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JUNE 2011


On Set at the First Nail Salon Reality Show




Concerned ABOUT Chemicals? na0611Cover.indd 2

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frolic irty

National Release Date: July 1, 2011 ORLY Nail Lacquers are Free of DBP, Formaldehyde & Toluene

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Galadriel is wearing FROLIC


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4/26/11 3:51:13 PM Š2011 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

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WHO ARE YOU? The girl with the edge? The style standout?

Retention+™ is not your mother’s acrylic. It’s the original game changer for long, sleek, naturallooking nails. And now with new Retention+ Powder the sky’s the limit. Shape. Lengthen. Construct. Build. Totally transform! Retention+ Liquid & Powder System. New from CND.


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“Beautiful Base. Flawless Finish. The steps to perfect color.”

Nourishing base coats and super shiny top coats help enrich, strengthen and protect nails. Fabulous manicures deserve the essie treatment.


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America’s nail salon expert. Since 1981

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“if you want to pick up some

color at the beach... I say go

brazil iant.”

summer 2011

too too hot

super bossa nova

braziliant For more information, call 1.866.348.9208

meet me at sunset

smooth sailing

absolutely shore DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free

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America’s nail salon expert. Since 1981.

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“ Get a clean slate with my

paraben-free system.” Naturally Clean by essie gently cleanses and restores intense moisture for supple, healthy-looking hands and feet. A natural approach for the perfect essie salon experience.

Purifying Hand Treatment | Vitamin-enriched Manicure Revitalizer Refreshing Nail Cleanser | Purifying Hand Wash | Purifying Nail Polish Remover


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America’s nail salon expert. Since 1981

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“ Turn back the

hands of time.”

Essie Ejuvenate leaves hands visibly smoother and more radiant in four easy steps. Cleanse, exfoliate, treat and hydrate to reveal new, younger looking hands.

Hydro-Therapy Hand Revitalizer | Microdermabrasion Hand Refiner Advanced Radiance Hand Treatment | Intensive Recovery Hand Cream


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America’s nail salon expert. Since 1981

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“What’s next for mani•Q color is right here, in black and white.” Your response to our new mani•Q color soak-off gel has been awesome. We’re thrilled, stoked and totally gratified. So when you asked for a black and a white, we listened. And then developed the best black and white mani•Q colors possible. The black is a deeper-than-night black. None of that wishy-washy kinda brown, kinda blue black here. Our mani•Q white is an ideal white. Soft, yet true. Perfect for french manicures, french pedicures, or anything else you can dream up. Of course, they’re both up to the same standards that you’ve come to expect from every Young Nails product. The formulas are stable, reliable, predictable and abundant. And, under our new 45-watt LED lamp, they cure in a zippy 30 seconds. Our new mani•Q black and white. You’re gonna love them.

Learn more at Order from your distributor, online, at the store or call us at 800.777.9170. If you’d like to receive info via email, contact Join your tech friends on our Facebook page and on Twitter at youngnails1.

Young Nails Inc., Anaheim, CA.

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Model is wearing NSI Polish Pro’s “I’ll Pink to That”.

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Always a Bridesmaid Collection. Colors your clients will love to wear again. Save the Date

I’ll Pink to That

Dyed to Match


Green with Envy

Shower at the Four Seasons

NSI Polish Pro. Chip-free for two weeks or longer. All colors may be purchased separately. Love them all? Buy four and get two FREE to own the entire collection. For more information, visit us at Or, call 1-800-354-6741.

Because you’re more than Just a Nail Girl. You’re a Pro who knows what your clients want.

nail systems international

“Always a Bridesmaid. Now showing in brilliant colors. And on the big screen. Visit for a chance to win free movie tickets.”

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2/18/10 4:18:03 PM

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with Advanced Avocado Lipid Complex A complete hand care system that leaves skin positively glowing at an amazing cost-per-service value!*



AVOPLEX LIQUID SOAP Cleanses & nourishes with Avocado Lipid Complex, Vitamin E and soothing Aloe. Use as professional manicure soak; retail for daily use.

AVOPLEX REVITALIZING HAND & BODY SCRUB Instantly reveals softer, younger-looking skin! Hydrates with nutrient-rich Avocado Lipid Complex, Jojoba and Grape Seed Oils.

Experience the Avoplex difference with OPI’s Pro Manicure Kit offering 20 full services! *Average service cost using Pro Sizes = $0.65; Econ Sizes = $0.51.

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AVOPLEX MEET THE AVOCADO AVOCADO OIL Rich in natural skin-loving lipids that smooth and soothe.

VITAMINS A, D, & E Helps fight free radicals and encourage natural skin repair.

LECITHIN Natural emollient; helps soften and protect skin.

POTASSIUM An important elasticity-restoring mineral.

PROTEIN Increases elasticity, helps lock in moisture, and helps protect skin.

PHOSPHOLIPIDS Natural moisture-binding emollients nourish your skin.



A must for professional services – a weekly treat for hands and body!

Call 800-341-9999 or visit ©2011 OPI Products Inc.

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{in this issue}

June 2011 Volume 29, No. 5



102 The Ultimate Bridal Nail Brides have a lot to stress about on their wedding day — why not alleviate some of that worry by working with her to create the perfect set of bridal nails. These seven designs can be customized to match her wedding colors, flowers, or theme, and let her get some stellar photos with her new ring.


110 They’ve Got the Whole World in Their Hands Call them ongles or uñas, nägel or negle, they’re still nails and they deserve the attention of a skilled professional — no matter where you live. These 11 international techs share what life is like in the nail industry in their slice of the world. 118 A Reality Star to Call Our Own After years of reality shows focused on hair salons and hairstylists (Blow Out, Shear Genius, Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, Jerseylicious) the nail industry is finally getting our own reality show. Billed as a reality docu-soap series, TV Guide Network’s Nail Files follows the life of salon owner Katie Cazorla as she juggles her expanding business and her personal life. 124 Wax Love Got to Do With It? A burden on your skin, but on clients it’s a win — unwanted hair is an oft-overlooked opportunity for nail techs to rip into new profits and broaden their salon skill set.


JUNE 2011


110 page 118

On Set at the First Nail Salon Reality Show

page 102 THE BRIDE WORE…

Cover Look

The Painted Nail in Sherman Oaks, Calif. Salon Photo: Alen Lin Photography ( Katie Photo: Courtesy TV Guide Network


Concerned ABOUT Chemicals? na0611Cover.indd 2

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JUNE 2011

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Skull & Glossbones

Steady as She Rose

Sparrow Me the Drama

Planks a Lot

Find us on:

Stranger Tides

Mermaid’s Tears

siilver shatter

Apply one coat over COMPLETELY DRY nail lacquer for a look that’s “ARG-uably” the coolest thing you’ll ever see!

© Disney Enterprises, Inc.

CONTAINS NO DBP, TOLUENE, OR FORMALDEHYDE Call 800.341.9999 ©2011 OPI Products Inc.

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Technique 51

Business 71

54 Demos Step-by-steps from LeChat and GoNails 56 Signature Services Step-by-steps for an Organic Signature Manicure and a Pomegranate Twist Signature Spa Manicure 58 Coral Reef Nails Nail technician Oksanna Cobb had a chance to go to Guam recently, where was inspired to create these brightly colored nails.

76 Reader to Reader Should you communicate with clients via cell phone text message? 78 Follow the Money Keeping your business records in order will not only keep Uncle Sam smiling, it will enable you to understand your financial footing. 82 Salon Profile A peaceful retreat, Crave Nail Spa was created using eco-friendly materials and offers clients a wide range of services using natural products.

Style 61

Health 89

64 Nail Art Studio Step-by-steps on new nail art designs 66 3-D Gel Marbleizing Try this eye-catching gel design on your nail art clients. 68 Boutique: Candles Whether color, soy, votive or jar, candles can be great items to retail all year round. Available in numerous scents, sizes, and shapes, clients will enjoy picking out their favorite styles and fragrances from your product display.

94 Under the Microscope: Splinter Hemorrhages A splinter hemorrhage is a small area of bleeding under the fingernails or toenails that usually requires no treatment. 96 Are You Risking Your Health? We asked techs: On a scale of one to 10, how concerned are you about any potential negative health effects from the nail chemicals you use every day? 100 Secret Ingredient: Polish A closer look at the ingredients used to make nail polish.

In Every Issue



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JUNE 2011

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Ivey is wearing BUBBLY BOMBSHELL

coquette cutie

va va voom here comes trouble

bubbly bombshell

ORLY Nail Lacquers are Free of DBP, Formaldehyde & Toluene


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log on every day to…


Find everything you’re looking for on Whether you’re researching, shopping, or designing, you’ll find inspiration and answers at our website.

of the Month Gel with Gels. Whether you’re a newbie who’s considering adding gel nails to her menu or a veteran who wants inspiration for new gel nail art designs, visit the “gels” tab on the Technique channel to find the information you’re looking for. technique/gels

teka_neufville via Twitter: Got my Minx professional sample pack in the mail from responding to the Minx ad in your mag! Thanks @nailsmag! Can’t wait to try it!

Find Bridal Items for Your Retail Boutique. As brides and bridal parties visit your salon this summer to get their nails done, why not retail them products like rhinestone-embellished tees or a “To Do’s Before I Do” notebook? We’ve found seven great wedding-themed items for your salon’s retail boutique.

Learn What NAILS Looks for in Cover Techs. One of the most frequent questions posed to the editors of NAILS is “How can I do the nails for a cover?” Find out the answer to that question (and more of our most popular questions) at From the Editors, a NAILS Magazine blog. [Click on “Ask an Editor” in the lefthand column]

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Watch a Nail Fashion Show. NAILS blogger Holly Schippers (blogs. snapped a video of CND Shellac & Fashion Fusion, a nail runway show that took place at America’s Beauty Show.

JUNE 2011

4/26/11 9:49:54 AM

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{on my mind} Lights, Camera, Nails! We’re all pretty excited about Katie Cazorla’s new nail salonfocused reality show that’s premiering later this month (all the details are in our cover story on page 118). After years of

We want you to join us at the BeautyTech and NAILS networking BBQ on Saturday, June 4 in Orlando. Please log on to for more information about the event. And we hope to see you there!

reality shows on everything from hoarders to bridezillas, it’s validating to finally have a reality show all of our own. How many times have you said to yourself that there was enough material in a day at the salon to do a reality show? Of course the new show, called Nail Files, which premieres June 21 on TV Guide Network, isn’t going to focus solely on Katie’s nail business, The Painted Nail in Sherman Oaks, Calif. It’s also going to follow the multitasking businesswoman on her escapades with her friends and her older, much calmer boyfriend. But it’s more focused on nails than anything in any recent memory (a brief appearance of a nail tech on Blow Out, a peek of the nail area on Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, or a mini storyline about a nail tech on Jerseylicious). Granted, most reality shows thrive on drama and conflict (Let’s face it, would you watch Jersey Shore if it was just about some respectable kids living and working at the beach for the summer?), but we can still hope for the best and rally around the first reality show for nails. Over the years a number of producers have talked to me when they were pitching nail salon reality shows to their networks. Some were looking for specific personalities; some wondered what kind of competition show would work in our industry; but everything fell by the wayside. Either networks weren’t sold on the idea of nail salons being a big enough draw or the idea just fizzled. So, Nail Files is all about nails and, as exciting as it is, I just hope it shows our industry in a good light. The last thing we all want is for our shining moment coming into everyone’s living rooms to be marred by the myths about nail salons already perpetuated by the mainstream media. We’re so used to nail salons and nail techs being portrayed in a negative light in the media that I sense myself “hoping” (maybe too much) that this show is going to help pull us away from all the scare tactic stories we see on the nightly news and daily talk shows. Knowing Katie’s dedication to her business, especially to salon sanitation, I feel comfortable that viewers will see how a good salon operates (which might in turn push reluctant clients or long-lost regulars into the salon). And viewers will also likely see the camaraderie that comes with working in a fun, well-run salon and want to be a part of it in reality. Katie will be blogging on our From the Editors blog ( every Wednesday after the show airs Tuesday nights to give NAILS readers exclusive behindthe-scenes scoop on what went on during filming. We also hear rumblings about another possible nail salon-focused reality show in the making. For now our lips are sealed, but maybe 2011 will be the year we see our time in the spotlight. Let’s just hope the spotlight shines favorably upon us.

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JUNE 2011

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GLAM SLAM Serena Williams and OPI bring you dashing new shades to kick off England’s most prestigious tennis tournament in style!


Grape... Set... Match And the winner is…this pretty metallic purple! Servin’ Up Sparkle Layer this silver glitter over Grape…Set…Match for a sparkly finish.


Your Royal Shine-ness All stand for this shimmering silver! Servin’ Up Sparkle Bling out Your Royal Shine-ness with this gorgeous silver glitter.

Find us on: CONTAINS NO DBP, TOLUENE, OR FORMALDEHYDE Call 800.341.9999 ©2011 OPI Products Inc.

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{on your mind}

APRIL 2011



Editor’s Note: We received a ton of great eat feedback on our April cover. It truly iss a work of art. Here are some notes from our ur Facebook fans. (If you haven’t joined us on n Facebook, what are you waiting for? Justt go to and click Like.)

spring NEW

gs bl colore loom


GREEINNG Fi nancin Dream g Your Salon

na0311Co ver.indd 2

My husband liked the cover so much he took the magazine to another room and read through it. LOL!

Associate Publisher Michelle Mullen Associate Publisher/Editor Hannah Lee


Lori Pendergraft:

Publisher Cyndy Drummey

IENCE OF GCE LS Fa Advercebook ti ng Tutosi rial 2/2 2/28/11

4:48:33 PM

Managing Editor Sree Roy Features Editor Judy Lessin Senior Editor Tim Crowley

Chanelle Garcia: LogI’m onloving to to answer the covers of NAILS Magazine. I wait every month to see what the this month’s question cover will look like. and check back here to see what other nail techs have to say.

Michelle Sproat: OMG! Amazing talent from the “Rockstars of Nails!” Way to go girls! Awesome cover!

Carmen Gonzalez Banda: Long...colorful...different nails! Love it! Great like always...two wonderful ladies with a lot of talent!

Editorial Assistant Jennifer Washington Contributing Writers Michelle Pratt, Erin Snyder Dixon Art Director Danielle Parisi Associate Art Director Ajay Peckham Graphic Artist Kimberly Pham

our 365 Days of Nail Art blog ( And we’re always looking for new artists to contribute online and in print. E-mail your images to for the 365 Days of Nail Art blog or to Sree. to be considered for tthe print edition of NAILS.

SHARING YOUR TALENT Thanks to everyone that has inspired me, and thanks to NAILS magazine for social networks, like the Nail Art Gallery, where we can express ourselves and share our talent!

Antoinette Oosthuizen Via

Editor’s Note: What beautiful nail art Antoinette! You can see more amazing nail art at our Nail Art Gallery ( and on

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STRANGERS OR FRIENDS I booth S rent (Nails by Rosemary) in a salon in a plaza (Angelos Hair Moda) in Kimberling City, Mo. Next to us is a store called The Chic Cave that sells handbags, jewelry, sandals, and more. The owner is Valerie Gardner and she’s a great neighbor. She came up with the idea for me to make small footnotes with a special advertising 15% off pedicures and she’d put them in the sack when people purchase sandals. In doing so she tells them about my business, which has brought in extra clients. In

Production Manager Carla Benavidez Western Sales Manager Michelle Mullen, (310) 533-2465 Eastern Sales Manager Mary Baughman, (562) 377-0465 Marketing/eMedia Coordinator Myla Diaz Audience Marketing Manager Katie Fillingame For subscription inquiries: (888) NAILS-44, Send business and editorial correspondence to: 3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 533-2436 (310) 533-2507 Fax Chairman Edward J. Bobit CEO/President Ty F. Bobit Chief Financial Officer Richard E. Johnson

JUNE 2011

4/26/11 8:43:01 AM


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{on your mind} Where in the world is NAILS Magazine? A a long After d of work, my day h husband has pool league at one of the local bars, and since we have one car I hang out in the background and catch up on my reading. The guys caught me while I was reading the “Where in the World” article and found it funny, so they took my picture! “You’re always reading about that nail stuff,” my husband said. And I told him I can’t help but be obsessed with what I do. Nails are my life! And I am always looking for the next issue in my mailbox! Maria Trimmell Healing Waters Spa Wichita, Kan.

Do you have a picture of yourself reading NAILS? Send a pic to and make sure to include your name, salon name, city, state, and a brief synopsis of what’s going on in the photo (where you are, what you’re there for).

turn I brag about the purses and other items I have bought from her store. We help each other. When she has time I do her nails. It has worked really well. Her business has taken off and so has mine. It’s great to be friends!

Rosemary Kostakis Nails by Rosemary@ Angelos Hair Moda Kimberling City, Mo.

NAILS ENCYCLOPEDIA Your new website is fabulous! I really like the encyclopedia feature.

Rebekka Parry Via

Editor’s Note: Thanks. If you haven’t seen our new NAILS Encyclopedia, log on to encyclopedia and you can search through the terms to find out everything you need to know about the nail industry. We have nail diseases and disorders, specialized terms pertaining to nail art and design, histories of top companies, product ingredients, and more.

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JUNE 2011

4/26/11 9:48:46 AM

4/26/11 1:39:05 PM

WEB POLL When you apply nail polish on clients, do you purposely leave a small gap between each side of the nail plate and the skin (lateral nail fold)? Yes




I don’t apply traditional polish


Log on to to answer this month’s question and check back here to see what other nail techs have to say.


Where can I buy NAILS Magazine in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, or Sharjah?

Nadia Freid Via e-mail

Editor’s Note: You can subscribe to the print edition of NAILS online at subscribe. International subscriptions are $87 for one year. Or, you can opt for the digital edition of NAILS and that’s just $10 for a year subscription — no matter where you live.

MORE FACEBOOK LOVE Editor’s Note: We eavesdropped on two fans “conversation” on our Facebook page and wanted to share it with our readers.

Christine Hughes: I just love this magazine! It’s like having an encyclopedia at your fingertips! A wealth of knowledge! Thank you!

Amy Cerioni: I know. I get so excited when it arrives!

Christine Hughes: Me too! I have never read a magazine over and over! I usually look through it, set it down, and that’s where it ends. It’s like my own little Bible.

Psssst… Send your comments to or send us a letter via snail-mail to Hannah Lee, 3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503. (NAILS Magazine reserves the right to edit letters for space and clarity. Please include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.) JUNE 2011

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| 29 4/21/11 9:22:31 AM 4/26/11 8:40:31 AM

CELEBRATING THE It’s all in the family : Ed Bobit and his eldest daughter Bonn ie, who worked on NAILS in the lat e 1990s.

Bobit our awards! Ed We sure do love PA mmey at the W and Cyndy Dru in 1997. Maggie Awards

The NAILS crew celebr ating a fourMaggie win in 2002 wi th Ed (fifth from left) and Ty Bobit (secon d from right).

ted the company that Ed Bobit (center) star ht) s ago. His son Ty (rig owns NAILS 50 year ill in w, but Mr. Bobit is st runs the company no ft) (le e And Ty’s son Blak the office every day. s. ion to join the busines is the newest generat 30 |

na0611bobit.indd 30



BIG 5-0 It’s a warm June day — Chicago, 1961, the “Mad Men” era. Ed Bobit has an idea that he thinks is good enough

to take to the boss. He’s done his research, he’s outlined his idea, and he’s ready to make a pitch. “What if,” he says to his bosses at the giant publishing house McGraw-Hill, “we created a magazine for the men who manage the vehicle fleets at companies? The magazine will be devoted to the issues they need to know about: running a cost-efficient fleet, safe driving tips, how to select the best car for your company’s salespeople and executives.” How long the bosses mulled it over I don’t know, but the reply came back: “No, thank you.” Ed felt so strongly about his idea that he went back to the bosses with his resignation letter and decided to give it a go alone. And with that, he launched Bobit Publishing and its flagship publication, Automotive Fleet. At the time he had five kids to feed (and would eventually have six) so he was what you’d call “motivated to succeed.” And succeed he did. Within a few years, the company had expanded its toehold in the fleet management field with magazines called School Bus Fleet and Metro Magazine. Later they would add magazines for security systems installers, limousine operators, police officers, and hot rod shops. Fast forward to 1988. Ed, and his son Ty (who now runs the company), are approached about the purchase of a new magazine. The new magazine seems a little out of their expertise. NAILS, they wonder? But something feels right about it. You would only have had to look around Southern California at the time to see a nail salon on every corner to know that this nail business was a wave that had to be caught. Bobit purchased NAILS Magazine and it ends up becoming not only one of the most successful acquisitions the company has made, but a real jewel in the crown, winning awards for editorial and design excellence year in, year out. Twenty years ago it was my good fortune to get a call directly from Ed Bobit asking me to interview for an editorial position on their new acquisition. The rest is my personal history. Please share my joy in celebrating our company’s golden anniversary — 50 years under the same family ownership (Ed Bobit is still at his desk in the corner office every morning). I’ve enjoyed being part of the Bobit family for over 20 years, reporting to Ed and now to Ty; working with Ed’s daughter Bonnie, who passed away in 2007; and now working with Ty’s son Blake. I even met my husband here, for which I have an inexpressible gratitude. I’ve made great friends and burnished a resume I am very proud of. I salute Ed Bobit, a man who had the courage to go out on his own 50 years ago with a great idea and a lot of confidence. And if it’s not too bold to wish, I hope to celebrate another 20 years here myself. — Cyndy Drummey

JUNE 2011

4/25/11 5:43:57 PM

na0611bobit.indd 31

4/25/11 5:44:06 PM

{nails file} “I started with just one picture of a shoe that I liked and it snowballed,” says Rhonda Coe-Beck, owner of Nail Expression Nail Spa in Winston Salem, N.C., whose salon is covered with signs — many shoerelated, some inspirational, some plain funny. “We were given several signs with shoe sayings since that first one and that started the whole thing.” (The sign over the couch reads: “One shoe can change your life.” — Cinderella) Now when she sees a sign with a cool saying, or something that fits her personality — or colleague Sandi Bishop’s — she buys it. “Often I move the signs around, or take them down and bring them back after a while. It’s fun to read them as you sit and relax,” she says. “My clients’ favorite is the one I bought for Sandi, who works out a lot and loves it. It says ‘I’m so glam, I sweat glitter.’ My favorites are those that express the heart and positive attitude, Like, ‘Scatter Joy,’ and ‘There is always, always something to be thankful for.’ The most recent signs I added were actually napkins from Pier One. One napkin reads, ‘All I want is world peace and a pedicure.’”

Take It as a Sign

Famous Picker Needs Nails A true Renaissance man, Steve Martin is a comedian, actor, playwright, novelist, and musician. It turns out he’s a regular nail salon goer as well. Martin made this somewhat surprising revelation in a Wall Street Journal interview promoting his new bluegrass album “Rare Bird Alert.” “When I’m playing three-finger, I wear picks. But when I’m playing clawhammer, I go to a beauty shop and I have them put two acrylic or silk fingernails on my first two fingers,” says Martin. “Otherwise they would just splinter. I go about every two weeks.” When asked if he frequents a regular salon, he responds, “No, almost anyone can do it. And they do it in varying qualities. They always think you’re a guitar player. I think banjo players are really rare in salons. We’re too manly for that.”

Websites Worth Watching .com What: Bio Sculpture Gel USA Where: Why click there?: Both pretty and informative, BioSculpture’s newly relaunched website features several new sections. Professional and retail products are easier to find, colors may be searched by category, and a salon locator is in the works. A few mouse clicks reveals training classes across the U.S. that are free with the purchase of a Professional Starter Kit. The vibe: Comprehensive and easy to navigate. >>>

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JUNE 2011

4/25/11 5:42:11 PM


na0611generalNF.indd 33

Easily! Drip Dry dries nails to the touch in one minute, completely in five, with just 1 to 2 drops. Any other questions?


Call 800.341.9999 or visit ©2010 OPI Products Inc.

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{nails file} 2010-2011 nail competitors ranking

2 top5

Participant & Ranking 1

Azumi Kanane



Lynn Lammers Amy Becker




































Kirsty Meakin











Ami McClure











Emese Koppanyi










John Hauk










Yeo-Ran Jung



















Taking part in a competition takes courage and determination. Just waiting for the results is nervewracking in itself, but in the end, competing is worthwhile — for many reasons. That’s why we encourage all nail technicians to compete. You may even see your name on our Top 25 list. Each month, winners from participating shows are added to NAILS’ Top 25 ranking. First place earns 6 points, second earns 5 points, and third earns 4 points. For SuperPoints competitions, point scores are doubled (for veteran or master divisions) and fourth place earns 6 points. If you have questions regarding your points, call (310) 533-2457 or e-mail judy.lessin@bobit. com. All placements must be verified by show sponsors.



Kyoko Amemiya



Pisut Masanong











Svetlana Yudkina











Chanel Cha










Noriko Tomura










Mayumi Hase










Dong-Won Lee










Tammi Merritt










Yasushi Arakawa











17 18

SuperPoints Competitions for the 2010-2011 competition year are as follows: > ISSE Long Beach, January 29-31 > ISSE Midwest, March 26-28 > Premiere Orlando, June 4-6 > IBS Las Vegas, June 18-20

NEW SCORING FOR SUPERPOINTS COMPETITORS So that the ranking more accurately reflects competitors’ skill levels, winners in the novice or student division will not receive double points for their wins at SuperPoints events. Also note that no points will be awarded to participants in relay or group competitions in regular or SuperPoints events.

