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By Rick Karlin We recently polled our readers and the audience says…. Oh, wait, that’s “Family Feud”. Thanks to those who participated on our on-line survey asking for you to vote on BOI’S BEST The responses were varied. If you’re looking for a category for which you voted and don’t see it, that’s because we eliminated a few categories for which there were no clear leaders. So here we are with BOI’S BEST as voted by our readers.

Best Bar or Club

Progress, a new contender took home the honors. Among the other strong vote-getters were Sidetrack, Berlin, Circuit, Club Escape, Spin and Roscoe’s.

Best Video Bar

Sidetrack was the clear winner with more than four times the votes of any other nominee. The Call got a very respectable second place.

Best Cruising Bar or Club

Touché was the clear winner, followed by Hydrate, Roscoe’s, Jackhammer and 2nd Story.

Best Late Hour Bar

Jackhammer nailed this one. Among the other top contenders, Little Jim’s, Touché and The Closet, which is not really not a late hour bar, but hey who are we to say, maybe it is for the folks who voted.

Best Leather Bar

Touché was the clear winner again, with Jackhammer a close second.

Best Patio at a Bar or Club

Sidetrack scored top honors again, closely followed by Roscoe’s. I’m putting my two cents in here and adding Replay. Because it’s a relatively new bar, not many people know about it’s wonderful back patio. Kit Kat topped the dining patio category, with Roscoe’s and Halsted’s close behind..

Best Sports Bar or Club

Crew, period, end of sentence.

Best Neighborhood Bar

Hamburger Mary’s, The Glenwood and Sofo Tap captured the top spots for the North side along with North End and @mosphere. I guess downtown is considered a neighborhood since both 2nd Story and the aptly named Downtown Bar got their fare share of the votes.

Favorite Bartender

This was a new category for us and, as part of the learning curve, we now realize we should have been more specific in our instructions. We had a lot of votes such as Sam, Dan, Linda, etc. We assumed that folks would name the place where their bartender worked, but ,as my Granny used to say, “Never assume…”. However, there were some votes that were clear, such as Norbert from Sidetrack, Darrick at Touché, Antonio from El Jardin and Jay at Mini Bar.

Favorite Neighborhood

The top vote-getters were Boystown, Andersonville/Edgewater and Rogers Park, just as they have been for decades. Frankly, I’m surprised that Uptown, Bucktown, Pilsen and Wicker Park didn’t show up more often. boiMAG 

Best Neighborhood Restaurant

Lady Gregory’s scored big time, followed closely by Crew, Las Mananitas and Nookies.

Best 24 Hour Dining

The Golden Nugget got the most votes if you add up for all the locations, while The Melrose and iHop a/k/a Gay Hop was often cited as well.

Best Pizza Place

As usual Chicagoans are divided in their choice for the city’s best pizza. Among the local chains, Lou Malnati’s, Apart Pizza and Leona’s were the top vote getters. For independent businesses Pie Hole and Calo were the faves.

Favorite Hookup Site

There were a number of sites that showed up consistently, but none was a clear leader. I’ve been told that those looking for a hook-up probably use multiple sites. As an old married man, I defer to the sluts, uhm, I mean experts. Among the top vote-getters were Squirt, M4M, Rentboy, B411, Growlr and Scruff.

Best Adult Entertainment The expected leaders were Steamworks, Man’s Country , The Bijou Theater, Lucky Horseshoe, and Ram, but Cupid’s Treasures and Banana Video also had their fans.

