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Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 1

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From the Bush ‘n Beach Fishing editor


T’S been a few big weeks for the fishing and boating industry. The Lure Fly and Outdoors Expo returned to its home turf of Fernvale, with a well-attended show in terms of both exhibitors and patrons. It was good to be back at a fishing show, talking fishing and catching up with fellow anglers. Another event that was on recently, the AFTA trade show, also allowed those in the industry to get together and see what each other has been working on over the past year or so. Plenty of new products, models and colours were on show for patrons to check out – there is a feature on the category winners on page 46 in this edition. Congratulations to the team at Gunnell Rod Australia for their innovative product, which helps more people get out to have a fish. They were the well-deserving winners of the John Dunphy Memorial prize. If you want to see more bits and pieces of new fishing tackle and what’s going to be hitting the shelves over the coming months, check out the BNB Fishing Facebook page and YouTube channel for videos. Fishing On the fishing front,

it was good to see most people releasing any snapper or pearl perch they caught during the closure. A couple of people who tried to flaunt the rules were apprehended. On the whole, I think most people understand that the closure is in place so we can have a better fishery – it is disappointing a few ‘bad eggs’ can’t seem to follow the rules. Thankfully Queensland Fisheries were on the job! While on the snapper and pearlie closure, I do think it’s time the states start talking and planning more management tools together. It doesn’t make sense that Queensland has a snapper ban, yet northern NSW doesn’t. Plus NSW are allowed to catch 10 snapper – more than double the Queensland bag limit – and only have a minimum size of 30mm, compared to our 35cm. However, this is probably only an issue around the border and parts of northern NSW. And, fish stock may vary as you head further south. Another piece of the puzzle for the management teams to work out. While on the subject and without aiming to expand the closure – I do think there is some

merit in bringing it forward a month and have it between June 15 and July 15. I’m happy to hear your thoughts and opinions on this, but I think those dates are more in line with the peak breeding times. Pest fish Currently, there are a number of pest fish species that are not native to Australia in a host of our waterways. Unfortunately, you only have to check out any of the Gold Coast canal edges to see hundreds of tilapia swimming around. These fish have certainly thrived in our waters and are making life very difficult for our native species. The floods over the past 10-12 years have probably aided these pest fish, so we definitely need to put in extra effort to remove them. I was interested to hear the NSW Department of Primary Industries senior fisheries manager Luke Pearce speaking to the ABC recently, where he indicated that carp could find some love in the kitchen. Would it be possible to make these fish a commercial and recreational catch? There would need to be a market for the commercial side – with retailers coming onboard. In theory, I think it could be a good idea – my only worry is that

what happens to the commercial side if we start to eradicate all the carp? Would it become non-viable then, and would people or organisations be tempted to breed stock our waterways to maintain their business. Obviously, there

could be a transition into aquaculture, but would it be wise to use carp? Some food for thought. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there – hope you have a cracker and can get out on the water! Ben Collins


TROY with a solid snapper. Picture by Brett Hyde. Read his article about catching this species and more on page 37.

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September 2022 contents Flathead questions answered. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . by Sean Conlon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P8 Tide Times �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������P12 Wading for whiting tips. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . by Sean Thompson . . . . . . . . . . . . P14 Win a Quintrex boat and trailer �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������P18 Busy month for flathead and mangrove jack . . . . . . . . . . . by Keith Stratford . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P22 AFTA 2022 Trade Show wrap up. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . by Justin Willmer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P24 Finding flathead and squid. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . by Clint Ansell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P30 Tips to master mulloway. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . by Ben Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P32 Techniques for tackling tailor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . by Gavin Dobson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P36 Spring species start to shine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . by Brett Hyde ���������������������������������P37 Competition Calendar ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������P38 Clever jewfish keep us on our toes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . by Tye Porter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P39 Recipe. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . by Melissa Frohloff . . . . . . . . . . . . P41


Charter Directory �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������P42 Product News �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������P46 Winter whiting off Woodgate. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . by Mick Clutterbuck . . . . . . . . . . . P52 Fishing for dusky flathead . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . by Tri Ton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P54 Transition time. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . by Grant Budd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P58 Coral Coast cold escape. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . by Neil Schultz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P62 Rough seas and reefies. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . by Matt Potter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P64 2022 Fitzroy River Barra Bash �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������P68 Baffle Creek Family Fishing Festival �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������P69 Stacer defines the ultimate Crossfire boat �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������P70 Tips from Move Boat Trailers – Part 4 ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������P72 Insights into boat insurance ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������P74 Spring options on Cap Coast. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . by John Boon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P75

32 54

Comprehensive cod research results. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . by Brian Dare . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P78 Noxious fish issue ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������P80 Rest in peace Jimmy McCall ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������P81 Dam Levels �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������P81 Trading Post ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������P82 Readers’ Forum ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������P83 Subscription Form ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������P84 Page 6 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022 au

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Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 7

Flathead questions answered


Nick with a nice 68cm flathead.




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ELL, it’s been another great month of fishing, with fish definitely being on the chew and a little run of reasonable weather. Anybody who reads my articles knows I love catching flathead and this year has so far been an exceptional flatty season. I haven’t seen this many fish and as widespread as they are at the moment for a few years. Basically, fish have been caught all through the bay and right through the broadwater, and reports of fishos catching rather large numbers every time they go out. What we’ve been seeing are lots of fish ranging from 43-70cm plus, and in good numbers. Let’s hope that if they get to do their thing before too many of them are caught, we see the benefits of all

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0432 386 307 Page 8 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022


Southern Moreton Bay by SEAN CONLON

these fish breeding plenty more fish for the next three to five years, which for this species is fantastic, it being one of Australia’s primary bread and butter species. We’ve had a few customers out and many of them have been wanting to learn how to catch flatties on soft plastics, which has been great. It reminds me that new people are coming into the sport – or people who have bait fished all their lives – wanting to know more about catching fish on lures. So, in this article I’ll go through a few of the frequently asked questions. One of the most consistently asked questions is why do we need to use a graphite or carbon rod with braided line and fluorocarbon leader, instead of a standard glass rod with monoline that is used for bait fishing? Now, there are probably more technical terms to explain this but I prefer to keep things as simple as possible. Your carbon or graphite rod in its simplest form goes from being bent back to being straight quicker. So when you make a lift on the plastic, the rod bends over but it wants to come back quickly, which puts more action on to your lure. As the rod is absorbing less of the action, you basically impart

a better action on the lure with your graphite rod. The next question is why do we use the braid? The answer is very simple – it has no to very minimal stretch, so that when you make those little lifts with the rod tip, instead of the line absorbing some of that action, it doesn’t, and you get plenty of action on the lure. The last is why do we need a fluorocarbon leader? In its most basic form, it has some stretch which helps you to not pull hooks on your fish and it’s also ‘the invisible bit’, so the fish can’t see it, plus it’s quite abrasion-resistant if you’re fishing around structure. Another question that’s asked a lot is, ‘Can I put a swivel from my braid to my fluorocarbon leader?’ The short answer to that is, no. What you need to do is go on to YouTube and watch some videos of people tying knots, find one you prefer and can tie well and use that. Another query regarding knots often asked is what knot should be used? My answer to that question is, find one that you can tie well and use. There is no point using the best knot in the world if you can’t tie it properly, as obviously if it’s not done * continued P10 au












Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 9

Zach caught his first-ever fish on a soft plastic, a good-sized southern bay flathead.

The author was lucky enough to pick up a decent 69cm southern bay flathead on a Mustad Z-Tail Minnow.

Flathead questions answered * from P8

A few squire will be around in the coming months, such as this one caught on a Zerek Fish Trap.

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Page 10 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

properly, it will come undone. Find one that you can understand and tie well, is my advice. A very common question that’s asked frequently is what colour lure should be used? My answer is, on average – if you’re fishing in darker coloured water, use darker colours such as browns and dark greens. If you’re fishing crystal-clear water with nice white sand, use clear lures with a bit of gold or red fleck or bright colours such as chartreuse or bright pink. If fishing in water that’s in between, look at pumpkin seed or gold colours, which are good to start with. The other thing that makes people a little unsure is the jig head weight. Now, this is going to

vary depending on the size of the fish you’re targeting and the depth of water that you’re fishing. On average, for someone getting into

soft plastics, for most of the fish you’re going to target a 3/0 hook will do the job, and then you want those 3/0 hooks with the jig

* continued P11

Ashley caught this decent flathead on a Mustad Z-Tail Minnow. au

Flathead questions answered * from P10

head weights of 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2oz. The 3/0 hooks with those different weights will get you started. Then obviously if you’re targeting bigger fish, you may want to go up to a 4/0 or 5/0, and if targeting smaller fish such as bream, a 1/0 or 2/0. Another frequently asked question is what kind of rod, reel and line setup is needed to start? To answer that, let’s look at flathead. Always a good fish to start lure fishing for, flatties are quite willing to take a lure and the setup for them is a 2-4kg 7’ rod paired with a 2000-2500 spin reel. Put some 8lb braid on

it and a 12lb fluorocarbon leader. This is a good setup and will work well casting 1/8 and 1/4oz jig heads. The next is obviously a rod and reel setup for bay squire and assorted reef fish. You want to see if you can find something around a 3-6kg 7’ rod, put a 3000 spin reel on it and then pair that with some 15lb braid and a 15-20lb leader. Now, this outfit will be great for casting 1/4oz up to about 3/8 and 1/2oz jig heads. Also, this outfit could be used for chasing flathead in deeper water, when you’ll need to use those slightly heavier jig heads. So, hopefully this in-

formation will help. These are a few of the more frequently asked questions for those first starting out. A note on the fishing front – it’s definitely been on fire in the bay and a few squire, plenty of bream and heaps of flatties are around. I’ve had a few great flathead sessions this month. One was when I took Nick out, one of my regulars. I told him in the morning it would be very slow, and it was, but we fished down to an afternoon low tide and chased a few flathead. Nick’s first was 76cm and then for about the next 40-60 minutes, it was almost a fish each

Nick was very happy with this 76cm southern bay flathead caught on a Zerek Flash Wriggly.

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Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 11

Flathead questions answered

optimise your time on do a fishing charter, cast, with plenty of the water, then why not? give me a call on 0432 fish in the 60cm plus Remember, knowledge 386 307 or send me an range coming over the is key. email at seanconlons side. Until next month,, It was one of those stay safe on the water or check out the Facesessions when each and, if you’re interest- book page Seano’s Intime you cast the lure ed in any of our tuition shore Fishing Charters in the water, the fish classes or you want to and Tuition. belted it. AUSTRALIA EAST COAST And, most of the fish were AUSTRALIA, EAST COAST – BRISBANE BARin about AUSTRALIA, EAST COAST – GOLD COASTcaught SEAWAY BRISBANE BAR 0.5m of water, so great LAT 27° 22ʼ S LONG 153° 10ʼ E LAT 27° 57ʼ S LONG 153° 25ʼ E fishing. Timesand andHeights Heightsof ofHigh Highand andLow LowWaters Waters TimeZone Zone–1000 –1000 Times Time SEPTEMBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER OCTOBER SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER They were some of Time mm Time mm Time mm Time mm Time mm Time mm Time mm Time mm Time Time Time Time Time Time Time Time the best-conditioned 0038 0.28 1.76 0041 0.38 1.49 0216 0.83 1.42 0242 0.93 1.59 0345 1.01 1.70 0000 0.16 2.14 0018 0.21 1.79 0238 0.87 1.49 0529 0515 0137 0154 0458 0138 0242 flathead I’ve ever seen, 16 1 16 1 16 1 16 110459 16 16 1 16 1 16 1 0656 1.32 0.52 0643 1.33 0.65 0757 0.50 0.84 0826 0.51 0.85 0927 0.40 0.71 0629 1.32 0.44 0630 1.46 0.45 0817 0.39 0.67 0806 1222 1229 0647 0710 1125 1156 0654 1329 0.50 2.04 1335 0.48 2.03 1450 1.29 2.00 1454 1.30 2.07 1557 1.43 2.23 FR 1240 0.34 2.03 FR 1312 0.37 2.17 SU 1518 1.47 2.22 WE 1448 1347 1349 1409 TH1722 FR 1844 SU 1929 TUand WE TH FR SA 1828 TH TU TH SA I haven’t before 1948 0.88 2020 0.91 2156 0.39 0.83 2147 0.31 0.71 2254 0.18 0.52 1849 1.26 0.67 1945 0.76 2229 0.26 0.64 2131 2053 2035 2324 2109 seen them so fat.0.87 0037 0.21 1.98 0116 0.93 1.57 0111 0.98 1.62 0135 0.80 1.38 0408 0.92 1.56 0342 1.46 0455 1.11 1.83 0354 1.01 1.67 0536 0013 0001 0050 0305 0256 0350 0302 170607 170612 17one 170823 221217 220548 220824 17 220922 0703 1.33 0.48 17 0732 0.36 0.63 0717 0.30 0.55 17 0730 0.47 0.77 0945 0.69 0915 fantas0.88 1044 0.41 0.73 17 0938 0.53 0.89 0.40 0807 0.52 That was 1329 0.43 2.03 SA 1421 1.28 1.96 1415 1.42 2.13 MO 1434 1.28 1.95 WE 1631 1.46 2.23 TH 1555 1.28 2.00 1658 1.36 2.15 SA 1551 1.25 2.02 FR1824 SA 1319 SU 1303 MO 1331 WE 1521 TH 1448 FR1549 SA 1443 FR SU FR 1943 0.78 2056 0.55 0.97 2107 0.41 0.81 2146 0.47 0.92 2334little 0.55 flathead 2256 0.33 0.74ses- 2221 2346 0.15 0.46 2242 0.27 0.64 2008 1955 2049 2211 0.20 2146 2123 tic 0123 1.13 1.80 0213 0.84 1.41 0228 0.88 1.48 0305 0.79 1.33 0523 1.03 1.71 0457 0.97 1.59 0556 1.24 1.98 0503 1.13 1.81 0012 0121 0124 0227 0416 0401 0449 0403 sion. 180701 180732 180923 180938 330620 330657 330944 331034 0746 0.27 0.53 18 0823 0.44 0.74 0825 0.37 0.64 18 0842 0.52 0.86 1108 0.35 0.65 18 1033 0.49 0.85 1155 0.39 0.72 18 1053 0.52 0.88 The1.46 action 1430 1.34 2.02 SU 1530 1.26 1.92 MO 1533 1.42 2.13 TU 1549 1.26 1.92 1738 2.25 1655was 2.03 so 1755 1.29 2.08 SU 1650 1.21 1.99 1.28 SA1321 SU 1428 MO 1424 TU 1442 TH 1625 FR 1546 SA1645 SU 1540 SA TH FR SA 2057 0.49 0.86 2240 0.54 0.97 2242 0.37 0.76 2307 0.43 0.86 2347 0.26 0.64 2335 0.21 0.55 1944 2142 2128 2158 2301 0.14 2230 2304 0.13 2207 fast, we actually lost 0228 1.00 1.63 0351 0.81 1.33 0409 0.87 1.47 0450 0.85 1.40 0030 1.16 0.44 0554 1.09 1.76 0034 1.37 0.41 0603 1.28 1.99 0118 0302 0305 0352 0512 0451 0539 0455 150.44 in a441139 190821 190904 191025 191047 440718 440830 44count 19 0847 0.32 0.58 19 0938 0.48 0.81 0955 0.39 0.67 19 1014 0.50 0.87 0624 0.29 1.89after 1142 0.78 0649 0.36 2.14 19 1205 0.46 0.82 1051 1549 1.37 2.06 MO 1651 1.28 1.93 1656 1.46 2.19 WE 1701 1.28 1.97 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As we all know, with ©Copyright Copyright Commonwealth Australia 2021,Bureau Bureauof ofMeteorology Meteorology © Commonwealth New Moon ofofAustralia First 2021, Quarter Datumof ofPredictions PredictionsisisLowest LowestAstronomical AstronomicalTide Tide Datum our jobs and our lives we are time poor, so if Matt with a 64cm flathead caught on a Zerek Flash FullSymbols Moon Last Quarter First Quarter MoonPhase PhaseSymbols FullMoon Moon NewMoon Moon LastQuarter Quarter Moon Full New First Quarter Last you can learn more to Wriggly. * from P11

Tide Times

2022 2022

Page 12 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

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Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 13

Sand spits where merging waters meet is a top target spot for whiting.

