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Benefit Season Tony Kushner is the headliner at AIDS Foundation of Chicago’s gala on Tuesday, March 27.In addition, opening night performances of “Angels in America” plays, “Millennium Approaches” and “Perestroika” at the Court Theatre on April 14 will benefit AFC. For more information go to About Face Theater’s annual fund raising event, “The Wonka Ball” is being held on Friday, March 30 at The Chicago Illuminating Co., 19 E. 21st St. “Your Prom, The ReMix” is a benefit for About Face Theatre and About Face Youth Theatre. The evening will allow party-goers to dance the night away to the hits of the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. Relive or reinvent your prom memories by taking a new prom photo, celebrating the crowning of a prom king & queen, sampling decadent desserts and guzzling at the open bar. The VIP package, featuring a preparty reception at 7 p.m., is $250 per ticket. General admission, at 8 p.m. is $150 per ticket. Check out www. aboutfacetheatre. com for more information.  boi

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Popular Vacation Spots by Rick Karlin Our community is unlike most others when it comes to vacation travel. Since the majority of us don’t have children, we don’t have to schedule our vacations around school schedules or worry about places that are kid friendly. So, what are the ten most popular vacation destinations in the GLBT community? For the answer to that you have to divide the locations into two categories, spring and summer.



When summer arrives, these are the places that, while wonderful the rest of the year, hit their peak as the sun climbs high in the sky.

Montreal in summer is an absolute delight.

Who’d have thought that a place so frigid in the winter would have such beautiful summers? Montreal’s Gay Village is centered on Saint Catherine Street East, around the Beaudry metro station, in the Ville-Marie borough of the city. Everybody is bilingual, so you won’t have to worry about your high school French being rusty.

Florida is great in the spring, offering a break from Chicago’s winters and helps you get a jump-start on your summer tan, but it is only for the most heat tolerant in the summer. New Yorkers tend to leave the city in the summer to avoid the excessive heat and mobs of tourists, so spring is the best time to visit.

Toronto is the most cosmopolitan city in

The Sunshine State is still the top choice for spring vacations. Miami nightlife and parties go late, so the mornings are usually quiet, with a little shopping along Lincoln Road before an afternoon siesta on the beach. Popular clubs include; Twist, Score, Laundry, Halo Lounge, Palace and Seven. Ft. Lauderdale Johnny’s bar features male dancers and attracts a 2030-somethiing crowd, bears hibernate at the Cubby Hole, The Living Room is the swanky Friday spot and Sundays everyone heads to Voo Doo lounge. About 10 minutes from the oceanfront, check out Wilton Manors (see article on pg. 21). Key West has warm beaches, beautiful coral reefs and a diverse gay and lesbian community. Gays and lesbians own many of the businesses and restaurants in town, including art galleries, bookstores, resorts and tour companies.

America. Pack as if you are expecting spring, summer and fall weather, ‘cause you’ll likely experience them all in one day. The mornings are bright and sunny, but late afternoon when the fog rolls in it gets cold and damp. Castro is our Mecca, but branch out past the traditional gay ‘hoods and enjoy the variety SF has to offer.

New York City of course, your days will be

filled with shopping, visiting museums and seeing matinees on Broadway. After a quick afternoon nap, (NYC may be the city that never sleeps, but you have to) grab a late dinner and then hit the nightlife. The bars and clubs are eclectic and electric, two ‘hoods you’ll want to check out are Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen. The Village is still interesting, but not the center of gay life it once was. Make certain to visit the GLBT visitor center for fliers and information on shows, parties and special events.

Canada and the shops, clubs and outdoor café dot the gay neighborhood, which is easy for visitors to locate if they remember that in downtown all, the churches are on Queen’s Street and the queens are on Church Street.

San Francisco is, perhaps, the gayest city in

Los Angeles/West Hollywood is home of the movie industry and you know you want to do all those cliché things like check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame, etc., so go for it. You can do all the cool hipster stuff at night. The Abbey is a West Hollywood favorite as are The Factory, Micky’s and Here Lounge.

Provincetown, or P-Town, is the top gay and

lesbian vacation destination. Everything you want is there. gay-owned restaurants, nightclubs, bars and shops line Commercial Avenue for two miles. Gorgeous weather, great beaches, whalewatching cruises and big name entertainers in clubs so small you can reach out and touch them, and it seems that every weekend has some sort of special event with a parade, dance or show.

Prague, yes Prague in the Czech Republic is

now a world-class gay hot-spot. There’s a thriving gay scene, a heady mix of splendid architecture combined with the enormous growth of culture and vital tourist economy keeps this edgy city of over 10 million people bustling with activity. boi 

A Vacation Filled With Seamen By Rick Karlin For a carefree trip, many GLBT vacationers choose a cruise, and it’s easy to see why. One fee takes care of all of your housing, entertainment and dining needs. For those who choose to do more, simply depart at any of the cruise’s ports of call and enjoy the local attractions. Don’t worry if you don’t look like the folks in the ads for the gay cruises, there are all types of people on those cruises from pretty boys (and girls) to middle-aged married couples. Among the most popular GLBT cruises are the following. RSVP cruises has welcomed more than 35,000 GLBT guests since 1985. The focus is on fun activities, including kayaking, shopping, and after-hours activities such as gay bingo, leather and underwear parties or costume contests. Atlantis prides itself on being the largest gay and lesbian tour operator in the world, attracting 20,000 travelers each year. It traditionally subcontracts ships from one of the large cruise lines and offer a wide variety of options. Olivia rounds out the big three and, for the last 20 years, has organized trips exclusively for women. The company subcontracts from a major cruise company and, recently, has begun renting out entire resorts. Olivia’s social networking site offers a chance to strike up friendships with fellow travelers before you even leave home. Other companies may be smaller, but that doesn’t mean the experience is less fulfilling. Pied Piper Travel offers exquisite events, gourmet dining, special shore excursions and other personal touches. Undersea Expeditions offers scuba vacations. Novice and experienced divers can explore the Indian Ocean, Philippines Coral Triangle and other fun destinations. 10 boi

