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December 2016


Holidays Glow in a Variety of Traditions With the arrival of December, holiday celebrations abound around the world! From east to west, some dating back hundreds of years, holiday festivities are sure to bring joy and delight to people of all ages. Whether it’s giving thanks for all that we are grateful for, the lighting of symbolic candles, sharing meals and heartfelt gifts with friends and family, or extending good wishes to those we meet, the holidays are an opportunity to enjoy meaningful and time-honored traditions.

The Path of the Spiritual Sun: Celebrating the Solstices and Equinoxes explores the ancient religion of the sun that once spread across the earth and was practiced by a lost global civilization. The Path of the Spiritual Sun by Belsebuub, with Angela Pritchard, connects the dots about the purpose of humanity, the Solstices & Equinoses, and the reason behind all the ancient sacred sites around the world. This book uncovers how in ancient times peoples all around the world were connected by a religion of the sun, though it is made clear that this was not a worship of the physical sun. Learn more at: December 2016

Christmas, (meaning “Christ’s Mass”) is an annual holiday that takes place on December 25, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Although predominantly of Christian origin, a large number of non-Christians internationally include Christmas as part of their holiday season. Religious ceremonies and Masses are often attended during the Christmas season. Throughout the holidays which can last for weeks, many people volunteer their time, visiting and helping those in need. Other long-time traditions include sharing meals, gift-giving (sometimes the simple gifts are those most treasured!), decorating trees, hanging colorful lights, sending cards and singing carols. Hanukkah, celebrated December 24-January 1, is a Jewish holiday, commemorating the rededication and liberation of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Also known as the Festival of Lights and the Feast of Dedication, Hanukkah is observed for eight nights and days, lighting a candle each night using the flame of a ninth candle (candles are placed in a menorah, a nine-branched candelabrum). During this eight day period, special songs are sung, prayers are recited, special meals are shared, and often includes the tradition of giving money or chocolate coins to children. Kwanzaa, created by Maulana Karenga in 1966, is a week-long holiday from December 26-January 1, honoring the heritage of the African-American culture. On each of the seven nights, families gather and one of seven candles is lit, each representing one of seven principles, values of African culture that contribute to building and reinforcing community. Homes are decorated in African art, colorful African clothing is worn and celebrations include songs, storytelling, dancing and African drums. Children are included in the ceremonies, offering respect to ancestors. Kwanzaa culminates on December 31 with a feast and gift-giving. And although not technically a holiday, many people enjoy celebrating the Winter Solstice. Celebrated on December 21, for those living in the Northern Hemisphere it is the shortest day and the longest night of the year! May you enjoy a December and holiday season that is healthy, safe, merry and bright! Kathy Henning, Body Mind Spirit Guide

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Getting to Know Your Neighbor By Fawzi Assi The view of Islam among westerners has often been very negative. The mainstream media, which reflects existing power relationships and global politics, has played a big role in this misperception. However, the truth is far from what’s seen on everyday TV, or what’s read in media articles. The entire meaning of Islam is rooted in peace. Indeed, the root word of ‘Islam’ means ‘salam’ or ‘peace.’ Muslims struggle every single day to negate this false perception of their religion, whether among colleagues, neighbors, and other members of society. Therefore, this twopart introduction to Islam introduces the basic precepts of the faith and, with it, hopes to shed light on who our Muslim neighbors really are, rather than letting mainstream media tell us who they are. Islam is a way to help people find purpose in life and bring them closer to God through faith and deeds. Islam is a promise to find inner and outer peace, inner peace with self and God, and outer peace with self and others. Islam was subject to misinterpretation and misquotation, and the battle continues; morality, power, or both. It’s the continuous human search for nirvana and the Holy Grail. The story of Islam starts with the story of Adam and Eve. God informs the angels that he’s creating a successor on earth; the angels covet the notion and question God: “Will you place in it someone who will cause corruption and shed blood while we declare your graces and sanctify you ?“ Quran chapter 2 verse 30 (Q 2, 30) God replies: “I know what you do not know.” God then commands all angels, including Lucifer (Satan), to bow down before Adam. All angels obey except

Satan, who says, “I’m better than he; you created me from fire and created him from mud.” (Q 7, 12) God then curses Satan and asks Adam and Eve to inhabit the Garden with all the freedom except approaching one tree. God also cautions them against Satan. But Satan lures them and they taste from the tree. Their shame and nakedness become evident before them, and they seek forgiveness from God. God pardoned them right then and there, destroying the notion that one would carry the sin of another. (Q 20, 122) Satan then asks God for a reprieve and God says, “You are of those reprieved.” Satan then replies, “My Lord, since you have lured me away, I will glamorize for them on earth, and I will lure them all away.” (Q15, 32-40) God then sends Adam and Eve to earth as a place of residence and livelihood for a while, but he cautions them against Satan and his machinations. The journey of Adam and Eve starts on earth with the big lesson they learned in the Garden. They start a family and their two young boys grow to adulthood. The boys make offerings to God, and God accepts from Abel but not from Cain. So Cain says to his brother, “I will kill you” and Abel replies, “God accepts only from

the righteous.” Cain then kills Abel. (Q 5, 27-32) Starting from the story of Cain and Abel, man’s life on earth has been a struggle against Satan and the self’s lowly desires. Man was promised guidance from God, and “whoever follows his path would have nothing to fear and nor shall they grieve.” (Q 2, 38) Guidance came to man through prophets, in the form of laws, wisdom, and through the explanation of life after death. Laws promised peace to their followers through faith and deeds, two vital aspects of Islam. Regarding faith and deeds, Islam teaches that even though man’s deeds are paramount, they can only be attained by the grace of God through faith. Man proves his faith by obedience to God’s laws. Islam continues the principle that man can remain on the straight path only by the grace of God through faith and good deeds. Faith and deeds are intertwined. Neither can faith grow without deeds, nor can deeds grow without faith. Faith in Islam revolves around the oneness of God as the first and most important commandment. God has names and attributes. The Quran mentions ninety-nine names. Among them include, The Merciful, The

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December 2016

Sovereign, The Bestower, The Ever Providing, and The Exalter. God is the cause of all causes, the source of all life, down to the minutest details including our personal, familial, and communal lives. God is with us at all times so we should always be aware of his presence and in our hearts. Islam is founded on five pillars of faith and five pillars of actions. The oneness of God.

2- The belief in all the prophets from Adam down to Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Mohamad as the bearers of one message. This is the message of peace. Satan causes division among men while God guides them to unite. 3- The belief in angels who convey messages to prophets as well as assigned to each individual angel to scribe his or her deeds. In Islam, guardian angels are taken in a literal sense.

5- Defending the community in case of an external attack (known as Jihad). This word was misconstrued because its essence is to fight internal enemies, to fight one’s demons, and to fight Satan and the self’s lowly desires. All religions become subject to misinterpretations and misquotations after the death of their founders. Islam is no exception. Man tries to interject some of his own wits and wishes into the mix and ends up corrupting the religion, and the struggle continues.

4- The belief in all the holy books revealed by all prophets, from Abraham down to Moses, Jesus, and Mohamad. 5- The belief in the Day of Judgment and life after death, heaven and hell, reward and punishment. The five pillars of actions are meant to strengthen relations between self and God and between self and others. They are as follows: 1- Prayer is the most important and is required five times a day. One may ask, “Why only five times? Shouldn’t God be in our hearts at all times?” Islam agrees that this is true and this is actually the essence of religion. But (And) Islam also suggests that life and its distractions cause one to forget about God, and that one should commit five times a day to shun the world and focus on God and that bringing him to the fore is paramount. This is an attempt to help keep God in our awareness and at the center of our lives. December 2016

3- Fasting the month of Ramadan. Fasting starts every day from dawn until sunset, with no food, liquids, or anything else entering the mouth during fasting. Exceptions are made in certain situations (such as when fasting becomes a danger to one’s health). 4- Paying Zakat (psalm/ religious tax) to help the poor.

The pillars of faith start with: 1-

2- Performing pilgrimage (in Mecca) at least once in a lifetime.

Misinterpretations and misquotations of prophets cause division among followers. Religions divide into sects and sects fight among each other and messages of peace turn into curses, all under the same culprit, “I’m better than them.” Indeed, a well-done job for Satan and his machinations. Islam was aware of the misinterpretation issue. The prophet of Islam issued an ultimatum before his death and appointed his cousin and son-in-law as the only interpreter of the Quran and the source of his sayings (Hadith) after his death. The appointed one became a point of bickering among Muslims causing massive divisions and in-fighting. In addition, God planted in us the seed of knowing right from wrong, to exalt justice and to abhor oppression. Justice needs power but power corrupts, as they say. One may argue that if a moral man sits in power, then justice prevails. But

w w w. B o d y M i n d S p i r i t G U I D E . c o m

power corrupts, and the more man climbs the ladder of power, the more demons he has to fight requiring more protection from heaven and more graces from God. Can morals and power join hands and sit on the same throne? Man is yet to find an answer. Islam claims that this happened during the life of their prophet when people enjoyed peace with God and others. Muslims attempt to repeat this experience and, in the process, continue to struggle towards this purpose. Out of this entire struggle to find meaning in life, to find God and win His graces, man is forced to question and strive to find answers. This is a way for most true seekers to strengthen their faith and find graces through obedience by the help of God. As humans, we’re all in the same struggle, seeking purpose in life while staying honest. Some give up and some continue the fight. Should that be a cause of division among man or a cause of unification? A cause of sympathy and love or hatred? Who is behind this division among man? Is it Satan? Solving this age-old question of conflict takes faith, and faith should be married with deeds, according to Islam. But this can only be attained by the grace of God. Will man ever be able to marry morals to power? Is this the Nirvana that man is fighting each other so fiercely to achieve? Only time will tell. In the meantime, all man can do is pray while minding his own, by doing good and having faith in finding the Holy Grail by the mercy of God.

Fred M. Assi Retired engineer with a lifelong interest in world religions.Owner of Microserve computer/ electronics shop at 33425 Ford Rd, Garden City, MI 48135. (734)522-2500.

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Are You Stuck In a Rut? By Phil Rosenbaum Do you ever feel like you could be doing more with your life? You may be thinking your life isn’t bad, but it could be better. Perhaps you are feeling stuck, in a rut, and you are unsure how to get out of this situation, or where to go from here. Many people feel this way. Perhaps you’ve given some thought about how to make your life better, but you haven’t been able to solve the dilemma. Or maybe you have tried to make some changes, but find yourself no better off now than before. Maybe you have issues with your health but don’t know how to improve the situation. Perhaps you’re dissatisfied with your job or don’t get along well with some co-workers. You might wonder if you are in the right line of work or if there is something better. Perhaps you are having difficulty with your partner or spouse but have no idea how to better the relationship. These problems are not unusual. But there is something you may not be aware of. There is a part of you that really knows what you need to do to improve your life.

Why Healing Touch? If you need to… Reduce Pain • Ease Stress Eliminate Toxins • Instill Serenity Nourish Body-Mind-Spirit And Much More For a nominal fee of $30 Walk-ins or appointments welcome Wednesday and Saturday Mornings 9am, 10am and 11am Wednesday Evenings 6pm and 7pm Mercy Center – D Wing (Blue Awning) 28650 Eleven Mile Rd. • Farmington Hills, MI 248-788-5808 •

Marsha Linehan, a psychologist who developed Dialectal Behavior Therapy, speaks about a part of all people that she calls the “Wise Mind.” This is your essence or your strong inner core. It has qualities of love, wisdom and strength. It is elevated consciousness. According to Linehan, the Wise Mind knows and experiences truth. This part of you knows the right thing to do. It helps you see things clearly. It is your inner wisdom and it knows what works. She reports that most adult problems stem from lack of contact with this inner essence. Healing occurs when layers are peeled off, revealing your essence to yourself. As one goes through the therapy process, he or she is then able to reach this inner essence. The problem is that it takes a significant amount of time and is not that easy to accomplish. There is, however, a way to do this that can be much easier and less time consuming. It is through the use of hypnosis. Many people are now familiar with hypnosis. Perhaps you know somebody who has benefited from it, or perhaps you, yourself, have used it. If so, you understand that hypnosis is very helpful for a wide variety of issues, such as quitting smoking, losing weight, eliminating unwanted habits, overcoming fear, getting help with sleep problems, or dealing with stress, to name a few. In addition to all of these benefits, hypnosis can be used, as mentioned above, to get in touch with the “Wise Mind” and find solutions to all kinds of problems. This is a part of you that knows what you need to do to solve your problems. It knows

8 w w w. B o d y M i n d S p i r i t G U I D E . c o m

December 2016

things you don’t even know you know. As great a resource as the Wise Mind is, hypnosis can offer even more. Through hypnosis, you can tap into what has been called the “Super-Conscious Mind”. Here, you can make contact with very highly evolved beings (also called guides, masters or angels), and can ask practically any question about your life and get the vital answers to your questions. Are you beginning to see the awesome resources that are available to you? Whether you tap into your Wise Mind or the Super Conscious Mind, you can get incredibly valuable information that can solve your problems and change your life. With resources like these available to everyone, why stay stuck in a situation you are not enjoying? The solution to your problem is available for the asking. And with the use of hypnosis, one can gain access to these resources quickly and easily. There is a saying, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” If you are not satisfied with the life you are living, it is up to you to take action. It won’t just happen. No one is going to do it for you. Phil Rosenbaum If you would like to find out more about hypnosis, and all of the ways you can benefit, please call Phil Rosenbaum at: 248-6886469. You DESERVE to be happy!

