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Dear reader Here we are with a brand new issue of Licensing Magazine, thanks to which we always manage to keep up-to-date with the goings on of the market. This season begins with concentration. Concentration of important titles and how they form groups amongst themselves. We are constantly faced with a more and more oligarchic market that provides little space for small titles and newcomers. The licensee prefers to concentrate on big licensors, that do not necessarily produce the ‘success of the moment’ but do however provide reassurance and guarantee that the brand is a solid one. This is often a tough choice to make when gambling with a smaller property, which could potentially do much more by way of product development but could also carry a certain risk. In this large scale frame, both the licensor’s approach and that of the licensing agency, who know very well that selling a single license at a time is no longer sufficient for one to generate business, now displays the need to construct an articulated project around a property. In this issue, we cite two shining examples in Mattel, Victoria Licensing & Marketing, with Original Marines, moving beyond with their capsule collection; and the operation of CPLG with Chicco, that will be supported by a wide promotional campaign. A license, as an element of marketing and added value for companies, now more than ever, is once again being seen as the real theme of the market. That said, the magazine shows off the main headlines to look forward to in the near future, with focus on the world of animation and a special look at the event of the year - Brand Licensing Europe. Last but by all means not least, two specials to dig in to: an interview with the director of Rai Ragazzi, Luca Milano, who, in his strategic structural role for introducing culture to children, shares his vision for the positioning and goals of this Rai group division. Moreover, an important focus on the world of promotion, with four successful business cases from the sector. As always, happy reading!

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Cover story MONDO TV

Heidi Bienvenida again and again Heidi, Bienvenida a Casa, Mondo TV’s first live action show, has already struck a chord with Latin American audiences. It’s now coming to the EMEA region and two more series are on the way. show is growing fast across a number of territories after its successful launch in the Latin American region where it was filmed. Now series two — Heidi, Bienvenida al Show — is on the way, and a third series is planned. We asked Valentina La Macchia,Licensing Directorin Mondo TV, to tell us more about the three series of the show now known as Heidi Bienvenida.

Valentina La Macchia Mondo TV’s first live action show has, you might say, taken on a life of its own. It all began with a 60-episode series called Heidi, Bienvenida a Casa, an adaptation, from the pen of legendary writer Marcela Citterio, of the much-loved novel by Johanna Spyri about a country girl in the city, bringing together comedy, humour and music in a moving and charming update of the classic story. Mondo TV was confident that this would be a success — and the company, best known until that point for the production and distribution of animated content — was right. It soon became evident that the show, produced by Mondo TV Ibero America and Alianzas Producciones, had all the ingredients — humour, magic, music, romance, great writing and acting and a delightful heroine — to be a hit. And so it has proved. Interest in the

LM. Series one of Heidi Bienvenida — Heidi Bienvenida a Casa — has already had a successful launch in Latin America. Which territories has it reached to date? VLM. Produced by Mondo TV Ibero America along with Alianzas Producciones, Heidi Bienvenida a Casa has enjoyed great success in Latin America on Nickelodeon, where it launched earlier this year. It is now also airing on A+ Mexico, the new channel for young people launched recently by the TV Azteca group. Free-to-air rollout in Bolivia, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Panama, will follow before the end of 2017, and launches in several other territories are close to being finalised. Hard on the heels of the TV launch, a Heidi Bienvenida licensing programme, for which a number of agents have been announced across the Americas, is already under way in Latin America.Campaigns are now being put in place by some of the most respected licensing agencies in the region. Smilehood is covering Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia, and Agosin is taking care of Chile and Peru, while Exim Colombia, is representing Heidi in Colombia, Ecuador and Central America and Exim Brazil in Brazil. LM. What about TV outside Latin America? VLM. Heidi Bienvenida a Casa will be released in the rest of the world from late 2017 and throughout 2018. In fact August and early September saw its arrival, not just in its very first EMEA market but in its very first market outside Latin America


— when it launched on the CTC LOVE channel in Russia on 19 August and on Yes kidZ Israel on Sunday 3 September. And Mondo TV Ibero America has signed another license agreement in Russia, this time with the JSC First HDTV of St. Petersburg, one of the largest operators in the region. The agreement grants a license for the non-exclusive rights to transmission by pay-TV, via satellite and cable, for a period of two years for Heidi Bienvenida Casa. Among other EMEA markets that are already showing strong interest is Italy, where we are in advanced negotiations prior to a series launch. This is a key market for Mondo TV and for this show – and one in which many licensees are showing great interest in the property. But it’s not just the broadcast network

Cover story

that is growing. With a strong network of agents in place in the Latin American market, Mondo TV is now looking to establish licensing partnerships for the property throughout EMEA. This will be a key focus for Mondo TV at the next BLE. LM. As you’ve said, you’re building a network of agents for Heidi Bienvenida. What sort of licensing categories are involved? VLM. It’s early days yet but I should mention a global agreement with Panini, which has already been licensed to produce a wide range of Heidi inspired products for a number of markets. With the show’s strong emphasis on music, fashion, memorable characters and delightful storylines, we’re expecting numerous opportunities across a number of categories. In fact we are already negotiating publishing deals both in Latin America and Italy and expect these, and other deals, to add many other major names to the licensee list alongside Panini.

leaves her mountain home and starts an adventure that takes her around the world in search of her band, a trip during which Heidi and her friends learn that nothing is impossible and that true friendship knows no bounds. This introduction to the stage was a big success. We are now looking to take this live show all over the world. The live show, licensing, and of course the three series are part of a 360-degree approach to Heidi Bienvenida that also includes music, which is one of the main elements in the series; there are over 20 songs in series one alone. Infact we are finalizing agreements for music distribution online and on CD. LM. You’ve mentioned that a second series is on the way… VLM. Not just a second series! The second season is currently in production and a third series will follow. Mondo TV Ibero

LM. I believe there has already been a live show based on Heidi. What are your plans for this? VLM. Indeed there has. The cast, led by the show’s star, the young Argentinean actress Chiara Francia Citterio, came together at Astral Theatre in Buenos Aires, on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 June for a performance full of magic, music, dancing and colour for the show’s many fans. This version for the theatre invited the whole family into the world of the tiny heroine who has enchanted so many viewers. In this theatre show, Heidi


America group will co-produce two more seasons of Heidi Bienvenida with Alianzas Producciones – a three-season total of 180 x 45-minutes episodes. That’s a total investment by Mondo TV Ibero America Group of $8 million in the next two series of Heidi Bienvenida. The total production budget is just under $11 million. Series two is called Heidi Bienvenida al Show. In this new series our popular and positive heroine comes back to the big city, lured there thanks to an ingenious plan dreamed up by her aunt Dete and the eccentric Mr. Conejo. There, as well her old friends — Emma, Pedro, Diego and Imanol — Heidi will be part of a new and very unconventional family. We’ll meet the strange new owner of the Sesseman house, Mr. Conejo, a man whose passion is watches and clocks. We’ll meet Mr Conejo’s daughters: Coco, who seeks Heidi’s help, and Mia, who declares herself Heidi’s enemy right from the start. We’ll also meet Brigitte Rottermeier, governess of the house, who has a strange habit of singing as she speaks. And Heidi will also take on a new challenge: to help Coco overcome her fear of singing and dancing in public, and to find and free the artist within. This new story is full of colour, magic, music and excitement: a big show – in every sense! Heidi will discover new friendships and new passions — she even discovers a talent for creating perfumes! But that’s not all. The second series includes many new elements and ideas that will not just delight viewers but that can, potentially, also be developed into licensing areas in the toy and role-play categories. There will be crazy, fun adventures, new music, new bands, new places and of course new and even more extraordinary hats from Heidi. Even though I’m closer to this show than most, I must say I’m really looking forward to the 2018 launch of Heidi Bienvenida al Show!

Cover story MONDO TV

Animated adventure, comedy, music, songs and even science Mondo TV has gained a strong and deserved reputation for exciting, innovative and popular animation — both in-house and co-produced with specially selected partners. Three shows arriving soon also underline the diversity of the company’s animated offering. Mondo TV has long been known as one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated content. Today, with a busy schedule containing a large number of new or returning properties, Mondo TV is expecting interest in its animated portfolio to be stronger than ever at BLE. Here we highlight just three of the shows that are causing a buzz well in advance of launch. Following the success of Mondo’s role as TV distributor and licensing agent in a number of territories for season one of the new children’s animated actionadventure show Robot Trains, Mondo TV Suisse will be co-producing season two with South Korean content and marketing giant CJ E&M.

two seasons over the next three years. With the show now airing on DEA Junior in Italy and, from 2018, Canal Panda in Portugal, the potential of the Italian and Portuguese markets is a strong focus. Master toy licensee Silverlit will work with toy distributors Rocco Giocattoli and Concentra, while, among licensees on board for Italy there are: Grani & Partners (for Kiosk), Preziosi (for food confectionery and snacks), La Feltrinelli (for books), Ravensburger (for Puzzles and memory games), Modecor ( for Cake Decorations) and Kimbe (for Live Characters events). InRegal Portugal Kstationery andParty Comansi (for Academy Fairy Tale a Gradara kiosks) have already signed.

The second season will consist of 52 episodes of 11 minutes each, all in 3D CGI. Season two introduces Rail Watch, the trusted robot train guardians of Rail World, who transform from trains to robots to protect their home and its vital energy supplies. Mondo TV Suisse will be the distributor of season two, as Mondo TV is for season one, adding a wide range of countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Pacific region. This activity will cover both audiovisual rights, licensing and merchandising. In light of the good start made by the first season of Robot Trains, the production partners expect continuing revenue growth from the sales and licensing of the

Invention Story


A completely different type of adventure is on its way from Korea’s Young Toys in the form of Metalions. Mondo TV is the agent in Italy for TV and licensing sales for this exciting show. Metalions seasons one and two (a total of 104 episodes x 11 minutes) is an animated series starring Elon, an eight-year old inventor with a knack for getting into trouble. In season one his world changes forever when he discovers a role as protector of the earth and its environment in a world of the future where energy has been severely depleted. He goes on a search with an ancient being called Leo for Metallic Crystal Fragments scattered all around

Cover story Talks are already under way with a number of major broadcasters, while key licenses in play and learning-related categories, including toys and publishing, are being discussed as Mondo TV establishes a framework for a strong licensing programme. Adventure, comedy, music, song, and even science: Mondo has yet again proved its ability to bring the most diverse themes to animated content in the most entertaining way.

the world that can help him restore the Earth’s energy, meeting friends, allies and enemies on the way. This combination of a strong and timely environmental theme, with magic, adventure, engaging characters (humans, beasts and robots) and a race against time arrives on screens in 2018. Young Toys and Mondo TV have high hopes for this adventure series aimed at boys aged 5-8. But they have a head start in the licensing arena: brand owner Young Toys is master toy licensee for the Metalions brand.

out more about science and how it works. Such is the enormous potential of Invention Story across both play and learning-related licensed product that Henan York Animation and Mondo TV have already committed to five series for a total of 520 x 11-minutes episodes. This is an important development. A broadcast reach that will include many of the freeto-air and pay TV broadcasters of all major countries, combined with a fiveseries commitment, will allow partners to develop a successful long-term licensing programme.

