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PrideFest Entertainers, Chicago 2021 Images: Northalsted Business Alliance & GoPride

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EVENT Information Admission: $15 Suggested Donation. All ages welcome. Location: Northalsted on Halsted Street from Addison to Grace St. Hours: Fri Oct 1: 4pm-10pm, Sat Oct 2: 11am-10pm, Sun Oct 3: 11am-10pm Weather: Open rain or shine, please be advised that severe conditions may delay or cancel performances. Security: No large bags/backpacks allowed, all bags will be inspected prior to entry. No coolers or outside beverages. Clear plastic sealed bottled water is allowed. COVID-19: Attendees are encouraged to be fully vaccinated or will be issued a mask to wear. Free testing and vaccinations will be offered before and at the festival. Indoor establishments in the area will be requiring proof of vaccination (digital copy allowed) or recent negative test result for entry. Pet Pride Parade: Sunday at 12:00pm starting from the North Stage. Register your proud pet starting at 12:00. Gift Card Prizes! Winners presentation at the stage at Addison Street at 1:00pm. Chicago Pride Parade Information: The Chicago Pride Parade is a separately organized event and has been cancelled for 2021. For 2022 parade information contact Timothy Frye (Parade Coordinator) at or (773) 348-8243.

KRISTINE W Friday, October 1

7pm on the Bud Light Seltzer North Stage Named by Billboard Magazine as the #8 Greatest Dance Artist of All Time, Kristine W has proven herself a lasting talent. Through nearly twenty-five years in music, she has consistency delivered songs that touch hearts and souls and compel bodies to find the mighty groove out on the dance floor. Her latest single, “Out There,” the title track from her soon-to-be-released album, continues her legacy, recently climbing to #3 on the US dance charts. Kristine W launched her career in 1994. In that time, she has scored 17 #1 dance hits on Billboard and a record-setting string of nine consecutive #1s on the Hot Dance Club Songs chart. Her chart successes have broken records held by the likes of Madonna and Janet Jackson (most consecutive #1s) as well as Mariah Carey (most #1 dance hits). She is named among the top three of the last decade’s club play artists trailing only Madonna and Beyoncé. While she has the talents of a diva in spades, Kristine W eschews all the excesses too often associated with the term such as narcissism and egoism. She keeps her focus on the art and profession of being a singer, songwriter and musician, and enjoys a grassroots mutual affection with fans who revere her voice, appreciate how the aspects of life and emotions she sings about echo their own feelings and experiences, and enjoy how Kristine continually pushes the envelope to forge dynamic grooves and mixes that keep the dance floor pulsing. So how did a ranch-raised small-town girl from rural Washington State end up as “the most soulful vocalist in dance music, period,” according to All Music Guide, Kristine credits Donna Summer for instilling the love of dance into her. 13


Business Marketing Q&A Hello Elizabeth, Dear Chad, I find myself not knowing what direction to go in. Should I wait and see what’s going to happen next or invest in advertising and marketing at this volatile time? I’m wondering how to use my financial resources wisely. From - Thomas Hello Thomas, There are several grants and incentives outside of the PPP for businesses because of the impact of covid. I encourage you to see what your business might qualify for. Each state is different as to what is available, but almost all states are offering some type of additional relief. These funds can then be put back into your business to ensure you stay afloat during these uncertain times. It is also very important to keep your business in front of potential customers/clients especially now. Just be cognizant of how much you are allocating towards potential marketing and or advertising. I would suggest cutting what you would normally spend on monthly marketing relative to where you are from a loss standpoint. If you are in the red from LY then look at what expenses you know are a must in the next 90 days to ensure anything you do above and beyond these set expenses will be covered no matter what. Then work backwards to ensure you don’t put yourself in a situation that will cause more harm than good. Be strategic and do your research on the type of advertising you are interested in pursing. If you spend too little because you are being over consecrative then you may not get any return on your investment. Dear Chad, What happens when your target market advertising doesn’t attract what’s expected and a whole other demographic comes in? I market to an upscale, mostly white audience, but have been supported more by the Latin community. Should I switch gears and go with what’s working? From- Elizabeth