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Page 14 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

Wading for whiting tips


HILE springtime is associated with flotillas of boats chasing flathead in and around the southern Moreton Bay islands and Broadwater, much less attention is given to chasing fish such as flathead and whiting on foot in spring. Even when it comes to fishing charter operators – with a couple of exceptions such as fellow scribes Clint Ansell and Ross McCubbin – few offer charter clients shore-based options, at least in southeast Queensland. This is a shame, becasue I think the challenge of targeting fish wading the flats on foot is that bit more special. When wading, your senses are heightened – feeling the subtle temperature changes on your legs, seeing and hearing any slight movements or variation in bottom structure up close – and, of course, it is damn relaxing! Springtime targets Flathead aren’t the only

Beach Fishing by SEAN THOMPSON

likely target on the flats of southeast Queensland over spring. Summer whiting, bream, trevally, grunter, flounder and even species associated more with reef fishing such as cod, grunter and snapper are possible, if your flats are located near a ledge or nearby reef structure. The two main ways I successfully target the flats are by using soft plastics and bait. This month, I will focus on wading the flats with bait – whiting being the main target species. Bait fishing the flats There are two types of bait that are first-class to fish the flats with – and I wouldn’t fish without them. These can be categorised into live worms and yabbies. When it comes to live worms, these can be anything from squirt worms to rock wrigglers to blood or beachworms.

Each works well, with blood and squirt worms generally doing better the further up an estuary you might go, as they are a more natural bait. For me, two of the easiest bait to gather are beachworms and yabbies. So I tend to take both because at times fish might have a preference for one over the other. If you don’t have one, invest in a stainless-steel yabby pump. It will pay for itself many times over with fresh live bait. Likewise, if you can’t catch beachworms, check out the series of videos on my Ontour Fishing Australia Facebook page – a few are on there showing how to catch beachworms. Best times A key thing to remember on the flats is the general rule – the more run, the more * continued P15 au

Wading for whiting * from P14

fun with whiting. Generally, this means whiting bite best during the bigger spring tide periods associated with the four days or so leading up to and after full and new moons. It also means there is more water movement and with it, whiting following the tide during the mid-stages when there is a faster run. Refer to what I call ‘the rule of twelfths’ in some of my previous articles online or on my Facebook page. On the other hand, the hour either side of a low tide can be very slow. The action also slows a little on a high tide – except this top of the tide period often provides fish with yabbies and worms, particularly

around mangroves that they can’t access on the lower stage of the tide. So don’t be afraid to fish through this period, particularly around bigger spring tides. Target areas One of the key things to remember when targeting the flats is to think like a fish – and think would they be here? As an example, you want to avoid those flat white hard sandy areas that are devoid of bait and changes in structure. Look instead for subtle differences in water colour by using quality polaroid sunglasses. These might include slightly deeper channels and drains that fill over the flats, the edge of sand spits and higher * continued P16

Alvey reels and long light whippy rods are perfect for whiting on the flats.

Hydraulic boat steering for a hard day’s fishing Go wherever and whenever the fish are biting with confidence! Made in Australia for our tough marine environments.

Photo courtesy of Vindicator Boats.

For product information and to find your nearest authorised dealer contact Graham HyDrive Engineering Pty Ltd – Queensland Unit 12, 73-75 Shore Street, Cleveland 4163 T: 07 3821 6580 E: W:

Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 15

Learn to catch beachworms because for bait on the flats, they are one of the best.

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Page 16 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

The author’s brother Ron with a snodger whiting caught on the flats fishing a drain.

Wading for whiting tips * from P15

sandbanks into deeper water, areas of soft darker sand littered with melon holes and areas where the running water meets as it runs over the flats. These last spots are evident by mini waves and rippled water that stir up bait and attract fish at the same time. You also want to be following the tide in or out as it moves. Don’t sit and wait, expecting the whiting to come back to a spot you caught them from early in a run-in, when the tide is nearly peaking on the shoreline. Techniques Whatever you do, don’t stomp into the water and cast. Always have a few casts from dry land first

and slowly retrieve your bait to the shore to find fish. If there are no fish, you can either move sideways or, if the area in front of you looks productive, wade in slightly and cast. Once you are in the water though, be sure to keep your movements slow and subtle to avoid spooking the fish. Another thing you can do when wading, particularly on a rising tide, is to stir up the mud or sand around you with your feet. This acts as berley and will bring fish to the spot as the tide rises and you slowly retreat backwards to it. Also, once you find fish, you can cast back closer to the spot where you caught them.

Again, use minimal sinker size – nothing more than a size 2 ball sinker or you will spook the fish in shallow water, as the splash and the weight will feel unnatural to the fish in shallow water. You can even go unweighted, using the technique that Clint Ansell from Brad Smith Fishing Charters uses, provided the wind is in your favour. Tackle and rigs A perfect whiting rig for the slow retrieve technique is made up of an 80-90cm trace of fluorocarbon line, a No. 4 Tru-Turn Aberdeen finesse hook and, depending on wind, a No. 1 or 2 bean sinker. If you are using an

* continued P18

Look for subtle variations in water colour for depth changes on the flats. au

Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 17

Wading for whiting tips * from P16

Some of the better fish from a good session on the flats of K’gari.

Observing the flats at low tide will tell you where the fish will be on the rising tide.

Alvey for bait fishing, be sure to run the sinker between another 25cm trace and two swivels to help prevent line twist. Above the hook, I prefer to use three to four pieces – rather than one single piece – of 1cm long red tubing, with a bead sitting on top of them. This red tubing acts as an attractant to the fish. If using a worm, make sure you thread the worm up and over the eye of the hook onto the line, so it sits naturally on the hook. I also make a few spare rigs and wrap them around a piece of pool noodle. There is nothing worse than your friends being on a hot bite and there you are making

up a new rig! When wading, I place it inside a medium snaplock bag and inside my Alvey wading bag side pocket or in my Alvey dry pack, so the saltwater doesn’t get to the hooks and swivels. When it comes to fishing reels while wading the flats for whiting, there is no comparison to an Alvey reel. They are tough as nails and you can drop them in the water while you get your fish off and even wind back on them when you get a bite. If you don’t have one, be sure to grab one before the pending closure. In terms of rods, I prefer to use something around 10’6” for distance casting, but light

enough to fish all day with. I also favour a flexible tip, so the fish can pick up the bait and pull the rod down gradually, and not a stiff unforgiving tip that will create resistance and mean losing fish. My rods are generally about 2-4kg. With plenty of choices out there, my advice is to buy the best you can afford. Quality will last! I hope you got something out of this article – whether you are an experienced or relatively new angler. Until next month, as usual keep an eye out for more tips, reports and videos on my Facebook, Insta and YouTube pages – Ontour Fishing Australia.

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Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 19

Tight lines for women in rec fishing Melinda had a great day out and hooked this flatty! Melinda is a proud leader of the Women in Recreational Fishing Leadership Program, and a member of the Women in Recreational Fishing Network Qld Facebook group. The network has been established as a place for women to pick up handy fishing tips, share and trawl through impressive catch pics, and hook into leadership opportunities and events for women in fishing.

While the group is primarily for women living in Queensland, you are welcome to join the discussion if you’re from another part of the world too. Search Facebook for ‘Women in Recreational Fishing Network Qld’ to find out more.

Women in recreational fishing network

Melinda, member of the Women in Recreational Fishing Network Qld Facebook group and participant in the Women in Recreational Fishing Leadership Program

In the field Meet Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol’s (QBFP) new Yeppoon Field Officer, Lacie. Lacie worked as a machinery operator before completing her degree in Environmental Science and taking up her role with the QBFP, and is enjoying the change.

“Yeppoon is a great place, and I work in several different waterways from freshwater, rivers and, of course, the reef. “I love working on the water and meeting different people enjoying fishing, crabbing, or just having a day out on their boat,” Lacie said.

Moving from regional New South Wales to Yeppoon was a big step but has been worth it. Lacie measuring someone’s catch

Download the free ‘Qld Fishing 2.0’ app from the App Store or Google Play DAF1758 09/2022

Page 20 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022 au

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Th th St

Do or

Stock status at your fingertips The Qld Fishing 2.0 app is a great way to keep up to date with the fishing rules and now you can use it to check the stock status of our most popular species, including coral trout, barramundi, mud crab, red emperor and many others. With almost 50 000 subscribers, the Qld Fishing 2.0 app provides you with all the information you need to know when you wet a line. This is another way we’re making it easier for you to get the latest information as part of our Sustainable Fisheries Strategy. Download the ‘Qld Fishing 2.0’ app from the App Store or Google Play.

Invested in freshwater stocks Recreational fishing in Queensland’s stocked dams and weirs has netted $300 000 in targeted grants to support the Queensland’s Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme (SIPS). Grant funds have been allocated to a fantastic network of volunteer community stocking groups to restock 43 southern Queensland SIPS impoundments. These impoundments suffered significant fish stock losses in this year’s rainfall events. $100 000 of grant funds will also be used by the Freshwater Fishing and Stocking Association of Queensland Inc. to deliver a pilot, small-scale tagged fishing competition in the Central and North Queensland regional areas. Competition information to come! Buy your SIPS permit to fish in Queensland’s dams and weirs via the ‘Qld Fishing 2.0’ app or head to and search ‘SIPS’.

Contact us 13 25 23 FisheriesQueensland FisheriesQld DAFQld

Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 21

Flathead will be very aggressive this month. Always check your leader when a fish takes the lure down this far.

Busy month for flathead and mangrove jack

S Berkley Gulp Crazy Legs are an excellent all-round plastic.

Juvenile jewfish have been found in good numbers. It’s a good sign for the future. Page 22 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

EPTEMBER is one of my favourite months of the year for chasing a wide range of species in southeast Queensland. The three months of winter were consistently cold and produced some excellent flathead fishing from the Sunshine Coast all the way to the Tweed River on the border. This will continue into September, and areas such as the Jumpinpin Channel and Gold Coast Broadwater will produce huge numbers of fish. Large female flathead will be in decent quantities in the deeper water towards the entrances – the Pin Bar and the Gold Coast Seaway. There will also be plenty of big fish spread throughout the shallows around these areas. Good numbers of school-sized fish will be


feeding in the same areas and the males will be queuing up to get a spot next to the big females. Snot weed can be a real issue when chasing flatties on the Gold Coast. A northerly wind becomes more common, which can dirty the water and stir up the dreaded weed. Flatties don’t enjoy feeding in dirty water. The best option is to go looking for cleaner water. Mangrove jack will be very busy this month. Expect them to be very angry and hungry. They slow down over the colder months, so once the water starts to warm, jacks become very active.

September and October are two of my favourite months for chasing mangrove jack around Brisbane. I find the start of the season produces more fish than the warm months of summer. This might have something to do with the number of lures they see as the season progresses. I prefer to fish the deeper snags for mangrove jack, as I find they bite better than on the visible snags that get a lot of attention. Snags in depths from 3-10m are perfect for jacks. Fallen trees that lay across the bottom are a particularly good jack habitat, especially when * continued P23 au

Flatties and jacks

Ben Monro landed this flathead casting a soft plastic around a bait school.




300 Tuffy


4 Stable 4 Quiet STABILI 4 Tenders

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Bens Marine YAMBA - 02 6646 3101 07 4153 1819 Fishermans 02 4945 2152 07 4033 8800Warehouse NEWCASTLE Hardy’s Car And Boat Sales FYSHWICK 0408 - 628 150 07 3888 1727 Enterprise Marine MONA VALE 02 9913 7767 07 4972 0135 Maitland Power and Marine MAITLAND 02-4933 3284 07 4759 3218 Marine Scene CAMPBELLTOWN 02 4628 5000 07 5532 5812 Merimbula MERIMBULA 02 6495 9634 07 4948 3298Outboard Service Nowra Boats NOWRA 02 4422 1999 07 5442 4872

“the great all-rounder” “the great

03 5022 7596 MILDURA 03 5152 3220 LUCKNOW 03 5562 6373 WARRNAMBOOL 03 5443 5717 BENDIGO 03 5822 2108SHEPPARTON 03 5174 1223 TRARALGON 03 9397 6977 WILLIAMSTOWN 02 6024 6555 WODONGA -

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YAMBA - Centre Adrian’s Marine AussieNEWCASTLE Marine FYSHWICK Brisbane Yamaha VALE CurtisMONA Coast Marine RisingMAITLAND Sun Honda- Marine CAMPBELLTOWN Nitro Marine MERIMBULA Whitsunday MarineNOWRA Laguna Boating-

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410 Challenger



mend using soft vibes around snaggy timber, as it can become a very expensive trip. The Brisbane River should fish well this month. Snapper are back on the menu and there should be plenty of quality fish feeding around bait schools and wharves. Jewfish will be my number one target in the river during September. I’ve had a lot of success targeting them during the months of spring in the past. Prawn imitations working very well at this time of year. Get out there and enjoy the weather as it warms up. Hope to see you out there.


they are in the main current. Current flow causes a wash out under the tree, which gives jacks a perfect place to sit and it’s out of the heavy flow during the stronger stages of a tide. As the tide slows, the fish will move around to feed. Soft plastics rigged on a weedless jig head are excellent for getting down into the zone. It also gives the option of changing weights to suit the depth and current flow. Jacks love eating prawns, so make sure you have a few prawn imitations in the tackle box. Paddle tails and curl tails also work well. I wouldn’t recom-


* from P22

Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 23

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The Tackle Tactics stand at AFTA 2022.

AFTA 2022 Trade Show wrap up


Stay tuned for more on the Z-Man 2.5” ST GrubZ.

A sample of the new apparel from TT, Z-Man and Platypus.

Page 24 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

HE Australian Fishing Tackle Association Trade Show was held on the Gold Coast recently – after two years of cancellations due to Covid – bringing together fishing tackle manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers on Thursday and Friday August 4 and 5, with a trade morning and then public day on the Saturday from 10am to 3pm. Behind the scenes there were catalogues and websites to be updated, new products and new packaging to be completed, stands to be designed and manufactured, then a truckload of gear taken to the Gold Coast Convention Centre on the Wednesday before the show for a full day of set up. Tackle Tactics and the team have been attending these shows for many years, however after a couple of years off and a loss of match fitness, it was a wild adventure getting everything together, finalised and

Tackle Tactics by JUSTIN WILLMER

set up on the day. The event went extremely well, with many Australians holidaying and turning to fishing to escape the crowds and to catch a fresh feed of fish for the family. There was also plenty of interest in the many new products that Tackle Tactics had assembled for the show. In this article I want to share a look at the Tackle Tactics AFTA 2022 stand, for those who couldn’t be there on the public day and get a sneak peek at some of the exciting new products released at the show and that will be arriving over the coming months. Let’s take a quick look at some of the new Tackle Tactics releases from the show, across the brands. Stay tuned for more information on these products and when they drop. Fish on!

TT Fishing It’s been a big year for TT, with the release of the new logo and a stack of new apparel featuring the logo, including tees, hoodies, caps and a straw hat. Since last AFTA event, we have also seen the release of products such as the Big EyeZ jig heads, Snake EyeZ weedless jig heads and NedlockZ EWG weedless Ned Rig jig heads. A couple of highlights from the show included the ChinlockZ SpinZ weedless belly weighted underspin jig head – which had bass, barramundi, cod and mangrove jack anglers pumped – along with a painted series of HeadlockZ Finesse jig heads for light-line sport fishers. This selection of popular models will be available in four colours – Orange, Black, Motor Oil and Bloodworm –

* continued P25 au

AFTA 2022 Trade Show wrap up * from P24

featuring UV paint to attract fish and trigger strikes. The best got better and there are sure to be many bream tournaments won on these heads, featuring worldclass Gamakatsu fine wire hooks, ‘head lock’ keepers and a bullethead design with flat sides for tracking and increased plastic action. There were also some additions to the TT range of rods, including baitcast versions of the popular Copperhead, Red Belly and Black Mamba rods, along with Black Adder heavy baitcast models and the Slo Jig R range of slow jig rods – beautifully colour coded to their PE rating for ease of identification when the bite is red hot. These rods are all about the quality and

value you would expect from TT, built of Toray Carbon blanks and fitted with quality Fuji components. Another category addition for TT is line, with the development and release of Pursuit Braid and Pursuit Fluorocarbon Leader. Pursuit Braid is an 8-carrier premium PE braid, made in Australia from a newly developed fibre that is colour infused – reducing fading and minimising the need for coatings and dying. With no dying required and minimal coatings, Pursuit is extremely thin and supple for excellent line lay and long casts – even with finesse presentations. This is going to make this braid extremely popular for tournament anglers and keen so-

Z-Man 6” HerculeZ Swimbait dropping later in the year.

cial fishos alike. Initially available in breaking strains from 6lb to 80lb, in 150m and 300m spools, complemented by Pursuit FC Fluorocarbon, a 100 percent quality Japanese fluorocarbon, with more fluoro for the angler’s dollar. Z-Man We have seen loads of new Z-Man releases since the last AFTA show, including the 2.75” TRD BugZ, Goat family, Pro CrawZ, 6” DarterZ, 5” & 7” DieZel MinnowZ, 4” Goat ToadZ and more. And a stack of new colours such as Gitter Done, Slam Shady, Beer Run, Fried Bologna, Dark N Stormy and more. Tackle Tactics managing director Gareth also managed to sneak away from ICAST 2022 in the US with a couple of new surprises fresh out of the mould, landing back in Australia a week before the AFTA show. These two exciting new 10X Tough finesse plastics are the 2.5” ST GrubZ and the 2.5” PrawnZ – both of which created plenty of interest at the show. The Z-Man 2.5” ST GrubZ features a deeply ribbed body that feels soft and realistic, creates micro vibrations and will hold plenty of scent for when the bite is tough. They also feature a split-tail design, whereby the end of the tail feathers into four sections for a subtle fluttering fall and even more action on slow retrieves and on the pause. Bream anglers were super pumped on this * continued P26

One of the reels that created plenty of interest was the Okuma Ceymar HD Spin.

