren Brown Sanna Tairi Jackie Fuchs Tais N Alena Shaburdina Federico Fauli Louise De Buck Pei Wu Magarita Ivanova Dan Petersen Maria João Damas

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54. Corrupt_Vision 55. Lyudmila Vodolagina 56. Luchiya Postike 57. Anton Bondarev 58. Katrin Loy 59. Emmanuel Laveau 60. Ula Grabski 61. NTTS 62. Salvatore Esposito 63. Ksenia Giovanah Ferreira Faraco 64. 65. Daria Borisova 66. Amar Singh Azad 67. Lam Yan Yan 68. Romina Belda 69. Sumali Piyatissa 70. Hyunsun Yoo 71. Laura Romero 72. Adam Shea Lancaster 73. Cherie Lee 74. Lesley Kurth 75. Raisa Khairudinova 76. Sarah Bird 77. Honey Truong 78. Si Golraine 79. Nimisha Doongarwal 80. Elsa Egon 81. Adrian Amiro 82. Olive Poole 83. Natalia Millman Alpana Mittal Tejaswini 84. 85. Sophia Ruppert 86. Lucy Ellis 87. Aysha Choudhury 88. Joely Neilan 89. Penny Stuart 90. Agata Danilava 91. Nadezhda Begunova 92. Ivan Milenkovic 93. Libby Sipe Dolores Mephistopheles 94. 95. Olga Goldina Hirsch 96. Rita Hisar 97. Misha Nicholas 98. Lea Hope Bonzer 99. Emma Lineham

TABLE OF CONTENT - BOOMER MAGAZINE - MARCH 2021 Lepikhina Elvira Viktorovna 100. 101. Temyana 102. Rodrigues Goncalves 103. Penny Van Hazelberg 104. Seva Boytsov 105. Oleg Tsyba 106. Evgeniya Pankratova 107. Ema Mar 108. Marina Clemente 109. Mel Renea 110. Larissa Monique Hauck 111. Sophirat Muangkum 112. Patricia Figueiredo 113. Venetia Jollands 114. Nick Lawrence 115. Katerina Bukolska 116. Rustem Ibatullin 117. Galina Shepeleva 118. Alicia Quigley 119. Siu Lin Ho 120. Alina Orlova 121. Camille Theodet 122. Xenia Samokhina 123. Nastya (La Asparagus) 124. Taylor Frost 125. Anita Turadjanova 126. Ellaya Yefymova 127. Tatiana Sorokina 128. Anna Stuart 129. Kryštof Novotný 130. Harsimran Juneja 131. Mary Badalian 132. Eva Kosinar 133. Julien van Middendorp 134. Leona Mcfarlane 135. Larissa Loginova 136. Silvio Severino 137. Ilana Shechter 138. Sergey Denisov Ksenia Romanovich and... 139. 140. Sampy Sicada 141. Elzara Oiseau 142. Svetlana Martin 143. Katie Hallam 144. Victoria General 145. Olga Melekhina

Mari Kiroho Kelly Rose Adams Robert Quance Sulyaeva Margarita April Winter Sun Boyi Krzysztof Bobrowski Apollinariia Ilina Cristina Balan Tatiana Kramarenko Danit Melman Shaked Lacey Kim Victoria Prosvirnina Ohkyoung Noh Paul James Mariia Jones Stephen Pinnell Ellie Hawkes Alan Montgomery Viviana Del Mar Elizabeth Sinkova Anna Stevens Jiang Fengr Kevin Boardman Lena Snow Nadja Shkirat Marc-Aurèle Debut Anashkina Olga Pablo Daniel Dohms Mine Burçkin Sanja Star Karen Marsh Sylwia Żółkiewska Stella Dragovic Sarah Zelmati Joy Baek Ferró Bismark Alejandro Rex Nikki Raitz Maristela Mitsuko Ono Britt Conley Nicolette Benard Ashley Betts Ksenia Sivakova Dragan Luiza Chunbum Park

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Asha Lepiarczyk


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Borbala Eszteri

John Denniston II

Borbala was born is Hungary and now lives and work in Basel,

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California by a family of danc-

Switzerland. She is a mixed medium painter whose colourful

ers, painting came natural to a self engaged young boy who

works include the use of oil paint, oil pastels, acryl, aquarelle,

was too self conscious to get on stage. I moved to Brooklyn

and ink. This merging of painting techniques allows colors and

to study at Pratt, and now I’m being introduced to the hard

lines to take persistent on the overall image. Borbala describes

part of artistry-honesty. Not like confessing, it’s not about

that in her practice, she focuses on the colours and how they

me, it’s about making something that I or someone might be

affect her. Borbala has moved places many times and has

able to confess to. From the start of my artistic pursuit I have

lacked a sense of permanence in her life. She uses her art and

believed thought is the beginning and end of painting, but

the act of painting to find comfort in unfamiliar places. “For me

painting is also a crafted form and it is this form which delivers

creating art is a way of finding my inner home. As long as I am surrounded by my paintings, I feel at home,” says Borbala.

ideas to the view-er. From bathing in the process of crafting paintings I have come to realize that I am a viewer in my own

The young artist paints almost entirely people. She then uses

right, and I don’t like spoiled tales so I usually paint to discover.

colour to depict the certain moods or traits on the somewhat

It keeps the relationship spicy and keeps me on my toes.

abstract human faces. Borbala also represents faces based on her current attitude or her feelings towards the person that


she is painting. She believes that the use of different colours is sometimes a better and more meaningful way to describe a person than words.

Peace: to accept what must be Size: 110x85 cm

Medium : Mixed medium on Paper ( Acrylic, Oil and Oil Pastell)


Ease My Mind 55x35 cm

Boom #28 Size: 12” x 16”

Medium: Digital Fine Art Print (Ilford Smoothpearl 310 gsm)

Boom #21 24” x 30”

Medium: oil, oil stick, acrylic and charcoal on canvas Medium : oil and charcoal on canvas


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Jenny Jiyoung Han

Victoria Sevastyanova

Jenny Han is originally from South Korea, studied Fashion at

Victoria Sevastyanova was born in 1991 in Russia. Graduated

the University of Arts London and graduated in 2017. She

from the Federal University as a graphic designer in 2014. She

worked partially as an illustrator and a private art tutor for

worked as a CG artist, pattern designer, and visualizer. Since

young children in the middle of her education years. Previous-

2018, she has devoted herself entirely to painting and drawing.

ly, she engaged in fine art studio works for three years back

The main materials for the creative realization of the artist are

during her 20s in South Korea.

watercolor and ink.

She was intrigued by cartoon-based storybooks, making her enthusiasm to see reality as an abstract figure of platforms. She loved the dreamy lanes of focusing eyes into the philosophical world. The majority of her works contribute to linking the syntax of image makings that she tries not to use any of the previous inventions experimented by other artists. The complicated-self

I Know What I Am Looking for @jennyjiyounghan

from her whole engagement into identity journey through educations and experiences lead to being a multi-disciplinary visual artist. She takes some whimsical abstract figures and cartoon based


illustrated resources into one particular 2D format and then re-format the subjective images, remaining equivocal resemblances, and familiar symbols. Typically, her adoration of the sunflower became her loveable symbol of creation. It contains

the whole validity of representational seeings into the abstract formation.

Expose yourself to your deepest fear.

I Am A 4-Year-Old Kid

Size: 24” x 34.5”

Size: 40 x 40 cm

Fondamenta Size: 56x38cm

I Always Kiss You, And You Can Put Your Smile Back Size: 40 x 40 cm

Medium: Digital Fine Art Print (Ilford Smoothpearl 310 gsm)

Medium : watercolor Medium: Digital Painting


Medium : Digital Painting


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


William Hughes

Selin Aydinol (1994) moved from Istanbul to Belgium in 2016.

William Hughes (b.1999, Coventry) is a multidisciplinary visual

She received her masters in painting from Royal Academy of

artist working in a semi- abstracted way around themes of

Antwerp in 2019. She lives and works in Antwerp. Her first

memory and remembering. He draws on specific memories and

group exhibition was “Omg Is Pink The New Black?” (2019,

nostalgic material from his family’s history, influencing his multimedia approach to working. He works with often discarded

Feb) curated by Spank Moons. Followed by the “To Be Ant-

and forgotten material to depict intimate and fragile themes.

werp” exhibition at Geukens en De Vil Gallery (2019, Nov). Most recently, “Zonder Kunstenaars Geen Kunst” at Muh-

“Memory is a delay. Memory is a fragment. Memory is of the

ka, Nick Lodgers (2020, Feb), a group show which included

body that passed. Memory is the trace of a wave goodbye

Chantal Akerman, Fred Bervoets, Leo Copers, Ria Pacquée and

made with a slightly clenched fist. ” (Robert Morris, 1994).

more. Her process starts with a drawing. Selin sections this drawing into even pieces which creates unique compositions

How do we read memories? Hughes’ practice seeks to ex-

for each painting. She then treats them as a new territory to

plore processes of memory and remembering, reflecting and

integrate into. Not by manipulating the composition, but by ap-

with multimedia processes, he creates works of abstraction

rediscover it section by section, exposing the already existing

and suggestion set in spaces that trigger feelings of familiarity

values that were not visible at first sight. She values the impact

in the audience. Processes of abstract marking, texture built

that basic shapes and textures can have. She mostly cares

through layering, and its residual traces, depict confusion and

about the image being beautiful, without trying to define it.

ambiguity. He uses materials found or inherited; through


Five Size: 30x40cm

drawing ideas from nostalgic material from his family. Working

plying colours and textures. Selin wants to take the image and



Size: 30x40cm

reclaiming old furniture, photographs and equipment; to using found and weathered material. Hughes worked in collaboration with his late

Untitled (Forgetting - Forgotten) (2020) Size: 59cm x 24cm

grandfather, using his equipment, his memories, to create pieces. As his Grandfathers memory gradually worsened, the work mirrored him; gradually becoming more deteriorated.

Remnant (2020) Size: 81cm x 101.5cm

Medium: Mixed Media on underlay

Medium : acrylic and lacquer on panel


Medium: acrylic and lacquer on panel Medium : Mixed Media


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Roberto Grosso

Ekaterina Demenina

Roberto is an Italian artist, born in 1977, that creates music

My name is Ekaterina Demenina and I’m a Moscow-based

inspired artworks.

visual artist, Fine Art photographer. Received an MA degree in

To show where that inspiration comes from, Roberto develops

Art History.

an Augmented Reali-ty layer, unique which each piece, to com-

As a photographer and video director, I work with musicians.

plete the experience of the viewer.

Under the pseudonym Arte Obscura I launched a personal

His mediums are brushed metal, perspex and metallic paper.

project «Still Lifes».

His works have been exhibited in the UK, USA, and Italy.

Still life photography for me is a way to stop and take a breath

While winning competitions in New York, in September 2018,

in the era when time is flashing like a blurry landscape in the

he also received the honor to become the subject of the thesis


high-speed train.

of a graduate in fine arts, at the University of Urbino, Italy.

Still life is a metaphor for still time. The picturesque features of photography and the photographic nature of painting are the themes I constantly explore. I like to confuse the viewer whether it is a photographic artwork or a painting and prefer to call my still lifes “photopaintings”. “The Dutch Still Life” is the hommage to the XVII century Dutch and Flemish mas-ters. The series represents the results of my striving to “wash out” the boundaries between contemporary photography and the Dutch Golden Age painting, to


Nowadays it is very hard not to find your path

Heat_Waves Size: 100 x 100 cm

but to be heard in the informational ocean. The

This_Modern_Love Size: 100 x 100 cm

erase the time gap.

Moon Night In The Wheat Field Size: 50 x 70cm

non-contemporary art is not in trends so galleries and art dealers are not interested in my works which seem to be outdated. But in the fast changing times a «today» will be outdated tomorrow.

Winter In Hokkaido

Size: 50 x 70 cm

Medium : BrushedMetal


Medium: BrushedMetal

Medium : Canvas Print

Medium: Canvas print


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Zoe Antona

Ana Maria Guta

Zoe Antona is a multi-disciplinary artist and photographer,

As an artist I seek to explore more about the nature of Uni-

whose work addresses self discovery through abstraction.

verse, consciousness, divinity , life journey and energy around

She grew up in Atlanta, Georgia in the US, relocated to Cin-

and inside us. I admit that our universe is crossed by invisible flows and currents which are found and influence the artworks

cinnati, OH, and is now based in the greater NYC area. She is

of each artist. I am mesmerised about the subtle things, which

currently earning her Bachelors of Fine Art and Art History.

are not things, thoughts, emotions or sensations, the nature of

Her work explores relationships with self and others that

our reality and our interpretations of it due to many labels that

is representational of the weight and the power dynamics

impose different perceptions, behaviours and ways of being.

all relationships possess. Zoe’s work continuously explores

I have developed my painting technique following the lines of

intimate experiences between that of only two people. As

abstract suggestion. It is required that the viewer comes with

well as depict-ing how intimacy impacts not only the emotion-

the contemplation, feeling and interpretation. I usually prefer

al state but also the physical state. Her work aims to evoke

using acrylics on canvas as a medium and material. The green

a visual and emotional reaction through the aesthetics and

colour is present almost in every painting because, for me, it is

installation of her work. The concepts for her work repeatedly

about life force, rebirth, aliveness and finding my inner self. Art

revolve around life experiences that represent power dynam-

is something divine, it is love, peace, stillness, balance, harmo-

ics through abstraction. In her current body of work, Zoe is

ny, joyfulness, it makes me whole and a much more spiritual

working in abstraction to manifest inner emotions from life

being. The focus of my work is the colours, shapes and struc-


tures, which I want to integrate in a certain harmony in order


not to imitate, dictate, compare, repeat, model or compensate.


Size: 48” x 12” x 8”

NoNoSquare Size: 36” x 10” x 4”

My paintings speaks not only for me, but for people who are in a deep process of transformation and who are seeking to find life again.

The gift of life Size: 30 x 40 cm

Bleeding karma Size: 50 x 70 cm

Medium: acrylic on canvas pannel

Medium : acrylic Medium : Canvas & latex


Medium: FoamLatexAcrylic


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Anna Wiesinger

Calli Rae

Anna Wiesinger, an artist living in Berlin and Lowersaxony, is

Acrylic Abstract painter Calli Rae that features hyper-realis-

known for the suggestive power of colors and shapes in her

tic elements with bold energetic brush strokes. Self-taught


through exploring concepts of pop culture and abstract realism

She sees herself in a tradition of sensual and at the same time

that are inspired from her experience being raised in South Dakota and moving to the Nation’s Capital. Drawing mem-

transcendent color perception, rooted in an early experience

ory of colors from living in the Middle East pieced with dual

when she came to know and love the stained glass windows in

imagery that contains deeper meaning. This generation’s lack

the Gothic church of her childhood.

of freedom of self in the pressure to make perfection look

Raised in the countryside, she experienced the essence of

so easy. Henley finds her voice in creating authentically with

nature as stillness, strength and unlimited.

imperfections leaving an appreciation on her viewers for fine

Pictures that free us in this unlimited space and yet contain

art in a world that is now so digital.

human emotions and concerns are her goal. Wiesinger tries to develop a language of colours that leave traces and point to a new experience. She was born in Königswiesen, Austria and studied at the University of Art in Linz. She regularly takes part in solo - and group exhibitions. Her work has also been featured in online and print publications, most recently

in 2020 on the occasion of the conclusion of the commissioned



project “Art in the Industrial Monument”. Her perception of art is defined by the belief that the universal language of art can change the way

To the woods

Size: 48 x 62 cm

IsThisOurReality Size: 30 x 40 cm

Size: 90 x 125 cm

you interact within yourself and in society. Because: “Here we are closely connected, here we exist in a timeless, fantastic space full of joy and awareness.“

On a new path Size: 125 x 72 cm

Medium: mixed media

Medium : Acrylic on canvas Medium : mixed media


Medium: Acrylic on canvas


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Vincenzo Cohen

Alberto Magrin

Vincenzo Curcio (stage name, Vincenzo Cohen) is an Italian art-

Alberto Magrin studied architecture at the University of Genoa.

ist with a classical formation. In 2005 he graduated in Fine Arts

He underwent a brief stint in the theatre after having obtained

from Fine Arts Academy and in 2007 he received a second

a scholarship to study alongside sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro at

master’s degree in Archaeology from la Sapienza University in

University of Urbino. He was awarded the ‘Libertas Prize’ for

Rome. Polyhedric artist, his eclectic production is the result of

visual arts and literature by MP Ferri and collaborated in the

a continuous process of historical-scientific research addressed

creation of the ‘G. A. Rol Scientific Association’ in Turin, the

to the representation of cultural content, often with a social

purpose of which was to demonstrate man’s victory over time

and naturalistic background. He has always been interested in

through the capacity of the individual spirit. In the meantime,

studying African wildlife and he has much travelled through

he was also awarded the ‘Open Art’ prize by MP Vita in Rome.

Africa and Middle East to get inspiration for his art production.

He participated in founding of the International Digital Art

His work consists in reworking of life experiences through an expressionist language and by means of photography. Three


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


Organization ONDA. He designed the ‘ONDA Contemporary Art Museum’ in order to allow internationally renowned artists to

core themes prevail in his painting: the historical portrait, the

construct their own permanent spaces and create a dialogue be-

wildlife extinction and the marine nature. Currently he collab-

tween themselves and eternity. Like a premonition and a symbol

orates with different Art Institutions abroad and has received

of ‘eternal nothingness’, this project represents the downfall

some important awards in the artistic field.

and rebirth of the modern era. Through a series of donations, he succeeded in creating a worldwide network of art galleries, which he called ‘Magreen Galleries’, the artworks of which are located in public and private institutions, thus eliminating every form of personal control or management over the works them-

selves. These artworks are currently held by some of the worlds most important permanent

the Madonna of mozzarella Size: 40 x 60 cm

collections: The British Museum (London), MOCA


Size: 100 x 50 cm


(Los Angeles), Stiftung Museum Kunst Palast (Dusseldorf), Spazio Oberdan (Milan), Staatliche Kunstsammlungen (Dresda) and more.

Floating monk

Size: 100 x 70 cm

Size: 40 x 60 cm

Medium: oil, plaster, sand and seashells paste on canvas

Medium : oil, plaster, sand and pumice stones paste on canvas Medium : Photograph


Medium: Photograph


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Joyce Camilleri

Mckenna Geffers

Joyce Camilleri is an artist teacher at the Malta School of Art.

Mckenna Geffers is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Through regular studio practice and weekly life class sessions,

She is currently studying at the Savannah College of Art and

Camilleri maintains and develops a personal visual language

Design in Savannah, Georgia as an illustration major. She will

that attempts to explore drawing and printmaking as distinct,

be graduating in the Fall of 2021 with a Bachelor’s of Fine

nonetheless symbiotic art practices. Ongoing studio practice

Arts in Illustration, with a concentration in publication. Her

allows Camilleri to push the boundaries of essentially graphical

background includes advertising, acrylic painting, drawing,

elements through the use of mixed media, bringing about both

and digital illustration. Her work ranges from surreal, detailed

figurative and quasi-abstract visual metaphors that meander

imagery, to simple flat colors and linework, highlighting the

along the fine line that divides yet unites the real and the

beauties of everyday life. She also studies anatomy in her spare

surreal. Alongside, such artistic research enables her to explore

time and is interested in making work for scientific textbooks,

the poetic space of contemporary drawing, whilst constantly nourishing and revisiting an artistic process that is allowed to prevail over subject-matter. Artistic intent and process-led practices retain interchangeable roles throughout Camilleri’s

Biking @mckenna.geffers

as well as planning on working for a publishing company to create artwork for children’s books. Geffers wants her work to someday inspire the imagination and creativity in all of us with messages of a bright future.

approach to art theory and practice.


Size: 29.7 x 42 cm


Size: 29.7 x 42cm cm

Medium : Monotype

Woman and the Sun


Size: 22 x 28 cm

21.5 x 26.2 cm

Medium : digital art

Medium: digital art

Medium: Monotype



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Ann Huang

Franziska Ostermann

Ann Huang is a Chinese-born, Mexican-raised, and US-based

Franziska Ostermann (1992) got her master´s degree at the

auteur filmmaker who manages Saffron Splash Media, an

Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design. As a post-con-

avant-garde production house responsible for five award-win-

ceptual multimedia artist her main interests are contemporary

ning poem films adapted from her award-winning poetry. PAL-

photography and writing. In her work she explores identity and

PITATIONS OF DUST won the Best Experimental Short Film

virtuality. Her selfportrait FIRN was published on the cover of

at the 2018 Chicago Amarcord Arthouse Television Awards.

