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briefs iT infrastructure Vulnerabilities “Our consultant discovered that the data on a vendor’s server did not have the proper protection and was exposed for a limited period of time. From May 15, 2014 through June 1, 2015 some of your personal information including name, member number, date of birth, Social Security number and/or driver’s license number was exposed.” What club would ever want to have to alert its members to a situation like this? Too few clubs truly understand the vulnerabilities of their IT systems. Most rely on third party providers to protect them – but rarely test the level of protection they are receiving. An iT VulneraBiliTy sTudy is designed to identify internal and external network vulnerabilities and verify that appropriate infrastructure patches are being applied and are up-to-date.  Failing to properly secure the internal network is the primary cause for recent high-profile data breaches. For clubs, concerns about protecting membership lists and addresses, corporate bank accounts, possibly member credit card numbers, employee information and other types of sensitive data have to be regarded as an enterprise-level risk. A data breach only requires one mistake, or unpatched vulnerability, to potentially wreak havoc on your network. Breaking into an organization usually requires effort, but once they are in, attackers can quickly gain full control of critical assets and often operate undetected for months or even years. Club boards and management should consider performing an information technology vulnerability study on a recurring basis to ensure the integrity of club data. brb


Table of contents Technology IT Infrastructure Vulnerabilities - p1 Board Top Mistakes Made by Boards - p3 Micromanagement - p2 Board Orientation Vital for Success - p9 Defining Habits for Board Meetings - p6 MeMBership MarkeTing Membership Challengers/Solutions - p2 Can a 501(c)(7) Club Advertise? - p3 cluB Out of Sight; Out of Mind - p8 Effective, Sustainable Change - p4 Improve Member Experience - p6 Club Wellness Facilities - p8 Bylaws - Boring or Terrifying? - p9 green Improve Water Efficiency - p4

iT VulneraBiliTy sTudy


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BoardRoom Briefs January/February 2016  

BoardRoom Briefs offers content that goes beyond the buzz, by surfacing and summarizing important industry information, offering practical i...

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