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TLA Models (pages 16, 19, 34, 37-39, 47, 50 and 55)


Phenomenal Women


A Salute to Phenomenal Women


A Community Panel Series to be Known as “HEIR-ish”


A love Supreme


Exit Strategy: Loud. Profane. Offensive Sad. Hard to watch.


Resturant Review:Old Lady Gang


A Little Funny from Comedian Tiny


Food For Thought


Your swift Kick in the Can’ts


Transforming Your World with a Can of Paint


Health and Beauty at 40


LA Fashion Week


The Art of Distribution: A Candid Conversation with CEO Arthur Pope


Hank Stewart


Do I look Like I need a Seat?




Overcome Your Fear of Presentations


Becoming an Entrepreneur


Think Nutrition


LaNita Jo Fox


Travel Review: Asheville, NC’s Omni Grove Park Inn: An Idyllic Way To Launch Into Your Season


Words of James Thompson


Restaurant Review: Rice and Beans


Ageless Couple


The Last Word from LMB


The LA Movement


JUNE 2017

MODELS Saundra Owens

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Tina B is what they call me… I have felt comfortable in that name, working and grinding to build an empire my family will be proud of. And now I feel great about all my team TLA and I have accomplished, all that it stands for: empowerment, beauty, style, confidence, and pizzaz!

JUNE 2017 MAGAZINE CONTRIBUTORS Tinzley Bradford Odette Flemming Elaina Zuker Dr. John N Vu Tina Bridges Yvonne Durant Sandy Chernoff Cathy Burroughs Brianna Screen Nissa K Elliott Terrance Hutchinson Lanita J Fox

I started this journey of setting this movement “There IS life after 40!” in 2013, and I am so thankful to God at how much we’ve grown. We started as a modeling agency, and now we’re doing agency and management, representing incredibly talented artists and comedians; and we’re still growing and making bigger decisions! God is good! As you read the articles in this issue, take a moment to be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life. Enjoy the galvanizing presence of our cover Arthur Pope as he puts the fire under you to “lead, follow or get out of his way”, be inspired to change your world with something as small as a can of paint with feature Jane Golden, check out how Joshua Leonard is using his talent to transform kids with disabilities into superheros, get over your fear of presentations with international trainer and bestselling author Elaina Zuker, and learn to decrease the sugar and increase antioxidants with simple changes to your diet with Dr. John Vu. Of course, we can’t leave you without our flagship columns: ya gotta EatAnDrink with Nissa K at Rice & Beans and teach your body to stay out of starvation mode with Terrance Hutchinson! Support our advertisers and sponsors, as they allow us to bring this fabulous content to you! And remember: Life after 40 isn’t just an age… it’s an attitude!

Tina Bridges OUR DISTRIBUTOR. Publication Marketing Distribution Inc.

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Tina Bridges Editor

To all my phenomenal women, I salute you. From our CEO, to our contributing writers, photographer, the amazing women gracing the covers of our magazine, women in our families, sister-circles, friends, associates, co-workers and readers…I SALUTE YOU!!! Phenomenal Women, I encourage you to continue to let your light shine!!!Never grow faint in letting the world know just how fabulous you truly are!!! My beautiful sister you were created for greatness. You are beautifully and wonderfully made with a divine purpose that will touch lives and inspire others for years to come…fulfill that purpose. Don’t allow anyone to dim your light due to their own insecurities…again you are destined for GREATNESS!!! Rise and Be Great!!!

You are truly amazing in every sense of the word…the apple of God’s eye!!! Beautiful, in this chaotic world, you stand out and your presence makes a great difference!!!

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size But when I start to tell them, They think I’m telling lies. I say It’s in the reach of my arms The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips. I’m a woman Phenomenally Phenomenal Woman, That’s Me.

You are a woman,

Maya Angelou

Size does not define you!!! Skin tone does not define you!!! Marriage status does not define you!!! Financial status does not define you!!! Your career does not define you!!!

Phenomenal Woman THAT’S YOU!!!

Be Blessed & Remain Encouraged!!! by Brianna D. Screen

A salute of Phenomenal Women

Photo Credit: Panelist Jame Jackson shares her stories of growing up in DC on March 30, 2017 in Brooklyn (Photos by Eshama J)

Global PR + Marketing Agency launches its newest NYC Staple

a community panel series to be known as


Photo Credit (L-R): Panelists - Jame Jackson, Fabienne Roc, Alechia Reese, Malyia McNaughton & Alize Beal on March 30, 2017 in Brooklyn (Photo by Eshama J)

“A continuation of rich legacies between our clients and the community”

Photo Credit (L-R): Heir PR Founder/CEO & Panel Host Sherod Lewis, Jame Jackson, Fabienne Roc, Alechia Reese, Malyia McNaughton & Alize Beal on March 30, 2017 in Brooklyn (Photo by Eshama J)

NEW YORK, NY (March 30, 2017) - Three months following the “35 Heirs Gala” and the launch of their inaugural “Heir’s List”, the agency is back with something for the community. HEIR-ish is a panel series that kicked off during Black History Month, with the plan to show impact and betterment in our communities, gifting our people with the proper gems and resources to thrive in today’s society.

“I felt there was a need for this, especially in our communities. Often times we look outside for mentors and validation when we can just turn to our own brothers and sisters. My only hope is to utilize my platform so that others are able to gain a platform with hopes of paying it forward,” panel host Sherod Lewis There has been so much happening to our women that it was only fitting to launch the series during Women’s History Month with a Power of Woman themed panel. Each of the selected women are phenomenal and making history, with amazing testimonies and platforms. Their professional backgrounds are very

diverse, but one thing they have in common...power. The power to not let societal standards hinder them from reaching new heights, the power to forge new opportunity while surpassing old goals and the power to dig down deep and tap into a mystical source to ignore passion on a daily. The panel opened up with a healing exercise, where panelists were tasked with selecting a female audience member and sharing what they find beautiful about her. Following the healing exe cerise the women shared their opinions on critical social movements like #blackwomenatwork and #findourgirls. It was during the discussion surrounding the DC missing girls that panelist (Jame) began to open up about her struggled growing up in DC and how this is nothingness for the nation’s capital and how she was almost one of those girls. The night went on with some amazing testimonials and anecdotes that kept the audience on their toes. It is something quite beautiful when you gather 5 women from different walks of life and ask them to engage in powerful, uplifting dialogue. With experience in curating panel series for major corporations like Verizon, UPS and Prudential -- there is no doubt that this panel series will be a success. Stay connected with Heir PR on Instagram and Facebook. ■ Tinzley Bradford


Joshua Leonard is the definition of a renaissance man, pure and simple. This former actor, model, dancer, and R&B singer is the founder and chief animator at Leonard Studios: home of the pint-sized, differently-abled superheroes that make up Team SupremeŠ.

