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February 2015 Is it too cold to show your tattoos? The Tattoo Convention returns this month, so it would be nice to show off the ink I’m contemplating. Soon men and women everywhere will be gasping at the sight of the epic Norse warrior tattoo emblazoned across my back. It’s nearly temperate enough, the sun making an appearance for at least two hours yesterday. With the arrival of February, the town is awakening from its wintery slumber. Events and festivals are being announced almost every day, laying out another incredible year for Brighton. Put it like this, you’re not going to be bored in 2015. Until then, stay classy Brighton & Hove. GROOVE ARMADA PAGE 6

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Concorde2 Brighton’s No.1 Live Music Venue & Night Club

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LPO Rory Macdonald - image by Benjamin Ealovega Colin Hoult


SICK! FESTIVAL Mon 2 - Tues 24 March

SICK! Festival, the UK’s first festival dedicated to revealing and debating taboo issues prevalent in today’s society, returns on Mon 2 - Tues 24 Mar. Now in its third year, SICK! deals with topics such as suicide, abuse and sexuality. Venues across Brighton will host a variety of events, including theatre, dance, literature, film and debate, the festival’s cross-art form showcasing a range of international talent. Can talking about suicide really result in contagion? Why does consenting, transactional sex between adults still have the power to provoke such hostility? How does masculine identity in the 21st century still allow abuse? These are just a few of the questions that SICK! will be exploring and debating in their month long festival, addressed by novelists, academics, survivors of abuse and suicide, and campaigners. SICK! Festival will be home to world premieres such as Christopher Green’s ‘Prurience’, Brian Lobel’s ‘Sex, Cancer & Cocktails’ and Sue MacLaine’s ‘Can I Start Again Please?’ as well as UK premieres including Zachary Oberzan’s ‘Tell Me Love Is Real’ and Jan Martens & Peter Seynaeve’s ‘Victor’ showing just how important the festival is. Full programme details are available at: www.sickfestival.com

WIN £50 HOTEL CHOCOLAT VOUCHER Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and to celebrate, Hotel Chocolat are launching a mouth-watering Valentine’s Collection giving you the chance to win a £50 shopping experience in their Brighton store. Help declare your love to someone special with one of Hotel Chocolat’s enticing Valentine’s Day Collections, flawlessly designed for an unforgettable display and bursting with luxury for your loved one. Whether you choose their sumptuous After Dark Collection to commence your Valentine’s evening or indulge your most treasured with their luxurious Straight from the Heart and Love Birds ranges, their Valentine Collection tenders an arousing blend of sensational colours and flavours to tantalise your taste buds. How many different species of love bird are there across the world? 4, 6 or 9 Send your answer, including your name, address and telephone number to: competition@bn1magazine.co.uk BN1 Magazine and Hotel Chocolate T&C’s apply. Winner will be announced at the end of February.



NEWS WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS TO VEGFEST BRIGHTON 2015 Brighton Centre Sat 28 - Sun 29 March

Arriving in Brighton this March, Vegfest UK kick starts the spring season as one of the largest cultural food events across Europe. Each year the festival attracts over 10,000 food fanatics and boasts of an exceptionally large vegan and vegetarian following. With special guest master classes hosted by TV presenter and healthy living advocator Anneka Svenska, the festival also features over 160 stalls cram packed with tasty treats and a mouthwatering supply of gourmet vegetarian and vegan dishes available throughout the event. This year to celebrate the festival’s return, we are giving you the chance to win a pair of weekend passes allowing you and a friend to indulge in the Vegfest event and activities. Which celebrity guest is set to host several of this year’s healthy living master classes?

WHALEFEST Brighton Centre Sat 14 - Sun 15 March

WhaleFest will be returning for its third year in 2015. The aim of WhaleFest is to bring together thousands of people to defend marine life and the ocean, as well as to fight against the captivity of whales and dolphins. The BBC listed whale watching at No.4 and swimming with dolphins at No.1 in their ’50 Things to do Before You Die’ list, showing how important the conservation of these animals in their natural habitat is. Around 13 million people go whale watching every year. WhaleFest used website Crowdfunder in order to raise money for an inflatable Orca. They have since started a #whalefie (selfie with a whale) campaign, asking members of the public to tweet and post photos on Twitter and Facebook with their whale beanies, whale face paint and even actual whales in order to raise awareness for WhaleFest. This is a great way to get the general public involved and adds to the powerful voice that WhaleFest are trying to give to whales, dolphins and marine life. At this year’s WhaleFest it will be possible to take a #whalefie with the Orca, linking the two campaigns together.

a. Helen Fospero b. Anneka Svenska c. Davina McCall

Over 500 volunteers contribute to WhaleFest and the event is open to families, professionals, enthusiasts and Natural History newbies. The #whalefie campaign is open to all and is a celebration of marine life, sure to put WhaleFest into the public eye.

Send your answer, including your name, address and telephone number to: competition@ bn1magazine.co.uk

WhaleFest returns to the Brighton Centre on Sat 14 and Sun 15 March and will be held at The Brighton Centre with an anticipated audience of over 12,000 people from over 40 countries this year.

BN1 and Vegfest T & C’s apply.

www.whale-fest.com @WhaleFest www.facebook.com/pages/WhaleFest/108656792611093

A winner will be announced at the end of February.


GROOVE ARMADA Groove is in the heart

Still rocking clubs and festivals across the world, Groove Armada are a familiar sight in Brighton, wowing crowds at Big Beach Boutique and Shakedown. Now Valentine’s Day sees them return, offering up an enthralling evening of house music magic at Coalition. Drawing influence from reggae, disco, and soul, through to classic house and hip-hop, their studio output is packed with enthusiastic nods to great music. Achieving chart success with the likes of ‘At The River’, ‘Song 4 Mutya’ and ‘Superstylin’, they’ve become a household name. Now there’s a new underground edge in their music. A new era is underway for Groove Armada. Although no longer actively pursuing chart success, there’s little chance they’re looking to hang up the drum machines. The pair have had life-changing commercial success, so are now blessed with the chance to pursue whatever takes their fancy. “You’re only as good as the last thing you did,” Tom Findlay, one half of the Grammy winning pair, tells me. “It’s nice to have this legacy, but it’s not enough anymore. We’re doing stuff off the back of the work with all these small labels, rather than just doing nostalgia shows. You can never really

By Stuart Rolt

stand still.” Recent years have seen the duo move away from creating frothy house anthems, shifting focus to producing records with deeper and more innovative sounds. Undeniably it’s easier to write a five minute underground club banger than interact with a group of tour musicians, or score for a whole orchestra. “It’s hugely time-consuming. When you get yourself out of that loop, you can focus on producing and DJing what you want, when you want.” It’s a moment of panic for me when I realise the world might not witness the incredible Groove Armada live band performance again, especially after the success of their last three night stint at Brixton Academy. “I never thought they could be our last shows. They were so good and we were so tight, I listen to them back and I’m amazed at how good it is.” A band performing at this level is only capable of doing so through incessant rehearsing. You can tell he’s wary of the ensuing frustration should they not be able to reclaim this level of perfection. Yet Findlay refuses to draw a line under the band’s live shows. “For the moment I want to say ‘no’. But next year will be 20 years for us, so the anniversary is always tempting.”


It could be a simple reflection of the scene in general. While there’ll always be the candy-coated tones of commercial electronic dance music, many people have become more sophisticated. “Dance music’s become so fragmented now, there always used to be a sound everyone was gravitating towards, so we’d always play that. Now there’s no obligation to play anything other than what we love.” With eight studio albums, 13 compilations and boatload of club-smashing singles in the last 19 years, British electronic duo Groove Armada have indelibly stamped their mark on dance culture. For an act so prolific it’s no surprise another album is coming this year. “We’re fired up. It started off as a mix thing, but has developed into a whole new album. It’s quite full on.” Released on Moda Black, the label run by Jaymo and Andy George, it should hit the streets before the summer. On what’s growing into an epic undertaking, one half of it showcases the house sound they’ve been recently developing, while the other offers plunders and remixes their back catalogue. “I didn’t expect it to develop as much as it did, but I’m going with the flow now.” The flurry of production activity over the last few years hasn’t been dampened by the pair working remotely. Andy Cato has been developing his aspirations to become a farmer in France. “He’s quite committed to that. I’m just trying get a few tunes in-between him sowing his wheat,” Findlay jokes. Obviously much of their work is now facilitated by the internet, high speed broadband transferring a whole evening’s work with ease. Cato’s barnhoused studio features two massive speakers bought from a Paris nightclub, so anything played in there sounds as it would in a club. So for now they are producing an almost overwhelming amount of content, and playing only two or three DJ gigs a month. There’s method in the modest schedule though. “I’m always quite excited by what’s in the record box, I never felt like I’m getting tired by it.” Now a Valentine’s all night session sees Groove Armada joined by Danse Club Records bosses, Brodanse, for a showcase. “We really like the music they’re playing and releasing, so it makes sense to be part of that.” The event sees them hosting a list of influential dance music acts brought to Brighton by local promoters, Inspired. Holding parties locally for around a year, performances from Gilles Peterson, Derrick Carter, Steve Lawler, Dennis Ferrer and Yousef have all contributed to Inspired’s impeccable club pedigree. You can expect Groove Armada DJ sets to be liberally sprinkled with fresh tracks and cheeky re-edits. Their sound might have evolved, and paradoxically almost returned to its roots, but the dance scene still manages to fire real passion in the pair. “Despite all the trials and tribulations, there’s still a genuine excitement about going out with your mates, having a laugh and playing some house records. That never goes away.” Groove Armada play at Inspired presents Danse Club: Sweat party at Coalition, on Sat 14 Feb.




PINS Four deadly PINS

Imagine The Jesus and Mary Chain woke up to find themselves as four young ladies, or Beach House whittling down all their complexity to concentrate on pop songs. Stranger things have happened. Manchester four-piece PINS, for example, have matured and developed, immersing themselves in professionalism. With a guitar roar at odds with the sequenced layers prevalent in much of the second city’s musical output, PINS’ debut album ‘Girls Like Us’ drew from grunge, indie and riot grrrl. Whilst not worrying the charts too much, it did trigger a tremor through the rock scene, enough to generate the interest of the music press list makers. “We only ever hear positive things now,” their singer and guitarist Faith Holgate enthuses. “At the start there were a few bad comments, but now people generally support us and are really kind. Hopefully that whole ‘buzz band’ thing has worn off.” So they’ve started to escape the stifling burden of a ‘Hot New Band’ tag and are starting to reach, not for the stars as of yet, but for the right instruments at least. OK, my glibness disfavours the band in a search for great copy. There is a sense of purpose and ambition raging with the PINS ranks. All the post punk signatures persist, massive drums, searing guitars, rampaging vocals and a pounding rock sound. After exciting critics and the public alike with their début album, their subsequent festival slots and increasingly larger shows saw them capitalise on their initial impact. One of the most powerful releases of 2013, it managed to reflect the vigour and the animal-like excitement of the PINS live experience. It was noisy pop music with undeniable post punk elements.

