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Bill & Nancy Biglieni MARCH 6, 2022

Bidding starts @ 8:00 am cst Close Out @ 7:00 pm cst March 6, 2022

Nancy and I want to thank everyone for the support we’ve experienced in our forty plus years in the seed stock industry. Our 2020 dispersal was like no other experience we’ve had in those forty some years. I hope many of you get to experience such a feeling in your life time. Nancy predicted before our dispersal that I would have a hard time staying out of Simmental and once again I have proved her right. It’s hard to go to a Simmental sale and pass up an opportunity. Combine those purchases with a few of the heifer calves that the old cows had in 2021 and I found myself still with chores to do. I am happy to say that we have resolved that problem with help from Nick and Kelsey Fletcher, Lone Star Simmentals, Melita, MB. We look forward to watching what they do with these females and working with them in the coming years. We urge you to not only mark our sale date, March 6 but also mark March 13, 2022 on your calendar as that is when Nick and Kelsey will host their 2022 farm gate bull sale known with the 83 South Simmental Bull Sale group. We are very pleased to welcome our long time friend Kim Warburton and his son Tyler as part of this sale. Kim and Tyler have consigned an exceptional John Wayne son that is a result of one of two bred females they purchased in our dispersal. Kim is well known by many Canadian and U.S. Simmental breeders. It is great to have their enthusiasm for Simmental back in our breed. Nancy and I greatly appreciate Striker Cattle Company being an important part of this sale. As far as our bulls go, 5J and 12J bulls are out of older cows which we felt didn’t have enough left in them to make them a worthwhile investment for participants in our dispersal. Both of their dams have been reliable producers in the many years they have grazed our pastures. The mothers of 7J and 9J bulls are younger females which were recovering from injuries which made them unsellable at the time of our dispersal sale. The dam of lot 7J was planned to be a feature percentage female in the sale. Six bulls don’t make for a big bull sale but we are pleased to offer the quality of bulls that you will find within in this group. We look forward to working with DLMS and Bohrson Marketing Services again in this special event. Their goal and ours is to get you the right bull for your program. If this is your first time participating in a DLMS Farm Gate sale you are welcome to call us for written instructions or you can talk to Mark or Melissa direct by calling the numbers listed on the information page. You are invited to come by the farm and walk through the bulls at your leisure and convenience. Hope to see you in the bull pen. We’ll talk to you then.

Bill & Nancy

Tyler & Kim Warburton

Bidding starts @ 8:00 am cst March 6, 2022 Close Out @ 7:00 pm cst March 6, 2022 Directions to WLB Livestock From Douglas: 6 miles north on Douglas road(98W), 1 mile east on 67N, ½ north on 97W. From Brookdale: 4 miles west on PTH 353, 4 miles south on Derry Rd(96W), 1 mile west on 67N, ½ north on 97W. From #10 Hwy & PTH 353:11 miles east on 353, 4 miles south on Douglas Rd(98W), 1 mile east on 67N, ½ north on 97W.

Phone numbers: Bill Biglieni - 204 729 7925 Kim Warburton - 204 724 2354 Nancy Biglieni - 204 763 4697 Wilf Davis - 204 841 0211 Daryl Snider - Borhson Marketing - 780 385 5561 Cody Haney - Borhson Marketing - 403 845 8806 Melissa McRae - DLMS - 204 573 9903 Mark Shologan - DLMS - 780 699 5082 Important information - Catalogues mailed on request only. Bull videos -https://farmgatetimedauctions.ca/home or https://bohrson.com/upcoming-sales/ All bulls are located at WLB Livestock and available for viewing anytime.

Payment can be made by check or etransfer to WLB Livestock Ltd. Bulls become the responsibility of the buyer once the sale is over. We strongly encourage you to protect your investment by insuring your purchases. Livestock Insurance will be available through Keystone Livestock Service. 204 573 5192. We will assist in getting your bull to you as soon as possible after the sale. Delivery will be at buyers cost and at our convenience to central points. Depending on the situation custom haulers may be used. Your bull is welcome to remain at WLB free of charge till April 1, 2022 to be picked up by the buyer. After which time a charge of $5/day will be in effect until he is picked up. Bulls staying at WLB must be insured. Please let us know of your intentions at time of settlement. Buyers will receive a properly transferred certificate of registration for their purchase. All bulls will have been semen evaluated by an accredited veterinarian. Decision deferred bulls selling will need retesting. Retesting will be done at an appropriate time as decided by our veterinarian. All bulls sell carrying the standard breeding guarantee specified by the CSA. However in the event a settlement is necessary a full refund of the purchase price will be made if your claim is deemed valid and made within six months of this sale. After that time any necessary settlement will be given as credit. At no time shall the seller’s liability exceed the purchase price of the animal. All bulls are on an approved vaccination program using Express 5/Somnugen, a modified live vaccine. Exchange rate: The US/Canadian exchange rate will be announced prior to the sale. Delivery to U.S. $125 US will be charged for each US bound bull. This will provide the needed health papers. All brokerage paperwork will be provided through the hauler and will be reflected in their fee. Knills trucking will be the carrier for all US bulls. Knills Trucking - 877 442 3106 ask for Butch.

