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Toasting to a wall full of taps at Brews Brothers. Look for these icons as your guide to the guide.




accePtS BoiSe weekly card 6 | BAR BAR 2010 

Bar Bar verSion 2.0: Smaller. Shinier. Better. The mission: Create a companion to libations, deals and potential debauchery as only the swillers, guzzlers and sippers at BW can do. We get it, sometimes you want a bone-dry gin martini with exactly two olives. And sometimes you want to throw a shot of gut-rot tequila down your gullet. And still other times, you just want a Guinness and a shuffleboard table and a decent juke. This here pocket-size saloon encyclopedia can help you find the right digs for your mood and, hopefully, introduce you to a few places you’ve never heard of. Congrats to the winners of BW’s first Hottest Bartender Contest, and thanks to FameFifteen for handling the nomination process. Also, thanks to the thousands of you who voted. You’ll find the winners scattered throughout Bar Bar. If you don’t already have it, augment your bar reference shelf virtually with BW Cocktail Compass iPhone app. It’ll geolocate you and then shake up the happy hour specials nearest to you. You can also access all of the info contained in these 64 pages at boiseweekly. com. Better yet, we recommend you find a permanent home for this little buddy in your back pocket. —Rachael Daigle w w w. B o i s e w e e k l y . c o m

What’s your specialty drink? I make a mean Pair of Tits. Do you think of yourself as hot, or do you feel objectified by this? Oh god no. I’m clumsy and awkward. What’s the most uncomfortable personal detail a customer has told you? For some reason, they think that the 2-foot boundary between us is a silence boundary and they talk about hooking up with a slutty girl or needing to get an STD test. Do you own any weapons? From the Youth Ranch, I got a samurai sword and a Grim Reaper scythe.





Angell’s Downtown Boise

10th Street Station

104 N. 10th St., 208-344-2677 Concrete stairs lead to this subterranean space with plush rolling chairs, sports memorabilia and enough smoke in the air to set off the fire alarms.

Alterknit Lounge

416 Ninth St., 208-367-1212 The upper bar at the Knitting Factory Concert House has its own name, but it’s only open on show days. With a couple of couches for lounging, it’s the best place to hide away from the moshing crowd.

Bad Irish

199 N. Eighth St., 208-338-8939 This space, decorated in shades of green punctuated by the prerequisite neon bar signs, offers a bevy of entertainment including live bands, TVs, trivia and karaoke. 10 | BAR BAR 2010 

999 Main St., 208-342-4900 One of downtown Boise’s mainstays, Angell’s is known for its steaks and seafood, but its bar deserves attention of its own. Classy, yet casual. In warmer weather, the patio is a lush respite in the middle of downtown.

The Balcony Club

150 N. Eighth St., 208-336-1313 It may be the fiercest gay bar in town, but the straight crowd can’t stay away. Ditch the Top 40 beats for the real dance deal and groove all night with Boise’s glam queens.

The Bar at the Grove Hotel

245 S. Capitol Blvd., 208-333-8000 The best place to watch for famous people visiting Boise. A nice, high-end quiet bar perfect for a casual business meeting or a rendezvous with someone special. w w w. b o i s e w e e k l y . c o m

Downtown Boise

Bar Gernika

202 S. Capitol Blvd., 208-344-2175 Basque favorites in a cozy bar. Belly up for one of the many imported brews or do it Basque style with red wine and tapas.


610 Grove St., 208-426-0538 It’s the country’s first restaurant distillery and a destination for those who want both a good glass of wine and a good martini.

Basque Center

601 W. Grove St., 208-342-9983 The unofficial watering hole for Boise’s Basque population. It has a reputation for stiff drinks and fun crowds.

Berryhill & Co. Restaurant

121 N. Ninth St., 208-387-3553 Check out the wine list at the sweeping bar or order a freshly shaken martini. In the summer, the patio offers an elegant setting.

Bittercreek Ale House

246 N. Eighth St., 208-345-1813 One of the best beer selections in Boise is organized by brewery location. Featuring a lowpower happy hour bathed in candlelight.

The Bouquet

1010 W. Main St., 208-345-6605 Still one of the best places downtown to catch live music. Even regulars are shocked at how really beautiful the place is. Perfect for pints, pool or hangin’ with your peeps.

Cactus Bar

517 W. Main St., 208-342-9732 Watering hole for the serious drinker by day, 20-something magnet by night.

Downtown Boise

Cafe Ole

404 S. Eighth St., 208-344-3222 In the basement of the Eighth Street Marketplace with a two-for-one happy hour.

Catacomb Club

204 N. Capitol Blvd., 208-392-7747 The vibe at this weekend-only dance club fluctuates depending on whether the joint is hosting a French New Wave dance-a-thon or a feathery Burning Man after-party.


211 N. Eighth St., 208-381-0222 These two Mediterranean-themed destinations have now combined their powers. Enjoy Cazba’s worldly food mixed with Opa’s hip, casual, welcoming vibe.

Chandlers Steakhouse

981 W. Grove St., 208-383-4300 Chandlers is as popular a stop for cocktails as it is for a fine dinner. The live music is always on and you can bask in the bar’s blue light with a fancy cocktail.

China Blue

100 S. Sixth St., 208-338-6604 Only a well-seasoned drinker could order a cocktail at every bar inside China Blue. With one in the women’s bathroom, one made of ice, two hidden in VIP areas and one for the masses, China Blue is committed to a party.

