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Catalogue 2019 Autumn-Winter

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These two little birds come from a very distant land, the lost continent of MŪ. And they have come this far to bring us stories of that unknown place. TIERRA DE MŪ is the publishing house of the writer Susanna Isern, born with the purpose of publishing her most personal children's books. TIERRA DE MŪ opens its catalog with the collections The Dreambreakers, Imagine a Forest, Girls Change the World, Toolbox and Unfinished Stories.


New Autumn 2019


The Dreambreakers


The Dandelion's secret Susanna Isern & Esther Gili

Pages: 208 Format: 23,5 x 18 cm. Cover: Hardcover +10 years RIGHTS SOLD: spanish for Spain.

They are very close, where you least imagine ... and are willing to break your dreams.

First installment of The Dreambreakers saga by Susanna Isern and Esther Gili, authors with more than 200,000 books sold. Who are those who, hidden among us, call themselves The Dreambreakers? Who is really the Dark Professor? Sofi Dandelion discovers one day, by chance, that someone has devised a way to destroy dreams and spread unhappiness. Can she do something to prevent it? A boy with an enigmatic look, a grandfather who is not what he seems, a very special glasses and the animal-laboratory may be a good way to start.

Colección Quebrantasueños


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Sleeping with Mom Susanna Isern & Natascha Rosenberg

A celebration of co-sleeping and motherhood Pages: 28 Format: 25 x 28 cm. Cover: Hardcover

RIGHTS SOLD: spanish for Spain. A walk through the world discovering one of the most wonderful things: Sleeping with mom. Embark on the journey of dreams with our little protagonist. Open the flaps and discover the secrets that hide the nights of the forest, the jungle, the desert, the bottom of the sea or the poles. With whom do the smallest animals sleep? Listen to the song, composed and performed by the author Susanna Isern and her daughter Yuna, and enjoy one of the most wonderful things: Sleeping with Mom. For those children and those mothers who are happy sleeping together, one, some, many or all the nights of the world.

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Colección Imagina un Bosque

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n Collectio ange Girls Ch ld the Wor

The journey of Od Susanna Isern & Ana Sender

Discovering cultures from around the world Pages: 48 Format: 22,5 x 30 cm. Cover: Hardcover

RIGHTS SOLD:Â French worlwide, spanish for Spain. Od undertakes an exciting journey to help Naran. A story about the last Mongolian reindeer herders. Little Naran is very ill and can only be cured by a medicinal plant that grows on high peaks. A girl named Od, a reindeer, a fox and a golden-winged eagle on an exciting and risky journey defying the cold winter. Will they be able to help Naran?

Collection Girls Change the World The girls that inhabit the earth are strong, fighters and very brave. They are protagonists of adventures and help change the world with their actions. Fiction stories inspired by cultures, legends and traditions from around the world.


The TellmeTellyou game Susanna Isern & Leire Salaberria Lately Osami, the youngest of the bears, is sad and silent. When they come back from school, her parents ask her what's wrong, but she does not answer. Mama Bear is very worried, wants to help her, but does not know how. One day you have a great idea: Build the TellmeTellyou Game. Pages: 104 Format: 26 x 28 cm. Cover: Hardcover

RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish for Spain.

The first MANUAL to express feelings, communicate, open up and feel better. "Express feelings, convey thoughts and opinions, share experiences and concerns, what's the matter ... Open up and feel better with TheTellmeTellyou Game. "

GAME Includes , unicating for comm s, r mother GUIDE fo , ducators e d n a s r fathe IES ACTIVIT ECT ol PROJ o h c s d n a

What works this book-tool? Self-esteem - Self-knowledge - Emotions Communication - Assertiveness - Empathy Social Skills - Wellness. What does this tool-book contain? Stories - Metaphors - Tricks Game - Activities - Reflections - Guide.


A Monstrous Pie

An Enchanted House

Susanna Isern, Raquel DĂ­az Reguera & You

Susanna Isern, Raquel DĂ­az Reguera & You

Help our protagonist to cook a super monstrous cake by meeting incredible characters to get the most disgusting ingredients you can think of. Leave your mark on these pages and make this story unique!

Pages: 50 Format: 22 x 22 cm. Cover: Softcover

RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish for Spain.

Help our protagonist to find the exit of the haunted house while you travel its most horrific corners and meet its terrifying inhabitants.

With design of eation of CHARACTERS, cr rsonal SCENARIOS, pe of the writer SUGGESTIONS and the illustrator, Y Unfinished STOR nload free in 25 pages. Dow l. additional materia

Pages: 50 Format: 22 x 22 cm. Cover: Softcover

RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish for Spain.

Unfinished Stories

An intrepid author of overflowing imagination capable of finishing writing and illustrating this story that has been left unfinished is wanted.

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