Fumi Iwahara










Chiho Hoshino










Jessica Strom










Ryoko Garcia










Yuriya Matsumoto










Ashley Craig










In Sun Yang










Anna Katarzyna Wesolowska










Show Winners ISSE Midwest (March 26-28) Superpoints Competition Hand Painted Nail Art, Novice 1st: Lakia Lewis 2nd: Maiko Kido 3rd: Kazuyo Yamamoto 4th: Yuriko Fujita

One Hand French Twist, Veteran 1st: Amy Becker 2nd: Michelle Sproat 3rd: Azumi Kanene 4th: Ami McClure

Salon Success Novice 1st: Fumi Iwahara 2nd: Tammi Merritt 3rd: Brandy Graham 4th: Erina Ogawa

Hand Painted Nail Art, Veteran 1st: Pisut Masanong 2nd: Chanel Cha 3rd: Yasushi Arakawa 4th: Kyoko Amemiya

Sculptured Nail, Novice 1st: Fumi Iwahara 2nd: Billyne Dowdy 3rd: Tammi Merritt 4th: Traci Dungan

Salon Success Veteran 1st: Emese Koppanyi 2nd: Azumi Kanene 3rd: Amy Becker 4th: Kyoko Amemiya

One Hand French Twist, Novice 1st: Angie Gagnon 2nd: Brandy Graham 3rd: Traci Dungan 4th: Tammi Merritt

Sculptured Nail, Veteran 1st: Azumi Kanene 2nd: Emese Koppanyi 3rd: Kyoko Amemiya 4th: Amy Becker


34 |


na0611generalNF.indd 34


JUNE 2011

4/25/11 5:42:32 PM

na0611generalNF.indd 35

4/26/11 2:07:41 PM

Got Insurance? With a single call you may be able to solve all your insurance needs. Specializing in the beauty industry, Fortier Insurance Services may be able to help when it comes to: > health insurance > dental insurance > income replacement

> life insurance > long-term care insurance > liability insurance

For California-based techs, Fortier offers a guaranteed health plan (no medical questions) with Kaiser through the California Cosmetology Association ( “We also provide free education on various insurance products and healthcare reform for companies and independent contractors,” says owner Dan Fortier. For more information, go to or call (800) 927-3566.

TDLR Reaches Out to Texas Techs The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) is now on Facebook and Twitter, offering you a great way to keep in touch. By following the TDLR on Facebook or Twitter, you can: > Discuss cosmetology issues with the TDLR and others in your industry. > Receive updates on the latest cosmetology news and developments. > Ask questions of the TDLR staff. > Leverage your business’s own Facebook and/or Twitter page by sharing information from the TDLR’s pages. Join the conversation at and TDLRLicense.

All Aboard! Produced by Ship To Shore and Vicki Peters, Nail Those Profits at Sea will set sail for the 21st time on January 15, 2012 for a seven-day cruise onboard Carnival’s Glory. Ports of call include Nassau, St.. Thomas, San Juan, and Grand Turk. k. “The cruise promises nail education, nail competitions, and more fun and games,” says Peters. For more information, go to or call (800) 809-6623. >>>

Onboard educator Nanci Soltani demonstrates how to do toe bling with polish. na0611generalNF.indd 36

NA0411nubarspringthirver.indd 1

4/25/11 5:42:44 PM

2/23/11 2:13:22 PM

Š2011 Creative Nail Design, Inc.


na0611generalNF.indd 37

4/25/11 5:42:53 PM

Nail Techs Form a New Industry Trade Association “The United Federation of Nail Technicians has formed to help provide nail techs with support and benefits normally found in other industries,” says federation president Erick Westcott (who is also the owner of Gelousy Gel Nail Systems). “In most other professions you will see one or more trade groups that advocate and provide benefits for its members. Until now there was no such organization exclusively for nail technicians.” The Federation’s goals include: > Fighting incorrect information about nail techs and nail technology in the media. > Educating nail techs in proper public health and safety. > Educating the public as to what to look for when searching for a professional nail technician. > Providing benefits to its members. > Providing a clearinghouse for accurate information about nails, nail technology, and nail technicians. The Federation currently has several membership levels starting at $19.97 per year. As a member upgrades her membership level, more benefits are provided. Some of the current benefits include a listing at, use of the Federation’s logo, and a certificate of membership. But two of the most unique benefits are the dispute resolution program and the Nail Tech Emergency Fund. With the dispute resolution program, if a member’s client ever has a problem with her service, she can anonymously submit her dispute to the Federation. In turn the Federation will send the complaint to the nail tech and attempt to come to a resolution. This unique program is designed to prevent a complaint to the state board. Through the Federation’s resolution program the consumer can feel confident that her concerns will be heard, while allowing the nail technician to fix the problem before it escalates to a state board matter. The Nail Tech Emergency Fund will give a member a $500 check to help her through an emergency where she is not able to work for four consecutive days. In the event of an accident or emergency, oftentimes nail technicians need to miss several days of work. As we all know if a nail technician can’t work, In response to a story about the nail industry, the there is no money coming in but the rent still United Federation of Nail needs to be paid. The Emergency Fund will kick Technicians shipped a fullin to help the nail tech through a difficult time sized metal trashcan to Fox and help cover at least a few of her expenses. 5 in New York to remind For more information go to them of the importance of checking their facts.

38 |


NA1109noliftfungthrd.indd na0611generalNF.indd 38 1


JUNE 2011

10:25:45 AM 4/25/11 5:43:029/22/09 PM

Shellac™ • On Like Polish

UV3 Technology • Wears Like Gel • Off In Minutes (really!)

patent pending

©2011 Creative Nail Design, Inc.


Now with 24 gorgeous shades to choose from! SCAN. WATCH. LEARN.

na0611generalNF.indd 39

4/25/11 5:43:11 PM


} coverage SHOW

nails file


Nails on The Runway, Product Launches, and More at ABS

Carrie Rozek (right) spoke with NAILS managing editor Sree Roy about My Element Style’s new leopard- and zebra-patterned sanitizing jars and new salon apron styles.

Now in its 86th year, America’s Beauty Show (ABS) still had some new tricks up its sleeve. The show, which took place March 12 to 14, 2011, at Chicago’s McCormick Place hosted 62,857 attendees and 15,073 exhibitor personnel, which made for a

Amy and Len Roulier of Salon Pure Air showcased a built-in nail table ventilation system.

9% increase in attendance over 2010 numbers. There were 375 exhibitors, 70 educational workshops offering continuing education, and 102 product knowledge classes. The highlight for many nail techs was the first-ever Shellac

The lovely ladies of NSI (from left to right) are Heather Hall, Carla Bernard, Staci Noble, and Malinda Haggerty.

& Fashion Fusion runway show. This show marked the first st time a nail-focused show has been on ABS’s The Runway (a large auditorium complete with a catwalk). ABS also upped its digital presence this year, including scannable QR codes on printed materials that took attendees to the ABS Mobile Program (which included easy access to the exhibitor list), plus frequent Facebook (www.facebook. com/AmericasBeautyShow) and Twitter ( absupdates) updates. Next year’s show will be March ch 3 to 5, 2012.

Hello Gorgeous! of Hope Inc. has launched an affiliate program to get more salons involved in a mission of providing free beauty treatments to cancer patients. From left to right are Dan Greenlee, Thad Schmidt, Kim Becker, Mike Becker, Trisha Greenlee, and Susan Randall. Steph Cornell, Shelly Hatting, and Kari Buffalo modeled their line of Battledress salon aprons.

40 |

na0611show.indd 40



Minx Master and lead trainer Naja Rickette (left) shared Minx tips and tricks with nail tech Holly Schippers (who writes for NAILS’ FingerNailFixer blog).

Global Beauty Institute owner Joann Fassi promoted the new Eliminer Callus Removal System, which was invented by a podiatrist to safely reduce calluses without the use of a blade.

The Hand & Nail Harmony booth was bustling with attendees wanting to try out the products (by Day 3, Gelish color June Bride had completely sold out), but some of the staff was able to take a break for a quick photo. From left to right are Thao Nguyen, Suzanne Steenkamp, Danielle Candido, Lisa Friedman, Missy Hevalow, and MaeLing Parrish. >>>

JUNE 2011

4/25/11 5:48:05 PM

Brighten up your mood, your day and especially your nails – with four new OPI shades as delicate and beautiful as fresh-picked flowers! Play the Peonies

Come to Poppy

Be a Dahlia Won’t You?

I Lily Love You

We’d put our money on this lovely soft-pink.

Surrender to shine with this shimmering coral-pink.

Give the gift of fabulous fuchsia—to yourself!

Fall head over heels with this light pink sparkle.

Available - Adorable Nice Stems 12-piece display!

Find us on: CONTAINS NO DBP, TOLUENE, OR FORMALDEHYDE Call 800.341.9999 ©2011 OPI Products Inc.

na0611show.indd 41

4/26/11 2:59:21 PM


} coverage

nails file




NAILTRITION Helps stimulate faster nail growth and strengthens peeling & splitting nails ORLY Nail Treatments are Free of DBP, Formaldehyde & Toluene

Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics’ Andrea Pahn shows off the company’s new gift box, which includes five polishes.

Minx international training manager Mary Ann Kilgore is working on an advanced training curriculum for Minxing nail techs who want to go beyond the basic nail coating application.

NAILS is now live blogging from select beauty tradeshows. Visit to learn about new product launches first.


2011 Stars Photo Contest Winner Announced The 2011 Stars Photo Contest let beauty professionals show the world their creativity by designing and photographingg their best work. Those entering the nail competition were tasked with creating a set of design nails using extensions, nail art, colored acrylic, or gel to achieve a creative presentation of their work. Entrants were judged on both technical execution and creativity along with photo expertise. Finalists were selected and judged by industry celebrities and editors, including Jan Arnold, co-founder of CND, nail technician Vicki Peters, and NAILS AILS editor Hannah Lee.

Congratulations to Michelle Sproat (left, with NAILS managing editor Sree Roy) of Inspirations Salon, Kingsville, Ontario, Canada, for winning the Stars Photo Contest in the nail category.

Photos of these turquoise floral stilettos won Sproat the $500 prize. 800.275.1111 AVAILABLE AT PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY SUPPLY STORES, SALONS AND SALLY BEAUTY.

42 |

na0611show.indd 42

1 ddni.revrihtgnirpsrabun1140AN



JUNE 2011

4/25/11 5:48:26 PM


Shellac & Fashion Fusion Captivates Crowds On Monday, March 14, CND unveiled the first Shellac & Fashion Fusion Show, a runway show that featured the hottest nail styles and fashions straight from New York Fashion Week. More than 500 nail techs attended the three-hour event, which showcased six of the latest nail styles and looks from leading designers including Jason Wu, Diego Binetti, Ruffian, and Sally LaPointe; a presentation on new Shellac shades and techniques; and hands-on education. The tickets to this show sold out in a week and a half, but CND was able to open the runway show itself (minus the hands-on education part) to even more nail techs to help satiate the demand. Unfortunately, the previous presentation ran over its time limit, causing the nail show to start late and ruffling some attendees’ nerves, but show organizers say this issue will be resolved for future events.

CUTICLE THERAPY CREME Contains vitamins A & E to soften cuticles for easy grooming and stronger nail growth

“All women can have 20 fabulous reasons to enjoy their nails and to express their style,” said CND cofounder and style director Jan Arnold to the Shellac & Fashion Fusion audience.

Backstage before the show started, the tips were all lined up and ready to be applied to the models’ fingernails.

CND education ambassador and Fashion Week veteran Kristina Estabrooks demonstrated (on stage, which was then broadcast to the two large screens) how to create each nail look in real life.

Each model er took her turn on the k, catwalk, then posed her hand to show off her nails.

The models were styled by Stacey Jones, fashion director of Chicago Magazine, and choreographed by two Broadway-alums (Doug Smith of A Chorus Line and Jack Leahy of Beauty and the Beast).

NAILS blogger Holly Schippers ( snapped a video of the nail fashion show. View it at 800.275.1111 AVAILABLE AT PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY SUPPLY STORES, SALONS AND SALLY BEAUTY.


>>> JUNE 2011

na0611show.indd 43



| 43 4/25/11 5:49:25 PM

PROTECTIVE WON’T CHIP Helps nail lacquer resist chipping for longer lasting manicures and pedicures ORLY Nail Treatments are Free of DBP, Formaldehyde & Toluene


} coverage

nails file



ISSE Midwest Launches in Rosemont, Ill. From the same associations that bring us the International Salon & Spa Expo (ISSE) in Long Beach every January came the first-ever ISSE Midwest, held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill., from March 26 to 28. Hosted by the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and the National Cosmetology Association (NCA), the intimate show featured 150 exhibitors and more than 12,500 attendees. ISSE Midwest will be a two-day show next year, taking place April 15 to 16, 2012.

CND offered Shellac demos at its booth.

At Attendees tried out product at one of the more than 250 educational op opportunities at ISSE Midwest.

John Hauk competed in ISSE Midwest’s nail competitions. (See page 34 for complete competition results.)

Financial guru Suze Orman’s keynote session sold out.

The city of Rosemont is investing in upgrades, including a soon-to-open entertainment complex that will feature bars, movie theaters, restaurants, and entertainment venues, making for an even better ISSE Midwest show experience in 2012. 800.275.1111 AVAILABLE AT PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY SUPPLY STORES, SALONS AND SALLY BEAUTY.

44 |

na0611show.indd 44



Friendly staff helped attendees with purchases at the OPI booth.

At the Light Elegance booth, an attendee tried out the company’s products on her toenails.

JUNE 2011

4/25/11 5:49:39 PM


NO FALSE CLAIMS WE BASE IT ON FACTS. Gelish® was the first brush-in-bottle gel-polish ever invented. The US and International patent-pending formulation proves that fact. The fact that millions and millions of bottles have been sold to--and reordered again and again by--thousands of salons is further proof. So, the fact is, the innovative Gelish system, still the best on the market no matter who else followed, continues as the one most trusted by nail techs worldwide.

Gelish Foundation Gel: Soak-Off Base-Gel that goes on easy, LED light-cures fast and bonds to the nail in 10 seconds from bed to edge like double-sided tape. So good that it can be used with any other method or brand, its innovative formulation strengthens the bond between the nail plate and the gel coating, without damage to the natural nail.

Gelish Top-It-Off: the planet’s best Soak-Off Sealer Gel. Period. Also ideal for use with any other brand, with UV or LED curing. It dries completely in seconds, adding a super-shimmery glaze to shine on and on for glorious weeks. They’re Gonna Gotta Get Gelished! Ask your local distributor for genuine Gelish today Made in the USA

na0611show.indd 45 NA0611harmonygelfacts.indd 1

4/26/11 2:56:17 PM 4/19/11 3:54:02 PM

Go to to find web-exclusive giveaways.

freebies{and} giveaways!


To enter to win, go to by June 30.

Paint a Mini Portrait of Yourself — and Win!

Add Pop With Island Escape From China Glaze

You see that lovely face in the mirror every day, but can you capture it on a nail tip? Paint a miniature portrait of yourself on a nail tip and you could win $100 from NAILS. The rules to enter the 2011 Self-Portrait Contest are simple: Using a photo as a guide, paint a portrait of yourself on a #1 nail tip. Submit both the nail tip and the photograph to arrive at NAILS by the deadline of July 12. Mail your entries to NAILS Self-Portrait Contest, 3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503. Don’t forget to include your name, salon name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. For more information, call (310) 533-2457 or e-mail judy.lessin@

Five readers will win the China Glaze Island Escape collection featuring six sizzling shimmers and creams. Mix and match these hot hues to add a candy-like pop to manicures and pedicures. China Glaze is free of DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde.

Try Real Silver Top Coat for Free Clients Will Love Their Leopard Comfys Beech Sandal Co.’s Leopard Comfys are designed to be worn during and after pedicures. The sandals keep the toes separated and provide a surface to steady the feet while polishing the nails. The short nap polyester fabric won’t pill, so it won’t get into the polish. Four readers will win a pair of these health-inspired slippers that exercise the muscles of the feet and increase the mobility of the bones.

Congratulations to April’s Winners

The first 200 techs to respond to this announcement will receive a free sample of Real Silver Top Coat Nail Lacquer from Real Gold Inc. This unique brush-on top coat is infused with glitter made of pure silver and glides easily over polish, acrylics, and gels. Send your name and complete mailing address to BillCrowley@RealGoldInc. com and if you’re one of the first 200 respondents, the company will send you a bottle of Real Silver Top Coat to enjoy at no cost.

One reader received a Barefoot by LCN kit and 24 readers received a First Step Sensuous Pedicure Soak in peach.

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na0611freebies.indd 46


JUNE 2011

4/25/11 3:17:36 PM

NA0611cndtipsfp.indd 1

CND Tips

THINNER. FASTER. STRONGER. Engineered for better fit, faster finish and longer wear. Remarkable. From CND.


Velocity™ Tips

Performance Tips™

Deep “C” curve, micro contact with most dramatic upper arch. Clear, Natural & White

Thinnest, deep “C” curve, no contact with natural upper arch. Clear, Natural & White

Formation™ Tips

Eclipse™ Tips

Most versatile, gentle “C” curve, full contact with dramatic lower arch. Clear & Natural

Square “C” curve, winged contact with dramatic upper arch. Clear & Natural ©2011 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

na0611freebies.indd 47 NA0611cndtipsfp.indd 1

4/25/11 3:18:03 PM 4/21/11 8:36:15 AM

{on the road}

Shine owner Ericka Bates (left) says her salon Shine, located in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood, proves “You don’t have to go downtown to be treated like a queen.” “Or King” chimes in Randi “Bink” Slack, the salon manager and Ericka’s sister.

Shine, Chicago Answering the call for a boutique nail salon in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago, Shine offers a clean atmosphere, homemade scrubs, and is consistently on top of the latest nail trends. BY SREE ROY

FUN FACTS A NEEDED NICHE As a resident of Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood, Ericka Bates would hear people complain about mistreatment at neighborhood salons and watch them head north or downtown for their services. Ericka was inspired to open Shine, a boutique nail, brow, and lash salon, right in her own neighborhood. Due in large part to the overall neighborhood demographics, Shine services a virtually 100% black clientele, though her inspiration is “quality services for all.” About 40% of the clients are men. On some nights the salon is booked until 2 a.m., with some clients waiting up to two hours.

PERFECT PEDICURES Paraffin is included as a part of every pedicure. “I wanted to offer something different. A lot of people don’t know what paraffin is,” Ericka says. “Plus, it’s all part of doing the best service possible.” The salon also keeps multiple brands of the same type of product. For instance it has on hand three brands of brush-on gel-polish. Ericka says, “I use whatever is best for that client. I do a lot of customized services to fit every person, and I educate while doing the service.” COLOR FANATICS “We buy polish two or three times a week,” Ericka admits. Before crackle polish was available from mainstream polish manufacturers, Shine found a bottle from brand Mia Secret. Recently the salon launched a “Color of the Week” promotion. Each week, the sisters pick a different polish color and announce it on the salon’s Facebook page. (It was recently essie cosmetics Coat Azure, second from left.) It really works, the sisters say, as clients all week specifically request that color.

> When Shine ran out of scrub one day, homemade product line Bink’s Scrubs was born. Bink uses ingredients like organic sugar and pineapple oil to make the moisturizing scrubs, which are now retailed to clients for home-use too. “I wanted something natural, not harsh,” Bink says. > The salon had “Shine Beauty Comes From Within” shirts made, which turned into a great retail item. Other retail items include CND SolarOil, PediSox pedicure socks, Earthly Body candles, and an assortment of polishes. > When Shine first opened seven years ago, the street block was pretty sparse when it came to other businesses. But now the block is much busier, in part due to other business owners being inspired by Shine’s success. One addition, Atmosphere Hair Salon, has proved to be a great business for Shine to crosspromote and share clients with.

MENU HIGHLIGHTS Mr. Wonderful (a mani-pedi for men): $65; Enhancements (for nails): $40; Brow Wax: $15; Lashes (natural or full): $25+; Trends: Minx, Crackle Nails, No-Chip Manicure: prices vary

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Polish: China Glaze, OPI, essie, Mia Secret Brush-on Gel Polish: CND Shellac, Hand & Nail Harmony Gelish, ibd Gelac Nail Coatings: Minx Scrub: Bink’s Scrub

48 |

na0611otr.indd 48



JUNE 2011


4/25/11 3:22:50 PM

na0611otr.indd 49

4/25/11 3:23:02 PM

CUTICLES NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD! OPI TITANIUM TOOLING • Combining beauty, precision, and performance, high-quality OPI Titanium Tooling implements are engineered with superior 420 stainless steel and coated with ultra-hard, corrosion-resistant Titanium for sharper, longer-lasting tools.

CHECK OUT OPI’S ENTIRE COLLECTION OF NINE COOL TOOLS AND THE GO-ANYWHERE TITANIUM TOOLING WALLET AT For more information, contact your local OPI distributor. Call 800.341.9999 ©2011 OPI Products Inc.

na0611techNF.indd 50

4/25/11 3:26:13 PM


Backfills From Space Ronia Hutchinson of Salon Oasis in Boca Raton, Fla., explains how she does these cleancut backfill lines, using a little otherworldly help from a “UFO” bit. The UFO bit is a French fill bit that is commonly referred to as a UFO bit because of its shape. Many techs use standard barrel bits at an angle to carve the smile line, while other techs will use smaller elongated cleaners to trench the line. But the French fill bit helps techs accurately carve a new smile line for their acrylic fills. The advantage of the French fill bit is it allows for a comfortable holding position and for good visibility of the area you are filing so you can make precise movements when cutting the new smile line. A steady hand and good e-filing skills will make trenching new smile lines a cinch. The shape of the bit also helps to prevent air pockets from forming, which can cause lifting. >>>

DIRECTORY Contact these companies for more information on e-file bits. American Intl. Industries (AII) (800) 621-9585

Medicool (800) 342-8483 OPI Products Inc. (800) 341-9999

Atwood Industries (800) 451-6733

PNI Worldwide (877) PNI-4447

Christrio (800) 574-4252

RAM Products (732) 651-5500

International Nail Manufacturers (INM) (800) 541-9838

Ultronics (800) 262-6262

Kupa Inc. (800) 994-5872

Young Nails (800) 777-9170

Erica’s Advanced Technical Abrasives (877) 909-7181 JUNE 2011

na0611techNF.indd 51



| 51 4/26/11 9:57:53 AM


The nail tech instructional publication BELOVED Nails by Kyu.S, has come out with a second book featuring more international nail tech artists and packed with nail art and nail styles from around the world. The book is aimed toward nail students, as well as techs who are looking to be challenged with new nail style inspirations. Cedric Goines, owner of Pacific Beauty College in Los Angeles, uses the book as an instructional tool at his school and says the book does a great job educating his students. “I am very impressed with the book,” he says. “The layout is excellent and the pictures are very professional.” The 140-page book covers basic natural nail treatments, sculpt procedures and designs, and features many works from esteemed German nail tech Alexandra Lust. For more information, go to



ÕVVˆœÊUÊ-iV…iÊUÊ ÊUÊ -Ê *Àœˆ˜VÊUÊÕ«>ÊUÊi…>âÊ -Õ«iÀÊ >ˆÊUʘÌÀˆ˜ÃˆVÃÊ iÌÃÊ/œÕV…ÊUÊ/iÌÀ>ÊUÊ …iVˆÊ À`iÊUʈ}ˆÊUÊ i>˜ÊEÊ >ÃÞÊ >À̅ÞÊ œ`ÞÊUÊ>ÅÊLiœ˜}Ê >ˆÊ >ÀiÊ/œœÃÊUÊ/>““ÞÊ/>ޏœÀÊÊ

*," --" Ê  /    -Ê-1**",/Ê EÊ*" Ê", ,-Ê 


1- Ê*,""Ê " Ê NAILS5 & SAVE!

Tweezerman’s V-Cuticle Nippers Get Rave Review


Nail tech Madelyn Johnson explains why she loves Tweezerman’s V-Cuticle Nippers. “A while back I had been given a pair of Tweezerman V-Cuticle Nippers by a friend, and without really looking 2 at them I took them home and threw them in my drawer, thinking they were tweezers. Well, I was going through my things to prepare to move and found them and finally read the box. I saw, ‘V-Cuticle Nippers’ and took them out, tried them, and was amazed. They are so much easier for me to hold and use, and because they are sharp they don’t pull the skin. And I found I could use them with either hand with ease. It made me think back to when I was in beauty school and my instructor was teaching me how to hold cuticle nippers. She wanted me to hold them a certain way that was uncomfortable for me (picture 1). I could never use them that way and always had points deducted because of that. With the V-Cuticle Nippers, my hands feel better holding the nippers from the sides (picture 2). So it’s really made a difference for me. Now I teach nails at a private beauty school, and I’m excited to show the students another cuticle nipper that is easy to hold, easy to use, doesn’t pull the skin, and stays sharp. If you haven’t tried these nippers you are missing a wonderful tool.” For more information, go to

52 |

NA0510nailtechthrd.indd 1

na0611techNF.indd 52



JUNE 2011

3/22/10 3:39:06 PM

4/26/11 10:32:13 AM

Build-Your Own Polish Display for Mobile Techs Dawn McRoberts is the owner of the mobile nail tech service High Five Nails in Tullibody, Scotland. She created this polish display so she can nicely show her polishes to customers wherever they may be — giving them a small bit of the salon feel in the privacy of their own home or workplace. “The boards came about when I became a mobile tech and realized I wanted something better to carry my polish than a toolbox or a bag. It started out as a singleboard design, with a handle on the top, and bottles on both sides of the board. Between 2008-2009, I made a number of these boards for other nail techs who saw them after I posted some pictures on Salon Geek. But as they were time consuming to make and heavy to ship, I had to charge £30 (plus an additional shipping charge of £5 in the U.K.) and there weren’t a great number of people who were willing to pay that. I looked into patenting the design, but the expense was more than I could invest and I doubted it would have a huge target market. While there are a huge number of nail techs around the world, only so many are mobile and only so many are willing to invest in something like this. I finally decided to just throw the idea out there when I saw so many nail techs asking how to carry their polishes. People can make them to suit themselves, and while I realize I may be shooting myself in the foot (if someone does make a fortune off the idea), I just wanted to share this idea. If it helps other nail techs make their job easier, I’m thrilled with that! It’s two Medium-Density Fibre (MDF) boards, covered in black polar fleece (which cushions the bottles). The bottles are held on with elastic ‘seatbelts,’ which are woven between holes drilled in the boards. Then I hinge the boards together, add a handle and a strap to keep the boards from falling open, and there you go. In four years, I’ve never lost or broken a bottle of polish fastened to the board, and clients love it when I whip the board out for them to choose their color.”