Cottonwood Grille

913 W. River St., 208-333-9800 Cottonwood Grille is an upscale, unpretentious restaurant with a bar that beckons visitors in for a martini, good Scotch or fine glass of wine. Relax in the elegant surroundings or kick back on the chic riverside patio.

Dirty Little Roddy’s Downtown Boise

Falcon Tavern

705 W. Bannock St., 208-947-3111 This downtown tavern has become “Boise’s neighborhood pub.” Why? Hand-pressed Kobe burgers and an ample beer selection. Lounge indoors or on the wide-open patio.

Flatbread Community Oven

615 W. Main St., 208-287-4757 The popular family pizza joint has expanded downtown and now has a full bar and two happy hours along with the pizza oven.

Front Door

105 S. Sixth St., 208-287-9201 Two words: domestic free. Front Door consistently bottoms out Boise’s Coldest Beer Contest because good beer don’t need no cold. Serious beer drinkers and serious pizza people find safe haven here. 16 | BAR BAR 2010 

100 S. Sixth St., 208-338-6604 At DLR, you can ride a mechanical bull. In your bikini. Giddy up.

The Gamekeeper Lounge

1109 Main St., 208-343-4611 Slip into the shadowy lounge and sink into one of the lavish rolling lounge chairs. Order a martini. Close your eyes and listen to the live jazz. Sigh.

Grape Escape

800 W. Idaho St., 208-368-0200 The Grape holds down the most sought-after real estate in downtown. Fine wine and food make this a great place to meet friends.

Gusto Bar

509 W. Main St. Dark walls and low lights lend Gusto a lounge feel, but the occasional death metal or punk show invigorates the joint. It’s not unusual to see sk8rs on a half-pipe—inside. Only open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. w w w. b o i s e w e e k l y . c o m

Downtown Boise

Ha’ Penny Bridge Irish Pub

855 Broad St., Ste. 250, 208-343-5568 It’s a little Emerald Isle in the City of Trees. An Old World pub feel, taps lining the bar and a menu of Irish and American favorites.

Happy Fish

855 Broad St., 208-343-4810 The martini menu may be bigger than its sushi menu. Try sweeties like the Jackie O or classics like the James Bond.

Hijinx Comedy Music Club

800 W. Idaho St., Ste. 200, 208-947-7100 Perched above Eighth Street, Hijinx is one part comedy club, one part bar with a view. Yuck it up with touring comics or tilt one back.

Humpin’ Hannah’s

621 Main St., 208-345-7557 It’s the place to get your dance on. Favorite covers come courtesy of the Rocci Johnson Band, and nobody parties like Rocci.

Leku Ona

117 S. Sixth St., 208-345-6665 Leku’s three-sided bar invites conversation, and its decently priced liquor stimulates loose lips. Ask for a picon punch and enjoy.

Liquid Lounge

405 S. Eighth St., 208-287-5379 The motto is “Life’s good. Flow with it.” Live music and miles and miles of patios.

The Lobby

760 W. Main St., 208-991-2183 Light and airy with original artwork on the walls, the downtown lounge also boasts a swell drink menu and tricycle races.

Downtown Boise

Lock, Stock & Barrel

1100 W. Jefferson St., 208-336-4266 An attractive and well-stocked bar has all the bases covered for a quiet drink or a midday meeting.

Mack and Charlie’s

507 W. Main St., 208-830-9977 On a weekend, you’ll be able to peruse what seems like the city’s entire population of 21to 25-year-olds. Sit among the pretty people and enjoy extensive happy-hour specials.

Mai Thai

750 W. Idaho St., 208-344-8424 Soak up the sophisticated atmosphere while waiting for a table or make it the jumping-off point for the rest of a night out.

Main Street Bistro

609 Main St., 208-345-9515 The “MSB” is known as the place to go looking good and looking for a good time. In the summer, the patio is standing room only, so get a drink and prepare to get cozy.

Melting Pot

200 N. Sixth St., 208-383-0900 One word alone should be enough to get you into Melting Pot: fondue. But if you need a little more prodding, how’s this: cheese and chocolate fondue are on special during happy hour and drinks are two-for-one.

Mulligans Pub & Eatery

1009 W. Main St., 208-336-6998 Mulligans serves strong, cheap drinks, plenty of bar games and cheap pub grub. A myriad of folks hang out at M1, so wander in, find your kind and settle in for the night.


111 N. 11th St., 208-343-0886 Not only is it the most mysterious, diverse bar in town, but it’s also the only one with a sexy red pool table and stiff drinks that will make you wonder why you ordered another. Smoke. Drink. Talk. Listen to music. Repeat.


800 W. Idaho St., 208-338-8982 Sushi and a fantastic happy hour in a sophisticated downtown setting.


603 W. Main St., 208-343-7034 Pair swapped locations with its next-door neighbor, and now, there’s bottle service.

Pengilly’s Saloon

513 W. Main St., 208-345-6344 With a century-old wooden bar, this friendly pub is America’s favorite. Cosmo rated it the best bar in the country to steal a kiss. Esquire called it one of the greatest in America.

Piazza Di Vino

212 N. Ninth St., 208-336-9577 As a gallery and wine bar, Piazza di Vino offers an extensive collection of wines from around the world and art from around town.

Piper Pub & Grill

150 N. Eighth St., 208-343-2444 Perched above Eighth Street with a wraparound patio, Piper serves creative pub fare and the largest Scotch selection around.

