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Dear reader The March issue of LICENSING MAGAZINE is a record edition for BM. We would like to thank our readers and advertisers for the extraordinary trust that they have had in us over time. For an important release such as this, going hand in hand with the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair event seems natural. The magazine covers 30 international events, with exclusive presence in many cases, guaranteeing a privileged exposure to the companies that are included. With this magazine, we are always trying to divulge the news of the industry, which is vast in this particular issue, with both trends and research. We unite seemingly different worlds and are in continuous dialogue with them. We have combined contributions that range from licensing to digital, from entertainment to fashion, and reaching to publishing. This mixture of content is apparent, and the fil rouge that holds it all together is the content. Never before have “traditional” broadcasters been in such crisis and retailers been suffering in this way, and both the content and experience that links them is fundamental to capture the attention of the public and the consumer. The traditional standards of the license, from audiovisual production to publishing, have been distorted and they only survive for those who know how to navigate this new scenario. In this issue, we see how publishing is becoming more and more involved in the brand extension experience and how pure brands are becoming protagonists of publishing content. We explore APPs of great success - Subway Surfers by SYBO Games - which have the need of reaching the small screen, both via traditional means and in digital. In all of these cases, the content wins. Exclusive and interesting is also the interview with George Carey, CEO and founder of Family Room. An analysis of how emotional priorities are evolving in the family circle, from the preschooler to teenager and how this has to influence the production of content.

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SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS OF THE PRESENT AND THE FUTURE. FOCUS ON PRESCHOOL TARGET THE DETAILED PRESENCE OF QUALITY PRODUCTS AND CONSTANT EXPANSION OF THE IMPRINT OF THE NICKELODEON BRANDS ON THE MARKET, ARE THE MAIN GOALS OF THE CONSUMER PRODUCTS DIVISION OF VIACOM INTERNATIONAL MEDIA NETWORKS ITALIA. MOREOVER, THIS DIVISION IS DEDICATING PARTICULAR ATTENTION AND SUPPORT TO THEIR LICENSEES AND PARTNERS, CONSTRUCTING PROJECTS WITH THEM ON BOTH A MEDIUM AND LONG TERM BASIS. The department, managed by Nadia Caron, develops this business guided by the passion of seeing the brand and its properties being born and growing. The television series’ are transmitted by the Viacom Italia channels that are available exclusively with Sky: the preschool channel NickJr (Sky 603), Nickelodeon for kids (Sky 605) and the teen channel TeenNick (Sky 620). After roughly 6 months since the first airing on Sky, the television series’ land on FTA for a wider scale broadcasting, gaining the definitive affirmation of an even greater audience. Viacom has prestigious partners in order to enjoy optimum visibility, even on the free channels, thanks to the joint venture that is signed at 50% with the De Agostini group for the Super! channel. The Consumer Products division of Viacom Italia is aimed at a wide audience, but their main focus is on the preschool target: it is here, in fact, that the main efforts and resources are concentrated regarding the current plans and future developments.


2018 sees Shimmer&Shine amongst the protagonists, the first preschool property by Nickelodeon that is based on fashion. For this reason, it has been chosen to be part of the last edition of Pitti Immagine Bimbo, inside the Nice Licensing Space, for the launch of the complete programme linked to the two fun protagonists. Starting with the launch in September 2017 with the Mattel toy, the property hit the top ten in the dolls category straight

PREZIOSI FOOD Preziosi Food has a dominant position in the snack market for impulse purchases aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 12. Founded in 2008 in the fusion of the winning brands Dolci Preziosi and Salati Preziosi, coleader in the segment of chocolate eggs and Easter eggs with surprise gifts. The success of the Preziosi Food products is derived from the high quality ingredients and the elevated value of the gifts that come with products. The most successful characters in the world of entertainment are chosen to accompany products. For this reason, Nickelodeon have chosen Preziosi Food as prestigious partner for the development of the new property Shimmer&Shine: Easter eggs, snacks, chocolate eggs, spreadable cream and crisps, there is something for every child.

Shimmer&Shine Easter Egg by Preziosi Food away and today enjoys: a magazine by Centauria, books by Edicart, swimwear and accessories by arena from March, outerwear by Benetton and Upim for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2018, flow packs by Mattel publishing, accessories & make up by Coriex from April, back to school by Copywrite and much more to come.

Shimmer&Shine Dolls by Mattel



EDICART The call to read for children is a distinctive characteristic of the Gruppo Edicart. In the first years of life, the child learns through books to understand colours, words, shapes, animals, nature and the world. Books are considered a valid alternative to play these days: they have an important cultural value, they cost little, they have a longer lifespan than a toy and they are also “environmentally” correct. 2012 saw the beginning of the collaboration between Nickelodeon and the special, fun and spongy, Spongebob! A collaboration that continued with great success in 2015, when the Italian market saw Edicart launch an entire line of books dedicated to the most loved puppies: Paw Patrol, for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years. The company hit 2018 with the launch of the new Shimmer&Shine publishing programme, that found 3 books in the top 10 category in only two weeks!

Paw Patrol Sticker Album by Gedis #PAWPATROL

Thanks to the constant fame and optimum performance of the show, Paw Patrol is confirmed as the #1 property on NickJr, both on an international scale and from a local perspective, promising to hit the evergreen category of the group like TMNT and SBSP. A phenomenon that does not even hint at losing its high, thanks to the collaboration with Spin Master. A licensing programme that is in continuous development and that sees new products launched over the course of this year in all merchandise categories: first of all the puericulture line by Eurasia, the sticker album by Gedis and the helmets by BHR, then we have the clothing line by Benetton and the Incom icecreams from March, the choco pods by Ultramar Cafè in April, back to school items by CR Group and many more. Today on NickJr (Sky 603), new episodes are airing from the fourth series while the other lucky series’ are airing on FTA.

Shimmer&Shine Colouring Album by Edicart

Paw Patrol Ice Cream by Incom

Paw Patrol Rescue Racers Sea Vehicles by Spin Master


Amongst the portfolio of properties that are still at the top for 2018, the notable Blaze and the Monster Machines is still with us, the fastest monster trucks in Axle City that know all there is to know about the world of science. The series is characterized by a particularly educational style that is based on STIM philosophy, with references to the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to introduce children to the main scientific principles in a fun and enveloping manner.

Blaze Memo by Clementoni The Viacon CP projects are protagonist this month thanks to the NickJr (Sky 603) launch of the new episodes of the third season. But we must also prepare ourselves for the fourth season, which will be upon us in summer 2018! The main partners are: Mattel, Clementoni, OVS and Prenatal. Furthermore, there will also be a refresher of products to hit the market and ongoing collections during the course of this year.

Blaze Slam & Go Vehicle by Mattel


who celebrate diversity. Nella is a new age princess who is modern and unique. Children can relate to her and are quick to become her fans. The series, which began in June 2017, is currently aired daily on NickJr (Sky 603) and is set to debut with new episodes. Looking at the main product categories on the market, under the toys category the property has an exceptional partner in Vivid, along with Ravensburger for puzzles, and food items arriving in 2019. #RUSTYRIVETS

Another star is born in the pink universe of Nickelodeon: Nella the Princess Knight! Nella is an unconventional 8 year old girl who possesses all of the qualities of a princess, but she also has the courage and determination of a knight. Each time she is presented with a problem, Nella sets off on adventurous missions to save her kingdom through her unique ability to transform herself from a princess to a knight. The animated series helps little viewers to develop trust in themselves, to be available and to understand others. A heroine of our time who mirrors the characteristics of children and families

A bright future is predicted for the preschool property Rusty Rivets, a funny inventor and handyman of 10 years of age who, in his “Rusty Lab”, with the help of his friend Ruby and his robot dinosaur Botasaur that he made himself, invents many kinds of objects to use for anything imaginable! In the series, the always curious Rusty, teaches children easy lessons in science and technology, such as how to learn from mistakes and the importance of innovation and

SPIN MASTER Main company in the toy industries of toys and entertainment, Spin Master, from its founding in 1994, hit the market with their ability to innovate. Since 2007, the specialist division, Spin Master Entertainment, has produced 6 tv series’, amongst these is the preschool property Paw Patrol in co-production with ViacomNickelodeon, winner of the License of the Year award at the TOTY Awards 2017, aired in over 160 countries and protagonist of the Spin Master toy lines that have been sold out. After the global success of Paw Patrol, the virtuous partnership between Spin Master and Nickelodeon moves forward with the launch of Rusty Rivets: already airing with NickJr and on FTA, the property arrives in stores in June with a line of toys. Many characters and vehicles to recreate the adventures of Rusty, Ruby and Botasaur.

Rusty Rivets Blaster Tank Vehicle by Spin Master construction. The show is currently airing with NickJr (Sky 603) and is set to be followed by the second season, which will be released in June 2018. Furthermore, the series has been airing since January on FTA with Super! The first product rollout: Spin Master strengthen their trust and Viacom-Nickelodeon relationship, sustaining the property and preparing for the toy launch from June 2018, the same is true of Clementoni, while food and other categories are to be completed in 2019.

Rusty Rivets Magnetic Drawing Board by Clementoni


Cover story #SUNNYDAY



The news dedicated to the little ones seems never ending at Nickelodeon’s house. Here we have Sunny Day, a sunny and talented 10 year old girl who managed her own beauty parlour together with her friends of Friendly Falls, a city that is managed and populated by children. In the adventures, Sunny is accompanied by her adorable and ungainly dog Doodle and her inseparable friends: Rox and Blair. The series, which holds its values in friendship and positivity, made its debut at the beginning of the year. The new episodes of the first season are set to be aired on NickJr (Sky 603) from June, preparing the counrty for the upcoming 2019 licensing programme.

Sunny Day

New surprising opportunities are at the Nickelodeon door, bringing a breath of fresh air and a dose of energy from Jojo Siwa, the teen star of the moment. A global phenomenon from the United States thanks to her charisma, singing, dancing and acting abilities not to mention her YouTube success, which is always reaching more and more fans, not only within the US but also in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, South Africa and Asia! She is the anti-bullying icon with family values and her artistic talents make her unique and thanks to the numerous records on social media and viral messages she has put forth, she is a role model for many. Nickelodeon have chosen her to support the Jojo Siwa brand on a global scale with a programme of development for the property, starting with the airing of TV specials on Nickelodeon (Sky 605) that are dedicated to her, not to mention to follow on FTA with Super! A programme is also underway for digital activity and on the ground for 2018. Jojo Siwa is also amongst the kid protagonists for the Kids’ Choice Awards 2018, which takes place on 24th March and is set to hit Nickelodeon on 30th March.


How can you not love the fun adventures of Lincoln Loud? The series - The Loud House - has reached its third season, with a launch predicted for June. The adventures hit Nickelodeon (Sky 605) and of FTA with Super! and they tell the stories of he 11 year old Lincoln Loud and how he manages to survive his giant family, especially when he is the only boy with 10 sisters! Chaos and laughs have determined the success of the series, bringing the show to a movie release.

The Loud House


ORIGINAL MARINES Born in the ‘80’s, the renowned Original Marines brand, property of Imap Export S.p.A, is today amongst the main leaders in clothing, both casual and sports, mirroring American easywear, which the brand has been inspired by since its beginning. Original Marines chose Nickelodeon as partner for their toywear that is ready to launch in SS2018. The line is to be dedicated to kids and babies and interprets the icons that are most loved by children, with the style and personality that has always set the brand apart. The Ninja Turtles are protagonists of the Spring Original Marines capsule collection, which is made up of t-shirts, vests, trousers and body suits for a fun look, while Paw Patrol are featured on the summer clothing line for smaller children.

TMNT SS2018 Collection by Original Marines

ARENA Arena, founded in 1973, is known today as the brand of the highest quality in the world of swimwear and accessories. The company has over time developed a strong “best in class” ability in the Pool segment and has progressive expansion in the Leisure/ Beach area. Present in over 116 countries, arena have chosen a partner like Nickelodeon who share their view of the world and know development strategy. The Junior Spring Summer 2019 collection is set to be released on an international level, made up of swimsuits and accessories (poncho bathrobes, swimcap and googles) dedicated to children between the ages of 2 an 9 years, with the two fun geniuses of Shimmer&Shine for girls and TMNT for boys.


The Consumer Products division of Viacom continues to believe in and aim at the inalienable evergreens of Nickelodeon that are still enjoying great popularity today. The Ninja Turtles series is preparing for a grand return with the Rise of the Teenage Ninja Turtles, predicted for fall. A 2D series in manga style where the four protagonists go back to the initial phase, when they were still growing and preparing to be future heroes with super powers. In the wait for the future projects that are to be linked to the new roll out, the market is constantly optimistic thanks to the consolidated relationship with Playmates, distributed by Giochi Preziosi. The news for 2018 is: helmets by BHR that have recently been launched, the beachwear collection by arena from March and the clothing line by Original Marines from April. The show has a vintage ‘80’s feel about it and the new

TMNT SS2018 Junior Collection by arena footwear collection by Joshua Sanders is personalized by the four Ninja Turtles.

TMNT Motorbike Helmets Kids&Teen by BHR


Cover story #SPONGEBOB


In the same field, sharing the kids segment with the TMNT, there is another pillar in the Nickelodeon family: Spongebob, the inimitable and funniest sea sponge of all time that enjoed the Spongebob Gold campaign. Next year, Spongebob is celebrating his 20th anniversary with the release of his third movie! In the meantime, considered a pop icon, Spongebob will be having fun playing with fashion, as collaborations are formed with brands such as Moschino, Vans with a limited edition collection that is made up of footwear, clothing and skateboards.

Viacom Italia is not limited to properties for little ones. They are working with the most colossal iconic home brands in the world, MTV, that today aims at a new generation of Millenials. Initially linked to music, the brand is now entertainment based in all manners of speaking, enriched with characteristics such as fashion, with

SpongeBob Catwalk by Moschino

which the brand has always had a strong relationship, finding concrete expression in the collection by Marc Jacobs, and in the capsule collection with Happyness and other companies that choose MTV. Other examples are to be found in the brands Ultramar Cafè, who distribute the MTV UP energy drink, Nestlè, who are making an Easter Egg, which is to be linked with a competition to win MTV branded prizes, but above all, the possibility to attend the upcoming MTV Music Awards in Bilbao this coming November.

NESTLÉ Nestlé is the largest food company in the world. Present in 191 countries, the brand ha been active on Italian territory for over 100 years. For the launch of their first Easter egg branded KitKat, Nestlé meet the MTV brand to give life to a really special and innovative co-branding project that is aimed at a target of young adults. Inside the egg, there is a KitKat Chunky Mini snack, many MTV series’ to stream at www.mtv.it/pasquakitkat and the possibility to win 2 tickets to the 2018 EMAs in Bilbao, not to mention 10 trolley bags and 10 MTV branded motorcycle helmets.

Kit Kat/MTV Easter Egg by Nestlé


Interview SYBO GAMES

SUBWAY SURFERS PHENOMENON ACCORDING TO SYBO GAMES LM FOLLOWS ALWAYS ALL TRENDS WHICH MIX TOGETHER DIGITAL, LICENSING, ENTERTAINMENT AND PUBLISHING. SYBO GAMES, THROUGH THE PROPERTY SUBWAY SURFERS, IS THE PERFECT SYNTHESIS OF ALL THESE ELEMENTS. TO LEARN MORE, WE HAVE MET NAZ AMARCHI-CUEVAS, HEAD OF LICENSING, SYBO GAMES. and not forced. We feel the same and in everything we do, we are committed to adhering to these values and providing awesome content, on-trend products and delivering them in a manner fans desire. We are building a long-term franchise. In which territories this property is most popular? We want to purposefully launch the publishing and consumer products programs in strategic territories where we have achieved critical mass, which include the United States, China, Latin America, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, India + Latin Europe (France, Italy, Portugal and Spain).

