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Benefit Season Sing Out, Sisters! The guys in Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus have always been known for their big balls. So, it’s only fitting that a party to benefit the boys be called, “The Big Hair Ball”. They’ll be coughing it up at Hydrate on Saturday, March 10. CGMC busts out the ‘80s, the decade that brought us acid washed denim, big hair, shoulder pads and Jelly shoes! Bust out your biggest can of hairspray because the boys are giving away a night at the Park Hyatt Hotel (with dinner!) to the biggest and best 80’s hair! Check it out at Sing Our Sisters, Too Mayne Stage will host “An Evening of Broadway” on Saturday, March 10, a fundraiser for Windy City Performing Arts. Tickets are a hefty $50, but that includes an appetizer and desert reception and ticket to any WCGC concert, making it quite a bargain. There’ll be a silent auction, prize drawings and a cash bar. For more information, check Passing the Bar The Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago benefit will be held on Friday, Mar. 16, at the Palmer House Hotel. Proceeds will benefit the LAGBAC Foundation which provides scholarships for law students to work on GLBT issues. Tickets are $50-$200 and are available at Drinking for Charity The AIDS Foundation of Chicago’s Junior Board will host a “Meet & Greet” social event and fundraiser at Minibar on Friday, March 23. The event will serve as a platform for sharing AFC’s mission and recruiting new Junior Board members. AFC will host appetizers and one complimentary drink from 6:00 -8:00 p.m. for those who make a $10 donation or more.  boi

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NIGHTCLUB & BAR TRIVIA Chicago’s Gay Bars: The Making of a Community by Beau LaBelle As we walk down Halsted in Lakeview, Clark in Andersonvile or Milwaukee in Wicker Parkmost of us aren’t thinking about much more than where we’re heading for our next cocktail. It wasn’t so long ago, historically speaking, that finding a place with other GLBT folks was so easy. What we take for granted now was more than 100 years in the making. In the beginning of the twentieth century, Chicago was one of the busiest industrial centers and transportation hubs in the United States. As such, it attracted thousands of single women and men with new employment opportunities, moving away from families and moving into the lodging-house districts of the Near North and Near South Sides. The anonymous character of these neighborhoods permitted the development of Chicago’s lesbian and gay subculture and the formation of Chicago’s first bars attracting a gay and lesbian clientele. During the early years of the century, much of this was found in the Levee, a working-class entertainment and vice district. Here, several saloons and dance halls catered to gay men and featured female impersonation acts. By 1911, the Vice Commission of Chicago noted the presence of “whole groups and colonies of these men who are sex perverts,” many of them working as department-store clerks in the Loop. The lesbian presence in the city was less visible during these years, in part because many working-class lesbians “passed” as men in order to gain access to better-paying jobs; Chicago newspapers carried occasional sensationalized stories about local “men,” many of them “married,” who had been unmasked as women.

By the 1920s, a visible lesbian and gay enclave was well established in the Near North Side bohemian neighborhood known as Towertown. In speakeasies, lesbians and gay men from throughout the city met and socialized with local artists and “Bohemians.” Among the most popular was The Dill Pickle Club on Tooker Alley (Dearborn just south of Oak), which hosted group discussions and debates on homosexuality. In 1930, Variety estimated that there were 35 such venues on the city’s Near North Side. Gay men also gathered along Michigan Avenue and on Oak Street Beach and mingled with lesbians, hobos, and political radicals in Bughouse Square. The Bally Hoo Cafe (1942. N. Halsted) and K-9 Club (105 E. Walton) featured male and female impersonations and Diamond Lil’s (909 N. Rush) was often so crowded that dozens of people were turned away each night. With the arrival of southern black migrants during the Great Migration, a lesbian and gay enclave also developed on the city’s South Side. African American lesbians and gay men became regular fixtures in Prohibition-era cabarets, including the Plantation Café at 338 35th and the Pleasure Inn on East 31st. In 1935 a black gay nightclub employee, Alfred Finnie, launched a series of drag balls on the South Side. Building on the success of the interracial drag balls that had been held at the Coliseum Annex on the Near South Side since the 1920s, the Finnie’s Ball became a celebrated Halloween event on the South Side, drawing thousands of gay and lesbian participants and heterosexual onlookers well into the 1960s. After the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, the first bars catering exclusively to lesbians and gay men opened in Chicago. Among the best known were Waldman’s, a gay male bar run by a married Jewish couple on Michigan Avenue near Randolph Street, and the Rose-El-Inn, a lesbian bar on Clark Street near Division. During the 1930s and 1940s, the Loop became an increasingly important place for gay men and the soldiers and sailors who swarmed the city during World War II. boi 

Lesbian bars on both the Near North and Near South Sides, especially those run by the lesbian entrepreneur Billie Le Roy, drew sizable crowds, as did the South Side’s Cabin Inn, which featured a chorus line of crossdressed black men. The residential and social concentration of gay men in the Rush Street area drew the attention of Alfred C. Kinsey in 1939 and provided a significant sample pool for his landmark 1948 study, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male.

Chicago, which merged with the newly founded Chicago Gay Liberation (CGL). That led to a successful picketing campaign to force the Normandy on Rush Street to become the first gay bar in Chicago to obtain a dance license and to permit same-sex dancing. These groups and others organized Chicago’s first annual Gay Pride Parade in June 1970. Throughout the 1970s and early 1980s lesbian and gay bars, dance clubs, and bathhouses multiplied.

