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BOGDAN SEBASTIAN Industrial design SOCOL 2 0 1 8 p o r t f o l i o

Hi, my name is BOGDAN. I am studing Industrial Design as part of a Master Programm at Jönköping University, Sweden. Passionate about design in all its forms, 3D modeling and rendering, I want to improve and enhance peoples’ lives through the products that I create. I invite you to discover some of the projects that I have worked on.

Education 1999 - 2003

High School: Technical College of Construction and

2004 - 2009

Bachelor: Wood Science and Technology

2009 - 2012


Transilvania University of Brasov - Brasov, Romania

Master: Ecodesign of Furniture and Restoration

2017 - present

Architecture Christian Kertsch - Brasov, Romania

Transilvania University of Brasov - Brasov, Romania

Master: Industrial Design Jรถnkรถping University

Jรถnkรถping, Sweden

2003 - 2004

Plasterer / Painter / Hardwood Flooring Installer - Freelancer

2007 - 2008

Technical Draftsman - SC Studio P&L SRL,

2012 - 2014

Furniture Designer / Project Engineer - Pezzo Mobili,

2014 - 2016

Brasov, Romania. Ploiesti, Romania.

CAD Designer - Sales Support German team, Dexion Storage Solutions,

Brasov, Romania.

CAD Designer - Dexion Storage Solutions, 2017

Expertise Languages


Laubach, Germany - 2 months

Furniture Designer / Project Engineer - SC Manuco SRL,

Brasov, Romania.







Autocad, Archicad, Artlantis, Keyshot, Alias, Photoshop


SolidWorks, 3dsMax (Basic)

CONTENTS Product.Design 01. CATERPILLAR shower / 02. AUDI TT toaster / 03. THE KNIGHT’S GAME chair / 04. CRAMER impact driver





Furniture.Design 05. OMA dresser / 06. YIN YANG chair / 07. LOU bench / 08. GORILLA chair / 09. PYRA tv stand / 10. TRIO dresser







01. CATEPILLAR shower

01. CATERPILLAR shower / 2017




Based upon existing products on the market

I chose a triangular shape for the cross-section

A well-known manufacturer of shower mixers has come up with the idea to launch a series of high-tech shower mixers that can fit booth home appliances as well as hotels and more public use. Requirements Simple and safe use. Effective and flexible. Sustainable and eco-design Easy to maintain. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye Energy efficient An innovative and updated choice of material from above requirements

Final Design

Inspiration for this piece was a caterpillar, with its long and slim body, which is able to climb on vertical surfaces. It seems that the shower crawls up on your wall similar to the small insect. All the actions are made by twisting, both the knobs for water temperature and for the quantity, as well for positioning the shower head. The articulated body provides freedom in positioning the shower head, both by twisting in the vertical plane as well as in the horizontal one.

Final Design

A magnetic holder is fixed on the wall and acts as support the mobile shower head which can removed by simply lifting it. The colored elements are used for identifining in which part the user should twist for cold or hot water. The different size elements are used for identifining in which part the user should twist for more or less water. Overall dimensions 75 x 20 x 150 cm (L x l x h)

02. AUDI TT toaster

02. AUDI TT toaster / 2017 Scenario You are working at a famous design studio and you have been approached by a popular car company, they want you to design a toaster that can toast bread with a design language of one their car model. The company is AUDI and the car model is the first generation of TT, produced between 1998 2006. Requirements and user experience

Safe to use Easy to use Incorporate car model form language Aesthetically pleasing to the eye Easy to maintain. Energy efficient

Analysing form language

Big radius Strong splitlines Strong horizontal lines in the grill Compact shape

Ideation process

Final Concept



03. THE KNIGHT’S GAME stool / 2018 (3 weeks project)

In 2018 movie fans and cinema enthusiasts have celebrated 100 years since Ingmar Bergman’s birth. Ernst Ingmar Bergman was a Swedish director, writer and director who worked in film, television, theater and radio. Considered to be among the most accomplished and influential filmmakers of all time Bergman’s renowned works include Smiles of a Summer Night (1955), The Seventh Seal (1957), Wild Strawberries (1957), Persona (1966), Cries and Whispers (1972), Scenes from a Marriage (1973), and Fanny and Alexander (1982).

To celebrate this centenary a challenge was proposed to designers: to create a stool that has its inspiration from one of his movies, lifestyle or artistic approach that will be showcased in the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

DESIGN Approach Taking inspiration from the movie The Seventh Seal I have created the KNIGHT’S GAME stool. In this movie, a medieval knight plays a game of chess with death itself trying to extend his life or even escape from the grim end if he will manage to win the game. The overall shape of the stool is inspired by an hourglass reminding everyone that time can’t be stopped, it flows just in one direction and you can’t take it back. The top is almost identical to a chess board that seems to melt away on the edges towards the end, towards the black death. The black color, the burn on the end represents death which advances more and more with the passing of time.

MAKING Process

Overall dimensions: 38 x 40 x 45 cm (L x l x h)

STOCKHOLM FURNITURE FAIR 2018 : the stool was showcased among others in the JÖNKÖPING UNIVERSITY stand

04. CRAMER impact driver

04. CRAMER impact driver 2018 (5 weeks) - project in colaboration with Globe Group for their new brand CRAMER

CRAMER is a German company with a history of more than 150 years of producing gardening tools. Since September 2017, CRAMER has been integrated into the Globe Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of battery-powered tools and gardening tools. Thus, the company also enters the battery garden technology at a professional level.

