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Agency for New Americans


rothers and sisters, it’s time you started listening to the good word. Not a word from on high. No, the word from deep inside your very being. You know which one we’re talking about: That nagging feeling it’s about damned time you left your selfish ways behind and started giving back to others. Rejoice, brothers and sisters, Boise Weekly is here to help you find your socially conscious salvation. And being the charitable souls that we are, we’ve even done the hard work for you. Here in BW’s annual Volunteer Guide, you’ll find a list of Treasure Valley organizations that routinely work with volunteers to accomplish their missions. From nonprofits that bring the arts to children, to groups that help refugees get their bearings when they come to this country, to crews that help keep the environment clean, there’s something to fit every interest, ability and time limitation. This is by no means a complete list of organizations that need a little extra help, but we’re hoping it helps readers see the light and find true inspiration. For even more volunteer opportunities, visit BW’s new Volunteer page at, where you can find information on volunteer projects throughout the year. If you represent an organization that needs volunteer help, the Volunteer page will also be a resource you can use to rally the troops.

New arrivals in the United States need a little help getting settled, and that’s where the Agency for New Americans comes in. The nonprofit works to support refugees as they transition, and it takes a lot of volunteers to pull it off. Volunteers are needed to help with job coaching, English language classes, working with families, mentoring refugees on the culture and daily life, as well as doing office work and fundraising. Anyone interested can start by filling out a volunteer application available online and attending an orientation. There is additional training for some positions.

A.L.P.H.A. Allies Linked for the Prevention of HIV and AIDS is a driving force behind education about HIV and AIDS—as well other sexually transmitted diseases—in the Treasure Valley. But volunteers are needed to do a little bit of everything and anything, from office work to staffing outreach events. Volunteers are also needed at Exposure A.L.P.H.A. Interchange, the nonprofit’s retail thrift store. New volunteer orientation is held every other Thursday.



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Boise Art Museum

It’s a tough job bringing beauty to the world—seriously, it takes a whole lot of work and a small army of volunteers to keep the doors of Boise Art Museum open and to bring an array of art and programs to the public. Volunteers greet patrons, take admissions, work the museum store and provide information. They also work in the administrative office and help with programs. If you’re more interested in a concentrated effort, the museum’s largest fundraiser of the year, Art in the Park, requires hundreds of volunteers to help with every aspect from setting up to final accounting. Check BAM’s website and request a volunteer application for all positions. Contact: Visitors’ Services, Shauna, Ext. 34,; Office, Hana, Ext. 10,; Education, Drew, Ext. 36,; Art in the Park, Mary Corrock, Ext. 14, Website: Phone: 208-345-8330

Contact: Yasmin Aguilar, Website: Phone: 208-338-0033, Ext. 269

Contact: Scott Weisenberger, Website: Phone: 208-424-7799




Boise Bicycle Project

lead kids’ bike-safety programs, help out during community bike drives and represent the organization at numerous events throughout the year. Volunteers just need to have a love of bikes and, more importantly, the community. Contact: Jimmy Hallyburton, Website: Phone: 208-429-6520

Boise River Volunteers Boise has a lot of things going for it, but the members of Boise River Volunteers help make sure that the thing going through Boise is as clean as possible. BRV is the group dedicated to making sure the beloved Boise River stays nice and clean throughout the busy summer floating season. The group conducts weekly cleanup floats to pick up any trash left in or near the river. Volunteers have even been known to rescue a forlorn boater or two. Anyone interested in joining can contact the group via its website and click on the contact link. Contact: Chris Crawford Website:

In the few short years of its existence, Boise Bicycle Project has become one of the most beloved nonprofit organizations in the Treasure Valley. Whether the crew is helping fix up old bikes to be donated to area children and those in need or running a bicycle safety program for kids, BBP is one busy group of people. It’s also a community-driven group that depends on volunteers. BBP volunteers help fix up donated bikes, teach others how to care for their own bikes,




Boise Weekly Vol. 20 Issue 43  

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Boise Weekly Vol. 20 Issue 43  

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