Red Feather Lounge

246 N. Eighth St., 208-429-6340 Red Feather is all about local. Candle-lit booths and swanky cocktails make it an excellent place to nibble on apps and relax.

What’s your speciality drink? Blasters. A lot of my buddies drink them, and I end up pouring a lot of them. Do you think of yourself as hot, or are you objectified by this? Neither. Out of the six nominated [bartenders], I’d come in eighth. Dog person or cat person: Neither, I’m not much of a pet person.




AGE: 33 BAR: Mack

and Charlie’s / Gusto

Downtown Boise

The Red Room Tavern

601 W. Main St., 208-343-7034 Red Room’s low couches and dark walls are a dramatic backdrop. With floor-to-ceiling windows and prime corner patio space, it’s a place to watch and be watched.


105 S. Sixth St., 208-287-9200 Tiki torches, grass umbrellas—you can almost feel the ocean breeze. Let the live music and island-themed drinks transport you.

Shige Japanese Cuisine

100 N. Eighth St., Ste. 215, 208-338-8423 Can you say saketini? Shige’s lounge is open late and offers another fine Japanese tradition: karaoke.


1124 W. Front St., 208-342-3375 Order signature shot specials—pride, greed, envy, lust, sloth, anger, gluttony—and watch the pole dancers work their magic at Boise’s newest LGBTQ-friendly dance club.


405 S. Eighth St., 208-345-6620 Two happy hours, upscale pub grub, prime patio real estate and breakfast late, late.

Sweetwater’s Tropic Zone

205 N. 10th St., 208-433-9194 Champagne cocktails, buckets of beer, island food and now, serious cocktails.

Tablerock Brewpub and Grill

705 Fulton St., 208-342-0944 Downtown’s only microbrewery. Give the eye to the Hopzilla or the Dawson Taylor Stimulator Stout, and soak it up with the full menu.

Willi B’s Sandwich Saloon Downtown Boise/Downtown West

Terrapin Station

1519 W. Main St., 208-342-1776 The music has strayed from the crunchy jam set, but there’s still a welcoming patchouli smell. The beer selection is outstanding, tapestries psychedelic and good vibes rule.

225 N. Fifth St., 208-331-5666 Saunter in and you’ll find customers taking refuge at all times of the day. Grab a wooden booth or saddle up at the full bar. Home of the $4 martini and $3 well drinks, Willi B’s is a spot to hit in the pre-party hours.

Tom Grainey’s/ Grainey’s Basement


109 and 107 S. Sixth St., 208-345-2505 This two-for-one bar has long been the anchor of the Sixth and Main scene. With live music both upstairs and down, you get two different experiences without leaving the building.

1800 Fairview Ave., 208-344-7691 All hotel bar. Sometimes, you’ll find college kids. Sometimes only hotel patrons. Other times, you’ll find runoff from the bikini bar across the street. Go as you are, and if you stay too long, get a room upstairs.

Yen Ching

Gil’s K-9 Bar

305 N. Ninth St., 208-384-0384 Have a martini with your potstickers and chow mein. There’s nothing fancy about Yen Ching, but it has an air of class nonetheless. 26 | BAR BAR 2010 

2506 Main St., 208-345-4420 A locals’ bar with a friendly bartender and bar as long as a runway. This gem is a dark dive, but don’t be scared. Pub grub and a healthy selection of libations await. w w w. b o i s e w e e k l y . c o m

Downtown west/Broadway

Lucky Dog

2223 Fairview Ave., 208-333-0074 This happening little gay-friendly bar has great prices, strong pours and a unique non-smoking lounge with an affable clientele.

Modern Hotel and Bar

1314 W. Grove St., 208-424-8244 A chic lounge and go-to location. With 45-rpm record players in each bathroom, and unique bar snacks, this is definitely not your average juke joint.

Pitchers and Pints

1108 W. Front St. Don’t let the scruffy exterior scare you off. The inside is recently remodeled, but with $1 drafts every day, who cares about looks?

The Symposion

2801 Fletcher St., 208-342-9420 This is a bar for dogs, but humans will be tolerated. Without a canine companion, you don’t belong at the Sympo. If you can find it, you may be enthralled by the quirky joint.

The Torch

1826 Main St., 208-344-0218 This is the kind of bar your mom warned you about. It’s not much to look at, but the entertainment is the draw: bikini dancers.


1326 Broadway Ave., 208-345-5688 One of Boise’s original sports bars. With TVs blaring sports and waitresses clad in skimpy outfits, it stays true to the label.

Jim’s Alibi

2710 Broadway Ave., 208-342-9220 Drinks are cheap, folks are friendly and the hours make it convenient. Strangely enough, it might be busiest in the morning.

The End Zone Broadway/Boise Bench


550 Broadway Ave., 208-761-3076 This strip-mall spot is all about the deals. With a selection of sandwiches and nightly drink specials, you might want to invest in a stadium buddy to maintain drinking efficiency.

Suds Tavern

1010 Broadway Ave., 208-384-0613 Peanuts, a patio and pinball adorn this small college bar that was once a brothel. If that didn’t just catch your attention, nothing will. The End Zone is a must-stop on football game days or for a low-key beer slinging session.

Charlie Brown’s

1024 Broadway Ave., 208-345-9656 Suds is the epitome of a college dive bar. The drinks are priced for a financially challenged crowd, shots and beer specials abound, and it’s a party any night of the week.

