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26 BACARDI Miami Sailing Week 2010

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Special Thanks to: Eddie Cutillas and Bacardi U.S.A., Keith Gapp and EFG International, Marc D. Sarnoff and Staff, City of Miami, City of Newport, Regatta Chair Mark Pincus, Barbara Beigel Vosbury and the Star Class, Ed Padin and the Viper 640 Class, Philip Carlson and the M32 Class, Jeff Johnstone and the J/70 Class, Christopher Howell and the VX One Class.

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WINNERS 1927-1930 •

Adrian Iselin II F. Robinson Fred Bedford W.F. Teves

1936-1939 •

Adrian Iselin II Paul Shields Harry Nye Paul Smart

1948-1951 •

Woodie Pirie Woodie Pirie Skip Etchells Durward Knowles

1962-1965 •

Basil Kelly Howard Lippencott Ding Schoonmaker Read Ruggles

1970-1973 •

Ding Schoonmaker Ding Schoonmaker Read Ruggles Bill Buchan

1978-1981 •

Peter Wright Bill Buchan Bill Buchan Vince Brun

1986-1989 •

Vince Brun Vince Brun Ed Adams Mark Reynolds

1994-1997 •

Ross Macdonald Ross Macdonald Vince Brun Mark Reynolds

2002-2005 •

Mark Reynolds Peter Bromby Afonso Domingos Mark Mendelblatt

2010-2013 •

Rick Merriman & Phil Trinter Guillaume Florent & Pascal Rambeau Xavier Rohart & Pierre Alexis Ponsot Mark Mendelblatt & Brian Faith

2 BACARDI Sailing Week 2015

• 1931-1935

Carlos de Cárdenas David Atwater Adrian Iselin II Adrian Iselin II

• 1940-1942

Harry Nye Harry Nye Alfred de Marigny

• 1952-1955 57

Robert Lippincott Ding Schoonmaker Alberto Reyes Jorge de Cárdenas Alvaro de Cárdenas

• 1966-1969

Joe Duplin Richard Stearns Richard Stearns Frank Zagarino

• 1974-1977

Ding Schoonmaker Peter Wright Ding Schoonmaker Ding Schoonmaker

• 1982-1985

Vince Brun Andy Menkart Mark Reynolds Vince Brun

• 1990-1993

Mark Reynolds Ed Adams Mark Reynolds Peter Wright

• 1998-2001

Mark Reynolds Ross Macdonald Ross Macdonald Peter Bromby

• 2006-2009

John Dane Hamish Pepper Afonso Domingos Peter Bromby

• 2014

Lars Grael Samuel Gonçalves




IT USED TO BE A MIDWINTER CHAMPIONSHIP The predecessor to the Bacardi Cup was the first Silver Star series, the Midwinter Championship of the Star Class. It was sailed in Havana in 1926. The Bacardi Cup was conceived in 1927 as a three-day event with less than ten boats competing for the Trofeo BACARDI as part of the Cup of Cuba’s Mid-Winter Championship. The regatta continued for thirty years until political unrest forced the Bacardi Cup to move in 1962 from Havana to the Coral Reef Yacht Club in Coconut Grove, Florida. Since continuing in Miami, The Bacardi Cup has grown into an internationally renowned sailing spectacle with world class sailors channeling the grand tradition of camaraderie first evidenced by the regatta’s beginnings.


IT BECAME A MIAMI TRADITION We all know that Miami, as a fairly new city, does not have much history. When there is a regatta which began in Havana in 1927 and moved to Miami’s CRYC in 1962, this has become one of our very special Miami traditions. This regatta is the Bacardi Cup. Over the years, the Star Class competitors have included many of the top sailors in the world. While many sailed when it competed in the Olympics (which ended in 2012), many more enjoy sailing Stars with the fun ambiance of the Bacardi Cup which include no weight rule for the skipper and crew, no measuring for the boat and only one or two long races a day. We hope for good wind and great sailing and, for the 87th time, someone will get to raise the Bacardi Cup itself and drink the rum as our latest Bacardi Cup Champion. It is the Brothers Grael No, this is not a sequel to the Brothers Karamazov. It is just another reason that the 2015 Bacardi Cup will be exciting. Torben Grael and his younger brother Lars have won about every sailing trophy there is. Between them, they have seven Olympic sailing medals, seven world championship trophies and many other awards but only one Bacardi Cup. Last year, Lars and his crew Samuel Gonçalves finished in First Place in the Bacardi Cup with one bullet and only five points in four races (after the drop race). They were just seven points ahead of brother Torben sailing with Guilherme Almeida in 3rd place. Mark Reynolds and Magnus Liljedahl were in between them in 2nd place and Star World Champion Xavier Rohart and Serge Pulfer rounded out the Fabulous Four in 4th place.


Another new tradition Another new tradition is the BACARDI Miami Sailing Week presented by EFG. In addition to the Stars racing in the Bacardi Cup, four more classes will be competing. They are J/70, Viper 640, VX One and, new for this year, the M32 Catamarans. While the City is completing the new Regatta Park on the grounds of the old Coconut Grove Convention Center, the temporary Regatta village will be located in Coconut Grove’s Kennedy Park.

What do you think of when you hear BACARDI CUP? “Friends” — Lars Grael “Best Star regatta in the world.” — Larry Whipple “Friendship… with Star sailors from everywhere who are glad to get reacquainted with one another.” — Joe Zambella “My favorite place to drink a Cuba Libre” — Stu Hebb “31 years of consecutive years of competition for me” — Chris Rogers “Tito” — Bill Allen “The Bacardi Cup is always on the “bucket list” of Star sailors” — John Chiarella “I remember reading the Bacardi Cup results in a Swedish newspaper as a kid.” — Magnus Liljedahl “Great Star sailing, Great people!” — Arthur Anosov  “Amazing group of sailors from around the US and around the world” — Andrew Campbell “Rum, Long Legs, A Cold front, Parties and Slippers (on the RC check in gals!)” — Claude Bonanni “Fun” — Phillip Carlson “Tito and his wife leading the conga line, warm breezes, great sailing, great rum” — Barbara Beigel-Vosbury “How wonderful it is that back in 1927 Bacardi created this regatta which is still attracting sailors from all over the world” — Augie Diaz “This is a classic Star racing at its best” — Paul Cayard MiamiSailingWeek.com | NewportSailingWeek.com 3




Sailing Heals

Sail to Prevail

Since being established in 2011, Sailing Heals has hosted over 1200 guests for spirit-lifting days at sea. Most guests are battling cancer—at all ends of the spectrum--or are caregivers. These “VIPs” are typically invited to participate in sailing experiences through hospital staff or support groups. Sailing Heals celebrates the caregiver as well as the patient because often “the caregivers experience can be as challenging as the patients and yet she may receive much less support,” says Trisha Boisvert, Executive Director.

Sail To Prevail’s mission is to assist physically, intellectually and emotionally challenged people overcome their adversities. The program has increased over the years through special partnerships, and we are happy to announce that a new relationship has formed between Sail to Prevail and Bacardi Newport Sailing Week.

