45th Agribition Simmental Sale Results 2015

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s t l u s e R e l Sa 0

5 5 , 5 8 2 $ s s o Gr 8 9 1 , 0 1 $ e g a r e Av

S a l e D ay Pho n e s

Scott Bohr son 403 Dar r yl Snider 780 Geoff Ander son 306 Colton Hamilton 403 Mar tin Bohr son 306 Rob Voice 306

Au c tio n e e r

Col. Steve Dor ran

370 385 731 507 220 361

3010 5561 7921 5416 7901 6775

403 540 9498

R i n gme n

Mark Stoc k 403 357 8104 Ryan Dor ran 403 507 6483 Dennis Er icson 780 361 9347

S pe c i a l R e p re s e n tatio n Br uce Holmquist Meghan Blac k Lacey Fisc her Ryan Lundberg Carolyn McCor mac k

CSA General Manager CSA Member Rep CSA President SSA President SSA Secretar y

Terms & Condit ions

Cattle & frozen genetics will sell under the stander ter ms & conditions put forward from the breed association and Bohr son Marketing Ser vices. These are available upon request.

U.S . Exchange

U.S. Money will be accepted at the cur rent rate of exc hange sale day and will be announced pr ior to the sale.

Cat alog

Design by Bohr son Marketing Ser vices. The infor mation has been supplied by the seller and we believe it to be accurate. Updated supplement sheets and announcements from the bloc k will take precedence over any incor rect pr inted mater ial.

Online Viewing & Bidding

tal Association

hewan Simmen Welcome from the Saskatc

lco me re ct or s wo ul d lik e to we di of d ar bo n tio cia so en ta l As ar d ar e ex Th e Sa sk at c he wa n Si mm en ta l Sa le. We as a bo mm Si on iti ib r Ag e th Sc ot t of w sa le s ma na ge me nt . ne yo u to th e 20 15 ed iti on e th as s ce vi r Se g so n M ar ke tin ep es t sa le cit ed to we lco me Bo hr to ge th er on e of th e de t pu to tly en lig di g in wo rk We ex te nd a bi g an d hi s te am ha ve be en he re th is sa le se as on . yw an le ab ail av de er ye ar ma of fe r in gs th at wi ll be su pp or t th e sa le ye ar aft at th s r no ig ns co d te ca of de di er fu l ev en t. th an k yo u to th e g ro up cid ed to jo in th is wo nd de ve ha o wh s r no ig ns co an d we lco me th e ne w ps ta ke s th th e Si mm en ta l Sw ee wi n io at in mb co in g, in th e of fe r “c an ’t mi ss” ev en ts of e th Th e ex tre me ly str on g of e on g in be of s ve th e ma ki ng me go od pa r t of th e ev en in g, ha ed ne sd ay ev en in g fo r so W on us in jo to u yo e co ur ag ec e th at wi ll fal l sa le s se as on . We en pu rc ha se a br ee di ng pi to ty ni tu r po op e th d an Si mm en ta l ho sp ita lit y r ye ar s to co me . fo m an c ho r yo ur pr og ra Ry an Lu nd be rg SS A Pr es id en t

Welcome from Sales Manag

ement - Bohrson Marketin

g Services

Th e 45 th An nu al Ag r ibi tio n Sim me nt al Sa le an d SS A Sim me nt al Sw ee to be a mu st att en d ev ps tak es is sh ap ing up en t in 20 15 fo r all Sim me nt al en th us ias ts. Ag tio n of br ing ing in th e r ibi tio n ha s a re pu tabe st ge ne tic s fro m lea din g br ee de r s an d sh ow ca SK at th e en d of No ve mb sin g th em in Re g ina , er ev er y ye ar. Th e Ag r ibi tio n Sim me nt al Sa le an d th e Sim me nt al br ee sta r ted 45 ye ar s ag o d ha s es ca lat ed int o on e of th e mo st do mi na nt pr og re ss an d g ro wt h th br ee ds to da y. Th e at th e Sim me nt al br ee d ha s en du re d is a dir ec t er s be hin d it wi th th e re su lt of th e br ee dpa ssi on to co nt inu all y im pr ov e an d bu ild th eir pr og ram s. We tra ve led ma ny mi les to se lec t th e sal e of fer ing an d we are ve r y pr th at ha s be en ass em ble ou d of th e g ro up d. Ca po ne he ad lin es th e sal e as Lo t 1, he an d his da ve r y do mi na nt on th e m ha ve be en su mm er sh ow ro ad an d he re pr es en ts fre sh ge ne str on g co w fam ily. Th e tic s th at ste m fro m a br ed he ife r s on of fer are se lec ted fro m th e to p wi ll g ive yo u a qu ic k RO of ea c h pr og ram an d I, th ey are th e typ e th at yo u ca n bu ild a pr og ram er s ca lve s are sim ply aw aro un d. Th e he ifes om e th e wh ole wa y th ro ug h. Th ey wi ll be co ing of th e CWA sh ow bu mp eti tiv e th e mo r nt mo st im po r tan tly, we ha ve se lec ted fem ale s pr og ram s be st co w fam th at are fro m ea c h ili es yo u ca n be co nf ide nt th at th ey wi ll go on co ws . Th e co ns ign or s ha to ma ke fro nt pa stu re ve ste pp ed up in a big wa y on ce ag ain , th er e sig no r s bu t we als o wa are ma ny re pe at co nnt to we lco me th e ne w fir st tim e co ns ign or s to pr im e ex am ple of th e th e sal e, th ey are a g ro wt h an d po pu lar ity of th e Sim me nt al br ee d to da y. It is ou r ple asu re to wo rk wi th th e Sa sk atc he wa n Sim me nt al As so cia tio an d Sim me nt al Sw ee ps n on th e 20 15 Sa le tak es. We fee l th at th e 20 15 ev en t wi ll be a hig th e nu mb er s ha ve inc re hli gh t in th e fal l as ase d in th e sh ow, co ns ign me nt s ha ve do ub led Sim me nt al Sw ee ps tak es in th e sal e an d th e no w of fer s $3 5, 00 0+ in pr ize s th at wi ll be aw ard pu rc ha se r s. W he n yo u ed to luc ky tic ke t als o ad d th e Pe op le’s Ch oic e an d th e Sc ho lar sh ge ne ro us ly do na ted fro ip he ife r th at wa s m Do ub le Ba r D Fa r ms , it is sh ap ing up to be We ste r n Ag r ibi tio n in a g re at 20 15 Ca na dia n th e Sim me nt al ba r ns .

