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To develop diverse leaders Visionary Sponsor:

Dear Friends of MCLP, The Multicultural Leadership Program (MCLP) was built on a dream: that developing strong, compassionate leaders from all corners of the community would enrich lives. Your support is beginning to make this dream a reality. MCLP supporters provided a total of 8,000 volunteer hours to support the 25 individuals in Class of 2013. You invested your time, money and wisdom into all our classes because you, like us, believe that true servant leaders can make this world a better place. As we complete our fourth year, we know the dream is becoming a reality. We know it when alumni say, “I am a different type of leader now”; when a mentor says, “My mentee told me he would not have applied for his dream job, without the confidence he gained in MCLP”; and when a community organization says, “Our MCLP project took one of our services from ‘red’ to ‘in the black’ in one year.” We are energized when so many alumni tell us “MCLP is truly a transformative leadership experience.” As we begin our fifth year, MCLP continues to rely on you as our circle of support. Your belief and support of the dream helps us navigate through our next phase of growth. The self-confidence and self-truths found during MCLP by each alumnus will fuel the leadership courage needed to “do the right thing” for our community. At this year’s graduation celebration we took another step forward. We announced the MCLP Endowment Fund, to ensure that the MCLP dream for our community remains strong. The goal is to raise $50,000 by our fifth graduation celebration April 2014. Within a month of the announcement, we received $20,000 in endowment gifts. While there is still much to do to ensure a sustainable program, we move forward in faith and confidence, inspired by your support and our graduates. Just as our graduates are grateful for their circle of support, I thank you for being part of MCLP’s circle of support. Sonya Chu Mau Executive Director, MCLP

Circle of Support

Behind every successful leader is a circle of supporters and well wishers.


Endowment Fund What is the MCLP Endowment Fund? It’s a gift that keeps on giving. The MCLP Endowment Fund is a general endowment fund supported by charitable gifts. The fund is invested and managed so that over time it provides a sustainable income stream to the Multicultural Leadership Program (MCLP), yet maintains the gift’s purchasing power in perpetuity. Why is this endowment being established? So that MCLP can continue to develop diverse leaders—individuals with a passion to serve and lead in their communities, who will address community needs with solutions that include all the voices of our community. How does it work? MCLP began the fund with $50,000 from donations received over the last four years. The initial goal is another $50,000 in gifts, or a total of $100,000 by end of April 2014. Final results will be announced at next year’s graduation celebration. Over the long term, the fund will ensure a financially stable base to fund future MCLP classes and participant scholarships. The fund will be maintained by the MCLP fiscal agent, Illinois Prairie Community Foundation, to leverage the value provided by their 15 years of experience managing a large endowment portfolio. All MCLP endowment gifts are welcomed. Individual donors contributing $1,000 or more and corporate donors contributing $5,000 or more will be recognized as Founding Members. All Founding Members will be listed permanently on the MCLP website and in future graduation programs. All amounts are welcomed and tax deductible. Endowment gifts can be mailed to: Illinois Prairie Community Foundation—Attn: MCLP Endowment Fund, 2401 E. Washington, Suite 300B Bloomington, IL 61704 Make checks payable to IPCF-MCLP or to “Illinois Prairie Community Foundation” and cite “MCLP Endowment Fund” as the beneficiary. You may also endow online at Click on the “Endow” button on the right navigation page.


Founding Members MCLP Endowment Funding Members as of May 31, 2013 All Founding Members will be listed permanently on the MCLP website and in future program material.

