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Affordable jewellery designed to make you feel happy Boho Betty is all about jewellery that looks great and makes you feel amazing! We create stylish boho-chic jewellery, focusing on layering that packs a punch and is irresistible value for money. Our jewellery is made with love and whether you want to Be Bold, or Be Bright… or even Be Badass…. we’ve got your manifestation of feelings covered! Our renowned bracelet stacks and necklace layering sets make it so easy for wearers to tell their own story and nail that ‘effortlessly stylish’ look. All the hard work has been done for you – all you need to do is find your own Boho Betty vibe! We want all women who wear Boho Betty to feel confident in themselves and be able to self-express their individuality. Designed in the UK and worn worldwide - Boho Betty is a small family-run business whose sole aim is to make you feel happy. The core values that we evoke in every design are to: Be Bold, Be Happy, Be YOU!

Geronimo Bracelet Stack, £28

“Absolutely hooked on the bracelets. Was given one as a gift have now bought two more.”

Betty, x

Hercules 3 Layer Bracelet Stack, £50

Almach Silver Multi Star Bracelet, £17.50

Be Beautiful. Prunus Champagne T-Bar Necklace, £28.50

Draco Pink 3 Layer Bracelet Stack, £51 Almach Multi Star Bracelets, £17.50

Sobek Silver Link Chain Necklace, £22.50 Prunus Midnight Blue T-Bar Necklace, £28.50

Anhur Pearl & Star Charm Silver Necklace, £25 Mano Star White Gemstone Beaded Necklace, £23.50 Almach Silver Multi Star Bracelet, £17.50 Regulus Pearl & Silver Star Charm Bracelet, £16.50 America Pearl Gemstone Wrap Bracelet, £30 Polar Moonstone & Silver Star Stretch Bracelet, £15 Nashira Pearly Star Charm Bracelet, £17.50 Porrima Pearl & Star Charm Stretch Bracelet, £14 Sirius Pearl & Star Charm Bracelet, £18.50,

Be Bedazzling. Enjoy this season’s big trend and adorn yourself in ice white jewellery... from head to toe.

Be Brilliant. We’ve got a range of bracelet styles to suit every mood and occasion – from day to night. They look fabulous on their own, but even better layered with other bracelets in the collection. Dofida Gold T-Bar Chain Bracelet, £28

Hadar Dusky Pink Gemstone & Gold Charm Bracelet, £17.50

Goji Honey Bracelet, £15 Prunus Smoke Bracelet, £13.50 Honeybee Gemstone Bracelet, £17.50

Alcor Gold Stretch Gemstone Bracelet, £15

America Teal Triple Wrap Bracelet £30

Tombak Gold Star Bracelet, £17.50 Lerna Multi Gemstone Bracelet, £16.50 & Dofida Gold T-Bar Chain Bracelet, £28

Sirius Silver Pearl & Star Charm Bracelet,

Nash Grey & Star Charm Friendship


Bracelet, £13.50

Marsic Grey 2 Layer Bracelet Stack, £29.50

Cursa 3 Layer Bracelet Stack, £51

STACK IT UP Our BIG thing is layering – the art of combining different pieces for a winning look – and we have created these layering bracelet stacks to help you indulge your unique style. Wear separately or stacked together to lift any outfit. Be Bodacious.

How to stack your bracelets 1. Decide on a theme or style

3. Experimen t with widths & text ures

The clever art of


e your 2. Choos celet b ’ ‘hero ra

Stacks come presented on a cushion with a free linen gift box.

Serpens 3 Layer Bracelet Stack, £72.50

Lepus Red 3 Layer Bracelet Stack, £61.50

Orion 3 Layer Bracelet Stack, £51.50

Hercules 3 Layer Bracelet Stack, £50

“The service was excellent, postage quick and quality of my necklace is just beautiful, I love it! Will definitely be buying again and highly recommend”

Exquisite neck candy Prunus Champagne T bar necklace, £28.50 | Zeus Dusky Pink Gemstone Necklace, £25 Meno Sienna T-Bar Necklace, £28 | Sobek Chain Necklace, £22.50 Clarinet Blue Necklace, £25 | Cetus T-Bar Chain Necklace, £36 Bumble Bee Necklace, £28 | Aster Bee Necklace, £25

Aditi Grey Beaded Star Charm Necklace, £21.50 Luna Gold Star & Moon Pendant Necklace, £24.50

Denim Blue Hues Spruce up your style with the subtle blue hues of denim, perfect for day to night wear. Our range is handcrafted and loaded with glistening gemstones and charms.

Nashira Denim Gemstone

Tucana Denim 3 Layer Bracelet Stack,

Bracelet, £17.50


Be Bada Bing. Zeyfros Navy Beaded Necklace, £21.55

Chara Denim Gemstone Bracelet, £16.50

Ursa 3 Layer Denim Bracelet Stack, £51.50

Rock Chick Chic We’ve got you covered when you want style with some edgy attitude – mixed metals, bold gemstones and dramatic charms. Be Badass.