By Stuart Rolt Now their second album, conveniently for me still untitled, is ready to hit stores in May. “It’s a progression, it’s certainly more controlled. We knew what we were doing with this one.” Offering us keys, more layers and more depth of textural guitar work, it showcases a band making the big leap forward. Recorded with Dave Catching, the live guitarist with Eagles of Death Metal, at his studio in Joshua Tree, California, the new album showed PINS’ vision in a number of ways. “They said: ‘Where do you want to record it?’ so I said Rancho De La Luna would be an ideal choice! Next thing I know it was a real thing. I didn’t think it would ever happen!” For the most part their recording process involves each member demoing their own songs, which get fleshed out later during rehearsals, new drummer Sophie now making a large contribution. Gathering together contrasting strands of rock, the music almost bursts from the speakers, its expression of raw emotion sweeping you along, enthralled and impassioned. But why would you have trademark sounds, if you use them intermittently? Maybe it’s to keep me questioning. With manic bursts of guitar, swinging urgent bass and unrelenting vocals from Holgate, backed with exigent harmonies from the rest of the gang, all intertwine to create something both compelling and unpredictable. Pigeonholing a band is obstructed when their songs each evolve so individually. Convention dictates we make comparisons though. To my limited ear they remind me, not of any contemporary bands, but of Joy Division… a band writing post-punk before punk realised which direction it faced, not least because they were also four people capable of tremendous reinvention and that penchant for unpredictability.


Despite the mesmerising strutting confidence of their music, deep inside lies certain vulnerability. Perhaps I’m fixated on the all-female nature of the outfit. “I’ve never been in a mixed band, so I don’t know what it’ll be like. But I like being in one with all girls. Just because we all understand we all need a mirror, and some time before a show to get ready”.

each other’s We can borrow is more of clothes as well, which you’re on en a practical thing wh tour.” It seems PINS don’t set out with a specific agenda concerning gender, sexuality or age. The band simply offers a platform from which four people can express themselves. The quartets growing aptitude for their music is reflected by their gaining of a better understanding of themselves and each other. It’s a closeness that’s prompted some commentators to liken PINS to a gang. “We don’t just do music together. We see each other all the time, and I talk to them every day.” For now they’re sprinting around the UK for just three dates. But the future sees the album’s release, which will trigger another American tour, with further high profile support slots entering the planning stages. PINS are a different prospect now. While once they would haphazardly swap instruments and offer a carefree impression, they’re now completely on point. Still joyfully noisy, textured and pounding, the band is growing into a razor-sharp rock act. PINS play The Hope in Brighton, on Wed 25 Feb 2015 AND the Great Escape Festival in May www.wearepins.co.uk





Thu 5 Feb

Sat 7 Feb Concorde 2

British pop-punk outfit Neck Deep are out and about do their ‘International Championships Tour,’ a 10-day UK jaunt supported by fellow pop-punk breakthrough artists like Knuckle Puck, Seaway, and Trophy Eyes. With their debut LP causing a stir on the scene, the band are starting to get the recognition they deserve. Has seen them become bigger in America than in the UK, but there’s no shortage of people over here succumbing to the neck Deep magic.



Mon 16 Feb

Sun 22 Feb


Mon 9 Feb

The Fightstar frontman comes to Brighton with an intimate show, on a tour which sees him performs without his band for the very first time. His second solo album ‘Long Road Home’ broke into the top ten, perfectly showcasing Charlie’s distinctive vocals. Simpson has moved into more country-folk territory recently. Whilst his debit ‘Young Pilgrim’ was melancholy in tone, he’s now covering happier ground. It’s a more summery effort, where Simpson really shines is when his poppier side breaks through. The departure from boyband-land may have been difficult, but he’s now showing what he meant by ‘serious artist’. www. theoldmarket.com

The greatest schizophrenics in rock return. Whilst doing tidy business as blistering hardcore act The Bronx, why would you not to seal your punk credentials by doing something ludicrous? Enter Mariachi El Bronx. From the raw and aggressive, to the tender and beautiful, it’s a leap of faith, but somehow it works. More than a simple side-project, they have fully immersed themselves in the traditions and intricacies of Mariachi music. Now they’ve added synthesizers into their compositions, giving an extra dimension to their output. Abandon your preconceptions, and head south-of-the-border.

SLOW CLUB The Old Market




Dome Studio Theatre Once slightly awkward left-field upstarts, now a ragingly sexy classic pop act, Slow Club have become a force to be reckoned with. Although their experimental edge hasn’t been completely lost to posterity, their third album now delves into a world of Northern Soul, R&B and big ambitious tunes. Last year’s ‘Complete Surrender’ album showed they are a band capable of constantly revaluating themselves and evolving their sound. It’s a fierce, upbeat monster of a record, packed with urgency, passion and massive pop songs. Once landed with the cute-pop label, their arrangements are now epic, the vocals expansive and the future holds big things. www.brightondome.org


Forward looking, but often summoning heart-wrenching nostalgia, The War On Drugs offer us a range of paradoxes. They’ve been recording for almost ten years, yet only recently achieving recognition as one of the US’ greatest rock acts. Offering an expansive take on classic stadium rock, they’re also capable of incredible subtlety and restraint. So now the Philadelphia-based rockers, commanded by singer, guitarist and songwriter Adam Granduciel, are edging into a place amongst the big players. Mesmerising, impassioned and soaring, their music is earnestly romantic. The American Dream might let you down, but The War on Drugs will make it better. www.brightondome.org

Mon 23 Feb

Dome Concert Hall

The Reid brothers return to the riotous days of 1985, with a performance of their classic Psychocandy album. Dryly humorous, they brandished words as weapons and offered white noise and feedback as an answer to anodyne 80s chart music. The band gained cult success by mixing a pop atheistic with a loud and industrial approach to recording. Feuding on a level the Gallaghers only dream of, the Reids’ antagonism was key to TJAMC’s greatness. Now they’ve reconciled, at least for a while, and will be wowing reverential crowds across the land with live performances of their lo-fi masterpiece. www.brightondome.org

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Tue 10 Feb

Wed 11 Feb



The Haunt

Brighton Centre

From shy acoustic performances, to recording with Bombay Bicycle Club and Clean Bandit, then on to developing her live band, 2014 was a big year for Ms Morris. This year is set to be even bigger, now debut album ‘Unguarded’ has finally seen its release. Authentic, unassuming and sweet, she’s still capable of delivering a solid vocal punch. Displaying her sweeping talent, the album sees everything from electro pop to soulful indie folk. There was a great deal of preparation leading to this point, now it seems a long time since she featured on our cover. She’s ambitious, stunningly talented and about to be everywhere. www.komedia.co.uk/brighton

This Scottish group first came together in 2013. Since then they’ve scored 1.5 million Spotify streams, over 850,000 YouTube views, performed their track ‘Messiah’ at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony earlier this year and got another onto the FIFA ’15 soundtrack. Big moves for a band that have yet to worry the charts, but this state of anonymity won’t last for ever. The tuneful synth-pop act is already in demand to soundtrack some quite high profile adverts. With sublime covers of Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Ella Henderson, plus some killer tunes of their own, it’ll be no time before everyone’s talking about this lot. www.thehauntbrighton.co.uk

Hitting the top of the UK album charts for the first time since 2007 was just one of the reasons last year was great for this band. That release ‘Education, Education, Education and War’ saw the Leeds quintet getting to grips with the departure of leading song-writer and drummer Nick Hodgson. The familiar Kaiser Chiefs themes of discontent, urban rebellion and youthful petulance remain, but this is a revitalised band. Perhaps realising the rock doldrums were beckoning, they’ve upped their game and produced their best work since that stellar debut. Varied, upbeat and catchy as hell, we would welcome them back, but they never went away. www.brightoncentre.co.uk




Mon 23 Feb

Fri 27 Feb

Fri 27 Feb

Concorde 2

St George’s Church


It’s been 20 years since Arrested Development slammed the gangsta dominated rap world with defiant lyrics of hope. Becoming the first ever hip-hop artist to receive the “best new artist” Grammy. In addition, the group also received a Grammy for “best rap single” for their anthemic hit ‘Tennessee’. In 2000 they emerged with a new line-up and a new album called “Heroes of the Harvest”. For the last 13 years, Arrested Development has performed concerts in literally every part of the world. They continue to release new music, push boundaries and wow fans with their superb live show.

Recently becoming the first British artist to be signed to the Nashville-based Thirty Tigers entertainment company, Matthews is now seeing a resurgence of his fortunes. Since releasing his ground-breaking debut album Passing Stranger in 2006, and winning an Ivor Novello Award in 2007, he’s established himself as a classy and original performer. Last year’s ‘Home Part 1’ saw him gather tremendous critical praise, now this witty, softly-spoken Northerner brings his music to a suitably atmospheric venue. A distinctive and formidable guitar player, his gentle finger-picking work perfectly complements his elegant, almost soulful, vocal style. www.meltingvinyl.co.uk

Music promoters Psychedelia unveil their first show in Brighton, with plenty more planned it’s a welcome edition to the city’s flourishing music scene. First up in their diary is YAK. The London-based trio might be accumulating more column inches that actual releases, but this is unsurprising for a band with such a great mythology surrounding them. I’m not going into details, but there are a lot of stories floating around establishing their rock and roll credibility. Their debut single, the soul-crushing, foot-stomping ‘Hungry Heart’, is finally out on Fat Possum this month, and it’s about time too.







Sat 7 Feb

Fri 13 Feb Concorde 2

Former member of Aeroplane, The Magician released his debut single ‘I Don’t Know What To Do’ on Kitsune in 2011. His reworking of Lykke Li’s ‘I Follow Rivers’ amassed over 36 million views on Youtube and smashed into charts across Europe.


ACID REVOLUTION Fri 13 Feb Komedia


Expect real life eye contact, great music and live art, held together by the unmissable gin drinking cabaret darling, musical comedy misfit and acid tongued ringmaster Joe Black. The dress code is shocking & sublime, the ridiculous & beautiful. Remember, you’re worth it.