Holiday Stress Management By Mary Teresa Hickey The holidays are here again. Families are gathering, office parties are taking place, and people are experiencing high levels of anxiety, worrying about how they are going to avoid the gatherings or the inevitable emotional strain of misinterpreted communication. But this is the season of peace and joy, right? Family, forgiveness and faith. For some, it is only greed, grudges and grief. This is the season most loved by many, and simply stressful for others. What can they do to get through it? Stress can be considered a lifestyle. Many “Type A” personalities who are accomplishment-driven do not perceive stress. They see challenges, and take them on joyfully. A wise man once told me, “Stress is simply a lack of confidence.” I have chewed on that thought often over the years, and can admit that I feel most stressed when I feel the least amount of control. Stress management is truly a body, mind, spirit issue. When we feel stressed-out, we often think of a “comfort” food or drink – sugar, salt and alcohol are the most common choices. These cause the body to become acidic, which affects the way we think. Naturopaths consider the colon to be the “second brain” of the body. “Stinkin’ thinkin’” is a common term. When we are not digesting and eliminating properly, the brain can’t do its job. As stress increases, healthy food choices continue to disappear. Is there a way out of this loop? Exercise would be a wise choice. Simply walking for 15 minutes a day will encourage the brain to desire better food choices, such as green vegetables and high quality proteins. Breathing deeply while walking in the fresh air will clear the

December 2016

w w w. B o d y M i n d S p i r i t G U I D E . c o m

mind and open it up to see a bigger picture. Meditation is helpful for reducing the emotional reactive process. It reduces heart rate and calms the body. A meditation practice does not have to involve a religion. And as it becomes more mainstream, the instructions are becoming more simplified. Reiki is very helpful for calming, focus, and pain management. It is possible to receive a treatment from a practitioner, or take a class and learn to apply it to oneself. Communication courses are also highly recommended. Much of the stress of get-togethers involves fearing the conversations that happen annually, as grudges and griefs are aired. The Human Awareness Institute teaches boundaries: how to honor our yeses and nos in a peaceful way. Landmark Education gives a great perspective of our life stories and old conclusions that no longer apply, as well as how to create a new story. There are nonviolent communication groups in most communities. Further, there are herbal supplements, flower essences and essential oils that help with anxiety and stress. Lavender is a very popular flower that helps to calm the mind and body. To conclude, always remember that you have choices, and there is support for learning strategies to get through difficult situations. You are not alone. Mary Teresa Hickey is the owner of, Brilliant Bodies, Brilliant Minds, “Because when we care for our bodies our minds work better.” She educates people in lifestyle choices, health and well-being, increasing energy, mental focus, emotional outlook and more. Schedule an appointment today! Page 9

What to Expect From a Hands-on Healing Session By Brenda Tringali Since opening The Indigo Doors, I’ve been surprised how many people don’t know what Reiki is or what a Hands-on Healing is. It seems everyone is familiar with a psychic reading, and most people have done it at least once. A healing on the other hand, is something most people aren’t sure about and definitely something they haven’t participated in. Sometimes I try to explain it by exploring what the “Rei” and “Ki” or the life force energy of Reiki means, but I begin to see the deer in the headlights -- blank expressions of the person I’m talking to. I’m not sure if I’m explaining poorly or if the concepts of an energy healing is too outside of the norm. And honestly, breaking down the varying theories about quantum physics by showing how energy impacts the physiology of the body is actually boring to me. Fascinating and boring; I simply don’t care if my brain can break down, in a linear way, what I can experience with my whole being. So if that is the article you want to read, you might want to stop reading. However, if you would like to spend a few minutes exploring what to expect from an energy healing like Reiki, Quantum Touch, Resonance Balancing, Pranic Healing and many more, please read along!


Before You Schedule

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It is important to understand that even though there is a belief system and theoretical background each healing practitioner follows, depending on their training or experiences, each and every healing is unique. Just as each person is different, their experiences or what they take away from a healing session is one-of-a-kind. That being said, make sure to ask questions of your practitioner! Check in with yourself and ask what you need to know to feel safe or prepared for the session. You might want

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betterprices Ann Arbor • Belleville • Bloomfield Hills Dearborn • Downriver • Lansing (Frandor & West Saginaw) • Grosse Pointe Woods Livonia • Novi • Plymouth • Southfield Sterling Heights

for a store nearest you, call (888) 48-BETTER or visit for a complete listing.

10 w w w. B o d y M i n d S p i r i t G U I D E . c o m

December 2016

to know their background or training, what the space looks like, or what exactly will happen when you get there. A Healer’s intent is to make you feel as comfortable and safe as possible, so that you get the most out of your healing experience. We like questions!

reading but can be much more personal, intense and relevant to what you are dealing with, healing or changing in your life right now. Many healers are very psychic and intuitive, which allows them to connect and help balance the body in a greater capacity.

The most important aspect of any healing is YOU. If you are open and willing to change or grow, this will enhance your healing experience. Sometimes I have clients come in and tell me they want to test me and see what I know or see. I always honor that this is what they need from the experience, but I wonder if they could get more out of their healing if they focused on themselves and not me. On the flip side of this, I do feel you need to be discerning about your practitioner. Trust your intuition or what you think about your healer over someone’s credentials or even the referral from a friend.

In my opinion, a good energy healing will involve all aspects of your being by involving the brain: guided imagery, mindfulness techniques or explanations; the heart: higher self or spirituality; and the body: this is the touching or stretching part of the session. I hope this feedback helps renounce any qualms some might feel about trying a hands on healing! Brenda Tringali BA, MA, MSW, RM, QTP

Possible Expectations During a Session Please note this is in no way a comprehensive explanation of every detail of a healing but some common occurrences one might experience. To increase feelings of comfort and to understand your intent, most healers will spend time at the beginning of the session talking with you. This allows the practitioner and client to get to know each other. I always use this time to explore what the client wants out of the session. Some healing practitioners will also allow time at the end of the session to process the experience. Practitioners of Energy Healings have you laying back in a comfortable chair or massage table type bed. This allows the practitioner to work with the body’s natural abilities to relax and balance itself because the body is relaxed in this position. It is important to understand that most Hands on Healers will touch the body at some point, some more than others. If at any time you feel emotionally or physically uncomfortable, it is necessary to speak up and ask the healer to stop. Please note that most, but not all patients, disclose feeling different types of sensations during a healing but it never reaches a level of discomfort. During the session, the practitioner might ask you to take deep breaths, relax your muscles or participate in some other type of visualization such as breathing the color blue from the bottom of your feet through the top of your head. This helps the practitioner to connect with the natural self-calming abilities within your body and boost your self-balancing energy. I like to explain a healing as a process of connecting to your greatness or energies to help you balance and heal your own body. This is enunciated by utilizing mindfulness techniques such as deep breathing, visualizations and muscle relaxation.

Brenda is a co-founder of The Indigo Doors: A center for the whole being. She has 20 years experience with hands on healing . She is a counselor helping couples, families and individuals create the life they want. She combines the healing arts with her knowledge of psychotherapy to create a unique and effective healing experience. Please feel free to contact (586) 359-2959 and

A center for the whole being: Support, healing and guidance



-Unique classes and workshops that use art and self expression. -Amazing healing sessions -Over 15 yrs experience -Learn tools to enhance your experiences during this Awesome New Age!

Come in or call to see what all the hype is about. Quantum Healing-Clinical Therapy-Spirit Art Classes and More

Some practitioners will talk during the session about what they see in the body’s energies or what they “read” or hear from your guides, higher self or angels. This is very similar to a psychic

December 2016



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Should Not Be Confused With Colliodal Metallic Minerals Which Come From Ancient Sea Beds, Clay, Ground Up Rocks And Soil

“You can trace every sickness, every disease & every aliment to a mineral deficiency.“ Linus Pauing, Nobel Prize Winner

“The basic functions of life itself cannot be performed without minerals. No biological process is exempt... RNA, DNA, subcellular & digestive enzymes, biochemical reaction, hormone function, etc   Nothing in a living system works without one or more mineral cofactors”      Dr.  Joel  Wallach  


contain a natural assortment which range from

A to Z on the mineral list.

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2938 W. Biddle Ave. (W. Jefferson) Wyandotte, MI (734) 246-1208 Dr. Jim Ribley at Siegel Chiropractic 21641 Allen Rd. (S. of King) Woodhaven, MI (734) 673-7431 Warren – Northern Suburbs Sherry 248-217-8009 Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area Maren 734-484-4841 Troy –      Herbal  Secrets                                               2918  E.  Maple      248-­‐526-­‐9996   email    MineralGirl@  

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December 2016

HOW TO BE YOUR OWN PSYCHIC Unleash The Guru Within

Tune In Using meditation is a fast track to your intuition. Simply setting the intention and declaring “I AM super intuitive” or “I AM magically gifted intuitively”, opens up the channels. Meditation doesn’t have to be a super-intense or regimented thing. A few minutes of deep breathing right before you get out of bed, or before you go to sleep is a perfect way to start. If you feel you want more, go for it! Be in nature. Let your mind wander and take in beauty for another way to meditate.

By Tatiana Scavnicky If you’ve ever had that feeling in your gut about someone and were right, you are psychic. For those seers out there that see the future in dreams, you are definitely highly clairvoyant. Here are some ways to turn on your inner-guru and set flight to your natural-born intuition. It Happens in Three’s When you see or hear something three times, Spirit is bending your ear. Run to the bookstore for a book title that keeps coming up. Be sure to see the movie, play or gallery opening recommended by friends and the newspaper. You may just meet your next significant other or someone you totally connect with business-wise at your local museum. Pay Attention to Visual Cues Number sequences are huge signposts from the Other Side. 1’s represent new beginnings. Seeing 111 over and over is a sign to let you know you are a powerful creator/creatress and manifesting savant. 7’s are Spirit’s way of saying you are on the right track. Take to heart repetitious sightings of doves, crows or eagles. Doves represent peace, love, Jesus and forgiveness. Crows are magical positive omens and confirmation of your natural intuitive powers foretelling that magic is afoot! Eagles are symbols of clairvoyance, which means clear seeing, and keeping your eye on the prize and the big picture. They can also mean justice. Any animal that keeps showing up for you and in your dreams is a message.

December 2016

Keep an Intuitive Journal Write down the signs you see. Ponder how they connect to your life. Explore your feelings around intuition. Were you more open when you were young? Were you told that following your intuition was wrong? Write down dreams that you vividly remember. Keep a record of coincidences that happen for you. The attention given to your intuition expands it, bringing you deeper into the veil, the space between this world and the other side where intuition is queen. Follow Your Hunches Those feelings you get in your body and mind are your intuition talking. Clairsentients or clear-feelers, may get powerful tugs in their belly. Pay attention to how you feel around people and in places. Your body is giving you valuable information. Heed red flags about people. Claircognizants or clear-thinkers, get mental hunches. Thoughts will pop up into their heads, such as, take this route, or try this idea. Watch my “Ignite Your Intuition Superpower Series” to see how you get your intuition. It’s a fun, quick and easy guide to your unique intuitive style.

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Trust Yourself Believe in your intuitive abilities. You were born with them. We all have them. Trouble is, if you aren’t hanging with the Harry Potter-type peeps and angel and unicorn lovers, pursuing and developing intuitive skills can seem to scare the heck out of people and cause strange looks. You are doing what? Reading oracle cards? Clearing your energy? When I give intuitive readings, I trust and pass on what I am being told to say. I sometimes get numbers. A three could mean three weeks or three months and be a sign of a new job or relationship coming. Sensitive issues can come up and it comes down to trusting intuition. We all have it! Trust your intuition. Trust those feelings to call a friend if they keep popping up into your head. They might just be needing a bit of support. Go to different coffee shop if you get the guidance. There might be a reason you got called there, or there was construction or delays to your usual spot. It’s not rocket science. We are all powerfully intuitive. It is our first sense as far as I am concerned. Have fun connecting to yours! Tatiana is a teacher, intuitive life coach, psychic-intuitive, meditation creator and Angel Therapy Practitioner® w. Angel Therapy Advanced Training®. She’s released three albums, playing her music with acclaimed angel author Doreen Virtue and Mark Watson of AngelEarth Music. She shares free moon phase oracle card readings at: and 313-399- 0009.

I've learned .... That just one person saying to me, 'You've made my day!' makes my day. P a g e 13

Real Food for the Holidays

The ramifications of the technological advancements in relation to our food supply are outlined in a fascinating book by Randall Fitzgerald, “The HundredYear Lie: How to Protect Yourself from the Chemicals That are Destroying Your Health”, (2006).

By Dr. William H. Karl, D.C. The holidays are a time for family and friends to gather together and celebrate the many traditions and rituals of the season. Whether religious or social, have you noticed that they usually involve food? Food is the magic ingredient that brings people together and is what people remember about special occasions. Food is defined as being a substance of either plant or animal origin ingested to produce energy, sustain growth, and maintain life. While foods should be both appetizing and healthy, it takes effort to prepare healthy food. Perhaps with the incentive of eating food that matches this definition, you’ll make it a priority to try some new recipes or rediscover old family recipes with a healthy twist. Making homemade meals and treats from scratch is time well spent. While requiring more effort, the food will be much healthier. To increase profit margins and tantalize the consumer’s taste buds, convenience meals and snacks are generally made with artificial flavors, colors and preservatives, hormones, processed salts, MSG, genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s), and trans-fats. Reading labels to see what’s actually in the food is a good idea; but my rule of thumb is that if you can’t pronounce it, or if it has more than three ingredients, it’s probably not something you should eat. When we don’t give our bodies the nourishment they need, we’re putting our health at risk. But high stress levels combined with a shortage of energy often

results in many people doing whatever is necessary to get through the day. If you find yourself reaching for that double latte or crunchy snack, it’s time to start looking for healthier alternatives. Packing healthy snacks ahead of time is a plan that works for many people. My new favorite beverage, Fruit and Veggie Plus, mixed with water and Royal Farms (environmentally verified) Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate, helps me get through many of my long days. Raw nuts, organic grapes, and hormone-free cheeses also make good snacks. When making changes, remember to keep the 80/20 rule in mind. It’s better to eat healthy foods 80% of the time while simply doing your best the other 20% of the time, rather than becoming obsessed with trying to do everything right. If you’re taking full advantage of this rule or more than 20% of your diet consists of forbidden foods, perhaps it’s time to look into a good detoxification plan. It’s easy to see how we began relying on pre-made foods. Before artificial preservatives and refrigeration, safety concerns led to the avoidance of certain foods and specific cooking techniques to eliminate possible pathogens. As technology began to change this, fewer people kept their own livestock, tended gardens, preserved their own foods, milked goats and/or cows, and made cheese, butter, yogurt, etc. With the new preservatives, people thought they could buy everything they needed from stores.

Some people question if it’s worth spending extra money to buy organic and/or sustainably produced foods. The short answer is that it benefits both the consumer and the planet. Some argue that the cost of real food is higher but in the long run it is lower when factoring in the cost of what it takes to detoxify your body and try and regain your health after ingesting artificial foods. Of course, not all food has to be organic/ environmentally verified to be safe. The Environmental Working Group website compares organic fruits and vegetables to non-organic ones. Fifty conventional fruits and vegetables are ranked according to levels of pesticides and other chemicals. Twelve that contain the most dangerous chemicals and pesticides identified are called the Dirty Dozen. Asking the farmers themselves about the methods used in their food production is another great way to decide what to buy, but they don’t always know, so do some research ahead of time and then ask. Always treat them with respect as they work very hard to produce the things we consume so that we can do other things, like work at our regular jobs. It seems that we have a new generation of people who are bringing back many of the old traditions. Homemade soups, stews, and broths using high quality protein sources and sustainably produced foods are making their way to the dinner table again. Raw milk yogurt and cheese, kefir, kombucha, raw nuts and seeds, fermented veggies, and other sprouted and fermented foods are becoming increasingly popular. Grass-fed meat from free range animals, wild-caught fish, and eggs from free range chickens supply quality protein

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December 2016

and provide Omega-3’s. Unprocessed Celtic sea salt, organic butter, and other high quality oils, such as raw fermented organic coconut oil adds extra nutrition to daily meals. Two classic books that I highly recommend for outstanding recipes, preparation techniques, and guides to wise food choices include, “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon, and “Truly Cultured: Rejuvenating Taste, Health and Community with Naturally Fermented Foods” by Nancy Lee Bentley. How does all of this relate to the holidays? It’s the perfect time to give yourself and your loved ones the gift of health! Try some new recipes using the best, cleanest ingredients you can find. Experiment with raw food dessert recipes; many taste quite gourmet. Have a dinner party or make Santa homemade cookies. Maybe he’d like to try some of the Hemp Heart treats we make for our Stress and Exercise workshops. Just combine hemp hearts, raw almond butter, raw honey, and a touch of Celtic sea salt, roll the mixture into balls, and coat them with more hemp hearts. Pick up a copy of the recipe from my office or just experiment. We carry most of the ingredients in our office if you’re looking for a one-stop shopping trip. The things you can do with healthy ingredients are limited only to your imagination! We hope you’ll have fun rediscovering real food this holiday season and have a very healthy new year. Bon appétit! Dr. William H. Karl, D.C., is a Brimhall Certified Wellness Doctor with over 35 years of experience helping people to improve their health and their lives. For more information, see www.

