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Welcome to our first fall Online Open Book Invitational heifer sale. The reason the sale is named the “Open Book Invitational” is because all consignor’s heifer calves had to be available for selection. At this time I would like to thank all of the consignors for enrolling their trust in the idea of our new sale. They really stepped up to the plate. To say I am excited about this offering of heifers would be an understatement. No matter what direction you would like to take a heifer, I do believe we have it. We have heifers that can be shown every weekend, top end replacements, fresh pedigrees, future donors and enough variety to cover everyone’s taste buds. All of the heifers are offered show ready and will be entered at Canadian Western Agribiton. Contact Justin for details. There are many heifers in the sale fitting for a beginner. If you are a junior and purchase a sale heifer we offer our knowledge and assistance throughout your heifer’s show career. Before your major shows you can bring her to Brooking and we will assist you in getting her and you ready for the show ring. The heifers are available for viewing anytime at the ranch. If you have any questions please contact us at anytime.

Sale Day Contacts

Sale Day Contacts

BROOKING ANGUS RANCH :: Justin Morrison 306-536-4590 BOHRSON MARKETING :: Scott Bohrson 403-370-3010 ANGUS LIVE :: Jeremy Haag 816-516-1309 NATE MARIN :: 306-869-7130

Consignor Contacts

Consignor Contacts

BAR-E-L ANGUS Stettler, AB :: Dave and Lynne Longshore 403-579-2394 MICHELSON LAND & LIVESTOCK Lipton, SK :: Shane and Alaina Michelson 403-363-9973 Serhienko Cattle Maymont, SK :: Dennis and Lissa Serhienko 306-389-2136 Wiwa Creek Angus Rush Lake, SK :: Jonathan Thomason, 306-774-4006

Sale Location

Sale Location

At the ranch Radville, SK. From Radville go 8km west until Rg Rd 185. Then go North 4.4 km. We are on east side. From Ceylon go 14.6 km east until Rg Rd 185 then go North 4.4 km we are on east side We are an hour south of Regina International Airport

Show Rights Show Rights

Brooking Angus Ranch reserves the rights to show any of the heifers at Canadian Western Agribition. If the new owner would like us to show their new purchase for them we will do it at cost. Contact Justin for details.



Brooking will assist in coordination of delivery however cost is responsible of buyers. All heifers can be delivered to Agribition. US purchases: Brooking will provide all health papers and delivery to a central point in North Dakota.



Videos will be available at around Oct 25th


View ing

Heifers can be viewed anytime prior to the sale.

Catalog Design

C a ta log Design

Catalog Design by Bohrson Marketing Services

First step is to Register as a bidder at or call 816-516-1309 If you do not want to bid on the Internet you can bid by telephone contact Justin Morrison 306-536-4590 or in person at Brooking Angus Ranch. HORSE RACE STYLE CLOSING FORMAT FOR THIS SALE! WHEN TIME EXPIRES, ALL LOTS ARE DECLARED SOLD! ORIGINAL ENDING TIME: 7PM CST WITH EXTENDED BIDDING TO FOLLOW! EXTENDED BIDDING WILL CONTINUE UNTIL THERE IS NO BIDDING FOR 5 MINUTES!

With this option, all lots will close simultaneously. A few benefits to this style of auction are the buyer has the CHOICE to switch to any lot(s) in the offering if he is outbid on his/ her current choice; buyer does not have to deal with the sale order of the sale because all lots are offered and bid on simultaneously; and the buyer has a choice(s) and more time to make his/ her decision.
Extended Bidding means that the auction is not declared closed until there have been ten minutes of inactivity on the current sale. If there is any bidding during the inactivity period, the auction is extended until there is no bidding for ten minutes during the inactivity period.You can always check the time remaining that appears next to each lot item. REMEMBER TO CLICK ON THE REFRESH BUTTON TO UPDATE THE TIME REMAINING! For this sale the extended bidding period is 5 minutes. Example 1: Auction Closes at 7pm. There is no bidding from 6:55 pm to 7pm. All lots are declared closed and the sale ends at 7pm. Example 2: Auction closes at 7pm. There is a bid placed at 6:58pm. The Auction is extended 5 additional minutes. No more bidding occurs. All lots are declared closed and the sale ends at 7:03pm. Example 3: Auction Closes at 7pm. There is a bid placed at 6:58pm. Auction is extended by 5 minutes until 7:03 pm. Another bid is placed at 7:02 pm. No more bids are placed. All lots are declared closed and the sale ends at 7:07 pm 
*In the event of an extended auction there will be no bids accepted after 11:59 ET.