Individuals $1,000+ Andrea and Don Thorpe Annette Martinez Arlene Hosea and Ben Ryburn Carole and Jerry Ringer Chantal and Carl Sneed Christa Staley David and Paula Mitchell Deanna Frautschi and Alan Bedell Diana and Dave Hauman Erin MinnĂŠ George and Myra Gordon Heather Stella Janet Hood Karen Schmidt Laura and Bryan Leaver Mary Riddle Michael Wolf and Justin Vickers Robert Williams Sandeepa Sangras and Phani Aytam Sonya Mau William Snyder Willie Brown Organizations $5,000+ COUNTRY Financial


Making a difference... …to the community and sponsors By building stronger, well‐rounded community members, our community as a whole is strengthened. MCLP small-group projects provide low-cost solutions to key issues affecting our community. By emphasizing diversity, MCLP produces leaders who are equipped to collaborate in building a stronger community—a community that designs inclusive solutions to address complex issues, a community with programs reflecting the diversity of the people living in it. …to employers Employees who complete MCLP will develop greater diversity of thought and core leadership skills that are effective both inside and outside of their place of work. Employees gain a better understanding of their community and establish meaningful contacts within powerful networks throughout McLean County. …to participants Participants develop leadership competencies and benefit from a robust learning experience through their class sessions, mentoring relationships, and hands-on community service projects. They are exposed to new thoughts and views to address complex issues, while also learning more about the community in which they live and work. They walk away better prepared to be effective employees at their jobs and take on leadership roles in the community to serve the local organizations.

“ Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.” Ola Joseph


Class Curriculum What is MCLP? MCLP is an intense, professional development curriculum that provides a framework to those with an interest and potential to step into leadership roles within our communities. Participants attend class sessions and carry out community projects over an eight-month period. MCLP strives to prepare skilled individuals for leadership positions in public, private, educational, political, and non-profit sectors. MCLP is offered annually to develop community leaders. The MCLP self-exploration framework is designed to help each participant examine the answers to these questions:

 Who are you?  What are your strengths and passions?  What are you going to do now?


Class Curriculum The MCLP Curriculum focuses on five key areas: Self-Awareness The first step to becoming a community leader is to become self-aware. In MCLP, each participant completes a Myers-Briggs evaluation, StrengthsFinder and Leadership 360. These evaluations assist participants in completing a comprehensive study of their leadership style and leadership strengths. Class sessions round out opportunities for self-exploration, including emotional intelligence, relationship building, and life-balance topics. Community Service Each participant works with a small group of diverse individuals on a community project specially selected for their group. Participants learn invaluable skills, such as leveraging the strengths of team members, communicating a concise point of view, and contributing to the common goal of the team. In addition to helping a community organization, the team dynamic itself is a gratifying learning experience. At the end of the class, each group will have finished a service project meeting an identified community need. Leadership Skills All aspects of the leadership experience and skills building are explored during this intense eight-month class. Some of the topics in leadership include strategic thinking, team building, managing conflict, change management, crisis leadership, and situational leadership. Each topic is presented by experienced facilitators who encourage both class participation and spirited debate.

“ It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve… Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead. [The servant leader] first makes sure that other people’s highest priority needs are being served.” Robert Greenleaf, founder of the servant leadership movement


Class Curriculum Social and Community Awareness Social and community awareness is a primary focus of MCLP. Panel discussions are interspersed throughout the program on topics such as health care, sustainability, politics and social justice, and education. Panels are comprised of distinguished community leaders who share their unique opinions and experiences. The class also participates in a humbling and eye-opening poverty simulation experience. Servant Leadership One of the most valuable concepts explored in MCLP is servant leadership. This is the foundational core of the program. The central meaning of servant leadership is that a great leader is first experienced as a servant to others. This simple fact is central to the leader’s greatness: true leadership emerges when the servant leader has the courage to step forward and lead when asked by those he or she serves.

“ The best test [of a true servant-leader], and difficult to administer, is: Do those served grow as persons? Do they, while being served, become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants? And, what is the effect on the least privileged in society? Will they benefit or at least not be further deprived?� Robert Greenleaf, founder of the servant leadership movement