10 boiMAG

Way back in January, Shaun Sperling, writing for The Huffington Post listed, “The 10 Best Things About Chicago’s LGBTQ Community” and included Chicago’s long history of being at the forefront of the gay rights movement, the bars (specifically mentioning Chances Dances, the roaming GLBT dance party and Sunday afternoons at Sidetrack.) He also remarked on Midwestern hospitality, gayborhoods, GLBTQ activists, diversity, queer artists and GLBTQ athletes and the summers. No best of list would not be complete without a “worst of”, and for that we can thank Terrence Chappell from ChicagoPride. com, who also contributes to The Huffington Post. Late last year, he posted a list of what he claims are “The Douchiest Gays of Chicago”. I bet you know who he’s talking about! He lists, The Pretend Fabulous, no money but living large, The 35-Year-Old Twink (aka men who refuse to mature), The Academic who uses his education to compensate for a lack of social skills. The Sidekick who is usually the unfortunate-looking friend of the hot guy who is trying to talk to you in the club. The Homo Thug who blasts rap and is on the down-low. Halsted Street Socialites who work in strip’s bars but act like they own them. The Grindr Geek who’s longest, most intimate relationship lasts for about 200 characters or 30 minutes, whichever (or whomever) comes first. Gay guys who are Mean Girls who never have anything positive to say and hate on everyone. The Jim Crow Supporter who thinks it’s appropriate to tell racist jokes. And, of course, The Gym Rat, fixated on fitness and hot bodies.. if you don’t have one, you’d best keep moving on. Is Mr. Chappell bitter? Yes, but he’s also right. I bet every reader can identify at least one of his douche-types, unless of course, he is one of those douche-types himself.

chicagos best

Gay Bars & Clubs?

By Rick Karlin In the survey of our readership for our “BOI”S BEST” there were a few surprises, but it got me to wondering, “What do outsiders think are the best bars and clubs for GLBT folks in Chicago?” By outsiders, I mean those writing for Chicago’s mainstream press or for the GLBT press outside of Chicago. After a bit of research on the Internet, I was able to collect data from a variety of sites to gauge an outsider’s idea of Chicago’s best GLBT clubs. The answers are sometimes right on the money and sometimes shockingly off-base. Chicagoist, which purports to be the ”most popular local blog in the Windy City” and “dedicated to documenting the Second City and all its quirks.” Is actually owned by NYC-based Gothamist LLC. The network includes nine web sites in four countries, each covering local news, events, food, and entertainment. We were interested to discover what they thought were the best gay bars and clubs in Chicago. Its list included; 2nd Story, Marty’s, The Glenwood, Spyners, Sidetrack, Berlin, Big Chicks, and Scot’s Bar. It gave honorable mention to; Crew, Scarlet, Kit Kat and The Baton. A recent inquiry on Yelp for “the best gay bars in Chicago” provided this top 20 list (in descending order); Sidetrack, Big Chicks, 2nd Story Bar, Downtown, Jackhammer, Scarlet, Spin, Sofo Tap, Parlour and Scot’s, were in the upper tier. The next level included Granville Anvil, The Call, Bobby Love’s, Hydrate, Circuit, Replay, Lucky Horseshoe, @mosphere, Roscoe’s and Charlie’s.

The Reader’s recent “Best of” listings for 2013 named Berlin as best gay bar, with Sidetrack as runner-up., Berlin’s Stardust captured the “Best GLBT dance Party” crown with Chances Dances coming in second. The “Best Lesbian Bar” title was captured by Big Chicks, with Parlour coming in second. In May, Time Out Chicago listed its choices for “Best Gay Bars in Chicago”. Among those making the alphabetical listing were, Berlin, Big Chicks, The Closet, Crew, Downtown, Elixir, The Glenwood, Mary’s Attic, Parlour, Scarlet, Sidetrack and Wang’s. The February 2013 issue of Chicago Magazine listed the following as “Chicago’s best gay bars” Big Chicks, Elixir, Second Story, Sidetrack and T’s Bar & Restaurant (which closed soon thereafter.) Hoping to get a list of the options for da ladeez, I went to lesbiannightlife. com for its list of “Chicago’s best bars and clubs for lesbians.” I got a little suspicious when I saw listings that weren’t even club or bar related. Then when I got to the list of clubs. I noticed the list included a number of strip clubs geared toward straight men. The kicker was when I saw that this site’s recommendations included Star Gaze (closed for what, 5 years, now?), T’s (also closed), Velvet Rope (also closed) and, get this, Chicago Eagle (also closed for many years). Chicago Bar Project, has been touted as “a comprehensive guide to almost all alcoholic destinations throughout the city.” Sean Parnell who runs the site claims that it is “…about bars to give a local perspective on what Chicago’s bars are really like, written by someone who knows them.” Well this writer thinks that there are only eight gay bars on Halsted! That’s what happens when you let straight men write about gay bars! boiMAG 13