5783 Overland Road, 208-375-6541 Charlie Brown’s is housed near Erotic City and Video Vixen. It’s is like the old guy who’s lived in the same place his whole life; he doesn’t plan on going anywhere and as long as you’re nice to him, he’ll be nice right back.

Ves’s Broadway Bar

Crescent “No Lawyers”

1712 Broadway Ave., 208-342-9951 Find another place where drinks are as cheap and as stiff as here, and you might win a medal. Although the mirrored bar and vinyl seats are a throwback to disco, there’s something irresistible about the smoky dark bar.

30 | BAR BAR 2010 

5500 W. Franklin Road, 208-322-9856 To eat and drink at the Crescent, one must follow a small, but important set of rules: Love cold beer; Love sports; Love good service and kick-ass happy hours; and above all, not be a lawyer. Don’t believe us? Just try it. We dare you. w w w. b o i s e w e e k l y . c o m

Boise Bench

Crickets Bar and Grill

1228 Oakland Ave., 208-344-6235 This corner bar is a favorite hangout for the Boise State set. You’re likely to see students tossing back cheap beer, playing pool and taking a break from the books.

Jo’s Sunshine Lounge

1115 N. Curtis Road, 208-376-2700 Drinking at Jo’s is like drinking deep in the belly of a ship. Rectangle porthole-esque lights juxtapose the distinct Western bar feel. Throw in discounts courtesy of the BW Card and you have a night that’s definitely a departure from the norm.

Jumpin’ Janet’s

572 Vista Ave., 208-342-7620 A cozy bar with games and specials aplenty, and the staff laughs as hard as they work. It’s a regular stop for fun-loving folks, and a menu of pub food gives something to soak up the two-for-one happy-hour cocktails.

Little Dutch Garden

1910 S. Owyhee St., 208-342-9034 Sitting in the middle of a neighborhood with a familiar selection of beers. Try the horseshoe tournaments in the huge back yard.

McCleary’s Pub

604 N. Orchard Ave., 208-342-3007 This place is dark, cool and decorated in varying shades of green. There’s plenty of beer on tap, and if you need a little nosh, try the nachos, popcorn or pickled eggs.

Navajo Room

4900 Emerald St., 208-343-5817 Photos of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood share space with Native American murals, and a stage serves as a karaoke corner. The Navajo has served up suds and stiff drinks for more than 40 years and remains a low-key place to meet with regulars.

Boise Bench/East Boise

Overland Bar

3907 W. Overland Road, 208-336-4707 In this cozy place, employees are friendly, a Jagermeister dispenser keeps it cold and the beer is cheap. Decorations are nudes on black velvet and Karaoke is daily.

The Plank

650 S. Vista Ave., 208-336-1790 Not just Boise’s only pirate bar, but it may be the only pirate bar that doesn’t serve rum. Beer and wine only, but bar grub, darts, live music and a regular crowd of scalawags.



Vans, Nike, Es, Emerica, Gravis, Vox, DVS, DC, Lakai, & now Toms.

1005 S. Vista Ave., 208-345-0135 When smoking in restaurants was banned, Quinn’s installed a wall between the bar and dining area. Now it has an even more family friendly atmosphere on the restaurant side and drinkers can puff with impunity.

The Torch 2

610 Vista Ave., 208-336-4747 Drink in the company of Boise’s faux busty, faux tanned finest ladies. All male patrons, all female staff (except the DJ in his little ol’ cabin), go figure.

Vista Bar

813 Vista Ave. The little A-frame has been a watering hole for many a year and keeps its neighborhood bar feel. Spend an evening tossing back a brew or two. According to the sign, “It’s where the fun begins.” We tend to agree. ay Ave roadw 1021 B aho Boise Id 00 85-93 (208) 3

Ben’s Crow Inn

6781 Warm Springs Ave., 208-342-9669 “The Inn” hasn’t changed in years and still offers relief to anyone who thought about going rock climbing or biking, but decided to tie one on. Stop by for a bucket of clams, a game of horseshoes and a couple of cold ones.


AGE: 28 BAR: The

Firehouse, Nampa


How do you decide what to wear to work? I do a bit of research. I usually call some of the other people to see what they’re wearing, which is so seventh grade. What’s the most uncomfortable personal detail a customer has ever told you? It’s just being the third pair of ears on the girl bitching out her boyfriend about cheating on her, and it was just details. Do you own any weapons? Just my dominatrix whip.

East Boise

Flatbread Community Oven

3139 S. Bown Way, 208-343-4177 A family friendly pizzeria, but unlike its downtown brother, it sticks with beer and wine.

Lucky 13 Pizza/The Garage

3662 S. Eckert Road, 208-344-6967 Be sure to bring your bike, dog and a gaggle of kids. Offering pizza, beer, salads and sandwiches about halfway between Boise and Lucky Peak, few can resist the urge to pull over and refuel.

The Refuge Pub and Grill

404 E. Parkcenter Blvd., 208-424-8211 With a focus on the neighborhood-pub feel, The Refuge boasts a large beer and wine selection, as well as good home-cookin’ style pub food, pool tables and TVs.

Stubs Sports Pub

3662 Findley Ave., 208-336-7882 Stubs is a sports-lover’s haven. Every seat allows viewing of the giant TVs. Watch sports while digging into apps, a pizza or a sandwich named after a sports MVP. And if you’re as tough as a fullback, try a pickled egg.

