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36 Stories that Can Only Happen in New York.


BILLY, WHITEY, THE MICK AND ME A Yankee Stadium vendor recalls a time when men played professional baseball for the drunken comradery.

#9. FOOTSTEPS IN THE DIAMOND DISTRICT A Big Apple visitor gets the scare of a lifetime on the way to a Broadway show.

#11. “HYMIE, YOU’RE KILLING ME!” Two multi-millionaire garmentos haggle over the price of 2 million yards of fabric at the Russian Tea Room.

#20. HUBCAPS IN FORT APACHE A high school student learns you gotta do, what you gotta do.

#21. “BRUCE, GET IN THE CAR” A businessman, who looks like the twin brother of Mobster John Gotti’s consigliere, receives an unexpected invitation at 11 PM.


TAXI DRIVER #22. THE 6:27 EXPRESS Taxi driver returns to Vietnam while driving a passenger up First Avenue. A depressing portrait of commuters

traveling into Manhattan.

# 29. J.L.’s CHRISTMAS TREE A white family discovers racism is alive and well during the Rockefeller Center Christmas celebration.

#30. SCRAMBLED EGGS, STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, AND MR. KELLY The life and times of a mysterious patron at a rough and ready 10th Avenue diner.

# 19. PICCARELLA’S CHINATOWN Buying fireworks with the kids in the back alleys of Chinatown.

#31. $50 PRADA HANDBAG Where and how to buy the finest luxury brand knockoffs in New York.

# 28. SNIFFEN COURT An evening walk offers surprising insights into the lives we lead.

36 True Big Apple Stories Spanning 55 years and Five Boroughs.

“Unforgettable, uniquely personal collection of stories that captures New York’s git and glamour, it’s humor and melancholy.” -Manhattan Book Review

“Captivating. You can

feel the city and its characters right in front of you as you read.” -International Review of Books

“You’ll Turn Every Page with a Smile on Your Face.” -San Francisco Book Review