TT HeadlockZ Finesse UV painted jig heads in Black, Bloodworm, Orange and Motor Oil colours.

The Z-Man 2.5” PrawnZ was a show favourite. Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 25

AFTA 2022 Trade Show wrap up * from P25

Anglers were lining up to get this finesse baitcast reel in their hand, the Okuma Hakai.

Plenty of new gear on display from Toadfish Australia.

release, however we have seen the Z-Man 2.5” GrubZ catch hundreds of species around the world in both fresh and saltwater, so we are confident that this little curl tail will have mass appeal and giant killing attraction. The Z-Man 2.5” PrawnZ has been prototyped and fished through several versions to get to the finished product and it created loads of excitement at the show. This 10X Tough bitesize prawn imitation is going to appeal to a stack of species, thanks to its realistic profile and design features that include natural antennae and 3D eyes, enough bulk in the head to effectively house a jig head, tapering rapidly to the tail to encourage maximum action and a realistic prawn flick and glide. Legs extend directly out each side of the PrawnZ, slowing the fall and allowing it to parachute down around pontoons, mangroves, rock walls, boat hulls and other higher structure, rigged on a TT

A showstopper and fish stopper, the Okuma Tesoro Spin. Page 26 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

hidden weight system or HeadlockZ Finesse jig head. The legs can also be trimmed off, if required, to create a faster sink and glide, combined with that natural prawn hop or flick. The ST GrubZ will be available in a dozen colours, with 15 colours in the PrawnZ, so loads of cool options, including laminate two-tone colours. Other additions include Z-Man 2.5” Slim SwimZ in Slam Shady, Houdini and Gold Rush, along with two new additions to the Oil family, Dirty Oil and Blood Oil – stay tuned for release dates. Okuma There have been so many additions to the new era of Okuma that I would suggest joining the Okuma Facebook and Instagram pages, if you haven’t already, as the range blew a lot of heads off at the show. The award-winning Hakai finesse baitcast reel is a prime example – built on a completely new platform and featuring featherlight magnesium, alloy body, 6+1 premium bearings, Flite spool and shafts from Dream Tackle Design and 10-point cast control for long and accurate casts, even with ultralight lures.

A crowd favourite was the new Ceymar HD, with its stylish red and black aesthetics, HDGII oversized high-density gearing, EFR-II even flow roller system with DLC coating, lightweight machined alloy screw in handle, frictionless main shaft design, 7BB+1RB and loads more, with its price blowing anglers away. This reel will be in sizes from 1000-5000, starting at only $129.90. Bluewater anglers were not forgotten with the release of the new Azores high and low speed reels, Cedros series and a sneak peek at the new Salina platform, along with the high-end Tesoro series with its IPX7 rating, lightweight Alumilite body, oversized titanium spool shaft, carbonite drag, 12BB+1RB corrosion resistant, stainless steel bearings and loads more, packed into a stunning looking reel. Make sure you check out the Okuma Australia Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with Okuma releases because there will be so many dropping in the coming months – including Azaki and JAW combos, Tesoro, Cedros, Azores XP, * continued P27

New cutting-edge TT Pursuit Braid and Pursuit FC Fluorocarbon Leader. au

AFTA 2022 Trade Show wrap up * from P26

Ceymar HD, Hakai, Serrano, Solterra SLX and more across the reel range, along with Terzetto Nibble Tip – multiple tips – Jaw, Coronado, Komodo Spin and more in the rod range. Platypus There have been some awesome additions to the Platypus range along with a few refinements. New Australian-made braids have included Pulse X4, Pulse X8 and Bionic X9, along with new releases Downrigger Braid and HC-X16 – 16-carrier hollow-core braid that can be fished as a mainline or used for creating wind on leaders and is available in 40lb to 550lb. Cutting-edge Pulse Mono has become an instant favourite, after challenging our line technicians to design and manufacture the best monofilament line in the world. The latest in materials have created a line with balanced stretch and a finer diameter without sacrificing abrasion resistance and knot strength in a Ghost Clear colour that mirrors its surroundings, much like a fish scale. Requests have seen the addition of 500m spools, following the initial release in 300m spools. Other developments in monofilament saw the release of Hard Armour Supple and Tough Leaders, with requests seeing lighter breaking strains added, including 10, 12 and 15lb in the Supple and 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15lb in the Tough. Hard Armour leader is built around

creased knot strength and up to 20 percent more strength and abrasion resistance when compared to equivalent diameter leaders from leading brands. It’s also made in Australia and being a nylon monofilament leader, it doesn’t sink like fluorocarbon, making it an excellent topwater and general purpose leader with more metres for your money. The popularity of the Hard Armour range has seen the expansion of this range into Hard Armour game leader in both hanks and reusable lure wallet packs, in breaking strains from 100-600lb. Don’t forget, we also manufacture Shooting Line – speargun cord – and Downrigger Line right here in Australia. Thanks for supporting Australia’s longest running fishing tackle brand, family owned and operated and made in Australia since 1898. Toadfish Toadfish has been another exciting addition to the Tackle Tactics range, including a selection of quality and innovative products to suit those who love the outdoor Australian lifestyle and those who enjoy the magnificent seafood that this country produces. From cutting-edge seafood tools, amazing non-tipping drinkware and innovative barbecue tools to folding fillet kits, dry bags and non-tipping dog bowls. If you haven’t checked out the range, visit toad New releases at the show included Black and Green in the amazing non-tipping can

cooler, non-tipping tumblers, the stainless-steel double-wall vacuum insulated wine chiller, multi-purpose scissors, ultimate grill set, stowaway LED all-purpose lantern and more. Overall, the show was great to display all our exciting new products that we have been working on in the background, to catch up with our friends in the industry from other brands and shops around the country, and to meet some of you on the public day and shoot a few Z-Man 10X Tough plastics at targets to win some prizes. Remember to stay tuned for the roll out of these exciting new additions, visit tackletactics. Fish on! See you on the water…

TT ChinlockZ SpinZ had structure fishos pumped.

Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 27




The game has changed… The ALL NEW Mercury 15-20hp FourStroke battery-free EFI range changes the way you will think about portable outboards.

• 13% lighter than previous model • Battery-free EFI for fast, reliable starting • New exclusive multi-functional tiller handle, adjustable for left or right handed operations Page 28 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022 au

Available now from:

Available now from:

AIRLIE BEACH Whitsunday Outboard Centre 17 William Murray Dr, Cannonvale Q 4802 P: 07 4946 7286 E:

GOLD COAST TR Marine 167 Currumburra Rd, Ashmore Q 4214 P: 07 5532 5812 E:

BRISBANE Brisbane Boating & Leisure 1743 Ipswich Rd, Rocklea Q 4106 P: 07 3875 1600 E:

IPSWICH Ipswich Marine Centre 45 Huxham St, Raceview Q 4305 P: 07 3294 3944 E:

BRISBANE NORTH Holt Marine 25 Queens Rd, Everton Hills Q 4053 P: 07 3353 1928 E:

MACKAY Sugar City Marine 11 Victoria St, Mackay Q 4740 P: 07 4951 4711 E:

BRISBANE SOUTH Australian Marine Centre 3491 Pacific Highway, Slacks Creek Q 4127 P: 07 3808 7333 E:

ROCKHAMPTON Rifen Marine 6 Dooley St, North Rockhampton Q 4701 P: 07 4927 9150 E:

BUNDABERG Adrians Marine Centre 28 Ritchie St, Bundaberg Q 4670 P: 07 4153 1819 E:

SUNSHINE COAST North Coast Boating 22 Enterprise St, Caloundra West Q 4551 P: 07 5493 9376 E:

CAPALABA Mike’s Marine 9 Smith St, Capalaba Q 4157 P: 07 3390 3418 E:

YEPPOON Sea Breeze Marine 150 Scenic Hwy, Yeppoon Q 4703 P: 07 4933 6366 E:

GOLD COAST Onshore Marine Horizon Shores Marina, Woongoolba Q 4207 P: 07 5546 2480 E:

Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 29

Michael released this flathead back into the Tweed River when out with Brad Smith Fishing Charters.

Dan with a lovely flathead ready for release on Brad Smith’s Tweed River charter.

Finding flathead and squid


Ken did well and caught a brace of quality flathead on a Tweed River charter with Brad Smith.

I everyone, September is the peak of flathead fishing season on the Gold Coast, with bigger females gradually making their way towards the river mouths in preparation for their breeding season. They will spawn multiple times over summer, but this month they will feed aggressively to put on condition. These big breeder females range up to



Broadwater Guide by CLINT ANSELL

nearly 1m long and are a prize catch. So, handle and release them carefully to ensure plentiful stocks for the future. Though the maximum size limit in Queensland is 75cm, we prefer to release flathead from 60cm and above on our charters. Female flathead usually have a number of smaller male flathead up to 50cm long accompanying them. These male flat-

ties are solid points scorers in the annual flathead classic tournament, expertly run by the Gold Coast Sport Fishing Club since 1994. You still have time to enter and there are massive prizes to be won, even if you don’t catch a lot of fish. When in feeding mode, flathead are easily caught on lures and some of the most successful are 3-4” soft plastics, soft vibes

* continued P31



Longest-running estuary lure fishing charter in SEQ with over 40 years’ experience Light tackle lure fishing charters guaranteeed to catch!! Spots, tackle, lures, tides, species, estuary tactics, moons, seasons and more!

SMS 0432 990 302 Charter gift vouchers and online store

Page 30 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

Samaki Vibelicious in Slimy Mackerel colour has been good on flathead. au

Finding flathead and squid * from P30

and minnow-shaped hard-bodies. This month flathead will school up – lying in ambush mode in shallow water around weed beds where baitfish try to hide. For this reason, soft plastics are very useful. My preference are paddle tails such as Fish Arrow Flash-J Shad, Knockin Tail, Gobblers Paddle Shad and Ecogear Balt. And 1/4oz 3/0 size hook jig heads are perfect all-rounders for rigging these plastics. A simple cast, let sink, double hop, pause, wind up slack line, then repeat will draw a strike from active flathead. For me, the best colour shades are pearl or white, Motor Oil, green and occasionally gold or chartreuse when others aren’t working. It will pay to use

prawn imitation plastics too because there are still heaps of prawns around after the summer floods. Try over sandbank shallows at high tide and off the edges of banks on a falling tide. Flathead love waiting next to weed beds as well, so if the water is clear enough to see them, always cast to the edge of these beds. Many flathead can also be caught in deeper areas, if bait is there. Make sure you control the drift with your motor – or electric motor – to slow the boat’s movement and so that your lures stay in contact with the bottom. September is also a good month to catch arrow squid, tailor, flounder and winter whiting. Squid are big this month and very aggressive. Try for them in water

3-6m deep at Southport, Labrador, Biggera, Runaway Bay, Currigee and Ephraim Island. Use squid jigs but also Samaki soft vibes and Ecogear ZX40 blades to catch all of the above. Sporty’s Fishing at Bundall know all our favourite tackle and lure colours. Drop in there to get the best advice too. In the Tweed River, Brad has continued to find plenty of flathead for his customers – as well as big bream – using Samaki Vibelicious, Ecogear ZXs, and Pontoon 21 Crackjack lures. To book on a charter with myself or Brad, or if you have any fishing related questions, visit goldcoas or email fishingwithc, or find Brad Smith Fishing Charters on Facebook.

Brian caught some good-sized arrow squid on a squid charter with the author.

A big arrow squid for Mick taken on a Daiwa Emeraldas 2.5 squid jig.

Cam caught his personal best 66cm flathead on a Samaki Vibelicious and released the female fish.

Paul from Albury enjoyed catching this tuskfish on a Broadwater charter with the author. Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 31

The Seaway produces some nice mulloway on a busy day, when fished with the right techniques.

Tips to master mulloway


Juso regularly uses live bait to catch jewfish around the Seaway.


Custom designs, repairs and replacement • Boat windscreens • Cabin windows • Console windscreens

Quotes over the phone

20/42 Burnside Rd, Yatala QLD

Phone 07 3382 7883 E:

Page 32 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

F the past couple of weeks are anything to go by, another amazing month of fishing is upon us. Though snapper and pearl perch were off limits during the closure, many of us found alternatives with some outstanding results. I made a last-minute phone call to a couple of great people who run the Facebook page Fishing for Mental Health – Michael O’Gorman and his son Lachlan – to see if they were keen to head offshore to jig for some live bait and then head back to the Seaway to have a crack at a mulloway or two. Their answer was a definite yes, with a small amount of reluctance coming from Michael due to the thought of seasickness. We met up early and within no time at all we were heading seaward to a well-known area about 1km southeast of the Seaway that holds

Gold Coast


good schools of all sorts of baitfish yearround. We attached a Wilson size 8 bait jig and sounded over the various schools of bait being displayed on the sounder. The thicker red schools were the producers, with good numbers of yellowtail scad and slimy mackerel filling the live bait tank on the back of the Bar Crusher in about 15 minutes. With our rods and rigs ready, we headed back to the end of the north wall of the Seaway to find some of these silver beasts. Within a couple of passes over the hole at the end, we could spot the larger fish showing up quite clearly on the screen of the Lowrance HDS Live. Using a rig consist-

ing of two 5/0 octopus hooks snelled about 10cm apart on 60lb mono leader with a 1.5oz bean sinker running all the way down to the hooks, we baited up, positioned the boat over the fish and dropped. As we dropped, I kept the boat positioned in the current so the lines would drop vertically under the boat. By the time we had moved about 10m, I hooked up. It was a jewfish and, as usual, it decided to head straight back into structure. Fortunately, I was using a 50lb braid star and was able to turn it reasonably quickly, and with a couple of good lifts from the rod, I started to get some line back. Within a few

* continued P34 au

It might be winter but your mind says summer. It’s time to get ready for what’s coming. Quintrex boat bundles offer a range of options to suit any adventure you can imagine: The Comfort Bundle, The Fishing Bundle and The Captain’s Bundle. Easy to choose, easy to buy. Click on the QR code for everything you need to know. The only question is – Where next?

BRISBANE Brisbane Yamaha

BRISBANE Brisbane Boating & Leisure

BUNDABERG Boats Galore

GOLD COAST Surf Coast Marine

SUNSHINE COAST Caloundra Marine

174 Eastern Service Rd, Burpengary Q T 07 3888 1727

1743 Ipswich Rd, Rocklea Q T 07 3875 1600

142 Enterprise St, Bundaberg Q T 07 4152 6744

50-54 Brisbane Rd, Labrador Q T 07 5563 7733

8 Baldwin St, Caloundra Q T 07 5491 1944


Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 33

Personal bests are always welcome Michael O’Gorman said, with a quick photo of his 68cm fish before a safe release.

Congratulations to Robert Miller for the winning tailor of the competition going to 62.5cm fork length.