Class of 2013 Name


Alex Moncrief Ann Perry

Systems Analyst, State Farm Insurance Human Resources Representative, State Farm Insurance Instructional Assistant Professor, ISU Network Engineer, Integrity Technology Solutions General Manager, Retail Operations, ISU HR Manager, Afni Producer, Uplift Productions Associate Director of Development, ISU Coordinator of Orientation and Transition Service, ISU Project Coordinator, State Farm Insurance In-Language Specialist, State Farm Insurance Systems Analyst, State Farm Insurance Director of Marketing & Community Relations, McLean County Museum of History Data Designer, State Farm Insurance Sr. VP Adult and Children Supports, Marcfirst Systems Analyst, State Farm Insurance Commissioning Section Manager, Farnsworth Group Project Coordinator , State Farm Insurance Branch Manager, Mid-Illini Credit Union at Mount Pisgah CAP (Capacity, Availability, and Performance) Team Lead, State Farm Insurance Operations Coordinator, School of Music, Illinois Wesleyan University Senior Project Manager, iGATE Corporation Radio Host, Production Coordinator, WXRJ 94.9 Program Support and Implementation Analyst, State Farm Insurance Retail Manager, Heartland Bank and Trust Company

Aparna Idate Carlos T. Miranda Chuck DiVerde Christa Staley Donald Wiggins Emily James Emily Vigneri Erica Scott Fernando Cornejo Goverdhan Galpalli Jeffery Woodard Kelli Saizon Mary Riddle Mauricio Sadicoff Michael Wolf Missy Thomas Sabrina Coleman Sparsula Simmons Stephanie Kohl Ringle Sudhir Pai Tereva Parham Tiffany Cho Tony Curcuru

Brian Cunningham Gina Palmer

Class Facilitator Class Facilitator


Class of 2013

Class after Graduation—April 2013

Class on Networking Night—September 2012


Graduation Celebration On April 13, 2013 the elegant Brown Ballroom at Illinois State University was filled with over 500 people celebrating the graduation of 25 MCLP graduates. Each had completed a rigorous eight-month leadership program. That evening, family and friends came together to recognize their achievements as leaders. Nicole Clemmons, Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the evening, introduced Rob Fazzini, chair of the MCLP Advisory Council. Rob acknowledged the community leaders in our audience as well as our founder, Phani Aytam. Emily Vigneri, class of 2013 speaker, set the theme of the evening with the recognition of gifts she’s received during the MCLP journey: 1) knowledge of self and community, 2) heightened responsibility with urgency to act, and 3) connections throughout the community and among classmates. Emily challenged all MCLP graduates, past and present, to reflect on the gifts they received during MCLP and share their gifts with others. Emily was followed by Macaria Lopez, graduate of the inaugural class of 2010. Macaria shared how “personal” the journey really is. “Being more of a leader than I ever thought” brings great responsibility. Every word or action may help or hinder others along their life’s journey. Through MCLP, Macaria found the courage to make the right decisions for the right reason. Following our graduates, two founding advisory council members, Deanna Frautschi and Willie Brown, announced the MCLP Endowment Fund. The new fund’s purpose is to help MCLP sustain and achieve the dream of strong, compassionate leaders from all corners of our community. A memoir slide show of the past eight months’ activities was followed by our keynote speaker, Azim Khamisa. His leadership journey inspires us all to find the strength to bounce back from our setbacks and proceed to serve and lead where needed. Leslie Harding, graduation chair, introduced the facilitators for class of 2013: Brian Cunningham and Gina Palmer. The facilitators introduced our graduates as they took the traditional graduation walk with an MCLP alum as escort. During each graduate’s walk, his or her “circle of support” stood to be recognized, proving that no leader achieves alone. The evening closed with Sonya Mau, executive director, inviting the class on stage to be recognized officially as the 4th annual amazing MCLP graduating class!


Graduation Celebration

“Azim Khamisa epitomizes the principles upon which MCLP is built.” Azim Khamisa is an international speaker and advocate for eliminating gang violence, for forgiveness, and for peace.

Azim Khamisa 2013 Key Note Speaker

Mr. Khamisa was an international banker in 1995, when his only son, Tariq, was killed in a senseless gang-related incident by Tony Hicks, a 14-year-old gang member. Azim Khamisa chose to forgive because he felt there were victims at both ends of the gun. By this courageous decision, Azim Khamisa began a journey that is transforming lives: his own life, the life of his son’s killer, and that of millions who have been touched by his efforts.