Tavern at Bown Crossing

North Boise/State Street

Highlands Hollow

2455 Harrison Hollow Lane, 208-343-6820 This raucous brewery at the foot of Bogus Basin Road caters to the outdoors person summer and winter. Highlands serves up a list of its own beers and is a North End favorite.

Hyde Park Pub and Grill

1501 N. 13th St., 208-336-9260 If there’s one little joint that’s always packed, it’s Hyde Park Pub. A pub in every sense of the word, HPP has a menu of food you eat with your hands, a pool table, TVs in every corner, a selection of tap brews and that neighborhood restaurant feel.

O’Michael’s Pub & Grill

2433 N. Bogus Basin Road, 208-342-8948 Apres ski destination in the winter and patio lounging in the summer. Sit fireside in the bar with a signature Irish Coffee or take the whole family for Monday’s $5 burger special.

Parrilla Grill

1512 N. 13th St., 208-323-4688 This concrete-and-metal Hyde Park eatery is a popular place to chill during the halcyon days of summer, but Parrilla’s hot wraps and microbrews are a fine way to stay warm in the cold winter months as well.

3111 S. Bown Way, 208-345-2277 Choose between the first level balcony where passersby can watch you enjoy a bottle of wine and a steak, or lounge on the secondfloor balcony with sushi and a martini.

Sun Ray Cafe

TK’s Bar

20th Century Lounge

3231 Federal Way Outsiders be warned: unless you’re with a regular, be prepared for a few hard stares. If access is granted, play shuffleboard, pool or hang out on the patio. Order a round ... maybe you can buy your way into the fold.

1602 N. 13th St., 208-343-2887 During biking months, Sun Ray’s coveted corner patio is a spandex catwalk. When the cold rolls in, the corner patio is empty, but the renovated inside has plenty of space. 4712 W. State St., 208-342-8695 Homey, with bowling pin and ball bar stools. You can get a chocolate martini, which is pretty freakin’ classy for a bowling alley bar. They serve up cheap pitchers to spare you from a night of bowling sobriety.

Brews Brothers Pub State street

44 Club

4340 W. State St., 208-344-0693 The 44 Club has two things going for it: karaoke and no taps. This is one of Idaho’s mainstays, so if you’re in the mood for an old bar with some local color, belly up.

Burger ’N Brew

4295 W. State St., 208-345-7700 With 16 beers, this is what a sports bar used to be: family restaurant, sports memorabilia, separate bar for the serious-about-the-game crowd.

Dutch Goose

3515 W. State St., 208-342-8887 A no-smoking policy offers a respite from many bar’s smoky ozone layer. Foosball, darts, pool, horseshoe pits and TVs galore keep those who go to drink happy for hours as does the food: steamed clams, French dips, Reubens and brilliant burgers. 40 | BAR BAR 2010 

6928 W. State St., 208-853-0526 This clean, comfy beer bar is often overlooked due to its strip mall location. But the regulars—most of whom have their own beer mugs hanging on the wall—like it that way.

Fireside Inn

1610 N. 31st St., 208-342-9075 When compiling a dive-bar hop, Fireside is a must. Big white building. No windows. Dark and smoky. It’s the kind of place you could hide out in all day.

The Lift Bar and Grill

4091 W. State St., 208-342-3250 This sweet spot tempts drivers with its drink specials. Tuesday is Holy Oly night, with 50cent Olympia cans, and you can throw back $2 domestics nightly. If you need something to soak it up, check out the bar menu, including many vegetarian-friendly dishes.

w w w. b o i s e w e e k l y . c o m

state street/South Boise

Montego Bay

3000 N. Lake Harbor Lane, 208-853-5070 A little bit of the tropics in a land-locked state. Montego has layers of patios and bars cascading lakeside. Bask in the sun outside or take in a game of pool inside.

Terry’s State Street Saloon

3301 Collister St., 208-331-8225 It may look like it’s about to fall, but the everpresent party will keep the roof raised. This is where the students, the blue-collar crowd and North Enders come together.

Turner’s Sports Bar

4022 W. State St., 208-342-9090 If you’re looking for a neighborhood bar where 20-year customers are the norm, this is it. Though this rickety box is crawling with weary regulars, don’t forget that you’re all there for the same thing: cocktails.

Buddies Pub & Deli

8654 W. Overland Road, 208-658-0906 Buddies grew out of necessity. Without another bar in sight, Buddies is an answer to drinking prayers. It’s best suited for regulars and wayward wanderers.

Goodwood Barbecue Company

7849 W. Spectrum, 208-658-7173 If it can be barbecued, chances are, Goodwood has it. If it’s a good drink you’re after, the chances are equally good you’ll find it. The long bar inside the restaurant is for far more than just waiting for a table.

Legends Sports Pub and Grill

7609 W. Overland, Ste. 100, 208-377-1819 Wrap your hands around mugs of regional beer selections. Not into the taps? A full bar is available as well for sports lovers who go for the big games and to enjoy the food.

south boise/West Boise

Twisted Timber Pub and Grill

4563 S. Cloverdale Road, 208-362-7157 The neighborhood pub features a rounded selection of drafts and plenty of entertainment from shuffleboard to Nintendo Wii.

The Beer House

9751 Cory Lane, 208-322-9958 The Beer House is an old house that serves beer smack in the middle of a neighborhood. This joint draws equal parts haggard regulars and ripped sand volleyball aficionados.

