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Daryl &Jackie Madison: Atlanta'sPremier Fitness Couple Mind Body & Soul, Eat At Cafe' B, I'll Be Single Before I Settle, Walking for Health, Giving You the Fairytale, Fashionology, & More!

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David Good

LETTERFROMTHEEDITOR LIVEWELL Living life to the fullest and being boldly healthy while doing it, welcome to the summer edition of BOLD Favor - Wellness. It's been an exciting summer: our subscribership has skyrocketed and that has been due to our writers, guests and readers - YOU ! T hank you! T he radio shout outs, social media plugs, word of mouth, genuine appreciation of what it means to be BOLD, and the stories told on these pages have been awe-inspiring and rewarding! Ladies and gentleman, please keep showing your BOLDN ESS in all that you do. In this issue, we are pleased to feature on our cover Daryl and Jackie M adison, creators of the Chair-A-Cise exercise program, who joyously share their story of becoming Atlanta's next fitness couple; interviews with the powerhouse author and entrepreneur Alexis N icole White and 17 year-old American Idol finalist Tyanna Jones; our CH ROM E spotlight musician Justin Gilbert; and health, travel, stage plays and incredible stories of perseverance, stretching limits and BOLDly going after your dreams with tenacity. Enjoy shopping with our wonderful advertisers, and share your thoughts with us - we listen! And remember: T he future favors the BOLD. Live life to the fullest with health and wellness!


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10 M ind Body & Soul 11 Food Review: Cafe' B 15 N o Love, N o Charity 17 She's O n A M ission: R ian Parish 20 R ising Idol: Tyanna Jones 25 Can Staying Informed M ake You M ore H ealthy? 29 Play Review: I'll Be Single Before I Settle 40 Walking for H ealth 44 A Soul Full Woman: Tiera W illiams 45 M ercedes Benz Fashionology - Charlotte


Giving You the Fairytale


Designed for Greatness

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Vacation Destination: Florida!


CH ROM E Spotlight: M usician Justin Gilbert

Patience + H ardwork = Success!


Stop H iding Behind Your Cover

Designed f or Gr eat ness:

Jo sh ua Pelt ier Joshua Peltier never imagined that a trip to a local grocery store would end up changing the course of his life and giving him purpose, but that is precisely what happened when he witnessed a mother and daughter arguing while he waited in the check-out line. "Both mother and daughter were clueless as to what the other was trying to communicate," he recalls. "T his exchange made me wonder how the mother could persuade the daughter do right instead of wrong if neither one of them could communicate with the other. I knew I needed to do something." And do something he did! It was at that moment in the grocery store that Designed for Greatness? (DFG) started to form in the mind of M r. Peltier. Joshua Peltier, a graduate of Fisk U niversity, decided to put the degree in communications he earned into use to help young people communicate more effectively. "Designed for Greatness? is a program that I developed that teaches young people how to clearly and effectively communicate, understanding that communication is everything, and everything is communication." Joshua Peltier, who hails from K ansas City, M O , realized early on how vital communication is when he observed the people in his community being limited by their inability to communicate with people outside of their immediate circle. "If you don?t learn how to effectively communicate, you are essentially placing yourself in prison,? says Peltier. ?You are stopping yourself from maneuvering around the world." O nce he had a vision for what he wanted to Page 8

accomplish with Designed for Greatness? , Peltier began strategizing how to get his program in front of the people who needed it the most. From DFG's inception, Peltier knew that he wanted to make reaching teenagers and young adults a priority in his program. H owever, the one thing M r. Peltier does not want is for people to see DFG as simply a mentoring initiative. T he ultimate goal of DFG is to teach participants to use their communication skill-sets to resolve conflicts, affirm themselves and others, demonstrate critical thinking, and to develop as leaders. ?T he biggest challenge for me has been getting people to understand exactly what I was trying to do. It was very difficult for them to see the worth and why it was so important for young people, especially, to obtain the tools needed to be effective communicators. It has taken about four years to get this message across, but it?s finally starting to catch on.? Due to his innovative and positive approach to teaching, M r. Peltier has been invited to speak at colleges, churches, schools, and in media. H e was recently contracted by the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) to teach his Designed for Greatness? program at various Youth Development Campuses (YDC) around the state.

