The Western Gateway Bull Sale 2017

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The Western Gateway Bull Sale At The Farm NE of Roblin, Manitoba NE 36 26 27 W1

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 At 1:00 PM

Limousin - Black Angus - Lim-Flex Jaymarandy Limousin Jaymarandy Livestock Todd & Jay-Dean, Angus & Jules Smyth

Greeting from all of us at Jaymarandy Being that it is our 25th Production sale it would only be fitting to host it back at the farm. We are excited to have come full circle and be back to where our sales all began. Over the last couple of years we ventured out in an attempt to make our product available to as many producers as possible. What we found was that we would much rather have our producers come to a venue where ever yone is comfortable, were we can host our own pre sale lunch and have time for post sale visits. It is with great pleasure that we can host you all again and bring the business back to a much more personal level. We want our commerical producers to know and appreciate that we are here to work with you. As the commercial producer is our main focus it is important to inform you of the affordability and capability of our cattle. Over the last 6 sales our bulls have averaged $3800 with a high of $10,000, with the majourity selling between $2800 and $4000. Our cattle have always placed well in all of their classes and divisions when shown, have the capability to scan well in their ultrasound data and continue to work hard for their new owners. If this weren’t the case we would not have repeat customers with us for 25 plus years, purchasing over 20 bulls. We cannot deny that we do occasionally get excited thinking some of our bulls should go into purebred programs. That said, if those same bulls go to commercial customers than the industr y still benefits. Not that we want to chase Purebred producers away, just that we want to invite commercial producers in. The collection of data, the EPD’s the Genomics all of these tools are helpful - and some of it we will talk about in our catalog - when people understand it and better yet have the ability to benefit directly from its collection. Truly where the rubber meets the road for us is in an animal’s phenotype. Phenotype is essentially how an animal is made and best suits it’s environment. When we look beyond this too far we begin to do things that benefit too few in the industr y in Canada. In Canada the production of livestock is simple. Buy bulls that produce calves that come easily and lively, grow well on their mothers and wean with weights that help you thrive as a business when you sell them. It is no more complicated than that and until we have kill capacity in this countr y in a meaningful and cross county manner than that is all it needs to be. If you are not rewarded directly for the production of large ribeye area or earth shattering marlbing numbers than we wouldn’t expect them to be your focus? If a bull has fantastic growth figures on paper, did it amidst his contemporaries and looks like it in real life he likely did it. If he can physically cover large numbers of cows due to his great feet, structure and superior skeletal muscal than all the better. If bulls like this matter to you and if you are interested in growing your program in a positive manner, whether your interest be the Limousin Black Angus or one of our Hybrid Bulls we invite you to join us on April 4th. If you want great fellowship and want to kick a few tires for future opportunities we would welcome your visit also.

Jaymarandy Limousin Len & Ruth: 1-204-937-4980 Len’s cell: 1-204-937-0274

Jaymarandy Livestock Mark’s cell: 1-204-281-5099

Todd’s cell: 1-204-937-0828 Jay-Dean’s cell: 1-204-247-0149 Angus and Jules 1-204-937-4384

Sales Consultant: Castlerock Marketing Shane Castle 1-306-741-7485 Auctioneer: Ryan Dorran 1-403-507-6483 Ringman: Taylor Richards 1-306-821-4169 Ringman: Derek Reimer 1 - 204-371-9093

Ringman: Taylor Richards 1 306 821 4169

Sale Day Phone: 1-204-937-4980 Len 1-204-937-0274 Mark 1-204-281-5099 Todd 1-204-937-0828 Sight Unseen Purchase Program *No Internet Bidding*

As with most programs we would like to have as many of our buyers in the stands as possible. That said we do appreciate that it is calving season for many of you during bull sale time. If you cannot make it please feel free to contact Len or Mark for your sight unseen purchases and we will get you set up with a bull that best suites your needs. this is a satisfaction guaranteed program. The bulls will be exactly as we told you they are or you won’t be held responsible for ownership. Please feel free to contact any of our sale staff to hold additional bids.

Deliver y and Boarding: Free board untill MAY 1, and anyone picking up there bull on Sale Day will receive a $50.00 rebate.

Feeding of the Bulls: The bulls were started on a grain ration late November. The 2 year old

bulls were put on a simple rolled oats ration with corn sileage and some hay. The yearling bulls were fed the same till January and then put on a ration of oats/corn Rum 41 bkt from Nutreco and Landmark Feeds. The 2 years old bulls have run in a 30 acre pasture all winter. The bulls carry no extra weight and are ready to work when put in pasture with their new herds.

