Standard Hill Connection Angus & Hereford Sale

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Polled Hereford Yearling Bulls





Pictures and Video Shot December 27th and 28th Video available online at


Clayridge Hemi 5X

Tattoo: CL A Y 5X Birthed : Jan15/10 10 2 lbs W W :720 - 72 Prog eny A nalyzed

CE -4.7 BW 4.1 W W 39.2 YW 56.1 M 20 .1 TM 39.7 SC 0 .2 CW 41.7 S -1.2 FA T 0 .0 99 REA -0 .15 M A RB 0 .16

HEM Iw as pu rchased at the A g ribitionSale in20 10 . He w as Cham pionbu ll at Brand on that year. A d d s pig m ent and u d d er qu ality. Sire of Lots 31,32,34,43 and 63


Tattoo: PTT 151Z Born: M ar 26/12 96 lbs 46 Prog eny A nalyzed

CE -3.7 BW 5.7 W W 39.7 YW 57.6 M 15.0 TM 34.9 SC 0 .6 CW 87.0 S -2.2 FA T -0 .0 17 REA -0 .0 5 M A RB -0 .11

M A X w as pu rchased privately for his m u scling , eye appeal, and m od erate fram e. His d au g hters entered prod u ctionin20 16 and w ere im pressive.

Sire of Lots 41,46,48,50,51,60,74, 86-90 28

SHPH 62T Cannon 173A

Tattoo: FG N 173A Born: A pr 7/13 88 lbs W W :646 YW :10 19 - 16 Prog eny A nalyzed

CE 2.1 BW 2.8 W W 52.8 YW 90 .1 M 18.3 TM 44.7 SC 0 .7 CW 91.0 S 1.8 FA T -0 .0 0 9 REA 0 .62 M A RB -0 .0 1

CA NNON is a w alk ing bu ll that w e retained an interest into ad d fram e, g row th, pig m ent and u d d er qu ality inthe herd . His sire w as 290 0 lbs.

Sire of Lots 52,57,62,75,78-81

FCC 2U Harlan 7Y

Tattoo: G CFH 7Y Born: Feb 11/11 BW :87 W W :887 63 Prog eny 7Y ad d s g row th, red pig m ent, testicle, vig ou r and m u scle.


CE -0 .5 BW 5.7 W W 59.6 YW 10 0 M 17.2 TM 47 SC 1.4 S -1.0 FA T -0 .0 0 9 REA 0 .49 M A RB -0 .0 9

Sire of Lots 33,35,36,40,44,45,47,49,64,65

Square-D Pat 2N 7S

Tattoo: SA O 7S Birthed : Feb 7/0 6 84 lbs

28 Dau g hters inProd u ction- 10 1 Prog eny A nalyzed CE 5.4 BW 0 .6 W W 48.0 YW 62.1 M 10 .0 TM 34.0 SC 1.7 CW 56.5 S 0 .5 FA T -0 .0 12 REA 0 .35 M A RB 0 .0 6

PA T continu es to be u tilized by A I. He has left u s w ith a larg e g rou p of m od erate fram ed , u d d erly aw esom e cow s that raise som e of ou r top calves annu ally.

Sire of Lot 54, Grandsire of many Lots

SHPH 7S Dominator 70Y

Tattoo: SHL 84A Born: A pr 17/13 at 94 lbs W W :754 YW :1211 Sonof DOM INA TOR u sed by A Ifor his pig m ent, extra fram e and g row th.


Sire of Lots 56,59,76

of 70 Y

Standard-hill 70Y Assasin 84A

Tattoo: FG N 70 Y Born: A pr 20 /11 BW :80 W W :824 YW :1260

29 Prog eny A nalyzed

CE 7.4 BW -2.9 W W 38.2 YW 60 .9 M 15.9 TM 35.0 SC 1.0 CW 55.6 S 2.4 FA T -0 .0 0 3 REA 0 .40 M A RB 0 .11

DOM INA TOR is a trait lead er for BW , Stayability, and M PI. This sonof PA T w as show nas a Senior Bu ll at Lloyd and A g ribition. Long bod ied , sm ooth m ad e, level lined bu ll.

Sire of Lots 30, 37-39

Bare Mr You Tube 4Y Tattoo: BA RE 4Y Born: Feb 28/11 BW : 78 80 Prog eny CE 5.0 BW -0 .7 W W 30 .0 YW 50 .3 M 15.2 TM 30 .2 SC 0 .6 CW 37.8 S 0 .8 FA T 0 .0 12 REA 0 .25 M A RB 0 .0 3

W e pu rchased sem enof YOU TU BE back at the tim e he sold at A g ribitionto NCX. W e w ere thenable to attainw alk ing rig hts in20 15 and are very pleased w ith prog eny. Sire of Lots 25-27, 69-72

ANL SI 425X Untapped 182W 94B Tattoo: K K L 94B Born: M ar 24/14 at 91 lbs W W : 672 The first g rou p of calves by ou r U NTA PPED sonhit the g rou nd this past A pril. They have g row n w ell and are som e of the heaviest intheir contem porary g rou ps. W e hope his calves all com e w ith his d ocility and hip.

Sire of Lot 82 29

F1 Hybrid 2-Year Old Bulls


Black Angus Yearling Heifers




Polled Hereford Yearling Heifers





There are currently 21 F1 Baldie Heifers in the pen to pick from. We will be putting together pens based on weight and phenotype prior to the sale. Data sheets and video will be available on sale day. 18 Heifers - Hereford x Angus and 3 Heifers - Angus x Hereford

Average birth date of the heifers is April 17th. Average birth weight of the heifers is 87 lbs.

All data for every pen wil be available on sale day.


Terms: All sales are in Canadian Funds, payable by cash or cheque on sale day, unless other arrangements have been made prior to the sale. Every animal sells to the highest bidder, and in cases of disputes the auctioneer will make the decision to reopen the bidding. The auctioneer's decision will be final. Each Animal becomes the responsibility of the purchaser as soon as sold. Volume Discount: Buy any three head, get a 5% discount. Junior Discount: Any junior age cattlepeople, less that 21 years old, will receive a 5% discount. Announcements: Any announcements from the stand take precedence over printed material. Guarantee: All animals are backed by the respective breed associations Breeder Guarantee. All bulls will be semen tested before the sale. A list of results will be available at the sale or by calling the consignors the day before the sale. Deffered bulls may be sold, in which case they will be semen tested prior to delivery. Hereford bulls sold to purebred breeders will be parentage and genetic defect tested by the seller prior to delivery. Angus bulls sold to purebred breeders will be parentage verified by the seller prior to delivery. Any other parentage or defect testing may be requested by the purchaser, however cost may be the responsibility of the purchaser. All genetic testing results will be shared with howe the purchaser, with true and clean tests guaranteed. Delivery: Free delivery within 500 km or to central locations in Saskatchewan and Alberta with consideration of volume and value of purchases. Feeding/Wintering Program: Purchases can be sent back to their home pens and remain under the exact same management as pre-sale until May 15th free of charge. After that a daily charge will apply of $4/bull and $3/heifer. We recommend you insure your purchases. Insurance: The sellers encourage the purchasers to insure animals that remain at the seller’s ranch. Larry Toner, with Stockmen’s Insurance, will be on site to fulfill your insurance needs or you may use the insurance provider of your choice. Sight Unseen Purchases: Call the consigners to discuss what type of animal you require and your purchase price in mind. We will do our best to fill your needs. If you are not 100% Satisfied with your sight unseen purchase you will be fully refunded. No questions asked. All persons who attend the sale do so at their own risk.

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