By Shavonda G. McCaleb H ave you ever wondered how does your mind, body and soul work together? What does it mean if one or more are out of sync? When your mind, body or soul are not receiving the essentials that are needed in order to function properly, it could be safe to say that an alignment is in order. H ave you ever been driving a car and you take your hands off of the wheel for a few seconds and your vehicle begins to drift to the left or right? Well, that?s a true sign that you might need a front wheel alignment. You can apply that same principle to your life. If you find yourself unable to gather your thoughts or think clearly, it might be time for an alignment. If your body is constantly tired and you?re not resting well, it might be time for an alignment. And if your soul is weary and uneasy, it might be time for an alignment. It?s important that we live a balanced life. Whether we are happy or sad, sick or well, up or down - we are either in or out of alignment with who we really are and we owe it to ourselves to get back into alignment. We can definitely tell the difference in our lives when we are in alignment because we experience joy in everything we do, we treat others, ourselves and our bodies with love and respect, and our thought process is much clearer and we have a sense of purpose, direction, and destiny. But, when we are out of alignment, we experience the total opposite. M any people have written their mind, body and Page 10

soul an IOU check. Well, today is a GR EAT day to cash that check! H ere are a few steps to getting back into alignment: Timeout - Realize it?s OK to put yourself on timeout. Disconnecting from social media, electronics, friends, family and work is A-OK! Live on Purpose - Do what makes you happy. You only get one chance at this life, make the best of it!

Exercise - I ncorporate at least 30 minutes a day and just walk. M editate - Get into a quiet place, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and clear your mind. Laugh O ut Loud (LOL) - Laughter is good for the soul. Give yourself permission to laugh instead of crying. A well balanced life requires your mind, body and soul to be in sync. Always remember that it?s ok to take some time for yourself and regroup, refocus, and recuperate. So give yourself permission to dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. And laugh out loud when there are no jokes being told.If you take care of you mind, body and soul ? they will take care of you!

AlexisNicole WhiteWants YouToStop Hiding BehindYour Cover! By Tinzley Bradford It?s a beautiful Wednesday evening as me and Alexis N icole White, author of the new book ?T he Covered,? sat down to talk about her book. I was interested in knowing more about what ?T he Covered? means? I was also intrigued with the many hats this triple threat wears. She?s not only an author; she?s also a speaker, journalist, entrepreneur and mother. O ne of the things that stood out for me during the interview was if you look at Alexis, you would assume she lived a perfect life. You would assume she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth; that she had no worries, issues or even a bad day; failed relationships or a struggling past. You would never have imagined that she has been homeless, mistreated and emotionally abused. You would not have thought she suffered from self-esteem issues or that she had this very dark story about her past inside. I know I was very surprised, yet impressed. Impressed by the lady who was sitting in front of me. She was not a quitter, she never gave up nor did she allow life?s setbacks to stand in the way of her vision. Alexis N icole White is an inspiration, a survivor, a visionary and she is sharing her story with us. Page 12

Tinzley: Well you look amazing, what are you doing to stay fit? Any tips you want to share? Alexis: Well, thank you darling; I haven?t worked out in over two years and I am working towards getting back to fitness. Tinzley: What advice can you give anyone struggling with getting over a bad past and/or experiencing a major setback? H ow do you go on? Alexis: People overcome negative situations by persevering through them by not letting those things define them. O vercoming takes practice and the only way you will learn how to do it is by simply doing it. Tinzley: Who do you admire? We all have people we look up to. Who are you a huge fan of and why? Alexis: O prah W infrey is the epitome of what it means to be transparent, fearless and resilient. H er life illustrates to us that we can go on to be great, phenomenal people as long as we try to be those things. Tinzley: Do you have a team of supporters or are you pretty much your own standalone entrepreneur? What do you think of teams? Alexis: Teams are what make dreams possible and I am thankful for my team of supporters. Tinzley: I couldn?t agree more. N o one can do it all alone! T hank you for taking the time to share your story with us. We know everyone wants to stay connected so tell us, how can we find you or contact you?

