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N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2

S U P P O R T I N G T H E M I L I TA R Y S I N C E 1 9 9 7


N E W QContact U A Y A C TUs I V I From T Y C E N8am-10pm T R E . C O . U K7 -Days ( 0 1 6a 3 7Week ) 877722

N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2

THE SOUTH WEST’S LEADING ADVENTURE TRAINING PROVIDER FOR COASTAL ACTIVITIES The South West’s Leading Adventure Training Provider For Coastal Activities We are the South West’s leading adventure training provider and have been supplying activities to military groups for the last

eighteen years. Our pledge to you is to provide the best experience to your personnel at the best price – consequently all military groups receive a 40% discount on all our activities.

Our Instructor Team Our instructors and guides are governing body approved, fully qualified beach lifeguards so you can have confidence that you’re in safe, well qualified hands. The Newquay Activity Centre team boasts British surfing champion Johnny Fryer and British team

coach Rob Barber who are specialists at taking surfers and bodyboarders to the next level. Our coasteer guides have nearly 20 years experience leading military groups around some of the most amazing and challenging courses in the country that are all just a stone’s throw away from our Newquay base. Our kayak and SUP routes offer something for all abilities.

What We Offer Our centre offers a wide range of Adventurous Training packages that are specially designed to push the limits of your personnel and provide a host of different challenges during your visit. Our centre is AALA licensed and offers safe and secure heated changing rooms, external warm showers, events suite and is 40m from the beach.

We’re Here To Help We work with a number of fantastic accommodation providers here in Newquay who welcome military groups and offer

competitive rates. We are happy to help you organise all aspects of your visit and our lines are open 8am to 10pm seven days a

week. Our trained, experienced bookings team are here to help. We are able to provide you with all relevant paperwork required for funding applications where applicable including risk assessments and instructors qualifications.

We would love to provide your personnel with an activity package that would offer a variety of challenges and of course an amazing experience!



N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2

N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2

OUR PLEDGE TO THE MILITARY “The Newquay Activity Centre are committed to the advancement of surfing, bodyboarding, longboarding, coasteering, SUP and kayaking through the military. We promote membership to the military surf clubs and offer free advanced coaching to Army Surfing, The RAF Wave Riders and RNRMSA. We are proud to be an official sponsor of Army Surfing and Royal Navy, Royal Marines Surfing. We proactively promote coasteering to military personnel in order to push personal boundaries and build team-working skills. We offer a 40% discount on all activities to Military personnel”

Why BOOK with Us We are recommended by Army Surfing, Surf Navy and RAF Waveriders as the preferred south west supplier for Adventurous Training provison. • Risk assessments and insurance documents supplied upon request.

• We have been featured in Soldier, RAF Active and Globe & Laurel.

• Prizes for most improved rider, biggest wipeout etc.

• Classroom space for force development.

• Equipment provided and wetsuits to fit all sizes for each activity.

• Invoices and flexible payment plan.

• Dedicated military booking staff.

• Flexible build-your-own packages.

• Specialists in force development.

• All your AT needs all under one roof.

• 15 Years experience with armed forces groups.


SURFING armysurfing.org


• We can cater for all size groups.

• AALA licensed.




N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2

N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2













N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2












N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2

Servicing the military with adventurous training activities since 1998

WHAT WE OFFER Prices Include 40% Military Discount





Surf Experience



Cornwall Castaway


Lifeguard Trials


You’ll be ‘shipwrecked’ then your objective is to make dry land by means of wild sea swimming, climbing and coasteering skills. This will be followed by some bushcraft survival skills and fire building. As a team you will then paddle your way to safety using our rescue craft

The Lifeguard Trials was born out of request from the RAF looking to provide their servicemen and women with a comprehensive course in coastal appreciation and waterman skills. Includes coasteering and beach lifeguard skills and command task activities that are rewarding and motivating.


Two-hour Surfing lesson in the morning. Afternoon, use of kit, changing rooms and advice about the best beach to use.


Bodyboard Experience

Cornish Challenge


Waterman/Woman day




Snorkel SUP Safari


Night Coasteer



Two-hour Bodyboarding lesson in the morning, use of kit, changing rooms and advice about the best beach to use.

