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Letter From The Editors Office I was watching the Price Is Right the other day and my guess at the total price of one of The Showcase offerings was way off. A new car was a part of the prize package and I grossly underestimated its value. You see, I’m a dedicated urban dweller, complete with a CTA pass and an I-GO membership. I’ve never owned a car, never been shopping for one, and am clueless about how much they cost. I discovered recently that I am also clueless about modernday auto options and features. I had no idea that some cars basicalluy parallel park themselves, that some car seats heat themselves, and that one can have video screens installed in headrests without having to go on MTV’s Pimp My Ride. There’s probably a lot more about cars I’m clueless about, so with the Chicago Auto Show about to open at McCormick Place I’m planning on going this year. I don’t see myself buying a car anytime soon, but if I’m ever on Price Is Right I want to be prepared. - Dennis Michael, BOI Editorial Contributor

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Chicago Auto Show


t’s the month of February and one of the signature winter events in the city is the annual Chicago Auto Show at the McCormick Place (February 12-21). First staged in 1901, the Chicago Auto Show (CAS) is the largest auto show in North America and has been held more times than any other auto exposition on the continent. This year marks the 102nd edition of the CAS which has been produced since 1935 by the Chicago Automobile Trade Association, the nation’s largest metropolitan dealer organization. The tough economic conditions of the past couple of years has certainly taken its toll on the auto industry, forcing it to restructure and offer new models of automobiles that meet the current day demands of the car-buying public. There are many new concepts and design elements that are being introduced in the next generation of automobiles. Compared to visiting a auto dealership, finding out all that is new at the CAS is a much more fun and low-pressure activity.

Chicago Auto Show Quick Tips

Want to avoid big crowds? Since the show floor is 1.2 million square feet, there’s usually plenty of room to enjoy the auto show on any day. That said, crowds are lightest at McCormick on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Do you need to renew your driver’s license? The Secretary of State’s office will have a booth at the CAS where you can renew or replace your driver’s licenses.

In the market for a new car? Not only can you do some comparative window shopping for cars at the CAS, manufacturers often offer auto show special pricing, usually good through the end of February. Check with local dealers for details.

Driving to the auto show? McCormick ffers on-site parking for $19 per day. If you want


to save a few dollars on the weekend, park at the Millennium Park Garage or East Monroe Garage, for $14. The CAS operates free shuttle bus service on Saturday and Sunday ONLY, from these two garages. The shuttles stop in 10-15 minute intervals at both the Upper Randolph / Lower Randolph pedestrian exits of these two Grant Park area garages.

Taking Public Transportation? As of this writing, the CTA was still revamping its CAS bus routing; however, final plans will likely include the following: Regularly Scheduled Service CTA’s #3 King Dr. and #21 Cermak bus routes provide direct service to McCormick Place. #3 buses from N. Michigan Ave. and the South Side. #21 buses serve the West Side, from North Riverside Park Mall and also serve the South Side from Mercy Hospital. Red Line riders can transfer to #21 buses at the Cermak-Chinatown station. In addition, the #129 West Loop/South Loop operates between the Ogilvie Transportation Center and McCormick Place during weekday evening rush hours. Auto Show Shuttle Bus Service CTA also will operate special Auto Show bus routes to provide convenient connections with CTA’s rail lines downtown and Metra lines at Ogilvie Transportation Center, Union Station and LaSalle Street station. Another special route will link the Orange Line’s Halsted stop with McCormick P

2010 Chicago Auto Show Fast Facts Location: McCormick Place, 2301 S. Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago, IL 60616 Dates & Times: Friday, February 12 - Saturday, February 20: 10am – 10pm; and Sunday, February 21:

10am – 8pm Tickets: Adults - $11; Seniors (62 and older) - $7; Children (age 7-12) - $7; Children (age 0-6) – Free. Advance ticket purchase available through www. Info:


Mardi Gras: FAQs

What Is Mardi Gras? The term Mardi Gras literally means “fat Tuesday,” the day before Ash Wednesday. Most famously associated with New Orleans, Mardi Gras is the annual, fun-filled celebration that commemorates the final days before the start of the Lenten season. For centuries, people around the globe have sowed their wild oats in preparation for the Christian season of fasting and repentance prior to Easter. What’s the difference between Mardi Gras and Carnival? Mardi Gras is a single day that is the climax for the Carnival season. The Carnival season begins on January 6th (or Twelfth Night) and runs until Ash Wednesday. Carnival can run as long as two months, depending on the church calendar. How was Mardi Gras started in New Orleans? The long standing European tradition of carnival was brought to Louisiana by the French in the late 1600s. By the 1850s, private local social organizations called “krewes” were formed to help preserve Mardi Gras through the hosting of a multitude of parades, balls and other events that feature spectacular floats, colorful throw beads and tasty king cakes. When did the first Mardi Gras, as we think of it today, occur in New Orleans? The first Mardi Gras parade was held in New Orleans on Feb. 24, 1857. The Krewe of Comus began the tradition of presenting parade floats followed by a masquerade ball for the krewe and their guests. What’s The Deal With The Beads? The tradition of float riders throwing trinkets to the crowds began in the 1870s. Typical throws include beads, cups, doubloons, and stuffed animal. On Bourbon Street and in the French Quarter it is common for revelers to “earn” beads: women by showing their bare breasts and men, to a lesser extent, by surreptitiously flashing their penises. (Not surpisingly, in the gay section of Bourbon Street, penis-flashing isn’t so secretive.) The bigger the breasts or penis, usually the bigger the beads —known as “blow beads”— that are earned.