An inventor is also the star of Invention Story (104 x 11’), a co-production from Henan York Animation and Mondo TV, which arrives next year. This time it’s Kit, an intelligent, thoughtful and creative fox who, in each episode, comes up with a new invention that amazes and delights every member of the rabbit population in Carrot Town, his adopted home. Everyone, that is, except the mayor, Silas Hopner, who briefly had a reputation as an inventor long ago and is jealous of Kit. His main aim is to foil Kit — or steal his ideas. There are plots, conflicts and rivalries as well as funny, eccentric and engaging characters — but this show also offers something different. By following the little fox in his efforts to build each new invention, the young audience will find


Robot Trains


INTERVIEW WITH LUCA MILANO, DIRECTOR OF RAI RAGAZZI In June 2017, Luca Milano was appointed Director of the Rai Ragazzi division, which is made up of the Rai Yoyo and Rai Gulp channels and also produces animation products and tv series’ for children. A delicate and complex role that is explained in this interview. language of its offer. Central to Rai Ragazzi are the programmes: in first place comes original content of Italian production and, therefore, the selection of the best international products, in a dynamic balance that has the constant goal of excellence in children’s television production. Rai Yoyo is the leading channel in Italy for preschoolers; while Rai Gulp is more for older children between the ages of 8 and 12, and is open to the new things, curiosity, discovery and adventure that come with growing up. These are channels that know how to embroil and excite, with a positive connotation between children and their families. Other than our positive viewing data, our characters become familiar and loved by the public because Luca Milano Following the new direction of Rai Ragazzi, what are the main guidelines, in terms of editorial line, for the Rai Gulp and Rai Yoyo channels? LM. More than a new direction, there is a brand new Rai Ragazzi, in the sense that Rai decided to concentrate on a structure that is made up of both television channels and the production of series’ and cartoons. It is a re-organization to strengthen the overall offering, that puts the production of content in a central position. In a country such as ours, that has more than 20 free and paid television channels that are dedicated to children, and an almost generalized access to online platforms, RAI has to be categorized primarily for content and distinctive

Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends 18

Geronimo Stilton they are part of an offer that is coherent with editorial content. Other than programming, we have production. From the animated series’ for preschoolers to live action shows. What are you aiming at for the future?


LM. There are three Rai Ragazzi production lines: the production of cartoons and tv series’, the acquisition of international products and internal production, that generally comes from our studios in Turin. The live action series’ that are produced in Italy with Rai, from Alex and co. to Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends (which has reached the third season, with great success) are going very well and have a following abroad. This is a line that we intend to follow, amplifying the flow of the storylines. We have also begun to coproduce series’ of constructed reality for Rai Gulp. But naturally, animation is at the heart of the Rai Yoyo programming and it is also essential for Rai Gulp. Rai is the motor of the Italian animation industry. We believe strongly that the new audiovisual law will allow us to get one step ahead in the industry development. How much would a co-production with Rai Ragazzi have to use elements of appeal for the international market, for licensing and digital development? LM. This is an essential need. We have taken this idea into account from the very beginning of the Rai animated cartoon

Regal Academy production operation, but it is even more important now. This doesn’t mean that we can’t produce special products, with specifically “Italian” themes, or that there isn’t room for licensing. Generally speaking, a television production of cartoon animation must be placed into a wider editorial context than before.

What is the synergy between Rai Ragazzi and RaiCom like, regarding the licensing development of the properties that you air? LM. Rai Com is a partner that is more and more active in the licensing field, of merchandising and publishing in Italy. Each year we will select a limited number of top programmes that will be managed by RaiCom. Just like Rai Ragazzi, having the view of production and the broadcasting, we are now able to air products much quicker. This is a great advantage for all of the operators of licensing, primarily RaiCom, but also for the other private


Tip the Mouse 19



The new animated cartoon series Max & Maestro with Daniel Barenboim Alex & Co companies, both Italian and international, that follow our properties. Rai Ragazzi in Europe. Which relationships have been formed with other public channels in Europe? LM. I would like to say that Rai Ragazzi is just part of a European broadcaster based in Italy. Europe, is a fundamental horizon for us. The collaboration with the other public channels in Europe, that has been a characteristic of the Rai Fiction co-productions in the field of animated cartoon, is also extended across other genres of programmes. The offer of shows for children is widely taken care of by multinational groups, who have their own channels in all countries but with

a central direction. It is only the public services that are remaining real national and independent issuers: but scale sizes are not on our side. Strengthening the collaboration, coming together more and more, is a vital need for us as companies, and also to work out the diversity and plurality of talent, not to mention to transmit content based on our history and culture, using original language. “Max & Maestro” is set to be launched in Paris, a fun animated series about classical music, that is coordinated by Maestro Beremboin, and produced by Italian, French and German public television. This is an example of collaboration that we would like to promote for forthcoming large projects.

MP1, Monello Productions, Rai Fiction, France Télévisione HR (regional stations in the German radio-television group ARD) are the partners of the animated series that is created with the extraordinary participation of Daniel Barenboim, director of the orchestra and famous international pianist. Max & Maestro tells the story of a boy and his fortunate meeting with the Maestro who drives him to the discovery of classical music. DRAWING AND ANIMATION Created by Agathe Robilliard, Marco Beretta and Anna Fregonese, the series is illustrated by Christophe Pinto and animata in 2D from the French studio Je SuisBien Content. THE STORY Max is a boy like any other: he goes to school, plays soccer and plays keyboards in a hip-hop group with his friends. The meeting with the big maestro Daniel Barenboim is to change his life forever: Kevin discovers a new world of sound, a great passion, and he manages to better understand the world around him through art. During Maestro Barenboim’s classes, Max cultivates his great musical talent that has the potential to make him a successful pianist or a great orchestral director.

Max & Maestro 20

IN CINEMAS FEBRUARY 22 Artist, inventor, genius and first of all a boy with an adventure waiting to be discovered!









Maggie & Bianca Fashion and Friends TV show’s success continues The third season to be aired with RaiGulp, a live tour that is set to hit all main Italian cities and a second CD release with SONY Veterans of stardom after the release of the first CD entitled “Come le Star” – Like Stars - (Sony Music Entertainment Italy S.p.A), which hit the top of the charts after only two weeks, along with the sold out of first live show at the Auditorium Conciliazione in Rome and the positive feedback from judges at the Giffoni Film Festival, Maggie, Bianca, Jacques, Quinn, Edu and the other protagonists of the coolest live action show for pre-teens return with brand new episodes: new stories that are full of the captivating enthusiasm, rock energy and grit of the coolest cosmopolitan fashion students around. The third season, produced by Rainbow in co-production with Rai Fiction, consolidates the sheer success of the live action show - brainchild of Iginio Staffi, President and Founder of Rainbow - currently aired in Italy, France, Russia, Germany, Poland, Benelux, Brazil, Greece and on Netflix. A TV ratings phenomenon

and a real success amongst teenagers, with the Official YouTube channel, which boasts over 4 million visitors on a daily basis. Filmed in the Cinecittà studios in Rome, the third season of Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends is already said to be full of twists! Maggie and Bianca’s parents announce that they are planning to leave Milan and set up home together in Portland, Oregon - capital of alternative culture, where Maggie was also born. This is to be just one of the important choices that the protagonists are faced with during the new season. Can Maggie manage to fix the relationship with her father, Alberto? Will Bianca get carried away by her feelings towards Felipe (member of the Cool Ghost) or the bond that she has with her friends? The energy of their rock music and unique fashion vibe is not to be missed this season. Other than on television, Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends are set to begin their live show, hitting all main Italian cities. The 22

first show hits Florence on 1st October, followed by Naples, Turin, Bologna, Bari and Milan. The protagonists of the TV show are ready to spread their music across the country. Other than live shows, there will be “rock your world” events with fans, dance lovers and fashion enthusiasts, to celebrate the great success of the TV series by dancing and singing to the renowned songs from the show. The fun isn’t over for this Italian-made live action show. Last 15th September Sony released the second CD, titled Hands Up, full of Maggie & Bianca new hits.









A RICH PORTFOLIO AND MANY NEWS FOR THE UPCOMING SEASON Interview with Marco Piccinini, Licensing Manager, Atlantyca Entertainment LM. Atlantyca is ever growing with its Licensing portfolio. What can we look forward to in the upcoming season? MP. Atlantyca is expanding its Licensing portfolio in tv series’ and Graphic Design with Scream Street - 52 episodes of 11’, sold by Atlantyca to Rai, on air from Autumn 2017 - and with Pennuti Skizzati, registered trademark by the designer Clara Grassi, who chose to communicate a deeply profound idea through stylized illustration, entitled “I Love Differences”.

mark with fake teeth and many a costume to hide his “normality”. Amongst Luke’s school friends are Zombies, Witches and Goblins without forgetting the baddies, but Luke gets into the worst trouble along with Cleo and Resus. Tidying up their mess is a monstrous business that is not to be missed in every episode! We are excited to have the opportunity to co-operate with Coolabi. Scream Street is an innovative and modern project and we trust that the reaction of Italian consumers would be extremely positive. LM. What developments are coming on the way for the property in the near and more distant future? MP. TV ratings are already proving to be a success in the UK and in Australia, the series has been sold in Latin America, India

LM. Let’s start off with Scream StreetAn original series, co-produced by Coolabi and ZDF. What can you tell us about this new television product and its protagonists? MP. In a single phrase, I’d say “Being a monster is ok!” Scream Street is a Stop & Motion Animated TV series with a creepy

comedy setting, moreover, each episode has a dose of adventure; the show is aired with CBBC in the UK, where superb ratings are registered: #1 for the channel’s 4-7 target. The protagonist is Luke, a 10 year old boy who, against his will, turns into a werewolf of superhuman strength and out of control each time he feels angry. He moved to Scream Street -the most monstrous street in the whole city - with his parents. There he met his new friends Cleo and Resus. Cleo is a 4000 year old child mummy who witnessed human evolution first hand and learnt everything there was to learn along the way… even Kung Fu! Resus is a vampire - well, almost! He is the last descendant of one of the most important dynasties of the vampires. It is just a shame he was born without any powers whatsoever. Resus makes his 24

News and Nordic countries and is in the phases of development in Germany, France, Spain and other territories. Once the expansion of the program itself is underway, we are looking at developing an International Master Toy License and, at the same time, launch impulse categories, Apparel and Lifestyle. The website is to be translated into Italian, along with the coordinating social network pages and WEB Games, not to mention the other interactive assets, which will no doubt strengthen the 6-8 elementary schools consumer product target, who are becoming more and more immersed in the digital world.

right direction for this collaboration. I can mention that Atlantyca is soon to make the Italian sale of a new girls’ Animated TV series official, which will air in 2018. After Cannes, we will also reveal more about a new pre-school series that we have high hopes for. LM. With Pennuti Skizzati, you are completely switching genres as you aren’t looking at a tv series but graphics and illustration. How did the collaboration with the illustrator Clara Grassi come about? MP. Clara is an illustrator of great talent

LM. We remember that Atlantyca has an exclusive agreement - only for Italy - with ZDF and Scream Street falls into this by default. How is the relationship developing? MP. ZDF Junior is the continent’s first producer of TV series’ for children. Atlantyca holds the exclusive rights in Italy to TV and Licensing for the entirety of the current portfolio and unreleased series’: each year there are new Live Action Series’, Kid’s Animation and Pre-School shows. Scream Street is a step in the

IDENTITY CARD: SCREAM STREET Credits: ZDF Junior – Coolabi Synopsis: Luke Watson is a normal teenager who becomes a werewolf when he gets angry! But have no «fear», there is a whole street of children with superpowers just like him who live with their families: Scream Street, where being a monster is ok! Format: 52x11’ Episodes; TV series aired with RAI GULP; Stop & Motion Animation Target: Kids 6-8 years It makes a difference because: In each episode, the child-monsters of Scream Street experience scary adventures: the perfect mixture of events to capture the attention of children.



IDENTITY CARD: PENNUTI SKIZZATI Credits: Clara Grassi – Illustrator Characteristics: Pennuti Skizzati is an illustration & graphic property that is launching a wonderful message: «I love differences». From each illustration emerges sweetness, love for others and endearment. Format: Graphic illustrations Primary Target: Teenagers 14-18 years Secondary Target: Kids – Preschool 3-5 years / Female Adult 18-35 years It makes a difference because: Pennuti Skizzati sensitizes the theme of diversity. There are many illustrations, which are simple, stylish, cute, sweet and curious to the eye.

and her Pennuti Skizzati are launching a global message, entitled “I Love Differences”. Those who know about Atlantyca and the attention that they pay to positive values can imagine how quickly the two companies clicked into place. Design and positive messages make up the illustrations, which are synthetic yet strongly communicative.