A love Supreme

Born in Miami, FL as the youngest member of a military family, Leonard lived in four cities before his family settled in Biloxi, MS. He was a student at Mississippi’s William Carey University when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, “Lot’s of people only think about New Orleans when they hear Katrina, but we actually got hit by the hurricane.” He was evacuated to Atlanta, while his pregnant girlfriend was sent to Alabama, where his daughter, Saniyah, was born during the hurricane. “ It was a crazy time, but it made me so appreciative of life. After I went to see about my daughter, I went back to campus and everything was gone, just washed away. The mansions that lined the beaches near my school were just slabs. It was like God reminding me that things are not important, they can so easily be gone, just gone.” Back in Atlanta and homeless, Joshua spent many nights on the couches of friends near The Art Institute of Atlanta and he decided that enrolling there would be the next step on his journey. While he did not get accepted the first time, he was persistent and is now set to complete his degree in Animation in 2019. This athletic ”triple threat” was once recruited for baseball,

football, and track, which makes his decision to follow his passion as an illustrator and animator remarkable; but his calling to pursue 2D animation is even more impressive. “I chose 2D animation because I am an actual artist, I like to draw. My older brother taught me how to draw Garfield in kindergarten and I have never stopped. I also recognize that there is very little diversity in animation in general, and especially in 2D animation. It is harder and it’s really tedious, but when you hit that play button and you get to see the magic you made, man, that’s when I am like...this is dope!” When asked for an introduction to the members of Team Supreme©, Joshua’s voice swells with pride. “Well, Team Supreme© is made up of a group of differently-abled eight and nine-year-old kids who each has a unique superpower. Zeke, the leader, is autistic; Sweet Pea, a cancer survivor, is inspired by my daughter; Shock is an amputee; Li, a huge Bruce Lee fan, was born blind; Angel, nicknamed Red, has albinism; Thumper is deaf; and Mech, is a quadriplegic. They are all brought together and adopted by Dr. Jackson, named after my best friend Brent Jackson who was killed shortly after Hurricane


Katrina. Dr. Jackson is a widowed medical doctor and scientist whose wife died of cancer.” When asked how all of this came to be Leonard replied, “I have friends who have children with autism, and I remember learning about how some of these kids have “splinter skills” where they can hone in and completely master one thing. Like one friend has a son who, once he sees a Disney movie, can tell you who played every voice in the movie. That is genius to me.” “Team Supreme© will be a cool cartoon, but it’s still gonna touch on topics like bravery, fear, acceptance, lying, forgiveness, team-building and diversity. I want the kids to love it, but it will be witty enough for adults to enjoy too.” Joshua already has some A-list talent lined up to assist with bringing these characters to life. Famed R+B crooner Ginuwine will be the voice of Dr. Jackson in the pilot episode, Grammy-nominated producer/ engineer, Anonymous, who produced Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda beat will provide music, and producer Chris McIntyre did the Team Supreme©


theme song. Leonard Studios has support from music industry players like Area 1 Entertainment and Cameron Cartee, as well as members of the sports community like Rashad Butler, DJ Williams, and Duke Johnson. There are a lot of people hungry for the success of such a positive representation. Keep up with Team Supreme© on IG: @LeonardStudios. “I have been blessed to intern as an illustrator, graphic designer, and social media manager on the new film “Mila”, and as a storyboarder on “The Wrong Rock” and “Legacy”. But Team Supreme© is my baby,” he continues,”I plan on making history with this. It has never been done before.” Odette Flemming- Mom. Moment maker. Change agent. Avid reader and teacher who is never ashamed to share my geeky side for the cause! For information on my passion for helping students master content, test stragtegically, and crush self-doubt, check me out at ■ Odette Flemming

Barbara Moore


LaNita Jo




Kathyrn Cherry

Loud. Profane. Offensive Sad. Hard to watch.

These are words that raced 10 minutes of “Exit Strategy,” directed by John Dillon. And that the message was swiftly, home: We must do better - our deserve BETTER.

through my mind during the first a play written by Ike Holter and the fact that I felt that way meant relentlessly, ruthlessly driven children, teachers, administrators

“Exit Strategy” is the story of how the faculty and student body reacts when they learn their inner-city Chicago school will be closed within the next school year. There is yelling, sarcasm and plenty of cursing. One teacher choses to commit suicide rather than face life away from the school and students she’s poured 20+ years into. Another teacher wants to fight… but won’t go it alone… and misdirects her rage toward a student who literally and figuratively highjacks her idea to fight back. We see another teacher experience PTSD, triggered by memories of her former school closing and the battle she fought – and lost – to keep it open. And a sad and glaring display was the cowardliness of the vice-principal who was shamed to do “something” late in the game…but then gave up when his job was threatened. “Exit Strategy” is going to make you mad. You’re going to feel uncomfortable and helpless. You’ll ask yourself, “Why am I still sitting here?!” in anguished frustration (like you don’t know how to pick up your purse and leave). You’re going to laugh at the funny parts, then ask yourself, “Is THIS why this school is failing, why the children have no faith in the ‘system’, why the teachers feel unsupported, why the administration feels boxed in – because we’re sitting here LAUGHING instead of doing something about it?” You’ll leave the theatre in silence, as my husband and I left the Fulton County Southwest Arts Center one beautiful Saturday afternoon, trying to find something, ANYTHING, to say and or do, to lighten the mood. And you’ll take the long way home, driving through several neighborhoods and past countless schools, wondering if “Exit Strategy” is going on in “there”; and what you can do to help. I know it was “just a play”: I had the fortune of escaping “that world” to my comfortable suburban life and my daughter’s highly ranked school. But I also realize that there is no such exit for literally tens of thousands of students and adults across our great nation. That there is no Exit Strategy for them. And THAT is why I was so offended to watch that play – it was just too real. The call to action that rises in one’s soul cannot be dismissed – it must be heeded and answered. And it is for the above reasons that I give this loud, profane, offensive, sad, hard-to-watch, heart-breaking play an Excellent rating. “Exit Strategy” is touring the US, so make it a priority to see it. ■ Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell



Old Lady Gang Restaraunt is owned by Kandi Burriss and her family. It’s such a quaint spot and it’s centrally located at 177 Peters St Atlanta. Open daily for lunch and dinner, my friends and I have visited several times to enjoy the food, atmosphere, and friendliness of the entire “Gang”. Enjoy a few pics!