20,000 RPM Variable Speed Control High Torque 110v – 220v Forward / Reverse Easy Twist Locking Chuck Built-In Handpiece Cradle NEW!!



Have a technique question? (about product application, troubleshooting, etc.) E-mail it to and check back here for an expert answer. JUNE 2011

na0611techNF.indd 53

NA0511medicoolthrd.indd 1



| 53 4/25/11 3:27:10 PM 3/25/11 11:58:41 AM

TECHNIQUE} demos 2




Formulated for natural nails, Perfect Match wears like gel, but goes on thinly and easily like polish. With no drying time and no chipping, the gel leaves a beautiful high shine that lasts up to 14 days. 1. Start with pre-prepped nails. Apply a thin layer of Perfect Match Clear Base Gel to the entire nail. Press firmly and work the gel into the nail. Cure for one minute in a LeChat UltraVelocity 36 watt UV lamp. 2. Apply a thin layer of any pink Perfect Match Gel Polish color to the entire nail up to the eponychium. Cure for one minute. For a deeper pink tone, add a second layer of the desired Perfect Match color and cure for an additional one minute. 3. Squeeze a generous amount of LeChat Design Brush Cleaner into your dappen dish. Then, use Perfect Match Flawless White and apply to each nail, making sure it reaches above the natural smile line. 4. After drawing the smile line, wet your gel brush with brush cleaner and dab to remove excess liquid. Use the flat tip of the brush to make a clean and crisp French smile line. Remove any product from the skin before placing the hand into the light. Cure for one minute. 5. Apply Perfect Match Soak Off Top Gel Sealer. Cap the free edge on this final coat and cure for three minutes. 6. Saturate each nail and wipe with Nobility Gel Cleanser to completely remove all tacky gel residue. 7. Add a touch of vitamin-enriched cuticle oil and massage into nails to replenish the skin.

LeChat Perfect Match Gel Polish French Manicure

For more information, go to


54 |

na0611demos.indd 54





JUNE 2011

4/25/11 4:28:53 PM




GoNails is the first dermatologist-backed clinically researched nail and cuticle treatment cream. GoNails works to strengthen and grow

GoNails Nail Growth Treatment

nails, as well as heal cuticles. It takes just 10 seconds a day and can be used with or without nail polish. 1. Assess the client as a candidate for GoNails, by identifying short, brittle, weak nails and dry, damaged cuticles. 2. Press down on the airless pump. Prime by pressing down on the pump several times before first use until the cream is dispensed. 3. Dispense the cream into your hand. One pump releases the perfect amount for one hand or foot. 4. Dab an equal amount on to each nail and cuticle. Rub the cream in until completely absorbed. 5. GoNails is non-greasy and has a light citrus scent. You will notice some of the healing benefits of GoNails after just one use. 6. Enjoy visible results in about 10 days. For best results, continue use of GoNails daily.

For more information, go to



JUNE 2011

na0611demos.indd 55




| 55 4/25/11 4:29:09 PM

TECHNIQUE} signature services Organic Signature Manicure Rituals Spa and Medical Aesthetic Center, Guilford, Conn.



Rituals Spa and Medical Aesthetic Center uses: Éminence Organic Skin Care Lemon Cleanser, Coconut Sugar Scrub, Carrot Vitamin Masque, Blueberry Soy Massage Soufflé, and Stone Crop Hydrating Mist; Be Natural Cuticle Eliminator; CND Solar Oil and Scrubfresh; SpaRitual base coat, nail lacquer, and top coat.

1. Start nail prep, including polish removal, clipping, and filing nails.

2. Apply Be Natural Cuticle Eliminator to the client’s nails, then soak hands in warm water with Éminence Organic Skin Care Lemon Cleanser (with the cuticle eliminator still on). 3. Push back cuticles and complete nail prep. 4. Apply CND Solar Oil to the client’s nails. 5. Massage a nickel-sized amount of Éminence Organic Skin Care Coconut Sugar Scrub onto the client’s hands and lower arms. Remove the scrub with warm towels. 6. Massage a nickel-sized amount of Éminence Organic Skin Care Carrot Vitamin Masque onto the client’s hands and lower arms. Place the client’s hands in plastic liners, then place the hands inside warm mitts. After about five minutes, remove the mask with hot towels. 7. Spray Éminence Organic Skin Care Stone Crop Hydrating Mist on the client’s hands and lower arms. 8. Massage the client’s hands and lower arms with Eminence Blueberry Soy Massage Soufflé. 9. Clean off the client’s nail beds with CND Scrubfresh. 10. Apply Sparitual base coat, two coats of nail lacquer, and top coat.

price: $45 56 |

na0611sigserv.indd 56




Alternate Names:

Éminence Spa Manicure Fruits & Veggies Mani Coconut-Carrot Manicure

JUNE 2011

4/25/11 4:37:57 PM

Pomegranate Twist Signature Spa Manicure The Spa West 9th Street, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada



The Spa West 9th Street uses: Haken Pomegranate Twist Massage and Body Oil, Body Wash, Mineral Soak, Sugar Scrub, Yogurt Masque, and Hand and Body Lotion or Body Butter, and nail polish; base coat, top coat, and polish remover.

1. Prepare aromatic compresses by dampening towels and applying three drops of Haken Pomegranate Twist Massage and Body Oil to each. Place towels in a steamer, rice cooker, or warm towel cabinet. Offer the client a themed beverage such as pomegranate tea or pomegranate juice mixed with lemonlime soda and topped with a twist of lemon. 2. Soak the client’s hands in warm water, one pump of Haken Pomegranate Twist Body Wash, 1 tsp. of Haken Pomegranate Twist Mineral Soak, and four drops of Haken Pomegranate Twist Oil. 3. Prep nails. 4. Exfoliate the client’s hands and lower arms with 1 tsp. of Haken Pomegranate Twist Sugar Scrub. Either rinse or remove with warm aromatic towels, depending on your set up. 5. Using a soft brush or your hands, apply 1 Tbsp. of Haken Pomegranate Twist Yogurt Masque to the client’s hands. Wrap each hand in the compresses from step 1. After three minutes, remove compresses but don’t remove the mask. 6. Massage the client’s hands and lower arms. (Optional) If additional moisture is needed, use Haken Pomegranate Twist Hand and Body Lotion or Body Butter. 7. Remove product residue from the nail plate using polish remover or product of choice. 8. Apply base coat, two coats of Haken polish (shown in Dangerous Curves), and top coat. 9. Book the client’s next appointment and recommend Haken Homecare items while the client dries.

price: $35


na0611sigserv.indd 57


Alternate Names:

Pom-ni Mani Pomegranate Parfait Pom Parfait Manicure Want to see your signature service here? E-mail details to JUNE 2011



| 57 4/25/11 4:38:03 PM

TECHNIQUE} Coral Reef Nails

Nail technician Oksanna Cobb had a chance to go to Guam recently, where she was inspired to create these brightly colored nails. She even







snapped a photo with a crab to complement the colors in the nail art. Cobb used Entity acrylics to sculpt the nail and acrylic paint for the designs. “Guam is an island of jungles,” says Cobb, “This was how I came up with the snake-like blueprint.”

1. Perform a light manicure, including applying cuticle remover on the cuticles. After the cuticle gets soft, remove it carefully. Wash your client’s hands. Use an Entity 150-grit file to shape the free edge and level the nail surface if it is rough or uneven. Slightly file off the glossy layer of the nail with an Entity Perfect 100/180-grit file board and clean the nails with a nail brush. Apply a form. 2. Use Entity non-acid primer, and then sculpt a thin layer of red acrylic down toward the tip of the form. Decorate the nail with pieces of colorful foil to make an imaginary curvy line.

3. Try to inlay foil in different directions on each nail to make the design more original. Cover the nail with Entity clear sculpting acrylic, making sure to fully encase the foil you’ve added.

4. Buff with the Entity buffer 220/280-grit for a nice polished look. 5. Outline the shaped foil pieces with black acrylic paint. 6. Use white acrylic paint to highlight the outer edge of the black line and the insides of the sparkly areas to make it look like embedded stones. Add black and white dots to the design. Apply two layers of UV top coat to protect the nails from yellowing and to make them shiny.

58 |


na0611reefNails.indd 58


JUNE 2011

4/25/11 4:38:38 PM NA0211artisticfp.indd 1

Celebrity Manicurist Tom Bachik Announces Artistic Nail Design’s Colour Gloss Soak-Off Color Gel Salon Manicures 21-Days of Amazing Color



Available Now

38 Artistic Colors AVANTE-GARDE 03001

SOOO IN 03020


FIERCE 03021






GLAM 03005




METRO 03007


CHEEKY 03008

LOVELY 03027

FOXY 03009


FAB 03010

KARMA 03029


HALO 03030



TRENDY 03013


TRIST 03014


POSH 03015


SWANKY 03016


UPTOWN 03017



PURITY 03037

VOGUE 03019

SWAG 03038 Beverly Hills CA, 90210 USA Tel: 714. 635. 5110


na0611reefNails.indd 59 NA0211artisticfp.indd 1


4/26/11 2:55:27 PM 12/21/10 11:51:23 AM


The foundation to perfect nails. Structure nail tips combine the perfect smile line, C-curve and arch for durable, beautiful results!



• Same design as Dimension, in natural • For a natural-looking two tone nail

• Perfect smile line

Natural • Half Well



• Same design as Perspective, in white • For a dramatic pink and white nail

White • Half Well



• For sleek, graceful nails

Natural • Full Well



White, Natural, Clear • No Well


• Ultimate smile line • Sleek, modern lines

Call 800.341.9999 or visit ©2011 OPI Products Inc.

na0611styleNF.indd 60

4/26/11 2:58:31 PM

STYLE} Spreading Her Wings

Look closely at these peacocks and you’ll notice something amazing: They are made of polished nail tips and metallic hair barrettes. Artist Laurel Roth juxtaposes traditional craft and artisanal techniques with non-traditional materials to examine mankind’s drive to modify itself and its environment. The peacocks in her sculpture series borrow human mating plumage (like polished nails) to show our adaptations and natural orders as their own. Roth fills us in on the development of this sculpture series: NAILS: Why peacocks specifically? Roth: Peacocks are often associated with vanity and beauty and have one of the most recognizable displays of mating plumage in commonly known birds, so they seemed like a natural choice of models for a project relating to physical display, plumage, and beauty. NAILS: Are you trying to convey judgment on human mating rituals, such as polished fingernails or styled hair? Roth: That’s an interesting question, and one I try to leave a bit open to viewer interpretation. Male birds, in particular, grow and discard fabulous mating plumage in accordance with age and season while humans make decisions — whether conscious or not — as to how they want to be perceived. Though my personal style isn’t very polished, I admire the purposefulness and skill with which people adapt and display themselves. I think it’s both important and fascinating to understand reasons behind human behavior and how our biology works with the rest of the natural world. NAILS: About how long does it take you to make each peacock sculpture? Roth: Between 300 and 400 hours. NAILS: What are your favorite brands of nail polish to use? Roth: Each nail is hand filed and painted with about three coats of color. There can easily be 2,000 to 3,000 nails in one sculpture, so expense is a big issue, as is color availability. I use a variety of brands but was especially happy to receive a generous donation of polish from OPI last year to help with a set of sculptures. They have great quality and color selection. NAILS: Are the peacocks for sale? Roth: They are for sale through my galleries: Frey Norris Contemporary and Modern in San Francisco, Schroeder Romero Shredder Gallery in New York, and Packer Schopf Gallery in Chicago. One sculpture, “Ripley’s Birds of Paradise,” is in a public collection and can be seen at the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum in Hollywood, Calif. “Plumage,” which was purchased last year by The Progressive Collection, is currently on view in Ohio at the Maltz Museum in a show titled, “About the Right to Be Different.” To view more of Roth’s peacock series or for more information, visit www. >>>

JUNE 2011

na0611styleNF.indd 61



| 61 4/25/11 4:56:28 PM

TREND watch: punk Overlapping with other recent trends like biker chic and military couture, elements from rebellious punk culture — like paper clip embellishments and leather — are, ironically, fashionable.

Nicole Vasher, Thomas Scott Salon & Spa, Frederick, Md.

Angie Nay, THE Salon, Burley, Idaho

Lucia Etchamendy, Lucia’s Hair and Nail Salon, Hesperia, Calif.

Scent-sual Summer Catch a summer breeze and let these scented products waft through your salon.

Romane Fragrances offers three new fine fragrance brands designed exclusively for retail at salons and spas (they won’t be available at any department stores): JET365 (shown), EVER, and Vida.

Aura Soma Energised Paint Additives scent wall paint for up to two years after the paint has been applied, making it a unique product to add energy and scent to salon treatment rooms.

California Mango’s Mango Mist Skin Plasma Spray seals essential nutrients into skin’s layers, offering the perfect balance of humectants and natural extracts for moisturizing, plus an antioxidant acid-balanced formula for protection against damaging environmental agents.

Color Club’s new Wicked Sweet polish collection gives off fruity scents once the polishes dry, plus they have fun names like Get Your Lem-On, The Lime Starts Here, and Gimme A Grape Big Kiss.

62 |


na0611styleNF.indd 62


JUNE 2011

4/26/11 4:27:57 PM

Be Braziliant If you’re an essie cosmetics fan, then the summer 2011 collection is a must-have to add some fiery brights to your salon’s polish selection. These six colors are infused with the seductive beauty of Brazil and include the dreamy blue topaz Smooth Sailing and the pale seafoam green Absolutely Shore. “Summer color should pop, sizzle, and be brazenly alluring,” says essie founder and color director Essie Weingarten. For more information, go to




I really need to replace the old wood flooring of my salon. What are some of your favorite salon flooring options? There are so many floorings out there; it can be confusing. We have narrowed it down to three types of flooring: ceramics, carpet, and VCT. For a long-lasting floor (and if budget is not a factor), 18”x18” ceramic tiles with PEI rating 5.0 are the best. Make sure they are commercial use for longterm durability and do not use small tiles (it will look crowded). Also, you should purchase a few extra tiles for future replacement. This type of flooring is easiest to clean. For a carpet option, make sure to check with your state cosmetology board for approval. For example, Texas and Louisiana do not allow carpet installation in nail and hair salons. I recommend using carpet tiles in an 18”x18” size. That way in case there’s a polish stain, one tile can be replaced, which would save you money in the long run instead of replacing the entire carpet. Also, you should purchase a few extra tiles for future replacement. To get the best value, VCT flooring is the economical route. However, you must be concerned with the chemicals used in salons because polish remover can easily stain VCT tiles. T4 Spa Concepts & Designs sells bamboo VCT tiles that have a chemical resistance layer that protects them for more than 10 years. It comes in strips with many textures and colors. In this case, too, you should purchase a few extra strips for future replacement. I hope this helps in your decision making for your new flooring. Have fun renovating! — Charlie Ton is CEO and founder of T4 Spa Concepts & Design LLC.

Have a style question? (about nail art, fashion, salon decor, etc.) E-mail it to and check back here for an expert answer. JUNE 2011

na0611styleNF.indd 63



NA0611nubargelicurethrd.indd 1

| 63 4/25/11 4:56:42 PM

STYLE} nail art studio Rainbow Arrows 1. Add a little white paint to all of your bright colors first, which will let your paint stick better and show up boldly. Polish the nail neon pink. 2. Use a medium, size 0 liner brush and pink acrylic paint to create the first arrow. To make the arrow, pull the acrylic paint from the side of the nail and begin making lines, then make a triangle at the end of the line. 3. Use the same technique to create an orange acrylic paint arrow. Scatter the colors evenly but not exactly on the nail. Feel free to start an orange arrow on one side and finish it on the other. 4. Use the same technique to create a yellow acrylic paint arrow. Weave colors over and under each other. Make sure each color is dry before you start on the next or the arrows will streak. 5. Use the same technique to create a green arrow, a blue arrow, and a purple arrow. Apply a high gloss top coat. (Optional — if you notice a bumpy texture: Apply a second layer of top coat.)

Robin Moses,, Florence, Ore.

Watch this step-by-step on NAILStv:


Orangesicle Art 1. Apply glitter yellow gel diagonally along the free edge. Cure. 2. Apply orange gel in a triangle under the yellow gel. Swirl white gel into the orange gel to create a marbleized look. Cure. 3. Use either pink polish or pink gel to outline the orange triangle. Add an orange slice decal. Apply gel top coat. Cure. Kimberly Hamilton, Nails Hands Feet & Toes, Winnemucca, Nev.

Camouflaged Zebra 1. Polish the nail white. 2. Smear the nail with OPI Elephantastic Pink. 3. Smear the nail with OPI Polar Bare. 4. Add random spots of Sinful Colors Pink 871. 5. Use a black striper to add zebra stripes. Use a silver glitter striper to accent the stripes. Apply top coat.

Julie Pecanty Perry, Strands Hair and Nail Salon, Brookhaven, Miss.

64 |

na0611nas.indd 64



JUNE 2011


4/25/11 4:58:23 PM

Summer 2011

insert_final.indd 1

5/4/11 11:24:51 AM

4 pc Mega Mini Color Cube Holds 4 mega mini colors: Braziliant, Smooth Sailing, Super Bossa Nova, and Meet Me At Sunset Salon Cost: $8.50 Sugg. Retail Price: $17.00 Item # P0508400 UPC Code: 884486058126

“if you want to pick up some color at the beach... I say go

brazil iant.� 6 pc Color Cube Holds one bottle each of 6 colors Salon Cost: $24.00 Sugg. Retail Price: $48.00 Item # P0508500 UPC Code: 884486058133


12 Bottle Designer Display Holds 2 bottles each of 6 colors Salon Cost: $48.00 Sugg. Retail Price: $96.00 Item # P0508600 UPC Code: 884486058140

summer 2011 Available June 1, 2011

36 Bottle Designer Display Holds 6 bottles each of 6 colors Salon Cost: $144.00 Sugg. Retail Price: $288.00 Item # P0508700 UPC Code: 884486058157

braziliant 754

too too hot 759

super bossa nova 757

meet me at sunset 755

smooth sailing 756

absolutely shore 758

Individual Bottle Salon Cost: $4.00 Per Bottle Sugg. Retail Price: $8.00 DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde-free

For more information, call 1.866.313.7845 or visit

insert_final.indd 2


5/4/11 11:24:55 AM

“this summer, turn up the heat with

sizzling color.”

Summer just got a little hotter. Embrace the heat with fierce, fiery color. This brazenly beautiful collection tips its straw hat to the vibrant style and seductive beauty of Brazil. The super-chic tropical nation is the ideal inspiration for a stunning array of six flawless, lively shades. Now is the perfect time to dive into daring colors that burn brighter than noonday sun and play up your radiant spirit. It’s positively electric color that’s bold, full of confidence and oh, so summertime-sexy…

braziliant Temperatures will rise when you wear this alluring orange with sparkles. Simply irresistible.

too too hot How hot is too hot? Set your summer on fire with this scorching-hot swoon-worthy red!

super bossa nova This pulsating magenta bursting with fine pink shimmers gives even the brightest star a run for its money.

meet me at sunset Fall in love with this fascinating bright flamingo. So romantic, it even makes the sky blush. Or is that just the sunset?

smooth sailing All aboard! Set sail on an ocean of glittering azure blue.

absolutely shore Dip into this warm, soft, impossibly luxurious sea foam aqua and your mind, body and spirit feel lighter. It’s a vacation in a bottle.

insert_final.indd 3

5/4/11 11:24:55 AM

insert_final.indd 4

5/4/11 11:24:58 AM

Juicy Gels 1. Apply a thin layer of clear gel to the free edge to create a French. Apply green glitter on top of the gel. Cure. 2. Apply a thin layer of clear gel to the rest of the nail. Apply red glitter on top of the gel. Cure. 3. Buff the nail. Use black paint to create seeds. Apply gel top coat. Cure. Ann Jones, Reno’s Beauty Salon, Salt Lake City

Sparkly Green Dream 1. Apply green acrylic to the free edge to create a French. Apply clear acrylic diagonally along the outside of the nail. 2. Before the acrylic sets, press opalescent clear mylar die-cuts into the acrylic. 3. Cap the entire nail in clear acrylic. Finish and shape the nail. Buff to a shine or apply clear top coat. Amy Walp, Dreamweavers Salon, Springfield, Ohio

Pink Argyle 1. Apply sparkly white acrylic to the entire nail. 2. Use a striper brush and hot pink paint to make an “X.” Fill in the left and right side of the X with the hot pink. 3. Use a striper brush and black paint to make a diamond. Add a nail jewel in the center. Jade Sewell, Just Nails, Great Falls, Mont.

Want to see your nail art how-to here? Mail your tips (one for each step) and instructions to Sree Roy, NAILS Magazine, 3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503. Make sure to include your name, salon name (if applicable), city, state, and contact information.


For more nail art step-by-steps, visit,, then click on Nail Art.

JUNE 2011

na0611nas.indd 65



| 65 4/25/11 4:58:27 PM

STYLE} 3-D Gel Marbleizing Try this eye-catching gel design on your nail art clients. Surrey, Canada-based Olga Palylyk of Ornate Nailz by Olga specializes in gel nail art designs. You can check out more of her


designs at, where there are both free and paid videos showcasing her step-by-steps. (The video of the 3-D gel marblelizing technique shown here costs $3 to view.) “Marblelizing using 3-D gel can be done in any color for any season — clients love it!” Palylyk says. This full set takes her an hour and a half, and she charges C$100 (U.S.$102). All named products are from Amore Ultima Gels. 1. Prep the nail and apply a form. Apply Bonder. Flash cure for 20 seconds. 2. Apply Sculpt and Shine onto the form to extend the nail. Cure for two minutes. 3. Use a flat detail art brush to pick up a small amount of White gel, then dab the gel onto the nail surface at random, lifting the brush to leave some gel “standing” in the air. Repeat the same motion in a different spot with the remaining gel on the brush, picking up more gel if needed. 4. Continue placing the White gel onto the rest of the nail all the way to the free edge. Cure for two minutes. 5. Apply Primary Blue gel over the white pattern. Let gravity go to work for a few seconds: The blue gel will settle into the grooves. Cure for two minutes. 6. Apply a little Pixie color gel in Silver Lining onto a few spots for a glitter accent. 7. Continue with the glitter application. Cure for two minutes. 8. Apply Sculpt and Shine on the entire nail to even out the grooves and to balance the entire nail. Cure for two minutes. 9. Cleanse the nail. File, shape, then cleanse again. 10. Apply Sculpt and Shine to seal the nail. Cure for two minutes. 11. Cleanse the nail one final time.

Watch a free video of Palylyk’s gel impressions technique at

66 |

na0611marble.indd 66






JUNE 2011

4/26/11 10:58:05 AM









JUNE JUN U N E 2011 UN 20 0 11

na0611marble.indd 67



| 67 4/26/11 10:58:50 AM

STYLE} boutique Whether color, soy, votive or jar, candles can be great items to retail all year round. Available in numerous scents, sizes, and shapes, clients will enjoy picking out their favorite styles and fragrances from your product display.

1. offers a large selection of quality candles, both wax and batterypowered, in a wide range of styles and colors. Available varieties include tea lights, votives, floating candles, jar candles, soy wax candles, pillars, taper candles, and unscented. For a special 10% discount, use code: “nailsmag.” 2. Circle E Candles feature eco-friendly lead-free wicks and are made using highquality wax and intense, fragrant oil scents like Orange Patchouli, Buttery French Vanilla, and Bird of Paradise. The candles are handpoured into heavy glass containers with lids designed as pedestals to hold the candles. 3. Votivo’s stylish collections of candles are hand-crafted, hand-wrapped in Votivo tissue paper, and adorned with a hand-pressed pewter seal. The four collections feature

68 |


na0611boutqiue.indd 68


JUNE 2011

scents like Morning Violet, Rush of Rose, Glorioso, and Island Grapefruit. Votivo’s candles are available in glass jars, terracotta pottery, travel tins, and hand-cut black glass. 4. Handmade Candle Co.’s vegetable soywax candles are specially made to order and are available as square or rounded pillars, jar candles, votives, and special shapes like hearts and seasonal styles. The candles are available in over 40 different scents in a wide variety of containers. 5. Amazing Stone’s Semi-Precious Home Collection candles are hand-poured and feature one of seven semi-precious gemstones from Madagascar and Zambia. The scented, soy wax is poured into etched, clear glass tumblers and packaged in handmade, black linen boxes. Stones


available include amethyst, angel jasper, carnelian, labradorite, petrified wood, rose quartz, and wild agate. 6. A Scent of Scandal offers over 40 handpoured soy candles, each featuring a fun, saucy name like Hot Mama or Original Sin. The collection features metal-free, all-cotton wicks and is available in earthy, floral, fruity, sweet, and seasonal scents. 7. Gold Canyon’s candles are created using a wide variety of aromatic scents and premium waxes, and feature two wicks for a clean, even burn. The company offers nine different scent collections in a large variety of options, including votive scented candles, pillar candles, Heritage and Boutique Chic jar candles, and tea lights.