When exactly is Mardi Gras? This year Mardi Gras is Tuesday, February 16, 2010 while next year it falls much later on the calendar: March 8, 2011.. What About Gay Mardi Gras In New Orleans? The lower French Quarter is the center for Gay Mardi Gras, where the costumes are more extravagant and the earning of beads sometimes more brazen. Highlights of Gay Mardi Gras include “The Night of the Black Mask,” the South’s Oldest Leather Block Party; several masked balls; the Bourbon Street Awards, the ultimate costume contest; and the annual Krewe of Queenateenas (KOQ) Official Gay Mardi Gras Bead Toss. Additionally, non-stop dance parties with worldclass DJs (this year to include Knapp, Prim, Young, Gauthreaux, Kimberly S) and the best of strippers at Oz Nightclub and Bourbon Street Pub & Parade help make Gay Mardi Gras that much more fun and outrageous. For the most up to date info about Gay Mardi Gras events in New Orleans check out,, or ozneworleans. com. What else should I know about Mardi Gras? There are currently nearly 40 krewes in New Orleans, including the more famous ones such as Krewe of Bacchus, Krewe of Lake Pontchartrain, Krewe of Zulu, and Mardi Gras Indians. ... The official colors of Mardi Gras: Purple (for justice), Green (for faith) and Gold (for power). ... The French phrase “Laissez les bon temps rouler!” is often uttered during Mardi Gras and means “Let the good times roll!” Where are the other major Mardi Gras and Carnival celebrations around the world? The second largest American Mardi Gras is in Mobile, Alabama. Outside the U.S., there is a joyously fun Mardi Gras on the Caribbean island nation of Trinidad & Tobago while up to a million visitors are expected for the 11-day Carnival of Venice in Italy. In recent years, millions have flocked to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for their 4-day Canrival festival. Down under in Sydney, Australia, the annual GLBT Pride Parade & Celebration is called the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras and attracts visitors from around the world. boi 11


re you a full-fledged circuit boy? Or do you just dip your toe into the party pool only every so often? Regardless of how you answered those two questions, or even if you’re a circuit party virgin, our annual guide to the upcoming party events should serve you well. SYDNEY GAY & LESBIAN MARDI GRAS - Sydney, Australia Feb 27 – Mar 7 This year’s Mardi Gras starts off with the Parade on February 27, followed by the Harbour Party on February 28 (DJs Wayne G and Paul Goodyear); the all night dance party on March 6 (David Guetta and DJ Carl Cox); and the closing event, Homesexual, on March 7 (DJs Tony Moran and Paulo). | WINTER PARTY – Miami Beach, FL Mar 3 - Mar 8 This fun week of events includes cultural events and various entertainment offerings and one of the best DJ line-ups of the year. DJ Ana Paula of Rio de Janiero guides the signature beach party event with Roland Belmares, Rosabel, Chus & Ceballos, Tracy Young and Boris taking other headlining roles. For the second year in a row, Chicago’s own DJ Ted Eiel will spin the weekend’s official leather party. ELEVATION 2010 - Mammoth Lakes, CA Mar 17-21 This high quality vacation weekend features fantastic skiing and snowboarding by day and decadent partying at night (DJs Manny Lehman, Michael Paul, and Josh Peace) with boiz from all over the world. THE SAINT AT LARGE 31st BLACK PARTY - New York, NY Mar 20 This legendary ultimate leather party combines the best in dance music and extravagant production numbers and demonstrations at Roseland Ballroom. JUNGLE 18 - Houston, TX Apr 1 - 4 This Easter weekend event benefits Houston area HIV/AIDS service providers and features DJ Tony Moran, Roland Belmares, and Lydia Prim. WHITE PARTY – Palm Springs, CA Apr 9–12 Boasting the biggest line-up in its history, this year’s event features global superstar pairs: Freemasons, Chus & Ceballos, and Moto Blanco. Add Abel, Manny Lehman, Brett 14 boi