The 1980 AIDS crisis further galvanized the GLBT community to fight for equal rights and led to increased influence in the city’s government. Bar owners now had better political connections and were able to During the 1950s and 1960s, the Near North operate their businesses without having to pay Side and Near South Side remained important off the police and Mafia, both of which had lesbian and gay neighborhoods, and new demanded “protection” money in the past. By enclaves formed in Old Town, Hyde Park, and the early 1980s Halsted in the Lake View neighborhood near the Street had become intersection of Clark and Diversey. The gay a commercial and leather community also coalesced during residential center. With this period, first, around Omar’s Grill in the the increased stability, Loop, and in the early 1960s at the Gold bar owners were able Coast, Chicago’s first gay leather bar. to secure long-term leases on or purchase As Chicago’s lesbian and gay population their properties grew larger and more visible, municipal outright. This led to the authorities launched vigorous campaigns creation of a stable gay to suppress it. Raids on lesbian and gay bars neighborhood that would not be forced out by became more frequent, and thousands of gentrification or police harassment. Eventually women and men were arrested, both in the bars Halsted Street became the world’s first officially and on the streets. Although Illinois became designated “gay neighborhood”, when the city the first state in the nation to legalize private, erected rainbow pylons along the street as part consensual, homosexual relations in 1961, the of then Mayor Daley’s emphasis of Chicago as a authorities remained intent on eliminating “city of neighborhoods”. public expressions of homosexuality; the local media assisted in this endeavor by publishing Of course, there are many GLBT identified the names and addresses of those arrested in bars throughout the city and suburbs, as well raids. as a number of gay-friendly bars hosting gay or lesbian nights and, in a sign of how far our Lesbians and gay men began to organize in community has come in the past 30 years, response to police tactics, in 1964 Mattachine bars with a mixed clientele, where everyone Midwest was founded. This group published is welcome. While it is fine to celebrate our and distributed a monthly newsletter to achievements, it is also important to remember local bars informing patrons of recent police the not-so “good old days”. crackdowns, and with the help of lesbian _____________________________________ attorney Pearl Hart and others, aided in the defense of gay men and lesbians who had been entrapped on morals charges or arrested in bar Beau LaBelle is research assistant and graduate student. He has a B.A. in Gay Studies, an M.A. in raids. Following the June 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City, a more militant gay liberation organization formed at the University of 10 boi

Anthropology and is currently working on his doctoral thesis examining the cultural significance of the gay community in urban settings. Thanks to for research assistance.

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Gay Guy ,d How do travel advisor web sites stack up when covering Chicago’s GLBT scene? By Beau LaBelle Those of us in Chicago’s GLBT community know that our bar and club scene is one of the best in the world, but how are we perceived outside of our community? We decided to look at travel advisor web sites and see how accurately they portray nightlife in our fair city and grade them accordingly using standard letter grades.

You could easily travel here, spending all your time downtown at a conference or taking in the major attractions, and never see gay Chicago, which is centered around the Lakeview and Andersonville neighborhoods, about 5 to 7 miles northwest of downtown, but easily accessible via mass transit. This is a city of neighborhoods, so plan to venture outside the city core.

What they got right and wrong: An amazing list of special events ranging from those of general interest (Taste of Chicago, Chicago International Film Festival) to more gay-centric events such as; Andersonville Midsommarfest/BackLot Bash, All information represents what was posted on Gay Pride and Market Days. The list of gay press each web site just prior to our deadline. in Chicago is dated including four publications no longer in business. On the other hand, it Frommer’s “B-” Here’s what they say about us: While it’s not quite San does mention the city’s Department of Tourism Francisco, Chicago is a very gay-friendly city. The web site and its focus on GLBT information. neighborhood commonly referred to as “Boys Bar & Club Reviews Town” is the center of gay nightlife, and plenty What they got right and wrong: Just a photo gallery, of daytime action too. Gay and Lesbian Pride mostly outside shots of only a dozen or so clubs, Week, highlighted by a lively parade is a major event each June. Most of Chicago’s gay bars are not addresses, phone numbers or descriptions. conveniently clustered on a stretch of North Halsted Street in Lakeview (in what’s known as “C” Boys Town), making it easy to sample many of Here’s what they say about us: A city famous them in a breezy walk. Men’s bars predominate - for culturally and architecturally rich - few places in town cater exclusively to lesbians neighborhoods and stunning parks, couldn’t -- but a few gay bars get a mix of men and be better suited to the pleasures of the gay women. traveler. Landmark skyscrapers and theater marquees loom over the downtown and Near What they got right and wrong: Mentioned Chicago North sections, while countless boutiques Free Press and Gab magazine as reliable sources and cafes thrive in the hip and gay-popular of entertainment information. CFP closed more Lakeview and Andersonville districts, inviting than a year ago and Gab at least a decade ago. you to ogle store window displays and pass the hours sipping frothy espressos. And in few major cities in the world is the beach so close Bar & Club Reviews at hand; if you feel like getting a little color, What they got right and wrong: Each entry included and if it is summer, then get yourself over to an accurate one-paragraph description of the Hollywood Beach. Formally known as Kathy bar/club included. However, the only places Osterman Beach, Hollywood Beach can be covered include Big Chicks, Circuit, Crew, found at the north end of Lakeshore Drive. It’s Roscoe’s, Sidetrack and The Closet. Gentry, difficult to get to, but once you do look for the which closed a number of years ago, is still pier. That’s where the gay scene is. listed as open. “A-”

Here’s what they say about us: A world-class center of culture, commerce, education, architecture, dining, and shopping, Chicago is America’s largest city after New York and Los Angeles, and it has a visible, active gay and lesbian community that you’d expect of such a place. 12 boi

Bar & Club Reviews

What they got right and wrong: A simple, mostly up to date list, except for the Lost & Found, which closed a number of years ago. There are no descriptions of any business, just a section for comments for each place. Not one bar or club listed had any comments logged on. “F”

is the gay bar strip, and Broadway, home of many gay friendly restaurants, shops and bistros where you can catch your breath and catch a glimpse of those charming Midwestern men.

What they got right and wrong: The dates of the events are correct... for last year! No bars or clubs listed. A section entitled “Cruising Places” (how ‘70s), doesn’t list anything.

What they got right and wrong: Aside from the fact that Oprah has skipped town and Sears Tower is now Willis Tower? We’ll let the next paragraph from the site speak for itself: “Adjacent to Boystown the West Loop is another neighborhood bursting with flavorful restaurants and shops.” Hello boys, geography lesson!