Tangra Moon/Bolt Gemstone Bracelet, £17.50

Prunus Slate Bracelet, £13.50

Leo 3 Layer Bracelet Stack, £52.50

Tamar Lightning Bolt Necklace, £24.50

“I was really impressed with the quality. Ordering was easy and delivery prompt. I have purchased a few items for gifts and they have been very well received, will definitely order again.” Tala Charm Grey Necklace, £22.50 Tamar Lightning Bolt Gemstone Necklace, £24.50 Indra Grey Gemstone Necklace, £26.50

Be Bright. Sparkle away in stars galore and celestial loveliness.

Star Sterling Silver Studs, £16.50 Dushku Sterling Silver Star Hoops, £29 Almach Gold Multi Star Bracelet, £17.50 Porrima Pearl Star Charm Bracelet, £14 Asti Gold Star Charm Necklace, £28 Concord Gold Large Star Necklace, £29.75 Andrina 3 Layer Bracelet Stack, £46.50 Cohan Gold CZ Star Hoop Earrings, £39 Tombak Navy/Gold Multistar Bracelet, £17.50 Orion 3 Layer Bracelet Stack, £51.50 Dushku Sterling Silver Star Hoops, £29 Revati 3 Layer Bracelet Stack, £51

Graffias Golden Sunburst Charm Stretch Bracelet, £15

Starshine Gold Beaded Friendship Bracelet, £15

Dragonfly 2 Layer Charm Bracelet, £18

Be my honey. Create a buzz in these glorious golden honey and amber tones with cute bee and sun charms. Handcrafted with real gemstones and beads, these make the sweetest gift for anyone.

Nashira Sienna & Gold Charm Gemstone Bracelet, £17.50

Merak Amber & Gold Stretch Gemstone Bracelet, £16

Bosona Gold Starburst Charm Bracelet, £15 Dalim Honey Gemstone & Sunburst Charm Bracelet, £16

Porrima Amber & Star Charm Stretch Bracelet, £14

Dalim Sienna Gemstone & Sunburst Charm Bracelet, £16

Honeybee Gemstone & Gold Bee Charm Bracelet, £17.50

Nash Grey & Bee Charm Friendship Bracelet, £13.50

Goji Honey Beaded Friendship Bracelet, £15

Agavero Silver CZ Disc Necklace, £44.50

Vermouth Gold Compass Star Necklace, £47

Binnie Starflower Studs, £18.55

Albarino 3 Ring Necklace, £28

Asti Gold Star Charm Necklace, £28

Sterling Silver Collection It’s time to sparkle again with our sterling silver necklace and earring collection (including huggies, studs and hoops) Available in .925 sterling silver or 14k gold plated sterling silver.

Cohan Star CZ Hoop Earrings, £39

Mini Atlantic Gold Prayer Disc Necklace, £42.95

Reddy CZ Huggies, 25.30

Takia Filigree Navy & Silver CZ Studs,

Star Silver Studs, £16.50 | Reddy Navy/Silver

Make it an extra special gift with our matching sterling earring and necklace sets.


Huggies, £25.30 | Balan Blue Huggies, £42.25

Burgundy Necklace & Earring Set, £86

Tokyo Orange and Gold 3 Layered

Serpens 3 Layer

America Pearl Gemstone

Bracelet Stack, £60

Bracelet Stack, £72.50

Wrap Bracelet, £30

GEMSTONE WRAPS Our bracelet wrap collection is loaded with wellness gemstones and beads, with the bracelets wrapping around your wrist three times for that effortless layered look. Our bestsellers... for good reason. Gorgeous on their own or even better as part of a layered bracelet stack.

Be Breathtaking.

America Black Gemstone

Key West Blue & Gold 3 Layered

Key West 3 Layer

Wrap Bracelet, £30

Bracelet Stack, £75

Bracelet Stack, £72.50

elets – c a r B p a r America W f gemstone o e s o d r u o Y here... t h g i r s n i g e happiness b

Sobek Link Chain Necklace, £22.50 Notus Chain Necklace, £32 Cetus T-Bar Necklace , £36

Key West Orange 3 Layer Bracelet Stack, £75

ate 14kt gold pl . ss a on br

Be Bold.

Get the on-trend chunky chain look, with gold and silver styles that’ll be bedazzling in every occasion.

plate .925 silver . on brass

Dofida T-Bar Bracelet, £28

Wahoo Chain Bracelet, £28 - £32

Elgafar Gold Duo Layered Necklace Set, £57

Bracelet, £17.50 | Chara Denim Gemstone & Gold Charm Bracelet, £16.50

Meno Pearl T-Bar Chain & Gemstone Necklace, £28

Anhur Pearl & Star Charm Silver Necklace, £25 Nashira Denim Angel Wing Charm Bracelet, £17.50 | Nashira Denim Star Charm

Almach Silver Multi Star Bracelet, £17.50

Key West Pearl & Gold 3 Layered Bracelet Stack, £75

Orion 3 Layer Bracelet Stack, £51.50

Be Blissful.

Luna Star & Moon Pendant Necklace, £24.50 (Available in gold or silver plate)

You are my sun. My moon. And all my stars.

Discover the full range We’ve got an incredible selection of jewellery online. There’s something for everyone and for every occasion.

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“I absolutely love Boho Betty. Lovely stuff at decent prices. Ordering is easy and delivery is prompt. Couldn’t ask for more and will definitely shop here again!”


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