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Dear reader Welcome back! It’s time, once again, for your appointment with a new issue of Licensing Magazine. But first we have something to celebrate. We are very proud that our publication has recently reached a number of important milestones. Firstly Licensing Magazine has become one of the top three international trade publications with the widest distribution. But that’s not all. It’s also among the most followed! We have collected extraordinary numbers from our all-news website, with over 800 unique visitors per week, from our social media network and from our magazine, which welcomes more than 13,000 readers on the digital front from all over the world! As for this issue, LM is focusing its attention on two major events taking place in June: Las Vegas Licensing Expo and MIFA. The American Licensing Expo is the most important licensing industry trade show in the world – and it is certainly the most important opportunity to learn about the main innovations that will drive trends next year. We have therefore dedicated a section of the magazine to a rich focus on the main licensing innovations coming together in the USA in June. Companies that exhibit at the Licensing Expo have a lot to show and in our overview we invite you to visit them to learn more about what they are offering the market. The MIFA, in Annecy (France), is the leading international animation marketplace. LM is a media partner here too and we have put together a special feature on European animation projects that have also become a phenomenon in the licensing field. We are looking at quality projects of great importance for the audiovisual industry carried out by important and innovative players in animation. This magazine will travel from the U.S.A. to France, and then complete its tour at the Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield, UK. Don’t forget to pick up a copy at one of these unmissable b2b events! As always, Enjoy Reading!

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Cover story MONDO TV

Mondo TV’s licensing and broadcasting success on show at Las Vegas THE LEADING EUROPEAN CONCENT FACTORY CONTINUES ITS GROWTH AS PRODUCER, CO-PRODUCER, DISTRIBUTOR AND LICENSOR. At this year’s Las Vegas Licensing Expo Mondo TV will again show why it is one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated content. But it will also underline its massive success in recent years as a co-producer and a maker of live-action programming, as well as a licensor – a role that now includes third-party representation for one of the biggest plush hits of the last decade. Visitors at the Expo will have a lot to see and talk about – and in particular six properties making waves – or soon to arrive – in a number of markets: Feisty Pets, YooHoo, MeteoHeroes, Robot Trains, Invention Story and Heidi Bienvenida. Feisty Pets are interactive plush toys – with a difference. They look cuddly and cute but transform when squeezed, losing

their pleasant expressions and displaying fangs, sarcastic grins or funny faces. This simple but skilfully executed concept, created by William Mark Corporation, has been a massive hit online, in the media and at retail; the line, now totalling some 80 characters, has sold in the millions. The brand already has a global master toy partner (Jazwares) and a master English language publisher (Scholastic). Lifestylebased consumer products will follow. Designated by the master agent Surge Licensing, Mondo’s first representation of a non-broadcast property in the Italian and Iberian markets has been a major success,


bringing the content giant together with a true phenomenon that is expected to replicate its online and plush success in licensing. In Italy the toys will be distributed by Giochi Preziosi, with which Mondo TV is working closely to build a solid retail sales strategy planned for autumn 2019, when the plush line will be placed throughout the market. Mondo has already signed up Publievent, highly regarded in the Italian market for the organisation of live events, to produce Feisty Pets-themed shopping mall events, Clementoni for innovative puzzles that cleverly adapt the dual

Cover story Rescue brings to screens is taking place across all markets; there will also be a plastic toy line. Mondo TV will preview a major new property at Las Vegas. MeteoHeroes is a Mondo TV co-production with MOPI (Meteo Operations Italia – better known to the public as the Epson Expert). Scheduled to launch in autumn 2020, this animated comedy-adventure will consist of 52 episodes of seven minutes each.

personality concept behind the toys, and Edicart for original and highly entertaining humorous books. YooHoo to the Rescue is the first-ever Netflix Original Series from co-producers Mondo TV and Aurora World. It became available worldwide from 15 March 2019 exclusively on the Netflix platform as a Netflix Original Series. From April and May this year it has been shown on free-to-air channels in Italy, Russia, Poland, Spain and Portugal. It is also a major licensing prospect. This new 3D CGI 52 x 11’ children’s series is based on the globally successful line of Aurora World plush toys, more than 80 million of which have been sold since the worldwide launch of the line in 2007. It’s a funny, exciting and beautifully designed

animated series with strong environmental themes, in which YooHoo and his friends, Pammee, Roodee, Chewoo and Lemmee, travel from their home in YooTopia to Earth to confront threats to nature and wildlife and meet many different endangered animal species. The YooHoo brand has attracted strong international licensee interest in such areas as baby care products, fragrance, bath and body products from Nuvita, and stickers and trading cards from Panini. Many important categories are also covered through domestic deals, notably an Italian agreement with Mondadori, which will launch its first title, the YooHoopedia, in Italy in autumn 2019. Plush is, of course, directly managed by Aurora. A refresh of the popular line based on the new characters that YooHoo to the


MeteoHeroes is about six kids – Fulmen, Nix, Nubes, Pluvia, Thermo and Ventum – who discover that they can control the weather. Each one has a different superpower, connected with a different weather phenomenon, enhanced by special gadgets and costumes. Working with a group of meteorological experts, they find out how to use their powers to help the Earth – while also learning about friendship, cooperation and diversity as they work together. The combination of great characters, gadgets, science, comedy, adventure and such topical themes as climate change and energy saving is expected to inspire a strong licensing programme. Mondo TV plans to sign up key partners in order to ensure that the series has worldwide reach both in terms of media distribution and in terms of licensing and merchandising. The Giunti publishing house already has an exclusive publishing agreement for Italy.

Cover story engrossing plots, conflicts and rivalries, as well as funny and engaging characters — but Invention Story also encourages its young audience to have a creative approach to problems. Visitors to the Mondo TV stand can hear more about the enormous potential of Invention Story across both play and learningrelated licensed product. Co-producers Henan York Animation and Mondo TV are certainly convinced and are looking forward to the show launch’s on CCTV, China’s leading broadcaster, on 1 July.

MONDO TV The global master toy partner is a major target and one that will be a strong focus for Mondo at the Las Vegas event. Licensing activity for Robot Trains, the exciting animated series for children aged between three and five, is strong in a number of territories, where toys from Silverlit, confectionery and snacks, books, puzzles, live characters and events, stickers and trading cards, collectible 3D figurines, carnival costumes, personal care products and paper handkerchiefs are just some of the items in shops or soon to appear at retail. There’s even an amazing augmented reality app, launched this year, through which players can access a wide selection of games by purchasing a product and scanning its packaging. And the digital innovations don’t end there: an educational app based on season two of the show will soon be released by Tap Tap Tales in North America and Europe. With the second season of Robot Trains bringing new characters and new themes, this thrilling tale of a brave group of friends who transform from trains to robots to protect their home and its vital energy supplies is expected to expand its licensing appeal. Co-produced by Mondo and South Korean content and media giant CJ E&M, season two (52 x

11’) premiered in France on Gulli on 5 November 2018 and is now on air in Italy on Cartoonito (where it has become the channel’s second-best-performing show), Karusel in Russia and Canal Panda in Portugal. Its most recent launch, however, has been in Spain, on Clan, where season two of Robot Trains launched on 22 April at 6pm – a primetime slot – with two episodes. A number of other territories will be following this year. Demand for season one (32 x 11’) remains strong, with a number of European, Middle Eastern and Asian broadcasters now showing the first series of Robot Trains. Invention Story (104 x 11’) is the tale of Kit, an intelligent, thoughtful and creative fox who, in each episode, comes up with an amazing new invention. There are


Mondo’s first-ever live-action show Heidi, Bienvenida a Casa (60 x 45’), produced by Mondo TV Iberoamerica along with Alianzas Producciones, has enjoyed great success in Latin America on Nickelodeon and is now showing strong potential in the European market – for both licensees and broadcasters – thanks to launches in Russia, Italy and, most recently, on Disney Channel Spain. The adventures of a happy, carefree girl who leaves her beloved mountain home to live in the big city has inspired a strong licensing campaign embracing stickers, events, book publishing, magazines, confectionery, personal care items and a soundtrack CD. A feature film and the arrival this year of a second season of Heidi Bienvenida – Heidi Bienvenida al Show – will further boost Heidi’s popularity on TV, online and at retail among tweens and teens in many territories.