chicagos best So much for what Chicagoans think are the best bars and clubs in the city. Now we enter an even funkier area, “What Other Folks Think Are the Best Gay Bars in Chicago”. In June Out Magazine listed what it claimed were the “200 of the Greatest Gay Bars in the World”. A lofty goal to say the least. Chicago came in second only to New York City for the number of bars making the list. Out Magazine identified the following Chicago establishments as “world class,” Roscoe’s, Big Chicks, Cell Block, Hamburger Mary’s, Minibar and Sidetrack, which it dubbed, “the best bar/club in all of the Midwest.” To see what other opinions were out there, we searched “Best Gay Bars in Chicago 2013” and “Best GLBT Clubs in Chicago 2013” using both Google Chrome and Bing search engines. The results were as disparate in preferences as they were in accuracy. lists the tops spots as Spin, Big Chicks, Roscoe’s, Crobar, The Closet, Crew, Temptations, Sidetrack, Circuit and Kit Kat. Yeah, we know, Crobar and Temptations are both closed and this list is from 2011, but it just goes to show you’ve got to be careful checking dates of lists on line. Logo’s “New Now Next” web site picks “The 5 Best Rebound Bars In Chicago” as Minibar, Roscoe’s, Sidetrack, Jackhammer and The Closet. Not certain what the criteria was, they all seem kind of random.

14 boiMAG

Gay offers favorites ranked by the number of fans and star ratings based upon reviews. The top spots (with at least 15 reviews) are; Sidetrack-4.5 stars, Roscoe’s-4 stars, Jackhammer-4 stars, Hydrate-3.5 stars, Minibar-3 stars, Berlin-4 stars, Touché 4 stars, Lucky Horseshoe-3.5 stars and Circuit-3.5 stars. has a link for “Bars and Clubs” and, when you click on it, lists Hydrate. That’s it. I guess we only have one gay bar or club in Chicago. LOL! selects the following as “The Best of Boystown” Sidetrack, Roscoe’s, Closet, Berlin, Scarlet and North End. Outside of Boystown, it listed, Downtown Bar, Second Story, Mary’s Attic and The Baton. claims that it is, “One of the most comprehensive web sites about global gay nightlife. We always try to list all gay clubs, gay bars, men saunas and gay and cruise parties... so you know where to go and when.” It has no listings for any gay bars, clubs or bathhouses in Chicago. Now that doesn’t seem very comprehensive to me! The Huffington Post’s most recent ranking of GLBT bars in Chicago is almost 3 years old, but it does get credit for including the Jeffrey Pub. gets points for an article dated June 26, 2012 entitled “Best Gay Clubs in Chicago for Straight Folks”. It includes Kit Kat, Spin, Sidetrack, Downtown, Hamburger Mary’s and Scarlet, which is pretty right on!

16 boiMAG

boiMAG 17


Rick Karlin s Big Bite

For the “BOI’S BEST” issue, it only seems logical to name my choices for the tops in three dishes for which Chicago is famous for, pizza, hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches.

crab and shrimp rolls and Indian, Asian, Mexican, and Greek variations is opening a new location in the French Market.

Lou Malnati’s locations throughout the Chicago area, is the hands down winner in my book. The other places usually mentioned, Uno’s, Due’s, Gino’s and Giordano’s don’t even come close. Now, if only Lou’s would deliver.