Says Khamisa: “We humans continuously confront defining moments in our lives. Sometimes these events are joyous; sometimes they are tragedies. At these moments it’s important to make the right choices. When we do, we are literally able to manifest a miracle and produce transformation in ourselves and others.” Khamisa believes that “forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.” His decision to forgive Tony, freed Azim to pursue a mission that both honored his son and helped reduce violence among youths. His Tariq Khamisa Foundation ( and subsequent forgiveness work has reached millions through international speaking, public and corporate workshops, an award winning movie, audio recordings and four published books, including the award-winning From Murder to Forgiveness and the Random House book The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit, coauthored with Jillian Quinn.


Community Awards

Mike Matejka

2013 MCLP Community Service Award Recipient Mike Matejka has served the Bloomington-Normal community for almost forty years as a community volunteer, multicultural advocate, and servant leader.

Margarita Alvarez

2013 MCLP Alumni Award Recipient Margarita Alvarez is an advocate for basic human rights and has always been the voice of those who, at many times, cannot speak for themselves.

Each year MCLP presents an award to two individuals who live the principles upon which the Multicultural Leadership Program was founded. The individuals are selected from nominations received from the community. The MCLP Community Service Award is a person from the community at large. The MCLP Alumni award is an MCLP graduate. Both are selected based on the following criteria: 1. Demonstrated history of making a positive difference in our community 2. Takes action with a drive to serve others and the courage to lead when needed. 3. Leave those he or she works with better off — either wiser, healthier, richer, happier.


Class of 2013 Panelists & Presenters Aaron Quick Aimee Ingalls Dr. Al Bowman Dr. Allen Goben Annette Martinez Aron Klein Dr. Barry Reilly Ben Bennett Bruce Bergethon Cheryl Gaines Cindy Blackburn Cristina Deutsch Christina Schultz Dr. Connie DeVeer Dale Strassheim David Hales Deanna Frautschi Dennis Goodwin Diana Hauman Dr. Dick Wilson Dixie Axley

Erika Arnhart Gail Kear Dr. Gary Niehaus Dr. George Gordon Jane Chamberlain Dr. Janet Krejci Jay Verner Jim Browne Julia Turner Jo Ann Reidy Jon Greiner Dr. Karen Schmidt Karen Zangerle Kristen Sand Lonnie Smith Mark Peterson Mary Crego Mike Matejka Pat Lingenfelter Patty Michels Dr. Paul Pederson

Paula Mitchell Rachel Schlipmann Rick Bleichner Rick Glass Rick Owens Rob Fazzini Sally Zuhn Sandy Bentley Sean Wells Sonya Mau Steve Denault Dr. Steve Perry Steve Schroeder Steve Wannemacher Dr. Tari Renner Todd Hughes Tom Jecklin Dr. Tony Bankston Tony Coletta Vicki Tilton Wille Brown

Mentors Dr. Allen Goben Dr. Amelia NoĂŤl-Elkins Andrea Thorpe Dr. Barry Reilly Carole Ringer Chris Martin Christina Schulz Dale Avery Deanna Frautschi

Dr. Gary Niehaus Dr. Janet Krejci Jean Lawyer Jeff Gendron John Wohlwend Jon Voegele Dr. Larry Dietz Marcel Blythe


Mark DeKeersgieter Mboka Mwilambwe Rob Fazzini Rob McDade Sean Wells Sonya Gong Jent Steve Wannemacher Tony Coletta

Class of 2013 Advisory Council Andrea Thorpe Annette Martinez Bernie Anderson Carl Sneed Carl Teichman Cindy Blackburn Deanna Frautschi Erin MinnĂŠ Gigi Fansler

Gregg Chadwick Judge Elizabeth Robb Mark Peterson Paula Mitchell Rob Fazzini, Chair Sonya Gong Jent Steve Wannemacher Tony Coletta Willie Brown