Proxy Bidding is a feature you may use during the duration of the auction. This feature allows you to place a private maximum bid that only you will be aware of and allow the computer to bid on you behalf when another bidder places a bid on the same animal(s) as you.

Annie 307

Brook i n g A n n i e 3 0 7

1728361 :: JSTN 7A :: Jan 13/13 :: bw-80

e S A V 8180 Traveler 004 Sir SAV Density 4336

S A V May 7238

F-R 662 Lad 4079 m Da Willabar Annie137S Willabar Annie 191K

Density 4336 :: Sire

Annie 137S :: Dam





bw 2.8

ww 46

yw 81

mm 19

tm 42

sc n/a

ce 1.5

mce 5.0

Brooking Annie 307 is one of the most promising heifers I have ever raised. She is long fronted, super well made, broad hipped, wide topped with an angular look and as pretty as they come. The Density daughters make beautiful cows with perfect udders and are production factories. The dam Willabar Annie 137S was the high selling cow in the Willabar Angus Dispersal and is one of the best looking cows on the Ranch. The guesswork is taken out of the equation on Brooking Annnie 307. She will be extremely competitive in the show ring and is destined to be a leading donor. Her future looks promising.We expect great things from this heifer.

Royal Lass

Brooking Royal Lass 313

1 64215 : : J STN 13A :: Jan 2 1 / 1 3 :: b w- 8 3

e Connealy Reflection Sir MCATL Reachout

Bala Bell 577 T M


Ankonian Werner Wild Fire 96 m Da Werner Royal Lass 4218 Sydgen Royal Lass 418

Werner EA Motivation 2031 :: Maternal Brother

Royal Lass 4218 :: Dam of Lot 2 D’s


bw 1.7

ww 53

yw 93

mm 29

tm 56

sc .49

ce 8.0

mce 9.5

Brooking Royal Lass 313 has all of the essential ingredients to be a top prospect. She is perfect in her structure, deep ribbed, with an angular look and a pretty head. Her damWerner Royal Lass 4218 was one of the top selling females in the Soo Line Dispersal. Her first son, Soo Line Senator 501X, we own withWiwa Creek Angus and he is an extremely impressive bull. Her second son,Werner EA Motivation 2031, was the high selling bull at the Soo Line Dispersal toWerner Angus, Ellingson Angus and Genex.The sire of Brooking Royal Lass 4218, MCATL REFLECTION 120-577 was a top selling bull at Musgraves 2011 sale and is backed by an amazing cow.Tie onto this female and she will be an income maker for years to come.



Beauty 322

Brooking Beauty 322

164220 :: JSTN 22A :: Jan 25/13 :: bw-72

e S A V Heritage 6295 Sir S A V Harvestor 0338

S A V Emblynette 7749

RR 7407 Rainmaker 2154 m Da TLA Beauty 6R Terrelene Beauty 35F

gC Offerin or h ne

rest in o

Full inte

Harvestor :: Sire of Lots 3A & 3B

Beauty 6R :: Dam of Lots 3A & 3B





bw 3.0

ww 51

yw 100

mm 27

tm 52

sc .52

ce 0.8

mce 5.3

Offering choice on two flush mate genetic treasures. I consider these two females to be at the pinnacle of what we have been trying to raise in a female.They possess a r they come with her huge rib shape, muscle definition, perfect udder, angular front end with breed matron character.The dam is a full sister to the $45,000 TLA Beaut flush mate brothers are equally impressive and will be in huge demand next spring.The sire SAV Harvestor 0338 was a record setting bull at One female can make the difference and I believe we are offering two, Brooking Beauty 322 and Brooking Beauty 330. Offering choice or half interest in both heife