With 110 Host Captains registered to volunteer their time across 7 states and growing, a typical healing sail involves a seaside lunch and an approximately 2-hr sail. The “VIP” guests appreciate the natural healing effects of the water, the kindness of strangers who often become friends and a chance to forget their cares for a time while creating positive memories. Sponsored by the luxury Italian watch brand and Classic Yacht Regatta Sponsor, Panerai, along with private donors, Sailing Heals simply leverages the good will of sailors who want to give back to their communities.

Sail To Prevail is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 1982 that has helped more than 15,000 individuals with disabilities. Originally called Shake-A-Leg Newport, it was rebranded to Sail To Prevail in 2010, but the mission remains unchanged. Sail To Prevail remains the only Adaptive Sailing program in the State of Rhode Island. It fills the void and creates unique opportunities for disabled children to take advantage of Newport’s spectacular waterfront location while participating in a highly recognized recreational activity so popular in our “Ocean State.” The immediate joy and gratification from sailing is just the beginning to a better quality of life. Success in sailing is utilized as a means to overcoming other challenges and adversities in their daily lives. Each year, Sail To Prevail teaches approximately 1,000 people with disabilities the skills of sailing with a fleet of five specially adapted “Independence 20” sailboats. Our programs strongly encourage disabled individuals to be active participants, steering the boat as well as opportunities to grind winches and trim sails. First-time and experienced sailors are welcome at Sail To Prevail. The program is available to all people with disabilities and is designed to meet specific needs. The measurable outcomes demonstrate an increase in self-confidence, leadership abilities and teamwork skills for the majority of the participants. Sail To Prevail programs are operated during the summer months at Fort Adams State Park in scenic Newport, Rhode Island. Participants come from towns throughout Rhode Island, as well as all around New England, and some even travel from other parts of the country to enjoy sailing on beautiful Newport Harbor and Narragansett Bay. Sail to Prevail also operates a Nantucket program, which runs daily in the month of July out of the Nantucket Boat Basin. U.S. Paralympics, a division of the U.S. Olympic Committee, has given Sail To Prevail the title of being a Paralympic Sport Club. Sail To Prevail is recognized as a community-based sports club developed to involve youth and adults with physical and visual disabilities in sports and physical activity, regardless of skill level. Paul Callahan is the CEO of Sail to Prevail since 1996. Since joining Sail To Prevail, Paul has led the organization with best business practices and has overseen the transformation of 10,000 lives of our disabled children and Veterans. Paul’s leadership and visionary skills have taken him all over the world, sharing his thoughts and ideas with organizations and individuals. For more information on this worthy organization please visit www.SailToPrevail.com

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6 BACARDI Sailing Week 2015


SPONSORS Bacardi U.S.A., Inc. is the United States import and distribution arm of one of the world’s leading spirits and wine producers. The company boasts a portfolio of some of the most recognized and top-selling spirits brands in the United States including BACARDI ® rum, the world’s favorite and best-selling premium rum, as well as the world’s most awarded rum; GREY GOOSE ® vodka, the world-leader in super-premium vodka; DEWAR’S ® Blended Scotch Whisky, the number-one selling blended Scotch whisky in the United States; BOMBAY SAPPHIRE ® gin, the top-valued premium gin in the world; CAZADORES ® blue agave tequila, the number-one premium tequila in the world; MARTINI ® vermouth, the world-leader in vermouth; and other leading and emerging brands.

EFG International is a global wealth management group, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It has a record of dynamic growth, courtesy of providing clients with a level of service they expect and deserve. It operates in 30 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America, and has some 2,000 employees. EFG International has a strong commitment to sailing, and is proud to be a partner of BACARDI Sailing Week, Miami and Newport. In addition, it sponsors: EFG Sailing Team, Switzerland; EFG Mandrake in Division A regattas, Asia; The EFG Pan-American Viper 640 Championships; The EFG Star Winter Series, Florida; Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta; Panerai British Classic Week; EFG Sailing Arabia – The Tour; EFG Moth EuroCup; EFG Sailing Academy, Monaco Yacht Club; and Optimist Sailing School, Geneva Yacht Club. EFG International - practitioners of the craft of private banking

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in a competitive advantage for our clients. STUDIOMILANO currently manages the North American Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge for Officine Panerai, a company part of the Richemont Group, the Bacardi Cup regatta and is the promoter of BACARDI Sailing

titles. When performance counts, the choice is clear. Bowen’s Wharf is Newport’s Premiere Year-round Destination. Brick walks, granite quays,

Week Presented by EFG Bank. For more information on our regattas please visit our

and 18th century commercial wharf buildings bring you back to Bowen’s beginnings as a

newly redesigned websites: MiamiSailingWeek.com & NewportSailingWeek.com

thriving seaport in one of the finest natural harbors in New England. Trading with all corners

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The Stars are the premier one-design racing keel boat in the world. For more than 100 years Star sailors have led the way in advancing the sport of competitive sailing, and were honored by sailing in the Olympic Games from 1932 - 2012.  The Star is still shining bright with the addition of the Star Winter Series and the help of the Star Sailors League. For more information, visit www.starclass.org or www.starwinter.com


I think the Star Class is going in a good direction. I am excited about the Star Sailors League. I think it has made us better sailors. The Star Winter Series presented by EFG was a great move. It makes it easier to come to Miami. The class also has two exciting world championships coming up with 2015 Buenos Aires and 2016 in Miami at Coral Reef Yacht Club. I am ramping up to hopefully compete in both events. These will be my first Star World Championship events so I hope the experience will keep me moving up the learning curve and improving.

“Racing Stars is one of the ultimate challenges the sport of sailing has to offer.”

My name is Jack Jennings and I like sailing Stars. My father, Richard Jennings, sailed with many Star sailors including Lowell North, Tom Blackaller and Buddy Melges. Dad told me that the Star was his dream boat but he never did own or sail one. I started sailing Stars when I was 29 because it was something he wanted to do but never did. It was a class where I could make my own name but at the same time live out a dream for both of us.

Why the different Star colors?

I’ve been in the class for six years. It took me five years of competing in events every month and countless days of training and work in the gym and learning the boat to win a single race in the Star Class. Last year we won a race at the Schoonmaker Cup, then a race at the Midwinters and probably the one I am most proud of winning … a race at the Bacardi Cup.

A real star is EFG

I like all the aspects of sailing the boat from the technical and physical nature of the boat to the mental aspect of sailing against some of the most talented experienced sailors in the world. 8 BACARDI Sailing Week 2015

The Gold Star on the sail signifies a World Champion. Silver is the winner of a Continental or Hemisphere Championship. A Blue Star denotes a District Champion and a Green Star is displayed by the Novice winner of a District Championship. The rest of the sails have a Red Star.

EFG is an international wealth manager, operating in 30 locations worldwide. According to Keith Gapp, Head of Strategic Marketing and Communication for EFG International, “We were drawn to sailing for many reasons – the fact that it is very international, the many levels at which it operates, and the passions it engenders. Indeed, sailing has an almost universal quality, from sporting to pastime, and it is an active interest shared by a good number of our clients and employees.”


