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A seasoned professional and effectual leader with a proven ability to exceed sales quotas:

Nine years of strong inside/outside sales experience Master of presentations, Graphic Design, Advertising, Product Research and Development, Event Planning Passion for gaining personal relationships with clients 20 years extensive hand on experience with multi-media, video, music production, graphic design, web development art direction Art Director for current clients,, InFocus Magazine, Exotic Flights Private Jet Service,, Professional Photographer, Video Editor, Recording Engineer. Large format printer operator I have an extreme passion for the arts and very dedicated team player or team leader always focus on completion of project.



Producer Director Club TV is a television program which focuses on night club lifestyles, parties, events and promotions.

Video Editor Art Director and Production Director


2006 – Present

Art Director William DeBilzan Galleries

International galleries located Signature Galleries Delray Beach, Santa Fe NM, Laguna Beach CA and 30 galleries worldwide. Organize gallery openings and events. Art reproduction prints Giclee. Graphic design for ads, flyers, Layout for DeBilzan clothing line. Key Achievements Event planner / Video Producer / Art Director and computer tech / Web developer Designer for Leather handbags and swimwear with Debilzan Lifestyles. Photography of art, digitize photos and layout to print on leather and for swimwear

2004 – 2006 Art Director Starshooter Designs Miami A fast paced Graphics/ Design and large format printing company. Performed sales presentations and conducted art direction for clients. Followed up with clients to develop their branding campaign Key Achievements Successful Closing and Upgrading Manager and Training Manager for up 10 to man design crews Manage Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami Starshooters offices Maintain national shipping logistics for all 3 Starshooters 2002 – 2004 Art Director Starshooters Atlanta Kept accurate, current computer records of inventory Handled all aspects of order taking and processing for design and printing Generate 200,000 in sales annually Organized and styled advertising and branding for successful companies Performed presentations to new and existing clients. Open third facility in Miami FL

Art Director Front Porch Video Soho NYC Renamed Silicone Philosophies Inc.

Created DVD Movie Covers and chapter stops. Compression of digital video for DVD movies. Develop Avatars for video messenger projects formerly known as Front Porch Video, Silicon Philosophies was established in Philadelphia (USA). Since our inception, we have been instrumental in pioneering several unique applications while servicing and supporting the Film, Broadcast, Video, Internet and Art communities. We have since relocated to Germany, to capitalize on opportunities existing in the European market. Though others might falsely claim credit, our reputation and achievements throughout the DVD community, speak for themselves: · Engineered the world's 1st DVD studio encoding system at the Toshiba Research center in Princeton (1996), which is installed at Time-Warner's California Video Center and won Toshiba an Emmy · Developed Microsoft's web video application, "Netshow" · Authorized Sales, Competency and Technical Support Center for Daikin US Comtec Labs · Trained and supported all the major East Coast DVD facilities in the use of the Scenarist authoring application · World's 1st on-site demonstration of DVD title premastering (DVD Pro- Orlando 1998) · Developed MPEG2 and Dolby AC3 encoders for FutureTel and Worldgate Communications · Authored interactive DVD of Panasonic's 1998 Nagano Olympic Winter Games · Beta testers for hardware and software encoders developed by FutureTel, Optibase, MpegRich and Custom Technology · Developed the Berkley Encoder (DirectShow) for IBM Research and Sarnoff Labs · Authored IBM World Book (Interactive Encyclopedia on DVD) · 1st in the world to use DVD in a major art exhibition (I Love New York - Cologne 1998) · Developed application for PC 99 DVD Conformation Testing for Intel and National Testing Labs · Venice Biennale 1999 - Video installation, German Pavilion - Gardenia (Rosemarie Troeckle) · Developed Enhanced DVD (DVD/Web Interphase) for Turner Broadcasting · Developed an automated DVD Authoring and Premastering application for Sarnoff and Life Clips/Great Home Video · Authored over 150 DVD titles for installation in galleries, museums and sale to private collectors and general distribution worldwide· Encoded hundreds of Hollywood trailers of feature films, for viewing in video rental outlets and in kiosks · Developed an automated workstation for streamlining DVD authoring and video archiving · Venice Biennale 2001 - Winner Gold Lion Award - Video installation, Arsennalle (John Pilson) © 2004 Silicon Philosophies Inc.

Photo: Bobby Paulino

Starshooters Studio Miami, Fl

photo: Bobby Paulino

Design & Installation

Design / Print / Installation

Design & Installation perf. window

Design by: Bobby Paulino

Flyers Design & Printing

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Photo & Design: Bobby Paulino

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Cover Photo & Design / Macho Picho Peru: by Bobby Paulino

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Robert paulino resume presentation revised  
Robert paulino resume presentation revised