Super Stand Up Paddleboard


Our 8 person stand up paddleboard requires team work and navigation during this ocean based orienteer

Super SUP and Coasteer

Surf Survivor


The Cornish Challenge is Newquay Activity Centre’s ultimate team building tournament. Combining California beach games with lifeguarding, survival and leadership skills.

Three activities over two sessions; surfing, coasteering and bodyboarding.



Paddling rescue boards, riding surfboards, bodyboarding and

learning beach rescue skils. Including survival and leadership skills with flag and fitness games.

Racing SUP


Go head to head in a winner takes all circuit paddle race, where anything goes, across the turquoise waters of Newquay bay. Includes command tasks and navigation.


Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) £27

N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2

N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2



The Newquay Activity Centre has heated changing rooms and secure lockers to store valuables. We also have warm outdoor showers. There are a selection of local food vendors offering both hot and cold food and beverages. Which you will receive up to 25% discount.

As well as surfing and bodyboard lessons, kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboarding, coasteering and mountain biking sessions, we offer team building activities that comprise a whole range of challenges and skills. Our unique Cornish Challenge, Surf Survivor and Cornwall Castaway activities include a selection of command tasks and leadership games comprising of water survival skills, team competitions and physical relay races for individuals or teams to battle it out.

IS THERE PARKING AVAILABLE? Yes we have onsite parking available at discounted rates

HOW TO FIND US? We are located at Towan beach, Newquay. Our Postcode is TR7 1DU.

WHAT ACCOMMODATION DO YOU RECOMMEND? The majority of our Military groups that join us stay at RAF St Mawgan, you can contact their central booking office by email on SMG-extrgaccom@mod.uk.

HOW TO BOOK AND PAY WITH US? We request payment to secure a booking. However, in certain circumstances we can accommodate a payment plan. Seven days prior to your activity start date we will need to have final confirmation of your numbers along with full payment. There can be no refund after this point for changes in your numbers. We understand that acquiring funding can take time and up until seven days prior to your booking, we can be flexible on numbers. You can pay for your activities by cash, card, cheque or online bank transfer. Please note that unless payment has been received within the time period we cannot guarantee any activity timetable. It is important that we are contacted whenever a payment has been made. When payment is received we can add you to our diary and send you your booking confirmation. Until you receive a booking confirmation via email you are not booked in the diary.







N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2


N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2

TESTIMONIALS “The encouragement and guidance they gave the soldiers was fantastic. The strength and confidence displayed by young soldiers was testament to the teaching skills and enthusiasm of the instructors.”

Major Mick Peters RLC (OC)

SOLDIER MAGAZINE “Coasteering is a way for soldiers to realise that they’ve got it in them to take on the challenge, it provides a real test of your nerves in a way that could not be done at the barracks or on exercise, the lads have taken a lot from this because it really pushes the boundaries and takes them out of their comfort zone”

Major Mark Ackrill, Officer Commanding 664 Squadron, 4 Regiment, Army Air Corps

“We would like to thank you all for an excellent week of bodyboard coaching. All the lads who attended your coaching course have thoroughly enjoyed their time with you and the guys. The instruction was excellent and service and support throughout the week was to highest standards. ”

J Bottomley,

665 Sqn Army Air Corps - Ground Support Flight

“The Newquay Activity Centre yet again supplied excellent free instruction to the RAF Waveriders in their preparation for the Tri Services Surfing Championships.”



RAF Active

N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2


N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2


Newquay Activity Centre Coasteering Ocean Based Activities

Newquay Activity Centre

Towan Beach Promenade Newquay Cornwall TR7 1DU

Onsite Parking at Discounted Rates


N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2


N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2

COASTAL WALKS COASTAL PATH PATH WALKS Here in Newquay we are lucky to have some of the most diverse and stunning coastal landscapes in the country. There are plenty of coastal walks that offer a mix of terrain, environment and challenges.