4/25/11 4:59:37 PM

na0611boutqiue.indd 69

4/25/11 5:00:02 PM

24 Luxurious colours Gel that is easily applied like polish Soaks off in 10 minutes

NAILS PERFECTED – Only from Akzentz






na0611busNF.indd 70

4/25/11 5:01:06 PM

BUSINESS} Gain Mobility at an Economical Price Spa/Salon Manager, the flagship product from IBCS, is now available “on the cloud,” says company president Kent Crabtree. “The Spa/Salon Manager ‘cloud’ takes the 25 years of experience in the salon industry and moves the program to the Internet,” explains Crabtree. This means there’s no software to install and automatic updates and backup are provided. Salon owners can access their salon management software, including reports, from any Internet-connected computer anytime without interfering with the front desk. In addition, booth renters can have their own access, allowing them to book appointments when away from the salon. Complete appointment scheduling, e-mail reminders, and text messages are included. For more information, go to fifi/16441. >>>


na0611busNF.indd 71

JUNE 2011



| 71 4/26/11 11:04:59 AM



I’m thinking of offering a service deal on Groupon or a similar group deal site and I’m wondering what I should know in advance. Are there any downsides? Can I expect to get repeat business from it? Day spas and salons are particularly good candidates for Groupon and other collective buying sites because they directly target the audience most salons and spas want to reach — college-educated, single females who go out at least twice per week, who are social-media savvy, and actively spread the word via other social networking sites about your business and offerings. Before you offer a deal with one of these collective buying sites, you should set clear goals for what you want to accomplish and put a plan in place for the initial influx of customers. And you should keep the following things in mind: > Be specific. When creating your deal, be specific about what you are offering. Don’t give a percentage off across the board, but make sure that you design a deal that you will truly be able to sell and benefit from long term. Make sure it is relevant to the time of year and that there is a demand for the service you are offering. > Make your business buzzworthy. Sometimes just because you want to do a deal does not mean you will be accepted. These sites look for businesses that already have some buzz surrounding them (i.e., news articles, PR, advertising, Citysearch profiles, Facebook fan pages, and Twitter feeds). They want the deal to be just as much of a success as you because the more people who purchase the coupon, the more money they make. If no one knows about your business through your own promotional efforts, then your deal may not fare as well. Make sure you have these things in place before you go to one of these sites searching to do a deal. > Money. Although it is a “free” service to you, the real deal is this: You must offer at least a 50% coupon to qualify. Then, depending on the company you use, they will take a 30%-50% commission on the deal before sending you a check, which is usually within one to three weeks. Essentially you make about 25% of the total deal in a lump sum. On the positive side, it’s a chance to reach new, potential clients who ordinarily would not be affordable through traditional advertising. Additionally, when customers visit to redeem their coupons, it’s a great opportunity to up-sell services and sell retail products. Also, if you keep accurate records of all the new people coming through your doors, it will present an opportunity to offer them something extra to get them back. It’s what you do after you get them through your door that determines the long-term success you will have as a result of using this service. — Tiffani Douglas is a nail tech and the author of Social Media Marketing: A Guide For Beauty Professionals ( >>>

Have a business question?

(about marketing, pricing, personnel, etc.) E-mail it to and check back here for an expert answer.

72 |

na0611busNF.indd 72



JUNE 2011

4/25/11 5:01:17 PM


na0611busNF.indd 73 NA0611harmonygelishard.indd 1

4/25/11 5:01:22 PM 4/13/11 2:33:15 PM

One More Reason to Keep Your Card There could hardly be a more appropriate business card for a nail tech than Live Industry’s Nail File Card. It’s just what is sounds like — a business card that does doubleduty as a nail file. The custom cards can be created in minutes and feature high-quality, full-color printing. You can choose one of the company’s design templates, upload your existing business card, or create your own custom-designed card online. For more information, go to

Spread the Word … for Free If you’re using PolishPro Light-Cured Nail Polish, let clients know. NSI is offering nail professionals free window decals and tent cards featuring its striking new imagery. Complimentary window decals will let passers-by learn about your new services, while tent cards will tempt existing clients to try new services. For more information, go to www.

Build Your Nail Department Now After hitting a financial ceiling doing nails, salon consultant and NAILS blogger (blogs.nailsmag. com/coach) Jill Wilson helped to author and launch the Nail Associate Program for Summit Salon Consulting Group. The Nail Associate Program not only changed the way she did nails, but it also changed her income. She has had $1,000+ days, service and retail sales over $10,000 a month, and makes over $100,000 annually as a nail technician. She shares what she learned in a new CD set titled “Building a Nail Department, featuring the Nail Associate Program.” “This step-by-step nail associate program will take a brand new nail tech to top performance in a matter of weeks, while creating opportunities for top nail techs to become leaders and educators in your business,” says Wilson. The CD is available at (click on the online store tab, enter promo code JILL) or call (800) 718-5949 and mention Jill’s name when ordering.

na0611busNF.indd 74 NA0411nubarzebrathirver.indd 1

4/25/11 6:07:51 PM 2/23/11 2:18:23 PM

“it’s not the tools that do the damage, it’s the fools.” It’s one of Greg’s favorite phrases, with good reason. The worst thing that can happen to a client’s nails is the damage caused by a nail tech that wields an e-file like a jack hammer. Our solution to that is the same answer we always give: education, education, and then more education. Whether you’re taking a class at Young Nails tech, or out in the field with one of our seriously smart Mentors, we’ve got over 1,000 courses going on every year. Because we want to make sure you know how to use our products to get the results you want. And learn how to become the most knowledgeable, skilled, awesome nail tech you can be. In turn, your clients will be happier and more loyal. You’ll get lots more of those all-important referrals. Plus you’ll make more money. And there’s nothing foolish about that.

Learn more at Order from your distributor, online, at the store or call us at 800.777.9170. If you’d like to receive info via email, contact Join your tech friends on our Facebook page and on Twitter at youngnails1.

Young Nails Inc., Anaheim, CA.

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4/25/11 6:07:58 PM

BUSINESS} reader to reader Should you communicate with clients via cell phone text message? Why or why not ?

)?84F8?84I8 4@8FF4:8 4GG;8588C

Texting your clients is OK only if the client doesn’t mind it. It makes you stand out from all of the other techs who don’t communicate via text. If you have a lot of clients who like to text with you, then I would have a different phone just for work. Plus, it will make clients feel a little more important and feel like they can really depend on you.

Kayla Bagley Platinum Hair Studio, Rocky Hill, Conn.

I don’t like the idea of there being so many communication portals, i.e. text, e-mail, Facebook, and phone. Private time should be for private time. Life today is already too fast and too busy. I don’t live with my cell phone on me 24/7 like the younger generation seems to (not that I am that old), plus who wants to lug around an appointment book? I love my work, but it should stay at work. Using the phone and leaving messages on an answering machine suits me fine! Last year I had an illness that kept me away from my work, and I was upset to receive complaints via Facebook. I learned that I like my privacy!

Melanie Beland European Style Salon, South Attleboro, Mass.

I don’t. I don’t want my cell number recorded in their phone. There is a landline in the salon that can be used. Most clients won’t bother us, but there are those problem children that I don’t want to give a 24/7 direct line to me.

Nicole Cormier Aura Cityplace, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

76 |


na0611reader2reader.indd 76


JUNE 2011

Maggie Franklin Art of Nailz, Visalia, Calif.

Yes. Most of the clients I’ve had for many years have my cell phone and usually don’t abuse it. They text me if they are running late or need to change an appointment or sometimes to ask if they can bring me Starbucks (love those clients). They have to earn my trust to get my cell phone number.

Dina Cruz Bella Capelli Salon, Campbell, Calif.

Maaret Abbersteen The Nail Club, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Absolutely! All my clients have my cell number and contact me 98% of the time this way. I prefer texting rather than phone calls. Texting allows me to do my job without being interrupted many times throughout an appointment. It also allows me to make and reschedule appointments and send out specials instantly.

“But I swear you told me Tuesday!” when I know I told them Thursday! It’s all there in the history.

Absolutely! All my clients have my cell phone number. I want them to be able to reach me at any time. My business card has only my cell number on it. I prefer the personal contact with all patrons.

Robin Hoffman South Shore Salon, Las Vegas

Many people prefer texts at this point, and I’m more than happy to comply with their requests. A text message conversation provides me with a written record that I can refer back to. No more

I use my cell phone all the time so clients can text me their appointment requests. My female clients enjoy that they can text me for a Brazilian wax appointment without their male officemates overhearing. Clients also text questions about products I use in the salon for purchase. My clients know I’m always reachable. They also know my appointment book is kept at work, so they don’t usually text me outside of my regular hours.

Tania Rice Indira Salon and Day Spa, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Next question: Who did you use as your hand model for your state board exam, and why did you pick that person? [Answers will be printed in the September 2011 Issue.] Share your opinion on the topic by e-mailing your response by June 15 to Please include your name, salon name, city, and state with your response.



4/25/11 5:02:19 PM

UV Gel Polish


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4/25/11 5:02:25 PM

BUSINESS} Follow the Money For booth renters and salon owners, keeping track of income and expenses is not the most exciting task, but it’s a necessary one. Keeping your business records in order will not only keep Uncle Sam smiling, it will enable you to understand your financial footing. BY RUTH ANN REESE

HELP IS AT HAND Record-keeping is certainly not what you were passionate about when you decided to become a nail technician. But record-keeping is an important part of starting and growing a successful business. Knowing the basics will help you start out on the right path. It is important to create and use a system to track your income and expenses. This will help you understand more about the profitability of your business, and it will mean you’ll have everything in order and ready to provide your tax preparer so your tax return is correct. (It’s always a good idea to keep the IRS happy!) You can purchase bookkeeping software, hire a bookkeeper, or you can create a spreadsheet, whichever you prefer. What is most important is that you create and use some type of record-keeping system. For those of you who elect the do-it-yourself route, here are some directions on setting up a basic spreadsheet.

Legally speaking, you need to understand your city, state, and federal laws to find out the requirements you must meet to be in compliance as a business owner. Your city may require a business license, if you sell retail product you may be subject to sales tax regulations. There are several entities in place to assist you. Your local city government office is a good place to start. The chamber of commerce is another great resource for local requirements. And you will find a wealth of valuable information at the U.S. Small Business Administration ( on how to start and manage your business. Still have questions? Go to where you will have access to qualified expert business management advice, and it is free!

DEDUCTING BUSINESS MILEAGE If you use your vehicle for business purposes and want to take a business deduction for your vehicle, you must keep an accurate business-use mileage record of the date, starting and ending mileage, and purpose of the trip. This takes discipline and a simple way is to put a small notebook and pen in your car and start the habit of writing down the information every time you get in your car to take a business trip, whether it is just up the road to the beauty supply store or driving 100 miles to a beauty show. While this is not a sophisticated method, it is a good start, and you will be miles ahead of most new nail technicians in having a basic recordkeeping plan in place. Across the top of the spreadsheet, starting with the second column, put the dates for each week of the year, so you will use 52 columns. Using the first

column of the spreadsheet put your list of the types of income and types of expenses you have when you run your business, using one row for each item. >>>

78 |

na0611money.indd 78



JUNE 2011


4/25/11 5:03:07 PM

Who says

you can’ t be perfect?

Patented Innovation Non-chipping Long-lasting Perfect smile lines every time

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A perfect French manicure that lasts on natural nails!

©2011 Dashing Diva Professional. 866.665.3482

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4/26/11 2:10:38 PM

CONSIDER SCANNING VS. PAPER FILES Scanned copies are now acceptable in almost every arena from the IRS to legal processes. Searching for a specific document through a scanned document folder is faster and easier than searching through a group of manila file folders and the multitude of documents they contain. With scanned copies you can simply type key words in the Search Files function, and all documents that contain those words move to the top of the file list. With scanned documents it is also easy to always keep a backup copy of your document files in another physical location — at home, for example.

For example, for income you might list Service, Retail, Tips (yes, tips are taxable income), Gift Certificates Sold (yes, gift certificate sales are income too). Then put a row for Total Income.

1/9/2011 1/16/2011 1/23/2011 1/30/2011 2/6/2011 2/13/2011 2/20/2011 Service Income Retail Income Tips Income Gift Certificate Income Total Income Advertising Expense Bank Charges Expense Dues & Subscription Expense Insurance Expense Products Purchased Expense Office Supplies Expense Rent Expense Telephone Expense Total Expense

In the same way, start your types of expenses, which might include Advertising, Bank Charges, Dues & Subscriptions, Insurance, Products Purchased, Office Supplies, Rent, Telephone. Then put a row for Total Expense. This is a basic and simple place to start to record your income and expenses on a weekly basis. Total up all of your types of income and types of expenses (include all expenses you paid for by check, cash, or credit card) at the end of each week and enter the totals in the spreadsheet. Put the receipts and other documents in an

envelope marked for that weekend. Be aware that you must keep all of the records relating to the income tax returns you file for seven years. Ruth Ann Reese is the owner of Bookkeeping Infusion ( She can be reached at (800) 7294179 or The information provided in this article is not intended to provide or be a substitute for specific individualized accounting, tax, legal, or business advice. Bookkeeping Infusion accepts no liability for any direct or consequential loss arising from any use of this information.

80 |

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JUNE 2011

4/25/11 5:03:16 PM NA0611entityfp.indd 1

©2011 Entity Beauty Inc.


Entity One Color Couture. Forget everything


you know about manicures and take your art to the next level. We’ve combined the long-lasting,


high-gloss durability of gel with the ease and versatility of enamel. No smudging, no chipping, and no dry time. It’s everything you


love about color. Only better. ™

Model is wearing Walk The Runway.

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4/25/11 5:03:20 PM 4/15/11 2:05:19 PM

BUSINESS} salon profile

Crave’s chairs are larger than the average salon chair and provide enough room to seat a parent and child together comfortably.

Eco-Chic Salon Brings Natural Services and Relaxation to Tampa A peaceful retreat, Crave Nail Spa was created using eco-friendly materials and offers clients a wide range of services using natural products. BY JENNIFER WASHINGTON Located on one of South Tampa, Fla.’s trendiest streets, Crave Nail Spa is gaining momentum thanks to the comforting ambiance, natural ingredient-based services, and “walk-ins welcome” policy that have been implemented since day one. Owner Joezette Hite wanted to create a salon that incorporated relaxation, cleanliness, and high-quality natural-nail services without an inflated price tag. “Our concept was to be known as the walk-in nail spa, where appointments are not necessary,” Hite says. She chose Crave’s location based on its proximity to popular restaurants and shopping boutiques. “We are also located in an area where many families live,” she adds.

82 |


na0611salonprofile.indd 82


Business was slow-going for the first two weeks, with most traffic consisting of curious visitors walking by. “Our first ad went out three weeks after we opened and a syndicated television station did a piece on us that aired in our viewing market,” Hite says. “Within a day, we were so slammed with business that we only had standing room and long waits just to service the people who were coming in.” After graduating from college, Hite spent eight years in the pharmaceutical industry as a sales representative in dermatology. She became inspired to research possible toxins and irritants in nail salons specifically after experiencing headaches during nail services while she was pregnant.

“I knew smells could irritate pregnant women, but I wondered what it was exactly that was causing my senses to be so sensitive,” she says. Hite then came up with the idea of creating an “in-and-out” nail spa that was free of harsh chemicals and would provide chairs large enough to nurse a baby in or seat a child next to a client. After doing a great deal of research, she began planning for a year before starting development on the salon. In the winter of 2010, Hite’s expertise with dry skin conditions came in handy when the salon had its grand opening. “It was a great time to open because we were beginning our drier season and I had the opportunity to help our potential clients,” she says. >>>

JUNE 2011

4/25/11 5:07:19 PM

Enjoy T 4 Specials with purchase of one Besimi™ pedispa* Promotion valid from:

5/1/2011 to 6/30/2011 Other restrictions apply.*

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SaniSmart® Liners

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® Contact your nearest local dealers or visit us at

w w w. t 4 s p a . c o m Scan this tag with your smart phone! (with QR Code Reader APP)

1. 866. 556. 2372


Distributed by T 4 Spa Concepts & Designs, LLC. 5150 Florida Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70806. © 2011. All rights reserved. T 4 and Logo are trademarks of T 4 Spa Concepts & Designs, LLC. HT, Human Touch and Logo are trademarks of Human Touch, LLC. All other brand and/or product names and logos appearing in this ad are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owner(s). All rights reserved. Shipping is only included for customers in the contiguous United States. Customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and in Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories other than District of Columbia; and international customers are responsible for all shipping charges, duties, and/or fees. * Promotion valid from 5/1/2011 to 6/30/2011. Free 200pcs SaniSmart® Liner and $200 Instant rebate will only be available with a purchase of Besimi™ pedispa for this T 4 promotion. No substitution allowed. Not valid with any other offer or previous purchase. Valid while supplies last during promotion period. t4 may-june besimi.indd 3 na0611salonprofile.indd 83

4/18/11 4:27 PM 4/25/11 5:07:26 PM

1. Arriving clients enter the lobby area before accessing the main salon area, an added measure for maintaining the relaxing atmosphere. 2. The bright blue and green decor was inspired by a cheerful headband that owner Joezette Hite happened to be wearing one day. 3. Owner Joezette Hite oversees all of Crave’s operations and uses her experience in the pharmaceuticals industry to help clients get the right treatments for their nails and skin. 4. In addition to OPI, Essie, and Zoya brands, Crave offers clients its own private label polish.


1 Hite’s husband also played a role in helping Crave get off the ground as he not only helped come up with the salon’s name but also oversaw construction and supported Hite when she needed to rest. “When I would go home with the children, he would come in here and book appointments and show women to their seats,” she says.

SUSTAINABLE STYLE Described as a “modern earthy-feel,” Crave’s decor and branding hues were inspired by a cheerful bright blue and green headband that Hite happened to be wearing one day. “I presented it to my logo designer and she went from there,” she says. “We wanted to create a very earthy feel and a sense of calm when you walk into the spa. I think we achieved that,” Hite says. “Everyone says they feel very relaxed when they come in here.” Hite and her husband made great efforts to keep all of the design materials eco-friendly, including bamboo flooring, low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paint, and energyefficient lighting. The salon features a separate lobby area in front and a spacious nail lounge area with two rows of large mani-pedi chairs, two manicure tables, and two esthetician rooms. One esthetician room

is reserved for facials and wax services, while the other is dedicated to spray tanning and wax services as well. To keep everything as clean as possible, Crave nail techs wear gloves and use an autoclave to clean all implements. They use 3 disposable buffers and nail files, and pedicure bowls with disposable liners instead of spa chairs. The salon’s furniture was also an important factor during the design process and tends to be one of the clients’ favorite features about the salon. Crave does not have televisions, but offers relaxing, ambient music that has been well received by clients.

ALL-NATURAL SERVICES Products used for Crave services are as organic and natural as possible, according to Hite. The salon’s expansive service menu includes four types of natural manicures and pedicures, various facials, a full list of waxing services, airbrush tanning, and children’s Cutie Crave services. Despite being open less than a year, the salon is consistently booked for bridal, baby shower, birthday, and Cutie Crave parties every weekend. “Mani Mimosa Sundays” have also been a big hit with clients. Currently, about 90% of the business is focused on nails, with CND Shellac and Nail Salon Name: Crave Nail Spa Harmony Gelish add-ons being Location: South Tampa, Fla. clients’ favorite services. Owner: Joezette Hite Crave also offers water-soluble Square Footage: 2,500 Piggy Paints for children’s services Opened: October 5, 2010 and a variety of polish brands free of Number of Nail Techs/Total Staff: 8/10 parabens, toluene, formaldehyde, Specialties: Natural nails and DBP for adults. In addition, Compensation: Commission Hite creates sugar scrubs from



84 |


na0611salonprofile.indd 84



Cutie Crave party guests are treated to a wide variety of services, including manis and pedis with Piggy Paint eco-friendly nail polish.

scratch and incorporates a variety of natural, essential oils into Crave’s private-label, paraben-free creams and whipped lotions. “I usually make the sugar scrubs in small batches and fortunately we are so busy that we go through the products without ever having to throw anything away,” she says. The salon offers three recipes for its popular sugar scrubs, which include ingredients like cocoa powder, almond oil, and Epsom salt. Hite has kept many contacts from her work in the pharmaceutical industry and uses her background in skin care to help clients find solutions for skin issues. “When we have some of our clients in here with a skin condition, we can refer them to a dermatologist who is close to their area,” she says. >>>

www.NailHa 562. 623. 4

JUNE 2011

4/25/11 5:07:35 PM


Cures Harmony Gels in: 10, 20, & 30 Seconds! Compact High-Performance L.E.D. Gel Light

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U SK # 4 37 01

Features: • Patent Pending eyeShield™ (limits light exposure) • Pedicure-ready flip-out inverter • Easy-to-remove tray for effortless, thorough sanitizing • Preset Digital-Display Timer • High Intensity Diamond Reflectors • Never need to replace bulbs • Ergonomic design for client comfort • Compact designed to save table space • (6) 5-watt LED lights [= 30 watts] • Multi-Modes: Timesaver; Cure times 10, 20, 35 seconds • LED 6G lamp has consistent power and performance from the first second out of the box through to the 50,000th hour • Available in 110 & 220 volts • One-year warranty

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Consistent Power & Performance of LED Light L.E.D. 6G

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Diminishing Power & Performance of U.V. Bulbs U.V. Light Bulb & Gel Performance 562. 623. 4203 Ask your local distributor Designed and engineered in the USA

na0611salonprofile.indd 85 NA0611harmonygeled6g.indd 1

New Replace Bulbs

Months 1st






4/25/11 5:07:44 PM 4/13/11 2:30:48 PM

Most of Crave’s clients are professional women, ranging in age from 25 to 45. About 75%-80% of them are regulars, so the staff knows almost all of their clients by name. “Word of mouth is our biggest and best referral system. We also rely on social media and occasionally we advertise,” Hite says. About 25% of the salon’s clientele are male and includes famous athletes from

many of the professional sports teams based in Tampa. “Everyone is kind of to themselves with their magazine or their iPad. Men feel comfortable in here,” she says. “The men who come in here are usually passed out by the end. I really attribute it to the comfortable seats.”

MOVING FORWARD Finding nail technicians has been Hite’s biggest

challenge since opening Crave, she says. Many schools group nail technician training into esthetician certification programs, with a majority of students more interested in the esthetician track than nails. “Also, although we are a walk-in nail spa, on weekends it is hard to take walk-ins,” Hite adds. Many of the salon’s clients call ahead of time to book appointments on the weekends, leaving little opportunity for potentially new clients to experience the salon’s services. Crave’s team of 10 work on commission and have grown very close over the months since the salon opened. Many of them appreciate the cleanliness factor and emphasis on natural products, as well as their growing, regular clientele base. Hite encourages staff morale by bringing in lunch or donuts for the team and by having everyone set goals at monthly meetings. A recent goal to obtain four regulars in a month’s time turned out to be a success. “Most of them were able to achieve that little goal that we set,” Hite says. “We always pat each other on the back when we do something well.” Hite also tries to get brand representatives to come train the staff when possible. One of the benefits of hiring nail techs right out of school has been that they’ve already been trained on newer techniques like Shellac and Gelish, she adds. Though retail only accounts for 1%-2% of gross profit, all of the products used during services are available for purchase. In addition to Crave private label products, the salon offers OPI, Zoya, Essie, Piggy Paints, Clarisonic, ilike, and Indigo Bee products. Hite and her team are constantly looking for ways to improve Crave, so the team plans to attend industry shows together in the future. “We have a tradeshow in Orlando that’s an hour away and they’re all signed up to do different classes,” Hite says. She plans to close up the salon for a few days while everyone is away at the show. “We have many clients driving in from other parts of Tampa asking if we plan on opening another Crave,” she adds. “There is a strong possibility that it may happen soon.”

86 |


na0611salonprofile.indd 86


JUNE 2011

4/25/11 5:07:51 PM

11 e 20 Show h t t us a ndo Visit re Orla 546 ie #6 Prem Booth

񡑁񡑀񡑂 񡑄񡑒񡑢񡑗񡑕񡑡񡑠񡑔񡑗񡑖񡑈񡑘񡑣 񡑅񡑈񡑠񡑔񡑖񡑀񡑂񡑠񡑐񡑓񡑒񡑑 񡑇񡑒񡑉񡑘񡑈񡑀񡑃񡑘񡑔񡑖񡑠 񡑁񡑗񡑕񡑕񡑒񡑐񡑠񡑔񡑗񡑖

񡑅񡑕񡑒񡑈񡑓񡑀񡑄񡑕񡑓񡑆񡑇񡑐񡑈. 񡑃񡑂񡑂񡑁񡑀񡑅񡑆񡑑񡑉񡑔񡑉񡑖񡑆񡑇񡑐񡑈. 񡑆񡑔񡑕񡑑񡑕񡑣񡑀񡑅񡑠񡑣񡑕񡑔񡑙񡑓. Autoclave-friendly and super long lasting, these elegantly etched, premium quality stainless steel essentials are luxuriously crafted for the highest level of professional quality, precision & performance. Slant Tweezer, Cuticle Nipper and Nail Clipper Set Sold Separately

񡑁񡑀񡑀񡑃񡑂 For more detailed information and a distributor near you please visit or call 1-800-645-3340 na0611salonprofile.indd 87 4/25/11 5:07:56 PM

na0611healthNF.indd 88 NA0611belavafp.indd 1

4/26/11 3:04:59 PM 4/15/11 1:21:12 PM


Cooling Peppermint Infuses Foot Care Collection Bella Luccè has developed a complete line of pedicure products designed to improve the condition and appearance of the feet in just minutes. What’s more Bella Luccè takes its commitment to the environment seriously. Certified as a carbon-balanced company by Terra Pass, it uses minimal packaging made from recyclable materials, its labels are created from a corn-based material, and it is dedicated to fair trade and organic ingredients. The company’s Cooling Peppermint Pedicure Collection uses natural peppermint essential oil to deliver a brisk cooling sensation as rich emollients, exotic fruit extracts,

and nourishing butters work to smooth, hydrate, and refine tender toes. Cooling Peppermint Foot Crème: Rich in aloe butter and nourishing fruit extracts, the formula contains mint essential oil, designed to permeate the skin to deliver a brisk cooling sensation. Cooling Peppermint Foot Polish: Powdered pumice, a natural volcanic rock, gently sloughs dead cells as organic jojoba and soybean oils nourish dry, cracked skin. Clients also enjoy the brisk cooling sensation of peppermint essential oil. Cooling Peppermint Foot Soak: Dissolve a scoop of this energizing foot soak into

warm water for a refreshing indulgence. Peppermint essential oil delivers a brisk cooling sensation that relaxes tired feet as moisturizing oils soften the skin and Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt works to reduce swelling and increase circulation. Peppermint Nitetime Foot Repair: A blend of aloe vera, olive oil, and vegetable glycerin penetrates deeply to help soften and renew dry, chapped feet while fruit extracts infuse the skin with alpha-hydroxy acids that gently peel away layers of dead skin to encourage cell turnover. For more information go to >>>

JUNE 2011

4/14/11 1:24:09 PM

na0611healthNF.indd 89



| 89 4/25/11 5:08:45 PM

New Salon Represents “Leap of Faith”

You may not know Philly Arnold — the owner of the newly opened Ft. Worth, Texas, salon called Spa 270° — but you may be familiar with her late husband, Dr. Dennis Arnold. Dr. Arnold, a podiatrist, founded the International Pedicure Association (IPA). He passed away in October 2008 after a long battle with cancer. NAILS asked Arnold Philly to tell us about her path to a new career in the nail industry. What inspired you to open a nail salon after the death of your husband? Arnold: Together we had attended trade shows across the country promoting the IPA. We were, and I still am, passionate about the nail industry and wanted to do something to help this dream live on. I could not imagine, with my short time on this earth, not trying to make it great. I began learning the nail spa business from the ground up, first completing nail technician training and then obtaining a Texas manicurist license. What was your background before nails? Arnold: My background includes a bachelor’s degree in business administration, many years of experience in directing charities, as well as valuable insight gained during my career in pharmaceutical sales. I took a leap of faith, leased two rooms near downtown Fort Worth, one for manicures and the other for pedicures, and opened Spa 270°. I am very excited about providing my clients this hygienic approach to safer manicures and pedicures. Where did the name of the salon come from? Arnold: Two hundred seventy degrees is the temperature at which special medical-grade equipment sterilizes — the temperature at which all tools are serviced at Spa 270° nail spa — maximizing health and safety for every spa client. As a new tech, what have you learned since opening the salon about real-world nails? Arnold: Yes, I am a new nail technician — and in my 50s, I might add! Because this is a new career path for me, it has been necessary to learn the various nail procedures and applications, while also learning the business side. I would have to say, it is challenging, especially in this economy. I admire my team of experienced nail technicians, knowing that it takes great talent and people skills to keep clients happy and rebooking and to stay knowledgeable on the various nail treatments and procedures. What I have learned since opening the spa is that when challenges arise, staying in alignment with the promise, mission, and focus for Spa 270°, no matter what, helps to create peace and clarity in my final decisions.