December 2016

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“Chicks 4 Charity” is Making a Difference in Our Communities! Are you looking to give back to the community or want to help others who are in need? Woman’s Life Society, Chapter 827, “Chicks 4 Charity” is a charitable organization in the Canton- Plymouth area that has over 40 members of women and growing strong! We have monthly meetings, a fund-raiser, and/or a volunteer service project each month to help benefit a local charity in need. We have been an organization for seven years. We have raised over $135,000 and volunteered many hours to local organizations such as First Step, Star Fish Family Services, Canton Goodfellows, Penrickton School for the Blind, Big Family of Michigan, Seedlings, AAA Pregnancy Center, Wayne County Children’s Center, Capuchin Soup Kitchen, Miracle League of Plymouth, and many more. We are always looking for women and men to help us make a greater impact in the community. We have members from Canton, Plymouth, Livonia, Fenton, Howell, Belleville, etc. Our next event will be on December 10. We will be volunteering at the Wayne County Children’s Center in Detroit in the morning, and then having our business meeting, holiday luncheon, and ornament exchange at Rose’s Restaurant in Canton at 1:30pm. If you would like to learn more about our organization, or contact Tammy Brown, email her at: tammybrown@fbinsmi. com or you can call Tammy at: 734-844-9180 Follow us on Facebook at: womanslifesocietychapter827chicks4charity Help us make our local communities a better place! Tammy Brown, President Chicks4Charity

JOAN STJOHN Clairvoyant – Psychic Medium

1-800-ASK JOAN

1-800-275-5626 ▪ 734-222-8101 Over 25 years experience: Private Consultations, Parties & Corporate Events, Love, Career & Life Issues, Contact Loved Ones on the Other Side

Accurate – Ethical – Professional

How to Put Christ in Christmas By Dave Krajovic Christmas, a predominantly Christian holiday, is about celebrating the birth of Jesus. The focus is on celebrating the birth of the man, Jeshua ben Joseph, and what he accomplished while on this earthly plane. But instead of celebrating Christmas with respect to the man, why not honor the man by embodying his teachings? All Religions Attune To The Light Jeshua ben Joseph was a master teacher. His words have stood the test of time and are still with us today, thousands of years later. Although Christmas honors his birth, the holiday was not named for him. Christmas is named for what He manifested, the Christ energy. Christ consciousness is pure awareness born without fear and based fully in Love and Light. This IS the light of Christmas. When you reframe Christmas this way, you attune the holiday to that of other major religions such as, Diwali, Hanukah, Kwanza and even the pre-Christmas celebration known the world over as the Winter Solstice. All of these celebrations are aligned with the belief in darkness, and yet amidst the darkest of the dark (the winter solstice being the shortest day of the year), there is hope in the return to light. The Yearning of Your Soul This is what our soul longs for. The soul does not yearn for material possessions. This is why no amount of material gifts will bring you happiness. The feeling is fleeting because things of this world are not real and, therefore, can never fulfill you. Only the realization of the truth of who you are can do that. We must begin to let go of the illusion of who we think we are and slip into the truth of who we are. This truth is love. Can you remember how you felt when you extended love to another? Can you remember how you felt when another extended love to you? The feeling is unbelievable. It is real. It is everlasting. A Gift of Gifts As an adjunct to your holiday gift giving, try the following exercise when you are gathered with your loved ones at the dinner table, or around the fire after dinner. Take a pen and paper and write down all the times the other person extended love to you. Let them know how it uplifted you, changed you, stayed with you, empowered you. Share with them how they brought love into the world. Can you think of a greater gift than

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December 2016

that? Can you feel the excitement of that? It is hard for me to think of a better way to honor the master teacher Jesus and align with the true meaning of these holiday celebrations than by enjoining in this task. The sharing and remembrance of love can only bring more love into the world, creating a vortex of loving energy that has only one purpose and that is to expand and extend love out into the world. Would you join me this holiday as we share the ways that love was brought into our world? You can also join Pat and me for our Monthly Guided Meditation, “Let Your Light Shine”, at 9:00pm EST on Tuesday, December 13. During the meditation we will remove the veil of darkness and open to the beautiful light and love that you are. Access it via: David Krajovic MBA, CPA, CMT and his wife Pat have created a new body of work combining contemporary and ancient teachings, helping you ascend above limitation and access the human potential. Their Inspired Life Mastery programs peel away limiting obstructions, enabling you to realize happiness, good health, peace, prosperity and spirituality. 734-416-5200 or

11th Annual UpDog Yoga Year End Retreat: A Time For Yoga, Meditation & Peace December 29-31, 2016 For over a decade, the Capuchin Monastery north of Rochester has hosted an amazing, uplifting, relaxed and joyous family of yogis for two nights and three blissful days of quiet meditation, wonderful food, fascinating friends and spiritual renewal. This year, all are welcome to attend! All accommodations include private room (and bathroom), delicious meals, all yoga and meditation classes (taught by your favorite UpDog Instructors), 80 acres of forested walking trails (including a Labyrinth), and plenty of time and space to recover from the holidays and start your new year off in the best possible way. Starts:

Thursday, 12/29 at 4pm (check-in by 3pm) OR


Saturday, 12/31 at noon


2-Nights: Contact:


December 2016

Friday, 12/30 at 10am (check-in by 9am) $150 per person / $275 per couple

$250 per person / $450 per couple

Duane Utech –

Register/pay online at

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Naturally Balance a Dog’s Energy System By Mary Jo Nieson Just like humans, dogs have an energy system composed of chakras, meridians and an aura. We are all electric beings and energy is electric. Think of the electric pulses that make our heart rhythms. Humans have seven major chakras; add one for the nose and dog’s have eight. Chakras are best described as little spinning wheels of energy; being an engineer I can relate this to the action of a turbine. Each chakra correlates to specific nerves and organs in the body as well as the emotional, psychological and spiritual condition of a body. Should condensation or some other solid block the wheels of a turbine, it will not run. Chakras, too, can become blocked or unbalanced, hindering the health or function of a being. This can happen through trauma or illness to the mind or body. Flower essences and crystals can both have a natural effect on unbalanced or blocked chakras. Dogs have a very different perspective on life and the world than humans do. Something that might not ever give us a second thought can have a negative effect on a dog. Flower essences have a unique way of healing. In fact, I watched a rescue dog emotionally heal himself by using lavender and a healing yellow rose. That entire summer he would plunge his nose back and forth between the two plants, allowing his depression to wane and finally disappear. Bach’s Rescue Remedy is the most well known; a blend of flower essences designed to act on any negative emotions in the body, for humans, animals and even plants. I use it in a blend that I make that includes essences from the “Green Hope Flower

Essence Farm” with great success. My favorite crystal to work with for dogs in general is Rose Quartz. In its many shades of pink, this crystal resonates with the heart chakra, often called the ‘love stone.’ In my experience, dogs are all about love, grounded so beautifully by their four paws on the earth’s surface. I place Rose Quartz crystals in many places in my Studio to help radiate love to the dogs. Grooming, as we humans understand it, is not a natural activity for dogs. There are many other crystals that can be used for dogs. During a dog’s massage, I subjectively choose which crystals to use based on the needs of the dog. Crystals and flower essences are a wonderful place to start if a dog seems out of sorts, but cannot replace the veterinarian in your dog’s health care. Mary Jo Nieson spent 23 years as a Stationary Engineer, and earned a B.A. in Anthropology. She has a passion for Mother Earth and dogs. She expresses this through dog massage and grooming with organic products in her business, “Delicate Paws LLC”. Call: 734 469-4714.

Healing Energy, LLC Healing Body, Mind and Spirit

Treatments that restore wholeness, reestablish the normal flow of energy within the human body, mind and spirit so it can heal. Unique and personal classes Check our website for a list of scheduled classes and shows. We have a wide variety of: Healing Stones, Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls and other products

Anyone can learn how to heal.

Check our website for descriptions of the classes The Wattenbergs (248) 647-6181

GODDESSES UNITE: Announcing the 2017 I AM Goddess Yoga Challenge West End Yoga will be offering a 7 Week #IAMGoddess Yoga Challenge ,with classes every Sunday for 7 Sundays, beginning January 1, 2017 from 11:15A-12:15PM and ending February 12, 2017. The concept is seven goddesses are presented each week and explore the different stories + energies of the goddesses and how this leads us to not only embodiment of the qualities they possess within the structure of yoga asana, but also, through movement, a sacred (maybe somewhat private, for some of us) place of deep compassion for our own humanity. West End Yoga Instructors say “You are beautiful just the way you are. We're talking about feeling vibrant + revitalized + nourished.” Read more about their special offer, including 50% Off. “With your purchase, you receive access to all of our content electronically and also gain access to the following special events and times at the studio with other esteemed women who are here to support and uplift each other: -7 weeks of Unlimited Access to all Yoga Classes (you'll want to join the BUTI Yoga + BUTI Flow Classes on our schedule) -7 PRIVATE GODDESS FLOW YOGA SESSIONS with our healing team of yoga guides (Leah, Nikki + Shardae),

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December 2016

where we give the foundation of Energy Maps (chakras + meridians) and how these systems connect us to higher goddess energy and become ours to realize through our own physical yoga practice. This is a journey away from the chatter/noise/distraction/ striving and into a deeper, subtler, trusting space, where we can call on our ancient grandmothers and learn from their goddess wisdom. These classes occur every Sunday for 7 Sundays, beginning January 1, 2017 from 11:15A-12:15PM and ending February 12, 2017.

UP TO THE MIC: NEW SHOW! “True Love: Empower Your Inner Self” I have the great pleasure of welcoming a brand new host to Body Mind Spirit Radio. Karamjeet Kaur brings her wonderful positive energy, personal experience, writing and teaching to her show, True Love: Empower Your Inner Self which airs live every third Friday from 7-8 p.m. Eastern Time. Her next show will air live on December 16th. Karamjeet has an MBA, is a certified trainer, personal coach, consultant, and author, with twenty years of experience working with individuals and service administration management. Currently, she conducts self-love empowerment and motivational seminars. She also gives personal coaching sessions to local and international clients on self-love empowerment. Karamjeet and her husband, Dr. Avanish Shukla, own a homeopathy clinic in Malaysia. She is now working toward uplifting and empowering people of all ages. Karamjeet’s intention is to inspire love that brings peace to humanity and Mother Nature. Not only does she bring her powerful experiences to her radio show each month, she has brought that and so much more in her book, Truly Love Me. “It’s about finding the meaning of true love, which I have been searching for since I was a little girl. The truelove energy is unshakable; it’s attainable with much patience, trust, determination, faith, and wisdom. It has created amazing miracles in my life, and I am grateful to the Divine Love as He created me,” says Karamjeet.

-2 Yoga 101 Workshops + Mindful Meal Strategy & Planning (Jan 15 + Jan 29 @ 1PM-2:30PM- after the #iAMGoddess Flow class. These workshops are the same class and we are simply offering the Workshop 2x for your schedule conveinience. This Workshop may be purchased separately for $35 (click on the Workshop Day and Time on the Class Schedule Page).

“The journey has helped me evolve in many levels, helping me to understand and accept the inner part of living life lovingly and joyfully. In the moments of depression, loneliness, and many attempts of committing suicide, an amazing, phenomenal night led me to find the meaning of true love within. It changed my life 180 degrees. It was a point of time where Divine Love moved me to an unconditionally loving, living being,” she says.

-Customized WEY EO Blend (channeling your inner goddess :) -Discount on Gaia Love Pure Crystal Jewelry + Discount on Private Health + Wellness sessions with Nikki. Entire Package Value is $300”

“I am absolutely sure that this book can lead and inspire those facing challenges or looking for answers in life. The sharing of Truly Love Me inspires acceptance and empowers the existence of true love within. I believe it is a useful guideline to empower self love.”

**Limited Time Only until December 15; Black Friday Discount Sale Code is 50OFF for 50% off this WEY Course.

Join her in her interactive live show where she will discuss methods and tools, and use her own personal experiences and teachings to help you engage yourself in True Love, work with True Love energy, help you look within and work with True love to have and enjoy the bliss of living life!

Set up a lifelong love affair with yourself, starting this New Year stepping into your power and claim that #iAMGoddess (we will be sharing @ westendyogis)

In October, Karamjeet was a guest on, In Touch Interviews, on Body Mind Spirit Radio where she discussed her book and its writings in length. Venture to www. to listen to her shows in archive or to find more information about her. Also visit: for her book and all she has to offer.

December 2016

If you would like to promote your business, expertise, products or services via radio by being interviewed or by hosting your own personal show, please feel free to email your request to w w w. B o d y M i n d S p i r i t G U I D E . c o m

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“Monks, a statement endowed with five factors is well-spoken, not ill-spoken. It is blameless & unfaulted by knowledgeable people. Which five? “Do I speak at the right time, or not? Do I speak of facts, or not? Do I speak gently or harshly? Do I speak profitable words or not? Do I speak with a kindly heart, or inwardly malicious?” “It is spoken at the right time. It is spoken in truth. It is spoken affectionately. It is spoken beneficially. It is spoken with a mind of good-will. “A statement endowed with these five factors is well-spoken, not ill-spoken. It is blameless & unfaulted by knowledgeable people.” A Statement translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

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December 2016


suffering from breast cancer are often deficient in vitamin B-12. Thus, a diet rich in this vitamin is recommended for the possible prevention of this terrible disease.

Nourish Your Cells With Vitamin B-12!

Nerve Strength - Your nervous system requires vitamin B-12 for proper function and maintenance. Even a mild deficiency can lead to signs of neurological dysfunction, such as nervousness, numbness and tingling. Without it, the nervous system is unable to conduct nerve impulses or sustain viable function.