Board of Directors Anand Bhende Bert Neptune Carolyn Davis Craig Luchtefeld Diana Hauman Iwin Huang Janet Hood Janine Peacher Juan Garcia

Kari Sandhaas Kristen Sand Leslie Harding Phani Aytam Rearn Dotson Sandy Bentley Santosh Raut Shleah Scarborough Tina McCormick

MCLP Staff (Part-time) Sonya Mau, Executive Director Patty Michels, Program Coordinator


Class of 2013 Committee Members Anita Moore Bev Hornickel Bob Bentley Carol Hreha Carrie Broquard Henry Ramsey Jackie Longbons-Baughman Katie Doyle Kaylea Donley

Kristen Grimes Melinda Zehr Monica Palmer Nicole Clemmons Olemuel Ashford Paul Hursey Sally Zuhn Sharon Gissler Tammy Vancil

MCLP Interns Amanda Carlson Angelique Ambers

Elayne Goldman Melissa Brount

Board Experience Partners  Central Illinois Regional

 McLean County History

Airport  Community Cancer Center  Community Health Care Clinic  Ecology Action Center  Illinois Symphony Board  League of Women Voters of McLean County  Marcfirst

Museum  McLean County Regional

Planning Commission  The Baby Fold  United Way Of McLean County  West Bloomington Revitalization Project


Community Projects Objective: “Develop and pilot an Employment Mentoring Program for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder” Team: ‘Nonsense’ Project Sponsor: Kari Sandhaas Project Liaison: John Schultz & Virginia Moody Group Advisor: Carrie Broquard Project Team: Missy Thomas, Sabrina Coleman, Sudhir Pai, Tiffany Cho, and Tony Curcuru

Project Description: Employment is a primary challenge for people on the Autism Spectrum. Many are well-educated and highly skilled, but their disability makes access to employment a challenge. This project focused on designing an Employment Mentoring Program for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The goal is to help individuals with ASD (and potentially other cognitive disabilities) develop social/business networking skills and relationships, towards the goal of increasing their employability and access to local employment opportunities. The program should be sustainable. It should build a network of mentors within the community as a conduit for individuals with ASD. It should also increase awareness about people with ASD within the larger community and expand employment access opportunities for individuals with cognitive disabilities, such as ASD. Project Results: Team Nonsense explored current tools and resources available for autistic adults, then planned and implemented a small two-month pilot program, called “Bridges to Work.” The program included 1) an application process for mentors and mentees, 2) mentor and mentee informational packets, 3) setting expectations for mentees, and 4) job shadowing and business etiquette training. After the pilot, the team evaluated the program using feedback obtained from mentors, mentees, and parents of the mentees.


Community Projects Objective: “Increase awareness and support of the David Davis Mansion and its endowment fund” Team: ‘History Avengers’ Project Sponsor: Marcia Young Project Liaison: Elizabeth Whisman Group Advisor: Diana Hauman Project Team: Aparna Idate, Christa Staley, Goverdhan Galpalli, Mauricio Sadicoff, and Sparsula Simmons

Project Description: The project team created a marketing plan for the David Davis Mansion (DDM) and increased funding for the Foundation’s endowment fund. They also worked with the David Davis Mansion Board and volunteers to implement portions of the marketing plan. Project Results: $20,000 was raised for the DDM endowment fund during their 2012 Christmas Tree Festival. A short-term goal and timeline were set to raise $1,000,000. Training documents were created for board members and volunteers to ensure appropriate fundraising and solicitation‘asks’ occur at all Mansion events. The board connected with fundraising experts with dates scheduled for board education. A sponsorship program was created after consulting with the DDM Board to define various levels of individual and corporate donations and appropriate ‘awards’ based on the various amounts donated (i.e. $50-$10,000 increment donations). A timeline and budget was finalized for Christmas tree sponsorship for 2013. The team committed to working on this event through its kick off in December 2013. Indiegogo was researched and suggested as an international crowd funding platform for fundraising. The David Davis Mansion Board was presented a complete set of recommendations.