Insurance will be available Sale Day BW



Spring 2017 Limousin Breed Average EPDs WWG Adj YW MILK SC DOC REA









To The Farm

on # 157

on # 156

Limousin Bulls Bull 1

CPM4081330 JL Delivered Right LNA 634D 04 Jan 2016 Red Homo Polled 91% BW WWG YLG GEST 80 715 1193 -3.5

CED BW 7 2.0

WW 75

YW CEM 109 7

MILK SC DOC REA MARB 28 0.30 18 0.78 0.02

Wulfs Sirloin 3172S Wulfs Xcellsior X232X Wufs Missive 2253M Wulfs Xtreme sports JL Barbi 5-0 LNA 1B LNA Zero Ta sitxty 2Z

This fantastic herd bull prospect is a product of a 3rd generation first calf heifer and his mother did produce as did her mother and grand mother. Born easy, grown dynamically with 2 of Wulf ’s top donor cows for 2nd and 4th generation mothers and shown successfully at his mother side. His 2nd maternal dam was a Manitoba Ag-Ex Champion Bred heifer; his mother was a Manitoba Ag-Ex Champion Heifer Calf and Reser ve Champion Bred Heifer in consecutive years. He and his dam were the Reser ve Champion All-other-breeds Females at Young Ranchman’s in Swift current. Getting past the show ring and onto the functional values are his greatest assets. Flawless structure, abundant hair, docile natured, an amazing meat bull and a set of carcass EPD’s that shoud have the attention of ever yone. He is in the top 2% of the breed for marbling, top 5% for ribeye area and the top 10% for carcass weight. This and his top 7% for both calving ease maternal and direct, couple with top 4% yearling growth, top 10% weaning and top 10% total maternal make him on of the best balanced breeding pieces available in the 2017 bull sale season. This and being Homozygous polled by Pedigree makes him truly unique and intriguing. Recommended for cows and heifers.


CPM 4081312

JL Detonator LNA 602D 01 Jan 2016 Red BW WWG YLG GEST 88 672 1069 -2.7

CED BW 5 3.3

WW 67

Dld Polled 93%

YW 94

CEM MILK SC DOC REA MARB 7 27 0.55 8 0.59 -0.29 CJSTMFKnightsbridge 102K RPY Paynes Rough Rider 40R EXLR 102D Peaches 413H Andres Main Doc LNA Rhinestone 557R LNA Lottie DA 175L

Here is a powerful meat bull sired by the great Limousin herd bull RPY Rough Rider. Rough Rider was a past Limousin breed Show Bull Champion of the Year and only lost one Championship in his entire show career, where he ended up being the Reser ve Champion bull at Canadian Western Agribition. Rough Rider has left us an amazing set of females that will carr y on his production. His grand sire Andres Main Dock is a bull that still maintains a breed topping EPD profile 8 years after being removed from direct utilization. Main Dock accomplishes this due to the powerful production and stability of his daughters. If you want females that produce big time weight and produce it for a ver y long time then this bull is a great option. Recommended for cows.


CPM4081316 JL Yogi Berra LNA 606D 02 Jan 2016 Black Dld Poll 95% BW 101

WWG YLG GEST 630 1004 -2.5

BW 4.1

WW YW CEM 63 95 4

MILK SC DOC 27 0.33 15

REA MARB 0.56 -0.41

Jaymarandy Legend 8100U LNA Yogie Berra 1Y ATJ Polled Unwritten Denison Polled Pub Jaymarandy Yamka LNA 31Y LNA Moulin Rouge 561M

Sired by one of the best meat production bulls that we’ve ever raised. His sire was a moderate framed, meaty powerful bull with high yielding carcass production. His dam is a model Limousin cow with a perfectly designed udder for long lasting production of powerful meat producing bulls. Look to this guy to make beautiful cows with the ability to transfer pounds of production onto their calves. Recommended for cows.



JL Xtreme Sports LNA 605D BW 88

WWG 688

02 Jan 2016 Red Dld Poll 94%

YLG GEST BW 1027 -1.8 4.2

WW YW 68 89


MILK SC DOC REA MARB 34 0.08 11 0.70 0.11

Wulfs Nobel Prixe 381N Wulfs Xtreme Sports Wulf Joy Bells 9202J RPY Paynes Rough Rider 40R LNA Zesty Girl 6z LNA Moe Joe 591M

Another big time carcass option bull with breed leading values of 10% in marbling and 15% in ribeye area. This and high quality growth of top 25% for weaning and top 10% milk and top 5% total maternal value make this bull highly valuable. When we get to the auction markets and calves are all sold by the pound it makes sense to go for the bulls that will make top weaning values from cows with all the appropriate maternal make up. His dam is another model Limousin cow with plenty of muscle shape and a beautiful designed udder. Recommended for cows.


CPM4081317 CPM40813

JL Diffience LNA 607D 02 Jan 2016 Red Dld Polled BW WWG YLG GEST BW WW YW 84 672 1036 -1.9 3.4 66 92


MILK SC DOC REA 33 0.10 15 0.59

Wulfs Nobel Prixe 3861N Wulfs Xtreme Sports Wulfs Joy Bells 9202J LNA Reloaded 503R Jaymarandy U-Turn LNA 863U LNA Kennedy 7K

94% MARB -0.13

It might get repetitive but these Xtreme Sports sons have been developing a reputation for making great herd bulls with high projections for carcass traits. Here is another bull with top 10% marbling and top 30% or better for all 4 carcass traits and top 15% or better for both maternal values. Here is another options for a great meat making bull. His dam has been a steady producer of great performance cattle and produced a full sib to this bull that was the Reser ve Champion Heifer calf at Manitoba Ag-Ex and was second in class at the National Show at Canadian Western Agribition. She also went on to be the high selling heifer at the first ever Manitoba Limousin Advantage sale for $6000 to Kaitlyn Davey. Recommended for cows.



