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Dear Chad,

I have a small media company and I haven’t been able to fully understand how to use Google Analytics to my advantage. Can you please explain in simple terms the use and application of analytics. Also, what do I do with the analytics code after its been used? Do I always use the same one or do I need one for each application?

From, Jason

Hello Jason, Google Analytics is imperative for the success of your business online no matter the industry. You are provided an insight to the unique visitors to your site, pages they viewed, time spent on your site in addition to the option for call to action for purchase of goods or services. There are so many benefits to implementing Google Analytics code on to any site you manage. One you plugin your code you will be provided with data that will assist you in making ongoing decisions for your businesses ongoing success. This combined with PPC and SEO will allow for you to grow your business. You will want to generate a new Google Code for each site you have as the analytics are site specific. There is more detailed information on Google Analytics through... of course, Google.

Dear Chad,

I haven’t seen much results in “boosting” my Facebook ads. I have a strong following for my brand on social media, either FB isn’t showing it to my selected audience or there is way too much traffic on FB now for people to see it. I have good products and attractive ads, so I’m not sure what to do to get better results. Any suggestions?

From, Laura G.

Hello Laura, Make sure the ads you are displaying relate to your primary target audience. Also don’t box yourself into a corner with being too specific on your primary demographics. While it is important and honestly critical to know your target audience you might also be eliminating the opportunity to expand your business to other areas and demographics if you are too specific when setting up your ad restrictions. Cross promote on IG as this will attract more views. Don’t oversell or over discount the product or service you are providing. This can cause a lot of the same people to potentially see your ad as a snooze to your companies advertising, in addition to cheapening your brand.

Dear Chad,

I’m building a new website for my business. Other than the usual graphic design elements, contact info. and offerings, are there any other important factors I should include? BTW: Is it good to show on a website that you’re an LGBT supporter? If so, what is the best terminology to use these days and what method of display (i.e. graphics)?

Hello Lance, Make sure your site is not only visually stunning, but also informative and easy to navigate. While information is important and the key to your site being picked up on Google you can also over-inform your potential viewers no matter the industry. Make sure you provide correct, concise information that is easy to navigate through. If you have a beautiful site that initially draws in your views, but then you can’t keep those eyes on your website you have a problem. I can’t tell you how many sites we see that might look good but are not user friendly or don’t really provide much information at all. More times than not a user will visit the home page maybe scroll down some then if they are overwhelmed or confused they will move on to the next option. There’s so much competition online nowadays that you have to be very strategic in how you are conveying your brands message. Firmly believe that anytime you are in support of a minority group it is always good to showcase this involvement on your site. Showing you are an ally might open up additional doors that may not exist otherwise. This can unfortunately work in reverse too but in my history of doing this I haven’t run into this being too much of an issue. Be proud and supportive.

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