Scott Bohrson 403.370.3010

Geoff Anderson 306.731.7921

Colton Hamilton 403.507.5416

Martin Bohrson 306.220.7901

Darryl Snider 780.385.5561

RobVoice 306.361.6775

2015 Simmental Sweepstakes Hosted by the Saskatchewan Simmental Association


w it wo

ho Here is

Buy a $100 Simmental Sweepstakes ticket from the Saskatchewan Simmental office & you have a chance to win from $35,000+ in prizes! The dollars generated go to a great cause promoting Simmental youth and will put you in the draw for any of the below prizes.

e ’s Choic PeopleDon’t forget about the People’s Choice contest for all the sale animals. After buying a Sweepstakes ticket, you will also receive a judging

card for the People’s Choice Sale Heifers and place your top 5 sale animals and return to the SSA booth before 6PM. Prior to the sale, we will annouce the winners; the consignor of the Grand Champion People’s Choice will get $2,500, the consignor of the Reserve Champion People’s Choice will receive $1,500 and one lucky participant that returned a judging card will be drawn at random for a $1,000 prize. izes

The Pr

The Platinum 5 Prizes 1) $7,500 sale credit to the 45th Annual Agribition Simmental Sale 2) $5,000 sale credit to the 45th Annual Agribition Simmental Sale 3) $2,500 sale credit to the 45th Annual Agribition Simmental Sale 4) $2,180 advertising credit to the Cattleman’s magazine 5) $2,115 advertising credit to the Alberta Beef/Beef Illustrated magazines

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Watch for further prizes to be added closer to sale time

Tickets are only $100 each, get yours early at the Saskatchewan Simmental Office

Over $35,000 in prizes to be awarded!!!

2015 SSA Scholarship Heifer Thank You to Double Bar D Farms for your generous donation

Double Bar D



Polled :: 1152092 :: RLD 451C :: Jan 12/15 :: bw-95

e LFE VIPER 455U Sir NCB Cobra 47Y


mMFI FOUNDATION 7094 DaDouble Bar D Lena 430Z

DOUBLE BAR D LENA 719X ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

11.4 1.3 63

91 11.2 55.7 24.2

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Rock Star signorRock Star Cattle on Dakota Townsend C 403 505 8450


5C :: Homo Polled :: Hetero Black :: 1146649 :: DJT 5C :: Feb 27/15 :: bw-82

e MR NLC UPGRADE U8676 Sir Mr TR Hammer 308A ET






5.1 3.7 58

yw mce mww milk


84 7.6 56.4 27.4

$25,000 Fallen Timber Farms

RF Intense 359A Dam of Lot 1

Capone & Intense were crowned Supreme Champion Female at Summer Synergy, Dawson Creek and Champion Simmental Female at IPE. Rock Star Capone 5C is a RBC Supreme double qualifier.

From the moment we purchased RF Intense 359A at the Friday Night Lights Sale as a heifer calf, she has been desired and envied by many. Unstoppable in the show ring, she has proven with her first calf to be a powerhouse in production. Perfection, Performance and Power is what we strive for at Rock Star Cattle. From the show ring to the pasture we expect perfection. Capone 5C is a unique combination of Pedigree Power Performance and Perfection. Capone 5C presents the first opportunity to own a Mr TR Hammer 308A son in Canada backed by the powerhouse Wheatland Stout daughter, RF Intense 359A. With his Clydesdale like hoof and bone, to length of spine, depth of rib, flowing through to a smooth shoulder with a beautiful shaped head and overall powerful dimension from every angle, he is one Powerful Package. On the move Capone 5C commands your attention as he hits the ground square on all four with Power and strides out with Pride. Born at 82lbs with a whopping 1142 lb 205 day weight, Capone 5C is the bull to take your program to the next level. Whether it is the Show ring or the pasture Rock Star Capone 5C is a Powerful individual that is a game changer on every level. Terms to be announced


It has been 25 years since we registered our first Simmental. Our goal is still the same “Cow Families”. Whether you want to raise those great bulls or replacement heifers, you must have great cow families in their background. Nisku’s Identity is one of them, her dams full embyo sister resides in the Peters Simmental herd is Sask. Nisku’s Identity is a moderte structurally correct heifer. She is bred to the $60,000 Wheatland Circuit Breaker bull at Outlaw Cattle Company in Alberta. She is bred April 6, 2015 ultrasound carrying a heifer. We wouldn’t of made the long treck from Ontario if we didn’t think she wasn’t a herd builder. Rosemead

Nisku’s Identity

:: Polled :: 800869 :: IKM 138B :: Jan 22/14 :: bw-86 :: ww-639

$6,750 Maxwell Land & Livestock

or sign Rosemead Farm


Ivan Mathews & family 613 889 9834



SGCC BLK NISKU 55T ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

7.6 3.2 62

75 9.1 49.5 18.8

Identity Sire of Lot 2

Circuit Breaker Ser vice Sire of Lot 2

AI to Wheatland Circuit Breaker on April 5/15 :: Safe - carrying a heifer calf

$7,000 Smithers Land & Livestock

or sign City View Simmentals


The Barnett Family 403 465 2805

e DESTINY BUCKEYE Sir Harvie Boondock 12Z JDF PEPSI 61U

mBDS RUSTLER 544R Da3D Miss BLK Raven 127T

3D MISS BLK RAVEN 47R ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

8.0 3.0 59

76 9.7 49.9 20.7

Raven 127T Dam of Lot2


Exposed to KWA Red Rock 36B from March 26-July 5 :: Safe - Due January 2016 City View 127T


Boondock Sire of Lot 2

462B :: Polled :: 1123095 :: CVBB 462B :: Feb 04/14 :: bw-98 :: ww-720

City View 127T Raven 462B is a truly elite female who carries herself with great style and presence. She is a direct daughter of Boondock who made a significant impact on our breeding program including the flush from which 462B originated.We has five flushmate sisters at home, each of which will remain in our herd as well as 2 natural maternal sisters. Only one bull resulted from the flush who sold in our spring sale for $7,500. Raven 462B is very typical of the Boondock progeny at City View with her overall design, great disposition and hair. Most importantly, her dam is what we consider to be a top-tier female in every sense. 127T exemplifies femininity, power, and productivity. She is massively constructed through her rib carriage and has immense muscle pattern yet is angular and tidy through the shoulder and neck.We anticipate 462B to follow closely in her mother’s impressive footsteps right down to her ideal and functional udder design and maternal prowess. Raven 462B is safe to the $21,000 homozygous polled high selling bull at Ashworth Farm and Ranch’s spring bull sale, KWA Rock 36B, who ranks in the top 1% of the breed for calving ease values. He also offers a powerful maternal pedigree which only adds to the value in City View 127T Raven 462B.