Here’s what they say about us: Nothing, just a map showing downtown hotels and a list of GLBT events. “C-”

Here’s what they say about us: Chicago is famous for many things: Michael Jordan, deep-dish pizza, the first Ferris wheel, the world’s largest public library and busiest airport, and now, being one of the most active, friendly and growing gay and lesbian communities in the world. In 2006, when Chicago was host to the Gay Games, Mayor Richard Daley in his speech at the opening ceremonies reinforced Chicago’s commitment to inclusion and the GLBT community. This accepting attitude really makes Chicago a great place to live if you’re gay. Aside from the friendly atmosphere, with its breathtaking lakeside skyline and twentymile lakefront park, its celebrated scientific and cultural communities, its myriad of shopping, dining and recreational opportunities, Chicago is unquestionably a spectacular destination. What they got right and wrong: Really, nothing more current than 2006?

Bar & Club Reviews

What they got right and wrong: Included about three dozen bars and clubs, just addresses, no descriptions. An additional half-dozen places that have been closed for years, including Clark’s on Clark, Chicago Eagle and Star Gaze. “C”

Here’s what they say about us: Murder, Greed, Corruption..! You might find these in Chicago the musical, but in Chicago, the largest city in the Midwest, you’re more likely to find beaches, “Boystown” and a host of gay friendly hotels and attractions to satisfy every desire. Home to “Da Bulls,” the Sears Tower and the grand dame of them all, Oprah. The East Lakeview Neighborhood, appropriately known as Boystown, is the heart of Chicago’s gay community. The leading gay neighborhood in the city, Chicago’s Boystown hosts some of the hottest nightlife and gay-friendly attractions for locals and tourists alike. To easily navigate the neighborhood, just keep in mind that two main avenues border Boystown: Halsted Street, which

Bar & Club Reviews

Brief description of about 4 dozen places, all current and up to date. A comments section is included for each place but few had any comments listed. What they got right and wrong: Kudos to them for including suburban places and being 100% up to date in places still open for business. Boos for the non-stop pop-up ads that made the site difficult to navigate. “B”

Here’s what they say about us: Chicago is proud to be home to one of the world’s most active lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. The community is strongly supported by Chicago’s City government, which has sponsored the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame since 1991. In 2007, the Center on Halsted, the world’s finest community center for GLBT people, opened at 3656 N. Halsted St. Many GLBToriented shops, clubs and cultural activities are located in Boystown and in Andersonville, two miles north. Wicker Park is also emerging as an artsy queer-friendly area as well. And since Chicago is perched on the sandy southwest shores of Lake Michigan, there’s a burgeoning summer gay beach scene at Lake Shore Drive and Hollywood Avenue. Of course, you’ll be welcome anywhere you go in Chicago, a city that respects people of every age, income, background and sexual orientation. Chicago is big into leather and bears, with the huge and infamous International Mister Leather happening here every May. Among other top events for GLBT travel; Pride is in June, and Northalsted Market Days in August is the largest two-day outdoor street festival in the Midwest, with hundreds of vendors and musical acts for which the local gays come out in force. . . . CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE >> boi 13

What they got right and wrong: For as general a description as it is, it is mostly correct, although I’d quibble about the line about “…you’ll be welcome anywhere you go in Chicago…” Like any big city, there are questionable areas. gay-chicago-guide “C”

Here’s what they say about us: Chicago is a workingclass city, and this can be felt from street-side diners to the dance floors of gay clubs. That means friendliness to the nth degree. Boystown Bar & Club Listings is your spot, just north of downtown at the What they got right and wrong: The star rating system Belmont El-stop along Halsted Street. Chicago’s for the places listed is based upon Yelp, clicking famous leather scene is centralized further on location’s name links to a map and Yelp north in the Andersonville area, along with a report. The information listed for each place is handful of lesbi-gay venues. In the summer, correct, but the list is far from complete and lists everyone flocks to Hollywood Beach, north of a few places that, to the best of my knowledge, town, for volleyball and sunning. have no significant gay clientele. Also doesn’t mention that some of the places listed host gay What they got right and wrong: A good, if stereonights, but are not gay bars. typical, view of the city written in a witty style. But again, wrong on geography. Belmont is not “just north of downtown.” Really queens, look at “B+” Here’s what they say about us: Gangsters, pizza, house a map! music, the blues, Chicago has left its mark on popular culture throughout the ages. These are Bar & Club Reviews all excellent... but there’s something else also What they got right and wrong: Just a couple of worth checking out in this town: the thriving paragraphs about Boystown and Andersonville, lesbian culture. There’s a huge variety of lesbian with good descriptions of the few bars action in Chicago, from burlesque shows to a mentioned. Includes info on a few places closed WNBA team to roller derby to a whole slew of for years (Madrigal’s, Gentry, Star Gaze, Chicago bent theatre troupes and production houses. Eagle and Felt?) and send them a map, Touché is Add in the bars and dyke nights, popular not in Andersonville. . restaurants and a lesbohood, and there’s enough to keep any lesbian traveler plenty Grade “A+” busy. Here’s what they say about us: Chicagoans have always felt an almost compulsive civic East Lakeview, aka “Boystown”, is the main gay responsibility to bring their city back from the village in Chicago. As the name suggests, it’s brink, bigger and better than before. This isn’t mainly boys, but bent girls can also be found to say that Chicago requires a good disaster to around Halsted St. Many lesbians (and lesbian bring out its best. Rather, it’s the city’s diligent establishments!) prefer the Swedish-immigrant work ethic that inspires its cultural dynamism. neighborhood of Andersonville, especially The city’s energetic GLBT community also around Clark St. The city deserves a shout out embodies a spirit of civic responsibility. While for The center on Halsted, the world’s largest Chicago offers a wonderful array of GLBT GLBT community center with 60,000+ square nightlife options, an impressive number of feet of gathering space including the Billie Jean cultural attractions are also worth your time and King gym and a black box theater. money. Given the harsh winters and iffy springs, when the sun shines in Chicago, locals make What they got right and wrong: Spot on, but how a mad dash for the Lake, easily the city’s best could they leave out Women & Children First natural feature. Bookstore? What they got right and wrong: The best written and Bar & Club Reviews most accurate report on Chicago of any travel What they got right and wrong: Great list of womenweb site. friendly clubs and bars (Big Chicks, The Closet, Wang’s) and bars featuring dyke friendly nights Bar & Club Reviews (Chances Dances at the Subterranean, Dollhouse What they got right and wrong: Again, absolutely at Wicker Well) as well as groups organizing perfect. The review is written in a breezy, all women’s events at bars (B.BLYSS! Earth Tone encompassing overview of the city’s bars, clubs Productions, Lez B. Friends), but left out one of and restaurants. the newest and most popular, Parlour. 14 boi

, BOI s Best Restaurants AMERICAN___________

Ann Sather 929 W. Belmont 773.348.2378.