Tips to master mulloway * from P32

moments, we had a nice fish of about 74cm in the boat. A quick photograph and then it was straight back in the water, and we watched it swim away happily. The next drift saw Michael hook up using the same technique, and with much excite-


Boat Repairs and Modifications and Fuel Tanks for Boats n Campers n Caravans n 4X4 Vehicles n Trucks VehicleTool Boxes k Body Repairs n Canopies n T Tops Aluminium and Steel Truc n Water

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and Auto Electricial n All types of Welding Steel n Aluminium n Mild Steel n Boats Repaired n Fuel & Water Tanks n Canopies n Bow and Stern Rails n Custom Vehicle Tool Boxes n Stainless

Shed 1 281 Jacobs Well Road Behind Freedom Service Station, Alberton 4207

Phone 3807 7846

Mob 0427 142 201 Fax 3807 2468 Email: Page 34 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

ment he was able to boat a new personal best fish measuring 68cm. We drifted through several more times with multiple hits and misses and had a very enjoyable day targeting something Michael and Lachlan had not tried before. The key to the success was actually made up of three main things. The first was good quality live bait in a larger size, as smaller bait were not being hit by the mulloway and were instead being picked apart by bream. Second, was spotting the fish on the sounder and keeping the bait vertical over the top of them. And third, choosing the correct time of the tide to fish, which in this case was about an hour after the tide had started to run out. Try keeping these suggestions in mind the next time you plan on heading out to fish for mulloway, as it will greatly increase your chances. Tailor is another exciting species to chase

this month. They can be taken from almost any location, including the Broadwater to the beaches and even offshore on the close reefs. Some of the more accessible areas from land include the Southport Spit, Narrowneck, South Stradbroke and Snapper Rocks. If you have a boat, you can try the area south of Jumpinpin, Sovereign Island eastern side, the main channel of the Broadwater and in the Seaway on the eastern side of Wave Break Island. Ganged sets of hooks are best and I prefer the Tru-Turn in 3/0. I tie them to about 50-60cm of 15lb mono leader, which is connected to a swivel. A small to medium running ball sinker up the mainline is all that’s needed to keep the bait in the strike zone, and you can play around with weights, depending on the current and conditions. Pilchard are the preferred bait and gener* continued P35 au

Tips to master mulloway * from P34

ally left as a whole fish when baited up on the hooks. Another very effective method is casting metal slugs or weighted bibless hard-body lures. Long casts and reasonably quick retrieves are how most of us attack it. The best way to do it is to drive the boat around looking for bird life or the fish busting up on the surface. Don’t drive through the action, rather go around so the wind is at your back and get a long cast to the edges of the school. That way you won’t spook them and send them off the bite. The contestants of

the tailor competition held by The Bait Shop Gold Coast and the Southport Amateur Fishing Club used these methods to bring home some very nice fish over the three-day event held in August. The event was very successful, with 66 adult anglers and five juniors participating. There were several categories, including biggest fish, three longest fish total and random length. The longest fish taken by Robert Miller was measured at 62.5cm to the fork of the tail, so it was probably close to 70cm overall length. The prize pool was awesome with reels from Penn, custom rods from Gary How-

ard and heaps of Wilson Fishing tackle up for grabs. The best part of the comp was that everyone who entered – for the $30 entry fee – came home with a big beach-fishing shoulder bag full of lures and things from all of the sponsors. At the barbecue for the weigh-in at the clubhouse, there was a great feeling of competition and friendship as the competitors and families mingled, spinning a few fishy stories. It’s great to see these competitions coming back and fishos being fishos. That’s a wrap for me, so enjoy your fishing until next month.

Josh showing off a beautiful specimen at the official measuring table.

Winning junior angler Preston Rai and his dad took home some awesome prizes after putting in the hard yards fishing Snapper Rocks during the competition.


IPSW I C H Ipswich Marine Centre 45 Huxham St, Raceview 07 3294 3944

SUNSH INE COAST Sunshine Coast Yamaha 14 Machinery Ave, Warana 07 5346 9981

GOLD COAST Gold Coast Boating Centre 64 Kortum Dve, Burleigh Heads 07 5576 73884

For further info visit

Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 35

For those desperate for a pelagic fix, occasionally there are longtail tuna at Black Rock in September, and they are usually larger than this nice specimen caught by Steve a couple of months ago.

Techniques for tackling tailor n Great bait when targeting mackerel

W Now is the time to be catching and wrapping some tailor for the upcoming mackerel season.

E are starting to get deep into this very unsettled year. A fair bit more rain is forecast over the next three months but at present things have been OK. On the fishing front,

Mangrove jack will start to move around as things warm up. Steve with a 50cm fish from last season.

Page 36 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

Tweed to Byron Bay by GAVIN DOBSON

it has been quite good, especially in the estuaries and on the beach. The Tweed River has had a great run of tailor, the best I can remember for a long time. From the mouth to Chinderah and up the Terranora arm to the lake has been going off and not only with numbers but quality too. Often the river fish are on the smallish side, but this year they are averaging at least 1kg, with fish to 2kg not uncommon. To locate fish, trolling lures around the cleaner water on the higher parts of the tide has been the go and, once found, casting lures or bait is the most efficient way to get a few numbers onboard.

Likewise on the beaches, tailor have been thick. And while I would expect tailor to leave the river soon, I’d guess that the beaches will still fish fairly well until the end of September. The Tweed beaches have fished better than the Byron coast beaches over the past month, but that could turn around for September and October. Places such as Fingal and Cabarita beaches have had some massive numbers of tailor schooled up in the surf. The size has been good too, with 1kg plus fish the average and closer to 2kg the norm. The occasional fish to 3kg has also turned up

* continued P37 au

Tailor techniques * from P36

among them. While all this is fun, the mackerel fishos are complaining there isn’t a troll bait among them. Down on the Byron coast though, tailor have been not nearly as thick or as large. This has suited me to a degree because I’ve been able to stock away some good mackerel bait. Having quality bait for mackerel season is a huge advantage, especially if good numbers of live bait are difficult to find. I’ve gone back to the tried and trusted method of wrapping my bait firmly in cling film. Vacuum sealing bait seemed like the perfect way to store them when I bought a machine a few years back but come mackerel season I was disappointed to find all my hardearned bait was fairly mushy. This didn’t seem to make sense because the frozen fillets for consumption were coming out of the freezer in prime condition. Then I had a good look at the process of vacuum sealing, and I could see that the suction created was actually crushing soft fish such as bonito, slimy mackerel and pike. Tailor are a fairly soft fish too but their skin is a bit tougher and they aren’t too bad as a

uum sealed product, however I now freeze everything in cling film. Maybe I have an over- ent husia st ic Cryovac machine, as every now and then it will actually split a slimy mackerel during the vacuum process. Anyhow, now is the time to stock up on mackerel bait because tailor usually get smaller the closer we get to Christmas, and as long as they are legal, smaller tailor are easier to tow. Offshore this month there will still be snapper in close and the occasional jewfish. Out a bit wider in the 40-fathom depths, snapper will be in better numbers and probably a few kingfish and amberjack for those so inclined. The shelf has been fishing well for bass groper this past month, along with a few cod and flame snapper. It’s definitely flathead and whiting time in our estuaries now and a few trevally will start to show up. Mangrove jack are biting reasonably well at the time of writing, which is a little odd, but by the end of September they will definitely be on the improve. Things are looking good, so let’s hope the forecast is a bit off and we don’t get too much rain.

Troy with a solid snapper from the close reefs.

Spring species start to shine


ELLO all and welcome to the winter spring transition. The weather has been a little kinder to us on the Northern Rivers, but we’re still expecting some above-average rainfall over spring. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over summer as well, with a very real chance that this weather pattern continues through to Christmas and into the new year. For now, let’s hope the wonderful winter weather continues a little longer, and that we

Ballina Bait & Tackle by BRETT HYDE

can all get out and wet a line. The close reefs have been producing some quality snapper in the past few weeks, and this should persist for the next couple of months. The best bets have been 4-5” soft plastics, especially during the early morning bite period. Live bait has also enjoyed some success on snapper, but lately mulloway and tuna have

shown more interest in livies than snapper have. At the time of writing, leatherjacket have still not shown up. This has been a welcome occurrence for many of the offshore brigade because usually at this time of the year, leatherjacket can prove very costly as far as the loss of gear is concerned. I’m not convinced that they will be completely



* continued P38

Ballina West Shopping Centre Pacific Hwy, Ballina NSW

02 6686 2527 Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 37

Spring species * from P37




2022 Garmin Research & Sep 9-11 Fishing Competition

Sunshine Coast, QLD coast-comp

Woodgate Beach Sep 16-18 Hotel Fishing Classic

Woodgate Beach Hotel, QLD

Kurrimine Classic Sep 16-18

Kurrimine, QLD

Baffle Creek Family Sep 19-24 Fishing Festival

Baffle Creek, QLD

Flathead Sep 27-30 Classic

Gold Coast, QLD

Boondooma Dam Sep 30-Oct 2 Boondooma, Qld Sportfishing Festival Karumba Fishing Sep 30-Oct 2 Karumba, Qld Classic Fitzroy River Oct 16-19 Barra Bash

Fitzroy River, QLD

Cardwell Barra Oct 20-22 Bonanza

Cardwell, Qld

Lake Monduran Oct 22-23 Family Fishing Classic

Lake Monduran, Qld

Townsville Challenge Oct 28-30

Townsville, Qld loads /2022/05/2022-Townsville- Challenge-Forms.pdf

Wyaralong Dam Oct 29 Carp & Tilapia Eradication Comp

Wyaralong, QLD

Glenlyon Dam Nov 4-11 Murray Cod Trip

Glenlyon, Qld

To have your competition listed in the calendar, please phone (07) 3286 1833 or email Page 38 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

absent but am more than happy to be wrong when it comes to these deepwater piranha. The current has continued to slow over the past month, and this has made fishing beyond the 32-fathom line a much easier proposition. The 42s and 48s have produced some quality pearl perch, though lately kingfish and amberjack seem to be out a little wider than that. Jigs of 150-250g have been working fairly well for pearlies, however kingfish have shown much more interest in the larger jigs around 300-400g. Jigs with some blue or silver colour in them are the pick of the bunch for kings, while a little pink or luminescence has been the best bet for pearls. Back on the beaches, it’s been a little on the quiet side, with better numbers of tailor still to the south or the north of us. I am hopeful that we will see a significant improvement in their numbers during the next month. The few that have been taken were mostly caught on lures or plastics intended for mulloway. Though there have been good numbers of both bream and flathead on the beaches. Bait such as pilchard, pipis and mullet fillets have all worked fairly well, along with a few curly tail soft plastics. The river has cleaned up surprisingly quickly after the most recent bout of rain. The fish seem to approve of it at present,

with good numbers of mulloway in the lower reaches of the river, weighing from 6-15kg. Live bait at night has produced the largest numbers of fish, though a few have also grabbed some soft plastics or vibes. As you would expect at this time of year, bream were still showing up in the lower reaches, with plenty of fish taking prawns, pilchard, mullets fillets and squid. Though flathead have been a real struggle lately – this has been largely due to the weather. The wind and rain have continued to keep flathead quiet for the most part, but on the few days when the sun did show its face, flathead played the game for us. North Creek was fairly productive, along with the main river in and around Pimlico Island. Most flathead were taken in shallow water, with 2m or less being the best bet, but it will also pay to check out some of the rock walls because the extra heat around them has proven attractive for this fish. Luderick have not been at their usual best this year, with the floods making it nearly impossible to get hold of some weed to be able to chase them with. Most anglers have had to resort to cabbage as another bait option – and the fish don’t seem to have minded too much – with the breakwalls and spots behind the central business district providing some quality fish on the run-up tide. Well, that’s about all from me for this month, until next time – tight lines! au

Clever jewfish keep us on our toes n High speed spinning versus a slow and steady retrieve


OLY cow Batman, can you believe that spring has sprung and it is September already? In a normal year, I would be saying what a great three or four months of fishing for jewfish we’ve had in the local rivers. However due to the four back-to-back floods of varying sizes we experienced this year, the river season was cut to only six weeks. But I suppose we should still be thankful for small mercies as, if had it kept raining, we wouldn’t have even had that. Yes, you can catch

Just Jew by TYE PORTER

large jewfish inside a river year-round, but it is during the colder months – when mullet are running and doing their thing – that the numbers of big jew explode, while they congregate to feed on mullet before dispersing again until next year. Outside of winter, the only other time that you would expect to see jewfish massing in numbers is at the point of breakwalls during a flood, when again masses of bait congregate as it is flushed out

of the river. I have stated countless times over the years that while the mighty jewfish may well be a predator, it is in fact a lazy – or smart – one and uses minimal effort to hunt its prey. I don’t care that Joe Blogs once caught a fish spinning high speed lures. The fact remains that if you stand beside me at any location spinning high speed while I wind my lure – be it a soft plastic, hard-body or feather – as slow

as possible, I will outfish you a thousand to one. When I say ‘I’, I mean any angler spinning at a dead-slow pace. Fishing inside a river is a classic example of this because you can have a tonne of bait all around you during the hard run-in tide, but you will not hear a jew bust into them until the water has slowed and is just about to turn. If they were a truly energetic hunter, such as most pelagics, they would be smashing into them all night during the hard-running tide. But no, they are clever enough to save all

of their energy and smash into the hapless bait when the minimal effort is required. Fishing the breakwalls with dead bait on the bottom during a hard run-out is a different kettle of fish. You are hooking fish that are simply moving from one area to another on the tide, so again the fish are using minimum effort in swimming with the current, not coming to the surface feeding in the hard run. Do I know everything about fishing for jew? Hell no! I am constantly adapting my fishing techniques to suit the

* continued P40

Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 39

Clever jewfish keep us on our toes * from P39

location and conditions every time I go fishing. However, after landing over 5000 fish over the so-called 1m mark in just about every setting you can think of, I reckon I have nutted the critters out as well as I can.

Yet the mongrels will still throw a curve ball and I’ll have to tweak my fishing to suit on the day. That’s why I love chasing the mighty mulloway, as they are always finding a way of testing your skills and it becomes im-

mensely satisfying when you crack that new code and give them a jaw ache. Due to my rapidly deteriorating health, I am unable to do a lot of the fishing I used to. Though, now I get just as much enjoy-

Mischa Porter of Iluka with a solid 20.2kg jewfish, taken in knee-deep water inside the Clarence River on a live mullet. Page 40 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

ment out of getting people on to fishing and passing on the knowledge that I’ve learned over the years to those who are prepared to listen. Sadly, most of the wannabe jew fishos these days think they know it all after catching a couple of schoolies, which is great for the jewfish population I suppose. Having said all that, the Clarence River definitely came to life over the past six weeks, with the good old jewfish turning up in the lower reaches in big numbers. The old ferry approach at Iluka and the T-Piece on the Yamba breakwall being the two best spots for shore-based anglers and the Collis Wall, Turkeys Nest and the Skids being the pick for those fortunate enough to have a boat. At the time of writing, the T-Piece was one of the few remaining locations in the lower reaches still holding fair numbers of flat-tail mullet, so it may still be worth a look this month during the slack high water after dark. One interesting video I saw on social media recently was of a bloke from the Lismore area, fishing in his boat at Browns Rocks on the Clarence River about 5km from the mouth, fighting and bringing to the side of his boat a 5kg snapper, which he lost – it was a real eye opener, I can tell you. In the 30 odd years I’ve lived in Iluka, I have caught quite a few small baby squire

inside the river while fishing for bream, but nothing like the cracker in the video. We are blessed here on the Northern Rivers of NSW because our jewfish ‘season’ runs for 365 days a year, with most of the fishing efforts currently transferring from the river back out to the breakwalls and headlands for the warmer months. Tailor are still on the chew – when the swell isn’t running at 3m – and Back Beach and Ten Mile Beach at Shark Bay are both providing good feeds of chopper around 1kg, with the occasional 3kg plus fish thrown in for good measure. The ever-productive Iluka Bluff is still yielding nice school jew and chopper tailor on lures, and late reports have it that hard-fighting turrum have returned in numbers, feeding on the large shoals of whitebait. Last year, we encountered a good run of elbow-slapping whiting in September along the southern banks of Goodwood Island using beachworms, so I dare say we might have a bit of a look again this year, given that we hardly caught a fish under 30cm. The excellent run of large luderick that was experienced at the old ferry approach is tapering off somewhat. However, a feed of these hard-fighting fish is available at this location year-round,

* continued P41 au

Clever jewfish keep us on our toes * from P40

if you have the time and patience to spend chasing them. Interstate visitors are reminded that as of August 1, 2022, the new daily per person bag limit for dusky flathead in NSW is now a slot limit – only five fish per person between 36cm and 70cm may be kept. All fish under and above these sizes must be returned to the water. While September is not my favourite month for fishing – because the winter species are moving out and the summer species have not quite arrived in numbers

– a feed of flathead, bream and tarwhine should be easy to obtain along the open beaches, and the walls are always good for bream and school jew. Offshore catches have been dominated by snapper and teraglin in recent weeks, though September is the month that large cobia begin to be boated in the shallow water of Shark Bay near Jackys Bommie. With this summer expected to be a repeat of last year rain wise, I would be getting out and making the most of the great weather we have now, while it lasts. Until next month, safe fishing.


Honey Mustard Chicken Casserole Ingredients


• 600g chicken thigh fillets, sliced into 2cm portions

1. Partially boil potatoes in a saucepan.

• 2 cloves garlic crushed

2. Dust chicken in plain flour.

• 1 tsp dried tarragon leaves • 1 tsp fresh thyme leaves • 1 tbsp honey

4. Pre heat oven to 160C.

• 1 tbsp wholegrain mustard • 1/2 cup plain flour • 6 red potatoes, quartered • 1 brown onion, halved, sliced • 350g orange sweet potato, peeled, cut into 3cm pieces • 1 red capsicum, thickly sliced • 100g green beans, cut into 3cm lengths • 250ml thickened cream • 2 tbsp olive oil Iluka angler Rebekah Ellis landed this nice 12.9kg jewfish inside the Clarence River using a live flat tail mullet as bait.

