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production and logistics The industrial sector includes a broad spectrum of companies and segments. The sector is just as diverse as its products; varying from printed matter to medicines and from electronics to heavy metals. The common denominator is therefore not in what is produced. That which binds the industry is an (automated) production process in which efficiency and quality are paramount. During the production and logistics process, the floor forms the basis for many activities. Forklift trucks, pallet trucks and Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) drive back and forth. Crates and pallets are pushed, welding sparks and metal chips fly through the air and oil, aggressive chemicals, printing ink, lyes and cleaning agents are spilled. This places high demands on the floors; Besides this, safety, durability and mechanical resistance are important properties for industrial floors. The pharmaceutical industry places high demands on hygiene. In the electronics industry, the emphasis is on preventing static discharges. And in laboratories, chemical resistance counts. For each function and space, Bolidt offers a wide assortment of floor systems and wall finishes. With more than 50 years of experience, Bolidt can be trusted to provide innovative and reliable floor systems.



all expertise under one roof (Re-)building a production location is teamwork. With more than 50 years of experience, Bolidt is an in-demand team player for innovative, durable and exceedingly strong floor systems. Bolidt has all expertise in house and unburdens clients where possible. Bolidt can handle all parts of the synthetic systems supply chain; from development, production, advice and sale to application and maintenance. All under one roof. Just as important; Bolidt shares ideas with clients on a wide range of issues.


From beginning to end The unique integrated supply chain enables Bolidt to be a partner that shares

ideas, advises and tackles challenges. Bolidt knows the applicable standards and is therefore able to share ideas about materials, durability, aesthetics, functional requirements, certifications and maintenance. But also concerning specific customer requirements such as mechanical and chemical resistance, the Bolidt specialists like to share their ideas with you. A promise is a promise Besides valuable and professional advice on floor and wall finishes, the planning and logistics of the application of the floor finish are just as important. That is why at Bolidt ‘a promise is a promise’,

without compromising our flexibility. Bolidt has a 24/7 mentality and prefers to draft a timetable that is feasible for all concerned. Bolidt is committed to deadlines. Own production, flexible possibilities Bolidt has its own, modern production facilities where floor systems are produced with the utmost care. An important advantage of this for the customer is that Bolidt can always respond quickly and effectively to specific needs.

committed professionals work daily on the development and production of innovative and durable floor systems. A professional application of floor systems in the industrial sector is ensured by our own specialised application teams. These are permanent teams of well trained and very experienced staff who are completely specialised in the application and maintenance of Bolidt floor and wall systems in production locations.

Specialised application teams Not only the synthetic Bolidt floor systems are of an exceptionally high quality. The Bolidt specialists are just as important. In the laboratory and in the modern own production facilities,


quality as basis The basis of all Bolidt systems consists of a thermosetting polymer-based synthetic material. This material with special characteristics is developed by Bolidt for floor and wall finishing. Bolidt adjusts the composition of the synthetic material depending upon the specific application, space and surroundings. Bolidt floor systems have a number of key features.


Pore-free and anti-slip Bolidt floor systems are applied seamlessly and are pore-free. As a result, bacteria do not get the chance to germinate. Due to the excellent scratch resistance, this protection is guaranteed. The impermeability also prevents hazardous substances from entering the layer beneath. The finishes also join the floor seamlessly. Coved skirtings and corners,

and drains seamlessly flow into the floor surface, walls and columns. Durable anti-slip finishes guarantee safety in both wet and dry conditions. Maintenance is straightforward and cleaning is easy. Chemically resistant and electrically conductive For special settings, Bolidt offers special floors. For example, a floor which withstands severe chemical and organic substances, such as oils, greases, (an) organic acids, bases, salts and organic solvents. Or flooring that minimises the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD). These systems are characterised by a unique concept called spot conductivity. Every millimetre of the floor is checked for static electricity and subsequently dissipated or prevented before any hazards can arise. Such floors are very well suited to locations where AGVs drive, where very sensitive electronic components are produced or where there is a risk of explosions. Prevention of uncontrolled discharges is essential here.