ProfiFoto magazine. She has been granted multiple awards and

INDELIBLE WINTER won the Best Directing Award at the Jane

has taken part in numerous exhibitions nationally and interna-

Austen International Film Festival. THE PINES OF SPRING


was the winner of the Best Editing Award at Marina del Rey Film Festival and a semifinalist at the Los Angeles Film Awards. SPARSE, won Ann Huang the Best Voice Actress at the 2019 Actors Awards Los Angeles. IN THE DESERT OF ETERNITY, is a finalist for Best Short Film or Documentary in The 12th TASTE AWARDS Film, Television and Video Competition.



Selfobservation Size: 90 x 120 cm


Size: 90 x 11 cm

Indelible Winter Size: variable sizes

Palpitations of Dust Size: variable sizes

Medium: Video art

Medium : Video art

Medium : Photographic-montage Medium: photographic-montage



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Sarah Waters

Sabrina Barrera

As a felt artist for almost thirty years, Sarah understands the

Born in the suburbs of Turin (ITALY) in 1989, I am a contempo-

importance, especially in these fragile and uncertain times, for

rary artist based in, wherever I am.

the need to highlight the history, sustainability and renewable

I studied at the Polytechnic of Turin at the Faculty of Architec-

resources of wool and to be able to educate and show this to a

ture, then I completed my education at the Nad Academy in

wider audience.

Interior Design.

Sheep, wool and farming are in her blood and her current practice of felt artwork reflects her desire to connect with the land.

My artistic research focuses on continuous experimentation,

For the past several years Sarah has been looking at the history

placing particular interest in the exploration of the soul, au-

of our rural land by drawing and researching standing stones, the ancient markers of the countryside. This culminated in


thenticity and nature. Traveling solo around the world has led me to get to know not only different cultures, but also to have

2017 in her exhibition ‘Stone’ that toured across the UK and

the opportunity to learn about artisanal techniques for pro-

Canada (World Festival of Threads Solo Show), including as

cessing materials. For example, my last experience in Thailand

part of the Richard Demarco Archive’s ‘Homage to Joseph

taught me traditional techniques of how to process Thai clay.

Beuys’, a two-person exhibition in the Demarco Wing of Sum-

In addition, I acquired skills to construct bamboo houses and

merhall Art Centre, Edinburgh, in 2018 and in Dunoon Burgh

the use of the welder to create artistic iron sculptures.

Hall in 2019.

Cell Work

Size: 55 x 57 x 5 cm

Sarah is currently working on a series on pieces looking at

In recent years I combined architecture with the art world and

the earth and strata on the land, for a solo exhibition entitled

I began to exhibit in collective exhibitions (Geneve, Alba and

Above:Below to be shown at Farfield Mill, Cumbria in 2022.


Monolith lll

Size: 132 x 65cm x 2 cm

35°PIANO Proiezione

Size: 83x38 cm

Size: 83 x 95 cm

Medium : Felt Medium : Sculpture


Medium: Felt

Medium: Sculpture on panel


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Shuko Kawase

Tiziana Rasile

Shuko Kawase is a photographer and painter based in Barcelo-

Tiziana Rasile lives and works in Rome. She received her de-

na, Spain. She was born in Singapore and spent time growing

gree at the Fine Academy Arts of Rome, in the departments of

up in Tokyo, Japan; Princeton, NJ, USA; and Frankfurt, Germa-

Painting and Engraving.

ny. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art from Brown Uni-

She is specialized in the Techniques of Museum Merchandising.

versity in Providence, Rhode Island, and finished her college art

She has participated in many Art Exhibitions and many Interna-

studies at the Buddhist-based Naropa University in Boulder,

tional Prizes.

Colorado. Wanting to reconnect with her family’s culture, Shu-

Soon develops an interest for the Abstract Art, with attention

ko lived in Japan for 7 years before moving to Spain in 2017.

for the oil classic techniques of overlap of shades and glazing.

Her recent collection of small paintings speaks to her expe-

Its research seeks the light in the chromatic texture.It thought is concentrated on the possibility of a dialogue between scien-

riences during the current pandemic - including the wish to

tific and filosofic result, artistic and spiritual intuition.

escape, watching birds from her apartment, and life and death.

Its journey starts from the series “FADES”, when the shape it dematerializes in the colour until the series “VIBRATION”: the light vibrates in the Painting-Space and modulates the time.

@rasilet @studioshuko_art

Vibration in the light Size: 60 x 90 cm

Path of Life Size: 6” x 6” x 0.75”

In the glow dived Size: 100x100 cm

Window on the Sea Size: 6” x 6” x 0.75”

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Medium : Metal leaf, patina, acrylic and oil on cradled wood panel

Medium: Metal leaf, pigment and oil on cradled wood panel

Medium : Oil on Canvas



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Adam Starr

Ravil Naregeev

His photos have been shown at Gallery 924 in Indianapolis, IN

Ravil Naregeev, Kazakh graphic artist. Participant of personal

and Zhou B Art Center in Chicago, IL among several others.

and group exhibitions in the Republic of Kazakhstan and in

He is proud to be a finalist in the Passepartout Photo Prize in

other countries. I chose the dissemination of my ethnic culture

Rome 2020. In addition, he is looking forward to showing his

through art as my main theme.

work at Siilk Gallery in Athens, Greece (2021). The photographs and paintings Adam produces come from a pure and vulnerable place. He incorporates the emotions he is feeling during the time of creation and tries to provoke a feeling of serenity for the viewer, using the emotional aspect of colour and setting. A theme that surrounds his art and has intrigued his imagination since he started creating is the idea of enlightenment; what that term represents, and how humanity is in a constant struggle to achieve this transcendental state. The psychedelic nature of Adam’s distinct style moves the


audience to feel its strength, providing a window into the heart of its creator and transporting the audience to a different dimension.


“Waves Don’t Die”

Tatar Crimea

Size: 24” x 36”

“Connecting Two Sides” Size: 20” x 16”


Size: 30 x 42 cm

Size: 42 x 42 cm

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Medium : graphic

Medium : Oil on Canvas


Medium: graphic


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

James Williams

Younes Mohammad

I am James Williams, creator of art in the small retirement com-

Younes Mohammad, born in 1968, in Dohuk, is a Kurdish

munity of Sun City Center, Florida, U.S.A. I grew up connecting

photographer. He is currently based out of Erbil. He works as

to nature in rural northwest Pennsylvania. My favorite colors

a freelancer on assignments for newspapers and magazines. Al-

as a child were pink and purple. They still are today. I love to

though he has had a life-long passion for photography he was

use those colors with nature as a dominant theme in my paint-

unable to pursue it due to the war - ultimately, he spent much

ings. My years of experience have opened opportunities at

time in Iran as a refugee from 1974 to 1998. He graduated with

local art shows and in galleries. I love the possibility of taking

an MBA from the University of Tehran. In 2011, he quit his job

these paintings to a world audience. The ultimate purpose of

and started his journey as a photographer. His work has been

the work I do is to create happiness, peace, fun and above all

exhibited internationally and published widely in publications


and he is the recipient of multiple awards.



In Love with Nature Size: 18” x 24”

If the Shoe Fits Size: 16”x 20”

Brahim Size: 70 x 50 cm


Size: 70 x 50 cm

Medium : acrylic on canvas

Medium : Photography, Portrait Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas


Medium: Photography, Portrait


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Anna Poliakova

Sarah Boisvert

Anna Poliakova is a promising artist from Russia. She broke

Before I was a painter I was a writer. And in my new series of

into the world of art in 2018 with a series of paintings on the

modern paintings I’ve incorporated my love of storytelling.

theme of space and women in helmets. Exploring the universe

They are rich in detail and tell a complete story, if you listen

inspires her since childhood, she even wanted to become an


astronaut. Space is infinity, energy, and emptiness. Here life

I get my inspiration from grunge style; from music to road signs

begins and dies. What does our life mean on a scale of the

to bad people and worse habits. From expectations and let


downs and a love/hate relationship with social media.





Size: 40 x 50 cm

Size: 80 x 80 cm

“We need to Talk About Sandy” (Triggered)

“The Human Condition” Size: 30” x 40” x 1.5”

Size: 30” x 24” x 1.5”

Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas

Medium : Oilon Canvas Medium: DigitalArt

Medium : Acrylic on stretched canvas



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Penn Tang Tamungang

Sharmaine Thérèsa Pretorius

Penn Tang Tamungang, born on the 21/06/1993, in Mankon. A small village in Cameroon, a country in Africa. I began paint-

Sharmaine is a high – end, South African, expat artist, who has

ing at a very tender age of 5, and as I grew older I developed

been living for the past 10 years, in the Sultanate of Oman,

more interest in art generally. I offer a variety of art disciplines,

deep inside the desert in Nizwa, an ancient, mystical Arabic

such as interior decor out of waste recycling,( waste tyres and

city. She has been described as the ‘’essence of an extraordi-

plastics), sculpture art from march papers and acrylic paints.

nary gifted mind’’ because of her prodigally styled, intellect

But I focus more on fine art,painting . I do more of contempo-

and intricate artistic drawings which include hidden puzzles

rary painting and pop art . I work more with Acrylic on Canvas

and Chladni musical compositions.

and a little bit of abstract collage. I hold a professional bachelor degree in Environment and sustainable development from the University of Douala and numerous art certificates from exhi-

She holds more than 600 continuing education credits span-


aviation mechanics and management as well as multi - cultural

bitions, art competitions like the FIAC and SIAC , FENAC. Just

mediation and negotiation and adaptability; spread over the

to name a few. My journey and inspiration towards art is much

safety and security, health and emergency service fields of

influenced from my environment and society. I wish to bring


FACE OF AFRICA” Size: 85 x 95 cm

ning, neurological psychology,medical and forensic science,

a change and educate a lot of communities with my art. With

which none includes art.

my main theme: “female empowerment and equal rights” , as

She gained international recognition as an emerging artist

well as portraying the African culture ,tradition and fashion. I

in 2017, particularly for her drawing named ‘Mars Trojan –

am presently working and based in the U.K. In Manchester pre-

Elon – The Shroud’ (5517A) circling in low space orbit on the

cisely where I continue to follow my dreams in art.

Asgardia-1 nanosat cube, with one other work of art.

FACE OF AFRICA 2” Size: 85 x 95 cm


Xenagogue Cochlea – Ray Size: 55 x 19 cm

Medium: digital art

Medium : digital art Medium : mix acrylic and collage on canvas


Medium: Mix acrylic and collage on canvas


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Sanniya Adnan

Eleonora Hrybniak

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, in 1986 with the intrinsic values and

My name is Eleonora Hrybniak. I’m a self-taught photographer

capabilities of Art and innovation from my father. I was deadly

and artist from Ukraine, Odessa. I am showing my concerns

inspired with the world of imagination from childhood. I devel-

and vision through my work. Photography is not a part of my

oped keen interest in painting.

life, it is my life. I feel happy when cats are around.

I continued doing commercial works for residencies with my studies and the journey of inventiveness begins when small projects turned into bigger later. I started presenting artwork in galleries and appreciated to participate in exhibitions. Currently I am working as the HOD of Artclub of b360 watch,


Dubai. I have completed the figure of more than 2500 hand painted limited edition watches. I like the characteristics of versatility in an Artwork. My work revolves around various subjects of life and yet ‘Life’ is a point-of-centre. Including the birth of social abuse, humiliation, liberality, dedicated life of a women and phenomenal theories


of living which enormously enforced me to restrain my views in pen to produce writings. I started writing for a well-known newspaper of Pakistan , Nawai waqt as a motivational writer.

I am glad to be a part of an awareness program going to be happen in Karachi, Aug,2021 in

Bleeding pigeon Size: 35 × 45 cm

Hidden_pain_ Size:

My_neighbours Size:

collaboration with 12 Artists from Pakistan in Art Chowk Gallery . The researched based exhibition “RAY OF HOPE” and more.


Size: 30” x 30”

Medium : Photo Medium: Mixed media


Medium : Analog Assemblage

Medium: photo


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


Sally Dion

Sam Heydt ( born April 20, 1986) is an American social prac-

Born in Portland Maine, Sally attended Mass College of Art

tice and recycled media artist born/raised in New York City.

and Design and received her BFA with a focus on printmaking

Although currently residing in Vienna, Heydt has lived/ worked

in 1982. For twenty years, she continued to make art but only

in Paris, Venice, Athens, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Reykjavik and

participated in local art fairs and taught classes to students

Rajasthan. Her academic career traversed Parsons School of

and adults on a limited basis. Now Sally is finishing her second

Design, The New School, Cooper Union, University of Am-

year as a graduate student at MassArt’s low residency MFA

sterdam, Universitdad of Buenos Aires and La Sorbonne. In

program and has grown in leaps in bounds both in concept and

2012, Heydt launched Jane Street Studio, L.L.C. in Manhattan.

craft. She looks forward to finishing next summer and contin-

Since established, the photo studio has broadened its per-

uing her rigorous yet joyful practice of printmaking including

formance to provide both design and marketing consultation

serigraph, linoleum and wood cut and solar plate along with

in addition to art direction. It’s growing roster of clients span


Europe, North & South America, Asia and Oceania.In addition

Light of Some Kind @samheydt

works across a spectrum of different media, film, video, installation, photography, sculpture sculpture, sound, merchandise, text – and employs a range of materials often reinventing or trespass-

the very traditional etching and lithography. Recently, she has taken the turn to printing and forming her art into the third

to this entrepreneurial undertaking, Heydt has attended artist

dimension and photographing her subjects that appear in her

residencies in Iceland, Australia and New Zealand; where she

monoprint portraits. As a permanent artist in residence at the

has documented different forms of environmental exploita-

Printmaking Project in Dover NH, she now teaches workshops

tion. A published author, producer and lifelong activist, Heydt

to others who wish to learn her craft. She will be showing in a

has undertaken a range of altruistic, non- profit work. Her art,

three woman show at the Piano Craft Gallery in Boston Ma this

anchored in social advocacy, attempts to give a voice to the


veiled, forgotten, exiled, and silenced. In her-practice, she

lost in the flood

Sane Inclinations That Are Fine (2020)

protest for women

Size: 48 x 28 cm


Size: 20” x 35”

ing their associative use.

Purell (2020) Size: 30” x 30”

Medium : Mono print on paper

Medium: Mono-print resin objects in plexiglass box


Medium :Analog Assemblage

Medium: Analog Assemblage


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


Lauren Brown

Fikos is a painter and muralist from Greece.

My work has developed using a balance of colour, marks and

At the age of 13, he started studying Byzantine painting in Ath-

space achieved through different variations in paint applica-

ens. He invented the term “Contemporary Byzantine Painting”,

tion, an unruly gesture of improvisation using paint. The paint-

and combines his traditional style with contemporary themes

ings evoke an essence of fluidity, movement and improvisation,

and Street Art.

creating paintings with recognisable elements that contrast

Among his murals is the largest mural in history of Greek-Byz-

with unknown and intriguing marks and shapes.

antine art (46m high) and indoor murals at the ETH Zurich

I allow the physical presence of the artist, the mark making is


controlled, yet unpredictable with a feral nature. The paint to

His focus is on the ways traditional arts can revive and serve

walks and talks across the canvas. The paintings are open to

the contemporary world.



Earth&Sky (Kiev) Size: 46x13m

Science Defeating Cancer Size: 55 x 70cm



Size: 152 x 152 cm

Size: 152 x 152 cm

Medium : Oil on canvas

Medium: Oil on canvas

Medium: Digital art

Medium : Acrylic on wall



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Sanna Tairi

Jackie Fuchs

Sanna Tairi is a self-taught fine artist from Stockholm, Sweden.

Jackie Fuchs was born in Brooklyn, NY, in 1958. She quit high

Her art originates from a space of a raw, unapologetic intro-

school at age 15. Returning to school in her 30’s she earned

spection of reality and of the past. As a result of the sexualiza-

a BFA in Art Education from the University of Massachu-

tion of girls in all forms of media, Tairi struggled with her own

setts, followed by a Master’s degree in Education, from Smith

self image and she started to paint herself as a way to take

College. She then taught art and TV production in a NYC high

back control and to celebrate womanhood.

school. In 2002, Fuchs moved to Sag Harbor, with her wife and

Tairi mainly paints with oil today but she also likes to experi-

baby, opened four hair salons, while continuing to teaching art.

ment with other mediums like acrylics, spray paint, colouring

In 2018, Ms. Fuchs began painting/ collaging/curating/repre-

pencils and textiles. Her aim is to capture moments in time,

senting artists and selling at fairs and pop-up galleries.

that represents her mindset or views of life. She has always

In the past 3 1/2 years Fuchs has sold over 350 of her art-

been motivated by the use of photography as a basis for her

works. Her work is described as a freeze frame in a movie or a

practice and as a subjective response of what she sees in her

page in a book, or a party you wish you’d been invited to. Her


collages include Modigliani like characters, paint and impeccably cut magazines; curated together like a puzzle, replicating everyday culture of life in the Hamptons, or a loft party in SoHo. One might think Jackie is an interior designer. Her ingredients are nostalgic, identifiable and relatable, compelling the viewer to collect her work.


Float in Time, 2020 Size: 100 x 80 cm

Quarantined pussy, 2020


Size: 100 x 80 cm

Size: 24 x 24 x 1.5 cm

IT’S A DOG’S LIFE Size: 24 x 48 x 1.5 cm

Medium : Oil on canvas

Medium : Mixed media Medium: Oil on canvas

Medium: mixed media



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Tais N

Alena Shaburdina

Born in 1990 in Novosibirsk, lives in Saint Petersburg.

I started drawing in early childhood, changed many art schools

In 2016, she graduated with honours from the art department

and masters, and even now I attend professional courses to

of the Volgograd Institute of Arts named after P. A. Serebryak-

develop my skills. I draw in different techniques and different


materials - most of all I love oil, graphics and interior painting

Creates a world of images through the interweaving of realism

with acrylic-this is how it turns out to convey my perception of

with the symbolism of the idea in her style “Symbolic animal

both colour and mood. I love landscapes and portraits, still lifes


and abstraction.

(The world of images of people and animals through the interweaving of realism with the symbolism of the idea). Artist at the Volgograd state theatre “Tsaritsyn Opera”, 20162017. Winner of the 3rd degree in the category Painting “in the international exhibition “Master+Student”, Russian Academy of Folk Art, Moscow, 2017. Winner of the “Living space” art festival, “Painting” category, Saint Petersburg, 2018.



Through the Nerl

Size: 50 x 60 cm

What Are You Hiding Inside?

Eternity in Sakartvelo

Size: 50 x 60 cm

Size: 80 x 50 cm

Size: 40 x 50 cm

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Medium : Oil on canvas

Medium : oil on canvas

Medium: oil on canvas



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Federico Fauli

Louise De Buck

Federico graduated in Architecture (BA) at the Politecnico of

Louise De Buck, based in Brussels, finds her inspiration in

Milan in 2015 and received his Diploma from the Architectural

post-apocaliptic films from the 80’s and 90’s.

Association in 2018.

Always one keen on travelling, she gets inspired by all the

Since 2018 he has been working at the Renzo Piano Building

things she encounters during her visits to places like Portland,

Workshop in Genova, up to early 2019 when he joined Zaha

USA, Bali or Indonesia.

Hadid Architects in London. While working for international

Her musical influences are Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks)

architectural firms, he has been practising independently win-

or John Carpenter. She draws a lot from movie soundtracks

ning design competition. Winner of The Renzo Piano Building

whether it is horror movies or the more mysterious thriller

Workshop Sponsorship, among other awards such as the MAD

kind. These help her define her emotions which transpires in

Fellowship, the Tamayouz International Award and the African

her work.

Architecture Award. His work has been widely published on

Her universe is beyond colourful, disturbing, sometimes

magazines, books and digital platforms

aggressive yet filled with softness. Always having a feminist

such as Archdaily, The Architects’ Journal, Bustler, AZURE,


Arch20, The Archiologist, and on AA publications such as the

Her work is adaptable to all kinds of support systems.

book “Scavengers & Other Creatures in Promised Lands”. He experiments with fabrication techniques and materials as


instruments to question the faceted nature of architectural


practices while researching iconographical gestures enabling the mutual immanence among objects, rituals and bodies. Exploring how it triggers unconventional spatial languages,

between geometrical abstraction and figurative

Coscienza Intuitiva

instances. He participated as a guest in several

Chimera Size: 60 x 90 cm

Women and mysteries Size: 60 x 90 cm

Juries and Crits at both the Architectural Association and the Politecnico of Milan. Selected to showcase at the Soeul Biennale 2021 & more..