LM. Who is the target audience for these illustrations and what is the plan of development on the Licensing front? MP. This type of image is able to interpret female emotions, in both women and girls, even from a preschool age, but the main target for the initial stage is that of pre-teens and teenagers. We will move into the development of apparel, gifts, stationery, home textile, and products that speak to people in their own special way, giving the gift of a smile along with a positive message. LM. Last but not least, the Atlantyca classics such as Bat Pat and Geronimo Stilton just keep on giving. What news can we look forward to for these two important properties? Are new seasons on the cards? MP. The first semester of 2017 was concluded with important awards for both of the Atlantyca series’. The ‘Bat Pat, Giochi Brividosi’ (Scary Games) website won an award for the best site at the 18th edition of the Key Awards: huge recognition for the digital platform, which allows young fans of the talking Bat to play along, have 26

fun and discover upcoming episodes. The new season of Geronimo Stilton, aired with Rai Gulp, won the Moige 2017 award, which is assigned to family friendly television production. Alongside these awards, other successes and important development have been registered: Bat Pat, on air with Rai Gulp since December 2016, was the most viewed program on the channel during the course of 2017, the highest ratings being within the 4-7 male and female target. This viewing success is important both for Licensors who may benefit from having a program on air as soon as possible, and for RAI who decides which TV series’ will make new episodes based upon the viewing data. The Geronimo Stilton Franchise has been developed into every possible form of digital media over the years and the brand continues to find new ways to expand: examples can be found in Leolandia, the new musicals in Asia, Singapore and Hong Kong, the new licensing agents for North America and Europe. Particularly in Southeast Asia, new branches of brand extension are happening as we speak.


Emoji - who needs words? Maurizio Distefano Licensing, which manages the rights for emoji® – the iconic brand, in Italy, explains how a light-hearted approach to digital communication has inspired a major 21st century brand.

“We don’t need no words to talk” may seem an odd statement, but when it comes from a group of singing emoji it makes perfect sense. It’s the title of a music video you can find on YouTube, but it could have come directly from the imagination of Marco Huesges, founder and CEO of The Emoji Company. It perfectly summarizes the way a group of icons has transformed our communication in recent years. And now they are transforming licensing, through an official brand based on the popular pictographs that for years have enriched and enhanced modern messaging. It’s called emoji® — the iconic brand, and it reflects the ubiquity and popularity of the simple, highly expressive images that are an integral part of 21st century digital communications.

Integral? Well, the figures don’t lie: every day we exchange tens of billions of messages, which contain almost six billion icons. Millions of daily users fuel the global awareness and incredible popularity of emoji. And emoji® — the iconic brand has been able to build on this, transferring the feelings and emotions we share with digital icons to the world of physical and tangible products. Maurizio Distefano Licensing in Italy is part of a global network of agents that has seen the incredible potential of a brand with an appeal that crosses generations and genders and that has an enormous library of graphics. That library is expanding, containing — so far — around 6,000 different high-resolution icons that can stand alone, be customized or form part of a bigger pattern or design. Clearly licensees and retailers agree. The emoji® brand has inspired more than 330 licensees worldwide, partnering with such star names as Zara, New Era, Bershka, Nestlé, Nikon, Kellogg’s and


many others. It’s also launched more than 5,000 products in all merchandise categories in 2017 alone, an amazing feat that has allowed the brand to strengthen its position in the market by gaining new distribution channels around the world. In Italy, Maurizio Distefano’s agency is pursuing an expanding licensing programme. Having signed 12 active licensees in a short space of time, including leading names like Bauli, Clementoni and Casa Modena, Maurizio Distefano Licensing is clearly responding to the demands of an increasingly receptive market for more — and more diverse — licensed output from this genuinely iconic brand. It looks like that video was right. Words — written and spoken — take time, but one emoji can express everything — a reaction, a mood, a desire — in a moment. And, to slightly rework the old saying, a picture may well be worth a thousand words but the emoji brand is already worth 5,000 products — with many more to come!


HEY DUGGEE. THE PRESCHOOL PROPERTY OF THE MOMENT The Italian Master Toy Partnership with Chicco has recently been announced. Maria Giovanna Gurrieri, Southern European Managing Director for CPLG, and Raffaele D’Angelo, Toy Marketing & Product Engineering Director for Chicco, tell us more. HEY DUGGEE is a short tv series for preschoolers, produced by CBEEBIES and BBC WORLDWIDE, that was successfully released in Italy in 2016. The elements that make this series effortlessly comprehensible to children are its simple and linear graphics, bright colors, along with a tone that is fun and only a little didactic. The show is also fun for an adult audience, maintaining a strong educational component. Big news in the choice of Italian Master Toy Partner, in Chicco, who will be distributing the official Hey Duggee soft toy line from Christmas 2017. Maria Giovanna Gurrieri and Raffaele D’Angelo will tell us in more detail.

Interviw with Maria Giovanna Gurrieri

MGG. Hey Duggee is distinguishable from other properties in our portfolio because of its high level of “edutainment”. Entertainment thanks to its tone that is only a little didactic, while being fun and ironic, entertaining not only the little ones - the primary target for this brand - but also parents; educational because the adventures of Duggee - the adorable big

LM. Hey Duggee, one of the popular newcomers for the preschool target, by BBC Worldwide. Where does the added value lie in this property? 28

dog and leader of The Squirrel Club - and his 5 baby animal companions encourage children to actively resolve their problems with a positive approach. Hey Duggee can also be seen as an “inspirational” TV series, because the creative activities and games that are shown in each episode of Duggee to the little Squirrels can be inspiring for parents, who can then reproduce the ideas at home. Children can then have fun while learning new things, just as the characters in the cartoon do. Hey Duggee is full of fun, teamwork, adventure and humor. LM. The tv series is already doing well in Italy. How is the show airing? MGG. The first season of the series was launched on Cartoonito in June 2016, positioning it amongst the Top Shows

News from the outset not to mention being Top Contributor for the channel. Since April 2017, the show has also been airing on DeAJunior. In September, the second season is set to air, made up of 52 episodes. The new episodes are initially going to be aired with Cartoonito, from Monday to Friday at 18.10, and to follow, they are set to air

with DeAJunior. The Tv series is available On Demand with Tim Vision. LM. What is the licensing strategy development looking like? MGG. Our goal is to protect all of the core targets, starting with toys and books, passing on to “nursing” products and clothing, and finally we will look at covering the complementary categories. LM. You are in the initial phases of an important collaboration with Artsana. What more can you tell us and what does this consist of? MGG. We are proud to announce our collaboration with Artsana, who will be Italian Master Toy Partner for the Hey Duggee line of toys. In particular, Chicco will be distributing the official line of plush toys this Christmas, that is set to include 7 items including 5 talking soft toys, which feature the official voices from the tv show.

LM. What sort of promotional campaign will be launched alongside the project? MGG. We are working on a 360° promotional campaign, that will begin with a press conference with CPLG/Artsana/ BBC Worldwide, and, for said disclosure we will also be involving trade and GD tests. We have launched a publishing and advertising campaign on the main

LM. Other than the products that are set to launch, are there to be any future developments with Artsana? MGG. All I can say is that Artsana are looking at the potential value of other product categories. areas of the Italian licensing sector (web and paper). Investments in retail are also a must, with the presence of the Duggee costume character in Chicco stores to promote the line of products. Regarding the digital area, in general, BBC Worldwide are doing an optimum job: the Hey Duggee YouTube channel has reached over 12 million views and the Facebook page has over 100,000 fans! 29

Interview with Raffaele D’Angelo

LM. How did your interest in the BBC Worldwide property Hey Duggee come about? RDA. Hey Duggee is a tv series that has registered very positive audience results, positioning itself amongst the Top Shows for Cartoonito. Ironic and fun, the show grasped the attention of children and adults alike from the very beginning. The graphics are simple and linear, the colors are bright and the tone is fun, making the series easy to follow for

News CPLG children, in line with the design of Chicco toys. Without forgetting the strong educational component: their comic adventures encourage children to actively resolve unexpected problems with a positive approach. It is important for us to work with properties that mirror the values of the Chicco brand, paying due attention to the development of toys that stimulate children, enabling them to learn while playing.

LM. On which type of product have you developed this property? RDA. The collection for the II semester of 2017 will be made up of 7 exclusive plush toys, 5 of which that talk, with the original voices from the TV series.

LM. What elements have you taken from the brand respect of the line of products that characterise you? RDA. Duggee is the dog leader of the Squirrel Club, a scout organization made up of a team of funny animals. The characters are colorful, empathetic, of unique character and are the ideal baby animals to be made into soft toys that, we are sure, will become a child’s best friend.

LM. What do you expect and what type of promotional campaign have you set up for this operation? RDA. The expectancies for this line are quite high: the audience results for the first series were much higher than the usual TV channel data and we are hoping to replicate the grand success this Autumn with the planning of the new episodes. The protagonist, Duggee, and his friends are well loved by little ones. Our soft toys will have good visibility from the best toy retailers from this month. In sales points, dedicated islands are to be expected along with ad hoc studied placing on the shelves to guarantee that the products enjoy as much visibility as possible. Moreover, special Christmas

time promotions will be available. LM. Following the development of this line of products, are you expecting to collaborate further with CPLG for this property? RDA. We are working on a possible extension of the line for 2018.

LM. In general, do you tend to work with brands and licenses for your toy lines and, if so, how do you select properties? RDA. Toys are always protagonist in Licensing. Of the 240 billion dollars that were estimated as the value of licensed products sold in 2016 (source: LIMA / Brandar Licensing LLC licensing survey 2015) 3% is made in Italy (source: EPS 2012), equivalent, therefore, to 6 billion Euro. Of this, 1.3 Billion comes from Toys alone. The sector in Italy registers a penetration of licensing of around 30%: basically, 3 in every 10 toys. It is impossible for our company to miss out licensed products but, obviously, we make a very cautious selection. 30


NEWS FOR THE NEXT SEASON Kids, family and preschool: the targets of RaiCom portfolio for 2018 Pumpkin Report This is a tv series, which comprises of 52 episodes of 11 minutes each, that is aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 10. The show began airing with Rai Gulp in January 2017 and it has Max Green, a boy who lives a rather chilled life with his parents in Cucurtown, as its

season for Rai YoYo, Julio Bunny was born by the pencil of Nicoletta Costa. Published since 2000 by Franco Cosimo Panini Editore, it has finally become a tv series thanks to Zodiak Active, Rai Fiction and Agogo. Julio is a little rabbit that represents the peculiarities in a child’s world. This is the reason children can identify with him and take to the show. His adventures are always for the little ones to relate to. He lives each day with a new experience, from which he always has something to learn, just like a child.

funny 10 year old girl. One day, she finds seven boxes in her home, that contain the Seven Dwarves - in animated cartoon. They break into her life, creating fun disarray as they defend her from dangers of daily life as she knows it…In fact, Snow discovers that she is the great great granddaughter of Snow White herself! protagonist. It is all quite tranquil until he discovers that his adopted brother and sister are really aliens from the pumpkin planet Kemii-lar, and they have been sent to Earth as spies to plan an alien invasion. When Max begins to speak of the story of the aliens, trouble starts to follow him… The tv series is an adventure comedy produced by Motion Pictures, Sample, Young Jump Animation Studio and Rai Fiction.

Paf the Dog Another important title for Rai Yoyo, Paf The Dog is the adaption of the videogame of international success “Space Dog”. Even though he is small in size, with a

Julio Bunny One of the main titles in the Autumn

nose for a game, Paf is a real hero. He is the protagonist of fantastic adventures, where he runs to help his dearest friends and his owner, Lola. He doesn’t hesitate to construct genial gadgets with which he dives straight into action, making up plans that are fun and bizarre. The tv series is produced by Superprod and Animoka in collaboration with Toon Factory, Grid, téléTOON, Canal + Family and Rai Fiction; it is aimed at the kids 4-10 years target and is made up of 78 episodes of 7 minutes each.