3. Heat half the oil in a casserole dish over high heat. Cook chicken in batches, browning both sides. Transfer to plate. 5. Heat remaining oil in casserole dish. Add onion and garlic, cook until softened. Add potatoes and capsicum, cook stirring for a minute. 6. Return chicken to casserole dish with stock, mustard, honey, and tarragon. Stir to combine. Place in oven with lid on and cook for 35 minutes. 7. Remove lid, stir in cream and beans for and cook for a further 5 minutes until slightly thickened and cooked through. Sprinkle with fresh thyme leaves to serve.

Prep time: 20 min | Cooking time: 50 min | Serves 4 Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 41


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Page 46 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

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* from P46

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IT’S no secret that swimbaits attract bites from big predators when other lures won’t, but getting big baits into the strike zone without spooking the target can be a challenge. Shimano’s new ArmaBoost lure tech* continued P48

Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 47


* from P47

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Page 48 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

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* from P48

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CASTING is a core fundamental skill that rapidly improves capture rates when lure fishing.

ALL new casting performance with the new range of Saltiga rods specifically designed to match with the king of offshore spinning reels – 20 Saltiga. A dedicated range of offshore casting models, the new range of Saltiga rods has seven models, each catered to its own specific purpose to target hard-fighting sportfish throughout the world. The core of the new Saltiga range of rods is Daiwa’s X45X Full Shield carbon technology. With significant improvements to torsional stiffness of the rod blank, X45X Full Shield means the rods will resist twisting forces, storing more potential energy and ultimately releasing that energy into the cast when the angler lets their finger off the line. The benefits of X45X Full Shield don’t

Best clothing accessory: Bone Fisherman Tiger Camo Hat

BONE designs a modern range of fishing apparel that will set you apart on the water and ensure you are protected while out fishing. The Bone Fisherman Tiger Camo Hat is packed with angler friendly features, including the Bone sunglasses holder, a utility pocket and of course a wide brim for the ultimate in sun protection. Visit * continued P50

Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 49


* from P49

Best tackle management: Plano Atlas Tackle Backpack

THE Plano Atlas Tackle Pack is the result of an ideal collision between a hard-sided tackle box and a portable soft-sided tackle bag. It’s designed for the angler who demands maximum storage and protection for their gear but needs that storage to be as mobile as they are. The Atlas relies on premium EVA construction with a sturdy waterproof HDPE base to deliver a serious dose of durability that is built to last. Further bolstering its defensive properties is the water-resistant cell phone storage pocket that shields your phone and other valuable electronics from boat spray and unwanted moisture. Forged from the foundation up to enhance your fishing experience, the Plano Atlas Tackle Pack offers several features anglers are sure to appreciate. The top of the Atlas Pack is crowned with Plano’s patented magnetic Dropzone, integrated to catch and hold your crankbaits, tools or other items that need

to be set down in a hurry. Bungee cord rod holders and a pair of tool holders are incorporated into the face of the pack for quick access while on the move. Finished with padded shoulder straps and generous back padding for maximum comfort, the Plano Atlas Tackle Pack redefines the industry standard for premium mobile tackle storage. Ask your favourite tackle shop for more information.

Best sunglasses: Spotters Crypto with Ignite Lens

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Page 50 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

Best watersport and diving accessory: Response SB1 Red Neoprene Life Jacket

JM GILLIES is proud to introduce its range of personal flotation devices manufactured and designed to the latest standards. Response by Life Jacket Solutions have spent many months designing and putting

* continued P51 au


together our new range, working alongside JM Gillies. Visit

Best terminal tackle: Oceans Legacy Tako Bait Assist

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knuckle joint that will allow it to go into any rod holder angle on any boat! Made from heavy-duty marine-grade 316 stainless-steel, the GRV2 accepts any medium to large overhead reel, has a lockable line guide arm with swivel eyelet to avoid excessive line wear and tear, and the 360-degree rotation provides optimal control of the fish. The base features gimbal bar slots to secure into any standard rod holder, and the GRV2 comes with a reversible support handle to brace the angler, suiting both right and left-handed anglers to wind. Visit




THE Gunnell Rod GRV2 is an Australian invention tested and perfected in worldwide conditions. GRV2 is fully engineered here in Australia and is proudly manufactured with our partners in Thailand. The GRV2 makes an ideal outfit for anglers not used to heavy game gear or deep-sea combos. Troll, tease, jig, drift or for your little ones, first-timers or those who need a little extra support catching fish! The support handle makes the Gunnell Rod a secure and more comfortable option in rougher seas – perfect for a novice angler or as an extra set line. The GRV2 features a 180-degree



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John Dunphy Award for Innovation: Gunnell Rod Australia GRV2



Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 51

A stunning Woodgate sunrise – slightly above the horizon on the right is K’gari.

Winter whiting off Woodgate


Winter whiting fillets ready to cook.

Offshore reef fishing fanatics WANTED One of Brisbane’s oldest deep-sea fishing clubs with a 100 percent safety record has vacancies for new members. Owners of suitable vessels encouraged. All levels of experience. Those without own vessels also invited to apply. Approximately 15 deep sea trips per year. One week-long fishing holiday to Town of 1770. Monthly meetings, video shows, guest speakers and free nibbles. 4WD beach fishing and camping. Inshore fishing also on the agenda. Interested? Then call Darren (0413 511 436) or Robin (3269 5013). POWER BOAT ANGLERS REEF FISHING CLUB INC Page 52 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

T had been a fairly long time between drinks as far as fishing out from Woodgate goes, so when the opportunity arose, I was keen to make the most of it. We’ve had a house there since my grandparents built it in the 1960s and it is possibly my number one rest and relaxation spot – only problem is, I just don’t get there often enough these days. The weather forecast had originally looked good for the entire area right out to K’gari, so I hatched a plan to head 25km out from shore and do some exploration in deeper water to get an idea of what was out there. I’d been doing a fair bit of research on Bathy Maps and had found a few good prospect areas that I was keen to give a try first. Unfortunately, the weather blew up a little too much out wide but closer to home remained well and truly fishable. Plan B was to try the local reefs – such as Taylor and Woodgate artificial reefs – looking

Power Boat Anglers by MICK CLUTTERBUCK

for mackerel and, failing that, have a look around for winter whiting. Along for the ride was long-time friend Liz Bunn, who I have known and been besties with since we were five years old. Growing up in the area, we were always out fishing with our fathers almost every weekend and school holidays. Back in the day, everyone had a 12’ tinnie with a 15hp outboard and towing the boats behind a tractor to launch from the beach was well and truly the norm. That said, these days – now that I’m older, greyer and the boat is a bit bigger – I choose to launch from the Walkers Point Boat Ramp on the Burrum River. The morning greeted us with a brilliant orange sunrise and near glass out conditions in close. We launched and dropped four crab pots on the way to Taylors Reef, hoping for a feed

of sand crabs. On arrival, I decided to use soft plastics to see what was around, while Liz opted for bait. Things were fairly quiet until I connected on to something solid, which had me thinking initially that to kick off I was on to something nice. While it had a bit of weight, it didn’t fight much, though it had a bit of a tail beat, so it wasn’t a chunk of coral. Finally, it came into sight and turned out to be a rather large green sea toad, possibly around 70cm. With nothing jumping into the boat, we decided to try the artificial, but drew a blank there as well. Our final option was to go looking for some winter whiting and I was keen to give one of my old spots a go to see if it still held fish. It’s probably not the average place to try because it’s quite close to * continued P53 au

Wonderful winter whiting off Woodgate * from P52

shore – and that’s about all I’m going to tell you as far as location goes. I will say that it did still hold fish, so I set about getting some of those tasty morsels into the Esky. Liz and I grew up using hand reels regardless of the species, but these days I prefer using rods – a 7’ 1-3kg or 2-4kg rod spooled with 6lb Platypus Platinum monofiliament line being my preference. While I was off in a blaze of glory, Liz took a bit of time to get the knack of using the rod, though once she had it sorted, she was on a mission. We drifted around the place getting good numbers before they went

quiet, so we decided to move further south to another old spot we used to fish. That turned out to be a dud move and after 30 minutes or so, we decided to head back to where we had been. We found fish again but seemed to move off them fairly quickly. Liz suggested we anchor, which was a good idea, but instead of dropping the pick, I deployed the electric motor and spot-locked us on top of a patch. This enabled us to stay on a spot and, when the fish went off, simply disengage the lock and drift until we found another patch, then spot lock again. It wasn’t the hottest bite I’ve experienced, how-

ever the quality of fish were fairly good and it was great to be out with such a good friend and share the experience. We were having a general reminisce about the good old days – when the Bunns, McCarthys and Clutterbucks would always fish together – when we realised that we had never fished for whiting together in the same boat, and we’ve been fishing together all our lives. We made a pact that fishing will become a bit more frequent in the coming years. It was a great day on the water, bagging out on whiting, and getting 12 sandies was the cherry on top. I got my love of fish-

ing from my dad and I always make sure he and mum get a good slice of the bounty. Note that Power Boat Anglers’ meetings occur on the first Wednesday of every month at ‘The Club Manly’ – the

bowls club – 26 Faine St, Manly from 6.30pm for a 7pm start. Upcoming meetings are on Wednesday September 7, then on Wednesday October 5. Until next month, safe boating.

A sample of the winter whiting catch from Woodgate.

Queensland’s Used Boat Specialists





Quintrex 530 Frontier

Trailcraft 7.0 Hard Top

Delivered new 2018, 93 hours on the ETEC 115hp, Minn Kota Terrova 24v electric, Quintrex alloy trailer, Hydraulic steering, Lowrance 9’ sounder/GPS, side scan transducer, VHF radio, LB tank, 4 bow bimini and so much more!

Well optioned plate alloy hard top, Mercury (Yamaha) 225hp 4 stroke, I-beam trailer 2800kg ATM, Lowrance HDS10, VHF, 27 meg, Stereo, dual batteries, seating for 6, solar panel, 300l fuel tank. The ideal offshore fishing setup!

Call 07 3890 2322 today! More pics online at



Call 07 3890 2322 today! More pics online at

Stacer 420 Rampage

Stessco Fisherman 459 SC

As new, 6 hour old Yamaha 40hp 4S tiller stiller with key start and power T&T, Stacer alloy trailer, 2 swivel seats atop a bench seat, Inshore safety gear, 3mm sides and bottom, 24l fuel tank. Unpainted and in as new condition!

Fully optioned side console sports fishing platform. Mercury 60hp 4S, Motorguide Xi5 electric, Lithium batteries, Dunbier trailer, Garmin UHD75SV, GT56 transducer, Plumbed LB tank, Bait board, Inshore safety gear and more!

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Call 07 3890 2322 today! More pics online at

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Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 53

Kevin caught a lovely afternoon snapper that was released.

Byron with a solid dusky flathead.

Fishing for dusky flathead


Lisa on her first lure fishing tour. She caught some tasty morsels on jigs.

> Hervey Bay > Fraser Island > Sandy Strait

ELLO sunshine! T h a n k f u l ly, we’ve had more decent weather recently and less rain. But we still needed to contend with some difficulties. Luckily, the inshore fishing has been steady. Dusky flathead on the southern coast of Queensland have been fairly good, and around Hervey Bay

Get into the best fishing action! Full and half day tours All levels of experience Experienced guide > 0427 230 261 Page 54 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

Fraser Guided Fishing by TRI TON

was no exception. Out wider it’s business as usual with trevally, snapper and bycatch tuna. With occasional less than desirable weather, we ventured in shallow to target flathead on soft plastics. Flathead are a lazy predator that I find are easily caught if you choose the right structure and the correct tide. A good area may produce well at one stage of a tide but prove difficult at another phase. It pays to ‘think like a fish’ and take into consideration that they want to increase food input while undertaking minimal output. Flathead are ambush predators that wait for prey to come into range, then they strike. So, find structures where they might sit. Structure such as weed bed and gravel or rock patches are fantas-

tic places of ambush. Consider that to be effective, there must be enough water to congregate feed at these hiding places. So, if there is too much water, the bait might travel elsewhere or spread out, therefore the predators might follow and leave the area. How far will depend on the height of the tide. Sometimes they orbit close but generally, the more the water level increases, the further away they sit from the structure. It gets to a point where the level of the tide is too high, the structure carries no bait and therefore no predator load. Gutters are another place I target flathead. They sit in deeper depressions of gutters waiting for prey to swim by. Generally, I prefer to * continued P56 au

Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 55

Injection-moulded Dressed with Japanese hot stamping paper/UV Tinsels > >

Finished with UV reflective paint Equipped with Ultrapoint Jigging hooks






> >







Dusky flathead * from P54

Brodie on a hot run with jigs, hooking many golden trevally and tuna.

Avan with a nice queenfish.

Jacko got a bit hot fighting this solid longtail tuna. Page 56 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

hit these spots when a tide is running out. Try these spots when there is no place for prey to run out and escape a falling tide, other than past the maw of a flathead. You can also try this as the tide pushes back in. Find gutters and drains feeding into creek and river systems. These structures are also on mud and sand flats. It is imperative that you lure the areas where they would sit. You can waste a ton of time casting at banks that offer nothing to a fleeing baitfish or an ambush type predator. Don’t do it! Your time would be best spent hunting for new spots and catching the occasional fish while you wait for your honey hole to fire. Tackling flatties is not difficult, and the gear is easy and cheap to

come by – I would use anything from a bream to a snapper rod. Now, if you encounter fish over 60cm consistently, I recommend tackle on the heavier end of the spectrum. The bigger gear will set hooks better and the leader won’t get chaffed as regularly. I often use 20lb braid and 30lb leader – these are rods I have for queenfish and snapper, so that puts it into some perspective as to how easy flathead are to catch. If you don’t often catch anything that may warrant that size or type of tackle, a bream plastics rod will suffice. Though remember, leader under 10lb will usually get bitten through with big lizards. If I were to fish a dedicated flatty rod, I would get a 7-15lb stick with 10lb braid and a 20lb leader. If I regularly caught crocodile duskies, I would use 30lb leader. Why such a heavy rod? For starters, it helps set the hook – as a flathead’s toothy grip is quite good – and larger fish also have harder mouths, so some force is required. Second, even in shallow water, I prefer a heavy jig head to scour the bottom, so a bit more beef in the stick helps cast and work the lure. As for plastic types, I like that flatties are not fussy. They are perfect for beginners, are uncomplicated and are delicious, so get into some! au

THIS IS THE STACER MEMORY YOU’LL NEVER FORGET. For more than 50 years we’ve been building strong, reliable, aluminium boats you can depend on, right here in Australia.

Whether for fishing or family fun, the Stacer range has an enviable reputation for not just affordability but also great re-sale value. Have a talk to your local dealer – and start creating your very own Stacer memories.

Creating Stacer Memories is easy with the all NEW boat packages. Build your perfect boat in just three easy steps.

See for details.

For more info information contact your local Stacer Dealer:

BOONDALL | NORTHSIDE MARINE 2294 Sandgate Rd, Boondall P 07 3265 8000 E

ROCKHAMPTON | RIFEN MARINE 6 Dooley St, North Rockhampton P 07 4927 9150 E

CALOUNDRA | NORTH COAST BOATING 22 Enterprise St, Caloundra West P 07 5493 9376 E

WYNNUM | WYNNUM MARINE 31 Fox St, Wynnum P 07 3396 9777 E

BUNDABERG | ADRIAN’S MARINE 28 Ritchie St, Bundaberg P 07 4153 1819 E

ASHMORE | WHITE WATER MARINE 10 Hinde St, Ashmore P 07 5532 4402 E

MACKAY | PHOENIX POWERSPORTS 165 Paradise Street, Mackay P 07 4952 2436 E

STB&B 005

Stacer. Memories for a ifetime.

Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 57

Lachie Ready with a chunky estuary sized giant trevally. Photos:

Transition time

W Mark Stallan surf-caught this decent tailor.