Hamburger Mary’s 5400 N. Clark 773.784.6969.

5207 N Clark 773.271.6627 & 3411 N Broadway 773.305.0024. These bustling hot spots, serving traditional Swedish pancake house fare, are best known for hearty fare and delish cinnamon rolls.

“Eat, Drink and be... MARY” at this fun and popular Andersonville restaurant which features a wide array of burgers and sandwiches, along with an interesting selection of tasty appetizers. Wash it all down with one of Mary’s home-brewed ales.

The Bagel 3107 N. Broadway 773.477.0300

Horizon Café 3805 N. Broadway 773.883.1565.

The quintessential Jewish style deli is the perfect spot for a corned beef or pastrami sandwich, some chicken soup, lox and bagels or a full dinner that tastes as if someone’s Jewish momma made it.

Chicago Diner 3411 N. Halsted 773.935.6696

This world famous vegetarian restaurant offers vegan and organic offerings. Organic beers, wine, and spirits are also available.

Cocktail 3359 N. Halsted 773.477.1420. The

kitchen at this popular bar serves up better and fancier food than it needs to. The menu ranges from gourmet salads and sandwiches to comfort food and fabulous brunch dishes.

Crew 4804 N. Broadway 773.784.2739. More

than just a sports bar, the menu includes a variety of hamburgers, sandwiches, salads and comfort food.

Jimbo’s Red Hots 3617 N. Broadway 773.868-

9700. Steamed jumbo hot dogs from Red Hot Chicago with toppings such as pickles, lettuce, tomato, celery salt, onions & hot peppers; char dogs & foot longs too. Open 24 hours. Signature Pizza located in the same spot, serving pizza, pasta & burgers, also open 24 hours.

Golden Nugget Family Restaurants

2720 N. Clark 773.929.0724. 2406 W. Diversey 773.252.8903. 1765 W. Lawrence 773.769.6700. A great option for after bar dining as they are all open 24-7, and have free parking. The large menu is sure to please, especially the classic breakfast and hearty dinners. Everything is housemade, known for fluffy buttermilk pancakes,

Gyro-Mena 905 W. Belmont 773.935.2600.

Augments the Athenian Gyros by satisfying the American desire to pick our own toppings! True Athenian Gyros is a choice of all natural nonground meat (pork or chicken) stacked and cooked on a rotisserie.

Halsted’s Bar & Grill 3441 N. Halsted

773.348.9696 This Boystown eatery serves up a wide array of tasty appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, and popular comfort food items at very reasonable prices in a fun and inviting atmosphere. Beers on tap are aplenty and the weekend brunch draws an attractive crowd.

This long-time popular Lakeview family restaurant serves up big portions of creative homestyle dishes as well as healthy fare (broth-based soups and whole wheat tortilla wraps) and at affordable prices. Breakfast served all day long. Delivery available.

IHOP 3760 N. Halsted 773.296.0048. More than a

pancake house, this 24-hour Boystown institution serves up affordably priced appetizers, sandwiches, and entrees that are sure to satisfy varying after-bar wants and needs.

Jury’s 4337 N. Lincoln 773.935.2255. Watch all

the poplular sports at this friendly neighborhood sports bar. Known for their killer burgers. They offer a late night menu along with daily specials and even brunch on Sundays.

Kit Kat Lounge 3700 N. Halsted 773.525.1111.

Providing the best of diva entertainment along with a full dinner menu, they offer ½-price cocktails and Buy 1 Get 1 Free Entree on Wednesdays.. On Monday nights get 50% off your entire bill.

Nookies Tree 3334 N. Halsted 773.248.9888

and at 1100 W. Bryn Mawr 773.516-4188. A regular haunt for the locals of Boystown (also Edgewater) and popular with hangover recoverees, the diner serves made-to-order omelets, pancakes, waffles and other brunch fare all day. And it’s open 24 hours on weekends.

Melrose 3233 N Broadway 773.327.2060. This

Lakeview institution has been catering to the afterbar crowds for decades, serving breakfast anytime along with typical diner fare. Open 24 hours

Philly’s Best 907 W. Belmont 773.525.7900.

Authentic Philly cheese steak sandwich. Their meat is brought directly from Philadelphia. Also, medium crust pizza, oven baked grinders & fresh salads.

Pie Hole Pizza 3477 N. Broadway 773.525.8888. Their “hole” is open Sunday-Thursday from 11ammidnight and Friday & Saturday until 3am. Grab it and go or have it delivered.. your pizza, that is!!

Stella’s Diner 3042 N. Broadway 773.472.9040. Friendly staff serve up delicious diner fare, such as; fresh salads, a large selection of wraps, sandwiches, hearty entrees, pastas, and homemade desert boi 17

, BOI s Best Restaurants Wilde Bar & Restaurant 3130 N. Broadway

773.244.0404. This cozy upscale Irish pub offers a laid back and warm atmosphere and a wide ranging menu that is sure to please. Expect updated versions of pub favorites such as chicken pot pie, meatloaf, fish & chips, burgers and salads. ASIAN__________________

Jitlada Thai House 3715 N. Halsted

773.388.9988. This quaint family-owned eatery features Asian favorites such as pad Thai, pineapple fried rice, crab rangoon, pot stickers, tempura and nine spice curry items. Delivery available.

Pingpong 3322 N. Broadway 773.281.7575.

This popular Lakeview restaurant features high quality Pan-Asian cuisine in a hip and modern atmosphere as well as top-notch people-watching both those in and walking by the restaurant. Delivery available.

Young’s Chinese 3949 N. Ashland

773.248.7998. This well-regarded outpost has earned a stellar reputation for great tasting food and delivery so quick you’ll swear there must be a wok in the car. ITALIAN_________________

Anna Maria Pasteria 4400 N. Clark

773.506.2662. Owned by sisters who hail from the Basilicata region of southern Italy, this neighborhood gem creates homemade modern and traditional Italian dishes that are authentic, delicious & inexpensive.