Seven&Me Another protagonist tv series on Rai Gulp is a mixture of live action and is in co-production with AB Productions. It is aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 12 and a family target. Snow, the protagonist, is a bubbly and 31


DRESS YOUR BARBIE DOLL JUST LIKE YOU Original Marines presents the first capsule collection for Fall/Winter 2017/18 – a special project that is dedicated to the most famous fashion doll in the world – Barbie Original Marines dress Barbie just like young girls of today. For the first time, the brand has created a capsule collection with mini matching items for Barbie’s wardrobe.

palette enjoys pink tones with wisteria and cream and is illuminated by scintillating details for garments that are sporty yet elegant: t-shirts, leggings, dresses, skirts and sweaters. Following the project’s slogan, Dress your Barbie Doll Just Like You, the rich world

“We are very proud to present the Barbie capsule collection and this special project that sees, for the very first time, a clothing brand creating proposals for targets that are so different yet the same, creating the same looks for the little girl and for Barbie. Our young consumers are cool, fashionable and they love to stand out. With this capsule collection, we hope to contribute to making them protagonists of the upcoming winter season.” Antonio Di Vincenzo, Vice President, Imap Export (Original Marines)

With its “free time” feel, casual chic accents, sought after details and distinct style codes, the innovative Barbie capsule collection by Original Marines has been revealed for this fall/winter season. Dedicated to the most famous fashion doll in the world, a true global icon and trendsetter that always keeps up with the times, the Barbie capsule collection has been created for little fashionistas and for sweethearts between the ages of 2 and 12. These hard to resist designs are styled with prints and craftsmanship that give each garment an indisputably cool edge. The Barbie logo is tone on tone contrast with eclectic prints on each garment, which is made with soft fabric that is comfortable and full of detail. The color 32

News communication of the collection and is set to market with a press campaign through Barbie Magazine and November’s Barbie Fantasy, which enjoy a wide following from little fashionistas. As for Victoria Licensing & Marketing, the company that follows consumer products for the Mattel brands in Italy, the whole project was followed by Paola Moroni and the qualified licensing team coordinated by Eleonora Schiavoni.

“I am particularly proud to share the partnership with Original Marines, who are well known by our Licensing team. We at Barbie share some key values with the Original Marines brand; amongst these, being family oriented and therefore providing a certain guarantee to parents; being friends with children and their of fashion by Original Marines, creators of an elegant lifestyle is distinct and boasts a daily-life feel. The collection is deemed a special project as the most iconic garments in the Barbie capsule collection have been created for the first time in doll size for the wardrobe of the most iconic doll in the world.

For the promotion of the capsule collection and in-store activities, Original Marines is entrusting digital marketing through its own channels - its website, e-letter and Facebook page. Mattel will also run digital

heroes, providing wonder to their lives and becoming their source of inspiration. In this way, the Barbie capsule collection is set to amaze little shoppers who, only with Original Marines, are able to choose matching garments for themselves and for their dolls, putting forth their creative spirit through such a strong channel expression such as Barbie, the most

Linked to the project are the exclusive and unmissable activities in store that are set to take place between 1st and 19th November, in all Original Marines stores. A Barbie set comes free with a 50 Euro spend on the fall/winter 2017/18 collection (while stocks last), including at least one garment from the capsule collection dedicated to the fashion doll.

famous fashion doll in the world. With “Dress your Barbie doll just like you”, through playing, Barbie allows children to explore their unlimited potential”. Filippo Agnello, CEO, Mattel Italy



SANRIO: NEWS AND CONFIRMATIONS FOR THE FALL SEASON Once again, Fall 2017 is looking to be full of enthusiastic news and positive confirmations, which are set to create concrete and further perspectives of growth for Sanrio. Following the fashion trend that was inaugurated last winter, thanks to important collaborations between Hello Kitty and some of the most prestigious brands in Europe, such as the avant-garde designer, Maria EscotĂŠ in Spain and the street wear brand GCDS in Italy, Sanrio has recently launched a capsule collection with the English brand Lazy Oaf. The brand pays homage to the retro Hello Kitty style, exalting vintage graphics and poses that made the brand one of the most well known and loved icons of the past 40 years. The line is made up of apparel and accessories from a classic pink denim bomber jacket, to a miniskirt with a red bow, to messenger bags.

Anteprima MFW SS18 luxury brand that has been collaborating with Sanrio since 2008. Sanrio is also enthusiastic to announce their first collaboration with the renowned brand Pinko, with which they have created

GCDS x Hello Kitty Hello Kitty also participated at last Milan Fashion Week, during the new Spring / Summer 2018 collections’ catwalks, to celebrate 25 years of Anteprima, the

Lazy Oaf x Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Gang Members 34

News process is covered by Mr Men Little Miss, the English property acquired by the Japanese company in 2011. The brand celebrated 45 years in 2016 and has gone from strength to strength throughout 2017 with an exciting breadth of collaborations and activities. Little Miss Explorer joined Mr. Adventure as the official Little Miss for Heathrow Airport with her own book, costume character and messaging across the airport. She also stats in their new augmented reality mobile app which children and big kids alike can play whilst waiting to board.

Hello Kitty Gang pop up store sweatshirts, cardigans, jackets, bomber jackets and fashion bags that reproduce the Hello Kitty lifestyle to a tee, in a unique and original manner. The launch of the new collection is set for Spring / Summer 2018 and it will be available all over the world in all 180 Pinko stores and 1500 concessions. Over the course of 2017, the Hello Kitty Gang cross-country influencer marketing campaign has been launched. Inspired by her own motto, ‘You can never have too many friends’, Hello Kitty invites her core fans from the world of fashion, art and beauty, not to mention food and street style, to come together in their shared love of Hello Kitty on Instagram and the other main social networks. The members of the gang have the possibility to get their hands on exclusive gifts and previews and they are invited to dedicated events, proving themselves

to be true ambassadors of the brand. Amongst them are the German Kicki Yang Zhang, the English Stefani Nurding, and the Australian Tara Milk who have been selected this September to live out a unique experience, visiting the headquarters of Sanrio in Tokyo, the indoor theme park Puroland and meeting Hello Kitty face to face in her world. The community is already up and going in the UK, Germany, Spain, Israel and Australia, and is about to be launched in Italy, Benelux, and Nordic countries. From the retail perspective, the campaign was held for the first time last June, with a Hello Kitty Gang Pop-Up Store in Topshop flagship store in London where fans could buy the exclusive merchandise as well as personalised goodies such as phone cases, mugs and keyrings.

Little Miss Explorer Little Miss Busy graced her own magazine cover for Stylist Magazine in the UK. This September the Mr. Men bagged themselves a much-coveted Licensing Award for “The Best Licensed written, listening or learning range” for the brand new ‘mash-up’ book series in collaboration with the iconic British brand Doctor Who. 2018 will see Mr Men launch an exciting worldwide collaboration with the US footwear brand Keds as well as being selected as an official partner of World Book Day 2018, thanks to which15 million children will be given tokens to redeem a Mr. Men book.

An important role in Sanrio’s diversification

Little Miss Busy 35


A 2018 DEDICATED TO TV AND CINEMA WITH THE GRUPPO ALCUNI PRODUCTIONS Cinema previews of the Leo Da Vinci – Mission Mona Lisa and Mini Pet Pals movies 2018 is particularly intense and full of surprises for the Italian production company, Gruppo Alcuni, guided by Francesco Manfio and Sergio Manfio. The following is a synthesis of what we are going to see on the big and small screens this upcoming season.

in anticipation of the release: “The film about a young Leonardo Da Vinci is an adventure movie because we believe that this is the key ingredient with kids’ movies, which in turn helps them to face real life. Leonardo represents the unlimited power of a single thought, the possibility to experiment

accurately as we could have done. Old friends of his stay by his side in his dream of flying: Lorenzo, Lisa, of whom Leo was in love with without having known it, and the little wooden robot, Botte. His new friends, Niccolò and Agnese, hit the scene in a very exciting and adventurous manner. And then there are the baddies, who are really bad this time around, and they do not hesitate to pull out the big guns to achieve their goal: to take back treasure that is hidden under the sea, close to the Elba Island, and they need one of Leonardo’s inventions to do it…”

LEO DA VINCI – MISSION MONA LISA The well awaited film is set to hit Italian cinema screens on 25th January 2018. The movie is a co-production between Gruppo Alcuni and the Polish Warsaw Movie Home and it will be distributed by Videa in Italy and by All Rights Entertainment globally. The movie is scripted and directed by Sergio Manfio, who gives us a few details

beyond limits, and this allows us to switch on to a world of our dreams with our eyes open. Dreams that accompanied us through our childhood, secretly stay with us as we grow. With our movie, we are telling a snippet of the story of the young life of Leonardo, artist, genius inventor, who was curious about everything that he found around himself. We worked with care and enthusiasm to recreate his own ‘world of possibilities’ as 36


children, tells the story of how the park changes over the course of a year, of how the months and seasons influence the environment and how the six baby animals react to the changes. Children will be able to witness the four moments in which the Mini Pet Pals are wowed by the climate changes that are living out in the park, inventing new games and new ways to interact amongst themselves, making friends with new animals, learning to overcome certain fears and unavoidable squabbles that occur amongst the little friends. Also for this cinema release, Gruppo Alcuni has signed important licensing

MINI PET PALS. THE FILM WILL HITS CINEMAS AND THE SECOND TV SERIES WILL BE SOON ON AIR ON RAI YOYO The Mini Pet Pals movie will be out at Easter 2018, born of the extraordinary success of the animated cartoon by Gruppo Alcuni, which is aired regularly on Rai Yoyo (the authors of the movie are the same as the TV series: Sergio Manfio, who also directs, Francesco Manfio, Davide Stefanato and Anna Manfio). The series won over parents from the very beginning - they appreciate the themes and settings in a playground, which is safe and full of stimulating ideas

-, while the little ones are fascinated by the simple characters, who have a little of every type of child in them. The wise tree, Matusalemme, represents the essential and reassuring adult figure. Also for the movie, the setting will be sticking with the playground that children know so well, and the adventures of the little animals, which are brainchild of the Manfio brothers, are simple yet full of stimulation, as usual, along with suggestions for little ones and their parents - who will be with them at the movies! The story, written in episodes to allow for the understanding of very small


agreements, amongst these are: DeAPlaneta Junior (publishing), Dolfin (sweet food goods), Grandi Giochi (soft toys), Grani (3D), OVS (clothing for infants), Sbabam (bubbles, stamps, etc.), Sgambaro (pasta) and many more.

News GRUPPO ALCUNI Moving over to the TV series, after the success of the first season, the brand new adventures of the Mini Pet Pals are set to hit Rai Yoyo. The second series consists of 52 episodes of 6 minutes each. In the second series, there will be more emphasis on the “interpersonal” relationships, which are to be developed amongst the protagonists, relating to the feelings that were portrayed in the first series. In the course of the series, many answers will be formed to questions relating to nature, their curiosity, the future and about environmental issues. Initially, questions will be proposed between the Mini Pet Pals, as they search for answers in a creative and imaginative manner, then the Tree Narrator, Matusalemme, will enter the scene and give his interpretation of the situation at hand with the Mini Pet Pals (acting as children) using their difficulties to find explanations. In respect of the first series, there will be a major development in the external locations, to give more opportunities for meetings and to observe different things from the outside world.