Coscienza Intuitiva


Medium: Digital art

Medium: Digital art

Medium : Acrylic on canvas

Medium: Acrylic on canvas


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Pei Wu

Magarita Ivanova

Pei Wu got her MFA in Jewellery and Gemstone from the

My name is Magarita Ivanova. I am a professional artist living

Idar-Oberstein campus of Hochschule Trier in Germany.

in Russia. Painting is an integral part of my life. For me, not

Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, she studied architecture and art

drawing is like being silent. From early childhood, I decided

before going to the UK to study jewellery design at Sir John

to live by creativity, painted a lot, received an art and then an

Cass School of Art, Architecture, and Design. Having a back-

architectural education. But in the end, painting took over and

ground in architecture study, her way of working is relatively

became my main profession. Now I am an active participant

intuitive and intimate, with intentionally focused on feeling and

and winner of various international exhibitions, and my works

emotional expression.

are in private collections around the world. The object of my work is a person. What he is, what he feels. I am primarily interested in the relationship between the head and body of one person. Where is our true essence? Thoughts in the head and body movements are sometimes completely unrelated and even contradict each other. In my works, I play this game - who is who. Images of the plaster heads of the gods of Olympus

Hangman’s Bond Necklace 2020

are a symbol. On the one hand, this is our divine principle, on the other, our Ego. I like this analogy of the Gods of Olympus with human heads, thoughts. They are very similar. Immortals,


capricious, often sin, love, cruel and generous. In my works, a person is always in dialogue with himself.


Xiào (filial piety) Brooch 2020 Size: 12 x 3 x 2.5 cm

Medium : Rose quartz, 14ct gold

Is This My Own Voice? Brooch



Size: 80 x 100 cm

Size: 100 x 120 cm

Size: 7 x 6.5 x 4 cm

Medium: Smoky quartz, mixed gemstones, silver, steel wire Medium: Acrylic on canvas Medium : Oil



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Dan Petersen

Maria João Damas

Dan Petersen is a visual artist from New Jersey. His love for

Maria João Damas (Coimbra, Portugal 1971) is a self-taught

the psychedelic has led to largely abstract works that incor-

painter and installation artist, graduated in Social Service from

porate vibrant colours, trippy patterns, and dynamic textures.

Instituto Superior Miguel Torga and postgraduate in Social

He has painted outdoor murals, has had his work exhibited in

Economy by the Faculty of Economics of the University of

galleries & museums, and regularly makes commissions for a


wide-ranging variety of clients.

Through her lived experiences she captured glances in the lives of others. This perspective, on the lives of many, provoked her uneasiness that would guide her to an artistic practice of painting and other art forms that she explores through personal,


creative and social struggles. Her work is a constant exploration of the media, materials, and techniques. In her paintings she predominantly works in acrylic, mixed media and the base is typically canvas or paper but her artwork also often takes the form of installations, sculpture with social engagement thematics such as domestic violence.


Abstract Chaos Size: 20 x 24 cm

It’s A Lot

Size: 12 x 18 cm

Medium: Colored pencil

Being [here] 2021 Size: D 50 cm

Annoying circle [the dark side] 2021 Size: D 50 cm

Medium : Acrylic on canvas Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Medium : Acrylic Paint



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


Lyudmila Vodolagina

Corrupt_Vision is a UK based artist who works with the medi-

I am a sculptor. I graduated from the Moscow State Academic

um of Glitch, utilising various techniques and processors. They

Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov (workshop of Alexander

have exhibited in both online and physical exhibitions along

Rukavishnikov). I am a member of the Moscow Union of Art-

with being published in a number of art publications.

ists. I am a participant of Russian and international exhibitions.

Whilst currently in the process of gaining a PhD in Fine Art Corrupt_Vision continues to work towards the goal of destabilising the digital world that surrounds us, offering new perspectives to our cybernated vistas. In this modern age of 4K Ultra HD anything of lower quality


is more often than not immediately dismissed purely based on its aesthetic condition if it doesn’t fit into the accepted dream screen which has been forged. Our digital world can be more than a perfectly polished image, and its time is coming to an end.


//1846// Size: 18.5 x 13.5 cm


Size: 16 x 12 cm

Actinia. Size: 48 х 26 х 23 cm

Hair drying.

Size: 29 х 37 х 38 cm

Medium: Bronze Medium : glitch


Medium: glitch

Medium : Bronze, stone


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Luchiya Postike

Anton Bondarev

My name is Luchiya Postike. I was born in Latvia, I’m a moldo-

My name is Anton Bondarev, I’m a 30 years old artist, born in

van by nationality, but now I live in Russia. In my first profes-

Rostov-on-Don, Russia. I’ve worked in USA in 2011 summer as

sion, I’m an actress. I worked in the theater and on television.

overnight stock clerk, while graduating. Came back to Russia,

I started taking pictures 4 years ago. In 2019, I completed a

finished my study in Institute of Management, Business and

course at the Warsaw Academy of Photography and now I

Law, tried to work in USA again, but they denied my visa. Got

want to make photography my new profession, as it has now

stabbed in stomach in drunk fight, survived, moved to Mos-

become an integral part of my life. I had several exhibitions in

cow, still live and work here. In love with photography since 15

Novosibirsk. In Siberia I photograph mostly people. I am inter-

years old, still have passion for world around me, curious for

ested in connecting everything I know through my work in the

space exploration / politics / everything.

theater with the world of people around me.



Trio Size: 3264/4896px_ 300 ppi.jpg


Size: 3265/4897px_ 300 ppi.jpg


Personality Size: 50 x 50 cm

Size: 40 x 30 cm

Medium : Mixed media

Medium: Mixed media


Medium : Photo

Medium: Photo


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Katrin Loy

Emmanuel Laveau

I work photographically with the overlay of images and / or

My name is Emmanuel Laveau. I go by Yvwh. I’m 26 and have

digital image processing.

been painting since 2018. I am a self taught artist. I studied

Photographic work plays a decisive role, because for me is not

communications and chemistry and took many studio courses

about the depiction of the reality found, but about the new

while at university, but I truly began painting after receiving

imaging resulting from associative overlay or alienation of the

inspiration from God. And so I paint angels from photographs

original photographic image.

of students where I attended university. I believe in God.

One could ask: Does the form in which we perceive, think, feel and intuitively perceive the world really correspond to a combination of a perception of reality and associative-projective fantasy? And what exactly corresponds to reality and what to fantasy? And what exactly is reality and what is fantasy? Ultimately everything is a question of consciousness ... so it is probably both and neither and at the same time it is neither both nor neither ... a PARADOX ... life is just a dream of a higher AWAKENING ...

Gabriel yvwh_ @katrin.loy

The Ego and the Shadow_Width


Size: 40 x 60 cm

_The Femme fatale_Widt


Size: 5’ x 4’

Size: 5’ x 4’

Size: 60 x 40 cm

Medium: Mixed media

Medium: Oil on canvas Medium : Spray paint on canvas


Medium : Mixed media


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Ula Grabski


20-year-old Ula Grabski grew up in Haverhill, MA. She gradu-

No Time To Sleep (NTTS) is an Art direction Duo from London

ated high school in 2019 and went on to study art at Northern

UK, created by Nigerian/Italian William C. Ogbebor and Italian

Essex Community College. Ula hopes to receive her associate’s

Carol Vandanesi.

degree in Liberal Arts in January 2021. Her strongest interest

Carol is a creative and business woman moved to London in

is in painting, and she hopes to expand all her knowledge of

2012 and William a photographer and filmmaker also moved to

art. This includes progressing with her own creation, learning

London only a year after.

about marketing and selling work, and making connections.

They both met for the first time in 2017 at their workplace in

Her dream is to be able to support herself by doing something

London and while starting to build a strong artistic connection

she loves, which would be painting. Currently, Ula has become

from the early days it’s only in 2019 that they decided to be

involved with a local gallery called “The Switchboard”, learning

partners and forming NTTS.

all about the backend of what it takes to run a gallery.

NTTS is their way to create editorial and creative content that enables them to continue to explore and share their vision. They are first of all Artists on their continuous journey to find their own personal expression through their art. Through their self-produced work they aim to collaborate with other creatives and brands out there, to increase their visibility and build a network of individuals ready to open their minds and give them a space to express themselves.


Mid Century Man Size: 24 x 36 cm


Thank you for Today Size: 30 x 35 cm

“Our Hands”


Size: variable

Size: variable

Medium: Self portrait, Digital photography

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas


Medium : Acrylic on Canvas

Medium : Self portrait, Digital photography


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Salvatore Esposito


I’m an Italian artist, based in London, UK. I’ve studied graphic

My name is Ksenia and I’m 18 years old artist living in Russia.

design and photography and in fact these transitional experi-

My meeting with art began at the age of three, when, as a

ences had and still have a crucial effect on the whole process

baby, I started drawing on home wallpaper. Now I draw on

of creating my artworks. Born and raised in Naples, south Italy,

canvases that are taller than me. As I like to say, “the higher the

I had to live with the very concept of discarded and recycled

canvas, the more opportunity to express myself”The depth of

material. The fact of knowing what is art and what is consid-

human emotion is hard to determine, but I’ll try - art will help

ered just discarded material has always been of my interest.

me with that. My goal is so that the viewer can fully plunge

That is why I tend to use upcycled material in almost all my

into the emotion set by the author. As Mark Twain said, “Every

works, trying to picture an abstract, cultural and architectural

emotion is involuntary, if it is sincere.”

urban view.




I feel

Size: 60 x 80cm

The Renaissance of the Goddess Athens”


Size: 31,5” х 24”

Size: 79”х59”

Size: 60 x 60 cm

Medium : acrylic and paper collage on back of the canvas Medium: oil on canvas Medium: acrylic and paper collage on canvas


Medium : oil on canvas


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Giovanah Ferreira Faraco

Daria Borisova Daria Borisova was born in Russia, in the small aviation town Zhukovsky in the Moscow region. She has a degree from

My name is Giovanah Ferreira Faraco,

Moscow State Academic College of memory of 1905 year in

I am originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Art and Design major. After that, she decided to continue her

I lived in Australia and Italy for the past years,

art education in the USA, and now she is a Fine Arts student

studying and improving myself, now Im living in Guimaraes,

at Brooklyn College in New York. Mostly she concentrates


on using acrylic paints and discovers the capacities of this

I’m an enthusiastic artist with a very diverse skillset, such as

material. She uses different techniques such as scratching,

photography, painter and everything that involves handwork,

multi-layer techniques and creating different textures and

I consider myself a maker, who loves to create art, welcome

surfaces on canvases or paper. Also, she works in her own

creative challenges and always experience new things. I tend

artistic style that she was exploring and developing for several

to seek out ways to learn new skills and knowledge to improve

years. Foreign education and new culture in the US were some

myself. I always believe that we can learn something from everyone, doesn’t matter the age or the background. I do art because I believe that art connects, art unites, art

of the greatest influencers in her artworks. Now she works on


changes and art is unique, specifically painting, which even

the series “Women’s Nature” and learns about feminine inner beings, their states, mood, and diversity. Some of her paintings are in private collections.

without speaking, or moving can bring us countless feelings and sensations, and this is one of my main reasons for making art , it is for the magic of being able to touch and make each


viewer a little bit of everything that I believe, and feel.

person see my art in a unique way, being able to take to the


Size: 130c x 80cm

Two Worlds Size: 20 x 25 cm


Size: 20 x 25 cm

Taken Size: 130 x 80 cm

Medium : acrylic paints, watercolor pencils


Medium : acrylics

Medium: acrylics

Medium: acrylic paints, watercolor pencils


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Amar Singh Azad

Lam Yan Yan

My name is Amar Singh Azad. I’m an Artist, Photographer and

Currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

Graphic Designer from London. During my time and practice

Documenting the small intimate moments in life with the inner

I have developed a sensitive and intricate eye; specialising in

soul of colourist. Claire love to travel around the world to meet

pencil work, pointillism and photography. I studied a Degree of

new friends, print down the special moment.

Graphic Design and Visual Communications at UCA (University

Claire’s colour vibrantly capture personalities and moods to

of Creative Arts). I have been freelancing as a graphic designer,

convey great human being with her subjects.

working with Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge, M&S and Rotary Watches. I have had exhibitions in London for my artwork and photography and also showcased my art in Seoul and New York. I always produce with care, affection and patience and creating pieces with finesse and delicacy.

@asa_22_moments @lamyanyan_studio

The world is beautiful, shall we...(2) Size: 60 x 80 cm

Dubai Creek Crossover Size: 17 x 25 cm

The world is beautiful, shall we...(1) Size: 60 x 80cm

Bushy Park Sunrise Size: cm

Medium : Pencil Medium: Digital photography

Medium: acrylic on canvas


Medium : acrylic on canvas


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Romina Belda

Sumali Piyatissa

Romina Belda (1990) is a Spanish-born London based pho-

Artist based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Sumali is an Accountant by

tographer whose approach to the locations and people she

profession and her love for art desired her to pursue it further.

photographs is instinctive and subjective. Romina’s work

She has been painting for many years, developing her own

often explores topics of belonging, memory and identity. She

style and artistic identity to create unique pieces of art.

weaves her images together to create narratives mostly based

Sumali enjoys experimenting with bold color palettes and

in poetics of the everyday taking the ordinary as the source of

different mediums. Her style of painting is abstract and differs

all meaning. Her practice is infused with feelings of melancholy

from traditional techniques to a blend of modern mixed media

and loss.

techniques. Her inspiration is drawn from her travel, sur-

Romina graduated in Musicology at the University of Salaman-

roundings, color, the people she interacts with and things that capture her eye.

ca and later pursued photography at Fuga school (Barcelona)


and at the University of Arts of London, although she considers herself a self-taught photographer. Her work has been published in Calliope Magazine, MAI Feminism & Visual Culture Magazine and has been exhibited in spaces such as The Skopelos Art Foundation (Greece) or Aire Place Studios (Leeds).


No Title

Size: 15 x 20 cm

Earth amd Sky Size: 32” x 24”

Still waters Size: 36” x 24”

Spanish Summer Size: 15 x 20 cm

Medium: photography

Medium : photography

Medium : Acrylic on Canvas


Medium: Oil on canvas


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Hyunsun Yoo

Laura Romero

Hyunsun yoo was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1981. She

Bachelor in Fine Arts. from the Complutense University of

completed a bachelor of visual art, Painting as a major and Art

Madrid with a specialty in Design, she completed her studies

history as a minor at Duksung Woman University in Seoul.

at the Open University of Catalonia in Digital Art and Culture

After that started to study Fine art/painting at Applied art

Innovation and in various subsequent courses: University of

University in Vienna, Austria from 2013 with Professor Emma

the Arts London Central Saint Martins and the International

Rendl denk.

Center for photography and EFTI cinema in Madrid. Multi-

Now she lives and works in Vienna and has

disciplinary artist has lived in Mexico for 6 years where she

exhibited in various countries/ Korea, Austria and many Euro-

has developed her latest photographic projects. With a very

pean countries. Her First solo exhibition ‘move your body’ at

intimate work, through his own experiences, he reflects the

Songeun gallery(2005)/Seoul is the first start to show a work

most personal side of everyday life, provoking a second glance

about Human and Humanity, So far she works many paintings

and subjecting it to intense reflection.

and drawings with a same topic. Also she has many works

Recently published by Create! Magazine and Semifinalist in the

with silk screen printmaking and recent works are overlapping

ARTBOX contest. PROJECT New York 1.0 (By ARTBOX.GAL-

different translucent colors and size of circles to express the


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

distance of relationship.


LERY Switzerland), has more selections in awards such as “City of Palencia of Artistic Creation (Spain) or by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Our Lady of Rosario (A Coruña, Spain)”. He has participated in numerous international fairs, such as Paris, Hamburg, Istanbul and Stockholm among others. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries from London, Madrid, Alaska, and Buenos Aires or Quebec.

Intervals 3

Untitled Size: 85 x 75 cm


Size: 105 x 75cm

Size: 48 x 63

Intervals 6 Size: 60 x 58 cm

Medium: oil on canvas

Medium : photography Medium : oil on cavas


Medium: photography


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Adam Shea Lancaster

Cherie Lee

Adam Shea Lancaster is an American artist from Dallas, Texas.

Ancient craft in the modern age.

He creates representational paintings in a style he’s called “Ne-

Prehistoric engravings have been found incised on ostrich egg-

oRomantiClassical”—a contemporary take on draped figures in

shells dating as far back 60,000 BCE. I wonder: What if they

traditional poses.

had my tools? Using high-speed rotary equipment, I reduce this

His themes explore Western culture’s mythical beauty, asking

single-celled wonder to the brink of it’s breaking point, producing spherical sculptures inviting you to question what you be-

the important question: Is beauty as conceived by Western

lieved, and find renewed respect for what you believe possible.

culture (in the Greco-Roman tradition) mythical in the sense

Strength and weakness are together built into the structure of

that myth is an “untrue story” or in the sense that myth is a

all things, yet the persistent notion that big = strong & small =

“storied truth.”

weak implies an assigned separation where separation cannot

Lancaster prides himself on creating fine art with humble craft

exist. When we perceive something as ‘strong’ there is attrac-

paint from hobby shops on drop cloths from hardware stores.

tion; when we perceive something as ‘weak’, there is aversion;

Although fluent in more refined media, he’s made it his mission

when we ignore half of the equation, there is distortion. How-

to present painting as accessible to everyone—beginning with


ever ordinary, please don’t see anything as mundane.

the art students he enjoys teaching when he’s not in his studio.

Wherever the unusual arises, approach it with curiosity. What you consider to be strong, revere it’s frailty.



When you see something delicate, appreciate it’s strength. Whether my subject-matter be ecological, sociological or anthropological, I’m doing what’s been done for all of mankind’s

Helen Size: 34 x 46 cm


Size: 34 x 46 cm

existence: appreciating the natural world around me, marveling at it’s boundless capacity.

‘Shell_of_Shells’ Size: D 9”

‘The_Brink’ Size: D 9”

Medium : acrylic on Canvas

Medium: acrylic on Canvas Medium: carved_ostrich_eggshell


Medium : carved_ostrich_eggshell


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Lesley Kurth

Raisa Khairudinova

I have recently graduated from a Bachelor Degree in Graph-

Raisa Khairudinova was born in 1962 in Kazakhstan. Her

ic and Media Design at London College of Communication

interest in drawing and creativity was noticed and developed

(UAL). Over the years I have developed an understanding of

by grandmother, who was a teacher. Raisa graduated from the

socially engaging design whereas unit and self-initiated briefs

children’s art school. At that period, she didn’t plan to connect

have advanced my editorial and research skills. Most of my

her life with the fine arts and linked her with medicine.

recent works are based on personal experiences aiming to get

The dream of an art education came true after retirement. In

people to learn and understand. I am passionate about physical

2017 she graduated from the Kazan College of Folk Arts and

engagement and implementing this both socially and cultur-

Crafts with a degree in “Designer”.

ally. Going forward with a postgraduate degree in Narrative

Wassily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich, Piet Mondrian - influ-

Environments at Central Saint Martins (UAL) I am seeking to


specialise in communication and socially engaging design within spatial practices in the future.

enced the formation of her artistic style, because it allows you not to be limited to a given shape and makes it possible to express the deep essence through colours and arbitrary shapes. Raisa which gives the work volume and texture: plaster, jute thread, coloured gravel, texture pastes, shells. She works with Mixed Media technique, uses oil and acrylic, prefers bright,


clear colours, which have a regenerative perception on the viewer. The main idea of Raisa’s creativity is the visual expression of feelings, emotions and thoughts, eternal questions of communication with the outside world.

Since 2020 - a member of the Russian Artists Union. Currently lives and works in Kazan, Russia.

I am not your dad Size: 10m x 1m


Size: 35” x 24”

Success. One step at a time. Size: 1,50 x 2,50m

Winter Dreams Size: 12” x 20”

Medium : Installation of concrete letters and metal chains Medium : mixed media Medium: Light projection onto stairs.


Medium: Mixed media


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Sarah Bird

Honey Truong

Sarah Bird’s collages are made up of photographs of domestic

Amsterdam based, Honey Truong was born in Hamburg in

surroundings that have been fragmented, digitally distort-

northern Germany in 1994 and later moved to Australia at

ed and re-composed as abstract artworks. They follow the

the age of 19. Throughout her life, Honey has always been

tradition of artists meditating upon the theme of ‘home’,

fascinated by people, images and how the mental world is

re-imagined for the digital age. They explore architecture and

represented though the eyes of others. Needles to say, she

community: the places we inhabit and share. Bird uses veils of

was drawn to the idea to become a clinical psychologist. The

vivid colour to blend real with imagined,

interest was cultivated already during her young teenage years

making the familiar, alien.

and developed when she opted her university degree of the

Windows and doorways are common motifs that mark thresh-

same subject. She likes to create a realistic interpretation of

olds, the liminal points of boundary and change. The weave

people, while focusing on expressive elements of light and tex-

of a curtain dissolves into pixels; the view through a window

ture. Honey uses art as medium of self-therapy, which is why

reveals nothing.

it helped her heal, understand others and herself better. She

Bird is drawn to things that show traces of human action over


time: the layers of paint and wallpaper, or imprints on a bed-

believes that stimulating the creative mind while relieving mental strain can be well expressed in painting rather than words. Feelings of sadness and harmony emanate from her paintings.

sheet. These are symbolic of narratives becoming distorted,

Honey’s recent paintings seek to expose a delicate equilibrium

entrenched and even oppressive over time. They reflect the

between a sense of tumult and painterly texture.

fragmented way in which we pass on and take in information in the digital age. Sarah Bird studied at Goldsmith’s College and lives and works

in London. She exhibits regularly and her work is held in private collections in the UK and USA.