Local angler Rowan Nothling scored a cracking winter queenfish. Page 58 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

ITH daylight hours extending and the temperature increasing, September is an exciting time of year to look forward to. Winter has certainly been cold, and with the huge rainfall, it’s been very different to previous years. As things start to warm, fish will become increasingly active heading into spring. This makes for an excellent time to start planning a trip away and for the months ahead. Now, with the annual snapper and pearl perch closure behind us, many anglers will be targeting these fish again. And with the Noosa Bar easier to navigate, Sunshine, Chardons and North Reef are some great options if

Sunshine Coast by GRANT BUDD

these fish aren’t on the closer reefs. Bait anglers can once again break out the pilchard floaters with confidence. With spanish mackerel gone, you can bet if your bait gets picked up, it will be a snapper, cobia or tuna. The beauty of the winter spring transition is that sharks are less aggressive, so you can take your time on bigger fish. For those running floaters, try using monofilament around 20lb or run long leaders. This aids in better bait presentation, which is the most important part to fishing. If after a premium

mono, look at LineSystem Next Stage mono from Japan. This mono is violet blue in colour and super slick for the best in bait delivery in the salt. Out wider, Double Island holds red emperor, amberjack, snapper, cobia and various trevally species, including longnose, bludger and diamond. These fish will smash slow jigs in the 80-120g range when fished closer to the bottom. With many jigs from Storm Lures, there’s certainly something to suit, no matter your chosen style. Barwon Banks and the bottom of the Hards usually hold * continued P60 au






Includes: 150HP, alloy trailer, safety gear, registration

Includes: up to 450HP, alloy trailer, offshore safety gear, registration

Includes: 250HP Mercury, alloy trailer, Simrad, T-top, registration, safety gear









Go online or contact your nearest Mercury Dealer to find out more about the Mercury V6 / V8 range, taking performance, efficiency and reliability to the next level.

V8 4.6L





TORQUE AT 3500-4500 RPM












Includes: 250HP Mercury, alloy trailer, Simrad, T-top, registration, safety gear

Can’t make the yard? Shop online! For quality new and used boats! 1743 Ipswich Road, Rocklea | Call 07 3875 1600 | Formerly Karee Marine

Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 59

Transition time on Sunshine Coast * from P58

big snapper, yellowtail kingfish, amberjack and pearl perch due to the colder water temperature. Out here, you can drop livies or big plastics such as the extra-large Berkley Gulp Nemesis on 2-3oz jig heads. The swimming tail is very seductive to fish and these are often picked up on the drop. Surf fishing is all about jewfish and tailor, which started to show up around the river mouths from mid-July. Great places to target these fish include various river mouths after dark and any big gutters all along the coastline. Look for new gutters, especially if we have big swells such as those we experienced during late July. This can uncover coffee rock, which encourages baitfish to forage. Tailor fishing is all about running gang

hooks and jewies are more line shy, so only use snelled rigs. The Mustad Penetrator hook is a popular choice, however I prefer the Ultra Point Octopus Circle hook for a better corner of the mouth hook up. Keep leaders around 50lb and, if running a leader for tailor and spinning in the surf, try a short bite leader versus a full length of 50lb. This helps with casting and presentation. The Noosa River mouth spent a long time running dirty from the continuous rain. This has seen many anglers opt for lures that have more built-in vibration. From paddle tail plastics to soft vibes, these will help any passing fish home in on your offering. With the sand pushing up now, there is a more defined channel, which makes it easier to fish

along the drop-offs. As we head closer to October, the huge extra-large flathead will start to feature more frequently. These big breeding females must be looked after, so carry a fish friendly rubber mesh net, such as the big red snapper net from Berkley. These protect the fish from net damage and keep the slime coat on the fish intact. The use of lip grips should only be used to open the mouth to remove deep hooks. They are not for holding fish up for a photo! We carry Fish Craft polycarbonate grips, which do not harm the fish as metal grips can do, and they float should you drop them by accident. Trolling is a popular method for smaller boat and kayak anglers. It is also a great way to learn the local system, as you can identify

Matty Cantarella with a chunky amberjack caught out wide on a plastic.

Page 60 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

drop-offs and flats at a slow safe speed. With many sounders allowing for live mapping, you could soon see why fish are choosing to inhabit a certain area once you start catching them. Popular areas for this are Woods Bay, Noosa Sound, around the ski run and even between the lakes. Ensure you have a range of diving depth lures because you can be in 1.5-4m, depending on where you are. Check out the wide range from Berkley and Fish Craft. If looking for whiting and bream, the flats of the Frying Pan, Goat Island and Lake Cooroibah can be lots of fun on 4lb gear. Try smaller surface lures if the water is warm and clear. Work the sand edges into deep water with a mix of retrieves to find out what works. If you are seeing fish chase your lure, try a different speed or a different colour. All too often whiting won’t commit to one colour but smash another. Both Fish Craft and Atomic have some great colour options, from hot oranges to bright yellows, which I find can be the trigger. Away from the lower estuary, the area between the lakes holds jewfish, flathead, bream, queenfish, trevally and the occasional mangrove jack. These fish will respond well to unweighted bait of herring and mullet, including live bait. Cast nets are a musthave for live bait, so be

sure to check out our range in the shop. We can also teach you how to throw one if you need help. Freshwater dams and lakes have received a huge amount of rainwater. As such, most overflowed heavily, causing a lot of bass to leave the dams and head downstream. The wild bass closure ended on August 31. During this time, the dam bass school up in preparation to spawn but there is a dam wall in the way. When overflowing, these fish always go with the flow until levels drop again. If fishing during the winter spring transition, make sure your sounder settings are dialled in, and have a good run around because fish could be anywhere. Try in the main basin or lower parts of the dams, as they could still be schooling. This makes having various troll lures out the back a great way to help you find fish. With the cold, fish often don’t want a big lure, so grab a few 50mm Zerek Tango shads and see what you can find. Now for all the latest information, log onto for up-to-date bar and fishing reports, don’t forget to drop into Tackle World Noosa, Noosa Boating and Outdoors and Northshore Bait & Tackle in Marcoola for all the right equipment, bait and advice to get you catching. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and remember, tight lines and bent spines! au




460 RANGER Heavy duty tiller




For more information visit Talk to your nearest Sea Jay dealer for pricing and options. STRENGTH






SINCE 1989

Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 61

Karen scored this fair chunk of a flathead on her first cast into a deep corner.

Coral Coast cold escape

E In the fighting stakes, golden trevally are one of the toughest of the species. Not too bad on the plate though.

VERY year I share my dislike of cold weather with readers, so why break with tradition? We in southern Queensland actually do have winters, contrary to what southerners may believe. I’m struggling to hit the correct keys on my keyboard this morn-

find us on facebook • Win prizes • Post your brag • Chat to readers shots and writers • Join in on the fun • See who’s catching banter what • Have a laugh Page 62 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

Fishing for Sport by NEIL SCHULTZ

ing, after a ride up the highway in sub-zero temperatures exposed the limitations of my motorcycle gloves. Fellow ‘frostaphobes’ have a couple of options – give up fishing and stay indoors for a couple of months or head to warmer climes. Fortunately, finding warmer weather doesn’t involve a road trip to Cairns or Darwin. A comfortable five hours on the road with boat in tow will have residents of the southeast corner arriving at the Coral Coast region around Bundaberg. Apart from making great ginger beer, the Bundaberg region boasts some worthwhile fishing venues. For the estuary anglers among you, both the Burnett and – a little further south of town – the Elliot rivers are top spots. Winter species in-

clude a mix of southern and northern species including yellowfin bream, pikey bream, dusky flathead, blue salmon, estuary cod, javelin fish and a variety of trevally species. All of your usual techniques from your home water systems will tempt the denizens of the Burnett and Elliot. Casting a few soft plastics around any structure or deep holes is a sure way to find a fish or two. Often overlooked in recent years, trolling small diving minnows is a great tactic when fishing unfamiliar water, allowing plenty of real estate to be explored in a day. High tide at dawn or dusk can see trevally and queenfish feeding visibly on the surface in the rivers. These can best be

* continued P64 au


The Ultimate 115HP & 140HP Outboard Motor Range Suzuki’s third generation 115hp & 140hp outboard motors boast more torque, quicker acceleration, and improved top speed thanks to revising the cylinder head and piston design and increasing the compression ratio to 10.6:1. The new cowling and semi-direct air intake greatly reduce intake noise resulting in quieter operation. Lean Burn fuel efficiency has also been significantly improved by as much as 10% across mid-range to high-end cruising speeds. Available in both Suzuki Precision Control (Drive-by-wire) and mechanical-drive variants and backed by Suzuki’s 3+3-year recreational warranty.

Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 63

Rough seas and reefies

M Hunter with one of many undersized red emperor that were released. He was hungry to get that first legal one.

Waiting for the weather to improve on a luxurious yacht.

OVING back to Bundaberg after living in far north Queensland for 12 years, it has been back to square one finding productive fishing grounds. Though having a game plan and putting in the time and effort has resulted in a few rewarding catches. As well as a couple of great trips off Seventeen Seventy in my boat over the past few months, my friend Kale Faull recently invited me for his maiden voyage off Bundaberg in his new Oceania 23cc with 200hp Yamaha. The boat performed well, and we bagged some solid fish, including a 9kg red emperor that, for the first trip,

Bundaberg Region by MATT POTTER

he was certainly stoked with. One recent trip in my boat off Seventeen Seventy didn’t quite go to plan when the weather blew up. My nephews aged nine and 14 had been hassling me for an offshore trip and with the forecast looking decent, we packed the boat and set off for an overnighter to further explore the Bunker Group. For this trip, Kale would also be joining us. We launched the boat at Seventeen Seventy, logged on with Volunteer Marine Rescue Round Hill and headed

out over the bar, which was flat. The wider we pushed, the lumpier conditions got and we spent a good part of the day in the shallows chasing trout and redthroat emperor in the protection of the reef. Later in the afternoon, the conditions improved, so we headed wider to hopefully bag a red. I tried several marks I’d found on the previous trip and, as the sun got lower in the sky, the fish came onto the bite – with redthroat, trout, sweetlip, spangled emperor, tuskfish, coral trout and hussar all coming aboard.

small reef complexes. Surface feeders are my target when venturing off the Coral Coast, as I’m a self-confessed speed freak. The ‘fast fish’ most commonly found at this time of year are longtail tuna and a couple of the mackerel species. All will respond to a quickly trolled shallow running lure, with my old favourite Predatek SandVipers always producing the goods. Longtail tuna are great targets for highspeed spinning and the Queensland-made 50g Lazer is ever reliable. Be prepared to have your arms well and truly stretched when casting to longtail off Bundaberg because a run of 20kg fish is not

out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, 4m tiger sharks eating hooked longtail has been known to happen occasionally too, so keep the camera handy. One of my work colleagues and his wife recently returned from a week on the Coral Coast to regale us with fishy tales. And yes, they have the photos to back those stories up. Karen and Jeremy fished the rivers with a variety of bait and scored some quality eating fish, and they both agreed that the best by a mile was the javelin fish. Following in their footsteps sounds like the perfect way to escape this cold snap – I’m off!

* continued P66

Coral Coast cold escape * from P62

Morwong are often rated poorly as a table fish, though they are quite palatable when fresh and treated properly.

taken on small metal lures – ranging from Lazer Lures’ tiniest 10g offerings through to chrome spoons and to blades. Those keen to venture into near coastal waters will find easy access from the mouth of the Burnett River to a number of

Jeremy managed to get a few trophy class fish, this ripper javelin a perfect example. Page 64 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022 au

POWER YOUR LIFESTYLE WITH MERCRUISER – BUILT TO PERFORM, BUILT TO LAST, BUILT TO ENJOY Mercury MerCruiser engines and drive systems are designed, tested, and purpose built for the marine environment.

POWERFUL - High displacement delivering more torque FUEL EFFICIENT - Providing extended range DURABLE & RELIABLE - Complete peace of mind

Go online or see your nearest Mercury Dealer to discuss powering your time on the water. Contact or visit us for more information.


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TR Marine Gold Coast 167 Currumburra Rd, Ashmore Q 4214 P: 07 5532 5812


Manly Harbour Marine 570 Royal Esp, Manly Q 4179 P: 07 3893 2199

Ipswich Marine Centre 45 Huxham St, Raceview Q 4305 P: 07 3294 3944



Holt Marine 25 Queens Rd, Everton Hills Q 4053 P: 07 3353 1928


Onshore Marine - Horizon Shores Marina, Cabbage Tree Point Rd, Woongoolba Q 4207 P: 07 5546 2480

Rifen Marine 6 Dooley St, North Rockhampton Q 4701 P: 07 4927 9150


North Coast Boating 22 Enterprise St, Caloundra West Q 4551 P: 07 5493 9376

Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 65

Rough seas and reefies * from P64

Axel and Hunter getting a tour of the yacht Blinder in Fitzroy Lagoon.

The author’s nephew Axel and his first legal red emperor. He managed several more after this.

Kale Faull and his son Donny with a cracking red emperor caught off Bundaberg. What a way to christen the new boat.

Hemmo Stevens with a solid giant trevally caught off Bundaberg while testing out Kale’s new Oceania 23cc. Page 66 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

We were very happy to land some school-sized red emperor also. Winding fish in 60m can be hard work, but my nephews pushed through the pain of aching arms and had a ball. We were using 80lb paternoster rigs with quality Mustad gang hooks, 16oz snapper leads and squid, hussar and mullet fillets as bait. Kale sent down a few various jigs and was rewarded with coral trout and an amberjack. We moved around as the sun set and conditions glassed out. I decided to make the most of it and continued to sound around, but apart from a couple more school-sized reds, redthroat and of course sharks, it was slow going. It was about 9pm when we headed into Fitzroy Lagoon. If you haven’t entered it before, it is worthwhile marking a track in daylight hours because you could easily come unstuck at night in the narrow entrance with the strong current and shallow reefs. It had been 12 years since I was last in the lagoon, but with no wind and a high tide, out came the spotlights and we slowly motored in through the entrance for a decent sleep. Or so we thought. At about 11pm, the wind picked up and there was a good 0.5m or more of chop inside the lagoon. As the wind whistled through the rocket launches and the boat bounced around on anchor, I laid awake dreading the run back to Seventeen Seventy the

following morning. Next day, the wind hadn’t back off. Several boats were heading out of the lagoon. I decided to stick my nose out to see how bad conditions were. It was horrible – with a chaotic 2m plus breaking swell making us feel rather small. After surfing down a couple of sketchy waves, I made the much smarter call of turning back to Fitzroy Lagoon in the hope that it would drop out that afternoon. The other boats had also made the decision to turn back for the protection of the reef, as it was simply unsafe. My nephews were unfazed, and I was impressed that there were no signs of sea sickness or complaining. Prior to anchoring in the lagoon again, I motored up to a yachty and asked if they had a wind reading and the latest weather update. He said he had recorded 32-knot gusts and the weather was supposed to drop out again in the afternoon. I rang my wife on the satellite phone to let her know we were safe and waiting it out, and also to confirm the weather report. I also rang the VMR to extend my estimated time of arrival and yes, confirmed the weather report once more.

Satellite phones are such handy devices. The young couple on the yacht Blinder invited us aboard, picking us up in their inflatable tender. They made us a coffee and we shared stories for a good couple of hours. It was certainly a mood lifter and an experience for all of us to be on such an amazing vessel, rather than bouncing around on anchor again. When the wind finally started to ease, we headed back to the boat, cooked up fish wraps for lunch and decided to have another look out from the reef. It was still rough but nothing compared to earlier that morning, so we ventured on – straight into a bone-jarring westerly. Once again, the conditions slowly improved and, by the time we got to the inshore grounds off Seventeen Seventy, it was a complete glass out – as our luck would have it. While it was a little disappointing that there was limited fishing time on the second day, that’s the way it goes sometimes, and it is far better to be safe than sorry when the lives of others are in your hands! My nephews were stoked with catching a few great fish and are certainly eager to go again. Tight lines and flat seas!

Axel and Hunter happy with their red emperor and coral trout double. au



BRISBANE STONES CORNER MARINE 117 Old Cleveland Rd, Stones Corner (07) 3397 9766

GYMPIE WATSONS MARINE CENTRE 52 Wickham St, Gympie (07) 5482 2135

BUNDABERG BUNDABERG MARINELAND 95 Targo St, Bundaberg (07) 4130 0500

Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 67

Team Beer n Barra from last year’s event.

2022 Fitzroy River Barra Bash n Registrations now open


Team Gone Nuts from Barra Bash 2021.

Paul Thompson from Bluefin sports.

TURKEY BEACH 2 Bedroom Villa Holiday Rental • Outdoor BBQ and pergola For • Fish cleaning facilities enquiries • Large yard with room and for the boat bookings • Undercover carport phone • Close to boat ramp 0458 742 153 • Linen available Page 68 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

HE 2022 Fitzroy River Barra Bash, one of Australia’s richest barramundi fishing tournaments, is now open for registrations, with the tournament kicking off October 1619, 2022. Anglers from around the country will compete across three days for their share of over $80,000 in guaranteed cash, prizes and giveaways on offer. Frenchville Sports Club is proud to host this prestigious event for the fifth year and club general manager Damien Massingham said that the 2022 event was set to be bigger and better than ever. “This event is now in its fifth year of operation and is getting stronger and stronger,” Mr Massingham said. “The 2021 event in particular saw some outstanding results, with 318 barramundi and 111 threadfin salmon being recorded over the threeday fishing competition.