The Buffalo Club

10206 W. Fairview Ave., 208-321-1811 The Buffalo Club has a long bar with a dance floor and mounted animal heads. Anyone who has a hankerin’ for Hank will feel right at home at this bar where there are line dancing lessons, live music, poker and pool.

Cafe Ole

210 N. Milwaukee Road, 208-322-0222 Escape the mall and hit happy hour, where drink and app specials are cheap cheap.

Hooligans Pub

10704 Overland Road, 208-376-9800 It’s a working-class world, and Hooligan’s is the place where an average Joe can grab a beer and play some pool. Wood decor, plenty of windows and lots of fans keep the place comfortable and welcoming.

Lane 21

4860 W. Emerald, 208-344-2695 Order a beer to wash down some finger foods and prepare to knock some pins down in this non-smoking, neon atmosphere.

Lindy’s Steakhouse

12249 W. Chinden Blvd., 208-375-1310 Lindy’s is like your Aunt Lola, she’s a lot older than she looks and parties a lot harder than you’d suspect. Check the full menu, TVs and assorted entertainment options.

The Office West Boise

McCleary’s Pub

9155 W. State St., 208-853-9910 The pub boasts a back yard bigger than yours and it beckons those who like to imbibe while recreating.

Nut House

12505 W. Chinden Blvd., 208-378-8273 With 14 TVs showing all NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL games, Nut House is none other than a sports bar. Get lunch or dinner with one of 12 beers on tap.

The Pocket

1487 N. Curtis Road, 208-375-2474 Venture inside this pool hall for a cold brew or a stiff cocktail. If knocking around balls isn’t your thing, the bar has plenty of distractions: TVs, video games and jukeboxes.

44 | BAR BAR 2010 

6125 E. Fairview Ave., 208-377-2800 After a series of renovations, the bar has 30-plus beers on tap as well as pub food. See what’s on the two 100inch projection TVs, check out what the DJ is spinning or join in the karaoke six nights a week.

Q’s Billiards

6570 Fairview Ave., 208-322-9122. Q’s is a Boise standard that defines “pool hall.” You’ll probably hear Ted Nugent blasting as you drink brews and line up your for the next shot.

Sockeye Grill & Brewery

3019 Cole Road, 208-658-1533 Sockeye is the serious beer connoisseur’s brewpub. When the double IPA Hopnoxious is on tap, it’s a hophead’s liquid dream. The menu is pub fare with a healthy bent, and live music happens every Tuesday and Friday. w w w. b o i s e w e e k l y . c o m

west boise/Eagle

Village Pub

9936 Fairview Ave. Walk inside and you will be immediately drawn to the central fire, the classic booths or a stool at the bar. It’s a long-standing institution that has a new feel to it.



1396 E. State St., Eagle, 208-938-1800 There are sports bars, and then there’s Busters. Between the big TVs and waitresses in tiny outfits, there is a full menu of pub fare. This one is family friendly.

155 E. Riverside Drive, Eagle, 208-938-5093 On the Boise River, the little brother of the Boise bar still features the distillery’s own hooch. A table on the riverside patio is worth the fight.

Da Vinci’s

Bella Aquila

Mai Thai

775 S. Rivershore Lane, Eagle, 208-938-1900 The riverside restaurant boasts one of the best patios around. We suggest a blueberry cobbler martini with vanilla and blueberry vodkas and a graham cracker crust rim.

190 E. State St., Eagle, 208-939-2500 While the bar is more of a waiting area for the casually elegant Italian restaurant, it still has a great bar with a full list of offerings to enjoy with or without food. 78 Eagle River St., Ste. 165, Eagle, 208-938-8424 It’s one of the poshest eateries in Eagle, but a cocktail in Mai Thai’s lounge is reason enough to stop. Top-shelf booze served in a mod, cool atmosphere.

What’s your favorite shot? Irish car bomb, because it tastes like adult chocolate milk. What’s the most memorable pickup line you’ve ever heard? How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice. What’s the most uncomfortable personal detail a customer has ever told you? A guy asked me if I was straight, and I said I was, and he said, “that’s OK, I sleep with married men all the time.”





text TORCH to 65579 for more recipes



Eagle/Garden City

River Rock Alehouse

228 E. Plaza St., Eagle, 208-938-4788 Here, nachos have a reputation, the patio hosts live music in warm months, and the bar ain’t a bad spot to enjoy a seriously diverse selection of beer.

Seasons Bistro

1117 E. Winding Creek Drive, Ste. 150, Eagle, 208-939-6680 This sandwich and catering joint pours a mean glass of wine from a huge selection.

Boulevard Bar

4079 Chinden Blvd. The Boulevard is a tough joint, but once you’ve seen how much fun the regulars are having, you’re going to want to become one.

Club Savvy’s

3933 Chinden Blvd., 208-429-9339 Churching-up the karaoke and pool table scene, Savvy’s draws a surprisingly young crowd for a Garden City staple.


5504 W. Alworth St., 208-376-6563 It’s the bowling alley bar that doesn’t feel like one. Players is like a neighborhood sports bar rather than a concession stand.

The Quarter barrel

4902 W. Chinden Blvd., 208-322-3430 After a recent renovation, Quarter Barrel sports an all-new non-smoking interior with plenty of sports-bar vibe and live music.

The Ranch Club

3544 Chinden Blvd., 208-343-7447 Once a hangout for the senior set, it’s now a hangout for anyone of legal imbibing age. Sidle past the giant rearing horse statue, belly up to the bar and check out the menu.