Size: 100 x 70 x 3cm

Art Series: Man in the bookshop

Her work has been used on an album cover for

Size: 29 x 42cm

Japanese artist Brockbeats and she has been shortlisted for the Apthorp Prize.

Art Series: Man in the bookshop Size: 29 x 42cm


Size: 20 x 20 x 2cm

Medium: oil paint

Medium : oil paint

Medium: photographs collaged on wood panel


Medium : photographs collaged on wood panel


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Si Golraine

Nimisha Doongarwal

Si is a Ukrainian-born multidisciplinary artist that currently

Nimisha Doongarwal is a mixed media artist. Her conceptually

works and resides in New York City. Prior to focusing her

layered pieces combine paint, photography, fabric and digital

attention on visual art, Si went through a wide-ranging, formal,

prints which explore varying relationships between past and

and informal, artistic education. At the age of six and for elev-

popular culture, by referencing social issues such as racism, im-

en years thereafter, she was enrolled in a school specialized in

migration and gender inequality. Each image tells a unique sto-

classical music in Ukraine. In 2012, Si moved to Texas, where

ry, creating visual links to current and historical events in time.

she received additional private visual art education, attended a

Through her work, her goal is to give a voice to social issues

school specializing in theatre, and worked in a public theatre as

faced by women and people of color; to encourage viewers

a scenic painter. At the age of eighteen she moved to New York

to embrace cultural diversity and step up for equality for all.

City on her own to continue her journey in the arts. With a war

Nimisha has been featured in publications such as Forbes and

breaking out in her native home just two months later, the sub-

has exhibited in museums and galleries including the De Young

sequent impact on her family made it impossible to complete

Museum in San Francisco.

her course study, and she immersed herself in the visual arts, following only her intuition and passion.


Internal-Gravitation Size: 30” x 30”

Reflection Size: 23” x 26”

Portrait of USA 2020 Dream to fly!

Size: 36 x 36 cm

Size: 12 x 12 cm

Medium: mixed media Medium : oil,plaster,foam,wood Medium : mixed media

Medium: faux-oxidation-on-metal



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Elsa Egon

Adrian Amiro

Elsa Egon is the pseudonym of Stefania Marino. Born in Naples,

As an artist, I am inspired by dreams, nature, and colors. I try to

Italy in 1981. After she graduated from the architect school,

express emotion through the human face. I feel art is a way to

she moved to France in 2010.

connect on emotional levels and the best way to tell that story

Self-taught artist, she was used to work with different materi-

is with soul.

als and technics. With the Covid crisis she has started to make only portraits. These are oil on canvas painting. After a first solo exhibition in Naples in 2008, she was a finalist of the 2017 award 44 ideas for viadellafucina16 by a committee of scientists.


She was also a finalist for the Art Prize CBM Premio Carlo Bonatto Minella Forme e materia dell’attesa, which led to an exhibition in Turin and then at Galerie Českých center, Prague in 2018. The online curator, Madja Edelstein-Gomez has selected her work for Les Recombinants Exposition International d’art that was presented for the first time at Art O Rama in 2017. She continues to present her work participating to calls for applications, exhibitions like Paratissima 15 Multiversity in Turin, Salon d’Automne in Paris, and ITSLIQUID International Art Fair 2020 in Venice. One of her work has been published in


Artist Talk Magazine in Issue 14,Janvier 2021.

Perseus recanted

Golden Hour

Size: 81 x 100 cm

Size: 10 x 12 cm

Wild at heart Size: 10 x 10 cm

Andrea interni Size: 162 x 130 cm

Medium: oil on canvas Medium : watercolor and gold leaf Medium : oil on canvas


Medium: watercolor and gold leaf


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Olive Poole

Natalia Millman

Olive Poole is a Photographer living in Savannah, Georgia,

I am a conceptual installation artist and painter based in Lon-

where she is working towards

don. I moved to London from Ukraine in 2001. I have been a

a B.F.A in Commercial Photography at the Savannah College of

part of Insight school of Art since 2013, having recently joined

Art and Design. She is

their Studio Fridays. My work is constructed from material

originally from Denver, Colorado where she studied Lighting

found on building sites, which I represent as visions of my my

Design at Denver School of the

own inner fears, like ageing, loneliness, anger and mortality.

Arts for 7 years and worked within the local gallery industry.

My organic materials are glued, wired and layered tightly, in-

She runs the Event Coordination

terconnecting and merging into each other. I am telling a story

and Media Management division at the Gallery 1505 and The

of my personal cultural dilemma and the experience of loss.

Denver Local Art Museum. While

I am currently researching the philosophy of ageing. I enjoy

growing up in the artistic community, Olive slowly found her-

researching my body of work through books and dialogues. My

self falling in love with

symbolic objects remind us of mortality, fragility of life, mem-

photography and the ways it can creatively illuminate personal

ory loss and passing physicality. I am trying to transform decay

issues surrounding femininity and

into something beautiful, therefore giving it another life. My

mental health. She is passionate about creating cinematic,

recent Ageing project has a strong message of fear of ageing

intricate, and extravagant pieces that

process and the stigma of dementia. I am explicitly highlighting

demonstrate themes of peculiarity, delusion, and intimacy

the damage that time imposes on human body and mind, how

through use of lighting and color.

it erases lingua, memories and consciences. My focal point is


and old. I am a multidimensional artist working on 3D, mixed media, video, sculpture and installa-


Size: 10” wide

the current social denial and dehumanising power of vulnerable

Blinding Light. Size: 100 x 70 x 3cm



the importance of human validation. I would like to highlight


Size: variable

Size: 10” wide

Medium: digital photograph Medium : digital photograph

Medium: mixed media Medium : Mixed Media



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Alpana Mittal Tejaswini Tejaswini is an accomplished and versatile artist working in multiple media. Her major contribution to the world of Art is her creations using beads on canvas. Tejaswini creates intricate pieces made with perler beads on canvas. Her interest in this unique medium began in 2008, when she purchased an art kit, as a Christmas gift, for her daughter. As her little girl created small birds and flowers using the beads in the kit, the artist started visualizing different patterns on the canvas with these beads and realized she found the perfect texture for her designs. Born into an art loving family, Tejaswini was exposed to art and its appreciation from early childhood. She chose Fine Arts as her major and has a M.F.A. from CCS University, India. She also has an Arts Management diploma from New York University.


Tejaswini has displayed her artwork globally in exhibitions and has been widely acclaimed for her multifaceted style. Her traditional painting depicting “Krishna” was judged Best in Show by Hudson Artists on NJ at their 60th anniversary Exhibition in 2013. She received an Outstanding Service award from Sing for Hope, NYC 2019, having painted a piano for the organiza-

tion, titled “Basant Utsav.”

Om - The Meditation Mantra Size: 24 x 24 cm

Blessings Size: 16 x 20 cm

Medium: mixed media beads on canvas

Medium : mixed media beads on canvas


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Sophia Ruppert

Lucy Ellis

Sophia Ruppert Earned an MFA in Sculpture from the Univer-

Lucy Ellis is a digital artist based in London whose work ex-

sity of Nebraska-Lincoln and a BFA in Sculpture from Southern

plores anthropology, the human condition and herd mentality

Illinois University Edwardsville. Her work has been exhibited

within society. In “Untitled” she explores sexually antagonistic

nationally in galleries and museums including the Alexandria

selection in modern society and how pornography has affected

Museum of Art in Alexandria, Louisiana, The Virago in Contem-

male fitness. In her work “Grass Carpet” she explores urbanisa-

porary Art and Adornment in Seattle, Washington, Art St. Louis

tion and its growing dominance globally in relation to economic

in St. Louis, Missouri, the Rockford Art Museum in Rockford Il-

development, as well as our perception of nature and its use

linois, and the Anderson Gallery and Drake University. She has

for decoration. In “Digital Tapestries” the use of digitalising the

been published in The Woven Tale Press, Fiber Art Now, and

images presents the distortion of humanity and how we have

Friend of the Artist Volume 12. Recent solo exhibitions include

adapted as a human race. These tapestries will live forever

I Poked You Where We Were Connected at the Eisentrager

online and won’t overtime become worn out like how a tradi-

Howard Gallery and Plastic Prayers at Lux Center for the Arts.

tional woven tapestry would. She is currently studying Fine

Her notable awards include the Dan and Barbara Creative

Art at Central St Martins where she is emerging and adapting

Achievement Award and the Othmer Fellowship. In 2020, she

her digital practice. She works mainly in animation and video

received the Gilbert Bayes Award from the Royal society of Sculptors, received the Mayor’s Art Award from the Kimmel


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


as well as sculptural work and digital paintings. The use of a digital practice relates to her exploration of the distortion of

Foundation for the Arts, and was selected as an Emerging

humanity away from primates and our association with the

Artist by Fiber Art Network. She currently lives and works in

natural world.

Lincoln, Nebraska.

Plastic Prayer Bags Size: 68” x 80” x 4”

Digital Tapestries Quarry

Size: variable sizes


Size: 96 x 36 x 6”

Size: variable sizes

Medium: digital painting Medium : digital painting Medium: pine, stain


Medium : lycra, plaster, tacks, thread


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Aysha Choudhury

Joely Neilan

Aysha Choudhury is an artist/illustrator who lives and works

Joely Neilan (b. 1996) is from Kettering, England. She is a multi-

around London. She likes to create visual stories with tradi-

disciplinary Artist, whose practice predominantly focuses on

tional and mix media by mainly working with watercolours,

Sculptural Paintings and Objects made from concrete.

gouache and acrylic paints.

The inspiration behind Joely’s work is derived from exploring

Aysha has always been fascinated by the ideas of telling visual

urban environments. In a world where no condition is perma-

storytelling. She loves to delve into characters and places in

nent, she finds herself gaining inspiration from what she calls

the form of stories. This allows Aysha to find her voice though

“urban imperfections”, often found in the more derelict areas

creativity and exploring her imagination through her artwork.

of towns, cities & built environments. She is also particularly

Infused with elements of colour and nature, she creates pieces

interested in the Anthropocene and the “man-made” & often

that go into the human mental state and connection told in

re-uses single use plastic to create different textures within her

storytelling, meaning and conceptual art.


Aysha has refined her skills and studied BA Illustration and

Joely takes visual cues and snippets from architectural forms,

Communication at University of Westminster in 2017. During

textures and surfaces which are represented through the

her studies, Aysha won Heath Robinson Illustration competition and displayed illustrations at Heath Robinson Museum in


,2019) all located in London. Currently part of collective called Ghizbo Collective and currently

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


characteristics of the materials she uses within her work. She creates a unique aesthetic that resembles a derelict ‘chic’

2016. Since graduating her artworks was displayed in group

visual with accents and bursts of colour. For Joely, the process

shows such as West End Gallery (2016), Creative Debuts

behind creating her work is very important and centres around

(Shoreditch 2016), 508 King Road Gallery (Chelsea,2017) and

the relationships between the materials she uses, layers, struc-

Richmix (Shoreditch,2017) , Shortwave cafe (Bermondsey

tural integrity, tensions and fragility.



Size: 38 x 33.5 x 2.5cm

Size: A3

has a virtual online exhibition called ‘Palette of


Onism’ in 2020.

Size: 36 x 31 x 2.5 cm

Roots Size: A3

Medium: Concrete, Plaster, Ink, Spray Paint Medium : Concrete, Plaster, Wire, Wooden Frame, Spray Paint, Ink


Medium : gouache

Medium: gouache and metallic rose paint


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Penny Stuart

Agata Danilava

Penny Stuart, an experimental and published Dublin artist,

My name is Agata Danilava. I’m from Vitebsk, Belarus.I gradu-

draws from life with charcoal. She has been attending the Life

ated from art college.

drawing class in Trinity Arts Workshop for 3 years. Many of

I am currently studying at the European Humanities University,

her portraits are recognisable as African Heads, and these

Vilnius. I study visual design.I like graphics, animation, posters

make reference to her first encounters with a sitter as she was

and collages.

embarking on this creative journey. Penny also does very large abstract acrylic paintings that are strong colour and textural statements . In tandem with this two dimensional work Penny has over the past year begun experimenting with clay/sculpturing heads and using mobile digital media to manipulate images from the original photos taken during the creating process of


the pieces, to produce exciting abstracted juxtapositions that


offer the viewer different dimensions of immersion. Exhibitions include a collaborative event with the Whispering Trees Collective in May 2019 in Blackrock Market and an exhibition with Trinity Arts Workshop at Pearse Centre Dublin, June 2019. She has had a number of her charcoal pieces with the themes of Metamorphosis and Audacity published in respected Literary publication Jolt. (Journal of Literary translations with 7 images in 3 volumes) I am recently taking zoom life drawing workshops

with the Newlyn School of Art in Cornwall and Burnt Sienna art school Berlin.

Pen-soeur Size: A2

Landscape Size: A3


Three in the desert

Size: A2

Size: A3

Medium : graphic

Medium: graphic Medium : fine art print on archival paper Medium: fine art print on archival paper



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Nadezhda Begunova

Ivan Milenkovic

Nadezhda Begunova - russian artist who is painting space

Born in 1988 in Leskovac, Serbia.

inside. Nadya was born in Surgut in 1984. Now lives in St.

2012 : Graduated Master studies at Faculty of Fine Arts, Art

Petersburg. She graduated from Saint Petersburg State

University in Belgrade. He had 13 solo exhibitions and participated on more than 80

University, the Department of Graphic Design in 2007, and

group exhibitions. 2016- First prize

defended her dissertation in 2009 on the topic “Temporary

for the painting „‟Have you seen Banksy? 2‟‟ during the 54th

and permanent design of the urban environment.” Since

October Salon in Leskovac, Serbia.

2015 participation in art exhibitions and festivals. Member

2015- First prize for the painting “Laptop Light” during the

of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia. Her paintings

53rd October Salon in Leskovac,

are in private collections (Russia, Germany, USA, Mexico). In


2019-2020 - study of muralism in Mexico and participation in international festivals. Each of the works is a frank conversa-


mosaic. He won Biafarin art prize on Nord Art exhibition in Budelsdorf, Germany. Ivan’s paintings

tion with the viewer about the most intimate and elusive, an

are part of various private

appeal to the inner world of a person, his experiences, which

collections in Serbia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungury. He

are transformed into symbols on the canvas. This is a sincere

participate on Art residence

story of an individual who, nevertheless, is not only an integral

programs in CITE (2019, France) and Glo‟Art (2014, Belgium).

part of society, but also builds it. “In art, it’s interesting for me

Grant student at Summer

to go not into the external, but into the depth. I am trying to

Academy, course ,,Selfportrait“, professor : Matts Liederstam,

find answers through painting, and “awaken” viewer.”

Gatherer of stones

Serbia. 2010- First prize from the Faculty of Fine Arts for a

Salzburg. Austria.2012.

Smartphone Light 16

Size: 50 x 50 cm

Size: 150 x 170 cm

Strength of kind

Smartphone Light 17

Size: 100 x 100 cm

Size: 150 x 170 cm

Medium : oil on canvas

Medium : oil painting Medium: oil on canvas Medium: oil painting



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Libby Sipe

Dolores Mephistopheles

Libby Sipe is a Maine based artist and partner with Art Girl

Dolores Mephistopheles is a Croatian artist based in Berlin,

Rising. Born and raised in rural Ohio, She learned the basics of

who combines energy work with painting in order to express

multiple mediums from her mother. During the summers of her

herself. Inspired by life lessons, music and techno culture, she

youth, Libby traveled around the state with her family to help

is painting with acrylics on paper where for some paintings,

her mother sell her artwork at historical reenactment festivals.

she uses her whole body as a tool. Colours that dominate her

The formative years spent in rural Ohio laid the groundwork

work are only red, blue, black and white. Combination of those

for a life rich in creative expression that influences her work to

four colours represent a union of her feminine and masculine

this day.

energy, together with light spirit and dark necessities. Paper

Primarily a self taught artist, Libby has explored multiple medi-

that she uses is theoretically not meant for painting and thus, symbolises vulnerability of the creations. The mission of her

ums including acrylic and oil paints, chalk pastel, cyanography,

work is to connect the viewers with parts of themselves that

dry-point printing, block printing, collage, and blacksmithing.

they might not be connected with.

Beginning in 2020, Libby joined the Art Girl Rising team to help build awareness of women in the art world. When Libby is not tending to her daughter, you can find her in her studio painting and daydreaming.


Queen Bee Size: 20” x 30”


City Slicker Size: 20” x 30”

All the sex we didn’t have

Power to go alone” Size: 138 x 98 cm

Size: 141,4 x 98 cm

Medium : acrylic and cyanotype

Medium: acrylic and cyanotype


Medium : acrylics on paper

Medium: acrylics on paper


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Olga Goldina Hirsch

Rita Hisar

It’s already ten years ago, when she moved to London. She has

My life journey is unique, as I have always been an Artist but

been since then working on her professional career in Art. Dur-

only recently did I pursue it professionally, after working in Law

ing that time she managed successfully acquire Master degree

and Education. I have always expressed myself through art and

in Fine Art at City and London of Art School, Birmingham

color. As a child, I grew up on a farm entranced by the beauty

University, London in 2018.

of trees, flowers and animals. I wanted to capture the fleeting,

At this time Olga is still developing her professional art skills

fragile Beauty of nature through art…before it disappears.

as a painter and illustrator. Participating in group exhibitions

However, growing up, I did not think being an Artist was a pos-

located in London and Italy. Her passion to the art lead her to

sible career, so I decided to study and pursue other passions: I

colaborations with art galeries and visiting art conferences.

obtained 4 university degrees and worked as a refugee lawyer

Thank’s to her skill set she received art residency in Tokyo and

and teacher. Nevertheless, I always found time to paint, to


create. A few years ago,I decided to pursue art more seriously, studying art at The Ontario College of Art anDesign University and The Toronto School of Art. My art education gave me the confidence to pursue an Art Career. Inspired by the Movements I studied-Expressionism, Fauvism and Pop Art – I developed my own style using a palette knife and acrylic paint to paint bold and vibrant portraits, still life and figure paintings.

@olgahirschart @ritahisar

fleeting beauty of a flower, a face or an ice cream cone. In my Art Career I have had the opportunity

I am still doing what I did as a child – trying to capture the

James Dean In the Blue Zone Size: 36 x 30cm

to paint celebrities like NBA star Danny Green

The Winter Of Our Discontent II

and present him with his portrait; I have received

Size: 140 x 200 cm

representation from New York Gallery Mahlstedt

The Winter Of Our Discontent I

and Art Provo in the Caribbean and more.

Size: 140 x 200 cm

Marilyn Monroe In the Blue Zone Size: 36 x 30 cm

Medium : mixed media

Medium: mixed media


Medium: Acrylic on Canvas using a knife

Medium : Acrylic on Canvas


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Misha Nicholas

Lea Hope Bonzer

My artwork really began to flourish when I was 21 in 2017

Lea Hope Bonzer is born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia and

when my first artwork was published in Wotisart’s month-

for the past 17 years, she lives in the USA where she owns a

ly zine depicting chaos within the Roman Catholic Church.

photography business. Her passion is converting details around

Secondly, in 2018, my artwork named The New Wave was

us into photography art, where she can bring details to life and

displayed in Art Reveal Magazine where futuristic colours and

create a wonder of untold stories. Through her art, she tries to

sketches are combined into reality to create a simulated reality

create tranquility, motivation, and inspiration.

of animated colours and reality in photos. Finally, my final publication in Wotisart’s February 2019. The issue highlights rebellions amongst Sydney’s streets, which gave a spin on the word #trouble. Artist CV: 1. Misha Nicholas August Issue, Wotisart Zine no. 5, August 2017. 2. Misha Nicholas interview, Art Reveal Magazine no.40, June 2018; ISBN 9781388223816. 3. Misha Nicholas February Issue, Wotisart Zine no. 21, February



“Sounds of memories” Size: 36” x 48”

BLM is a Virus

Confidence Size: 16” x 20”


Size: 799 x 532 px

Size: 1911 x 1278 px

Medium: digital photo Medium : photo

Medium : metal print Medium: acrylic on Canvas



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Emma Lineham

Lepikhina Elvira

Emma Lineham is a London Based Artist with a journey that

Lepikhina Elvira Viktorovna was born on March 14, 1987 in

started in New Zealand and has led her around the world. Pas-

the village of Zabaykalsk, Chita region, (Russian Federation). In

sionate and captivated from a young age by female diversity

2004 -2007 she studied by the St. Petersburg College of Tech-

and its depiction on society has inspired her to capture these

nology, Modeling and Management .In 2007-2011 she studied

various stories through her illustrations.

the St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design;

Highly eccentric and distinctive women’s fashion is an ex-

In 2019, she entered the magistracy of the Moscow Art and Industrial Academy named after S.G. Stroganov specialty:

treme fascination that Emma has always found inspiration in. A

Design Textiles. At the moment, he is exploring the form-form-

self-taught illustrator, her style has rapidly developed over the

ing properties of plastic and the possibility of adapting it to a


textile base.