Naz Amarchi-Cuevas Can you tell us how Subway Surfers has become a digital IP phenomenon with over 1.8 billion subscribers? Since its mobile game debut in 2012, Subway Surfers struck a chord with players around the world, rocketing the download charts - it had three million iOS downloads one week after its launch. Five years later in 2017, it ranked as the Number 1 most downloaded game in the world! Did you know it’s estimated to be in one-of-four smartphones? Its popularity can be attributed to several factors. For one, fans embraced the Subway Surfers World Tour. Each month the endless runner game travels to a new city with its key characters Jake, Tricky and Fresh. Subway Surfers has visited

more than 43 destinations, and we keep revisiting the best cities. The real-urban, street-smart environment that echoes throughout Subway Surfers is another attribute that has contributed to the game’s success. Which are the add values of this IP and why, according to you, it is so attractive for its audience? Combined, Subway Surfers and the SUBSURF consumer products/ entertainment brand bring a very methodical approach to the property. We know our audience wants more, but at the same time they want rich content, cool consumer products and ways to extend the experience that feel organic 24

The TV series is the natural development of Subway Surfers. At which step of the project are you by now and which is the TV roll-out plans? Subway Surfers was originally conceived as an animation property. In fact, Sylvester Rishøj Jensen and Bodie Jahn-Mulliner

Interview We know we could easily sign dozens of partners across all categories, but that’s not what the brand is about. Partners must be able to deliver the street smart, edgy youth culture, and skate music and dance influence that Subway Surfers is about. They must be able to bring funk and fashion to the brand. Subway Surfers is the original Street Art brand, and our goal is to democratize street culture!

won the Hamburg Animation Award first prize for best animation movie for their animation movie about a hooligan character that graffitis a metro railway escaping a grumpy inspector and his dog, back in 2009.

A full-length animated series is to follow, Fall of 2019. How are you developing licensing based on the digital and TV development? We launched the SUBSURF brand as an extension of the Subway Surfer property with lifestyle in mind. Going beyond the standard consumer product program, SUBSURF embraces the newstalgia trend - nostalgic, classic and retro. Our style guides showcase the brand as content itself; it’s not only the game or animation SUBSURF is a style and way of life. How many licensees do you work with globally? Where are you more present and where would you love to develop further the presence of your licensed products? The goal is to align with partners around the globe that are extremely connected and dedicated to GEN-Y & GEN-Z fans.

Now we are bringing Subway Surfers to a screen as an in-depth, character-driven animated show. Daytime Emmy Awardwinning producer Sander Schwartz (The Batman, Baby Looney Tunes, Ozzy & Drix) along with screenwriter Brent Friedman (Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars: The Clone Wars) are guiding the vision and delving into the lore of the Subway Surfers universe. This Summer 2018, animation shorts will debut and for the first time, fans will hear the characters they’ve grown to love speak for the first time! They’ll learn about each character and begin to follow the adventures of Jake, Tricky and Fresh. 25

At last Kidscreen Summit you confirmed how publishing is important also for digital and TV IPs. Can you tell us in deeper which is your opinion at this regard? Publishing allows us to truly tell a story. And more than anything, we are a story-telling, IP creating, character-driven company with mobile games as the primary vehicle to connect with our fans. With publishing we will be able to truly explore the brand elasticity and we are looking forward to working with Publishing partners who want to co-create with us.


A DIVERSIFIED PROPOSAL FROM ENTERTAINMENT TO BRANDS MANY NEWS IN THE LEADING EUROPEAN AGENCY PORTFOLIO The licensing world has been constantly changing through the last few years, among important mergers and short term phenomenon that often come from realities that would have been improbable few years ago. CPLG, known as “Home of classic brands”, with an important presence in the entertainment world next to the main players, has already started a process that has brought it to gradually change its portfolio. The wide variety within the CPLG profile came from the will to intercept the new needs of the market and to offer partners “entertainment”, “classic” and “lifestyle” properties. The success of these brands does not depend on television exposure or supported marketing, however, but rather on awareness; the strategy of positioning and taking care of the product’s development, giving the brand a long life and making it available for licensing programmes of a wider scope. Making up the ENTERTAINMENT world are the properties that are supported by a tv series, such as Hey Duggee from BBC Worldwide - one of the strongest preschool educational properties of the moment, airing daily on Cartoonito and DeAJunior that sees Chicco as Master Toy Partner for Italy. Or the ones supported by upcoming films, such as Hotel Transylvania 3 by Sony Animation, that after the enormous success of the first

HEY DUGGEE™ and character logos™ & © Studio AKA Ltd 2014. Licensed by BBC Worldwide Ltd. BBC logo ™ & © BBC 1996.

TM & ©2017 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

TM & 2018 Sony Pictures Animation Inc. All Right Reserved.

two films, will hit Italian cinemas in August 2018. Amusement Park, the brand new 3D animation title by Paramount, that tells the story of June, a creative twelve year old who, with her animal friends, tries to reconstruct an abandoned amusement park and to bring it back to life. There are properties such as L.O.L. Surprise! by MGA Entertainment and Hatchimals by Spin Master, toy phenomenon from the get go. The first, a mini doll enclosed in a sphere, has endless accessories to discover and has been distributed in Italy by Giochi Preziosi since 2017. The second, on the other hand, is the franchise by Spin Master, the innovative interactive egg that hatches with children’s care and enjoys a variety of CollEGGtibles, that is collectible mini figurines. CLASSICAL BRANDS are part of the CPLG portfolio since several years. CPLG, thanks to a long term strategy, was able to offer characters from classic animation with a modern edge, thanks to HALO collaborations and partnerships in the world, where the fashion categories served as trailblazers. To name a few: Joyrich, Coach, Scotch & Soda, Fyodor Golan, and the recent HUF, with the 26

first animated cinema icon Felix The Cat; Iceberg, Monnalisa, Happiness, Zara, and Pinko were all inspired to Pink Panther collections, thanks to the character’s sophisticated and glamorous style; Peter Alexander, Puma, Zara, H&M and Uniqlo enjoy the funny characters of Sesame Street, and Anya Hindmarch, Hogan and Fred Perry collaborate with Space Invaders, the most influential videogame of the arcade generation, today considered as a POP icon. Also classified as brands, but with a LIFESTYLE twist, are CPLG’s Parental Advisory and Tony Hawk. Born as a warning placed on CD’s to let parents know about explicit or violent content, today Parental Advisory is no

News Californian, class of 1968, in 1999 Tony Hawk changed the world of Skateboarding and extreme sports forever with a trick that made history. Since then, Hawk didn’t come up for air: today he is considered an icon of skating and a reference point for entire generations of kids in the world of fashion. Thanks to the versatility of their portfolio, CPLG is still able to keep up with the times in the continuous evolution of licensing, constructing exclusive collaborations with licensing partners that respond to the latest trends and needs of the market.

From the collaborations with CPLG Italy and Drunknmunky, the brand that’s license is managed by Wage Italia, was born of the capsule collection of Tony Hawk sneakers, presented in preview during the last edition of Pitti Uomo in Florence.

Pink Panther by Happiness longer a warning, but rather a real life symbol of rebellion for young generations. A lifestyle brand that inspired numerous collaborations in fashion, such as H&M, Forever 21, Primark, Urban Outfitters and the latest Italian Brands, an Italian trendsetter and clothing brand. The Parental Advisory logo was also seen on the latest catwalks in Milan with Gucci FW 18/19, making the logo Paramount on clothing.

Parental Advisory by Italian Brands 27

Tony Hawk



Zara Kids Zara Kids

The development of Pokémon in Italy On the back of a highly successful 2017, The Pokémon Company International is looking forward to another sensational 12 months, for its partners and passionate fans. Pokémon arrived on Nintendo Switch last year with the acclaimed

launch of Pokkén Tournament DX whilst Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon launched exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS. These latest titles helped Pokémon video games to pan incredible 300 million sales worldwide since the release of the first video game in 1996. Keeping the momentum going into 2018, Pokémon will be launching the actionadventure video game Detective Pikachu on 23 March, exclusively on Nintendo 3DSTM family of systems. The loyal and engaged fan base of this iconic, evergreen brand continues to grow as the company constantly seeks to innovate and reach out to new demographics. Pokémon is growing 28

its presence with special partnerships, collaborations and products designed for young and older fans alike. 2018 is set to be another exciting year for Pokémon in the Italian market. Wicked Cool Toys will be taking over as the new master toy licensee, with the new product range in Figures, Plush and Role Play categories. Giochi Preziosi will be the distributor for the new toy product lines in Italy, Greece and Turkey. Pokémon have announced the signing of two huge global deals. The first is the new partnership with legendary notebook brand Moleskine, with limited edition notebooks becoming available globally in 2018. The second is the new direct to retail partnership with H&M, with products becoming available globally later this year. Also, following the success of the previous collections for both apparel and nightwear, Pokémon and Zara Kids have renewed their partnership and new products will soon be available globally. Additional successes for Pokémon in the Italian market include Sicem International for kids’ apparel & accessories, the renewal of their partnership with Witor’s for a new seasonal confectionery line covering Easter 2018 and 2019, as well the renewal with CR GROUP where the Pokémon back to school range will launch later this year. Looking forward to next year, Legendary Entertainment’s Detective Pikachu is the first live-action film based on the globally popular Pokémon franchise, and is set to release in May 2019.


The Success of Pokémon continutes in France Pokémon enjoyed a strong 2017 in the French market, teaming up with some big names in both fashion and retail. In April, Pokémon announced their major collaboration with quality French children’s fashion brand La Compagnie des Petits, which saw a dedicated fashion collection for girls and boys launched across all stores in France, Belgium, and Luxembourg in May 2017. La Compagnie Des Petits provided the collection with exceptional window visibility, as well as instore merchandising and event support. Pokémon also partnered with Carrefour in November for a week of exciting retail activity in 23 stores, including Pikachu costume appearances, Pokémon Trading Card Game trading days and crosscategory promotions. Following the success of last year, 2018 is also shaping up to be another exciting

Candy Up year for Pokémon in France. Alongside the renewal of the global deal with Zara Kids, Pokémon have also announced a collaboration with high-end Parisian brand Maison Labiche for men’s and kids’ daywear and accessories, which will hit stores in Autumn 2018. Pokémon has also recently announced new partnerships in food and at retail for 2018. Pokémon has teamed up with Dolci Preziosi Iberica for a new seasonal confectionery line, including Easter eggs and advent calendars. The partnership with leading beverage brand for kids, Candy’Up, has been renewed and supported by a TV advertising campaign, with product on shelves from midJanuary. Pokémon celebration cakes by Lightbody Europe are also now available in all major grocers in France. Bandai has been revealed as the new toy distributor for France, following the announcement of new master toy licensee, Wicked Cool Toys.

Dolci Preziosi Iberica 29

Pokémon Trading Cards



If you’re a regular user of electronic communications – and especially if you’re a young user –you probably contribute to the 6 billion icons used daily as part of communications via social media, e-mails or text messages. They’re called emojis and they are now – through brand owner emoji company – an iconic lifestyle brand. emojis in communications – faces, objects, animals and other simple but striking imagery – are brief, clear, funny and to the point: perfect for capturing attention. And that precision – and humour – also explains the enormous success of emoji® - THE ICONIC BRAND. This is, of course, a property with a strong level of awareness. But emoji®, like the popular icons that inspire it, can be used to express many positive or deeply felt emotions in a clearly understood way. This ability to adapt makes the brand ideal for cross-category licenses, promotions, loyalty programmes and integration with marketing campaigns. As licensor for the brand in Italy, the agency Maurizio Distefano The evolution of Licensing quickly saw the potential of the brand – and equally quickly translated it intomajor deals.To date, emoji®–THE ICONIC BRAND has brought its colour and humour to a wide range of product categories in food and non-food.

San Carlo Food categories have been particularly successful at combining their edible treats with delightful emoji® surprises. For example, Grandi Salumifici Italiani has brought the wit and colour of emoji® to Teneroni, the famous hamburgers from Casa Modena – not just on packaging but through iron-on transfers. Motta, meanwhile, has included cute emoji® stickers inside packs of its famous Yo-Yo snack. And San Carlo crisp packets from San Carlo Junior line include little pullers for zip adorned with some of the appealing and arresting expressions emoji® can offer. Numerous prominent names, such

as Pigna, Fiam Automazione, Arnetta, Volponi, and many others, now bring emoji to their packaging or products. Just as emoji® icons are constantly changing, so is emoji® – THE ICONIC BRAND, which continues to create new style guides and icons, as you can see on www.emoji.com, to reflect the almost daily

Motta changes that can be seen on the internet. This proactive approach allows licensees to create innovative, contemporary and exclusive projects. Could this be the coolest brand and the coolest communication phenomenon around? More than 500 licensees worldwide – including quite a few in Italy – certainly seem to think so!

Casa Modena 30


HEIDI BIENVENIDA FINALLY IN ITALY HEIDI BIENVENIDA ARRIVES IN THE BEL PAESE WITH HER ENERGY, FASHION AND ECCENTRICITY, READY TO CAPTURE THE ATTENTION OF ITALIAN GIRLS. TO FIND OUT MORE, LM INTERVIEWED VALENTINA LA MACCHIA, DIRECTOR OF CONSUMER PRODUCTS, MONDO TV What sort of licensing programme are you looking at and with what kind of development? Regarding the licensing programme, we are collecting interest and possible consent at the moment with licensees, with Panini who was in love with the brand before the Italian television confirmation was even there. Panini already handled developments for the Latin American market, where the series already aired in 2017, and for the Italian

What can you tell us about the television development of this property and its launch in Italy? After the great success in Latin America, we are finally ready to launch Heidi Bienvenida in Italy. This is a franchise in which Mondo TV Group is investing a lot. Two TV series’ have already been produced, totalling 120 episodes of 45 minutes each. A third season is definitely on the cards to guarantee a continuity over the next few years for both the television show and the licensing aspects. From April we will see the show on Rai Gulp, the best channel for the target that we are aiming for with Heidi Bienvenida. We are working with Rai to guarantee mass programming on the channel,

not to mention an important level of communication and promotion.

market we are looking at a sticker album and trading cards with a launch that is foreseen for the 2018 back to school season. In the publishing world, we have Mondadori on board, who manifested a great commitment to the property from the beginning, presenting a rich editorial plan that was well studied: the launch of over 4 titles is predicted between the end of May and September, while an unpublished story of Heidi Bienvenida will 32

News unexpected enthusiasm from journalists awaited us! Important co-marketing activity with licensees and retail is also not a miss.

be unveiled, allowing readers to discover content exclusively with Mondadori. In the food category, Walcor is set to release the first products for Christmas 2018 and then to follow with other seasonal sweet and confectionery products. Last but not least, the agreement with Sony for the musical rights to the series. We have 27 songs from the first series and Sony is set to distribute the tracks via CD-ROM and in digital. We are very proud and emotional about the partnership and to have the music branded by the best in Italy, which is not only limited to licenses for musical rights in the original language (Spanish) but also the edit in Italian with the participation from their talent that is followed by numerous fans, This is without a doubt a strategic asset to our brand and its promotion. Other than the aforementioned partners,

What are you looking at in terms of supporting licensees and retail in marketing initiatives?

Other than Heidi Bienvenida, what else is developing with other Mondo TV properties? Bologna is an important fair for us this year because it sees the consolidation of the licensing programme linked to Robot Trains, airing with Cartoonito from February. For this reason, we are covering most of the merchandise categories from March. Other than Robot Trains and Heidi, for the first time we are presenting a new TV show at the Bologna event, with which we have great expectations: it is Invention Story, a new animated series of 104 episodes of 11 minutes each, coproduced by Henan York Animation and Mondo TV, with a launch set for next year. The best broadcasters on a global scale are evaluating the series with great interest

When we received confirmation of the tv launch on Rai, amongst other priorities, there was the definition of a 360 degree marketing and communication plan to support both the tv programming and the sell-out of licensee products. With Echo Entertainment, we are working on activities that involve the Heidi Bienvenida brand, such as: the presence on social media with exclusive and engaging content, competitions, events and meet&greets through Italy where little fans can meet the protagonist, such as at the Giffoni Film Festival and at other important windows of the sector. On the publicity side, we already started press conferences in February with Chiara Francia and Marcela Citterio, where

and in countries such as China, Mexico, the Middle East and Turkey, agreements have already been signed. While in L&M the key licenses are linked to learning and toys, the Toy and Publishing categories are already in discussion. The potential of the Invention Story series in the development of toys and learning products has pushed Henan York and Mondo TV to sign agreements for the production of five seasons, that is 520 episodes of 11 minutes each. This is a significant development: diffusion on all of the free-to-air channels and pay TV alike on a global scale, combining the work of five seasons and allowing partners to develop a successful long term licensing programme.

we have other agreements taking place after Bologna, making sure we cover all of the merchandise categories.



CONFIRMATIONS AND NOVELTIES OTHER THAN BEING ONE OF THE MAIN PRODUCERS IN EUROPE, RAINBOW GIVES GREAT ATTENTION TO CONTENTS APART FROM TELEVISION PRODUCTION. LM INTERVIEWED CRISTIANA BUZZELLI, SVP SALES AND ACQUISITIONS, RAINBOW. If we look at Maggie & Bianca, the tour was a great support because, other than the presence on television, it takes time for a new brand to gain popularity. The tour is entirely produced by us and a new business unit was opened, coordinated by Veronica Ascoli, who already is in charge of the in-house publisher Tridimensional.