JL Derringer LNA 608D 03 Jan 2016 Red Double Poll 92% BW WWG YLG GEST BW WW YW 72 533 945 -3.7 0.9 55 81


MILK SC DOC 23 0.53 19

REA MARB 0.60 -0.08

Wulfs Sirloin 3172S Wulfs Xcellsior X252X Wulfs missive 2258M Wulfs Xtreme Sports JL Billy Jean LNA 6A ATJ Polled Unwritten CTA 42U

If you are looking for a calving ease bull with plenty of maternal value and breed topping stability than look no further. He is sired by a Wulf Cattle high selling bull and top calving ease prospect Xcellsior. He is another top 10% marbling bull with top 10% calving ease numbers and top 15% birth weight.



JL Dice LNA 609D

03 Jan 2016

BW WWG YLG GEST BW WW YW 80 675 1004 -3.5 1.7 69 99

Red CEM 5

Dld Poll

MILK SC DOC 25 0.35 20

REA 0.75

Wulfs Sirloin 3172S Wulfs Xcellsior X252X Wulfs Missive 2258M LNA Yogie Berra 1Y JL Blue Moon LNA 16B Jaymarandy Genie 72G

92% MARB 0.03

Here is another top calving ease prospect and carcass prospect with Xcellsior as his sire and Yogi Berra as his grand sire. He has a modest 80 lb birth weight and with top 2% marbling, top 10% ribeye area and top 25% carcass weight. With top 20% or better for stability and weaning weight you can look to this guy for top production of heavy weaned calves for and longevity in his daughters. His maternal grand mother is our great Jaymarandy Genie cow that at 12 years old still maintained perfect udder quality and milk production. A maternal sib to his dam was also a Canadian National Reser ve Champion bull, which topped our 2006 fall sale selling to Cochrane Stock Farms for $10,000. Another brother topped our 2005 sale to Leonard Walkin for $7800. Recommended for cows and heifers.


Jl Natural Renegade

MRA 617D

20 Jan 2016

BW WWG YLG GEST BW WW YW CEM 94 1105 -1.6 5.9 76 102 5

Red Scurred


MILK SC DOC 29 0.20 15

REA MARB 0.54 -0.14

Wulfs Nobel Prize 386N Wulfs Xtreme Sports Wulfs Joy Bells 9202J LNA Jaymarandy Tuff 161T LNA After Party 7A LNA My Girl 6X

Natural Renegade has as true a formed Limousin character as they can come with. He is proud skulled, powerfully fronted, stout from end to end, with an amazing hair coat, sound structure and a big Limi butt. Renegade is another one of those bulls with so much muscle shape his top line holds water when it rains. His sire is definitely a producer of high quality commercial bulls with money making carcass values. His dam has as close to perfect udder as any cow can have and his maternal grand sire produced that in ever y female he sired. Renegade stems from some of our most consistent and longest ser ving cow families. He is definitely one of my favorite performance Puredbred Limi bulls. His sister sold in the 2015 Manitoba Limousin Advantage sale to the Moore family from Ohio and appears to be a definite family favorite due to her incredible docile nature. Being pen scratch quiet Natural renegade is no different. Ever ything the breed is famous for and unquestionably docile.

Recommended for cows


CPM4081325 JL Driven LNA 622D

28 Jan 2016

BW WWG YLG GEST BW WW YW 82 612 979 -3.8 1.1 59 84


Dld Poll


CEM 10

MILK SC DOC REA MARB 34 0.94 21 0.63 -0.22 Hunt Mr. Jock 44J Wulfs Amazing Bull T341A Wulfs Ultra Diamond 8571U RPY Paynes Rough Rider 40R Jaymarandy Artemis 5A LNA Wonder Girl 949W

Here is another calving ease prospect out of a great young female that has picture perfect udder. His sire Wulf ’s Amazing bull is a sire that has muscle shape in abundance. This neat made bull is in the top 1% for maternal calving ease, top 10% for milk and top 20% for birth weight. His carcass numbers also put him in the top 25% of the breed for ribeye area and marbling. Calving ease, carcass and maternal values all covered in a calf with plenty of hair coat for his calves in these harsh Canadian winters. Recommended for cows and heifers.

10 CPM4081327 1

JL Double Take LNA 625D 31 Jan 2016 Black Dld Poll 92% BW WWG YLG GEST 82 671 1018 -3.6

BW WW 0.7 60

YW 88

MILK SC DOC REA MARB 32 0.85 26 0.62 -0.27 Hunt Mr. Jock 44J Wulfs Amazing Bull T341A Wulfs Ultra Diamond 8571U RPY Game Day 59U Jaymarandy Hestia 9A LNA Night Ease 101N

Double Take, is another modest birth weight bull with plenty of maternal value to spare. He stems from the same cow family as the Lot 1 bull. He has maternal calving ease in the top 10% and a top 15% of the breed for birth weight. Additionally he is a top 20% for milk and total maternal. He is calving ease prospect with plenty of maternal value out of one of our longest producing cow families. His dam is a former show heifer for Jules, coming from a family of cows that produced the Canadian National Reser ve Champion Bull in 2005. Recommended for cows and heifers



JL Dually LNA 655D

23 Feb 2016

BW WWG YLG GEST 86 723 1071 -3.2

BW WW YW 1.6 60 78

Red CEM 7


MILK SC DOC 26 0.27 19


REA MARB 0.40 -0.20

Romn Tuff Enuff 103F Cottage Lake Boston BPL 911B CL Yolanda Be cool Wulfs Xtreme Sports Jaymarandy Annie Extreme 42A LNA SallyAnn 604S