Interview with Francesco Manfio

LM. Gruppo Alcuni is more and more involved in the world of animated movies. In 2018, we are looking at two of your movies that are set to release. What more can you tell us about this? FM. 2018 will definitely be an important


year for Gruppo Alcuni and we must recognize that, even in the midst of the constant creative evolution that we find ourselves in, having two films come out in the same season is quite rare, and not only for European productions. Either way, we are proud to have created a group force that, in a permanent way, plans and creates cartoon animation for the cinema. It probably won’t always be possible to replicate the idea of two films in a year, but the Gruppo Alcuni productions will no doubt be a constant presence in the panorama of world cinema. Moving over to the two films that are coming out, I think it would be useful here to mention that “Leo da Vinci” is a movie for the whole family, an occasion for parents and children to enjoy the bigscreen-experience of a winning adventure together. “Mini Pet Pals and the 4 Seasons” is, on the other hand, a story that is written specifically for little ones who, we hope, will be taken to the cinema for the first time thanks to this film. LM. What hopes do you have for Leo da Vinci – Mission Mona Lisa, also in terms of licensing? FM. It is evident that we are truly counting on this movie, also from a licensing point of view. We currently have some exceptional partners on board who, like us, believe strongly in the movie, but also in a long-term project together, such as that of creating a new player in the animation sector who is able to compete with the major companies. I maintain that it is important to cite Dolfin with their range of Epiphany stockings and Easter eggs, Feltrinelli/Gribaudo with a chain of 3 activity books, Mondadori who are to create a book of the film, a


story with pictures from the film and an activity book, not to mention OVS with a collection of clothing for children. We are dealing with companies that we have previously worked with in the success of Ballerina as they accompany us on this adventure, and hopefully many more in the future. LM. Your movies are always distributed by Videa, an association that has been running for a year. What evaluation would you give them now that you have worked together? FM. We like to work with Videa because, even in collaborating in a tight manner, every company takes on their responsibility in the environment that they are competing in. We are the producers of the movies, and so all of the aspects relative to them are under our control, whilst they are the distributors and take on the responsibility of decisions linked to the launch of the movie and its positioning in the cinema. It is obvious, however, that we are aiming at sharing all important choices, mainly for Mini Pet Pals as this has brought us into the new role of co-producer.

LM. Other than in movies, the Mini Pet Pals return to the television with the second series. A property that has been very much appreciated by the preschool target. How is this working and what results have you obtained until now? FM. We are very pleased with the success of Mini Pet Pals, above all for the optimum viewing data from Rai Yoyo. We will soon be handing over the last episodes of the second series to Rai so that little ones can live out brand new adventures with their 6 favourite characters. Other than the television success, that without a doubt plays a fundamental part in the release of the series, we are extremely satisfied by the enormous amount of enthusiasm that the theatrical production underwent this past summer on the largest beaches in Italy. The show is continuing the tour through the winter in theatres. LM. What other projects do you have under wraps for the near future? FM. Our future projects are many and, at present, I can tell you about a series that we are working on, “Leo da Vinci� - that is a spin-off of the film - and we presented it also at last Cartoon Forum in Toulouse 39

getting a great success. We are also in production with the third season of Mini Pet Pals. LM. How is the licensing development of your properties evolving? FM. We are working with great attention to avoid any potential errors that could come about, regarding the licensing development with important brands, especially regarding the children’s target. Our goal is to maintain constant control of the quality of each product that is created under license, so that we can be trusted as a partner by those ever increasing number of families that buy books, toys, clothing and other branded products. LM. On a global scale, how is the development and distribution of your products proceeding? FM. International distribution is one of the strongest sectors for Gruppo Alcuni. We need only look at the fact that the Leo da Vinci movie has already been presold in over 50 countries across the world, amongst these, China, Spain, Poland, The Czech Republic, Israel, CIS Baltics, Taiwan and many more.


THE SUCCESSES ANNOUNCED BY NBC UNIVERSAL CONSUMER PRODUCTS FOR 2018 AND 2019 Founded in Italy at the beginning of 2017, and up and running before the end of the year, the Italian division of Universal Consumer Products is ready for success and for achieving new goals, under the direction of Mariella Almasio

©2017 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved.

LM. What is the strategy of the Italian branch of Universal Consumer Products for the near future and what goals are you setting? MA. First of all, we want to make clear

Mariella Almasio The NBC Universal group, globally renowned colossus in the world of media & entertainment, nominated Mariella Almasio as the new Italian Country Director of Universal Consumer Products, last February. In her new role, Mariella Almasio reports to the Vice President of Consumer Products EMEA, Jonathan Baker, and she takes care of the maintenance, development, innovation and growth of the company’s business. Universal Consumer Product Italy S.r.l. mainly operates within the NBCUniversal offerings that are aimed at a “consumer” audience on the Italian market, as well as in the management of their own digital licenses.

LM interviewed Mariella Almasio, Italian Country Director, to find out more about this brand new industry player.

Voltron ©2017 DreamWorks Animation LLC. TM World Events Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

TM & © Universal Studios and Amblin. All Rights Reserved.


that the Universal Consumer Product offices, or better still those of Universal Brand Development, have this year been passed over from an agency management to an internal management. So far this year, we have completed the


Minions by Craig & Carl at Excelsior Milano © 2017 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

required organization, as have five other European countries, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, UK and Benelux. In the new team that we have created, five people are working with me: Emanuela Musio, Head of Softlines, Beauty and Stationery; Laura Pettinati, Head of Hardlines (Toys and Consumables); Federico Sapienza, Head of Retail; Lisa Piccinini, Product Development Manager and, last but not least, Riccardo Grossi as Team Assistant. Our job is to work, taking the organizational changes into account, for growth that strategically passes through the expansion of our Franchise portfolio. A portfolio that is made up of fun properties that are fresh and innovative, all with the characteristic of taking on wide targets, that cover a wide range of ages. Our job is to ensure that our consumers needs are met on all platforms and markets possible, for the whole year.

amongst the main titles for the DVD release of Christmas 2017 (the release is set for 6th December). The Despicable Me franchise is definitely confirming its longevity. Retail initiatives for the whole of the country are underway, a Despicable Me short will also be released for Christmas 2018 in competition with The Grinch (another Illumination blockbuster), for which we are already working on licensing initiatives that cover all products. A new Trolls movie has been confirmed for 2020 and from next year, we will be releasing the first of a long series of television content that is linked to the franchise, amongst these is a series of 26 episodes. The channel on which the show will be aired shall be announced shortly. We are organizing a series of retail initiatives that are linked to the project that will see a series of commercial areas “colored up” for next spring. The Fast & Furious saga continues and relative licensing activity will take place. Amongst the initiatives, a fantastic live show of Fast & Furious themed Stunt Cars

LM. Which properties are you mainly aiming for in the near future? MA. 2018 is set to be an important year for our Jurassic World Franchise, that will be protagonist of two important events: the 25th anniversary of the first Jurassic Park Movie and the theatre release of Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom. The franchise will be supported by a very long and articulated marketing campaign, which will range from social media to promotions, and there will be products developed with our key partners (Original Marines, Lego, Mattel and many more that are underway). Despicable Me 3 has reached new record numbers in theatres and it is set to be

are set to travel Europe (including Italy) next year . The beginning of 2019 will be characterized by the Dreamworks blockbuster How to Train Your Dragons 3. The massive licensing campaign that is set to support the new movie by the franchise will feature Playmobil and Spinmaster amongst the numerous other partners in the merchandising category. The airing of the tv series by the Franchise will continue. Great attention on the television front with Voltron, recently launched on K2, which sees Giochi Preziosi as partner in the world of toys. Moreover, we are developing other merchandising categories. Also on the television front, the release of the animated series, Spirits, and the continuous airing of Noddy and Curious George. Relative licensing programmes will also be developed for these properties to follow consumer demand. Last but not least, our U-Vault brand, that brings the classics in American cinema

© 2017 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.


News UNIVERSAL CONSUMER PRODUCTS together (with titles such as E.T., Jaws, Blues Brothers and Breakfast Club to name a few) and the initiatives that will be linked to this is mainly concentrated within the world of Fashion.

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LM. Regarding your main brands, which categories are you principally hoping to aim for and what will your general strategy look like? MA. The Universal Brand Development strategy is that of diversification in merchandise categories both for the target and for the segment of the market that labels products, good, better, and best. This also includes a series of initiatives of high ranking. For example, the operation that was recently implemented with Craig

& Carl reached the more demanding consumers with a luxurious initiative at the Excelsior hotel in Milan, in August 2017, in concomitance with the release of Despicable Me 3. LM. Today, just a few months into the activity, have you finalized any agreements and partnerships? MA. We never stop, we have a lot of enthusiasm and we have already finalized some important agreements that are soon to be announced. LM. More specifically, Despicable Me 3 confirmed a positive trend in cinema ratings, that was on par with

the previous films. How is the licensing market responding to this success? MA. The market is responding as well as was expected. The box office was resounding and we are already working on the next meeting with the Minions, as they have become real icons. LM. If you had to choose the most important goal for 2018, what would it be? MA. As we’ve already said, the important focus for us is going to be the release of Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom, with which we will continue to become the brand that best represents the world of Dinosaurs.

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A NEW LICENSING BRAND IS BORN A new international licensing specialist is all set to coordinate Consumer Products Group as they celebrate the commercial agreement between Showlab Consumer Products and One Target Consumer Products. We sought out the General Director, Guido Bertè, and he tells us a little more. LM. Under your direction, the Consumer Product Group lands on the Italian and international markets with brand new properties. Can you tell us how it is going? GB. This commercial agreement unites two very articulated companies that have agreements with important brands, which, when managed together, create a very interesting portfolio to the Italian market under the kids target. We can cite the most important ones at the moment, beginning with the animated series YoYo, about two little twins and produced by Showlab in co-production with Rai Fiction. Also worth a mention is Hanna Kappa, a production by Toho Co, Ltd and Dentsu Inc. We also have Octonauts, already confirmed as a Silver Gate and Coccole Sonore brand with “Il Ragnetto Whiskey” (A Spider Called Whiskey). Coming back to Showlab, we will also have the new live action Miracle Tunes as part of our profile of properties, which was made in coproduction with important international partners. LM. Let’s move on to the details, starting with Yo-Yo. We could say that Showlab’s licensing route begun with this new animated series. How is the development going?

GB. The new animated series in coproduction with Rai Fiction, on air daily with the children’s channel of the same name, Rai YoYo, has reached a very high level of awareness with children between the ages of 2 and 6, in just a few months. There have also been important results in terms of licensing with over fifteen licensees confirmed to date, twenty categories and over sixty products. The series is predicted to air in Spain for 2018, where the entire licensing project is managed by Ypsìlon Licensing, under the direction of Gemma Carné. In Spring 2018, the first part of the second series of 52 episodes will be delivered, while the first series is on air in this period. LM. Looking at the newcomers such as Hanna Kappa, what can you tell us? GB. Simple graphics that are linear and colorful. These are the strengths of the 44

series, adding a winning storyline that is easy to follow for little ones. The series has been aired in Japan for many years, with over 500 episodes, it was sold to an important Italian broadcaster, which we will announce at a later date. A new tailor made licensing project will start soon for this preschool series.


The protagonists of Miracle Tunes LM. Miracle Tunes is a new show for the International Market? GB. This is a tv series of 51 episodes of 30 minutes that will hit screens in Fall 2018. The show has three warrior girls as protagonists who love music. Miracle Tunes is a live action show of sure success for the three years 2018-2020. Protecting the world from evil through the power of music and dance is, together with the mix between live action and animation, the great strength of this series, which is able to cover a vast target audience of youngsters. These elements have allowed Takara Tomy, one of the producers of the series, to create an extraordinary line of toys that are already available and will be featured in the episodes. The finalization of a European retail contract relative to the existing line of toys, is already is the phases of advanced negotiation, other than numerous other categories that are soon to be announced.

LM. Following a big international success, Octonauts is arriving in Italy. Thoughts? GB. It is already well known on the foreign market, thanks to its key points - action, adventure and fun - Octonauts is an endearing preschool series, managed by One Target Consumer Product, in partnership with the Spanish Ypsìlon Licensing. Distributed and sold in over 120 countries across the world, and with over a billion views on YouTube, Octonauts is set to hit screens in September 2017 on Cartoonito. We expect this to become one of the most important preschool properties of 2018 the year in which Mattel will release and distribute Octonauts’ toys, offering a great contribution to the licensing development. The Italian strategy has been inserted into the Southern Europe plan of development that was created by Ypsìlon Licensing and we have chosen to use this as we coordinate all of the activity that is inherent to the property.