The unit was born in 2017 with the need to manage the world of live shows directly. Originally thought to create an adequate event for an audience of fans such as that of Maggie & Bianca, it was clear from the very beginning that this would be the best way to control the quality of the final product. With this new department of the company, we intend to develop new projects for next year. Amongst the news, you have 44 Cats, the preschool series created in collaboration with Antoniano Bologna This is the first 3D animated preschool show produced by Rainbow and it is the first that we have created with our Canadian studio, Bardel Entertainment. Indeed, Bardel is specialized in 3D CGI animation and we believe that this TV series has a cinematographic level of quality. Looking at content, we have developed a wide collaboration with Antoniano

Pinko x Hello Kitty

Cristiana Buzzelli How did your IP’s go in Christmas 2017? We are very happy with last Christmas results. Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends, on shelves with Simba, registered a sold out of toy category. Also the music CD by Sony and the books by Mondadori sold very well. In addition, we launched the second season of Regal Academy and also for this IP Christmas was successful. Lastly, Winx results were terrific too: its branded dolls are among the top 3 most sold ones according to NPD data in Italy. For you live event is very important and you created a new Business Unit within the company. What can you tell us about this? 34

News How important is publishing and digital in the development of your IP’s? I would say that these are crucial categories for us. We have created two ad hoc divisions: one is Tridimensional, the other one is a new division with around 10 professional certified YouTubers. All of this is strictly linked to content: we tend to look after it ourselves to guarantee the continuity and quality of the product. On the publishing side, we are working with all of the main publishers, from Mondadori to Edicart and Fabbri. Those are long-term partnerships that guarantee a constant presence in the market. Talking about digital, we are launching new Winx apps and mobile games, a huge launch campaign for 44 Cats and a great nostalgic promotion for the 15th anniversary of Winx Club on social media.

Bologna. The show has more than 20 songs taken from the popular Italian kids music festival “Zecchino D’Oro”. “44 Cats” and “Granny Pina’s noodles” are the main and most recurring ones, but every time a new cat-character is introduced, it is always linked to one of the other famous songs. In Italy, the broadcaster will be Rai Yoyo and the international TV market has already given us very good feedbacks so that we have on board the main broadcasting channels in Germany, France, Russia, Latin America, Greece, Benelux, Great Britain and many others that will be announced soon. On the licensing side, we will start in the first quarter of 2019 as the TV launch in Italy is set for the end of 2018. We will start with publishing and in Italy Fabbri is already on board, but many others will be revealed soon.

to the original core values of Winx Club. From a licensing point of view, among the many partnerships on board, there is an active collaboration with Original Marines and the back-to-school category is handled by Giochi Preziosi.

Any news from the retail side? Regarding Winx Club and Maggie & Bianca, the partnership with Toys Center is now even stronger, while with Auchan it keeps on being solid. Since 2014 Winx Club has been constantly supported by OVS and since 2017 we have been working with Original Marines for Regal Academy and Winx Club. Recently we have built up a dedicated team to work with retail category managers and buyers. This team introduces the news of our brands directly to the buyers who will be already informed when the licensees will pitch the news to them. We support our partners in the sell-in activity and our marketing team works with retail to push the sell-out. In reality, we are there for support before, during and after.

Winx. An evergreen property. What news are you expecting? Winx keeps on performing very well after so many years, season 8 is in production and is set to be a great chance to return 35



From the left: Daniel Gutman, Adam Anders, Ignacio Orive Adam Anders, better known for his tremendous success as the executive music producer of Fox’s Glee, now has joined forces with 360 Powwow and Nickelodeon Latin America to bring Kally’s MashUp to life. The show follows the life of Kally, a 13-year-old piano prodigy, who becomes by a serendipitous event the youngest member to be accepted at the Allegro Conservatory of Music. However, there is one dream she has kept secret: becoming a pop artist. Kally, interpreted by the young Argentine revelation Maia Reficco, will leave her mother and will start living with her father, whom she barely knows, and with her crazy uncle. Her neighbours, Tina and Dante, will play a crucial part making her feel at home. At the Allegro Conservatory of Music, she will evoke both wonder and jealousy, causing her to win friends and enemies, such as Gloria, the most talented pianist of the school until the arrival of Kally.

child in a world of big kids and adults, which was both exciting and scary. Those experiences helped shape the storyline and creation of ‘Kally’s Mashup”. The show is full of humour, music, romance, and choreography. This is probably the main appeal it already holds with the tween and teen audience to which it is targeted.

America expressed how it had been a while since the last time Nickelodeon had produced a musical show. The idea of a mash-up between classical and pop music seemed both original and fascinating. “Collaborating on this project with musical wiz Adam Anders and 360 Powwow is a true treat for Nickelodeon Latin America”.

Adam Anders is no other than the mastermind behind Glee’s music, but also Rock of Ages, Camp Rock or The Descendants. He has written or produced over 200 Billboard hits resulting in over 100 million albums sold. He has co-written and produced all the songs featured in Kally’s MashUp, his first Latin-American project, with his wife Nikki and his longtime collaborator Peer Astrom.

Daniel Gutman, CEO from Powwow 360, has also voiced the exceptional honour of partnering with a great talent and visionary like Anders and with Nickelodeon Latam. “This is the first time a Latin-American series will have music in English and of this level”. “We have developed this project with the importance that a brand like Nickelodeon requires, in terms of quality, creative challenge and the breaking of boundaries that each of these products have and in which we feel tempted to contribute”, stated Gutman. He also added: “This is

Tatiana Rodriguez, senior vice president and brand head of kids and family programming at Nickelodeon Latin

Created by Adam Anders and Anthony Falcon the show is inspired by the life and early experiences of Anders himself: “When I was 13, I was given the opportunity to study music at the University of South Florida. I was the only 36

News a great bet both for Latin America and worldwide to reinvigorate the genre and at the same time set a precedent as to how it is possible to make a combination with the best Latin-American talent and the talent of Hollywood.” The producers, which started off with 120 episodes of 44 minutes each. Kally’s MashUp was first launched in October 2017 for the whole region on Nickelodeon Latin America and has been seen by more than 7 million people, ranking as the highest rated live show ever on Nick LATAM. The original 30 chapters were broadcasted in 2017 until the Christmas break. Now, the full number of 75 chapters will be screened during 2018 and a second season is already on its way. Kally’s MashUp has ascended to a nonstop new level of popularity. This has encouraged the producers to take the show to Europe. Ignacio Orive, CEO of Brands and Rights 360, is in charge of the distribution of the show in Southern Europe and has present edit in the past MIPCOM. In Orive’s own words: “Immediately we were asked ‘When is it available?’ The quality of the series and the music are incredible and we already have various proposals from different TV channels for each territory. The reception has been thrilling”. Accounting for the success already achieved, Orive added it’s “fun plot lines, aspirational characters and catchy music” which build up a promising TV brainchild. He still remembers the first time he saw the show and perceived right away it was

going to become a hit. “When we first saw it, we got butterflies. 360 Powwow and Anders Media have done a great job on the production, the cast is amazing and the music is unbelievable. You listen to Adam’s songs once and they stay in your head for a week.” Orive’s plan is to launch Kally’s MashUp in more than 7 countries simultaneously in 4Q18. The previous success of Chica Vampiro has helped to the intelligent commercial exploitation of the show: “We have opened slots in more countries that are counting the months to be able to launch Kally’s MashUp”. Besides, Orive added: “We want to launch the


show on five or six free to air channels in different countries simultaneously, in the fourth quarter of 2018. We are already in discussions with strategic partners for concerts, digitals-plays, toys, publishing houses and textiles”. Apart from this list, the licencing strategy includes back to school accessories and apparel and has already gained Sony’s commitment for this broad undertaking. Moreover, discussions are being held right now and deals are trying to be made so that Kally’s MashUp can have the widest audience in Europe. So far, Gulli in France, Dea Super! in Italy and Teen Nick in Israel are already confirmed.


PROTAGONIST OF THE BOLOGNA LICENSING TRADE FAIR 2018 THE 11TH EDITION OF THE TRADE FAIR IS SET TO BE THE PERFECT OCCASION TO PRESENT THE LATEST NEWS IN THE ALREADY RICH TURNER PORTFOLIO Poli and Holly & Benji. The products are fruit of the partnership between Turner and Ferrero, with the Giant Kinder Egg featuring The Powerpuff Girls; Bauli, who with Motta have created a Robocar Poli Easter egg; Preziosi Food are protagonists of Easter with their Ben 10 egg, and Walcor with the Ben 10 MUG containing mini chocolates; Balocco has an Easter egg dedicated to the cult series, Holly & Benji.

Turner confirms its participation at the next edition of the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair (#BLTF18) where it will unveil news and partnerships for 2018/2019. Going head to head with the prestigious Bologna Children’s Book Fair, The Licensing Trade Fair will allow Turner to present new licensing agreements in the publishing category. Amongst the new partnerships, Feltrinelli will publish a chain of books based on The Powerpuff Girls, in stores from March. The chain, published under the Gribaudo label, is made up of: The Creative Album, a coloring book; The Super Secret Diary, full of tests, games and activities; The Official Guide to The Powerpuff Girls, which gives fans the inside track on the fantastic world of The Powerpuff Girls TV show. In partnership with the Mondadori Publishing Group, a series of Ben 10 books have been created featuring the

PPG by Feltrinelli

BEN10 by Mondadori characters from the TV series. The Official Guide to Ben 10 is out this month and it is filled with secrets and information about the 10-year old kid hero, while the Play and Colour book is also to hit shelves. In June we can look forward to the release of the Ben 10 Super Book and a Mega Sticker Book. Other publishing partnerships include Ape Publishing for various products dedicated to Robocar Poli, the TV series that airs on the DT Free to Air channel Cartoonito. Amongst the products are the Puzzle Book, the Super Colouring Book, The World of Robocar Poli and last but not least the Sticker Play and Colour book. There is a lot of news for Easter 2018 with many tasty chocolate eggs featuring some of the most loved characters in TV: The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Robocar 38

BEN10 by Ferrero Amongst the partnerships that are set to be presented at the BLTF18, we can also expect LEGO® who are releasing two new construction sets featuring The Powerpuff Girls, iconic trio Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. For The Powerpuff Girls property,


PPG by Lego

stores and boutiques. News linked to Ben 10 will also be presented at the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair. From the partnership with Giochi Preziosi, official distributor of Master Toy partner Playmates throughout Europe, the new range of toys dedicated to Ben Tennyson will arrive this Spring. To support the Ben 10 products Turner has created a multi-product advertisement with the participation of Fabio Massei, the young motorcycle champion who has been ambassador of Ben 10 since last year. The promo will announce the

fantastic official products by: Preziosi Food, Wal-Cor, Giochi Preziosi, Dino Bikes, Clementoni, Lisciani, Sun-City and Original Marines. Last but not least, great attention will be paid to the Rick and Morty, a property in its consumer products debut. The series, from Turner’s Adult Swim, is a huge hit with millennials; it is created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland and follows a sociopathic genius scientist who drags his inherently timid grandson on insanely dangerous adventures across the universe. The show has been critically

the success is still going in the fashion category. Since their debut, The Powerpuff Girls, who are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, have become as style icons for women and girls of all ages. Amongst the latest collaborations are Pitti Immagine Bimbo, where the Fashion Comics project was presented and brought to life by Alessandro Enriquez, with this edition being dedicated to the Cartoon Network hit series. At the London Fashion Week the partnership with the fashion designer Katie Eary was announced, as she presented her first all female Fall/Winter 2018 collection, inspired by the superhero sisters. The line is set to be on sale in Europe, North America and Asia in selected department acclaimed since its debut and is available on Netflix in Italy. For April, the launch of the virtual reality videogame “Rick and Morty: Virtual Rickality” for PlayStation® VR, from Adult Swim Games and developers Owlchemy Labs and Other Ocean Group is on the cards.

PPG by Katie Eary 39


A YEAR RICH OF EXCLUSIVE NOVELTIES Miracle Tunes: The show has began. A month ago the last days of the casting process took place and the five protagonists that are set to interpret the Miracle Tunes in Europe were chosen! The selection process was long, difficult and required technical knowledge of dance and acting. The girls showed their talents in front of a panel of expert judges and the artistic director Roberto Cenci,

Based on “Idols x Warrior Miracle Tunes” produced by Miracle Tunes Project © TOMY OLM/ Miracle Tunes Project is the most talented of the three, who is also shy and unsure in her choices: should she be an idol or save the world? After the first episodes, two more girls will be added to the Miracle Tunes, initially as

The script has undergone small changes, without losing the initial format, however. On the licensing side, Giochi Preziosi is the Master Toy Licensee and they will release their dedicated products in October 2018, in line with the airing of the series in Italy and Spain, with many products, some of which are already in the phases of development. A contract has also been defined with Dolci Preziosi for sweets and newsstand products in Italy, the launch of which is set for the first months of 2019, the year in which the series will have gained a strong awareness thanks to the airing channel and distribution of the episodes in the months following the show’s release. Moreover, the clothing and underwear categories are in the phases of definition, together with publishing and toiletries.

A Spider Called Whiskey: a child-sized influencer The European cast of Miracle Tunes who made his final decisions in the last weekend of February. The lucky Miracle Tunes are already learning the first songs, choreography and lines of the script and are ready for action. The protagonists of the series are initially 3, with very different personalities: the oldest is the leader of the group, proud, sure of herself and scrappy. The youngest is careless, fun and ready for anything. Last but not least

antagonists, who will together form the group of 5 idols. The theme music has always been the drive of live action series’ and for the launch of Miracle Tunes in Europe, the soundtrack has been written and produced entirely by Roberto Cenci, Valeriano Chiaravalle and Gianluca Giorgi, westernizing it and making the show appealing to the European audience. 40

In the era of social networking, that which counts is having many followers, interactions and views that allow an idea to become an influencer- a job like any other, these days. The “influencer” figure is taking on more and more importance and we can see there are no longer only profiles of people but also of dogs, cats and other animals who are trying to make the cut! Amongst them, in the influencer community, there is also an animated character: Whiskey the Spider.


Thanks to the YouTube channel of Coccole Sonore (eng. Sound Cuddles), which enjoys 839.716 subscribers to date along with 1.100.000 daily views, Whiskey the Spider has reached enormous popularity: every video that is uploaded is viewed millions of times, reaching over 30.000.000 of views in 2017 alone. He is considered an Influencer, and a real friend that takes in small children and their parents, above all for mothers who see the character as a safe option for their children to enjoy. Showlab manages all of the licensing rights and has signed the first important agreement with Mondadori for the publication of unseen content. The Whiskey the Spider book, holder of unseen content, comes out at the end of March in all Mondadori stores. A TV series of 50 episodes of 7 minutes each is already underway, inspired by the stories in the book. The Whiskey costumer character is also in preparation, which will allow little fans to meet the character at live events in Italy. Whiskey the Spider is also an app in 13 languages that, in just six months since its release has enjoyed 160.000 downloads. The app contains enthusiastic games and a section of augmented reality activities.

Snack World: Mythology meets technology!

Snack World was born as a video game developed by Level-5 and it came out in Japan for Nintendo 3DS and smartphones. In 2017, the Level-5 production began of an animated preschool series, that made The Snack World one of the most loved animated cartoons in Japan. The series follows the adventures of Chup, a boy who sees his village razed to


the ground by a multinational company that wants to construct luxury hotels. After losing everything, he sets off in vengeance, while he falls in love with the daughter of the king, Princess Melora. Chup finds himself trying to satisfy the silly wishes of the princess together with his friends that he makes along the way. Takara Tomy is the Master Toy Licensee in Japan and have reproduced all of the objects present in the series, as toys. The link between fantasy and reality is made possible thanks to the interaction between objects and video games/ smartphones, using NFC technology.


Inazuma Eleven: The new trilogy The new trilogy starts with Inazuma Eleven Ares, The Football Frontier, also produced by Level-5. The story takes place in a parallel universe, on a remote island. The protagonist is Asuto, who has to try to save his football team by winning at least one match in the biggest Japanese championship, the Football Frontier, to gain a sponsor. The team has to gain strength and train as hard as possible to prove their talent and win at least on match.