A REHAB KIT FOR A SAILING CLASS Reasons why the Star Class is growing again The history of the Star Class is very rich. This sloop-rigged keelboat was designed in 1910. Its mainsail is larger in proportional size than any other boat of its length. Unlike most modern racing boats, it has no spinnaker. It was an Olympic class from 1932 to 2012. There was a lot of concern when the Class became non-Olympic. The Stars were famous for attracting the best sailors in the world, especially the strong ones, due to the size of the mainsail. What would happen to the Star Class? This is the Star Class Rehab Toolbox: • New national officers with name recognition • Changing some of the rules • Showing loyalty to the long time fans • Making racing fun for new participants • C  reating a “series” of regattas to give sailors more of a reason to participate • A great sponsor who is willing to hang in there • Social Media to spread the word Olympians Lars Grael (BRA) and Mark Reynolds (USA) have taken the helm. Lars is the new International Class President, and Mark is the International Class Secretary. The two have pledged to keep the class a shining Star! Since 1952, the Stars have been coming to Miami for the Bacardi Cup. There were a few other weekend regattas hosted by Coral Reef Yacht Club. One weekend after sailing, a meeting was held with Star US Class officers, local Miami Star sailors and CRYC RC folks. They decided to make some rule changes for the Miami regattas. The older Star sailors had complained about the starting line challenge when sailing against competitive World Champs and Olympians. They thought that the super fast sailors were more aggressive at the starting line because they could always “drop” the race if they were OCS. The “committee” decided to test eliminating the “drop”. Another change is that radios are now allowed onboard in Miami. The Class had never allowed this.

In the past, the sailors did not know they were OCS until they reached the Weather Mark and they could not call for help in case of an emergency. Now older sailors are happy and younger ones are too. The “committee” led by Stu Hebb copied Biscayne Bay Yacht Club’s Etchells Jaguar Cup, a series of weekend races with overall awards. Series is the magic word. The Star regattas in Miami, except for the Zagarino Masters, would be combined with a four day Mid-Winters regatta at the end. Each team could drop one of the two day regattas but the Mid-Winters could not be dropped and would count twice. Now they needed financial support… a great sponsor. EFG International, a global private banking group headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland operates in around 30 locations worldwide and loves the Star. The Miami regattas became the Star Winter Series “Presented by EFG International” aka SWS. In this world of social media, the last “tool in the box” was not only a website but a SWS Facebook page. With photos from Marco Oquendo, the numbers of followers is from 7000-9000 depending on the “action”. Results: The participation for each regatta has grown with more international competitors and young sailors. The Star Class is alive and well. The actions taken could also be applied to other aging classes. By: Connie Bischoff and Barbara Beigel-Vosbury

PRINCIPAL DIMENSIONS LOA 22 ft 7 in Beam 5 ft 7 in Draft 3 ft 3 in Weight 1479 lbs Spinnaker No Crew 2

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M32 – THE BOAT When it comes to the manufacture of high performance racing catamarans, there are few individuals with a greater track record and reputation than Swede Göran Marström. Marström’s background as a boat builder came after a successful Olympic career, claiming the Tornado catamaran Bronze medal at the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Marström set up Marström Composites in 1983, ultimately becoming the go-to builder of Tornados used in the Olympics until 2008. Marström also developed, built, and marketed his own designs such as the singlehanded M5 A-Class catamaran, the M20 catamaran: plus the Extreme 40 and Seacart 30 trimaran for third parties. The last one-design catamaran developed by Marström was the M32. The first example was launched in May 2011. It was sold in small numbers until the end of 2013 when its design and production rights were acquired by Swedish company Aston Harald AB. The driving force behind the deal was Håkan Svensson, a keen yachtsman and former CEO of Berg Propulsion, who co-sponsored Ken Read’s Puma entry in the last Volvo Ocean Race and Green Dragon in the proceeding race. He was also the financial backer of Freddy Lööf in his Gold medal-winning campaign in the 2012 London Olympics. Svensson’s company was sold to Caterpillar in September 2013.

10 BACARDI Sailing Week 2015


LOA Beam Draft Weight Crew

32 ft 27.5 ft 5 ft 1124 lbs 4-5

The M32 is a design by Marström and Kåre Ljung, both of whom have now moved across to Svensson’s new operation. Compared to other racing catamarans, the M32 has two most obvious performance features – a ‘unarig’ and ‘racks’. ‘Unarig’ means that the M32 has no jib – it only has two sails. Upwind, it sails only under its 53.6sqm ultra-high aspect ratio carbon fibre 3DL mainsail. Downwind, the sail area is more than doubled when the 59.5sqm Cuben fibre gennaker is unfurled. The unarig was chosen for simplicity and efficiency. Having no jib reduces aerodynamic drag which is important for a highperformance craft like the M32 and when tested, the boat proved faster upwind without a jib. However, despite having no jib, the boat is designed to tack well but to help in some conditions, the gennaker can be partly unfurled.

“IT IS REALLY FAST DOWNWIND” Rather than having a straight daggerboard, the M32’s are C-shaped. These not only prevent leeway (slipping sideways) when sailing upwind but also creates some vertical lift. This helps to coax the leeward hull out of the water, reducing hull drag, while also enabling the M32 to be driven harder by reducing the risk of the leeward bow digging and ultimately causing a capsize. One of the earliest converts to the M32 was three-time Olympic medallist, Freddy Lööf.

M32 CLASS “It is really fast downwind,” says Lööf of the M32. “It is really wide and it has nice volume, so it is quite forgiving and you can really send it. Downwind Velocity Made Good (VMG), we are doing 23-24 knots in 18-19 knots of breeze. Upwind we are looking at good VMG of around 13 knots in medium breeze conditions, depending on the waves. And tacking the boat without a jib is not an issue, it is matter of playing the foils right and using your body weight.”

—Freddy Lööf.

Lööf also likes the usability of the M32. “It is so simple – you can assemble the boat in three hours, and you can break it down in about 1.5 hours. Then you just hook it on to a trailer on the car and off you go.” Hans Wallén, winner of both the M32 Gold Cup and the M32 Scandinavian Series this year says that they have seen more than 30 knots on the boat. Upwind, the target boat speed is 17 knots when the breeze is up, but he too is most struck by the boat’s light air performance. “It is very easy to reach 10 knots in 3-4 knots of wind.” He is also entirely converted to the unarig. “You can go higher but the normal tacking angle is 85°. In a lot of chop, you go down to 90° or when it’s very light 110°.” Currently, M32s are being produced in a factory in Gothenburg, Sweden. Meanwhile, on the nearby island of Hönö, a purposebuilt 3700sqm production facility is under construction, due to come on line during 2015. In addition to Marström, helping to set up the new manufacturing facility is Swedish-based Irishman Killian Bushe, who has been responsible for, or involved with, the build of the last four winning Volvo Ocean Race yachts.