Community Projects

Objective: “Prepare a comprehensive marketing plan to reach a broader audience in Bloomington-Normal” Team: ‘Roots’ Project Sponsor: Tim Glancy

Project Liaison: Meg Murphy Group Advisor: Juan Garcia Project Team: Alex Moncrief, Emily James, Erica Scott, Jeffery Woodard, and Mary Riddle

Project Description: The Center for Youth and Family Solutions (CYFS) is a new agency that wanted to improve their public awareness and increase financial support from the community. Team Roots worked with CYFS to complete a marketing plan, including Community Outreach, Media Outreach, Fundraising and Sustainability. Team Roots and CYFS began implementing that plan by completing a poster campaign, that increased public awareness and helped increase financial support for CYFS, contacting media outlets (newspapers, TV stations, radio stations) to generate publicity, researching grant opportunities, and completing a framework for a unique signature event to raise funds. Project Results: Specifically, Team Roots created 11 posters advertising the services provided by the Bloomington-Normal branch of the Center for Youth and Family Solutions (CYFS). All posters were translated into Spanish. Twenty-eight businesses and non-profit organizations in the Bloomington-Normal area agreed to hang the posters. Team Roots also researched and identified grant and partnership opportunities for CYFS. Finally, a unique signature event, Painted Wishes – Silent Auction, was designed with CYFS. It is a large-scale fundraiser where artwork produced by the Family Art Workshop will be auctioned off through a silent auction. This is a new event to the Bloomington-Normal area and should attract many community members.


Community Projects

Objective: “Develop a plan to re-launch the Automated External Defibrillator program in Bloomington-Normal” Team: ‘Heartthrobs’ Project Sponsor: Kathi Franklin

Project Liaison: Janice Berlin Group Advisor: Jon McWhirter Project Team: Donald Wiggins, Emily Vigneri, Kelli Saizon, Michael Wolf, and Stephanie Kohl Ringle

Project Description: The project team worked with the Illinois Heart and Lung Foundation (IHLF) to evaluate their Automated External Defibrillator (AED) program in Bloomington -Normal. Team Heartthrobs brought their unique perspectives and individual talents to the project as they researched issues and challenges facing widespread AED adoption; including training, maintenance, registration, usage reports, accessibility and state laws. After contacting various community organization and governmental entities, researching and synthesizing the information, a final report detailed findings and recommendations for future programs to implement. Project Results: The team recommended events and actions to help promote widespread acceptance of AEDs. They provided a streamlined process for other agencies to apply for reduced-cost devices and further training/marketing to encourage compliance with current laws. In addition, contacts with various organizations on specific actions allow IHLF to begin implementation of selected recommendations immediately.


Community Projects Objective: “Create a brand identity for Labyrinth as a recognizable entity in the community” Team: ‘Fantastic Voyage’ Project Sponsor: Feli Sebastian Project Liaison: Mary Campbell Group Advisor: Anand Bhende Project Team: Ann Perry, Carlos T. Miranda, Chuck DiVerde, Fernando Cornejo, and Tereva Parham

Project Description: The purpose of this project is to build community awareness of Labyrinth, its services, and how Labyrinth addresses the needs of formerly incarcerated women. After interviewing Labyrinth staff, researching options, and brainstorming approaches, we defined a three-pronged effort: 1) building bridges, 2) media connections, and 3) branding and marketing. By project’s end, we had implemented many of the tasks identified in the three-pronged effort. Project Results: “Building bridges” focused on establishing partnerships to create a donor base, corporate support, government funding and private assistance. Some of these entities included State Farm Insurance Companies, Heartland Community College, and Central Illinois Links Incorporated. Through “media connections,” Labyrinth is now able to work with three diverse radio stations, two print publications and one television station. The team established contacts within each outlet to assist Labyrinth in the future to spread news worthy information. “Branding and marketing” produced a website, logo, and print materials including business cards, brochures, stationary, branding guidelines, and a portable banner.