Durable Each space in a production location gets its own floor system, tuned to the use of the space. By tailoring the system to its specific use, a long service life is guaranteed. Flexibility guaranteed With a view to extensions, innovations and changes, flexibility is very important in the industrial sector. Spatial adjustments

in buildings and interior design are the order of the day. This places special demands on the floors; these must be easy to repair and simple to extend. With a Bolidt maintenance contract, there is always room for changes and adjustments. Each top layer can be altered without having to install a new floor. The fast drying time ensures that the production process is interrupted as briefly as possible. Perfect flexibility in combination with lower lifecycle costs!




functional and attractive


When developing synthetic floor systems, we tend to pay close attention to the functional requirements. Floors in production locations must, of course, be strong, non-slip, durable, hygienic and easy to clean and maintain, but appearance can also be important. Bolidt has a lot to offer in this regard. Wear resistance A high walking traffic intensity means a high load on the floor. From a functional point of view, it is important that the floor is resistant to this. Damage to the floor is undesirable because that complicates cleaning and allows dirt to accumulate in scratches, holes and uneven spots. Hygiene The floor plays an important role in guaranteeing proper hygiene. The seamless Bolidt floors prevent the multiplication of bacteria. The absence of difficult edges, cracks and corners ensures a surface that can be kept properly clean. Because the Bolidt floors are also pore-free, dirt does not collect in the top layer and the floor is resistant to disinfectants, chemicals and cleaning agents. The scratch and wear resistance ensures that no damage that could house bacteria and viruses occurs. Optimal hygiene is thus guaranteed. Electro-conductivity Especially in the electronics industry, the produced systems are becoming ever more sensitive for ESD. But good electro-conductivity is also required in laboratories and clean-rooms. There where volatile substances are handled or stored, conductive floors contribute to a reduction of the risk of explosions. For these types of spaces, Bolidt has developed electroconductive floor finishes with the same qualities as the other BolidtopÂŽ floors and good electro-conductivity as an additional quality. A complicated connection to an earthing mesh is not needed. Thanks to a special, conductive under layer which is in direct contact with the structural cement-bound under floor, static electricity

is quickly removed or its generation prevented. Chemicals Printing ink, oils, greases, salts, acids and other aggressive substances; the floor in an industrial setting is heavily loaded. High temperatures and an intensive mechanical loading impact the floor even more. The Bolidt floors offer protection against abrasive influences. Furthermore, they prevent the penetration of chemicals into the base layer. The production process does not need to be interrupted for repairs or completely new floors. Minimal maintenance The Bolidt floor systems are known for their very long service life and require just a minimum of maintenance. Due to the optimal structure of the floor surface and the absence of protective films or layers on Bolidt floor systems, maintenance and cleaning are very easy. Unlimited design options The Bolidt floor systems are very functional and also very attractive. A multitude of possibilities is available in the form of all imaginable colours, either plain or mixed. Patterns can be scattered in, mother of pearl can be added. A print or a painting can be incorporated into the material as can lighting. Even a 3D effect is possible. Aspects that can be used both aesthetically and communicatively, for example for sign posting or in relief to guide the blind. Almost anything is possible.


low-maintenance and durable

seriously and continues to invest in sustainable products and processes. In this way, we invest in the generations to come.

To properly evaluate an investment in synthetic floor systems for production locations, it is important to look beyond the initial investment A lower initial investment is worth less if high costs soon follow for professional maintenance and expensive repairs. The service life should also be considered. Looking far ahead When it comes to the maintenance and maintenance costs of synthetic floor systems, Bolidt dares to look far ahead. Bolidt takes the (financial) responsibility which fits the extremely long service life of both the floor and wall systems supplied by Bolidt. If you want advance certainty about your total investment, choose a maintenance contract. Bolidt then carries out annual inspections without you having to worry about your floor systems. Bolidt has various models which offer insight into the expected maintenance costs.


Investing in future generations All materials which Bolidt uses for floor systems are carefully selected. Bolidt pays a lot of attention to the use, consumption and re-use of materials. The materials are free of chemical thinners and are completely used up during the application process. Even after their long service life, Bolidt products are suitable for continued use and reuse. Bolidt takes its responsibility