Please drink responsibly

WWW.TORRESELLA.COM MiamiSailingWeek.com | NewportSailingWeek.com 11



THE VIPER 640: FAST, FUN AND FURIOUS The Viper 640 is a high performance, three-person sport boat. The design mandate was to provide a fast and exciting sport boat that is easy to sail, so that high performance sailing is accessible and affordable to one-design sailors everywhere. The Viper begins planing downwind in a mere 12 knots of wind so the fun starts earlier! In early 2014 EFG International and The Viper 640 Class Association announced that the 2014/2015 EFG Viper 640 Pan-American Championship would conclude during BACARDI Miami Sailing Week in March of this year. Organizers anticipated a record fleet for the event with 36+ Viper 640s to descend on Biscayne Bay where their scores from previous Qualifying Regattas will be added to their BACARDI Miami Sailing Week results to determine the 2014-2015 Champion. The Pan-American Championship campaign is a tremendous success and it’s confirmed for the upcoming new sailing season. In addition to two qualifying events in both Australia and Europe, the five U.S. Qualifying regattas for 2015/2016 Pan-Americans will be as follows:

EFG Bank Viper 640 Pan-American Championship concludes

at BACARDI Miami Sailing Week

June 26-28: Long Beach Race Week at Alamitos Bay YC – Viper Pacific Coast Championship (Long Beach, CA)

June 26-28: BACARDI Newport Sailing Week Presented by EFG – Viper Atlantic Coast Championship

August 14-19: Canadian National Championship at CORK (Kingston, ONT) October 14-18: North American Championship at Larchmont YC (Larchmont, NY)

12 BACARDI Sailing Week 2015


2016 March 5-6: EFG Winter Cup at Coral Reef YC (Miami, FL) Finals March 9-12: BACARDI Miami Sailing Week (Miami, FL)

VIPER CLASS About the Viper 640 The Viper 640 is built using a high-tech, resin infused construction process incorporating state-of-the-art materials. The hull design is a modern, low freeboard, sport boat shape with a pronounced rocker and aggressive flair amidships providing high initial stability and distinctive “bow up” sleigh rides downwind. It is designed to plane! Over recent years, the controlled evolution of the Viper 640 has kept the boat up-to-date with well over 200 boats in the U.S. and major fleets in Australia and Europe. The Viper is the fastest production one-design keel boat in its category. It is also remarkably simple to sail and unanimously voted by crews as “the most comfortable sport boat in its category.” Its light carbon mast actively responds to different wind strengths with only three base tuning settings. The layout is clean and ergonomic with no unnecessary controls. The three person crew sits together in a “legs in” hiking position, and 32-inch wide curved tanks ensure that hiking is incredibly comfortable. The spinnaker is launched instantaneously and easily with a single halyard/retrieval line system from a throat in the bow. For those “Darn It!” moments that happen to all of us, the bulb keel at 37% of total displacement ensures that the Viper is forgiving and passes the international self-righting standard. Past Class President Peter Beardsley summed it up, “The Viper brings fun back to sailboat racing. The fun of planing downwind without hassle, the fun of racing with friends, and the fun of a simple boat with close tactical racing. The design is the standard for modern sport boats.”


21 ft 1 in 8 ft 2 in 4 ft 6 in 749 lbs 3-4

www.EFGINTERNATIONAL.COM www.EFGSAILING.COM MiamiSailingWeek.com | NewportSailingWeek.com 13



A ONE-DESIGN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! Since its introduction in March 2012, the J/70 one-design speedster is already sailing in 25+ countries with over 800+ boats delivered and more than three dozen fleets established worldwide-- quite a remarkable debut for any sailboat in any market. Why? Because J/70 is simply fun to sail and is easily handled by 12 year old skippers, women’s teams and adults well into their 70s. The J/70 achieved the unprecedented feat of being the first sailboat in history to receive four of yachting’s most prestigious awards at the same time- the “European Yacht of the Year”, “Sailing World Boat of the Year”, “SAIL Best Boat” and “Yachts & Yachting Best Performance” awards. And, it’s the only boat in ISAF (International Sailing Federation) history to ever be awarded “International Class” status in less than twenty-four months from its introduction. The first J/70 World Championship was hosted by New York Yacht Club in Newport, RI in September 2014 with 86 boats. The 2015 Worlds will be in La Rochelle, France.


14 BACARDI Sailing Week 2015

J/70 CLASS Momentum…

“THE” J/Sportboat

In virtually every regatta J/70’s attend, one-design or multiclass, they’ve established class attendance records. It’s been called “the right boat at the right time” by sailing industry veterans worldwide. The first J/24 Midwinters in 1978 had 21 boats, the first J/70 Midwinters in Key West had 39 boats. The next two J/70 Midwinters had 55+ boats. That was topped by the first 2013 J/70 North American Championship in Annapolis, MD with 92 boats registered in less than 48 hours! During 2014, momentum for J/70s continued at a dramatically increased pace, with 98 boats in the NA’s in Rochester, NY and 81 boats sailed the world’s largest regional regatta, the 2014 Charleston Race Week in Charleston, SC.

Was the J/70 something that J/Boats had been working on for years? You bet, in fact decades. The concept was initially hatched in the “sprit/ sport” boat strategy discussions J/Boats held back in the early 1990s. While the J/105 became the first “J/sprit” design to be introduced in 1991 (the world’s first production sprit keelboat design), the little 23 foot trailerable boat was already on the drawing boards. In the meantime, J/ Boats has built over 1,600 J/22s, 5,500 J/24s and 1,600 J/80s. It was only a matter of time before a lifting-keel, one-design J/ Sportboat would be designed to address the growing needs of J sailors worldwide.

Momentum is growing significantly in Europe and Asia. The German J/70 Class Association worked with partners to create the J/70 Deustche Segel-Bundesliga, a sailing league format that had provides “college-style” sailing for everyone. The response was overwhelming! In 2014, 55 clubs participated in a two regatta elimination format with a three regatta “championship” program. The format has become so successful that Denmark had 18 teams participate in their 2014 circuit, culminating in the J/70 EuroCup Championship in Copenhagen. For 2015, similar “sailing leagues” will be conducted in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia, Italy, Monaco, United Kingdom, Sweden, and the USA.



LOA Beam Draft Weight Spinnaker Crew Engine

22 ft 9 in 7 ft 5 in 4 ft 9 in 1750 lbs Yes 3-4 2.5hp Outboard

MiamiSailingWeek.com | NewportSailingWeek.com 15



Year 2 for the VX ONE at BMSW The 2011 Boat of the year …VX One This award winning design from the pen of Viper 640 designer Brian Bennett sets out to create a paradigm shift in affordable, high performance hybrid one-design race boats and offers an exciting technical crossover for small-boat sailors from all classes and sailing backgrounds.

THE BOAT The VX One is painstakingly modeled and engineered to the highest production standards, and now produced for growing demand by world renowned builders, Ovington Boats (UK) and MacKay Boats (NZ), and marketed in North America by Bennett Yachting, Inc. The VX One delivers a new dynamic for performance oriented sailors, with features like self tacking and furling jib, a kite launcher designed for efficiency, and a wide open, uncluttered cockpit, the VX One is super slick to sail, with tight mark roundings, quick and easy hoists and douses, and high speed downwind action with complete control. This is a boat designed for optimum tactical one-design racing efficiency.

16 BACARDI Sailing Week 2015

A durable boat with a long race life, built with the best epoxy laminates and processes to give the owner undeniable value, and rigged with top end equipment from Harken and Southern Spars. For the first time, high quality program management and logistics is affordable with 6 boats easily fitting in 40’ containers with launching trolleys. Bennett’s company, BYT, also offers complete transport and regatta services through their 28’ and 48’ self-contained regatta support trailers, complete with coaching and daily race debriefs, spares and repair services if needed. This model offers unbeatable value in terms of regatta transport cost and team support. More information available at www.vxone.org/na/.