Cover story MONDO TV

INTERVIEW WITH VALENTINA LA MACCHIA Licensing Director, Mondo TV Group THE US MARKET IS ONE OF THE MAIN FOCUSES OF THE MONDO TV GROUP. WE ASKED VALENTINA LA MACCHIA TO TELL US MORE ABOUT THE GROUP’S PRIORITIES FOR THIS YEAR. What are your main goals for the upcoming Las Vegas Licensing Expo? Las Vegas is an important market for us. It’s the one big get-together in the year that allows us to meet not only American partners, but many international ones. For most of the titles of which we are co-producers we almost always have worldwide distribution. For this reason our aim is, above all, to target North American license holders, and Latin American and Asian licensees. One of the major new properties we’ll be promoting this time round is MeteoHeroes, the series we produce with the Meteo Expert Center. A 100% Italian project, which has already started production and is fully funded, MeteoHeroes is a TV series of 52 episodes of seven minutes each. The production team includes some of the most respected professionals in animation, notably Andrew Healey, a screenwriter who worked on PJ Masks. With the launch scheduled for late 2020, the times is right to close some of the most important deals that will see product launches in 2021 and 2022. The series has the highly topical theme of climate change. We know already that this topic is going global, taking up lots of screen time on the world’s televisions – and of course it now involves children like Greta Thunberg and her movement “Fridays for the Future”. Climate change is the topic of the moment and we have the perfect TV series to reflect that. The timing couldn’t be better. MeteoHeroes will also be an opportunity for our customers to do their bit. With MeteoHeroes we will offer them a chance

to take part in this huge global movement. How do you think this project will be implemented on the American market? Despite the fact that today in our industry there is no shortage of products dealing with “green” content and promoting the world of recycling and eco-sustainability, MeteoHeroes is the only project that specifically takes on climate change issues. That’s because the Meteo Expert Center (known in Italy as Centro Epson Meteo) is an institute focused in research and development in the field of atmospheric physics and meteorology. We plan, first of all, to show the American market the trailer and a consumer products-oriented video, which together tell the story of the transformation of the six young stars of MeteoHeroes into superheroes. This video is obviously intended to be a starting point for licensees, giving them an idea of what elements of the cartoon they might adapt to product licensing and merchandising. For us this is an important challenge – but we are sure that the partners will respond positively because are all the elements are in place for a successful franchise. What are the other properties you are focusing your attention on? Feisty Pets is certainly an important one for us. This is a line of innovative soft toys created by William Mark Corporation that, with a simple squeeze, change expression from friendly to fierce and funny. They have become an international phenomenon in a very short time. Mondo TV has been designated by


Valentina La Macchia Surge Licensing, Master Agent worldwide, as a sub-agent for development of the licensing programme in Italy and the Iberian Peninsula. We have rapidly closed important deals in a number of categories, including board games, publishing (in Italian), stamps, and products for the newsstand world including magazines, colouring books and activity publications. One of the objectives of the upcoming Las Vegas Licensing Expo will therefore be to coordinate with the master agent Surge Licensing to finalize other agreements now in the pipeline for categories like food & confectionery, personal care, clothing and fashion accessories. The Master Toy licensee is Jazwares. Other important objectives? YooHoo is certainly among our most important properties for the near future. The Netflix Original Series YooHoo to the Rescue, co-produced by Mondo TV and Aurora World was launched on 15 March worldwide on Netflix We also have free-to-air agreements in five territories; these are Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Russia. Together with Aurora we are working to complete a licensing programme that covers all categories. A refreshed plush line has recently been launched with a widespread positioning in the main retail stores of the world. In summary we are beginning to reap the fruits of the hard work of recent years and at the same time to consolidate our presence on the market. Obviously, we won’t stop there. Las Vegas will be a great showcase at which to look for new projects on which to focus our attention for 2021.


A busy YEAR FOR FELIX THE CAT FELIX THE CAT IS EXPANDING ITS LICENSING PROGRAMME IN EUROPE AND USA. ITALIAN LICENSEE DEL CONCA NOMINATED FOR INTERNATIONAL LICENSING AWARD. a retractable comb and a toiletries bag that doubles as Felix’s Magic Bag of Tricks, is available to buy at the Suavecito store in Los Angeles, Tilly’s stores across the US, online at and through miffycito’s global stockists.

Suavecito x Felix the Cat As part of its 100th anniversary celebration this year, the iconic Felix the Cat brand has entered into a collaboration with leading US hair pomade brand Suavecito, for a range of men’s grooming products, accessories and t-shirts. The deal was brokered by CPLG on behalf of Universal Brand Development, owner of Felix the Cat.

Funko x Felix the Cat Led by high-profile collaborations, including HUF Worldwide and Scotch & Soda, Felix the Cat lifestyle brand continues to expand across EMEA and the U.S., with a number of new licensees brokered through CPLG. Funko, the creators of Pop! Vinyl, launched collectible Felix figurines, with

The limited-edition capsule collection, which includes classic and firm pomades,

Collection SS 2019 Felix The Cat by Lauren Moshi

Del Conca Ceramics x Felix the Cat 14

a fashion accessories range. In addition, Funko will also launch a collector’s edition Pop! Vinyl Box Set in November. Further exciting Felix the Cat collaborations and products will roll-out from the Autumn 2019, including a global footwear range from Skechers, plush from Aliquantum International, Flex Watches, and a 100th anniversary t-shirt collection from Los Angeles-based apparel and lifestyle retail brand Lauren Moshi. Outside of the US, high-end Italian ceramic tile company Del Conca has launched a unique collection of tiles dedicated to Felix. The range includes 16 highly decorative porcelain stoneware tiles, each with a unique design for both flooring and interior cladding, available via Del Conca’s international stockists. Felix the Cat made his big screen debut in 1919 and went on to have his own cartoon strip and cartoon series. Created by a team of talented animators, among them Otto Messmer and Joe Oriolo, Felix the Cat appeared in over 100 movies between the 1920s and 30s and is today

News considered a true pop icon of international fame. Reinvented in the 1950s with a catchy theme song and his notorious “magic bag of tricks,” Felix the “wonderful, wonderful cat” has inspired generations of fans from all walks of life, making him both a popculture phenomenon and an anti-hero icon.


FELIX THE CAT NOMINATED FOR INTERNATIONAL LICENSING AWARD Felix the Cat ceramic collection is competing to win the prize for best use of the license in the Home Décor sector, which is being offered by the Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association (LIMA). US specialty retailer HOT TOPIC launches an all-new merchandise collection inspired by the world, imagery and characters of the award-winning and critically acclaimed video game series, Life is Strange™. The deal was brokered by CPLG on behalf of video game publisher Square Enix. Hot Topic, the go-to mall destination for music and pop culture merchandise, will carry an exclusive collection of Life is Strange tees and accessories. The collection is geared for every fan of the Life is Strange franchise. The launch coincides with the digital debut of Life is Strange 2: Episode 3 ‘Wastelands’. Life is Strange is an episodic graphic adventure video game series developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac, and mobile. The franchise follows everyday, relatable characters facing universal issues laced with strange twists – and incredible powers.

LIMA announced in New York the 154 nominations for the International Licensing Awards 2019; the list was drawn up by a jury of 150 members from 18 different countries. For the Home Décor category, the candidates and winners will be announced together with prizegiving on 4 June 2019 at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2019. “This elite group of candidates is truly representative of the global licensing community and showcases the creativity and innovation that are part of our industry’s DNA”, said Maura Regan, president of LIMA. “We look forward

to announcing the winners on 4 June in Las Vegas, but today we celebrate all the nominees for this year: being one of them is a mark of excellence in itself”. Great satisfaction for this Del Conca nomination. The company has decided to depict in this collection of porcelain tiles all the most iconic aspects of Felix split into two distinct decors - one vintage and the other contemporary. An occasion for Del Conca, the only Italian company nominated in the Home Décor category, to continue to be appreciated by the general public and to advertise its products. With the #FELIXTHECAT collection, the brand set out to satisfy not only Felix fans and fans of comics, but 15

also those persons who aim to include unique and original decorative elements within their living spaces. An opportunity to revive the irreverent and contagious spirit of this incredible character within the home. Ceramica del Conca has stipulated licensing agreements since 2013. The first project saw the production of ceramic wall tiles with illustrations by Milo Manara. Then followed the collections created with Lupine the Third, Valentina by Guido Crepax, and in 2019 Felix the Cat. All the collections are now present in the general CONCA catalogue and contribute significantly to the awareness and visibility of the brand.