Alexis and I spoke about women who meet what many see as the perfect guy. We have all seen this kind of man I?m sure you can agree. H e has money, status, he?s good looking and he?s looking for a gorgeous woman to wine, dine and spend all his riches on and pretty much, keep these women set for life! Let?s face it, these women exist. Alexis wanted to make it known that she is not one of those women who came up based on her looks or who she was dating, she has worked very hard to make a name for herself and used her past as motivation to carry on. When asked how she got here, she answered:

and how you can do the same. It?s time to remove the covers and become the person you were created to be! H ow determined are you?

?We have all had some tough times in our lives and I have had my share of low points in my life. I?m not someone who just came up off of a relationships or someone who sold themselves just to have a check every month. We see it all the time in today?s world, women marry into money and from there have been able to start their own companies and from there, many have gone on off with their careers. I?m just the opposite: I?ve worked the $11.00 an hour jobs. I?ve been homeless before. I?ve had transportation issues. I?ve lived in a motel with roaches. I?ve lived in a one room efficiency with three other people. So I have definitely experienced some struggles to become who I am today. M y book ?T he Covered? is to uplift, inspire and show those who have had a rough past how to overcome. I did it! ?

Alexis is using her story of struggle, hardships, brokenness and low points to inspire others to no longer hide behind their Alexis: You?re welcome and tough times but to speak up and thanks for having me. You can share their testimony so that they reach me in pretty much every can become free from the area of social media. I?m on bondage of their past. Facebook at Alexis N icole DET ER M IN AT ION ! T his is White, Instagram and Twitter at one of the words Alexis used to iammsalexis and my website is describe how she made it through, how she bounced back, how she never gave up on her life As our interview continued, Page 14

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OURCHROME SPOTLIGHT JUSTIN GILBERT Musician, Composer, Actor When Preparation Meets Opportunity

Justin Gilbert has never been a conventional man, but he has always been a disciplined one. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA - a true "peach"- Justin embraced the energy and creativity of his city, love and support of his family, and cultivated his natural musical abilities to build a career that has allowed him to work with superstars such as Justin Timberlake, Jill Scott, Jay-Z , Tyler Perry, and Alicia Keys. And it all started out with a plan. M ost of us were taught to do well in school, go to college, obtain a job, and live some version of "happily ever after.? Justin was surrounded by well-meaning people who had the same idea, and his time in high school prepared him for that traditional route. A self-described "band geek", Justin played an assortment of instruments that included the snare and tenor drums as well as the cello. H e also participated in various bands at Druid H ills and Columbia H igh Schools. So going to college immediately after high school would have been the natural progression of his life. But Justin was also blessed to be raised by loving parents plus older siblings who watched over him and encouraged him to be creative. So after graduation, Justin decided to take some time to decide if traditional college was the right move for him. And in the meantime, he

CHROME Char i s mat i c Honor abl e Res our c ef ul Opt i mi s t i c Men of Ex c el l enc e

enrolled in O mnitech Institute and pursued his passion - music. Justin studied music production and engineering which helped in honing his computer skills. "M usic was a hobby and my passion, and it wound up being my living, too." As Justin's skills grew, so did his ability to create great music at a fraction of the cost other performers had to invest because he could do his own mixing and editing. Justin continued to sharpen his skills and learned these valuable lessons:

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She was an America Idol finalist for season 14; she's a singer, writer, musician and an overall bold, amazing, beautiful young lady! Guess what...? She's only 17! At 17, many of us couldn?t even begin to accomplish all the great things that this young lady has. And after speaking with her, I can see just how focused she is. To let you know how accomplished she is, Tyanna was selected to be an opening act for R & B legend, musician, singer-songwriter and record producer, ?Babyface.? It was an awesome day in Atlanta and I had the honor of hearing Tyanna Jones perform live at ?T he Beautiful M ile? event, which is a yearly event designed to empower women. Dressed in a black and white checkered board jacket, jeans and a pair of really cool sneaks, Tyanna is stylish and has the coolest hair. H er natural hair was up in a bun with gorgeous royal blue streaks in the back, definitely a very unique and original style that fits her image perfectly. I?m looking at this tiny girl belting out this huge voice and I was blown away. H er presence commands the stage and her voice is very mature for her age, it?s almost like it?s far beyond her years! I always enjoy seeing people living their dreams and Tyanna?s dream has always been to use her voice to connect with people all around the world. T he weather was rainy but it didn?t stop Tyanna, she sang like it was sunny skies and no clouds. Young artists like Tyanna always seem to amaze me because I often wonder with all the distractions in today?s world, such as drugs, crime and negative role models, how can one stay true to who they are? Well it looks like Tyanna has definitely figured out how to stay on the right path and her success in the music industry is a reminder that with hard work, dedication and belief in yourself? anything is possible. Checkout our one on one interview: Tinzley: Would you say your songs/ music are all about your life lessons? Tyanna: O f course! Everything I've ever written is real. Its experiences, feelings and teachings that I have overcome or are battling/living with right now. I want to invite my listeners into my life and give them truth, something they can reference for years to come. I have a vulnerability in my music that someone else can take and find strength and comfort in. Tinzley: You look amazing, and have a unique look. H ow would you describe your style? Any tips you want to share with others who want to remain authentic? Tyanna: T hanks (laughs)! M y style is just me...authentic, I have no other way to put it. It's a feeling inside of me that is portrayed on the outside. I believe in staying true to yourself, loving yourself and letting that show in everything you do.

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B e I nspired Reflectionsfrom the Heart is a compilation of breathtakingly honest life experiences and beautiful poems written by business woman M elvina D. Crawl. M elvina shares her hope, pain, joy, and struggles with the goal of encouraging and empowering others. H er witty and poignant collection of family stories that include memories of childhood, motherhood, and married life come together to create a beautiful tableau of love. And her poems featuring the voices of children and mothers in various states of relationship resonate long beyond the last page. Reflectionsfrom the Heart has something smart and inspirational for all who seek to be uplifted and strengthened to continue on through life's journey.

Avail abl enow on

w w w .Prem ierSolution Page 22

allowing God to do what he does best and that's have my back. Tinzley: What advice can you give anyone struggling to break into the music/ entertainment industry but not seeming to be getting anywhere fast enough? Tyanna: Be patient and keep your faith. When it's your'll happen. Being patient doesn't mean to stop working, diligence is key. Tinzley: Tell us where people can find you if they want to stay connected? Everywhere! All of my social media handles are "iamtyannajones"; Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud. We thank Tyanna for taking the time to share her journey with us. I predict you will see great things from this young talented artist and musician as she is definitely focused on the prize! M any believe that music is very inspirational and Tyanna really knows how to express her music from the soul and in a world where real music is tough to find. It?s refreshing when you are graced with a musical voice of reason such as Tyanna?s. To see Tyanna?s interview live, visit

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Fai th + Pati ence + Hard w ork