Monday Closed Tuesday - Thursday 5-10:00 PM Friday 5-11:00 PM Saturday 12:00 N - 11:00 PM Sunday 12:00 N - 7:00 PM

177 Peters St SW Atlanta, GA 30313 Castleberry Hill Visit them online at 18

Pamela Carroll


Terrance Hutchinson

Photo credit by

A little funny from



Teacher: Johnny Use Debator In A Sentence Johnny: First You Become A Rookie Debator And ThenYou Become A Masterdebator Husband - Says To Wife I Like The New GPS The Lady Voice Is So Nice. And When She Gives Me Directions It’s Easy To Follow. Wife - I’m Glad I Thought You Didn’t Know How To Follow Directions. Husband- Why You Say That  Wife - I Been Telling You To Go To Hell For Years And You Still Here Wife - Honey You Think I’m Fat  Husband- No Honey I Know You Fat

People are perishing for a lack of knowledge, a lack of understanding, and a lack of caring, not just for others but for themselves. What you think of yourself is clearly evident in how you’re living according to what you believe in God’s word. No matter how you look at it, living a raggedy life exemplifies a raggedy relationship with Jesus. The choice is yours, but always remember it’s not about how much you’re in church, but it’s about how much church is in you. The more church that’s in you, the more you’re in church! Don’t talk, walk – let me see you live it!


The difference that Makes the Difference

Your swift Kick in the Can'ts Sometimes, what you’re missing to achieve all your goals is the important ingredient for success!

There’s a big problem in the world of career advancement today, especially among women. We are competent, educated, smart and ambitious yet somehow our big goals elude us. The more advanced we are, the more difficult it becomes to admit that there are big gaps in our skills repertoire. When you’re the division manager, it’s hard to ask for help. This is even more true when you’re a woman. The last thing you want is to seem like you’re weak, and might need help in some areas. So you “tough it out”, “fake it till you make it”, or whatever you tell yourself you have to do. But there’s still something nagging at you. “If only I could understand how that system works”. But who can I ask? I’m supposed to know this by now. Imagine, though, that you had a “guardian angel” who could fill you in on the information you’re missing, or don’t understand, or wasn’t included in your technical training for this job. Wouldn’t it be nice to know there was someone in your corner who was committed to helping you, who you trust, contributing to your success, without judging you or without ulterior motives? Peer-Mentoring is a system in which two people agree to support each other based on complementary skills and needs, and the partners create a “contract”. The purpose of this process is to create a productively paired “buddy” system, to help both of you achieve your individual goals. In future posts, I’ll describe ways that you can use this powerful, but simple idea in your own life to maximize your own success. I’ll show you ways to measure success as the Peer Mentor relationship develops, how to select the best person for the contract, how to set realistic goals, how to create an actual Peer-Mentor Contract and how best to communicate with your partner. ■ Elaina Zuker



Transforming your world with a can of paint Women Living Their Dreams: Giving Back in a BOLD Way .........................................................

These philanthropic women empower the silent, forgotten, and neglected members of society; by lifting up communities, healing old wounds, and teaching tolerance and acceptance. Imagine being a part of something larger than life, when you can’t even see beyond the prison walls. Crouched on hands and knees you add the details, steadying your hand to stay in the lines, as you feel the cold concrete floor beneath this massive canvas. You tear up when you picture your boy’s face gazing up at your wall taking in your message: ‘This is my life, but it doesn’t have to be yours.’ And for once in your life, you feel proud because you are giving back.

Visionary Jane Golden, founder and executive director of Mural Arts Philadelphia is in the business of saving people, giving them a fresh start and literally a clean canvas. “I think for many who are incarcerated it’s like a window that is suddenly open,” explained Golden. “Am I going to save everyone, of course not; but from what I see we save a lot of people.”

public art. But Golden realized that the key to building consensus in a community was to invite people into the process.

When mural artist Jane Golden was living and working in Los Angeles, she discovered her passion for creating public art and witnessed its impact on communities. Well, years later, that’s exactly what Golden envisioned for Philadelphia when she moved back to the East Coast and proposed to the Philadelphia Anti-Graffiti Network (PAGN) to wipe out graffiti by training troubled youth to create collaborative mural art. In 1984 Mural Arts was established as a division of the PAGN.

ART SPARKS WORLD-WIDE MOVEMENT Golden has seen how Mural Arts has ignited change over the past 30 years. In the past five years, global cities-- like Paris, Rome, and Madrid—have been seeking advice from her nonprofit.

RESTORE NEIGHBORHOOD PRIDE “We did these murals and no one touched them,” explained Golden, “so everyone started requesting murals. Word quickly spread: if you were a graffiti writer and took a pledge with the mayor, then you would be eligible for a job once you did “scrub time.” Initial youth skepticism turned to pride: “They realized that they could make their mark on the city in a big meaningful way, and also get paid for it.” It began as an afterschool program in 1984 with a handful of high school drop outs, expanded to include a summer program and rapidly grew from a hundred to several thousand. After PAGN ceased in 1997, Golden launched the nonprofit Mural Arts Philadelphia. Cynical neighbors wanted housing and jobs—not

Producing murals became a catalyst for cleaning up and greening nearby lots, which then led real estate developers to partner with Golden’s team.

But she believes that it’s not just about creating magnificent public works of art; it’s about the power of art to transform lives: • Work with hospitals, prisons, and special needs communities on projects • Partnering with math and science teachers to develop school programs • Leveraging private dollars with public • 100 percent high school graduation rate for art education students; 92 percent aspire to higher education • Low recidivism rate 12-15 percent among Mural Arts former prisoners (compared with the national average of 65 percent) • “I feel extremely inspired by the impact public art has had on people both in small and in big, major ways, and I feel a huge responsibility to keep maximizing our impact and growth,” said Golden. “I am moved and privileged that I get to do this work.”


FINAL THOUGHTS Each issue I will be share philanthropic women’s life-changing missions. I hope this encourages you to take your dream off hold. Share your stories so that we can grow together! ■ Lynda Dell


Health and Beauty at Congratulations, you finally hit your 40’s. Now is a good time to talk about anti-aging. No, I am not talking about turning you back to your teen age years or your 20’s. I am talking about aging gracefully with nutrition. Two main topics that I want to emphasize are about nutrition: sugar/processed carbohydrates and antioxidant. Recently, in the health community, there is plenty of buzz surrounding these two, but not a lot of explanation. I will attempt to clarify them along with making a few recommendations. Sugar, such as sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, and processed carbohydrates, such as white flour made from refined wheat, increase inflammation, abdominal fat and irritate the lining of your gut. Inflammation inside your body leads to joint pain, increased risks for heart disease and for cancer. Abdominal fat leads to abnormal hormonal balance, an increased risk for diabetes and it is a good predictor for heart disease. When the lining of your gut is irritated, it cannot selectively absorb nutrients through the proper channel. Due to the inflammation, the lining becomes more porous and food particles plus other toxins and wastes would leak into the blood stream. This results in a “leaky gut” which includes multiple food sensitivities and allergies, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I strongly recommend that you remove sugar and processed carbohydrates from your diet, but if an occasion arises, then be sparing about your intake. The oxidative process and free radical formation are normal by products of your body’s day to day activities such as exercise or converting food to energy. However, your body is also exposed to environmental sources of free radical such as sunlight, air pollution and cigarette smoke. In small amount, free radicals help to maintain your immune system. In excess, free radicals damage DNA, which can lead to cancer, and