Henrichsen, Joe Gauthreaux, and Wayne G to the line-up and this becomes a can’t miss weekend. PURPLE PARTY - Dallas, TX Apr 30-May 2 Featured DJs for this AIDS/HIV fundraising weekend include Joe Gauthreaux, Chris Cox, and Alyson Calagna. GAY DAYS - Orlando, FL Jun 1-7 This largest annual gathering of gays and lesbians in the world features multiple tracks of partying including the circuiteers based out of the Holiday Inn Walt Disney Word Resort (pool parties with DJs Roland Belmares and David Knapp) and a more mainstream crowd at the Doubletree Resort Orlando – International Drive (pool party DJs: Kimberly S, Tony Ruiz, Randy Bettis and Seth Cooper). Promoter Mark Baker returns with a new Sunday night party with DJ Abel and other events still to be finalized. | | SUMMER CAMP – Provincetown. MA Jul 3-5 Combined with all that Provincetown has to offer, this 4th of July event has become quite popular and includes the Pier Dance (DJ Randy Bettis), the Hangar Party (DJ Mark Anthony) and the infamous Sunset Cruise Party (DJ Roland Belmares). FOLSOM STREET FAIR - San Francisco, CA Sep 25-26 The outdoor leatherfest attracts more than 400,000 people and includes the Magnitude and Real Bad dance parties. | BLACK AND BLUE FESTIVAL - Montreal, Canada Oct 6-12 This year marks the 20 edition of the Black & Blue Festival with activities ranging from art exhibits and movie screenings to athletic events. HALLOWEEN 27 - New Orleans, LA Oct 28-31 Benefitting Project Lazarus, this is one of the most respected and well-regarded party events in the country. WHITE PARTY WEEK - Miami, FL Nov 24–29 This is the crown jewel of AIDS fundraisers and features the White Party at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens.

AMERICAN Ann Sather 929 W. Belmont | 773.348.2378; 3416 N Southport | 773.404.4475; 5207 N Clark | 773.271.6627; 3411 N Broadway | 773.305.0024 These bustling hot spots, serving traditional Swedish pancake house fare, are open only for breakfast and lunch and are best known for hearty daytime offerings and their homemade cinnamon rolls. Chicago Diner 3411 N. Halsted | 773.935.6696 This world famous vegetarian restaurant offers vegan and organic offerings using the protein-based meat substitute seitan. Organic beers, wine, and spirits are also available. Cornelia’s 750 W. Cornelia | 773.248.8333 A warm and inviting atmosphere along with hearty menu offerings and nightly cabaret entertainment make this a neighborhood favorite. Crew 4804 N. Broadway | 773.784.2739 More than just a sports bar, the menu includes a variety of hamburgers, sandwiches, salads and comfort food. Deleece Grill Pub 3313 N. Clark | 773.348.3313 This comfortable newly opened restaurant features eight different steaks, chicken and shrimp entrées, four different versions of mac and cheese, and a separate artesan cheese menu. Open until midnight (2am on Fridays and Saturdays). Deluxe Diner 6349 N Clark | 773.743.8244 Perched kittycorner from Jackhammer and Touché, the diner’s “open 24 hours on the weekend” status is perfect after a night of dancing and partying. Featured menu items include homemade chicken noodle soup, burgers, burritos, and breakfast skillets that are served anytime. Eat-A-Pita 3155 N Halsted St | 773.929.6727 In addition to kick ass sandwiches, they also serve up Grecian chicken and some of the best ribs in town. Delivery available. Halsted’s Bar & Grill 3441 N Halsted | 773.348.9696 This Boystown eatery serves up a wide array of tasty appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, and popular comfort food items at very reasonable prices in a fun and inviting atmosphere. Beers on tap are aplenty and the weekend brunch draws an attractive crowd. Hamburger Mary’s 5400 N Clark | 773.784.6969 This fun and popular Andersonville restaurant features a wide array of burgers and sandwiches along with an interesting selection of tasty appetizers. Horizon Café 3805 N. Broadway | 773.883.1565 This longtime popular Lakeview family restaurant serves up big portions of creative homestyle dishes as well as healthy fare (broth-based soups and whole wheat tortilla wraps) and at