When it was decided to offer Lexus at Agribition we knew we were digging awful deep but we always have brought out our best. Lexus is a powerful beef heifer with a ton of dimension in a well balanced easy moving package. Her sire Red Mountain is well known as a calving ease sire. His daughters are looking to make great cows. Lexus’s dam is none other than a full sister to Captain Morgan’s mother. She had a very good show career being named Supreme Champion at Saskatoon Fall Fair in 2010 & Reserve National Champion as a 2 year old with calf at side in 2011. She went on to prove she can produce the great ones as well. We are very excited about 2B’s mating to WFL Absolute and her entire future. Whether you are looking for one to flush or just be a front pasture female Lexus has all the credentials. Sunny Valley

or sign Sunny Valley Simmentals


Kyle & Amanda Reay 306 202 7304

e IPU RED WESTERN 49X Sir KWA FlyF Red Mountain 16Z


Sunny Valley Jacey 79W

WLB 32H JENNA 360R ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

10.1 1.2 63

93 16.2 59.5 28.2


2B :: Polled :: 839176 :: ALLS 2B :: Jan 01/14 :: bw-96 :: ww-980


$14,000 Smithers Land & Livestock

Sunny Valley Jacey 79W Dam of Lot 4

Sunny Valley Jenna 88U Full sister to the dam of Lot 4

or sign Hannah Simmentals


Wade Hannah 403 994 4190

e LFE BS LEWIS 322U Sir MAF R Horizon 7Y


IPU Ms. Specialist 108Y

REMINGTON STARLETTE 26W ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

9.9 3.0 67

87 9.7 46.9 13.6

AI to WFL Absolute 51Y on April 8/15 :: Safe - no exposure

$19,000 Remington Land & Cattle

Horizon Sire of Lot 5

Mr. 76B Ser vice Sire of Lot 5

Miss Hannah

Exposed to MAF Mr. 76B from March 21-May 24 :: Due January 2016

WHS 65B :: Polled :: 1134376 :: WHS 65B :: Jan 17/14 :: bw-90 :: ww-925 Horizon females have been nothing but successful at Hannah Simmentals, this deep red female is no exception! 56B has a huge rib to match her wide top and massive hind quarter, in one word she is a powerhouse! What makes her such an exceptional female is even with all her power she remains smooth shouldered and very feminine throughout her front end. 56B is the spitting image in size and power of the 47A Horizon female we sold out of Friday Night Lights in 2014 only a deeper tone of red. She is bred to the MAF Mr 76B, who we purchased out of Labatte Simmentals sale from Meadow Acres. MAF Mr 76B is an El Tigre son, he is a soggy sided, deep muscled, easy moving red bull, who will match well with this female and give exceptional calves. Check out the Hannah Simmentals website for videos on this female.



We feel that Addictive is absolutely a must see for anyone in the market for a top end heifer calf this fall. She is as complete as you can make one! Her Sweet Meat/Pocahontas dam is among our very best and is our lead black donor cow.There have been full siblings to her dam sell through this very ring that were really popular, and they got it done in the show ring as well. Obviously everyone has heard about her sire Wallbanger, a person could go on and on about the impact he has had on the breed.You can definitely see his stamp on this female, she is so softly made and deep through her middle.We sell very few females, so rest assured that you are getting the very top end.We want to sell only ones that will make an impact in their new owners herd. Ones that down the road we can take pride in the fact they carry the McIntosh prefix! McIntosh


5C :: Homo Polled :: 1144378 :: SBMC 5C :: Jan 04/15 :: bw-97 :: ww-830

or sign McIntosh Livestock


$19,000 Twisted Sister & Hall’s Cattle Co.

Blair & Stephanie McIntosh 306 441 7755

e SHS ENTICER P1B Sir Harvie JDF Wallbanger 111X JDF PEPSI 61U

mSAS T101 SWEET MEAT Da McIntosh Oh My 16X

IPU RED POCAHOTAS 139M ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

1.8 4.3 76 119 8.0 53.2 15.5

Wallbanger Sire of Lot 6

Lulu 43X Full sib to dam of Lot 6

$8,500 Whitney De Decker

or sign McIntosh Livestock


Blair & Stephanie McIntosh 306 441 7755

e LFE VIPER 455U Sir NCB Cobra 47Y


mSF WHAT A DREAM DaMcIntosh Goddess 3W

MCINTOSH ESSENTIAL 27T ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

8.3 3.8 69 103 6.6 52.8 18.3

Cobra Sire of Lot 7


Rachel 17B Pater nal Sister to Lot 7


McIntosh 17C :: Polled :: 1144167 :: SBMC 17C :: Jan 17/15 :: bw-88 :: ww-800 We had been waiting years for this heifers dam to finally give us a heifer calf because we knew she would be special, and here she is! Year after year she had been pumping out powerful bull calves all of which were popular lots in our bull sale. This Cobra heifer is just as powerful and complete as her big brothers have been. We have used Cobra for a number of years now, simply because females like this one tend to be the result. Goddess has strong calving ease numbers as well as great growth numbers. We predict that Goddess will wean big power packed babies and have a beautiful udder just like her momma!

Lady 133C is part of the debut group of offspring to sell in Canada out of the black baldie FBF1 Combustible. The dam of 133C was our pick of the black bred heifers at the McMillen Ranching 2012 sale. She has passed all expectations with her two previous calves standing right at the top of the bull pen. When you get the chance to analyze her, 133C is bold in her rib cage with lots of shape and expression through her hip. And yes, this neat made heifer is homozygous polled and black. Erixon


or sign Erixon Simmentals Inc.