cause oxidative stress, which leads to age related eye disease, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and many more. Relating to beauty, free radicals damage your skin collagen, lipid, hyaluronic acid and elastin fibers, leading to wrinkles, dry, thin and dull skin. Antioxidants neutralize the deleterious effects of excess free radicals. Because fresh fruits and vegetables are rich sources of antioxidants, the current recommendation is to eat 8-10 servings per day. Eat the color of the rainbow in fresh fruits and vegetables. A serving is about the size of your fist. There are so many different ways to prepare your fruits and vegetables to reach your daily goals ranging from smoothies to salads. You are not a vegan or a vegetarian? Me neither. Like most people, I usually consume about 2-4 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day. However, I do take excellent complete nutritional supplements that my body can absorb which helps increase my antioxidant level, and I do strongly recommend. This leads to a question that most of my patient ask - which vitamins or supplements should I take? My answer - take the ones that will raise your antioxidant level and stay within your budget. In my office, we use a scanner that was developed by the National Institute of Health (NIH) to measure the antioxidant level. The test is quick (less than a minute), affordable, painless (no needle or blood require), and produces an immediate result. This is how I know if your vitamin or supplement is working for you. I do recommend to all my patients to have their antioxidant level measure as part of their annual exam and at their quarterly visits. Next time, I will discuss hormonal balance relating to health and beauty ■ Dr. John N. Vu


LA Fashion week it was not only amazing, but was my first time traveling there. To top it off, I was invited by the amazing designer Norahs Khan, who showed out with her beautiful and unforgettable designs. Thank you for the experience I enjoyed it and wish you all the success. â– Tina Bridges


Connect with Arthur Pope on Facebook under Art Pope. 770-807-3043 or 770-807-3044 • (fax) 770-807-3045 •


A Candid Conversation with CEO ARTHUR

We are so excited, not only because Bold Favor has landed a distribution deal (yay), but because we have the honor and opportunity to interview not only an amazing business leader but our now business partner and new National Distributor, Arthur Pope.

Arthur Pope is the President and founder of Publication Marketing & Distribution, Inc. in Decatur GA. It was founded by Arthur Pope in 1990. Arthur is a self-starter and visionary. His educational background includes Fort Valley State, Georgia State, Clark Atlanta, and Kennesaw State University. He is a native Georgian and has such a success story to share. Mr. Pope always saw himself living an abundant life. The first in his family to obtain a college education, the first to successfully own a business, and the list goes on and on. Bold Ageless beauty is a magazine always looking to highlight BOLD people, and encourages those forty and over to live their dreams and to remind them that there is life after forty. So get ready to tap into the mind of this powerhouse leader who after many challenges in our economy, is still standing tall, bigger and better than ever.

BAB: Hello Arthur Pope or should I say Art? We know you call yourself Art too right? How are you today?

in any startup or already established business.

Art Pope: (Laughs) and yes you can call me Art and I’m doing just wonderful!

BAB: Well you know reading is fundamental, people love reading and I personally love reading and I still love to read hardback books. I don’t rely on digital print only, I love to order print copies still straight from the bookstore or check them out from the library. You have definitely made a huge name for yourself and your company in the world of print. I read on your website that people can work as a contractor with you. So tell us, how can people become an independent contractor through you?

BAB: Well that’s great! So let’s get started! This is one of the questions people always want to know about business owners like yourself who are doing big things. What was your motivation behind starting a publication and distribution company? Art Pope: Pretty much I’ve always been self-employed and this is something that I took a liking to and it seems like it was just a given for me. I also enjoy the marketing concept, I enjoy the distribution, I enjoy the magazine and for me, it feels like I’m on vacation every time I go to work. It’s been a joyful and good ride for me being a part of this organization especially with the good people I have around me. BAB: That’s awesome that you should say that because we hear it all the time when you’re doing something you love; it never feels like work! Having a great team is always a plus

Art Pope: Yes, yes that’s correct.

Art Pope: Yes, people can work with me and I have had some good people work with me, branch off and have become independent contractors. We are always looking for people to work with publications and marketing. As long as they have the ambition to be number one then we can definitely work together. They can contact me and my team via email to inquire. At Publication Marketing & Distribution (PMD) we have some words we use and I’m sure you are familiar with them. We are BOLD and aggressive, but just


“Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way!” have a humble heart and a good spirit and I will help anyone with whatever they are trying to do. I am number one and I plan on staying that way, but I’m not so closed-minded that I have lost my love to help others. That’s just who I am. If I’m the only one doing it, then I wouldn’t have anyone to judge my performance. I like competition, so I don’t mind helping people get to their greater purpose, many times under my umbrella. My motto is: “God is good to me so that I can be good to someone else.” BAB: Art says “(he’s) always looked for ways to provide for/help someone else. It’s just (his) nature. His giving spirit forces him to tap into his creativity and use his business sense to influence so many organizations and personal livelihoods. Art deliberately places himself in positions where the greatest impact can be felt. His fondest earlyphilanthropic memories were with organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and Students Without Mothers. Having younger siblings, he says he’s always looked for ways to reach back and help. This sense of responsibility brought him to these organizations in order to help children. His business skills provided him leadership roles very early on, thus he has always served as an officer in some capacity. Atlanta Parent, Atlanta Tribune, Jezebel, The Atlantan, Ryan Cameron Foundation, Computer Services Plus online, Men’s Book Atlanta and now Bold Favor Magazine are a few of the publications he currently works with. We wanted to know just how Art Pope lands his clients, whether he looks for people or has a recruiting team and when asked, he advised: Art Pope: “Over the years I’ve never had to go out and generate business, I’ve always had people coming to me and wanting us to market and distribute their publications. I guess over the years with the people I work with and the word going around about us and not to mention I am the largest magazine distribution company in the South East, people tend to pursue us. I am number one in Atlanta and we distribute more magazines to more locations than anyone in the business. And just by having that reputation of being number one people come to me because they like what I’m doing and how I’m doing it and they just want to be a part of our organization.” BGB: What has been some of the most challenges in the

-- ArthurPope 32

-- ArthurPope early stages of you getting your business off the ground? You know many people couldn’t survive in today’s economy. Rome was not built in one day. Art Pope: Just making sure I have the right folks in my circle! You’re right I know and Rome wasn’t built in one day. I know when I got started in the business over 20 years ago there were about 20 people doing what I do. When the meltdown happened in 2008, ‘09 and 2010, there were a lot of people who didn’t survive because they had a line of credit and all those things that was pretty much carrying their business. But after the meltdown that happened years ago, I moved from number 15 to number 9 then to number 5 and now number one. For whatever reason a lot of those companies just couldn’t survive through the crunch, but I was able to survive because I did the right thing, I hired the right people, I was debt free and I didn’t have to worry about having a line of credit to pay bills or make ends meet to stay afloat. I have been very blessed and fortunate and I am grateful. Always believing he could do more, and not willing to say no, he also works with the Georgia Diversity Council and DeKalb County Chamber of Commerce. Further, at Popular Springs Baptist Church in Ellenwood, GA, Mr. Pope serves as vice-chairman of Trustee board, Budget Committee Board member, and formerly Pastor’s Aide treasurer under Rev. Ulysses Ponder. He is also an active member of SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) and NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). His most recent philanthropic work extended to a small community group in economically-deprived Choctaw County, Mississippi. Mr. Pope first became involved with the Spay-Panhandle Community Organization (SPCO) as early as 2008. As of late, he has made donations and helped as an advisor for new and upcoming projects the group has undertaken. Because of his generosity, the group has erected a park pavilion and will name it in his honor. Art believes that while his company isn’t perfect, he believes “As long as you are pulling your own strings and have the right folks there with you, things can survive. You can survive and be around a long time, but with someone else is pulling your strings, you won’t survive. That’s the way we do our business.”