One of the first calves produced out of our new herd bull Cottage Lake Boston. Boston is an amazingly shaped bull for calving ease yet able to produce a little extra pounds at weaning time. In speaking with Kyle and Brittany Boss of Boss Lake Genetics it is of their opinion that his dam is a cow of model udder quality and one of the best at Boss lake Genetics of all their 3 respective breeding programs. This young herd bull porspect has a modest 86 lb birth weight with a dynamic no creep feed 723 lbs weaning adjust and mothered by a firs calf female. His mother is a model Limousin cow with a beautiful udder and one of the best at Boss Lake Genetics. This young herd bull prospect has a modest 86 lb bith weight with no creep feed a 723 lb weaning adjust and is mothered by a first calf female. Calving ease, dynamic weaning performance and longevity of a cow family with a pedigree stacked with udder quality. Recommended for Cows and heifers.

12 1

CPM4081337 JL Desperado LNA 656D 24 Feb 2016 Black Scurred 93% BW WWG YLG GEST BW WW YW 90 715 1047 - 2.8 3.2 65 96

MILK SC DOC 31 0.31 14

REA MARB 0.67 -0.28

Wulfs Shop Talk 2332S RPY Paynes Game Day 59U RPY Paynes Passion 26P RPY Paynes Rough Rider 40R LNA Easy Girl 45Z LNA Nice and Easy 118N

Here is a great option for those looking for maternal quality and weaning performance. His dam is a beautiful, long made cow with a near perfect udder. His sire, is none other then RPY Paynes Game Day who is a female maker if there ever had one. A great herd bull prospect with a reasonable birth weight and maternal value of the highest quality. At last count his maternal grand dam was responsible for 16 active females from one cow family in our program. Longevity and top udder quality with a great weaning weight for the fall marketing or your calves. Recommended for Cows.

Angus Bulls 13 1


Jaymarandy Notorious


BW WWG YLG BW WW YW 92 799 1379 +3.5 +54 90

MILK +21

06 Feb 2016



TM CE REA MARB CW +49 -5.0 +0.83 +0.67 +29 Rito Revenue 5M2 of 2536 PRE 147338 RITO 12E7 of 5F56 RITO 5M2 1779943 RITA 5F56 of 1198 FD US 15142168 Young Dale Zikomo 79Z 1675899 Young Dale Grace 85B 1791711 Young Dale Grace 102Z 1675919

YDF 169D and JLMA 640D from the same cow family as Lot 13, and Lot 14

Notorious is an extremely stout bull, stout to the point of surpassing most continental breeding bulls in muscle shape. He is literally packed with muscle from his ears to his hock and has amazing width to his chest floor with plenty of rib and belly. His first calf mother did an amazing job in production carr ying him to a beyond respectable weaning weight. She is a balanced, broody, beautiful Angus cow with a near perfect udder and is a member of our Grace cow family. The Grace family have been turning numerous heads in the industr y with their ability to produce model Angus females capable of placing well in all shows and more importantly raise great calves. His sire is ranked as one of Genex’s highest $Beef and $Weaning bulls with his strength coming in his carcass evaluation and EPD’s. This, his sire’s outstanding maternal values, being outcross to most Canadian pedigrees with high utilization in programs such as Express Ranches provides strength to Notorious being a unique herd bull prospect. His top 3% Ribeye EPD, 15% Carcass Weight and 10% Marbling EPD continue to strengthen the carcass merit. Being from the same Grace family that produced Young Dale Believe definitely adds merit to the consistency his pedigrees offers. As an individual he will make calves with weight and shape that will please all cattle buyers. He is pen scratch quiet and a ver y unique bull for the Angus breed. Recommended for cows.



Jaymarandy Specialist BW 76


WWG YLG 665 1257

BW +1.9

WW +45

YW +81

24 Feb 2016 MILK +18


CE REA +8.0

Black MARB

EXAR Upward 1728B 1709335 Justamere 1728 Maximum 430A1755747 Justamere S036 Mable 935W 1515554 Young Dale Panarama 66T 1404669 Young Dale Grace 107W 1515554 Young Dale Grace 14P 1246895

When searching for a calving ease bull with plenty of the extra Specialist is a perfect place to start and finish. Calving ease direct and maternal values of +8 respectively. On his individual merit he begins with a perfectly designed skull, is smooth, balanced, broad, easy striding and fluid in movement with a fantastic hair coat. The directions of us of this bull are endless maternally designed, calving ease designate and a no doubt show bull candidate. His foot structure is as excellent as it can get, his body type is undeniably excellent. He grew appropriately as all maximum cattle have . To date we have a zero cull rate on the Justamere Maximum calves in our Angus and Lim-Flex pens. Structurally they are spot on, calving ease they are a no miss, they all have muscle shape and that extra little bit of character. He is a direct descendent of the Young Dale Grace family that is recently responsible for the production of the Young Dale Believe bull that is the Canadian record high selling Angus bull from the 2015 bull sale season. Not ending there, Specialist’s maternal sister the Young Dale Grace 169B cow has definitely been a fabulous acquisition for us. In the last 2 years she has never placed less than Reser ve Champion in her division in 6 shows. This year we were blessed to have her be the Manitoba Ag-Ex Reser ve Champion Black Angus Female and the Canadian Western Agribition Champion 2 Year Old Black Angus Female. Specialist will be a great asset to any program whethe it commerical or Purebred. When you have a cow family developing a heritage as the Grace’s are it just adds a little extra opportunity. Recommended for cows and heifers.