Dave & Krista Erixon 306 270 2893

e SVF STEEL FORCE S701 Sir FBF1 Combustible


MRL Miss 614Y

MRL MISS 369T ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

5.4 4.4 66

99 8.6 52.1 19.4

133C :: Homo Polled :: Homo Black :: 1140999 :: BOBE 133C :: Jan 30/15 :: bw-98 :: ww-727

$17,500 Labatte Simmentals


Combustible Sire of Lot 8

Full House 146B Mater nal brother to Lot 8

or sign Sunny Valley Simmentals


Wayne & Linda Libke 306 222 8854

e HARVIE JDF WALLBANGER111X Sir SVS Captain Morgan 11Z


GGRR 1R BLK Destiny 4T

SNIDER’S MISS 30 BELOW ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

4.5 3.5 69 100 8.8 56.7 22.5

$9,000 Pat Taber

Destiny 4T Dam of Lot 9

Captain Morgan Sire of Lot 9


Sunny Valley 21C :: Polled :: 1140845 :: WLLS 21C :: Jan 11/15 :: bw-92 Zoe is what we feel Captain Morgan is all about. Producing progeny with lots of substance, eye appeal, tons of hair and a great temperament. All summer when you would go to the pasture she would catch our eye. Her dam 4T is a heavy milking Red Label daughter that always does a great job. Her red Wallbanger bull was one of our heaviest calves at weaning and was very popular in last spring’s bull sale. Zoe is a family favorite that is hard to part with.



Polled Fullblood - Airwave was picked early in the summer as being one of our 2015 feature heifers. She is deep bodied with lots of feminity and an exceptional temperament. Airwave’s dam Hillory 24W has been a very consistent producer with two bulls that are working in the commercial cow herds of Harmel Farms at Maidstone and Doug Trotzuck at St.Walburg. A maternal sister to Airwave was our high seller at the 2014 Source Sale selling to Hoegl Farms and a full sister Hillory 66B is selling in the 2015 Source Sale. South Seven Adonis “Stuey” continues to impress us with his ability to produce top end bulls and females. Stuey bulls were the highlight of our consignment to the 2015 Next Generation Bull Sale and they are at the top end of our bull pen again this year. Mc Black Gold


29C :: Polled :: 1152071 :: CLNO 29C :: Jan 15/15 :: bw-90 :: ww-725

$8,000 Sunny Valley Simmentals

or sign Black Gold Simmentals


The Noble Family 306 825 9465

e BLCC MR ADONIS 30X Sir South Seven Mr Adonis 96Z SOUTH SEVEN MISS 70S

mDOUBLE BAR D MADDOX 40S Da Ms BGS Poll Hillory 24W

MS BGS POL HILLORY 27T ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

2.7 3.3 61

93 9.8 67.6 37.1

Ms Hillory 66B Full Sister to Lot 10

Mr Adonis 96Z “Stuey” Sire of Lot 10

$6,000 Rosemead Simmentals

or sign Ultra Livestock


Tim and Ryley Chalack 403 922 6748

e SHS ENTICER P1B Sir Harvie JDF Wallbanger 111X JDF PEPSI 61U

mCNS DREAM ON L186 DaUltra Dream Girl Cass 59W

BDV CASSADINE F24 ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

5.8 2.9 72 113 11


Wallbanger Sire of Lot 11


Dream Girl Cass 59W Dam of Lot 11


Ultra Miss 16C :: Homo Polled :: 1150184 :: TC 16C :: Jan 20/15 :: bw-87 :: ww-870 Here is a heifer that is an undeniable eye catcher with her sweet blaze face! This heifer has tons of rib dimension and is extremely soft made. Cassy 16C is very attractive with that extra extension through her front end. She has been a favourite to many that have came through this spring and summer with her eye appeal and overall appearance! This female is going to be hard to part with but we want to offer the top of our heifer pen.


Miss Lashes 275C is a March show heifer that is powerfully made, well balanced with a strong pedigree. This big bodied beautiful heifer is the first female on offer from the great Miss Lashes 586Y, who was the high selling female purchased in the 2012 MRL Bull & Select Female Sale.


or sign Harvie Ranching


Ms Lashes

Tinley Harvie 403 994 1314

e KOP FINAL DRIVE 33Y Sir Harvie Front Line 115A WINDMILL MS LINER 83W


MRL MISS 656U ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

4.1 3.5 65

91 10.4 56 23.8

275C :: Homo Polled :: 1143695 :: JILL 275C :: Mar 11/15 :: bw-90

$8,500 Percyview Farms


Lashes 586Y Dam of Lot 12

Front Line Sire of Lot 12

or sign High Country Cattle


Rob & Deanne Young 780 514 0758


mMRL TALLADEGA 15S DaRJY Signature Red 3X

CDY SIGNATURE BLACK 9S ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

5.6 4.0 69 101 12.7 55.7 21.3

$10,000 Meadow Acres

Signature Red 3X Dam of Lot 13

Spartan 113A Sire of Lot 13

Signature Red

RJY 7C :: Homo Polled :: 1136591 (twin) :: RJY 7C :: Jan 1/15 :: bw-60 :: ww-634 It is with great pride that we offer RJY Signature Red 7C to you. She has everything that we like in a young female and we are sure that you will agree. She offers structural soundness, rib shape and presence. It is no secret that the cow family she represents is our best and they just keep out producing the previous generation. Her sire, KOP Spartan 113A has given us one of the best first crops of calves any herd bull has given us. His heifer calves are going to be outstanding cows and his bull calves pound down the scale. They will be highlights in our spring bull sale. You can buy Signature Red with confidence.



Sarah 7C is a fancy, “High Voltage” daughter, with lots of neck extension, length of body, tons of hair and great presence about her. Sarah 7C was honored with the title of Heifer Calf Champion at the Ranchmen Pen Show in September. She is from the same cow family as Sarah 170B, who was selected by Crowe Bros. at this sale last year and was also Heifer Calf Champion at the Ranchmen Pen Show. The Sarah cow family has been very strong for us, producing many high selling bulls and beautiful, productive, females. Her dam is a good uddered, showy 2 year old that did an excellent job on her first calf. We have no doubt that with her phenotype and pedigree, Sarah 7C will go on to be an elite female for her new owners. Boundary


7C :: Homo Polled :: Homo Black :: 1139607 :: BOUN 7C :: Jan 5/15 :: bw-73 :: ww-707

$7,000 Alliance Simmentals

or sign Boundary Ranch Ltd.