Angelina Ristorante 3561 N. Broadway

773.935.5933. Hosting the coolest and hippest Sunday brunch crowd in Lakeview, the menu includes Eggs Benedict, fritattas, Croque Monsieur and mufaletta sandwiches, almond-crusted stuffed French toast, and the free flow of Champagne mimosas. Brunch here is loud, raucous and FUN! Great for dinner, as well.

Panino’s Pizzeria 3702 N. Broadway

773.472.6200. Panino’s has established itself as a Boystown favorite with its varied menu selections, including gyros and burgers, pasta entrees, and of course pizza. Delivery available.

Taverna 750 750 W. Cornelia Ave 773.248.8333.

This restaurant, formerly known as Cornelia’s is the latest trendy Italian restaurant in the neighborhood. New owners, new looks and a new menu is sure to make this a new hot spot. 18 boi


Andies 1467 W. Montrose 773.348.0654. 5253 N

Clark 773.784.8616. Specializing in Mediterranean and vegetarian cuisine, specialties of the house include steak kabobs, gyros, and poultry dishes such as Greek Chicken and Lebanese Style Chicken Kefta Kabob. And as befits the cuisine, desserts include a very tasty baklava. The Sunday buffet brunch is extravagant and reasonably priced.

Sayat Nova 157 E. Ohio 312.644.9159. Classic

Mediterranean-American fare served in comfortable surroundings Every Thursday night things get extra gay for the “Boystown in Downtown” party. MEXICAN/LATIN__________

Cesar’s 2924 N. Broadway 773.296.9097 and at

3166 N Clark 773.248.2835 This family-owned operation offers an enticing menu full of delicious Mexican recipes, popular house specialties, irresistible desserts, and their signature “Killer Margaritas.”

El Mariachi 3906 N. Broadway 773.549-2932

and at 3420 N. Broadway 773.549-7020. Quickly becoming one of the very best Mexican restaurants in the city, the focus is on using fresh, high-quality ingredients for its “south of the border” cuisine. Full bar featuring over 100 brands of tequila.

El Nuevo Mexicano 2914 N. Clark 773.528.2131. Cozy dining room along with authentic Mexican cuisine makes this a great place for delicious dining. Open for lunch & dinner, great patio for summer outdoor dining. Delivery available too!

Las Mananitas 3523 N. Halsted St. 773.528.2109. Traditional & regional Mexican dishes along with freshly squeezed limes for margaritas. Nice place to eat, drink and window watch people on Halsted St. Has a full bar & plenty of hardy dishes to satisfy any appetite. Serving the community for over 28 years. Fiesta Mexicana 2423 N. Lincoln Ave 773.348.4144 (2nd Location) 4806 N. Broadway 773.769.4244. Traditional favorites along with great ambiance. Nice place to bring your family, friends or bring a date to. The Lincoln location has daily specials & live music. Is your target market is in our distribution area?? ADVERTISE YOUR RESTAURANT IN BOI MAGAZINE Call 773.975.0264 or email us at More listings @, click on Dining link

boi 19

20 boi

Old School Travel How the Damron Guide Shaped GLBT Travel By Beau LaBelle In ancient times (i.e. before the Internet) when gay folks traveled, they had to be inventive to find like-minded folks. They would discover places where gay folks congregated through word of mouth from friends who had traveled or lived in the area. In preparing this article I asked an older friend of mine how he knew where to go to find other gay folks when traveling. “There were a couple of options,” he explained. “The easiest was to get in a cab and ask the cab-driver to take you to a gay bar. No matter what their thoughts on gay folks, they always knew where the bars were, because the gays always tipped better. Another hint was to look up bars in the phone book. If there was a club called something like Our Place, or had a clever pun, like the Inn and Out or Four Queens, that was always a good sign. Another was to look for a place with a color and a bird in the name, like the Green Parrot or the Pink Flamingo.” In the late ‘60s Bob Damron, an openly gay man, decided to disseminate the information he gleaned in his travels and turned his little black book of gay lodges, bars, and restaurants into photocopied guides. The Damron Men’s Traveler Guides were the last word in gay travel for more than four decades. Damron sold the company to Dan Delbacks in 1987. He later brought aboard Gina Gatta to head up the Women’s Traveler, a companion guide to the popular Men’s Traveler, that lists GLBT-owned and operated and gayfriendly lodges, entertainment, and other information for queer travelers.

The convergence of several influences provided several challenges to Damron’s dominance of the gay travel guide market. Delbacks died from AIDS complications, and Gatta and other stakeholders discovered that the company was in dire financial straits. No sooner had the company been brought back into the black then the terrorist attacks on 9/11 occured. That was soon followed by the economic crisis that reduced the amount of travel. The rise of the Internet, brought in new competitors for Damron’s control of the travel market, such as Out & About, GayCities. com and Canada-based No longer the only queer travel guide in the sandbox, Gatta applauds the new guides that have entered the market, especially “It keeps me on my toes and I applaud them,” says Gatta, admitting that sometimes “it’s tough when everybody wants to play in your sandbox,” but the competition forces her to stay current on technology and other trends. In 2010, she launched Damron’s iPhone applications Gurl Scout and Gay Scout. Gatta doesn’t discount the value of print guides, “I love printing books,” said Gatta, who still gets calls from advertisers who continue to receive business from guides published years ago. “People hold on to them for five to 10 years.” In 2012, Damron’s Men’s Traveler celebrated its 48th edition and the Women’s Traveler celebrated its 23rd anniversary. boi 21

Chicago Spotlight: Marge Summit Interviews with leaders in Chicago GLBT community by Gregg Shapiro

Marge Summit has been a vocal and visible member of Chicago’s gay and lesbian community for almost 40 years. She is best known as the owner of His ‘n Hers, a popular bar and restaurant that was located for many years beneath the Addison L stop. During the 1970s and early 1980s, Summit’s establishment was among the first to offer live entertainment and she produced a record album “Gay and Straight Together,” featuring performers who appeared at His ‘n Hers. She appeared in the film “Before Stonewall,” which chronicled pre-1968 activities of the national gay and lesbian community.