Aquafest Cruises helps schedule smaller gay and lesbian groups on world-class mainstream cruise lines. Sweet provides lesbian travelers with carbon neutral travel to amazing destinations allowing guests to enjoy the world, while also making it a better place. Alyson Adventures is all about putting together small groups for outdoor adventures, which include hiking in the Swiss Alps or scuba diving in the Caribbean. While all-gay cruises have their advantages, you will seldom find the all-gay cruises offering last minute deals as those cruises usually sell out. Many mainstream cruise lines have begun to court GLBT travelers. Gays and lesbian travelers considering a cruise should pay close attention to ports of call, many of which are decidedly unwelcoming. The Bahamas, Cayman Islands and Jamaica, are three sketchy destinations.. Those considering a mainstream cruise should consider some of these options. Regent Seven Seas and Crystal Cruises are deluxe cruise lines with a laid-back attitude. Princess Cruises are a budget friendly alternative to higher end cruise lines. Some joke that it’s called Princess because there are so many queens on staff. Celebrity is a mid-level cruise line known for top-notch treatment of gay and lesbian passengers. Luxury-seekers should book Celebrity’s Concierge-Class suites. Norwegian offers perhaps the greatest value for money, and the staff is generally attuned to gay interests. Size queens should check out Cunard, which sails the longest and tallest ocean liner ever built, the Queen Mary 2. Royal Caribbean has the largest fleet of cruise ships anywhere, and active folks love the rock-climbing walls, ice-skating rinks and in-line skating tracks offered on these ships. It is also one of the most budgetfriendly and often offers last minute deals to fill empty staterooms.

Ginger Men Red heads, gingers, or as the Australians call them, “rangas” (a word derived from the redhaired ape, the orangutan), make up only 2% of the world’s population, but a look on-line could lead one to believe that they make up 100% of some folks’ sexual fantasies. Many of those fantasies stem from common stereotypes regarding redheads. It has been claimed that red heads are seductive, mercurial and fiery-tempered. Many redheads themselves don’t seem to mind perpetuating those myths. Desi Arnez, who was married to the most famous redhead of all, Lucille Ball, once said, “Gentlemen may prefer blondes, but it takes a real man to handle a redhead.” Then fact that Lucy’s hair color came from a bottle didn’t change his opinion. Neither did such other quotes as “Fire on the head, fire in bed,” “You can sleep with a blonde, you can sleep with a brunette, but you will never get any sleep with a redhead!” Among some of the celebrity ginger snaps that many gay men fantasize about are Robert Redford, Eric Stoltz, Damian Lewis, Axle Rose, Johnny Rotten, Billy Joe Armstrong, Josh Homme and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy. Cute/ goofy redheads include Seth Green, Ron Howard, Conan O’Brien and Danny Bonaduce. 12 boi

Whether you find redheads, hot, sexy, goofy or charming, you’ve got plenty of company. The fascination, some might say fetishization, of redheads has led to numerous porn web sites devoted to ginger men. A quick look at nakedredheadmen. com, and lead one to believe that there is a ginger out there for you, no matter what type you find attractive. Again, the fact that the drapes don’t match the carpet, doesn’t seem to matter.