GOAL of this project is to design an impact driver for CRAMER following the new philosophy ENDLESS PERFORMANCE / REINVENTING PROFESSIONALS CRAMER Heritage : For professionals and discerning amateur gardeners

ANALYSING Form language for the new generation of garden tools Form language is defined by :

Professional feel Simple design Small chamfers Fast accelerating lines

PRODUCT Breakdown

Anvil / Hammer Circuit board Motor Cooling fan Direction button Trigger

Circuit board


FUNCTION Analysis MAIN FUNCTION TO FASTEN/ UNFASTEN - screws/bolts DESIRED FUNCTIONS TO HAVE adjustable torque TO HAVE bright and well positioned light TO HAVE a fast charging system TO HAVE a good cooling system BE light and compact BE safe to use BE ergonomic BE able to withstand shocks BE able to incorporate all the components BE easily serviced / maintained ERGONOMICS Study Using clay models and test on different people I was able to find the good ergonomic shape for the handle.



MARKET Research - Competitors


Name: John Age: 38 Profession: Contractor Workplace: Small to medium construction building sites Needs: Reliable Easy to use Versatile Compact Able to work 8h/day Powerful / high torque Can perform precision tasks

Name: Victor Age: 42 Profession: Landscaper/ Deck builder Workplace: Medium construction sites

Name: Mike Age: 32 Profession: HVAC installer Workplace: Big construction sites

Needs: Reliable Easy to use while wearing gloves Fast charging Compact Dust / Water proof Powerful

Needs: Withstand shocks and falls Easy to use in tight spaces Fast charging Compact Dust / Water proof Powerful Have a good light



Concept 1


Concept 3

3D MODEL - Final Concept

Torque control button

Overall dimensions 170 x 90 x 240 mm (L x w x h)

Directional switch

Battery release button

Energy level indicator

LED Light

3D MODEL - Final Concept Color scheme 1

3D MODEL - Final Concept Color scheme 2

MAKING process of concept 1 3D printing

Sanding and pre-assembly

Painting and preparing for assembly

Final product

05. OMA dresser

05. OMA dresser / 2016 My inspiration for this dresser was Romanian traditional motifs used in my country as decoration on clothing, rugs and different household elements. Serving as simplified representations of animals, plants they were used and passed on from generation to generation. This motif is common in an area of Romania called Dolj. By combining this old traditional motif and the new water cutting technology these metal elements: door, handles and leg can be created. Overall dimensions 182 x 55 x 75 cm (L x l x h)

Traditional woman shirt and motif from Dolj, Romania.

06. PYRA tv stand

06. PYRA tv stand. / 2014 Part of a larger collection, it was designed during my time at Pezzo Mobili for a customer in Ploiesti, Romania. By combining oak wood and MDF I tried to merge the old school craftsmanship, a beautiful natural material and the newer, more stable fiber boards into a perfect union between new and old. Overall dimensions 250 x 44 x 150 cm (L x l x h)

07. LOU bench

07. LOU Bench / 2016 Problem. Across the world people need to wait in airports from a few hours to even an entire night for their flight, being forced to sleep on the floor or on chairs that are not designed for sleeping, not even for sitting for long periods of time. Nowadays, everybody is carrying at least an electronic device that needs to be charged quite often. In airports, this can become a problem due to the lack of power outlets. Solution. Having these in mind I’ve tried to solve the above-stated problems by designing the LOU Bench, a furniture piece that can be transform into a bed for the weary traveler.

Fixing metal piece

Power outlet

All the seats can easily be converted into a beds by lifting the upper part, flip it around and place it in the sleeping position. The luggage can be stored underneath or behind the seating when the bench is in the sitting position. The materials can be a local traditional fabrics and wood species, giving this bench the possibility to be custom made according to the country in which it will be used. Overall dimensions 220 x 120 x 90 cm (L x l x h)

08. YIN YANG chair

08. YIN YANG chair / 2011 I have created this piece for the Becker-Brakel Contest that took place in 2011, that had as its main goal using moulded plywood in designing a product. As inspiration I had the concept of Yin and Yang from Chinise philosophy, the perfect balance between dark and bright, negative and positive.

Overall dimensions 55 x 58 x 77 cm (L x l x h)

09. TRIO dresser

09. TRIO dresser / 2015 Suitable as a dresser or as a TV stand this piece is designed to match modern, minimalist interiors.

Overall dimensions 160 x 50 x 70 cm (L x l x h)

10. GORILLA chair

10. GORILLA chair / 2011 Inspired by the powerful ape, I designed this chair for schools and pre-schools. Scenario We all know that kids will transform anything into a toy, so by utilizing moulded plywood in this design I hope the kids will take advantage of the chair’s flexibility which allows a small rocking motion. Also in the back, the chair has a small storage space for books, toys or bags. Overall dimensions 46 x 48 x 81 cm (L x l x h)

Storage space

Other. Projects 11. TIM cooking timmer / 12. AURORA luminaire / 13. MORPH drone/sub/car




Other. Projects 14.CAPUCHIN chair / 15. CHEETAH chair / 16. MAMBA chair / 17. RACOON chair / 18. RHINO chair









Other. Projects 19.APPLE desk / 20. ZEBRA desk

Other. Projects 21.DONCAFE bus station / 22. BLEND-A-MED consulting booth

Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I hope you enjoyed it. Email: / Mobile: +40 732 810 457