Darby & Sarah Delorme 306 662 7993


mOLF ODIN U5 DaBoundary Sarah 124A

BOUNDARY SARAH 91Y ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

14.6 -0.2 68

92 12.3 55.7 21.7

Boundary Sarah 48B Mater nal sib to the dam of Lot 14

High Voltage Sire of Lot 14

$4,750 Dequier Farms

or sign X-T Simmentals


Don & Ryan Lundberg 306 295 7999

e WHEATLAND PREDATOR 922W Sir Wheatland Terminator 202Z WHEATLAND LADY 763T


MV MISS BODYBUILDER 214M ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

5.5 1.6 53

75 8.7 51.8 25.4

X-T Temptress 16B 3/4 sister to Lot 15


X-T Blue Chip 36B Full brother to Lot 15

Sweet Annie

X-T 38C :: Polled :: 1151258 :: LW 38C :: Apr 6/15 :: bw-95 :: ww-560 Annie is a 3/4 sister to the heifer we sold in the 2014 Agribition Sale to Hannah Simmentals and a full brother was our high selling black bull in 2014.Terminator on our Heavyweight cows has worked really well producing thick bodied, feminine females as well as bulls with lots of performance and eye appeal.The dam, 134U is our best Heavyweight daughter and is a big, powerful cow who has perfect feet and udder at seven years. She was shown at Agribition as a bred heifer and stood high in her class.The only other daughter she has produced sold in the 2012 Simmsational Sale to Czech Mate and they are very happy with her. Sweet Annie herself is a thick bodied, sweet made heifer who we are sure is going to be a real star for her new owner.With her extended pedigree full of top end producers and her beautiful phenotype we believe she is a can’t miss.

The Sadie cow family were the most popular and heavily sought after cow family at the legendary BlackSand Dispersal. RF/CD Sadie 534C is a direct daughter of the $17,000 854U, who is the cornerstone female of the Sadie family. 854U has a strong production record in her short career with the $25,000 Sadie 4Z (embryos sell as Lot 16 A&B), the $17,000 Sadie 14A to Rust Mountain, the $8,000 Sadie 72B to Quinn Wilson, another daughter at DugDale and now Sadie 534C. Sadie 534C is a daughter of Olympian, the most popular black bull in the breed with his power, natural dimension who also stems back to a great cow family. Look to Sadie 534C to be a very consistent producer and add extra performance, stoutness and natural shape to her progeny in the future. Owned with Canadian Donors. RF/CD

or sign Rancier Farms



Garth & Ang Rancier 780 385 5313


mSPRINGCREEK LINER 104S DaBlacksand Linette 854U

BLACKSAND SADIE 22206S ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

3.5 3.9 82 121 7.7 63 22.2

534C :: Homo Polled :: Homo Black :: 1148898 :: GNR 534C :: Jan 21/15 :: bw-90 :: ww-758

$9,500 McMillen Ranching


Blacksand Linette 854U $17,000 dam of Lot 16

Blacksand Sadie 14A $17,000 mater nal sister to Lot 16

or sign Rancier Farms


Garth & Ang Rancier 780 385 5313

e SAS T101 SWEET MEAT Sir Hart All In W382


mSPRINGCREEK LINER 104S DaBlacksand Linette 854U

BLACKSAND SADIE 22206S ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

5.5 1.1 68

97 6.1 58.3 24.4

Stepping Stone Sire of Lot 16A embryos

Lot 16A) $1,400 each Lockhart Valley Simmentals Lot 16B) $1,200 each Pheasantdale Cattle Co

Captain Black Sire of Lot 16B embryos

Embryos ::

Blacksand Sadie 4Z - Maternal sister to Lot 16 & dam of Lot 16 a&b embryos


Blacksand 4Z :: Homo Polled :: Homo Black :: 767599 :: BSCC 4Z Lot 16A) WS Stepping Stone x Blacksand Sadie 4Z - Buyers choice of 3 or 5 embryos Lot 16B) RF Captain Black x Blacksand Sadie 4Z - Buyers choice of 3 or 5 embryos Sadie 4Z was the $25,000 high selling black female at the BlackSand. Sadie 4Z is beautiful uddered, square hipped, strong footed, sound structured, well balanced female that is hard to fault.The embryo matings represent 2 of the most exciting young bulls in the breed today. Stepping Stone is a calving ease sire that is being kept exclusive with limited opportunities to acquire his genetics. Captain Black is the $52,000 Captain Morgan x Flirt 16S son that is sure to be a popular bull for years to come. Owned with Canadian Donors.

16 a&b


MRC Miss Hammer 264C is a huge middled, free moving, genetic gem. Sired by Hammer, the AI service sire that is just starting to leave his mark on the Simmental breed. We, along with a few other breeders will be offering and displaying his offspring this fall on the show road and at select sales, for you to evaluate. I believe you will be more than impressed with his progeny. Her dam, 260U is one of the many outstanding Commander daughters we have within the herd. The maternal strengths of these females are second to none, they are huge bodied, big hipped, strong uddered, consistent females that have been admired by all visitors to the farm, 260U is one of the best! She never misses with last years bull calf, M&R Supremacy selling to Stoughton Farms of Maidstone SK for $17,500. MRC

Miss Hammer

$7,000 Percyview Farms

264C :: Polled :: 1151622 :: 264C :: Jan 22/15 :: bw-94 :: ww-717

or sign M&R Cattle Co.


Mike & Roberta Chambers 403 507 1315

e MR NLC UPGRADE U8676 Sir Mr TR Hammer 308A ET



Twin Chief Ulysses 260U

TWIN-CHIEF POPSICLE 260P ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

2.1 4.6 65

93 9.2 58.5 26.0

M&R Supremacy Mater nal brother to Lot 17

Commander 78R Grandsire of Lot 17

$6,750 Percyview Farms

or sign M&R Cattle Co.


Mike & Roberta Chambers 403 507 1315

e MR NLC UPGRADE U8676 Sir Mr TR Hammer 308A ET


mSKORS RED SPECTRUM 27S DaTwin-Chief Ava 62X

TWIN CHIEF ULYSSES 260U ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

7.4 2.6 62

86 8.2 55.3 24.3

Hammer Sire of Lot 17 & 18


Expecting A Dream Granddam of Lot 17 & 18

Miss Hammer

MRC 67C :: Homo Polled :: 1151623 :: MRC 67C :: Feb 1/15 :: bw-92 :: ww-769 In the spring of 2014, M&R Cattle along with Early Sunset Ranch purchased the Canadian semen rights on MR TR Hammer 308A, the resulting progeny from last springs matings have exceeded our expectations.The reports from Jim Grant and the progressive breeders that purchased the limited semen available last year have been stellar, the progeny here at M&R are exceptional in both male and female offspring.The dam of 67C is a picture perfect red blaze face female with a very productive track record. 67C herself, is a very broody, deep sided attractive type female that the industry is looking for and should turn into a very profitable female. 3/4 sib to Lot 17.