, St. Patrick s Customs & Myths By Aaron Gobraugh


The original leprechaun was not the top hat There are few holidays associated with as wearing, pipe smoking, green clad sprite of many traditions and myths as St. Patrick’s Day. modern day. The legend of the leprechauns How did those traditions and customs start? states that they are Irish fairy kings (I thought that was Graham Norton). Some believe the St.. Patrick’s Day name is from the Irish term “leath bhrogan,” Contrary to another popular belief, it is not a meaning shoemaker, while others believe the celebration of his birthday. Until the 1970s, St.. word comes from the term “luacharma’n,” which Patrick’s Day in Ireland was a minor religious means pygmy. holiday. A priest would acknowledge the feast day, and families would celebrate with a big Spotting a leprechaun brings good luck, meal, but that was about it. according to legend, but it’s not an easy task. In Ireland, with the exception of restaurants The fairies are all purported to own pot of gold, and pubs, almost all businesses close on March but the mischievous creatures will cunningly try 17. Many Irish attend mass offering prayers to entice humans with riches, only to snatch it for missionaries worldwide before the serious away in an act of trickery, celebrating begins. St.. Patrick’s Day, as we know When they are not making shoes or guarding it in America, was invented by Irish-Americans. their treasure, the tiny green figures are known to be mischievous merry-makers who drink St. Patrick poteen (an Irish alcoholic drink made from Although St. Patrick is the patron saint and fermented potato water), dance, and play national apostle of Ireland, he wasn’t even Irish. music. Sounds like the folks in our community. St. Patrick is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. He also did not drive the snakes from Pot of Gold Ireland, as many believe. It is true there are no According to legend, leprechauns often use snakes in Ireland, but there probably never have rainbows to mark where they have buried their been - the island separated from the rest of the own treasure. In reality there is no such spot. continent at the end of the Ice Age. As in many Where a rainbow appears to touch the ground old pagan religions, serpent symbols were is completely dependent on where you are common and often worshipped. Driving the standing. But being realistic is missing the point, snakes from Ireland was probably symbolic of which is that in chasing rainbows what matters putting an end to that pagan practice. as much as anything is being aware of when you are in the right spot. It depends as much on When St.. Patrick came to convert the Irish knowing where you are coming from as where to Christianity, information was traditionally you are going, which requires a particular kind spread across the realm by word of mouth. In of instinct. mind of this St. Patrick used to the Shamrock to explain the concept of the holy trinity - that God Shamrocks was composed of three entities - the Father, The three-leaf clover, or Shamrock is Ireland’s the Son and the Holy Spirit - yet each entity national symbol. By definition, for a clover to was part of the other just like the shamrock has represent the Trinity, it would have to bear three three leaves but a single stem. He taught this to leaves. Four-leaf clovers have four leaves and regional storytellers to help spread his gospel. therefore cannot be considered shamrocks. The four-leaf clover is thought to bring good luck, Dyeing the Chicago River perhaps due to its rarity. The tradition started when a parade organizer, Steve Bailey, noticed how a dye used to trace The tradition of wearing Shamrock on Saint possible sources of river pollution had stained Patrick’s Day can be traced back to the early a colleague’s overalls a brilliant green. The 1700s. For good luck, it’s usually included environmental impact of the dye is minimal, in the bouquet of an Irish bride, and in the according to Margaret Frisbie, the executive boutonniere of the groom. In the 19th century it director of the advocacy group Friends of the became a symbol of rebellion and began to be Chicago River. strongly associated with Irish identity. boi 13

Irish Dining Out Put A Little Irish In Your Mouth By Eddie Gorme You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy corned beef, cabbage, boiled potatoes or soda bread, but it doesn’t hurt either. Irish cuisine is about way more than those dishes. Whether you opt for the traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal, or want to try some other treats the Emerald Isle has to offer, here are a few places to check out. Since St. Patrick’s Day is a Saturday, many of these offers are available all weekend long. Check with the restaurant’s web site or call to confirm the information listed. If you’ve got some green to spare, Trump Hotel, 401 N. Wabash, has some sky box rooms with panoramic views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. Guests who reserve the sky boxes on the hotel’s 17th floor will enjoy a bird’s eye view of the parade and the dying of the river while feasting on traditional, gourmet Irish fare. Each box can accommodate up to 40 people. Call 312.588.8000 or go to Lawry’s Prime Rib, 100 E. Ontario, will offer a traditional Irish feast, accompanied in the evening by a strolling visit from The Shannon Rovers. For lunch corned beef, cabbage and boiled potatoes are available for $17. Call 312.787.5000 or go to Lottie’s Pub, 1925 W. Cortland, begins the celebration on Saturday, March 10 with 22 oz. green beer mugs for $5 will feature a $20 green beer and mimosa breakfast. Check out 773.489.0738 or Luxbar, 18 E. Bellevue, has green pints of beer for $6 and corned beef sliders for $3.50 in addition to the traditional dinner for $12. For more info: 312.642.3400 or Quartino Ristorante, 626 N. State, hosts a celebration after the annual parade to benefit Misericordia Home. Grand Marshall 14 boi

Father Clete Kiley will be on hand at the celebration welcoming revelers. Tickets include live entertainment, corned beef, cabbage, pizza, pasta, desserts, soft drinks and drink specials. To register, contact Dorie Finnegan at 773.273.4178 or dorief@ or go to quartinochicago. com 312.698.5000. Tavern on Rush, 1031 N. Rush, will offer $3 Guinness on Saturday in addition to Irish fare such as a corned beef sandwich, Guinness battered fish and chips, mini corned beef sandwiches for two bucks. Check out 312.644.9600 or tavernonrush. com. Carlucci, 22 E. Chicago in Naperville, will offer patrons a festive green pasta as well as a flaming Irish coffee drink (Is that the drink that’s flaming or the Irish boy who’s drinking it?) in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Call 630.548.9800 or go to Of course, not all the dining specials around town are for St.Patty’s Day. There are a couple of other special events, as well as other holiday observances. Carnivale, 702 W. Fulton Market, is offering three-course prix fixe dinner menu, featuring locally grown products, throughout the month of March for $33. Reservations are recommended, 312.850.5005 or Rosebud restaurants will offer creamfilled fritters dusted with powdered sugar, known as zeppole, for $9 each on March 18. Zeppole are traditionally eaten in Italy in celebration of St. Joseph’s Day. Bistronomic, 840 N. Wabash, introduces a late night prix fixe this month. Beginning at nine on Sunday through Thursday, diners can enjoy a bistro specialty and a beverage for $15. The featured dish in March is chicken liver mousse and the red or white wine of the day. Check out 312.944.8400

, BOI s Best Restaurants AMERICAN___________

Ann Sather 929 W. Belmont 773.348.2378.

5207 N Clark 773.271.6627 & 3411 N Broadway 773.305.0024. These bustling hot spots, serving traditional Swedish pancake house fare, are best known for hearty fare and delish cinnamon rolls.

The Bagel 3107 N. Broadway 773.477.0300

Hamburger Mary’s 5400 N. Clark 773.784.6969. “Eat, Drink and be... MARY” at this fun and popular Andersonville restaurant which features a wide array of burgers and sandwiches, along with an interesting selection of tasty appetizers. Wash it all down with one of Mary’s home-brewed ales.