Beauty 330

Brooking Beauty 330

164225 :: JSTN 30A :: Jan 30/13 :: bw-82


e S A V Heritage 6295 Sir S A V Harvestor 0338

S A V Emblynette 7749

RR 7407 Rainmaker 2154 m Da TLA Beauty 6R Terrelene Beauty 35F


rest in b

half inte

Beauty 5R :: $45,000 Full Sister to the Dam

Soo Line Wall Street 104X :: Maternal Brother EP


bw 3.0

ww 51

yw 100

mm 27

tm 52

sc .52

ce 0.8

mce 5.3

rare and flawless balance of phenotype, power, mass, extension, ease of movement and character. Their donor dam,TLA Beauty 6R, is visually stunning. She is as solid as ty 5R, purchased by ZWT Ranch,TN. More importantly 5R is the dam of the $55,000 Soo Line Motive 9016. A maternal sister was lot 1 in the Soo Line dispersal sold to $275,000 and is admired for his breed changing massive volume and performance. He had the record setting sons who averaged in excess of $50,000 on his first calf crop. ers. If one heifer is selected we reserve the right to one flush at the buyers convenience and sellers expense. If half of both heifers is selected possession is negotiable.



Blackbird Brooking Blackbird303 303 164211 : : J STN 3A :: Jan 13 / 1 3 :: b w- 7 1

e S A V Bismarck 5682 Sir S A V Best Interest 0136

S A V Emblynette 8172

Soo Line Motive 9016 m Da Soo Line Blackbird


Soo Line Blackbird 8365

Best Interest :: Sire

Blackbird 1118 :: Dam





bw 2.5

ww 58

yw 103

mm 30

tm 59

sc n/a

ce 7.5

mce 9.5

Brooking Blackbird 303 looks like a dream with her extension and balance and reads equally impressive on paper. An exciting combination of the $45,000 SAV Best Interest 0136 and the $55,000 Soo Line Motive 9016.This combination will provide power, fleshing ability, beautiful udder quality all in an attractive package.This heifer’s dam is one of the young impressive females on the ranch. If you want a competitor with a promising future as a producer than don’t overlook this heifer.

Highrose 1302 MICH Highrose 1302 reg pending :: MICH 302A :: February 1/13

e Dameron First Class Sir C&C Priority 1428B

EXAR Princess 7879

EXAR Pit Boss 409 m Da EXAR Highrose 84026 Curtis Highrose 807

Priority :: Sire

Highrose 1302 :: Dam D’s


bw n/a

ww n/a

yw n/a

mm n/a tm n/a

sc n/a

ce n/a

mce n/a

Shane Michelson is well known for his eye of great cattle and it did take some convincing to get this heifer on the trailer to leave his yard. Highrose 1302 has gathered a lot of early attention and has been described as a big time show heifer. This comes as no surprise as this is exactly what she is bred to do. Her sire C&C Priority and grandsire Dameron First Class have been siring champions and high sellers across the land. Her dam won the toughest show in Canada as a bred heifer. On her own merit Highrose is attractively designed with her extension of front-end, big top, big bone, great hair and a look that will grab the judges attention.



Ina 336

Brooking Ina 336

1728371 :: JSTN 36A :: Feb 6/13 :: bw-84

e S A V Bismarck 5682 Sir S A V Best Interest 0136

S A V Emblynette 8172

Willabar Future Direction 50P m Da Willabar Ina 85S Willabar Ina 19J

Best Interest :: Sire





bw 2.7

ww 45

yw 78

mm 26

tm 49

sc n/a

ce 6.0

mce 9.0

If you are looking for a show heifer for a first time junior or small child here she is. Brooking Ina 336 is an absolute sweetheart and always comes up to you in the pen needing a scratch. More over she would hold her own in the show ring, as she is easy on the eyes. She is long and thin necked and sound in her structure. The Best Interest progeny will make excellent cows. The dam was one of our picks from the Willabar dispersal and she is well made with a perfect udder.