After her Illustrations gained her entry into one of New


Zealand’s most renown Fashion Design Schools, she was left hungry for more creative freedom and international travel was the next step to develop her skills. Discovering a multicultural aspect driven by women of the world, she was invited to exhibitions in the UK, Italy and Australia with private clients globally commissioning her for live illustrations, large murals and one-off pieces.


With love Plastikoff (1)

More recently, Emma has enjoyed distilling her style into more controversial scenes, her work aims to evoke the viewer to think and engage with the narrative – however they may wish to

Influencers of Instagram Part I

Size: 42 x 200 cm

With love Plastikoff (2) Size: 42 x 200 cm

Size: 42 x 59.4 cm

play it out.

Hear Us

Size: 75.2 x 101.6 cm

Medium: Drawn Ink on 220 GSM Paper


Medium : Paint pen on Canvas

Medium : hot manual pressing technique

Medium: hot manual pressing technique


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


Rodrigues Goncalves

We are Temya and Yana Lyubitsky, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

Rodrigues Goncalves (b.2000) is a multidisciplinary artist who

We created our own brand & TEMYANA art family".

mainly works in the language of sculpture. Rodrigues spent

We work with different materials and in different techniques:

three years in a Visual Art course in Madeira Island where he

painting, graphics, batik, volumetric panels and sculptures,

was born. In 2018, Rodrigues came to Edinburgh, Scotland

mixed media. We are close to avant-garde art, lyrical expres-

spending almost two years working at the internationally


renowned casting foundry Powderhall Bronze. Currently Gon-

We ourselves sew, paint and decorate clothes in the avant-gar-

calves is taking a BA(Hons) in Artist Designer Maker: Glass and Ceramics at University of Sunderland, UK. He was selected to

de style (“Modern Pilgrim”). We practice butoh dance and create performances. We conduct art trainings and workshops.


be part of a three-year mentorship programme by the British architect Mike Davies CBE. Goncalves’ practice currently explores unspoken topics and

we create unique accessories and art objects.

philosophical questions, that are often present in today’s soci-

We are art teachers for children in a private school (and we

ety. Often a mirror of what can and cannot be seen. He uses a

give one-to-one lessons).

traditional casting and innovative mixed media techniques and is particularly interested in the transformation of materials into intricate and vibrant concepts. Rodrigues Goncalves says of his work, “The notion of mortality brought us the idea of time. By observing history, we can see that ideas, feelings and notions



Size: 30 х 45 cm

Horse man

were immortalized through Art “. Based on this thought, the use of what are considered long lasting materials in Goncalves work with the intent of

Size: 130 x 170 cm

preserving the idea and matter.


Size: 18 x 13 x 13.5 cm

Focus Size: 58 x 30 x 20 cm

Medium: jesmonite, acrylic paint Medium : oil on canvas

Medium : Glass


Medium: mixed media


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Penny Van Hazelberg

Seva Boytsov

My work is mostly focused around commercialism in a de-


cayed, dystopian society. I often try and capture snapshot


memories from my experiences seeing different cities for the


first time.

FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS” In my art, I work at the intersection of styles of fine art, forming my own. I try to raise questions from the viewer, to introduce the viewer into a state of some confusion at the first eye contact with the work, and it is a moment of beauty trans-


fering and the exchange of energy between art and man takes place. And I try to strengthen this exchange with symbols in my works on the principle of a reliable and solid foundation. In my works of small format, I have already managed to derive the term Trashrealism. Trashrealism is the moment when fragments of a pictorial


form strive to convey reality with the help of an artist, me, Seva Boytsov. I find these “fragments” in the abstract space of


unnecessary forms of fine art. I bring them to life by working from nature. And I broadcast all this to the viewer.

Queen or Soda in Space


Size: 134 x 163 cm

Size: 140 x 100 cm

EXO EXO 2020 Size: 158 x 160 cm

Festive day in forest Size: 134 x 163 cm

Medium: oil on canvas

Medium : oil on canvas

Medium : acrylic, oil paintstick, collage on canvas


Medium: acrylic, oil paintstick on canvas


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Oleg Tsyba

Evgeniya Pankratova

I am a Russian artist. Like many artists before me - I try to

Evgeniya Pankratova was born in Moscow in 1997. From

comprehend the form - as the primary component of art.

2012-2016 studied at the Moscow Academic Art College at

The spaces and heroes in my works have an alternative color

the Department of Graphic Design. In 2016 moved to Italy

scheme - with this I emphasize that the color of the skin does

and entered to the Florentine Academy of Fine Arts, Graphic

not matter. The modern world still cannot accept the truth - we

Art major. Graduated on the 3rd of march in 2020. During the

are all equal and everyone is unique.

study went to the MCAD as an exchange student (ERASMUS

Most often, the subjects for my works are myths and ancient

program), participated in different competitions and group

scriptures. These themes are always relevant to Humanity -

exhibitions and won some prizes, including the 3rd place in

they tell us about love, passion and death. They inspire me to create my artworks.


National etching competition of Community of Gorlago. At the moment she lives and work in Hungary and continue her own research in painting.

Hello mr Hockney

Convent of san domenico

Size: 180 x 180 cm

Size: 20 x 20 cm

The_saints Size: 20 x 20 cm

Sleeping Venera Size: 320 x 160 cm

Medium: mixed media

Medium: encaustic on wood Medium : mixed media


Medium : encaustic on wood


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Ema Mar

Marina Clemente

Ema Mar [Emilia Maryniak] is a painter and a multi-media

Marina Clemente is a conceptual artist and painter living and

installation artist, working with image, sound, and natural

working in Paris, France. Her work is concerned with the

vegetation. She is interested in the concept of self-mythology

theme of searching for a new connection through disconnec-

and self-identity as a process, specifically with its relation to

tion in our fast- paced world. Clemente approach this theme

a physical body and memory. She analyses biological body as

through the metaphor of sleep and dreaming.

a notion of meanings, archetypes and myths, while memory

Dreaming is a unique experience which cannot be fully shared

interests her as a language of genes and gestures.

with another person. We cannot take a friend’s hand and call

Philosophical theories related to feminism and environment, as

him to come along. When we are plunged into the dream world

much as scientific understanding of human existence, shapes

we go there alone.

an important framework for her both artistic and theoretical

For the past 5 years Clemente was noticing and capturing


sleeping people from her daily life, her friends or family.

Graduated from The Chelsea College of Arts – University of

From the archival material collected, a series of paintings “In Dreams” was born.

the Arts London (MA Fine Art) and from the Institute of Art

Clemente’s work is an exploration of the connection between

History at The University of Warsaw (MA Art History).

the dream and the reality in the context of our perpetually hurrying world. She exhibited in Europe, most notably in Paris and Berlin.


Her paintings are hanging in private collections in Europe, Russia and the United States.

Make-up for dad while he sleeps ROOTS square Size: 90 x 90 cm

Size: 180 x 80 cm

ROOTS tondo

Maison & Objet

Size: D 90 cm

Size: A3

Medium: acrylic on paper

Medium : acryl on canvas


Medium: acryl on canvas

Medium : acrylic on canvas


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Mel Renea

Larissa Monique Hauck

Mel Renea is a cross disciplinary artist locate in Brooklyn, NY,

Through the exploration of visual myth-making Larissa

whose current work plays with merging experimental design

Monique Hauck expands on concepts surrounding femininity

and artisan handcraft to inspire livable spaces. “MTHR” is a cre-

and nature as a vessel for catharsis, vulnerability, and imperma-

ative direction which explores personal, subconscious iconog-

nence. Her ethereal drawings reflect a duality between fantasy

raphy through texture, sculpted substrates, form, and color.

and reality, by conjuring dream-like imagery that develops into

Shadow and light play with the three dimensionality of the

a transformative state reflecting on the fleeting aspects of

canvas surfaces to add kinetic interest, while fiber inspires

time and humanity. These notional subjects respond to feelings

touch and movement. MTHR is equal parts craft and fine art:

of isolation in a crowded and alienating world by evoking the

canvases are hand sculpted and stretched on digitally designed

healing that comes from within.

frames while the wool used is dyed by the artist and hand

There has been major changes across the world this past year,

shorn from local east coast farms by the artist’s mother.

and as important as it is to adapt it is equally if not more impor-


tant to take care of ourselves. This series of small-scale ink drawings were created during the quarantine of 2020/21 and reflect upon the importance of remembering that as humans we are a part of nature ourselves, and like flowers and plants we need to tend to our parts (whether is is spiritually, mentally, or physically). Otherwise we will atrophy and eventually wither away.



Circle in Square

Size: 7 x 10 cm

Play Pretend Size: 12 x 9 cm

Size: 20” x 20”

Arch in Square Size: 20” x 20”

Medium : acrylic and Wool on Sculpted Canvas

Medium: watercolour and ink Medium: acrylic and Wool on Sculpted Canvas


Medium : watercolour and ink


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Sophirat Muangkum

Patricia Figueiredo

Sophirat Muangkum (1983) Thai artist lives and works based in

Patrícia Figueiredo lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Initially,


her creative process found a place in her training in architec-

Sophirat is interested in human thought. She is often inspired

ture, a place that served as a trigger for the development of a

by stories of people,nature,animals, subculture and the situa-

creative-artistic vision that would emerge in other media.

tion of thai society. She answers her questions thru her works

With collage, she found a possibility of enunciation of her

about what she is interested in at that time. In 2019-2021, she

language, where images and words subscribe to each other and

attended ‘artist-in-residence’ programs because she would like

resurrect motivating issues of painting and sculpture. Starting

to have an opportunity to research and collaborate with local

from this, Patricia begins an exhaustive and obsessive process

people about what they think about their own body and ask

searching for the word that will unfold in its original form,

them to use their own body to talk about situation at that time

such as the link of chain that somatizes an incessant search for

such as politics, nature, pollution, subculture, beauty standard

a proper word or by a proper name, which always results in


something new.

Muangkum also works for commercial projects and publications. Her images have been featured in VOGUE Italia, ThaiPBS, Play Magazine Thailand, Zoomaa (Norway), KALTBLUT Magazine (Germany) and Blast Magazine Thailand. Sophirat also has photobooks and ‘Live Life In Your Own Skin’ ,her latest one is launched on February 2021 at her solo exhibi-


tion in Khonkaen ,Thailand


“Not just simple nude; her work is a combination of artistic, idea, and art of pulling out of identity.

Expose yourself to your deepest fear. Size: 24” x 34.5”

Beginning Size: A4

Exchange Size: A4

Many works of Sophirat show us various identities of models; telling their hidden stories through skins, gestures, and complex lights and colors.”

Genuine Thai Size: 24”*24”

Medium: analogecollage


Medium : analogecollage

Medium : Digital Fine Art Print (Ilford lustre 260 gsm) / 120mm film Kodak 400TMax

112 Medium: Digital Fine Art Print (Ilford Smoothpearl 310 gsm)

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Venetia Jollands

Nick Lawrence

I am an artist and musician based in Crouch End, London. Hav-

Nick Lawrence studied fine art at Winchester School of Art;

ing always felt a huge need to feed my creative spirit, I contin-

specialising in sculpture, printmaking and painting. Nick’s paint-

ued to draw and paint whilst studying the violin at the Guildhall

ing series “What’s That Noise?” seeks to portray the blurred

School of Music and Drama. Recently, I have had time to take

lines between our physical and digital memories, and the

my career as an artist further alongside my music making and

fragmentary nature of identity and information in the contem-

can often be found painting in my studio at Blue House Yard. I

porary world. In a reflection of the way this data is chopped

enjoy exploring various painting media, but predominately use

and changed the paintings themselves have been cut up and

acrylics, oil and pencil in multiple layers on my canvas. I aim to

collaged back together, producing a new result each time the

use as much recycled material and packaging as possible, as

process is repeated. This process draws parallels between the

I believe that creativity should exist in harmony with nature,

way human mind interacts with and constructs its own memo-

wherever possible.

ries with scraps of sound, smell and sight, and the ever increas-

My work explores the connection between aesthetics and real-

ing lack of clarity surrounding how information is compiled and

ity; I am inspired by both life’s unanswerable questions and the

presented as fact in the digital age.

startling beauty of our fragile existence and the planet that we call home. Alongside this, I am interested in historic iconography and the meaning of art in different cultures and places, by patterns found in nature, and traditions in design and architec-


bold mark making or fine details, and am always looking to create a sense of unity in my work

ture. I deeply enjoy the process of painting, whether through


Size: 20” x 24”


What’s that noise 1 Size: 32 x 36 cm

What’s that noise 2 Size: 19 x 56 cm

using form, colour and texture.


Size: 18” x 24”

Medium: acrylic and oil on canvas

Medium : oil, sand, cement, mdf

Medium: oil, sand, cement, aluminium leaf, mdf

Medium : acrylic on canvas



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Katerina Bukolska

Rustem Ibatullin ( Rustie Muar)

I wanted to create many images by many different techniques at the beginning of my work , because I enjoyed the process itself . I started to slow down over time and i recyled my older

My name is Rustem Ibatullin. Born 29.04.1980

works in new current work. I am more viewer than creator and

I am an artist from Russia and live in city Kazan. I graduated

i found new dimense of my art work.My MUSE is Nature and

from the Faculty of Design (KSABA Kazan) in 2012, and earlier

Woman who I am.

from the Art School. I was also taught (privately)by profession-

events-99 GENIALE VROUWEN in See all This Kunstmagazine

al ol painter artists.

en platform num.10

I use the initially acquired skills of understanding the basics

14th JMCA-non pro section Winner Selfie single picture

of perspective, composition, design and artistic thinking, but

exhibitions-2012,2013 Prague - the Czech Republic 2013

in order to be an artist and not a graphic designer, you need

Banska Stiavnica, Nitra - Slovakia 2013 Kielce - Poland 2019

expression of technique, color, subjective vision, which allows

New York -USA The Affordable Art Fair 2019 Barcelona - Spain

you to go beyond what is possible for a physical object in terms

The 12th Julia Margaret Cameron Award Exhibition - Women

of its practicality and convenience (if you take the design).

Photographers Today 2019 Prague - ČR GE Fotorenesance


In terms of the emotional component, I am an adherent and

Topičův salón


lover of style and artists who profess the idea of sharp perception of color and form, stylish rigor, clarity, tension of emotions, the presence of objectivity, despite the fact that non-objective art is currently the most popular and advanced. But still, I do not depict a copied or just a landscape, but a plot and mood. I paint pictures on different topics, without focusing narrowly on something specific, but I think that it would be good for any

The exciting game1. Size: 100 x 80 cm

When an Elephant and Fish met in the Jungle Size: 40 x 60 cm

mature artist with many years of experience, the most important thing is to keep your style, but you can’t fake it.


Size: 80 x 71 cm

Instalation Size: 50 x 40 cm

Medium: oil on canvas, wooden frame

Medium : digitalart Medium: digitalart


Medium : oil on canvas


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Galina Shepeleva

Alicia Quigley

Galina Shepeleva was born in 1980 in the small Karelian town

Alicia ‘Quig’ is an Irish artist, currently residing in Berlin .

of Medvezhyegorsk. She studied painting under the guidance

Mainly working in large-scale format and dabbling in various

of the Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Karelia

mediums from acrylics and oils to spray paint and graphite,

and the Russian Federation, one of the leading painters of

Quig makes use of any material necessary to tell the story of

Karelia - Lev Nikolaevich Burin. Galina is a member of the

each visual creation. This often leads to intricately layered tex-

Malki amateur art studio. In her works, she mainly combines

tures and tones that bring a unique element to each and every

oil with the style of realism. She draws inspiration from observ-

piece. Quig’s art career began with her fascination with paint-

ing the world around her, absorbing beauty and plunging into

ing on recycled and used materials, such as old wooden cutoffs

the creative process with her soul. In the open air, she

that she would collect from a local wood artist. The one-of-a-

gladly transfers the beauty of the nature of her native land to

kind scrapes, scratches, tones and dimensions in every piece

the canvas. My goal in art is to convey stories affecting not

would prompt an idea or subject matter which she views as a

only feelings, but also awakening ancestral memory.

continuation of the story that has already begun. From here, she has taken part in various group exhibitions throughout North America, such as, the RAW Natural Born Artist Showcase, the Pancakes and Booze Exhibition, Vancouver, and MADS Milano, Milan, as well as multiple commissions including her participation in the Squamish Mural Festival in BC, Canada.


Ilmatar Size: 40 x 30 cm


Church of the Epiphany Size: 40 x 30 cm

-ke strong recognizable subjects and morph them into a form that is conflicting and contrary to

‘’Exploring themes of identity and transformation I like to ta-


Size: 95’’ x 50’’

expectation. The ideas of expectation vs reality and sincerity vs deception, are ones that I believe are prevalent within our society.

IdentityCrisis Size: 98’’ x 55”

Medium : oil


Medium: oil

Medium : spraypaint & oils

Medium: spraypaint & oils


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Siu Lin Ho

Alina Orlova

I’m a young mixed media artist from the Netherlands, born

Orlova Alina was born in 1996 in Kazakhstan. As a child, she

1991. I tend to work with different mediums such as photogra-

graduated from Aktyubinsk School of Art, after moving to

phy, painting and drawings. Usually my work is intuitive, and

Russia she studied at Kazan School of Art named after N.I.Fes-

I try to find spirituality within the work. What made me come

hin from 2012 to 2017 specializing as a Designer-Teacher. Alina

to this point is having studied a variety of religions and also

educated herself and attempted to use her talent and skills in

Buddhism. Painting cán be very meditative and arts can be

such creative areas as design, art, decor, restoration, photogra-

spiritual. Nevertheless, my path drew me here after mental


illnesses, so I believe it’s a good path to take, working with

For her works, the artist prefers canvases prepared by herself.

color, intuition, lines, and subconscious drawings.

She uses in her works a Mixed Media with texture, potal inclu-


sions, natural materials. The artist focuses on emotional expression, strives to achieve as great an effect as possible by simpler means. She loves the light, often uses bright and contrasting combinations to produce the best impression. Alina likes to arouse the viewer’s curiosity with unusual details and implied sense in her works. The storylines in her paintings are left open for interpreta-


tion by the viewers themselves. The artist opens us her own perspective of the world and its inconstancy. The primary objective is creation of works that do not provide the viewer

with ready answers through either the plot, or the colors, or the rhythm. Currently lives and

Inner worlds 4. Size: 65 x 50 cm

creates works in Kazan, Russia.


Size: 13” x 17” cm

Inner worlds 5. Size: 65 x 50 cm

Magnolia from the series Through the prism of subjectivity Size: 16” x 28”

Medium: canvas_Mixed media Medium : oil on paper Medium: oil paint on paper


Medium : mixed media


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Camille Theodet

Xenia Samokhina

Born in 1995 in the suburb of Paris, France, Camille did first

Xenia Samokhina was born in Moscow, Russia.

Fine Art studies (bachelor) before to enter a private school of

But graduated from the Fine Art Academy in Ravenna with a

Special effects make up. After playing with different mediums

master’s degree in mosaic. Since that time mosaic becomes her

and trying ways to express himself, it became clear that paint-


ing and drawing was the main mediums to be used.

She has participated in several collective exhibitions in Italy

He decided to move to Berlin in 2017, where he is now residing

and France, also participated in the creation of muralis in Cuba

and working.

and Italy.

Camille is working with airbrush painting, spraypaint, metal

Participant of the 4th mosaic symposium in Sardinia and the

paintings. His current serie of paintings, “Holy ghetto”, intend

2nd online symposium.

to propose new modern stories from the religious and classical

Her works are in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Italy,

painting of the masters.

Spain, Germany and the USA.