Horizon Café 3805 N. Broadway 773.883.1565.

The quintessential Jewish style deli is the perfect spot for a corned beef or pastrami sandwich, some chicken soup, lox and bagels or a full dinner that tastes as if someone’s Jewish momma made it.

This long-time popular Lakeview family restaurant serves up big portions of creative homestyle dishes as well as healthy fare (broth-based soups and whole wheat tortilla wraps) and at affordable prices. Breakfast served all day long. Delivery available.

Chicago Diner 3411 N. Halsted 773.935.6696

IHOP 3760 N. Halsted 773.296.0048. More than a

This world famous vegetarian restaurant offers vegan and organic offerings. Organic beers, wine, and spirits are also available.

Clark Street Dog 3040 N. Clark 773.281-

6690. Open until four in the morning and serving up all the deliciousness you can imagine after you leave the bar.

Crew 4804 N. Broadway 773.784.2739. More

than just a sports bar, the menu includes a variety of hamburgers, sandwiches, salads and comfort food.

Jimbo’s Red Hots 3617 N. Broadway 773.868-

9700. Steamed jumbo hot dogs from Red Hot Chicago with toppings such as pickles, lettuce, tomato, celery salt, onions & hot peppers; char dogs & foot longs too. Open 24 hours. Signature Pizza located in the same spot, serving pizza, pasta & burgers, also open 24 hours.

Golden Nugget Family Restaurants

2720 N. Clark 773.929.0724. 2406 W. Diversey 773.252.8903. 1765 W. Lawrence 773.769.6700. A great option for after bar dining as they are all open 24-7, and have free parking. The large menu is sure to please, especially the classic breakfast and hearty dinners. Everything is housemade, known for fluffy buttermilk pancakes,

Gyro-Mena 905 W. Belmont 773.935.2600.

Augments the Athenian Gyros by satisfying the American desire to pick our own toppings! True Athenian Gyros is a choice of all natural nonground meat (pork or chicken) stacked and cooked on a rotisserie.

Halsted’s Bar & Grill 3441 N. Halsted

773.348.9696 This Boystown eatery serves up a wide array of tasty appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, and popular comfort food items at very reasonable prices in a fun and inviting atmosphere. Beers on tap are aplenty and the weekend brunch draws an attractive crowd.

pancake house, this 24-hour Boystown institution serves up affordably priced appetizers, sandwiches, and entrees that are sure to satisfy varying after-bar wants and needs.

Jury’s 4337 N. Lincoln 773.935.2255. Watch all

the poplular sports at this friendly neighborhood sports bar. Known for their killer burgers. They offer a late night menu along with daily specials and even brunch on Sundays.

Kit Kat Lounge 3700 N. Halsted 773.525.1111.

Providing the best of diva entertainment along with a full dinner menu, they offer ½-price cocktails and Buy 1 Get 1 Free Entree on Wednesdays.. On Monday nights get 50% off your entire bill.

Nookies Tree 3334 N. Halsted 773.248.9888 and Nookies Edgewater1100 W. Bryn

Mawr 773.516-4188. A regular haunt for the locals of Boystown (also Edgewater) and popular with hangover recoverees, the diner serves made-to-order omelets, pancakes, waffles and other brunch fare all day. And it’s open 24 hours on weekends.

Melrose 3233 N Broadway 773.327.2060. This

Lakeview institution has been catering to the afterbar crowds for decades, serving breakfast anytime along with typical diner fare. Open 24 hours

Philly’s Best 907 W. Belmont 773.525.7900.

Authentic Philly cheese steak sandwich. Their meat is brought directly from Philadelphia. Also, medium crust pizza, oven baked grinders & fresh salads.

Pie Hole Pizza 3477 N. Broadway 773.525.8888. Their “hole” is open Sunday-Thursday from 11ammidnight and Friday & Saturday until 3am. Grab it and go or have it delivered.. your pizza, that is!!

Stella’s Diner 3042 N. Broadway 773.472.9040. Friendly staff serve up delicious diner fare, such as; fresh salads, a large selection of wraps, sandwiches, hearty entrees, pastas, and homemade desert boi 17

, BOI s Best Restaurants Wilde Bar & Restaurant 3130 N. Broadway

773.244.0404. This cozy upscale Irish pub offers a laid back and warm atmosphere and a wide ranging menu that is sure to please. Expect updated versions of pub favorites such as chicken pot pie, meatloaf, fish & chips, burgers and salads. ASIAN__________________ Ba Le 5014 N. Broadway 773.561.4424. The original and still the best bahn mi sandwich in town. In addition to the traditional style, there are a number of vegetarian options. The bright clean dining area is inviting and the staff is eager to explain all your options.

Young’s Chinese 3949 N. Ashland

773.248.7998. This well-regarded outpost has earned a stellar reputation for great tasting food and delivery so quick you’ll swear there must be a wok in the car. ITALIAN_________________

Anna Maria Pasteria 4400 N. Clark

773.506.2662. Owned by sisters who hail from the Basilicata region of southern Italy, this neighborhood gem creates homemade modern and traditional Italian dishes that are authentic, delicious & inexpensive.

Angelina Ristorante 3561 N. Broadway

773.935.5933. Hosting the coolest and hippest Sunday brunch crowd in Lakeview, the menu includes Eggs Benedict, fritattas, Croque Monsieur and mufaletta sandwiches, almond-crusted stuffed French toast, and the free flow of Champagne mimosas. Brunch here is loud, raucous and FUN! Great for dinner, as well.