We feel an individual that is unique and prestige in many ways! Her dam is not only the lead off and high selling female at $25,000, from the Lewis Female sale, but she also is one of the most phenotypically correct and superior females we have come across. LFE BS Shiela 82A is really sound uddered, very feminine and extended through that front end, is great lined, and is full of volume and power.The sire, LFE Pokerface has quickly created a name for himself; calving easy and throwing a lot of growth and style in his progeny. Centerfold has lots of top, lower quarter, ample length of spine, travels freely on a a big foot, and is what we believe a great candidate to move any program forward. Check out her 900 lb WW, this calf weighed 1080 lbs at the time of catalogue! Lots of milk and maternal in her pedigree, she is homo polled, and has a real ideal blaze face to build around. She and her dam will be shown together this fall so be sure to stop by and have a look!



or sign Mader Ranches


Rust MountainView Ranch Canadian Donors



LFE BS SHEILA 136T ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

7.5 4.2 74 108 11.9 51


52C :: Homo Polled :: Homo Black :: 1149181 :: MDR 52C :: Jan 16/15 :: bw-84 :: ww-899


$15,000 Maxwell Land & Livestock

Shiela 82A Dam of Lot 19

Lot 19 & her dam Reser ve Champion Female at Olds

or sign Mader Ranches


Ryley & Jill and Randy & Ronda 403 807 8140


mWHEATLAND BULL 468P DaDownhill Black Lady 12W

BDM BARBIE DOLL 301T ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

4.2 4.0 73 114 10.2 57.1 20.9

$10,500 Downhill Simmentals

Stage 5 Clinger 75B Mater nal Sister to Lot 20

The Godfather Sire of Lot 20

One Night Stand

Mader 18C :: Polled :: 1148714 :: MDR 18C :: Jan 22/15 :: bw-86 :: ww-830 A moderate framed black Godfather female that is huge middled! You want a heifer that you can take home and breed to produce you that belly dragging calf, here is your female! She is so wide from behind yet maintains a real nice feminine front end. Her dam has quickly become one of those top farm favourites with her real balanced udder and body capacity. Past daughters have sold to Crisis Cattle Co and Ter-Ron farms, Terry Adams tells us all the time how awesome his daughter looks and milks! A proven cow family behind this calf, The Godfather’s power, and a real neat design, make this a real complete package!


Here is a big performance female sired by the consistently productive Godfather sire! 28 sons of Godfather averaged over $10K in our past spring bull sale, as they are super soft made cattle with great haircoats, temperament, and sound structures. This female has loads of rib shape, broodiness, and a great big foot. Her dam is one of those real easy cows to analyze, year round she expresses so much barrel and body condition, yet milks heavy and brings in the good ones year after year! Our show and sale string this fall is lead by 4 Godfather heifers, all of which have that extra stoutness and capacity to make them the standouts!



Havana Club

65C :: Polled :: 1148735 :: MDR 65C :: Jan 21/15 :: bw-87 :: ww-859

or sign Mader Ranches


$10,000 Rafter 4T

Ryley & Jill and Randy & Ronda 403 807 8140


mYR RED TURBO 733W Da C-K Zooey 36Y C-K WIKKI 9W ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

1.3 6.1 76 119 9.9 57.3 19.3

Booty Call 11B Pater nal sister to Lot 21

The Godfather Sire of Lot 21

$4,750 Meadow Acres

or sign Trendsetter Livestock


Ryan & Nanita Cook 780 818 3452

e TLSS PILOT 106X Sir TLSS Pilot 122Z


mLFE BS LEWIS 322U DaTLSS Baylee Queen 27A

TLSS SASSY QUEEN 61S ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

9.6 2.1 67

90 7.3 48.9 15.6

Baylee Queen 27A Dam of Lot 22


Pilot 122Z Sire of Lot 22

Ruby Queen

TLSS 10C :: Homo Polled :: 1148783 :: RYAN 10C :: Jan 24/15 :: bw-94 Ruby Queen is a dark red female that we are proud to consign to the elite Agribition sale. Ruby Queen traces back to 3 great cow families that we have been building our cow herd around-Chub’s Flirt, Sassy Queen and RF Hussey’s Dreamchild. These females are backed by a stack of banners, strong maternal power as well as the strength to raise solid herd bulls. Ruby Queen is sired by our high selling bull a few years ago to Circle G, we have used him on commercial cows as well and have a nice set of females we can’t wait to get into production. Her dam 27A has done all that can be asked for in her first year of production. We feel Ruby Queen will take any program further.

We have always admired the Amber cow family at Lewis Farms and AJ was thrilled to acquire the dam of “Calli” at Lewis’s female sale last fall. She turned out to be a great mother, with a beautiful udder who came out of the summer in great shape after raising this awesome heifer. High Caliber is solid red with style to burn. She is long bodied, fancy made with the depth and power to live up to her name! With a powerful cow family behind her and the excitement Reload has created, we believe High Caliber will be a standout for years to come. CMS

High Caliber

or sign Czech-Mate Simmentals


Jim, Gwen & AJ Smith 403 818 3106


509C :: Homo Polled :: 1148653 :: CMS 509C :: Jan 7/15 :: bw-93 :: ww-748

Out of Sale



LFE RS AMBER 158X ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

10.9 1.6 66


12 51.5 18.6

Reload Sire of Lot 23

Amber 647Z Sire of Lot 23

or sign Outlaw Cattle Co.


Brad Dundas 403 325 0684


mWFL TIMBERQUEST 66R DaTimber Twyla 4T

CHERAY GEMALTA 4G ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

1.5 4.8 66

91 10.8 53 20.3

$5,000 Connor Njaa

Circuit Breaker Sire of Lot 24

High Voltage Grandsire of Lot 24

Heart Breaker

Outlaw 61C :: Polled :: 1151969 :: BMD 61C :: Feb 20/15 :: bw-89 Here is a heifer that has a lot going for her. A very neat made, fancy, great haired package. 61C is the first Wheatland Circuit Breaker offspring to sell and what a heifer she is. Wheatland Circuit Breaker was the high selling bull at Wheatland Cattle Company’s 2014 bull sale and it is exciting having this impressive individual be a walking herd bull here at Outlaw. Heart Breakers dam is solid red blaze Starquest daughter that is very stout, square, great uddered and a powerhouse. If you’re looking for a show heifer or a front end pasture female that has a proven and little different pedigree then 61C will sure be to grab your attention sale day.