From Zafari to Gigantosaurus: new hits for children NEW TV SERIES IN THE MAURIZIO DISTEFANO LICENSING PORTFOLIO ARE SET TO CONQUER THE MARKET the arrival of ZAFARI, the beautiful new animated TV series produced by ZAFARI Holdings and distributed worldwide by NBCUniversal / Dreamworks. It’s a 52x11 series aimed at an audience of both boys and girls aged from four to nine. In Italy it launches on Rai YoYo in June. Despite the fact that it has yet to be screened, in recent months a great deal of interest has been shown by licensees, with a number

The first quarter of 2019 has seen great success for MDL’s properties, including some very popular brands that have been in the news and attracted interest from both new licensees and established licensees offering new product. Bing is a huge success in the Italian market. Thanks to the strength of the brand and the work of MDL, many licensing agreements have been signed to date – and the popularity of Bing among younger children and their families continues to grow. This is also evident in social networks where young Bing has exceeded 90,000 subscribers on the Italian YouTube channel and 40,000 likes on Facebook. He also has many Italian followers on Instagram. One of the great news stories of 2019 is

of contracts already signed. A partnership with the WWF has allowed the creation of 52 special short videos, one of which will be shown at the end of each episode, which will show real images of animals in their habitat. ZAFARI’s official YouTube channel has just been launched. Social media activation will also begin once the show is on the air. Gigantosaurus is now airing on Disney Junior and in a few months will debut on Rai YoYo. Based on the bestseller by Jonny Duddle, a world-famous author, it is a52x11action-comedy TV series in full 16

CGI, produced by Cyber Group Studios and suitable for an audience of preschool children. Previewed on Disney Channel US in January 2018, it has already charmed young viewers and is now on air on Disney Junior all over the world (excluding India, China and Taiwan). MDL believes in the strong potential of

this series that shows preschoolers the adventures of four young dinosaur friends as they explore their prehistoric world and face new experiences. They also meet the mysterious Gigantosaurus, the largest dinosaur of them all. Gigantosaurus, which had a number one position at MIP Junior as ‘Top Screened Series’, has also inspired a line of toys that will be created in collaboration with Cyber Group Studios and the Master Toy licensee Jakks Pacific Inc. The series will also be adapted for a videogame, designed by Outright Games in collaboration with Cyber Group Studios.



Having already made an impact in Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo, the brand with the red heart logo has strengthened its retail presence in Japan’s capital by arriving – for the first time – in the famous district of Shibuya. This is an important milestone for Sweet Years, confirming the success of the biennial international development plan started in 2017. The aim of the plan was to achieve wider retail distribution through the opening of a number of dedicated SY32 stores and the establishment of a temporary shop plan.

The new store is spread over two floors, covering a total area of over 110 square meters in a design space making striking use of black and white, where both the active and luxury sports-based items from the collection take centre stage. The new opening, in a prestigious and strategic location, opens the door to a young and modern clientele that is highly attuned to both fashion and change and gives the red heart brand the opportunity for even more growth in the Japanese market. At the new opening Sweet Years brings together a new production and distribution approach with a three-year development plan, thanks to Sweet Years’ renewal of the SY32 license with the Long Yong company of Japan. The Tokyo company, which has over 20 years of know-how in the production of technical private labels for third parties (for both major department stores and various international brands), will take care of all phases, from the programming of the collections to the final sale of the brand in Japan, under the supervision of the Italian parent company.


THE BRAND-NEW SUMMER COLLECTION BY SWEET YEARS Three different licenses are the result of long-established partnerships between Sweet Years and Nuova Incotonè for costumes, Imma spa for bags and accessories, and Fly srl, in collaboration with Selfy srl, for shoes. These are all leading companies in their product sectors. The agreements are part of the Milanese company’s development plan, focusing on online sales for the 2019 beach collection on the site The collection has three lines: for women, for men and for children. Botanical prints and graphic signs, lurex and simple lines are the hallmarks of the collection. In addition to beachwear, the Sweet Years summer collection offers shoes and bags. The agreement with Fly srl, in collaboration with Selfy srl, gives a new look to sneakers and sandals, while the Imma Spa agreement creates ‘easy’ bags, specifically designed for leisure use.



Today, as it celebrates its tenth anniversary, Angry Birds is a global brand following trends among both children and teens, creating new games, TV series, comics, toys and movies. Some 1.8 billion Angry Birds products have been sold over the past 10 years and Angry Birds games have been downloaded over four billion times! The brand appeals to a wide audience, including children – both boys and girls – teens and families. This is because the brand has numerous touch-points: games, movies, social media, YouTube, marketing and PR activities, short animations, partnerships, activity parks and, last but not least, consumer products. Recently this activity has become even richer, thanks to the release of the first Angry Birds Movie, live shows, TV shows and AR/VR projects. Rovio uses these drivers well, supporting the growth of the brand but ensuring quality content, new stories and a constant active engagement with its audience. At the last Cartoon Business – a two-day seminar on the latest animation trends

organized by Cartoon Media, held in Tampere (Finland) last 24/25 April – LM met and interviewed Simo Hämäläinen, SVP Brand Licensing at Rovio Entertainment, to learn more about the strategy behind this global success – and to find out what’s next for Angry Birds.


Which are Rovio’s next content plans for Angry Birds? We are extremely excited about Rovio’s development plans. The roadmap we have defined for the next couple of years is very positive. The brand turns 10 this year, on 11 December – the exact date of the launch of the original app game. Very few mobile games last that long! The content roadmap starts with the release of the second Angry Birds Movie, planned for 14 August in the US. Then we are planning a massive marketing campaign for the anniversary date, highlighting all the major characters. 2020 will see the release of a long-form Angry Birds animation. It will be slightly different from the short animation done up until now: it will be for an 8-12-yearold target audience and there will be dialogue. TV distribution will be handled by Cake Entertainment. Next year we will also have three different live tours up and running around the

Interview world and a TV competition based on Angry Birds. So there’s a lot of new entertainment concepts on the way, not to mention the launch of 10 brand-new app games and a constantly updated YouTube channel. On the consumer products side, our biggest news will be the launch of a digital application, ANGRY BIRDS EXPLORE. It will be a VR app which will bring Angry Birds into the real world through augmented reality technology. This app will be included on all consumer products packages and will be a big boost for licensees, engaging global audiences. How will consumer products benefit from this content plan? All the entertainment content will be supported by licensing activities. In the case of the movie, for example, there will be global products launched at the same time. We have licensees with long-term partnerships who will support the movie and others who will use our Anniversary Style Guide. Also the long-form animation will bring a new look to the brand as well as new opportunities for brand development. What is the CP position at the moment? We are preparing for the movie – it’s a really big event for us and many partners are going to be involved! We are also working on Hatchlings, a new IP based on characters that became really popular thanks to the first movie. They will be a key brand around the release of the second feature film and they will be developed separately. At Licensing Expo we will announce a big slate of partners. Toy Master will be

Jazwares. It’s a long-term and important partnership for us. There will be also a delightful Angry Birds – Chupa Chups range of products. Other licensed products will be released throughout the summer. What are your plans for the tenth anniversary? The key to the success of Angry Birds over the past 10 years is that we have expanded the brand to new audiences and to new entertainment platforms, going beyond the game itself. TV series, theme parks and many different consumer touch points, stories and forms of content have been developed over time. Also, licensing partnerships have supported the growth of the brand.

content roadmap and a licensing plan to announce to our partners. It will be also an opportunity to look for new licensees. We will also introduce the new VR application, with a fascinating showcase for our partners. It will be a great valueadd for our licensees: it’s a really massive digital programme, with cool things coming to life based on the products. All the digital content will be provided by us.