BAB: Yes, you make a great point when you say someone else pulling your strings can deem risky for the longevity of your existence. We’d like to know more about your office, you have a really large warehouse which I’m looking forward to seeing later on, tell us more about how you house magazines in your warehouse. Is it just magazines or is it books too? Art Pope: We not only stock magazines which we market and distribute, but we also provide warehousing and archiving services for them. Lots of publications print on a monthly basis, but we store their archives up to 5 years. We get anywhere from 1 to 2 tractor trailer loads of magazines a week and we distribute them in a timely manner. To meet those timely deadlines, we stock the racks, the large display stands and all information to be displayed on the stands. PMD has relationships with various companies who provide the display racks and stands that are placed in retail outlets so the publisher doesn’t have to maintain that relationship. We try to be a one stop-shop. All our magazines are time sensitive. Most have a five-day turnaround, while others may be a two-day turnaround. Even others are distributed within 24 hours of receiving, and PMD makes it happen. BAB: Is your company all around in multiple cities and states or are you local? Art Pope: No, we’re not only a local company. At one point we distributed in six states. While we’re not distributing in all those areas, we still maintain offices and connections there to resume distribution when the time comes. For this small overhead, we can assure any new clients that their publications will be in the customer’s hands in a very timely manner.

Art Pope: My people stand by me and they have stood by me the entire time. Attitude reflects leadership and I lead by example, so it rubs off on my team’s energy. As far as retiring, I have no plans to retire anytime soon but once I do I plan to leave part of my operations to my people. I Love what I do and I am not ready to retire from it!

BAB: One of the things that I often am interested in is, figuring out how do you keep up with today’s new digital world? You know where many times people no longer order or read print copies. How do you last in today’s world?

BAB: it’s been great talking to you and we thank you so much for taking the time to let us into your world.

Art Pope: Well, first of all, I believe there will always be a print market. There are some publishers who have moved on to digital or the internet, but there will always be room for print. Our team focuses heavily on quality control and follow-through to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. We regularly spot check distribution routes to be sure they are handled professionally and accurately. Some may call it “snitching” but we call it quality control.

Being a part of the business and social community is very important to Art. He helps in every way he can. He has donated computer equipment to local churches, back-toschool supplies to school boards, and sponsored a local teen in realizing a dream of multi-state travel for sports. There is just no stopping this driven, self-starting entrepreneur and we can only imagine what’s next for him.

BAB: Who are your biggest supporters? Many times we lose people when we’re trying to start or grow a business, you know that saying you see who your true friends are when you’re trying to start a business and look for their support. Also, any plans to retire in the near future? You’ve been doing this for so many years and the business is going well.

Art Pope: You’re welcome, the pleasure has been all mine and I’m looking forward to doing even greater things.

When asked what he’d like his legacy to be, and what he wants to be known for, he responded “Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way!” Now that’s a BOLD way to put it!! (Laughs) ■ Tinzley Bradford


Jonice Cromartie


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TB: When Did You Start Writing HS: 11/7/91 Poem Entitled “Can You Hear Me “ Thats When I Knew It Was My Purpose TB: How Often Do You Write? HS: As Often As I Can So Busy She My Everything TB: Are You Single? HS: Yes TB: Do You Meet People Because You Are So Good With Your Words? HS: I Don’t Know How To Answer That My Circle Is Very Professional And Private I Enjoy Private Time TB: What’s Your Next Venture? HS: Writing A Children Book Kids Not Getting An Impact In The Form Of Poetry TB: What’s Your Zodiac Sign? HS: Virgo TB: Name An Amazing Moment HS: Performing For The First Lady Michelle Obama Great Guy Great Interview Check Out His Website For His Apparel And More Hankstewart.Net


do i look like i need a seat? I would never ask anyone on any New York City public mode of transportation if it looks like I need the seat they’ve just offered me for fear of being told, “Yes, you do.” However, I have been tempted. But something else has been going on, at least for me. More women have been willing to give up their coveted seats that I’m usually not coveting. But here’s the rub – some appear to be at least my age, 64, or older or not that far behind me. Much younger women are too busy checking their Instagram feeds, texting or playing games. Yet, they have told me, “I hope I look as good as you when I get your age.” “But you don’t know how old I am,” I pointed out to a twentysomething year old I’d never seen before in my life. Somewhere in there is a compliment that escapes me.

down. To them, gray equals old, tired in need of rest. Yet, I would hope that those same women would offer a seat to my tireless 85-year-old mother who’s in good shape, still stunning but is clearly a senior citizen and if she should fall the consequences could be serious.

Like my mother and twin sister, I started graying in my 20’s. I stopped coloring around 40. Between chemically straightening my hair every six to eight weeks plus the color, plus the touch ups with black mascara, I’d had enough. Looking at my beautiful silver fox mother, I felt assured that it was all going to work out.

Several years ago, I was on a bus when a much younger woman offered a visibly older woman a seat who then asked out loud to no one, “Do I look that old?” “You know Miss, you need to say thank you,” I gently scolded. She threw me a look as she sat down.

There was some unexpected baggage. I was asked if I was my twin’s mother. I was also asked if I was my mother’s sister. She loved it, but I had mixed feelings. I am happy and proud to remain her daughter.

Is there a new women’s movement I don’t know about? If a woman has gray hair and even if her skin is wrinkle-free is there a tacit 21st Century sisterhood agreement, to assume that no matter how fit she is, gray hair is a dead giveaway that she needs to rest her weary bones?

Have I become that woman on some level? I know for sure that I’ve become a woman of a certain age, but so much about me belies that - I stand tall at five-feet two inches, I’m small but not frail, and I still have pep in my step.

“You are so kind,” I said to the lady who asked if I wanted to sit down. “While I am happy to accept a seat from a man, I could never take one from another woman,” I explained. Meanwhile, the man seated next to her stayed seated.

When I was a teenager (Pre-Black is Beautiful, I once chopped one inch too much off my bangs, exposing my high forehead, which at the time I was ashamed of. “A high forehead means you are a descendant of African nobility,” my mother snapped when I went crying to her.