THE BOAT OWNERS The VX ONE class has a distinctly fun and Corinthian makeup, with families, established teams, juniors, and gals and guys of all ages enjoying one of the most exhilarating boats available today. The VX One Class is growing worldwide with fleets in the Gulf Coast, Seattle, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Michigan, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Atlanta, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Great Britain and Germany, Denmark to name a few.


THE BUZZ This multi award winning race boat is providing a platform that is quite unique in a world flooded with 20ft sport-boats. Bennett Yachting has really hit a home run with the VX One. These boats are easy to sail by men and women of all ages, abilities, and crew weights. The class is supported with active designer, build team, and a dedicated group of owners and is backed by a professional class management. The VX One is destined to become a great International class‌

Nautically inspired bracelets and accessories handcrafted in the Ocean State

Check out the boats on the race course, and talk with our enthusiastic owners. The VX ONE is truly setting the new standard in OD race boats and racing.




LOA 19 ft 4 in Beam 7 ft 3 in Draft 4 ft 3 in Weight 573 lbs Gennaker Yes Crew 2-3 www.lemonandline.com

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West Marine is Proud to Support Bacardi Newport Sailing Week

Contact us for all of your Rigging needs, and visit our Flagship store to help you gear up for the race Rigging Inspections • Furler Installation Lifelines • Running Rigging Standing Rigging • Dock & Anchor Lines

Newport, RI 379 West Main Rd. (401) 841-9880

Featuring products from

CONNECT RC SKILLS A BIG PLUS Sailboat racing with a race management perspective

Growing up on Biscayne Bay and Sweden’s west coast, I’ve been on the water longer than I can remember. I began racing nearly a decade ago with the incredible support of my parents. Like many of us, racing is more than a sport or a hobby; it’s a way of life. Whether it’s blowing off some steam with a morning cruise or setting up on the line of a national championship, I simply cannot live without wind and water. During my early years, technical briefings with my coaches as well as drills on the water were the norm for improving technique and excelling. I was continuously seeking new ways to improve. Lying in plain sight, I discovered a hidden tool: race management. The Race Committee lies at the core of our sport yet many sailors give it little thought other than the demands placed on them. Participation in race management is a great instrument for excelling in sailing, which subsequently promotes an overall increase in the competitive level and standardization of sailboat racing. Sailing is a sport of detail and nuances­– the fastest boat around the course is often the racer with most attention to detail. Every click of the ratchet block, change in degree of rudder pitch, inch of bodyweight shift, and ease of the vang at the right moment, aggregate to make the fastest boat on the course. This same unyielding attention to detail is often expected of the RC. We expect square starting lines with the perfect length and distance between legs, no glitches in

the starting sequence, use of flags and sounds, and prompt timing throughout the entire regatta. Because of these demands, the two worlds of racers and race officers are too often alienated from one another. Some regattas, like upper-level championships, are strictly run by certified race officials where the expectation for “near perfection” is often met. For many local and club events, such not the case. This is because at many yacht clubs the sailors live in one world, the RC in another, and the two worlds don’t often mix. There is a large gap in standardization. If officials, RC members, and sailors developed a more inclusive interaction, the entire sport of sailing would benefit. Sailors would certainly improve by understanding first hand what it takes to organize and execute a regatta, and RCs would become more efficient from better understanding what sailors are expecting in given scenarios. Shannon Bush, a National Race Officer and world-class Etchells skipper says, “Sailors will ask me ‘what’s the RC doing now’ or ‘why did they do that?’ Having spent years on the RC and as a PRO, I know exactly what the RC is doing or should be doing! Competitors who have knowledge of “how races are run” have a huge advantage over those that don’t know. Basic things like how to sail the posted course, what the signal flags mean, even picking up on the RC telling you which way to go at a mark rounding should be considered necessary tools for top level competitors.”

I started my involvement with the CRYC RC seven years ago, I have been an active member EVER since. Learning from race officers gave me new insight for racing in areas where improvement had plateaued. Course placement, how large starting lines are adjusted and sighted, and accurately predicting breeze changes were all helpful tools in improving my race results. I furthered my knowledge of local shifts and wind patterns on Biscayne Bay, having seen the shifts from a RC standpoint. Seeing a race evolve from the heart of the racecourse on the Signal Boat, I saw fleet behaviors on a whole new level. As a current Dartmouth Sailing Team Member and a US Sailing Race Officer, I encourage all sailors to enter a regatta from the RC side. Volunteer for RC. Not only will being involved with the race from a new perspective offer new insights for your racing, but we will improve the overall quality of sailboat races. When we combine our two worlds, both the sailing and race management ends will boast an overall higher, more standardized level of sailboat racing. By: N  athaniel Johansson, Dar

MiamiSailingWeek.com | NewportSailingWeek.com 19

Light Painting by Vicki DaSilva Sailing Dreams is the title of BACARDI’s Sailing Week Annual Art Exhibit presented in conjunction with the Miami and Newport sailing events. Every year, we ask artists to present to the communities where we host the regattas, a concept on how they see and translate into art the beautiful sport of sailing. For 2015, we invited light painting forerunner Vicki DaSilva and the stunning results have been revealed at CocoWalk mall in Coconut Grove during Miami Sailing Week and at the iconic Bowen’s Wharf in Newport, R.I. in conjunction with BACARDI Newport Sailing Week Presented by EFG Bank. It’s curious to know that photography comes from the Greek words phos (“light”), and graphis (“paintbrush”) or graphí, and together they mean “drawing with light”. Light painting, or light drawing, is a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source while taking a long exposure photograph, either to illuminate a subject or to shine a point of light directly at the camera. Light painting, or “light graffiti” as Vicki likes to say, truly expands the limits of photography with genuine and captivating imagery which tell a story.

20 BACARDI Sailing Week 2015

Seeing Vicki at work for our Sailing Dreams exhibit was stimulating. What seems easy is really not. Each photo requires a lot of preparation, time, determination and a good dose of vision. I believe the artist delivered exactly what we asked for which was to showcase exciting and creative sailing inspired photography and be able to welcome you onboard. The exhibit features ten different potshots at ten different locations in Miami. The artist’s opening two pictures are a light graffiti introduction with the Magic City in the background at its best. Coral Reef Yacht Club played as the most appropriate backdrop for capturing the essence of a mainsail along with showing what the wind can do if it could leave a trace. The electric residential island of Brickell Key rolled out the carpet for full moon sail in competition with the neighboring Venetian Causeway while the Key Biscayne Lighthouse was dancing with the light breeze of a spectacular December evening.

About the Artist Vicki DaSilva is a light graffiti and light painting pioneer. She has been making single frame time exposure photographs at night since 1980. She is credited with the term “light graffiti” as well as being the first artist to make deliberate text light graffiti photographs beginning in 1980 with her photograph titled Cash. Her photographs are created at night, live and on location. These images are made possible through processes of recording that are unique to photography. The execution time varies in duration from minutes to hours per photograph. Vicki DaSilva’s work has been featured in group and solo exhibitions at renowned national

and international galleries, art shows and magazines. In 2012, Vicki was the Solo Grand Prize Winner from 35,000 entries of the “Art Takes Times Square” international competition. She has done projects with Reebok in 2011, Red Bull in 2013 and BACARDI in 2014. Vicki DaSilva is a two time PA Council on the Arts Fellowship recipient for photography. Her work is in numerous private and public collections. For more information on the artist please visit: www.vickidasilva.com

We hope you’ll have the time to stop by at CocoWalk and admire this exhibit along with some nautical photos of our cherished event.