More Luxury, Less Water An alternative to costly pedicure thrones, the Embrace “No Plumbing” Pedicure Chair from Belava enables techs to provide a high-end experience and guarantee the highest sanitation standards, all while conserving water. The highbacked Embrace chair is plush and extra wide to provide clients with “the perfect snuggle.” It’s also a massage chair offering several massage settings. In addition, the Embrace comes with an adjustable manicure table and a sliding heater/massager unit to accommodate every client comfortably. The unit uses the lightweight, two-gallon Belava Pedicure Tub and disposable liners. No plumbing or installation is required — just an electrical outlet for the tub’s heater/massager unit. The Embrace Chair reclines up to 160 degrees and swivels up to 360 degrees for easy in and out access. It weighs under 90 lbs. and has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. For more information, go to >>>

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Breathe Better Air YOU KEEP YOUR SALON SPOTLESS. Is your salon air clean too? The One That Works Salon Air Purifier was designed to remove bad smells, strong odors and nail dust. Your clients will be impressed by how fresh your salon air is from the moment they walk in! Convenient Size: 16.5” Diam. 15” Height

FREE art lc 3-wr phortaebeility ahnadbalen filter

fo e-was machin ention extra you m



this ad

Order yours today!


Mention Code NA09 Our 30-day performance guarantee promises that, if you’re not in love with

The One That Works, you can return it for a full refund.


When it comes to improving salon ventilation, Salon Pure Air/Air Impurities Removal Systems offers products such as the Salon Pure Air, which captures air contaminants directly at the source and safely removes them before clean air is released into the room. Unlike systems that work with the HVAC system that allow particles to linger in the air, the Salon Pure Air works most effectively within six inches of the technician’s hands, thus eliminating pollutants right at the source. “For approximately $900 per station (with discounts available for the purchase of multiple units), a salon owner can dramatically improve working conditions and support a healthy work environment,” says Leonard A. Roulier, III, vice president of sales and marketing for the company. “Owners concerned with the upfront cost of incorporating this type of system will quickly see a valuable return in energy savings compared to installing a product that connects to the HVAC system and re-circulates the unclean air.” Units can be custom-designed and built into the technician tables, or costconscious salon owners may opt for a portable system that can be shared between technicians. The system occupies 10 to 12 inches of space and is simply plugged in and ready to go. For more information go to

Handprint’s Positive Imprint Following on the success of its Handprint Hand Salve, SpaRitual has released Handprint Hand Serum, which contains botanical antioxidants to slow the effects of environmental damage, while restoring the skin’s elasticity, soft texture, and complexion. This intensive moisturizer and ultra-rich hand serum is made with 72% certified organic ingredients and formulated with plant-based ingredients. Handprint Hand Serum combats fine lines and wrinkles, loose or thin skin, complexion discoloration, sun and age spots, and dull or rough skin surface textures. Key ingredients include: > Swiss apple stem cells restore and protect skin cells, improve skin vitality and texture, and combat chronological aging. > Aloe ferox lifts and plumps the skin, improves elasticity, promotes regeneration, and helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. > Licorice extract lightens and brightens skin, enhancing even pigment distribution, and gives skin a more radiant appearance. > Organic ginger root extract fights free radicals and promotes radiance with natural chlorongenic acid to brighten the skin, prevent cell damage, and reduce the signs of aging. > Organic pumpkin seed extract smoothes the appearance of fine lines, improving skin vitality and tone as well as improving skin elasticity. For more information, go to

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Light Elegance


Light Elegance


Smart Chemistry made Č?ɤɜČ˜É¤ 



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HEALTH} under the microscope

Splinter Hemorrhages A splinter hemorrhage is a small area of bleeding under the fingernails or toenails that usually requires no treatment.

A splinter hemorrhage is, quite simply, bleeding under the nail. The discoloration caused from the blood runs in the direction the nail grows, not horizontally, creating the look of a splinter under the nail. Even the color — usually a dark reddish-brown color — resembles the color of a wooden splinter.

What is it?

The most common cause of a splinter hemorrhage is trauma to the capillaries under the nail. The little capillaries burst or break and then clot, leaving a thin, dark line under the nail. Often when we think of trauma to a nail, we immediately think of some type of blunt-force trauma, say from hitting the nail with a hammer. However, the trauma that causes a splinter hemorrhage may not hurt at all. Although trauma is the most common cause, splinter hemorrhages can also be caused by fungal infections or from psoriasis, though in both of these cases, there would likely be other symptoms beyond the appearance of the hemorrhage.

How do you get it?

No treatment is needed; the discoloration will grow out with the nail, leaving a healthy nail bed in its place. There’s no reason to get particularly concerned if a client doesn’t remember the exact event that caused the trauma. Many people won’t know what caused the slight bruise.

How is it treated?

It is safe to continue with the client’s regular nail services. However, since you and the client will want to watch to be sure the hemorrhage is moving toward the free edge, it may be a wise decision to choose gel or acrylic that is not colored. Colored polish is fine, since it can be removed quickly and easily by the client. Techs should be aware that they could be the first professionals to alert clients to a more serious problem. Watch to see if the splinter hemorrhage appears to widen or spread to other fingers or to toenails. This would indicate the condition could be something entirely different from a splinter hemorrhage. A change in appearance, such as widening, or a change in location, such as spreading to other nails, could be the result of a mole under the nail, which could be melanoma.

What can a tech do?

Most of the time a splinter hemorrhage will be harmless; however, there is the slight possibility that the condition could signal a serious infection in the lining of the heart (endocarditis). If a client cannot remember when the nail was traumatized, and she has other conditions that indicate heart problems, techs should recommend that a doctor evaluate the nails. It is highly unlikely that a client with a splinter hemorrhage would suffer from endocarditis with no other symptoms.

What else?

For more information about splinter hemorrhages, log on to

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HEALTH} Are You Risking Your Health?

Sometimes it can be hard to separate fact from fiction when it comes to potential hazards associated with work in the nail industry. With persuasive voices on both sides of the issue, we wondered how many of you feel you are jeopardizing your health by working in the salon. We asked techs: On a scale of one to 10, how concerned are you about any potential

negative health effects from the nail chemicals you use every day?

10 1

Ten. Chemicals are just that. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell anyone that over time, if proper handling isn’t followed, damage can and will occur. Too much of anything can kill you.

Amber Burnett Hendersonville, N.C.

My worries are a one, simply because I know about and understand the chemicals we use. This is mainly due to [industry chemist] Doug Schoon. (I recommend his book Nail Structure and Product Chemistry.) It’s not easy understanding it all, but once you do the benefit to you and your clients is amazing. You have to understand how and why these chemicals work. Once you do that and know exactly what these chemicals are doing, your job is safe and you can sleep well at night. As long as

you follow the correct procedures, then everything should be fine.

Judy Archibald Manchester, England


Nine. I am concerned about the negative health effects of nail dust and the chemicals in it. For 15 years I never used a fan, mask, or vacuum and developed polyps in my nasal cavity, which I’ve had two surgeries to remove. The doctors said there may be a connection — and I strongly believe there is — so I now take precautions by using a dust vacuum, fan, and protective eyewear.

Lynette Guzman Nail Creations by Lynette, Huron Township, Mich.

Three. Manufacturers have made the chemicals for acrylic much less offensive than in the past, so the smells or the


vapors traveling throughout the salon don’t seem to be as bad. I do worry about all the dust, but I have a vented table that keeps dust and debris to a minimum. I am looking for an extraction unit for help with the finer dust that gels create. After 22 years, I have never really had a problem with either and have always tried to use proper ventilation.

Marc Foley Greatful Nails Wausau, Wis.


I’d rate my concern as a two overall, a four on dust. The two things that concern me over time are the dust and the repetitive motion. While I do everything I can to minimize both and have done research on ergonomics, the cumulative effect over time is a concern.

Claudia Iacovetto C-C My Nails, Newcastle, Wyo. >>>

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I’ll rate it a two. I fully know how to use my product in a safe manner where even with prolonged contact I feel confident I will not acquire negative health problems.

Classic Fournier-Mully Personalities Salon, Queen Creek, Ariz.

noun: The feeling you get when your nail salon makes more money, generally characterized by an uncontrollable urge to smile at strangers. But seriously, salons and spas that use MINDBODY’s orangealicious software grow their revenue an average of 26 percent!


While I agree that proper handling and precautions certainly need to be observed, I rate this a 10. As a natural nail tech, I believe minimizing exposure to clients and techs is very important. A growing number of companies are offering “greener” alternatives that techs can offer clients in combination with nail health education.

Yna Johnson

(And they smile a lot more, too.)

Premier Salon, Franklin, Tenn.


I rank my concern about the products I use at a three. I’m kind of concerned, but not enough to worry about it constantly. I don’t think it’s good to be inhaling any kind of dust, let alone dust that comes off of an enhancement (not just because of the chemicals in the enhancement material, but because of the various household chemicals used by the clients in between fills that the acrylic may have absorbed). However, we’re exposed to so many chemicals and environmental pollutants on a daily basis — from our hair care products to the air we breathe. My natural nail clients tell me, “You can’t be too careful.” I say, “Sometimes, you can.”


Eight. I am always careful with products and smell, and do not offer acrylics anymore due to the smell. I was getting headaches after doing a set of nails, so now I strictly use gel. My clients are happy with a product that is reliable, and my coworkers and other clients in the salon are much happier with the odorless product.

Robyn Schwartz Polished & Pampered Hair and Esthetics, Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada


I rate it a five — smack dab in the middle. While all techs are taught how to properly use and protect against the products we use on a daily basis, not everyone follows the rules. With any chemical you always have to worry about allergic reactions, contact dermatitis, white lung from dust inhalation over the course of so many years when using improper ventilation, and so on. In all reality, no matter how much care you take to ensure safety, there is always something that could go wrong.

Becky Liles Seaport Salon & Day Spa an Aveda Concept Salon, Silverdale, Wash.


Download a f ree b usin ess s trategy p aper! Why N iche M arke www.O rangeM ting Works m/nails

Software For Your Nail Salon 888.212.0024

I would say a 10. I’ve been doing nails for over 20 years. I started wearing a mask when filing about two years ago. I’ve developed asthma-type symptoms, and they’re not fun. I highly recommend that every nail tech who does artificial enhancements wear a mask when filing.

Joanne Hurtubise Boice

na Alberino Attitudes Total Body Image, Wesley Chapel, Fla.


Haute Pink Studio, Santee, Calif.


Brenda Gibson

One. I use a product that has no odors and requires very limited handbuffing. I think that in the 21st century if a salon has not yet looked for a healthier alternative, it’s not even worth going there. There are several products out there that have no odors and I found one that is an all-inone system (Bio Sculpture Gel) that allows me to do every nail service — enhancements, no-chip manicures, silk tips (no glue on natural nails), and even 3-D art without acrylic.

Brenda Gibson Center for Nails, Perrysburg, Ohio.

Jeweled Nails, Irvine, Calif.

Six. I used to get headaches and then figured out I was too close to the nails and the brushes. Once I sat up taller I did much better. I have been doing nails for 25 years. I have some lung problems and I think they are from the dust. About five years ago I started wearing a mask and I sure hope that has made a difference. I know I get a fuzzy, dusty feeling in my eyes by the end of the day.

Christian “Chris” Mans

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HEALTH} secret ingredient Polish. We all use it. We all love it. But what exactly is it made of? From tosylamide/formaldehyde resin to stearalkonium bentonite, ingredient names can sound more like a top secret formula for NASA than a recipe for regular old nail polish. Each of these ingredients, however, has a purpose and plays a part in the overall performance of the polish.

nail polish



POLYMERS make up the backbone of the polish, and they consist of two main chemicals, Tosylamide/Formaldehyde Resin (TSF Resin) and Nitrocellulose. These two work together to produce the characteristic hard shiny surface and strong adhesion that is typical in all polishes.

Nitrocellulose — a primary film former; it creates the hard shiny surface of polish but is brittle when used on its own; the polymer comes from cotton or wood chips by way of a chemical reaction of nitric and sulfuric acids. Tosylamide/Formaldehyde Resin (TSF Resin) — a film former that works with nitrocellulose to reduce brittleness, improve adhesion, and create a more durable polish. (Note that this is not formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a clear colorless gas that is not used in nail polish. You will never find formaldehyde listed as an ingredient in nail polish, but you will find it in some nail hardeners.)

2 Editor’s note: Instead of focusing on just one ingredient, we’re using this month’s secret ingredient column to tell you about all the ingredients that go into your standard bottle of polish. In the coming months, we’ll also break down the ingredients in acrylic powder, acrylic liquid, gel, gel-polish hybrids, resin, and more. E-mail if you want to know more about the ingredients in a specific product category.

100 |


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PLASTICIZERS make the polish more flexible and increase its durability.

Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) — an ingredient used to make nail polish more flexible, thus increasing its durability. This ingredient was controversially banned in the European Union as part of a sweeping ban of hundreds of chemicals. Many scientists feel the ingredient is safe; however, a number of American polish manufacturers have taken the chemical out of their formulations. Replacements for this ingredient are many and varied; common ones include a combination of trimethyl pentanyl diisobutyrate and triphenyl phosphate. Camphor — an ingredient that increases flexibility and comes from the camphor tree.

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4/26/11 10:04:26 AM


PIGMENTS are used to create the color of each polish. A combination of naturally occurring and manufactured pigments are blended together to create varying shades.

Check out the “Polish” entry on NAILS Encylopedia, encyclopedia, for more articles on everything you’d want to know about polish.


Mica — a natural pigment that gives a shimmery look. Silica — a thickening agent that prevents premature settling of pigments and lowers the gloss of polish. Titanium Dioxide — an ingredient used to increase the opacity or “coverage” of polish; often used as a white pigment. Bismuth Oxychloride — a special effect pigment that adds a pearlescent shimmer. Citric Acid — a stabilizing agent produced from the fermentation of sugar cane and used to control the color of the pigment. Other Common Pigments

Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide D & C Red #6 Barium Lake D & C Red #7 Calcium Lake FD & C Yellow #5 Aluminum Lake CI 777266 CI 77891 CI 15880


SOLVENTS help make the polish spreadable. They keep the ingredients consistently dissolved in the polish during application, but slowly evaporate away after the polish has been applied. Solvents evaporate at different rates, so many solvents are used together to create an ideal evaporation time.

Ethyl Alcohol — a solvent used to dissolve the ingredients in the polish. Isopropyl Alcohol — a solvent that helps prevent a possible explosion of nitrocellulose during shipment and storage; also used in rubbing alcohol and antibacterial gels. Ethyl Acetate — a solvent that is manufactured from acetic acid (vinegar) and ethanol, and has a fruity odor. This solvent evaporates the fastest. Propyl Acetate — a solvent manufactured from acetic acid and a mixture of propene and propane gases. This solvent evaporates the second fastest. Butyl Acetate — a solvent manufactured from acetic acid and butanol, both of which can be produced via fermentation. This solvent evaporates the slowest.

Toluene — a solvent that controls the evaporation rate and the smoothness of the final coating; this solvent has encountered controversy because many feel it can cause liver and nervous system damage, while many others feel these fears are irrational and unfounded. Many polish manufacturers have removed this from their formulations. Stearalkonium Bentonite — a thickening agent that controls flow during application and helps prevent rapid settling of pigments. Benzophenone-1 — a UV-absorber that prevents color changes of the polish while in the bottle. Dimethicone — a “drying agent” used to speed the drying of nail polish; usually the main ingredient found in nail polish dryers.

JUNE 2011

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| 101 4/26/11 10:04:39 AM


ultimate Bridal Nail Brides have a lot to stress about on their wedding day — why not alleviate some of that worry by working with her to create the perfect set of bridal nails. These seven designs can be customized to match her wedding colors, flowers, or theme, and let her get some stellar photos with her new ring.






“This design for the ultimate bridal nail was modeled after a Tiffany & Co. Legacy engagement ring.” — Jamie Lyn Valentine-Hess, Valentine’s Salon & Day Spa, Greencastle, Pa. 1. Apply CND Shellac UV Base Coat. Cure for 10 seconds. Apply one coat of CND Shellac Negligee. Cure for two minutes. Apply CND Shellac Cream Puff (or use polish) to the free edge to make a thin straight-across French. If you used Shellac, cure for two minutes. Apply Shellac UV Top Coat. Cure for two minutes. Remove the inhibition layer. 2. Use a silver striper to add a horizontal line where the pink and white meet. 3. In the middle of the line, draw a silver square. 4. Use an iridescent glitter striper to draw a smaller square inside of the first. 5. Apply silver glitter to the edges of the square. Apply top coat. >>>

102 |


na0611bridalNails.indd 102


JUNE 2011


4/25/11 5:12:17 PM NA0311kupafp.indd 1

na0611bridalNails.indd 103 NA0611usmedianitrofp.indd 1

4/26/11 2:53:24 PM 4/14/11 9:03:26 AM









“It’s the ultimate bridal nail because it’s versatile. You can match the color of the chevron French to the bridesmaids’ dress color or use the same lace as that on the wedding dress. It’s simple but elegant. Just four steps and your client can have customized bridal nails for her special day.” — Vickie Chilla, Salon Therapy, Eustis, Fla. 1. Polish the nail in one coat of OPI Tijuana Dance. 2. Add two coats of OPI DS Elegance on the free edge in a V-shape to create a chevron French. (Any color can be used here, so consider matching one of the bride’s wedding colors.) 3. Cut lace to fit the chevron. Make sure the polish is dry before you apply the lace. To apply the lace, first apply a thin layer of clear polish on the chevron, then position the lace on top. Trim the lace to fit. 4. Apply three teardrop-shaped rhinestones and one round rhinestone. Do not use top coat.

104 |


na0611bridalNails.indd 104


“This is the ultimate bridal nail inspired by lace, because lace is so popular on wedding dresses. It is elegant and finely detailed, as everything associated with a wedding should be.” — Julie Ventura, Chestnut Ridge, N.Y. 1. Polish the nail a light shimmering pink. Apply white paint on the free edge in a V-shape to create a chevron French. 2. With a thin brush and white paint, add a V (matching the V of the French) below the French. Add a curved line as shown, leaving a gap between it and the thin V. 3. Between the curved line and the thin V, make a crisscross pattern by drawing overlapping Xs. 4. Below the criss-cross pattern, create half-moon shapes along the curved line. Add tiny dots between the French and the thin V. Add mid-size dots inside the halfmoons. Add a mix of tiny and large dots just outside the half-moons. Apply top coat. Use white acrylic to create three petals on the side. Add a small rhinestone in the center of the petals. >>>

JUNE 2011

4/25/11 5:12:51 PM


na0611bridalNails.indd 105 NA0611nubarvoicefp.indd 1

4/25/11 5:13:31 PM 4/19/11 4:15:07 PM




Brides generally assume that they’ll do a hair and make-up trial before the wedding day, and, as a nail tech, you can increase your bridal client appeal by offering a bridal package that includes a nail consultation. Alica Best, owner of Upscale Nail Bar in Griffin, Ga., offers a bridal package priced at $40 that includes a prewedding consultation, three nail designs (shown on tips) to choose from, and touch-up service. After the look is chosen the bride is charged the fee for the actual nail service. “The bridal fee helps to cover the cost of time, products, and design time for special requests. Brides have the option of paying for just the service instead, but as a bride the one-on-one attention is great for a special event.” Best offers the bride a discount if the bridal party also books nail services at the salon. Nail tech Robin Moses in Florence, Ore., also sets up a consultation with either the bride or the maid-ofhonor. She chooses not to charge extra for it, explaining: “It only takes me five to 15 minutes, and it saves me tons of time when everything is ready in advance.” Moses sets aside an envelope for each bride, in which she adds color swatches, theme-related photos, and sometimes a sketch of the design (especially for the ring finger) on a sticky note. If you’re the only nail tech in the salon, you may have trouble accommodating an entire bridal party. Kanika Ashford of The Nail Therapist in Oakland, Calif., came up with a solution in the case of her client Maggie Simpson. “I suggested Maggie come in the week before, and we do her manicure with a full acrylic set, but not paint them yet. Then on her wedding day at the salon, I would paint them and do the designs. That way I could accommodate those in her wedding party who wanted manicures, plus from my experience with brides, I know they get antsy about time on the wedding day, so this way it works out well for both the bride and for me.” Moses says, “I usually take the bride, the maid of honor, and the mother of the bride. The other bridesmaids match my design colors at other salons. I mix their acrylic colors to take with them to the other salon for striping and easier designs.” K Kanika Ashford of The Nail Therapist in T Oakland, Calif., made O sseveral versions of her client Maggie h Simpson’s wedding S nails before Maggie’s n big day. Ashford b ccame up with this design to compled ment the wedding’s m burgundy and black b Victorian theme.

106 |


na0611bridalNails.indd 106



“I call this design ‘blush of beauty.’ It incorporates pink, a perennial favorite, plus two lovely flowers.” — Hahn Lisa Doan, Long’s Nails Spa, Victorville, Calif. 1. Polish the nail pink. Add a coat of sheer gold polish at a diagonal. Double-load a flat brush with burgundy and white paint, then push and wiggle it to create a petal. Use this technique to make a second petal. 2. Create two five-petaled flowers using this technique. Doubleload a brush with green and yellow paint to create a leaf. 3. Add green vines. Outline the flowers, leaves, and vines in dark purple. Add a line of purple dots next to the vine. Add three purple dots in between the two flowers. Add clusters of yellow dots around the flowers. Apply top coat.

4 1



“When I think about a bride, she has to look like a princess and her nails should be gentle, delicate, and beautiful. That’s why I choose this pink-and-white combination, including, of course, flowers that remind me of weddings.” — Lyudmyla Kulyniy, The Bucks County School of Beauty Culture, Philadelphia 1. Apply white gel to the free edge, not extending quite out to the tip. Add silver glitter to the very tip. Cure. 2. Apply pink glitter gel to the rest of the nail. Cure. 3. Use white acrylic to create two roses along one side. 4. Use white acrylic to add several leaves along the same side. Use pink acrylic to accent. Add two clear rhinestones and one pink rhinestone. Apply UV top coat. Cure. >>>

JUNE 2011

4/25/11 5:13:43 PM



na0611bridalNails.indd 107 NA0611mehazprofp.indd 1

4/25/11 5:14:11 PM 4/21/11 9:11:30 AM








“I’m a Florida girl, so I got my inspiration from lovely corals and greens and from the beautiful tropical wedding bouquets popular in the Sunshine State. Cascading bouquets are so popular this season, so I want to incorporate this trend as well.” — Naomi Gonzalez, Le Petit Nails, Sanford, Fla. 1. Apply CND Shellac UV Base Coat. Cure for 10 seconds. Apply a coat of CND Shellac Tutti Frutti. Cure for two minutes. Apply a second coat of Tutti Frutti. Cure for two minutes. 2. Add one coat of CND Shellac Iced Coral. Before curing, use an art brush or marbleizing tool to create a texturized look. (Using Iced Coral on Tutti Frutti will create a greenish hue.) Cure for two minutes. 3. Add one coat of CND Shellac Mother of Pearl. Cure for two minutes. Apply CND Shellac UV Top Coat. Cure for two minutes, then remove the inhibition layer. 4. Use opaque white acrylic to create a heart-shaped anthurium in the middle of the nail and smaller orchids surrounding the nail plate. Apply half petals on the free edge and a tiny flower near the eponychium. 5. Use opaque green acrylic to start creating palm leaves around the flowers. Use opaque purple acrylic to create some small violets. 6. Use opaque orange acrylic to create two partial hibiscus flowers. Highlight the flower centers with opaque yellow acrylic. (Optional: Blend the yellow acrylic with sheer glitter first.) 7. Use opaque white acrylic to create cascading orchids near the side fold of the nail plate to the free edge. Highlight any remaining flower centers in opaque purple acrylic powder. Sweep on several opaque purple acrylic petals. Fill in remaining spaces with purple acrylic violets, opaque green acrylic palm leaves, opaque white acrylic orchids, and opaque orange acrylic hibiscus.