“Thank you so much, how nice but I’m getting off at the next stop,” I said to another who clearly was well into her 50’s. Maybe she thought I was well into my 70’s. I am beginning to get the picture, it’s not me to whom they want to give the seat, they want my gray hair to sit

So, maybe when these women offer me their seats, they’re my secret ladies-in-waiting- in-hiding, and they are merely beckoning me to my throne for which they were keeping warm for me. That must be it, yes, that is it exactly. ■ Yvonne Durant



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JUNE 2017


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empowerment week november 14-18th Atlanta, Georgia Brought to you by

The privilege to engage an audience is an honor and a commitment he relishes. As an awardwinning performer he’s known for being reliable, competent, good to work with, capable, and an “all in” player on set. As an indie TV producer, director and writer, having the opportunity to create entertainment and build a brand and an audience, is something he and his associates work on each day. According to Benjie... “What I do is a labor of love. When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in you life. Having said that, I love to WORK” While Benjie isn’t (yet) a “household name,” he continues to hone his craft while seeking opportunities regionally, nationally, and internationally to do what he does best; learn, teach, give, receive, pay-it-forward and entertain.

Benjie Anderson

A word performers in film, TV and stage live for and love to hear. First and foremost, Benjie is an actor. As a SAG-AFTRAe actor with over 35 years experience, each opportunity he earns to perform is a blessing he works towards achieving daily.

Benjie is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, and a business professional as well. He has over 30 years of business experience, and his experience can help improve and grow a corporation, company, or business. Studios, producers, directors, casting directors, investors, advertisers, marketers, businesses,

companies... When preparing your budget, casting, staffing or hiring, having Benjie be part of you plans can help produce a win/win! Contact him TODAY to discuss how he can help you be more successful and get things done. Benjie says... “Living in a dream world isn’t

living... LIVING a dream in the real world is. Let’s LIVE the dream!” Visit Benjie on Stage32, on Facebook and on other social media. He’s ready, are you?



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It seems that the biggest fear most people face is public speaking. Not sure exactly why that is but I do know that most people would rather have a tooth pulled without anesthetic than speak in front of an audience. As I have been speaking since I was pretty young, I guess I never actually developed that fear‌.in fact, I rather enjoy public speaking. As a Soft Skills consultant and trainer I am always faced with presenting to an audience so have adopted a number of strategies to keep my fears at bay and actually enjoy my sessions.

I Preparation: Choose a “catchy” opener as you only have a minute or two to “grab your audience” and if you do not do it at the very beginning you will be chasing them for attention the entire time you are presenting to them. This can be an amazing or interesting fact, a challenge or an interesting story.

Here are some ideas for you to try the next time you are faced with having to speak in front of an audience. Make a list of the key elements you wish to share with your audience and then decide how you will explain them, demonstrate how they work, and what story you might share to illustrate how you were either successful or not! Stories are always engaging to an audience as they can relate to other human experiences. In fact, self-deprecating examples show you are human, too as you have shared your vulnerability with them. Once you have decided on your content, if you need to do more research, either on-line, in the library or via other experts, gather what you need and then cull the boring parts out and only keep the most interesting pieces to share with your audience. No one likes to be bored! If you are going to use a tool such as PowerPoint or Prezi, you can now begin to assemble your slides. Remember, this program is a tool, so use it appropriately, in other words, keep the text to a minimum, do not use bulleted lists, try to include relevant pictures. Your slides serve two main purposes: they focus your audience on the key points you are trying to make (keep them to one word or a short phrase) and they remind you, the speaker, of the key points you wish to elaborate upon for your audience. If your entire script in on your slides, the audience can read them faster than you can say them so will get ahead of you and disengage from your presentation.

Most importantly you must practice, practice, practice until you know what you are going to do and say so well that you could do it in your sleep. Do not memorize your presentation…..if you do and are very nervous when you start, you will forget what you want to say and then you are done! Better to know your content well so that boost of adrenaline from your nervousness will give you focus as you begin and then if you just put a nice smile on your face and “fake it until you make it” you will find that as you get into your very well prepared presentation, you will actually forget to be nervous and you will even enjoy your session. One more little trick you might want to consider, play “what if”. What if this happens, or that happens, etc. In this way, you can prepare yourself for what might happen and if or when it does, you will have a strategy ready to overcome the issue. Now, it is pretty hard to anticipate every single possibility but the more you think up the more comfortable you will be that you are well prepared to handle whatever that audience will throw at you. This includes coming up with as many possible questions that could be asked so that you will be able to answer them….another big fear, what if I am asked a question and do not know the answer? That is a good question, here are a couple of things you can do. One, throw the question back out to the audience, there will likely be at least one or two people who could answer this for you, however, sadly, that does not mean that they will help you. If no one does, then just tell your audience that you do not know the answer… are human, no one expects you to know everything and if you are honest, you will be respected for that authenticity. Tell them that you will research an answer and anyone who wants to know can leave you


their email address and you will share what you find. Then you must do as you say! Never make something up, because remember, someone or more people will know the answer and if you do not tell the truth you will lose credibility and they will begin to wonder what else you said that may not be true!

II Presentation Try to ensure that the venue has the AV that you need, is set up as you wish, and that you are clear as to exactly where it is. Arrive early so you can get set up and be sure that all the technical issues are worked out, if you need handouts, that they are ready and so you can get a feel for the room. Once you are set up, up can then start greeting and meeting participants as they come in. In that way, by the time you begin to speak, the entire audience will no longer be “strangers” as you will have met and spoken to some of them and they will have connected with you. You can even bring some of what you learned into the conversation of your presentation if it is applicable. Be sure to make eye contact for at least 5 or 6 seconds with as many attendees as possible. This engages them to you and they then feel that you are speaking directly to them. Also, watching your audience will give you indications of how engaged they are so if you need to change your pace or introduce something for the audience to do that reinforces what you are teaching them. Do not speak too slowly or too quickly as both will be difficult for the audience to stay engaged with you if they cannot keep up or get too bored. Try to end your presentation with a challenge, a story or even a poem that ties together what you presented and has them leaving the room thinking about what you shared.