Discover Trance Academy presents four hours of banging trance and tech trance with John Askew, a UK debut for Lostly and Oberon. The last 14 years have taken them everywhere from Ministry of Sound, SW4, The Honey Club and the Fridge, and over to South Africa, Italy Russia and Japan. John Askew needs no introduction to Discover Records die-hards. His hard-hitting approach and genius mixes will accompany a welcome return to Brighton. Lostly’s wild onstage antics have seen him play many of the world’s top trance events. Now this incredibly talented and versatile producer/ DJ hits the UK.



www. recoverworld.com/dta




Fri 20 Feb

Sat 21 Feb

Some of 2014’s standout tracks were The Magician’s remix of Clean Bandit’s ‘Rather Be’ and his collaboration ‘Sunlight’ with Years & Years. Now Treatment bring him and his elegant mix of disco, pop and house to Brighton. As the legendary illusionist Paul Daniels would say; “Now that’s magic!”

Not offering a party for couples exchanging heart shaped gifts and holding hands, Traumfrau offer a glittery reminder there is more to life than not having a date. Instead there’s dancing, live shows and disco balls… and more friends than you can make in one night.

Komedia In The Loop celebrate their first birthday with a new series of events featuring Home Town Heroes. Featuring house music local legends, who’ve played defined the dance scene, this month features Freemasons and Tim Healey. Producing a host of chart-smashing singles, as well as remixing Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Shakira, Faith Evans and Kylie, Freemasons are still at the top of their game. Tim Healey is the godfather of electro-house, and founder of genre-busting dance act, Coburn. Offering a unique blend of ghetto-electro and the highest quality-club sounds, he’s a true underground superstar. www.komedia.co.uk/brighton

Fri 28 Feb Audio

With 2014 truly dominated by Patrick Topping, a name now synonymous with the house music hemisphere, it’s a timely moment for his Warehouse debut! His own productions demonstrate a certain swagger when working the dancefloor. He knows exactly how a crowd works, making a name for himself with his extremely infectious basslines and dancefloor weapons. From building his DJ career around Newcastle’s famous Motion, he’s since taken three Beatport Tech-House number one’s, toured around the world and been crowned as one of Pete Tong’s Future Stars. www.audiobrighton.com

Audio Since opening as a music venue around 30 years ago, this building has seem residences from now household names like Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox and Maxxi Soundsystem. To continue this incredible legacy, the new owners are giving some much-needed care to the venue. So here’s a party before Audio’s full refurbishment, closing an era and looking forwards to what’s coming. For a special night you’d want a special act to mark the impact this venue had had on the City. So there’s few better qualified than Simian Mobile Disco, plus residents Charles Green, Paul Budd, Neal Lewis, Earl J and Frisco. Expect tears, smiles and one hell of a party. www.audiobrighton.com




Win Reading Festival Tickets Preparations for 2015’s Reading Festival are well under way, following last month’s announcement it’ll feature a UK festival exclusive performance from Metallica! James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich and Rob Trujillo will headline the Main Stage on August Bank Holiday weekend to provide a defining moment for the 2015 festival season. Returning to this prestigious headline spot for a record fourth time this year, the band have a rich history at Reading and Leeds Festival, having first headlined at Reading 18 years ago. With a career spanning over three decades and more than 110 million records sold across the world, Metallica are one of the biggest and best live acts on the planet. “We are obviously beyond thrilled to be returning to headline the magnificent and mighty double slot at Reading & Leeds for the fourth time!” Lars Ulrich from Metallica said. “We are practically the house band. Bring it!” “I’m excited to be able to announce Metallica as the first headliner for Reading & Leeds 2015,” said festival boss Melvin Benn. “Their amazing live show promises to be a favourite with rock, metal and genuine music fans at the UK’s most important music festival, perfectly topping a bill of brilliant acts from across the genres. I’m looking forward to revealing the rest of the festival line up, which will feature the absolute best of rock, indie, dance and hip-hop and will only add to the amazing atmosphere that makes Reading so special.” Following 2014’s explosive secret set at Reading, Jamie T will make the trip to both festival sites this August. Fresh from a hugely successful UK tour and recent release of third album ‘Carry On The Grudge’, Mr T is one of the hottest acts of the moment and an exciting addition to the line-up. Fresh from their highly anticipated fourth studio album, Californian post-hardcore favourites Pierce The Veil will be making their long-awaited Reading & Leeds debut in 2015. “We’ve been dying to do these festivals ever since we started touring in the UK,” Vic Fuentes from the band commented. “It’s such an honour to be a part of something that people wait all year round to see.” With his set this year proving to be one of the defining moments on the BBC Radio 1 Dance Stage, drum ‘n’ bass maestro Wilkinson is no stranger to Reading. Stepping up his live show yet another notch following his ‘Lazers Not Included’ tour, he’ll also be returning this year.

Headlining The Pit Stage, Refused have become one of the most influential heavy bands of a generation. The Swedish punk band’s now legendary album ‘The Shape Of Punk To Come’ fused noisy hardcore, post-punk, techno and jazz to create an entirely original sound. Since reforming for shows in 2012, the band have returned stronger than ever with a live set that shows the true scope of their musical legacy. With two critically acclaimed albums released in the last two years, Run The Jewels are arguably the hottest hip-hop act on the planet. Making their Reading debut next year, rap veterans Killer Mike and El-P’s performance will also be essential festival viewing. Manchester Orchestra will make their third trip to Reading in 2015. Following the release of fourth album ‘Cope’ and this year’s stripped down alternate version ‘Hope’, their appearances at the festivals will be a summer highlight for indie-rock fans. Weekend camping tickets start at £205, with a host of extras available to make your August Bank Holiday weekend that little bit special (and easier). For more details head to: www.readingfestival.com/tickets

Win! A pair of full weekend tickets for Reading Festival 2015 With hundreds of exciting acts set to appear across the weekend, Reading 2015 tickets are now on sale. But before you try to beat the inevitable rush we’ve got a pair of weekend camping tickets to giveaway. All you have to do is answer the following inane question. Which legendary US rock band is headlining Reading Festival in 2015? A: Nirvana B Backstreet Boys C: Metallica Send your answer, including your name, address and telephone number to: competition@bn1magazine.co.uk Please put ‘Reading 2015’ in the subject header. Winners will be announced on Mon 2 May, 2015. Terms & Conditions apply Reading Festival comes to Richfield Avenue, Reading on Fri 28 – Sun 30 Aug, 2015.






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The first term up until the end of the year offers some of the most rewarding marketing opportunities in the academic calendar. With over 22,000 students studying at the University of Brighton, this is a perfect opportunity for you to promote your brand and create lifelong customers. Opportunities include a mix of online and print including experiential, stalls, social media, email, screens, student media, web banners as well as bespoke yearly contracts and packages tailored to suit you. We can offer our partners a fantastic opportunity to engage imaginatively on a variety of levels and to suit your budget, either across all campuses or targeted to a specific location or student group. Please go to our website www.brightonsu.com/aboutus/marketing/ for all of our advertising opportunities. udents ,000 st and 2 2 g erin rne Empow on, Eastbou ht in Brig gs Hastin

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Fair is an they won’t forget! Freshers an experience of your brand home town. welcome and give them they arrive in their new Help our new students feel in three key locations as to reach over 6000 students ty unrivalled opportunity American Express Communi Fair will take place at the host in its new to announce Brighton Freshers’ Hall and Gym, and Hastings is proud to play pleased are we year This Sports we have the huge University Stadium. In Eastbourne Take Over! Square with Freshers’ Fair building in trendy Priory

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Fair Eastbourne Freshers’ r Tuesday 30th Septembe and College University Sports Hall

Gym Eastbourne Hillbrow, Denton Road, BN20 7SR throughout Refreshments available the day • on hand to help Student and staff crew set up and be your point of contact Premium stall: £300.00 Standard stall: £200.00

Hastings Freshers’ Fair Wednesday 1st October Hastings Priory Square, Priory Street TN34 1EA exciting new Three floors of fun at this building. Premium stall: £150.00 Standard stall: £75.00

Attend all three Fairs Premium stall: £1350.00 Standard stall: £850.00


Stadium BN1 9BL Village Way, Brighton nts available Free parking • Refreshme

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Brighton Freshers’ Fair Thursday 2nd October ty American Express Communi

throughout crew on the day • Student and staff hand to help of contact set up and be your point Premium stall: £1100.00 Standard stall: £600.00

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Simon Price Anything worth having has a price Obviously I’d seen him around town. Although an easy figure to spot in most situations, I’d never had apt reason to speak with Simon Price. Certainly I was aware of his work, avidly consuming the 90s music scene coverage offered by him and his fellow rock press. Repeatedly rallying his readers against the anodyne, the clichéd and the uninspiring at the height of the Brit-pop explosion, Price swayed from adoring to almost vituperative. But even at his most acerbic, a level of beauty lay within his copy. “People are almost embarrassed to say that journalism, particularly music journalism, is a form of art,” he tells me. “But at its best it is, or it can certainly aspire to that.” We’re meeting just as Price gets involved with BIMM, offering students his extensive knowledge, experience and his own “very strong opinions.” He sees BIMM as a dynamic learning environment, which is almost a microcosm of the music industry. “We all cling to this romantic idea that people come bursting out fully formed, knowing what they’re going to do and change the world. Reality isn’t like that.” In the flesh, he’s articulate and gently spoken, perhaps with a hint of shyness even. Whilst not perfectly aligning with my preconceptions, he’s comfortably polemical when the conversation swings to music.