Panino’s Pizzeria 3702 N. Broadway

773.472.6200. Panino’s has established itself as a Boystown favorite with its varied menu selections, including gyros and burgers, pasta entrees, and of course pizza. Delivery available.

Piehole Pizza 3477 N. Broadway 773.525.8888. From their hole to yours. Traditional pizza served in untraditional ways. Delivering until late at night.

Taverna 750 750 W. Cornelia Ave 773.248.8333.

This restaurant, formerly known as Cornelia’s is the latest trendy Italian restaurant in the neighborhood. New owners, new looks and a new menu is sure to make this a new hot spot.

18 boi


Andies 1467 W. Montrose 773.348.0654. 5253 N

Clark 773.784.8616. Specializing in Mediterranean and vegetarian cuisine, specialties of the house include steak kabobs, gyros, and poultry dishes such as Greek Chicken and Lebanese Style Chicken Kefta Kabob. And as befits the cuisine, desserts include a very tasty baklava. The Sunday buffet brunch is extravagant and reasonably priced.

Sayat Nova 157 E. Ohio 312.644.9159. Classic

Mediterranean-American fare served in comfortable surroundings Every Thursday night things get extra gay for the “Boystown in Downtown” party. MEXICAN/LATIN__________

Cesar’s 2924 N. Broadway 773.296.9097 and at

3166 N Clark 773.248.2835 This family-owned operation offers an enticing menu full of delicious Mexican recipes, popular house specialties, irresistible desserts, and their signature “Killer Margaritas.”

El Mariachi 3906 N. Broadway 773.549-2932

and at 3420 N. Broadway 773.549-7020. Quickly becoming one of the very best Mexican restaurants in the city, the focus is on using fresh, high-quality ingredients for its “south of the border” cuisine. Full bar featuring over 100 brands of tequila.

El Nuevo Mexicano 2914 N. Clark 773.528.2131. Cozy dining room along with authentic Mexican cuisine makes this a great place for delicious dining. Open for lunch & dinner, great patio for summer outdoor dining. Delivery available too!

Las Mananitas 3523 N. Halsted St. 773.528.2109. Traditional & regional Mexican dishes along with freshly squeezed limes for margaritas. Nice place to eat, drink and window watch people on Halsted St. Has a full bar & plenty of hardy dishes to satisfy any appetite. Serving the community for over 28 years. Fiesta Mexicana 2423 N. Lincoln Ave 773.348.4144 (2nd Location) 4806 N. Broadway 773.769.4244. Traditional favorites along with great ambiance. Nice place to bring your family, friends or bring a date to. The Lincoln location has daily specials & live music. Is your target market is in our distribution area?? ADVERTISE YOUR RESTAURANT IN BOI MAGAZINE Call 773.975.0264 or email us at More listings @, click on Dining link

boi 19

20 boi

Gayberry, U.S.A. By Rick Karlin Wilton Manor’s story starts of just like that of many small towns By the mid-1990’s, this small, once comfortably middle-class city just north of downtown Fort Lauderdale experienced a steep decline. Crime, drugs and prostitution took their toll. The local supermarket needed security guards before it shut down completely. The price of real estate plummeted and the community was a collection of derelict homes, empty storefronts and abandoned buildings. Unlike most stories of this nature, Wilton Manors has a happy ending, thanks to the gay community. In 1997 George Kessinger converted a boarded-up bank in a derelict strip mall into a gay bar, and things began to change. Boards were removed from other storefronts in the mall, and more gay-oriented businesses opened. That mall is now home to a coffee shop, clothing stores, card shop and, the ultimate sign of gentrification, a gym. Homes that would not sell for $80,000 or $90,000 at the height of the real estate boom were now being snatched up and renovated by market gay men and women priced out of South Beach, Key West and Victoria Park in Fort Lauderdale. The housing stock, primarily mid-century modern homes, was solid enough to rehab reasonably. People who bought property with the intention of flipping it for quick resale, fell in love with the community and stayed. Ross Carson, an anesthesiologist appreciates the balance, (Being) “gay is a non-issue here, and that’s what I like about it. It’s not Chelsea and all that goes along with that. I wanted to be in a place where gayness was a more comfortable aspect of life, but I wanted to live in a place where

gay life revolved around more than bars on a Saturday night.’’ Many heterosexuals are attracted to Wilton Manors because of the diversity. The city of 13,000 is 35 percent to 40 percent gay and thriving. It has a higher proportion of same-sex households than any other city in the country except Provincetown, MA. The gay and straight worlds have integrated without much incident here. A neighborhood cookout draws a mix of straight and gay people, straight families attend the city’s annual Stonewall Festival and many young gay couples are “adopted” by their straight retiree neighbors. While the older, more settled couples appreciate that kind of neighborliness, many younger residents appreciate the abundant and varied nightlife options. For such a relatively small town, entertainment options are abundant. There are more than a dozen bars, within walking distance of any home in town and twice as many restaurants, there’s never a shortage of options for a night on the town. With newfound popularity came the inevitable construction boom. Wilton Station, a $120 million complex of 272 condos and townhouses was almost sold out when the real estate bust occurred. The few residences left are being sold at up to half their original cost. Wilton Manors compact size and numerous storefronts feels like a small town combined with all the attractions of a big city. Toss in bargain-priced real estate and is it any wonder that so many people are moving to the “Gayberry” that is Wilton Manors? boi 21

Take 5 With Amy Maggio Interviews with leaders in Chicago GLBT community by Gregg Shapiro For more than two decades, Amy Maggio has been a leader in Chicago’s HIV/AIDS and LGBT communities. Her work with the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, STOP AIDS/Chicago, the National Leadership Coalition on AIDS, Chicago’s HIV/AIDS Prevention and Planning Council, as IMPACT board chair, and as a Test Positive Aware Network board member has established her as a well-recognized figure.