Vitamin B-12 is properly known as the energy vitamin because our bodies require it for a number of vital functions, including blood cell formation and healthy nerves. Like most vitamins, B-12 isn’t produced by the body so it must be obtained from our diet. Since large amounts are not found in plant foods, it is especially important for vegetarians and vegans to supplement their diets with vitamin B-12. Likewise, it is harder for older people to absorb it from foods because certain stomach acids tend to decrease as we age. Symptoms of Vitamin B-12 Deficiency Recent studies show that one out of four adults in the United States is deficient in this vitally important nutrient, and nearly half the population has suboptimal blood levels. Some of the symptoms that can manifest due to a lack of vitamin B-12 are: Memory problems/ mental fogginess Neurological disorders Drowsiness Psychosis Tingling in extremities Impaired vision Depression

Vision problems Lack of motivation Anemia Muscle weakness Decreased bone health/risk of fracture Headaches Increased risk of cancer

Fatigue/lack of energy Mood swings Insomnia Shortness of breath on exertion Constipation/ diarrhea Increased risk of heart disease Dizziness

Health Benefits of Vitamin B-12 The good news is that, with proper supplementation, here are just a few of the benefits we can gain from this essential vitamin: More Energy - Relieves fatigue and weakness, improving overall stamina. Blood Health - Important functions like formation and repair of red blood cells are largely dependent upon vitamin B-12. Used as a treatment for various forms of anemia, it helps to maintain blood normality. Breast Cancer Prevention - It has been found that women

December 2016

Alzheimer’s Support - Vitamin B-12 has been shown to be effective in treating the symptoms of confusion and cognitive degeneration caused by Alzheimer’s disease. Research has revealed that people with Alzheimer’s have lower amounts of vitamin B-12 in their bodies. Cholesterol Management - Helps in controlling triglyceride levels, which maintain the proper functioning of the human heart. DEVA Vegan Sublingual Vitamin B-12 There are many beneficial forms of vitamin B-12, but DEVA Sublingual Vitamin B-12 contains only one form (Methylcobalamin), which is body-friendly and easy to assimilate. It comes in a small, fast-dissolve tablet providing 1000 mcg (16,666% of the Daily Value) to insure adequate intake. DEVA Sublingual B-12 is 100% animal free and guaranteed for purity and potency. All DEVA products are registered by the Vegan Society, the non-profit organization that actually invented the word “vegan”. *Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and DEVA products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. _____________________________________________________________ aspx

John Chetcuti is a vegan of 29 years and owner of Atom’s Green Market, a natural products wholesaler. He was president and co-founder of the Michigan Vegan Society and is currently studying plant-based nutrition at Cornell University. Retailers, for wholesale information, call (313) 300-7709

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Enlightening the Heart of the Holidays By Eve Wilson I love that we live at a time when traditions can become untraditional; recreated to fit our needs and express our own spirit. This works well for me, since I am one who has always sought the kernel of light and beauty at the heart of all things; so when traditions get bogged down, I want to refresh them. Whatever holiday you celebrate, or avoid celebrating, you can enlighten the dark season of the year if you allow your own heart to redefine it, so that it carries your love and truth. One element of these untraditional times which I so appreciate, is that for many it isn’t the exact date that counts, but the pleasure to be shared when people are together and relaxed with those they love. With so many divorced families, and multiple marriages, young people simply have too many people to visit on a single day. Then when they have children of their own, well, you just feel sad for them, trying to get to so many “special events”! Christmas Eve has become my family’s Christmas day and it is sweet and so relaxed. Winter Solstice, the ancient celebration of the longest night

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December 2016

of the year and the return of light, occurs around Dec., 22. Here is a rich alternative for those who can’t really get on board with Christmas or Hanukkah. My interpretation of this solar event is that when things are dark in the outer world, people may discover the light within their hearts and souls. That light lies at the true heart of all the winter holidays. Detroit Waldorf School inspired me to create a Solstice event for the children in my community of friends when my daughter was young. We made lanterns from jars wired to sticks, and glued colored tissue paper to them, placing a tea candle inside. Lighting the candles the children walked through the dark night swinging their lanterns -- like so many stars beneath the starry sky -- to an evergreen tree on which we hung treats for the animals, such as pine cones coated with peanut butter and birdseed. They sang around the tree and asked the loving spirits of life to protect the trees and creatures, providing them with safety and nourishment through the winter months. Then, of course there was a big fire, and warm spiced cider and cookies. Any traditional holiday, be it Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, or Christmas can be enlightened and enriched by the awareness of our abundance. We can enhance that awareness and increase our joy by giving gifts to our loved ones that provide for others as well. Heifer International is my favorite in this category. They are a service organization which receives the highest recognition for the percentage of donations which actually reach those in need; and their system of giving is so much fun! I get a huge smile from choosing between ducks, goats, geese, angora bunnies, lamas, cows, water buffalo, lambs, chicks, tree seedlings, bees or biogas stoves on behalf of each individual on my list. The gifts you order are delivered to a family in need in this or another country, along with training in their care, and the requirement that they pass along a female offspring and training to another family in need, who in turn will pass it on again… Prices start at $10, so you can share this gift of giving to others with one or many of those you love. Children are wonderfully touched to receive these unusual gifts, feeling close to families in other places, and knowing they are helped by their gift. They love thinking of the other children with their new animals. This is a wonderful gift for professional colleagues, or for children who think the holiday is all about them. Going with friends or family to help out at a soup kitchen or to sing holiday songs for those in a nursing home are other great ways to build amazing memories and deepen the love you feel for the season.

* Shoulders rounded and tense? * Are you less flexible than you use to be? * Chronic hip, neck or lower back pain? * Does your body feel beaten down & compressed? Structural Integration (Rolfing") can:

* Improve your posture dramatically * Assist in breathing easier and deeper * Improve your game (yoga, golf, etc.) * Make being in your body joyous and uplifting

If the spirit in your family’s traditions has fallen flat, perhaps you can enlighten the holiday by bringing in a bit of fresh attitude, and in doing so, empower the light within yourself. You can create the celebration that satisfies your soul! Even if there is just you alone celebrating, you can make the holiday your own way, creating something meaningful, growthful and sweet. New Year’s Eve is a powerful time for spiritual work. I like a quiet evening with a fire or a candle to meditate, heal and nurture the gifts of the coming year. Even if you love to party, you could take some time during the day or evening to light a candle, welcoming the unconditional love of the universe into your life to heal the previous year, and to bless and guide the coming year for you and for all of us on planet Earth. A tiny bit of mindfulness goes a really long way toward positive change for our world. Eve Wilson, Director of The Healer Development Program, is a full-time spiritual healer, teacher and author. Visit her website www.spiritualhealers. com for appointments, classes and the Weekly Word for Healing & Ascension Blog. Her new book, Riding the Wave of Change- Hope, Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World, is coming soon.

December 2016

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Robert Auerbach, Certified Advance Rolf Practitioner – Family Constellations workshop facilitator

"I send my patients with soft tissue pain to Robert for Rolf Structural Integration" Sharon Oliver, M.D

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Unbelievable Weight Losses With “No Diet” I heard about Dr. Reggish from my girlfriend In Traverse City who lost 28 lbs. in only 4 weeks without dieting. I couldn’t believe it until I weighed her. I live in Chicago and I still decided to make an appt. with Dr Reggish. I just couldn’t watch my girlfriend lose all this weight without me. I’m so glad I did. In 2 weeks I lost 18 ½ lbs. and I can’t wait to fly back again in 2 weeks. We heard about Doc one year ago and we’re sorry we didn’t get in sooner. Doc is awesome. I have 2 other friends from Chicago flying in with me that made appts, we’re making it a girl’s weekend in Livonia. Thanks Dr Reggish, Anna Marie M. - Chicago I read about Dr. Reggish 8 months ago and decided I was ready to see him. I suffer from bad constipation, sugar cravings, brain fog, depression and chronic fatigue. Mostly I wanted to lose weight and get healthy. In one week I lost 9 lbs. and I feel great with lots of energy, no brain fog and no sugar cravings. Dr Reggish said that the sugar cravings would be gone in one day. It actually stopped just after I took these herbs he gave me. My 2nd week I lost 8 more lbs. and my depression is gone. Also I’m having daily bowel movements (mostly 2 a day). Dr Reggish is a blessing. Barbara N., - Toledo Ohio

sweats. My first week I lost 11 lbs and was shocked because Doc didn’t put me on a diet. The 2nd week I lost another 9 lbs. and was no longer having hot flashes or night sweats. My energy also drastically improved. It’s now been 4 wks and the pain in my body is completely gone and I feel 10 years younger. I’ve lost a total of 31 lbs. I absolutely love Dr Reggish. He’s unbelievable. Thanks Doc. Mary Lu, - Flint, Mi. The first time I met Dr Reggish, I cried for almost an hour telling him about all my health problems. Dr Reggish was very calm and said don’t worry…we just have to teach you some healthy lessons to live with and miracles will happen. Well miracles did happen and in only 3 weeks I lost 49 lbs without being on a diet. Dr Reggish never told me how much to eat. He never put me on a caloric diet. I couldn’t believe the changes in my body. I do have to say while taking some herbs from Dr Reggish, I saw thousands of parasites during my bowel movements. In two months, I have lost 87 lbs and many of my problems are gone, including depression. When I look in the mirror, I see a new person and thank God everyday for Dr. Reggish. Maria S., Madison Hgts. MI “See Dr Reggish Now before he Retires” The Reggish Holistic Wellness Clinic

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I heard about Dr Reggish and made an appt. to lose weight. He only charges $45 for his nutritional testing. He tests for a lot of things. After doing his program for 3 days, I felt my clothes were loose. I didn’t have Terms: Good for one visit. a scale at home so I stopped in to see if Dr. Reggish would weigh me. Must present ad at time of visit. After only 3 days, I lost 12 lbs. I have lots of energy, no more joint pains and my moods are much better. Looking in the mirror, my face is even smaller. This program was sent from God. God Bless you Dr Reggish, In our office we test for Parasites and Major Foods and Immune Challenges (Viruses, Flu Viruses, Retro Viruses, Four different types of Belinda M., Detroit, MI Fungus and Bacteria) and also Heavy Metals and Toxic Chemicals. All of these tests are done for a single fee of $45. With these tests we I lost 32 lbs. in only 5 weeks following Dr Reggish’s holistic weight loss program. I hope to lose more with this unbelievable program. can identify and determine factors contributing to your health concerns. Tom B. from Adrian, Michigan Contact Dr Michael D. Reggish, D.C., N.D. @734-427-7110, Reggish Holistic Wellness I read about Dr Reggish and his holistic approach to getting people well. I was overweight, always tired and was told that I had 31586 Schoolcraft Rd., Livonia, MI 48150 fibromyalgia. I wasn’t sleeping because of terrible hot flashes and night 24 w w w. B o d y M i n d S p i r i t G U I D E . c o m

December 2016



Creative Health Institute Since 1976, the Creative Health Institute (CHI), has had a rich history in transforming the way people look at health. Founded on the principles of a living food plant-based diet, many lives have been changed, renewed and inspired. Guided by a unique mix of modern science and ancient wisdom, Creative Health Institute provides classes that will stimulate your mind, fresh green food that will nourish your body and soul, and exercises that will give you a sense of vibrancy from your fingers to your toes! They also offer a powerful, cost-effective, cleanse, detox and reboot program. CHI is an internationally renowned, holistic wellness retreat, located in the quiet countryside of Union City, Michigan. It is the perfect destination to unwind, let go, dream, and discover who you are. As soon as you step onto the grounds of CHI, you know that you are in a place of profound healing. No doubt, we live in fascinating times. With the internet and technology rapidly changing, there is more to keep up with than ever before. Health is no exception. With such an abundance of information, opinions and points-of-view available, it can be overwhelming and difficult to sift through it all. The good news is that at the Creative Health Institute, they’ve meticulously done this work for us, having distilled this research into easy-to-understand lectures and interactive classes. They’ve redesigned their program, incorporating the best from the raw food and scientific communities, and they can’t wait to teach you what they’ve learned! CHI ‘s mission is to, Inspire and

December 2016


Specializing in Phone Readings

Specializing in Phone Readings

Spirit Channeling Clairvoyant Clairaudient Tarot Cards

Spirit Channeling Clairvoyant Clairaudient Tarot Cards

empower individuals to lead healthy lives Call Me Tollstaff Free! and be well. Each member of their (877) 4My-Read has personally experienced and been transformed by what the retreatorcenter (586) 939-4230 teaches. They look forward to sharing Master Card/Visa reading confidential their informative classes and Allprograms with you, and enriching your life with health, vitality and wellness. Nourish, Rejuvenate, Grow! Be sure to check out their “Critical Health Series”, and learn about the most pervasive diseases in the world. Also, in-house expert Dr. Aziz will be leading classes on Confronting Cancer and Hope for Heart Disease, an in-depth look at the biology and science surrounding these ailments and how to manage life after the diagnosis. (For more information see CHI’s listing in the classified section.)

Call Me Toll Free! (877) 4My-Read or (586) 939-4230 Master Card/Visa All reading confidential

Happy Holidays to you! The kindest way of helping yourself is to find a friend. -Ann Kaiser Stearns

Testimonial: “Before the program, it seemed that much of my life was not right. My health, physical body, spiritual connection and emotions were declining. Today, after CHI’s 21-Day Wellness program, I leave feeling strong, encouraged, knowledgeable and feeling healthy for the first time in years!” D. Post, age 53. Call 517-278-6260 to reserve your stay. Be sure to ask about their special holiday pricing! For more information, visit: www. Follow them at:@CHIRetreat, #CHIRetreat. Join and relax, heal, and spend some time at Creative Health Institute’s country home!

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P a g e 25

The Neuroscience of Why Gratitude Makes Us Healthier

those who were not jotting down their blessings nightly, participants in the gratitude group reported more hours of sleep each night, and feeling more refreshed upon awakening. The gratitude group also reported more satisfaction with their lives as a whole, felt more optimism about the upcoming week, and felt considerably more connected with others than did participants in the control group.

--by Ocean Robbins Our world is pretty messed up. With all the violence, pollution and crazy things people do, it would be easy to turn into a grouchy old man without being either elderly or male. There’s certainly no shortage of justification for disappointment and cynicism. But consider this: Negative attitudes are bad for you. And gratitude, it turns out, makes you happier and healthier. If you invest in a way of seeing the world that is mean and frustrated, you’re going to get a world that is, well, more mean and frustrating. But if you can find any authentic reason to give thanks, anything that is going right with the world or your life, and put your attention there, then statistics say you’re going to be better off. Does this mean to live in a state of constant denial and put your head in the sand? Of course not. Gratitude works when you’re grateful for something real. Feeling euphoric and spending money like you just won the lottery when you didn’t is probably going to make you real poor, real quick. But what are you actually grateful for? It’s a question that could change your life. Recent studies have concluded that the expression of gratitude can have profound and positive effects on our health, our moods and even the survival of our marriages. As Drs. Blaire and Rita Justice reported for the University of Texas Health Science Center, “a growing body of research shows that gratitude is truly amazing in its physical and psychosocial benefits.” In one study on gratitude, conducted by Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D., at the University of California at Davis and his colleague Mike McCullough at the

University of Miami, randomly assigned participants were given one of three tasks. Each week, participants kept a short journal. One group briefly described five things they were grateful for that had occurred in the past week, another five recorded daily hassles from the previous week that displeased them, and the neutral group was asked to list five events or circumstances that affected them, but they were not told whether to focus on the positive or on the negative. Ten weeks later, participants in the gratitude group felt better about their lives as a whole and were a full 25 percent happier than the hassled group. They reported fewer health complaints, and exercised an average of 1.5 hours more. In a later study by Emmons, people were asked to write every day about things for which they were grateful. Not surprisingly, this daily practice led to greater increases in gratitude than did the weekly journaling in the first study. But the results showed another benefit: Participants in the gratitude group also reported offering others more emotional support or help with a personal problem, indicating that the gratitude exercise increased their goodwill towards others, or more tehnically, their “pro-social” motivation. Another study on gratitude was conducted with adults having congenital and adult-onset neuromuscular disorders (NMDs), with the majority having postpolio syndrome (PPS). Compared to

Perhaps most tellingly, the positive changes were markedly noticeable to others. According to the researchers, “Spouses of the participants in the gratitude (group) reported that the participants appeared to have higher subjective well-being than did the spouses of the participants in the control (group).” There’s an old saying that if you’ve forgotten the language of gratitude, you’ll never be on speaking terms with happiness. It turns out this isn’t just a fluffy idea. Several studies have shown depression to be inversely correlated to gratitude. It seems that the more grateful a person is, the less depressed they are. Philip Watkins, a clinical psychologist at Eastern Washington University, found that clinically depressed individuals showed significantly lower gratitude (nearly 50 percent less) than nondepressed controls. Dr. John Gottman at the University of Washington has been researching marriages for two decades. The conclusion of all that research, he states, is that unless a couple is able to maintain a high ratio of positive to negative encounters (5:1 or greater), it is likely the marriage will end. With 90 percent accuracy, Gottman says he can predict, often after only three minutes of observation, which marriages are likely to flourish and which are likely to flounder. The formula is that for every negative expression (a complaint, frown, put-down, expression of anger) there needs to be about five

26 w w w. B o d y M i n d S p i r i t G U I D E . c o m

December 2016

positive ones (smiles, compliments, laughter, expressions of appreciation and gratitude). Apparently, positive vibes aren’t just for hippies. If you want in on the fun, here are some simple things you can do to build positive momentum toward a more happy and fulfilling life: 1) Keep a daily journal of three things you are thankful for. This works well first thing in the morning, or just before you go to bed. 2) Make it a practice to tell a spouse, partner or friend something you appreciate about them every day. 3) Look in the mirror when you are brushing your teeth, and think about something you have done well recently or something you like about yourself.