When did you come out and what was the experience like for you? I came out in my freshmen year (of high school) with a woman. I always knew I was different, but didn’t know why. I liked guns, fast bikes and pants. So when I had this affair it all came to light, and I felt like I came home, especially when I found gay bars hidden in back streets.

Please name five of your LGBT heroes and say a few words about why you chose them. First would have to be all the

pioneers that came before me and paved a small trail for me to follow. Pearl Hart who took on the system for a lot of us back then, when it wasn’t fashionable. Chuck Renslow has always given back to the community with the White Party and various shows at Man’s Country, which I always got invited to. And he is also a dear friend. Bill Kelley, who I have 22 boi

known for years and he has always been out to help the community beginning with the first gay (pride) parade. Finally, would have to be Maria Kuda, who has tirelessly gathered and saved our history, and preserved it for our younger generation to see.

What do you consider to be your most significant contribution to the LGBT community in Chicago and at large?

It would have to be my bar His N’ Hers, which to this day has magic about it. With great food and great entertainment, and an album put out by Ginny Clemens and me called “Gay and Straight Together”, which is in the gay section of the Smithsonian Institution. Also the Gay $ Campaign which really shook up the city council and the government. And last, but not least, adopting a racially mix child in the early ‘70s and raising her to become a woman, great mother and my best friend.

What are your future goals and aspirations? I will always be an activist till my last breath. And now I mostly enjoy my two grandchildren .

Words of wisdom to the next LGBT generation? Please don’t

assume you are home safe. You can always lose your gay rights if you don’t vote to keep them. Keep enlarging the path that the former gays made, and make sure gay children get to be gay.

boi 23

24 boi

In The Know, On The Go

by Harry Taint


To quote Dorothy Gale, “People come and go so quickly here.” Ain’t it the truth, Do? Terry Miller and Dan Savage are coming to Steppenwolf. Savage is author of the highly-acclaimed, nationally syndicated sex column Savage Love, and co-creator of the ‘It Gets Better Project’ with his husband Terry Miller. They will host a post show discussion on bullying with audience members after the March 9 performance of Sarah Gubbins’ “How Carson McCullers Saved My Life.” EQIL has a new finance/ administration director, Angelo Barone, coming aboard.

And Goings

Is Rosie O’Donnell planning to leave Chicago? Last September Rosie bought a home in Lakeview when she moved here to tape her titular show on Oprah’s OWN Network. The show has not garnered the ratings that were expected and I hear that Ro’s thinking of putting the house up for sale. ...Will Gerber-Hart’s President Karen Sendziak be getting her walking papers? Current and former members of the library’s board sent a letter asking for her resignation. Taking a page from Joan Crawford, Sendziak’s response has been, “Don’t fuck with me fellas!” She’s reportedly hired an attorney and PR company to fight her ouster.

Save the Date

Market Days (can you believe that it’s the 31st annual?) will be Aug. 11-12 and they’ve got the original Dreamgirl, Jennifer Holliday, booked for one of the shows… And, don’t forget that Pride Fest will be on June 22-23 and the parade on that Sunday, more later on where and what time it will start… The Center on Halsted will host a GLBT travel expo on May 1. Admission will be free... Save the Date Too Ram holds another “Big Dick” contest, sponsored by BOI (of course) on May 27… While we’re on the subject of things getting longer, if you’ve missed the

popular play, “Man Boobs” at the Annoyance Theater, you’re in luck it’s been extended. The run of the play, not the actual man boobs (although maybe they have too). The added performance is on Thursday, March 15. . . St. Patrick’s Day promotions are already getting off to a good start. Saturday, March 17 is the day to celebrate! Downtown Bar will have $3 Bud Draft & $5 Jamo Shots, Hydrate has a “Lucky Shamrock Giveaway” ($300 + 2Xist touch underwear), and Sidtrack’s boasting “Good Green Gay Fun” with bagpipers and Jameson men with fun green giveaways.

Bar Belles

Parlour on Clark is having a celebration for the Atom Basham Art show opening on Saturday, Mar. 10, with a Champagne reception, followed by a performance by Loose Teeth and then DJ John Twatters… Maneuvers in Joliet will hold its monthly drag revue, “The Diva’s Den” on Friday, Mar. 16… Urbano at Circuit will host a special guest appearance by reality star and model from VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop”, Erica Mena, on Friday Mar. 16… Kelly Lauren is hosting the Drag Idol contest preliminaries at Hydrate

This ‘n’ That, Here ‘n’ There

Congratulations to Center on Halsted, its Oscar party raised more than $70,000… Cutie-patootie Heath Jordan was named “Mr. Chicago Escort of the Year” at a contest held at Hydrate last month… Take your Beano on Saturday, Mar. 24 and head over to Sidetrack for its annual Jack Daniel’s Chili Cook Off, which benefits the Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Then start doing your crunches to work off that chili in time for the bar’s “Back to the Beach Party” on March 28. Everyone will be wearing swimsuits and as usual, there’ll be no cover. Wait, I meant that there’s no cover charge. Finally, friends of Merry Mary will gather at Cell Block on Sunday, March 11, from 2-4 to celebrate her life. Merry Mary, aka Mary Featherston, a long-time LGBT community ally, passed away on Dec. 30 after a short battle with cancer, she was 77 years of age. boi 25