When did you come out and what was the experience like for you? Coming out, so to speak, was for me, invigorating and part of a bigger response to the late 1970s push for equal rights for women and the understanding that to be in the company of women was and still remains a wonderful thing. At that time of my “coming out,” I had just emerged from a traditional marriage to a man and that marriage was underscored by the times.....he was a returning veteran from Vietnam and there was a lot of political turmoil during that time. Please name five of your LGBT heroes and say a few words about why you chose them. I look to a number of folks who have informed my appreciation for being a LGBT hero of sorts: Larry Kramer - through his activism and in-your-face politics, he transformed the dialogue during the HIV/AIDS crisis and kept politicians, physicians and our community on their toes about ACT UP! His experiential play, “The Normal Heart,” still resonates. Danny Sotomayor - Because he was so special to Chicago and because he was tireless in his pursuit and advocacy for people with HIV/AIDS. He was a lightning rod and you just wanted to be in his light. The Ladies of Llangollen - Love these ladies..... During the reigns of both King George the 22 boi

III and IV, these wonderful ladies, albeit substantially rich, left with their help and lived in a great country cottage. Many think that the notion of the “Romantic Friendship” started here and I understand that many of travelers came to their cottage Michael Leppen - Michael is so special as a leading supporter, philanthropist to many, many GLBT causes. He is judicious, fair in his assessments and very, very loyal. Paul Varnell - Important to the LGBT written word in publications in Chicago and nationwide. Paul had an interesting take on our community and was very consistent in his writings. What do you consider to be your most significant contribution to the LGBT community in Chicago and at large? I guess time and a bit of memory will illuminate what accomplishments and contributions I have made to the LGBT community here. Of course, my profound support of organizations that look to enhance the quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS as well as organizations that support the greater agenda for all LGBT issues. I am most proud of my work at Stop AIDS because at that time, so many, many were dying and I believed that the organization stepped up to the plate and provided a strong and enduring voice for education and outreach. What are your future goals and aspirations? Professionally, to continue to work in the health-related field to promote access to services, a sense of fair play. Personally, I would love to find a fabulous girlfriend who is willing to retire in Paris, France. Words of wisdom to the next LGBT generation? Being queer is fun... being true to yourself is mandatory. And keep the very precious nature of identity strong and vibrant. We don’t have to become like everyone else!

boi 23

In The Know, On The Go

by Harry Taint

Green Day

St. Patrick’s Day at the bars is a marathon of celebrating, so pace yourself while at these events…Get lucky with Hydrate this St. Paddy’s Day! Not only will Ralphi Rosario make your shamrocks shudder, but the bar’s giving out a $300 cash prize, as well as welcoming go-go boys modeling 2(x)ist underwear… At Downtown, the doors open at 10 am for a little pre-parade fun with $3 Bud Light drafts, $5 Jamo shots and if you last that long, karaoke at 10… Sofo Tap opens early (at noon) for $3.75 Miller Lite green beers and $4 Jameson shots and cocktails…The Call celebrates with that wee colleen, Ashley Morgan, serving up fish and drag-tini cocktails, along with a night of fun spiritsand a bevy if guest stars for a huge show…”Get Lucky” is the theme of the huge party at Circuit, where you’ll see Irish people representing every color of the rainbow, from beige to chocolate…Forget about green beer and bagels, head over to Hamburger Mary’s for a Jolly Green Burger (topped with fried green beans) and Shammy Shakes (virgin or boozed up). For sporty types March Madness games are screened in the Rec Room…Close out the night at Man’s Country with male strippers who will show you their pot of gold.

Beyond St. Patrick’s Day

Chicago’s new LGBT Wedding Expo will take place on Sunday, March 25, from 1-4 PM at the Holiday Inn, Merchandise Mart. Nearly three dozen exhibitors will be on hand with free samples and giveaways. It’s free to attend although they request that those attending pre-register at…. On April 20 and 21 Mayne Stage hosts a recreation of Judy Garland’s Carnegie Hall concert. Younger gays, Judy Garland was the Lady Gaga of the mid 20th century and is a huge part of your history, check it out… Look Jane! See Dick. See big Dick at The Ram On April 27…Touché hosts “Leather Eye for the Preppy Guy”, a makeover contest on March 28…Inspired by the recent warm spell, Sidetrack is holding a beach-themed

party on March 28. So many options on how to dress; Hawaiian shirt or thong, which is more likely to get you lei’d? Hello Dolly, Bears & Lady Gaga Dolly Jones comes to Parlour all the way from Toronto, where she had her own “one-woman” drag show for 5 years. This March 29 will be the first of her monthly last Thursday of the month performances. Both the 10:30 and midnight shows are free… Four singer/songwriters from the Bear community join forces for an evening of acoustic entertainment on Saturday, March 24 at Touché. With Jeffrey Altergott, Big Dipper, Scott Free and Erick Deshaun Dorris performing there will be a wealth of musical talents on stage with Chicago’s bear comic Bryan Dowling as host. Donations for the performers will be accepted at the door and in true bear tradition, free pizza will be served after the show… Kit Kat Lounge goes over-the-top with a “Monster Ball” birthday bash on Wednesday, March 28. to celebrate Lady Gaga’s 26 years of being “born this way.” Diva Kathryn Cole will perform as Gaga throughout the evening and Kit Kat’s entire cocktail and martini menu will be 50% off and entrees will be BOGO.