Layton’s mystery journey: solve it like a Layton! For the tenth anniversary of the “Professor Layton” series, level-5 are launching a new chapter of the animated series, entitled Layton’s mystery journey, based on the adventures of the daughter of the professor, Katrielle, and her dog, Sherl. The adventures, which are set in London, are full of puzzles and mysteries that Katrielle and Sherl have to solve. The launch of the series, composed of 50

More than 8 million copies of the video game have been sold in the EMEA territories and in Asia, and over 200 episodes have aired. More products have been created in Japan for visual interaction purposes. The release of the console game is also predicted for 2018 in Japan. The international launch of the TV series is predicted for May 2018, followed by the main line of toys created by Takara

Tomy and Nintendo Switch/PS4 game. The global release of 126 new TV and streaming episodes of 22 minutes each is predicted for 2018. The agreements are in the phases of negotiation for the Italian airing in 2018. 42

episodes of 22 minutes each, will hit Italian screens in 2018 having sold 16 million copies globally. There are two important pieces of news that make up the series: the fact that this time a female character has been chosen to represent the series, and that the cartoon is subdivided into various episodes, each with its own story, in TV series style.


A CLASSIC GLOBAL BRAND FOR EVERY TARGET FOUNDED 130 YEARS AGO, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC IS ONE OF THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS BRANDS ON A GLOBAL SCALE AND IS ABLE TO REACH CONSUMERS ALL OVER THE WORLD. In its various versions, today the brand reaches millions of people in 72 countries of the world in 43 languages and has over 250 million contacts on social media. National Geographic Partners, the joint venture between National Geographic Society and 21st Century Fox, is made up of television channels and other media and consumer oriented assets of National Geographic, amongst these are National Geographic Magazine, National Geographic Studios, the social and digital platforms, books, travel guides, maps, theme parks, tests for children, holidays and experiences.

consolidation of the licensing and publishing divisions are headed in Italy. Guided on a European level by Maria Maranesi, Vice President Consumer Products, National Geographic Partners Europe & Africa, the Italian division is made up of Luca Vecci, Licensing Manager and Davide Brunetti, Marketing Director. National Geographic’s Italian partners, such as in the countries throughout the rest of the world where the brand is present, is the licensing agency IMG. National Geographic is confirmed as a brand with great potential, the company’s strategic choices are ensuring continuous and important growth on an international level. In Italy, National Geographic already has the advantage of a wide group of partners who develop, distribute and overlook products under the brand. Amongst these are White Star for the

Over the past few months National Geographic has been taking on a route of their own licensing programme, with the goal of extending their activity, not only in the core business category, but also in view of consumer products and retail. This is the direction in which progressive 44

publication of books and travel guides, the publishing group GEDI, that publishes the monthly National Geographic magazine, Venturelli for soft toys, Compagnia del Viaggio, for travel suitcases, Manfrotto for bags and photography accessories, MC2 Saint Barth for swimwear.

News NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Also in Italy, the brand is active in the sector of themed installations in edutainment. Last November, National Geographic and iP2Entertainment announced their strategic partnership with Aedes SIIQ, for the creation of the first National Geographic Ultimate Explorer (NGUX) in Europe. The centre is set to have an extension of 5 thousand meters squared and will be integrated in the Caselle Open Mall in the vicinity of Turin and will offer an experience based on a wide range of themed attractions, guaranteeing an immersive experience of edutainment by the National Geographic brand that is aimed at the whole family. The main goal of National Geographic for 2018 is to aim at the great level of versatility of the brand not to mention its ability to be adapted to the consumer, exploring new possibilities for partnerships in the various product categories. An area that is very important for business at present is events within the country. After the success of last year’s National Geographic Festival of Sciences at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, which saw 25 thousand visitors, it is set to return this year. Created in collaboration with MIUR- Ministry of

National Geographic Plush by Venturelli University Education and research, ASI the Italian Space Agency and INFN- The National Institute of Nuclear Physics, in a series of events, shows and laboratories with scientists, researchers and important people, the National Geographic Festival of Science offers its audience the possibility to understand advanced research. Laboratories for smaller children and schools will also not be a miss. The development of the Kids line is one of the main goals of National Geographic for 2018, with a licensee catalogue that is destined to grow in the toys, fashion and back to school categories. At the moment, National Geographic publishes its National Geographic Kids Magazine


with Panini and offers a chain of books for older children that are edited by White Star. The relationship with retailers will be more and more relevant thanks to the development of new partnerships that allow wide visibility in the main retail categories, giving the premium position to the brand without giving up the highest number of consumers possible.



FILA logo alongside the Sanrio characters and consisted of women’s apparel and accessories featuring Hello Kitty, and men’s apparel incorporating Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters in a motothemed setting. Sanrio also welcomed a partnership with Hello Kitty and PUMA to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their iconic sneaker: the PUMA Suede in February 2018. The collection launched globally at PUMA Stores, puma.com and selected retailers and sold out in just 48 hours. To celebrate the partnership, PUMA & Hello Kitty arranged multiple events in the USA and Europe – two highlights included Hello Kitty’s appearance at the Puma store located in Melrose Avenue, LA on February 2nd and at Maha in Amsterdam on February 8th. Both events were a great success with Hello Kitty herself meeting fans, taking pictures and making a splash on social!

Save My Bag x Hello Kitty One of the main pillars driving Sanrio’s repositioning strategy is the increased brand exposure thanks to several new trade initiatives. 2018 has had a strong start already with Hello Kitty appearing at Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg for the first time. As a special guest, she welcomed visitors at the entrance to the show encouraging selfies and to promote European social media channels @hellokittyeu. The activity was a great success across trade and Hello Kitty was promoted in the show’s video trailer. Following this, Sanrio showcased Hello Kitty and Mr. Men Little Miss at Pitti Bimbo in Florence in the new childrenswear project – Nice Licensing. This initiative was an opportunity to present a careful selection of potential licensing opportunities for future fashion collaborations. Sanrio presented the successful fashion partnerships of recent months including the Pinko range, GCDS capsule collection, the Mr. Men Little Miss limited edition range for Gap along with other international collaborations. Attending both Kazachok Licensing Forum in Paris and Bologna Licensing Trade Fair, Sanrio is looking forward to sharing more of its latest news and presenting future plans and strategies.

Following the sell-out launch of the first ASOS x Hello Kitty collaboration in November 2017, a second collection was released to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2018. The 15-piece clothing and gifting range featured Hello Kitty ‘dabbing’ once more, in the exclusive pose created for Fila x Hello Kitty Sanrio boasts a huge slate of new fashion alliances, and partnerships with leading international retailers such as H&M, Inditex Group, Grupo Cortefiel, C&A and Primark. One of 2017’s biggest AW collaborations was the FILA x Sanrio collection, featuring global icon Hello Kitty and her friends Kerokerokeroppi, Chococat and Bad Badtz-Maru – available exclusively at Urban Outfitters. The dualgender collection donned the signature 48

Puma x Hello Kitty

News Pac. They developed a nostalgic range of bags and accessories introducing five new collections using iconic prints from Roger Hargreaves’ timeless illustrations. Available across backpacks, bum bags, kit bags, pencil cases and wash bags, the range was launched with a special influencer event at Maggie & Rose in London. Attendees included Lou Teasdale of BLEACH (3.2 million followers on Instagram), and Faye Gooding, Instamum Mother of Five Boys. The range can be found at Mi-Pac.com or ASOS which also boasts exclusive designs.

Asos x Hello Kitty Courtesy of @asos_olive

MIPAC ASOS. This time, she wore a super cute beret in a red and pink color palette to celebrate the most romantic time of year - and for the first time, exclusive ASOS CURVE x Hello Kitty pieces were also released. Hello Kitty was also one of the stars of the 2018 Milan Fashion Week held from 20th to 26th February, during which the limited edition “Save My Bag X Hello Kitty” accessories collection was unveiled, consisting of three different prints featuring an iconic and pop mood. Hello Kitty was welcomed as the special guest at the launch event in Save My Bag’s flagship store in Via Manzoni. The new collection is now available in more than 30 flagship stores throughout Italy and in selected concept stores all over the world. Fashion sets the tone for Mr Men Little Miss’ early 2018 too thanks to the collaboration with the British brand Mi-

Save My Bag x Hello Kitty

Sanrio’s Aggretsuko on Netflix The series will consist of ten episodes each one, 15 minutes in length and it will be available to view worldwide on Netflix from 20 April 2018. Retsuko is a 25-year-old red panda who works as an office associate in the accounting department of a trading company in Tokyo. She just wants to do her job and get through the day but her superiors and co-workers pile more work for her. Rather than talk back to them, she takes her frustrations out by going to karaoke sessions and singing death metal becoming Aggressive Retsuko – aka Aggretsuko. Like all Sanrio characters Aggretsuko represents the kawaii style, her character traits try to convey an image of sociable, friendly and expert while trying to veil her rage and indignation.



THE RETURN OF MEDIASET AT THE BOLOGNA LICENSING TRADE FAIR 2018 FROM THE RELAUNCH OF GREAT CLASSICS TO LICENSING DEVELOPMENT OF THE MAIN PROGRAMMES OF THE MEDIASET CHANNELS. A RICH PORTFOLIO OF NEWS AND GREAT RETURNS. Amongst the awaited news as the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair is almost upon us (the only event where RTI SPA - Mediaset Group exhibits to present their Consumer Products news), is the re-launch on the mythic UAN. The animated character is made of pink fur with a fuchsia colored tuft, making him look like a dog. Between 1983 and 1999, he was the mascot of

and a trustworthy character for a whole generation of children, who are today in their 40’s. He was the idol of Bim Bum Bam and he launched Paolo Bonolis, a famous Italian TV presenter, to success. Uan, with his spontaneous nature and humour, returns modernized to the licensing world for those who grew up with him. Amongst the initiatives that are featuring the character, in May 2017, UAN was seen with Favij, a famous Italian Youtuber, in a spot that was transmitted via YouTube, for the promotion of a famous brand of snacks. The video enjoyed 6.683.682 views! Mediaset are proposing also the relaunch of LUPIN the 3rd, classic property managed by the group, which will be 50 years old this year. The property is aimed at an adult target and has had great following success in Italy in the past.

Amongst the main TV programmes that Mediaset are looking to develop by the way of licensing, we can cite the famous cooking programme, Cotto & Mangiato, that will be 10 years old in September; Meteo.it, the main weather portal, and Melaverde, the Mediaset programme that is dedicated to agriculture, environment and Italian tradition. Other titles are L’Arca di Noè, the main programme in Italy that is dedicated to animal lovers, and Tiki Taka, the sports programme that is aired on Italia 1.

Bim Bum Bam in Italian children’s tv. The name came from the Italianizing of One, referring to Italia 1, the channel that aired Bim Bum Bam and that traditionally had a programming that was aimed at children. Uan had his television debut on 12th September 1983, in concomitance with the first ever episode of Bim Bum Bam on Italia 1. He was the character that made up children’s tv from the beginning of the ‘80’s until the end of the ‘90’s. He was mythic, a point of reference Licensing Mediaset 0225147406




What awaits children between the ages of 3 and 6 to the first year of elementary school? The TV series, School of Roars School for Little Monsters helps children to answer this question, bringing them into a monstery school! School of Roars - School for Little Monsters is the new TV series for preschoolers, hitting Italian TV in March with DeAKids and to follow on free TV. Created by Dot to Dot Productions and BBC, this series is a UK production, distributed in Europe by ZDF, of which Atlantyca is the exclusive agent in Italy for the TV rights and licensing. For the 5 little monster protagonists, guided by the teacher Ms. Grizzlesniff and the other teachers, each episode brings a new and exciting experience as they explore one of the typical emotions that children of their age encounter. Each night they find fun and educational activities to undertake. Seeing as they are monsters, our little protagonists sleep in the day and wake up after sunset.

the group dynamic of the young audience that are about to start school. School of Roars is an amazing location, where the classroom is only the beginning of the school day, I mean, “school night”: each subject is taught in new environments and with new teachers. The class learns to count the legs of a spider in maths, to howl at the moon in music, to make delicious Blushberry Blob cakes in the kitchen with Mr. Marrow. And in recess, the great discoveries continue: the kids go to the pond, to the park, they meet on the friendship bench and in the treehouse… the school of the Little Monsters never runs out of excitement. School Of Roars - School for Little Monsters, is able to develop a vast fan

Yummble, Wufflebump, Meepa, Icklewoo and Wingston, through their adventures, experiment with life lessons such as sharing, friendship and fun, mirroring the social and emotional aspects along with 51

base of preschool aged children, the correct audience to generate licensing success under all product categories. The first phase predicts the development of toys, publishing and seasonal food products. Afterwards, Atlantyca Licensing is set to develop other categories from apparel and promotions to stationery and gifts.

Identity Card School of Roars – School for Little Monsters Format Classic Animation TV series Target: 3-6 M+F Genre: Comedy Season 1: 52 x 7’ episodes Pay TV channel in Italy: DeaKids from spring 2018 Free to Air channel In Italy: from October 2018


POWER RANGERS. THE INTERNATIONAL RE - LAUNCH PRESENT IN OVER 150 COUNTRIES, POWER RANGERS, ONE OF THE LONGEST-RUNNING FRANCHISES IN THE WORLD, IS CELEBRATING ITS FIRST 25 YEARS. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE INTERNATIONAL STRATEGIES ON THIS BRAND, LM INTERVIEWED TIM JUCKES, VP EMEA CONSUMER PRODUCTS AND RETAIL, SABAN in class partners in the EMEA. We have a robust global strategy for the franchise that is then localized with our partners. Power Rangers is a top, evergreen kids action toy brand that also translates into limitless categories such as our partnership with Gedis for collectible cards to FMCG in the Italian market on backed goods, salty snacks as well as Easter eggs and chocolate, amongst many others.

Tim Juckes Launch and international roll out strategy for Power Rangers. Which development plans are you working on and in which territories are you mainly present with this IP? Saban’s Power Rangers is seen around the world in 150+ markets and is translated into numerous languages. Marking a huge milestone, the 25th season of the series, Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel recently premiered in the U.S and will soon launch around the world, including in Italy where we recently partnered with Pop Italy.

In which territories would you love to develop further your presence in the next future? It’s really exciting to work on a globally recognized franchise like Power Rangers. With that, there is always opportunity to continue growth and we have our eyes on several markets such as our recently announced partnership with Nottingham Forest to support continued growth in Iberia. Which are next news for Power Rangers? Currently, we are celebrating Saban’s Power Rangers 25th Anniversary with fan

How many licensees do you work with internationally and which strategies are you applying to follow the “local” requests of your partners? Saban’s Power Rangers collaborates with 150+ licensees around the world, including many best 52

experiences, key partnerships, innovative digital initiatives and much more, including prime retail celebrations on August 28, which is the day Mighty Morphin Power Rangers premiered in 1993. Amongst much in store for the brand in the future, fans are excited that we have recently announced that the 2019 season will be Power Rangers Beast Morphers. Which are next novelties for Saban Brands along this year and the next future? Power Rangers really resonates with fans across the globe. People can really relate to these characters as well as its messages of teamwork, inclusivity and diversity. We strive to bring fans legacy items that they love as well as new experiences and product categories. For the 25th anniversary, we are revealing official anniversary collectible items each month that represent both nostalgic, legacy items as well as brand new toys, apparel, books, games and so much more. The sky is always the limit with this IP.


Power Rangers in Italy In Italy, the licensing development of this IP is entrusted to Starbrights. LM interviewed Giada Paterlini, CEO of the licensing agency with headquarter in Modena. What are the main plans for Power Rangers in Italy? Italy is one of the key European counties where the brand is growing and Saban will dedicate resources and a particular attention to Italy in 2018-19 Which are the main partner you are working with? We are working with Giochi Preziosi for toys, with Seven for back to school, Gedis

for collectible cards, Preziosi Food for seasonal and food products, Leftloop for meet and greet events and more to come in the next months. What’s your forecast on this brand for the next future? We have a very positive view of the brand. The broadcaster, POP Italia, is consistently supporting Power Rangers, granting it a constant visibility. Leftloop, the well known events’ agency, strongly believe in the franchise and will start a campaign of dedicated events from Summer 2018. Saban is co-investing with us both B2B and B2C locally and internationally, giving a strong support to licensees. The 25th Anniversary celebrations, starting from August 2018 and continuing through all 2019, will be extensive, including exclusive products, promotion and activities. In addition, from next Fall the brand new series Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel will be aired on Pop, anticipating the next one coming in 2019 Power Rangers Beast Morphers. 53

What are the news from Starbright for 2018? We are making, thanks to Saban and Pop’s collaboration, a series of investments B2B on toys and promotions; we see important developments in these areas for the brands.