By Abby Lippitt ‘Tis the season again, to give and receive. Truly, isn’t that what it’s all about? To show someone dear to you that you care, that they hold a special place inside your heart. Before you rush to the store to find that perfect trinket or bobble, why not consider giving a creative gift from you! Use whatever you’ve got. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s made with sincerity and loving affection. Show them what they mean to you with a creative, thoughtful declaration of your loving expression.

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Creative ways to heartfelt gifting:

Sure this world gives us plenty of reasons to despair. But when we get off the fast track to morbidity, and cultivate instead an attitude of gratitude, things don’t just look better -- they actually get better. Thankfulness feels good, it’s good for you and it’s a blessing for the people around you, too. It’s such a win-win-win that I’d say we have cause for gratitude... Ocean Robbins is a father, author, speaker, facilitator, and the CEO of the Food Revolution Network. To learn more about his work visit www.foodrevolution. org.

“You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one.

Creative Heartfelt Gifting

Use whatever creative abilities and talents you have; it can be anything from a painting to poetry. Consider your loved one’s interests. Create something that you know they will love, then wrap it all up with a big pretty bow!

Todd Stockwell Master Multi-Dimensional Teacher, Healer, and Trainer

M Tea

Namaste & happy holidaysl, Abby Intuitive, TransFormational Artist, Abby has been practicing and studying art and metaphysics since childhood. Her Art Education includes: Rhode Island School Of Design & The University Of The Arts, BFA in the Fine Arts, and Minor in Film and Animation, and Theta Healing. She provides digitally handrendered psychometric and mediumistic art prints for commission on art canvas. Call: 248-655-0464 or visit:

Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It's just a matter of paying attention to this miracle.” ~Paulo Coelho December 2016

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P a g e 27

Stone of the Month: Vanadinite By Jennifer VanderWal Vanadinite is a rare form of small hexagonal crystals. It is most commonly found in the United States, Morocco and New Mexico. The color range includes yellow, burnt orange, browns and deep reds. The vanadinite crystals can be relatively small, and you will often find them attached to the matrix they are formed on. Vanadinite activates the solar plexus, sacral and base chakras, making it an excellent stone for helping people feel more comfortable on earth and grounded in their physical bodies. It is also a great stone for connecting with and grounding with the earth, providing stamina, endurance, persistence and power. It ignites our creative energies. Vanadinite is beneficial when used during meditation, helping to quite mental chatter, creating a “no mind” state. It helps us to not squander our physical energy. It aligns all of the chakras and anchors our highest selves into our physical bodies. Vanadinite aids us in defining and pursuing our goals. It stimulates our mind and lower three chakras creating clear thought, organization, vitality and determination for achieving our goals while helping us to remain free from distractions. The Vanadinite chrystals help clear stagnant energies from our auras, providing for a free flow of energies and ideas. It helps us see and appreciate beauty in all people and things, and opens up our adventurous side. It aids us in breaking free from limitations as well as expectations of others, and balances our masculine and feminine hormones. Often in the type of healing that I do, people ask me what “grounding” means. Being grounded means being connected into the earth and benefiting from her energies. When we are grounded, we will experience more prosperity, better health and vitality, fewer accidents, and being clear minded and focused in the now. Most people on earth are empathetic, meaning we are sensitive to other people’s energies. So a lot of times, we don’t like to be grounded because we can feel all of the pain and suffering. Most of us are floating above the earth to avoid feeling so deeply. But we all chose to come here and be on earth at this time, so it is important for us to stay grounded so that we can experience the lessons and situations we created for ourselves before we were born, to aid us with our ascension. Our base chakra directly connects us with the earth; this is the chakra that governs our prosperity, work and home. When we are connected with the earth and drawing from her energies, all of these aspects become abundant. Our five lower chakras are fed and kept healthy by the earth’s energy. 28 w w w. B o d y M i n d S p i r i t G U I D E . c o m

December 2016

To use Vanadinite to help you ground to the earth, you only need one piece. Prepare yourself for meditation; place the Vanadinite on either the solar plexus, sacral or base chakras. Allow Vanadinite to quiet and calm your mind. Now, feel and visualize tree roots coming out of your base chakra. Visualize and feel these roots extending out away from you, down into the many layers of the earth. Bring these tree roots all the way to the center of the earth, where there is a large iron core crystal. Now see yourself tying these tree roots in a knot around this crystal and you will feel yourself becoming immediately grounded to the earth. When you are ready, bring yourself back up into your body, feeling grounded in all aspects of your life. If there is anything you have been struggling with trying to accomplish, Vanadinite will give you the energy and determination to do it. Have fun!

Body Mind Spirit Guide

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Jennifer VanderWal

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Jennifer VanderWal has been a Melody Crystal Healing Instructor and Facilitator since 2004. She is a Master of the Usui Tibetan Karuna Seiryoku system of Reiki since 1999. She is a spiritual counselor, teaches crystal healing classes and offers a variety of crystal healing techniques at Bodyworks Healing Center in Plymouth.

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December 2016

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St. Jude’s Novena May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved & preserved throughout the world Now & Forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, Pray for us, St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us, St. Jude, helper of the hopeless, pray for us. Say this prayer 9 times a day; for 9 consecutive days. By the 8th day, your prayer will be answered. It has never been known to fail.

Publication must be promised. Love & Prayers, Ann Marie

Recognizing the Spirit of the Holidays! By Nancy Lynn

Greetings readers! It’s that time of year again, when we find ourselves engulfed in the season of giving, joy to the world and peace on earth. I was out in the city lately and I seemed to notice all of those familiar signals that the holidays are approaching. The smell of peppermint wafting through the air, the scent of cookies baking in the oven, and of course, bobbing and weaving to avoid being trampled in the holiday rush. Soon we shall see dazzling Christmas lights, Santas on every corner, and we’ll hear Christmas music on the radio. The trees are barren as the beautiful colors of autumn leaves are swept away. As the outside lies dormant, we will soon be moving in high gear, decorating our homes, purchasing presents and last but not least, making arrangements to visit family and friends. The first snowflakes are soon to fall as the world is cozying up by the fireplace with hot chocolate and apple cider in toe. We marvel at all the traditions and festivities we hold so dear to us. We shall once again submerge ourselves in this season of miracles where something special seems to unfold. It is as if humanity views the world through different eyes. The most beautiful and enchanting sight to witness is the Christmas spirit through the eyes of a child. I myself experienced this first-hand. It was shortly after Thanksgiving; I was with my child out and about in the city. I wanted to share a time honored tradition with my daughter, viewing the holiday windows at Marshall Field’s (aka:

Macy’s.) After viewing the windows, we ventured inside to admire the elegant decor. Of course, the usual holiday bustle was about. Despite this, I continued to point out various decorations and then I heard, “What about the angels mom?” I responded in utter confusion, “Angels, what angels?” She proceeded to point upwards and I followed her gaze. Much to my amazement, dozens of large paper mache angels were suspended from the ceiling. I stood there in awe. Never had I even thought to stop and take the time to look up. Much like many during this holiday season, I was swept away in a sea of ongoing need to get things done. When did my vision become so narrowed that I no longer viewed the beauty that surrounded me? When is it that adults stop being amazed at the little things in life? Would it not be truly a great paradigm shift if we could once again experience Christmas through the eyes of a child! Don’t forget to appreciate your total surroundings. Happy Holidays! Nancy Lynn, Take one of our workshops and we will help you discover more about yourself and show you step by step how to do it on your own. I’m not claiming that this workshop is going to make anyone an expert, though we hope that it will give you a nudge in the right direction. For info please go to: www. or email blueraven318@ or 571-989-2408.

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December 2016

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11/12 Flatten Your Abs Forever - Free Workshop 3pm. Call 734250-9323 to reserve your seat Daily: Need to re-charge and connect with like minded, supportive people, Plug-in with The Indigo Doors! Daily hours are available. Check website for hours. 586-359-2959 Hyper accelerate spiritual growth into the realm of magic, bliss and miracles! David 313-404-3959 Learn powerful magic that really works now! David 313-404-3959 Spiritual Conversations. Healing Chamber Energy work, groups of four or more. The energy fields are rebuilt with each session connection to each individual’s teachers culminates the process. Call for individual & group registration. 313-937-5082 The Healer & Ascension Certification Course - Legal throughout USA. Spiritual healing for body, emotion, mind, spirit, all lifetimes, adults, children, pets, the planet. Eve Wilson www.spiritualhealers. com The Summit Lighthouse of Detroit is offering lectures using Ascended Master teachings from Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet plus weekly Wednesday healing and Sunday devotional services. 313-768 5737


Fri - Drumming circle: Mystiques= West Metaphysical Center. 36356 Ford Rd., Westland 734-729-8019. Friday Nights 7pm $5.00 Native, African and Flat drumming, bring a drum if you have one, many drums available to use. Fri - The Theosophical Society in Detroit, Fridays 6:30pm-9pm Lectures/ Videos and thoughtful discussion. By donation. Bookstore browsing 6:30-7pm. Fri - The Weekly Word for Healing & Ascension Blog. Eve Wilson’s wisdom, and insights for each week. Latest about changes in ourselves and the planet. Free email alerts with link www.


Sat - 3rd monthly. Meditation of the month: 7:30pm. Healing Energy Work & connection to Teachers. Prior Registration necessary at: 313-937-5082 Sat - Experience Healing Touch, an energy based therapeutic approach to healing. Enjoy peace & less pain after treatment. Appts. & Walk-Ins welcome. 28650 Eleven Mile, Farmington Hills. Call: 248-788-5808



12/01 Iodine/Thyroid Workshop 7- 8:30pm. Learn how chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, various cancers including breast and prostate, hypothyroidism, Graves’ and Hashimoto’s diseases relate to iodine deficiencies. Karl Wellness Center, 30935 Ann Arbor Trail, Westland. R.S.V.P. 734-425-8220.

Mon - Mediation Classes! Every Monday Evening at Knight Light Candle, 10332 W. Nine Mile Rd., Oak park. $10.00 per class. Arrive 6:40-6:45 Begins at 7pm 248-291-5483

12/01 Open Mindfulness Meditation Practice: 6-7:30pm. Meditation produces profound benefits including less stress, improved health, mental clarity, calm emotions and better relationships. Includes Mindfulness, Tibetan Singling Bowl, & Metta Meditation. What are you waiting for? $15 or 6 sessions for $60. 734-416-5200 www. More dates: 12/8, 12/20, 12,22, 12/27, & 12/29

Mon - Attend the mystic practice of The Twelve Blessings and Absent Healing Service. Radiate Love and Light to help heal our suffering world. 8pm. The Aetherius Society, 3119 N. Campbell, Royal Oak 248-588-0290


Tue - A Course in Miracles weekly discussion group. Unity of Livonia (5 Mile Rd. just E. of Middlebelt) 7-9pm. For more information, Call Chuck 248-225-5360. Tue - Numerology 101- Tuesdays 7- 9pm (6 weeks beginning 1/17/2017). The Power of Numbers, Your numbers, understood, is the guidance into tranquility and self-realization. Joan Goldman 248-557-5730

12/03 Drink Yourself Healthy: Free Seminar Sat 1:00p at TLC Holistic Wellness Livonia. Learn about alkalized, ionized, purified, spring, bottled and tap water. RSVP-734-664-0339.


12/04 Creative Health Institute Pot Luck Sunday Dec 4th at 12pm. Watch a Live Holiday Raw Food Demo (main course, drink and dessert) and then feast on fresh and organic raw foods. Enjoy the company. Cost is $15 for class and pot luck or $5 for class + bring a dish with the recipe. Call 517-278-6260 to RSVP. www.


12/04 Crystals for Empaths: 11am-1pm. Learn what it means to be empathetic. Identify and discuss crystals known to benefit empaths, discover new techniques, build crystal arrays, and affirmations. Use essential oils and join a guided meditation. Hosted by Jennifer Vanderwal. $44. 734-416-5200 BodyWorks

Thu - 4th monthly, Free Reiki Clinic. 7-8:30pm Experience the powerful healing effects of Reiki. Cleanse, balance, harmonize, and promote healing at all levels. By appointment only. Love donation; 734-416-5200. BodyWorks.

12/04 Hope for Heart Disease presented by Dr. Tarman Aziz- Dec 4-10 & January 15-21. Powerful 7-Day Workshop. Learn to modify your diet, thoughts, and lifestyle to minimize symptoms of heart disease and set realistic targets regaining health. Call 517-2786260 for reservations.