LM. From tv to digital. You are finalizing with Coccole Sonore and Ragnetto Whiskey. GB. The creation of an enveloping styleguide, under the artistic direction of Paolo Di Mauro, will allow Coccole Sonore, the YouTube channel by DNA with over 600,000 subscribers, and his testimonial, Whiskey the Spider, to begin to stabilize themselves on the market and to become a brand with which to develop a successful preschool licensing programme.

To conclude, complementing a vast portfolio that is full of licenses that are destined for the world of kids, negotiations are underway regarding the teen target that is expected to bring a breath of fresh air to traditional licensing.


YOUNG TOYS KOREA’S “TOBOT” GROWS IN EUROPE BRANDS & RIGHTS 360 EXPANDS THE INTERNATIONAL REACH OF YOUNG TOYS’ “TOBOT” INTO CAROUSEL AND ANI RUSSIA, K2 ITALY, MINIKA TURKEY, SIC PORTUGAL AND TALIT ISRAEL. Brands & Rights 360 (B&R360), the Madrid based integrated brand management specialist has recently come to terms with K2 Italy which airs season one in 2Q17 of Young Toys Korean’s Tobot (28 episodes x 22 minutes). The boys 6-9years old action adventure Korean animation already airs on Gulli France where the toys are being distributed by Silverlit France and arrives in Italy distributed by Rocco Toys. In addition to Gulli France, which is going to air season 4 (22 episodes x 22 min) before Christmas, the series own Youtube channel “TOBOT Français” launched in

February in this territory, with currently 175K monthly viewers. Besides France and Italy, Carousel and Ani Russia, Minika Turkey, SIC Portugal and Talit Israel have also recently premiered the series, backed by its toys.

guardian robots for his sons, Tobots, which can fight, run, fly and joke alongside the twins. With the help of friends and allies, they fight off Daedo villains as they protect their neighborhood with their Tobots. B&R360 is confident that an established and loyal fan base in Asia as well as its proven track record in France will translate to a strong international build up in 2017/2018. B&R360 handles all rights for the series (Television, HV/VOD, L&M, Internet and Publishing) internationally (excl. Asia) and is currently developing a tailormade strategic L&M plan to follow up the premiere in the above-mentioned territories. Young Toys is one of the leading toy and animation companies in Korea founded in 1980 and other various original toys based on animations by the company include Biklonz and Secret Jouju, amongst others.

Tobot follows the adventures of twin boys Ryan and Kory. His disabled father creates 46

Focus on Italian launch Tobot will have a strategic programming by K2, with launch support for the series over the fortnight before the air date. Rocco Giocattoli is the main Italian Toy Partner and is very active in the maintenance of the notoriety of the property, in synergy with B&R 360. In concomitance with the airing of this series, Rocco Giocattoli has predicted a massive television investment by way of tv advertising on the main kids channels, along with continuous social media support and in store visibility, not to mention a further increase in distribution by their own traditional sales channel.

The World’s Entertainment Content Market


15 YEARS OF SUCCESS THAT MADE PROMOTION HISTORY Inaugurated with the phenomenal success of Rollinz, the 15th anniversary of the company, celebrated in 2017, has been the focus point for a long string of records

Founded in 2002 by the Grani brothers and Enrico Preziosi, the company deals with the planning, development and creation of collectable products that are often associated with the main licenses on the market at any given time. They swiftly became international leaders in the loyalty & fidelity and promotion sectors. Grani & Partners are able to truly study, develop and produce marketing solutions with products that are often linked to a specific set of characters that are widely appreciated by young consumers, both in newsstands and in the loyalty programs that are developed for large retailers or as surprises in consumer products in any area from publishing to food, a category that is specifically managed by the well known Preziosi Food.

Enrico Grani

Enrico Grani, CEO for Grani & Partners Spa tells us more.

LM. Grani & Partners is 15 this year and they continue to cultivate success, as demonstrated by Rollinz and other successful campaigns. Can you tell us a little about the projects? EG. Other than the extraordinary success of the Star Wars Rollinz in the end of 2016, with the multinational Brand Loyalty campaign for Esselunga, we can cite the huge success of Stikeez, which sold almost a billion pieces in the space of three years, and the Automative operations (Ferrari, Lamborghini and Ducati) that were launched for the 7-Eleven chain, in collaboration with TCC. LM. For you, the planning and creation of such innovative products was always 48

the key to your success. With this in mind, what is the company’s philosophy? EG. Wherever there is the need to expand any given business with children and families as leverage, our company develops complex marketing operations with personalized toys that engage and excite. We create products of great popularity that are often linked to children’s favorite characters such as Minions, Star Wars, Frozen, Paw Patrol and many more. Grani & Partners has different offices: in Bastiglia (Modena), Hong Kong, Shenzen and NingBo. In Bastiglia there is the head and the creative team at the basis of all our products and strategies, with a team of 35 people. It’s very precious also the contribution from our offices in Asia, where there are 40 people employed, thanks to whom we can guarantee our clients the best production standards and best suppliers. Thanks to this synergy, stylistic competence and constant research and development work, Grani & Partners offers a whole process, from the idea to the creation of a product and confer not only an excellent method of product creation, but also the know-how of the team of professionals that are able to autonomously manage the complex world of licensing in every phase, in order to make the most of each license.



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ANGRY BIRDS MANIA IS STILL GROWING Pea&Promoplast have confirmed a licensing agreement with Rovio group, making them a worldwide promotional player for the next two years Pea&Promoplast, leading company in the promotional publishing market for children, is the worldwide exclusive partner for the creation of the brand new collection of soft toys that are inspired by the most irreverent feathered friends of the small screen: Red, Chuck and Bomb along with the complete series of Hatchlings. Pea&Promoplast will put this line on the market, along with many others under the Angry Birds theme, for promotional activity with partners that are working within the various merchandise sectors. Pea&Promoplast is one of the main European retailers in the production of premiums and promotional campaigns. They work with Promotion, Collectible Toys, Visual Merchandising, Publishing,

and Digital. Gianluca Aprile, CEO for Pea&Promoplast, tells us: “The demand to become global partner of Rovio, along with the optimum and constant endorsement of Maurizio Distefano and the evolution

of Licensing, has allowed us to reinforce a partnership that was already in existence with many other properties. We have put our twenty years of experience in the development of plush toys for big global players such as De Agostini, Unilever, Ferrero, and Warner to good use, to reach millions of consumer fans of the angry feathered friend, Red. The project sees us involved in the creation of brand new collections for the Angry Birds Movie, not to mention the new series based on the extraordinary Hatchlings that are set to hit screens in Italy, and as a merchandising supplier for the new Angry Birds theme park in Doha, Qatar.�

Launch of the new Toys line at BLE At the Brand Licensing Europe event in London, Pea&Promoplast is present with the double job of exhibitor, at the booth A50, and licensor at the Rovio stand, where the new toy line, The Hatchlings, will be presented. The new spinoff of the Hatchlings will be presented by Rovio; while Pea&Promoplast took care of the ideation, the creation and production of the new line of many new Skus. The whole idea came from the creative staff, directed by Massimiliano Piazzolla.


NEW YORK RIGHTS FAIR The International Adult & Children’s Content & Licensing Marketplace

May 30 -June 1

2018 Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W. 18th Street, New York City

BUY, SELL & SHOWCASE AT THE NEW YORK RIGHTS FAIR This global event is the first U.S.-based fair dedicated exclusively to international rights and the distribution and licensing of content. This one-stop marketplace is the new hub for rights sales negotiation and distribution of content, both adult and children’s, across all formats, including print, digital, audio, film, and television.

Who you’ll meet: • Acquiring agents and co-agents

• Publishers

• IP companies

• Rights managers

• Licensees

• Content professionals

• Scouts

• Film production houses

What you’ll find: Not only will there be booths, exhibits, information, and representatives from all segments of the content world, but look for these unique features: • Dedicated kiosks for content and titles

• Global rights showcase

• Agent tables

• Translation center

• Seminars to enrich international negotiation

The deals are waiting for you! www.newyorkrightsfair.com

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FLEXIBILITY AND ATTENTION TO THE CONSUMER AND TO THE MARKET TRENDS International Games Trade Spa was born of an idea, thought up by Jessica Gasperoni and Alberto Stolfi. With the company headquarters in San Marino and offices in China and Hong Kong, Cool Things is a promotion company that is extremely innovative in the production of toys, promotional products and gadgets. The services of the company range from the original idea, to design and development, production of samples and logistics, right up to the final distribution stage. Each product is created follows the strictest safety regulations, above all with toys. To find out more, LM met with Jessica Gasperoni, CEO for Cool Things.

Jessica Gasperoni LM. What is the Cool Things profile like? JG. The Cool Things brand is a company that was founded in the beginning of 2000. It evolved over the years, making a name for itself in the promotional sector and kiosks with one of the most important producers of novelty items.

LM. Other than in Italy, which other countries do you mainly operate in? JG. We work a lot within the European environment, particularly in Spain and the UK, but we also have clients in the USA, Canada, Australia and EMEA. LM. Which criteria do you follow, in order to choose the brands at which to aim your products? JG. The choice of brand depends on many things. First of all we evaluate the potential visibility, competitors, clients and the marketing plan. We retain the elements to analyze in order to acquire a property. LM. Could you tell me about some successful case histories from last season? JG. We definitely did a good job with De Agostini, producing the Hot Wheels slime

LM. What is the company’s plan of action and with which brands are you primarily working with? JG. The company works at 360 degrees with international brands that are known throughout the world. We need only a look at the Universal licenses, such as Despicable Me and the Dreamworks classics (Shrek, Kung Fu Panda), not to mention Mattel with Barbie and Hot Wheels. 52

for them, not to mention the bomber balls for Mediaset. LM. What will you be aiming at for the next year? JG. For the next year we will be aiming at consolidating directional customers and acquiring others, trying to advance work with the strongest and trendiest licenses of the moment. LM. Looking at a property that is totally yours, Puppy Club Friends. What can you tell us and what is in store for the property in the near future? JG. Puppy Club Friends is a young property of us, but it is already enjoying great success. In vending, for example, it performed as well as the prestigious licenses. Amongst our other news, Puppy Club Friends will be hit at newsstands with RCS.


ri , Mad 7 1 0 2 ber Novem

in d (Spa


r o f t n e m n i a t r e Creating Ent s n e e r c S d e t Connec ng studies • Networki e as C • ds en tr t ke Top speakers • Mar edia.eu www.cartoon-m


Globetrade has a Passion for Creation! AT GLOBETRADE THEY ARE EXTREMELY PASSIONATE ABOUT MAKING CREATIVE PREMIUMS. quality standards. All premiums they deliver are guaranteed to meet the legal requirements, at the very least, but mostly they go further than that. Because Globetrade has been in this business for over twenty years, they have built excellent relationships with a lot of factories. This means that they can get things done with an emphasis on efficiency.

They love creating, developing and delivering premiums for remarkable and innovative promotions. Globetrade is a family owned company, established in 1995, with headquarters based in Belgium and offices in Europe. With the ambition to become a worldwide leading premium company, their premiums are often bought by FMCG companies, by publishers and many other companies of different consumer products categories.

these means they can create many items within a very quick turnaround. If Globetrade receives a brief on Monday, the first samples can be ready by Friday! Then the company is equipped with dedicated buying teams in Belgium and China. They source the created premiums. They specialize in sourcing premiums at very competitive prices and ensure high

Globetrade is also constantly keeping an eye out for new technology.This makes it easier for them to produce items in a more eco-friendly manner but still at very competitive prices. In addition to their design centre and buying teams, they also have their other “specialists�. These include a quality manager, marketing manager, license manager, logistics manager and finally, a legal manager. Each provide added value within their area.

Globetrade also loves creating premiums for third parties, like loyalty agencies, for whom they undertake the whole process from the first ideas up until final delivery. The heart of Globetrade is its creative design centre with a team of internationally reputed designers.Their vast product and material knowledge means that they can create innovative designs which are immediately tailored to factory standards. This means Globetrade can propose realistic proposals very quickly.