The Wicker Park and Bucktown Chamber of Commerce presents The 2nd Annual Fall Dinner Crawl, from 6 to 9 p.m. on Oct. 1. During the event passport-holders can enjoy hearty samples from more than thirty local restaurants through this unique dining event. Participating restaurants in Wicker Park and Bucktown will be divided into three routes, dubbed The Fork, The Knife, & The Spoon. Each route will consist of at least 10 restaurants. Foodies can purchase a ticket for the route they want to explore. The Fork Route will include, Antique Taco, The Savoy, Bar Bar Black Sheep, Covo, Rodan, Pint Pub & Grill, Ready Coffee, Francesca’s Forno, Chop Shop and Trencherman. The Knife Route includes, Lucky’s Sandwich Shop, Dimo’s Pizza, Feast, Silver Cloud, Grass Fed, The Bluebird, Las Palmas, Club Lucky, Riverside Café, Jane’s and Lil Guys & My Pie. The Spoon Route features, The Bedford, Prasino, The Boundary, Jerry’s, Fatpour Tap Works, Takito Kitchen, Caffe Gelato, Small Bar, Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta, and Joe’s Wine Cellar. Tickets are $35 in advance at http://wpbdinnercrawl. Last year’s event sold out, so purchasing tickets in advance is suggested.

Mr. Beef, 666 N. Orleans. There’s an ongoing debate as to which is the best Italian beef sandwich in Chicago. The leading contenders are usually Portillo’s, Mr. Beef or Al’s. I go with Mr. Beef, because it is not franchised, but the others are close seconds. Byron’s Hot Dogs, 1701 W. Lawrence and 1017 W. Irving Park, does the classic Chicago dog right. No fancy meats, no duck fat fries, no need. They’ll grill the dog if you ask, but why ruin the perfect combination of tastes and texture? Now, on to the dining news... Waterleaf in Glen Ellyn will host a four-course prix fixe dinner with wine pairings by Duckhorn Vineyards on Sept. 26. The dinner is $85 per guest, call 630.942.6881 for reservations. Dunlay’s on the Square holds “New Belgium Beer Garden Night” on Sept. 24 from 6 to 9 p.m. Tickets are $25 per person, and reservations are required, call 773.227.2400. Da Lobsta, known for its New England style lobster rolls, along with exotic variations such as blue

18 boiMAG

Tortoise Club, in River North swings into fall with a new lounge menu, featuring snacks such as crispy fried olives, Chorizo dip and house-made onion dip with sea salt & vinegar chips. Those looking for a full meal can sample steak tartare, lobster roll, and Tortoise Club’s special cheeseburger.

boiMAG 19

20 boiMAG



The Bagel 3107 N. Broadway 773.477.0300

Anna Maria Pasteria 4400 N. Clark

The quintessential Jewish style deli is the perfect spot for a corned beef or pastrami sandwich, some chicken soup, lox and bagels or a full dinner.

Chicago Diner 3411 N. Halsted 773.935.6696

This world famous vegetarian restaurant offers vegan and organic offerings. Organic beers, wine, and spirits are also available.

Byron’s Hot Dogs 1017 W. Irving Park Rd.

773.281-7474 1701 W. Lawrence 773.271-0900. The place for classic Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches and the best French fries this side of paradise

Golden Nugget Family Restaurants

2720 N. Clark 773.929.0724. 2406 W. Diversey 773.252.8903. 1765 W. Lawrence 773.769.6700. A great option for after bar dining as they are all open 24-7, and have free parking. Everything is housemade, known for fluffy buttermilk pancakes.

Halsted’s Bar & Grill 3441 N. Halsted

773.348.9696 This Boystown eatery serves up a wide array of tasty appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, and popular comfort food items at very reasonable prices in a fun and inviting atmosphere.

Hamburger Mary’s 5400 N. Clark

773.784.6969. “Eat, Drink and be... MARY” at this fun and popular Andersonville restaurant which features a array of burgers and sandwiches, along with an interesting selection of tasty appetizers.

Horizon Café 3805 N. Broadway 773.883.1565.

This long-time popular Lakeview family restaurant serves up big portions of creative homestyle dishes as well as healthy fare at affordable prices. Breakfast served all day long.

Kit Kat Lounge 3700 N. Halsted 773.525.1111. Providing the best of diva entertainment along with a full dinner menu,

Philly’s Best 907 W. Belmont 773.525.7900.

Authentic Philly cheese steak sandwich. Their meat is brought directly from Philadelphia. Also, medium crust pizza, oven baked grinders & fresh salads. ASIAN__________________

Jitlada Thai House 3715 N Halsted |

773.388.9988 This quaint family-owned eatery features Asian favorites such as Pad Thai, pineapple fried rice, crab rangoon, pot stickers, tempura and spice curry.