Responsible products Since its establishment in 1964, Bolidt has made optimal use of natural, plentiful raw materials, completely guaranteeing the functionality of its systems. With regard to material usage, Bolidt meets the general emission criteria; The products do not contain solvents and no unpleasant odours are produced during application. This prevents problems with environmental and health and safety inspections, as well as any delays. Furthermore, all Bolidt floor systems are free of PVC and plasticisers. Besides product development, Bolidt is innovative and trendsetting in that we are constantly looking to make the application of our synthetic floor systems faster, more efficient and more sustainable. Bolidt works according to the LEAN principle: a management philosophy aimed at eliminating waste and items without added value. A continual process which is applicable in all parts of the company.


applications per segment Pharmaceutical industry Hygiene is extremely important here and requires seamless and germ-free floors with a sealed surface. The floor must resist chemical substances and be easy to disinfect. In clean-rooms it is essential to keep the environment free of moisture, bacteria and dust. Here, Bolidt can let the floor seamlessly transition into the walls with coved skirting or other finishes.


Automotive industry Assembly, maintenance, repair and sale of motor vehicles; each aspect has its requirements. Assembly requires a flat and conductive floor because of the robots and high-tech internal transport such as AGVs. In this case the floor must also resist chemicals. Garage owners require a floor that prevents environmentally-harmful substances such as petrol, oil and diesel from permeating the substrate. Falling tools and a high mechanical loading may not be a problem. A seamless, impermeable floor with anti-slip properties is what is needed. Car washes require a floor resistant to the frequent use of

detergents and which remains anti-slip, also in wet conditions. In showrooms, an aesthetic and easy to clean floor contributes towards creating a good impression. Electronics industry In this high-tech branch, very sensitive components are produced. A major hazard here is Electro Static Discharge (ESD), which can lead to malfunctions in the systems, damage to the products and equipment, and even fire or explosions. To prevent ESD, static electricity must be prevented or conducted quickly and in a controlled manner, before the hazard arises. The most important property of a floor in this case is thus perfect conductivity. In addition, the basic properties such as durability and easy cleaning are essential. Printing and paper industry Here it’s all about paper, cardboard and neat and precise printing. A smooth floor prevents impressions in the finished product. Further, the floor must be

Laboratories Within the various types of laboratories - chemical, veterinarian, nanotechnological, physics, technical, forensic and medical laboratories - the functional requirements often concern hygiene and chemical resistance. The electrical conductivity and the load bearing capacity (for example for AGVs or hovercraft) regularly play a role too.

wear-resistant because of the intensive pedestrian traffic, and shock and impact resistant because of falling objects and the use of heavily laden pallets. The work is done with inks, pigment and chemicals so it is important that the floor is resistant to these. Because the presses must run continually, a low-maintenance and easy to clean floor is vital. Metal industry Rolling, lathing, drilling, milling, diecutting and bending; in this sector the mechanical loading is one of the highest. With the production, processing, treating and assembly, the floor surface has a lot to bear. Forklift trucks and pallet trucks must be able to drive on the same surface where there are metal chips. The continual impact on the floor is heavily abrasive. These need to be strong, durable and shock and impact resistant. Usually, impermeability (in accordance with CUR/ PBV recommendations) is a prerequisite. Bolidt has special floor systems for special loads; seamless, impermeable and resistant to the most common chemicals.

Petrochemical industry Within the petrochemical industry, it is standard practice for systems to operate 24 hours a day in order to meet the market demand but also to earn back the capital investment. Continuity is crucial. In addition, the production locations have it tough. Intensive processes, many tonnes of heavy transport and dirty conditions ask a lot, also of the floors. Impermeability and heavy chemical and mechanical loads are important conditions. Food processing industry Each company in this sector has its own requirements concerning the ideal working floor. For more information we would like to refer you to our special folder for the food processing industry. Or see


for each space a specific application


Entrance The first impression is formed at the entrance; the showpiece of the building. Here, colour, shape and material are of great importance. From a functional perspective, a high wear resistance and easy cleaning are essential. This is because the loading of the entry zone is high and dirt is transported by employees and visitors from outside to inside.

industry), impermeability (repair shops), electrical conductivity (electronics industry) and chemical resistance (pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, food processing and soft drink industry. In addition, the floor must be resistant to intensive traffic, falling objects and abrasive influences The many types of Bolidt floors offer a fitting and durable solution for even the most demanding and specific situations.

Hallways They lead hundreds of employees from one space to the other daily. Wear resistance is the most important property that floors must have here. Furthermore, it is important that the floor is easy to clean. This is because of the traffic between production, warehouse and other spaces, and the extra contamination this causes. Threshold-free passages to the bordering spaces and low-maintenance features provide optimal accessibility.

