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safety on and from sea Navy units around the whole world are deployed year round with the fleet and marine corps for security on and from the sea. Both in our own country and abroad, the navy can be deployed for securing shipping lanes, crisis management operations, humanitarian aid operations and disasters. This defence unit carries out operations independently, and also together with the army, air force, military police and foreign allies. Constant top-quality and functionality are the primary principles in the cooperation between defence organisations around the globe and Bolidt. Crew, fleet and material must always be completely available and operational. Bolidt is proud to have contributed to this for more than 50 years and to have provided specific solutions and services in different areas.




all expertise under one roof Building air defence and marine frigates, amphibian transport ships, mine sweepers, supply vessels and submarines is a complex matter which involves expertise, experience and teamwork. Bolidt has been an experienced and reliable partner for more than 50 years for defence organisations around the world. With a team of own specialists, Bolidt conducts a broad range of projects in different areas and at different places around the world. Many of these are navy projects and innovative deck systems which can endure extremely strong forces. Complete peace of mind Bolidt has all knowledge and experience in-house and can give defence principals complete peace of mind. From development, production, advice and sales to application and maintenance; Bolidt controls every link in the industry column: from development to application of synthetic applications. Everything under one roof. Just as important; Bolidt thinks extensively along with customers. To deliver optimal added value, Bolidt prefers to be contacted at the earliest possible stage. Parent navy As a constant partner for defence organisations and navy wharves - parent navy for indoor and outdoor decks and other applications - Bolidt is, more than any other, able to function as a partner who thinks along, advises and accepts challenges. Bolidt knows the applicable standards and can therefore advise you on materials, sustainability, functional requirements and certifications. But also on specific client requirements, upgrades and upkeep programmes.

Own production, flexible possibilities Bolidt has own, modern production facilities where the deck systems are produced with the utmost care. The important advantage of this for the customer is that Bolidt can always respond quickly and adequately to specific wishes. A promise is a promise Besides valuable and professional advice on the Bolidt deck systems, the planning and logistics of the application of the deck finish are just as important for the building of ships. That is why “a promise is a promise� counts for Bolidt, without this reducing our flexibility. Bolidt has a 24/7 mentality and prefers to draft a planning which is feasible for all concerned. We strive to have a project run as smoothly as possible and are keen to work together with navy wharves. Specialised application teams Not only the synthetic Bolidt deck systems are an exceptionally high quality. The Bolidt specialists are just as important. From the head office with modern laboratory and extensive production facilities in Hendrik Ido Ambacht, committed professionals work daily on the development and production of innovative and durable deck systems. A professional application of deck systems on defence ships is ensured by our own specialised application teams. These are fixed teams of well trained, very experienced and thoroughly screened staff who are completely specialised in the application and maintenance of synthetic deck systems.





quality as basis Bolidt has been a constant partner for defence organisations since the development of innovative Bolidt deck systems which are resistant to chemical attacks. Proof of the unsurpassed quality of Bolidt deck systems. The basis of all Bolidt systems consists of thermosetting synthetic material based on polymers. This material with special characteristics is developed by Bolidt for deck finishing. Depending on the specific application, Bolidt adjusts the composition of the synthetic material. The Bolidt deck systems have a number of key features. Deck systems and more Besides innovative deck systems for navy ships, Bolidt is also partner in the realm of electrically conductive floor systems, coatings and more specific applications such as landing platform docks, ballast compound for mine sweepers, cast-in heli rail constructions and grouting masses for navy ships. The Bolidt experts have, during the last decades, built up a valuable wealth of knowledge and experience, including in these specialists areas.

Partner in research programmes Bolidt is not only parent navy partner for innovative deck systems. We also work closely together in navy research programmes with suppliers of defence and navy wharves around the entire world. The Bolidt deck systems are ISO 9001, 14001 and VCA certified. Bolidt is continually developing in every part of the company, both in quality and functional properties and in durability. Durable and low-maintenance Bolidt deck systems are known for their long life. Each space on a navy ship, both inside and out, gets its own deck system. By tuning the system to the specific use of it, a long service life is guaranteed. Because the Bolidt deck systems do not absorb water, the growth of bacteria, algae and fungi is minimal. They are also very low maintenance and easy to keep clean.




functional and attractive Constant quality and functionality are central with demanding defence principals. Therefore, Bolidt is continually working on innovation, research programmes and the further development of its systems and solutions. The constant focus on quality and functionality does not necessarily mean that our systems do not look good. Looks also count. We translate aesthetics for defence principals as good looking, cared for systems with a consistent appearance. Chemical and mechanical resistance The innovative Bolidt deck systems can

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be applied broadly within navy units; from mine sweepers and joint support ships to amphibian transport ships and marine frigates. Bolidt - noise reducing systems are even applied in submarines. Mechanical resistance is a condition for all applications. The loading is intensive and varies from grenade shells which fall onto the deck to sliding helicopter skids on landing platform docks. Chemical resistance is important in battery spaces where the deck needs to be resistant to aggressive battery acids. The same counts for areas where maintenance on helicopters is carried out and fuel and oil are spilled.

Safety in all areas Everywhere within defence, safety plays a crucial role. The anti-slip properties of Bolidt deck systems contribute to this to a large degree. Hygiene and food safety are also important aspects to protect the preparedness of the forces. The deck systems which Bolidt applies in the galley and messes provide hygiene thanks to the seamless character and closed floor surface. The seamless character makes effective cleaning possible. Electro-conductivity On navy ships, much work is done with advanced, sensitive electrical equipment. That requires deck systems with good electro-conductivity. There where volatile substances are handled or stored, conductive deck systems contribute to reduction of the risk of explosions.