How do you decide what to wear to work? Anything that shows my cleavage the most because I make more money that way. Do you think of yourself as hot, or do you feel objectified by this? I think I’m attractive, but there’s many beautiful women in this town.

AGE: 29 BAR: Cowgirls,


What’s the most memorable pickup line you’ve ever heard? Did you wash your pants in Windex, because I can see myself in them. What’s the most uncomfortable personal detail a customer has ever told your? That they were cheating on their significant other, whom I know.

BW Women seeking Men

BW Men seeking Women

BW Men seeking Men

Down to Earth Girl I’m 22. Work full-time and just enjoying life. Looking for someone to hang out with and possibly there will be something more there :) I’m very close with my family and i love watching football. 14love, 22, #101157 Looking for something I am 25, 5’4”, 110 lbs. I am looking for someone with a sense of humor, so if you are a serious person please don’t email me. I like fishing, camping, dancing, clubbing, shoot pool, darts, UFC, some football. Sweet24n, 25, #101151 Nose/book, heart/bind. Full time student pursuing major Philosophy, followed by Masters in Library Science. Music calls me a “good listener” and should get a restraining order against me. Avid hip-hop fan. A nerd. A reader. A joker. A midnight toker. Iconoclast. tufentiny, 23, #101149

active but selective Open minded guy- 44 - seeks open minded(meaning intelligent, open to new experiences. Not radical in food or politics/religion) woman - 30 to 50 for companionship for movies, plays, travel, home cooked meals. Must like cats. cyclops, 44, #101165 christian_country_boy I’m a delightful guy i am also friendly, caring, honest, i’m looking for some one who is honest, caring and doesn’t take advantage of any one i am a very good cook. whitethunder2010, 24, #101152 M.A.T.T. ; it works everytime If you wanna know what M.A.T.T. stands for then I’ll tell you sometime! mdj681, 28, #101147 Smart and Handsome Smart and handsome says it all! It may also say “arrogant,” but I’ll take that risk. I am a pretty laid back guy and have eclectic tastes. I hope to prove that nice guys can finish first. boise177635, #101148

Diamond in a Rhinestone World Wildly creative, down to earth in a head in the clouds kind of way, Bombshell. I have a wicked sense of humor, a deep quiet side, and a hopelessly romantic side. I value hearts before heads and humor before handsomeness. BoiseBombshell, 28, #101121 Boise Cycling Guy I’m looking for others to hang out with, dinner and a movie, cycling, or just relaxing. I enjoy coffee shops, bookstores and cooking. cycleman83713, 37, #101090

BW Just Friends Funny Smart Girly Gamer..Lol Lets talk! neonpinkrocker, 22, #101109 Sexy, smart, and kind! I’m a good guy that loves his friends. If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, you’ll be a Man. boisebud77, 33, #101107

Stagecoach Inn Garden City/Kuna

Shorty’s Saloon

5467 Glenwood St., 208-322-6699 It’s been around for a million years and isn’t going anywhere. Waylon and Willie are on the jukebox, Budweiser and Coors are on hand and live bands are on stage.

4-E’s Bar

379 E. Main St., Kuna With racks on the wall and a pair of matching flower curtains, the bar feels like home. Check out the quarter pool on antique tables.

Cowgirls Saloon

353 Ave. E, Kuna, 208-922-9522 Cowgirls has a reputation for putting on a serious party and all the party girls know it. The bar is designed as the best place to get your groove on with an extra wide counter, handles on the ceiling to help you stay up. 54 | BAR BAR 2010 

3132 Chinden Blvd., 208-342-4161 Stagecoach Inn is a Boise staple. Waitresses wear fringed dresses, serving up strong drinks and big steaks in the old-school bar and restaurant.

Creekside Lounge

751 W. Fourth St., Kuna, 208-922-4421 Full bar, large wine selection, cigars, a handy steak joint next door and the name-implied creekside setting offer up Kuna’s best place to get a martini, a nice glass of wine or a cocktail—if, that is, you can decide from its selection of 180 different kinds of liquor.

Longhorn Lounge

458 W. Main St., Kuna, 208-922-4163 Nobody knows how long the Longhorn has been around, and you never know who will end up there. But they’re probably hungry. It’s is the only place for late-night grub. Prices are so cheap, they don’t need a happy hour. w w w. b o i s e w e e k l y . c o m


Red Eye Bar and Grill

414 W. Main St., Kuna, 208-922-9797 Red Eye is perfect for losing track of time. It’s the kind of place that’s made for watching a band or NASCAR. The Red Eye has been a part of Kuna forever and continues to instill a desire to have a good time and still behave yourself.

TANNIN’s Bistro

458 W. Main St., Kuna, 208-922-4163 Known by the locals as Leffler’s, this joint has expanded beverage choices by combining a coffee house, bistro and wine bar, with a full bar to keep thing interesting. Serving a variety of concoctions all day long.

Bill-N-Lynn’s Place

229 W. Franklin, Meridian, 208-888-4075 Don’t mistake this bar for anything than what it is: a shack in the middle of a mud parking lot. But it’s not what’s on the outside. Bill & Lynn’s is Meridian’s version of Cheers, only a little smokier, darker and grittier.

The Bull’s Head Pub

1441 N. Eagle Road, Meridian, 208-855-5858 The pub upstairs is for the grown-ups, while downstairs is family friendly. Check out the English-pub-tinged menu or the activities going on in the room next door.