Community Involvement MCLP is a catalyst for our alumni to remain involved with community organiza-

tions after graduation. Alumni serve in leadership roles for the following organizations as board members, advisors, volunteers, and employees.                           

100 Black Men Aktion Club—Kiwanis Program Autism Society of McLean County The Baby Fold Back to School Alliance Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Illinois Black Business Alliance Bloomington Kiwanis Bloomington-Normal Daybreak Rotary Boys & Girls Club of BloomingtonNormal The Center for Youth and Family Solutions Collaborative Solutions Institute Community Cancer Center Community Health Care Clinic Conexiones Latinas de McLean County Crossroads Global Handcrafts David Davis Mansion Foundation District-87 Ecology Action Center Faith in Action Juvenile Extended Day Program Habitat for Humanity of McLean County Habitat ReStore Heartland Head Start Heartland Community College Foundation Home Sweet Home Ministries Humane Society of Central Illinois

 Illinois 4-H Youth Development Program  Illinois Heart and Lung Foundation  Illinois Prairie Community Foundation  Illinois Symphony Orchestra  Labyrinth Outreach Services to Women  League of Women Voters of McLean County  Minority & Police Partnership  Marcfirst  March of Dimes  McLean Country Indian Association  McLean County Planning Commission Board  McLean County Recovery Court Advisory Board  Multicultural Leadership Program  Normal Human Relations Commission  Organization of Chinese Americans Inc., Oca Cil  Prevent Child Abuse - Illinois  Project OZ  The Salvation Army  Unit-5  Unity Community Center  West Bloomington Revitalization Program  Western Avenue Community Center  WXRJ  YWCA


Our Graduates Are Our Legacy

Class of 2012

Class Facilitator: Theresia Taylor Anand Bhende Brian Cunningham Carrie Broquard Craig Luchtefeld Gina Palmer Grace Pagowska Heather Stella Henry Ramsey

Henry Walker Janet Hood Janine Peacher Johnny Nguyen Juan Garcia Kari Sandhaas Kristen Sand Laura Duvendack


Nicole Clemmons Pretty Reji Sagar Gollapudi Santosh Raut Shleah Scarborough Tim Golliday Tina McCormick

Our Graduates Are Our Legacy

Class of 2011

Class Facilitator: Gary D. Williams Anita Moore Brian Peacher Carolyn Davis Cavell Walcott Denise Younge Erika Arnhart Iwin Huang Jon McWhirter Kimberly Pfeifer

Latha Rao Leslie Harding Lori Harvey Matt Johnson Munjal Dave Nida Kazim Paul Hursey Jr. Peter Stroyan


Rahul Bafna Rearn Dotson Renee Lafontaine Sandeep Davalbhakta Sharonna Owens Theresia Taylor Vicente Adame Yoon Yim

Our Graduates Are Our Legacy

Class of 2010

Class Facilitator: Phani Aytam Bert Neptune Carl L. Davis Daniel Liu Don Paul Gary Donell Williams Jamaal Crayton Jhun Medina Joe Zacharias

Karen Kapela Ken Starks Lauren Kim Macaria Lopez Mandava V. Rao Margarita Alvarez Marisanta Hidrogo Mark Walcott


Michael Donnelly Monica Williams Nina Olvera Teena Rajan Roshaunda Ross Tom Moy Vani Prasad

MCLP Statistics & Financials Distribution of Revenue

Class of 2010 Class of 2011 Class of 2012 Class of 2013






Class Presenters

















Facebook Daily Total Reach



Facebook Daily Total Impressions



Graduation Reservations Website Visits Facebook Likes


Thank you to our sponsors!

Scholarship Sponsors


Individual Donors

Ann and Carl Frautschi Scholarship Fund Nadine and Joe Yurieci Scholarship Fund Willie Brown Scholarship Fund

MCLP Endowment Fund Susan Noble Endowment Fund

Annette Martinez Bill Snyder Deanna Frautschi & Alan Bedell Willie Brown

Š Multicultural Leadership Program 2013

2013 Annual Report  
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