15 1 5 1940698

Jaymarandy Hard Evidence 626D BW 90

WWG YLG 812 1506

BW +1.7

WW +51

YW +84

31 Jan 2016

MILK SC CE REA MARB +18 +0.52 +7.0 +0.50 +0.37

Sitz Traveler 8180 866597 AMF SAV 8180 Traveler 004 1421804 AMF Boyd Forever Lady 8003 US 13050778 RITO 6EM3 of 4L 1 Emblazon 1695029 EXAR Blackbird 0698 1899588 DDF EXAR Blackbird 4448 US 14697644

Dam of JLMA 626D

Herd bull material. It didn’t take ver y long for Hard Evidence to identify as the performance bull of the group. From birth to present he has continued to grow consistently and dynamically. He is a no doubt performance bull on individual merit and yet has elite calving ease direct and calving ease maternal projections. Additionally in his only outing he was identiďŹ ed as a physically superior bull as one of the top bulls at Agribition this year by the judge and also by numerous astute cattle persons from across the countr y and the USA. He is a ver y long bull that is erect and powerful in his front, broad in his chest, massive and uniform in his middle third. He has a deep quarter, square hip, and stands up on a sound base and is strong and muscaular across his top. Aside from the strength in his individual merits he has a model Angus cow as a mother that ser ves as a donor cow at Bohrson Marketing and is a direct son of none other than Traveler 004. 004 semen is not available for sale in Canada and few of his top sons have seen natural ser vice here. He is a brother to some of the industries top AI bulls with Density, Networth, Heavy Hitter and Predominant as a good short list. With all things considered I project that he will be a producer of some amazing females to continue to strengthen the Angus breed, with the added bonus of transferring scale pounding performance into his calves. Recommended for Cows.

16 1


Jaymarandy Maximum BW 68


WWG YLG 589 1250

BW +1.4

27 Feb 2016

WW YW +48 +85

MILK SC CE REA MARB +22 +7.0 EXAR Upward 1728B 1709335 Justamere 1728 Maximum 430A 1755747 Justamere S036 Mable 935W 1520655 Young Dale Panarama 66T 1404669 Young Dale Touch Down Erica 56W 1515512 Young Dale Erica 42S 1344157

n twi 17 1


Jaymarandy Maximum JLMA 660D BW 72

WWG YLG 561 1181

BW +1.4

27 Feb 2016

WW YW +48 +85

MILK SC CE REA MARB +22 +7.0 EXAR Upward 1728B 1709335 Justamere 1728 Maximum 430A 1755747 Justamere S036 Mable 935W 1520655 Young Dale Panarama 66T 1404669 Young Dale Touch Down Erica 56W 1515512 Young Dale Erica 42S 1344157

n twi Heifer is a paternal sib to the twin bull calves

After finding their Mother at Young Dale Angus, researching her production, seeing her near perfect udder and model Angus cow moderation with such incredible stoutness we felt we needed to have this Erica cow in our program. The bulls themselves are both ver y long sided, incredibly neat calving ease bulls with a little extra muscle shape. The Erica cow was utilized as a donor female for us and has worked well. The bulls do give a little bit of performance up to their contemporaries as individuals as she did raise them both on her own. It shows the high maternal character available with 1150 lbs of weaning production on a 1500 lb cow. Rest assured that these bulls would calf easily and provide all the Angus vigor needed. Their sire is definitely doing some amazing things for us also. As previously stated he definitely has the calving ease and maternal covered without doubt. A sister to all the Maximum calves was at the side of her mother this year and awarded the Manitoba Ag-Ex Reser ve Grand Champion Black Angus female banner and went further on to become the Canadian Western Agribition Champion Black Angus 2 year old female. Recommended for cows and heifers.

Composite Bulls 18 .

Not Reg.

JL Designer Gene LNA 666D

04 Mar 2016


Dld Polled


BW WWG YLG 100 725 1005 Wulfs Xtreme Sports FIX 921X JL Bonnet’s Thug MRA 402B MRA Scotch Bonnet 922W Jaymarandy MRA 926W LNA Jaymarandy 36Y MVF Dateline

One of the high performance Hybrid bulls out of the JL Bonnet’s Thug bull. Thug has been shown successfully now for 3 seasons and will be seeing use at our place and for Walter Kelbert also. Thug was the high selling bull at the 2017 Canadian National Show at Manitoba Ag-Ex where he was the Reser ve Champion Senior bull. He also was the Grand Champion bull at that ver y show 2 years previous as a calf and was Reser ve Grand Champion there one year. He also was the Grand Champion there. This bull is a out of the half blood cow from a MVF Dateline bull that we purchased many years ago. He can be registered as a 46% Limousin bull if the new owner wishers. In all actuality he is a 3/4 Limousin bull and a 1/4 Black Angus. If you are looking for a high performance Hybrid to put pounds on the scale at weaning time then he is definitely the bull.