Wed - Experience Healing Touch, an energy based therapeutic approach to healing. Clients enjoy peace & less pain after treatment. Appts. & Walk-Ins welcome. 28650 Eleven Mile, Farmington Hills. 248-788-5808 Thu - 3rd monthly, Intuitive readings, personal guidance, and inspirational message. 630-9:00pm

Thu - A Course In Miracles: Introductory 12 week classes. Unity of Livonia (5 Mile Rd. just E. of Middlebelt) 7-9pm. For more information, Call Chuck 248-225-5360 Thu - Open House 7-9pm. Meet and Greet, Discussion on Depression and Anxiety thought a scientific lens. Shalva Adult and Child Psychiatry, 21751 W. 11 Mile Road, Suite 105, Southfield. RSVP: 248-327-7175 Visit

December 2016

12/04 Peace on Earth Holiday Meditation with Ascension Breathing: 10:30am-12pm. Live the Joy! Let go of holiday stress and every worry, problem and pain as we meditate and breathe to access the light, love, and joy of the season. Open your heart. Let your Light shine bright as you touch the truth of who you are and slip into a peaceful, blissful state of being. $29. 734-416-5200

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December 2016

12/06 The Mindfulness Meditation System (MMS): 6-8pm. Restore balance and calm to body, mind and spirit using our powerful trademarked system of techniques for breathing, balance, flexibility, and mental focus to create a total mind-body meditative experience. Improve your meditations and get better results faster. $49.95. Repeat: $15. 734-416-5200 BodyWorks 12/10 Body Cleansing: Free Seminar Sat 4:30p at TLC Holistic Wellness Livonia. Learn how your body eliminates toxins and how to improve cleansing. RSVP734-664-0339. 12/11 & 01/08 “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind” mediations in Suzuki Roshi’s tradition, 11am at The Lotus Center. 12/11 Temple Community Gathering. (Sun 5pm-7pm) Connect and discuss openly, sexuality, consciousness, spirituality, tantra and more! Free. Email to pre-register: Dakini@MysterySchooloftheTempleArts. com, Details at: 12/11 Unleashing Unlimitedness: Removing the Obstacles that Hold You Back: 9am4pm Do you feel stuck in creating the life you want and deserve? Learn proven techniques to free stuck energy, limiting beliefs, attitudes, and negative thoughts? Includes the Angelic Circle of Healing, cleansing meditations, conscious breathing, energy sweeping, cord cutting, and color pranas. An Ascension Breathing Inspired Life Mastery Program. $179. 734-416-5200 12/11 Unleashing Unlimitedness: Removing the Obstacles that Hold You Back: 9am-4pm. Are you stuck in creating the life you want and deserve? Frustrated at your progress yet know there is more to life than what you are experiencing? Learn proven techniques that will set you free. Commit now to the life you have always wanted. $197. 734-416-5200 Bodyworks 12/11 Usui Tibetan-Karuna Seiryoku Reiki Level 1: 11am-6pm. Help yourself, friends, and family get more out of life. Reiki energy is soothing, calming, and healing. Unwinds stiff bodies, supports immune function and reduces pain. Relaxing yet energizing, reiki balances the body’s energy system for optimum health and taps into the body’s innate and natural healing abilities. Taught by Reiki Master Jennifer Vanderwal. $150. 734-416-5200 Bodyworks 12/11-17 Confronting Cancer presented by Dr. Tarman Aziz- Dec 11-17, January 8-14, February 5-11 & March 12-18. Life changing 7-Day Workshop for those battling cancer. Explore ways to maximize your healing after surgery and chemotherapy through our series of live lectures and interactive workshops. Build a support system. Call 517-278-6260 for reservations.

December 2016

12/13 Guided Full Moon Conscious Breathing Meditation: Let Your Light Shine; 9-9:30pm. When our inner light shines brightly; abundance, joy and love is our experience. Our meditation aligns with religions around the world as we celebrate the return of the light. Remove the veil of darkness that surrounds your vision and open to the beautiful light and love that you are. Accessed www.bodymindspiritradio. com/fullmoonmeditation. 12/14 Intuitive School - Moon Magic: Working with The Magic of Moon Cycles: 7:309:30pm. Discover how moon cycles help us supercharge our desires and empower us in every aspect of life on the night of the full moon. Hosted by Psychic Intuitive & Angel Therapy® Practitioner, Tatiana. $33. 734416-5200 12/15 Stretching for Health 8-9pm. Protect your body from potential harm with these essential stretches taught by Doctor William H. Karl, D.C., 30935 Ann Arbor Trail, Westland, 734-425-8220. 12/15 Trigger Point Release Therapy 7-8pm. Learn how to relieve stress and tension in your body with this simple, yet highly effective technique. Karl Wellness Center, 30935 Ann Arbor Trail, Westland, www. 734-425-8220. 12/15 Body Cleansing: Free Seminar Thurs 7:30p at TLC Holistic Wellness Livonia. Learn how your body eliminates toxins and how to improve cleansing. RSVP-734664-0339. 12/21 Introduction to Pal Dan Gum Qigong: 6-8pm. Qi Gong has been used for thousands of years to promote radiant health and cure disease. Learn 8 Silken Movements to enjoy movement in a mindful and graceful way. Watch your body reenergize as stress evaporates. $40. Repeat: $20. 734-416-5200 BodyWorks 12/22 Free Reiki Clinic: 7-8:30pm. Held most 4th Thursday’s of the month. Experience the powerful healing effects of Reiki. Cleanse, balance, harmonize, and promote healing at all levels. Preregistration required. Love donations appreciated. Hosted by Matthew Ikonen. 734-416-5200 12/28 Reader’s Night! 4-9pm Join Pauline Dettloff & Laura Moody for a psychic party! Mini & full readings are available! Crystals & Jewelry for sale! Special discount on Readings! Redford, Livonia Area. R.S.V.P at: 586-939-4320 313-412-7690 www. 12/31 New Year’s Eve Peace Meditation: 12-1:30pm. Start the New Year with a renewed sense of peace within. This meditation extends to all beings throughout the Universe with wishes for wellness, success, good health, prosperity, and sustained peace. Be the peace you want in the world. $22. 734-416-5200

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01/08/17 Temple Community Gathering. (Sun 5pm-7pm) Connect and discuss openly, sexuality, consciousness, spirituality, tantra and more! Free. Email to pre-register:, Details at: 01/25 A Journey of Self-Discovery: Meditation Lecture Series. Engaging! Insightful! Learn Present Moment Meditation™ plus valuable tools for everyday living. Release stress. Gain new perspectives. 6:30-8:30p. 4-Weds. Schoolcraft College Con’t. Ed., Livonia 734-462-4448 www.schoolcraft. edu/cepd 01/25 Experience the Self: An Inner Journey. Take an in-depth look at the essence of Self. Experience the radiant, peaceful presence, within. Includes Present Moment Meditation™. 6:30-8:30p. Schoolcraft College, Con’t. Ed., Livonia. 734-462-4448 02/05/17 Temple Community Gathering. (Sun 5pm-7pm) Connect and discuss openly, sexuality, consciousness, spirituality, tantra and more! Free. Email to pre-register:, Details at: 03/11/17 Costa Rica Retreats with Ellen Livingston. Feb. 3-11 and 12-18. Yoga, Raw Foods, Life Coaching. Rest, cleanse, renew! / 734-645-3217


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December 2016



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December 2016


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How do I Stay Peaceful in the CRAZY? By BarbraWhite You may be asking right now as we move into 2017: “How do I handle all the emotional intensity that is happening in my life, politics, family etc...?” “How do I stay peaceful when the world is going crazy?” Seeing human life as a spiritual mission re-frames the very thing we call “bad” (pain, challenging events,) as “fertilizer” to growth. What doesn’t grow in nature dies. If humans don’t grow psychologically and spiritually, they will feel dead inside. Suffering comes from holding back the qualities of Creation that want to emerge through you. (Fear births faith, grief births joy, hate births compassion, boredom births creativity) “Don’t look for your dreams to become true, look to become true to your dreams” ~ Dr. Michael Beckwith Look at emotions as energy. When you feel something other than peace, reach for soothing energy. This is not the time to try to figure out why you are feeling the way you do. This approach never works. Insight comes from conscious surrender. Also, don’t make decisions or speak when you feel the charge of emotion. Examples of soothing energy: kind thoughts toward oneself, a few minutes walk, deep breaths. Say to the emotion, “I love you-Thank You.” (From Dr. Hew Len~ho’oponopono) Break the victim archetype. Stop giving your power over to conditions, people or politics. Be willing to see your life from a Soul level. Decide that you are going to be 100% responsible for your happiness. No one or thing has the power to “make you” feel a certain way. Your maker has already made you. Yield to the brilliance, beauty and love that is truly you. “If we decide that the universe is neither friendly nor unfriendly.... we are simply victims to the random toss of the dice and our lives have no real purpose or meaning.” ~Albert Einstein See emotion as a gift. Love is not an emotion, it is a state of being. When you are feeling something other than Love your thoughts and beliefs are out of alignment. You have forgotten

36 w w w. B o d y M i n d S p i r i t G U I D E . c o m

December 2016

the power within you to shift your perception. There is always good to be seen IF you are willing to see it. Every emotional charge is an opportunity to become more Love. Balance personal responsibility for your happiness with radical self-acceptance. Life is messy. It’s meant to be. You are not your crazy thoughts. It is humble to accept that no thought, belief or action can change what creation made you to be. It is humble to accept that you and all people are magnificent. Don’t confuse your intentions to “take control over your happiness” as not letting yourself feel. Everyone has the potential to be amazing. Let people have their experience. Ask yourself, “Who am I to know what Life/God has planned for them?” IF you feel trapped in a relationship or in your life, it is because YOU are tryiTng to control others or conditions. Take control over yourself. It is not the other person or condition that is causing you to feel bad, it is the part of YOU that is triggered when you are around them. No person can be the source of your pain or joy....God is your Source. Love all parts of yourself and you will continue to spontaneously realize that you are greater than your current selfdefinition. Humans incarnate to grow and reveal more God through their living. The following story demonstrates how your inner work effects your family, community and environment.

December 2016

Cary felt hopeless to help her mom and sisters. She was able to access the limiting belief as I invited her to give full conscious space to the feelings. (She did this by NOT asking “why the pain was there” or “why me?” questions.). Cary had a core belief she could not be herself and be loved. Life kept on mirroring this belief for 50 years. In mentoring sessions, she moved through the pain and became more available to the good Life was seeking to give her. As Cary saw the limiting belief and broke the victim archetype, she “ran into” a woman who hosted a woman’s group. Cary felt a sense of belonging and love she had never felt in the many groups she had been in. She was also able to let her family have their journey and consequently felt freer to love her family. In later sessions, Cary shifted a limiting belief that an open heart makes a person weak and vulnerable. The day Cary shifted this belief her ninety year old mother began to hug her for the first time in 50 years! Cary realized an open heart means bringing all parts of herself forward. (What we defend against we attract. The ways we protect will always give the opposite of what they promise.)

St. Jude’s Novena May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved & preserved throughout the world Now & Forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, Pray for us, St. Jude, worker of miracles, pray for us, St. Jude, helper of the hopeless, pray for us. Say this prayer 9 times a day; for 9 consecutive days. By the 8th day, your prayer will be answered. It has never been known to fail.

Publication must be promised. Thank you, P.B.

Thank you for doing your inner work. It is how you heal the world. Are you ready for incredible growth? Go to: for more information on the, “Self-Acceptance Process Certification Course.” Barbra White Barbra has a masters in transpersonal psychology and ecopsychology, Diploma of homeopathy, Reiki Master, and published author. She is a gifted intuitive, spiritual life coach and Earth Angel communicator. 734455-1438 |

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Keeping the Balance By Miche Lame’ So last month we explored how to live in a conscious manner. Part of living in a conscious manner is about creating the balance we need to be successful in life. This can mean many things. It can mean balance with mind-body-emotions-spirit. It can also mean spirit-work-family-self. It can even indicate balance with insideoutside-divine. When you are feeling anxious, out-of-sorts, depressed, poor health, overwhelmed, stuck or even just lost, this could be an indicator that you are out of balance somehow. So how does one develop balance? Part of developing balance is to let go. Realize what you hold onto at the detriment of other things. Is it your job? Perhaps you spend all your spare time meditating instead of some with your family. How about your hobby? Anything can be a block to your being in balance. How about keeping track of how you spend your time? Write down the time you spend at work, school, driving, playing, praying and so on. At the end of the week, count up the hours you spent doing each, then make a “pie” out of the pieces. If you don’t like what you see, you have the power to start changing it. Emotionally, one of the big suckers of time is fear or anxiety. Underlying anxiety can be a major cause of imbalance in your life. And, actually cause what you most fear to pass. Jung first brought up the idea of a shadow self. The self we are unconsciously afraid to look at. People often come into my office, wanting help, yet are afraid to open up that Pandora’s Box. Just as in the story, they are afraid of what they will let loose into their conscious world, their experience, and the work they my need to do to change those thoughts, or even afraid they are unchangeable and make them monsters. They are often fearful

and condemn these thoughts as their own personal evils and feel, besides the fear of the unknown, fear of others not liking them, judging them, besides their own guilt, worthless, and judgment. All of us have this shadow self, we are all connected and Jung even pointed out these thoughts and feelings in the “collective unconscious” which includes everything we most like and dislike about ourselves. And, that some of us even project this negative shadow self onto others in the world around us... remember that mirror of you that I’m always talking about? Here is another example of how the world is a reflection of you! The things you don’t like in your world are mirrors of your inner self, the self that is out of balance, the shadow self you want to hide. Part of being in balance is to look at and explore your fears. I have a client whom I discovered worked over 60 hrs. a week in an unconditioned building to provide for his family. As a result, he was too tired when he was home to enjoy them and so laid on the couch just zoning out. That resulted in his family thinking he didn’t care about them, resentment grew, and he almost landed up with a divorce. And, what was he afraid of deep down? That he’d lose his family and be the type of father he had, emotionally distant. Can you see how the imbalance, once looked at, could act as a wake-up call to be balanced? He did slowly wake up. He started working slightly less hours, said hello and goodnight to his family, started watching less TV, playing games more, took them on trips, and did not have to have his arm twisted with guilt to attend family and school functions. He even made time to go on dates with his wife. Looking at the imbalances in his life lead him to look at his shadow self, the one that felt unworthy of love and so earned it by working so hard, while avoiding intimacy with his family. Was

it worth it to take stock of how he spent his time? Was it worth it to look into his shadow self? He thinks so, and so does his family. It also takes a lot of energy to keep the imbalance, to ignore the shadow self and suppress your emotions, your own inner knowing. And, on an emotional level it created immaturity and lowered ability to love. On the intellectual level, it results in concrete and stuck thinking, difficulty learning new things. With the spiritual level, well, you are stuck! How can you allow yourself to connect with your Higher Self and the Creator if you don’t even know and accept the all of you? And then, as your experience of the world is a reflection, you will have ample opportunities to encounter that shadow self and work on it, heal it anyway. The universe always has your best interests in mind and at heart. How can you be your very best self, your actualized self, if you don’t accept and heal all of you, all of your self? Just as like attracts like, have a little humor as you look at the imbalances in your life, and at the shadow self that helps create them. Once looked at and accepted, they often lose any power they have over you and just go away like smoke from a chimney. It is only your fear of them that keeps you trapped. With humor, you can become friends with your shadow and create balance in your life, in a conscious manner. So have some fun creating conscious balance in your life! Love and Light, Miche Lame’ Miche Lame’ has been compassionately guiding people for over 25 years. Through Spiritual Living and Healing Miche utilizes Intuitive and Universal Principals to guide you in healing your emotional, mental, physical, & spiritual state.

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December 2016

The “Don’t Miss Movie of the Year” COLLATERAL BEAUTY

Tammy Brown protects all your life’s moments

When a successful New York advertising executive suffers a great tragedy he retreats from life. While his concerned friends try desperately to reconnect with him, he seeks answers from the universe by writing letters to Love, Time and Death.

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But it’s not until his notes bring unexpected personal responses that he begins to understand how these constants interlock in a life fully lived, and how even the deepest loss can reveal moments of meaning and beauty. COLLATERAL BEAUTY, stars Will Smith, alongside an all-star ensemble cast that includes Edward Norton, Keira Knightley, Michael Pena, Naomie Harris, Jacob Latimore, Kate Winslet and Helen Mirren. The film is directed by David Frankel (“Marley & Me,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” and “Hope Springs”).


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COLLATERAL BEAUTY from Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema and Village Roadshow Pictures opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, December 16, 2016. December 2016

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The Illusion of Closure

Buddhist psychology utilizes the term enlightenment, which means an openness to experience. It entails giving up on such reference points and instead being open to the experience of the moment and nothing more.

By Dr. Michael Abramsky A patient of mine had experienced a dramatic change in his behavior, and hence, his selfperception. His refrain was always, “I never was like this before!” In response to his own confusion, he endlessly tried to examine the “cause” of this change. In meticulous detail he went over the alterations in his work situation which had stressed him. He tried to reconstruct the parameters of his childhood, the weaknesses that such a confused family situation had imposed on him.