18 boi

affordable prices. Breakfast, including multigrain pancakes and egg white omelets, served all day long. Delivery available. IHOP 3760 N Halsted | 773.296.0048 More than a pancake house, this 24-hour Boystown institution serves up affordably priced appetizers, sandwiches, and entrees that are sure to satisfy varying after-bar wants and needs. Joey’s Brick House 1258 W. Belmont | 773.296.1300 “Thelonious Brunch” with live jazz on Sundays features menu items such as a Cajun Scramble with andouille sausage, Crab Cakes Benedict, and the Hobo Skillet. Brunch includes 15 varieties Long Island Ice Teas. Kit Kat Lounge 3700 N. Halsted | 773.525.1111 Providing the best of diva entertainment along with a full dinner menu, they offer ½-price cocktails and Buy 1 Get 1 Free Entree on Wednesdays. . M. Henry 5707 N. Clark | 773.561.1600 This popular Andersonville outpost serves breakfast and lunch daily and features creative fare such as dulce banana rumba French toast, and pancakes with warm blackberries and vanilla mascarpone cream. Additionally there are many vegetarian dishes and traditional menu items like three-cheese omelets. Minibar Café 3341 N. Halsted This attractive and sophisticated space serves gourmet bruschettas, cheeses, paninis, and entrees as well as an impressive selection of wines by the glass from around the world. The Sunday brunch is tasty and impressive. Nookies Tree 3334 N. Halsted | 773.248.9888 A regular haunt for the locals of Boystown and popular with hangover recoverers, this upscale diner serves made-to-order omelets, pancakes, waffles and crepes and other brunch fare all day. And it’s open 24 hours on weekends. Melrose Restaurant 3233 N Broadway | 773.327.2060 This Lakeview institution has been catering to the after-bar crowds for decades, serving breakfast anytime along with typical diner fare. Open 24 hours, Orange 3231 N. Clark | 773.549.4400 This homey restaurant specializes in breakfast on a daily basis and hosts a full house on weekends for brunch. Unique menu items include green eggs and ham (eggs scrambled with basil pesto and pancetta), jelly donut pancakes, Chai tea-infused French toast, and pan-seared grit cakes. Stella’s Diner 3042 N. Broadway | 773.472,9040 Fine diner dining features fresh salads, a large selection of wraps, sandwiches, hearty entrees, pastas, and homemade deserts.

Tweet 5020 N. Sheridan | 773.728.5576 This Uptown favorite uses organic ingredients when possible to create brunch items such as buckwheat pancakes, Danish beignets, Belgian waffles, and an impressive assortment of breakfast burritos and egg Benedict dishes.

|773.348.1700 The latest delivery available (until 5am) from Old Town to Rogers Park fuels their popularity with night owls wanting chicken fingers, burgers, pasta dishes, and deep dish pizza.

Wilde Bar & Restaurant 3130 N Broadway | 773.244.0404 This cozy upscale Irish pub offers a laid back and warm atmosphere and a wide ranging menu that is sure to please. Expect updated versions of pub favorites like chicken pot pie, meatloaf dinner, fish & chips, burgers and salads.

Panino’s Pizzeria 3702 N Broadway 773.472.6200 Panino’s has established itself as a Boystown favorite with its varied menu selections, including gyros and burgers, pasta entrees, and of course pizza. Delivery available.

ASIAN Jitlada Thai House 3715 N Halsted | 773.388.9988 This quaint family-owned eatery features Asian favorites such as pad Thai, pineapple fried rice, crab ragoon, pot stickers, tempura and nine spice curry items. Delivery available. Joy’s Noodles & Rice 3257 N Broadway St | 773.327.8330 This Boystown favorite has some of the best valued Thai food in the city with tasty appetizers, curry offerings, and classic noodle dishes such as Pad Thai and Pad See Eiw. Pingpong 3322 N. Broadway | 773.281.7575 This popular Lakeview restaurant features high-quality Pan-Asian cuisine in a hip and modern atmosphere as well as top-notch people-watching of those in the restaurant as well as those walking by outside. Delivery available. Young’s Chinese Restaurant 3949 N Ashland | 773.248.7998 While Chinese takeout is sometimes a bad and poor;y tasting stereotype, this well-regarded outpost has earned a stellar reputation for its use of fresh, high quality ingredients and delivery so quick you’ll swear there must be a wok in the car.

Pie Hole 737 W. Roscoe | 773. 525.8888 A “fully gay-owned” pizza joint, this Boystown favorite has a fun vibe and uses the freshest ingredients on its offering of specialty pizzas. Open until 3am (6am on Fridays and Saturdays) with delivery available until midnight.

MEDITERRANEAN Andies 1467 W Montrose | 773.348.0654; 5253 N Clark | 773.784.8616 Specializing in Mediterranean and vegetarian cuisine, specialties of the house include steak kabobs, gyros, and poultry dishes such as Greek Chicken and Lebanese Style Chicken Kefta Kabob. And as befits the cuisine, desserts include a very tasty baklava. Istanbul 3613 N Broadway | 773.525.0500 Specializing in Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines, this recent addition to the lakeview dining scene has been attracting patrons with a varied menu, generous portions, and affordable prices. Reza’s 5255 N Clark St, Chicago | 773.561.1898 Offering Persian, Middle-Eastern, and Mediterranean food, this Andersonville institution has been serving this type of cuisine long before it became popular, pleasing vegetarians or meat lovers alike.



Anna Maria Pasteria 4400 N Clark | 773.506.2662 Owned by sisters who hail from the Basilicata region of southern Italy, this neighborhood gem creates homemade modern and traditional Italian dishes that are authentic, delicious, and best of all: inexpensive.

Cesar’s 2924 N. Broadway | 773.296.9097; 3166 N Clark | 773.248.2835 This family-owned operation offers an enticing menu full of delicious Mexican recipes, popular house specialties, irresistible desserts, and their signature “Killer Margaritas.”