773.506.2662. Owned by sisters who hail from the Basilicata region of southern Italy, this neighborhood gem creates homemade modern and traditional Italian dishes that are authentic & delicious.

Mia Francesca 3311 N. Clark 773.281.3310.

Hosting the coolest and hippest Sunday brunch crowd in Lakeview. Brunch here is loud, raucous and FUN! Great for dinner, as well.

Panino’s Pizzeria 3702 N. Broadway

773.472.6200. Panino’s has established itself as a Boystown favorite with its varied menu selections, including gyros and burgers, pasta entrees.

Piehole Pizza 3477 N. Broadway 773.525.8888

and their new location at 5001 N. Clark. From their hole to yours. Traditional pizza served in untraditional ways. 773.525.8888. Their “hole” is open Sunday-Thursday from 11am-midnight and Friday & Saturday until 3am. Grab it and go or have it delivered.. Delivering until late at night. MEDITERRANEAN____

Gyro-Mena 905 W. Belmont 773.935.2600.

Augments the Athenian Gyros by satisfying the American desire to pick our own toppings! True Athenian Gyros is a choice of all natural non-ground meat (pork or chicken) stacked and cooked on a rotisserie.

Sayat Nova 157 E. Ohio 312.644.9159. Classic

Mediterranean-American fare served in comfortable surroundings Every Thursday night things get extra gay for the “Boystown in Downtown” party. MEXICAN/LATIN__________

El Mariachi 3906 N. Broadway 773.549-2932

and at 3420 N. Broadway 773.549-7020. Quickly becoming one of the very best Mexican restaurants in the city, the focus is on using fresh, high-quality ingredients for its “south of the border” cuisine. Full bar featuring over 100 brands of tequila.

Las Mananitas 3523 N. Halsted St. 773.528.2109. Traditional & regional Mexican dishes along with freshly squeezed limes for margaritas. Nice place to eat, drink and window watch people on Halsted St. Has a full bar & plenty of hardy dishes to satisfy any appetite. Serving the community for over 28 years.

More at Dining Link

boiMAG 21

the you ball

EdgeAlliance Annual Gala EdgeAlliance will host its 21st annual gala, The YOU! Ball on Saturday, Nov. 18 at Venue One. At the event chefs from some of Chicago’s finest restaurants will host food stations featuring their signature specialties. This event is one of the agency’s major annual fund raisers and includes silent and live auctions. Among the auction items are trips, entertainment and sports memorabilia, dining certificates, wine tastings and golf outings, among many others.

22 boiMAG

“As we enter our 22nd year of service, we invite everyone to join us for a spectacular evening in urban chic attire while helping to raise money that will positively impact the quality of life for hundreds of at-risk families and individuals,” said EdgeAlliance Board Member and YOU! Ball Event cochair Kevin Rocio. “These additional funds will help support the critical programs and services we provide, so our guests will be doing a world of good by having an evening of fun.” Ticket price for the party is $125, or $175 for VIP admission. Sponsorship levels include a $10,000 Presenting Sponsor, $7,500 Diamond Sponsors, $5,000 Emerald Sponsors, $2,500 Sapphire Sponsors and $1,250 Host Committee Sponsors. Information on how to purchase tickets or become a sponsor, contact Joey Wasserman at 773.359.0122 or by email