AN INTENSE 2018, FROM MY LITTLE PONY TO TRANSFORMERS NEW PARTNERS, NEW IPS, FOCUS ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF MY LITTLE PONY AND A 2018 CHRISTMAS FOCUSED ON TRANSFORMERS. THE HASBRO’S CONSUMER PRODUCTS DIVISION ACTIVITY PLANS TO BE MORE INTENSE THAN EVER IN 2018. TO FIND OUT MORE, LM INTERVIEWED FERNANDA MONACO, SENIOR MANAGER CATEGORY LICENSING, HASBRO ITALY franchise brands, starting with Hanazuki, which we launched with a dedicated webseries on YouTube, to Baby Alive, the new brand of Dolls. But the news does not end here: we are soon going to be looking at a great return and a brand new launch, both to be announced over the next few months. 2018 sees the 35th anniversary of My Little Pony and this will be an important moment for you. What are you planning for the occasion? My Little Pony is an evergreen Hasbro brand, which is able to speak to children of today but also the last generation

Fernanda Monaco Which will be the most important properties for Hasbro for the near future and what can we expect for Spring? The franchise brands are always the heart of our strategy. Each brand is supported by the toy line that we develop with creativity and innovation, by the entertainment through films, tv series’, events; by digital with dedicated websites, social networks, the online communities and e-commerce, and lastly by the licensed products, with ever increasing numbers of merchandise categories such as clothing, accessories, publishing and back to school. This ecosystem is integrated with the lives of consumers, old and young, giving them an answer to every one of their wishes! That said, we can also see a lot of news from within the

partnerships in all merchandise categories, from clothing to accessories, right up to home wears and publishing, just to name a few. This is definitely a constant brand, a guaranteed investment. In light of the upcoming Back to School season and the following Christmas 2018, what can we look forward to from the Hasbro brand by way of consumer products? The main property for the upcoming Fall/Winter season will definitely be Transformers. Christmas will show the cinema release with a brand new enthusiastic adventure, this time in a slightly different key than usual, that everyone will surely enjoy. Transformers is not only a film, however, the airing of the animated tv series of the Robots in Disguise and of the new preschool target show, Rescue Bots, on the Pop TV Channel are continuing. For Back to School, we are looking forward to a new animated

Walcor x My Little Pony that are now mothers and are looking at this property and appreciating its timeless values such as friendship, mutual support, self expression, responsibility and lightheartedness. My Little Pony, moreover, is present in all homes, thanks to the animated series, which airs on Cartoonito and will enjoy the eighth season this year. From the licensing point of view, My Little Pony takes advantage of 54

Original Marines x Transformers

News reach many consumers and inform them of new releases as soon as possible. But we are not limited to this, we constantly meet with our licensees to study the best solutions together and we keep the communication steady, to support the product and the brand itself, making the retail to final consumer process as smooth as possible.

Original Marines x My Little Pony

Moleskine x Monopoly

tv series and, for fans, the digital shorts of Transformers Generation will continue. There is something for everyone! Looking at strategy, how do you plan to link the consumer products work with the world of retail? It has been almost a year since the Retail Development Manager has been added to our team in order to make a connection between our licensees and retailers buyers. We always look with attention to the new dynamics in retail and, thanks to the strong collaboration with the Moleskine x Monopoly marketing and sales teams of our toys division, we are able to talk to all major retailers, giving them updated information about our brands and offering promotional activities, to guarantee that we have a strong impact on the retail world.

Original Marines x My Little Pony

On the marketing and promotions side, what kind of support do you give to licensees to strengthen the release of products onto the market? We are always more and more able to support our licensees in the moment of the release of a product, studying marketing activity that goes on in various channels, first of all in the digital world, through our social media pages we are able to 55

How elevated is the recognizability of the Hasbro brand among professionals and the final audience? Even if the Consumer Products division of Hasbro is quite young, I’d say that, in these few years we have managed to reach an elevated level of awareness. Our franchises enjoy extraordinary recognizability. If you think of, for example, Monopoly that, with over 80 years of history under its belt, you can see that all generations have been taken in by it and it is still the most appreciated board game of young and old today.


FROM TELEVISION TO CINEMA (AND BACK) WITH SUCCESSFUL TITLES GRUPPO ALCUNI, OTHER THAN OBTAINING EXTREMELY POSITIVE RESULTS FROM CONSOLIDATED IPS SUCH AS MINI PET PALS, INVEST ALSO IN NEW PRODUCTIONS AND IN ANIMATED FEATURE FILMS. WITH 100 EMPLOYEES, IT IS A COMPANY THAT IS IN CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT, AS FRANCESCO MANFIO, CO-FOUNDER, STRATEGIC MIND AND CEO OF GRUPPO ALCUNI, TELLS US. the chameleon, the turtle, the spider and many more little friends. In agreement with RAI ragazzi team, we have decided not to limit ourselves in presenting new animals, but to supply our young audience with some first simple elements of ethology.

Gruppo Alcuni has important news for MIPTV, what shall we start with? I would start with “Mini Pet Pals” because we are launching the international distribution of the third season at Cannes, which is still co-produced by RAI Ragazzi. Thanks to them, our partners have 156 episodes at their disposal of 6 minutes each and can guarantee a constant television programming.


Francesco Manfio

What else are you working on? We are completing the animated movie “Mini Pet Pals - The 4 Seasons”, a project that is close to our hearts. It is a production that could have two types of fruition: “television special” to supply the wider adventures to the broadcasters who air the show on a daily basis; “special event for the cinema” inviting the young audience to go to the cinema, possibly for the first time in their lives. To help children to follow this length, the story is divided into 4 parts: the 4 seasons!

What do you have under your belt for the third season of Mini Pet Pals? In this new series, the Mini Pet Pals start to explore - always under the watching eye of the wise old tree - the goings on of the park and making friends with new animals. They get to know the habits of the falcon, the owl, 56

After the cinema success of “Leo da Vinci Mission Mona Lisa” are you thinking of television developments, too? It is now almost an obligation to create one (or more) television series’ after the

News success of a film, even if until now Gruppo Alcuni has operated in the opposite way in making films after the television success. On this occasion, the challenge that we have in front of us - together with the many partners that are involved in the project - is that of maintaining the same visual quality of the film and to make that happen we are continuing to work with the same team that we worked with on the film. How is the licensing development of your properties evolving? We are really satisfied with the performance of our brand and for this we have thank the licensees as they believed

in and invested in us. With “Leo da Vinci” we are continuing with various titles published by Mondadori and by Gribaudo, the splendid Easter eggs created with Dolfin, the clothing

collection by OVS that is aimed at, for the first time, older children, too. For “Mini Pet Pals” we can cite Grandi Giochi with their fantastic collection of plush toys in 2 formats and the Sorpresotto Easter egg, Dolfin who made a giant Epiphany stocking, the hanging chocolates and the chocolate egg in 2 formats (50 gr and 220 gr), DeA Planeta Junior who made 2 chains of books, Sbabam with bubbles, Grani & Partners who are making 3D characters, Sgambaro with environmentally friendly pasta and much more. How do you see the medium to long term future in your sector? I think that the world of animation is living out a moment of extraordinary success. In this context, it is necessary to understand 57

what the role of a company such as Gruppo Alcuni can and should be, as a large company that is already structured (with over 100 employees), but also small when compared to multinational companies in entertainment. In my opinion a possible solution is to find a twofold action that sees both European companies increasing their own competitive abilities (quality of products, the approach to the market, increase of the library, more capitalization etc.), and having a decisive public presence (both in the EU and in each individual country). This would allow the rebalancing of the market while facilitating free competition.


A FANTASTIC YEAR FROM HARRY POTTER TO DC COMICS NEW RETAIL STRATEGIES AND MORE ATTENTION PAID TO THE LICENSEE DECLINATION OF WARNER BROS. CONSUMER PRODUCTS. TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE GROUP’S STRATEGY, LM INTERVIEWED STEFANO SALIS, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, WARNER BROS. CONSUMER PRODUCTS ITALY on board for the whole year in various industries: fashion, accessories, toys, stationery and publishing. It will also be an important step for DC Comics, which is particularly transversal in age target, with two new upcoming cinema releases: ‘Teen Titans Go! To the Movies’ and ‘Aquaman’. Looking at the animation side, we have the release of ‘Small Foot’ to look forward to, while the

Stefano Salis On which properties are you mainly aiming at in 2018? As we predicted during our Licensing Meeting of last September, 2018 is the year of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, which will be our most important franchise that will circle around various initiatives such as “Harry Potter The Exhibition”, the exhibition that shows the magical world of J.K. Rowling that will hit Milan in September. ‘Fantastic Beasts, the Crimes of Grindelwald’ will be in cinemas from November. Naturally, from a licensing perspective, we have companies

Bugs Bunny by Iceberg 58

great classics are being finalized with our infant strategy, involving our evergreen properties, Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo and Tom & Jerry. What news are you going to present at the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair? Bologna is the right time, not only to present all of our news, but also and above all to show our new methods in approaching the market, giving practical

News In March you launched ‘DC KIDS the Superhero Month’. Could you tell us more and why is it a yearly occurrence? The DC superheroes represent one of our most important focuses and for this reason we are activating special initiatives that are devoted to our main protagonists in the world of entertainment. The month that is dedicated to Superheroes, that has just set off and is ready to become a yearly occurrence, through initiatives and promotional and marketing activity, is enjoying the involvement of some of our most important licensees. This year we brought a project with Amazon to life that has interesting offers on DC products, in the publishing category along with home & gifts, electronics, fashion and collectibles. Also, to celebrate the DC Superhero month, there will be a special programme on the Turner channels (Boomerang, Cartoon Network and Boing) with animated cartoons dedicated to Superheroes and Teen Titans Go!, Justice League Action and DC Super Hero Girls, not to mention numerous films and themed specials.

Bugs Bunny by Iceberg suggestions regarding how properties can be made into products and presented to the retail world. We would like to show how to best take advantage of the choice

of partners in a concrete way, using the coherency of the franchise of the product and target.

In this phase, we have involved traditional retail, the digital world, and we have noted the growing online importance. TV channels have been involved with a One Company synergic approach that is cross divisional. The Superhero month is the first in a series of activities that we are putting to all the retail seasons: Summer, Back to School and Christmas. What strategy are you following for lifestyle development of the Warner Bros. brands? From a lifestyle point of view we are looking at Looney Tunes, which has a very high recognisability and also because, from a target point of view, it ticks the most boxes. In the USA in particular, where the world of licensing is more evolved, there is a strong interest in Looney Tunes with adults and also in Italy we are seeing the trend following suit. Our characters, above all the animated ones, make up pop culture in itself and for this reason the trend works well in lifestyle, just like the Instagram page #getanimated shows, in that adults and millennials are applying the brand to everyday life.

Harry Potter by Primark 59


THE LICENSING SIZED THEME PARK FOR FAMILIES AN AVANT-GARDE THEME PARK FOR FAMILIES THAT HAS FOR THE FIRST TIME CREATED AD HOC THEMED AREAS WITH THE PROPERTIES THAT ARE MOST LOVED BY CHILDREN, GIVING LIFE TO THE IDOLS OF CHILDREN OUTSIDE OF THE SMALL SCREEN. GIUSEPPE IRA, PRESIDENT OF LEOLANDIA TELLS US ABOUT THIS VENTURE that are with the park now, who came with the goal to make the space into the best theme park in Italy, with rides and attractions for children, animals and shows to watch, themes and, lastly, the insertion of licenses and experiences with characters that are loved in the cartoon world. The numbers grew vastly from the very beginning, enjoying 200.000 visitors in 10 years and over a million last year. The last hurdle that we overcame was the recognition from Tripadvisor as the most loved park in Italy, 7th in Europe and 23rd in the world - the only Italian in the top 25 - in the Travellers’ Choice classification. How did the licensed theme park idea come about? The target that we gave ourselves for the development of Leolandia was that of families with under 11’s, to create a product that was unique to Italy. From the attractions to the services, from the restaurants to the shows, Leolandia is

Giuseppe Ira Could you tell us the history of the park and the numbers that have been reached up until now? The history of the park began in 1971, when the famous “Minitalia” opened, a unique format at the time, that brought in millions of visitors from all over the country in its years. With the passing of time, Minitalia started to lose its appeal and this was detected in the ‘90’s, when we reopened as Fantasyworld, giving life to the transformation into a fun park. The real turning point for the park was in 2007, with the arrival of the associations 60


thought up for little visitors and their families. Starting with this focus, the nearing to the world of licensing was only natural to create content that was exclusive, a reason to visit our park for our target. With which property did you begin and how have the collaborations evolved over time? We started in 2014 with the eOne property, Peppa Pig: the inauguration of

Mr. Bull’s Building Site was the official beginning of the Peppa Pig World area, which opened to the public at the beginning of the 2015 season and enjoyed great success from the start with millions of visitors who wanted to immerse themselves inside the cartoon. Over the following years, we extended our plan of action, bringing Masha and the Bear to the park along with Thomas&Friends, Geronimo Stilton and PJ Masks, the preschool property of the moment. Over


the course of the years, we housed many other characters in a more temporary form, becoming a real reference point for the world of licensing: from Maya the Bee to Nico and Pedro from Rio2, from Heidi to Bat Pat, from Alvin Superstar to Tip the Mouse, right up to Pikachu, Super Mario and the Smurfs. Have you got an a specific project planned out for each brand? What is your strategy? Leolandia is the place where properties want to be, both for the specific target that we reach and, above all, for the way in which their experience comes to life in the park. Once we have singled out the ideal IP for us, storytelling is the first thing we look at for any project. For this reason our Development, Artistic and Marketing offices study the characters and their stories in great detail to find the best way to express them in the park environment. In this way, with Peppa Pig the natural creation of an immersive area inspired by the episodes of the show came about; Thomas naturally became the train that takes guests around the park;


the songs from Masha and the Bear are so well known to children that a show in karaoke style was a winner from the start. For Geronimo Stilton, we developed an unpublished adventure that came to life in the form of baby dance with the Pirates in the Bottle and a meeting where little ones could chat to their idol was formed; while for PJ Masks, we aimed at the direct involvement with little fans of the cartoon by putting challenges to be solved to them. The agreement with eOne makes you the first theme park in the world to have a PJ Masks attraction. Our strength lies in being innovators and visionaries, for this reason we are extremely content with consolidating our collaboration with eOne, thanks to the long term agreement with a brand that just last year confirmed Leolandia’s popularity with the preschool market. We closed the 2017 season with record numbers, with a trend of revenue that was doubling for the fourth year in a row, and for this reason we have decided to push the boat out even more, aiming at that which is the

real cartoon phenomenon of the moment by offering our visitors the chance to see their loved Superheroes in pyjamas. The project will begin in the 2018 season with brand new content and it will develop over the next few years with significant investments that make the park an unique and unrepeatable experience. We are set to offer new attractions, animation, shows, places to eat and entertainment, other than the possibility to meet the fun PJ Masks characters face to face and take a photo with them. Other than the attractions, do you also have licensed products of the properties that can be sold in the park? At the end of the experience we have a retail space dedicated to branded merchandise of many kinds, in such a way that children can take an item home to remember their experience. Some items are co-branded with Leolandia. How do you see that the emotional experience of the rides encourages the purchase of merchandise linked to the properties seen in the park? The immersive and direct experience with the characters in a fun family context, such as the one that Leolandia offers, 62

makes it almost natural to complete the day with a purchase -a photo or a piece of merchandise- to take the emotion home. So, in the park, we live the opposite experience to that that usually happens in other channels such as in large scale retail, managing to generate important volumes of sales. Which growth projects do you see in the future? One objective is to continue to capitalize the experience and the know-how that we have gained over the years to attract new guests and to offer them fun in the park with the professionalism of the LeoStaff. The wish of the owners is always to make the experience as unforgettable as possible, using the scale of European and global parks as a measuring device. We hope to use our plan of expansion and development that, with an investment of 40 million euro in the space of 5 years, brings new content, new themes and new covered structures that allow us to prolong the opening through the winter months, while adding a water park and hotel structures inside, completing the offering. The plan is in the phases of development with the Lombardy region and it should start in 2018.