He is influenced by the classics, dramatics, and religious paintings of art history. He is creating new sense from what already exists in those periods, and reuse picturial codes to reinterpret them. @tokos_art

Juice Size: 150 x 100 cm


Size: 140 x 120 cm

Space View Size: 49 x 72 cm


Size: 65 x 66 cm

Medium : mosaic

Medium: airbrush, spraypaint, gold, oxydised painting on canvas

Medium : airbrush, spraypaint, chrome, acrylic on canvas


Medium: mosaic


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Nastya (La Asparagus)

Taylor Frost

My name is Nastya, also known as La Asparagus and I’m artist

My name is Taylor Frost, a 19 year old painter who special-

based in Moscow. I’m huge fan of painting, drawing and eating

izes in colorful expressive art. I use my art as a tool for real

sirniki from cottage cheese. Right now I’m studying in Universi-

change that has the ability to impact lives. I am not content

ty of Gas and petrol on law faculty, working as key frame artist

with standing by and watching the world’s beauty dissipate,

and tutor of English for kids. Being inspired by an enormous

my quest is to immortalize it in a painted form while saving it

amount of different atmospheres and lives, that people lead,

for future generations to enjoy. I evoke feelings of wonder and

I’m trying to capture all the details and stories that regularly

awe while enhancing the beauty I see so quickly disappearing.

happen to me and people around. That’s why I love combining

I am passionate about conservation and donate percentages

different materials and techniques to apply freshness, weird-

of each sold piece to reputable wildlife charities. I hope to

ness and beauty to my works. Furthermore I adore adding

share my emotional investment with the viewer and, hopefully,

random or specific text about my worries and feelings at that

inspire in them a piece of my fire for wildlife conservation. I am

moment or in general.

on a quest to impact the art world in a big way, help me on my conservation journey so that I may save the animals I care for so deeply.

Running From the Past @frost_creative_spot


Deadly Sweetness

Size: 104 x 70 cm


Size: 32” x 48”

Size: 67 x 70 cm

Medium: mixed


Medium : mixed

Solemn Prayer Size: 32” x 48”

Medium : digital on fine art canvas Medium: digital on fine art canvas


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


Anita Turadjanova

Ellaya Yefymova

My name is Anita and I’m an Uzbek artist living in St. Peters-

I am an artist from Ukraine. I’ve had a passion for art since

burg, Russia. I was born in 1994 in Tashkent. Graduated from

I was a child. In 2004, I graduated from the Art school with

the Pavel Benkov Republican Art College in 2013.

honors. However, after a difficult adolescence and uncertainty

Winner of the International and Republican Olympiad, contest

caused by my love for natural sciences, I postponed my dream

of students of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2013.

of becoming an artist and decided to become a doctor. I still

Graduated with honors from the F aculty of Arts of St. Peters-

love medicine as science (not practice), but I feel happy only

burg State University in 2020.

with the brush in my hand. Becoming a mom made me realize

Participant of collective university, republican and internation-

that dreams cannot be postponed! There is no better time than

al exhibitions and festivals (Uzbekistan, Russia, Korea).


I prefer oil and tempera painting on canvas and paper. My art

So now I am an artist with a medical diploma and an unlimited

combines strict rules of Russian academism and bright motives

love for science, art and the human body. In my artworks, I

of Uzbek culture. I draw things that excite me, my art is inex-

want to convey to the viewers important aspects of our life

tricably linked with me: I pass through myself emotions and

related to health and threatening environmental pollution, in

impressions in order to find answers to the questions that con-

order to inspire people for a more conscious attitude to their

cern me the most. Having a diverse background, I get inspira-

bodies and their environment. Medical education has given me

tion from my childhood memories and life events. Many things

such knowledge that I want to share, since knowledge about

motivate me to draw: from a bird flying by on a shiny day to a

the human body and the influence of external and internal

large-scale event in the world. Being an academic artist, I begin my work with finding the spot, composition, color scheme


Price of one’s life in 2020

and collecting the necessary materials. And then I proceed to implementing my plans.

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

By the sea

Size: 40 x 50 cm

Size: 52 x 34 cm

factors on it can qualitatively improve a person’s life and help to avoid many problems.

Nature or Marketing - the choice is yours Size: 40 x 50 cm

Bedtime Stories Size: 70 x 70 cm

Medium: tempera & paper

Medium: oil and pills on canvas, framed

Medium : oil & canvas


Medium : oil, mask, 1-dollar banknote on canvas, framed


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Tatiana Sorokina

Anna Stuart

My name is Tatiana Sorokina. I am 46 years old artist living in

Anna Stuart is an emerging artist based in France. Her grandfa-

Russia. I have been graduated Art school during big political

ther was a talented self-taught Russian artist, whose skills and

and economic period of changes in our country and that time I

vision were admired by many. A lawyer by trade, Anna lived

have decided the actual life of those years did not require any

and worked in different parts of the world, which gave her a

art creators and I have got also a philological diploma and a di-

chance to get deeper insights into various cultures, traditions

ploma of World economics. Many years I did not touch any art

and customs. This experience allows her now to see many

materials but in 2016 I have taken the strong decision – I am a

things from a different perspective and to use techniques and

painter, I am an artist, I have a lot of things inside of me accu-

inspirations which create her own unique style. Already, her

mulated to be shown on this world. I have returned to practice

works are getting noticed. Her aquarelles were recently exhib-

drawing and painting art again, refreshed my art knowledge

ited in one of London’s central galleries.

and still trying to develop my own style. Recently I participated

“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint”

in several local and international open calls and shows.

– this quote by Edward Hopper guides Anna in her work. Working with watercolours, gouache and pastel primarily in the style of art naïf, her creations can be very detailed; many with humour, and some of them are puzzles. She always tries to tell a story - whether it’s real or imagined. Constantly discovering ways to express herself in visual art,



Something_more Size: 50 x 40 cm

only one rule: “THERE ARE NO RULES IN ART”.

Anna tends to use a more contemporary approach and follows

Somewhere 1 Size: 30 x 40 cm

Dreamers Size: 50 x 40 cm

Musician on Mute Size: 30 x 40 cm

Medium : acrylics


Medium: acrylics

Medium: watercolour

Medium : watercolour and pastel


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Kryštof Novotný

Harsimran Juneja

My name is Kryštof Novotný and I live in Czech Republic. I

Harsimran Juneja is a self-taught artist who attempts to build a

have been painting since I was a child. After high school I de-

perception about living life within a society of contrasts, con-

cided to study History of Art, because I wanted to have more

tradictions and conflicts through his practice. With personal

scope about curatorial work. Now I am trying to fully start

experiences at the core of his works, he employs drawing,

my artistic career, open a studio and things related to it... The

painting and text in his artistic pursuits to portray social obser-

exhibition What It Feels Like a Girl tries to capture a woman’s

vations and narratives that can be interpreted plurally.

life (desires, thoughts, and feelings in individual important

Harsimran pursued his Master’s in Design Management and

moments of their lives) in 20 oil paintings. I have always taken

Cultures from the University of the Arts London to explore his

women as muses that inspire me not only in an artistic career.

passion as an educator in Art and Design. Having gained clarity

I admire their way of thinking and looking at the world. During my life so far, I have met several exceptional women who have


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

after his time in London, Harsimran formalised his practice in painting after returning to India in late 2019. He participated in

strongly influenced and supported me in my decisions. For

his first online group exhibition titled Surface: The

these reasons, I decided to dedicate my new exhibition mainly

Online Edit with Artbuzz Studios, Delhi in 2020. Since then, he

to them. The paintings created during the years 2018-2020.

has participated in two other online art exhibitions with Kes-

It’s a manifesto celebrating women, trying to deal with the

hav Art Foundation, ‘Dharohar’, Delhi and Merakii Art House,

question of the position of women today and the concept of

‘Catharsis’, Delhi respectively in 2021. Most recently, Harsim-

feminism as such. And also, to bring a woman’s life closer to

ran participated in ‘The Group Show’ with Shrine NYC. Born in

the male audience and portray how it feels to be a woman.

1995, Harsimran works and lives in Ahmedabad, India.

Insecurities (Don’t Capture My Face)



Size: 152.4 x 91.4 cm

Size: 152.4 x 91.4 cm

Size: 100 x 100 cm


Size: 100 x 100 cm

Medium : oil on canvas

Medium: oil on canvas


Medium : mixed media

Medium: mixed media


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Mary Badalian

Eva Kosinar

Mary Badalian is a contemporary visual artist currently living

Eva Kosinar was born 1977 in Bratislava/Slovakia and grew up

and working in Yerevan, Armenia. A lawyer by training, Mary’s

in Hainburg/Lower Austria. Since 1999 she lives in Vienna and

interests span international relations, human rights and

in 2008 she started working as a freelance photographer. She

questions of ethics and integrity which she developed through

focuses on artistic projects.

internships at the Armenian Constitutional Court, Chamber of

As a photographer I work on snapshots of a fictional world.

Advocates and at the UN in Armenia. In parallel to her univer-

They deal with personal feelings, relationships and troubling

sity studies in law (Slavonic University of Armenia, 2018), Mary

situations in one´s life. In my work I get inspired by classical

rediscovered her passion for art and creativity as a form of

paintings such as Fra Angelico or Hieronymus Bosch and their

self-expression. For Mary these two paths - although distinct

peculiar perspective and image composition. Therefore, all my

- are interconnected: while the law creates an environment for

photographs reflect a certain plot.

freedom of thought, art is the expression of that liberty in its most human form.


Warm Orange Juice Size: 70 x 80 cm

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

I work experimentally and alienate my works with different methods. Digital photographs of persons of objects are the

Since 2017, Mary has immersed herself in a practice of mixed

point of departure for my work. I design and produce all the

media on canvas that involves intricate embroidery of thread

backdrops and props for my photographs myself, which reflect

and beads covered by acrylic paint, often in a monochrome pal-

the influence of classical paintings. Afterwards I manipulate

ette. Her practice is both an ode to her Grandmother, an avid

them digitally. Again, medieval examples from oil paintings

embroiderer, as well as a “quiet rebellion” as she transforms a

strongly influence me. I use different materials for this, which is

traditionally female, domestic craft into large scale works of

why primed newsprint or fabric can serve as image carriers in

fine art.

addition to classic photographic paper.

Disambiguation Size: 50 x 40 cm

You 1

Size: - variable sizes

Eva_and_her_man Size: - variable sizes

Medium: mixed media

Medium : Glass beads, emroidery floss and acrylic on canvas

Medium: Glass beads, emroidery floss and acrylic on canvas

Medium : mixed media



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Julien van Middendorp

Leona Mcfarlane

Julien van Middendorp is a Dutch abstract painter. His large

I am passionate about my work as an artist and work tirelessly

format oil paintings are interconnected with living colors. His

to achieve effects that are visually original, different and inno-

work is characterized by carefully thought out composition

vative. I look for inspiration in every detail of creativity in art,

and use of basic colors. He seeks his inspiration in the streets,

music and theatre having worked as a Theatre Designer and

resulting in an organic twist being added to his style. Although

photographer .

his canvases are abstract, you can sense figures in his works

I bring a combination of that experience and view on life to

and hear music resonating in the titles.

all the visual arts especially photography and writing I look to capture moments which explore expression and I always seek new ways to connect people’s emotions through their environment.



Alien Blueprint And the Circus Leaves Town...

Size: 185 x 90 cm

Size: 100 x 100 cm

The phone Bissful moments

Size: variable

Size: variable

Medium: oil on canvas

Medium : digital photography


Medium : oil on canvas

Medium: digital photography


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Larissa Loginova

Silvio Severino

I am passionate about my work as an artist and work tirelessly

Silvio Severino is a contemporary photographer, collage, and

to achieve effects that are visually original, different and inno-

gif artist. He works in both analog and digital formats, which

vative. I look for inspiration in every detail of creativity in art,

puts him in a unique creative position,

music and theatre having worked as a Theatre Designer and

Whereby he can cross and recross the traditional and the

photographer .

contemporary. Silvio is searching for new values, new visual

I bring a combination of that experience and view on life to

languages that will allow him to incorporate photography, col-

all the visual arts especially photography and writing I look to

lage, and animation in new formats. With Silvio and his work,

capture moments which explore expression and I always seek

photography often becomes collage, with collage often becom-

new ways to connect people’s emotions through their environ-

ing animated gif. It is an exciting new frontier in contemporary


art for which this artist is at the forefront. This is an artist that understands the technology of gifs, glitches, and loops, the bedrock of contemporary gif animation and video art. He finds himself in an enviable position whereby he can use these technologies to expand his work.


Silvio is interested in exploring a range of contemporary issues through both collage and gif animation. From nature and the urban, to consumerism and the idealization of beauty and sexuality, from art versus capitalism, to the


BigLotuses Size: 40 х 70 cm

banality of publicity and celebrity.

Silvio was born and raised in Brazil, but has spent

MyLotuses Size: 40 x 50 cm

the last twenty years in Europe, he now lives in Cork , Ireland.

Loo-Inside-Yourself Size: 30 x 40 cm

I-Kissed_A-Boy-and-I-Liked-It-I Size: 30 x 40 cm

acrylic, watercolor pencils


Medium : acrylic, watercolor pencils

Medium: analog collage Medium : Analog-Collage


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Ilana Shechter

Sergey Denisov

Ilana Shechter is an artist who creates in the style of Chinese

Artist Sergey Denisov (born in 1988). City of Kusa, Chelyabinsk

Ink Painting. She was born in Russia in 1972 but has lived in

region, Russia.

Israel since 1999.

He studied at the Faculty of Art and Graphics (Magnitogorsk).

Ilana loves nature, holds a degree in biology teaching and is

Works as a teacher of drawing and carpentry at school. He

fascinated by the world of flowers and small animals such as

created his own union of artists in his city and is its chairman.

birds, butterflies, bees and various other insects.

Has an active life position. Initiator of many creative projects.

Ilana appreciates that in Chinese Ink Painting it is important to

Sculptor of snow towns. Painter. Chart. He invented his own

express symbolism, simplicity and emotion where in the final

style of digital art. He opened the lightscape in the photo-

work there is a lot of room left for the interpretation of the

graph, not knowing what was already known.

viewer. All of Ilana`s works were created using authentic Chinese


-ber of the Association for Visual Arts in Rishon LeZion, Israel. At present Ilana is painting and teaching Chinese Ink Painting for adults.

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


He came up with his own style of light painting. In 2009, he opened his first solo exhibition of light painting in Magnito-

materials and tools such as xuan rice paper, black ink, colored

gorsk. Writes his own music. He plays the guitar.

mineral pigments and special brushes.

He is a participant of city, district and international exhibitions

Ilana started painting in this style 8 years ago and studied from

of painting. He participated with his works in the exhibition

Japanese and Chinese painters Kazuo Ishii, Liu Fengwen and

"Metaphysics of the Head" of the Mikhail She-

Che Ji, as well as in a Professional Online School of Oriental

myakin Gallery (St. Petersburg).

Painting in Moscow, Russia.

A very media personality. Many publications in the media.

Ilana participated in the group exhibitions in Israel and in Mos-

Sergey Denisov wants to find an art gallery for cooperation.

cow (Russia) in 2019-2020. Since 2021 Ilana has been a mem-

The artist has many avant-garde ideas for painting, sculpture and installation.


Size: 51 x 34.5 cm

Ephemeral ballerina Size: 400 x 500 px

Artist’s dream Size: 400 x 500 px

Golden bamboo Size: 68.5 x 34.5 cm

Medium: Ink and gold color on paper


Medium : ink and gold color on paper

Medium : fotograph drawing light

Medium: Digital art


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Ksenia Romanovich and Anastasiia Serge

Sampy Sicada

Ksenia Romanovich and Anastasiia Serge graduated same ar-

mediums such as graphite, colour pencils and oil paints. The

Sampy Sicada is a Manchester-based artist, designer and Youtuber from Hong Kong. He mainly practises art in traditional themes depicted in his work range from being grounded in re-

chitectural faculty in the Academy of Art (2012, 2014). Ksenia

al-world ideas to the abstract and theoretical. His main interest

works as architect with large companies designing buildings for

is exploring social constructions through use of objects and the

them in Russia and Greece. Anastasia works as Illustrator and

human form.

textile designer for international brands. Both artists take part in group exhibitions, and each had a personal one. Studying architecture for 10 years led them to a realization that the description of the world is alike drafting a design, where the complex can be uncovered in parts. The act of creation becomes space “appropriation” for the artist, at the same time as the “conquests” of own boundaries are exposed. Paint-


ing and graphics, in this light, are tools for the architectural design of one’s own perspective — inside out and back inwards


again. Heavy turns light, dark — bright, empty becomes filled, and then in the opposite direction ad infinitum.

Urban Arteries Size: 40 х 50 cm

Urban Love

Chance would be a Fine Thing (Peep Show fan art)

Size: 40 x 50 cm

Did you miss me? Size: A3

Size: A3

Medium: colour pencils Medium : print & drawing Medium: print & drawing


Medium : colour pencils


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Elzara Oiseau

Svetlana Martin

Hi, my name is Elzara Oiseau. I live in Kyiv.

My name is Svetlana Martin. I am an artist with different inter-

I studied monumental art at university in Crimea. I started my

ests and abilities.

own jewellery business and I moved on in Kyiv. During this

In my studio, I create unique pieces of art in a unique style

work, I took the course of calligraphy, I fell in love with it, and

every day. In my paintings, I try to convey emotions and feel-

I even participated in the calligraphic exhibitions, including the

ings, thoughts, and memories.

main festival of literature in Kyiv, Mystetsky Arsenal.

With alcohol ink, I am constantly looking for a new style of

In 2018 we started to make my own jewellery, for realise my

work on paper, plastic, and canvas. My works are in private col-

ideas. But this was not enough for me too, I have always been

lections in Europe, purchased from me both offline and online.

feeling that I need to say much more to this world, and during

I studied at schools of modern painting in Moskow and St.

the quarantine I started to search my own style in the art.

Petersburg, which gave me a good foundation ( School of the

I have made more than 50 artworks in 10 months, and even

interior painting by Sasha Fedorova, school of a modern paint-

the walls. The artworks are very different, but very important

ing by Olga Schkodu, the art Matita school).

for me. Now, I finally feel my way, where I should move. Now Im emerging artist.



Coffee&cigarettes_Renee Size: 60 x 70 cm

Coffee&cigarettes_somewhere_ in_California Size: 60 x 70 cm

Red butterfly Size: 30 x 21 x 0,1cm

Medium : alcohol ink

One soul for two Size: 50 x 70 x 0.1 cm

Medium: alcohol ink

Medium : acrylic on canvas Medium: acrylic on canvas



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Katie Hallam

Victoria General

Katie Hallam is an artist working primarily in digital photogra-

Toronto based artist who primarily works either with pastel,

phy and print but has recently moved into creating sculptural

charcoal or oil. Specializing in figurative narrative art, Victoria

works where new media art meets geology, fossils and con-

renders scenes which often depict the more intimate, private

temporary spaces. This allegory is shown in motifs of geology

moments of our lives. (You can also find her exploring different

representing ‘ancient power’, with the digital age represented

eras from the past.) Her work has been exhibited extensively

with an electrifying palette; neon green and ultraviolets. Katie

internationally, and is in private collections globally.

considers the traces our digital culture will leave on the earth by creating hybrid manifestations through sculpture and digital materiality. Like alchemy, her works connect new media tech-


nology with archaic power. These ‘digital-mineral hybrids’ are hypnotic works that sit against a background of open, natural and urban landscapes as Katie teases the question of a glitch in nature.

Zero fks given @victoria.general

Brass monkey weather


Size: 0.2x 50 x 70 cm


Size: 35 x 27 cm

Joe loves life. Life lives Joe. Size: 43 x 35 cm

Size: 70 x 70 cm

Medium: original photograph under acrylic glass Medium : oil on paper laid on mounting board Medium: oil on board


Medium : digital photograph


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Olga Melekhina

Mari Kiroho

Born in Russia and based in Riga, Latvia, I am an artist and de-

Mari Kiroho (real name Maria Danilenko) was born in Omsk,

signer working primarily with clay. In the last three years I got

Russia in 1999. At the moment she lives and works in Mos-

a Master’s Degree in ceramics at the Latvian Academy of Arts

cow. Currently, she is a 4th year BA student at the sculpture

and began my studies towards MA in sculpture, concentrating

department of Moscow State Academic Art Institute named

on hand built clay objects.

after V. I. Surikov at the Russian Academy of Arts. Her inspira-

The focus of my current research falls on large-scale artistic

tion involves both the variable character of human’s individual

installations in natural environment along the lines of Green

plastiques and the intricacies of people’s emotional states. In

Art and Process Art.

her work she explores the depiction of one inner state through

As an artist, I am interested in the meeting point of the phil-

outer feature such as volume, shape and overall stylistic ex-

osophical and the aesthetic: the beauty and the horror of the


modern age, the frailty of human existence, the curse and the


blessing of time, and the imprints we leave on this ever-changing world.


Oxygen Dreams

The Beginning Size: 127 x 10 x 10 cm


Size: 40 x 12 x 7 cm

Size: 60 x 160 x 70 cm

Size: 60 x 46 x 24 cm

Medium : clay handbuild

Medium: porcelain


Medium : bronze

Medium: bronze


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Kelly Rose Adams

Robert Quance

Kelly Rose Adams is a contemporary painter based in Toronto.

I am a Toronto-born, self-taught, mixed-media visual artist.

