Power & Perfection Agribition Angus Sale :: SALE RESULTS 2018

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Sale Results 25.5 LIVE LOTS AVERAGE $13,912 30.5 TOTAL LOTS GROSS $387,700

s t o L d e Add

$16,000 (1/2 interes Six Mile Ranch

$ 18,500 flush Six Mile Ranch


$13,900 in ticket sales was was raised for the CJA

$ 20,000 C&B Investments

Choice Lot

$ 24,000 Prime Angus & U2 Ranch

$ 12,000 Mike Daychief

$ 9,000 Jonathan Klutz

$ 7,000 G7 Ranch

1st pick $20,000 KT Ranch & Canadian Donors 2nd pick $15,000 Cowtrax

$24,500 KT Ranch & Canadian Donors

$ 9,750 Lock Farms

$ 5,500 CSI Angus

$15,500 CSI Angus

$15,000 Black Beaver Syndicate

Out of Sale

$20,000 Dale McKay

$14,000 Anchorage Farms

$13,500 Isabelle & Penelope Shierman

$15,000 JLH Livestock

$8,500 Prime Time Cattle - JR Division

$8,250 Belvin Angus

$7,000 Chaz Demanski

$5,500 Holly Madsen

$6,750 Jesse Waldner

$15,000 Blairs.Ag & Poplar Meadows

$ 750/embryo Isabelle & Penelope Shierman

$9,000 Jaycee Dutchyk

$6,500 Dersta Farms

Choice Lot Choice Lot $5,000 Bar - E - L Angus Choice Lot $9,000 Hillary Sauder - Windy Willow Choice Lot

$ 1,600 each Pahl Livestock

$ 1,400 each Troy Polyuck

$50 each Jaycee Dutchyk Whiskey River Trevor Welch

$450 each Wilbar Cattle Co

$20,000 was raised for the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation, thanks to all that supported

Frehlick Farms Coyote Coulee McGillicky Oilfield Construction TS&M Iron Side Oil Field Services Blackburn Well Services Bow Valley / Westgen Davis Rairdan Canadian Sires Ultra Livestock Outlaw Cattle Co Merit Cattle Co Black Gold Simmentals Lewis Farms Six Mile Red Angus U2 Ranch

Baylor Ranch Bandura Ranches K Lazy T McIntosh Livestock Roch Springs Tableland Cattle Co Perrott Cattle Co Double Bar D Farms R Plus Ashworth Farms Brooking Angus Ranch Eastendale Angus Lazy M C Anchor D Ranch Diamond T Angus Mader Ranches

W Sunrise Angus Rainbow Red Angus Wheatland Cattle Co Double B Cattle Co 3G Ventures Towaw Cattle Co Freeway Farms Arda Farms Wards Red Angus Blair’s West J Square S Bar H Glasman Farms DJ Cattle Co Black’s Cattle Co