WLB Livestock Online Bull Sale

Lot 18D

Pic taken 09/15/2021

Sfm stoughton 18d -

Homo polled

SFM 18D - BPG1174518- born February 5, 2016 - BW - 88 lbs , Adj WW - 764 lbs, Adj YW - N/A LFE VIPER 455U NCB MISS DREAM 22T JT NEW DESIGN 24W SFM 77W

CE: 3.1 BW: 4.1 WW: 84.8

YW: 134.7 M: 28.3

Stoughton rates right up there with El Tigre 52Z, High Roller 34C, Blockbuster 3011C as one of the best bulls we have bred cows to at WLB. Growth, muscle, feet, structure are just a few of his attributes. When you have a bull like Stoughton walking your pastures this business gets a whole lot more enjoyable. If you sell Simmental bulls you need to give Stoughton some thought! His sons develop into well muscled, big nutted herd bulls. The kind that are easy to sell. Two sons were the high selling bulls in our dispersal contributing to a $19,460 average on six herd bulls. WLB John Wayne 493G was our $36,000 high selling lot going to Maple Lake Stock Farms. Another Stoughton son,WLB Remarkable 337F went to Shorey Farms for $25,500. His progeny were very much sought after, equally among the bull calves and heifer calves that sold. Another Stoughton son, WLB 316H sold well above average to Crossroads Simmentals. Selling 100% possession/100% semen interest

WLB John Wayne 493G - Stoughton son owned by Maple Lake Stock Farms

WLB Remarkeable 337F - Stoughton son Owned by Shorey Farms

WLB Dr. Bill 316H - Stoughton son owned by Cross Road Farms

WLB 18D Sofie 493F - Stoughton daughter owned by Southam Simmentals

WLB 18D Sofie 302H - Stoughton daughter owned by X-T Simmentals

WLB Livestock Online Bull Sale

Lot 945J Striker’s code black 945j -

Homo polled

TKW 945J - BPG1351233 - born February 1, 2021 - BW - 106 lbs , Adj WW - 1028 lbs, Adj YW - 1561 lbs Consigned by Striker Cattle Company



WLB Rita 445E - dam of Strikers Code Black 945J

CE: 6.6 BW: 3.9 WW: 94.1

YW:147.4 M:26.0


● Performance data that speaks volumes about 945J, his dam, and his sire. He is bred to perform! ● Offers significant maternal and performance advancement. ● His skeletal strength, muscle expression, eye appeal, and genetic makeup make him very worthy of physical appraisal. ● Strong and long in his spine. It’s bred into him. ● Homo Polled by pedigree. Not coat tested. ● Possesses a mild temperament reflective of his parental influence. ● One of two John Wayne sons selling. Purchased in dam(lot 12) out of our dispersal by Striker Cattle Co., Kim and Tyler Warburton, ● Selling 100% possession/100% semen interest

WLB John Wayne 493G - Sire of Strikers Code Black 945J

Rear view of Code Black

WLB Livestock Online Bull Sale

LFE Blockbuster 3011C Sire of WLB 7J

WLB Manitoba 361BMaternal sire of WLB 7J

Lot 7J WLB BULL 3011c 7j -

WLB 7J - PRS1347935 - born February 10, 2021

BW - 101 lbs , Adj WW - 796 lbs, Adj YW - 1418 lbs

CE: 5.1 BW: 5.1 WW: 80.6


Homo polled

YW:112.3 M:22.1


● Long spine and a strong top, with a very prominent Blockbuster influence. ● Brockle faced and red to the ground, no socks. ● Will contribute pounds to your calf crop and maternal to your replacement heifer pen. ● ¾ blood Simmental. His ½ blood, goggle eyed dam would have been a feature in our dispersal if not for a leg injury.



Paternal grand-dam of WLB 5J

Maternal sister to WLB 5J

Lot 5J Maternal sister to WLB 5J


- Homo polled

WLB 5J - PG1347967- born February 3, 2021 - BW - 93 lbs , Adj WW - 782 lbs, Adj YW - 1387 lbs CE: 13.5 BW: 1.0 WW: 69.8

MAR MAC UTAH WHISKY 52E WLB 47Y FAE 343E WHEATLAND/WLBMAVERICK743T WLB 462P LUCY 356U Selling 100% possession/100% semen interest

● ● ● ● ● ●

YW:98.6 M:24.0


Wish this guy had come along ten years ago! He is all about cow making! A direct son of May 384X- double bred 902J, small teats, tight/square udders. Has more good uddered cows in his pedigree than any WLB bull to date! Safe enough to use on your heifers. Good enough to use on donors. If you don’t keep replacements off your first calvers you will wish you had. Make your cow herd the envy of the North American beef industry!

WLB Livestock Online Bull Sale

WLB 3554W - Dam of WLB 12J

Sisters to the dam of WLB 12J

Lot 12J WLB BULL 493G 12J WLB 12J - BPG1347964 - born February 25, 2021

BW - 108 lbs , Adj WW - 900 lbs, Adj YW - 1462 CE: 3.1 BW: 5.6 WW: 69.8


- polled

YW: 135.0 M: 31.4 MCE: 3.1

● Mother is a flush daughter of our L205 foundation cow. ● Long like a boxcar with an attractive profile. ● Use him to make a growthy pen of steers or a good pen of replacement heifers. ● Family is full of big volume cows.

WLB Eldorado 3615CSire of WLB 9J

Lot 9J Game On 42Z maternal sire of WLB 9J

WLB BULL 3615C 9J WLB 9J - BPG1347960 - born February 16, 2021

BW - 91 lbs , Adj WW - 725 lbs, Adj YW - 1237 lbs


- polled

CE: 10.2 BW: 1.8 WW: 70.4 ● ● ● ●

YW: 104.9 M: 24.0

MCE: 7.2

Very pronounced in his muscle expression . A lot of meat on a moderate frame. Use him to produce a pen of thick butted steers. 43Y and Game On 42Z in his genetics = a big bunch or maternal.

THANK YOU November 30, 2020

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