Here’s your chance to own the first daughter to sell out of our Stacey cow family! Kevin likes to say “if you’re going to sell one, you better sell your best!” so here she is and this little gal is one we have been excited about since the day she was born!We strive to build on strong, proven pedigrees in our cowherd and we believe this is what she offers. Her granddam, 814Y is an embryo calf we purchased privately from MRL in 2011.We also have her flush sister in our program and another flush sister sold to Rancier Farms in MRL Sale for $21,000. What we love about Stacey 540C is she is balanced from front to back, she moves very freely and her udder is developing similar to her dam, with nice teat size and placement. Her pedigree and look not only make her competitive in the show ring but also a future donor for your program. If you’re looking for a female to add to your herd that has the potential to be one of your leading cows, then have a look at this girl, she will be worth every penny!


Come As U R


540C :: Polled :: 1148603 :: KRGS 540C :: Feb 2/15 :: bw-80

$15,500 Robb Farms

or sign Come As U R Simmentals


Kevin Granger & Bonnie Brooks 403 485 8087


mMRL 28Y DaCome As U R Stacy 350A

MRL MISS 814Y ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

7.3 1.9 64



55 23.2

High Octane Grand Sire of Lot 25

Gangster 351A Sire of Lot 25

Out of Sale

or sign Hannah Simmentals


Wade Hannah 403 994 4190

e TNT TANKER U263 Sir Double Bar D True Grit WHEATLAND LADY 822U

mER BIG SKY 545B DaCMS Skylar 49P

WSR JETTA 63J ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

6.9 1.1 62

88 11.8 60.3 29.5

True Grit Sire of Lot 26


822U Granddam of Lot 26

Champagne Taste

WHS 70C :: Polled :: 1145989 :: WHS 70C :: Jan 3/15 :: bw-84 This will be the only True Grit female we will offer for sale this year at Hannah Simmentals and boy is she a doozy! This female is extremely nice to watch on the move, she has her sires exceptional foot, superb structure and just the right amount of set in her legs. Like all True Grit calves, Champagne Taste has a nice hip, well rounded rump and deep, soggy middle. Her dam, we purchased from Czech-Mate livestock, and she has never disappointed. CMS Skylar 49P has raised extremely nice females in the last 5 years, all her progeny have gone on to do the same, with well balanced udders and heavy milk, they top our weaning weights every year. Check out the Hannah Simmentals website for videos on this female and her sire.

Only because we have room for limited numbers and her dam is relatively young, we decided to let this calf go. She has a loaded pedigree- sired by our $17,000 bull from Wheatland’s 2014 bull sale (who is a direct son of their 2012 CWA Grand Champion Female, Wheatland Lady 93X) and one of our best Springcreek cows that goes back to the famous Honey Dew cow family. Bluntly put… her pedigree is stacked with some of the best cow families we could source when we started building our herd. She herself is a very eye appealing female that has lots of length and substance put together in a tidy package, with a little chrome to boot! We are very confident this heifer will go on and produce, as there isn’t a cow in her pedigree that hasn’t.

or sign Hilltop Holdings




Gary/KimAnwender & Darcy Herauf 306 815 7878


mSPRINGCREEK BLK TANK 99T DaSpring Creek Honey 909Y

SPRINGCREEK LINNE 72R ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

7.3 0.7 53

82 7.7 50.2 23.6

16C :: Polled :: 1144504 :: HTH 16C :: Jan 24/15 :: bw-83

$7,500 Grona Farm


Lady 93X Granddam of Lot 27

Honey 909Y Dam of Lot 27

or sign Regan Schlacter


Humboldt, SK 306 231 9785

e WHEATLAND NITRO 64X Sir Wheatland “Exclusive” 215Z WHEATLAND LADY 882U


GJR MISS ZENITH 60N ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

5.0 3.2 61

95 6.8 50 19.7

$5,250 Peters Simmentals

Exclusive Sire of Lot 28

Nitro Grandsire of Lot 28

Ms Excuisite

XS 16C :: Polled :: 1146209 :: XSC 16C :: Jan 21/15 :: bw-100 XS Ms Exquisite 16C comes from a deep bodied, easy fleshing blaze face female I had purchased as the high selling black cow/calf pair out of the Ross Jansen Dispersal Sale. Her sire, Exclusive 215Z was a feature bull in the 2013 Wheatland sale that I was fortunate enough to acquire semen from and his offspring have consistently been impressive. 16C herself has the presence, style, and a tremendous hair coat to make her a show prospect as well as the dimension, functionability, and pedigree to raise the great ones in the future.



Silver was a much anticipated arrival last winter after I purchased her dam from Sunny Valley SImmentals. She has been a standout since birth. She is a very feminine and attractive female. She has a bold rib that ties into her shoulder smoothly and culminates into a clean front end and a petite head. A nice hip that is made deceptive by her depth of body and tremendous volume. When she matures she will look much like her mother, who has an incredible disposition, is easy fleshing and fertile, breeding back first service for another January baby. Silver has been cycling regularly since the beginning of August. A female that should not and would not have been leaving the farm, except for that fact that the new barn requires an influx of cash. My loss is your gain. CCCC


3C :: Polled :: 1143885 :: SLJ 3C :: Jan 8/15 :: bw-90 :: ww-671

$4,500 City View Simmentals

or sign Coulee Crossing Cattle Co.