Tell us about your presence at Las Vegas Licensing Expo... In Las Vegas we have a very strong

How do you coordinate the local licensing agencies you work with? We have hundreds of licensees, so we can’t manage all of them directly. Therefore we deal with the main strategic partners; the others are managed by our local agencies. We work with over 20 local licensing agencies. We are, after all, a global brand. We are popular everywhere and of course we are very strong in the most important markets such as the USA and China. 21

Special Focus VIACOM

Kids of the World Study VIACOM’S KIDS OF THE WORLD STUDY GIVES A GLOBAL VISION OF KIDS’ PERSPECTIVES AND HOW THEY SEE THE WORLD. In total, Viacom interviewed almost 6,000 kids aged between 6 and 11 across 31 countries, getting to know them and spending time with their families and friends. Unlike a lot of research carried out on the subject of kids, the findings in this study are not based on what parents or caregivers said: instead, Viacom spoke to kids directly and sought to understand their perspectives and represent their voices only. Kids today are growing up in a fluid world and are aware of uncertainty and change. Despite this, they are positive and excited by the countless possibilities ahead. Kids are well supported and equipped, both for today and the future, and as a result, they embrace life with a fearless attitude. FLUID WORLD, FLUID LIVES Fluidity is present in every aspect of kids’ lives. This is something they are very much aware of, from both their experiences of growing up and seeing the world around them evolving rapidly – and they accept change as a constant. Children have a variety of role models at home and from

their friends too, learning that there’s not just one fixed way to live life. SUPPORTED Kids are able to thrive in today’s fluid world because they feel supported: by their family, their friends and, for those who have them, their pets! Together, they form one supportive unit and are key to kids’ happiness and positive outlook on life. In fact 70% of kids aged 6-11 globally named “spending time with family” in their top 5 sources of happiness and overall it’s the #1 source of happiness across this age group. Moreover 61% of kids aged 6-11 globally say their best friend is someone in the family. EQUIPPED Thanks to their strong support network, kids have a solid foundation from which they can build skills and equip themselves to succeed. They are aware that many of the things they are doing and learning today are preparing them for their future. In fact 88% of kids aged 6-11 globally say that they use their free time to build new

skills; 41% of kids aged 6-11 globally have their own tablet and 37% have their own smartphone. FEARLESS As a result of being well supported and well equipped, kids around the world are developing a fearless attitude to life. Globally, kids describe themselves as curious (89%), creative (89%), confident (86%), optimistic (86%), and as always looking for the positives (85%). These traits underpin and sustain their courageous spirit, which manifests itself in a number of ways. They are open to trying new things and happy to work things out on their own. 85% of kids globally understand that it’s better to try and risk making mistakes than never to try at all. Failure is simply part of learning something new. They know the value of perseverance and never giving up and, globally, 87% are confident that they can accomplish anything if they work hard enough. Kids of the world are supported today, equipped for the future and embracing life with a fearless excitement.

To learn more about this unique VIACOM’s research https://insights.viacom. com/categories/researchstudies/kids-of-the-world/ 22


Sesame Workshop Catapults into Licensing Expo with New Sesame Street-themed Experience, TV Special and Movie Deal The 2019 celebration has begun… and it continues all year! It starts in Orlando, Florida, where for the first time ever, you’ll be able to walk down Sesame Street with the recent opening of Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando. Experience all of the fun, laughter and learning of iconic show to the Orlando park in a highly interactive and immersive way. The land features Abby Cadabby’s Garden, Big Bird’s Nest, Mr. Hooper’s Store and the famous 123 Stoop, as well as everyone’s favorite Sesame Street friends. The debut of the highly-anticipated, six-acre world class attraction is the largest Sesame Street land inside of any of the SeaWorld parks and an exciting part of Sesame Street’s year-long 50th anniversary celebration. Next comes our Sesame Street Road

Trip, where Sesame Street characters and friends host free family festivals in ten cities around the country this summer. And finally, a series of major media events, including a 1-Hour Primetime TV Special on HBO and PBS, a live concert series with Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, and of course the launch of our 50th Season on HBO. 2020 is going to be a Monster year when Sesame Street’s best-selling book of all time turns into an animated special airing on HBO. Coming to the TV screen for the first time, The Monster at the End of This Story makes Grover the star of his very own story… but he doesn’t want to get to the end because he is afraid of monsters. Grover tries different ways to stop the


viewers from watching so that they’ll never get to the end, but nothing works. With help from his friends like Elmo and Cookie Monster, Grover learns that it’s ok to feel afraid and he builds up courage to reach the end of the story where he sees the monster…himself! Loveable, furry Grover is the monster at the end of the story. Watch for YouTube, social media, and more surprises in the Monster franchise. Sesame Street is also headed to the big screens. Warner Bros. announced a new live-action Sesame Street movie produced by Shawn Levy. The movie is scheduled to premiere Jan. 15, 2021.

To learn more To meet them at the Licensing Expo: Booth Q192


FRENCH BABY BRAND ARRIVES IN VEGAS THE CONTINUING ARRIVAL OF NEW LICENSEES EVERY YEAR SHOWS THE GROWING REACH AND AWARENESS OF SOPHIE LA GIRAFE. THE WORLDWIDE SUCCESS OF THE ORIGINAL TOY MADE IT ICONIC AND THE SUCCESS OF THE LICENSE HAS UNDERLINED THAT POPULARITY OVER THE YEARS. collection of reusable nappies, available since April. Gemma international is also developing an adorable range of cards and flat wrap, available very soon. The adorable French toy has enjoyed huge success – which just keeps on growing. Always seeking new opportunities, the license constantly aims to provide the most promising partnerships, emphasizing innovation, originality and quality. And Sophie la giraffe is now looking forward to a big milestone: she is celebrating her 60th birthday in 2021!

Sophie la Girafe took off from Paris 58 years ago to conquer the world – from Europe to the USA, Australia and many other countries and continents. Driven by this success, many international brands have partnered with Sophie la Girafe, creating the most adorable products. Today, over 60 countries have adopted the Sophie la Girafe license; she now has more than 35 licensees in her family, with the aim of covering all of baby’s needs. To date, the brand has extended to over 20 product categories including publishing, layette/baby clothing, wooden toys, edutainment web-series, home linen, baby skincare, nursery products, and much more. From historical licensees that started at the very beginning seven years ago – like Janod, Marabout or Renolux – to very new ones – like Vondels, Gemma International or Degré 7 – all are chosen based on both their high quality and the attractiveness of the product. The USA is not yet among the biggest

DeLiSo was founded in 2011 to help meet consumer demand for Sophie la Girafe products.The company is in charge of the worldwide licensing rights for Sophie la Girafe. Headquartered close to Sophie’s home, the DeLiSo office is located in Vulli’s factory, in France, where Sophie is still made.

countries for Sophie la Girafe licenses, but it is growing steadily every year. The brand has around 10 licensees in the USA, and a new one is joining the fun this year. In fact 2019 marks the arrival of a brand-new product category for the brand: reusable nappies! Charlie Banana, the US eco-friendly brand, has teamed up with Sophie la Girafe to launch a charming 24

To learn more Where to meet them at Licensing Expo: Booth J226

Special Focus RAINBOW


The latest success released is the overwhelming 44 Cats, already worldwide popular preschool property starring the Buffycats, four adorable musician kittens, and their pawesome daily adventures full of edutainment elements and enthralling music. This fun, exciting mixture of music, entertainment and high-quality animation was actually inspired by a song – a popular children’s song that in 1968 won the tenth edition of the Italian Children’s Music Competition, Zecchino d’Oro. Following the success of the 1st season release, Rainbow has already started producing the second series, which will again be made up of 52 13-minute episodes. It’s a hit on YouTube as well, with over 30 million views and 80,000 subscribers to the channel in just two months.

around the world; Discovery Kids in Latin America, Super RTL in Germany; Carousel from September in Russia; and France4 in France. The success of the licensing strategy is even more impressive, with many important agreements, mostly multiterritorial. Among the several partners on board, Toy Plus, the brand’s master toy licensee, has developed a collection of cat-tastic toys, composed of figurines, playsets, vehicles and stuffed toys. The collection was shown for the first time in October 2018 at the Hong Kong Toy Fair and is available worldwide from spring 2019.

Winx Club, worldwide famous property appealing to the girl target, celebrating 15 years of strong market presence with an unprecedented schedule of special initiatives and partnerships, and currently in the spotlight with the debut of the fairies’ ultimate adventures in brand new season 8, adding fresh licensing potential to its solid foundation with an innovative style and cosmic journeys, with a solid presence in over 100 countries worldwide. The Rainbow Group has also recently announced a prestigious new partnership with Netflix for the live-action adaptation of Winx Club in a Young Adult TV series.

44 Cats is a Rainbow production, in collaboration with Antoniano Bologna and Rai Ragazzi, and it represents the group’s first foray into the preschool sector. The strong impact of the series also comes from its emphasis on edutainment and positive values, such as the importance of helping others.