Focus on KIMBE

Costume Characters and quality live events THE LEADING ITALIAN COMPANY IN THE MANAGEMENT OF COSTUME CHARACTER EVENTS BEGINS 2018 WITH SOME BRAND NEW CHALLENGES. license, the new series that was born by the creators of Super Wings and that is promising to conquer the Italian kids target. Last of all, to follow the association with RaiCom, Kimbe also holds the exclusive license for the Molang Costume Character, who was created by Hye-Ji Yoon and first became popular in Korea by way of the instant message app. After the social network success, Molang has

Kimbe, Italian company that was founded in 2006 by Micaela Moretti and Sergio Ravanelli, continues in 2018 with their leadership in the creation, organisation and management of events for shopping malls and Large Scale Retail, in particular with Live Characters, the core of their business. Thanks to their solid know-how in the sector, vested from the very first events managed in 2009, Kimbe’s new year has opened up with the acquisition of brand new important and exclusive Italian licenses. From the deal with CPLG, three more important agreements have come to light. First of all, the famous Teletubbies, who have been on the Italian market since 1999, have been reinvented for the new generations in a series of 60 episodes. In Italy, the Teletubbies children’s series was a rating champion for many years, confirming itself as one of the most loved and followed television programmes for children on a global scale. To follow, Hey Duggee, the British animated cartoon for preschoolers, transmitted in Italy

by Cartoonito, is becoming one of the most loved shows for little viewers. Last, but not least, Sonic, the official SEGA mascot who is the famous face of the loved video games that is always growing, able to take in and intercept a wide and transversal target. On the other hand, thanks to the agreement signed with Mondo TV S.p.a, Kimbe have obtained the Robot Trains

become protagonist of an animated series, created by the European studio, Millimages, and the Italian viewing data has proved the show to be a growing trend. 2018 is proving to be a year of great importance for Kinbe, therefore, full of stimulating challenges. With the potential and prestige of the brands that are involved, the year will surely bring satisfaction for the dynamic company that has always invested much in licensing and it will continue to do so in the future. 64

Events #BLTF

A NEW RECORD EDITION FOR THE ONLY LICENSING TRADE FAIR IN ITALY OVER 60 EXHIBITORS, 500 BRANDS, 80 CANDIDATES FOR THE SECOND BOLOGNA LICENSING AWARD. AN EDITION WITH RECORD NUMBERS COMPARED TO 2017, CONFIRMING THAT THIS EVENT IS NOT TO BE MISSED FOR ANYONE IN LICENSING AND BRANDING IN ITALY AND BEYOND. Furthermore, the conjunction with the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the global leading children’s publishing event, and the development of Bologna Digital Media, a privileged section of the fair dedicated to the latest digital trends to apply to publishing and other areas, make Bologna an unmissable event for the international industry that deals with kids’ entertainment, content and licensing in general. The 2018 edition of the trade fair, other than reconfirming exhibitors from the last edition, sees the entrance of brand new exhibitors, such as Mondadori and National Geographic, not to mention the return of RTI - Mediaset. Always more important is the presence of Promotion industry, with the increase of companies

in the sector amongst exhibitors and new entries such as Exclama and Bonus Marketing Group. The following are some ideas about the news that will be presented in Bologna, not to be missed!

Turner Turner’s focus in Bologna is Rick and Morty. It is one of the most loved shows on Adult Swim, the night programming block of Cartoon Network US that offers audacious and viral entertainment. The series - created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon - is characterized by its irreverent humour and continuous reference to pop

culture. The show follows the dangerous and bizarre adventures of the intergalactic Rick, a genius mad scientist, and his grandson Morty, a teenager who is good natured and clumsy. The show, critically acclaimed from its debut, is a real cult with millennials, available in Italy on Netflix. Hall 31 Booth #B28 Info manuela.franza@turner.com

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Brands & Rights 360 The Spanish company brings a brand new television experience to Bologna. Born of the Adam Anders’ genius: Kally’s MashUp (pages 36 and 37), is a new South American soap that is made up of 120 episodes of 44 minutes each. After the South American success, Ignacio Orive is programming the debut of the series in Europe at the end of 2018. Hall 31 Booth #B48 – International Lounge Info lb@br360.tv

Victoria Licensing & Marketing Victoria Licensing & Marketing are presenting the Mattel brands, which includes Enchantimals, the new property for girls: a group of girls, who share special moments with their animal friends. Barbie is still the most famous fashion doll in the world with great news just around the corner: 2019 will be the year in which the brand celebrates 60 years of inspiring little girls. Hot Wheels, on the other hand, is confirming growth and has the ability to attract children in various

product categories. This year celebrating the 50th anniversary. Also confirmed in their portfolio are Fisher Price, Thomas, Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder. Hall 31 Booth #B44 Info info@victorialicensing.it

Atlantyca Atlantyca Entertainment presents a renewed portfolio of TV series’ in Bologna with classics and some news. Geronimo Stilton TV has recently reached half a billion views in Italy alone, while Bat Pat is officially underway with the second season. For the companies who are looking for a female property, Atlantyca is announcing the Rai Gulp Spring launch of H2O Mermaid Adventures, a TV series of 52x56’ episodes, which tells the tales of three teenagers who transform into

mermaids with magical powers (already available on Netflix worldwide). In the preschool segment, Atlantyca presents School of Roars (pag. 51). Hall 31 Booth B16 Info marcopiccinini@atlantyca.it

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Maurizio Distefano Also this year, Maurizio Distefano The evolution of Licensing is exhibiting at the trade fair with a portfolio that is always richer and more diverse. The novelties hit all categories. Starting with Monchhichi, the brand new tv series aired with DeA Junior, inspired by a cult toy. Also, Tetris, the brand of one of the most sold toys of all time, with a global awareness that is ever growing. In 2019 the toy will celebrate its 35th anniversary with a plan full of events on an international level. Asterix, the evergreen brand with a transversal target inspired by the funny

Retail from visual merchandising perspective YU RETAIL is a team of professionals who operate in synergy inside a space that is full of creativity, in Bologna. YU RETAIL enjoys an absolutely valuable portfolio. Visual planning, window projects, development of 3D POS materials, proximity marketing activity, concept store planning and self-financed training, are just some of the services and consultancies that are available for a successful shopping experience. The company has a training room, a demo area to dress windows and an area for photo shoots, other than being able to develop related instruments such as Visual Guides and window display assembly manuals not to mention POS. YU RETAIL is present in France, Spain, Germany, UK and USA through a team of visual and account colleagues who make up a team with a truly unique spirit. To find out more: You can meet them at the fair on March 27th at 12.00, at the LICENSING CONFERENCE ROOM – HALL 31 at a seminar titled LICENSING AND RETAIL: WHEN VISUAL MERCHANDISING IS THE WEDDIING RING! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yuretail/ Instagram: @yuretail_neweveryday

adventures of the Gaul hero, has over 370 million books sold to date not to mention 13 films and in 2019 and a new movie is set to release. Lastly, a fun and irreverent

TV series by the French producer Xilam, Zig&Sharko, airing with K2 and DeA Kids. Hall 31 Booth #A7 Info info@mdistefanolicensing.com


Starbright Starbright present innovative projects that are able to meet various types of consumer. While 2018 is the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers (pages 52 and 53), the collaboration with Toei Animation is strengthened with Dragon Ball Super, which has over fifteen licensees that are ready to launch new products onto the market this year. Pantone, the global owner of colour, has

LICENSEE LOUNGE Present in the dedicated section for licensees, amongst others, F.lli Carillo and l’Arte dello Sport.

L’ARTE DELLO SPORT The goal of TOSCANA FOOTBALL CUP (TFC), the tournament that has enjoyed 16 editions through all of the professional categories, is that of developing the brand throughout national territory. The development of the TFC has to happen in provincial and regional phases, in well defined time frames and with the

won over fans all over the world. The collaboration continues with Starbright and American Greetings Properties with Care Bears, Holly Hobbie and Madballs. From the successful Hasbro game, the development of Beyblade Burst continues. Lastly, the Glimmies, the characters that were born of the Giochi Preziosi toy that won over millions of girls. Giochi Preziosi and Starbright have decided to extend the magic of Glimmies with other licensed products. Hall 31 Booth #A15 Info info@starbrightlicensing.it

categories U19 + U14. There are many advantages proposed, maintaining the tradition and the background of the Toscana Football Cup. Hall 31 – Booth #A44 – Licensee Lounge Info marketing@lartedellosport.it

F.LLI CARILLO The F.lli Carillo Trade, company of San Giuseppe Vesuviano (close to Naples), consolidates the collaboration between SSC Napoli and F.lli Carillo Trade for the development and commercialization of textile products. The goal for 2018 is to continue to improve revenues with the insertion of products into Kappa stores and sports stores, not to mention to widen the online sales market by increasing the brand’s visibility all over the world. Hall 31 – Booth #A44 – Licensee Lounge Info ordini@fratellicarillo.it 71

Kinder and Focus Junior together for the new Giant Kinder Surprise Focus Junior has signed a licensing agreement with KINDER for the new Kinder Easter Egg. The Giant Kinder Egg will offer Focus Junior branded surprises that are adapted for little animal lovers, for the first time. Focus Junior have also created content that is available on the Magic Kinder App to let youngsters have fun and to switch on their curiosity, in line with the philosophy of the brand. With this initiative, the development strategy of Focus Junior follows through licensing projects of strong identity, which allow the brand to bring futher the variety of their content, generating a system that is dynamic and appreciated by the public. Hall 31 – Booth #B6 Info : nadia.santese@mondadori.it


CPLG CPLG confirms their rich presence in Bologna, offering many novelties to the market (page 26 and 27). Amongst these, we can cite: L.O.L. SURPRISE!: From the creators of the Bratz phenomenon, L.O.L Surprise! by MGA Entertainment is the hottest girls property at the moment, born on the wave of the toy phenomenon. Many are the licensees who are already on board for 2018 with much other news to come. AMUSEMENT PARK: Creativity, invention and teamwork are the ingredients of Amusement Park, the new 3D animation title by Paramount, produced in collaboration with Nickelodeon Movies and predicted to hit cinemas in spring 2019.

TM & 2018 Sony Pictures Animation Inc. All Right Reserved.

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3: Following the success of the first two films, the third chapter is arriving by Sony Pictures Animation predicted to hit screens in August 2018, followed by the TV series, which is aired on the Disney channel. UGLYDOLL: Uglydoll by White Space, born of the imagination of a couple of illustrators, became a must have transgenerational phenomenon, a symbol of the fight against discrimination. The film is released in May 2019 and in 2020 the TV series will follow. CPLG Italy, Hall 31 Booth #A28 - Info: marketing@it.cplg.com

Uglidolls™ & © 2017 STX Financing, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



Sanrio is a worldwide lifestyle brand founded in Japan by Mr. Shintaro Tsuji in 1960 and based on the “small gift, big smile” philosophy that a small gift can bring happiness and friendship to people of all ages. Best known for global icon Hello Kitty, Sanrio is home to many endearing characters including Chococat, My Melody, Kero Kero Keroppi, Bad-Badtz Maru, Little Twin Stars, Gudetama and the newly added Aggretsuko.


Founded in 1971 and with a cast of over 90 characters, the Mr. Men and Little Misses are a firm family favourite around the globe bringing laughter and fun to generations. Currently one Mr. Men and Little Miss book is sold every 2.5 seconds worldwide, and lifetime sales total over 250 million books. 2017 was a strong year for the brand across publishing with a new adult parody range launching which exceeded all expectations at retail. 2018 is welcoming the launch of the newest Little Miss to join the cast, Little Miss Inventor.

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FUNWOOD MEDIA DOUBLES UP FUNWOOD BRINGS A RICH PORTFOLIO TO BOLOGNA, THAT IS RENEWED WITH BRAND NEW PROPERTIES TO MANAGE IN ITALY. MONICA CHEF Monica is a girl with talent and a big dream: to become a chef. After winning a scholarship for the most prestigious cooking academy in the city, A.C.E.S, she hopes to achieve her dream. She has to put herself to the test to complete the high end tests of cooking in her course. To do this, she breaks free in musical dreams. The series went to air with Disney Channel and currently airs on Boing.

DANIEL TIGER Daniel Tiger is an animated series that is made up of 3 seasons, making a total of 170 episodes of 11 minutes each. The 4th season is currently in production. The series follows the adventures of the shy but courageous tiger, Daniel, who lives in Make Believe. With help from his family and his friends, he discovers something new every day that is always useful. He learns the necessary elements for school and his life through using his imagination, learning music and undergoing various activities that he develops in each episode.

SHAUN THE SHEEP Shaun the Sheep, is a multi award winning animated series created by Aardman Studios and aired throughout the world. Born as a spin-off of Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep is unmistakable and exhilarating with his adventures that involve the whole flock. OGGY AND THE COCKROACHES Oggy and the Cockroaches is a TV series of great success, loved by children and parents alike. OGGY, a funny blue cat, lives in a home that is infested with disrespectful cockroaches, JOEY, DEEDEE and MARKY who try to empty his fridge. With his friend Jack, Oggy always ends up in trouble, but sometimes he manages to win over the trio of insects.

LUNA PETUNIA Set in a capricious and fantastic world, inspired by the creative kaleidoscope of the Cirque du Soleil, Luna Petunia transforms children’s entertainment, giving children the possibility to use their creative potential to make the impossible possible. RANGER ROB Rob is a young Ranger of the Big Sky Park, a super-technological place where nature and innovation coexist. He has a team of funny friends in the Yety Stomper, Dakota and Sam. And then there are his parents, his heroes.

FILLY FUNTASIA It isn’t a horse, it is a Filly! The animated series, FILLY, gives life to the fascinating adventures of Rose and her friends who attend the Magic Royal Academy of Funtasia.

Hall 31 – Booth B25 Info: massimiliano@ funwoodmedia.com


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BROOKLYN® AMONG THE MAIN NOVELTIES LAUNCHED AT BOLOGNA LICENSING TRADE FAIR, ALSO THE BRAND EXTENSION PROGRAMME OF BROOKLYN®, THE PERFETTI VAN MELLE CHEWING GUM, REPRESENTED AND MANAGED IN ITALY BY THE BOUTIQUE LICENSING AGENCY PREMIUM LICENSING. Perfetti van Melle – founder and owner of the brand – chooses, for the first time, to make their iconic brand available, with selected licensing operations to other products and services, which can benefit from the emotional value gained in time by BROOKLYN®. The Licensing in Italy of the historical brand has been assigned to PREMIUM S.r.l. which has an experience of over forty years of licensing of iconographic and historical properties.

mythical Brooklyn brand for lifestyle opportunities. The brand lends itself perfectly to create authentic vintage inspired collections and Premium has a perfect understanding of the core of the brand to identify the partners that are able to create a unique consumer experience with this nostalgic brand.”, says Christine Cool, Area Licensing Manager of Perfetti van Melle Group. BROOKLYN® is the first completely Italian chewing gum: created in the fifties, it rides

memory of entire generations which have lived a youth made of enthusiasms, energy and dreams, unwrapping the famous plated chewing gum. “I have been immediately excited about the opportunity to work with this brand” says Maria Grazia Bussandri, managing director of Premium. “It is an historical brand which has accompanied entire generations of Italians in their growth, conquering a formidable evocative power. We are sure that BROOKLYN® will have a great success and will be welcomed with great affection by the public”.

through the economic boost, becoming part of the experience of new generations of youths facing a real cultural, social and revolutionary attitude with a new cosmopolitan yearning.

“At Perfetti van Melle, we are very excited to open up new business channels with our

Today, after more than 60 years, the BROOKLYN® brand is among the most important historical and iconographic brand of Italian culture: it can certainly be considered an evocative brand in the

The “Gomma del Ponte” and “Gustolungo” slogans let BROOKLYN® chewing gum to become soon one of the most recognizable brands in Italy.


The brand BROOKLYN® is targeted to men and women from 25 to 55 years. Adults love vintage: it is not by chance if great producers have brought back, with great success, their historical brands to launch new products. There is a reassuring perception, besides the nostalgic feel, which gives these historic brands an added value.

Hall. 31 – Booth A1 premium@premiumlicensing.it

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Fabio Malfatto LM. Let’s begin with Fabio Malfatto. How has the market in the promotions sector changed since your father founded the company? FM. The requests have become much more complex, while the suppliers are more and more aligned with Western taste. Operators have witnessed the main sensitivities of the client, both in terms of quality and added value, determined by the use of brands that are more or less diffused. LM. What could future development look like within the promotions sector? FM. Attention paid to quality occupies a great portion of the work for us and the needs of the customers are always increasing, also when looking at the changing habits of the client with medium-high end range products. Over the last few years, blazoned brands have hit the market:

promotional activity, always considered to be counterproductive for the more notable brands, in some cases appear to fly for the diffusion of the brand. LM. Are you thinking of acquiring new brands under license to create promotional campaigns? FM. We are always looking out for ideas and brands: a good article is only a small part of the project. The brand guarantees great appeal and exclusivity; I can confirm that we will be announcing new acquisitions shortly. LM. What are the next goals for EQSG? FM. We are continuing to grow, consolidating the work that we have already done for positioning and quality. Amongst the medium-long term objectives, on the other hand, we are looking at the natural generational passage, as my daughter Chiara came into the company in the graphics department to bring forth the activity with energy and passion, after her degree in architecture 76

was complete. LM. Let’s move on to Paola Malfatto, at the top of the company’s creative Department. In your opinion, how has the world of creativity changed over the past few years? PM. The expectations of the client have grown. For this reason, the graphic elaboration starts from the development of multiple ideas to get to the identification of the project at hand that best explains the needs of the client. Moreover, the client also has a greater knowledge than ever of the market, the brand and the product.