Tibbie 339

Brooking Tibbie 339

164230 :: JSTN 39A :: Feb 11/13 :: bw-86

e S A V Bismarck 5682 Sir Soo Line Senator 501X

Werner Royal Lass 4218

HF Done Right 125R m Da HF Tibbie 121T HF Tibbie 38J

Senator 501X :: Sire

Tibbie 121T :: Dam D’s


bw 2.2

ww 45

yw 84

mm 22

tm 45

sc .56

ce 5.3

mce 9.3

Brooking Tibbie 339 is big topped and long sided with enough extension in her front end. Her dam was one of my top selections from Hamilton Farms and she is as powerful as they come. HF Tibbie 121T is stout and massive in her design. The Tibbie name is one of the most prominent in Canada and for good reason. Her sire is a maternal sister to lot 5 and is a very impressive individual and has done an excellent job on his first calf crop.



Pride Beauty

Connealy Right Answer 746 Brooking Pride Beauty 347 SireSITZ Right Answer 506Y

164236 : : J STN 47A :: Feb 1 7 / 1 3 :: b w- 8 0

SITZ Barbaramere Nell 52S

HF Kodiak 5R m Da Soo Line Pride

Beauty 1073

E A Pride Beauty 840

Right Answer 506Y :: Sire





bw 1.0

ww 50

yw 92

mm 25

tm 50

sc n/a

ce 9.0

mce 8.0

Here is a heifer I have liked since the day she was born. She is perfect in her design- as she is square hipped, straight in her lines with a long front end. She has a balance and presence that makes her a very pleasing sight. The Kodiak sired dam did an excellent job on Brooking Pride Beauty 347 for her first try. This comes as no surprise as the granddam EA Pride Beauty 840U always gains the attention of visitors to the ranch. This heifer has an exciting future and has great hair if you wanted to show her.

Erica 74A

Bar-E-L Erica 74A

1745491 :: YHB 74A :: February 19/13

e S A V Bismarck 5682 Sir Bar-E-L Natural Law

Bar-E-L Magnolia 143K


Peak Dot Fame 2N m Da HF Erica 339T HF Erica 46P

Natural Law 52Y :: Sire D’s


bw 2.6

ww 47

yw 76

mm 19

tm 42

sc n/a

ce 3.0

mce 9.5

Bar-E-L Angus is one of the top Angus operations you will find anywhere. Dave and Lynne raise the right kind and boy was I excited to get their absolute best for this sale. Erica 74A is an absolute beauty. From the profile she is level hipped, soft made with a long front end.You get around behind this heifer and she is broad pinned with abound muscle shape and walks out with nice base width. I love how she combines this power and rib into a feminine look. An interesting fact: I was runner up on the dam when Dave bought her from Hamilton Farms.The sire was a high selling bull that was a crowd favourite and is a son of the great Magnolia 143K. Buy with confidence.



Annie K

MICH Annie K 1351

reg pending :: MICH 351A :: March 3/13

e BC 7022 Raven 7965 Sir RC Wiley Post 9304B

WK Winnie 7305

Double AA Reto 554’93 m Da Double AA Annie K


Double AA Annie K 586’90

Wiley Post :: Sire





bw 2.2

ww 34

yw 60

mm 7

tm 24

sc n/a

ce 3.0

mce 7.0

Here is a no holes heifer that is solid made. She is strong topped, wide hipped and smooth in and out of her shoulder. She is deep flanked and stands on extra bone and combines all of this into a nice profile. This heifer gets better every day and I am excited to see her by sale time. She is hairy and has been a favorite of some early visitors to the ranch.

Evergreen 311’13

Wiwa Creek Evergreen 311’13

1 757667 : : JT 311A :: Mar c h 1 7 / 1 3 :: b w- 7 9

e Rito 707 of Ideal 3407 Sir SAV 707 Rito 9969

BR Polly 8077-472

MVF Widespread 273P m Da Wiwa Creek Evergreen


Wiwa Creek Evergreen 28T 52’95

Rito 9969 :: Sire D’s


bw 5.0

ww 56

yw 105

mm 24

tm n/a

sc 0.92

ce n/a

mce n/a

Wiwa Creek Angus is one of the oldest Angus herds in Canada. It is always a pleasure to have a pasture tour atWiwa Creek with such an impressive cowherd. Over the years very few females have ever been sold and when they do they command your attention. Here is what you call opportunity as I have selected their best and she is from their cherished Evergreen cow family. Evergreen 311’13 is perfect in her phenotype with added rib and muscle shape. She is one of the first daughters of the $147,500 valued sire SAV 707 RITO 9969 to sell in Canada. 9969 progeny have been lighting up the sale and performance charts.This heifer is as gentle as they come. She combines power with a foundation cow family to solidify her earning capabilities.