The Busted Shovel

704 W. Main St., Meridian, 208-288-2217 It’s a biker bar that’s not just for bikers. This downtown Meridian staple offers a full bar and serves an array of pub food. Check out the choppers and hogs lined up out front throughout the summer.


3541 N. Eagle Road, Meridian, 208-939-9209 At this family friendly sports pub, everyone is a sports fan. The bar is a cool place to drink, but the real looker is the 1968 Shelby.


Corkscrews Wine Shop and Pub

729 N. Main St., Meridian, 208-888-4049 Nothing like a subterranean wine bar in the heart of Meridian. This little low-ceiling joint is a low-key hangout for the crowd who likes their wine fine and their music smooth.

Flatbread Community Oven

830 N. Main St., Meridian, 208-288-0969 This location has ringside seats in downtown Meridian with garage doors that roll open in the summer.

Gelato Cafe

2053 E. Fairview Ave., Ste. 101, Meridian, 208846-8410 Sip on unusual martini combinations, all of which include a scoop of gelato. We recommend the Wet Dream, a chocolate, Baileys and vodka-enriched rapture.

Gino’s Italian Ristorante

3015 McMillan Road, Meridian, 208-887-7710 If you’re going to name a restaurant after yourself, it’d better be good. Gino has made sure it’s superb. A move to Meridian included a sophisticated bar. Partake of a cocktail or enjoy an offering from the lengthy wine list.

Goodwood Barbecue

1140 N. Eagle Road, Meridian, 208-884-1021 If it can be barbecued, chances are, Goodwood has it. Thankfully, it also has a wellstocked bar that’s more than just a place to wait for a table.

Harry’s Bar and Grill

2032 E. Overland Road, Meridian, 208-888-9868 Serving beer so cold that it’s a beer slushy. The walls are full of Harry paraphernalia from Dirty Harry posters to When Harry Met Sally.


Jaker’s Bar and Grill

3268 E. Pine St., Meridian, 208-288-0898 With its elegant, sweeping bar decked out in dark wood and deep green accents, it’s a casual place that manages to feel upscale. Eat at the bar or in one of the barside booths, or wait for a table where you can enjoy nightly dinner specials.

Kahootz Steak and Alehouse

1603 Main St., 208-895-9861 A beer drinker really needs to know only one thing about Kahootz: 43 taps are pouring beer every day. And if all that beer makes you hungry, the kitchen doesn’t have a deep fryer and the soups are all homemade.

Kay and Traci’s 127 Club

127 E. Idaho St., Meridian, 208-884-0122 Country music, darts, beer and pool. Locals are well acquainted with the bar, frequently taking in live music on the weekend.

Kit Kat Club

4842 W. Franklin St., Meridian, 208-888-7731 On a list of Meridian landmarks, there’s the watertower and the Kit Kat Club. While the bikini bar serves beer, wine and bar food, no one really pays attention to the drinks. It’s more about the ... atmosphere.


2500 E. Fairview Ave., Meridian, 208-884-5200 Take a seat in the airy walnut bar for full service, or plunk down with drink and wait to be seated for American Italian food.


501 Main St., Meridian, 208-898-9470 Muggsy’s is like Disney World for the over-21, sports-bar-loving crowd. The place is packed with giant wood furniture, flatscreens and sports clutter from NASCAR to cricket.

Sam’s Saloon Meridian/Star

Mulligans Bar and Eatery

601 S. Main St., Meridian, 208-884-3737 This family friendly joint gets a little sassier by night. With a stainless steel bar, a full menu and a summer patio, it’s all about kicking back.

The New Frontier Club

116 E. Broadway, Meridian, 208-888-9034 If you’re new to the area, stop by the historic New Frontier. You’ll see why people are moving to Meridian.

Rudy’s Pub and Grill

2310 E. Overland Road, Meridian, 208-884-4453 A sports bar with a toned-down atmosphere. Sure, there are giant flat screens and a pool table, but you’ll also find a full menu and a family friendly restaurant. 60 | BAR BAR 2010 

10937 W. State St., Star, 208-286-7794 At any time, regulars fill the bar, playing horseshoes or pool. Visitors who wander in are welcome, too.


324 S. Meridian Road, Meridian, 208-888-2048 Lots of locals with clientele sauntering in from the bowling alley next door. If you’re into darts, they have five boards.

White Water Saloon

1646 N. Meridian Road, Meridian, 208-888-3063 Don’t be fooled by its Meridian address, this bar is the real deal. No food, no kids, light up as you please.


11123 W. State St., Star, 208-286-7743 The newest addition to the Star bar scene is a good ol’ Irish pub with a full menu. Check out the patio and horseshoe pits. w w w. b o i s e w e e k l y . c o m



AGE: 24 BAR: tom



What’s your favorite shot? Jameson. What’s your speciality drink? Jameson. Do you think of yourself as hot, or do you feel objectified by this? I feel a bit objectified. What’s the most memorable pick up line you’ve ever heard? I hate to say the dirty ones ... Can we skip this one ...

Bar Bar Volume 2  

A printed companion to libations, deals and potential debauchery in the whole of Ada County brought to you by the swillers at Boise Weekly

Bar Bar Volume 2  

A printed companion to libations, deals and potential debauchery in the whole of Ada County brought to you by the swillers at Boise Weekly