Nightclub & Bar News The World’s Greatest Gay Bars by Beau LaBelle Last November the editors of selected what they thought to be the 50 best gay bars around the globe. . Chicago is no longer the “second city,” with four bars included in the listings we’re tied with New York City for first place, and since one of the NYC places is in Brooklyn, we actually come in first. If you’re planning a trip, you may want to make note of some of the others bars and clubs that made the list from A to Z. Amsterdam - Church, De Trut Atlanta - Mary’s Austin - Oil Can Harry’s Bangkok, Thailand - DJ Station, G.O.D. (Guys on Display), Vertigo at Banyan Tree Barcelona - Axel Sky Bar Berlin - Roses, Tom’s Buenos Aires - Club 69 Chicago - Mary’s Attic, Sidetrack, Spin Dallas - Round Up Saloon Glasgow - The Polo Lounge Hanoi - GC Bar Ho Chi Minh City - Apocalypse Now London - Heaven, Royal Vauxhall Los Angeles - Akbar, The Abbey Louisville - The Connection Mexico City - Club Living Miami Beach - Twist, Buck 15, Raleigh Minneapolis - Jetset Montreal - Parking, Unity New Delhi - Pegs ‘n’ Pints New York - Cubbyhole, Metro, Splash Paris - Le Queen, Le Raidd, Le Bar Philadelphia - Woody’s Provincetown - Gifford House Puerto Vallarta - Le Club Mañana Rio de Janeiro - Le Boy San Diego - Rich’s Santa Fe - Silver Starlight Lounge San Francisco – Hole in the Wall, Badlands São Paulo - The Week Zurich - Cranberry Bar 26 boi

Raising The Bar by Harry Taint Special events & news on the bar/club scene. Open 4 Biz’ness Cocktail is back, and it’ll now be open Thursday through Sunday. The Spank go-go boys will also be back, with special towel dances Saturdays at midnight and Sundays at nine. There are also some new DJ’s (don’t worry, they’re also bringing back your favorites, too.) The new DJ roster includes Terri Bristol, Freddie Bain, Timmy Loop, Chris MD and Carla Starla. The bar’s new focus will be on its namesake, cocktails, with bottle service featuring 12 infusion flavors. If you prefer the bubbly, bottles of Veuve Clicquot will be available as well. Her Madgesty Kit Kat’s got a Madonna brunch and CD release party in the works. Madge is about to drop her 12th album on March 26. So, on Sunday, March 25, the Kats will have an all-day party featuring the divas doing their best impersonations. Diva Madam X will star as Madonna during brunch. All day long martinis will be offered at half-price. Borderline music has provided raffle prizes to be given away throughout the day and one lucky person will win two tickets to Madonna’s concert on September 19. A Little Birdie Told Me Will Harrison, producer of the Nitro theme parties will bring his visionary skills into play at Hydrate on Friday and Saturday April 13 and 14 for the first of a series of EventA-Phobia parties with “Ornithophobia”. Ornithophobia, or fear of birds, effects one in 1,000 people. Some people fear only birds of prey, such as vultures, while others are afraid of even household pets like parakeets. Expect references to Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, Poe’s “The Raven” and Lucille Ball. Lucille Ball? A little trivia: Lucy didn’t love birds. In fact her phobia was so severe that she once had expensive wallpaper removed from her home when she discovered that the print contained shadowy images of small birds. For more information, check out

boi 27

Ask Ace

Relationship & Sex Advice

Dear Ace Huffy Up Halsted A few friends and went to one of the bars on Halsted. We checked our coats and, after a few hours, decided to leave because it was getting too crowded. When I went to get my coat, I realized that I had misplaced my coat check ticket. The twink working the coat check told me I’d have to wait until all the other coats had been picked up, even though I described my coat to him and told him that I had my car keys in the left pocket. He refused to even look through the coats. How hard would it have been to find a black leather jacket? My friends gave me grief saying I was incredibly rude and being unreasonable. I run a major hotel and I would never make a customer wait until the end of the evening, so I think I was perfectly within my rights to be indignant. HUH More like DUH! Let’s see, you lost your ticket so the coat check person is to blame? I don’t think so. The tone of your letter leads me to believe that you didn’t treat the coat check person respectfully, so it sounds like your friends were right, you were rude. Unreasonable? Yes. Do you have any idea how many black leather jackets were probably in the coat check room? My guess would be in the hundreds. I can also understand why the employee would refuse to go through the pockets looking for your keys. Imagine what you would do if you came up to the coat check window and saw the person working there going through coat pockets. You say you run a major hotel, so you certainly should be expected to be able to hold onto a claim ticket. Your friends are right; you were being rude and unreasonable. Customers who are unreasonable and/or rude get recognized quickly, and that’s not a good thing. I suggest you go back to the bar, search out the employee and apologize. Then give him a big tip for making sure someone else didn’t get your jacket with your lost ticket. Over It in Oak Park I have a friend who is always late. Whenever our group goes out to dinner he is the last to arrive, sometimes as much as an hour late. We’ve lost our reservations due to his

tardiness more than once. We’ve spoken to him a number of times. How can we get him to understand how aggravating his behavior is to everyone? OIOP People who are chronically late usually have control issues, by making you wait for them they are running things and making themselves the center of attention when they do arrive. Of course, they never see it that way. The best way to deal with it is to go about your business and let him catch up to you. When you make dinner reservations don’t count him in the number when you reserve, but do mention that you might have someone joining you later. Then when you are seated go about your meal just as if you weren’t dining with your friend. If he arrives late and you’ve all finished, leave. No apologies, no blame, just a “See you later.” Hand him what you’ve collected for the bill (or ask the server to prepare a separate check for him ahead of time - if you explain the situation, most servers will be more than happy to do so.) Use the same technique if you are going to a movie or concert, give a meeting time and stick to it. After a few experiences like this he might straighten up his act when he realizes that his way of doing things is not working. Even if he doesn’t change, at least you won’t be inconvenienced any more. Cheese Please! Is smegma safe to eat? CP Smegma may look and smell like an old French cheese, but it is, in fact, a mixture of dead skin cells, oils, moisture, and bacteria. Though it’s non-toxic and probably won’t kill ya, I wouldn’t recommend spreading it on a Ritz cracker and serving it as a canape. __________________________________________ Ace Magyar has a BA in communications, a MA in sex therapy and a PhD in zoology. He is a registered couple’s counselor specializing in the GLBT community. Send your questions to

boi 29

Chicago Bars and Clubs Boystown / Lakeview

3160 3160 N.Clark G&L, LM,DS Berlin 954 W. Belmont G&L, D, 4 Bobby Love’s 3729 N. Halsted G&L Buck’s Saloon 3439 N. Halsted G Cell Block 3702 N. Halsted G, LF Charlie’s 3726 N. Broadway G, D, W Circuit 2.02 3641 N. Halsted G&L, D, 4 Cocktail 3359 N. Halsted G, GB Elixir Lounge 3452 N. Halsted G, 4 F. O’Mahony’s 3701 N. Broadway G&L, R Hydrate 3458 N. Halsted G, D, DS, 4 Kit Kat 3700 N. Halsted G&L, DS, R Little Jim’s 3501 N. Halsted G, V, 4 Lucky Horseshoe 3169 N. Halsted G, GB Manhandler 1948 N. Halsted G, W, 4 Minibar 3341 N. Halsted G, R North End 3733 N. Halsted G Roscoe’s 3356 N. Halsted G, D, V, DS Scarlet 3320 N. Halsted G Sidetrack 3349 N. Halsted G, V Smart Bar / Metro 3730 N. Clark MS, D, 4 Spin 800 W. Belmont G, D, V, DS The Closet 3325 N. Broadway G&L, V, 4