In the throes of suffering we try to move to the past or future. We try to gain closure and by doing so rid ourselves of the experience. We do not want to feel what we are feeling, to sit and take it. But enlightenment means just that; sit with it, do not avoid, do not react to the experience.

At first, I listened approvingly. His descriptions were meticulous and insightful. I underscored that a cognitive understanding of his situation was helpful. The mind does have a rational dimension, and it needs to be fed. But after a while, I pointed out that for all his “understanding” he did not feel any better, and questioned whether more explorations such as childhood reconstruction and an analysis of situational triggers would lower his anxiety?

For example, if someone rejects us, the reactive mind sees ourselves as “victimized”. In response, we may externalize it as blame for the other, or we may try to understand why we are so hurt, or we may sink into self pity. Each conceptualization brings temporary relief, but no change in the way we deal with suffering, and it forces us to fixate and identify with selfperceptions which invariably lead to greater suffering.

When I finally suggested that he go in another direction he confronted me. “I need closure”, he said. “When I find the right explanation I will stop being anxious.” I looked at him, “There is no closure”, I said. The writer and Buddhist Monk Pema Chodrun has called such searches for closure, “Looking for a reference point.” A reference point is a standard for evaluation, assessment or comparison. Reference points are standard constructs of the rational mind. The rational mind seeks explanations and understanding; these are the foods that satiate the rational mind. But mental satiation is like the joke about Chinese food: “You eat and an hour later you are hungry again.” Mental closure is always transient. The right conception does bring relief, but quickly the search returns for there is always more to think about, and all thinking leaves us is hungry for more knowledge and a dose more of resolution. Buddhism calls this tendency Samsara, the endless cycle of death and rebirth, which in this corporal life is characterized by the endless cycle of suffering (anxiety, depression, anger and grasping), resolution followed by another round of suffering. According to Buddhist thought, such suffering is existential, it is inherent in our being.

Instead, we must relax our body in response to the experience, and rather than allow a reactive mind to search for reference, we utilize bare self-observation.

To reach an enlightened state of mind, we first center our body and let afflictive feelings go. Simultaneously, we stand aside and let our thoughts flow. As Chodrum says, “Like touching a bubble with a feather.” We watch the progression of our thoughts and the feelings that encircle them. We do not get in their way, try to guide them, or reject them. We are simply open to the experience as it exists. As we get out of our own way the experience dissipates, moves on and makes room for new experiences. We flow through life, which is the natural state of our being. Rather than self-explanation, our task is always to flow with the moment. Contentment is dealing with each moment as it exists, and meeting it with calm and acceptance. That’s all there is. Closure implies a permanence that does not exist; seeking the illusion of closure is a path toward more suffering. Michael Abramsky PHD, ABPP Michael is a licensed psychologist with 35 years of experience treating adolescents and adults for anxiety, depression and trauma. He is nationally Board Certified in both Clinical and Forensic psychology.. Dr. Abramsky also has a MA in Comparative Religions, and has practiced and taught Buddhist Meditation for 25 years. You may call him at: 248-644-7398

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December 2016

Body Cleansing By Sherry Yale, D.C. Our bodies cleanse themselves, removing toxins, through several Elimination Channels. These channels must be fully functioning for optimal health and if even one elimination channel is slow, this tends to result in a build-up of substances that are harmful to your health, even if it takes years to become apparent. These elimination channels are four: 1) The colon with bowel movements, 2) The kidneys and bladder with urine, 3) The lungs with expiration, and 4) The skin with sweating and release through the pores. Have you ever seen someone with acne? Chances are, the problem lies in sluggishness in one of the other elimination channels, often the colon. The body is great at compensating and when one elimination channel is not working well, the other channels have to pick up the slack, but will tend to have a hard time truly keeping up, hence acne as in this one example. Examples can be widely varied. I had a patient come to me a few months ago with apparent lung problems and coughing that had been going on for months. Understandably, this patient was concerned and ready to improve their health. I found that the root of the problem was actually sluggish kidneys. Once the kidneys were helped to cleanse properly, the cough and lung problem went away. There are countless ways the body will compensate; these are just two examples. The skin is a powerful and important elimination channel that is often totally neglected and abused. Sweating is not only good, it is vital. Please don’t use anti-perspirants. They block your pores from sweating properly in a region that is adjacent to

the lymphatic system, which is particularly vital to allow toxins to release. Not only are the release of toxins hampered in this way, but to make matters worse, anti-perspirants tend to be loaded with toxic chemicals and metals that can get absorbed by your body. Oh my gosh, such a routine thing that is so detrimental to our health! Get a natural deodorant, please. If you find them not effective enough, that is an indicator that you are desperate for cleansing, meaning your body is not as clean inwardly as it should be. There are natural ways to get the skin releasing toxins adequately. One of them is Dry Skin Brushing. If you’d like more information on this, I’d be happy to mail you an article as well as where to buy your natural-bristle skin brushes. Used regularly, skin brushing can even reduce wrinkles and cellulite. Another important factor is wearing clothes of natural fibers. Cotton is really wonderful, allowing your skin to breathe. Synthetics prevent proper elimination through the skin. I hope you enjoyed the information and I would love to help you improve your health! Sherry Yale, D.C. of TLC Holistic Wellness, 31580 Schoolcraft Rd., Livonia, MI 48150. Call: 734-664-0339 or e-mail:


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December 2016

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Spiritual Horoscope for December By Aluna Michaels, M.A. Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) — Happy birthday Sagittarius! Saturn in your sign helps you to be steady and focused, especially in career and developing talents. You can also improve relationships by sticking with commitments and having others see your reliability. If single, you can meet a new partner who becomes a long-term love! Mercury turns retrograde mid-month, so don’t overspend on impulsive gifts. Take longer to choose and have a budget before you shop! Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) — Mercury retrogrades in your sign, helping you ponder your identity. With transformative Pluto also nearby, you can shift and heal deep personality issues and emerge empowered for the New Year! Especially contemplate issues with your dad, bosses, or other authority figures. Also look at how you hammer yourself mercilessly! Develop self-compassion and you’ll have more motivation and achieve more goals than when you frighten yourself with shame!! Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) — Energetic, sexy Mars and peaceful, romantic Venus are both in your sign, balancing emotions in relationships or attracting a new partner! You’ll also feel self-love that blesses you and everyone around you. Use this inspiration to form goals with progressive steps and ask positive friends to keep you motivated and accountable so that your dreams manifest! Meditate and comb your mind for old resentments or limiting beliefs that block happiness. Empower yourself by taking charge of your subconscious! Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) — Amazing breakthroughs can happen with work and finances! Prosperity

affirmations and visualization manifest, as well as seeing results from plain old hard work and patience. This abundance flows all next year too! Meditate to release old frustrations or buried feelings of not deserving success so even more good can flow in. Connecting with old friends during the holidays re-ignites the bond so that your sense of support expands! Aries (March 21 – April 19) — Discipline doesn’t appeal to you, but commit to a spiritual practice! Be it yoga, meditation, daily prayer or spiritual studies, your intuition, happiness and internal empowerment will explode! So out of “boredom” will come unlimited excitement! Investigate the new movement of quantum physics and spirituality to create changes in health, relationships and career. If you attune yourself regularly with meditation, you’ll become almost magical in your ability to shape your world. You’ll also have inspired advice for family members that helps them heal with each other. Taurus (April 20 – May 20) — Trust yourself! You have a strong intuition even though it might be a subtle inner voice. You have the answers you need regarding relationships, career, finances and spirituality. Don’t be swayed by big, loud ideas of others. You’re not stubborn, you’re actually centered and “on target”. Meditate daily and ask for signs or dreams to reinforce your inner knowingness. If you need to make choices, wait until January when more dust settles and you feel even more clear and confident. Gemini (May 21 – June 20) — The biggest spiritual step you can take as a Gemini is gaining control over thoughts. Mercury (the mind) is retrograde near Pluto (obsessive focus). But also, Pluto can give insights into the way your mind works. Saturn is also helping you have clarity. Write down your worries. Meditate to let other parts of your brain supply

potential solutions, which you’ll also write down. Enlist a friend to help with an action plan. You’ll gain freedom to use your brain in happy, constructive, creative ways! Cancer (June 21 – July 22) — Meditate on how you could be “addicted” to stress and problems. This Mercury retrograde illuminates how you’re more comfortable having issues with work, finances, relationships and intimacy than having peace in those areas. Create new habits of thought that create a new life as a “joy addict”! Observe your birth family this month, looking for clues and patterns to “sadness addiction”. But you can be free no matter how entrenched you feel this part of you is!! Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) — It’s obnoxious, but ponder the statement, “Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?” Release stuck attitudes to heal relationships with family and romantic partnerships. It isn’t only ideas about others, but also about limited beliefs about your future based on past experiences. Open up more possibilities by challenging your interpretations and extrapolations from life events. Past doesn’t equal future if you forgive and free yourself from your old identity. Become a different you with new love and new joy! Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) — Trust the guidance from your intuition that comes from meditation and being centered. “Going within” before you act improves issues with family, kids and relationships, and even self-esteem. Lots of your energy gets diverted and converted into worry and rumination so that you’re physically depleted. When you’re poised about decisions you can act in confidence, trust the outcome. When you don’t doubt choices or replay possible scenarios, you have more vital forces to accomplish lots of tasks. You’ll also empower your health and immune system this winter!

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December 2016

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) — This month is creative, sexy and fun! You can meet a new love, or break through longstanding issues in a current connection. (Family of origin problems can heal too!) The key is to keep your commitment to think positively. Discipline yourself to observe moment to moment thoughts and end painful negative thought patterns. The support of the Universe is behind you on this, so patiently pluck out each yucky idea as it comes up and toss it out! Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) — You can get a great new job offer or start an exciting work project. It’s a perfect time to re-budget finances and set powerful financial goals. Meditation sharpens your intuition and keeps you on a course of success! You can also have health breakthroughs, even if you’ve given up on ever being healed. Maybe set up a yoga space in your home so it’s convenient to practice and keep your body, mind and soul tuned in! Aluna Michaels is a secondgeneration astrologer. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an E-book on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call or text 248-583-1663 or visit

Astrology for Your Soul Aluna Michaels, M.A. Esoteric Astrologer “Together we will unveil your Life Plan and Soul’s Purpose.” Over 30 years of counseling experience.

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December 2016

The Cabbage Patch Kid I was 6 years old, my parents were getting a divorce, and my mom was pregnant with my little brother, so things were really rocky for us. On Christmas Eve my mom got a phone call, and the woman on the phone said they had heard we were having a tough time and asked if it would be OK if Santa came to visit. We lived in a tiny town so my mom wasn’t too surprised that people knew what was going on. A little later we heard bells and down the road came a horse-drawn carriage with a real-life Santa! He came in and gave me a Cabbage Patch Kid doll — it was the ’80s. To this day we still don’t know who Santa was or who called my mom. Every year I send a little thankyou by trying to do something special for someone else who needs it. They taught me what Christmas is really all about and I never get tired of seeing other people’s faces light up when I have been able to be their Santa. 13. The Orange When I was 6 years old or so I received an orange from my great-grandmother. I didn’t understand why someone had given me fruit for Christmas, until I learned many years later that this was my great-grandma’s favorite gift when she was a kid in the 1910s… It was her tradition and her way to remind us that small things could make us happy.

Catching Santa Claus

One Christmas morning my parents woke my siblings and I up and told us they had secretly videotaped Santa last night and we just HAD to see it. At this point we had started to question if Santa was real or not, but when we saw that video of Santa putting gifts under the tree and eating the cookies we left, any doubt we had was gone! Years later we found out that my parents had found a Santa suit at the store and stayed up all night recording the video. We still talk about that video every year at Christmas and it is definitely something I plan on doing with my kids!

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Christmas Carols

When I was little, my grandpa had cancer, and he and my grandma were too exhausted from all the treatments and emotions from the previous months to make the two-hour drive to Christmas with the rest of the family. So my mom arranged for us all to go over to their house instead, and we stood outside in their yard singing Christmas carols. I’ll never forget the look on my grandma’s face when she drew the curtains to see what was going on outside — it makes me tear up just to think about how excited she was. My grandpa died a month later, but my grandma has always said how grateful she was that we didn’t forget about him on what ended up being his last Christmas.


A few years ago I participated in a storytelling project in the month of December. The theme of the event was “gifts” and I told the story of how I had received a Brownies uniform and manual from my grandparents for my 7th birthday, granting me the opportunity to be in a troop, only to be faced with a horrible troop leader who freely told the other girls that she didn’t like me and would only hand out badges on days when I wasn’t there. My story concluded with revealing that after one year in Brownies, I only had one badge. All the other girls moved on to the next level of Girl Scouts… I did not. My mother was at the storytelling event and two weeks later for Christmas, she handed me a small gold box. Inside was a Brownies sash, adorned with every single badge a girl could earn and accompanied by a three-page letter explaining how I had earned them. I was so touched, I cried. It was the most beautiful and thoughtful gift I ever received. Wishing you lots of Holiday Magic! Source:

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Affecting Positive Change

true when we examine the current state of the world.

By Susan deCaussin Every moment of every day we are faced with choices. What to eat, what to do, who to interact with, etc. And, whether we realize it or not, we are always given a choice, in every single situation, as to how we choose to react to the world around us. Although most of us don’t ever consciously think about this, it’s the basis for all that is yet to come in our lives. You see, staying with the mindset of “what we think about, we bring about” and “thoughts become things”, we must always acknowledge the fact that we are creators in our own right. Not unlike a generator, we pump out energetic waves with each thought, reaction and response we have to everything we’re exposed to in every single moment. Since each action creates a reaction, we must learn to take ownership for the frequency of energy we are contributing to the world around us. Everything has a vibrational level. Whether you’re talking about something dense, like a rock, or something flowing, like water, every single thing is made of up moving particles. Because of that, the world’s vibration is based on the overall, collective vibration of everything within it. While the vibration of a rock remains consistent, we are always fluctuating according to our state of being. Joy, happiness and love all vibrate at a high level, whereas sadness, hate and anger can instantly diminish the energy around us. Negativity of any sort – whether it be by thought or by action – immediately pulls our vibration down and places us in a position of drawing more of the same into our lives. This can trap us in a seemingly unending loop of, what some would call, bad luck! When we begin to understand the dynamics of vibrational energy and can clearly see how our thoughts and actions play a part, we can then make the adjustments we need to come into greater alignment with the highest and best. This is particularly

Many people are feeling defeated by the anger and violence around them and resign themselves to thinking that they, as one person, could never have enough influence to affect a positive change. But what they don’t see is that, not unlike the branches of a tree, we are all interconnected through a powerful life force. When one person shifts their perspective and begins to radiate gratitude, love and joy, it sets off a wave of energy that travels out amongst us all. And, the most beautiful part of this is that we don’t even have to be with another person to affect a change. Like sound traveling along a phone line, our vibration affects everyone and everything it contacts, which then changes the frequency of what they’re putting out. That change then travels around the planet, not unlike having a carefully placed row of dominos tumble over, one at a time. With this to be true, each of us should feel comfort in knowing that we are powerful beings. We are not only able to affect world change by choosing to react from a place of love and gratitude, but we can attract more of the same into our lives through the natural law of attraction – like attracts like. Like a boomerang, the energy we send out into the world brings more of the same back to us. And, as energetic beings, living at a level of high vibration empowers our physical bodies with the ability to work at an optimal level and achieve a state of wellbeing. So, the next time you witness anger, violence and negativity of any sort, fuel your internal generator with positivity. Raise the energy in that moment with loving thoughts, healing words and caring actions. You’ll change that moment for the better, and help contribute to elevating the overall vibrational energy of the planet and all who reside here. It all starts with you. How will you affect a positive change? Susan is an accomplished writer, speaker, Reiki Practitioner and Medium. Her deep connection to Spirit assists her in all modalities of working with Universal Energy. Through her connection to Spirit, Susan’s writings are always powerful, healing and thought provoking. Learn more at: www.