JL Total Thug

MRA 679D

18 March 2016


Dld Polled 50%

Composite Wulfs Xtreme Sports JL Bonnet’s Thug MRA 402B MRA Scotch Bonnet 922W LNA 30R X SM-AN

BW 94

WWG YLG 730 1394

JL Bonnet’s Thug MRA 402B

Thug is an incredibly long, well-balanced bull out of a Sim/Angus cow that we feel ver y strongly about utilizing as a bull producer to add to our genetic pool. She is a long fronted smooth made cow with near perfect feet and a near perfect udder. His JL Bonnet’s Thug is a home raised bull that has done some amazing things for us in the last couple years. 2014 Grand Champion Bull at Manitoba Ag-Ex, 2014 Reser ve Division Champion Junior Bull Calf National show CWA, 2015 Reser ve Grand Champion Bull Manitoba Ag-Ex 2016. Not only accomplished in the show ring but also in the feed pen with a 1397 lbs weaning adjust, 16 sq inch ribeye and great values for marbling and fat cover. Born unassisted with a great set of performance figures this bull will be a fantastic addition to numerous commercial programs. Look to him to produce scaled pounding calves and great replacement females capable of keeping easy and producing plenty. Recommended for cows

20 2

CXM4082513 JL Magnifico MRA 6009D 29April 2016 Black 47% Lim-Flex BW WWG YLG GEST BW WW YW 94 750 1256 4.3 68 96


REA 0.36

MARB 0.08

Young Dale Zikomo 79Z Young Dale Zikomo 35B Young Dale YDF 22P RPY Paynes Game Day 59U JL Moulin Rouge LNA 29Z LNA Moulon Rouge 561M

JL Moulin Rouge LNA 29Z

JL Magnifico is a high performance bull with an amazing look. His dam is a beautiful, model Limousin female with plenty of muscle with the same style and great structure that he carries. His sire is Zikomo 35B who is a direct son of the great Young Dale Pollyanna 22P. 22P has produced some of the strongest cattle in the Young Dale Angus program and is their go to donor cow. His 3rd Peternal sire is none other than Young Dale Xcaliber. Xcaliber is Young Dale Angus’ mainstay herd sire and is the bull responsible for the production of the 2016 Denver National Western Stock Show Grand Champion Pen of Black Angus bulls and the great record setting Young Dale Believe. Magnifico’s maternal grand dam is our LNA Moulin Rouge 561M donor cow that was our best production donor cow. Magnifico was crowned the 2016 Canadian National Lim-Flex Champion bull and was along side his mother when she was also crowned the 2016 Canadian National Reser ve Champion Lim-Flex female. If you are looking for calves with that extra special look, early maturity, an abundance of maternal value, the extra performance and hybrid vigor then here is a great opportunity to own a weight and cow maker. Recommended for cows.


Two Year Old Bulls 21

CPM4074734 JL Commander LNA 1C 03 Jan 2015 Red Poll 93% BW WWG YLG GEST 90 709 1086 -1.9

BW WW 4.8 65

YW 91


SC DOC 0.31 12

REA MARB 0.60 =0.12

Wulfs Nobel Prize 386N Wulfs Xtreme Sports Wulfs Joy Bells 9209J JDT Philosypher King 21P LNA Tattletale 563T LNA Brook’s Girl 560E

Commander 1C is a ver y thick great profiling bull out of a great milking female. A maternal sib sold in the National Advantage Sale to Poplarview Stock Farms at Pipestone.


CPM4074742 JL Cobalt LNA 11C 31Jan2015 Dld Blk Dld Poll 93% BW WWG YLG 98 623 933

GEST -2.3

BW WW 5.7 78

YW 20



DOC REA MARB 14 0.60 -0.06

Wulfs Shop Talk 2332S RPY Paynes Game Day 59U RPY Paynes Passion 26P Hiways Polled Titan MRA Honey Bee 5Y Jaymarandy Party Girl 2T

When you are wanting extra muscle in calves to command top prices in the fall 11C will do the job. His dam is a ver y consistent producer of great offspring. Her 2016 calf by Excellsior was part of our show string.


CPM4074750 JL Conversion LNA 12C 06Jan2015 Red Dld Poll 91% BW WWG YLG 74 634 963

GEST BW -4.1 0.1

WW 59

YW 84


SC DOC 0.49 16

REA 0.40

MARB -0.05

Wulfs Sirloin 3172S Wulfs Xcellsior X252X Wulfs Missive 2258M RPY Paynes Game Day 59U LNA Jaymarandy Asia 23A LNA Rocksy 5116R

Great temperment, large testicles, high maternal traits are a result of having two of Wulfs top flush cows in his immediate pedigree. Wulfs Missive and Wulfs Murell. A low birth weight makes him a great candidate for the heifer pen.


CPM4086413 JDT Crackalakin 508C 09 Feb 2015 Black Dld Poll 94% BW WWG YLG GEST BW WW YW MILK SC DOC REA MARB 96 730 1045 -2.3 4.6 64 93 21 0.35 18 0.51 -0.43

Jaymarandy Legend 8100U LNA Yogie Berra 1Y ATJ Polled Unwritten NLCX Roscoe JDT Northstar 670N LNA Kracking Good 460K

Yogie Berra was a definite find for Ed and Dawn Darr in our 2012 sale. He has been a producer of fantastic offspring. Crackalakin is an exceptional, correct, thick individual and a pen favourite. If you are looking for a cow breeding bull he is certainly worth a second look.