4 1


108 |


na0611bridalNails.indd 108



“I chose this design because it’s feminine with its large flower and pink acrylic (instead of plain white tips). These nails stand out from a distance with all of the glitter and jewels.” — Jade Sewell, Just Nails, Great Falls, Mont. 1. Swirl sparkly hot pink acrylic and sparkly white acrylic together on the free edge to create a marbleized French. Before the acrylic dries, use your brush to add silver glitter. 2. Add sparkly clear acrylic to the rest of the nail, slightly covering the free edge to cover the glitter so it doesn’t file off. 3. Along the side of the nail, add rhinestones in a variety of sizes. 4. Add a 3-D flower decal to a corner of the free edge. Apply a UV top coat, making sure it covers the rhinestones and the flower. Cure.

JUNE 2011

4/25/11 5:14:19 PM


Patent-pending #13078560

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They’ve got the

World in their hands


Call them ongles or uñas, nägel or negle, they’re still nails and they deserve the attention of a skilled professional — no matter where you live. These international techs share what life is like in the nail industry in their slice of the world.

Melanie Lazik The Green Room NailARTelier Landsberg OT Zöberitz, Germany

Native Language: German Time in Profession: 8 years Is licensing required? To be honest, the German nail industry is not particularly exemplary. Anyone can be a nail tech. There is no education and you do not need to attend a course to open a nail studio. If you want to be trained, you can obtain a certificate in one day. Anyone can describe themselves as an educator. Nevertheless, we do have some great technicians in our country. What was your training? I was trained in 2003 for five days by Saremco Cosmetics. From 2009 I wanted to learn almost everything and had training with Elena Veretenko, Frank Schäberle, and many more. In 2011, 10 training days with European Masters are planned. In between I am an educator as well. Nail technicians are called... nageldesigner or nagel stylist. “Nails” are... nägel. Most salons are... There are a lot of nail salons (nagelstudios), but more and more hair and skin care salons offer nail services too. The most popular nail style is... Currently, we love the shape of edge nails and stilettos. Favorite colors are nudes, gray, turquoise, pink, and lilac. The most popular style is One Stroke (folk art). The most popular services are... In Germany, gel design is still the most popular service. Acrylics have fallen due to negative press. But nail technicians see the possibilities you have with acrylics and customers even ask for them. What are your specialties? I love stilettos, colorful nails, 3-D designs, and One Stroke nail art. What are your clients like? Almost everyone gets their nails done. There are so many salons in Germany. Unfortunately, most of them do not impress with their performance, but with price undercutting. Women from 16 to 80 wear “nägel.” Appointments or walk-ins? Except for so called “Asia Studios” (they call themselves “nails American style”), you have to make an appointment. The consequence of price competition is that a lot of nail techs have a home studio to save money. Well-known brands? LCN, Wilde Cosmetics, ABC Nailstore, and Nfu.Oh Are there any major trade shows in your country? The Beauty International in Düsseldorf is the biggest trade fair in Germany; it is not a show. I have to drive 500 km to get there. But we have smaller trade fairs in Hannover, Berlin, Leipzig, Munich, Wiesbaden, and Stuttgart. Almost every trade fair has a championship competition. Nail classes are in every town, but I drove up to the Netherlands to be educated by the best. What are your best educational resources? The most education I got was from ABC Nailstore in Dresden. >>>

110 |


na0611internationalTech.indd 110


JUNE 2011

4/26/11 11:02:31 AM

NA0611belavafp.indd 1 na0611internationalTech.indd 111 NA0611jandafpbooth.indd 1

4/26/11 3:03:35 PM 4/14/11 1:24:09 PM

Scherezaad Panthaki Paaws ‘N’ Claaws, The Nail Spa Mumbai, India

Native Language: Hindi Time in Profession: 12 years Is licensing required? Unfortunately, no. Personally, I went to nail school in the U.S. (Phoenix), but in India, the business of nails is relatively new. Hence, there are no guidelines, no authentic institutions for learning, no process per say for becoming a nail tech. The truth is that some bigger salons hire local nativespeaking undereducated and undertrained people and try to teach them the art of doing nails in two weeks. Then, they put them to work immediately in their salons, thus leading to horrible nail disasters and mishaps. What was your training? I was actually on vacation in Phoenix in 1999. I was 17 years old and had finished my A-levels in India. While I was on this trip with my family, my mom saw an ad in the newspaper for studying nails. She asked me if I wanted to do it and I jumped at it immediately. I always bit my nails as a child and the idea of long beautiful nails was like a dream come true and very exciting for me at 17. Nail technicians are called... manicurists. “Nails” are... naaa-khooon (pronunciation). Most salons are... full service. There are very few nails-only salons — maybe one or two in the entire country. The most popular nail style is... anything to do with crystals and gold is what Indian women are drawn to any time of the year. But honestly, they try to follow fashion trends in international magazines such as Vogue and Elle. The most popular services are... natural manicures first, because as I mentioned, there aren’t many nails-only nail salons and the ones that exist offer only limited services due to limited resources (human and educational). On the other hand, with more and more Bollywood celebrities wearing gel French extensions, many women come in asking for those. What are your specialties? Everything actually, but mainly gels, nail art, and spa treatments. My specialty is an amazing spa manicure I created myself, called the Moisture Manicure. It’s a pampering process, where I immerse my client’s hands in a warm mixture of heavy moisturizing, top-quality imported creams and lotions along with a dash of an indulgent popular perfumed cream instead of regular water. This is followed by a regular manicure and ends with a wrap up to the elbows of the same cream mixture. What are your clients like? Ages 15-85, the average of my clients being 72. In India, a lot of older middle-aged upper-class businessmen have been brought up with the routine of getting manicures/pedicures to keep clean. Besides them, of course the society ladies, fashion and entertainment industry professionals, models, etc. — mainly well-off and upper middle class. It’s not priced for everyone, due to the lack of product availability here and having to import all the products needed. Appointments or walk-ins? Appointments are preferred but we do accept walk-ins. Well-known brands? Right now only OPI and that is only to a segment of society. The general public is aware of a brand we have locally called Lakme. Are there any major trade shows in your country? Yes, over the past few years a wider segment is being exposed to the nail industry but it’s still mainly trade/beauty shows for hair, makeup, and facial beauty. I’ve been to a couple in my city, but they’re mostly just companies selling cheap nail art kits or manicure implements. What are your best educational resources? The Internet, foreign friends, and while traveling abroad. Also NAILS Magazine and the OPI website.


112 |


na0611internationalTech.indd 112


JUNE 2011

4/26/11 11:03:39 AM


na0611internationalTech.indd 113 NA0611afgebzshowfp.indd 1

4/26/11 10:20:25 AM 4/14/11 12:15:45 PM

Ettennae Perez-Vargas Star Nails San Juan, Puerto Rico

Native Language: Spanish Time in Profession: 2 years Is licensing required? Only a nail school diploma is required. What was your training? At the Instituto de Banca y Comercio. I took classes on manicures, pedicures, application, design, anatomy, and microbiology. The learning process is eight months, of which the last two months are in-class practice. Nail technicians are called... técnicas or técnicas de uñas. “Nails” are... uñas. Most salons are... Most salons are full-service but the nail industry is growing so fast that we almost have an equal number of nails-only salons in Puerto Rico. The most popular nail style is... long, square pink-andwhite nails, or really short nails with one color of nail polish. There is always a group of women who love the very elaborate nails but usually it’s one or two per week in our business. The most popular services are... acrylics and pedicures. Shellac is also now entering the nails industry here. What are your specialties? My favorite type of nail style is pink-and-white nails with a design composed of lines and dots. Also, 3-D flowers and pink-and-glitter nails. What are your clients like? The nail industry in Puerto Rico is very broad. I could be doing nails for a teenager from the school across the street and my next client could be a lawyer or an English-speaking woman on vacation. Appointments or walk-ins? We mostly work with appointments but are always open for walk-ins. Well-known brands? Shellac, OPI, Attraction, All Season, essie, and our own Puerto Rican nail polish brand, Bettina. Are there any major trade shows in your country? The San Juan Beauty Show and the Barbers and Beauty Show. What are your best educational resources? Mostly from the Internet where more experienced nail techs post their work and tutorials. Also from the seminars that more experienced nail techs offer at a fee.


114 |


na0611internationalTech.indd 114


JUNE 2011

4/26/11 11:05:03 AM

24 7






<< na sa 1.





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4/26/11 3:17:29 PM

Claire Coulon Miami Nails Igny, France

Native Language: French Time in Profession: 4 years Is licensing required? Licensing isn’t required in France. Nail technician is not considered a “real” job here, but things are changing. Some professionals are trying to create a kind of license to regulate the business and to avoid safety and health issues. What was your training? I went to the Beauty School of America in Miami because I did not trust the nail schools in France and I wanted a real license. Nail technicians are called... prothesistes ongulaires or stylistes ongulaires. “Nails” are... ongles. Most salons are... Some are only dedicated to nails but it’s a new trend. Most are also doing skin care, massages, and hair removal. The most popular nail style is... People are very classic in France. They like French manicures or regular polish, but some are more adventurous and like designs. But not a lot, unfortunately. The most popular services are... French manicures with acrylics or gels and natural manicures, though Shellac and other gel polishes are starting to pick up. What are your specialties? I like to do designs with colored acrylics, glitters, or paint. What are your clients like? I have all types, ranging from students to retired people and from all social backgrounds. But since products are more expensive in France due to high taxes, getting your nails done is not something everybody does. It has its cost. Appointments or walk-ins? It’s mostly appointments but some accept walk-ins. I would say those that take walk-ins are non-standard salons with lower prices. That’s how they fill the books. Well-known brands? OPI, Peggy Sage, CND, and Essie. Are there any major trade shows in your country? The beauty trade shows here are not great on nails but are becoming a bit more interesting. I haven’t been able to visit any big international shows. What are your best educational resources? Professional magazines and the Internet.

116 |


na0611internationalTech.indd 116


To read about the nail industry in Mexico, Holland, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, and Slovenia, log on to


JUNE 2011

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<< na sa 1.

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RealityStar to Call Our Own

After years of reality shows focused on hair salons and hairstylists (Blow Out, Shear Genius, Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, Jerseylicious) the nail industry is finally getting our own reality show. Billed as a reality docu-soap series, TV Guide Network’s Nail Files follows the life of salon owner Katie Cazorla as she juggles her expanding business and her personal life. BY HANNAH LEE

118 |

na0611katie.indd 118



JUNE 2011

4/25/11 6:16:31 PM

Nail salon owner and new reality show star Katie Cazorla’s passion for nails is obvious from the minute she starts talking about her business and the industry. She’s up on all the latest trends and she networks with other salon owners.

QUICK STATS Salon: The Painted Nail, Sherman Oaks, Calif. Years open: 2 Owner: Katie Cazorla Staff: 16 employees (includes 10 nail therapists, two boutique employees, one receptionist, two hairstylists, one in-house accountant) and one makeup artist who rents space Products: Nubar, The Painted Nail by Nubar, Dashing Diva, CalGel, Me! Bath, and Martha Stewart craft glitters (Katie swears by these glitters under gel.) Retail: Jewelry is 20% of their income. “When people get their hair, makeup, and nails done and they put on a ring or a necklace, it makes the outfit and it’s an easy sell,” Katie says. Busiest Day: Sunday Best-Selling Services: Glitter Dipped Mani, Virtual Nails, Ice Cream Sundae Pedicure Website:


na0611katie.indd 119

The story behind Katie Cazorla’s success in the nail industry is a short one. Girl gets nails done. Girl has bad experience. Girl goes to nail school and opens her own nail salon. But it’s not just any salon. Located on busy Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, Calif. (just a hop, skip, and a jump away from celeb-packed Hollywood and Beverly Hills), The Painted Nail (with the friendly “hang out with friends” vibe and a pristine shabby chic decor) opened in March 2009. Nine months later Katie took over the space immediately next door to open The Painted Nail Boutique and Party Lounge. Now, after just two years, Katie is setting her sights on another neighboring space with dreams of opening a nail school. “I have my heart and soul set on having a school that’s just about nails.” All this and she still found time to shoot and pitch a pilot for a reality show documenting her life — juggling her growing business and her odd-couple relationship with boyfriend Walter Afanasieff, a Grammy Awardwinning songwriter and producer. (He’s written and produced hits for Mariah Carey, Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, and Whitney Houston.) And pitch it she did. TV Guide Network picked up the idea last winter and filming began in January. The show was created and produced by 495 Productions, the team behind the mega-hit series Jersey Shore. Nail Files will premiere on TV Guide Network on June 21 and will run for eight episodes. (The show will also be available on TV Guide Network On Demand.) “The producers have once again come up with a highly entertaining, non-scripted series capturing the fascinating lives of colorful individuals, this time against the backdrop of Hollywood,” said Diane Robina, executive vice president of programming and marketing for TV Guide Network. “Nail Files is a perfect fit for our audience, as it takes viewers on the star-powered fast track of Katie’s life of luxury, love, and entrepreneurial adventures.” SallyAnn Salsano, founder of 495 Productions, added, “I love working with entertaining, raw, everyday people with some sass and a point of view. Watching Katie in her element both in and out of the salon wowed me. She grabbed my attention the first time I met her. It’s Katie’s will to succeed, confident do-whatever-it-takes attitude, and lack of filter that will keep audiences wondering what she will do or say next. I love her.” Filming 12 hours a day for 70 days is certainly a grueling filming schedule for anyone. But the spunky former actress, comedian, and host knew what she was getting herself into. The day after she finished filming, I drove up to Sherman Oaks to talk to Katie about the whirlwind that has become her life. >>>

JUNE 2011



| 119 4/25/11 6:16:37 PM

NAILS: What was the process like before you got picked up by TV Guide Network? Katie: When you came in last February to write your On The Road article, we had just finished shooting the pilot. So the next step was the production company went out to pitch the pilot to the different networks. At the time, so many of the networks were hot on salon shows and there were a million shows that will probably never see the light of day, but once a network commits to a show they say, “Sorry we already have a show about a hair salon.” And to network executives, a salon is a salon — hair, nails, waxing — they just don’t get the difference. Bottom line is it’s a salon. Finally TV Guide Network contacted us and said they were rebranding. They wanted to be more focused on programming that would cover fashion, celebrity red carpet, and all the other fun stuff that was going on in Los Angeles. They saw the pilot and thought it was a great opportunity to branch out into the reality world without it being trashy. I mean trashy sells, and it’s funny because all the press is saying “from the producers of the Jersey Shore” so I already have to deal with that stereotype.

NAILS: What was shooting the series like? Katie: We found out in December. And in January I went to Sundance to do a gifting suite and the crew said, “OK we’re coming with you.” And all of a sudden, I was never alone. When they were filming in the salon there were 10 guys in here. The private pedicure room was closed off and they used it as their production room. All of the producers with the monitors were upstairs. It was absolute madness. We started shooting and I thought it was going to be for a month. The show is running for eight episodes and they’re only 22 minutes per episode. But we shot over 800 hours. This is their method and I really believe in it. If you set up things, you’re not going to get real stuff. One day I was in tears. The things that happen are crazy. They woke up with me; they were with me all day. At the end of the day, my staff was always happy that they were done and they could go home by themselves, but I still wasn’t done. The crew would all pile in the van and come to my house. They had to install TV lighting in my house and in the salon. We filmed 12 hours a day, even if I was sitting at my computer all day answering e-mails. During the two plus months we were filming, there was practically always a camera on me. In the beginning I was like “Who’s going to want to watch this?” But then of course there would be a phone call or a customer having a breakdown or something would go wrong or the lights would go out. And it turned

120 |

na0611katie.indd 120



into absolute craziness. When things went wrong I’d understand why they were sitting there for three hours filming me on the computer. Nothing happens for two of those hours, but the next hour something happens and that’s what you’re going to see. But you’re also going to see me on the computer and going about my regular daily tasks. ks.

NAILS: What else cann we expect to see on Nail Files? s? Katie: They’ll get to see me at work, at home, going out with my friends. I don’t think ink Walter and I ever actually ally went out together on camera. ra. We just didn’t have time. It’s t’s mostly going to be my dayyto-day life. There will be a lot of functions. I throw a lott of parties. It was Walter’ss birthday so I threw him a party. I don’t have children so when it’s my dog’s birthday I throw a party. In Walter Afanasieff is the calm to March when I launched my girlfriend Katie Cazorla’s storm. new spring/summer polish h In addition to her life running her collection I threw a party. I’m m salon, the docu-reality series will always busy. And I’m going also show how this odd couple to do these things regardless makes their relationship work. if there are cameras there or not. I think I ran the production crew ragged. But that’s how my life really is. And I think all your readers know, it’s not easy to run a nail salon. This isn’t a made-for-TV salon. It’s all my money — my whole life. So I think the show is probably going to be a third about my personal life, a third about running the salon, and a third about my life with Walter. It’s being billed as a docureality show about me building what they call a “mini nail empire.” But I still don’t know what will be shown because I don’t sit in the editing bay.

NAILS: How did your employees and your clients respond to filming? Katie: At the beginning it was very weird and I was like, “You guys need to loosen up. You can tell there are cameras on you. You look too stiff and nervous.” But after a week I think most of the employees forgot the cameras were there. The cameras and producers are really all over the place. But you do kind of get used to it. Imagine if you were coming in here to get a manicure. You walk in and the windows are all blacked out. You immediately get approached by a producer asking you to sign a release. You don’t have to sign it. If a client said she didn’t want to be on

JUNE 2011

4/25/11 6:17:56 PM

about something but they didn’t want to do it on camera. So literally I’d be calling employees at midnight after the crew left saying, “There’s no cameras. You’re not on speaker.” It was hard to have a relationship privately when there were always cameras on your face. Every time the phone would ring the producers make you answer it on speakerphone. The Painted Nail by Nubar polish collection includes a Polka Dot Top Coat, Malibu Dreams, Electric Blue (named by ’80s pop star Debbie Gibson), Legendary Lavender (a percentage of proceeds will go to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation), Fairy Wings, Citrus Sparkle, and Mestiza (named by High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens).

camera, that wasn’t a problem. We’d film around that person and even if we did catch them on camera while they were in, we’d never be able to show that because without a release we can’t by law. And remember, it’s not just one guy with a camera. It’s two big cameras, a few more guys capturing you talking, capturing me at the front desk, capturing the nail techs. And then you’ve got the sound guys and everybody has to get mic’d. And it’s chaos. There are people running back and forth. Producers saying, “She didn’t sign the release, so stop filming her and go over there to focus on these people. Turn the music off.” So sure, some clients complained. Another thing was they couldn’t film during kids’ parties unless all the parents signed releases and the kids got work permits. It’s a reality show so they have to have work permits. This one mom wanted to have her daughter’s birthday party here and she was so excited because we were filming. I told her that all the kids would have to go through their school to get work permits and they did.

NAILS: Did you get to say if anything was of f limits for filming? Katie: No. Nothing was off limits. I hate having myself filmed brushing my teeth. I think it’s the most unattractive thing ever. I’d wake up and the cameras would already be there. They had a key to my house, a key to my store. Walter would get up earlier than they were scheduled to come over so they wouldn’t catch him waking up. But I’d be so exhausted, I’d still be in bed when they got there.

NAILS: Did you have to do any set-ups to get good footage? Katie: No. We really didn’t. But that’s part of why they filmed so many hours. So many reality shows are set up. The difference with a show like Real Housewives is there are six cast members to split up the shooting. They’re not following one housewife 24/7. There are five others they can follow, so they can pick and choose dates. This was all me. And none of it was set up. When they first met with me, they said, “What is your life going to look like in the next three months?” I knew I had the Oscar gifting suite, Walter was nominated for a Grammy so I was going to that. I obviously knew there would be kid parties and adult parties in the lounge upstairs. And I told them whoever comes in, comes in. I don’t know who’s going to walk in here on any random day. One day Vanessa Williams from Desperate Housewives came in

NAILS: Any drawbacks to the shooting? Katie: It’s like having two crazy full-time jobs. The girls were coming up saying they wanted to talk to me


na0611katie.indd 121

JUNE 2011



| 121 4/26/11 10:11:15 AM

and I just crossed my fingers and hoped she’d sign a release. And she did. Some celebrities wouldn’t sign the release. For the most part everyone was very compliant.

NAILS: So are you taking a vacation now? Katie: No. I can’t. Now everything is happening. It’s like coming out with a hit song and not doing all the follow up. Now I have to do press and promos. They’re putting together a promotional bus that they’re wrapping with Nail Files imagery and outfitting the inside to look like The Painted Nail. We have a bunch of cities lined up already. I’ll be doing radio shows and have people come down to the bus for services and giveaways. Mondays are usually my day off but they’re scheduling all my promo shoots and stuff for that day because they know I’m available.

NAILS: How are other people in the industry reacting to the news about the show? Katie: So many people are so excited. At the ISSE show in Long Beach, people were coming up to me and asking to take their picture with me and saying how excited they are to watch the show. They’re like, “Yes! We’re finally getting a show of our own.” Sure there are also some people who say, “If I had a rich boyfriend I could own a nail salon.” But he has nothing to do with this. He just happens to be my boyfriend. The nail salon makes me money so I can do stuff. I started this nail salon with hardly any money. It’s hard and expensive to start your own business. I like to say I have champagne tastes on a beer budget. But look

what I did with the salon all by myself. I worked every angle and avenue. There will always be the people who say it’s all because my boyfriend has money. But I think when they see the show they’ll realize that’s not the case. Jealousy will always rear its ugly head. But the majority of people in the industry who I’ve run into or talked to are really excited for me and they’re excited for the show for the nail industry as a whole.

NAILS: Tell our readers one thing we wouldn’t expect about you. Katie: I am absolutely obsessed with educating people about nails and that’s why I want to open a nail academy that would focus solely on nails. Students can not only become certified to do nails but will learn all of the new nail technology (gels, French wraps, Virtual Nails, nail art), plus customer service skills and the business side of operating a nail salon. Students would graduate ready to work in higher-end nail salons and spas or be ready to open their own nail business.

NAILS: Do you expect things to change once the show airs? How have things changed already? Katie: I’m sure people will be more aware of everything we do. We are putting ourselves out there; and that can bring a lot of opinions — good and bad. Things have definitely changed already. People seem to be a lot nicer to me then normal and I have zero free time. I take five minute showers now!

NAILS: What’s your wish for the nail industry? Katie: I just wish more people would look at nails the way I look at it. The nail industry is such a fun industry and I love all things nails. Why don’t people get it? Look at hair people. It’s totally different. I think a lot of people still see nails as the black eye of the beauty industry. But we are awesome too. I don’t understand. We deserve some respect. There are stars in the hair industry. Why don’t we have any nail superstars? I want everyone s to love nails as much as I do. n


Nail Files premieres on TV Guide Network on Tuesday, June 24. Check your local listings to see when it’s on in your area. Katie will be blogging after every episode. So make sure to log on to for her weekly updates where she dishes about what really went down behind the scenes.

122 |

na0611katie.indd 122



JUNE 2011

4/25/11 6:17:08 PM

na0611katie.indd 123 NA0611spilofloweryfp.indd 1

4/25/11 6:17:23 PM 4/21/11 9:15:05 AM

got to do

with it A burden on your skin, but on clients it’s a win — unwanted hair is an oftoverlooked opportunity for nail techs to rip into new profits and broaden their salon skill set. BY TIM CROWLEY Waxing is a salon service that has varying appeal to nail techs. Some of you may have had your hearts set on nail creativity since beauty school, and you’ve been happily crafting set after set of precise structures and fun designs since graduating with your manicuring license. But some of you might have been enticed by the skin care aspect of salon work and opted to get your full cosmetology license so you could do a range of complete spa services. An esthetician or cosmetology license is required to professionally apply wax to skin, so nail techs who only have a manicuring license won’t be permitted to do waxing. But for those of you who do qualify, wax hair removal offers a great way to expand your income potential. One of the easiest ways for a nail tech to start waxing services is with a toe wax. During pedicure season, a one-time free toe waxing session could result in clients requesting it as a standard part of their pedicures going forward. And if you become comfortable waxing toes, you can progress to knuckles, eyebrows, and other areas of the body, with increasing profitability.

124 |

na0611waxing.indd 124



JUNE 2011

toe waxing Toe waxing can be a great add-on for pedicures. It gives the client that little extra pampering so they know their entire foot will be smooth and clean for uninhibited bare feet flashing. Average Price: $6 Time: 5 minutes Words from the Wax Counsel: > If toe hair is particularly long, trim with brow scissors, being sure not to trim too short. You want the wax to adhere to the hair not the skin. > Apply wax to one toe at a time in the direction of the hair growth. Then apply the wax strip to the wax. > Use the “pat and pull” method. Just press for a few seconds and then pull. Continue to do this until the hair is completely removed. The “pat and pull” method is preferred over rubbing, which can cause the wax to become imbedded in the cracks of the toe, making it difficult to remove even when you pull the toe taut. > After removing hair from all the toes, apply a soothing cream. >>>

*Special thanks to our Wax Counsel: Cyndi Grohowski of Polished From Head to Toe in Haddon Heights, N.J.; Baxter Cepeda of Wax n Waxing; and Sandra Louise, educator for Satin Smooth.