Angelina Ristorante 3561 N Broadway | 773.935.5933 Hosting the coolest and hippest Sunday brunch crowd in Lakeview, the menu includes Eggs Benedict, Fritattas, Croque Monsiuer and Mufalatta sandwiches, almondcrusted stuffed French Toast, and the free flow of Champagne Mimosas. Brunch here is loud, raucous and FUN!

Fiesta Mexicana 2423 N. Lincoln | 773.769.4244 Not your typical late-night taco & burrito stand, this Lincoln Park favorite serves up traditional Mexican dishes and seafood specialties. Open until 2am (3am on Saturdays)

Chicago’s Pizza 3006 N Sheffield Ave | 773.755.4030; 3114 N Lincoln Ave |773.477.2777; 1919 W Montrose Ave

Mayan Palace 2703 N. Halsted Known to be one of the very best Mexican restaurants in the city, the focus is on using fresh, high-quality ingredients for its “south of the border” cuisine. Portions are generous and the cool Margaritas dubbed “The World’s Best!”

boi 19


York, and a special Goddess of Love Revue at 11pm with Mercedes, DiDa Ritz, Phoenix O’Hara, Saya Naomi & Mokha Montrese.

Friday, February 12 Love Connections @ The Silver Room (1442 N. Milwaukee Ave | 773.278.7130 | This Wicker Park gentlemen only speed-mingling event will hopefully help you line up an actual date for Valentine’s Day. $25 gets you free cocktails and plenty of eye candy starting @ 7:30pm. (Ladies Only on Thursday, February 11; Mixed Mingles on Friday, February 13)

In addition to nude dancers at Midnight, Man’s Country presents Be My Valentine. If you check into a double, fantasy, or video room, the “Valentine” you bring with you gets a free locker.

ow, with so much happening this coming weekend with the convergence of Valentine’s, President’s Day, and Mardi Gras we at BOI decided to highlight the special goings-on in this separate Planner.

Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club has a special Valentine’s weekend menu and special performances by Traci Ross, Madam X, and Kathryn Cole. It’s All Is Full Of Love @ Berlin with a Bjork Showcase from 9pm to 1:30am with DJ Greg Haus at the helm. The $5 cover starts at 11pm.

The Valentine’s Day Soiree over at Smart Bar presents an incomparable night of House music with DJ Michael Serafini opening for the legendary Godfather of House Music: Frankie Knuckles. Delicious!

DJ Jerry Griffith comes to town to spin the Inferno: Masquerade Ball over at Hydrate. Starting at 11pm, the party also features Cyon Flare as host and a Mardi Gras mask competition at midnight. Sunday, February 14 King of Hearts (and maybe the Queen!) @ Sidetrack. The “celebration of cupid’s work” includes frozen slushie drinks as well as Showtunes and Retro videos.

Urbano’s President’s Day Party @ Circuit Night Club. Presenting Hip-Hop for all, this special edition party has DJs Kenae, Corona, and Anton spinning urban, house, hip-hop, and reggaeton.

Same Sax Valentine: Hearts on Fire @ Crimson Lounge. This special night features a performance by the one and only CeCe Peniston. Doors open @ 6pm; $10 cover after 9pm; $35 all-inclusive drink package (6pm-9pm).

Saturday, February 13 American Idol fans won’t want to miss the Blake Lewis In-store Appearance @ Borderline Music (3333 N. Broadway). He’ll be there from 2pm signing autographs and performing a live DJ set as well.

Single and looking for a match? Try it the old-school way with The Dating Game @ The Ram Bookstore back in the theatre/dance floor area. The fun starts at 7pm and goes until 11:30pm.

The big fundraising event of the weekend will be the Fat Saturday Ball: Allure @ the Westin Chicago River North (320 N. Dearborn). Benefitting EdgeAlliance (formerly known as AIDSCare), the event starts at 7pm. Info & tickets:

Just in case your Valentine’s date ends with only a quick peck on the cheek, Steamworks can help ensure your night ends properly as you seek to consummate a relationship or two… or ten. The Valentine’s Sunday Spin Cycle features music by DJ Peter Canellis (3pm-8pm) and DJ Jim B (8pm-2am).

Asians Homos & Jews… Oh My! featuring Ms. Richfield 1981 @ Hydrate. The comedic sensation of Provincetown brings her brand of funny to Chicago. Tickets are $20 (VIP: $30) and can be purchased online at Showtime: 9pm.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 Mystical Mardi Gras @ Sidetrack. There’s no cover for what is sure to be one of the hottest nights of the year at this popular Boystown video bar.