We all have what we think is our primary target market. Sometimes we box ourselves in to this because of how we perceive our business when it is really only others perception that matters. Keep in mind that just because at one point your target audience seemed to have a certain pattern it does not at all mean that this will be the ongoing case. Look at the buying patterns to see if this is just a potential fluke or if there is a shift in your industry. Open yourself up to other advertising and marketing mediums to reach your potential new demographic. Every business must adapt and change to ensure ongoing success. Just make your you have a realistic pulse on what is driving your business for future success. Dear Chad, I own a fast food restaurant, is it important for the business to have a QR code? If so, where should I direct people to that use the code? Should it be to our website, to the menu, or somewhere else? From- Joe Hello Joe, QR codes have become an intrigual part of marketing especially in the restaurant industry this past year and a half because of Covid. Customers love being able to pull-up a menu from their phone, our society is all about convenience. If you have strong branding and if you have worked towards creating a visually stunning website that is userfriendly that showcases your menu and all you have to offer, I would utilize this functionality wherever and whenever you can. Posters, brochures and beyond. It allows for your customer to have a direct connect to your restaurant. This also increases your chances to keep your pricing and menu items upto-date without having to spend time and money designing and printing new menu updates. Chad Brittian is an experienced industry professional and CEO of NVS Design, Inc. To consult Chad for any of your business needs, call 877-578-2045 (Ext. 700) or email him at chad@

To submit your question to Ask Chad, email him at: 17

Mýa Jam Saturday, October 2

9pm on the Bud Light Seltzer North Stage Mýa released her self-titled, double platinum, debut album, Mýa, in 1998. The album launched the then 18-year-old Mýa into the fabric of pop-culture. Mýa featured the massively successful singles “It’s All About Me,” “Movin On” and “My First Night With You” “Ghetto Superstar” & “Take Me There.” In 2000, Mýa released her second double platinum album, Fear of Flying, featuring the hits “Case of the Ex”, “Free” and “Best of Me.” In May 2001, Mýa collaborated with Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, P!nk and Missy Elliot on a remake of LaBelle’s “Lady Marmalade”, which is featured in Baz Luhrman’s “Moulin Rouge.” Selling over 5.5 million copies, it became the most successful airplay-only single in history and won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration and went on to collect numerous awards. In 2003, Mýa released her third studio album, the critically acclaimed, “Moodring”, featuring the hit singles including “My Love Is Like Wo” “Fallen” and the club circuit favorite, “Whatever Bitch.” “Moodring” also featured “Everything or Nothing”, the theme song for the 2004 video game James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing in which Mýa was featured as a Bond Girl, and “Real Compared to What” the 2003 Coca-Cola theme song, for whom Mýa was a spokesperson. As a philanthropist, Mýa continues to devote her time and resources to various causes. From 1998 to 2001, she became the spokesperson for Secret to Self Esteem. In 2005, Mýa founded TMATF: The Mýa Arts & Tech Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing disadvantaged youth growth and opportunity through arts & technology education In the first quarter of 2017, Mýa lead her 12 month raw vegan, vegan, vegetarian challenge with fans on Instagram, treating 1 winner per quarter to personal time with her both domestically & internationally. In January, Mýa toured Australia and other territories of the world through July. On February 13th, Mya attended the Grammy Awards as a nominee for best traditional R&B album “Smoove Jones." There's so much more about Mýa's accomplishments, it would take up several more pages... but you get the gist and why you might want to come to Pride Fest and see her perform.