All this makes sure that Globetrade is unique in the sense that they are very flexible in creation, production and logistics. They also have a broad quality knowledge and a lot of safety experience. Because of all this, Globetrade has become the preferred supplier for different worldwide players such as Hasbro, Mattel and Disney.

The design centre of Globetrade has its own in-house infrastructure with a 3D printer, scanner, laser cutter, etc. Using 54

Focus on The deal with Hasbro is particularly relevant: Globetrade has developed a whole range of promotional games, from envelope games to maxi playmats. Company’s strength is turning well known retail games into original creative promotional versions, while fitting in perfectly with the strategy of its clients.

Interview with Luc Jennes, CEO, Globetrade

Then for Mattel, apart of the traditional games, Globetrade has made ranges of branded promotional items for Thomas&Friends, Barbie, Fisher Price and Hot wheels.

Finally, Globetrade has internally developed a special Disney department called beetosee: a true European partner of Disney for whom the company constantly creates a lot of promotional and loyalty items for final consumers. Last but not least, Globetrade has also bought a large range of different licenses from which they can make premiums. Globetrade has excellent relationships with worldwide companies, but likewise, also local companies make good use of their knowledge and creativity to develop their premium based marketing actions.

beyond designing figurines or the specific product which will be produced. We want to add communication and storytelling. Doing this, our goal is to be known as a great partner for toy promotion for third parties.

LM. Which is the market positioning of Globetrade in Europe and globally? LJ. We are a pretty special company. We started in 1995 as a premium company. Then, we had a big case in 2000 in Italy with San Carlo and actually Toy-based premiums is the most important business category for us. As a major premium company, we often work for loyalty actions. When we have to conceive a new premium toy to create, we do also think of a kind of new promotion to build for the client,


LM. What about the presence in the European market and your Global expansion? LJ. We have originally started in Belgium. Then Europe has been a natural territory to develop our business and actually we are aiming to be present also in the rest of the world. Last year we have started in Australia, where we have done a deal with NewsCorp, and something is coming up in South America. In the US we have just started to make some business development and also Mexico is in our next future plans, together with Turkey. Currently, countries where we are most active are: Benelux, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and UK. In Asia we are still not present, apart with our offices and perhaps it will be a territory we will explore later on. LM. How much do licenses influence and are relevant for your business? LJ. They represent 60 to 70% of our business. I think that for promotion business, the trend of licensed premiums

Focus on GLOBETRADE is growing, although I don’t know if our other competitors see the market trends in the same way as we do. Because of licensed premiums increase in our company, we have developed a specific in-house competence. We know how to work with licenses and licensors; how to develop creative ideas and how to work with style guides. Finally we have a deep knowledge on how to develop a toy in a cheap way for our clients. LM. Do you select local or international licenses, or both? LJ. It really depends from the properties and specific circumstances. That’s why we have cases of global, European or even local agreements. First of all, we look for the most prominent brands and then we see in which territories they are available. We work locally a lot in Belgium with Studio100 and also in Italy. We try to follow trends and check what will work best locally or internationally.

LM. Any relevant and successful case history on a licensed premium through

the past years? LJ. Hasbro is a very successful example for us. We have developed premium games in all kind of styles and sales. It is a very well established global deal and many markets have been covered so far through all kind of loyalties and promotions. We have developed different versions of all the real Hasbro games for all kind of pockets. Then, with Mattel we have a EMEA deal. It has just started and it is still in a development phase, but we really wish it would take the same direction as the Hasbro deal in terms of success and revenues. LM. Which are the main goals of the company for the next future? LJ. We are growing 30-50% per year. It is mainly due to the development of business with third parties, always focusing on premium toys. We are strong in safety, from production, through development and until final creation. We have all the main departments in-house, including 3d printing, samples production and creative offices as well. LM. According to you, which are latest licensing trends? LJ. I see a concentration of all the biggest licensors together. Disney and Universal will have big part of market in the next future. Also big Toy companies will be more and more licensors, although keeping their licensee identity.



FROM CARTOON FORUM TO MIPCOM THE BEST OF KIDS ENTERTAINMENT An intense period for producers of kids tv contents and mainly for those who are looking for the next big hit for children At Cartoon Forum, projects are pitched at their initial phase and it is possible to evaluate potential ancillary developments since the real beginning. At MipComJr and MipCom projects are at a more developed stage and broadcasters can express openly their interests. For those involved in licensing business, they are two unmissable events to understand kids entertainment trends and not only. LM is Media Partner of both these trade shows and following there are some news we will see at MIPCOM and some projects to follow, pitched in Toulouse and present as well in Cannes!

Apc kids gets animated with Fox & Hare APC Kids is heading to MIPCOM 2017 with its brand new animated series Fox & Hare. APC Kids has global TV

Fox & Hare

44 Cats distribution to the show commissioned by Ketnet in Belgium and KRO-NCRV in The Netherlands and presold to RTBF Belgium, YLE Finland, NRK Norway, RUV Iceland, ERR Estonia and TVP Poland.

New Rainbow Brand Is The Cat’s Whiskers!

Aimed at children aged 4-7, Fox & Hare is produced by Submarine in The Netherlands, Walking the Dog in Belgium and Doghouse in Luxembourg with delivery due early 2019.

Rainbow has revealed details of a brand new preschool show, that will be launched at MIPCOM 2017.

Fox & Hare is a humorous and imaginative animated series about a surprising mix of animals living together in a forest. Adapted from the eponymous 15 books published in over 10 countries by Lannoo publisher, the storylines revolve around Fox, a good humored extra-large sized fox, and Hare, a sensitive friendly hare.

Titled 44 Cats, and with a multi-million dollar budget in place, this sumptuous CGI animation is a show about a group of cats and how they see our world. When they’re around humans, they act like cats, but when they’re by themselves – they act like humans! And – just like kids - they see the world of human adults as confusing


P i t c h i n g


c o - p r o

f o r u m

f o r

a n i m a t i o n

f i l m s

cartoon movıe 7-9 March 2018 • Bordeaux


Events ENTERTAINMENT SPECIAL EDITORIAL and full of strange rules. A total of 52 x 13min episodes will be produced in the initial phase and the series is aimed at boys and girls of preschool age. The show’s name references a 1968 song that won a TV children’s song contest and that has since become a much-loved part of Italian culture.

New properties to keep in mind Here it is a selection of some IPs presented for the first time at last Cartoon Forum and which will to be pitched as well to producers and broadcasters at MIPCOM. They could come to life through next 3 years, if financed, and have licensing development potentialities. ANIMAL RESCUE Target: 6-8 years old Producer: Hong Dang Moo [South Korea] Synopsis: The birth of the new animal heroes. The Brightman Research Center, which has been destroying habitats and capturing animals to use in experiments, has been turned upside down. When a mouse called White and a young fox Rody go back to the forests, there isn’t a single blade of grass to be seen…

Avni, Unidentified Friendly Oddity AVNI, UNIDENTIFIED FRIENDLY ODDITY Target: preschool 4-5 years Producer: Milan Press (France) Synopsis: AVNI is a Unidentified Friendly Oddity (UFO) in a world where all the other children are animals that are very clearly identified: a turtle, panda, cat and a chameleon. On top of all that, he has incredible powers, but his greatest power is his great sense of humor! With his humor and sense of friendship, AVNI soon discovers he’s not the only one that feels different.

BEST & BESTER Target: 6-11 years Producer: Gigglebug Entertainment (Finland) Synopsis: At heart, Best & Bester is a buddy comedy that centres around kids’ freedom to express their opinion and the multitude of possibilities that exist for them in the world. Best & Bester is a multi-platform brand, the TV series consists of 78 x 7 minute episodes and is paired with a messaging game. 60

COLORICS Target: 4-6 years Producer: Hampa Studio (Spain) Synopsis: Colorics is a transmedia project that involves all of us. Colour is the characteristic of human visual perception… But look inside the colours and there you can find the Colorics, those little kids that give colour all over the place whenever they feel like. “Colorics” is a pre-school comedy, an adventure full of energy, music and creativity. Everything seen through this antagonise and colourful squad. After all, Colorics mean colours! CRAYONS, LET’S PLAY! Target: 3-6 years Producer: B-Water Animation Studios (Spain) Synopsis: Aupa, Odo, Koke, Bing and Koma are born out of children drawings and become alive as 3D animated characters. They are living daily adventures

Events and as children’s drawings are not perfect the characters are just authentic misfits. DINOGAMES Target: 6-11 years Producer: Dream Team Concept (Spain) Synopsis: Cody, Vera and their friends, enjoy their favourite virtual reality video game. The adventure begins when they are magically transported into the DinoGames universe through his virtual reality glasses. The portal has communicated both worlds, and our friends are trapped inside the virtual. There, they will meet the DinoPets. To return home, they will have to reopen the

in the home of “the nice family”. While the family is out of the house, the Crayons jump out of the drawings pint on the walls and explore the universe of household, full of discoveries and great adventures. Each Crayons is strongly attached to typical children emotions or state of mind


Pagina pubblicitaria hatchlings licensing MEZZA PAGINA x stampa.pdf




portal between the two worlds. But they do not know that a meteorite is about to impact on DinoLand, suddenly opening the portal between the two worlds.

Dragon Slayer’s Academy DRAGON SLAYER’S ACADEMY Target: 7-10 years Producer: Media Valley (France) Synopsis: The day that Wiglaf decided to enrol at the prestigious school “The Dragon Slayers’ Academy”, he had no idea what lay ahead of him. However, against all odds, scrawny and shy Wiglaf will succeed at the DSA, thanks to his wits as a unexpected hero, bravely able to achieve the most incredible feats.

Events ENTERTAINMENT SPECIAL EDITORIAL for Nathan, each day is Kat-astrophe! Kate & Sushi prove that they are experts in giving ordinary situations extraordinary proportions!

Dragonero DRAGONERO THE ANIMATED SERIES Target: 7-12 years Producer: Sergio Bonelli Editore (Italy) Synopsis: In a fantasy universe, a young man, Ian, with his sister Myrva and their orc friend, Gmor, face the threat of a powerful and evil Sorceress Queen, who wants to impose her rule over the world. A Dragon, imprisoned in a cave by an ancient spell, will lead these heroes. The Dragon will forge a mystical connection of minds with Ian. On a flying ship that can take them through great distances instantly, Ian, Myrva & Gmor fight against the monstrous mechanical creatures sent by the Queen to corrupt Nature and create a world in her own image.

MOKA Target: 6-11 years Producer: Xilam Animation (France) Synopsis: Moka, the King of the Savannah’s only son, a naive and reckless little crocodile, leaves home one day to go explore his vast kingdom. Cherry, a strong, brave rhinoceros from the Royal Guard goes along to assure his protection. But much to Cherry’s despair, Moka’s insatiable curiosity and impulsive behavior are constantly getting him into trouble and she has to spend most of her time getting him out of it! Their adventures are far from over!

THE BANANIMALS Target: 6-11 years Producer: 2 Minutes (France) Synopsis: A bunch of animals each more human than the last! Whenever the Bananimals have a problem, they go to see Claude, the bull doctor, who will find original solutions for everyone’s minor woes, in the form of little exercises or intensive training.

The Monster Trucks THE MONSTER TRUCKS Target: 6-11 years Producer: Piranha Bar (Ireland) Synopsis: The series follows the madcap adventures of Trackula and his crew, as they pull out all the stops to keep Van Hellsing from obtaining the key, and taking over the Truck world Trucksylvania.