= Success Lauren Davis knows more than a little something about hard work and patience. As a top performing real estate agent in Los Angeles, she has built her business by helping people find properties that make them happy. It's funny though, because her life dream was not to become a real estate agent - she was well on the road to owning her own fitness franchise. But in looking for the perfect property for her franchise location, she discovered a passion for real estate. It wasn't an easy realization; the agents Lauren worked with, they really tested her patience. T hey consistently came back with locations that were too small or were zoned incorrectly. T he agents were inefficient and so unattentive to Lauren's needs that she decided she could do better - and did! N ow, only three years later, Lauren has the best of both worlds: letting free her entrepreneurial spirit AN D helping people get what they want. T he native Oklahoman is able to do such a great job in the LA market because it's been home since 2004 and her "Gratitude Attitude" loves it in sunny California. H er family still lives in Tulsa, so she visits often, and Lauren loves being able to jet over to Denver during the holidays and summers to see her sister. Lauren jokingly shared that she's been trying to get her sister, who is three years and one day younger, to get started on a family so the pressure comes off of her. And although she's not dating anyone right now, it's no worry, that gives Lauren time to plan her next outreach program: coaching another inner-city softball team. "Working with young girls in a team setting is great for Page 28

building life skills such as leadership, goal setting, teamwork, " all qualities needed to be successful in life. Lauren Davis is a licensed R EALT OR (c) in California and loves helping people find properties that fit their needs. Contact her at www.RodeoR

the willful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault, and/or other abusive behavior as part of a systematic pattern of power and control perpetrated by one intimate partner against another. Who?s affected by Domestic Violence? Domestic violence is an epidemic affecting individuals in every community, regardless of age, economic status, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion or nationality. It is often accompanied by emotionally abusive and controlling behavior. T hat is only a fraction of a systematic pattern of dominance and control. H ow long do the after effects of Domestic Violence last? Domestic violence can result in physical injury, psychological trauma, and in severe cases...death!!! T he devastating physical, emotional, and psychological consequences of domestic violence can cross generations and last several lifetimes.

Did you know that on average approximately 20 people per minute (PER M IN U T E) are experiencing some kind of physical abuse by someone they know intimately? T his equates to approximately more than 10 million women and men! I know that you probably thought that domestic violence ON LY occurs with women, but to the contrary, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have been victims of some form of physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime. I must say, there are so many women and men living in our very own communities that smile every day who?s experiencing some kind of domestic violence. If you see something, say something! For more information about Domestic Violence please contact T he N ational Domestic Violence H OT LIN E at or dial 1-800-799-7233 or T T Y 1-800-787-3224. Sources: what-is-domestic-violence Page 30 Page 32

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he start training professionally, and Daryl obtained his certification to do so. H e also began teaching fitness classes in various organizations. Daryl crafted several fitness routines that were high intensity and low impact, and great for everyone, including people with injuries. H is clients were burning pounds consistent with many of the programs advertised on infomercials, but without the risk of injury. It was then that Chair-A-Cise was born: a chair exercise quick weight workout program that provided the same (and

sometimes better) aerobic activity as running, stepping, or any of the most popular standing workouts. But as every health enthusiast will tell you, exercise is only half the equation of weight loss. N utrition is the other half of that equation, and thankfully Daryl's other half - Jackie - had the solution for that. Jackie has always been passionate about health and fitness. O besity was prevalent in her family, and she wanted to break the cycle. In college, Jackie loved step aerobics, R ichard Simmons, Tammy Lee Web's Buns of Steel, you name it, Jackie was doing it. She credits her flat tummy today even after two pregnancies - to a Page 36