Winnie 1371

MICH SC Winnie 1371

reg pending :: MICH 371A :: April 1/13

e Dameron First Class Sir EXAR Classen 1422B

EXAR Princess 2006

Rito 616 of 4B20 6807 m Da EXAR Winnie 6371R3 EXAR Winnie 4522

Classen 1422B :: Sire





bw 1.6

ww 51

yw 88

mm 21

tm 47

sc -.04

ce 6.8

mce 10.3

I really love this April show heifer. She is very complete. Her extra sweet front end combines nicely with her long body, very sound structure and her ability to get out on the move. She is gentle enough for a young show person and great haired enough to compete. Her sire is making some waves in the US and she will be the first Classen to sell in Canada. Classen is a son of two great parents First Class and Princess.This heifer has the tools to get better everyday of her life. I would rather own this heifer than compete against her.

Erica 1379

MICH Erica 1379

reg pending :: MICH 379A :: April 4/13

e S A V Brilliance 8077 Sir PVF Insight 0129

PVF Missie 790

BC Marathon 7022 m Da Hillard Erica 002 HCC Erica 4709

Insight 0129 :: Sire

Erica 002 :: Dam D’s


bw 3.0

ww 45

yw 83

mm 20

tm 43

sc 0.3

ce 4.3

mce 6.8

The first PVF Insight 0129 to sell in Canada.The PVF Insight 0129 progeny have been gaining momentum in the US and for good reason.They are outstanding. Erica 1379 is visually impressive from all angles. Profile: she is long necked, deep middled and stands on extra substance of bone. Rearview: she is stout with extra muscle shape and is big topped.This has been one of my favorites and I think she could handle some serious competition. She is great haired with a pleasant disposition and backed by a Marathon daughter that is a standout.



Beauty 6R embryos

TLA Beauty 6R :: 3 lots of 3 embryos

Guaranteeing 1 - 90 day preganancy if done by an accredited vet for each lot

Beauty 5R :: $45,000 Full Sister to 6R



Lot 14A - 3 embryos by S A V Resource 1441

14B - 3 embryos by S A V 004 Density 4336

14C - 3 embryos by S A V Har vestor 0338

TLA Beauty 6R is a prolific producer and is the dam to lot 3A and 3B.TLA Beauty 6R is visually stunning as she is as solid as they come with her huge rib shape, muscle definition, perfect udder, angular front end with breed matron character. She is a full sister to the $45,000 TLA Beauty 5R, purchased by ZWT Ranch,TN. More importantly 5R is the dam of the $55,000 Soo Line Motive 9016. Beauty 6R can flat out produce! All three matings will deliver promising results.

Royal Lass Werner Royal Lass 4218 4218 :: embryos 3 embryos Guaranteeing 1 - 90 day preganancy if done by an accredited vet

Motive 9016 :: Sire of Lot 15 Embryos

Motivation 2031 :: Full sib to embryos

Lot 15 - 3 embryos by Soo Line Motive 9016 The resulting embryos will be full siblings to Werner EA Motivation 2031 who was a $34,000 high selling bull at the Soo Line Dispersal sale going to Werner Angus, Ellingson Angus and Genex.Werner Royal Lass 4218 was a high selling female at the Soo Line Dispersal as well. The sire of the embryos, Soo Line Motive 9016 has been gaining popularity since he was a member of the 2010 NWSS Grand Champion pen of bulls. Motive sires offspring that are correct, light birth weight, attractive with performance and muscle expression. Motive daughters are in production now and they have beautiful udders. Maternal sister to the embryos sell as lot 2.



Return undeliverable catalogs to: Brooking Angus Ranch Box 813 - Radville, SK - S0C 2G0