Cupid’s Ball @ Spin features DJ Bryan Smith, VJ Riley 22 boi


new club and a new party have come to Chicago, adding even more options to the city’s vibrant nightlife scene. The club is called Crimson Lounge, a gorgeous venue located downtown in the Sax Hotel (at 333 N. Dearborn), and its new Same Sax T-Dance on Sundays is presenting the one and only CeCe Peniston performing live on February 14 (Valentine’s Day). Mesmerizing. Sultry. Captivating. Those are just a few of the words that describe CeCe Peniston, the multi-talented entertainer who burst onto the music scene in 1991 with the international chart-topping single “Finally” (a song that Frankie Knuckles thought was so perfect as it was that he refused to remix it). Her debut album Finally was released the following year and it achieved

multi-platinum success, establishing Peniston as a global artistic force. In the immediate years after Finally Peniston released two more albums that not only contained several chart-topping dance tracks but also showed her versatility with other musical genres, principally R&B. In addition to the commercial success throughout her career, Peniston has been bestowed numerous awards, including Billboard Best New Artist; ASCAP Pop Songwriter of The Year; and a BMI Urban Award of Achievement. She’s performed at The Vatican for Pope John Paul II as well as at the Presidential Inauguration for Bill Clinton. Thanks to a career just shy of two decades long, Peniston has most definitely made an indelible musical mark on the world. Note: Peniston joins DJ Ricky Bradshaw for the Hearts On Fire: Same Sax T-Dance on Sunday, February 14. Doors open at 6pm. No cover until 9pm; $10 after.

w/ DJ Plez I Want Muscles For reasons that I can’t quite explain, it’s been a while since I had a continuous mix CD come my way. The first one for me to listen to and review for 2010 is Centaur’s Big Muscle Remixed by DJ/ Remixer/Producer Bill Bennett. The 12-track mix is an energetic affair with lots of upbeat tribal rhythms, big room vocals, and some deliciously dirty beats. It definitely gets the year off to a good start and sets the continuous mix CD bar to a high level for the rest of 2010. Recently named the #1 leather DJ in North America by Instinct Magazine, Bennett actually started his music career in the early 80’s mixing music for his aerobics classes. He transitioned his music making abilities to the DJ booth where he had initial success in the Detroit area with a high-profile Saturday night residency at Cobalt Nightclub. Subsequently his popularity extended beyond Motown, leading to guest appearances around the country (including the 2005 IML Victory Celebration Party) and residencies at Splash Bar in New York City and Rich’s Nightclub in San Diego. Hard work, talent, and momentum ultimately led him to a partnership with the popular social networking website that spawned his debut album Big Muscle Of The Rhythm, an unmixed promotional album, and a national club tour. The tour brought Bennett even greater exposure and established him as one of the country’s top club and commercial DJs. This new Big Muscle Remixed CD features many of Bennett’s productions, which include performances by some of the biggest names in dance music: “Breakaway” with Inaya Day; “Fame” with Suzanne Palmer; and “Forever Young” with Abagail. In addition to his own exclusive remixes that appear on the CD, there are remix contributions by Edson Pride, Twisted Dee, Klubjumpers and Bryan Reyes. Big Muscle Remixed is available in stores nationwide, including here in Chicago at Borderline Music (3333 N. Broadway). The album can also be purchased at and, where you can sample each song as well as buy a

digital download of the album. You’re The Tops – DJ Plez Top 10 I haven’t shared a Top 10 list with you all is quite a while, so here goes. 1. “Step By Step” (Abel Ramos Remix) by Laidback Luke & Gregor Salto featuring Mavis Acquah – An even better big room anthem than “When Love Takes Over.” 2. “I Called U” (Heated Conversation) by ATFC – The searing saxophone part makes this a truly exciting house track. 3. “Tik Tok” (Tom Neville Crunk & Med Remix) by Ke$ha – This is a nice and twisted remix of one of the hottest songs on the pop charts in the past six months. 4. “Why Don’t You Love Me” (DJ Escape & Tom Coluccio Vocal Mix) by Beyoncé – This is a top notch remix with a rough tough bass line contrasting the airy and trancey keyboards. 5. “Bad Romance” (Peter Rauhofer Anthem Mix) by Lady Gaga – Stretched to more than 12 minutes, this mix is worthy from beginning to end. 6. “Fresh Out The Oven” (HQ2 Club Mix) by J-Lo as LOLA featuring Pitbull– This track may be flying underneath the radar, but it is a certified barn burner. 7. “No Me Puedo Controlar” (The Cube Guys Mix) by Landmark & The Cube Guys – Who knew drums and whistling could be combined to such magnificent effect. 8. “Did It Again” (Superchumbo Remix) by Shakira – Forget about “She Wolf,” this is a much better track and pairs well with the abilities of Tom Stephan (aka Superchumbo). 9. “Get Up (Everybody)” (Original Mix & Austin Leeds Remix) by Starkillers & Disco Dollies – This electro-house remake of the Byron Stingily classic is hot and proper. 10. “Hard” (Chew Fu Extended Mix) by Rihanna – One of the hottest remixers on the scene today turns in another stellar effort that’s gritty and funky. boi 25