773.327.5969 773.348.4975 773.525.1200 773.525.1125 773.665.8064 773.871.8887 773.325.2233 773.477.1420 773.477.1420 773.549.0226 773.975.9244 773.525.1111 773.871.6116 773.404.3169 773.871.3339 773.871.6227 773.477.7999 773.281.3355 773.348.1053 773.477.9189 773.549.4140 773.327.7711 773.477.8533

Chicago Downtown

Baton Show Lounge 436 N. Clark DS 312.644.5269 Club 720 720 N. Wells MS, D, 4 312.787.8720 Crimson Lounge 333 N. Dearborn MS, D, R 312.923.2473 Downtown Bar & Lounge 440 N State G 312.464.1400 Excalibur/Vision 632 N. Dearborn MS, D, 4 312.266.1944 Funky Buddha 728 W. Grand Ave. MS, D 312.666.1695 House of Blues 329 N. Dearborn MS, LM, 4 312.923.2000 Krush/Prop House 1657 N. Elston G&L, D, 4 773.486.2390 Second Story Bar 157 E. Ohio G, V 312.923.9536 Sound Bar 226 W. Ontario MS, D, 4 312.787-4480 Spy Bar 646 N. Franklin MS, D, 4 312.587.8779 Underground 56 W. Illinois MS, D, 4 312.644.7600 Vibe 1543 N. Kingsbury MS, D, 4 312.266.1900

Chicago Northside CONTINUED

Crew 4804 N. Broadway G&L, V, R 773.784.2739 Davenport’s 1383 N. Milwaukee G&L, LM 773.278.1830 Debonair Social Club 1575 N. MilwaukeeAve. MS, D 773.227.7990 Fat Cat 4849 N. Broadway MS, R 773.506.3100 Green Dolphin St. 2200 N. Ashland G&L, D, LM, 4 773.395.0066 Green Mill 4802 N. Broadway MS, LM, 4 773.878.5552 In Fine Spirits 5420 N Clark MS, R 773.334.9463 Jackhammer 6406 N. Clark G, D, V, GB, LM, 4 773.743.5772 Joi de Vine 1744 W. Balmoral L, R 773.989.6846 Kinetic Playground 1113 W. LawrenceMS, D, LM, 4 773.769.5483 Marty’s 1511 W. Balmoral G&L 773.561.6425 Mary’s Attic 5400 N Clark G&L, D, V, R 773.784.6969 Parlour On Clark 6341 N. Clark 773.564.9274 Mary’s RecRoom 5402 N Clark G&L, D, V, R 773.784.6969 Scot’s 1829 W. Montrose G&L 773.528.3253 SoFo Bar 4923 N. Clark G 773.784.7636 T’s 5025 N. Clark G&L, R 773.784.6000 The Call 1547 W Bryn Mawr G&L, D, DS, V, LM 773.334.2525 The Glenwood 6962 N Glenwood G 773.764.7363 Touché 6412 N. Clark G, V, LF, 4 773.465.7400 Uptown Lounge 1136 W. Lawrence 773.878.1136

Chicago Southside

Club Escape 1530 E. 75th G&L, D Escapades 6301 S. Harlem G&L, D, V, 4 Inn Exile 5758 W. 65th G&L, D, V Jeffrey Pub 7041 S. Jeffrey G&L, D, V, 4

Chicago Suburbs

Hideaway 7301 W. Roosevelt Forest Park G, D, V, DS, GB Club Krave 13126 S. Western Blue Island G&L, D, V, DS, GB, 4 Hunters 1932 E. Higgins Elk Grove Village G, D, V, GB, 4 Mission 209 E. Chicago Downtown Elgin G&L, D, V Encompass 24215 Rush St. Lake Station, IN G&L, D, R, DS Velvet Rope 728 Lake St Oak Park G&L, D, V, R

Adult Entertainment

Chicago Northside

The Anvil 1137 W. Granville G, V @mosphere 5355 N. Clark G&L, V, GB Big Chicks 5024 N. Sheridan G&L, D, R

773.973.0006 773.784.1100 773.728.5511

G------------------------------------------------------------------Gay Male L---------------------------------------------------------------------Lesbian G&L-------------------------------------------------Gay Male & Lesbian D-------------------------------------------------------------------Dancing V-----------------------------------------------------------------------Video GB-------------------------------------------------------------Go Go Boys DS--------------------------------------------------------------Drag Show R--------------------------------------------------------Restaurant, Food

30 boi

773.667.6454 773.229.0886 773.582.3510 773.363.8555

Banana Video 4923 N. Clark G, BK Bijou Theater 1349 N. Wells G, GB, BK Man’s Country 5017 N. Clark G, GB, BH Steamworks 3246 N. Halsted G, BH, FC The Ram 35111/2 N. Halsted G, BK, D

708.771.4459 708.597.8379 847.439.8840 847.488.0320 219.962.4640 708.358.8840

773.561.8322 312.943.5397 773.878.2069 773.929.6080 773.525.9528

4-------------------------------------------------------------Open til 4am MS--------------------------------------------------------Mostly Straight LF---------------------------------------------------------Leather / Fetish W-------------------------------------------------------------------Western LM--------------------------------------------------Live Music / Cabaret BH--------------------------------------------------------------Bath House BK----------------------------------Adult Book, Booth & Video Store FC-------------------------------------------------------------Fitness Club


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