By Stuart Rolt As a kid, he’d cycle home from school on Tuesday lunchtimes to note down the charts, relaying the rundown to his school friends later. With interest in pop and rock flourishing early, the journey into journalism was launched by his haranguing the local paper for failing to entertain a younger audience. The outcome was his own column where he could talk about his beloved music. “I got quite a taste for stirring up anger and controversy, even within the context of my little town. I’d get angry letters – ‘How dare you say The Smiths are better than The Beatles?!’” Later moving to university, although music journalism courses weren’t then in any prospectus, it took him to London where the possibilities seemed endless. Immersed in campus activities, he started organising events with a certain Ricky Gervais. Writing for the local student paper brought contact with people who could help realise his potential, soon encountering Melody Maker writer Simon Reynolds. By his degree completion, Price was a regular contributor to that paper’s pages. Offering little apology for his views and critique, he would impact the UK music scene as much as any mop-haired indie group. He acknowledges that people gravitated towards Melody Maker for its personal quality of writing, rather than its mass appeal. An obstruction to this free-spirited attitude was the appointment of a new editor, who dissuaded the airing


of any commercially damaging views. Credibility is evidentially important to him. “I think it’s all you’ve got really, the trust of the reader. Objectivity is a myth. It’s this idea you have to completely impartial and write with this all-seeing, omniscient authoritarian voice. I think that’s really pompous.” Whilst it was clear when he disliked something, it was equally apparent when a band fired his imagination. One such act was Manic Street Preachers, the confrontational Welsh rockers sharing his background and inspiring ‘Everything’ Price’s debut book. He talks of the limits a middle class background can place upon life experiences, and therefore the arts. “Working class people don’t get the chance to explore creativity because everything geared to forming them into ‘employable robots’.” It’s a theme he’ll soon be covering in a future book, a more realistic account of 80s culture. Distanced from misty-eyed nostalgia for shoulder-pads, glamour and consumption, it’ll paint a portrayal of great upheaval and turmoil, where government oppression provoked an explosion of music and comedy. We agree the time of the journalist as a star in their own right could be over, pressures within the media and growing influence from advertisers slowly stifling truly free speech. “By bottling out of that battle, the music press shot itself in the foot. It failed to recognise what its strengths were, and abandoned those strengths.” Rooted in the new journalism of the 60s, developed by people like Hunter S. Thompson, Tom Wolfe and Lester Bangs, Price saw his profession’s aesthetics as similar to rock music’s. “Lunatics, weirdoes, outsiders and freaks can find a platform to express themselves. That’s what the music press used to be about.” He’s not offering a return to those glory days, but hopes to inspire students to find their own voice. Lecturing at BIMM offers a chance to show a new wave of writers how to make an individual impact on our evolving media scene. Working in this field can provide a raft of transferable skills. It’s something contemporaries like writers David Quantick and Caitlin Moran or broadcasters Steve Lamacq and Stuart Maconie have also exploited. “It can lead to so many different avenues!” Price himself, as well as contributing to online and print media, works on radio, DJs, writes books and talks at various events. “I tell people not do what I did. Don’t get stuck in it forever. Meet all your heroes, travel the world, but always have your eye on the next move. The things it’ll lead onto… It’s a great life.” www.simonprice.dj


Brighton Tattoo Convention

Hilton Metropole Fri 20 -Sun 22 Feb

By Elliot Tyers


The year-long waiting game for the South Coast’s premier body art event is nearly over. From Fri 20 to Sun 22 Feb, Brighton Tattoo Convention will be taking over the Hilton Brighton Metropole for their yearly festival full of live music, exhibitions, seminars, and most importantly, tattoos. Surveys show that over a fifth of all Brits are inked nowadays, so it’s easy to see why in every year of its eight year history, the Brighton Tattoo Convention has grown and 2015 looks to be no different. Whether you’re a fully inked veteran looking to add to your collection, or whether you’re a newbie just wanting to experience a fascinating alternative culture, it’s going to be an amazing few days. There will be talent from over 350 worldwide artists from locations as varied as Black 13 Studio in Nashville to Dark Cloud Electric in Australia; all of whom will be bringing their various styles to Brighton. Although there is a sizable international contingent, reflecting Brighton Tattoo Convention’s popularity on the global scene, its roots are still anchored in the UK. This is reflected in the talent from across the British Isles with a strong focus on local artists from Brighton and the surrounding area. Studios in attendance include the team from Blue Dragon Tattoo, Brighton’s oldest tattoo studio. 2014 was Blue Dragon’s 25th year in the tattoo business and their award-winning artists will be displaying their talents across the convention. Other Brighton Studios include IN2U and Magnum Opus representing Brighton’s talent on a global stage.

Across the weekend there will be a variety of engaging entertainment, creating the same lively atmosphere that has made Brighton Tattoo Convention a premier international show. There will be live workshops and seminars about tattoo history, art and culture. Additionally across the weekend there will be competitions for tattooists’ work completed at the show, with awards given to the very best. Although they’re the main focus, it isn’t all tattoos, tattoos, tattoos. There’ll be live music acts across the convention’s three days of events. On Fri 20 there will be a pre-show party to start off the weekend featuring psychobilly legends The Meteors. The live acts will continue throughout the convention, with The Sex Pistols Experience headlining the main-day on Saturday, and to close the convention, Brighton Rumble Rockabilly Club will presenting a variety of acts for the after party. 2014 was massive, and 2015 looks to be an even bigger hit for Brighton Tattoo Convention. Fri 20 Feb will see Brighton Hilton’s doors flung open to the public, giving them the rare opportunity to see hundreds of real artists and masters of their profession. Whether you want to get inked yourself, or just want a weekend of unique experiences, Brighton Tattoo Convention is a needle of colour in the heart of winter. www.brightontattoo.com www.facebook.com/BrightonTattooConvention @BrightonTatConv







40 0 TEXT JUICE 81



Beautiful Skin&Ink


Confidence RégimA Scar Repair Scar prevention & treatment (also aftercare) Aids healing & boosts results Buy online From £16.95

Scars & Burns Acne Scars Self Injury Stretch Marks

Dry Tattooing (no pigment) Precisely wakes & stimulates damaged skin, so it can re-heal

Beautiful Ink Ltd (Incl. Skin Confidence) is a private studio in Crown Street Brighton. BN1 3EH Offering scar, burn & stretch mark reduction treatments Free advice and initial consultation by phone Meet Lisa at the Lisa: 01273 775188 and 07530 978856 Brighton Tattoo Convention


WILD LIFE INVADES BRIGHTON CITY AIRPORT Wild Life began as small and very sweaty East London parties, growing into a global prospect within a matter of months. This saw Disclosure curating events in major cites across the world and hosting stages at various festivals in the UK, Europe and US. Now less than a year later, they’ve reached out to their good friends Rudimental in order to bring an exciting new festival to Brighton City Airport. Touching down on Sat 6 – Sun 7 June, it’ll feature a line-up of artists and DJs who have worked with and inspired Disclosure. Bringing together musicians

from hip-hop, techno, pop, UK garage, as well as old and new house legends, it’s going to be an amazing inaufral event. The line-up includes Disclosure, Rudimental, Sam Smith, George Ezra, Wu Tang Clan, Annie Mac, Seth Troxler, Jamie XZ, David Rodigan, Maya Jane Coles B2B Heidi, with tickets on sale now.


THE HOBO BONOBO Maybe tomorrow we’ll settle down It’s around this time of year that our thoughts turn to love. Maybe it’s the long, dark nights or maybe it’s the way we’re corralled into the tedious marketing construct that face-sits the most fiscally reluctant month of the year.

V.D. is all about romantic love, but love comes in many guises. Love and lust are inextricably bound. The heady feelings arising from two pumps and a squirt in the old tactile triangle are only part of the story.

Yup, it’s Valentine’s Day. In some perverse way, V.D. makes it easier to say what love isn’t. If you need help from Moonpig to tell someone how you feel about them, it’s already over. In a similar vein, the antithesis of romance is a meal out for two on V.D. Knocking elbows with other people having a crap time, your misery compounded by the oppressive atmosphere of a room full of unimaginative people in failing relationships is enough to make anyone sob into their prawn cocktail.

Some people love football teams. Some people need to get out more. Many people love bacon. It’s not for me, though I seem to have declared a silent jihad on the prawn. Lots of people get all soppy around children, kittens, grey-haired old grannies and other things they could beat in a fight. Somehow all of these things are but aspects of what we call love. Perhaps it is the fleeting nature of these things that elicits this feeling? Sex could always be longer, bacon goes off, kids become teenagers, football teams lose, cats get run over and everyone leaves me in the end. Perhaps it is the sacrifices necessary to sustain these things? Sleeping in the wet spot, loss of duvet or watching old people eat mashed potatoes. As a friend of mine who broke both her wrists attests to, love is someone wiping your bum for six long weeks. Cats, babies, oldies and unfortunate partners all need their poo attended to. Football is shit and bacon makes you poop, so it seems that love and dung are two horns on the same water buffalo. On a good day, with a favourable tail wind, love is the understanding of the fragility of what we cherish and our response to the feelings this provokes in us. Love is all at once, the careful compression of these moments and the reckless stretching them out until they’re ready to rip. Love and shit are the things the stuff of life grows in. Be careful what you step in on Valentine’s Day.



Josie Long For the love of Cara Josephine

By Stuart Rolt life evidentially has a hold on her now, outdoor swimming, cycling and boxing all being eagerly embraced. She admits all the physical activity works primarily as distraction from emotions.

Image by © Giles Smith

With ceaseless curiosity and some wonderfully endearing idiosyncrasies, Josie Long has lit up the comedy circuit for half her life. Now after a few lifestyle changes and a long hard look at her own existence she’s heading out on the road for perhaps her most personal tour yet. As with many great comic pieces, her show ‘Cara Josephine’ exposes the soul of its performer for all to see. “It’s about getting my heart broken, looking at everything and not wanting to make the same mistake again,” she tells me. Named after her niece, who was born during its writing, this 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe hit also aims to reflect the joy accompanying this new addition to her family. Long is clearly at a stage where analysing what has passed, and considering what might yet be, is occupying much of her time. We won’t call any of this a midlife crisis; it’s more a period of contemplation for the 32-year-old comic. “It does feel like I’ve been doing it for so long. Sometimes I think I’d be better at this by now,” she laughs. There’s certainly no sign of a fast car or bad leather jacket, the calling cards of every middle-aged person failing to muddle through. There are plenty of outdoor pursuits to sooth her romantic distress instead, which she’s fully embracing. Not bound to treatises on love and life, her show covers Long’s developing other passions. One of which is climbing, starting a ‘heartbreak climbing club’ in the summer with two friends. “The problem is I’ve not got that much better. So we can’t do the same routes any more. I love it and just put in loads of enthusiasm, but I’m always shit.” The active