Welcome to the Gayborhood

Gayborhood is a new app and you can check it out at Sidetrack during the bar’s Jack Daniel’s chili cook-off on March 24. The question remains; will you really want to after a chili cook-off?... Berlin has some big events coming up. On Friday, March 23, Cosmix Friday hosts a release party for The Ting Ting’s “Sounds From Nowheresville” CD, then on Thursday, March 29, the bar’s welcomes Hunx and His Punx for the official concert after party hosted by Hunx himself… The Urbano party at Circuit on Friday, March 16, features a special guest; Erica Mena. The reality TV star from the VH1 show “Love & Hip Hop!” will warm up the crowd for St. Patrick’s Day.

A Personal Note

Thanks to my anonymous editor for all the helpful suggestions. Send me an e-mail so we can chat, I’d love to have you join the staff as proofreader. boi 25

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Ask Ace

Relationship & Sex Advice

Numbers Game

One of my best friends is always bemoaning the fact that he’s still single. He’s a great guy, but the reason he’s single is that his expectations are too high. He’s in his late 40s, average looking and has a good job, but he’s not rich by any means. When we go out, he always tries to pick up young, hot guys. who are a 10 while he’s at best a six. He’s had a few men who were interested in him but since they didn’t meet his criteria, he didn’t give them the time of day. How do I get him to be more realistic?

Dear NG,

A lot about this depends on what kind of relationship you have with your friend. Can you be blunt with him? If so, the next time he begins to bemoan the fact that he’s single suggest that he cast a wider net. Explain that you know of men who’d be happy to be in a relationship with him, but they don’t fit his “type”. Suggest that he start with guys closer to his own age (there are plenty of 40 year old guys who are a 10). If you don’t want to be brutally honest, hand him this column and ask him if he sees any correlation to his problems.

Secret Love

My mother is coming to visit me next month and she wants to meet my boyfriend. She was very cool about it when I came out, but I haven’t told her everything about my boyfriend. He runs a successful business, but he is a blue-collar worker and my mother is a little snobbish that way. I’m a professional (I’m his lawyer, we met when I incorporated his business) and make more money than he does. That would be hard enough for her to accept, but he is also 30 years older than I am, five years older than my mother is.

Dear SL,

Are you giving your mother enough credit? If she didn’t have a problem with you being gay, why would this be an issue? No matter

what her reaction, it is better to let her know sooner, rather than later. Give her time to assimilate this information before she arrives for a visit. You owe that to her and your boyfriend. You have told him your concerns about this I hope. If not, do it immediately.

Up the Ladder

I’ve been doing really well at my new job. I’ve only been out of college a few years and was lucky enough to land a position at a Fortune 500 company. In the past two years, I’ve gotten three promotions and now I’ve been offered a new position at the same company. I’ll be making twice as much money, but I’m worried that I won’t do well in the new position. I think my bosses think I’m smarter than I am. Also, this job means moving to a new city where I don’t know anyone. I’m pretty shy and don’t want to move there just to be lonely. I’m thinking of turning down the job, but my best friend tells me I’m being too cautious.

Dear UTL,

I’m certain that you are better at your job than you think. Your bosses have promoted you numerous times in a short period. That means that they have confidence in you. As for moving somewhere where you don’t know people, ask your circle of friends if they know anybody in the area. You may or may not click with them, but you might meet someone through them. Also, be certain to get involved in a cause you care about, it doesn’t matter what it is, you’ll meet people with similar interests and friendships will grow. Don’t be afraid to take the leap, what have you got to lose? You’re fairly young so even if you do mess up, you can always start over or come back home (although it is my guess is that you’ll do a great job).

________________________________________ Ace Magyar has a BA in communications, a MA in sex therapy and a PhD in zoology. He is a registered couple’s counselor specializing in the GLBT community. Send your questions to boi 29

Chicago Bars and Clubs Boystown / Lakeview

3160 3160 N.Clark G&L, LM,DS Berlin 954 W. Belmont G&L, D, 4 Bobby Love’s 3729 N. Halsted G&L Buck’s Saloon 3439 N. Halsted G Cell Block 3702 N. Halsted G, LF Charlie’s 3726 N. Broadway G, D, W Circuit 2.02 3641 N. Halsted G&L, D, 4 Cocktail 3359 N. Halsted G, GB Elixir Lounge 3452 N. Halsted G, 4 F. O’Mahony’s 3701 N. Broadway G&L, R Hydrate 3458 N. Halsted G, D, DS, 4 Kit Kat 3700 N. Halsted G&L, DS, R Little Jim’s 3501 N. Halsted G, V, 4 Lucky Horseshoe 3169 N. Halsted G, GB Manhandler 1948 N. Halsted G, W, 4 Minibar 3341 N. Halsted G, R North End 3733 N. Halsted G Roscoe’s 3356 N. Halsted G, D, V, DS Scarlet 3320 N. Halsted G Sidetrack 3349 N. Halsted G, V Smart Bar / Metro 3730 N. Clark MS, D, 4 Spin 800 W. Belmont G, D, V, DS The Closet 3325 N. Broadway G&L, V, 4