KATE & SUSHI Target: 9-11 years Producer: Monkey Eggs (France) Synopsis: Paris is home to a joyous, but burdensome, little family. With Kate (a little girl who is a bit too boisterous), Sushi (an unpredictable cat) and Nathan (a dad who is completely snowed-under), day-to-day life tends to be explosive. For them, each day is a new adventure, while

THE SCHOOL OF MAGIC Target: 6 – 10 years Producer: TeamTO (France) Synopsis: Dylan, Izzy, Zach, Vincent and Veronica, all have one thing in common: a gift for illusion, conjuring, misdirection, and all things magical. And this summer they’re attending Lawrence Deweerd’s magic camp to live their dreams of becoming magicians. The newly opened school located in his ancient House of Magic is run by this legendary magician and one of the world’s greatest illusionist.

The School of Magic 62









IT’S BACK THE ANNUAL MEETING WITH EUROPEAN LICENSING INDUSTRY As every year licensing professionals MEET in London to launch latest brandS to invest on for THE next couple of years. Moreover London is the place where to make the point to the health of the market. Here there are some news which will be presented in London from 10th through 12th October XILAM ANIMATION Xilam Animation, one of Europe’s leading animation companies, is heading to this year’s BLE looking to expand the licensing programmes for three of its key properties – Oggy and the Cockroaches, Paprika and Zig & Sharko. Xilam’s flagship property, Oggy and the Cockroaches is hilarious and is growing globally. A significant master toy partnership has been recently announced with leading manufacturer Lansay, to bring the beloved cast to life via toys for the first time. Lansay will release products at retail in France in the first quarter of 2018. Another focus for Xilam at BLE is its new bright and colorful pre-school animated comedy series, Paprika, which offers unique

storylines following the lives of adventurous twins, Olivia and Stan. Zig & Sharko, Xilam’s slapstick comedy for 6-10 year olds, is winning ratings in Europe, Russia and Asia. At BLE, Xilam is seeking toy and game, publishing as well as promotional partners to extend the licensing activity of the brand globally. BEANSTALK 2017 has been another exciting year for brand extension agency Beanstalk.

In Europe and the UK, Beanstalk was appointed to represent the leading biscuit brand McVitie’s. Crafting the UK’s favorite biscuits and cakes since 1830, McVitie’s is the number one sweet biscuit brand in the country. New agreements have been signed for Beanstalk’s client, Diageo. GUINNESS® has partnered with Windyridge, a specialty cheese producer, to create a new range of GUINNESS flavored cheddar cheese. On the apparel side, GUINNESS has partnered with German clothing retailer EMP. Meanwhile, BAILEYS® has launched an exciting new coffee pod with TASSIMO. Beanstalk client TGI Fridays™ launched its

TGI Fridays international licensing programme earlier this year, kicking off with a trio of slowcooked meats from licensee Tulip in April. Continuing the licensing programme’s global expansion, licensee Handcrafted Restaurants Ltd. launched TGI Fridays™ BBQ Ribs in July across 13 Costco stores

Oggy and the Cockroaches 64

Events in Taiwan and additional best-in-class licensees are in the pipeline for 2018 retail launches across the UK, Australia, Korea and Japan. Beanstalk continues to grow the global licensing programme for longstanding client Energizer. Leveraging the core equities of ‘Power and Light’ the programme has close to thirty licensees, and has launched products in over 35 categories across both the Energizer and Eveready brands. Tinderbox, Beanstalk’s dedicated digital division, has been working closely with Halo® to develop its European licensing programme. Products include an adult apparel collection with Bioworld Europe and — for the first time in Europe — boys wear from licensee Blues Clothing — both set to launch in Q4 2017. In addition, Halo Top Trumps are scheduled to launch this September from Winning Moves, and Halo model kits from licensee Revell will launch in September across Europe. BEAT BUGS Josh Wakely’s Beat Bugs is an Emmy awardADVGraniLicensingSpecialistSett2017_OK.pdf 1 winning hit Netflix series that introduces

Beat Bugs a whole new generation to the most influential band in rock history, The Beatles! The story revolves around the adventures of five charming child-like bugs who band together and learn to live in their suburban 06/09/17 12:21 backyard. Each episode ties in a song made

famous by The Beatles in an innocent and child-friendly way. Summer saw the launch of a line of consumer products at Target in the U.S. The Tesco program in the United Kingdom launches in October, with Australia and Canada soon to follow.

Events BRAND LICENSING EUROPE signed is Fisher-Price as the Global Master Toy Partner to create a broad range of preschool products in the toy category. SPACEPOP: Following a successful 2016 launch on YouTube and across major retailers, including Claire’s, Toys’R’Us and Kohl’s, Genius Brands’ music-driven brand SpacePOP is launching in Southern Europe and China internationally this year. ITV STUDIOS GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT ITV Studios Global Entertainment (ITVS GE) will be heading to Brand Licensing Europe 2017 with its spectacular portfolio of ITV owned and third party properties. Leading the slate with its official brand

Shaun the Sheep AARDMAN With production coming to an end on Academy Award® winner, Nick Park’s much-anticipated prehistoric comedy adventure Early Man, Aardman is working closely with STUDIOCANAL on a strong licensing, publishing and promotional programme for the film. Next is Shaun the Sheep’s second big screen adventure, with a sequel set for release in 2019 and promising to be a major theatrical event for family audiences around the world. Aardman will also be presenting Learning Time with Timmy - a new series for early years English language learners that has been developed in collaboration with the British Council, the world’s premier provider of English language learning. EDEBE’ Edebé´s most successful licenses is SANTORO®’s design-led collection, Gorjuss™. Spain is one of the strongest international markets for SANTORO®’s Gorjuss™, with the collection becoming a huge phenomenon throughout the territory. Probably the most successful license for girls/women at this moment in Spain. There are more than 56 licensees already on board covering the majority of the categories and the sales performance of the Gorjuss licensed products is amazing. Catalina Estrada is also a key brand in Edebé’s portfolio. It’s the worldwide licensor

and work together with some sub-agents covering territories such as USA, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, France, Benelux, Germany, UK, Australia and New Zealand. GENIUS BRANDS INTERNATIONAL Genius Brands International exhibits for the first time at BLE and will be focusing on the preschool brand, Rainbow Rangers, and the hit tween brand, SpacePOP. RAINBOW RANGERS: Slated to premiere on Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr. in 2018, Genius Brands is currently in development on season one and two (104 x 11’ episodes). The first partner the company recently

Rainbow Rangers 66

SpacePOP launch at BLE is Robozuna, an actionpacked Netflix Original animated series. This original IP will launch across multiple platforms simultaneously. The content on each platform will complement the rest and create a seamless 360 degree user experience for kids as they delve into the Robozuna world, making it a very exciting and unique proposition for licensees. The hit action TV series Thunderbirds Are Go continues to expand its global


footprint and has now been on air in over 40 markets. The recent range of ‘adventurewear’ for kids from outdoor retailer Regatta is now in over 40 stores in the UK following a successful launch, and is rolling out nationwide in October with marketing and experiential support targeting the half term


holiday. Other recent deals include a storytelling game app from award-winning UKbased Kuato Studios, set to release in early 2018 on iOS and Android. NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM The Natural History Museum will be highlighting an expanded and enhanced licensing campaign at this year’s BLE. It will be introduced a refreshed and refined licensing programme, inspired by the Museum’s enormous cross-generational appeal. The programme now offers separate, dedicated style guides for children and adults, and products specifically designed for each group.

Natural History Museum ART ASK AGENCY Art Ask Agency is excited to present three new fantastic licenses at Brand Licensing Europe: Prima Maria, Gapchinska and Jimmy the Bull. Prima Maria is based on the artworks of Ukrainian artist Maria Prymachenko who has created more than 900 unique paintings all expressing energy of life, power of nature and are filled with love. Gapchinska is the no. 1 supplier of happiness, positive emotions and sincere feelings based on the art of Ukrainian artist Eugenia Gapchinska. The pictures


Num Noms

TVBOY are all about happiness, childhood, dreams, princes, princesses, angels and first love. Finally, introducing social media sensation, Jimmy the Bull. When Rafael Mantesso’s wife left him, she took everything except their beloved bull terrier, whom she’d named after her favorite shoe designer: Jimmy Choo. With only Jimmy for company, Rafael found inspiration in his best friend, blank walls and a magic marker. Trending on Instagram, with over 600k followers, Jimmy is loved the world over. Among the others, Salvatore Benintende a.k.a. TVBOY is having a great year so far and Art Ask Agency is extremely excited to present this license at Brand Licensing Europe. Coming off the back of large publicity at the ‘Love is Blind’ exhibition in Barcelona, new licensees have been flocking in to put pen to paper and work with the Italian artist. MGA ENTERTAINMENT NUM NOMS: Num Noms are scented novelty + collectible “novibles” that girls can mix, match and stack, creating a truly unique experience from MGA Entertainment. Since launching Series 1 in the U.S. and Canada in December 2015, Num Noms,

targeting girls ages 5 – 9, has fast become one of the bestselling toys and a runaway

L.O.L. Surprise! 68

hit across all retail channels – mass, specialty and mid-tier. The Num Noms toy line features over 400 characters, offering thousands of combinations. The brand has a strong digital presence with over 165 million total views on YouTube. The Num Noms Snackables YouTube Series has received over 46 million views. The scent-sational success of the Num Noms toy line has created a scrumptious global licensing program, with MGA Entertainment partnering with over 90 A-list manufacturers worldwide across all major categories of softlines, hardlines and publishing. L.O.L. SURPRISE!: Inspired by the vlogger unboxing phenomena and trend for collectible toys, MGA Entertainment’s new toy brand, L.O.L. Surprise!™ has become a

Events global sell out since launching in December 2016. MGA Entertainment has developed a global licensing program for L.O.L. Surprise!, with over 30 licensing partners on board to date across key categories including apparel, accessories, back-to-school, stationary, games and puzzles, novelty, health and beauty and home décor. LITTLE TIKES: Little Tikes® encourages active and imaginative play by creating products that get small bodies moving, spark curiosity, create wonder, and let kids dream big. Little Tikes is a leading supplier of over 2,000 product lines of infant and pre-school toys. A parent trusted brand for over 45 years, Little Tikes continues

TECHNICOLOR Technicolor and DHX Media, along with licensing agent CPLG, will attend BLE to present the award-winning animated series, The Deep, on air in over 130 markets, with new promotional and licensing partners on board. Merlin Entertainments Group launched an immersive entertainment experience this fall for The Deep at more than 20 of its SEA LIFE aquariums in the UK and Germany, backed by a significant media push. Additionally, SimEx-Iworks Entertainment is creating a brand new 4D film based on The Deep. NINA AND OTHER LITTLE THINGS NINA & OTHER LITTLE THINGS® is a premium design brand that has captivated the people for its minimalistic and cute design. It will make its debut this year at BLE. The brand is already known in Italy, France and Spain for fashion and stationery deals.

Little Tikes to expand its product offerings globally targeting parents of kids 0 to 6. At BLE ‘17, MGA Entertainment will be looking for exciting new partnerships with licensees and retailers across Europe and Australia. 35+ licensees have been appointed to date around the world across a broad range of categories.

In evidence

MR MEN LITTLE MISS With a cast of 90 characters, the Mr Men and Little Misses are a firm family favorite around the globe bringing laughter and fun to generations. Little Miss Explorer joined Mr. Adventure as the official Little Miss for Heathrow Airport. Little Miss Busy graced her own magazine cover for Stylist Magazine in the UK. Embodying mischief, chaos and family fun there is a Mr. or Little Miss for every personality and occasion, making the brand stand out for gifting, promotions and seasonal opportunities. Partners include: Royal Mail, Heathrow Airport, Subway, McDonalds, Ohh Deer, Transport for London, Oxfam, Hong Kong Airport, Samsonite and many more!

Nina and Other Little Things

SANRIO Sanrio is a worldwide lifestyle brand founded in Japan by Mr. Shintaro Tsuji in 1960 and based on the “small gift, big smile” philosophy that a small gift can bring happiness and friendship to people of all ages. Best known for global icon Hello Kitty, Sanrio is home to many endearing characters including Chococat, My Melody, KeroKeroKeroppi, Bad-BadtzMaru, Little Twin Stars,Gudetama and the newly addedAggretsuko.

The Deep 69

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