Whilst this one show proves particularly cathartic, Long has already spent since the age of 14 examining her life and our society, mocking them both for the comic delight of audiences. “I’ve interpreted the world through stand up. It’s part of how I lead my life. It’s helped me work out my feelings about things.” Previously the three-time Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee’s stand-up offered an enhanced version of who she was, but now the realities of her own life are creeping into her output. “I just wanted to talk about the things that were biggest in my life. I also felt that I didn’t have anything new to say about politics. I’d written three shows which had said everything I felt, but nothing has really changed. The government hasn’t changed in the way they were behaving.” She came to my attention due to her avidly political work, so it’s a relief to hear this still continues. One new venture sees a monthly show, centred around an investigative journalist being thwarted at every turn. Another big part of the Josie Long existence is Arts Emergency, a British charity organisation which supports people looking to work within the arts. “It’s brilliant. It’s all about helping people develop their own sense of entitlement… to try and level the playing field. We work with people who don’t come from any privilege whatsoever.” By mentoring these young people, she’s hoping this growing scheme will act as a force for real change in the long term. After the tour, Long is turning her talents to making a feature film, dragging her away from stand-up for as long as she can bear. “I’m always doing something. I’ve always got loads of projects on the go. I don’t do that much compared to some people I know.” It seems the difference between her comedy and film writing is the input and collaboration from others. The former demanding a cycle of rewrites, whilst standup sees her endlessly refining her routines through actual performance. There’s almost too much to discuss with the Radio 4 and The Guardian contributor, she’s evidentially a creative whirlwind. Drag her on to a subject she loves and a tone of excitability rises in her voice. This is coming from someone who is already, shall we say, rather animated. She’s certainly enamoured by her recent first driving lesson. “If you learnt to drive before 30 you’re a square,” she quips. Josie Long’s Cara Josephine comes to Brighton’s Corn Exchange on Thu 19 Feb | www.josielong.com

33% OFF



£10.99 OR MORE



February Special at

KOMEDIA Krater Comedy Club Sat 10.30pm, doors 10pm & Sun 8pm, doors 7pm



Students get tickets for just £5

Simply enter promo code student5 when booking online, over phone or in person

for the following comedy shows with this voucher


0845 293 8480 Bent Double

Comic Boom

First Sun of every month 7.30pm, doors 6.30pm

Last Thurs of every month 8pm, doors 7pm

Terms and Conditions: Valid for NUS card holders only, bring card on night as proof Valid In February 2015 (after that tickets are just £6 each) Booking Fees apply online & over phone Not valid on tickets already purchased Subject to availability

10% OFF ALL NON SALE ITEMS Terms and Conditions: Not valid with any other offer. Offer only valid during February 2015 (01/02/2015 - 28/02/2015) Flawless Clothing 20 Kensington Gardens, Brighton, BN1 4AL



Valid during February 2015 Offer can be withdrawn without notice The Coffee Counter -15 Vine Street, Brighton



PRIDE WEEKEND 1st & 2nd August 2015

THE UK’S BIGGEST PRIDE FESTIVAL Campaigning for Global LGBTI Equality and Diversity and raising essential funds for our community organisations.

PRIDE ARTS & FILM FESTIVAL 17th July - 2nd August 2015

Film Arts Theatre Cabaret Comedy Debate Spoken Word Sport

#BrightonPride25 Recognising how far we have come and continuing to campaign for LGBTI equality and diversity for communities globally who don’t have their #FreedomToLive

★ PRIDE FESTIVAL ★ LGBTI COMMUNITY PARADE ★ PRIDE VILLAGE PARTY £12.50 Early Bird tickets available now* Joint Festival and Village party weekend passes available *Limited availability Brighton-Pride.org BrightonPride

2015BP_BN1n_170x240_v2.indd 1


Scan here to purchase tickets on your mobile device


22/01/2015 22:32


Science Festival 2015 Ten Years Old!

Brighton Science Festival returns on Thu 6 Feb, celebrating a decade of proving there’s a lot more to science than test tubes and prime numbers. Prepare to unleash your curiosity as science comes roaring out of the lab and into the city of Brighton & Hove. With 75 events taking place across 35 local venues, from the city’s best comedy venues to a village pub in the country, the seafront cycle path and a house made of rubbish, it’s bringing science to life. This month-long season of hands-on demonstrations, engaging talks and live experiments will be welcoming back some favourites from previous years. Robin Ince, Helen & Kat Arney, Matt Parker and Richard Wiseman all return with brand new shows guaranteed to get you thinking (and laughing). Dip your feet in an array of talks and demonstrations ranging from plagues to the paranormal, stare death in the face at the everpopular Catalyst Club, and take a tilt at some big questions at the Big Science Weekend. The Sallis Benney Theatre will host topics ranging from heavy metal and bicycles to OCD, sex and drugs. Robin Ince asks if scientific method can save us all. The excitable uncle of geeky comedy scrutinises propaganda, the human mind, feuds and internet nonsense in an attempt to work out just how much we can trust our instincts. Matt Parker reveals the startling and magical possibilities of maths, in a world fizzing with games, puzzles and mind-bending possibilities. Flushing toilets, tube trains and Christmas trees in every home… Dr Kat Arney and Helen Arney looks at just some of the finest legacies of the Victorian age. Richard Wiseman uncovers the power of the sleeping mind, including decoding your dreams, getting the perfect night’s sleep and learning things without leaving your bed.

By Holly Cozens

Brighton-based tinkerers Makerclub will teach you how to build your own robot buddy. Get to grips with 3D printers; learn what it’s like to see through the eyes of a robot with a virtual reality headset and take home your own creation to get you started building your own robo-minions. Stand-up scientist, Ian B Dunne, presents a high-octane show complete with experiments, demonstrations, specimens and much more! He’ll put the fizz into physics, the mystery into chemistry, the yuck into biology and making maths count! With amazing tricks inspired by astounding science, Oliver Meech meddles with forces we barely understand, in a comedy magic show for the QI generation. Brad Gross offers a funky wild guide to your local solar system with a side order of family fun physics and easy to spot astronomy thrown in. There are live experiments, audience participation, fun, comedy and some real science for you to remember and use at a later date. For the youngsters out there, there are more things to make and do than ever before. Proceedings kick off with the always-busy Bright Sparks at Hove Park Upper School, on Sat 14 – Sun 15 Feb. Whether your idea of a good time is hanging out with a boa constrictor, building a robot, knitting with DNA or investigating a crime scene, it’ll be two days packed full of activities and demonstrations for everyone. For the rest of the half term week it’s as varied as mackerel dissection, erupting volcanoes, standup science and slime flying everywhere. Every part of the Brighton Science Festival programme will challenge people’s perceptions about what science is and who can do it. Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. There are over 70 events to choose from. Brighton Science Festival comes to venues around the city, on Thu 6 Feb – Sun 1 Mar 2015. For full details of its incredible calendar, and to book tickets visit: www.brightonscience.com






Wed 4 - Sun 8 Feb

The Marlborough Theatre


Mon 9 - Sat 14 Feb Corn Exchange

There are two new works from exciting graduate companies from Chichester and Brighton universities. Kate Pierson Hurts, Sometimes offers a one-man show with two performers. It’s an R.E.M tribute show gone awry, where the notes are never quite hit, the costumes are never quite there and the guitar is replaced with a ukulele. Moon Fruit present giant orange moons, mash potato and foaming tin baths, which lie at the heart of its world, alongside objects plucked from the lives of the performers themselves. Moving through landscapes and seasons, it’s a nostalgic tale of two people searching for companionship on a lonely planet. www.drinkinbrighton.co.uk/marlborough

Based on Shakespeare’s classic story Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story is a tale about forbidden love set in a gang-ridden New York. A Puerto Rican gang faces difficulty adjusting to life in America, as well as encountering resentment from a rival gang. Then love tries to cross this divide.

Theatre Royal From the producers of the Avenue Q and the Spring Awakening UK tours, comes Alan Bennett’s multi-award winning masterpiece. Recently voted Britain’s favourite play, the adolescent comedy-drama has continued to receive wide critical acclaim.

Featuring an array of hot young talent from the Brighton Theatre Group Youth, West Side Story is an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza that is guaranteed to have you glued to your seat and have you reaching for those hankies as the tragic events unfold.

Set in the 80s, it sees a group of rowdy, but bright, teenage boys pursue sex, sport and a decent education. Faced with the prospect of university, the pupils find themselves at odds with various teachers, who have their own ideas about learning. The History Boys has been classed as a national treasure, with its perfect combination of comedy and drama.






Tue 17 Feb

Wed 18 Feb

Wed 18 Feb

Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal

Get ready to recapture the decadence of Renaissance Italy, with Ellen Kent’s adaptation of Rigoletto. Verdi’s controversial opera tells the story of a court jester, whose beautiful daughter falls for the charming but licentious ruler, the Duke of Mantua. Fearing the Duke to be unsuitable for his daughter, he takes steps to disrupt the romance, with devastating results. Considered to be Verdi’s greatest masterpiece, Rigoletto was almost banned as it exposed immoral behaviour of the ruling classes. With lavish sets, opulent costumes and a talented host of performers, this is a stunning production not be to be missed.

Back by overwhelming demand, Ellen Kent’s production of the widely loved opera is gracing the Theatre Royal with its presence.


Corn Exchange

Madama Butterfly returns with exquisite sets such as an exhaustive Japanese garden and fabulous costumes.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in style this year with Love Is Crazy, a seductive musical to get you in the mood for romance. Written by cabaret legend and trans-genre artist Justin Vivian Bond, Love Is Crazy has already sold out in both New York and Paris, and now it gets the Brighton treatment.

Puccini’s beautiful classic tells the tragic story of a young Japanese girl who falls in love with an American naval lieutenant. A true classic of the opera world, highlights include the melodic humming chorus, the moving aria One Fine Day and the unforgettable Love Duet.

A fun-packed show filled with stories and songs about love, it includes original compositions and songs associated with Bond’s previous film and stage works. Expect to hear classic covers originally made famous by The Cure, Patti Smith, Pet Shop Boys and more.







Tue 10 - Weds 11 Feb

Sat 14 & Mon 16 - Tue 17 Feb Dome Founders Room

Mon 16 - Tue 17 Feb

‘A new piece for theatre, telling a story from The North. The story of an ordinary life in extraordinary circumstances, or an extraordinary life in ordinary circumstances. The story of a life. The story of our lives. You can decide.’ The Preston Bill (a work in progress) is the latest offering from playwright Andy Smith. Smith has written a number of solo plays over the last ten years, but has also collaborated as a co-director on the plays of Tim Crouch. Their works include ‘what happens to the hope at the end of the evening’ in which they performed together in 2013. The Preston Bill is in association with the Nightingale Theatre.

This Valentine’s Day, get intimate with your other half and visit the Dome Founders Room for a special preview performance of How Was It for You? Written by Kefi Chadwick and Mark Maughan, the show explores different individual experiences concerning intimacy and sex. Described as a ‘gently interactive show’, How Was It For You? provides an alternative Valentine’s experience for you to share with your partner. Drinks, snacks and a comfy seat are available as you prepare to delve into a unique journey that may teach you a thing or two along the way.