Paola Malfatto


LM. How do you structure the creative proposal? PM. Processors have to keep in mind not only the needs of the client, but everything that exists and has already been done. Above all, it is fundamental to enter into the psychology of the client and understand their wishes and aspirations. LM. How did the entrance of your niece into the company go and what contributions can she offer? PM. The arrival of Chiara was fundamental for developing the graphics office with a breath of fresh air, new ideas and ways of doing things, making our future route clear.

LM. How has technology modified the approach with the graphic offerings? CM. The use of machines only completes the cycle of each job. It could never substitute the soul of the free hand sketch to put a simple creative idea down on paper.

Claudio Basile

Chiara Malfatto LM. Chiara, from a technological point of view, how are you developing the creative aspects? CM. We have decided to use machines for 3D printing to create prototypes that are true to life, which is also thanks to innovative materials. We are able to create mock-ups in 3D, not only in hard material but also soft.

LM. Lastly, Claudio Basile, General Manager of EQSG. Could you tell us how the company plans to diversify the offer on the market? CB. We have recently created Pronao Srl together with Kingo Srl. This is an important transition: it is the first time that we are managing the retail market. Thanks to the synergy between our company and a leader in the sector, and with our associate Furio Ceciliato (CEO of Pronao Srl), we are developing important projects which involve various brands on an international level, announcing them officially at Bologna Licensing Trade Fair. LM. You are facing new challenges, then… CB. As we always have done. With Pronao, not only are we entering into another segment of the market, but this is also a passport to the world. This opportunity is not only going to be contingent but it will open up future scenarios that are important and of a wider scope. 77

EQSG SRL PROFILE Founded 35 years ago from an intuition of Arnaldo Malfatto, and managed by his daughter, Paola and son, Fabio Malfatto, EQSG Srl is a top level leader in the publishing, promotions and loyalty sectors, with their headquarters in Asti and holding offices of representation and accredited suppliers in the Far East. The strength of EQSG consists in the known how to create a perfect union between creativity and Italian thought, the productive network in the Far East and the clients that are spread throughout the world: these are elements that brought the company to the realization of projects of great success. The attainment of some certifications (UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, SA8000 and Sedex-Smeta) make the company one of the very few operators in the sector on a global scale that have put together this kind of philosophy that aims at quality of both a product and its production.


INTERVIEW WITH JONATHAN SYMINGTON JONATHAN SYMINGTON, FORMER VICE PRESIDENT AND GENERAL MANAGER OF GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT LICENSING AT DISNEY CONSUMER PRODUCTS LAUNCHED ON 2016 THE LANTIC GROUP, A BOUTIQUE BUSINESS CONSULTANCY SPECIALIZED IN BUILDING BRANDS THROUGH PRODUCT LAUNCHES, LICENSING STRATEGIES, AND INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION. their brands through product launches, licensing strategies, and international expansion. This aim builds on the invaluable experience gained working with the many Disney content studios, the vast network of licensees across all product categories from publishing to toys, fashion, accessories home to name a few, and across all regions from Europe to the US, to China, Japan, Russia and Latin America.

Jonathan Symington

How will your company operate to provide its expertise globally? We have started with a focus on helping companies looking to expand into the US market. Our global network is founded on close relations with experts offering complementary skills to ours that we have

The agency is based in LA with a network in the UK, France, Sweden and China and it offers global solutions by converging the tech, entertainment, and consumer products sectors. Prior to creating THE LANTIC GROUP, Symington spent over 15 years in key positions at Disney Consumer Products and Disney Publishing Worldwide, in Paris, Beijing, New York and Los Angeles. During his illustrious and varied tenure at Disney he oversaw the global operations for book retail, book licensing, global licensing, live action studio licensing, and global entertainment Licensing. Which is the main goal of The Lantic Group? The main goal with The Lantic Group is to help clients build 78

worked with over the years around the world. We are now beginning to look at opportunities to help US-based clients expand internationally and with that we are drawing upon the network to help service needs in other markets that we cannot reach. Are you already working on some specific project? Yes, we were recently appointed to represent DEER LITTLE FOREST, a high-end arts & lifestyle brand created by Jo Rose. We are excited to join their network in 25 countries, and will focus on publishing first, before expanding into other categories like plush, fashion, arts and crafts and other lifestyle products. We are also working with leading

Publishing for an IP prior to a movie or TV show’s release. We had great success at Disney publishing with the Disney Fairies books. The chapter books developed for that IP were on several bestseller lists before the later DVD release that helped broaden the audience for the IP and sustained successful toy, fashion, accessories and home product lines. Digital and Publishing, together: how do they impact on the development of kids IPs? Digital initiatives and publishing provide efficient ways of building IP. You can build audience and test story lines cost effectively with these media. Together digital and publishing can help seed an IP and build a core fan base. But we are seeing more and more that digital and publishing are not in themselves sufficient to sustain a broad licensed program to support an IP. To really stand out and build a kids’ phenomenon you need the

global publisher Panini to develop their promotional and customer loyalty programs with leading FMCG brands and retailers across the US. Panini are licensees for their collectable product categories for some of the world’s top franchises including FIFA World Cup,

NBA, NFL, Nascar, Disney, Warner Bros. and National Geographic, among others. Through your career how much publishing has been crucial for the licensing roll out of the IPs you have worked on? Publishing has always been a crucial piece of the product mix behind a broad licensed merchandise program. Especially within the Disney portfolio where many of the classic properties were inspired by fairy tales. Publishing programs help deepen the engagement with an IP after the movie experience or the TV show has finished. This is particularly true today when we see the innovative new formats publishers are developing that give kids the opportunity to read or be read to, but also color, practice their letters and numbers,and countless other activities that stimulate their imagination as well as entertain them. Publishing can also help build awareness 79

reach and frequency that a broadcast or streaming platform can provide. Basing on your expertise, how much TV exposure is still so relevant in order to establish a kids phenomenon? TV exposure is still crucially important to establish a true kids phenomenon. Appointment viewing is now finished and kids are not sitting down at the set time broadcasters tell them to. Nevertheless good quality TV programming whether consumed


Deer Little Forest Blooming in 2018 Deer Little Forest is a highend Arts & Lifestyle brand created by UK illustrator Jo Rose, featuring beautifully hand-crafted animal and nature designs. The charming cast of characters look set to truly make their mark in 2018, with the help of three recently appointed agents across three continents: in the UK over a dozen deals for homewares, stationary, calendars, paper goods and more are in final negotiation with This is Iris, a boutique arts & lifestyle agency founded by industry veteran Sarah Lawrence. In Asia, Honmoku File will launch Deer Little Forest at Japan Expo 2018, with a number of pan-Asian deals already in discussion; and finally newly appointed publishing and licensing agent Jonathan Symington, The Lantic Group, will seek to establish publishing as the first brand-building pillar in the US, before expanding into other categories. To that end, Symington is representing the publishing rights of the first Deer Little Forest Picture book, The Big Berry Hunt.

on a streaming platform or on-demand still provides the opportunity for kids to get engaged and immersed in an unparalleled way and creates the desire to continue experiencing that universe beyond the TV room and into the play room. Which are the new challenges to face for the Licensing industry? The big challenges facing the licensing industry will continue to be shaped by the shifting retail environment, counterfeiting, and media fragmentation. As consumers continue to shift their spend away from bricks and mortar channels towards e-commerce, traditional retailers will continue to be cautious in what they support and will double down on blockbuster franchises making it harder for new IP to penetrate and find its place in the market. There will however be an opportunity for IP owners to help retailers build experiential offerings in 80

stores that attract incremental customers as well build greater engagement with those guests. Counterfeit sales are increasing in tandem with the rise of e-commerce platforms. IP owners, licensees and retailers will have to continue to work together to help stop this. There will need to be more investment in evaluating and moderating assortments online to ensure that brands can continue to thrive online. As media fragmentation accelerates and new streaming platforms aggressively push into content distribution and development there is more opportunity for IP owners to develop licensed programs based on the new programming. The challenge for content born of streaming platforms is developing a sustained engagement with consumers sufficient to support a licensed program at retail. Retailers will have more to choose from and will be increasingly selective in how they allocate their spend.


MOOMIN AT BOLOGNA CHILDREN’S BOOK FAIR WITH NEW BOOKS BULLS LICENSING AND THEIR MOOMIN ARE A WELL ESTABLISHED PRESENCE AT BOLOGNA CHILDREN’S BOOK FAIR AND, AS EVERY YEAR, THEY LAUNCH PUBLISHING NOVELTIES, FURTHER AN INTENSE LICENSING ACTIVITY GENERATED BY THE ICONIC FINNISH BRAND. all new picture book versions of the original storylines will tell children how the Moomins ended up in Moominvalley, but also the ever important values of family, friendship, respect for nature and how a little bit of magic will create a wonderful world, open to all and everyone.

©Moomin Characters™

The Moomin are a timeless property. Born from the creative genius of Tove Jansson, they are a world icon. On the occasion of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Bulls Licensing offers two new titles to be published by Bonnier Carlsen during the year. The first volume, titled The Way to Moominvalley (original title: Vägen till Mumindalen),

publication released planned for September 2018, is a collection of three stories, based on “The Moomins and the Great Flood” and the episodes “The Magicians Hat“ and “Hattifatteners Island” from “Finn Family Moomintroll”. Simplifying the stories and character universe from Tove Jansson’s original novels, the reader will familiarize themselves with the Moomin family, their closest friends and the magic of Moominvalley. The stories are re-told for a younger audience and beautifully illustrated throughout. These 82

The second book, When Christmas came to Moominvalley (original title: Julen kommer till Mumindalen) will be published on October 2018 and it is based on the short story ”The Fir Tree” from Tove Jansson’s novel “Tales from Moominvalley”. This lovely picture book will tell how the Moomins wake up from their winter sleep to find themselves fascinated, but also a little bit scared by everyone’s hysterical preparations for the arrival of Christmas, whoever or whatever that might be! Apparently “Christmas” demands trees to be dressed, presents to be wrapped and lots of food to be cooked. The Moomin family makes all the necessary preparations but decides to go to sleep again, leaving their friends to celebrate the most amazing Christmas everyone could ever have imagined. These are the first picture books in a new series of titles, containing picture books, gift books and novelty books, developed by Bonnier Carlsen, Sweden, in close collaboration with Moomin Characters. The stories and artwork will move close to Tove’s original illustrations, using water color and ink, returning to Jansson’s original art style and story-telling. The series will open up the Moominvalley, introducing its fantastic characters and ever important values to smaller children.


RUBIK’S PUBLISHING PROGRAM NOT ONLY A LIFESTYLE ICON, BUT ALSO A PROTAGONIST OF SEVERAL PUBLISHING TITLES THROUGHOUT THIS YEAR. 2017 was a phenomenal year for Rubik’s and its unique recipe for success has paved the way to a host of exciting new publishing launches. UK-based Carlton Books have launched an adult logic puzzle book based on the iconic brand entitled “RUBIK’S PUZZLES: 101 Puzzles to Test Your Brain Power”. This mind-bending title has already been released into the UK, Hungary, Czech Republic to great success and will hit shelves in the USA later this year. Publishing powerhouse Egmont have lived up to their ambition of using the

Rubik’s brand to “create clever books for clever kids” and will release 2 titles this year. “How To Solve The Rubik’s Cube” and “Rubik’s Children’s Brain Teasers”. Both titles will launch later this year in the UK, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Australia, Spain, France and CEE countries this year.French publisher Place des Editeurs (SOLAR) are launching the “Rubik’s Roll’Cube” for the gift market. Scheduled for launch later this year in bookstores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, and other specialist bookstores in France and other French speaking countries.


Meanwhile French children’s publisher Hemma, part of Planeta Group’s publishing arm, have already launched a range of Rubik’s inspired children’s titles in France including “Sudoku pour les Enfants”, mosaic activity books and logic book puzzles for kids. This range of brain-busting publishing titles that have all been developed to create brain-busting books are an important building block in the Rubik’s brand extension being developed by The Smiley Company, to create an intelligence revolution for the future.


BEYOND BOOKS. ALSO LEADING INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHERS ENTER THE LICENSING WORLD SINCE ONE YEAR RANDOM HOUSE HAS STARTED TO DEVELOP LICENSING PROGRAMMES LINKED TO THEIR MAIN CHILDREN’S BOOKS TITLES, STARTING FROM THE BOOKSELLER WONDERTM. AND IT’S JUST THE BEGINNING. Over the last year, through a new licensing function at Random House Children’s Books, the company has deepened its investment in the development of author and illustrator properties to extend brand equity, build consumer engagement and generate new revenue streams. The first at the forefront is based on a key family publishing property by R.J. Palacio, #1 New York Times bestseller. With over 9 million books sold in the Wonder publishing program, and the original novel translated into 45+ different

brand targeted to kids 8-12 focused on the book’s main theme of choosing kindness (#ChooseKind). Consumers can already find several Wonder branded products from partners with multi-year partnerships like Clarkson Potter for stationery and journals available at Target, Barnes n’ Noble and more; Changes with t-shirts available at Hot Topic; Out of Print Clothing for accessories; Raymond Geddes with anti-bullying themed classroom supplies and SG@NYC for jewellery all available in speciality stores and online.

languages, R. J. Palacio’s Wonder is a global publishing success, about an ordinary boy with an extraordinary face and heart. On the heels of the extraordinary hit movie run starring Julie Roberts, Owen Wilson and Jacob Tremblay who plays lead character Auggie Pullman; Random House is developing a 84

Events XILAM


Xilam report that 2018 is going to be hugely exciting. Their brands are at a key point in their evolution and they have a range of products launching in key categories. Oggy and the Cockroaches in particular is going to have a significant presence at retail this year. Master toy licensee, Lansay, recently launched its Oggy and the Cockroaches toy line in France including plush, 3D figurines, plush key rings and card games. Lansay is also in the process of developing three additional Oggy products for Christmas 2018, including an electronic plush, an electronic bug catcher with sounds and an Oggy action game. Some of these products will be supported by a TV campaign in Q4 18. Panini just joined the

pull of existing licensees in France and will develop a sticker collection as well as a branded magazine to be released on a quarterly basis in the second semester. A range of OGGY footwear for kids by CCI Shoes will also be launched in the French market in Fall/Winter 18. In Italy, a fourth wave of successful Oggy collectible figurines (OGGY Occhiolotti) produced by Grani is currently offered at kiosks in blind flow-packs and Easter Eggs from Pernigotti will hit shelves for Easter 18. These two licensees have joined the pool of existing and stable licensees such as Gedis, Playpress, Old Wild West to name a few. The show is aired on DeaKids, K2 as well as Frisbee and the licensing rights are handled by Funwood. Xilam is further boosting the Oggy and the Cockroaches brand into gaming following the recent appointment of Nazara Technologies Ltd, a global mobile game 86

Xilam is also proud to announce the appointment of Maurizio Di Stefano Licensing to represent Zig & Sharko brand in Italy. This non dialogued slapstick comedy aimed at a six-to-nine-year-old audience, is telling the hilarious story of Zig, an island-bound hyena, who has plans to turn Marina the mermaid into his lunch, and Sharko, who always comes to Marina’s rescue. The show is over performing in France on Gulli, Super RTL in Germany as well as DeaKids and K2 in Italy and a new season 3 is currently under development. In France, Zig & Sharko ranked #3 preferred TV show among boys 9/10 year olds (Survey Kids & Teens Mirror – Junior City - May 17). A brand new style guide is now available and will allow Xilam and its rep agents to extend the brand experience through consumer products soon.

company. Nazara will launch a raft of new captivating mobile games for younger audiences that underscore the hilarious, entertaining brand values of Oggy and the Cockroaches. The first game is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2018 in Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East. Additionally, this year Oggy and the Cockroaches celebrates twenty years with a swathe of initiatives and partnerships to celebrate this milestone in France as well as internationally.