4/25/11 5:57:30 PM

na0611waxing.indd 125

4/25/11 5:57:40 PM

eyebrow waxing A very popular waxing service, eyebrow grooming with wax leaves a smooth and shaped result that appeals to many. A sensitive area both in touch and appearance, eyebrow waxing must be done with care and skill, but once you get the hang of it, it can become a best-seller at your salon. Average Price: $21 Time: 10-20 minutes Words from the Wax Counsel: > Anytime you wax the face, and especially the eyebrows, you need to ask your client a lot of questions before you start. If they had botox in the eye area within the last 72 hours, you can disrupt the botox under the skin and cause bruising. Also, if a client is on Acutane or has just received a facial with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), her skin may not be as strong and can be injured during the waxing. > Numbing creams are great to help minimize pain and discomfort during the service. > Hard wax is good to use on eyebrows and the face. > Apply the wax in the direction that the hair grows, and then rip in the opposite direction. > Be sure not to use too much wax because it could spread to hairs you do not intend to remove.

lip wax The lip wax is another facial hair removal surface that is quick and easy, but also quite sensitive. It typically goes with an eyebrow waxing and can be an easy complementary service for first-timers. Average Price: $12 Time: 6-7 minutes Words from the Wax Counsel: > As with eyebrow waxing, make sure to ask the client about any recent facial procedures like botox or peels and any medications that affect the skin like Acutane. > The lip is a sensitive area, so it’s good to test the warmth on your wrist before you apply the wax to make sure it is not too hot. > A numbing cream or spray works well on the lip to help reduce pain.

lower leg wax During pedicure season many clients will be looking to model their favorite Bermuda pants and sundresses, so a lower leg and ankle waxing is a great way to get them ready for the sun. Average Price: $15 Time: 10-15 minutes Words from the Wax Counsel: > The skin on the lower leg can sometimes be dryer and will absorb any moisture in the wax so that when you go to rip, the wax won’t come up. This can also happen if the leg is cold. To help prevent this, give the lower legs a thorough washing before waxing, and when you apply the strip over the wax, hold your hand over the strip for a moment to partially warm it before pulling up. > If the client doesn’t normally wax, ask her to grow the hair to about 1/4” long. > Be mindful of the way the hair grows on the lower legs, as it can switch direction in different areas.

continued on page 132 >>>

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na0611waxing.indd 126



JUNE 2011

4/25/11 5:57:44 PM NA0411prospafp.indd VS0311prospafp.indd

na0611waxing.indd 127 NA0411prospafp.indd VS0311prospafp.indd 1

4/25/11 5:57:50 PM 2/24/11 9:13:23 AM 2/3/11 10:12:24

{ad index}

For more information direct from our advertisers, call (888) 745-4030, or go online to

Fifi #


Fifi #



Aerovex Systems................................................................................92


Kupa Inc.................................................................................................99


Akzentz Nail Products ......................................................................70


LeChat .................................................................................................. 125


Antoine de Paris ................................................................................ 131


Lexor Intl..................................................................................... 154-155


Artistic Nail Design ...........................................................................59


Light Concept Nails ......................................................................... 132


Atwood Industries ...........................................................................147


Light Elegance .....................................................................................93


Bags Rep ..............................................................................................146


Masterworks by Amy Becker.......................................................147


Beauty Tech ........................................................................................147


Medicool ...............................................................................................53


Belava .............................................................................................80, 88


Mehaz Professional ................................................................ 107, 139


Bio Sculpture Gel ................................................................................97


Mind Body Inc. ....................................................................................98


Blaine Labs Inc.................................................................................... 90


Mode Intl.............................................................................................146




Nail Superstore, The ...............................................................109, 159


China Glaze ..........................................................................................35


Nail Tech Supply .................................................................................52


Christrio ...............................................................................................143


Nailite .............................................................................................28, 161

CND ......................................................................... 2-3, 37, 39, 47, C3


Nitro Quimica ....................................................................................103


Cuccio .....................................................................................................31


No Lift Nails......................................................................... 38, 72, 134


Dashing Diva................................................................................ 23, 79


NSI — Nails Systems International .........................................12-13


Dollar Nail Art ...................................................................................146


Nubar Cosmetics .......................................................36, 63, 74, 105


Dr. G’s .....................................................................................................29


Duri Treatments ...................................................................................14


Orly International ........................................................................... C2-1


Duri Cosmetics ....................................................................................15


Orly International ................................................................................21


Eco ..........................................................................................................115


Orly International ............................................................... 42, 43, 44


Education Beauty Zone ................................................................... 113


Pedi World Pedicure Spas .............................................................158


Entity Beauty.........................................................................................81


PNI Worldwide.........................................................................149, 152


EnVogue ................................................................................................86


Premier Nail Source ................................................................. 150-151



OPI Products ..............16-17, 16A-16B, 19, 25, 33, 41, 50, 60, C4

Premiere Orlando .............................................................................145

Essie Cosmetics ..................................4, 5, 6, 7, 64A-64B, 91, 135 16250

Expression Beauty Works.................................................................91


Pro Spa ................................................................................................. 127


EZ Flow ..................................................................................................77


Prolana ...................................................................................................62


Famous Names, LLC........................................................................142


Sheba Nail Products ........................................................................144


Flowery Beauty Products ......................................................123, 139


Seche ......................................................................................................49


Hand and Nail Harmony ...................................8-9, 27, 45, 73, 85


Sheekee Nails ....................................................................................147


Hollywood Nail Supply ...................................................................160


Shooting Star .....................................................................................147


ibd ............................................................................................................69


Spa 1000 .............................................................................................. 117


Ikonna................................................................................................... 133


Star Nails ............................................................................................. 153

IBS Las Vegas..................................................................................... 137


T4 Spa Engineering & Design ........................................................83


J & A USA .............................................................................................111


Toezeeze ..............................................................................................147


Jessica Cosmetics ..............................................................................95


Tweezerman International ..............................................................87


Kami Nail Art .....................................................................................147


Young Nails .............................................................................. 10-11, 75


Konad ................................................................................................... 157


Zyon Pedicure Spas .........................................................................156

The Ad Index is provided as a courtesy to NAILS advertisers. The publisher assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.

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JUNE 2011

4/27/11 11:22:23 AM NA0411antoinefp.indd


The #1 Choice for the Professional


Antoine de Paris Cobalt Inox Stainless Steel Box Joint Cuticle & Acrylic Nippers are the Best choice for the Professional

The worlds best

The Original T Acrylic Nipper A

Cuticle Nipper #14 Cuticle Nipper

#11 Gold Acrylic Nipper

Box Joint 5mm 1/2 Jaw #12 1/4 Jaw, #16 Full Jaw Cobalt Stainless Steel

Box Joint 5mm 1/2 Jaw Triple Reinforced Jaw Cobalt Stainless Steel

$25.00 ea. Satin Finish

$25.00 ea. Satin Finish

Regular Salon cost $35.00 each Save $10.00 Each Nipper $2.00 extra for gold finish Single or Double Spring

Regular Salon cost $35.00 each Save $10.00 Each Nipper. $2.00 extra for gold finish Single or Double Spring

Micro Motor Drill Lightweight & Powerful #300 Micro Motor Drill Introducing our new Variable Speed Sp peed Lightweight Drill for the Professional. ssional. Regular price $500.00

Introductory Price r rice Of $300.00 Includes Sales a Tax ales

25,000 RPM’s 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Forward & Reverse Varied Speed Control Optional Foot Pedal Lightweight Hand Piece Made in the U.S.A.

Visit our New Online Store for Our Full line, New Items and Great Savings Daily! 1-800-222-3243 na0611adindex.indd 131 NA0411antoinefp.indd 1

4/25/11 5:29:32 PM 2/23/11 12:51:59 PM

underarm wax Waxing underarms can help lengthen the time the hair there grows back, and it can also make the regrown hair thinner and finer, thus a little easier to wax the next time. Average Price: $15 Time: 10-15 minutes Words from the Wax Counsel: > It’s good to separate underarm waxing into three sections. A lot of estheticians are doing it all in one pull, but it’s a sensitive area and a onepull approach can lead to bruising. > Underarm hair often grows in a circular pattern, so one-pulls won’t be able to clear all the hair. > After the waxing, instruct your clients not to use deodorant for a couple days, as it can irritate the skin.

brazilian wax The most intimate of waxing services, the bikini area requires careful handling but can also have the biggest pay-offs. Average Price: $55 Time: 45 minutes Words from the Wax Counsel: > Many estheticians prefer the client get on her hands and knees for a Brazilian wax, but there are alternatives that can enhance the experience for the client. Having the client lie on her side and pull one leg up is a little less compromising and can be more comfortable for some, while still allowing proper access to the waxing area. > A trick to relax clients is to give them chewing gum during the service. > A light aromatherapy spray into the air right after the pull can also help distract clients from the discomfort. > Never double-dip. After each and every wax application to skin, no matter what, discard the applicator and use a fresh one. The wax is not hot enough to kill any bacteria or pathogens, so it is important to let your client know you are adamant about sanitation.

132 |

NA0611lcnthrd.indd 1

na0611waxing.indd 132



JUNE 2011

4/13/11 5:13:19 PM

4/25/11 5:58:16 PM


Here is a sampling of products to give your clients a top-notch waxing service.

Amber Products’ Turquoise Chamomile Wax is a designer strip wax that removes hair from the follicle for a gentle, non-irritating treatment with minimal redness. This wax works well even on very fragile-skinned clients. (888) 745-4030 x16461 Clean + Easy’s Brazilian Full Body Hard Wax is specifically designed for the Brazilian bikini technique and will gently remove even the coarsest of hair from sensitive skin. The nostrip formula leaves the skin smooth with no wax residue. (888) 745-4030 x16462 Cold Wax Co.’s L’Eily Cold Wax is a sugar wax that can be used cold on most parts of the body. It’s available in a starter kit that includes wax, pre-wax cleanser and dusting powder, after wax toner and gel, portion cups, and waxing strips. Cold Wax also has a smaller kit for students to use for their state board exam. (888) 745-4030 x16463 Depilève’s Intimate Film Rosin wax is a hard wax that requires no muslin strip, but only attaches to the hair and not the skin. The wax removes the entire root of the hair cleanly and effectively, so re-growth is slower. (888) 745-4030 x16464 Flora-Wax’s Brazilian Wax is expertly formulated for a very clean and tidy wax treatment. It contains Teobroma Grandiflorom, a butter that is extracted from an exotic Amazonian fruit seed, that naturally grows in Brazil and is nourishing and healing to the skin. (888) 745-4030 x16465 >>> JUNE 2011

na0611waxing.indd 133



| 133 4/25/11 5:58:22 PM

GiGi’s Super Fruit Waxes are formulated with vitamins rich in antioxidants to leave skin healthy, soft, and smooth. The Super Fruit Waxes are gentle enough for the delicate bikini area, but work for all areas on the body: brows, upper lip, legs, and arms. (888) 745-4030 x16466 Mancine Cosmetics’ Ultra Flexxx Brazilian Strawberry XXX Wax will soothe senses and pamper skin with its delicious scent and silky smooth texture. This hypoallergenic wax is formulated to reduce redness and leave no sticky residue. (888) 745-4030 x16468 Mastex’s Azulene and Honey Depilatory Waxes were developed for people with sensitive skin but work well for all skin types. The waxes moisturize the skin as they remove the hair to leave it smooth and free of irritation or residue. (888) 745-4030 x16469

No Lift Nails Cuticle Oil brings together three of nature’s richest ingredients: Avocado,Oil, Almond Oil and Vitamin E. The result is a superb natural oil that conditions nails and softens skin with a single drop. Our unique formula won’t promote lifting. After all, it’s from No Lift Nails, the industry leader for three decades. Available in 1/8 oz, 1 oz and 4 oz size, No Lift is a naturally rich cuticle oil for your customers and a rich source of profits for you.

Melting Pot’s Microwavable Stripless Wax requires no strips — simply heat, apply, press, and pull away unwanted hair. The wax container has a convenient coffee mug handle for easily and safely removing it from the microwave. And the wax has an improved formulation for better results, even on coarse and dense hair. (888) 745-4030 x16470 Satin Smooth’s new Organic Honey Wax with Argan combines two powerful ingredients to give a premium waxing service. The natural antibacterial quality of honey together with the moisturizing effects of argan oil, extracted from the nuts of Moroccan argan trees, create a smooth and effective wax product. (888) 745-4030 x16471 Wax n Waxing’s wax is a beeswax-based 100% depilatory, contains no added sugar or honey, and has a smooth consistency that does not crumble or break. The wax can also be melted in the microwave. (888) 745-4030 x16472

134 |


NA0109noliftcutclthr.indd 1 1 NA0109noliftcutclthr-R.indd na0611waxing.indd 134


JUNE 2011

PM 9/22/09 12:05:05 1:41:27 PM 4/25/11 5:58:3211/12/08 PM

“ Problem nails? Get the


Protect and correct. Essie Solutions address every nail concern, from strengthening brittle, weak nails to speed-drying for clients on the go. It’s performance-driven nail care that’s always a step ahead.


na0611waxing.indd 135

America’s nail salon expert. Since 1981

4/25/11 5:58:46 PM

{reader nail art}




Nicole Rakowski Linda’s Hair Emporium, Maynard, Mass.

Peggy Jakob-Kissner Nagelatelier Exquisit Ostheim, Ostheim, Germany

Natalia Mager MagNatnails, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Oval Eldridge Central Nails & More, Ceres, Calif. Anna Robinson Nails 2 NV, Columbus, Ohio

136 |

na0611rna.indd 136


Kelly Walker Kelly’s Individual Touch, Oberlin, Ohio Kat Ronghi California Nails, Hartford, Conn.


Lina My Dinh Hollywood Nails, Sauk City, Wis. Jimmy Vo Jimmy’s Nails Spa, Indianapolis >>>

JUNE 2011

4/25/11 5:30:56 PM NA0611ibslvfp.indd 1

What happens in beauty,

happens here!


June 18-2O • 2O11

Las Vegas Convention Center

Las Vegas

Every major nail manufacturer will exhibit! Exhibit hall highlights include…

2 Shows for the price of 1 Get FREE admission to the largest spa show in the nation with your IBS ticket!

Register Online & Save! or call 800.496.9861

Plus, many more!

Do you have what it takes to win? May the best nails win! Take part in the nail competitions and U.S. Invitationals sponsored by magazine. Novice and veteran competitions offered in a variety of categories. For more information visit

Advance Ticket Pricing (before May 23)

One Day: $37 Two Days: $74 Three Days: $111 SOURCE CODE: 101

Join our community


na0611rna.indd 137 NA0611ibslvfp.indd 1

4/25/11 5:31:05 PM 4/14/11 8:24:30 AM

{reader nail art}


Want to seee your nail art here?

Just e-mail digital pictures of your art to; please include your name, salon name, city, state, and phone number. Or, mail printed pictures or the tips themselves to Sree Roy, 3520 Challenger St.; Torrance, CA 90503. All submitted nail art will also be considered for publication on




Mimi Nguyen Nail LUV, Thomaston, Ga.

China Styles Tampa

Tan “Candy” Le Dee’s Nails, Washington D.C.

Janner Lim E.C. Le Beautique, Penang, Malaysia

Martine Mayo Nails by Martine, Omaha, Neb.

Brittney Taxara Get Nailed, Redding, Calif.

Kristina Schroeder Bowie, Ariz.

Kimberly Harr La Nail Beautician, Everett, Pa.

Margaret Thomas It’s a Secret Salon, Culver City, Calif.

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na0611rna.indd 138



JUNE 2011

4/25/11 5:31:11 PM




nails mall

Flowery Professional Go Wild with File Catty™ from Flowery®. The Wild Styles collection features exclusive patterns on quality 5” files with coordinating translucent cases. The unique patented File Catty case protects cell phones, sunglasses and other items from being scuffed by the file, while keeping the file inside clean and free from lint and dust. Also available in an 18-piece display, File Catty Wild Styles are perfect for salon retail, client gifts or just for you! Flowery Professional (800) 347-7456

Mehaz The new Tweezer Catty by Mehaz features a bright red and white polka dot tweezer with a stainless steel slanted tip, crafted in Europe for precise tweezing. The tweezer comes inside a durable plastic case with coordinating polka dot design, protecting the tip from damage and your valuables from being scratched by a loose tweezer. Perfect for travel, purse or glove box, the Tweezer Catty lets you eliminate those stray unwanted hairs wherever you are! Mehaz (888) 225-6342

Cácee Cácee has entered the brush-on gel polish market with its new Color Gel Polish Soak Off set. The colors brush on easily and soak off quickly and have base and top coats for better adhesion and color retention. The colors include Susan, French Pink, French White, and Joy. Cácee (800) 951-6245

For more information on advertising in this section, call 310.533.2465 0 533.2465 (Michell (Michelle Mullen) or 310.533.2412 (Mary Baughman).

JUNE 2011

na0611mall.indd 139



| 139 4/27/11 11:18:30 AM

{product spotlight} Color Club’s Starry Temptress Collection feature shades inspired by the celestial bodies shining in the night sky, with colors displaying a sparkling array of glitter. The shades are Space Case, Ultra-Astral, Wink, Wink, Twinkle, You Got Soul-Ar, Glitter Envy, Otherworldly, and Starry Temptress Top Coat. (888) 745-4030 x16317 Zoya has a new collection of Matte Polishes just in time for summer. The Mod Mattes collection gives you all the color of a Zoya polish, but without the shine. The unique shades are Phoebe (sky blue), Mitzi (lime green), and Lolly (pink). (888) 745-4030 x16318 OPI has added eight new spring shades to its Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquer System. Axxium Soak-Off Gels provide smooth and clean results with longlasting color that lasts for two weeks or longer. The new shades are Suzi Loves Cowboys, San Tan-tonio, Y’all Come Back Ya Hear?, OPI Red, Italian Love Affair, Over The Taupe, Malaga Wine, and Chick Flick Cherry. (888) 745-4030 x16319

IBD has a new Hot In The City color gel collection for its soak-off gels. The colors are Electric Ave, Caution!, Mega Watt, High Voltage, After Hours, and Out All Night. The collection kit contains Bonder, Cleanser, five Nail Wipes, and a UV Top Coat. (888) 745-4030 x16320

140 |


na0611products.indd 140


JUNE 2011

4/25/11 5:35:21 PM

Cinapro has new collections of professional nail art accessories. Each collection has a clever name and ranges in type and shape of nail art add-ons. The Crowned Jewels box contains large, reflective ovals and diamonds, while the Cabaret box has stringed beads and rhinestones. Other collections include Glitter Garden, Girl’s Best Friends, and City Lights. (888) 745-4030 x16321 SpaRitual introduces Handprint Hand Serum with powerful botanical antioxidants. This intensive moisturizer and ultra-rich hand serum is made with 72% certified organic ingredients and formulated with the very best in plantbased ingredients. Powerful botanical antioxidants have been added for maximum effectiveness in slowing the effects of environmental damage, while restoring the skin’s elasticity, soft texture and complexion, leaving the hands smooth and supple. (888) 745-4030 x16322

Orly has a new back to school collection for 2011, the Happy Go Lucky Collection. The line brings back the brights for head-turning back to school fashion. The fun edgy lacquers come in colors Flirty, Frisky, Fresh, and Frolic. (888) 745-4030 x16323

EZ Art Polish Stencils from PNI Worldwide make intricate nail art designs a snap. Apply base polish color and allow to dry, then adhere a polish stencil and apply a contrasting polish color followed by top coat. The stencils are available at Premier Nail Source and other authorized PNI Worldwide Distributors around the globe. (888) 745-4030 x16324 >>>

JUNE 2011

na0611products.indd 141



| 141 4/25/11 5:35:29 PM

{product spotlight}

En Vogue has a new collection of color gels for the spring/summer months. The high quality color gels give excellent coverage and come in 41 different shades. The new colors are Azure, Crown Jewel, Denim, Ivy, Midnight Shimmer, Paprika, and Sangria. (888) 745-4030 x16325

Entity now has bulk sizes for its popular Rainforest Pedicure line. The masque, scrubs, and lotions are available in larger and efficient containers to maximize product potential and minimize costs. The masque, shown here, is 64-oz., and the range of products feature vitamins and minerals to help rejuvenate skin and soothe feet. (888) 745-4030 x16326

Duri’s Back to Basics Collection takes romantic summer spring/summer shades and infuses them with a modern twist. The line features earthy pink, cream, and gray shades without the shimmer and includes colors Mona Lisa Smile, To Be Or Not To Be, Taming of the Shrew, Tudor Rose, Pocketful of Rainbows, and Lavender The Magnificent. (888) 745-4030 x16327

New from Princess Nails are 12 vibrant colors of mylar nail designs, that create a number of artistic effects. You can highlight a 3-D look with Rainbow, Crystal, Peach, and Platinum Silver hues. Sprinkle in Pink, Green, Purple, Blue, or Yellow to perfect a stained glass effect; or use flat colors jet black, silver metal, and gold for a cracked ice or jagged edge art. All these mylar colors have a special solvent resistant coating that allows for easy mixing into acrylics and gels. (888) 745-4030 x16328

bigRuby offers a fun collection of Nail Tattoo templates with a top coat Dryer to help them stay on the nail. The designs range from cosmic symbols and sea creatures to muted mod motifs and botanicals. The express artwork applies easily to naked or polished nails. (888) 745-4030 x16329

The new Eliminer Callus Removal System is a safe and effortless power-driven filing system that quickly smoothes out calluses. Pedicurists can get the speed and results of blades using the safe and disposable Eliminer RotoFile system, without the

142 |


na0611products.indd 142


JUNE 2011

4/26/11 3:10:17 PM

exhausting hand labor of hand filing. The RotoFile base fits most nail Dremel type tools and the disposable RotoFile cap twists on. No sterilization after each treatment — just throw the cap away. (888) 745-4030 x16330

Blue, Fuchsia, Gold, Green, Midnite Blue, Purple, Bright Red, Silver. (888) 745-4030 x16333 Take an exotic island escape with China Glaze this summer with a tropical, shimmering rainbow of brilliant bright colors. Mix and match these hot hues to add a candy-like

pop to that summer manicure and pedicure. Colors in the collection include Papaya Punch, 108 Degrees, Senorita Bonita, Blue Iguana, Cha Cha Cha, and Electric Pineapple. (888) 745-4030 x16334 >>>

Tweezerman introduces its new Satin Etched Zebra Print Collection, Animal Magnetism. The intricately decorated stainless steel implements are the first collection of its kind on the market. The beautifully crafted tweezer, nipper, and clipper set are sold separately, and the unique textured pattern gives these tools a touch of untamed feminine style. (888) 745-4030 x16331

Star Nail’s Eco “Desire Pink” Soak Off UV Nail Color complements any fashion look and makes a great day-to-night transition. Desire Pink is soft, feminine, and easy-towear for all skin tones. This is one of the quintessential soft pinks with just a hint of iridescence that every nail tech should own. (888) 745-4030 x16332

Dollarnailart presents The Bar Stud. Create amazing effects with these 2 x 4 mm. studs. The latest addition to Dollarnailart’s exclusive collection of nail studs. These are a great accent for every type of nail art. The 10 metallic colors are Aqua, Black, Capri JUNE 2011

na0611products.indd 143



| 143 4/26/11 3:10:30 PM

Fashion designer Jason Wu is collaborating with CND to introduce a limited edition Jason Wu Collection that honors iconic women through wearable, timeless shades. The set will come with four Colours and one Effect that can be layered to achieve the designer’s effortless yet elegant nail styles. The Colours are Miss Wu, Brigitte, Sophia, Veronica, and the Effect is Anna Effect. (888) 745-4030 x16335

LeChat has new High Energy Neon colors for its Perfect Match Soak Off Gel Polish. The product applies like nail polish but wears like gel. Nails will look flawless for weeks and stay as perfect as day one. Each Gel Polish comes with a free matching Dare To Wear nail lacquer that perfectly matches the Nobility gel polish. (888) 745-4030 x16336

How to contact us: Send business and editorial correspondence to: NA0411shebaqtr.indd 1

3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 533-2400, (310) 533-2507 Fax Website:

2/24/11 10:45:40 AM

Editorial: To contribute an article, make a suggestion, or ask a question, contact NAILS at the address above or: West Coast/Canada Call: (310) 533-2552 Fax: (310) 533-2504 Email:

Subscriber Customer Service: For subscription inquiries, you can: • Visit our subscriber service section online at: • Email us at: • Report an address change, inquire about an order, or solve a problem, call: (310) 533-2440 • To purchase back issues, books or videos, or give a gift, visit (click on “store”)

Truly affordable luxury, the Echo pedicure chair by Continuum offers hand sewn upholstery, shiatsu back massage, NoPipe, Easy Clean Jet System, contoured footrests with adjustable center leg support, and optional manicure trays. The chair uses less than four gallons of water and provides great comfort and relaxation to clients. (888) 745-4030 x16337


To find out about advertising: West Coast/Canada Call: (310) 533-2465 Email: East Coast/International Call: (562) 377-0465 Email:

Schools: If you would like to find out more about our “Partners in Education” program for schools or to sign up to distribute the annual Career Handbook, visit our website at

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na0611products.indd 144


Estelina has five new scents for the spring/summer season. The tropical fragrances are formulated for an all-day and all-over indulgence. The yummy new scents are Honeysuckle a La Mode, Crazy for Coconut,

JUNE 2011

4/26/11 3:10:35 PM


na0611products.indd 145 NA0611premiereshowfp.indd 1

4/26/11 3:10:47 PM 4/14/11 8:52:57 AM

Tropical Molokai Mango, Fresh Cucumber Melon, and Exotic Passion Fruit. (888) 745-4030 x16338

Preciosa high Quality at low price – that’s the Mode way | 718.765.0124 Mode Int’l, Inc., 5111 4th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11220

The KvG GROUP launches the Footlogix Altima Heated Pedicure Chair to North America. The Footlogix Altima is a heated, fully reclining pedi-chair with a multifunction, space saving and sleek design that becomes a multi-function table, with a 90°180° full power recline. The extendable, split leg format — with independently adjustable leg and knee supports — fits all clients. With anatomic upholstery, the one-touch “twin memory” control moves the chair to preset positions, and the multi-positional foot control reduces strain on technicians. (888) 745-4030 x16339

The NSI Polish Pro Accessory Collection includes six different finishes to change the appearance of any Polish Pro color. Become a nail “stylist” and create unlimited looks for your clients. NSI Polish Pro applies like polish but has the durability of a gel and comes in a range of colors. (888) 745-4030 x16340

Beech Sandals’ newest Fusion pedicure slipper is water resistant. It’s made with synthetic leather footstraps and features

toe separators, and a soft cushioned footbed with pressed heel contour with a firm midsole for heel and foot support. (888) 745-4030 x16341 Mehaz Professional’s Double-Sided Eyelash Applicator is made of stainless steel and has one side for strip lashes and the other for individual lashes. The implement has a curved end that allows for easy application of strip lashes close to the natural lash. The pointed end securely grips individual lashes for accurate placement. (888) 745-4030 x16342 fifi/16342

The J&A Lenox Pedicure spa combines the beauty of the glass bowl with the efficacy of a pipeless whirlpool system together with the comfort of full shiatsu massage chair to form the “couture” pedicure Spa — well suited for your day spa and salon. The Lenox Glass Bowl is made in the USA from the Glass Manufacturing Facility, whose expertise and experience span over 100 years. (888) 745-4030 x16343

Essie’s new Braziliant Collection is inspired by the super-chic tropical nation of Brazil for this stunning array of six colorful shades. Bold oranges and hot, risqué pinks transport you to paradise with the stroke of a brush. Colors include Braziliant, Too Too Hot, Super Bossa Nova, Meet Me At Sunset, Smooth Sailing, and Absolutely Shore. (888) 745-4030 x16344

na0611products.indd 146

4/26/11 3:10:57 PM


Cool Treat

Take your nail art to the next level with Nail Art Clay Canes. Embed thin slices into acrylic or gel enhancements! The BeautyTech Shoppe stocks over 300 different designs ready to slice and apply: flowers, fruits, flags, critters and holiday designs. Also available: Decals, Glitter, 3D Stickers, Design Paper, Educational DVDs, Nail Art Magazines and much more! 1-631-981-1273

and get the complimenting Icing

FREE! fifi/16127

“ELECTRIC FILING EXPERTS” We manufacture & distribute the FINEST machines & bits available — GUARANTEED! We service & repair most “Quality” machines — quickly.