Here’s a treat for all the little Arctic explorers out there, just in time for half term too! We follow the story of two friendly, but slightly mischievous polar bears with a nose for adventure. During their journey, they manage to scale massive mountains, ski down perilous icy slopes and row through rapid rivers, while occasionally stopping for a little picnic. Children will marvel and the delightfully playful set design which includes the involvement of three large triangular shapes, and a whole lot of creativity. This is a joyous and heart-warming story which will uplift any young heart.







Thu 19 - Fri 20 Feb

Mon 23 - Sat 28 Feb

Marlborough Theatre

Theatre Royal

Dome Studio Theatre

Thu 26 – Sat 28 Feb Theatre Royal

Dome Studio Theatre Embark on a magical journey to Kenya with Handa as she travels to a neighbouring village to visit best friend Akeyo. On the way she takes seven different delicious fruits with her as a surprise, but she encounters seven different hungry animals who have their own ideas.

As well as stunningly talented dancers, MCB also have a beautifully gifted orchestra complementing the performance. With Swan Lake considered to be a signature piece of their entire repertoire, their adaptation of the world’s most romantic ballet adds the magical ingredient of Russian soul that brings the stage to life.

Peter James’ Brighton-based detective Roy Grace takes to the stage once again. Following the successful stage version of The Perfect Murder, Dead Simple is an adaptation of the celebrated sleuth’s first full literary outing. Michael Harrison is vastly enjoying himself during his stag night with his friends, until a prank at his expense goes horribly wrong. He finds himself trapped and buried alive, with only hours to live. Olivier award winner Ian Talbot directs an all-star cast including Holby City’s Tina Hobley, former Hollyoaks and Eastenders actor Jamie Lomas and exCoronation Street star Gray O’Brien.




See Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker performed as you never have before, courtesy of the Moscow City Ballet. After repeatedly receiving rave reviews, The Moscow City Ballet have now bring their considerable skill to Theatre Royal Brighton.

Handa’s surprise is the perfect introduction for infants aged two to six to the world of theatre. Presented by The Little Angel Theatre, it has a delightful mix of puppetry, live music, gentle storytelling and audience participation. For the kiddies’ first cultural experience, Handa’s Surprise is an ideal treat.




MR SUSIE’S LAST CHANCE CABARET Sat 7 Feb Otherplace at The Basement

Otherplace at The Basement



The Old Market

Using Chaos Theory as a guideline, Edward Aczel makes an exceptionally unlikely attempt to change the world once and for all. From his perch on the side-lines of stand-up comedy, he’ll ask whether you can seek to change human consciousness forever and still keep your weekends free.

It’s a big ask to ignore a show that’s been described as “stupidly childish”, especially one with such an endearing premise. The titular character creation, is a loveable but clueless alien. He’s just one hour to save cabaret here on earth. So it’s a shame he has no idea what cabaret is.

He brings maths, history and improv to life for beginners, and explores his own inner psyche with a section analysing his dreams and then tries not to get too paranoid. He’ll also include a couple of amusingly circular stories about his life, which thankfully won’t last long.

Part cabaret, part surreal character-comedy, this is a brilliant whirlwind of a show that will send the audience out into the night wanting more. Wonderfully odd, whimsical and hilarious, this is one alien everyone will want around.








Fri 27 - Sat 28 Feb

Fri 20 Feb

The Old Market

The wonderfully shrewd Austentatious returns. Ingenious and tremendously funny, this critically-acclaimed show heads out for a second nationwide tour, after selling out nearly everywhere in 2014. A comedy play spun in the inimitable style of Jane Austen, it’s a hilariously clever and achingly enjoyable take on classic period dramas. Undoubtedly one of the most talkedabout shows on the UK comedy scene, it’s an improvised comedy play based entirely on audience suggestions.


It’s a new and somewhat different standup show from the multi award-winning serial innovator. The rather hilarious and original Simon Munnery is now turning his considerable talent to performing a selection of writings by existential philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard. He’ll talk about them, and make them funny. Join him to look at how we live as individuals, and discover why personal choice and commitment are key to human existence, or something. This avant-garde comedy genius has appeared on Comedy Central’s Alternative Comedy Experience, BBC2’s Culture Show and Radio 4’s News Quiz.

Otherplace at The Basement John Hastings, who ripped it up on BBC3’s Seann Walsh’s Late Night Comedy Spectacular in 2014, rising Canadian comic Chris Betts and owner of possibly the largest one of the largest beards in stand-up comedy, Phil Jerrod, all head to Otherplace.

Dome Concert Hall

They’ll be spending an hour doing a wide range of anything and everything funny. To give a sense of structure to the proceedings, they have a rule that everything has to be new. It might be partly a work in progress, or possibly a comedy free for all, but it’ll definitely be thoughtful, ridiculous and mischievous

‘Offensive, biased, untrue and unfunny!’ Patricia Culligan, UKIP. As if you need any further encouragement… let me tell you Mr Lee is returning with a brand new live show with fresh material in preparation for the much anticipated third series of Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle. In the hands of a less talented individual, Lee’s self-reverence and presumed disdain for his audience would fail spectacularly as a comic concept. Despite regularly ignoring the comedy rulebook, he’s one of the best stand-ups in the country, and has plenty of inner rage to direct at the ignorant, incompetent and inexcusable.







Sun 15 Feb

Fri 20 Feb


Theatre Royal


The sell-out smash hit returns to Brighton, bringing with it a hefty dose of chaotic comic genius and some once-in-a-lifetime comedy curiosities. Two sell-out seasons at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and regular shows around the country prove The Comedy Lock-In is becoming THE must see show for comedy fans nationwide. Joining them is Eric Lampaert with his oddball narratives and quirky physicality. Completing this line-up is the wonderful Vikki Stone. Energetic and joyful, regardless of if she’s indulging in some audience participation, performing silly songs or just laughing at herself, she’s ceaselessly uplifting. www.komedia.co.uk/brighton

Hollywood’s favourite ‘generic middle eastern background character’ makes a welcome return to the stand-up scene. Brilliant, observant and occasionally subversive, he’s got a lot to say and he’ll make sure you’re paying attention. Cultures collide as Djalili once again takes a loving look at life on this strange little island of ours. He’s back on tour with a new show, following a sell-out four week West-End residency and a sold-out season at Edinburgh Festival. His legendary performances have seen him repeatedly recognised by Time Out, EMMA and South Bank comedy awards. Do not miss.

A brand new show about struggling to keep up with the modern world, Langford talks about being in your 30s, but feeling about 70. Having recently won a Radio Academy Award for his work on BBC Radio Wales’ sketch show Here Be Dragons, achieving the joint highest ever score on Radio 4’s The Unbelievable Truth, dubbed an “undiscovered genius” by The Guardian and writing a sitcom pilot for BBC Radio 4… he still isn’t happy.






Fri 27 Feb

Fri 27 Feb

Sat 28 Feb

Join Langford for a show jam packed with gags, anecdotes, riffs, occasional exasperated pleas to the sky and jokes about CGI, plugs and gangbangs.


Otherplace at The Basement

Otherplace at The Basement

Two Australian trailer trash bingo callers with a passion for 80s music take you through a hilarious night of chaotic entertainment. Expect big prizes along the way including a European holiday from Travel Talk, free drinks and a frozen chicken.

Catch some of the best new and established comics at Brighton’s longest running new-act night. Often hilarious, sometimes bizarre and occasionally mind-blowing, it’s a great night of comedy hosted by local comic Rob Dumbrell (above). This month invites us to delve into the bleak world view of Sean McCloughlin. With a sharp use of language and a spiralling comic litany of despair, he’s as brilliant as he is unpredictable. Joining him will be the offbeat character comedy of Jane Postlethwaite, the affable, but ultimately downtrodden, Joe Foster, the darkly laconic Dan Fardell, plus Cally Beaton, Ben Carter and South Coast comedian of the year Mike Cox. www.otherplaceproductions.co.uk

Quick-fire comedy from the popular stalwarts of Brighton’s improv scene, Off the Cuff twist the audience’s suggestions into comic gold, making for a different show every time They have an extended show time for 2015, so they’re inviting some of their favourite fellow performers from the improv scene to join them. Since every troupe has its own unique take on the arcane art of making stuff up, a refreshingly unpredictable evening’s entertainment is guaranteed. Spinning spontaneous comedy gold for ten years now, Off the Cuff have been winning fans with a fast and loose style that sees them conjuring laughter-packed sketches, characters, plays and even songs from thin air. www.otherplaceproductions.co.uk

After a hugely successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and weekly sell out performances in London, Bogan Bingo bring their unique comedy show and DJ experience to Brighton for a night of bingo infused mayhem. The dress code encourages “trailer trash fashion and 80s passion”.



Jump Start Film School Get ready to jump!

Education can be expensive. You might want to eagerly stride down the university path, your future career simply a zygote looking to gestate into a surefire plan, or take the option to attend a specialist school, tending to the only thing you have ever wanted to do with your life. Either way, money and debt can sometimes stand in the way of such choices with no guarantee of a profession at the end of it. This is certainly true in the world of filmmaking. There are many who believe that fastidious learning of techniques, skill and cinema history will set you on the way to being a great filmmaker. What about those people who haven’t had that chance but can’t deny their passion for film? What about the people who couldn’t afford film school fees but can’t stop making amateur films on a cheap camera and just want to learn from others? Or those who haven’t decided what route they wish to take and want to dip their toe in all different aspects such as editing or scriptwriting? This March, Brighton film company Jump Start Productions, are launching their Jump Start Film School for exactly this reason. With night class courses and day workshops all available for under £100, anyone with a desire to find out more about making steps in filmmaking can come and try it out. A four-week course will set you back a mere £99 and you can choose from: Acting for Screen, Producing, Directing and Feature Film Writing. They even have a One Day Film School, which is just £49 for March (a very reasonable £79 after). Founder and director Jamie Patterson – who has an impressive number of films under his belt so far, such as Home For Christmas and City of Dreamers - will take you through the filmmaking process, from start to finish, with

By Holly Cozens

help from some familiar names along the way. A newbie to Brighton, Actress April Pearson - known for her role as ‘Michelle’ in the original Skins series, starring alongside Alex Pettyfer in the film ‘Tormented’ and recently taking the lead as Beth Prince in Jump Start’s 2014 Brightoncentric rom-com ‘Home For Christmas’ – is one of the talented few to get involved. When I met up with the gang, it was clear how excited she and Patterson were about the film school’s potential, “It is important for people to know that we want to have a very definitive workshop environment. Everyone attending is encouraged to have an opinion, even towards those of us who will be teaching. We want to work together to ensure students leave with a sense of understanding, achievement and fire in their bellies”. Jump Start Film School will be taking place in various locations, including the infamous Lolly Studios, run by filmmaker Mark Davis. Davis is currently in post-production with futuristic sci-fi film ‘Hinterland’, but will be on hand to get involved, as will other actors, screenwriters, cinematographers and more as the school progresses. The great thing about this new venture is that it will really help to bring together a community of filmmakers and enthusiasts, not just through the lessons but also at regular networking events and even on future film projects. The idea of active learning and post-course support implies a sense of real dedication from the Jump Start team and at a snip of a price, what is there to lose? www.jumpstartuk.com



This season includes: electro swing: white mink comic innovation: simon munnery March 2-28: sick! festival £8 hilarity: laughtermarket mark ravenhill’s: product fringe award winner: pioneer World exclusive: jo Nesbo

01273 201 801 theoldmarket.com

“Excellent venue, great atmosphere” The Guardian

Students get tickets for just £5 each in February* for the following comedy shows *introductory offer for Feb just for BN1 readers, tickets usually just £6 each just enter promocode student5 when booking The best night out in Brighton! Eat, drink, watch four top standups and laugh!