“To add to the list of triumphs, 32 of the above-mentioned barramundi were over the magic 1m mark – a huge achievement for all our anglers and a hot talking point across the country, making for a very exciting 2022 event. “We are very privileged and thankful to have such strong support from the Queensland Government, along with the Rockhampton Regional Council and Livingstone Shire Council in order to

make this event a great success each year. “Frenchville Sports Club hosts this event with the objective of benefiting our entire community through increased economic and social benefits.” Barra Bash continues to grow and bring a greater number of visitors to the region, while encouraging all age participation in healthy outdoor activities and maintaining a sustainable catch and release event. * continued P69

Team Fish Slayers from last year’s event. au

John Boon from Hummingbird Minn Kota.

Fitzroy River Barra Bash * from P68

“All these factors link to the club’s commitment to deliver over $1 million back into our community each year,” Mr Massingham said. The Fitzroy River Barra Bash is supported by the Queensland Government through Tourism and Events Queensland and features on the It’s Live! In Queensland event calendar. If you are visiting for the event, we encourage you to make some time to explore the diverse tourism experiences on offer in this beautiful region. The Fitzroy River Barra Bash would like to thank all of its sponsors, without whom this event would not be as successful, including

Frenchville Sports Club, Channel 7, Tourism and Events Queensland, Rockhampton Regional Council, Livingstone Shire Council, XXXX, Barra Jacks, Bluefin Sports Rockhampton, Empire Hotels Rockhampton, Humminbird Minn Kota, Bidfood, Bush n Beach Fishing Magazine, Capricorn Enterprise, Berkley, Coca Cola, CQ Today, Custom Building Improvements, Daiwa, Diageo, Edge Rods, EJ Todd, Zerek Lures, Guided Fishing Downunder, Horizon, Matai, Morrisons CQ Agencies, POSCOM, Rapala, Redco, Samaki, Shimano, Wilsons Fishing, Yamaha, Maddog Productions and Zoncas Refrigeration and Airconditioning.

Aaron Wehlow from Danglers.

Baffle Creek Family Fishing Festival


HE 2022 Baff le Creek Family Fishing Festival is on again. It is going to be its biggest year yet with over $30,000 worth of cash and prizes This includes a 3.7 Sea Jay boat with 15hp Yamaha on a registered Oceanic trailer to be won by entrants, as well as over $3000 worth of prizes for the Family Fun Day raffles. The fishing competition runs from Monday September 19 to Saturday September 24, and you can fish as much or as little as you choose. You can enter as an individual (Senior $50, Junior $30, Pre-Junior $20) or as a Family Team (from $100). There are 30 fish category prizes as well as a $500 cash mangrove jack prize to be won. Sustainable fishing practices are encouraged and as such we are a catch snap and release comp, so there is no need to rush back to the shore for weigh-ins.

It is as simple as taking a photo of your fish with your phone on our official brag mat and uploading it to our custom app. You can then safely release your fish back into the water – or keep a few for dinner. If unable to use the app, you can always send your photo to our fishing club phone and we will upload it for you. Even if you are not in the fishing comp, you can still come along to our Family Fun Day on Saturday September 24 from midday to 8pm. There will be loads of fun and family friendly activities, including the Shimano Reef Science Fishing Show, Funtime Amusements slide and jumping castle, and our famous mullet throw competition. You can enjoy live entertainment with Amanda Heartsong from midday, finishing up with a trio from Bundaberg called Frost Bite, with their Great

Aussie Tribute Show from 5pm. Other attractions include market stalls, food stalls, raffles, bar and more. If you would like to have a stall at our event, contact us. And the best thing is... it is free entry to our Family Fun Day! So, book in your holidays and let your family and friends know that you have an awesome week planned during the first week of the school holidays. To stay up to date, follow our Facebook page. And for all details of our comp, to see the full list of generous sponsors and to enter online, head to our website www. baff lecreekfishing. com If you want to enter in person, you can still sign up during the week of the comp at BCCI – 8am-12pm Monday and 8-10am Tuesday to Saturday. See you there! Wayne Kemp Event Co-ordinator Baffle Creek Fishing Club

Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 69

BOATING & marine

New to the Crossfire range is the 539 and 589 rear centre console layout, meeting the demand of Northern Territory boaties by delivering an open bow and forward deck to capitalise on fishing real-estate.

Stacer defines the ultimate Crossfire boat


STABLISHED in 2016, the Crossfire is heralded as the first of its kind in aluminium boating, offering the Australian community a revolutionary hybrid product, meeting the needs of families and

avid fishos alike. Heralded as one of the most revolutionary boats on the Australian market, the Crossfire is set to make waves across the country yet again as it hits the market with allnew updates, taking the

boating experience to a new level. Set to transform the boat buying experience, Stacer is making its debut with an all-new boat package concept, created to simplify the purchasing process and

High side sheets and a deep freeboard, coupled with ample options offers a safe product for all boat users and enormous customisation to suit any boating lifestyle, from ski poles and wake-towers for water sports. Page 70 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

welcome more first-time boaties into the lifestyle. Now offered in a small collection of boat configurations, the Crossfire will be available as the most cost-effective and entry-level options featuring the mere essentials, while the Crossfire SE will deliver a premium experience as a fully configured boat comprising the most sought-after extras. Alternatively, upgrades such as Travel, Angler’s, and Entertainer’s packages allow customers to specially design their boat to their lifestyle. Telwater district sales manager Jayson Jones said, “Available as upgrades to the standard Crossfire model, the three packs have been inspired by the most popular boating lifestyles and feature the most common options that are married to those lifestyles”. “For example, the An-

gler’s pack is targeted towards the fisho with features including a berley bucket, cutting board, VHF radio and more.” “Thanks to Stacer’s investment in customer feedback, we are able to continue meeting current and potential boaters needs. “Market research has shown the biggest hurdle when entering boating is the difficulty in purchasing, so we are driving towards the most simplistic buying process possible.” Since founded in 1971, Stacer has been established as one of the most sought-after boat brands in the country due to its reliability, durability, affordability, and straightforward operation. Stacer also continues to remain one of the most customisable products in the market, with its vast range of options still available for customers * continued P71 au

BOATING & marine

Stacer defines the ultimate Crossfire boat * from P70

to specially personalise each vessel. High side sheets and a deep freeboard, coupled with ample options offers a safe product for all boat users and enormous customisation to suit any boating lifestyle, from ski poles and wake-towers for water sports, cutting boards and a fixed casting platform for anglers, biminis for sun safety and much more. Crafted afoot the Revolution Hull, the Crossfire is renowned for its outstanding ride performance – with its sharp seam designed to cut through wake while the convex sides disperse water away from the boat, making it perfect for diverse waterways including open bays and inland inlets. Thanks to the hybrid bowrider and barra-bass fishing layout, it is an all-rounder, offering a next-to-none angling experience and a family boat with ample customisation potential. “The convertible bow offers a comfortable lounge area for family or friends to relax, or leave the cushions at home and the spacious casting platform offers an uninterrupted roomy area to cast a lure from or reel in a catch,” Jayson said. “Alternatively, the Crossfire can be optioned up with the Crossfisher Casting Platform to create the ultimate sports fishing

vessel.” New to the Crossfire range is the 539 and 589 rear centre console layout, meeting the demand of Northern Territory boaties by delivering an open bow and forward deck to capitalise on fishing real-estate. Available in a wide range of sizes and with a vast person capacity, the Crossfire has been meticulously created by an expert team of product developers to cater to every boating lifestyle. All new design additions including underfloor storage, rotomoulded anchorwells, tilt steering, an updated console, and newly introduced paint colours, further add to the overall customer experience by enhancing driver ergonomics and meeting the demand for increased protected storage compartments. All Stacer boats are proudly Australian made, with a network of some of the best Australian boat dealers scattered across the country for ease of access. Owned by Bombardier Recreational Products, global leader in powersports, the future is only up from here. Become part of the Stacer community, or find out more about the 2022 Stacer Crossfire range today by contacting your local dealer via au/buying-a-boat/makean-enquiry

Thanks to the hybrid bowrider and barra-bass fishing layout, it is an all-rounder, offering a next-to-none angling experience and a family boat with ample customisation potential.

Crossfire is heralded as the first of its kind in aluminium boating, offering the Australian community a revolutionary hybrid product, meeting the needs of families and avid fishos alike. Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 71

BOATING & marine

Upon initial arrival to the boat ramp, when undoing tie-down straps and preparing your boat to launch, ensure you do it away from the ramp.

Tips from Move Boat Trailers n Part 4: Reversing down a boat ramp from the trailer experts


S part of the brand’s newly released Trailer Tips series, Move Boat Trailers looks to simplify common trailering practices and provide an informative means of education to inspire more people to experience the boating lifestyle. Traversing the great Australian roads with a boat in tow is one of the most thrilling outlets for

adventure and now, with Move’s newly released Trailer Tips series, the brand looks to debunk the trailering process in providing a tangible means to make commonly considered difficult manoeuvres easier than ever. With trailering comes some important processes to nail, to not only make for a safe journey on the road, but also a comfortable and

efficient one, including reversing down a boat ramp. With a few key insights and tons of practise, Move is driving towards all Aussie boaters – both new and old – having a simple, stress-free boat ramp experience. Through simplifying trailering, Move Boat Trailers aspires to encourage more locals into boating – with the

Using your mirrors is the best way to get the greatest view of what’s going on directly behind and on either side of the vehicle.

Page 72 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

lifestyle providing an immeasurable opportunity to explore the Australian backyard and get outdoors with others. If you are still seeking further assistance after reading this article, contact your local Move dealer for expert knowledge and guidance or work through boat trailering with an experienced friend or family member. Before you start reversing, you should go through some of the basics. Preparation Upon initial arrival to the boat ramp, when undoing tie-down straps and preparing your boat to launch, ensure you do it away from the ramp. That way when it’s your turn at the ramp you’ll know everything is ready for a hassle-free launch.

Mirrors You should try to reverse using your vehicles mirrors rather than turning around to look where you’re going. Yes, there are plenty of people who are good at reversing this way, but it can be difficult to get a complete understanding and view of what’s going on if you are only looking out the back window. Some vehicles also have restricted vision if you try to reverse this way. Using your mirrors is the best way to get the greatest view of what’s going on directly behind and on either side of the vehicle. Position As much as possible, try to position the vehicle and trailer so your reversing path is as straight as possible. * continued P73 au

BOATING & marine

Tips from Move Boat Trailers * from P72

This usually means making a wide approach to the ramp, so you have room to straighten. Of course, not all ramps offer this, so reversing around bends and corners is something you will eventually have to learn. An important thing to remember is that if the trailer is even slightly on an angle behind the car, it will immediately start going out to one side once you begin to reverse, which can be used to your advantage. Observation On approach you should look for things that may cause a problem such as sign posts, trees or tree branches, roadside gutters, potholes or similar. Once you start reversing, check all mirrors to ensure everything is clear. Take your time, move slowly, and keep your steering wheel movements nice and smooth. Keep checking both wing mirrors. Opposite direction Remember when using your mirrors, you must steer in the opposite direction to how it appears in the reflection. If the trailer starts to go out to one side, it often only requires a minor but smooth adjustment of the steering wheel in the opposite direction to bring it back. Should the trailer start

to drift out to the right side, a ‘left hand down’ motion on the steering wheel will bring it back. Obviously use ‘right hand down’ should the trailer start heading to the left. Don’t be afraid to take your time, go back a bit, make some corrections, then go forward and make some more corrections, go back again. This is quite acceptable in tight situations or certainly while you are learning. Slow is best Many newcomers tend to jerk at the steering wheel when they see the trailer moving out to one side to make a quick correction. This tends to push the trailer too far out the other way and can lead to jack-knifing. You then have an over-steering situation where you tend to snake down the ramp. Make your corrections slowly and remember that minor adjustments will usually get the trailer to do what you want. Jack-knifing happens when the trailer goes too far to one side so that it stops going backwards and locks into a 90-degree angle toward the towing vehicle. Almost always, if not stopped, this will damage the boat and the car. Reversing slowly and being aware of what you are doing will avoid jack-knifing.

At night When reversing at night, turn your headlights off and only leave your park lights on. This prevents blinding anyone else who might be trying to reverse or getting ready to reverse. Also make sure that you have either side marker lights that work or reflectors on your trailer, so your trailer can easily be seen at night when reversing. Overall, the best way to become confident with towing is practise – starting in a secluded open sealed space provides an ideal area to perfect turns, towing awareness and reversing.

One of the most important but overlooked aspects of trailering is taking to the road with a strong, reliable and high-quality trailer such as a MBT. Following decades of production, Move Boat Trailers released its loose trailer brand in 2021, after identifying a hole in the market for an affordable aluminium boat trailer in Australia. Built to go the distance, Move trailers are crafted with rolled I-beam frames using marine-grade aluminium to achieve superior strength, flexibility and efficiency by preventing water retention. As a result of the al-

uminium properties, Move trailers are rust resistant and lightweight, meaning they outlive conventional steel builds by three times. Offering a wide range of trailers, built to suit aluminium, plate and fibreglass boats, MBT is an easy first choice for new and used boats. With a vast network of dealers, located nation-wide, Move trailers are never too far from reach. Contact your local dealer today to discuss the range or take the first step in safe boat trailering with a new Move trailer at move / Dealers.aspx

On approach you should look for things that may cause a problem such as sign posts, trees or tree branches, roadside gutters, potholes or similar.

Don’t be afraid to take your time, go back a bit, make some corrections, then go forward and make some more corrections, go back again. Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 73

BOATING & marine Insights into boat insurance

Holidays are coming but is your boat


OLIDAY time – beauty! Pack the tent and other camping gear into the boat, load up the car and head for that idyllic beachside camping ground where you’ve booked one of the best sites. Sounds like the perfect plan, and it is, provided you first make a couple of very important checks. Here’s your first one – is your boat going to be covered by insurance where you’re headed? “Um, but I paid the premium only two months ago, of course we’re covered.” Are you though? Some insurance policies carry strict limitations on the geographic coverage they provide and that can be in a number of different forms. No doubt there will be a maximum distance offshore that you

are permitted to travel, according to the Product Disclosure Statement attached to your boat insurance policy. That might not be too much of a problem if you have no intention of heading out wide to faraway reefs, but it’s still worth checking. Always know that applicable distance. For Nautilus Marine, in most cases, it is a very generous 250NM offshore, but this can change in instances such as insurance for offshore racing vessels. But the second key point to check is not always so well known. Some policies limit how far north you may travel and here’s a surprise for many – some of those geographic limitations mean you will only be covered as far north as Mooloolaba. So, if you depart the family home in Brisbane headed for a fab-

ulous destination such as the town of Seventeen Seventy, Tannum Sands or Gladstone, you could be at risk. Why are these geographic limitations in place? Well, in simple terms and among other things, the further north you travel, the more likely you are to be exposed to cyclonic conditions. The key point here is not to debate whether you are going in a season that is potentially cyclonic, but rather to establish for certain whether your destination and areas thereabouts, which you are likely to visit, are included in your geographic range of coverage. This consideration is also vitally important when you are touring interstate or perhaps even moving residence permanently. If moving perma-

nently, not only does the geographic limit become a consideration but also you’ll need to make amendments to your policy by informing your marine insurer so that the new address can be noted on your policy. How and where your boat will be kept? There are quite a few details that might need amending so as always, your best advice is to contact your insurer and talk frankly about your plans. In many cases, it might only mean an administrative change here and there, but in others the current policy may be unworkable and will need to be replaced. And when you are going on holidays to a new destination, check with the local harbour master, water police, the local air sea and voluntary rescue services and other credentialled organisations to see if there are any local knowledge issues that might catch you out. For example, there might be a nominated ‘go slow’ area defined in the river you might be using or a landing barge and equipment

undertaking works near the mouth of the river. Or there could be a sand dredge in operation, meaning special speed limits are in place or there may be a formal requirement relating to which side you must track past the working vessel. Failing to adhere to such requirements could jeopardise the insurance cover you are provided with under your policy. As an overview, these requirements are generally not onerous – they simply relate to you being a thoughtful and safety focussed skipper. What is and what may not be covered will always be decided in accord with the terms of insurance as defined in your insurance policy’s Product Disclosure Statement. Similarly, any special conditions and excesses should always be explained clearly in your insurance policy’s PDS. If you need further information, you can contact Nautilus Marine Insurance on 1300 780 533 for any boat insurance requirements.