Chicago Spotlight

Brandon Wright and Ashley Wright Identical twins Ashley and Brandon Wright were on their own career paths before opening a Hamburger Mary’s franchise in Chicago. They were so successful, that not only has the original restaurant expanded from its original dining room to include Mary’s Rec Room and Mary’s Attic, but they also ended up buying the Hamburger Mary’s franchise system with fellow franchisee, Dale who owns the West Hollywood and Long Beach locations. We posed our Chicago Spotlight questions to each twin separately. When did you come out and what was the experience like for you? Brandon Wright: I didn’t come out until after I graduated from Auburn University and moved to Chicago, but I knew I was gay since I was a kid. Maybe I was waiting to get away from my conservative and fairly religious family in Georgia and Alabama. Auburn University at the time was also not a gay-friendly place. There was actually a bit of national controversy over their denial of a charter to an LGBT student club. CNN, ACLU, they were all on campus for the debate. I was tempted to “join the revolution” and pronounce my gayness to the world, but I had this guilt about how my family would react. I did stand with the AGLA (Auburn Gay & Lesbian Association), but as a straight-ally. In hindsight, I wish I would have come out in college. Ashley Wright: I came out my senior year in at Auburn, which is a very conservative college in Alabama. I was pretty active in campus politics, and had my own call-in talk show on the campus radio station. Of course, I was always on the liberal side of things. I was very vocal in the debate, but wasn’t out myself. So my coming out wasn’t a big surprise to folks. Please name some of your GLBT heroes and say a few words about why you chose them. BW: Ellen (DeGeneres) and Rosie (O’Donnell) are two public individuals whom I admire. I mean, it was pretty courageous (of them) to jeopardize their careers and come out in such a public way. On a local level, Art Johnson and Pep Pena. They would make my list just for bringing Sidetrack into the world. Art and Pep are more than just bar owners. They use their success to influence change, giving back to the community. I don’t really know them personally, but their careers are ones that I wouldn’t mind emulating. AW: My grandfather wasn’t gay but he is one of my biggest influences. Steve Migalski, who happens to live in Chicago now, was a student at Auburn while I was there, and was president of the Auburn Gay & Lesbian Association. He was pretty much vilified in certain parts of campus, but didn’t let it deter him. I think the way he presented himself in the face of adversity on campus was inspiring. Of course there’s Ellen DeGeneres.

What do you consider to be your most significant contribution to the GLBT community in Chicago and at large? BW: I think owning a business that serves the GLBT community is a pretty big contribution, especially one like Hamburger Mary’s. There are gay establishments, and there are straight establishments. Then there’s Hamburger Mary’s, which is a place where gays and straights intermingle and no one cares. “An open-air bar & grill for open-minded people” is our motto. When we were presented with the opportunity to purchase the master-franchise, we jumped. We love the Mary’s concept, and now we get to be a part of sharing that with people in other cities. AW: I’d like to think that opening Hamburger Mary’s has been positive for Andersonville and the Chicago GLBT community. We try to give back to our community, both gay and straight. Through HamBingo Mary’s, we’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charities. We are also very committed to the environment, and are very proud to be a three-star certified green restaurant. What are your future goals and aspirations? BW: Right now, we are focused on growing the Mary’s brand. We recently opened our first international location in Berlin, Germany, partnering with the “hetero-friendly” Axel Hotel. We hope that spawns interest in other European cities. Stateside, we are also expanding. There are now 12 U.S. locations. There were only four locations five years ago, and the list is growing. As a brewer, I’m also interested in expanding the Mary’s line of beers, which we brew on-site. Some type of distribution might be in the works here in Chicago. AW: Since taking over the master-franchise for Hamburger Mary’s, we are now working on expanding the brand to new locations, and there are a couple things in the works for new Mary’s in the U.S. It’s enough to keep us busy for a while. Words of wisdom to the next GLBT generation. BW: Be yourselves, and don’t be afraid to take chances in life as long as you believe in what you are doing. The future is pretty bright. The past and current GLBT leaders have fought hard for acceptance and equality. AW: Be true to yourself.

boiMAG 25



by Rick Karlin

As the leaves fall, the curtains open on a new theater season, and with that brings a whole slew of new openings. BoHo Theatre kicks off season with Ira Levin’s horror thriller “Veronica’s Room” at the Heartland Studio, running through Oct. 27. 866.811.4111 or visit Pride Films and Plays launches its new season with the world premiere of Martin Casella’s drama, “Directions for Restoring the Apparently Dead”. The play runs Oct. 4 through Nov. 10, at Stage 773. 773.327.5252. Shattered Globe Theatre kicks of its season with “Other People’s Money”, running through Oct. 19, at its new home, Theater Wit. 773.975.8150 or “9 to 5, The Musical”, based on the popular 1980 film, runs at the Marriott Theatre through Oct. 20. 847.634.0200 or Mercury Theater presents “The Color Purple” through October 27. 773.325.1700. Porchlight Music Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of “Double Trouble”, book, music and lyrics by brothers Bob Walton and Jim Walton, running through Oct. 6, at Stage 773. 773.327.5252 or