seven-minute exercise she did daily for years and good eating. Working at a plastic surgery center really opened Jackie's eyes to the importance of nutrition, as many patients were encouraged to lose weight before surgery, and given a meal plan and exercise program to maintain their results. Jackie obtained her certification in lifestyle and weight management to better help her patients. And after losing 20 pounds before the birth of her daughter and second child, Jackie started her business, Glamour Girl Fitness, to provide an accountability partner, meal plans, and the emotional support necessary to ensure long term weight loss success. "I wanted other women to feel what I felt. I was over 40 and fabulous, and never felt so GO OD!" And with that, Team M adison was born. Combining Jackie's healthy eating and coaching practice with Daryl's high intensity, low impact chair exercises, Chair-A-Cise results were netting people between four and 11 pounds of weight loss in the first three days! Daryl and Jackie really got excited once they saw the direction things were going and how well people responded to Chair-A-Cise. Jackie's employer, Dr. David Whiteman, allowed them to do a trial run with a patient, and her co-workers were so enthused by the results of that patient that they started doing Chair-A-Cise as well. T he program is now a staple of the practice, and the ten exercise programs are gifted to each person after surgery. T he collection includes strength, interval, circuit, toning and cardio exercises that will take one

from beginner to elite fitness levels with tremendous weight loss in about 90 days. It is available at Chair-A-Cise is great for people who are already in shape, and those who want to get there. "T he unique thing about Chair-A-Cise is there isn't a program out there for the 'forgotten ones', those who want to lose weight fast, but have knee and back concerns, overweight, morbidly obese and middle aged. You see the same results as P90X and Insanity, but there's much less stress on the joints, ligaments and tendons, and is safer." Although it is Daryl's likeness on all the marketing materials, he is quick to let everyone know that Jackie is his partner in this venture, not just some consultant. "We are truly a team. Jackie has been very instrumental in the development of Chair-A-Cise, and has given me great advice to make it more intense. She's been huge in making the program more diverse and appealing to others. She is my partner, and it's great to have a partner." U pon hearing this, Jackie smiled and simply replied, "I believe in the dream. T his is the next big thing." W ith all the excitement with Chair-A-Cise and keeping up with "normal" life of kids, activities, and community, one would think they might slack off with their personal exercise routines. N ot so: Daryl and Jackie work out together three to four times a week during the late evenings. "N o excuses, we just do it,

Page 38

even when we're tired." T he children jump in, making it a great way to get in quality time. "O ur favorite exercises are the high intensity, interval training routines. T here aren't many programs we haven't tried," but of course none rival their own powerhouse system Chair-A-Cise! So what's next for Team M adison? T hey summed it up with their vision board affirmations, created in partnership earlier in the year:

We will be the next BIG T H IN G We are a H igh Powered fitness COU PLE We will be Atlanta's next Premier Fitness Couple Working together, Daryl and Jackie WI LL make Chair-A-Cise a household name. To get started on your weight loss goals, visit

Wal king f or heal t h by Asia Wheaton

Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active, lose weight and become healthier. It's underrated as a form of exercise, but walking is ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels who want to be more active. Regular walking has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, stroke and some cancers. U se this guide to increase the amount of walking you do every week and maximize the health benefits. A pair of shoes is all the equipment you really need. Any shoes or trainers that are comfortable, provide adequate support and don't cause blisters will do.

St aying m otivated -


T he easiest way to walk more is to make walkinga habit. T hink of waysto include walkinginto your daily routine. Examples include: walkingpart of your journey to work walkingto the place you shop usingthe stairsinstead of the lift or elevator leavingthe car behind for short journeys walkingthe kidsto school doinga regular walk with a friend goingfor a stroll with family or friendsafter dinner .

Wear loose-fitting clothing that allows you to move freely. Choose thin layers rather than heavy, chunky clothing. If you?re walking to work, you can just wear your usual work clothes with a comfy pair of shoes.

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G iving Y ou the F a is the perfect person to dissect, reassemble, and present the notion that fairy tales are integral to one's success. Allowing ourselves to be what we dream of is critical. K im proposes that when we start holding back in self-vision, we spark a cadence of settling, limit-filled thinking and unbelief that extends to other areas of our lives. "Give M e T he Fairytale helps people eliminate struggles from their dreams. It takes people back to the time when they were children and believed they could do anything, and teaches them to think that way again through strategies, processes, and proven principles that lead to accelerated results."