MiamiSailingWeek.com | NewportSailingWeek.com 21

CONNECT The OB Regatta organizers enjoy the supposed competition with the Orange Bowl Football Game. Frankly, there is “no contest.” A few years ago, the Chairman of the Orange Bowl Committee (football) was on a trip to Granada, Spain. During introductions to the Mayor of Granada, the Orange Bowl Chair was ready to talk football. The Spanish Mayor smiled and said, “Oh yes, the Orange Bowl Regatta, we know it well.”

Orange Bowl FUN Why the Orange Bowl Regatta is different? Santa receives many requests each year, but if you are a kid who likes to sail, your request looked something like this “Dear Santa, I would like to compete in this year’s Orange Bowl Regatta in Miami.” Many of those requests are granted making the Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta one of the most coveted youth events. Hosted by Miami’s Coral Reef Yacht Club (CRYC) for 69 years, the OB Regatta is a legend for many reasons. It is a family event. Kids from 7-18 sail in Lasers, C420s, Optimist Red/Blue/White Fleet and the popular Optimist Green Fleet. Sailing opportunities abound for all of the kids in the family and the CRYC swimming pool has room for those little ones not quite ready to sail. It is a great family vacation, especially since Miami weather in December is very inviting. While the kids are on the water, mom and dad get an opportunity to soak up some warm Florida sun. Many young adult sailors recall sailing in the Orange Bowl Regatta aka OB Regatta for over 10 years.

Italian Fine Pastry Since 1905 WWW.vicenzi.it

22 BACARDI Sailing Week 2015

Competition is limited to 650 sailors and the emphasis is on “fun”. The OB Regatta is not a Qualifier for another Regatta, nor are there any pre-qualifiers required to sail in the OB Regatta. This has been a long standing tradition and affords an opportunity for beginning sailors to be on the same starting line as the experienced sailors.

There is one very special trophy presented at the OB Regatta – the Magnus Liljedahl Sportsmanship Award. Magnus is an Olympic Gold Medalist sailor who hails from CRYC. This award is given for acts of heroism and fairness. Recently a Green Fleeter won it for finishing every race although in last place every time. Magnus told this sailor, “Never quit a race because it is not fair to your competitors and not fair to yourself.” Many of the sailors in the OB Regatta fall in love with sailing so much that they go on to sail competitively in college. During the OB Regatta, a College Forum is held with representatives of over 30 college sailing teams. It gives the highschoolers an opportunity to learn about college sailing, the competition, what to expect and how to apply. Did you say raffles? Oh yes there are raffles but in a big way; at the OB Regatta RAFFLES is in giant letters. Three separate raffle packages have $10 tickets with a total of 60 great prizes. It has been reported that you can hear the cheers for the winner of the new Zoum Opti racer all the way across Biscayne Bay. The OB Regatta only has one serious problem it would like to discuss with Santa Claus. As everyone registers in advance, all of the information is uploaded into the scoring programs including name, home town, boy or girl, and… sail number. It never fails that after the first day, there are a bunch of DNS boats and another group (equal number) of boats with new sail numbers. Yup, you guessed it….. Santa brought a new boat and the sailor/parents forgot to make the change at Registration/Check In. If that is the most serious problem the OB Regatta has… then there are no worries. The OB Regatta is simply fun and a very different regatta.

MAN OVERBOARD Safety boat procedures for sailing regattas Whether is it a man, woman or child who is in danger on the water during a regatta, it is the duty of the Race Committee to be ready to help. It is very important to establish procedures involving safety and rescue of persons participating in regattas in Biscayne Bay and elsewhere. The Overall Regatta Chair needs to be ready for action. In a multiple circle regatta, the Principal Race Officers (“PROs”) need to designate a “Safety Officer” for each course along with other safety personnel and Safety Boats. All Coach Boats should be made aware that they might be “drafted” to help in a crisis situation. The Safety Officer should coordinate and communicate with the Signal Boat. All on-the-water communications should go through the Signal Boat as it will have greater communication capacity and personnel to record data and coordinate further response when needed. The designated Safety Boat(s) should be manned by no fewer than two persons and should be a vessel which can be maneuvered in tight spaces and of appropriate size to bring aboard any person from the water, whether conscious or not. Additionally, the designated Safety Boat(s) should all carry a “Safety Gear” bag to be able to respond effectively to anticipated situations.

The following acronym is suggested for rescue procedures… ACRCR. Those initials stand for Assess, Communicate, Respond, Co-Ordinate and Return. 1. ASSESS and identify the nature and type of emergency; determine how many people are involved and whether everyone is accounted for; determine whether the situation involves an injury and the severity of that injury. 2. COMMUNICATE with the Signal Boat that an emergency exists and provide your assessment. 3. RESPOND and take appropriate emergency and rescue action. 4. COORDINATE recovery activities and communications with the Signal Boat, the Club Office, emergency personnel and others to assist in the determination of whether any injured person(s) should be transported to shore for emergency care. 5. RETURN injured person(s) to a designated landside point which is accessible by ambulance and communicate status and condition with dockside and emergency personnel to accomplish rendezvous. Report back to the Signal boat that you have completed your task and ask for further instructions.

Just as the sailors check their gear before leaving the dock, boats designated as Safety Boats need to be prepared for anything with several folks trained in CPR.

The following is a Safety Gear Equipment List: • Normal USCG required equipment

• Vessel VHF plus handheld VHF

• First aid kit and space blanket

• Clipboard with pad and pencils

• GPS unit, Ground tackle suitable for anchoring damaged or overturned vessel

• Megaphone with fresh batteries

• Small bright-colored float with line and carabineer clip to mark the anchored vessel from which crew has been removed, spare carabineer clip(s)

• Wire/bolt cutters

• Whistle and Air Horn

• Throwing ring or stick • Throwable flotation

• Boat hook and paddle

• Four additional 30’ lines for towing alongside • Heaving and securing light line-40’

• Duct tape, towels, spare small lines

Too much preparation is never enough in an on-the-water crisis situation. It is certainly worth the time in the weeks before the regatta, to get ready. By: Rick Bischoff

• Par-buckle devise to bring unconscious person aboard • Knife

• Towing bridal MiamiSailingWeek.com | NewportSailingWeek.com 23



24 BACARDI Sailing Week 2015 Please drink responsibly

CONNECT Multi-Class Events Why bringing classes together makes them stronger While comprising a list of accomplishments that would ultimately earn him US Sailing’s 2014 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year award, Terry Hutchinson had competed in a lot of single-class events. Chief among them was the Farr 40 which had scheduled a circuit of class events in California. Yacht Clubs hosted the class, providing a fully focused race committee for only their event, dockage so the teams could be together, and social functions specifically geared for the desires of the owners. Full service all the way. But just before the final circuit event, the World Championship in San Francisco, the Farr 40 fleet participated in St. Francis Yacht Club’s prestigious Rolex Big Boat Series which was celebrating its 50th anniversary. The Farr 40 class was one of 10 fleets... a much different environment. “It was A LOT of fun doing BBS this year with all the people and classes,” Terry recalled. “I am a huge fan of the multi-class events as it brings together all aspects of our sport. It gives sailors across the spectrum the opportunity to interact and check out different style boats and gear. Nothing but fun!”