WHICH ARE CHILDREN’S EMOTIONAL PRIORITIES LM INTERVIEWED GEORGE CAREY, CEO AND FOUNDER OF FAMILY ROOM, AN AMERICAN RESEARCH AND CONSULTANCY COMPANY THAT STUDIES THE EMOTIONS THAT CAN AFFECT CONTENT PRODUCTIONS AND THE PROPENSION TO PURCHASE CONSUMER GOODS. be well educated and prepared and share time together. Then, main combination of social and politics have come together on 2016 and all priorities have gone upside down and “Protection & Safety” need went first. Priorities changed. Emotions have changed. (Graphic 1). Politicians sometimes don’t really understand how much what they say impact on parents attitudes. We are all human beings and we have children to protect.

George Carey Can you tell us which is the main business of Family Room? Family Room is strategic research and brand consultancy to create more emotional products and messages. We believe that most effective products speak to family hearts and we make researches on passion points. We analyse what can work for families and for which platforms. We work in 12 countries, with clusters in Europe, Asia, South America and US and Canada. How do you find the priorities that parents have towards their children and which are they? Every year we ask parents in a very large survey which their priorities are. Questions are not about categories. They are about life. We ask what is at the top of their mind as concerns, worries, fears, etc. Parents always want certain things for their children: stability, to

If passion points have changed, so it’s the same also kids contents. Isn’t it? At least for US market. Kids want extreme excitement and extreme risk and danger. Kids are all looking for high sensations and experience. To be honest children need of an emotional sanctuary to balance their emotions. What is happening in US in terms of contents is that they are back watching contents of 20 years ago. The reason for that is to feel safe and somehow naïf. Kids content producers have to thrill children and comfort them as well. They don’t need of any more excitement. Now it’s time to create experiences to get children comfortable and safe.

Graphic 1 88

Let’s go in deep on each target, starting from pre-school. For this target your motto is “Preparing Kids for Success”. What exactly does it consist of? There is a wide lost of confidence for parents. They lost confidence in schools and material that was used at schools. That explains why education downgraded so slow. Parents ask themselves what is important and the answer is to predict Life Skills: child who knows how to work hard; how to be determined; how to speak in their mind and how to believe in himself. They are children that play as characters: do the right thing, have right attitude and right look. There is a shift from traditional content education to content that helps new life skills as optimism, hard work and how to prepare your kids to be honorable. Instead for kids the priority is to share time with parents… The reality for families today is they are in the same house together but life has become so rushed and filled of obligations that even if a mother is in the same room with her child, she is not really together with her child. The latter is on his phone


Graphic 2 playing its games and the mother is on her computer working and many times there is no father. There is a very important difference between being together and being present: it means to be emotionally connected and this is what kids want (graphic 2). The implication for content providers is to turn experience of isolate children into something to experience truly together. Children are getting sick

‌Finally the Teen Target. The most difficult ever and perhaps also the most isolated. The world in which teenagers are living today is getting smaller. As you grow up world should become bigger. Teenagers are not going out instead. They are staying at home. Not because of social media, but because of stress, social problems, dangers and so they are so feared that

What are the main bets for those who produce kids contents? For the world of Media the most important thing is to pay attention to the human being who uses contents. The challenge would be to find priorities as families and kids attitude have changed probably forever. Once they have opened their perspective, next challenge is how producers are directing contents through emotional families. Finally, how to turn media from an isolate experience into something to share with parents and friends.

Graphic 3 for this lack of attention and there is a big worry on technology addiction and they are not able to stop using technology as parents are not so quick to realize that risk. There is a huge desire for contents producers to experience this new kind of shared content. We are talking about co-viewing: how to turn a virtual reality experience into something to share with families. It changes totally parents attitude (graphic 3). Just to make an example, Pixar are genius on this: they create stories where children and parents enjoy with no polarity.

they stay at home (graphic 4). People don’t realize how much dangers are doing to this generation. Teens use social and it’s a symptom of the problem and not the problem itself. A teenager is afraid to go outside and so he/she dialogue through social. Again the application for content providers is how to create new experiences to have a bigger world and more enjoyable for teenagers.

Graphic 4 90

Events MIPTV

TV PREVIEWS IN CANNES FROM 9TH THROUGH 12TH APRIL ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY COME TOGETHER AND MEET ALONG THE CROISETTE ON THE OCCASION OF MIPTV, THE MOST IMPORTANT AUDIOVISUAL MARKETPLACE IN THE WORLD, TOGETHER WITH MIPCOM IN OCTOBER, BOTH ORGANIZED BY REED MIDEM. Here are some previews of what will be presented in April as the next TV hits for preschoolers, kids and teenagers. A GREAT DEBUTO FOR FIND ME IN PARIS Find Me in Paris, Cottonwood Media’s maverick time-travelling ballet tween series, is taking France and the world by storm, with a licensing launch at Kazachok and unique partnership with the National Opera of Paris, to major sales across the globe and a ground-breaking World Premiere at this year’s Mip-TV. Find Me in Paris (26x26’), is a highbudget tween series centring on Lena, a typical teenage girl attending the Paris Opera Ballet School, the world’s most elite dance institution. But Lena has a secret. She’s a time traveller, accidentally propelled from 1905 into the 21st century by her boyfriend Henri. Lena tries to fit in, juggling high school and rigorous ballet training, while spending time with an underground dance crew. This English-language series, filmed in Paris with an international cast, has broad support in the French market: it debuts on Disney Channel France on April 14 followed by national broadcaster France 4. FranceTV Distribution licensing outfit present Find Me in Paris at Kazachok 2018, focusing on the tween-friendly themes of music, dance, ballet and comedy. These key elements, together with the iconic backdrop of Paris and unparalleled access to the National Opera, provide a wide range of platforms from which to develop an original, long-term licensing strategy. And well beyond

France, top global broadcasters have responded enthusiastically to the show. It has been sold to NBC Universal Kids (USA), US streaming platform HULU, France Télévisions (France), Disney Channel (France and Italy), ZDF (Germany), ABC (Australia), and VRT (Belgium). And in an historic first, it was selected by Reed Midem to have the first-ever Kids’ World Premiere Screening at MIPTV 2018. Find Me in Paris is produced by David Michel, Zoé Carrera, and Cécile Lauritano 92

of Cottonwood Media, and is co-produced by ZDF, ZDF Enterprises, B-FILMS, and the Opera National de Paris, with the support of the European Union Media program. Written and co-executive produced by Jill Girling and Lori Mather-Welch (creators of Nickelodeon’s hit series “Ride”), the TV series stars an international cast including Jessica Lord, Eubha Akilade, Rory J. Saper, Hannah Dodd, Castle Rock Peters and Hiran Abeysekera.

Events MIPTV APC KIDS LAUNCHES JE SUIS BIEN CONTENT’S ROGER APC Kids is launching its new animated series ROGER. The first episodes will be launched at the market, with the full series to be delivered in the first quarter of 2019. ROGER (78x7’), a 3D comedy series aimed at kids aged 6-10, set on a tropical island follows a story of friendship between a little girl named Fatou and an extra-terrestrial called Roger. Fatou, a rambunctious and playful little girl and Roger, a clumsy alien with a big heart who is always trying to do good, trigger a whole bunch of situations that often build into full-scale catastrophes, but there is always a happy ending! With the best intentions, they try to solve their problems with the help of their friends, Walter and Junior the monkeys, Ludivine and Igor the warthogs and many more. Pre-acquired by Huashi TV for the Chinese market, ROGER is produced by Je Suis Bien Content for France Television.

RAINBOW HIGHLIGHTS HOST OF HOT BRANDS Rainbow is showcasing four exciting brands at the MIPTV conference. 44 Cats is a Rainbow production in collaboration with Antoniano Bologna. The show is Rainbow’s latest exciting TV series - a sumptuous 52 x 13’ CGI preschool comedy series that follows the daily adventures of Lampo, Milady, Pilou, and Polpetta – cats who are all part of a music band named The Buffycats. This big-hearted series promotes positive,

can-do attitudes, and conveys a positive message in a funny environment. The cats in the show, just like kids, find creative solutions to everyday hitches by dealing naturally with important themes like tolerance, diversity and acceptance. Winx Club has been delighting Italian audiences since 2004 through magical content that shows the importance of empowerment, friendship, adventure and feelings. This evergreen classic now boasts 182 episodes produced, 4 TV movies and 3 theatrical releases. Series 8 - featuring 26 brand new episodes - will premiere in 2019 to celebrate 15 years since the launch. 94

Regal Academy is the hilarious, fresh and funny show that takes the familiar world of fairy tales and turns it on its head through the adventures of Rose Cinderella. A superb new season of the show is now on offer. Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends is a huge Italian success story, with millions of fans across the country. This liveaction show has matched the success of the world’s biggest kids brands through its utterly compelling mix of fashion, friendship and music. The show has now reached series 3, where the young friends leave Italy to live in America. The Moodboards – the band from the show – has also inspired two TV movies, two music CDs from Sony.

Events MIPTV BRAIN POWER STUDIO PRESENT THE PONYSITTERS CLUB Global media company Brain Power Studio is launching its brand new family series The Ponysitters Club. Based on the book by Victoria Carson, The Ponysitters Club (20 x 22’) is being produced in association with Discovery Kids Latin America, supported by the Shaw Rocket Fund in Canada. The series is written by David Finley, executive produced by Brain Power Studio’s Beth Stevenson and Nancy Yeaman. Directed by Justin G. Dyck, Marco Deufemia and Emma Jean Sutherland. The series is The creation of the Polly Pocket animated series follows a co-development, production and distribution deal signed between DHX Media and Mattel Inc. for new original content inspired by celebrated Mattel properties. The partnership brings together DHX Media’s strength in global content creation and distribution with Mattel’s expertise in brand franchise management, strategy and consumer product licensing. In addition to Polly Pocket, new animated series from the collaboration include Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam and Little People. currently in production and has begun delivery. Skye (12 years old) loves everything about living at Rescue Ranch, especially hanging out at the horse stable that houses rescue horses and ponies. Her friends Olivia, Trish and Ethan come up with a plan to share the horse care and support Skye. The Ponysitters Club is formed. Brain Power Studio Rights has global rights to the series.

and back mightier than ever for the multifaceted girl in 2018. Polly Pocket is back in her original mini scale with new product and content. The launch will be supported with a 360-degree marketing campaign. DHX Media will distribute Polly Pocket internationally, with global licensing and merchandising handled by Mattel Creations.

DHX MEDIA AND MATTEL TOGETHER FOR THE BRAND NEW TV SERIES POLLY POCKET DHX Media is bringing to Cannes the latest animated series from its partnership with Mattel Creations. Polly Pocket (26 x 22’) is aimed at kids aged 6-9 and based on the celebrated toy brand of the same name. The Polly Pocket brand is a phenomenon from the 90’s selling more than 10 million compacts 96

FLORA OF THE FOREST, CITIZEN SCIENTIST, JOURNALIST EXTRAORDINAIRE! For something refreshingly fun and new in preschool, meet Flora of the Forest Citizen Scientist, Journalist Extraordinaire! - an original show that brings together natural science and arts & crafts, in an utterly distinct and original visual style created by illustrator Jo Rose.

THE WORLD OF LICENSING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Have you ever wondered who owned a licensed property? Or needed to find a licensing agent in Italy? Or perhaps you needed a licensee who manufactured socks? Yes, ok you could Google it but how convenient would it be to have all that information at your fingertips? This is the idea behind www.totallicensingworld.com ww * Over 28,000 property listings * More than 2,000 licensors and agents * Thousands of licensees and manufacturers * Hundreds of specialist support companies and more. You can purchase 12 months access to the online directory at a price of €185 Euros



Events MIPTV Seven-year-old Flora lives in an epic treehouse with her scientist mum in the middle of a forest. She is one-part artist and one-part scientist - and one-hundred per cent bestie to the animals in her inner circle. Mum’s work at the nearby natural history museum, her study in the treehouse brimming with journals, artefacts, bones, tools, bugs, and other fun stuff, and the forest itself provide endless fodder for fun and adventure. There’s always something intriguing to investigate, record, and recreate, with the help of Flora’s friends, goggles, journal, polaroid and whatever forest supplies she has at hand. Flora of the Forest is a Koko Rose Media production in partnership with Canadian KidsCo Bejuba! (Tatiana Kober).

world, including on Gulli (France), Super RTL (Germany), Nickelodeon (India), Disney Asia, Disney Latam, K2 (Italy), NRK Super (Norway), Netflix, Amazon, and Jetsen Huashi Wangju Kids (China), to name a few. Zig & Sharko is also gaining momentum on YouTube with almost 900,000 subscribers on board. The series’ channel has gained more than 500 million views in just two years.

DR. PANDA: FROM APPS TO TV SERIES Dr. Panda, Ltd. is a leading kids’ app developer originating from Chengdu in South-west, China, the natural home of the Giant Panda. Since releasing the very first title Dr. Panda Teach Me! in 2012, they have developed over 30 open-ended play games. Dr. Panda’s games are available on all major app stores and are designed to encourage kids ages 3-8 years old to develop educational values and skills that help them learn more about the world. Dr. Panda continues to evolve with the ever-changing trends in technology, focusing on creating new and innovative play experiences for kids all over the world. As the second largest paid kids’ app developer, Dr. Panda regularly tops the store charts and has been ranked the #1 kids’ app in the App Store in over 50 countries. Dr. Panda is also the 2nd largest paid kids’ app developer, with 85 millions of downloads worldwide and counting; 5 millions of monthly active users all over the world and 30+ app titles which are live on all major app stores. As with other successful digital phenomenon, even for Dr. Panda it was quite natural to evolve towards a TV series, in this case for the preschool target. The first episodes are made and the project is in full evolution.

XILAM ANIMATION UNVEILS ZIG & SHARKO SEASON 3 Xilam Animation is launching its brand new third season of hit animation Zig & Sharko (78 x 7’) at MIPTV. The third season brings the series to an impressive total of 234 x 7’ episodes for audiences to sink their teeth into. Season three sees a change of scene for Zig & Sharko, with the long-running slapstick comedy now taking place on a boat. Marina wants to travel and see the world! She gathers the whole gang on-board a luxury ocean liner and sets sail for the seven seas, where action and adventure ensue. The series currently airs in 150 territories and continues to experience huge success around the 98

Events UBM

ROUND THE (LICENSING) WORLD IN 14 DAYS AFTER A SEASON OF GLOBETROTTING AND TRENDSPOTTING, THE LICENSING INDUSTRY REACHES ITS SHOW FINALE IN LONDON THIS OCTOBER. The mission of the Global Licensing Group at UBM is to bring together the world’s best brand and give them the chance to share knowledge, showcase their latest products and properties, and secure licensing partnerships. As a leading tradeshow organiser and media partner, the group hosts licensing events around the world – from Asia to Europe and the USA – to ensure every licensing professional can join the global community. Tradeshow Licensing Expo Japan will see brands, characters and content licensing companies from China, Hong Kong, Spain, Taiwan, the UK and USA exhibit across three days from 25-27 April at Tokyo Big Sight. Now in its second year, the event is set to host the likes of Le Cordon Bleu Japan, the Victoria & Albert Museum, TOHO, IMG and Sony Creative

May, the world’s largest annual licensing trade show and Global Licensing Group’s flagship event, Las Vegas Licensing Expo, opens for its 38th year. More than 16,000 retailers, licensees, manufacturers, distributors and agents from 67 countries descend on Mandalay Bay Convention Centre, while more than 400 brands from 33 different countries exhibit.

Meanwhile, from 18-20 July, the second annual Licensing Expo China gathers more than 230 brands and 8,400 visitors in the National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai. The event space has expanded to 20,000sqm this year, due to the ever-growing Chinese licensing market, and includes two new specialised zones on the show floor: a Film, Television and Entertainment Zone and Museum, Culture and Art Zone.

Products, and expects a turnout of more than 13,200 visitors. The event is also located alongside IFF MAGIC Japan, a joint venture between MAGIC and JFWInternational Fashion Fair, Japan’s longestrunning biannual fashion business tradeshow. Just later

one from

And the licensing industry’s season finale, Brand Licensing Europe, will see more than 250 brand owners exhibit their world-leading products to more than 7,500 visitors at Olympia, London from

9-11 October. Food and beverage is on the menu as the event’s theme of 2018, with exhibitors encouraged to create a vibrant and flavour-filled festival at the show. Back in February, the annual NYC Summit also hosted more than 450 toplevel executives as they joined forces to shape strategy and make new contacts in licensing and retail.

Info: ubmlicensinggroup.com

month 22-24 100

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