26 boiMAG

Nora Dunn’s one-woman show, “Mythical Proportions” plays at Theater Wit through September 22. Call 773.975-8150 or Interrobang Theatre Project kicks off its season with “Terminus”, running through Oct. 6 at The Athenaeum Theatre. or 773.935.6875 American Blues Theater is focusing on “Legends and Legacies” this season, kicking off with “ Hank Williams: Lost Highway”, running through Oct. 6, at the Greenhouse Theater. or 773.404.7336 “B-Side Studio” , an environmental piece on the set of a ‘70s-style sitcom, running through Oct. 12 at The Logan Center for the Arts, 915 E. 60th. Each week will feature a new episode performed in front of a live studio audience. 773.702. 2787 or visit their site at Piccolo Theatre in Evanston presents “The Mystery of Irma Vep” through Oct. 12. More at The Harris Theater celebrates its 10th season this fall with Latin Grammy Award-winning singer and Fado sensation Mariza on Wednesday, Oct. 23 and the Chicago debut of Savion Glover’s STePz, on Friday, Jan. 24. Queer Comedy at Zanies teamed up with Advocate Magazine, Absolut Vodka and Sidetrack for “Stand Out, The National Queer Comedy Search.” The finale will be held at Zanies on Sept. 24. Chicagoan Cody Melcher is among those appearing in the final round. Tix are $15.

boiMAG 27

in the know ... ON THE GO Big News in the ‘Burbs Hunter’s, the largest bar in suburban Chicago is closing. David Sikora from Progress Bar is teaming up with Justin Romme to open Phoenix Bar and Nightclub in that same space. The change will take place at the end of this month, after a short shut down for some remodeling, which will include installing an LED dance floor and flat screen monitors throughout. Many of the staff are staying on, so your favorite bartenders will be back slinging drinks … Circuit Mom Productions has is working with Asylum Haunted House to create an GLBT night . A gay haunted house, what’s that? Rooms of furniture from Macy’s? You can see for yourself at Asylum’s space in Villa Park on Oct. 17… Chicago Fire soccer team holds its Pride Night on Saturday, Sept. 28 at Toyota Field.

them on Saturday, Sept. 21... If you’ve ever wanted to act out your Magic Mike fantasies head over to M7 Bar on Wednesday nights for its weekly amateur stripper contest. Bro-mos and Otters are encouraged to participate. See how I tied that all up together there?

Street Talk There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Velicity Metropolis is the illegitimate daughter Mama June of “Here Comes Honey BooBoo.” Speaking of Velicity, she’ll host “Chergasm” at Hamburger Mary’s on Sept. 21 to celebrate the release of Cher’s new album… ProgressBar is hosting an Emmy viewing party on Sunday, Sept. 22, and how wonderful will NPH be as host? If he’s half as good as he was hosting the Tony Awards he’ll still be fabulous... So the new term for guys who like sports and stuff is Bro-mo. There’ll be plenty at Crew on Saturdays when the bar screens all those college football games... Another term to add to your gay vocab book is “Otter” as in trim hairy guys and Sofo Tap is celebrating

Etc. Cram is having another of its fashion shows on Oct. 3. You know what that means, free cocktails and hot men. Say no more!... Oktoberfest has begun at Touché! That means sexy men and $4 pints of Berghoff beer through Oct. 7. What more could a boi ask for?... Taverna 750’s “$5 Late Night Friday” is proving dangerous.. to my waistline… If you, like me, got mostly B’s in school, then Roscoe’s “Beers, Boys, Burgers, and Beats” on Sundays should make you feel right at home… Congrats to Naysha Lopez, Miss Illinois Continental, who took first place at the Miss Continental pageant at The Vic Theatre over Labor Day Weekend. Mr. North Carolina Continental, Kalil Valentino, took home the Mr. Continental title.