Topping up the extraordinary portfolio of the group is the ever more glittering

The response in the international television community has been incredibly positive. Among the first-level partnerships that Rainbow has signed are Nickelodeon (multi-territorial), which has already launched the show in several countries

To learn more To meet them at Licensing Expo: Booth O192



FOCUS ON THE RICH DR. SEUSS PORTFOLIO DR. SEUSS ENTERPRISES WILL SHOWCASE EVERGREEN PROPERTIES ALONG WITH THEIR LATEST NOVELTIES IN LAS VEGAS. At the Las Vegas Licensing Expo, Dr. Seuss Enterprises will show case licensed products featuring top classic and evergreen properties with key focuses on popular titles such as, The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish, The Lorax, and more.

apparel in the fall of 2018.

Several new licensees have come on board to engage children and families in the US and worldwide. As a result, many new products across various categories are positioned to be on shelves in 2019 and beyond.

Spanish is a widely-used language in the US, so Random House will continue to launch new Spanish Language Dr. Seuss books in 2019. On the entertainment side, PBS has begun broadcasting the third season of The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! in the US.

Here there are some highlights from Dr. Seuss Enterprises’ newest licensees: Leap Year Publishing is a new licensee for arts & crafts and puzzles with products to be released this summer. Dwindle will create a new line of skateboards and apparel while West Coast Novelty will debut

The latest brands and entertainment properties from Dr. Seuss Enterprises include the new Dr. Seuss book, Dr. Seuss’s Horse Museum, releasing this fall, and the brand new animated series, Green Eggs and Ham, also expected to release on Netflix in the fall.

Dwindle X The Cat in the Hat pallet programs for grocery and mass. Williams Sonoma will produce licensed kitchen ware and table top pieces, planned to be on the shelves later this year. Ranir is responsible for Dr. Seuss Enterprises’ licensed children’s oral care products, which were first released this spring. Supreme is a recent licensee for Dr. Seuss Enterprises and they dropped an incredibly successful collection of

Much more to be announced through next weeks.

Ranir X Dr. Seus

To learn more To meet them at Licensing Expo: Booth A214

Supreme x Dr. Seuss 26

Special Focus MATTEL

Mattel to CREATE interactive Family Entertainment Centers Featuring Barbie®, Hot Wheels® AND MEGA CONSTRUX®

Mattel, Inc. has recently announced plans to create the first multi-branded family entertainment centers featuring Barbie® and Hot Wheels®, with a global roll-out beginning in 2020. The centers, featuring immersive, handson play and entertainment experiences, will bring Mattel’s iconic brands to life by combining physical and digital play. Experiences, including content and attractions, will be geared toward families with children ages four to ten. The first of these Mattel-branded family entertainment centers is a 25,000-square foot space set to open in Spring 2020 in Toronto. The centers, to be created in partnership with iP2Entertainment, a leading provider of out-of-home experiential entertainment destinations, will feature distinctly themed areas for Barbie, Hot Wheels and Mega Construx®. Each themed area will offer a range of unique and creative play possibilities for kids and families that will: • Reaffirm that girls can be anything they want as they explore a magical Barbie mini-world filled with near limitless possibilities. This experience draws on

the brand’s mission to support 21st century learning skills through play – specifically creativity, communication and collaboration; • Ignite kids’ challenger spirit by putting them in the driver’s seat for experiential activities – including customizing their own Hot Wheels car, designing their race track and creating custom rides they can experience on a massive racing simulator; • Challenge kids and families to design, build and test their construction skills in the ultimate Mega Construx building scenarios.


To learn more: To meet them at the Licensing Expo: Booth R180

In addition to these brand-themed areas, the centers will offer events such as family game night, experiential retail and highquality food and beverage options. “The family entertainment centers will extend the emotional connection of our brands with kids and allow Mattel to continue to bring wonder and imagination to families,” said Janet Hsu, Chief Franchise Management Officer, Mattel. “The family entertainment centers offer a powerful combination of physical and digital play that give kids the chance to interact with Barbie, Hot Wheels and Mega Construx through live events and experiences, gaming and content.” Roger Houben, CEO, iP2Entertainment, said: “Our partnership with Mattel reimagines the indoor entertainment center experience, which, until now, has seen limited innovation for nearly four decades. Together, we’ll create brand new physical and digital play-based experiences for kids that will get them moving and engaged in ways that no small screen device could.”

Special Focus TETRIS


Home Arcade machine, which comes with hundreds of built-in games, including the iconic puzzle game Tetris®. Available Fall 2019 at major retailers everywhere.


Two legendary brands, Tetris and Sanrio, will launch their collaboration with a new co-branded HTML5 game. Fans can play a special version of the iconic Tetris game featuring the beloved Sanrio characters for free on starting June 3. The companies will also introduce their new co-branded style guide, available for interested licensees worldwide in categories such as apparel, cosmetics, stationery and accessories.

Bag and cosmetic collection to members in celebration of Tetris’ 35th anniversary.


AtGames® Digital Media Inc., a leader in interactive entertainment products, will unveil its new, full-size Legends Ultimate

Super Impulse

Two new, exciting and incredibly tiny ways to play Tetris! Introducing Tiny Arcade Tetris and Micro Arcade Tetris, never before has a full-size arcade game been played in an incredibly compact credit card size. Micro Arcade Tetris is the ultimate travel game and easily fits in your pocket! Tiny Arcade Tetris is a miniature version of the original full-size game. It also comes with a keychain, complete game-play, full color, a hi-res screen and authentic sounds in a backlit arcade style cabinet.

Sock It To Me

Since 2004, Sock It to Me has been making awesome things you can wear that bring out your colorful confident self, including bold socks and underwear that laugh defiantly at the world’s expectations. This summer, they’ll debut new Tetris-brand socks for men and women.


ipsy connects their community of over 3 million members with one another to discover new products, looks and brands that highlight their personal beauty preferences. The experience is centered around the Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus, a personalized package filled with five of the latest makeup and beauty products for them to try. In June, ipsy will introduce its new, limited edition Tetris x ipsy Glam

To learn more: To meet them at Licensing Expo: Booth D204



A NEW MAGICAL TOY CONCEPT MY BUDDY MC SPUDDY IS A BEST FRIEND, A LUCKY CHARM AND A PROMOTER OF GOOD BEHAVIOUR. MC SPUDDY IS ALL SET TO BE IN THE NEXT FUTURE A MUST HAVE TOY. My Buddy McSpuddy is a children’s book that encourages and nurtures a child’s imagination by bringing the lead character to life with a little bit of help from the child’s parents. The lead character from the book also comes in doll form and he’s called “My Buddy McSpuddy”, he is a magical leprechaun who comes from Magicland. My Buddy McSpuddy arrives in children’s houses with his pot of gold and his 7 gold coins. The child minds his pot of gold and McSpuddy minds the 7 gold coins in MagicLand; when the child is ‘good’ McSpuddy will magically pop a gold coin into the child’s pot.

When the child collects all 7 gold coins they receive a wish! Parents agree wishes with their child on the day McSpuddy arrives and then write them into the “Wish List Page” at the back of the book. Mc Spuddy will be packaged with a number of tangible elements and will be presented in an eye catching box. The box is made of: 24 pages hardback book, a toy doll figure, a pot of gold, 10 gold coins, lucky charm wristband and a pot of gold contract. Mc Spuddy is not just another toy doll: he has a magical concept that children love. The company has a comprehensive marketing plan in place that will promote

My Buddy Mc Spuddy and drive the brand to the core target audience. “I think My BuddyMcSpuddy is going to be a global phenomenon and it’ s a great Irish entrepreneur story.” Says Barry O’Sullivan, investor in My Buddy McSpuddy and star of Dragon’s Den.

To learn more:


ANNOUNCED NEW LICENSING PARTNERSHIPS AT 2019 LAS VEGAS LICENSING EXPO JEWEL BRANDING & LICENSING CONTINUES TO BRING A WIDE RANGE OF DISTINCTIVE DESIGNERS AND BRANDS TO MARKET. EttaVee by artist and social media influencer, Jessi Raulet, has quickly become a brand well known for distinct hand-painted, colorful and bold designs. French manufacturer Kiub has partnered with EttaVee to debut Raulet’s vibrant artwork on stationery and gifts to be distributed in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada. EttaVee also signed with Italian licensee M.C. Group to distribute back-to-school products across Italy. In the USA, Leisure Arts recently published EttaVee’s explorative painting guidebook “Happy Abstracts,” in which readers are inspired to create bright and uplifting abstract art on canvas.