February 11 – 24, 2010 Editors Note: Given the sheer volume of events scheduled for this upcoming weekend, we present a special Valentine’s / President’s Day / Mardi Gras Planner on Page 22. You should check that page as well as this In The Know… On The Go in order to get a complete picture of all that is going on. A Weekend of Dancing & Prancing Lots of dance events this weekend with the highlights on Friday, February 12 being DJ Morgan Page spinning downtown at Sound-Bar for Release Fridays and Greg Drescher serving fierce beats in Boystown @ Hydrate. Two big parties are on tap downtown on Saturday, February 13: The Red Party w/ Ferry Corsten @ Vision and the Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball w DJ Tony Arzadon @ Crobar. Another Weekend of Dancing & Prancing The legendary Sharam (formerly of Deep Dish) makes an appearance in Chicago @ Spy Bar on Friday, February 19, the same night that international hard house tribal master Robbie Rivera is at Sound-Bar for a consecutive scorching hot edition of Release Fridays. Also on Friday, DJ Phil DaBeatz begins his very busy weekend with a set @ Hydrate for the Hot Ass Contest. The next night, Saturday, February 20, finds Phil at Jackhammer for the Underwear Party while Smart Bar presents a night of groovy house beats with DJs Brett Johnson and Justin Long. Earlier in the evening on Saturday, February 20, presents Mr. Chicago 2010 Escort of the Year @ Circuit Night Club. Hosted by Miss Foozie and beginning at 9pm, this regional awards ceremony will name a Mr. Chicago Escort, who will then go to New York City in March to compete for the title of Mr. International Escort at the 4th International Escort Awards, more commonly known as The Hookies. Where Boyz Will Be Boyz The video bar Sidetrack packs them in nightly with a popular line-up that includes Showtunes on Mondays, U-Video Request night on Tuesdays, and Comedy on Thursdays… At Roscoe’s, Frida Lay hosts Drag Race 2010 on Tuesdays while Miss Foozie takes charge of Male Call on Sundays…... Over at Scarlet they present The First Ward Ball, a weekly themed party, every Friday night while Sunday features Liquid Brunch with $4 Bloody Marys and Screwdrivers… Other Boystown options include Halsted’s Bar & Grill

(Team Trivia on Mondays), North End (Darts Tourney on Thursdays), Bobby Loves (karaoke on Fridays), Charlie’s (country line dancing lessons on Fridays), and Cell Block (leather/fetish/bears/jeans). The Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club has half-price Martinis on Tuesdays as well as RuPaul’s Drag Race Viewing Parties w/ Kit Kat Diva and Season 1 competitor Jade… Buck’s and Little Jim’s are always friendly hang-out spots while live entertainment shines nightly at 3160 and during Voltaire Cabaret Tuesdays @ Hydrate on at 9pm. Dancer from the Dance When it comes to dancing early in the night, Spin has WTF $1 Drink Night on Wednesdays and a fun monthly rotation of parties on Friday and Saturday nights… Down @ Minibar, Friday nights feature DJ Shawn Edwards lording over the bi-level party space while Roscoe’s boom bass dance floor gets worked by DJs Kevy, Ron G, and DigiDave… In Uptown the Wild Pug features DJ Pervy every Saturday. For after-hours dancing, the always popular Berlin has Cosmix Fridays w/ DJ Greg Haus and Twisted Saturdays w/ DJs Larissa and Chester while Hydrate presents a weekly line-up that includes DJ Greg Drescher (Sundays), DJ Laura B (Mondays); DJR (Tuesdays); and DJ Phil DaBeatz (Thursdays)… Charlie’s rocks a hi-energy after-hours every night of the week w/ DJ LuLu and others… Jackhammer is the far north side’s late night dance option and features DJ Man Scott on Fridays… The Ultimate After Hours @ The Ram (3am-7am) has DJs Ron G (Saturdays), Plez (Fridays), David C. (Thursdays)… There’s not a lot of dancing @ Closet, but it’s a fun, under-rated late night hangout for the drinking set. Oh My! Steamworks, the full-service all-male club, has a Lights Out party every Thursday and After-hours on Fridays and Saturdays with DJ Greg Ellsworth. The weekly Sunday Spin Cycle takes place 3pm-2am with DJs Chris Eterno and Peter Canellis handling the early shift until 8pm and DJ Jim B serving beats until 2am. On Saturday, February 13, the Inferno After Party features DJ Phil DaBeatz, 11pm-5am… Up @ Man’s Country, they’re offering Weekday Specials (Monday, 8am – Friday, 4pm): $10 lockers, $15 singles; and $20 deluxe video rooms. As for the strippers who really do strip down to nothing every Friday and Saturday boi 27