Shangela Saturday, October 2

2:30pm on the Bud Light Seltzer North Stage Shangela is best recognized as the only contestant to compete on three separate seasons of the Emmy-award winning reality series Rupaul’s Drag Race (seasons 2, 3 and All Stars 3). As an actor, Shangela (aka D.J. Pierce) has guest starred on network television shows like “2 Broke Girls,” “Glee,” “Bones,” “The Mentalist,” “X-Files,” and more. She has appeared in films including “Hurricane Bianca” (2016), ”Kiss Me, Kill Me” (2015), “Hurricane Bianca 2” and “A Star Is Born” with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. In 2012, she co-starred with Jenifer Lewis in a four-part scripted YouTube series called “Jenifer Lewis and Shangela.” Pierce continues to climb in notoriety. He has been named one of OUT Magazine’s “100 Most Compelling People” and in 2015 was featured on for his drag management company Say What Entertainment. In 2018, Shangela was honored with the Rising Star Award by the LGBT Music Festival for his global contributions in performance and music. He has written and released music (including the smash hit “Werqin Girl”), performed alongside Miley Cyrus on the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, co-produced the successful Werq The World tour as creative director and will tour his newest self-written stand up comedy show “Shook” in 2018. As Shangela, he has performed on six of the seven continents, and has sights set on Antarctica next! A native of Paris, Texas, Pierce graduated with honors from Southern Methodist University and currently resides in Los Angeles. He is involved in various charity work and remains a member of the SAG-Aftra Union. 27


Finding Yourself: Finding Your Identity by: Dr. Charla Waxman BS, MBA, EdD

Director of Business Development

We’re all a little lost sometimes. A sense of self and having a real sense of identity is not always easy to achieve or easy to find. The hard part is no one can do this for you. You’re flying solo on this one. You can talk to friends, you can talk to family, and you can even talk to a counselor, but at the end of the day, it’s on you. Where and how do you find you? First, you find yourself among people you choose to spend time with at home, work and play. Remember when your parents said, “You are your friends”? Well, they weren’t too far off. The beliefs and values of each of these groups and a look at where they are and where they’re going might just give you some insight into you or a big push to make some changes and do some thinking. Second, know that who you are, your wants and needs can change with time. Circumstances, your environments, and life experiences, in general, can move you forward (or backward). All of these things help to identify you and shape you and your identity. 28

Next, look at what is the best of who you currently are? What makes you unique in the positive sense? Hang on to these and consider ways to do more and be more of the best part of you. Don’t hurry! Self-examination takes time. If you have really taken stock of the people in your life personally and professionally, you’ve shaken off the dust of past experiences, remembering them, but leaving them behind, and you’ve identified your best assets, then it is time to answer these questions: What really matters to me? Who am I willing to ask to support my process of searching and change? (Get ready for soulsearching feedback!) What dreams and aspirations have I put aside and need to revisit? We’re all a little lost sometimes. And that’s ok, as long as you find a way to get found. The team at Lake Behavioral Hospital knows that there are times when life can be confusing and you can feel really lost. If you feel like you need support and need to understand what level of care will help you feel better, please call us. We can be reached at 855 990 1900. We are waiting to help 24/7/365.

Debbie Gibson Sunday, October 3

2:30pm on the Bud Light Seltzer North Stage Debbie Gibson burst onto the music scene at 16 and instantly became the youngest artist in history to write, produce and perform a number one hit, “Foolish Beat.” She is still the youngest female and has held the world record for over three decades. Debbie Gibson has sold more than 16 million albums and has starred in 17 musicals in 17 years, from Broadway’s Les Miserables to the West End’s Grease. In 2019, Gibson launched her SiriusXM radio show, “Debbie Gibson’s Mixtape,” on The Blend and joined NKOTB on The Mixtape Arena Tour. Later that year, she also served as a celebrity judge on Nickelodeon’s “America’s Most Musical Family.” In 2020, her single “Girls Night Out” soared to No. 4 on the U.S. Billboard and U.K. MusicWeek charts. Her guest starring role in the musical episode of “Lucifer” debuted May 28, 2021, on Netflix.