She recognizes painting as a unique opportunity to expand

My work combines experimental processes, incorporating

upon reality. Adams layers visual metaphor with realist painting

multi-layered and textural elements within a diverse range of

practices to describe invisible psychological themes. She is

practices such as photography, print-making and painting.

interested in the collective human experience, with a focus on

My interests and influences include silent film, film noir,

hidden identity and shared emotion. The process of layering

vintage British cinema, 1930s-60s horror and mystery novels,

the classic form of a portrait, with visual representations of the

World War II, industrial architecture, 1920’s music and design,

internal self, offers a more complete picture of an experience.

urban streetscapes, old coins/currency, ephemera and the

Adams Completed her BFA at OCAD University in 2018 and is


an alumna of the Florence off campus studies program.



Size: 36 x 48 cm

Medium : oil on Canvas



Size: 30 x 40 cm

Queen M Size: 6” x 4”

Inquisitor Size: 6” x 4”

Medium: oil on Canvas

Medium: mono-print on antique book page

Medium: mono-print on antique book


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Sulyaeva Margarita

April Winter

My name is Sulyaeva Margarita and I was born in Moscow in

April Winter lives and works on a small island off the coast

1996. In 2014 entered the Moscow State Academic Art Insti-

of British Columbia. She creates playful yet introspective

tutenamed after V.I. Surikov. In 2018 I received a gold medal

self-portraits in self built, often claustrophobic sets. Her work

from the Academy of Arts.

revolves around the transformations of these little worlds,

2019-first prize at the Moscow Youth Art Exhibition

filling the space with found, made or borrowed objects to tell a

2020 - 7 exhibition of works of easel graphics and painting

story; often about such topics as sexuality, utopia and isolation.

from the Moscow Union of Artists 2020- art space hopping 2020- “Kryukrinoksy” gallery “here on Taganka.

Hide and Seek @aprilbluewinter

Mzungu 1

Size: 137 x 122 cm

Mzungu 5

Hide and Seek (2)

Size: 137 x 122 cm

Size: 16 x 20 cm

Hide and Seek (1) Size: 16 x 20 cm

Medium: mixed media

Medium : mixed media Medium : acrylic Medium: acrylic



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Sun Boyi

Krzysztof Bobrowski

Sun Boyi is a motivated Chinese independent filmmaker and

Born …. to paint and create.

artist. Since her first encounter with electronic video equip-

Educated in a country between the West and the East, the

ment, Sun has been practising moving image for nearly 14

artist was influenced by dissonance of the two worlds. Broad

years in the genres of video, television, documentary, digital

education injected intellectual depth and spiritual experienc-

film, experimental film and, most recently, film installation art.

es embellished it. The artist unites different contradictive

Sun’s practice interests have always revolved around the crea-

rhythms, aggressive expression of drawings, nostalgic slash of

tive development of ‘Gan Jue’ (translates as ‘feeling’) as a tool

portraits and suggestive intenseness of the conceptual art.

to promote ‘mutual understanding’ between different societies

The artist was inspired by various art civilizations: glamour and

and species in film practice, and to help to break down ‘bound-

nostalgia of Italian art, furiousness of Spanish art and reflection

aries’. Influenced by Taoist and Heidegger’s phenomenological

of oriental art. The pieces of art have been created in different

thought, she is particularly adept at using allegorical tech-

techniques like drawings in pencil or Indian-ink, pastel, oil and

niques to expose social issues through the trivial experiences

acrylic painting as well as water-color.

of everyday human life. So far, she has produced a range of works, including The Inner Voice (2013), The Gate (2015), The Beginning of a War (2016), Mr Zhang(2018), and A Truth Hunter(2021). Her works were awarded Best Black Humour Movie at both the Los Angeles Film Festival and Festigious International Film Festival, and selected by the China Documentary Academy Awards, London Independent Film Festival,


Pandemic-shot (1)

Atlanta International Film Festival, Ethnografilm

Size: 50 x 70 cm

Paris Film Festival, Barcelona Planet Film Festival and the Golden Globe Awards. Sun is currently studying for her PhD at the University of the Arts London. Her current practice is particularly

Pandemic-shot (3) Size: 50 x 70 cm

The Gate (2016) Size: 50 x 70 cm

concerned with the translation of different ways to feel’ formed by Chinese culture to the international community through film practice in the post-epidemic era.

Inner Voice (2013) Size: variable Medium: digital media

Medium: watercolor-pencils

Medium : watercolor-pencils


Medium : digital media


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Apollinariia Ilina

Cristina Balan

I was born in 1990 in St. Petersburg. There I graduated from

Cristina Balan is an emerging abstract expressionist. Born in

the University of Film and Television with a degree in cine-

1977 in Moldova, she studied arts from the age of five. Very

matography. Later, I got my MA at the Moscow Academic Art

early on, her works were exhibited at various artistic perfor-

Institute named by V. I. Surikov. My work has always been

mances in Moldova and abroad. The fall of the Soviet Union

related to visual art, I work in film production, fine art and as

paused Cristina’s creative ascension and she had to work to be

a photographer, but I am more interested in interdisciplinary

able to support herself. In her thirties, she became a business


community leader, and at 41 was appointed as the Ambassador

In my works, I talk about human perception and self-identifi-

to the United States.

cation. First of all, this is the psychology of the perception of

In 2019, Cristina returned full-time to art, her abstract paint-

the human body. I work with the body-object, using semiotics


ings being quickly noticed and appreciated by the public.

and technical modifications, I create a certain image. What we

Contemporary art magazines including Diafano, Spain and Art

see is our experience. My knowledge of the visual arts gives

Hole, UK, published her art works. The art experts tagged her

me the opportunity to play and freely turn to the semiotics and

as a “smash-hit-ho-be” and her paintings have been displayed

pictorial heritage of the past.

in art shows in Washington D.C. and New York City. Cristina’s works are currently featured in galleries from New York, Tokyo and Barcelona. ‘I create art that hopefully goes straight to the heart. My pur-


pose is to create bridges from the unseen to that what is seen, mirrors where people can see their reflection and feel the connection with their cosmic origins.”


Size: 11,3’’ x 20,0”


Size: 12,2’’ x 20’’


Trump Has Lost Size: 61 x 76 cm

Size: 61 x 76 cm

Medium : acrylic on canvas


Medium : photography, mixed media

Medium: photography, mixed media

Medium: acrylic on canvas


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Tatiana Kramarenko

Danit Melman Shaked

Lives and works in the suburbs of Kiev (Ukraine).

Danit Melman Shaked (b. 1973) is a mixed-media ceramic

Professional scrawlgrapher, cheerful person and creative ex-

artist who received her Bachelor of Art from Kalisher Collage,

perimenter. Creates paintings using random scribble lines.

Tel-Aviv, and studied ceramic sculpture and design at Sapir Col-

Since 2015, the artist has experimented with more than 100

lege, Shderot, Israel. Her works has been exhibited in numer-

art methods. Since 2018, she has been seriously interested in

ous shows regionally and internationally, recently in BORDERS

Scrawlgraphy, and during this time more than 200 drawing and

Festival 2020, Venice, Italy, Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art

paintings have been created from random scrawls. In

and Design (TAD), Toyama, Japan, and COCA21 Italy online.

2020 the artist first showed her work to the world (in social

My work is influenced both by the quietness within me, con-

media). In addition, the global lockdown became the impetus

nected deeply to nature, and by the violence surrounds me,

for the creation of the Born.of.scrawl project, within which

of death – contrast yet related subjects in my life.

interest of the audience in her unusual work was noticed.

For me, creating is a way to arrange my mind, my environment,

Scrawlgraphy is her way to show the world that in chaos you

a way to create order out of chaos, deal with the inherited

can always findsomething special and beautiful.


paradox of destruction and creation, and examine the space

Scrawlgraphy is a very gambling activity. Every painting is a

between the inner and outer worlds.

challenge and an experiment. Never know in advance what

Following the paths material leads me in the evolution of each

image will turn out. Tatiana Kramarenko dreams of popularizing

work, I am looking for ways to break formal patterns, find lines

Scrawlgraphy, which will help

and shapes, dive under the elements of representation and un-

develope the creative thinking of mankind and everyone will

cover its elements in order to create a new way of observing;

discover new talents in themselves, both in life and in creativi-

-ty Than humanity will be able to cope with any disasters and live in harmony with itself and nature.

living in an area of constant conflict and the underlying threat

new possibilities of Scrawlgraphy was opened and a great

King VS Clown

the unknown is where I want to reach.

Size: 15,7” х 15,7”

After the Fall 2020 Size: 67.5 x 23x D 17.5 cm

Queen of nature

Requiem 2019

Size: 28 x 67 x D38 cm - flexible dimensions

Size: 11,8” х 11,8”

Medium: nichrome wire, paperclay, Japanese lacquer

Medium: scrawlgraphy

Medium : scrawlgraphy


Medium : kanthel wire, porcelain paperclay, porcelain slip, angob,glaze, graphite powder, thorn, Japanese lacquer


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Lacey Kim

Victoria Prosvirnina

I always loved the feeling of applying paint with a brush. The

I am Viktoriya Prosvirnina. I was born in 1961, in Severomorsk,

texture created when paint is combined with liquid solvent,

at the base of the North Sea Fleet. In 1976-1980, I studied at

and the changes observed when colors are mixed with one

the theatrical scenery faculty of Kazan Art School, specializing

another, provide a constant, intimate thrill.

as an “artist decorator.” In 1985, I graduated from the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts in Saint-Petersburg, spe-


My painting reflects a line-based language, defined by layers

cializing as a stage director. After Institute I lived and worked

and color combinations. I try to be true of myself while I work

in Vladivostok, Primorye from 1985-2002. In 2002, I became

on each painting. I believe directness of acting and being is

a member of Union of Russian Artists and staged more than

the way to one’s true nature. This nature is not something we

40 performances in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Vladivostok,

make; it is already there. Zen teaches that we spend years

Ussuriysk, Khabarovsk, and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. From 2002

forgetting and abandoning this nature, but that we can always

to the present, I live and work in Moscow. I have worked on

access it again. Once realized, this clear approach translates

design development for the Vancouver Olympics, the Sochi

effortlessly to everything I create.

Olympics, and Innotech Expo in Crocus City. As a stage direc-

The process of painting is not simply about my own journey

tor, I have continued putting on performances, participating in

but about connecting with others. My work reflects something

exhibitions, and designing books. In 2019, my solo exhibition

that is shared; Mahayana, or ‘great vehicle’, captures the idea

was held in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. I have

of finding wholeness in harmony with other beings. Creating

prizes for international competitions and projects (“RUSSIAN

art is, therefore, a powerful way to engage this wholeness. I consider the contents of each painting to reflect a captured


moment - the record of a fleeting experience. I

My works are presented in private collections in

hope my work provides viewers with a window to

Russia and Japan.I’m interested in the psychology,

the truth of their own being.

in the philosophy, creation of the world.


Eve’s joke

Size: 407 х 570 mm

Lucid 2

Telos 3

Size: 48” x 48”

Size: 48”x 48”

From the life of Dandelions_IV Size: 50 x 40 cm

Medium: oil on canvas Medium : oil on canvas


Medium : paper India ink acrylic paint

Medium: paper India ink color pencils


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Ohkyoung Noh

Paul James

Ohkyoung Noh (b.1997) is a socially-engaged artist and pro-

Paul James is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer. His

gressive educator based in Seoul, South Korea.

practice Paul James Design was founded in 2019 in Manches-

For the past three years, Noh is interested in highlighting

ter UK, beginning with the successful commission of the art

various kinds of “dislocation” that city dwellers experience due

installation “Time & Tide” for Canary Wharf, London.

to their limited resources. “Dislocation” occurs when residents’

Since then the product range and artwork has grown steadily,

largely unsuccessful attempts to make their dreams of ideal

and continues to do so, working with various art forms span-

living conditions real create a variety of mismatches between

ning music, film, painting, and product design.

their expectations and their limited materials. This state indi-

Such a varied approach necessitates the learning of new

cates the unattainability of one’s ideals and the insufficiency

crafting techniques along the way. This maintains an ethos to

of our material lives but also are easily neglected by the same

always be learning, to stay inspired, and to further his creative

person unmindful of visual and material ironies. Noh visual-

freedom- a freedom of creativity, where the idea is unbound

izes this matrix of dislocated ideals in a city by layering and

by any particular medium, resulting in unique art and design.

contrasting multiple examples of individuals’ hoped-for ideals and their actual material conditions through performance, digital images, and installations as well as urban media. Noh’s works have been exhibited in A-brick Gallery, Woosuk Gallery, Hongik Museum of Art(HOMA), and CICA Museum.



“Nature” Somewhere in Daehakdong City

The Stratum of Bongchondong City

It Knows No Limit Size: 23.5” x 23.5”

Size: 145 x 152 cm

Duende Size: 23.5” x 23.5”

Size: variable

Medium : soap, silicon, receipts, flyers and 5-minute video on loop_undecided

Medium: digital print on tent cloth, 2-channel video_undecided

Medium : acrylic on Canvas

Medium: acrylic on Canvas



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Mariia Jones

Stephen Pinnell

I was born in Asia, in Kazakhstan, I spent my childhood and

Stephen Pinnell was born in Bristol, but has spent most of his

grow up in Russia. Late I received my architectural education

life in Yorkshire.

in Russia and in Europe. After graduating I moved to the USA.

He studied at Gloucestershire College of Art and Falmouth

For some time, I was working as an architect in Russia and in

School of Art and was awarded a Masters degree in Art and

the US. Later, I started to take commissions for book illustra-

Design by Leeds Metropolitan University.

tions, and afterwards started to make paintings and sell them, because I always liked to draw. Throughout all my life, I practiced yoga, and I was interested in the spirituality in man. This also reflected in my art: my topics are searching for meaning, aspiring for calmness and clarity; harmony with nature; the relationship between human and nature; microcosm inside

everyone. Throughout my life, I have seen many nations and cultures, thus, myths, legends, and fairy tales also attract me, and I show all these topics in my art. In my paintings I aim to show the world, what fills me: a deep beauty full of secrets and discoveries, a world that connects with nature, and causes the


Breaking point of isolation Size: 20” x 36”

deepest experiences. Now I work creating paintings and book illustrations.

Swimming with sirens Size: 16” x 20”

‘I Dreamed Saw St Augustine’ Size: 88 x 81 cm

‘The Apparitions Continue (as usual)’. Size: 16” x 20”

Medium : acrylic on Canvas

Medium: acrylic on Canvas

Medium : oil on canvas with found elements.

Medium: oil on canvas with found elements.



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Ellie Hawkes

Alan Montgomery

My practice explores nature in all forms through processes of

Alan Montgomery began his life as an artist early on in Belfast,

photography and printing techniques. The subjects I use have

Northern Ireland. He received his undergraduate degree from

primary references to environmental matter and can be per-

Minnesota State University-Mankato in 1986. Alan received his

ceived as physical samples of nature. My work more recently

MFA in painting from University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1994.

has been focused around printed matter and digital processes,

Since then he has been a Professor of Art at Dakota State

exploring seasonal colours and shapes. The prints respond to

University beginning in 2000. His work is published in the 7th

natural settings and appear three dimensional in form.

and 8th Editions of Henry M. Sayre’s A World of Art published

Circular shapes are the main theme within my practice, used to

by Pearson Higher Education.

magnify specific areas of a photographic image or design. Per-

Alan’s work is exhibited in Europe and in the U.S. He is cur-

spex and vinyl materials are used to compose the circular discs

rently attending a three-week solo residency at www.lucidart.

I create. The translucent material enables light and colouration

org in California. His recent work reflects a deep connection

to infiltrate through the work, creating depth and obscurities.

to the history of his homeland and ruminations on the poetry

I submerse myself in nature to gather new concepts. I love cap-

of Seamus Heaney among others. It is an irony for him having

turing flowers in circular forms and presenting them within a

been landlocked for years that the coast and themes of watery

circumference, as in nature there are no straight lines or sharp

environs remain constant in his work. Film work and Augment-

corners. Circles to me also represent the sun, the moon and

ed Reality are each areas of interest and he plans to combine

the earth, which are ever-changing and evolving around us, just


as nature is. There is something beautiful and intricate about

with his drawings and paintings in installation pieces.

taking physical samples of nature and representing them in an

artwork, it makes us stop, look and appreciate how exquisite our surroundings are.

In Harmony Size: D 500 mm

Vault and Stations Disc#1 Size:

Disc Five

Vault and Stations#9 Size:

Size: D 300mm

Medium : mixed media


Medium : vinyl print onto perspex

Medium: photographic print onto perspex

Medium: acrylic on Canvas


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Viviana del Mar

Elizabeth Sinkova

UK based visual artist from Puerto Rico creating sculptures,

Elizabeth is an expressive architectural glass artist whose art-

paintings, and installations that are characterized by the use of

works are full of colour, motion and life.

symbolic iconography, texture, and fantastic characters.

In 2011 she gained a first class (BA Hons) Degree in Architec-

I explore the concept of storytelling, games, and symbols used

tural glass at Swansea Metropolitan University which followed

as a metaphor to describe the labyrinths of life. My work is

after four years studying glass painting at Europe’s oldest

inspired by the beloved childhood, dreams, and fantasy. My

School of Glassmaking - in Kamenicky Senov, Czech Republic.

sculptures tell a story with characters, symbols and haiku

It was then, during initial studies in her native country, when

poetry; while my paintings are the textured background world

she fell in love with a variety of contemporary processes and

where the story is played. Clay and color are my transportation

decorations applied to the magical medium of glass.

to memories and nostalgia of childhood.

In 2011 she received The Award for Excellence from the Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of glass. From her studio in Sowerby, nestled high in the glorious Calderdale countryside, Elizabeth explores the potential of glass art and its beneficial uses within architecture and interior spaces. “ ‘Bringing the outside in’ communicates my inspiration


by nature celebrated with colour, textures and light.” @elizabeth_sinkova_glass


Size: 8 x 8 x 20 cm

The Magician Size: 16 x 6.5 x 22.5 cm

“Techniques that characterise my work are airbrushed trans-

-parent enamels combined with freehand painting and etching. I love the effects of optical glass and reflective surfaces interacting with direct light.” The submitted work is from the latest selection

Wonderland Full Preview

of designs she created for Recclesia Ltd, currently installed at a private residence and library in London.


Medium: stained glass


Medium : sculpture

Medium: sculpture

Medium : stained glass


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Anna Stevens

“江峰 Jiang Feng

The artist works with performative experimental film and

Jiang Feng is a non-gendered and multi-disciplinary artist

installation to explore the vulnerable corporeality of the body.

working across-genres in movement/dance, theatre, perfor-

Inspired by 1970s and 80’s horror films (such as David Cronen-

mance art, voice, text, modeling, film, photography and theory.

berg’s Videodrome), they balance comedy with horror through

He attained her B.A. in English and Chinese literature from Na-

low-value, tacky imagery and techniques. They aim to increase

tional Taiwan University in 2016. In 2019, they graduated with

mortality and bodily awareness to discuss absurdism, the idea

an M.F.A. degree in Performance and Performance Studies

that one cannot create a meaningful existence in a meaningless

from Pratt Institute. They are the receiver of the R.O.C. Gov-

reality, whilst also encouraging an audience to accept and em-

ernment Fellowship to study and research dance abroad and

brace this fact. Fleshy imagery is used to theatrically immerse

“Grants for 20-40-Year-Old Writers” from Ministry of Culture

an audience in fakery to highlight key factors of reality and exhibit the body for what it really is—just meat. By taking Geof-


frey Gorer’s idea of the pornography of death, removing the

in Taiwan. In September 2019, her new work “Bent-Tai(www)” won the “Genuinely Fringe” award, the third prize, in Taipei Fringe Festival.

gore-driven imagery from its context, and re-contextualising it in an art space, the imagery grows to cause a deeper contemplation of the vulnerable body. However, rather than dwelling on unfulfilling death anxieties, awareness of life’s shortness and meaninglessness should be liberating, as one can construct new and enjoyable meanings for oneself to live by. The artwork induces laughter and revulsion for cathartic release.

U.S. (Unwholesome Shelter) 「美」國 Meat head_still

The new flesh_ still

Size: 40 x 27cm

Medium: experimental film Medium : experimental film


Medium : photography

Untitled Size: variable size

Medium: photography


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Kevin Boardman

Lena Snow

I am interested in the participants relationship with production

Lena Snow is an international recognized mixed media artist

and outcome. Through site specific work, interventions and

based in Germany. She uses different materials like everyday

workshops I explore this interest using materials such as paper,

objects, plastic, fabric and implements them into her artworks

whiteboard and tape for participants to engage with to reveal

thereby creating unique pieces of art. Her current Goddess

new insights or ideas in the form of drawings, sculptures, and

series shows female entities that are both mythical and ener-

live performances.

getic. The artist wants to highlight the feminine, emancipated

My role within this process varies depending on the project,

and evolved characteristics, sometimes even the recreational

acting as a facilitator, observer or active participant. I operate

or protective maternal features. Lena’s Goddesses are strongly

in this manner as it allows me to explore curiosity through a

connected to nature and therefore sustainability and a re-use

trans-disciplinary lens rather than fixing my practice to a spe-

of materials is reflected in her creations. Lena’s goal is to create

cific medium or discipline.

art that her viewers experience as an energy source on their walls and to evoke a deeper connection to themselves. She intends the textures of her artworks to be touched so that the


beholder feels a deeper connection with them and can fully internalize the effects of her creations. She wants to express


a “higher” self that is spiritually elevated and transformed. Lena has been chosen to be one of the most investable artists in 2021 and has been published in several art magazines and books like the Contemporary Art Book of Excellence.