You can see all the colors and purchase them online at

Call (800) 451-6733 or E-mail These







NA0810beautytechmktplc.indd 6/22/10 1:32:26 PM NA0910atwoodmktplc.indd 1 biodegradable, and 1affordable. Engineered using

corn starch, they’re eco-friendly and made of sustainable ingredients making them 100% “green.” Toezeeze will dissolve in running water! They offer unparalleled comfort and each Toezeeze can be customized to your client’s toes. 877.411.TOEZ fifi/16127

Kami Nail Art®

7/28/10 9:44:31 AM

Your time is money, so make the most of it with the very latest Designer French Tips® from Shooting Star®. These premium half-well tips require no blending or special prep work. Simply apply using an overlay of clear acrylic or clear gel. Delight your clients while generating more profit in less time — without any special equipment, supplies or mess to clean up. And, with nearly 100 original creations, there are styles and colors to suit every taste and season.


Shooting Star . 310.618.1270 . Tip Designs And All Content © Shooting Star 2002-2011.

Kami Nail Art® offers the most extensive line of USA made professional nail art with hundreds of dazzling products including: Glitter, Confetti, Foil, Nuggets, Pearls, Paints, Art Brushes and Tools, Decals, Striping Tape, 3-D Flowers, Lace, Snakeskin, Glass Jewels, Rhinestones, Earthstones, Rock Candy, Art Kits, Metallic Pearls and Leaves, Organizers, Bullion Beads, PLUS Swarovski® Crystals — 35 colors in sizes 5, 7, 9, 12, and 16. Kami Nail Art® — The #1 choice for nails professionals! Download the Kami catalog at Order online at www.nailsuppliesdirect. com — your complete Kami Nail Art® source. (800) 344-3299

NA0611kamimktplc.indd 1




Like to Advertise In The


Mary Baughman - East Coast 310.533.2412 Michelle Mullen - West/ Canada 310.533.2465

The past three years SheeKee designer Nickole Orton has been a worldwide industry leader in nail art design. SheeKee covers mothers & daughters to celebrities & business women in both a french tip and a full coverage. SheeKee will leave you wanting more! Check us out on the web monthly to see our newest designs and company updates. | 855-SHEEKEE (855-743-3533)

NAILS Magazine, 3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503 • 310/533-2400

JUNE 2011

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4/26/11 9:49:13 AM



| 147 4/27/11 12:08:26 PM

JUNE 2011

DEAL S H E E T Deal Sheet shows you all the bimonthly deals offered by your favorite manufacturers and distributors. Browse through this issue, brought to you by NAILS Magazine, before doing your shopping at your distributor.

149. 152 150-151 153 154-155 156 157 158 159 160 161

149, 152




PNI Worldwide Premier Nail Source


Star Nail Lexor Inc. Zyon Spas Konad


Pedi World The Nail Superstore Hollywood Nail Supply Nailite Inc.



160 Call your professional beauty products supplier directly to take advantage of this monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s great deals. Tell them you heard about them in NAILS Deal Sheet! 161

na0611ds.indd 148

4/26/11 1:46:32 PM

na0611ds.indd 149

4/26/11 1:46:45 PM



0HONE  s &AX  



COLOR TIPS YOUR CHOICE: #NB0191 Black #NB0192 Burgundy #NB0193 Red #NB0194 Pink #NB0195 French Pink #NB0196 Beige
















French 21-ct. Sanitation Kits Mr. Pumice Tropical Shine Manicure Purple Pumi Bar Colossal File Guides

by Graham Professional






B Zebra











100/180 #NB0012 80/80 #NB0014 100/180 #NB0016







$1 per roll



Onezees Toe Spa Thong Slippers Separators

I Cuticle Eraser Stones 65¢ ea.


6 #UT /UT


Xtreme Cut-Out

Xtreme Cut-Out Curve

MINI ARCTIC BLOCKSâ&#x201E;˘ (EACH) #NB0040 '&&#F79AD8&&*&F97I;D8&&*&9









&RENCH White

.O 7ELL White




Xtreme â&#x20AC;&#x153;Vâ&#x20AC;? Cut Out XN308

Your Choice

Spoon Pusher #NB0201

Xtreme Curve XL



Xtreme Welless Natural

Xtreme Welless White

Xtreme Square



Xtreme Cut-Out Clear







#NB0205 2-Sided Straight Pusher #NB0203



Locking Handle

Straight Pusher / Cleaner #NB0204






Clear White Bright White Pink Bright Pink Natural French Dip

$1 $1 'ERMAN


.75 oz.

2 oz.

4 oz.




NB1101 NB1104 NB1107 NB1110 NB1113 NB1116 NB1119

NB1102 NB1105 NB1108 NB1111 NB1114 NB1117 NB1120

NB1103 NB1106 NB1109 NB1112 NB1115 NB1118 NB1121

6 OZ


Brush Cleaner Holder SALE!


2 oz. NB1056

$3.95 8 OZ

4 oz. NB1018


8 oz. NB1019





Dust Brush

Komfort Wedge

4 oz. NB0323 Mushroom Pump Twist-Lock Pump 8 oz. NB0324

$2.95 NB0314 $2.95 NB0315 $11.95 WEDGE1 $1.95 NB0322 $1.75 NB0321 $5.95 EACH



.!), !24


Flat Sable Acrylic Brush

"253( SALE! 3%4

Nylon Gel Brush





4 oz. #NB0410

Split Second Activator Spray



2 oz. NB1058 8 oz. NB1020


Brush-On Activator


2 oz. NB1057 8 oz. NB1021

1/2 oz. NB1023

Sonic Touch III


Brush-On Resin $1.95 10 gm NB1025


Acetone Proof

Pink Bright Pink White Bright White Clear X-Thick

UV Gel Sealer $4.95 Shimmer Gel NB1045 1/2 oz. NB1024 FIBREGEL



2 for

4 oz. $19.95 16 oz. $59.95

10-ct. 95¢


Triple Dappen

SALE! $5.95

Extender Tips

$1.95 $3.95

$5.95 NB0318 $1.00 NB0319 $1.00 NB0320 $139.95 ST01

1 oz. $6.95

1 oz. NB1026

$2.95 $4.95




Resin $3.95 3INGLE 0ROCESS56 'EL

Anti-Fungal Prep Spray




Brush stores in handle!

Porcelain w/ Lid

KOLINSKY $1 PURE Acrylic Brushes $1 $1


SAVE $40 Ceramic w/Cork




Stainless Steel Dust Masks



Round Sable Acrylic Brush

LONG #NB0406


Brush Cleaner


$2.50 #NB0308


16 oz. #PN114B



For A Perfect C-Curve Every Time

$2.95 #NB0307


Hospital Grade

GAL. #PN114G

ACRYLIC LIQUID VIOLET MONOMER 2 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. NB1053 $2.95 NB1054 $4.95 NB1013 $6.95 ODORLESS ACRYLIC LIQUID 2 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. NB1055 $3.95 NB1016 $6.95 NB1017 $11.95 UV CURABLE ODOR FREE


C-CURVE STICKS Shaping Tools




Curved #NB0213 / Straight #NB0214 TM




Horseshoe Forms








25¢ each $23.95 100-ct. $99.95 Case (500)

$3.95 $39.95




Rectangular Forms


Dries in Seconds!

BOX OF 250


Spoon Pusher / Pterygium Remover #NB0202


Extra Strength REUSABLE FORMS Bullet Glue Twist-Off SALE! #NC0305 20¢ Nozzle!




20¢ ;7'&&#FA '.$/+ CASE (500) ./$/+ SANITIZABLE BLOCKS EA. 100-PK CASE Purple Med/Coarse NB0001 NB0001P NB0001C Orange Med/Fine NB0002 NB0002P NB0002C Blue Fine/Super Fine NB0003 NB0003P NB0003C ARCTIC BLOCKSâ&#x201E;˘ NB0034 NB0034P NB0034C

2 grams #NB0304

Xtreme Cut-Out White







FORMS Extra Strength 500-CT. Brush-On Glue 10 grams #NC0031 $1.95

$9.95 / 500-ct. / Sizes 1-10 $2.95 / 50-ct. refills XN301


NAIL BASIX BLOCKS EA. 100-PK CASE Yellow Manicure NB0004 NB0004P NB0004C Pink Pedicure NB0005 NB0005P NB0005C






Quick Bond Gel Glue 3QUARE

German Callus Planer Blades 10-ct. #NB0212D

12-pr. #SB0405

MINI ORANGE BLOCKS (EACH) #NB0041 '&&#F79AD8&&*'F97I;D8&&*'9


3-Way 49¢ #NB0031 / 50-ct. $19.95 #NB0031P 4-Way 49¢ #NB0032 / 50-ct. $19.95 #NB0032P







MINI-FILES 100/180 GRIT DISPOSABLE MINI BLOCKS 20-ct. $2.50 15¢ ;7$'&&#FA $13.95 97I;'&&& $119.95

180/180 #NB0013 100/100 #NB0015 180/180 #NB0017

F Natural Nail Garnet Boards 20-ct. $2.95 #NB0025 G Professional Pink Glass File $1.49 #NB0030L H Professional Buffers 49¢ ea. 50-ct. $19.95

NAIL $6.95 / 500-ct. / Sizes 1-10 BASIX TM $1.95 / 50-ct. refills






Waterproof Material



Lava Stone

Hygienic Files 20-ct. $5.95 Individually Sealed 3-Way Shiner Blocks C Black .&%.&D8&&'.'&&%'&&D8&&'/'&&%'.&D8&&(& ` #NB0037 D Zebra .&%.&D8&&(''&&%'&&D8&&(('&&%'.&D8&&() 3!,%! #4 E Econo Cushioned Files 50-ct. $6.95 


T I P S â&#x20AC;&#x201D; G L U E S



Professional Cushioned Files 20-ct. $4.95 A Black 80/80 #NB0010 100/100 #NB0011


BALI #HT0002


$1 B U F F E R S



Pink NB1046 Clear NB1047



Fiberglass or Silk Strips 1" x 36", 2 ct. Fiberglass (NB1048) Silk (NB1049) $2.95 Litl Diprâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 10-ct.

$1 NB0336 $9.95 LD1004


PHONE: 1-800-727-111Ă&#x2039;VĂ&#x2039;  L : CATALOG@PREMIERNAILSOURCE.COM

Also Available: Pre-Cut Fingers 70-ct. Fiberglass (NB1050) Silk (NB1051) $2.95


Prices in this ad are valid May 1 through June 30, 2011. Afterward prices subject to change without notice. Shipping charges are denoted in parenthesis. na0611ds.indd 150

4/26/11 1:46:49 PM








We accept ACH/E-Checks, Wire Transfers and these Credit Cards:

Whisks dust and debris out of the air!

jm_d\Wdi ^ej%YebZ Wkjeed%e\\


Acrylic Bit Stand Holds 6

Large Barrel #NB0501

Large Barrel #NB0508

Small Barrel #NB0502

Small Barrel #NB0509

Cone #NB0503 Toothpick #NB0504


Football #NB0505 4-wk Backfill #NB0506

#NB0518 Fine #NB0519 Medium #NB0520 Coarse

Backfill #NB0511 Football #NB0512


Chamois Buffer Bit



¢ #NB0517

$39.95 $2.95

Battery Operated UV Lamp

Clear #NAB0001

Cone NB0516





Blue #NAB0003



Gold #NAB0004 Green #NAB0005


Choose from many styles at

Light Blue #NAB0007

Pink #NAB0008


Purple #NAB0009



















per roll

View available colors online.


7 WATT #NB1513





.25 oz.







NAIL ART BRUSHES Striper Brush #NAB0111 Detail Brush #NAB0112 Angled #NAB0113




1/2 OZ.

.33 OZ.

.25 OZ.





$1.95 10-ct.



.33 OZ.







Pedicure Slippers

Toe Separators

Toe Separators SALE! $3.50 24-ct. $1





0!)2 #!3%/&




Pumice Sponges #SB0408




` #SB0412






$3.95 per pound 6 lb. Box $17.95*($5 S&H)

SALE $15.95

1 LB. 6 LBS. PEACH #SB0202 #SB0203 LAVENDER #SB0204 #SB0205 VANILLA #SB0206 #SB0207





Holds All Popular Brands

Manicure Warmer $9.95 25-CT. WHITE CUPS



100-ct. 4ERRY#LOTH -ITTENS /2"OOTIES Birchwood  Sticks SB0215 SB0214




$49.95 #SB0201


PNI MANICURE CUSHION Enhance client comfort! $11.95 #NC0128


Gauze Wipes

0!)2 100-ct.


Pedicure Socks

PNI NAIL TIDY â&#x201E;˘ ORGANIZER $19.95 #NC0127

Black #SB0409 White #SB0410

PEDISTILâ&#x201E;˘ Pedicure Foot & Leg Rest $19.95

$2.95 pair








.125 OZ.


Manicure Scrub Heavy Duty 4-Way NEW! SPA FIZZâ&#x201E;˘ #SB0304 Red Pedicure File Brushes BUBBLE BOWL


.5 OZ.



TABLE TOP DISPLAYS Holds 30 Bottles - $19.95 Holds 60 Bottles - $29.95 WALL MOUNTED Holds 36 Bottles - $19.95 Holds 90 Bottles - $29.95




1/2 OZ.




.6 OZ.

Fan Brush #NAB0114




1/2 OZ.








2.5 OZ. TM

4 WATT #NB1508


Art Club



UV BULBS $4.95 EA.

RHINESTONE WHEELS 240-CT. .I>7F;I AVAILABLE $1.95 1200-CT. $4.95



Red #NAB0010



Iridescent #NAB0006



"5),4 ). 4)-%2

6 WATT #NB1509



Black #NAB0002


UV Lamp / Removable Shade #NB1504

#EDMT20 20,000 RPM

15,000 RPM




Barrel NB0515



Professional UV Lamp




SALE! $149.95

Includes 3 bits and no-hassle warranty.



-!.) 02/

Exclusive Price! 25,000 RPM

Includes 6 bits, 3 sanding bands and convenient carrying case.


Buffing Stone "ITS


â&#x20AC;&#x153;THE BULLETâ&#x20AC;? DRILL KIT


$2.95 EACH.

$4.95 EACH.


Cone #NB0510

Toothpick #NB0513

2-wk Backfill #NB0507

1000 ct. 100 ct.








* Free shipping within contiguous USA on orders of $99 or more; excludes oversized items as noted online and in our catalog. Free shipping to Canada on orders of $99 or more weighing under 12 lbs.; excludes brokering fee/taxes incurred when clearing customs.

Peppermint Pedicure Collection

Gentle Exfoliating Sloughing CrĂŠme


5 Gallons $59.95


Gal. $14.95


CrĂŠme Mask

Pedicure Scrub

Rock Salts

Ice Cooling Gel

($10 S&H)

($5 S&H)

8 oz. $2.95



S N U A I P L P L A I R E T S A C C E S S O R I & E S







Photos are merely representational. Items are not necessarily shown to scale in relation to other products shown. Not responsible for typographical errors. na0611ds.indd 151

4/26/11 1:46:59 PM

National Promotions May/June 2011 Leading Professional Brands Recognized Around The World NOUVEAU NAIL™ Mini Tunnel UV Lamp

$29.95 EACH

NOUVEAU NAIL™ Refreshing Mint Anti-Spray

Attractive compact design allows for simultaneous curing of fingers and thumb.

RAPIDCURE ™ 7-Watt UV Bulbs




$6.95 8 OZ.


Fits Nouveau Nail Mini Tunnel & RapidCure Double UV Lamps

Anti-fungal prep spray dehydrates natural nail.

$4.95 EACH


SPA FIZZ™ Fresh Scent Effervescent Pedicure Tablets BUY ONE GET ONE


$1.50 5-CT.

NOUVEAU NAIL™ Two-Way Ingrown Nail File LIFETIME GUARANTEE Designed to effectively relieve the pressure of ingrown nails. BUY ONE GET ONE



SHORTIES™ Mini Files


Use one per client to enhance sanitation and reduce costs!


$2.95 20-CT.


NAIL NECESSITIES™ Aluminum Handle Acrylic Brush

FREE! $1.50 EACH

12 Classic Designs


Brush stores in handle


$4.95 EACH

Locate a dealer near you: Distribution opportunities available:

(813) 960-278&(877) PNI-4447


na0611ds.indd 152

4/26/11 1:47:03 PM

na0611ds.indd 153

4/26/11 1:47:08 PM




MSRP: $2500

NOW: $1995


UL 速


Made in USA

Auto-FillTM Blue


Ruby Red

MSRP: $2495

NEW 2011


UL 速


Made in USA

Silver Sparkle

Gold Sparkle



Ruby Red

* Due to limitations of the printing process, actual colors may be different from colors shown in advertisement. ** Call for additional spa chair color selections.

Elite Platinum Matching Package

Qspa Matching Package

Complete Package Price

$2,675 (Save $570 per package)

*(Package includes Curve Technician Stool, Curve Manicure Stool, Marble Top Nail Table & Customer Chair)

na0611ds.indd 154

Complete Package Price 速

$2,375 (Save $470 per package)

*(Package includes Curve Technician Stool, Curve Manicure Stool, Marble Top Nail Table & Customer Chair)

4/26/11 1:47:11 PM

Crystal Clear MSRP: $2700

NOW: $2200


by Lexor. C

Auto-Fill is a standard â&#x20AC;&#x153;Smartâ&#x20AC;? feature that can only be found in Lexorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pedicure spas - helping salons save time and increase productivity. Ruby Red




Made in USA


Blue Sky

Black Onyx


MSRP: $2995 $3495 w/ DAS

Digital Automated SystemTM (DAS) (optional upgrade - not included in the promotional price)




Made in USA


Black Diamond

Venetian Red

June Promotion Promotion Only Valid From: 6/1/2011 to 6/30/2011

Terra Bella Furniture - Made in U.S.A.

SAVE $$$ Monthly

(We can also customize the size & design to meet your needs.)

Choose from

110 COLORS to match your salon dĂŠcor Manicure Table

Reception Counter

Starting from

Starting from



Polish Rack $400 w/o Storage $500 w/ Storage

Sign up with us and get Lexorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Exclusive Monthly Promotions emailed to you. Go to

800.211.7404 We speak English and Vietnamese


4/26/11 3:14:22 PM

na0611ds.indd 156 NA0211zyonfp.indd 1

4/26/11 1:47:26 PM 12/21/10 11:42:37 AM

na0611ds.indd 157 12/21/10 11:42:37 AM

4/26/11 1:47:34 PM
















While Spring and Summer are the gateway to relaxation for many, Salon owners know this is the busiest season for them! Pediworld has a wide range of pedicure spas that will suit your salon theme and style. We are ready to take what you envision and make it become your dream salon that you will be proud of. With so many chair styles to choose from, we will customize your ideas to fit your needs best. Let one of our bilingual representatives assist you. Call now for our new Spring and Summer promotions!

na0611ds.indd 158

4/26/11 1:47:38 PM

Why wait? Artisan Crackle Nail Polish In Stock Now! available in 6 hot, shocking colors Hurry, get yours today

Exclusive Online Offer

*Limited supply available - Sales end 06/30/11

Black Spider Web

Red Dragon

Deep Midnight Blue

buy 2, get 1 Free! 30% off "SUJTBO4IJOFS#VòFS

3FNPWFTJNQFSGFDUJPOT TNPPUI  Artisan Complete Color Gel Kit CVòBOETIJOFOBJMTXJUIPVUPJMPS Includes 3 Best-Seller Soak Off Color Gels 1/4 oz, Soak CVóOHDSFBNJOTFDPOET Off Clear Gel 1/4 oz, Perfect C Natural Nail Tips 100 ct, Now $2.50 Gel VQ ProTouch Brush #4 and ProMaster 36W UV Light! *UFN

Now $79.69 Reg. $113.85 Item# 129018

Dark Orchid Purple

Green Party

buy  HFU 3, get 11 Free! CVZ FREE! 1SP5PPM64"$BSCJEFT 1SP5PPM64"$BSCJEFT


Sterling Silver

buy 2, get 1 Free! "SUJTBO1FEJDVSF'PPU'JMFT


Now $4.95 VQ *UFN

Now $12.95


30% Off!

40% Off!













Offers End 06/30/2011




na0611ds.indd 159

4/26/11 1:47:57 PM

na0611ds.indd 160

4/26/11 1:48:02 PM

na0611ds.indd 161

4/26/11 1:48:14 PM

NA0511nailitefp.indd 1

3/16/11 12:38:31 PM



my other life

Claudia Iacovetto, salon owner In her other life: biker

Biker With a Heart You could call her a biker-philanthropist. And a nail tech, of course. Claudia Iacovetto, owner of C-C My Nails in Newcastle, Wyo., has been riding motorcycles since she was a kid. “I grew up



in the lifestyle,” she says. “My father rode his whole life, as did my grandfather since he came home from World War II. “I am involved with a local group of enthusiasts called Northeast Wyoming ABATE, which stands for American Bikers Against Totalitarian Enactments or American Bikers Aiming Toward Education — whichever you prefer,” says Iacovetto, who is the local contact for the charities division of the group. “We support the area’s Operation Santa group, headed by local law enforcement officers, and provide one new toy for every qualified child in my county as well as five other counties. This year, I shopped for 192 kids from 3 months to 17 years old. Among other activities, we work with the local Kiwanis to provide winter coats and with the local school districts to provide school supplies to those in need.” Since an accident (not bike-related) left her partially disabled a few years back, Iacovetto doesn’t get to ride as much as she used to, but still finds the time to put a couple thousand miles on her 2002 Harley-Davidson Fatboy every year. “When I can’t ride my own, I can usually be found behind my husband on his bike,” she says. “Our two dogs, Cheba and Chico, ride with us just about everywhere we go and have their own goggles and biker gear.” She uses her time on the road to think and reflect. “I love the feeling of freedom it gives me to feel the wind on my skin. And I guess the saying is true: You never see a motorcycle parked in front of a psychiatrist’s office.”

You never see a motorcycle parked in front of a psychiatrist’s office.

NAILS (ISSN 0896-193x) (USPS 001-426) (CDN IPM# 40013413) is published monthly, with an extra issue in December, by Bobit Business Media, 3520 Challenger Street, Torrance, California 90503-1640. Periodicals postage paid at Torrance, California 90503-9998 and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Nails, P.O. Box 1067 Skokie, IL 60076-8068. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for address changes to take effect. Subscription Prices - United States $20 per year; Canada $57 per year; Foreign $87 per year. Single copy price - $5; Big Book - $40. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks to receive your first issue. Bobit Business Media reserves the right to refuse non-qualified subscriptions. Please address Editorial and Advertising correspondence to the Executive Offices at 3520 Challenger Street Torrance, California 90503-1640 or online at The contents of this publication may not be reproduced either in whole or in part without consent of Bobit Business Media. All statements made, although based on information believed to be reliable and accurate, cannot be guaranteed and no fault or liability can be accepted for error or omission.

162 |

na0611mol.indd 162



JUNE 2011

4/25/11 5:36:06 PM


NEW LOOK. SAME CLASSIC. Coveted by Nail Pros for 28 years. Same favorite formula. New luxurious look. SolarOil™. Only from CND.

7 YEARS IN A ROW! ©2011 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

na0611mol.indd C3 NA0611cndsolaroilfp.indd 1

4/25/11 5:36:14 PM 4/21/11 9:10:11 AM

shatter your shades

how shatter works:


Apply one coat of Shatter over two coats of completely dry nail lacquer for a stylish two-texture effect. Add Top Coat for a gorgeous high-gloss finish.

by opi

Six irresistible Shatter shades. Each color creates a beautiful “shattered” effect. The options are endless! SHATTER SHADES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: white shatter, turquoise shatter,


blue shatter, navy shatter, black shatter, red shatter Model is wearing RED SHATTER and LUCERNE-TAINLY LOOK MARVELOUS Call 800.341.9999 ©2011 OPI Products Inc.

na0611mol.indd C4

4/25/11 5:36:22 PM

Nails Magazine June 2011  
Nails Magazine June 2011  

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