Rachael Hale is a globally recognized animal imagery brand that brightens the lives of people all over the world with engaging photos of the world’s most lovable animals. While earning sales in excess of $900 million, it has continued to grow its base of 75 licensees from over 60 countries. JBL has just announced that Rachael Hale has launched an expansive collection of home textiles and travel gear now available at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Rongrong DeVoe is a renowned fashion illustrator and influencer with over 140,000 social media followers worldwide. She regularly does commission work for high profile fashion and beauty companies including Chanel, Neiman Marcus, Armani and Maybelline. Her fashion illustrations have been featured in Vogue, InStyle and Buzz Feed. DeVoe’s licensing program is quickly expanding with key retailer

partnerships and launches. She debuted branded collections of dated goods, stamps, stickers and other stationary this May at one of the leading national craft retailers. DeVoe is also expanding her product assortment at retailers including HomeGoods and TJMaxx, where the brand has launched ceramics/mugs, stationary, wall art and gifts.

LIVE PAINTING EVENTS During Licensing Expo stop by Jewel Branding & Licensing booth on Tuesday June 4th and Wednesday June 5th from 2pm-3pm to to get a live painting of yourself by sought-after fashion illustrator Rongrong DeVoe. 32

Collier Campbell is a London based design brand that has experienced tremendous growth in the USA. The brand’s partnership with licensee, Town & Country, has been tremendously successful with distribution at Home Goods and TJ Maxx. A luggage collection with licensee, Halina, is also available at TJ Maxx.

For more information To meet them at the Licensing Expo: Booth J88


EPIC STORY MEDIA GROWS SENIOR TEAM AND SLATE INKS DEALS FOR CHAOTIC FRANCHISE AND SLUGTERRA LICENSING RIGHTS Slugterra was originally produced by Ken Faier at Nerd Corps Entertainment, which was acquired by DHX Media in 2014. The series follows the heroic journey of teen Eli Shane and his best friends, the Shane Gang, as they fight for justice in the

previously sold record numbers of trading cards in North America, South America and Europe and had an Activision video game, Chaotic Shadow Warriors, based on the series available on PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS which gained over two million users within the first year. The series follows Tom, Kaz, Sarah and Peyton, a group of teenagers, who play the Chaotic trading card and online game portal. While playing online, he receives a special password and enters another world called Chaotic where the card game comes to life.

Jessica Labi Last April, independent content creation and distribution company Epic Story Media Inc. expanded its senior team with two new hires: former eOne acquisitions VP Jessica Labi who joined as Head of Distribution and Brand Strategy alongside former Nickelodeon VP, Toys David Sztoser as Head of Licensing and Merchandise, both working across ESM’s growing slate of creator-led brands. The slate has recently expanded to represent global licensing rights to international phenomenon Slugterra, as well as licensing and television rights to Chaotic.

David Sztoser

mysterious, high-tech underground world of Slugterra. Slugterra aired on Disney XD, Netflix and JAKKS Pacific, the master toy partner and mobile games are created and distributed by Epic Story Interactive, (Epic Story Media’s sister company), garnering over 25M downloads to date. Additionally, Epic has recently signed a deal with License Development Group, LLC to obtain the global licensing and television rights to Chaotic - a sci-fi/action television series produced by Chaotic USA and 4Kids Entertainment that aired on Cartoon Network, Disney XD and CW 4Kids in the U.S. and Teletoon in Canada as well as six European countries. Epic will handle the Chaotic television sales and global licensing for the brand which 34

Ken Faier, President and Founder at Epic Story Media says: “We’ve started the year strong at Epic Story Media with two incredible new team members, Jessica and David, joining us as well as adding to a burgeoning slate of dynamic, creator-led brands for them to sink their teeth into. The company is founded on the belief that creators should be in the driving seat for their IP as it’s developed and expanded – an approach which is attracting talent across the board to partner with us.”

To learn more: To meet them at the Licensing Expo: Booth S242



To learn more To meet them at the Licensing Expo: Booth O208

Broadcast exposure continues to build with recently announced CCTV in China, all joining a long list of broadcasters that spans over 150 territories. The brand’s first stage show PJ Masks Live! Time to be a Hero, has been an instant hit with audiences and is currently on its third successful run in the USA, leading a live show album which has gained over 1.3 million streams on Apple Music and Spotify. The show also toured Latin America and Australia last year, playing to its growing fan base.

Global licensing phenomenon Peppa Pig now boasts over 1,000 licensees around the world and has a standout retail presence in the UK, the U.S., ANZ, China, Italy, Brazil and France. A hugely successful brand with instant name recognition, 2019 is set to be Peppa Pig’s biggest year yet. This year, brand activations are united under the theme of ‘Family Celebrations,’ which kickstarted in February with the Chinese theatrical debut of a new film, Peppa Celebrates Chinese New Year. The theme continues in the UK and Australia, where the brand is celebrating its 15th anniversary with nationwide cinema release Peppa Pig Festival of Fun. Experiential Peppa Pig activations continue to be extremely popular. The

Peppa Pig Live! show plays to sold-out audiences around the world, Peppa Pig theme parks in Italy, Germany and the UK attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, and Merlin’s Peppa Pig World of Play soft play attraction continues its successful global rollout, with a new venue opening in Michigan following recent launches in Dallas, and Shanghai. PJ Masks is now a firmly established preschool favorite and international hit. The brand has strengthened its global success with the launch of new episodes from series 2, soon to air series 3, and the expansion of its licensing program. The introduction of new categories and the development of new product ranges have attracted internationally renowned brands and saw the number of licensees rise to over 650 partners worldwide. 35

eOne’s newest preschool property, Ricky Zoom, is revving up for its broadcast launch in selected territories from autumn 2019. Currently in production, a number of leading broadcasters have already committed to the show. The licensing programme is already taking shape, spearheaded by TOMY as global master toy partner set to introduce an initial range that will include vehicles and playsets, which will be zooming into retail from spring 2020.

Special Focus AURORA WORLD


It’s already been an amazing year for YooHoo. The global launch of the preschool animated series YooHoo to the Rescue took place on Netflix in March, followed by a number of free-to-air launches. And the new show has inspired a refreshed line of YooHoo plush, with a new look and new characters. Along with the Netflix global premiere, the new YooHoo plush toy line has been the focus of a number of major launches globally. Aurora World is working closely with key partners in retail, especially in Japan and the UK. They include Hamleys Hakata and Yokohama in Japan, and John Lewis, Chessington Zoo, and Rainforest Cafe in the UK. The refreshed plush toy line based on the new series has been accompanied by the rollout of a licensing and merchandising programme across many other categories.

There are several products ready for launch in territories worldwide from a number of licensees including Panini (stickers, mini figurines, trading cards), Nuvita (baby products), Apple Beauty (toiletries), Kennedy Publishing (magazines) and Dev Game & Yea Studio (mobile apps). Headquartered in Seoul, Korea, Aurora World has established a varied business portfolio that includes a vast global reach

in the plush market through brands like the super-adorable and realistic animal plush Miyoni, the popular plush and doll mermaids and sea creatures of Sea Sparkles, and Cuby Zoo, cute and funny plush inspired by an animated series in which playful cube-shaped animals come to life and protect the happiness of children. Aurora’s strongest-performing property, however, is the multi-million selling YooHoo & Friends plush. The original YooHoo plush has already sold over 80 million since 2007. YooHoo to the Rescue, a 3D CGI 52 x 11’ animated children’s show, is a coproduction between Aurora World and Italy’s MondoTV. The global launch in spring 2019 brought the first 26 episodes of YooHoo to the Rescue to 190 countries and 20 different languages. YooHoo to the Rescue is one of the first Asian pre-school IPs to be chosen as a Netflix Original Series. Soon after this launch the series also began showing on free-to-air channels in Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain and Portugal. Jay Noh, Director of Content Business, Aurora World, says: “The new YooHoo animated series is building a global audience and interest in the new YooHoo plush line, as well as the licensing and merchandising programme, is high. We are looking forward to strong interest in YooHoo from visitors to Licensing Expo as the brand continues to attract licensees across multiple categories.”