For these types of spaces, Bolidt has developed deck systems with a good electro-conductivity as an important extra quality. Thanks to a special conductive under layer, static electricity is quickly removed or the generation of it is prevented.




low-maintenance and durable To evaluate an investment in synthetic deck systems for navy ships properly, it is important to look beyond the initial investment. A lower initial investment is worth less if major costs soon follow for professional maintenance and expensive repairs. The service life must also be considered. Looking far ahead Concerning maintenance and maintenance costs of synthetic deck systems, Bolidt


dares to look far ahead. Bolidt takes that (financial) responsibility which fits the extremely long service life of the deck systems which Bolidt supplies. If you want certainty beforehand concerning your total investment, choose a maintenance contract. With a contract, you will have years in which you do not have to worry about your deck system, and Bolidt carries out a yearly inspection. Bolidt has various models which offer insight into the expected maintenance costs.

Investing in future generations All materials which Bolidt uses for deck systems are carefully selected. Bolidt pays a lot of attention to the use, consumption and re-use of reproduced materials. The materials are free of chemical solvents and are completely used when they are

applied. Even after their long service life, the Bolidt products are suitable for re-use. Bolidt takes their responsibility and continues to invest in sustainable products and processes. Because in this way we invest in the generations after us.


Bolideck Helideck ®

As reliable navy partner, for years and years, Bolidt makes innovative deck systems for applications on board of navy ships. Bolidt’s own specialists work on numerous projects around the world including developing and applying deck systems for landing platform docks on board of frigates and patrol ships. Bolideck® Helideck is the system which is excellently suited for this. Functional under all conditions From a functionality point of view, Bolideck® Helideck is the most optimal deck finishing system for landing platform docks on board of navy ships. The system is characterised by a very high mechanical load-carrying capacity such that sliding skids cannot cause damage. Bolideck® Helideck is, furthermore, highly anti-slip, also with rain, mist and seawater spray. The deck system can be painted without it losing its functional properties. Further, Bolideck® Helideck is optimally resistant to oils and chemicals.


Goes together perfectly The Bolideck® Helideck system is compatible with all existing Bolideck® deck systems. It can be customised as you wish.

decking systems for the navy Each space on board, both inside and out, requires specific properties. All Bolidt deck systems are seamless, durable, lowmaintenance and are processed in-situ. Below you will find an overview of the deck systems which Bolidt applies on board of navy ships. Bolideck® Select Hard This deck finishing system is suitable for helidecks and heavier mechanical loads like take-offs and landings. The UVresistant system is antiskid without the surface being rough-textured. Due to its viscidly elastic character it is also suited for intensive foot traffic.

Bolideck® 525 This cast deck finishing system gives the space a uniform appearance. Thanks to its viscidly elastic properties and high resistance to wear, this finish is mainly applied in accommodations, hallways, foyers and reception areas. The system is scratch resistant and comfortable to walk on. And: seamless, durable, impermeable, low-maintenance, fire-safe and applied in-situ by own specialists. Bolideck® 525 Deco This poured deck finish gives the space a fresh look and feel through a customised, unique combination of scattered Bolidt Decoflakes and the main colour, as well as its seamless character. This tough elastic system is scratch resistant, wear resistant, comfortable to walk on and it lessens contact noise.


Bolideck® 525 TF This comfortable to walk on deck finish has a light surface texture which provides anti-slip. Its tough-elastic character ensures high wear resistance and reduces contact noise. Thanks to the multiple colour options, it can always be integrated aesthetically. Bolideck® 700 This robust and aesthetically pleasing deck finishing system is characterised by its high level of impact and damage resistance. The mechanically compacted deck with terrazzo appearance can be very heavily loaded. The somewhat nonslip surface contributes to a safe working environment. And: seamless, durable, impermeable, low-maintenance, and applied in-situ by own specialists. Bolideck® 700 RF This robust and anti-slip deck finishing system is characterised by its high level of impact and damage resistance. This mechanically compacted floor with terrazzo appearance can be very heavily loaded. The slip-resistant surface can be used in wet and slippery circumstances and contributes to a safe working environment. Applicable in workshops, the galley and wet cells.


Bolideck® 1580 The deck system which is suited for strong concentrated loading. Each deck gets its own identity thanks to the endless colour combinations of the granules on the surface. The system is seamless, durable, low-maintenance, impermeable and firesafe.

Bolideck® B1 This durable system is especially developed for the outer decks of frigates. The seamless, very strong and wearresistant system is applied when, besides wear-resistance and surface friction, protection and resistance to mechanical loading are important. Thanks to the composition and combination of layers, an excellent corrosion-resistance is achieved. Bolideck® B2 Bolideck® B2 was specifically developed for very heavily loaded areas. An extra undercoat increases the durability of the system. Bolideck® A60 This robust deck finishing system is applied floating on the steel or aluminium construction deck. The system provides a fire-resistance which meets the strictest A60 fire requirements. This deck finish is lightweight, very wear-resistant and can

furthermore be heavily loaded. Optionally, it can be made strongly noise-reducing. This system can be finished with, for example, Bolideck速 525 or Bolideck速 700, or carpet. Bolideck速 Galleydeck This anti-slip deck finishing system is excellently resistant to higher concentrations of organic acids. The system has scattered quartz particles and can be applied in spaces there where it is wet and slippery. The cured material can be heavily loaded. The surface contributes to a safe working environment. Bolideck速 Helideck The deck finishing system which is the most suitable, functionally speaking, as a helideck. With rain or seawater, optimally anti-slip and resistant to mechanical loading such as the sliding skids. Can be painted without losing its properties. Resistant to oils and chemicals.

Bolidt Ballast Compound This synthetic compound which can be pumped, cures in moisture and has a specific weight of 7 kg/l. In this way, a large mass can easily be moved to a limited space before it dries in the air. The compound is ideally suited for trimming ships.




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