Music & Art Chicago-based gay singer/songwriter Steve Grand has followed-up on the success of the music video for “All-American Boy,” which garnered him international recognition, with a second music-video, “Stay” ... Coco Peru appears at The Center on Halsted on Friday, Sept. 20. Tickets are $150 ($250 for VIP)… Expo Chicago starts Friday, Sept. 20. The four-day art event at Navy Pier features more than 125 leading international galleries For tickets, go to

boiMAG 29



by Ace Magyar

Ask Ace By Baffled on Bissell Street MyAce bestMagyar friend is about to turn 50 and

desperately wants to be in a relationship. on Bissell Street HeBaffled is constantly saying that he can’t figure My best friend is about to turn out why he can’t meet anyone. He dresses 50 and desperately wants and acts like he’s in his 20’s. He to goes to be inparties, a relationship. is niceclubs circuit hangs outHe at dance looking, (heare works and tries to in flirtgreat with shape guys who half his out incessantly), has a wonderful age. Occasionally he will meet someone, personality and makes a goodfor a but it’s usually some twink looking living. He is constantly saying sugar daddy. How can I tell him thatthat he’ll he can’t figure out why can’t never find anyone unless hehe starts looking can age? I tell him formeet a mananyone. closer toHow his own

that it’s because he’s looking in the BABS wrong places? He dresses and Dear actstolike he’s in bubble, his 20’s.but Hethere goesare to I hate burst your circuit parties, hangs out at dance younger man who appreciate, as the French clubs and triesd’un to flirt with guys say, “les hommes certain âge” and who are half his age. Occasionally many of them are not looking for a sugar he will meet someone, but your it’s friend daddy. However, it might be that usually some twink looking is unwilling to accept the fact that for he’saaging. sugar daddy. How can I tell him If he hopes to find someone as a long-term that he’ll never find anyone unless partner, he probably won’t find him at a circuit party. Men that go to those events are generally looking for something less, shall we sat, “long term”? He’d probably do better finding a long-term relationship by volunteering for a community organization, joining a gay sports league or, when all else fails, the Internet.

Lustless on Vincennes

A few months after a bad break-up of a very dysfunctional relationship, I was fixed up with a wonderful woman. We have so much in common and we get along wonderfully. She’s been very patient while I sort out my emotions. After more than a year of dating, we’ve started a physical relationship as well.

I care for this woman deeply, but there’s just no spark. What can I do to make myself be sexually attracted to her?

Dear LOV

The question is, do you feel sexually attracted to anyone? After a break-up it is common to “shut down” sexual desire as a protective mechanism. The other possibility is that, as perfect as this woman sounds on paper, you’re just not drawn to her. You can go through the motions and hope that, eventually, those feelings will awaken (not recommended) or you can tell her that, as much as you enjoy her company, you don’t think you’ll ever be more than friends.

Crazy on Cornelia

I am in lust with the straight man that lives across the courtyard from me. I know he’s straight because his girlfriend visits all the time and they seem very much in love. Also, sometimes at night, he watches porn (I can see through a small gap in his blinds) and it’s always straight porn. Sometimes when he’s working out, I just sit and stare and watch him. I can’t stop thinking about him; I fantasize about him when I masturbate, I try to arrange to take out the garbage at the same time he does, but then I’m too embarrassed to talk to him. How can I get to know him better? He is everything I’m looking for in a man.

Dear COC

Except that he’s straight ! Also, from what you’ve told me, you don’t know anything about his personality or intelligence. Go ahead and think about him when you masturbate, there’s nothing wrong with a little fantasy. But, you also need to give yourself a reality check and recognize that, most likely, it won’t ever happen. As long as this fantasy doesn’t stop you from maintaining or establishing more realistic relationships, enjoy.

Ace Magyar has a BA in communications, a MA in sex therapy and a PHD in zoology. He is a registered couple’s counselor specializing in the GLBT community. Send your questions to ASK ACE at

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