Recently Debby filmed “The Class” with Anthony Michael Hall and Charlie Gillespie. Gibson’s new duet of “Lost in Your Eyes” featuring Joey McIntyre, was released June 4, her new single “One Step Closer” was released July 16, and her first pop album in 20 years, The Body Remembers, was released August 20 on her own label Stargirl Records. She brings “Debbie Gibson & Joey McIntyre Live from Las Vegas” to The Sands Showroom inside The Venetian® Resort Las Vegas for a limited engagement in August and September. From No. 1 hits and platinum albums to starring roles on stage and screen, Debbie Gibson is a true entertainer with timeless talent, which is a very good reason to see her at this years Pride Fest! 31

Crystal Waters Sunday, October 3

8:10pm on the Bud Light Seltzer North Stage Pioneer, innovator, and dance music legend Crystal Waters was named by Billboard Magazine as one of the most successful dance music artists in the history of the Billboard Dance Music Chart. With 10 #1 Billboard Dance Chart hits and 11 top ten songs, Crystal is currently rising to the top of the chart again with her European hit “Testify”, chosen as the power pick for the second week in a row. DJs around the world continually choose Crystal’s music as a go to, sure to excite any crowd. She is best known for “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)”, “100% Pure Love” and the #1 European hit “Destination Calabria” with Alex Gaudino. Her accolades include 6 ASCAP Songwriter Awards, three American Music Award nominations, an MTV Video Music Award nod, and four Billboard Music Awards. In 2012, “Le Bump” (Yolanda Be Cool) added another #1 on the Beatport House Chart. With DJ Chris Cox in 2013, the #1 Billboard Dance Chart Hit “Mama Hey“ was listed as one of Billboard’s “Top 50 Dance Songs of 2013 In November 2015, Crystal released “Synergy”, in October 2016 she released “Believe” both quickly rose to the # 1 spot on the Billboard Dance Chart garnering Ms. Waters 10 #1 Billboard Dance Chart hits and 11 top 10 hits. Her new single in 2017 with Hifi Sean, “Testify” went straight to the A-List on BBC Radio and will be released by Defected Records July 21st worldwide. With over 100 million streams on Spotify, 2.12 million followers on Shazam and her consistent tour schedule with dates around the world, Crystal continues to engage her enormous fan base. It's all the more reason to see her at this years Pride Fest!


Vincint Friday, October 1

8:45pm on the Bud Light Seltzer North Stage Vincint is an American singer and songwriter. He is best known as a finalist on the first season of the singing competition The Four. He released his debut album, There Will Be Tears on June 11, 2021. Vincint was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father was a gospel singer in a group called the Christ United Gospel Singers, and Vincint began singing at age 5. He was shy about singing as a child, but his father took him to audition for an all-boys choir audition when he was seven to nurture his interest. Vincint wrote his first song when he was 12. He named Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, Céline Dion, Madonna, Britney Spears, Bjork, and Regina Spektor as early inspirations. Vincint appeared on the first season of The Four one week before the finale, where he received unanimous “yes” votes from every judge after performing “Creep” by Radiohead. ABBA Salute is quite literally the most accurate ABBA tribute band in the country. With painstaking attention to detail, they’ve recreated an ABBA experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

ABBA Salute Sunday, October 3

4:30pm on the Bud Light Seltzer North Stage

Fronted by two dynamic ladies with angelic voices, and backed by a group of world class musicians, the music of the greatest pop band in history comes to life in a Las Vegas type show that mesmerizes the viewer, both young and old alike... and of course you'll be the "dancing queen" at this years Pride Fest! lol 35

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Chicago Pride Fest Special Edition  

Chicago's #1 Life+Style Publication In Print & Online, since year 2000. To Advertise email:, 773-975-0264

Chicago Pride Fest Special Edition  

Chicago's #1 Life+Style Publication In Print & Online, since year 2000. To Advertise email:, 773-975-0264

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