Ebb and Flow Size: 594 x 420 mm

Whiteboard Jacket Size: 420 x 297 mm

Lena_Snow_Egyptian_ Princess

Lena_Snow_Flower_goddess Size: D 150 cm

Size: 150 x 50 cm

Medium: photographic print Medium : whiteboard print Medium: acrylic_on_plasticfoil_cardboard_and_canvas


Medium : vinyl print onto perspex


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Nadja Shkirat

Marc-Aurèle Debut

I am a Jerusalem-based professional photographer, visual

Marc-Aurèle Debut (b.1990) is a French London based artist.

artist and educator from Germany. I studied art education at

Graduated from Royal College of Art MA Sculpture and Central

the University of Leipzig, Germany and continued my artistic

Saint Martins BA Fine Art, he has exhibited nationally and

education in photography at the Burg Giebichenstein Univer-

internationally in exhibitions including : Biennale de Paname

sity of Art and Design Halle (Saale), Germany, where I learned

in Paris, Gallery Weekend in Berlin, Welcome Collection in

to work with various photographic mediums and techniques.

London. He has partnered with leading brands such as Ralph

Currently I am participating in photography courses at the Bez-

Lauren and Adidas on collaborative creative projects.

alel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem, Israel to intensify

The Internal Human Being and its reactions to the environment

my artistic research and knowledge. In addition I worked as a

constitute M-A D’s source of inspiration and study. He ex-

photography lecturer at the Dar Al-Kalima University College

plores the cultural and psychological complexities of sexuality,

of Arts and Culture.

body language, human anatomy and its physiology. Particu-


larly the emotional state of an individual when one reacts to the structural and environmental influences of an object or towards another human being. M-A D’s work influences the viewers in their perception and emotions, encourages them to move in space and to question themselves on the tangible limits of the artwork. He uses a range of materials in his sculpture practice such as fabric, latex, @marcaureledebut

Bon Appétit! Size: 80 x120cm

Vagina Dentata Size: 40 x 50 cm

foam, silicon and harder materials like wood, glass, plexiglas and metal.


Size: 137 x 115 x 8 cm

Tumescence III Size: 95 x 82 x 30 cm

Medium: Digital print on velvet, single headboards, polyether foam, Dacron fibre, hand pressed velvet covered buttons.

Medium: digital collage Medium : Latex, silicone, polyether foam, wood panels, hand pressed latex covered buttons.


Medium : analog photography


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Anashkina Olga

Pablo Daniel Dohms

I was born in Solikamsk city, Russia, in 1987. Graduated the

My name is Pablo Dohms. I am a German visual artist, born in

State University of Management in Moscow. I was got married

Tenerife, Spain, in 1989, and currently based in Zurich. I first

and moved to Belarus, where I became interested in ceramics.

studied Latin American Studies at the University of Cologne

In 2017 I was graduated from the porcelain school. In 2018

and UNAM, focusing on research about the Mexican urban art

presented my first collection of porcelain jewelry. In 2019, I

scene. Later I worked various years as a cultural project man-

took part in the Mercedes Benz fashion week, where I proved

ager for Goethe-Institute in Mexico City. As a self-taught artist

that ceramics are worthy of the catwalk. At the moment, I

I have continuously worked on my own artistic production and

work with different types of polymers and ceramics, I like to

participated in exhibitions in Germany, Mexico and Switzerland

combine them and experiment, I participate in exhibitions of

during this time. I am dedicated to painting, illustration and

contemporary art.

murals and like to experiment with different materials, tech-



niques and styles. Lately, I have been working particularly with watercolors and acrylics, creating blurry and colourful, yet harmonic scenes which I then intervene with delicate illustrations, using ink, ball pen or oil paint brushstrokes, alluding to dreams and the subconsciousness. This way I create associative and surreal, imaginative worlds.


Blue Jungle

Size: 20 x 30 cm

Size: 6.9” x 8.5”

«I’m hearing you»

Green Jungle Size: 6.3” x 7.1”

Size: 50 x 40 cm

Medium : porcelain

Medium: polimer clay


Medium: watercolor and ink Medium : watercolor and ink


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Mine Burçkin

Sanja Star

Mine Burçkin lives and works in Copenhagen since 2018, she

Her work is on the intersection of art, design, fashion and

was born and grown up in Istanbul. She studied art history at

computer graphic. Her passion for design, fashion and music

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul, and graduated in

and her curiosity took her on the path of ever evolving visual

2018. She works in different medias such as painting, needle-


work and textile, addressing themes like being uprooted and women, disconnection between artist and her own environment. Her way of using materials focus on create intimacy and dialogue, for this reason, she uses personal and sustainable materials as components like fabric straps from her clothes, breastmilk as solvent in paint and used cardboards. Her works take shape mainly on her own experiences, but they aim to reach the whole and question identity and authority. Stories


beneath of works often intent to spark a debate.


Deep In You Size: 50 x 41 cm

Hear Me Out

Chilly Not Vanilly

Feeling Alone

Size: 25 x 25 cm

Size: 25 x 25 cm

Size: 13 x 21 cm

Medium : acrylic Medium: signed art print

Medium : signed art print


Medium: embroidery


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Karen Marsh

Sylwia Żółkiewska

I am a self taught artist, working with oil pastels, oil paints,

Polish visual artist working across various mediums such as

acrylics, charcoal and other media. Portraiture and abstract

painting, digital graphics, and animation. Digital researcher

portraits are my primary interest but I strive to push my crea-

thriving to find connections between art, technology, and

tive boundaries and I’m currently exploring fantasy landscapes.


My career began in the Criminal Justice system, with the op-

In her art she draws her inspiration from both the offline

portunity to develop and supervise the only art project at the

and online worlds, touching upon issues related to durability

time for offenders in London for NELPs, in the mid 90’s

and data processing, memory and oblivion, and the vision of

I am on an adventure of re-discovery and

post-digital culture. In the center of her interest lies the image

re-invention personally and as a creator through visual and

itself, both the ‘real’ and the digital one, its conventionality and

written art forms, and I continue to find ways to create thought

illusory nature. In her work, she explores the potential of the

provoking works.

image to affect the viewer, its interference and multisensory

I am a firm believer in the healing power of creativity and can

nature, experimenting with time, movement and texture. Using a variety of surfaces and media, her works often change and

strongly attest to this in my life’s walk and artistic work.

update when the viewpoint changes, reflecting the ephemeral @zolkiewskaart

nature of the digital world. She also creates transmedia narratives, drawing inspiration from interactive film, new media, graphics, typography, architecture.


In 2007 she received an MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (Poland), and for a while studied Media Arts in Finland. Currently, she is working on her Ph.D. at the Faculty of New


Media in Polish-Japanese Academy of Information

Postpartum-Pain-Self-portrait-No2 Size: 60 x 50 cm

(Fantasy Landscape) ) HE commanded the light

Technology in Warsaw.


Size: 70 x 50 cm

Size: 60 x 50 cm

Eclipse_04 70 x 50 cm

Medium: digital_art_print Medium: oil on canvas, board Medium : digital_art_print

Medium : oil on canvas, board



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Stella Dragovic

Sarah Zelmati

Stella Dragovic, a conceptual artist that studies on Bauhaus

Sarah Zelmati is a french visual artist based in Berlin. She

University in Germany was born and raised in Croatia. The

gets a MasterDegree in june 2020 in ESAD Grenoble (Ecole

statement „The observer must become a participant because

Supérieur d’Art et Design).

that is the only way he can have the double experience, of

Actually, She is working in two art spaces in Berlin Kreuzberg

being the observer, and being observed.“ you can feel in all her

as assistant manager. She lives in Berlin for some months now

works. It is the way she works and what art means to her, it is

and tries to find her professional artistic way there. She is

the way to give observer the possibility to feel the same emo-

inspired by several subcultures as punk and non-faschism skin-

tions that she feels. Her work is very raw and gives you more

head movements and a creative process inspired by the Do-It-

than one dimension of it. The emotion she is trying to bring

Yourself subculture. It engages in an extravagant aesthetics,

over is the feelings of fear, absence, incoherence, rejection,

purulent with humour and strass, under an aspect which is as

and emotional instability.

repulsive as curious. It is a work which aims at approaching the viewer, a parodic imitation of popular culture. A mix between an enchanted dream and a traveling nightmare. She is working mostly with recovery and antiquing objects. She likes crafts @zelmatisme

and all elements which imitate preciousness but which are junk.


Nobody is available

Nobody is available

Size: 80 x 30cm

Size: 200 x 300 cm


Tuning Show

Size: 35 x 17 cm

Size: 6 cm car toys

Medium : various crafts paiting Medium : mixed medium


Medium: mixed medium

Medium: mask crafts shells bones pearl


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Joy Baek


I am a Korean artist, based in London, Glasgow, and Seoul.

When I was 9 years old, a teacher told us in class to draw

In 2020, I was graduated from Fine Art (BA) at Chelsea College

whatever wewanted, it occurred to me to paint an abstract expression with manycolors that was exactly what I liked and

of Arts in London, U.K.; I am currently in Fine Art course at

made me feel. Very proud of mydrawing, I presented it to the

Glasgow School of Art (MA) in order to challenge and develop

teacher and tore it into as many piecesas he could. That mo-

my art practice.

ment marked my artistic life forever and until manyyears later I

My artwork has addressed socio-cultural issues of Korean soci-

was not able to express myself like that again.

ety. In particular, my recent works allude to the results of rapid

When I decided to do it, I started painting on canvas and

modernization upon Korean society from the perspective of

presenting myworks in small galleries and places such as

my generation. I mainly convey my concepts through narrative

restaurants, Pub’s, etc. I donated one of my works to the public

and theatrical visualization, components of which emerged


school of Domaio where my son studied, I do street perfor-

from my personal life experience.

mance, I paint on canvas, I have painted scooters, I have paint-



ed mannequins, I have crushed irons and painted with colors and everything that I play to express what I feel. My artistic training is based on observing what I feel and capturing it. I learn from any type of art and I try to advance every day and that my works evolve with me.

Sleeping 2

Sleeping 1

Size: 36.2 x 25.7 cm

Size: 36.2 x 25.7 cm



Size: 73 x 103 cm

Size: 103 x 73 cm

Medium: colour pencil, marker, and charcoal on paper

Medium : colour pencil, marker, and charcoal on paper

Medium : acrylic on paper

Medium: acrylic on paper



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Bismark Alejandro Rex

Nikki Raitz

An interdisciplinary artist merging painting, sculpture and

Nikki Raitz is a 21-year-old fine artist and photographer from

architecture studies through the breaking down of bound-

Atlanta, Georgia. Her works focus mainly on movement and

aries of what is considered a work of art. This is expressed

drama. Motion and mystery are something that deeply inspires

in an intuitive creative process through the use of discarded

Nikki and this theme can be seen throughout most of her

mundane objects and salvaged materials, being guided by

works today. Her body of work includes dance photography,

what nature can reveal when one knows how to seek. A vital

fine art wheatpastes, and portraiture.

recurring theme in his works is a deep-rooted quest for iden-

Raitz is an emerging artist whose work has been shown

tity, having dual nationality between Mexico and the US and

regionally, nationally and internationally. She is being classi-

experiencing both cultures existentially. Inherent with a native @alejandro.bismark_

cally trained as a painter and currently working to complete a

instinct to push the limits and finding a sense of freedom, his

Bachelor of Fine Arts. Nikki is looking forward to continuing

artworks embody that of a neo-shaman wandering through the

working prosperously and abundantly in different areas of the

simulacra of buildings, paved ground, lush forests and serpen-

art field. Her portfolio works are constantly growing and she

tine bayous in the paradoxical landscapes of the metropolis.

is committed to creating new work, chasing new inspiration,

Throughout his travels and experiences he also illustrates a

but also following through with continued strong exhibition

reference to ancestral wisdom through Mexica folklore, thus


revealing our lost connection to nature.




The Banners Size: 20 x 30 cm

Size: 122 x 81 x 6 cm

St.Sebastian Size: 20 x 30 cm

Size: 101.6 x 71 x 12.7 cm

Medium : acrylic and oilstick on refrigerator door with pallets


Medium : photography Medium: acrylic and oilstick on salvaged paper and timber

Medium: photography


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Maristela Mitsuko Ono

Britt Conley

Maristela Mitsuko Ono is a Brazilian artist (Maringá, 1960 - ).

Britt is a synesthesic music-visualist who creates artistic works

She achieved her graduation in Architecture and Urbanism at

thatvisually represent music via personifying composers

the Federal University of Paraná and in Professors Formation

writing styles,concepts of the musical composition process or

at the Federal University of Technology – Paraná (UTFPR), her

particular music pieces. She often collaborates with composers

Masters at the Postgraduate Program of Technology / UTFPR,

and musicians for event-basedexhibitions.Born in the mid-60s

her Doctorate at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism -

in Washington D.C., Britt began her drawing tutelage at an

University of São Paulo (USP), and her Postdoctoral at Dangelo

early age, and under the influence of her artist and conservator

Di Co., supported by the National Council for Scientific and

grandfather. She learned about sounds, touch and phrasings,

Technological Development (CNPq) – Brazil). She was trained

of pianists and composers from her mother. During her musical

as an Industrial Designer at Japan Industrial Design Promotion

upbringing, Britt was concerned with the color and feel of

Organization (supported by JICA), and as an Industrial Design Professor at the Fachhochschule München (in Germany,

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


stood she had synesthesia. Her early childhood experience

supported by DAAD). She has partially followed a painting

informed her drive to visualize music. As a child, she found it

graduate course at the Escola de Música e Belas Artes do

frustrating that no one seemed to understand

Paraná (EMBAP), in which she was approved in first place in

the colors in the air or that contemporary artist’s depictions

the admission selection. By means of multimedia arts, she aims

of music didn’t seem to reflect her own experience. Although

at sensitizing people to broaden their concepts, perception and

she decided to begin her philosophic quest for how to visually

consciousness on being within the complex world and universe

personify music around the age of 6. It would take decades for

where everything is interconnected and interdependent.

her to create the complexity of expression and visual potential

of her visual language. Britt holds a BA in Fine


musical sounds. It was years before she and her family under-


Size: 38,7 x 28,7 cm

Size: 28,6 x 38,6 cm

Arts from George Washington University, a MALS from Georgetown University, a certificate in Art History: History of Color from the Univer-

Tchaikovsky Symphony #6 in b minor Measures 221_229 Size: 23″ x 31″ framed

sity of Cambridge and much more.

Chopin Etude Opus. 25, No. 12 Size: 30” x 42” x 5”

Medium : watercollor and gouache on paper

Medium: mixed media


Medium: watercollor and nankin ink on paper

Medium : Oil on Canvas, copper sheet, copper wound steel, phosphor bronze, brass and wood.


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Nicolette Benard

Ashley Betts

Visual artist, Jewellery art designer born in the Netherlands

Ash is a multidisciplinary artist and art-activist. One finds both

is a well-known and well-loved designer and has won several

singularity and dimension in the free association that lives

design prizes. She graduated from the Dutch technical pro-

among the perspectives of her multimedia art. She received a

fessional school for Silver, Goldsmiths and Design based in

BA of Architecture from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Schoonhoven(NL). Her work is now shown in Japan, Taiwan,

She has spent the last 3 of 4 years travelling and living in differ-

US, Italy, England, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Amsterdam.

ent parts of the United States - this experience steadily guides

Her love for pearls is very prevalent in ‘Project B.’ In almost

her artistic explorations of American Identity.

every object one will find a little pearl, like the signature of the maker.



Pink Boots

Size: 24 x 14 x 10 cm

Keep breathing

High Flying Bird

Size: 34 x 14 x 10 cm

MMIW (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women) Size: 24” x 24”

Size: 12” x 12”

Medium : mixed media, framed in plexiglass box Medium: digital Collage

Medium: digital Collage


Medium: mixed media, framed in plexiglass box


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


Ksenia Sivakova

Dragan Luiza

Born on 29.11.1988. In the Irkutsk region, Ust-Kut R-n, p.

My name is Luiza and I am from Romania, from a small town

Star. In 2006-2008, she studied at the regional State Tomsk

near Bucharest.Now I am living in UK,London and I am a

Polytechnic Professional Lyceum No. 20 (graphic design-

student.I am passionate about art especially painting and

er). In 2008-2013 he graduated from Tomsk State Peda-

photography.I started painting 2 years ago at the urging of

gogical University (excellent), Faculty of Fine Arts. From

a friend. If in the beginning it was just a game, now painting

2013-2015-Teacher of the Department of Engineering Graph-

for me means passion.When I painting I feel free and I forget

ics and Industrial Design of the TPU IC. Since 2015, a member

everything around me. By painting I can express my feelings

of the Union of Artists of Russia.

even are good or bad.I find inspiration in nature and photos.My

Highlights of the exhibitions:

friends appreciate my paintings and told me that I had talent.I

July 2019-Participant of the reporting plein-air exhibition; Cia-

am a simple person who appreciate everything that is sim-

cak, House of Culture, Serbia.

ple and beautiful.I feel motivated every time I finish painting

November 2019-participant of the international exhibition “Art-

a canvas and I like what I see.At that moment I feel joy and

ists & Licari”; Art Museum. Kovalenko, Krasnodar.

fulfillment and I think it is something beautiful and unique.

January 2020-participant of the international Russian-Chinese

And I still think that,if Good gave you a talent,it is a great sin to

exhibition “House-Distance”; Art-Soyuz Gallery, Krasnodar

waste it,you have to use it.In the future I would like to be able

February 2021-exhibition “worlds generated by love” ; in the

to exhibit a lot of paintings, to have a studio and to delight the

gallery “Open Environment”, St. Petersburg.

eyes of art lovers.

February 2021 - exhibition “ABSTRACTUM”; in “Gostiny Dvor”, Moscow


And more.

Dreams of the old house 2


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


Size: 50 x 40 cm

Size: 50 x 50 cm


Size: 60 x 45cm

Size: 50 x 70 cm

Medium : tempera Medium: linocut

Medium : mixed media on canvas

Medium: mixed media on canvas



(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e


(#1) B o o m e r M a g a z i n e

Chunbum Park

Asha Lepiarczyk

Chunbum Park, also known as Chun, was born in Seoul, South

Asha Lepiarczyk was born in Poland in 1984 and immigrated

Korea, in 1991. He came to the United States in 2000 to study

to Canada in 2011. Currently, she lives and works in Burnaby

English and attend K-12 schools. He graduated from Montgom-

British Columbia. Her upbringing is tightly related to horses as

ery Bell Academy in 2009 and subsequently studied at various

her parents are equestrian coaches. Asha was raised among

art schools and universities. In 2020, Park obtained his BFA in

those animals in a beautiful valley in the heart of National Park.

Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts, where he began to

In her early 20s, she attended Jagiellonian University for Rus-

explore the themes of eroticism and sexual fantasy. Currently

sian Philology as well as Judaic Studies. She was also studying

an MFA Fine Arts Studio student at the Rochester Institute of

in the department of European Studies and Advertising Studies

Technology, Park is delving into the topics of gender fluidity

however the love for horses won the battle with science and

and the male gaze, which should involve varying amounts of

later in life, she became an equestrian coach herself. After

self gaze based on the ratio of masculinity to femininity of the

arriving in Canada, being in an equestrian environment was an

male’s personality. Park has recently exhibited at the SVA Chel-

obvious choice as a continuum of her carrier. She earned the

sea Gallery and was featured on for an online exhibit

title of Equestrian Competition Coach in the next few years.

organized by SHIM. Park is also the founder of the Emerging

Unfortunately, due to the live events in 2017, she was forced

Artists Collective, an online community for artists where he

to give up on her carrier. This is when her passion for painting

interviews other artists.

started to develop. As not able to being among horses anymore Asha started creating them for herself. Driven by forceful sorrow and longing Asha’s drawings and painting became a new passion. She puts all her love and devotion into her new @asha_lepi

LEGO FlowersI Size: 40” x 30”


obsession - visual arts.

The Acrobat Size: 8” x 10”

The Revival of Yesterday tribute to the Horses of Helios

Size: 48” x 36”

Size: 48” x 36”

Medium: oil on canvas board

Medium : oil on canvas board Medium : acrylic on canvas


Medium: acrylic on canvas





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