Warehouses In a warehouse, pallet trucks and forklift trucks are constantly on the move. That is why the wear resistance of a floor here needs to be very high. In many cases, the floor also needs to be resistant to extreme pressures such as with paper storage and metal processing. Warehouses with AGV transport require an electrically conductive floor.

Production spaces Here, the floor must be safe in both dry and wet conditions. A perfect non-slip function is crucial. Furthermore, production spaces place high demands on the mechanical and chemical resistance of floor systems. Depending on the type of industry, the floors must meet HACCP criteria (food processing industry), GMP (pharmaceutical

Loading and unloading areas Loading and unloading platforms are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Lorries are loaded and unloaded with forklift trucks and hand pallet trucks. This causes an intensive loading and abrasive wear of the floor surface. Because the loading and unloading (partly) takes place outside, the floors must provide sufficient grip, also in wet conditions. A durable and slip resistant wearing layer makes this possible. Bolidt has

years of experience with wearing layers on bridges and ships’ decks. This knowledge has been applied in the development of durable floor systems for industrial applications. Laboratories / clean-rooms For clean-rooms, it is important that the floor does not release any particles or attracts dust from the air or the surroundings. A seamless, smooth and impermeable floor is what is needed. Hygiene is also important in laboratories. The floor often needs to be resistant to aggressive chemicals such as organic and inorganic acids and solvents. Electrically conductive floors which prevent static charging contribute to good functionality because there must be no dust loading in clean-rooms. During the development of laboratory floors, the possibly unique colours of light in these very specific spaces were also taken into account. Cold stores and freezers Companies in the food processing industry often have refrigerated storage or production spaces. Furthermore, at some locations deep-freezing takes place. This requires temperature resistant floors. A dust-binding sealing of the concrete floor is very effective and makes cleaning easier. The floor has to be resistant to intensive traffic with forklift trucks and must meet the HACCP criteria. This is achieved with an impermeable floor which is finished with coved skirting, rounded thresholds and/or rounded corners. Showrooms With an attractive appearance, showrooms contribute to the presentation of the products. The floor forms an important basis. Every desired atmosphere must be achievable: from business-like to personal and from quiet to dynamic. For colour, texture and design, Bolidt makes almost everything possible.

Offices There are other criteria for offices than for the other factory spaces. Significantly less wear resistance is required, but this is not entirely unimportant. Design and atmosphere play a key role here. Office spaces must be quiet and orderly, with a pleasant ambiance. Because chairs are moved a lot, scratch resistance is important. Because they are easy to clean, the Bolidt floors in offices can easily be combined with those in the production and storage spaces. Canteen / restaurant The canteen, lunchroom or restaurant may radiate relaxation. The floor plays a decisive role here; the choice of colours and materials has a major impact. The floors not only have to be aesthetically pleasing, but must also be functional. Hygiene is especially important in a cafeteria or restaurant; the floor must be easy to keep clean and resistant to aggressive cleaning materials. Toilets, changing and shower spaces In these spaces, hygiene is of the utmost importance. The floor must be easy to clean and resistant to dirt. Right angles or sharp corners which can collect dirt must be avoided as much as possible. A rounded and seamless transition between the floor and wall finishing can prevent this. Bolidt offers various finishes such as the in-situ produced coved skirting. An anti-fungal wall coating which is flexible and watertight provides extra reliability. Because of the intensive loading, the floor must be both hygienic and wear resistant.


floor systems for the industry Each space requires specific features. All Bolidt floor systems are seamless, durable, low-maintenance and are processed in situ. Below you will find an overview of the floor systems which Bolidt applies in the industry. Bolidtop® 500 and Bolidtop® 500 RF A poured floor system with excellent flow characteristics. It is mechanically strong and provides good protection against chemicals. In addition, it is impermeable and can be easily maintained due to the closed and smooth surface. Through the addition of special additives to the surface, the system remains slip resistant even in wet conditions (Bolidtop® 500 RF).