Komedia’s sell-out monthly night of exciting new comedy without the gamble.

Winner of ‘Best Venue in the South 2014’ Chortle Awards

‘It puts the world in a comedy nutshell.’ Latest 7

Sat 10.30pm, doors 10pm Sun 8pm, doors 7pm

Last Thursday of every month 8pm, doors 7pm

An irreverent night of gay-friendly fun and frolics hosted by Zoe Lyons (Mock The Week and Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow).

First Sunday of every month 7.30pm, doors 6.30pm

Plus special student drinks deals (just show your NUS card) For more info & to book visit www.komedia.co.uk/brighton or call 0845 293 8480 Komedia-BN1-160x110-v04.indd 1

27/01/2015 17:55


Left: Flawless t-shirt £20

Right: Boy Parker £26.50

Middle: t-shirt Boy Parker £26 / Hats - Flawless: £18

Boy Parker t-shirt £26.50

Boy Parker: £26.50


Casual T’s is the exciting mid-week event to come to the Hobgoblin every Thursday With t-shirt sponsors and giveaways from the likes of Boy Parker and Flawless Exclusive art and images projected onto a huge t-shirt screen in the venue Mix of electronic dance music and cheap drink deals Tasty burgers from The Troll’s Pantry Casual T’s shoot by Alex at Voodoo Creations studios

Flawless: £20

Boy Parker t-shirts £26.50 / Hat - Flawless: £18


New To Cinema Love is Strange – Fri 6 Feb Whereas many films close with a wedding, Love is Strange opens with one. After four decades together, Ben (John Lithgow) and George (Alfred Molina) get married. Soon after, George loses his job and the two must sell their apartment. They are forced to live separately until they can find a newer, cheaper home. Director Ira Sachs never overly dramatises the same-sex relationship, instead he makes a touching observational statement about love and domesticity. Carried by some excellent performances, especially by the leads Lithgow and Molina, the film crafts a world where love is not strange, instead it is familiar, bittersweet and honest.

Fifty Shades of Grey – Fri 13 Feb At some point in the last few years it became okay to read BDSM erotic novels in public. Or more accurately it became okay to read BDSM erotic novels in public, as long as the novel in question was Fifty Shades of Grey. The problem with this isn’t necessarily the content as much as it is the quality, the E.L. James novel is the sort of thing that makes the Twilight saga look like War and Peace in comparison. Now the book is moving to the silver screen for an appropriate level of cinematic kinkiness with probably similar quality levels. Dakota Johnson takes the role of Anastasia Steele, a college student who interviews and falls for the handsome, successful business man Christian Grey played by Jamie Dornan.

Predestination – Fri 20 Feb Ethan Hawke plays a Temporal Agent who travels on a series of intricate journeys through time to prevent future killers from committing their crimes. On a final assignment before he retires he pursues a bomber who intends to kill over 10,000 people in 1975 New York. To tell any more of the films labyrinth-esque plot would spoil the film. It’s full of the kinds of twists that M. Night Shyamalan used to come up with before he was awful. Coupled with a breakout performance from Sarah Snook, it’s better than your average sci-fi fare, but be prepared for mental gymnastics to follow the mix of time travel, high concepts and knotty storyline.

Monsters: Dark Continent – Fri 27 Feb Back in 2010, Gareth Edwards served as director, cinematographer, production designer and special effects artist on the low-budget film Monsters. It imagined a world where a NASA probe had crash-landed in Mexico, bringing with it large tentacled creatures. However the film itself was less about sci-fi or monsters, and was instead a road movie/love story which happened to be set in a world with said monsters. The sequel, Monsters: Dark Continent appears to be taking a similar approach and is a war movie set in this universe. Edwards is not returning as director, due to commitments making the recent Godzilla film, and it remains to be seen if new director Tom Green will bring the same quality to the film.


Sugarkicks The Punks of Burlesque

A stroll along the seafront, down to Cheetahs Gym, inside, then even further down to the basement below, and we find Sugarkicks neo-burlesque, taboo performance troupe. They’re having a photo shoot for the promotion of their next event ‘Battle Of The Sexes’. Being held at Rialto Theatre, Brighton on Fri 13 Feb, it’s offering an alternative way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. With a hedonistic, liberal, punk attitude towards the more traditional burlesque and pole dancing you’ve seen before, Sugarkicks promise to offer a fresher view on the erotic arts. “It’s called ‘Battle Of The Sexes’ because it’s nice, easy and rolls off the tongue,” Sugar Shane, the compere and organiser of the event, tells us. ”It’s more celebrating differences than pitching them against each other really, with a little bit of healthy competition thrown in. Because obviously, you know, we love the opposite sex, they’re great aren’t they?” Featuring two pole acts, two comedy acts, male and female burlesque dancers and a battle between a drag queen and drag king, it’s in celebration of the difference between sexes, rather than a real war between men and women. Last time, after a hard fought battle the female performers stormed to victory and took the prestigious ‘Best Sex’ trophy home. As always, the boys disputed the result, so after months of spurious accusations of match fixing, bias, bribery and corruption, it was decided that the only option is to stage a rematch. Bursting back onto the Brighton underground scene, after an extended Christmas break, this show will prove to be either the ultimate aphrodisiac, or the ultimate distraction. It’s up to the audience to decide. A mix of music, pole, comedy, neo-burlesque and so much more to keep you

By John Bergin

entertained all night, even during the breaks there’s then performances in the bar. Sugarkicks Cocktail, or Sugarkicks Cuntail, it’s your choice. This month sees them joined by pole acts from Will Tofts and Nora Mawla, comedy with Rebekka Turner and Jack Kristiansen, and something unique, mysterious and very special by Prince Phoenix and Sirona Thorneycroft. All of this is rounded off by Alabama Sunset and The Big Brad Wolf bringing you the ultimate neo-burlesque performances. With Arther Shillin’ banging out the tunes to keep you moving, this will be a full on evening of the weird and rather wonderful. Normally Sugar Shane would host shows solo, but because of the nature of the event it might be a little unfair, so Leon Simmons will be co-host. Joining them, the lovely Ann T will serve as gender neutral referee. The audience, will be playing a part too…it’s them deciding the winner of each round…you might also get the chance to get involved! Now they’re looking at some shows on bank holidays, and even something to tie in with the Star Wars release. “We already have a Princess Leia act ready to go, with a live lightsaber performance!” They’re also getting ready to film lots of promo videos and are producing a weekly news bulletin in their own special style. “We take it very seriously. We have the honour of our gender at stake so we don’t mess about with it.”

Sugarkicks comes to Rialto Theatre on Fri 13 Feb www.sugarkicks.co.uk




Get more, to your door...

By Holly Cozens

Since the dawn of time… ok maybe that’s being a bit dramatic. Ever since I can remember, ordering takeaway was the indication of a lazy night in. Daunted by the thought of having to cook, the image of slightly questionable meat in brightly coloured sauces was much more appealing than putting a saucepan to the hob. Getting a takeaway meant limited choices and quite often, substandard food.

selection to whet our appetites. We all decided that a hankering for burgers meant only one thing; Lucky Beach. Lucky Beach is located on Brighton beach and serves some of the most delicious burgers in town. After careful deliberation, we settled on a mix of different dishes, from Calamari and Chips (£9.65), the LB Royale (£6.95) and the spicy El Diablo (£7.45) to the Halloumi Mushroom Vege Burger (£6.45).

Now, as if ordering food to your home wasn’t lazy enough already, companies like Hungry House and Just Eat enabled us to lift a slothful finger to scan one website for a list of potential eateries in the area. While many are content with scoping out the nearest Chinese, Indian or pizza place, I often longed for the idea of delivery from some of my favourite restaurants. If I’m eating food prepared by someone else and I can’t be bothered to visit one of the hundreds of places in Brighton, why should my home delivery options be so confined?

Ordering through Deliveroo is a very simple process. Once you’ve picked the place and the food, it works as efficiently as any other online delivery service. They charge a reasonable flat rate of £2.50 for the privilege and then it is just a case of creating an account, putting in your details and waiting until the estimated time of arrival. Ours was stated as a rather precise 30 minutes. My only quibble was no option to write a note to the driver. Lucky Beach offers a variety of drinks at their café but these don’t appear on the ordering menu. It would have been handy to be able to ask to see if they could include some cans in the order.

Welcome to Deliveroo, people. Deliveroo is one of a few new companies in the city, offering what it describes as a premium delivery service. Working with some of the more independent, well-respected restaurants in Brighton & Hove, they are able to provide a wider, higher quality range of takeaway options. You can choose to order Mexican from La Choza, Japanese from Moshimo, barbeque meat from Big Eats or even ice cream from Boho Gelato. Us hungry hippos in the office decided to try them out last month. As it was lunchtime, understandably not all places listed were available for delivery. However, we still had a worthy

Aside from that, the food arrived promptly and the Deliveroo driver - very thoughtfully - brought it all the way up to our office before unpacking it from the insulated carriers. Before the food was descended upon like a pack of hyenas descend on a wounded wildebeest, there was enough time to appreciate the fact that our food had arrived warm and in good form. It was almost like it had come straight out of a restaurant or something.