Advice in this article is general and might not apply or be right for you. Before acting on it, consider its appropriateness having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs. Nautilus Marine Insurance is a business name of NM Insurance Pty Ltd ABN 34 100 633 038 AFSL 227 186 (NM Insurance), the issuer of Nautilus Marine Boat Insurance. Consider the Product Disclosure Statement at before deciding whether to purchase a policy.

Page 74 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022 au

There are some horse flathead in Coorooman Creek if you put the time in. This one was taken on a Balista Juggernaut Vibe.

Spring options on Cap Coast


HANK goodness we have made it through winter and are into spring. As far as winters go, it was a fairly mild one. There were only a handful of times the temperature dipped down to single figures. I guess this means we may be in for another scorcher of a summer. Still, we can expect to have crisp mornings, so don’t pack the jumpers away yet. The days will heat up nicely and the water temperature will also be on the rise. It was interesting to

Capricorn Coast by JOHN BOON

see that we still received a fair amount of rain through our ‘dry season’. Predictions are for La Niña this year, so I suspect we’ll be in for a wet spring, and summer too. September is the month where we can expect to see barramundi and threadfin salmon activity increase. As previously mentioned, the water temperature will begin to rise, which will start to

A typical Coorooman Creek grunter jigged up by the author on a Zerek Fish Trap vibe.

get these fish feeding more actively. If you’re looking for a good bite window, having a sleep in and waiting further into the day for the sun to warm the water may be a good idea. This is our transition stage for winter to summer species, so you can still expect to see good flathead numbers. Reports say that sizes have been down on previous years, but numbers have sure made up for the decrease in size. Most anglers who chase them regularly have had no problems getting into double figures. The fishos who have * continued P76

Julie West landed a few great fish around The Keppels, including this personal best tuskfish. Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 75

Spring options on Capricorn Coast * from P75

A big laydown on a gravel bar covered in grunter. Put in the time and find the rewards.

Julie with a top island spanish mackerel.

Not all grunter are monsters but are still good fun on light gear. Page 76 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

been managing bigger models have been throwing bigger plastics and swimbaits for them. The occasional horse has been taken on bait as well – mainly live mullet – with Coorooman Creek the pick of areas for big flathead. Another species that Coorooman has been fishing well for is grunter – also called javelin fish. Corrie is full of rock bars, gravel bars and cockle beds, so it’s no wonder that grunter are frequently caught here. If you’re a die-hard bait fisho, it can simply be a matter of securing nice fresh bait and then picking the areas where grunter tend to feed. Live mullet, prawns and herring would be my three recommendations if you’re handy with a cast net. While squid and pilchard are still reliable options, they’re nowhere near as effective in my opinion. If you have a preference to target fish using lures, here are a few tips. Use your quality side-imaging sounder – such as the Humminbird Mega Imaging – to locate schools or congregations of grunter on gravel patches or rock bars. Less preferred areas such as mud slips and snags still hold them, so stay flexible when searching. Once you’ve located numbers, it can be a matter of setting the boat up appropriately and getting those lures right in front of them. Some of the lures that

have worked well on grunter for me are Zerek Fish Traps, Samaki Vibelicious, Berkley Gulp Shrimp, small metal spinner blades and small Z-Man Grubz. They can be a hard nut to crack to start with but the more time you dedicate to a species, the more you will figure out, and consistency will then follow. By the time this wonderful publication hits the stands the WTF Women That Fish Humminbird Barra Classic will be almost at kick off. The competition runs from September 2-3. It’s a great event, where female anglers do their best casting lures for saltwater barramundi. Loads of prizes are on offer and you don’t need to catch a fish to take something home. I’ll be skippering for my wonderful wife and one of her best friends, so wish us luck. The Fitzroy River will be recovering from a minor fresh flush that came through the barrage gates in July. The organisers have opened up the boundaries to include Port Alma and Coorooman Creek to accommodate. It will be a wicked comp, and next month I’ll have a full run down on it and the results. We will be fishing as team Humminbird Minn Kota and I’m hoping we will be able to put a few barra on the scoreboard. Until next month, stay safe and make sure to get out for some on-water therapy. au


Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 77

Comprehensive cod research results n Research into cod reproductive behaviour by nine authors


T’S that time of the year again – over the next three months it will be breeding time for our icon the Murray cod, trout cod, Mary River cod and the Clarence River cod. This time, a lot swings in the balance as the rain season could be upon us before we know it. To remind everyone – it’s breeding time, so closed season right across a four-month period, from Tamworth in NSW to the Mary River region in Queensland. You have seen on many occasions that a great deal has been

Glenlyon Dam


mentioned in my articles about the cod breeding, the cod caught and those that died in a river flood or due to bushfire ash. I have also mentioned many times about the research undertaken in my neck of the woods, starting back in 2008 until the following research article in the Journal of Environmental Management, available online from May 23, 2022. I was lucky to have had Dr Stuart Rowland send me a copy

as I’m what you could call ‘computer illiterate’. So, I have included a copy for you – so you can obtain what you need to know about our icon freshwater cod. The nine names mentioned are the people who put a lot of time and effort into a major project that has shone the light on an Australian icon. Its river systems downstream, from the hill country on out west, are in great dan-

ger and degradation. When you read the results, take note of the things that could affect the reproduction of fingerlings to take the place of those cod you have caught to eat or release. Stating the above has brought to attention our thoughts and beliefs on how we treat this great fish. I am one of those so called ‘kill it and fillet it’ mob members. I love eating Murray cod and when I want a meal of cod, I will take one from a ‘put and take’ storage, dam or fishery. I will not take one from a river to eat, that

The abstract from the research article in the Journal of Environmental Management. Page 78 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

also includes yellowbelly, silver perch and catfish. It’s a tough life in the river, trying to survive. With this in mind, try the stocked impoundments you can fish year-round, with no closed season in Queensland. As you read the article’s information, take note and highlight in yellow those points you would like more information on. All the way through reading the results, keep in mind one thing – the closed seasons in all four states – leave the rivers alone. Don’t give me the garbage excuse that you’re only targeting yellowbelly – also called golden perch – in the rivers during the closed season, that’s bulldust. Now, if you catch a Murray cod 100cm in length in a dam or storage, that fish will be about 8-10 years old. Living up to 40-50 years of age in those water systems and eating their way to over 200cm long or more, don’t think that a cod that size could not be caught. The research undertaken to date on local river systems in my area showed some mind-blowing results – a 13-year-old male 54cm cod and a small 45cm female cod that was fully mature and breeding. While the research was being carried out, some cod from the * continued P79 au

Cod research results * from P78

Dumaresq, Macintyre and Gwydir rivers were collected to gain the information you are reading from the report. The ageing of one female cod at 87cm long was found to be 38 years old and was calcified in the ovaries, never to breed again in the river! This ageing analysis was carried out by two senior scientists – Associate Professor Glenn Wilson from the Armidale campus of the University of New England and Dr Stuart Rowland, now retired, formerly of the CSIRO and the Grafton Aquaculture Centre – who both came to the same conclusion. My comment… you don’t get children out of grandparents! Those nine people listed in the research article put many hours into finding those results and deserve a big thank you for a job well done. I would like to see follow up work done within the next four years, with funding being supplied. All I can say is it’s the best 10-page report for any angler who has a passion for cod. A PDF version is available from science ticle/pii/S030147972 2008714?via%3Dihub Read and note sections: • 2.5. Nesting and spawning cues • 2.6. Impacts of nest disturbance • 3.2. Spawning site selection and timing • 3.3. Nesting and

spawning cues • 3.5. Impacts of nest disturbance • 5. Conclusions – this covers the conclusions and closed season format. In closing, if at any time an angler who catches a Murray cod in Glenlyon Dam wants to fillet and eat a cod, I would be more than happy to show them how to treat this wonderful eating fish with respect, as well as show how to not waste any of the meat. Cook the fillets by putting plain flower, a little salt and pepper into a plastic bag and shaking well. Place margarine or butter in a hot pan on three-quarter heat and, taking no longer than 10-12 minutes, cook both sides. Easy!

Greg Laing of Lighthouse Lures in Young NSW. He had a few hours fishing the Dumaresq River with the author. Good to see a few yellowbelly being caught again in the river.

GLENLYON DAM TOURIST PARK A great place to fish! • Powered and Unpowered Sites • No Domestic Pets or Generators • Kiosk • Ice • Gas • Petrol • Amenities Blocks and Laundry • BBQs • Hire Boats • EFTPOS • Fishing Permits

14 CABINS bookings necessary

GLENLYON DAM TOURIST PARK via STANTHORPE 4380 Contact Debbie or Brian Dare for more information or for bookings Ph: 02 6737 5266 E: Visit our new website at Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 79

Noxious fish issue T A tilapia nest, evidence of their noxious and damaging habitation. Contact one or all of the listed government representatives and express your concern.

Nicole of Pest Fishing Adventures with a large tilapia.

The impact these noxious fish have on the environment, recreational fishing and in turn tourism deserves more attention. Page 80 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

HE person has an obligation – a general biosecurity obligation – to take all reasonable and practical measures to prevent or minimise the biosecurity risk – quoted as per the Queensland Biosecurity Act 2014, Chapter 2, Part 1, Section 23. Introduced fish species have been established in Queensland for far too long and there seems to be no active plan to reduce the negative impact they have on our waterways. No government department seems to be willing to tackle the issue head on and it is past time for someone to be responsible for addressing the problem. Local councils and corporations are not held accountable for waterbodies under their management and believe that by holding an education day every so often, they are meeting said biosecurity obligation – even though most of these controlled bodies of water are ‘no fishing’ zones. From residential lakes to golf course ponds and protected nature reserves, zero measures are being taken to remove or restrict the movement of pest fish. So, what can be done? Past studies found on the website report on tilapia control methods and their effectiveness, stating that “modelling suggests that simultaneously applying more than one control method may be more successful.” “In the future, emerging techniques such as habitat restoration or

genetic manipulation may offer the potential to more effectively control invasive tilapia infestations.” To date, very little is being done to try to remove these noxious species to give our native fish a better chance at survival. The scope of techniques that could be put into action include but are not limited to: • Active control methods – line fishing, electrofishing, targeted rotenone application for new infestations and selective screening barriers at critical points throughout a watercourse • Restocking our native fish in large numbers using not only the recreational stocked impoundment permit scheme fund but also by local council and state government funds • Restoration of riparian vegetation that increases habitat for native species while inhibiting introduced species – tilapia prefer to use barren shallows to construct their breeding nests and carp significantly erode bank edges while feeding, therefore re-snagging and vegetating these areas will make it harder for this to occur • Education to explain to people what these fish are and the extent of the impact they have in a waterway – more than only a local education day every now and then, and more than only an old outdated sign in a park or boat ramp • Continued research into the possibility of biological controls, and further testing and research projects into

the carp herpes virus, daughterless carp modification and the tilapia lake virus • Compliance for all current regulations set in place – this goes for pest fish and natives alike – there are not enough officers on the ground. None of these options will have an effect on their own. It must be a simultaneous effort to give our native species the best chance at thriving into the future. Recreational fishing is a massive industry bringing in huge amounts of income and tourism to our state, but how much of that is being reinvested to ensure the sustainability of our amazing freshwater fishery assets for the future? It is appalling that nothing is openly being worked on, when areas such as ants are having millions spent on them. Noxious fish appear to have been cast aside because they are out of sight and most people are unaware of what they are and how they impact our waterways. Tilapia numbers in Queensland easily match those of rabbits, mice and toads, yet the effort being put in to controlling them is almost non-existent. There are amazing people in stocking groups, fishing groups and working groups all giving their time and money freely to better freshwater fishing in Queensland. This work is constantly undermined by invasive fish issues being overlooked by both the * continued P81 au

Rest in peace Jimmy McCall

O Tilapia numbers in Queensland easily match those of rabbits, mice and toads, yet the effort being put into controlling them is almost non-existent. A large tilapia caught by Jason.

Noxious fish issue in Qld * from P80

departments of Biosecurity and Agriculture and Fisheries, with the standard response being there is no funding and they too far gone, so it isn’t possible. The key point is preventing tilapia from entering the Murray-Darling River systems, but if they are left untouched to breed freely in their millions, what chance is there of that being an achievable outcome? Research suggests that if they enter the Murray-Darling systems, they have the potential to dominate their way as far south as Victoria and South Australia. The government is failing the freshwater fishing community by failing to act. The impact these noxious fish have on the environment, recreational fishing and in turn tourism deserves more attention. Passing the buck and not taking any responsibility or even acknowledging the issue

at all government levels is deplorable. What can you do to help? You can send emails showing your concerns to: agriculture@minister graeme.bolton@daf. dallas.dsilva@daf.qld. thomas.hart@daf.qld. You can also sign a petition at N ox i o u s - F i s h - P r o b lem-In-QLD And check out our Facebook page Pest Fishing Adventures. Finally, I encourage everyone to join their local fish-stocking group and get involved. These groups, along with the SIPS program, are the reason we have such fantastic freshwater fisheries to begin with, but with a biomass that is so unbalanced, how long can it be expected to last? Nicole Whysall Pest Fishing Adventures

ver the past 30 years, Debbie and I have met some great people and it’s sad when they pass on. Jim is one of those and he will be sorely missed. To Lenore and family, our thoughts are with you at this time. Thinking back, the good times spring to mind. Such as when Arab would set off the new year’s ‘bunger’ salute. One year, Ronnie Raymond, Barry Kendit, Arab and Jimmy talked to a new friend at Glenlyon on New Year’s Eve afternoon. And after partaking in quite a few

beverages, that night Jimmy and Ronnie got this person to walk down the hill with with them doing the chicken scratch dance, which involves kicking and scratching up rocks and dust while walking between them. Knowing what was to take place, they got this person as close as possible to a certain area, then stepped back quickly – leaving the slightly intoxicated newbie hearing “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.” Then boof. He sees an orange spinning flash going up into the night sky for about 200m. Then bang! Kanga-

roos, birds and this poor sod were scared out of their wits. The pranksters laughed as he headed back up the hill to the crowd as white as a ghost. For some reason, the four Goodiwindi jokers forgot to tell their new friend about the flare going off on the stroke of twelve at Glenlyon. It’s a bit more refined nowadays – actual fireworks are used and put on by Jimmy’s son Jody. As the pandemic restrictions are now over, we will try to get these returned for this year’s celebration. Brian Dare




AUG APR MAY JUN JUL 100 Atkinson * 100 104 102 100 65 Awoonga 54 57 61 61 101 Bjelke-Petersen * 100 106 101 101 100 Boondooma * 98 102 100 100 100 Borumba * 100 102 100 100 100 Burdekin Falls * 89 123 101 105 68 Callide * 63 63 61 60 37 Cania * 27 27 31 32 101 Coolmunda * 99 98 101 101 100 Dyer/Bill Gunn * 100 101 99 100 89 Eungella * 73 81 83 89 21 Fairbairn * 18 22 22 21 101 Glenlyon * 100 100 100 100 100 Hinze* 101 108 101 100 87 Julius * 92 93 90 89 85 Kinchant * 68 82 86 86 100 Leslie * 100 100 100 100 101 Macdonald* 101 109 102 101 100 Maroon * 100 103 100 100 102 Monduran/Fred Haigh * 53 87 100 101 100 Moogerah * 101 106 100 100 68 North Pine/Samsonvale * 67 66 68 68 54 Peter Faust/Proserpine * 53 54 54 55 80 Somerset * 80 81 83 83 98 Teemburra * 88 95 95 98 95 Tinaroo* 88 97 97 99 101 Toonumbar 101 102 101 101 89 Wivenhoe * 89 115 90 90 82 Wuruma * 67 68 68 69 100 Wyaralong* 100 102 100 100 For updates on dams, visit or *This symbol indicates that a Stocked Impoundment Permit is required to fish these dams.

Bush ’n Beach Fishing, September 2022 – Page 81

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Page 82 – Bush ’n Beach Fishing September 2022

ADVERTISERS – To organise a classified ad in the Trading Post, call 07 3286 1833 or complete the form and post it to the address provided or email it through to dia au

Bill was proud of his 44cm flathead, caught on a Zerek Tango Shad in southern Moreton Bay. Pearce Brown

A jobfish taken from Swain Reefs on Carlo Fishing Charters. Rod Nicke

Caught this nice Jumpinpin flathead in late July. Lex Neil

Fishing-mad 5-year-old Lexton landed a couple of big ones recently in the Mooloolaba River. A 46cm trevally and 52cm jewfish. Catch and release. Krysta Grace To have a photo of your catch featured in Readers’ Forum, simply email with a good quality picture, your name and details or hop onto our Facebook page and send us a message.

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