Kim W hitehead is Restoring O ur Belief in O urselves O ne Fairytale at a Time When we think of fairy tales, we normally envision sleeping princesses, knights with shining armor, and lands far, far away. But the origins of the word "fairy tale" are actually more substantive and tangible than that, and K im Whitehead, T he Dream Strategist ? , is on a mission to get us to dream seemingly improbable, mind-blowing stories that are consistent with our purpose and really do lead to happily ever after. Learning about K im, you might not imagine that she is the author of Give M e T he Fairytale: Reawaken Your Dreams For An Extraordinary Life. A patent and trademark attorney with degrees in Engineering and Law from elite schools, this first generation American does not strike one as likely believing in anything not based on science, reason or fact. H owever, that is exactly why K im

Page 42

K im is breathtakingly candid about her journey to complete this groundbreaking book. She was a very successful attorney at prestigious, Am Law 100 firms; making very good money with a beautiful home and car and family to round out the "package" of the American Dream. But then the economy tanked in 2008-09, and everything fell apart. "I went from making $250,000 a year to shopping at the dollar store for shoes. It was a very humbling experience." While emerging from divorce, strained family relationships, relocation, financial setback and the heartbreak of leaving the scholarship nonprofit that she founded, K im began to dream again. She began to believe she could do anything because she had to so she could survive. M ore importantly, she began to focus on viewing the new phase in her life as a blank slate. Resolved that the recession would not hold her back, K im chose to let her core genius of innovation, process design, leadership and her unwavering passion for coaching others to success be integrated and fully visible in every area of her life, both personally and professionally. Less than a year later, K im launched a management consulting firm helping law firms and Fortune 500 corporate counsel and executives navigate the discovery phase of litigation and create strategies to support their businesses during bet-the-company cases and government investigations. She merged that business with a client?s technology firm, and she built a multi-million dollar revenue managed review division for the company, which was later acquired by X erox. And this success came to be because K im believed in the wildly improbable, happy story of manifesting her life purpose - the little-known definition of a fairy tale. After receiving numerous requests to share her

G iving Y ou the F a

A Soul Full Wom an Tiaera W illiams is a woman of great depth and incredible soul. She has used her life experience of heartbreaking betrayal and pain to encourage and inspire others, particularly young girls. Tiaera grew up in a loving household, the cherished daughter of a successful businessman and mother who was a homemaker. She and her five siblings knew no lack, the family prayed together, and life was good... until Tiaera's father revealed an addiction to drugs that almost wiped their family out. Like many addicts, Tiaera's father was good at hiding his addiction - he was a functioning addict for over a year before he could no longer hide it. Tiaera's mother worked during the day and prayed and cried at night trying to keep things together. Tiaera felt conflicting emotions about her mother's tears: anger for portraying such "weakness" and empathy for the pain. It was not until Tiaera was an adult that she realized just how strong her mother actually was, to have held the family together during such a hard time. Tiaera helped as she could - she got a job at 14 that did help financially, but it was detrimental to her attitude. "N o one could tell me nothing." Since she was forced to act in an adult role, Tiaera behaved in what she thought was an adult manner - she did what she wanted, when she wanted. H er contempt for school was evident in her constant altercations with other students and absences on the whole. Tiaera became pregnant at 17, was a mother at 18, and married at 21.