While sngle-class events can be specifically tuned to the needs of one class with no compromise, multi-class events provide an energy that fuels the sport. The interaction that occurs is very positive, with people of all tastes and talents mingling. Ideas exchanged and solutions shared. All forms of boats on display for people to consider. Diverse and dynamic, multi-class events attract attention. Few events attract attention like Charleston Race Week. Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2015, the event last year hosted nearly 250 boats in 16 classes. It lures local news media and involves area schools and community sailing organizations. From its humble beginnings, the event’s growth now makes it the largest keelboat regatta in North America.

For the sixth year in a row, Bacardi Miami Sailing Week is bringing together competitors from a variety of different one-design classes to enjoy the beautiful waters of Biscayne Bay. This will be the 88th consecutive year the Star class has partnered with Bacardi, with now newer classes that have enjoyed rapid growth joining the ‘party’. While single-class events offer a celebration of that class and its members, multi-class events provide a celebration of the sport. Enjoy this week in Miami... the best place to be in March! By Craig Lewecks

As event director Randy Draftz proclaims, you really to come to race week and see it for yourself. “Multi-class events provide a critical mass that can satisfy sponsorship interests and benefit event administrators, but they also challenge race committees so you need top-notch race officers. But one thing that single-class regattas can’t touch is the post-race party. With multi-class events, the parties are always the best value.” MiamiSailingWeek.com | NewportSailingWeek.com 25




for the entire day...


STUDIOMILANO: Miami Sailing Week Event Chair: Miami Sailing Week Regatta Chair: Star Class Representative: Viper Class Representative: J/70 Class Representative: VX-One Class Representative:

On Water Management

Executive Director: Regatta and Marketing Director: Regatta Manager: Events & Membership Manager: PRO:

HQ– Hospitality Village Gabriele Pedone Mark Pincus Barbara Beigel-Vosbury Jonathan Nye Kendra Muenter Christopher Howell

Brad Read Kim Cooper Chris Jensen Katie Barker Michael Levesque


There are three main goals for the BACARDI Newport Sailing Week presented by EFG. Provide a great sailing experience with lots of fun and unforgettable memories. All of this can be achieved if everyone is conscious of the dangers of our sport. Safety on and off the water is paramount to us and we ask that everyone follow the rules and regulations. It is always a good idea to take the time to review your emergency procedures before leaving the dock and should you have any question or concerns please do not hesitate to our organizers. Please review Rule 4, DECISION TO RACE.

Bowen’s wharf

Waterfront dining, shopping and a full-service marina year round at historic Bowen’s Wharf.


The Narragansett Bay waters and the surrounding area are part of an amazing ecosystem. We kindly ask all the participants of the Newport Regatta® event to take particular care in keeping the property and the surrounding are in order. Sail Newport is located at Fort Adams State Park at the invitation of the State of RI. We ask that you use the Sailing Center respectfully both to the park and to other users of the public area. The park is a carry-in, carry-out area in order to keep Fort Adams the remarkable beautiful facility that it is. Welcome and enjoy Newport!


We would like to take a moment to give special thanks and recognition to all the people that have helped us create this extraordinary event. Without the work of so many unseen but fundamental players we couldn’t have achieved such incredible results. Among these numerous individual we would like to acknowledge our Sponsors, race officers, the Race Committee, the jury, the scoring team, the shore side staff, the volunteers, the US Coast Guard and all the supporting organizations. Thank you to our sailing community and the following yacht clubs for being an integral part of our team: Ida Lewis Yacht Club, Newport Yacht Club, New York Yacht Club, Coaster’s Harbor Navy Yacht Club and Barrington Yacht Club.

tour tickets, shops & restaurants. it all begins at our pilot house 45 America’s Cup Ave. 401 849-3478

A special thank you to the City of Newport and to its Mayor Jeanne (Kemp) Napolitano for welcoming us to City-by-the Sea. *The main purpose of the information presented in this brochure is to offer a comprehensive overview of the event. For all the official competition rules and regulations, please refer and rely to the Sailing Instructions.

26 BACARDI Sailing Week 2015

marina: vhf ch 9 Bowenswharf.com

BNSW HOSTS Sail Newport

SAILNEWPORT.ORG 60 Fort Adams Drive, Newport, RI 02840 • (401) 846.1983 Sail Newport, Inc., founded in 1983, is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization. Sail Newport is home to New England’s largest public sailing center and is considered Rhode Island’s premier public sailing site. Award winning instructional programs, fleets of rental boats and a prime one-design sailing facility equipped with hoists are just some of our features. The Dr. Robin Wallace Youth Sailing Center is the headquarters of Sail Newport’s Youth Sailing Program serving hundreds of children each season. Dinghy docks, ramp-launching, summer and winter storage, on-shore conveniences and ample free parking round out Sail Newport’s assets to recreational sailors. Located at picturesque Fort Adams State Park in Newport, Sail Newport offers easy and affordable access to sailing. Sail Newport’s mission is to promote and operate affordable public sailing instruction, rental programs and to create opportunities to attract new sailors to the sport.

NEWPORT YACHT CLUB NEWPORTYACHTCLUB.COM 110 Long Wharf, Newport, RI 02840 • (401) 846-9410 From its inception in 1894, the Newport Yacht Club has been heavily involved in yachting on Narragansett Bay and the surrounding area. The members support sail training for area youth and adults, power and sail cruises, PHRF and one design racing, seamanship courses taught by the US Power Squadron, and also provide a friendly Club house and marina for members and visiting yachtsmen from around the world.

PRO TOP Reflective design detail

Unique neck-seal adjustment system

Special thanks to the City

of Miami, the numerous City

Departments involved and the

Sail the Grove Program for their invaluable aid in securing

Fully taped waterproof seams

2 layer highly breathable and waterproof laminated fabric

the locations and services necessary to make BACARDI

Miami Sailing Week a reality. We cannot speak highly enough of the City and County initiative and willingness to promote the

sport of sailing in Coconut Grove and allover Miami-Dade.

Zippered pocket strategically positioned for easy access

Adjustable neoprene waistband

Adjustable PU cuffs



What drives you?