III Post Presentation Analysis Always good to review how the presentation went. Was the audience engaged, did they participate when


given the opportunity. Did they stay until the end? Did attendees come up to you at the end and thank you? Evaluation forms are a great source of where you can improve. If something did not work out as planned, take it out for the next one, elements that were successful, be sure to use them again. Suggestions from the audience should always be taken into consideration for future sessions. I hope that these suggestions and strategies will help you to make more impactful, engaging and successful presentations in the future….remember to have fun…. you set the tone for the room, if you are nervous and anxious, you will make your audience feel that way. Conversely, if you are passionate, having fun, being informative and entertaining, your audience will have fun and feel their time with you was well spent! ■ Sandy Chernoff

working your way up

setting goals


becoming entrepreneur

keep yourself educated


is about the mindset of the entrepreneur, and the first actions you would need to take to become one. Many people want to be one, but never want to put in the time and effort it takes to get there. Successful entrepreneurs all have to start from somewhere, whether it’s working at a bakery or simply being a waitress and finding out you want to own your own business. It takes hard work and dedication, you can get there if you are really dedicated to what you’re setting out to do.

time dedication

positive mindset

hard work

starting at the bottom


EATING OFTEN You need to eat every three or four hours when you are awake. Not eating often enough will cause your body to go into “starvation mode.� Three or four hours after a meal, your body needs more fuel. If you do not eat, it will try to preserve itself by storing fuel (as fat) for future use and breaking down lean muscle mass to convert to fuel. This break down slows your metabolism (calorie burning) and stresses your kidneys and liver. Proving to your body that there is a constant source of fuel available will convince it that fat stores are not necessary. Then and only then will your body convert stored fat to fuel. You need to eat every three or four hours! When you do this consistently, your blood glucose (sugar) levels will not dip and you will not feel the energy sag that many people get throughout the day. Your body needs blood glucose to burn fat, so by maintaining a higher glucose level all day long, you will convert more fat to fuel.

Think Nutrition Terrance A. Hutchinson

Certified Fitness and Nutrition Specialist Certified Corporate Wellness Coach

EATING THE CORRECT AMOUNT Of course, eating too much causes your body to store more fat. But so does eating too little! Does this scenario sound familiar? You decide you need to lose a few pounds, so you go on a “diet,” restricting your calories drastically so you can get the results you want. This is sometimes combined with starting a vigorous exercise routine as well. You feel hungry all the time, you are grumpy and tired, and you crave fatty, sweet foods. Sound familiar so far? Here’s an idea of what’s actually happening in your body when this is done. Your body is starved of the fuels it needs to function efficiently and it has to make up for this lack of fuel somehow. Will it tap into its fat stores and start to use up this reserve of fuel? NO! Fearing a famine, your body will do just the opposite. It will store every bit of fat it can to build a stockpile of fuel against this threat of famine. At the same time, it will break down your lean muscle mass and convert it to fuel, slowing your metabolic rate so you will not need as many calories! Sure, you lose some weight, but it is mostly lean muscle weight, not fat weight. You hardly lose any inches, and you are less healthy than you were before you started. Vigorous exercise only means your body will require even more fuel, compounding the problem even further. This is why “eating less and exercising more” just does not work.

Eventually one of two things happens. Either you give in to the cravings and give up on the “diet”, or you lose the “weight” you want and go back to your old eating habits. In either case, your body now requires fewer calories than it did before because it has broken down some lean muscle mass which is what burns the majority of calories you consume. Soon you gain all of the weight back, plus usually a bit more. Now you are heavier than you were to start with, you have more body fat and less lean muscle mass, and you have put your body (specifically your kidneys and liver) under tremendous stress. All this in the name of health, yet you are less healthy! Again, the secret to losing fat is not to starve your body, but to prove to it that there is fuel available and therefore it does not need to stockpile fat. Do this and you will be amazed at how your body will want to shed that extra fat. It really works! On top of losing the fat and inches, you will be healthier, have higher energy levels, cope with stress better, and never have to worry about gaining the fat back! FOOD SELECTION Proper food selection will lead to a healthier body, but it must be done in combination with the other steps listed above. If you are eating healthy foods but not eating enough calories for what your body requires, then you will not see the results you want and not be improving your overall health. Conversely, if you are eating too much it will not matter how healthy the foods you eat are, you will still store the extra calories as fat. Once you have established the habits of good nutrition, it becomes much easier to select the best foods for your body and “fine tune” your eating habits. There are no specific restrictions on the food that you may eat while on this system, it will work with whatever foods you choose as long as you are aware of the amount of fuel you are giving your body. Of course, you cannot live on chocolate bars and chips alone! But if you want that occasional treat, by all means, go ahead! Do not deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy or you may find it much more difficult to stick to those proper nutritional habits. ■ Here’s to your health, Terrance A. Hutchinson


I give God all the glory

I am a model, actress, semi-retired photographer, and a member of the health and wellness company. I joined the company in June 2016, and have enjoyed every moment, given the transformation of my health. When I first met with the lady who introduced me to the opportunity, I was very intrigued with the products. I suddenly realized it was a great opportunity to improve my health naturally, with the solution being good nutrition. Years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, hypertension, and Raynaud’s Syndrome, an auto-immune disease. I now have more energy and vitality, sleep better, and I no longer have to take medications. I got my health back again, and I did it all with natural solutions. I’m proud to say our wellness group has certified doctors, nurses, therapists, and trainers. We provide solutions in the areas of Healthy Aging, Performance for athletes, Weight Loss, and increased Energy. 48

In the process, I’ve learned it is more important to take care of the body on the inside, which is ultimately reflected on the outside. Buying or purchasing material things such as designer clothes doesn’t take care of the body on the inside. You must remove the toxins and impurities from the inside, then replenish the body with the right nutrition so the body can do what God intended it to do, which is heal itself! I’d like to thank my sponsors Gwen and Lidell Miles, my photographer Flag Nation (flagnation@, and the awesome editor Grayam Scott (, and all of the beautiful models who posed in the photo shoot. Special thanks to Tina Bridges for giving me the opportunity to model. To learn more, call 678-576-1644 or 614-210-1905. You can follow me on Twitter @jo_lanita or visit my website at

Ms Cat


Travel Review Travel, Adventure & Luxury

asheville, nc’s omni grove park inn: An Idyllic Way to Launch into Your season ..................... 290 Macon Ave Asheville, NC 28804 • 828-252-2711 ..................... We’d been longing to stay at Asheville’s NC’s historic Omni Grove Park Inn for ages. As we ascended the mountainous roads leading to Asheville through the mist, the first snow of 2017 began to frost the imposing Arts and Craft style granite stone fortress-like façade of this historic resort. Against the Westerly face of Sunset Mountain at the hilly entrance we were greeted by a warm and friendly porter in Regency tailcoat and black top hat. Thus began a perfect beginning to a very nearly picture perfect stay. Whether it was huddled up in the lobby in a row of rocking chairs at the foot of the two 36’ foot wide multi-ton stone twin hearths by the roaring fires each evening amidst the backdrop of sensational live entertainment; feasting on what seemed like 100 course seafood and shrimp (or alternately prime rib) buffet at the Blue Ridge Dining Room - one of its multiple restaurants; nestled in our extravagant and roomy avocado and russet-toned newly-refurbished room in the Vanderbilt wing with a timeless view of the bucolic snow-covered rolling hills and mountained skyline; swimming laps in the sports


complex; or mermaid-like excavating the decorative heated caverns and cold pools; or dipping into an outdoor hot tub while the icicles crowned our heads outside the massive 43,000 square foot ecstatically luxe subterranean spa that must be experienced – our visit was profoundly revitalizing and a thoroughly posh, delightful and idyllic way to enter the year recharged. We were, and you’ll be, also, in good company: Thomas Edison, Helen Keller, John D. Rockefeller, Anthony Hopkins, Michael Jordan, Eleanor Roosevelt, F. Scott Fitzgerald and scores of other luminaries including ten Presidents all slept and enjoyed the spell spun by the place and its bucolic surroundings.