Page 44

U p to that point, she was afraid to lose her then-husband, afraid to tell her family of her "shame" in her husband having a baby on her, and afraid to be alone with the bills. But the daily panic attacks and trying to put a brave face on the scary situation she found herself in were just too much to bear. And at 26, Tiaera found herself divorced with three children and incredibly angry at God. "I couldn't believe H e'd let me go through all of that." Tiaera lost herself in another relationship, a man who gave her "anything and everything." She drifted away from her family, even her children. To help get her mind clear and life back on track, Tiaera started journaling, writing about her life and her feelings about what had happened thus far. T he process took her through anger, pain, and finally understanding which led to a very strong relationship with God. In journaling her life experiences, Tiaera began speaking about them. First at the YM CA, then to other groups. She did this for a couple years before she shared her global vision and mission: to open a resource center for children. T his dream was realized in 2016 when 25701 N orth Lakeland Blvd., Euclid, OH was opened full time, five days a week. T he joy in opening the center is almost as great as Tiaera's testimony that her father has been in recovery from drugs 10 years, is a pastor, and her parents are still married. To learn more about Tiaera and her incredible testimony, visit, and follow her on Instagram at @frombrokentopurpose3.

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the aqua pools, dressed for dinner, and actually met Emmett Kelly the famed circus clown, face to face. We watched spectacular water shows agog as handsome muscled men balanced cover girl beauties on their strong shoulders, all the while careening through breakers on water skis behind sleek speedboats.

Florida Rediscovered: Posh Postcardsfrom the Road

Last summer and into the beginnings of fall we were sensually initiated into our three-week road trip. At the very moment we crossed the line into the Sunshine State we were bombarded by the seductive aroma of citrus from the voluptuous stacks of oranges that line the roadside stands. Traveling along the verdant and beachy state?s impossibly long coastline (second only to Alaska), we found a Florida that was not at all like we had expected. T he aptly named "Flowering Easter," for its beauty and

By Cathy H. Burroughs I first experienced Florida at five years of age during a family Christmas vacation at the glamorous, now long gone, H ollywood, Florida H otel. T here we swam and basked in

Cathy?spassion for travel inspired her to become a national and international travel writer. She ishonored and grateful to be included in the beautiful pagesof BOLD Favor Magazine. Her articleshave also appeared in Backstage, Atlanta IN town, T he Aquarius Magazine, PointsNorth Magazine,, and others. You may have seen her on AIB T V, or heard her on Q-100?s T he Bert or Kimmer Shows. For more about Cathy, check her out

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T ravel, A dventure & L uxury lush flora and fauna by founder/discoverer Ponce de Leon 500 years ago, turned out to be as varied and different from town to town, beach to beach, and coast to coast, as perhaps the entire continent of Europe ? if Europe was island like, flat, humid, subtropical, loaded with every variety of palm tree, imaginable, and a relatively short car ride away. O ne of our first stops along the brooding Atlantic east coast was the standing-still-in-time piquant and extraordinary Amelia Island. T here we stayed at the elegant and idyllic N ew

private and pristine Gasparilla Island, Boca Grande. O ver the bridge to this island, the Bush Family retreats to their compound; golf carts and preppiness rule the road, golf and fishing is king (the island is the tarpon fishing capital of the world), and the enchanted and miraculous 137 room pillared Gasparilla Inn & Club. W ith its nearly 18 private and faultless cottages and villas, the Inn and its properties fulfill any halcyon fantasy of posh beach and golf life on a supremely imagined exclusive island hideaway, perhaps as might be conceived by the playwright Tennessee W illiams. H ere where conchology reigns and shell searching contests are a high art, we hunkered down in our adorable, pet-friendly, duplex cottage with numerous exquisitely appointed baths and decor, L'O ccitane amenities, fireplaces, and porch. Tucked into this dream world, with watercolor box explosion, the lovely bursts, and stripes of lemonade pink, lime green, lemon yellow and snow-white bedding on Tempur-Pedic mattresses, we were happy as two clams. O ur happiness only intensified when potential tornados promised the possibility of an extended stay - perhaps (fingers crossed) indefinitely. Alas, the storm front cleared. Its Inn, flourishing since 1913, was sadly closed for the season but we were lucky enough to stay at the as perfect as you could get duplex cottages and were thrilled with our private tour by golf cart and foot. O ur stay at the Gasparilla Inn did, indeed, reveal how "Florida was (truly!) meant to.? (

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