Sandra Jeffery 306 631 1928

e LFE BLACK LAKOTA 385W Sir NUG Royal Red 324A



Sunny Valley Alicia 35A

HAAS RANCH U102 ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

2.5 4.9 69

99 6.5 52.6 18.5

Royal Red Sire of Lot 29

Alicia 35A Dam of Lot 29

$6,500 Dequier Farms

or sign Twin Meadow Livestock Farms


Patrick & Tracey Wilcox 204 526 7060



TCW RED SAPHIRE ce bw ww yw mce mww milk

3.6 5.2 82 127 8.5 57.4 16.8

TCW Black Pearl Full Sister to Lot 30


TCW Ruby Dam of Lot 30

Ms. Temptation

TCW 123C :: Polled :: 1136514 :: TCW 123C :: Jan 15/15 :: bw-95 :: ww-790 Temptation is one of our embryo calves that we had in our show string this summer and fall. Temptation is another female that we are selling out of our donor female TCW Ruby and SHS Enticer P1B. Temptation is a moderate framed, big barrelled, easy moving smooth made feminine female. TCW Ruby is one of the foundation cow family that our herd is built around. Ruby passed on all her great traits. Ruby’s female offspring milk strong and produce awesome calves. Temptation will go out and work as hard as her full sisters.

Consignors BLACK GOLD SIMMENTAL LTD. LOT 10 Box 593 - Lloydminster, SK - S9V 0Y7 The Noble Family Randy, Vanessa, Ryley, Toby 306 825 9465, 306 821 0113 Neil and Gail – 780 808 9082 Lyle – 306 825 2164 Owen – 780 872 4029 info@blackgoldsimmental.com

BOUNDARY RANCH LTD. LOT 14 Darby & Sarah Delorme Box 36 - Robsart, SK - S0N 2G0 306 299 2006 Darby 306 662 793 Sarah 306 299 7779 boundaryranch@sasktel.net CITYVIEW SIMMENTALS LOT 3 Blaine or Joe Barnett Box 1494 - Moose Jaw, SK - S6H 7A8 Blaine 306 691 3747 Joe 403 465 2805 cityviewsimmentals@sasktel.net COME AS U R SIMMENTALS LOT 25 Kevin Granger & Bonnie Brooks Box 57 - Storthoaks, SK - S0C 2K0 306 449 2536 bonniebrooks45@gmail.com COULEE CROSSING CATTLE COMPANY LOT 29 Sandra Jeffery Box 705 Stn Main - Moose Jaw, Sk - S6H 4P4 Home 306 693 2215 Cell 306 631 1928 couleecrossingcc@gmail.com CZECH-MATE SIMMENTALS LOT 23 Jim, Gwen & AJ Smith Box 651 - Carstairs, AB - T0M 0N0 403 337 2997 czech@xplornet.com ERIXON SIMMENTALS LOT 8 Dave & Krista Erixon Box 156 - Clavet, SK - S0K 0Y0 Dave 306 270 2893 Krista 306 270 1263 erixonsimmentals@sasktel.net HANNAH SIMMENTALS LOT 5 & 26 Wade Hannah RR #2 - Didsbury, AB - T0M 0W0 Cell 403 994-4190 wadehannah@hotmail.ca

HARVIE RANCHING LOT 12 R.R. #2 - Olds, AB - T4H 1P3 Office 403 335 4180 Cell 403 994 1314 harvie@harvieranching.com HIGH COUNTRY CATTLE SERVICES LOT 13 Rob and Deanne Young Box 577 - Breton, AB - T0C 0P0 Home 780 696 3643 Cell 780 514 0758 show12win@yahoo.ca HILLTOP HOLDINGS LOT 27 Gary, Kim & Sadie Anwender and Darcy Herauf Box 770 - Radville SK - S0C 2G0 Home 306 442 2090 Cell 306 815 7878 gks.acc@sasktel.net M & R CATTLE CO. LOT 17 & 18 Mike, Roberta Chambers & family Box 654 - Wimborne, AB - T0M 2G0 403 631 3837 mike.chambers@apexdistribution.com MADER RANCHES LOT 19, 20 & 21 Ryley, Jill, Stella, Hawkin and Randy & Ronda Mader Box 1, Site 12, RR2 - Carstairs, AB - T0M 0N0 403 337 4014 Cell 403 807 8140 maderranches@gmail.com MCINTOSH LIVESTOCK LOT 6 & 7 Blair & Stephanie McIntosh Box 173 - Maymont, SK - S0M 1T0 Home 306 389 2070 Cell 306 441 7755 mcintoshlivestock@hotmail.com OUTLAW CATTLE CO. LOT 24 Bradley Dundas Box 248 - Hussar, AB - T0J 1S0 403 787-2225 outlawcattleco@hotmail.com RANCIER FARMS LOT 16 Garth and Ang Rancier & family Box 569 - Killam, AB - T0B 2L0 Home 780 385 2425 Cell 780 385 5313 rancierfarms@xplornet.ca REGAN SCHLACTER LOT 28 Box 5106 - Humboldt, SK - S0K 2A0 306 682 5431

ROCK STAR CATTLE LOT 1 Dakota Townsend RR 1, Site 7, Com 14 - Sylvan Lake, AB - T4S 1X6 403 887 2285 403 505 8450 lsangus@telusplanet.net ROSEMEAD FARM LOT 2 Ivan Matthews 3724 Trim RD - Navan, ON - K4B 1H8 613 835 3363 rosemeadfarm@hotmail.com


Josh & Trista Rust 759 7th Ave NW - Mercer ND - 58559 Home 701 447 2479 Cell 701 391 9769 rustmountainviewranch@hotmail.com SUNNY VALLEY SIMMENTALS LOT 4 & 9 Wayne & Linda Libke Tyler & Erin Kyle & Amanda Box 115 - Hanley, SK - S0G 2E0 Home 306 544 2651 Wayne 306 221 4210 Tyler 306 544 7633 Amanda 306 281 2645 wlibke@sasktel.net TRENDSETTER LIVESTOCK LOT 22 Ryan & Nanita Cook Box 208 - Big Valley, AB - T0J 0G0 Cell 780 818 3452 trendsetterlivestock@hotmail.ca TWIN MEADOW LIVESTOCK FARMS LOT 30 Patrick and Tracey Wilcox Box 531 - Treherne, MB - R0G 2V0 204-723-2386 Patrick Cell: 204-526-7060 Tracey Cell: 204-723-0029 pwilcox@mymts.net ULTRA LIVESTOCK LOT 11 Tim & Cathy Chalack - Ryley Chalack RR 2 - Carstairs, AB - T0M 0N0 403 337 5881 X-T SIMMENTALS LOT 15 Don or Ryan Lundberg Box 297 - Eastend, SK - S0N 0T0 Home 306 295 3843 Cell 306 295 7999 ryanxbart@gmail.com

RR 4 - Site 7 - Box 28 :: Olds, AB :: T4H 1T8