25 2

CPM4074753 JL Challenger LNA 15C

12Feb 2015

Red Dld Polled

BW WWG YLG GEST BW WW YW 88 720 1043 -2.0 3.1 58 80

MILK SC DOC 37 35 13

REA 92

94% MARB -0.11

Wulfs Nobel Prize 3861N Wulfs Xtreme Sports Wulfs Joy Bells 9209J Anders Main Doc LNA Wonder Girl 949W LNA Brook’s Girl 560E

Challenger is definitely a bull you can build a herd around. Moderate birth weight, great weaning, large testicled, along with his calm demeanor best descrides him. A full sister sold in the Advantage sale purchased by Kaitlyn Davey of Mapehurst Farms.

26 2

CPM4083209 JDT Casper 509C 19 Feb 2015 Red Dld Poll 92% BW WWG YLG BW WW YW MK 92 718 1040 3.9 64 86 34

TM CEM SC REA MARB 66 5 0.08 0.62 -0.10

Wulfs Nobel Prixe 3861N Wulfs Xtreme Sports Wulfs Joy Bells 9202J RPY Paynes Game Day 59U JDT Yowsa 101Y JDT Winter 108W

Casper is one of the bulls in this offering that is steeped in material traits, having two flush cows from the Wulf ’s program in his imitate back ground. His clean profile and great birth to weaning ratio is a bonus.

27 2


JDT Congo 515C

25 Feb 2015

BW WWG YLG GEST BW 94 715 1024 -2.6 2.4


WW YW 50 78

Dld Poll 94%

MILK SC 29 0.13

DOC 12

REA 0.64

MARB -0.32

Wulfs Shop Talk 2332S RPY Paynes Game Day 59U RPY Paynes Passion 26P Denison Polled Pub JDT princess Jebra 204P LNA Jaymarandy Jebra

Congo is a ver y nice profiling individual out of constant producer. Pounds in the mean more money in the pocket. His calm demeanor is a bonus.



JL Churchill LNA 27C BW WWG YLG 80 538 841

06 Mar 2015 Red Polled 100% ET GEST -1.9

BW 2.2

WW 58

YW 71


SC DOC 0.00 6

REA MARB 0.32 -0.39

Lenape Polled Liberty CFSV Polled Excel 315S SVL Polled Elation 039N Dension Justin Harvest LNA Moulon Rouge 561M LNA Brook’s Girl 560E

Here is an opportunity to own a polled fullblood bull. Out of our Moulin Rouge cow dating back to the long standing 560B cow family. Low birth weight and structured right for heifer calving. We have retained three flushmates in our cow herd and sold embr yo’s to the Simpson family in Kentucky.


CPM4074765 JL Contraband LNA 29C 09 Mar 2015 Black Dld Poll 91% BW WWG YLG GEST BW WW YW 74 608 -2.4 2.2 59 79



DOC 16

REA .61

MARB -0.28

RPY Paynes Rough Rider 40R MRA Cleveland 108L MRA Scotch Bonnet 922W ROMN Sugar Daddy 105S ARM Triple R 46Z ARM Triple R 47W

Another opportunity to purchase a low birth weight , good growth bull. The Cleveland calves have proven to be some of the best growth calves in our herd, having the tremendous Scotch Bonnet as a Grand Dam.



JL Covert Ops LNA31C 13 Mar 2015 BW WWG YLG BW 82 725 1021 4.0

WW 71

Red Dld Poll 92.5% YW 99

MilK SC DOC 28 -0.04 20

REA MARB 0.64 -0.04

Wulfs Nobel Prize 3861N Wulfs Xtreme Sports Wulfs Joy Bells 9209S Anders Main Dock LNA Rita 505R LNA Miss Zita 11Z

JL Covert Ops 31C is a extremely long bodied, low birth weight Wulfs Xtreme Sports son, with excellent weaning numbers. His dam is long bodied Andrs Main Dock cow with an excellent udder.



JL Copperhead LNA 38C

29 Mar 2015 Red Polled 95.5%

BW WWG YLG BW 108 886 1167 8.2

WW YW 84 124

MilK SC DOC 23 0.20 9

REA 0.95

MARB -0.23

Wulfs Shop Talk 2332S RPY Paynes Game Day 59U RPY paynes Passion 26P Denison Polled Pub LNA Publicate 439P LNA Miss Denmark 77D

Big is the only way to describe Copperhead LNA 38C. He has a weaning weight of 886 lbs., coupled with excellent growth Epd numbers. Pounds mean dollars in the fall and he’s sure to deliver that . Recommended for use on cows.

32 CPM4074781

JL Core Performance LNA 45C 04 Apr 2015 Red Dld Poll 93% BW WWG YLG GEST 89 726 1025 -2

BW WW 3.3 68

YW 94


SC DOC -0.05 21

REA MARB 0.69 -0.04

Wulfs Nobel Prize 386N Wulfs Xtreme Sports Wulfs Joy Bells 9202J Anders Main Dock LNA Response 502R LNA Frosty Danica 308F

Here is another long bodied bull, resulting from a Wulfs Sports X Anders Main Dock genetics combo. His dam 502R is another long bodied female with an excellent udder.