@ Midnight: on Saturday, February 13 it’s L.Angel, Lex and Marco; and on Friday, February 19 Ricky Sinz, Tristan and Jamie Heart take the stage. Lucky Horseshoe in Boystown has strippers nightly while they strut all weekend long at @mosphere: Hot Mess Thursdays/Club Manhunt w/ DJ Chris Eterno followed by DJs Eric Hall and Timmy Loop on Fridays and Saturdays, respectively… Jackhammer and Spin have the Chicago Beef dancers on Fridays and Saturdays… Out in the suburbs: the Men of Sarabia will be @ Club Krave on Friday, Fabruary 12; Chicago Beef visits Hideaway on Thursdays and Saturdays; and Hunters Hunks liven up Hunters on Thursdays w/ DJ Laura B on the decks. H-O-U-S-E! The home for house music in Boystown has long been Cocktail with a DJ line-up that includes Michael Serafini (Thursdays), Freddie Bain (Fridays), Diva DJs (Saturdays), a the troika of Chris Eterno, Dealer, and Pete Augusta (Sundays). and Timmy Loop (Tuesdays). On Wednesdays, Twisted Trivia w/ Teri Yaki and Dusty begins @ 10pm and be sure to stop by on Tuesday, February 23, for the Don Julio Tequila Tasting (9:30pm-11pm)… House music has another Boystown outlet at Scarlet, featuring Psycho Saturdays with the one and only DJ Psycho Bitch… Reddog (1958 W. North Ave.) hosts the legendary Louie Vega and Anane on Saturday, February 13… Every Monday the Boom Boom Room @ Green Dolphin Street continues its success w/ resident DJs Michael Serafini, Diz, JustJoey & Uncle Milty Miles Meada makes a guest appearance on February 22. Niche Marketing The weekly Latino nights @ Circuit include the Latin cowboy set at Noche Latina, w/ hostess Veronica Zaid and DJs Ink & Alex Perez on Sundays. La Noche Loca takes place on Thursdays and features Miss Ketty’s Latina Review… When it comes to an urban blend of hip-hop, R&B, house, and reggaeton, Fridays is all about The Rails @ Krush just west of downtown, while Saturdays sees folks groovin’ to the beats of DJs Kenae, Anton, and Corona at the Urbano party in Boystown @ Circuit… Club Escape takes care of south siders on a nightly basis while Mz. Ruffy’s Cheap Drink Night gets everyone’s week off to a good start with $2 well drinks @ Republic (1520 N. Fremont) on Mondays… As for Chicago lesbians, you’ll find them gathering nightly @ Closet when hanging in Boystown and at several places in 28 boi

Andersonville, including T’s, SoFo, and Joi De Vine. On Thursdays, the ladies on the South Side find a comfy home at Club Escape. The weekly Circuit Girl party is under new management on Fridays @ Circuit and features theme nights and special events. Beyond Boystown Up in Andersonville you’ll find the popular neighborhood outpost SoFo, the martini bar Marty’s and The Call… Mary’s Attic features Rogue DJ for Feel Good Fridays and karaoke on Sundays and Wednesdays… The fetish community finds a home @ Touché with Hardcore Cruisin’ Night on Tuesdays, Bear Chested Night every Wednesday, and Handballer Night on Thursdays… Further north in Rogers Park is the very friendly The Glenwood which is hosting the Heat It Up! fundraiser on Sunday, February 21 (Noon-3pm). Basically it’s a chili cook-off: $25 to enter a gallon of chili and $20 to be a taster of the various chilis, beers and wines. The Uptown/Edgewater neighborhood is home to Granville Anvil; Big Chicks and its popular Free Sunday Buffet; and the sports bar Crew, which has Project Runway Viewing Parties on Thursdays and which will be showing lots of Winter Olympics programming starting Friday, February 12… Scot’s, a friendly watering hole in Ravenswood, hosts a Mardi Gras Party on Tuesday, February 16 featuring Ragin’ Cajun Karaoke (8pm-midnight) and then has Thom Scot’s Bartending Retirement Party on Friday, February 19 (3pm-9pm)… Farther off the beaten path Manhandler sits in the heart of Lincoln Park, the Second Story Bar remains the last gay bar outpost downtown, and Davenport’s piano bar provides live cabaret entertains over in Wicker Park. Also in Wicker Park is Subterranean, home to the monthly Chances Dances party (Monday, February 15) for the young, fun LGBTIQ. Suburban Outposts Outside the Windy City limits, Hunters Nightclub features DJ Ron G on Friday nights and DJ Lawrence K on Saturdays while Club Krave presents its Pasta Cook-Off Party on Sunday, February 14 and a Mardi Gras Masquerade Party on Saturday, February 20, w/ DJ Touche… Velvet Rope in Oak Park has karaoke on Fridays and DJs and a Brunch Buffet with Champagne every Sunday… In Lake Station, Indiana, Encompass hosts karaoke on Tuesdays and Fridays and the Rush St. Revue Show on Sundays


boi magazine, Issue 03.10

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