Handmade Pies & Local Ales Festival


27th February to 1st March

Make sure you don’t miss out Real Ales, Real Ciders, Real Food, Real Good! The Victory Inn, 6 Duke Street, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1AH


Images by © Sarah London


87-88 Trafalgar Street Brighton BN1 4ER

A few of my favourite wings Brighton has been crying out for an up-market fried chicken restaurant ever since the opening of establishments like Wishbone and Bird in London, so I was excited to hear of one opening on little old Trafalgar Street. As myself and my dining partner entered the restaurant, the minimalist yet quirkily designed warm wooden interior felt like a particularly luxuriant chicken coop, which is apt considering that every chicken cooked on the premises comes direct from a high welfare farm carefully selected by the owner. The menu is a smörgåsbord of delicious organic chicken options with grilled chicken or fried chicken, chicken burgers, chicken wings, quarter-chicken or half-chicken to choose from. You can also decide between three sauces varying in heat, Nando’s style - but oh so much healthier and fresher. A nice selection of craft beers are available, however dry January dictated that we order a pint of homemade lemonade (£2.45), whose zingy sweetness made up for the lack of alcohol. I opted for the quarter-fried chicken with two sides (£7.45). The chicken arrived in a thick coating of dark golden batter that was neither overly salted nor dripping in grease, as can sometimes be the case with fried chicken. The meat underneath was tender and delicious, a sign of a chicken that has lead a happy life. As I was eating I dunked my meat into the rich, spicy, gingery “Duke sauce”. Thankfully they put the bottle on the table so you never run out.

By Alice Sambrook The accompanying sweet potato chips were a revelation; sweet morsels flavoured with rosemary that will leave you craving their taste and wondering how they got them so damn crispy. Instead of an afterthought, the salad is also a feature in itself. My generous portion of cauliflower tabbouleh with mint and chilli was an absolute dream and worked nicely as a refreshing palate cleanser next to the fried food. Stuffed as I was, I could not leave without sampling the waffles and chocolate sauce made with dates, honey and cacao (£4.95). Specially developed by h.en’s in-house nutritionist, they may just be the most absurdly delicious gluten-free, sugar-free thing that has ever entered my mouth. The waffles were pillowy soft and the chocolate sauce light and just sweet enough. If the thought of succulent fried chicken is one that makes you go weak at the knees, heaven is a place on earth in new restaurant, h.en. No longer will you sheepishly have to pick up your chicken fix from KFC, GFC, RFC or wherever the FC you can find it whilst worrying about the ethical and stomach related fallout. This is in fact guilt-free chicken in every sense. And by the way – they bloody deliver!



Tech Feed

Top 5 Technology Wonders you won’t see in 2015 The festive season is done, you have your new gadgets, and you’re reading about what new products will be coming in 2015 that will make your amazing Christmas gift feel redundant. I don’t want you to feel bad. I want you to get excited for the future of technology, to be inquisitive about what could be possible and to ultimately buy into the idea that technology can solve real problems.

1 2 3

The Hoverboard

Back to the Future II promised us hoverboards in 2015. Yes there are prototypes but you can’t race along Brighton seafront on them. We don’t even need Hoverboards, but do we want them? Do we want to spend Christmas day breaking our neck learning how to fly one and then putting it back in the box and banging it on Gumtree? Hell yeah!

Universal Contactless Payments

We all need to spend money; some of us even enjoy it, especially if we can do it without cash. I love using contactless payments and when I wave something I trust, like my credit card, over a contactless payment machine, the money leaves my account without near-by spies stealing my PIN. But can you loan your friend some money the same way, or tip a busker in the Laines? You can’t, but I sure wish we could.

The Hologram

We want a true, project-into-thin-air, interactive hologram. This could transform how we interact with technology and place us firmly in a futuristic

world. It would first be part of the mobile phone, then the TV, then the computers, then beyond. A hologram you could project from your wrist wouldn’t be a bad addition to the human body.

4 5

Phoneless Phone Yeah, we said it. Boom!

High Performance Electric Cars

Even Jeremy Clarkson would welcome an electric car if it could duplicate the function and performance of a regular car, at a reasonable price – not everyone can afford a Tesla. It would rapidly reduce the need for fossil fuels and make our environment cleaner. I personally think there are better, more efficient modes of transport than the car, but one step at a time. We’ll take an electric hatchback that can get me to Yorkshire and back with a brief top-up charge. By Rik Dodsworth



Be Gluten Free By Mila Statham

French toast doughnut waffles (serves 2) For the waffles: 125g plain gluten free flour blend 1/2 tbsp caster sugar 1/2 tbsp baking powder 1/2 tsp salt 210ml skimmed milk 60g melted margarine 1 egg + 1 egg yolk, beaten Plus: 225g strawberries 3 small eggs 60ml skimmed milk 1 tsp butter 50g caster sugar, on a plate Splash of oil

For the waffles, mix the dry waffle ingredients together in a bowl, add the milk, margarine and eggs and whisk until you have a smooth batter. Leave to rest for 10 minutes, then give another brief whisk. Heat up your waffle iron and once it reaches the correct temperature, spray with oil. (If using a 2 square iron) pour ¼ of the mixture onto each grid, close and cook for about 5 minutes or until cooked through and you have two waffles. Repeat again with the remaining mixture until you have four waffles. Next, beat the eggs and milk together in a wide bowl. Cut the waffles in half (so they are in triangles) and soak each piece in the eggy mixture for a few minutes on each side. Heat the oil and butter in a large frying pan and once the butter has melted, place the soaked waffles in the pan and pour over any remaining egg mixture. Cook on a high heat for a few minutes on each side until lovely and golden. Dip the waffle halves into the sugar, one by one. I only dip one side so they aren’t too sweet. Hull half of the strawberries and slice, leaving the rest whole. Scatter the sliced strawberries over the doughnut waffles and serve the rest on the side.

Al Duomo 7, Pavilion Buildings, Brighton, BN1 1EE

Al Duomo is one of Brighton’s most longest established and popular Italian restaurants. It has a large menu, buzzing restaurant and a great central location right next to the Royal Pavilion.

free is labelled clearly with a ‘GF’ symbol so you know what is safe. The food is really delicious and the portions are very generously sized. It is a great place for a filling winter supper.

It has a friendly and authentic Italian atmosphere, a comfortable environment, with delicious food and wine. A huge bonus is that they now have a gluten free labelled menu. Although Al Duomo don’t have gluten free pizzas on the menu, they have gluten free pasta options, different starters and meat or fish dishes to try. Everything gluten

beglutenfreebrighton.blogspot.co.uk www.beglutenfreebrighton.blogspot.com



Authentic South Indian Cuisine APPETISER VEGETARIAN


• Chilli paneer


• Mild cheddar mushroom and coriander tikki


• Dahi samosa chat


• Ragada patties


Batter fried paneer tossed with fresh green chillies and garlic Masala mash with assorted mushroom shallow fried

Chick peas and samosa with yoghurt and chutneys Potato tikkies with chick peas chutney

• Crispy fried chilli garlic baby squids


• Chicken banoo kebab


• Kerala beef chilli fry


Squid rings marinated with fresh red chillies and garlic paste then deep fried

Hand chopped chicken fillet marinated overnight with black pepper, coriander, royal cumin pan grilled

Strips of beef marinated overnight with crushed green chillies, shallots. Curry leaves and fresh ginger



• Bowli hundi


Slow cooked lamb braised with onion. Garlic and seasonal vegetables

• Punjabi Chicken Tikka Makhan Wala


• Mala bar Chicken


• Chicken Niligiri Korma


• Adrakhi Palak Murgh


• Chettinad Chicken Curry


• Chicken Dopiaza


• Kadai Chicken


Succulent Chicken Tikka in a buttery sauce with fenugreek leaves Mild chicken curry with coconut, cinnamon and curry leaves Chicken cooked with fresh chillies, coriander, mint and yoghurt

Chicken cooked with fresh ginger and spinach Chicken cooked with twelve ground spices Chicken braised with onions and spices Chicken cooked with pepper, onion, tomato, coriander and fenugreek


• Prawn Bhuna




visit website for more


Fresh water prawns cooked in homemade pickling sauce

visit website for more


• King Prawn Achari

NON-VEGETARIAN visit website for more

58 London Road, Brighton East Sussex, BN1 4JE 01273 685151, www.easterneyerestaurant.co.uk

• Duck chilli garlic


Strips of duck stir fried with fresh red and green chillies

VEGETABLE SIDE DISH • Paneer butter masala


Cottage cheese in a buttery sauce with fenugreek

OLD FAVOURITE DISHES • Korma - Lamb • Biryani - Lamb

£8.50 £8.90

RICE DISHES • Steamed Basmati rice


BREADS • Plain naan


DOSA WORLD • Butter Masala dosa



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Valid from 1 February 2015 Offer ends 28 February 2015

Offer ends 28 February



32 Ship Street Brighton BN1 1AD

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This month sees She Said, Brighton’s favourite naughty shop, hit the high street in style. After more than a decade of being tucked away in a little alley the business has moved their erotic emporium around the corner to a prime spot on Ship Street (next to Browns). Owner Nic Ramsey says, “it was a shock being told after nearly 13 years that our new landlord would not renew our lease. But we were determined to make the move a positive one. And the new Ship Street location seems to be going down a storm with both regulars and new customers. We’ve had so many amazing compliments and our new neighbours have been so welcoming”. She Said will continue to stock their fabulous range of lingerie (now up to a GG cup) and corsetry which it has become famous for, along with the best selection of adult toys and erotic accessories on the south coast including the award-winning ranges by Lelo, Fun Factory and Je Joue. But the new shop,

spanning three enticing floors, will now offer a full range of fetish and burlesque fashion too. The timing of the opening couldn’t be better! “This Valentines we are expecting a very busy week. As the exclusive stockists of the official Fifty Shades of Grey and limited edition Red Room collections we expect to get a lot of interest from the public” says Nic. “We’ll be open till late over the Valentine’s weekend with plenty of surprises instore, and will be giving away 100 Mini Love Hampers to our customers.” So BN1 readers, be sure to head down to Ship Street to grab some romantic goodies this Valentine’s while stocks last. Check out She Said’s social media for all the latest on She Said news, special offers, workshops and late night shopping events. www.shesaidboutique.com TWITTER @shesaidboutique FACEBOOK She Said Boutique

CONSENT IN THE CITY New Campaign on sexual consent launched Local Brighton charities are joining together to open a debate on what sexual consent really means. Inspired by the surge in erotic literature, the campaign asks if this influences attitudes to consent. With City Reads help, a reading list of seven novels, with a range of sexual encounters, has been compiled. The campaign will culminate on Mon 14 Feb, in a live debate at the

Old Court House with a panel of leading feminist thinkers and writers. This campaign aims to deepen the understanding of sexual consent across the city, focusing for the first time on adult women. www.consentinthecity.com



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