33 3 3 CPM4074774

JL Conventional LNA 39C

29 Mar 2015 Red Dld Poll 92.5%

BW WWG YLG GEST BW WW YW 90 684 1000 -1.4 2.4 61 84


SC DOC -0.23 18

REA MARB 0.63 -0.05

Wulfs Shop Talk 2332S RPY Paynes Game Day 59U RPY Paynes Passion 26P Wulfs Xtreme Sports Jaymarandy Aura Xtreme 22A LNA Rhinestone 557R

Long bodied, large testicles, great temperment, best discribes this bull. His dam has an average of 74 lb birth weight in her offspring and regularly calves earlier in our rotation. His body structure along wih his birth weight should make him an excellent condidate for a large group of heifers.

34 3

CPM4074784 JL Counterpunch LNA 49C 10 Apr 2015 BW WWG YLG GEST BW WW YW 86 750 1010 -2 3.6 78 106

Red Dld Polled 92%


SC DOC -0.09 22

REA 0.72

MARB 0.10

Wulfs Nobel Prize 3861N Wulfs Xtreme Sports Wulfs Joy Bells 9202S RPY Paynes Rough Rider 40R LNA Xpedition 25X LNA Rhinesstone 557R

Counterpunch is an excellent structured, thick, and ver y well balanced bull. His great weannig weight again along with large testicals is an added bonus. LNA 25X the dam of 49C is a ver y long bodied, excellent milking cow.


35 3 5 CPM4074786



JL Canadian Commotion LNA 51C 14 Apr 2015 Blk Dld Poll 92.5% BW WWG YLG GEST BW WW YW 92 757 1051 -2 3.1 69 91


SC DOC -0.20 20

REA MARB 0.65 -0.04

Wulfs Nobel Prize 3861N Wulfs Xtreme Sports Wulfs Joy Bells 9202S RPY Paynes Rough Rider 40R LNA Starlight 22X LNA Endearment 72E

The lineage of this bull comes from the ver y beginning of our herd 38 years ago. This bull is by no mistake an is designed from the desired to produce functional seedstock. Commotion combines moderate birth weight, excellent weaning gains along with large testicles an a excellent muscle pattern. His dam 22X is ver y correct cow with an excellent udder. She is the beginning of Jules’ show cow family that I could run out of ink with information on.

36 3 6 CPM4074787

JL Canadian Cattle Co LNA 53C 19 Apr 2015 Red Dld Poll 93.5% BW WWG YLG GEST BW WW YW MILK 80 720 950 -1.7 2.9 70 94 29


DOC REA MARB -0.18 17 0.66 -0.04

Wulfs Nobel Prize 3861N Wulfs Xtreme Sports Wulfs Joy Bells 9202S RPY Paynes Rough Rider 40R LNA Redeemer 40R LNA Keepsake 17K

Cattle Co. 53C also comes from the beginning of our cow herd. He combines a low birth weight, t with a good weaning weight. A materal sib to his Grand dam was the National Test Station top gaining bull in 1995 with a yearling weight of 1656 lbs

37 3

CXM4086712 JL Certified LNA 57C 30 May 2015 Black Dld Poll Percentage BW WWG YLG GEST BW WW YW 90 720 979 1.9 54 68 25



DOC REA MARB 0.55 -0.24

CJSTMGF Knightbridge RPY Paynes Rough Rider 40R EXLR 102D Peaches 4135H LNA 906W FNF4075647 LNA 109Y MVF Dateline

While tr ying to fill a growing demand for hybrid bulls we are breeding mostly black cows with good quality Angus bulls. We are then breeding them back to Limousin bulls. LNA 57C Certified is an example of the quality we are achieving with moderte birth weight, great length, good temperment, and excellent weaning weight.

Terms & Conditions Terms: The terms of the sale are Cash, Cheque or Visa at par at sale location, payable to the individual breeders unless satisfactor y credit aggangements have been made previous to the sale. Guarantee: The Western Gateway Consigners guarantee to sell you a bull that is structurally sound, a bull that has passed or will pass a semen test by a licensed Veterinarian at 14 months of age. Should any bull fail to be a satisfactory breeder - unable to physically service a cow or heifer, he will be replace with a bull of equal value if one is available. or credit will be made available for another bull from said Breeder. We, however, will not provide replacement or adjustment for physical injury or mismanagement. Bearing this in mind, we stress the importance of insurance on your bull. Each animal becomes the risk of the purchaser as soon as sold. Animals will be cared for at the purchaser’s risk for a reasonable length of time agreed by both buyer and seller. All cattle staying at the farm must be insured insured on sale day. Insurance will be available on Sale Day.

Announcements: Announcements from the auction block on sale day will take precedence over the printed matter in this catalog. Buyers are therefore cautioned to pay attention to such announcements.

Herd Sires Limousin Sires Wulfs Xcellsior X232X RPY Paynes Rough Rider 40r LNA Yogie Berra 1Y Wulfs Xtreme Sports Wulfs Amazing T341U Cottage Lake Boston BPL 911B RPY Paynes Game Day JL Bonnet’s Thug MRA 402B CFSV Polled Excel 315S MRA Cleveland 108L

Angus Sires RITO 12E7 of 5F56 RITO 5M2 1779943 Justamere 1728 Maximum 430A1755747 SAV 8180 Traveler 004 Young Dale Zikomo 35B


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