Here the Inn’s dedicated and welcoming director of Public Relations, Tracey Johnston-Crum, relates the hotel’s extraordinary story: Consistently voted as one of the top resort spas in the world, The Omni Grove Park Inn is one of the country’s most celebrated resorts noted for its understated elegance and southern charm. Countless celebrities from the worlds of art, entertainment, sports and politics have stayed at this one-of-a-kind historic hotel. With sweeping views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Inn showcases innovative and locally sourced restaurants; a Donald Ross designed golf course considered one of the top golf courses in North Carolina; an expansive tennis and fitness center and an award winning $50 Million subterranean spa and spacious convention facilities. This AAA, Four Diamond Property is listed on Fodor’s “Top 10 Luxury Spa Resorts” and Travel + Leisure’s rankings of “Top Spa Resorts” in the world. THE INN’S HISTORY Edwin Wiley Grove, known as the “Father of Modern Asheville” made a fortune from an impoverished start. As a pharmaceutical inventor and real estate investor, he purchased 408 acres in northAsheville. Built by his partner and then son-in-law Fred Seely in only one year between 1912 and 1913 part of this acreage became the Omni Grove Park Inn. Four-hundred men working 10-hour shifts six days a week with only the use of mules, wagons and ropes, unearthed massive

granite boulders from Sunset Mountain to build the hotel. Three days shy of one year from its ground breaking, The Inn opened with then Secretary of State, William Jennings Bryan addressing four hundred of the region’s most distinguished men. He had no idea how prophetic his words would be when he proclaimed that The Grove Park Inn “was built for the ages.” Since its inception, The Omni Grove Park Inn has been a premier health and wellness destination consistently voted as one of the top resort spas in the world. The Spa focuses on area’s prominent natural surroundings by bringing the outdoors in with mineral water, natural light and rock formations. The $50 million, 43,000-squarefoot, subterranean Spa features cavernous rock walls, arches, and tunnels, with fifteen water features throughout the facility. Therapeutic treatments including massage, body and skin therapies; facials; wraps; hydrotherapy; aromatherapy; and hand and foot rituals, enhanced with essential oils. As the sun sets, fireplaces, starlight, candlelight, and moonlight add a warm glow to the breathtaking stone facility. Grove’s original vision of a place of rest and comfort continues to evolve to serve a modern audience and today his Inn remains one of America’s most beloved destinations, The Omni Grove Park Inn. ■ Cathy H. Burroughs, Travel & Luxury Writer


Shaun King


JUNE 2017


Words of

JAMES THOMPSON I’m just going to say this… God is working on each of us. When I tell you I am a living example of the beliefs… words I share… please believe what I mean. Blessings come to those who are ready and willing to accept them! I share this with this group because I feel that we have all been blessed by each other’s presence. So with that, I say THANK YOU to each of you! Your blessed spirits have brought blessings my way!


744 9th Avenue • New York, NY 10019 • (Between 50th and 51st Street) Sun & Mon 11:00AM-10:00PM • Tue & Wed 11:00AM - 11:00PM Thurs 11:00AM - 1:00AM • Fri & Sat - 11:00AM - 2:00AM

212.265.4444 • • In celebration of my recent birthday, me and an awesome friend/birthday twin went to New York to celebrate! We were in midtown New York which allowed for lots of sightseeing and exploring and discovering some awesome eateries! As we walked around, we both agreed that it was time to eat and then looked saw a sign up that simply read “Rice n Beans”. This dish is a staple in the meal of MANY cultures and this is a Brazilian restaurant meaning a promise of seasoning and more seasoning so we walked in. This is a very quaint restaurant so warm and inviting and the decorations definitely symbolize the culture. We decided to get a sampler of appetizer croquettes with rice and beans and a plus is that we were there for happy hour! Our dishes included: • Coxinha • chicken stuffed croquettes • Bolinho de Queijo • cheese stuffed croquettes • Rissole de Carne • beef stuffed croquettes • Bolinho de Bacalhau • cod fish stuffed croquettes • Rice n Beans


Everything was full of flavor! Croquettes are a part of the southern culture, my Granny would whip up a batch of salmon croquettes for breakfast or lunch on a regular basis so the food item was not new to me but just being able to bite into each croquette to experience the different flavors inside was truly an experience! I compare it to eating the assorted chocolates, you know what’s in there because it’s described on the box but when you bite into it, it’s just another foodie love story! I would love to go back and sample the rest of the menu the next time I am in town.

On your visit to New York, you have to head over to this spot. They are open everyday at 11am, you can feel free to walk in for a meal or make a reservation via OR place an order online. We were greeted and seated immediately and our waiter was very attentive. This eatery has a serious NY history, check out their website to see how everything started. Even though this was a quick stop on the way back to our hotel, this made my evening!

sure to park legal don’t get a ticket or get towed. I also suggest checking out some of the double decker bus tours! We were able to purchase our tickets through our hotel but I noticed that you can purchase directly at the bus stop. We chose the Gray Line downtown tour and found out aLOT of history on Manhattan! Actually the tour led us to another little spot in the East Village the next day and yes during happy hour! The irony...LOL. Stay tuned for my review on Good Night Sonny! ■ Nissa K

Thank you New York! ¡Obrigado Brasil! As I mentioned, we walked from our hotel to this spot so not only did we get to see lots of stuff, it’s great cardio! When you visit, I would suggest parking your car somewhere and just walking around the city. Make #dineandreview

Norahs Khan


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The very things that we perceive to be bondage are the things that God will use to help us. I have a friend whose mother was wrongfully convicted of a crime. She mentioned that she felt that her rent was bondage and that she needed to be putting her money into a house. But when my friend did a fundraiser to help get the legal fees together for her mother’s appeal, her landlord saw the message on social media. Not only did her landlord wave the current month’s rent, but she and her husband made donations toward the defense fund AND shared the information with a friend who used to work in the justice department during the Obama administration who agreed to help with the appeal! So if my friend had not been renting, then there would not have been a landlord to make a donation to waive the rent to go toward the defense fund and to connect a friend who had the legal expertise and connections to help with the appeal. The very things that we perceive to be bondage is God working for us and using those things for our good. Stay blessed BOLD family!

All things are working for your good

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BOLD Ageless Beauty June 2017  

This issue of BOLD Ageless Beauty features Distribution Magnet Author Pope as he encourages all to "lead, follow, or get out of his way", me...

BOLD Ageless Beauty June 2017  

This issue of BOLD Ageless Beauty features Distribution Magnet Author Pope as he encourages all to "lead, follow, or get out of his way", me...