773.327.5969 773.348.4975 773.525.1200 773.525.1125 773.665.8064 773.871.8887 773.325.2233 773.477.1420 773.477.1420 773.549.0226 773.975.9244 773.525.1111 773.871.6116 773.404.3169 773.871.3339 773.871.6227 773.477.7999 773.281.3355 773.348.1053 773.477.9189 773.549.4140 773.327.7711 773.477.8533

Chicago Downtown

Baton Show Lounge 436 N. Clark DS 312.644.5269 Club 720 720 N. Wells MS, D, 4 312.787.8720 Crimson Lounge 333 N. Dearborn MS, D, R 312.923.2473 Downtown Bar & Lounge 440 N State G 312.464.1400 Excalibur/Vision 632 N. Dearborn MS, D, 4 312.266.1944 Funky Buddha 728 W. Grand Ave. MS, D 312.666.1695 House of Blues 329 N. Dearborn MS, LM, 4 312.923.2000 Krush/Prop House 1657 N. Elston G&L, D, 4 773.486.2390 Second Story Bar 157 E. Ohio G, V 312.923.9536 Sound Bar 226 W. Ontario MS, D, 4 312.787-4480 Spy Bar 646 N. Franklin MS, D, 4 312.587.8779 Underground 56 W. Illinois MS, D, 4 312.644.7600 Vibe 1543 N. Kingsbury MS, D, 4 312.266.1900

Chicago Northside CONTINUED

Crew 4804 N. Broadway G&L, V, R 773.784.2739 Davenport’s 1383 N. Milwaukee G&L, LM 773.278.1830 Debonair Social Club 1575 N. MilwaukeeAve. MS, D 773.227.7990 Fat Cat 4849 N. Broadway MS, R 773.506.3100 Green Dolphin St. 2200 N. Ashland G&L, D, LM, 4 773.395.0066 Green Mill 4802 N. Broadway MS, LM, 4 773.878.5552 In Fine Spirits 5420 N Clark MS, R 773.334.9463 Jackhammer 6406 N. Clark G, D, V, GB, LM, 4 773.743.5772 Joi de Vine 1744 W. Balmoral L, R 773.989.6846 Kinetic Playground 1113 W. LawrenceMS, D, LM, 4 773.769.5483 Marty’s 1511 W. Balmoral G&L 773.561.6425 Mary’s Attic 5400 N Clark G&L, D, V, R 773.784.6969 Parlour On Clark 6341 N. Clark 773.564.9274 Mary’s RecRoom 5402 N Clark G&L, D, V, R 773.784.6969 Scot’s 1829 W. Montrose G&L 773.528.3253 SoFo Bar 4923 N. Clark G 773.784.7636 T’s 5025 N. Clark G&L, R 773.784.6000 The Call 1547 W Bryn Mawr G&L, D, DS, V, LM 773.334.2525 The Glenwood 6962 N Glenwood G 773.764.7363 Touché 6412 N. Clark G, V, LF, 4 773.465.7400 Uptown Lounge 1136 W. Lawrence 773.878.1136

Chicago Southside

Club Escape 1530 E. 75th G&L, D Escapades 6301 S. Harlem G&L, D, V, 4 Inn Exile 5758 W. 65th G&L, D, V Jeffrey Pub 7041 S. Jeffrey G&L, D, V, 4

Chicago Suburbs

Hideaway 7301 W. Roosevelt Forest Park G, D, V, DS, GB Club Krave 13126 S. Western Blue Island G&L, D, V, DS, GB, 4 Hunters 1932 E. Higgins Elk Grove Village G, D, V, GB, 4 Mission 209 E. Chicago Downtown Elgin G&L, D, V Encompass 24215 Rush St. Lake Station, IN G&L, D, R, DS Velvet Rope 728 Lake St Oak Park G&L, D, V, R

Adult Entertainment

Chicago Northside

The Anvil 1137 W. Granville G, V @mosphere 5355 N. Clark G&L, V, GB Big Chicks 5024 N. Sheridan G&L, D, R

773.973.0006 773.784.1100 773.728.5511

G------------------------------------------------------------------Gay Male L---------------------------------------------------------------------Lesbian G&L-------------------------------------------------Gay Male & Lesbian D-------------------------------------------------------------------Dancing V-----------------------------------------------------------------------Video GB-------------------------------------------------------------Go Go Boys DS--------------------------------------------------------------Drag Show R--------------------------------------------------------Restaurant, Food

30 boi

773.667.6454 773.229.0886 773.582.3510 773.363.8555

Banana Video 4923 N. Clark G, BK Bijou Theater 1349 N. Wells G, GB, BK Man’s Country 5017 N. Clark G, GB, BH Steamworks 3246 N. Halsted G, BH, FC The Ram 35111/2 N. Halsted G, BK, D

708.771.4459 708.597.8379 847.439.8840 847.488.0320 219.962.4640 708.358.8840

773.561.8322 312.943.5397 773.878.2069 773.929.6080 773.525.9528

4-------------------------------------------------------------Open til 4am MS--------------------------------------------------------Mostly Straight LF---------------------------------------------------------Leather / Fetish W-------------------------------------------------------------------Western LM--------------------------------------------------Live Music / Cabaret BH--------------------------------------------------------------Bath House BK----------------------------------Adult Book, Booth & Video Store FC-------------------------------------------------------------Fitness Club


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