Celebrating 22 one-design world titles, 31 continental championships and 143 wins at the national level in 2014. #bestyearever


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GO IT’S GREEK TO ME Corinthian Sailing “No victory is sweeter than one you win with friends” In the world of one design sailing today, those words have special meaning. With so many professional teams racing across so many one-design classes in the US these days, the Corinthian team (all category 1’s per ISAF classification, no professionally paid sailors on board) is becoming a rare bird. Many one-design fleets are finding themselves with about 3/4 of the fleet categorized as professional teams with a small contingent, a fourth, being sailing by Corinthian teams. However, it’s critical to the growth of the sport that we encourage Corinthian teams within our classes.  It brings more sailors into the class., period. It’s a great way for those that place a high value on the experience yet still want to compete at a high level to do so. I’ve been asked several times why I sail Corinthian, and the answer is simple, “sailing and winning with friends is priceless”. Twenty years from now I will be remembering the fun and laughs we had on and off the water, not whether we placed top ten in any given regatta. Life is about experiences with friends, not just podium finishes (well, maybe the big ones!) However, sailing Corinthian doesn’t mean you can’t win - you just have to work harder! The Corinthian teams that have worked hard are delivering the results across many classes. Case in point - Corinthian team of Ben Kinney, Senet Bischoff and Clay Bischoff recently had an impressive win in the Etchells class, a fully pro’d up class, winning a Jaguar Regatta beating 48 boats fleet. Last summer, their team placed 4th in a fleet of 95 in the Etchells Worlds. In the J-70 class we have a number of fiercely

competitive Corinthian teams that are giving the pro’s a run for their money too! It’s the best of both worlds. We get a lot better competing against the Pro’s and learning from them yet we still have a chance at the Overall and Corinthian trophies as well. The key to a strong Corinthian team is chemistry. There is no rock star aboard to bail you out. All members of the team tend to be a lot more equal in experience level relative to each other.  It’s a complete team effort. How you work together on the boat, how you laugh together on land, how you support each other and how you communicate all drive chemistry on the boat.  Chemistry is one of those intangibles - often underestimated but can be very powerful in driving results. We, as Corinthians, are underdogs, we have to use everything we’ve got! By: Heather Gregg Earl, Skipper of J-70 Corinthian Team MUSE

2013 J -70 North American Champion 1st Overall, 1st Corinthian

2014 J -70 World Championships 5th Overall, 1st Corinthian, 1st Female Driver

MiamiSailingWeek.com | NewportSailingWeek.com 29

Classic, beautiful and still fast The Magic of Classic Sailing Here at BACARDI Sailing Week, we want to tell you that we also love classic sailing. We’re often asked what it means to be a classic? Generally speaking, many people would recognize a classic yacht at first glance thanks to the eternally graceful lines, acres of sails, fine craftsmanship and glossy varnish. They don’t imagine that the boats can date as far back as the late 1800’s. Wooden with a full keel and several different rigging solutions, these yachts are museum grade, kept alive with love by enthusiasts from around the world. Part of the classic scene are fine examples of replica yachts built in recent times using traditional methods and material along with the Spirit of Traditional yachts. The latter have a “look” which is true to a traditional design along with exquisite craftsmanship both on the deck and in the hull. The manufacturing of these yachts which are built and rigged using modern techniques, is extremely important as they encourage the future building of exceptional sailboats which will keep the classic traditions alive. Newport’s IYRS school of technology and trade currently trains in the building and repair of these treasures: www.IYRS.edu What do owners do with these magnificent yachts besides day sailing and cruising … they race. Since its debut in 2005, the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge has expanded to include ten of the world’s most prestigious classic yacht regattas, divided into two circuits – Mediterranean

and North American. They are joined by two independent regattas: the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta and the Panerai British Classic Week. The union between Panerai and the sea dates back to the beginning of last century, when the Italian Military Navy turned to the Florentine company of Panerai to supply watches and precision instruments for its specialized underwater corps in particular. These historical ties are alive and well today, and 2014 marked the milestone: the 10th anniversary in the partnership between Officine Panerai and the world of classic sailing. Ten years of passion (for the sea, for beauty, for the history of every boat) has helped turn the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge into the leading international circuit for classic and vintage yachts. And now we are in 2015. In the Mediterranean, the boats that take part in classic and vintage boat rallies and regattas are divided into three different categories: Vintage Yachts, Classic Yachts and Spirit of Tradition. The measurement and racing rules for Vintage and Classic Yachts are published by the Comité International de la Méditerranée (CIM) and define Vintage Yachts as being built from wood or metal and launched before December 31, 1949, while Classic Yachts are built from metal or wood and launched before December 31, 1975 . The Spirit of Tradition class are yachts which are built after 1970, along classic lines, but using modern materials and techniques. In the United States, due to a different mix of

GO yachts, the rules call for four classes: Vintage Grand Classics, Vintage Corinthian, Vintage Day Racers and Grand Prix. The North American Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge Series is hosted under joint authority of the three participating host entities: Corinthian Yacht Club in Marblehead, MA; Nantucket Community Sailing in Nantucket, MA, and by IYRS in Newport, R.I. The committee considers all vintage division yachts with a full keel designed before 1967 and built in wood or steel/aluminum. The Grand Prix class includes the Spirit of Tradition Yachts as well as those classics, which are either equipped for, or are competing at, a much higher level than traditional vintage classics. The varying rigging is fascinating… ranging from Marconi or Bermudian Sloop/Cutter to Schooner, Gaff Sloop/Cutter/Cutter to Marconi Staysail Schooner. No matter the rigging, sail or boat class, the races include yachts of different sizes from various eras in the history of sailing. It is history on the water bringing back memories which should be cherished and yet evidence of current racing skills which bring the best to the finish line. To admire the fleet and learn more about classic sailing, visit www. paneraiclassicyachtschallenge.com

ADAMANT, STUDIOMILANO’s own sailboat (pictured), is a 1937 24’ Adams Interclub day racer built by Quincy Adams Yacht Yard. The yard was located on Palmer Street, in the Germantown section of Quincy, MA. Many notable yachts were launched at the yard including Noyes own Herreshoff designed Tioga, (better known as Ticonderoga), winner of numerous ocean races and a regular at the NA PCYC Series. ADAMANT also competes in the NA PCYC regattas and calls Coconut Grove home during the winter. ADAMANT Crew (pictured above) with Michele Gallagher of Panerai North America.

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Did you know‌ The British Royal Navy had been providing liquor to its sailors since at least the Middle Ages. It was used as an incentive to get men to join

BACARDI | Drinks

sailing missions. In 1655 the British fleet captured Jamaica, making rum cheap and available to the Navy. At that time, the British changed the daily ration of liquor given to seamen from French brandy to rum. This practice continued until 1970 in Britain, and was followedby many former British Colonies as well.

The Cuban Storm In 1862, Don Facundo Bacardi Masso, set out to create a rum like no other. He spent the next decade perfecting blends that he was proud to serve to people of Cuba. He never settled, always looking for ways to improve his product. BACARDI OCHO, made from a special selection of barrel-aged reserves rums aged for a minimum of 8 years, remained the sole preserve of the Bacardi family for seven generations.

MAKE ONE 2 parts Bacardi 8 3 parts Ginger Beer 1 or 2 lime wedgesugar and top with ice.

Fill a highball glass with ice. Add Bacardi 8, followed by your favorite Ginger Beer and garnish with a wedge of lime and a straw.


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Proud sponsors of BACARDI Sailing Week, Miami and Newport Also proud to sponsor: EFG Sailing Team, Europe EFG Mandrake in Division A regattas, Asia The EFG Pan-American Viper 640 Championships The EFG Star Winter Series, Florida Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta EFG Sailing Arabia – The Tour EFG Moth EuroCup Panerai British Classic Week EFG Sailing Academy, Monaco Yacht Club www.efgsailing.com


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BACARDI Newport Sailing Week 2015  

Official program of the BACARDI Newport Sailing Week International Regatta.

BACARDI Newport Sailing Week 2015  

Official program of the BACARDI Newport Sailing Week International Regatta.

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