Watergate Bay to Newquay The walk follows the coast path from Watergate Bay to Whipsiddery beach. After an optional diversion to Trevelgue Head and Porth Island, the route crosses Porth Beach to join the coast path to Lusty Glaze. The return to Newquay is along the cliff edge from Lusty Glaze to Tolcarne Beach. This route offers a good variety of steady inclines and differing terrain as well as incredible views that on a day with good visibility spans for miles. Distance: 3.5 miles/5.7km Grade: Easy

Holywell to Crantock The walk starts by crossing the sandy beach at Holywell and follows the coast path around Kelsey Head to the cove of Porth Joke. The walk continues around West Pentire point, past the blowhole to Crantock beach and comes inland at the Bowgie Inn. From here, the return route is over Cubert Common along the edge of the Holywell dunes forming part of the Penhale Sands dune system. This route offers a contrast to the one above with ranging terrain including the dynamic sand dunes. Distance: Grade:

5 miles/8km Easy – moderate

Newquay to Padstow Head north out of Newquay along the coast path as far as the Watergate Bay Hotel a couple of miles north of Newquay. Go uphill from the hotel on the minor road that heads directly to Trevarrian. When you reach Trevarrian, head north down the B3276 into Mawgan Porth. Head east out of Mawgan Porth on the B3276, and near the top of the hill when the road doubles back on itself head eastwards on a minor road towards St Eval. When you approach the aerials of the MOD station take a minor road that skirts the western and the northern edges of the station. Turn left past the church, and then immediately left again to take the road that leads into Penrose. Head north from Penrose along a minor road past Tresallyn Farm and onto the B3274 road. This busy road can then be followed down into Padstow, or it can be avoided by using various footpaths. Distance: 14.5 miles/23.3km Grade: Moderate Ask us for many more options.


N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2

N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2

OUR SUPPORT FOR THE MILITARY To show our ongoing support for the military, the Newquay Activity Centre are proud sponsors of the Royal Marines Surf Club, Army Surfing and supporters of RAF Waveriders. Throughout the year we provide the teams with free training sessions with the aim to help them improve and tune up their riding for future competitions. Within a full day of coaching, the group can be provided with in water and beach coaching, video and photo analysis as well as classroom tuition.


Help for Heroes Newquay Activity Centre’s elite Coasteering team embarked on a unique Coasteering challenge that saw 5 men, sea swim, traverse cliffs, jump and rock climb from St Agnes to Newquay Harbour. The group covered a staggering 24km of ocean and cliff face. The challenge tested their fitness, stamina and determination which at times, particularly through the longer swims, pushed the group to the limit. The crew chose to support charities who they felt benefited their day to day life working in the ocean and as they regularly supply coaching for military groups, they chose to give their support to the Help for Heroes campaign.

New Year’s Eve Charity Coasteer Royal British Legion

Newquay Activity Centre’s New Year’s Eve charity coasteer raised £500 for the Royal British Legion and £400 for SSAFA. During this annual event, between 30 and 40 people participated, arriving at Newquay Activity Centre at midday to get kitted out in Coasteering equipment before embarking on an end of year Cornish ocean adventure. The high tide andmildweatherprovidedtheCoasteeringgroupwith perfect conditions as they embraced the winter swell to explore the Cornish coastline, jumping off cliffs, sea swimming,exploringcaves,cavernsandexperiencing whirlpools hidden from land-dwellers.


N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2

N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2

RISK ASSESSMENTS / AALA LICENCE / INSTRUCTOR QUALIFICATIONS / INSURANCE Risk assessments for all activities will be emailed to you, including: • Coasteering • Surfing • Bodyboarding

• Kayaking • SUP • Surf Survivor

We can also email our Adventure Activities License Certificate and our Instructor Qualifications.

Proudly recognised by the Military Covenant All Insurance certificates will also be supplied

Just request the pack through info@newquayactivitycentre.co.uk or 01637 877722

N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K (01637) 877722 Contact Us From 8am-10pm 7 Days a Week



N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2

N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2

S U P P O R T I N G T H E M I L I TA R Y S I N C E 1 9 9 7


N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2 N E W Q U AYA C T I V I T Y C E N T R E . C O. U K - ( 0 1 6 3 7 ) 8 7 7 7 2 2

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Newquay Activity Centre Military Info Pack  

Newquay Activity Centre Military Info Pack