To learn more: To meet them at Licensing Expo: Korean Pavilion Booth J206 36


Perfetti Van Melle exhibiting in Vegas for the first time! THIS YEAR PERFETTI VAN MELLE EXHIBITS ITS POPULAR CANDY BRANDS MENTOS®, AIRHEADS® AND CHUPA CHUPS®, FOR THE FIRST TIME AT LAS VEGAS LICENSING EXPO. Perfetti Van Melle are widely distributed across the globe and have been actively expanding into licensed activities. In the US the candy group is now stepping up the licensing programme of its leading brands and building licensing programmes that are enjoying healthy and continuing growth. Seltzer Licensing represents Airheads® while Lisa Marks Associates takes care of Chupa Chups® and Mentos® in the territory. The longstanding heritage and built-in brand awareness of these properties allows for lifestyle-oriented licensing opportunities as well as innovation in food and beverage extensions. Airheads® is the most playful brand, perfect for creating fun, amazing and colourful products for kids. Its mouthblasting flavours are ideal for the food and beverage category.

Mentos® is a great brand for creating fresh connections and strong concepts

About Perfetti Van Melle based on the brand’s fresh aroma profile, as well as a minimalist and social appeal that can be adapted for fresh fashion concept collaborations. And Chupa Chups®, the world’s most popular lollipop, has an edgy teenage spirit, eye-catching logo and strong emotional link with consumers; it’s a favourite among Forever Fun retailers. At the show Perfetti Van Melle will present amazing new artworks designed by international artists across the globe, offering cutting-edge lifestyle images to go with these brands.

To learn more: To meet them at the Licensing Expo: Booth C128


Perfetti Van Melle, one of the largest confectionary groups in the world, is a privatelyowned company producing and distributing candies and chewing gum in more than 150 countries worldwide. Several of its brands such as Mentos®, Airheads®, Chupa Chups®, Frisk®, Fruittella®, Alpenliebe®, Golia®, Happydent®, Vivident®, Big Babol® and Smint®, are much-loved throughout the five continents. Moreover, as a global confectionery player Perfetti Van Melle Group develops successful licensing programs both for lifestyle and food and beverage extensions with eight of its popular brands: Chupa Chups®, Airheads®, Mentos®, Frisk®, Smint®, Big Babol®, Brooklyn® and Fruittella®.


FOCUS ON RAINBOW RANGERS AND LLAMA LLAMA IN 2018, GENIUS BRANDS INTERNATIONAL PREMIERED ITS ALL-NEW, CG-ANIMATED PRESCHOOL SERIES, RAINBOW RANGERS ON NICKELODEON’S NICK JR., AND THE ADVENTURE SERIES HAS RECENTLY BEEN RENEWED FOR A SEASON TWO ON NICK JR. Genius Brands will begin rolling out a U.S. retail program across mass, midtier, specialty, and direct-to-consumer for back-to-school 2019 and continue throughout this year and beyond with over 20 industry-leading licensees on board, including master partners Mattel Inc. (toy), MacMillan Publishing (publishing), and Bentex (apparel) as well as key

licensees, including Dynacraft (bicycles, scooters), Disguise (Halloween costumes) and Jay Franco (bedding/bath), amongst others. Additionally, international agents will be signed this year to prepare for an international rollout in 2020. Genius Brands Netflix Original preschool series, LLAMA LLAMA, starring Jennifer

To learn more Where to meet them at Licensing Expo: Booth C188 Garner, is currently in production on season two for Netflix to debut later this year. Genius Brands began launching a multichannel retail program in fall 2018, which will continue expanding throughout 2019. To date, the company has signed multiple licensees including Bendon Publishing (coloring/activity books), Cuddle Barn (animatronic plush), Kids Preferred (plush/ puppets), Phat Mojo (toy), Scholastic (school book fair products), Decopac (bakery goods), (costumes) and NCircle Entertainment (home entertainment). Licensed product will be available at a wide range of retailers from book and craft retailers to specialty and mass-market, as well as through the value channels.


HIGHLIGHTS ON SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 AND TROLLS AT LICENSING EXPO 2019, UNIVERSAL BRAND DEVELOPMENT (UBD) WILL SHOWCASE AN EXPANDING PORTFOLIO OF PROPERTIES FROM THE COMPANY’S FILM AND TELEVISION CREATIVE PARTNERS INCLUDING UNIVERSAL PICTURES, ILLUMINATION AND DREAMWORKS ANIMATION. Jurassic World fans can look forward to new adventures in 2019 with the upcoming, animated mini-series LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar debuting later this summer. Following the adventures of Claire, Owen and fan-favorite dinosaurs seen in the 2018 animated specials, LEGO Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit, this new mini-series runs 13 episodes and inspired four all-

UBD DEBUTS GLOBAL CONSUMER PRODUCTS PROGRAM INSPIRED BY ILLUMINATION’S THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 After eight films that have amassed almost $5 billion worldwide, the Fast & Furious franchise is back with Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, in theatres August 2019. The franchise now features its first stand-alone vehicle as Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham reprise their roles as Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw. In late 2019, the Fast & Furious franchise speeds onto Netflix with the global launch a brand-new kids and family series from DreamWorks Animation Television.

Ahead of this summer’s much-anticipated global theatrical debut of Illumination’s The Secret Life of Pets 2, Universal Brand Development is launching a global, multicategory licensing and merchandising program featuring a wide array of toys and consumer products. Available at retail stores worldwide beginning on May 1, 2019, the new lines include toys, publishing, apparel and accessories, party and stationery, home goods, consumables, and more. Illumination’s The Secret Life of Pets 2 arrives in theaters across the globe in Q2 2019, landing in North America on June 7, 2019. “Pets bring such happiness into our lives, and Illumination’s The Secret Life of Pets 2 taps into the emotional connection between pets and their owners with humor and heart,” said Lindsay Hollingsworth, Vice President Global Franchise, Universal Brand Development. “We designed the consumer products program for The Secret Life of Pets 2 to capture the playful personalities of the film’s characters, enabling fans to bring the movie home with them through a wide array of toys and collaborations.” The cornerstone of the toy program includes master partner, Just Play, with an assortment of plush toys, figures, play-sets and blind bags featuring new characters alongside returning fan-favorites, Max, Duke, Snowball, Gidget, and more. Additional toy partners include FUNKO with a line of POP collectibles; Ty with a collection of Beanie Babies plush; and Build-a-Bear with a line of film characters, among others. The multi-category program also features fashion collaborations spanning, men’s, women’s, boys, girls and toddlers, a publishing program featuring storybooks, activity books and early readers, as well as a robust line of home goods, consumables, party and stationery products. 40

Special Focus

UNIVERSAL AND LEGO IN PARTNERSHIP FOR DREAMWORKS ANIMATION’S TROLLS FRANCHISE Universal Brand Development and the LEGO Group announced that the DreamWorks Animation film franchise, Trolls, is the newest addition to their expansive licensing partnership. Inspired by characters and scenes from the forthcoming feature film Trolls World Tour, LEGO® Trolls construction sets will be available worldwide next year.

new LEGO building sets hitting retail shelves in August.

From DreamWorks Animation comes the highly anticipated feature film Trolls World Tour, the follow up to the 2016

breakout hit starring Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, debuting in theatres in April 2020. Global master toy partner, Hasbro, continues to expand the breadth and scope of its toy collection, which supports the film franchise, including the hit Netflix original series, DreamWorks Trolls: The Beat Goes On!. Additionally, DreamWorks Animation Television welcomes pre-school to its award-winning portfolio with two new series launching on Netflix in 2020, Rhyme Time Town and Gabby’s Dollhouse, in addition to a robust line up of kids’ series

“We are excited to build upon our successful partnership with Universal by adding the popular Trolls franchise into our collection,” said Jill Wilfert, VP Licensing & Entertainment for the LEGO Group. “The first film was a colorful celebration of positivity that appealed to a wide audience, and we see a lot of potential in the Trolls’ universe to inspire compelling, creative play experiences.” DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls premiered in theaters in 2016 and has grown to become one of the largest global entertainment brands. The highly anticipated sequel, Trolls World Tour, will premiere in theaters globally Spring 2020, and episodes of the original series, DreamWorks Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, are now streaming on Netflix.

including the award-winning Spirit Riding Free and the critically acclaimed She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, among others. From Illumination, audiences can look forward to the global theatrical debut of Minions 2 in July 2020 as well as Sing 2 in December 2020.