Peace on Earth! Peace can only last where human rights are respected, where people are fed, and where individuals are free.

~His Holiness The Dalai Lama 44 w w w. B o d y M i n d S p i r i t G U I D E . c o m

December 2016

Yes, You Are a Spirit Medium

most profound aspects of mediumship is the ability to communicate with friends and/or family members who have passed into spirit. Developing your mediumship will help remove all fear of death, and bring you the solace of being able to get in touch with someone who has crossed into the higher land.

By Ray Fraser Spirit Mediumship is the source of many questions. People ask, “How can you do that?” “When did you discover you had the gift?” “Do you actually hear spirits talking to you?” The list is endless, but the answer to all of it is extremely simple; everyone has mediumship ability. Some people choose to develop it, and some don’t. It’s amazing, people who come to my class frequently say, “I don’t know why I’m here, I don’t have any mediumship.” Of course, that’s not true. The truth is they just don’t recognize their abilities. I ask, have you ever had your telephone ring and knew who was calling even before you answered, or knew that a cop was up ahead clocking speeders even though you couldn’t see them? Both of these involve a phase of mediumship known as clairsentience. Commonly we call it, “women’s intuition” or guys call it, “a gut feeling.” Young children often comment about having invisible friends. Of course, they are not invisible to them, only to the adults. Where do they learn how to see them and communicate with them? Simply, we are born with mediumship abilities. As we grow, unknowing adults tell us that it is impossible to talk to spirit, so over time we simply quit trying. Learning to use mediumship is a little like learning a foreign language, the more you work at it, the better you get. Spirit is available 24/7/365. So it is our willingness to commit time to our development that is really the key. I teach mediumship classes at Mystiques~West Psychic Reading Center. I hold two or three classes a year. My next class will begin on January 19, 2017. Virtually no student has ever come into class saying that they know they have abilities. Most are unsure and are not confident. I’ve been teaching December 2016

mediumship for more than 30 years. Many of the best spiritual workers in the psychic community are people who have attended my class. One of the positive aspects of the class is that we dispel many if not all of the falsehoods that are common in the psychic community. Basically, there are approximately 20 different phases of spirit mediumship. Everybody has abilities in at least one. Additionally, many of these pri phases can be sub-divided into more categories. Spirit will send messages in many different forms such as pictures or symbols that relate to actual pictures or situations (clairvoyance), or as sound (clairaudiently), or by “feelings” as in (clairsentience), or by smell (clairnostic). All you need to do is learn how to discern the difference between conscious thought and subconscious messages, and you’re on the right track. Way too many workers are undereducated. This can cause a serious misunderstanding as to the intent of the message received from spirit. In all my years of teaching, I’ve never found a single person who was unable to perceive messages from the guides or loved ones in spirit. Also, many people mistakenly believe that the Bible is against mediumship. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is comforting to know that many of God’s ancient workers used mediumship as they went through their daily lives. Learning to use your mediumship can help simplify your life and the lives of those who are dear to you. One of the

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So, the question is not, do you have mediumship ability, but rather, are you willing to learn how to use it? It’s all covered in a single 4-week class. My next class will start on Thursday, January 19. Give us a call if you’d like more information. More than 40 years ago, I didn’t even think it was possible, and I say to you exactly what one of my teachers said to me, “With a little work, you’ll be able to do this as well as I can, maybe even better.” Don’t let life pass you by. Come and learn how to use ALL of your abilities. We’d love to see you. Ray Fraser is the owner of Mystiques~West Psychic Reading Center, in Westland. Call: 734-729-8019 or visit:

I've learned.... That everyone you meet deserves to be greeted with a smile. That no one is perfect until you fall in love with them. That sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand. ~Andy Rooney

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Body Mind Spirit



SHOWS BY DATE: December 2016 Calendar Accident Angels: Injury Consultants. Weekly Monday & Thursday Evenings 7-8 p.m. Join Renee Angel as she offers testimonials, expert guests in Michigan, Auto No Fault Insurance Laws, Renee Angel’s knowledge and experience to help renew restore and rebuild the lives of individuals that have been in car accidents, educate all listeners on their rights and the benefits you deserve when in an auto, truck or motorcycle accident. Listen Live to learn about your rights benefits and opportunities and receive free advice! For more information on weekly show topics, or guests visit, 12/6 Unveiling the Psychic Truth 10-11 a.m. Courtney Overfield give listeners the truth about being a psychic, what it’s like impacting others and topics such as mediumship, growing up psychic, psychic sniping and more! This month’s topic: The Holidays and what does it mean for spirit, spiritual energy, and your intuition. 12/10 Adrianna’s Mystic Connections 10-11 a.m. Gifted angel reader, healer and teacher. Adrianna invites you to call in for guidance and counsel from the angels. Topic: Guest Carrie Beller-Krause will join the show to discuss Change and Rebirth: The perception of change, the stages of grief, accepting change. Life is change, how to get ready for new beginnings. The 2nd half Adrianna will be taking callers for “mini readings”

12/16 True Love: Empower Your Inner Self. 7-8 p.m. EST or 7-8 a.m. MYT. Join host Karamjeet Kaur in her interactive live show where she will discuss methods, tools and use her own personal experience and teachings to help you engage yourself in True Love, work with True Love energy, help you look within and work with True love to have and enjoy the bliss of living life. 12/20 Sacred Sexuality with Leslie Blackburn 10-11 a.m. Leslie helps you connect with your sacred sexuality, and welcomes calls during the show. Join her for monthly topics that help you bring peace to you, your body and your relationships. Bring your curiosity! Topic: SPECIAL REBROADCAST December 2015 show. Empowered Sexuality: Balancing Choice (free will) and Letting Go (surrender)- releasing boxes and being YOU! 12/20 Aetherius Radio Live 1-2p.m. Aetherius Society members, Richard Lawrence and Chrissie Blaze bring the wisdom of outer space to help you realize the potential of inner space. Wonderful topics every month such as The Nine Freedoms, Ascended Masters, Karma and more! Topic: Mars Sector 8- The Ultimate Cosmic Resource. 12/27 Calling All Leaders & Healers 10-11 a.m. You are a unique expression of the Presence of Love. Self Acceptance opens you to your dynamic destiny. In a willingness to love yourself you become a leader, healer and a beneficial presence to others. Each show is inspirational power packed with teachings by Barbra White and world changing guests. 12/27 We Get Results 1-2 p.m. Mary Singer Albertson Knows how to get Results and People who make things happen. “Be the change you want to see in the world. Be an advocate for people who have no voice. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

12/13 Fairy Tale Interrupted Relationship Coaching with Dr. Andrea Lee. 10-11 a.m. Dr. Lee is a certified relationship coach and guru that applies a “keep it real” approach as she tackles practical, emotional, and spiritual matters of the heart as it relates to individual, relationship, and family matters. Topic: SPECIAL REBROADCAST November 2016 show! Dr. Lee will be discussing how to master the holiday season with grace as it relates to family and friends (Subjects to include holiday spending and dealing with difficult people.)

12/28 Embodying Your Higher Self: Clearing The Ego. 8-9 p.m. Live group clearing & healing session to embody your higher self by clearing the ego, or negative mind, to remove its limitation and self-sabotage in your life using ThetaHealing belief & feeling work and the Access Consciousness clearing statement along with psychic channeling in divine love & light with the Creator of All That Is. Call in live to receive clearing & healing for your issue and all who listen and say yes will receive healing be! Topic: New Year New Story: Clearing old patterns for a fresh start.

12/13 Body Mind Spirit NEWS 1-2 p.m. The Body Mind Spirit Guide staff brings you current news, upcoming events, laughter, articles and topics that are included in the monthly magazine we have all grown to love. We would love to hear from you! This month’s topic: The December edition of the magazine. Call in the join the conversation and tell us what you enjoy.

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12/13 Guided Full Moon Conscious Breathing Meditation: Let Your Light Shine; 9:00-9:30pm. When our inner light shines brightly; abundance, joy and love is our experience. Our meditation aligns with religions around the world as we celebrate the return of the light. Remove the veil of darkness that surrounds your vision and open to the beautiful light and love that you are. Perfect for beginners & experienced meditators alike. Accessed

The Wendy Powers Show: Psychic Readings and Spiritual Topics will return January 2017!

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12/14 Journey Into Oneness 1-2 p.m. Journey Into Oneness with Darlene Sowa. Energy Medicine Practitioner, exercise physiologist and bona-fide nature lover, Darlene shares ideas and tools to assist you on Internet Radio Station - Available on the your journey to rediscovering your wild and authentic nature, as well as, web 24/7! Access Shows, Fan Pages, and the abundant nature of the universe. Monthly topics and guest will help Episodes Guest call 646-378-0378 to join in! you navigate these ever-changing times with new insights, renewed hope and empowering visions. Guest/topic: Linda Guertler, Candle Balancing 21,000 listeners and growing... Expert and Balancing Holiday Energy with Candles. 46 w w w. B o d y M i n d S p i r i t G U I D E . c o m December 2016


Calling All Leaders and Healers - Guest speakers. Hear your evolutionary call to be an ambassador of love. 734-455-1438. Diamond Approach® Study Group forming in Ann Arbor. Embodied spiritual practice. For more information: Having difficult times? Clear bad energy with Spiritual Baths and Blessings by Rev. Katherine, 30 yrs of success. 313-4240141 Holistic Chamber - Detroit Chapter meets every 3rd Wednesday. For More Information: Like to read a good mystery? Visit http:// Free Download Enjoy! Maitreya Steps Foward read @ www. Reach your Goals (personal or professional)! Jackie Kaba, Coach extraordinaire will provide an action plan to get you in motion and keep you motivated with continued encouragement and supportive counseling. 248-365-7468 Wellness Coaching: Looking to Improve Your Health? Contact Amanda DuLac RD 248-231-3178


Colonics: in Royal Oak with: Infrared Sauna, Lymphatic Drainage & Nutritionist specializing in Yeast & Parasites. www. 248-543-2020. Colonics/ Detoxification in Sterling Heights. Clean and relaxing environment. Located at the Center for the Healing Arts. www. 586-268-5444


Farmington Office space available. Ideal for doctor, acupuncture, spa, massage, yoga 248-318-6691. Rent Space in Troy. A beautiful, clean, furnished modern multi-specialty wellness clinic. Great for Acupuncturist, Nutritionist, Weight Loss Specialist, Doula, Wellness Consultant, Psychiatrist, Counselor etc. Space available within The Chiropractic Studio, located in a busy plaza with high foot traffic off major roads. Call 248-7200444 or email Sterling Hts, established, private, furnished, large offices with big windows, waiting room, mental Health clinic monthly. 586-260-5565



Chiropractic assistant/biller for a holistic/ fun office in Westland. ICD10 experience and good communication skills necessary. Send resume to: www.

Reiki sessions. Aura clearing. Spiritual healing. In person. Long distance. Classes: Reiki (all levels) and more. See Kathleen Pruneau-Hill, Healer Practitioner, Reiki Master. Nurse Educator.734-751-7336

Employment Opportunity: Natural Practitioner, 30-40hrs/week. Psychiatric experience and medication knowledge preferred. Shalva Adult and Child Psychiatry in Southfield. Inquiries contact Susan Martinez (248) 327-7175. For More Information

Holistic Facials, Reiki, Aromatouch, Essential Oils. Energy is the essence of Life. Denise Meerschaert 248-884-5855 Oxford, MI

Structural Integration/ Rolfing Session. Looking to improve your flexibility, balance, and posture? Call Brian Kirsch: 248-4333000 Birmingham Area.



December 2016

Sublet Office Downtown Plymouth near park. Has elevator, free parking, window, reception, and storage. Perfect For therapists & one person businesses. $495/Mo, utilities included. Call 734-453-2207 email


A Perfect Balanced Mind: A safe, effective technology that gives feedback directly to your brain allowing it to regulate itself more efficiently. Specializing in: Anxiety, memory/ focus, sleep issues, PTSD, ADD/ADHD. 248-254-7823

Ark Crystals Sale: Large, high quality, Lemurian crystals from Brazil, Great prices, crystal spheres and more. Example, Lemurian crystal, 11 inches long, 1.42 kilos, $560. For info, contact Ed Ponist 517-8963897, Cocktail Candles – Scented Tel: 734-2244116 Gamblers Money Bag or Gree Gree Tel: 734-224-4116 Get Rid of Styrofoam! Michigan Green Safe offers plant based eco-friendly carry out containers for the food service industry. For a catalog and free samples, call John Chetcuti 313-300-7709 Medical Intuition and Healing available in Tri-County Area on Fridays and Saturdays, Becky Stevens Holistic Alternatives, LLC., 586-294-6540. No Hemp CBD Oil (HIV+ Cancer PTSD Seizures) 734-224-4116 Organic Fair Trade Coffee, locally roasted by Righteous Bean Coffee available for Restaurants, Retail Stores & Offices. Call John for samples & price: 313-300-7709 Rick Simpson Syrup (RSO) Tel: 734-2244116 Spiritual Bath Cleanse. Custom made for your condition(s) Tel:734-224-4116 Spiritual Case Work – Discreet Tel: 248471-9724


Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Life Coach. Contact Kari at: 586-747-7706.

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Passionate about mentoring young children? Available to work part-time, during the day? Immediate mentoring positions with the Brain-Based Science Solutions Team! $10-$15 hourly, local Detroit area. 248-979-0380 Seeking Licensed Massage Therapist. Imagine working in the perfect place. A comfortable, caring, friendly and family oriented environment where it is fun to work. BodyWorks is an Award Winning Massage Therapy Center and is recognized as a premier healing center in Southeast Michigan. We are seeking the best to complement our family of healers. Must have excellent client relation skills, work well as a team and place the highest attention on the overall well-being and healing of the client. Certification a plus. Send Resume & Letter of Interest to: relax@bodyworkshealingcenter. com Questions? Call us at 734.416.5200 Yoga Center Hiring: Full-time/part-time gig? WEY is fast-growing and our staff is made of “life-long learners” focused on sharing their passion and knowledge with a diverse community. Find our more at: http://www.


Delicate Paws LLC where it’s about the dog. Massage and organic grooming.All services by appointment. 734-469-4714


Joan Goldman, Numerologist, Advisor-Consultant (248) 557-5730 Tricia Christo Psychic Medium. 20 Years Experience. Tricia can Connect you with your Loved Ones and or Assist You with your Past, Present and Future. Available for Appointments In Person or by Phone. Psychic Parties, Speaking Engagements, Fundraisers and Corporate Events. 586 757-3699 (Land line)

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December 2016

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