Bolidtop® 500 SAR This floor system has an exceptionally good resistance to chemicals. The resistance to organic solvents such as acetone and methylene chloride is unique. The system is impermeable and suitable for medium loads. Bolidtop® Stato 500 This ESD-safe floor system complies with the latest electrical standards. Suitable for medium weight (forklift) traffic. The addition of an optional silicon decorative mix produces a calm, neat appearance. The system is also available in a nonslipping version (Bolidtop® Stato 500 RF). Bolidtop® Stato 525 The comfortable, easy-walking floor system which is ESD-safe. The toughelastic character reduces contact noise. Attractive thanks to its smoothness. Versatile in colour options and refreshing with colourful Bolidt flakes as an option.

heavyweight with excellent chemical resistance. The system is also available in a non-slipping version (Bolidtop® 550 RF). Bolidtop® 700 This robust and aesthetically appealing floor finishing system features a high impact resistance. The machinecompacted floors have a terrazzo look and can withstand very heavy foot traffic. The somewhat slip resistant surface contributes to a safe working environment. Bolidtop® 525 (Deco) This poured floor finish gives the space a fresh look and feel through a customised, unique combination of scattered Bolidt Decoflakes and the main colour, as well as its seamless character. This tough elastic system is scratch resistant, wear resistant, comfortable to walk on and it reduces contact noise. Bolidtop® FiftyFifty This modern, comfortable floor system uses two closely related colours to give the space a lively effect. This tough elastic system is scratch resistant, wear resistant, comfortable to walk on and it reduces contact noise. Bolidtop® 550 This flat and smooth floor finish is suitable for spaces with high mechanical loads. The system can be applied between machines and under conveyor belts due to the fluid processing and the high grade of filling. Bolidtop® 550 is a real industrial

Bolidtop® 700 PT A smooth and pore-free floor finish. This system is exceptionally mechanically and chemically resistant. It consists of a mechanically compacted terrazzo floor with an extra hygienic finish. This impact resistant floor system provides a neat appearance. Bolidtop® 700 RF This robust floor system is both extra slip resistant and can be heavily mechanically loaded. The non-slip character is durable and easy to clean. Bolidtop® 700 TAC Based on Bolidtop® 700 and with extra strong chemical resistance as an added feature. The system is resistant to strong organic acids such as lactic acid and citric acid. All the attractive features of the basic system – such as the strong impact resistance and the wear resistance – have been maintained.



Bolidtop® Stato 700 The latest variant in the Bolidtop® 700 system. This ESD-safe floor finish has excellent electrical conductivity. Further, the system has the basic properties of the Bolidtop® 700; extreme wear and scratch resistance and heavy mechanical load bearing capacity. Bolidtop® 910 CHR This system stands out due to its resistance to extreme chemical loading. It can resist concentrated an-organic acids, without problems. In addition, the floor finish is slip resistant and extraordinarily durable.

a result, surfaces are easier to clean and no longer release dust. Boligrip® 1250 Due to its well-balanced thickness, this tough-elastic synthetic wearing course is ideally suited to heavy car traffic. Boligrip® 1250 has a range of infill materials which determine the final skid resistance and look. Can be combined with crack-bridging Boliflex® membrane or Bolidt 1250 HR heated wear layer. Boligrip® 1250 is used in outdoor applications.

Bolidtop® E.lo 20345 Especially recommended for areas where uncontrolled electrical discharges must not occur. Keeps static charges to a minimum and dissipates them quickly and in a controlled manner. It contributes to a very low “body voltage generation” so that even the most delicate and sensitive devices and components are safe. It can also reduce the risk of explosions at locations where volatile substances are handled or stored. Bolidtop® Sealer ADS This wear resistant and transparent coating has been specially developed for all cement bonded layers. Bolidtop® Sealer ADS reduces the pore volume at the surface. AS



Production areas wet 


Loading/unloading areas

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Boligrip® 1250

Bolicoat® 50

Bolidtop® E.lo 20345

Bolidtop® 700 TAC

Bolidtop® 700 RF

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Toilets, changing and shower spaces

Bolidtop® 700 PT

Bolidtop® 700

Bolidtop® 550

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Production areas dry


Bolidtop® 910 CHR

Bolidtop® Stato 700


Bolidtop® FiftyFifty

Entrance zone

Bolidtop® 525 Deco

Bolidtop® Stato 525

Bolidtop® Stato 500

Bolidtop® 500 SAR

Bolidtop® 500 RF

Bolidtop® 500

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For detailed technical information, advice and applications:


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