To learn more: www. universalbranddevelopment. com To meet them at Licensing Expo: Booth F170


Licensing&Animation MILLIMAGES

MOLANG. HAPPINESS IS UNIVERSAL MOLANG IS A SUCCESSFUL PROPERTY OWNED AND PRODUCED BY THE LEADING FRENCH PRODUCTION STUDIO MILLIMAGES. IN THE THREE YEARS SINCE ITS DEBUT, THIS CUTE IP HAS BECOME A TV AND LICENSING HIT IN EUROPE AND ABROAD. Molang is also a social media success. The property has a presence on all social media platforms. The YouTube channel alone has received over 90 million views and 200,000 followers (up by 8,000 subscribers so far in 2019). Millimages has received over 270 million video views worldwide on social platforms in only two years.

The key elements behind the success of the Molang TV series are universal: happiness, friendship, empathy and an iconic graphical style – and all without dialogue. Aimed at three-to-nine-year-olds and their families, Molang is an affectionate and humorous look at the relationship between an eccentric, joyful, and enthusiastic rabbit (Molang) and a shy, discreet, and emotional little chick (Piu Piu). The series explores Molang and Piu Piu’s everyday lives with warmth and humour. Molang is a true cross-media success in every entertainment sector: TV bestseller, growing consumer products programme, social media success, partnerships and live shows. Three TV seasons have been produced, for a total of 156 three-and-a-halfminute episodes. Season 4, made up of 52 five-minute episodes, is in production. Millimages has also produced nine TV specials of seven minutes each, based on three themes: Halloween, Christmas and

summer break. Today the series is aired in 190 territories overall. On the licensing side, Millimages already boasts two toy master partners for Molang (Tomy and Jazwares), over 700 licensed products and 50 licensees worldwide.

ABOUT MILLIMAGES Millimages is one of the leading European audiovisual groups, with a reputation for high-quality and creative programming. Over the last 25 years, Millimages, founded by Roch Lener, has produced and distributed over 500 hours of animated films and TV shows. Millimages has a strong catalogue including many award-winning shows that have sold very well internationally and which can be seen on most bluechip networks all over the world. Millimages is a fully integrated company with its own distribution, merchandising and video publishing divisions. Millimages is a producer, distributor and investor in its own shows. The company also takes on coproductions, finds funding and manages distribution for third-party productions. The company has a very active development policy which encourages and supports the highest-level graphic artists, technicians and writers. The maximized ownership of its product and control of all sales increases the long-term revenue expectation from television sales, video and ancillary rights. Millimages has also diversified the scope of its activities and has developed a true expertise in digital business and new media developments by producing and editing numerous educational apps for mobile devices. 42

Licensing&Animation APC KIDS

A NEW APPROACH TO CONTENT DEVELOPMENT AND DISTRIBUTION APC KIDS IS THE CHILDREN’S ENTERTAINMENT ARM OF ABOUT PREMIUM CONTENT (APC), THE BOUTIQUE DISTRIBUTOR OF HIGH-PROFILE CONTENT FOUNDED BY SEASONED TV PROFESSIONALS EMMANUELLE GUILBART AND LAURENT BOISSEL. distribution groups through high-quality content and bespoke solutions. Last but not least, APC is based on the senior-level experience of its founders. APC Kids’ Managing Director is Lionel Marty, who started international distribution of TV programmes in 1994 at Tele Images. He then worked at France Animation and later at Moonscoop for 10 years as President of Worldwide Distribution, CP and Digital. Lionel has received many international awards throughout his rich career. They include: Best Distributor from Kidscreen, Best Distributor at Cartoon Forum and several Best TV France International Animation Exports awards. Lionel knows how to build kids IP’s on an international level by optimizing sales and exposure to enable licensing & Lionel Marty APC Kids’ business is based on four main pillars. First of all it can address the needs of independent producers - from codevelopment and co-production (through the associated animation studio Zephyr Animation), to financing and distribution (distribution or agent deals). Second, for each property it has a 360 approach: APC Kids builds kids’ brands by optimizing exposure in order to enable licensing & merchandising exploitation (not only maximizing TV sales). This can happen thanks to the company’s know-how and a strategic alliance with a global toy company. Third, APC Kids has a boutique approach, focused on building a limited number of selected IPs to international level and offering an alternative to big 44

merchandising exploitation (in the past he has worked with IPs such as Titeuf, Geronimo Stilton, Casper’s Scare School, Fantastic 4, Code Lyoko, Chloe’s Closet and Kid-E-Cats). LM met Lionel Marty at the recent Cartoon Digital (Tampere, Finland, 24-25 April) where he explained the company’s strategy-from TV Distribution to licensing activity. How has TV distribution changed over the last year? The competition is stronger than ever and launching new titles is becoming increasingly challenging. More titles and properties are launching every year; successful series are produced by new providers from emerging markets including Russia, Latin America, South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa, alongside the


content coming from traditional providers such as France, the UK, the US, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan and South Korea. Demand for content globally has increased but not at the same rate as the explosion of content creation. Traditional broadcasters such as TF1, ZDF and Five still have limited timeslots for kids’ programming and kids-focused channels including Nickelodeon, Disney and Turner produce a large portion of their programming needs themselves, alongside multi-runs used to offer a smaller range of content across the most successful titles in the programming grid. SVOD platforms are now more focused on acquiring series with in-built audience awareness and AVOD has not yet totally proved to the market that it could be a significant alternative business model to traditional linear broadcast. Only the highest-quality series combining top-class creative values and the right marketing approach are able to triumph. TV distribution is also becoming an incredibly complicated market, with models of windowing across pay-TV, free-to-air, FVOD, SVOD and AVOD evolving very quickly and in different ways depending on the territory. Distributing kids’ series internationally requires a lot of attention and care in the creative process and during the launch phase. That is why at APC Kids we are committed to offering a boutique approach and building a limited number

of selected IPs to an international level through carefully curated, engaging content. How is L&M included in this process? Very few series (roughly 1%) will become international brands with long-term success. L&M plays a key part in the process of building brands as it’s a way to create a personal and emotional link between kids, their parents and the characters – a link that can last for a long time. As a distributor, we are frequently asked to handle both TV distribution and L&M simultaneously to maximize exposure and awareness.


How do you feel trends are changing in children/s content? Kids want to watch their favourite cartoons not only on TVs but also on their mobile devices whenever they want. It is our role as a distributor to make sure they can see our series on all these devices without over-exposing the property. In addition, kids tend to prefer shows that are distinctive and characterdriven, that also reflect their aspirations and encourage them to be active. We are always paying attention during content creation to make sure these ingredients are incorporated in our series by offering our partners the opportunity to co-develop and co-produce with us, or by offering, as APC Kids, to come on board simply as a consultant during the development process. We also work with partners on their brand development strategy and, if relevant, on the toyetic aspect of their content.

What are your main goals for the immediate future? We are launching our own IPs produced by our new in-house studio, Zephyr Animation.

Licensing&Animation FORFUN MEDIA


Tip the Mouse is a sweet and curious little mouse who, through his family and friends, experiences the adventures and challenges that all children are faced with in everyday life and that are so important in helping them to grow and develop. Directed by Andrea Bozzetto and Branko Rakic, the series debuted in 2014 in Italy on Rai YoYo and is currently a part of the daily programming on DeA Junior, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The popularity of the series continues to grow: the third season – of 26 episodes – will be launched in 2019, making a total of 104 x 7-minute episodes. A new licensing project in collaboration with Sony is coming, eight baby dance videos will be available on YouTube from May 2019 The series is produced by Studio Bozzetto & Co in co-production with Rai Fiction, Giunti Editore, m4e and Studio Campedelli.

With his vivid imagination there is no challenge too great for the wolf whose love of adventure never ends. Nothing is impossible for Wolf! Produced by Samka Productions and Movimenti Production in collaboration with Auzou and Jetpack Distribution.

forest friends and heads for the exciting world of the city! Naive, curious and always enthusiastic Topo Gigio wants to experience every single thing in the human world! His adventurous spirit may get him into trouble but fortunately he has a kind heart and, most importantly, a best friend that always helps him to fix things. Topo Gigio and his human roommate, Zoe, along with their human and animal friends, will always find a solution to every problem. Co-produced by Movimenti Production and Topo Gigio Srl, Topo Gigio will debut broadcasting in Italy on Rai YoYo starting in 2020.


For humans, living in a cosy home in the suburbs is quite normal. For a little woodland creature it certainly isn’t! But that’s what happens when intrepid explorer Topo Gigio says farewell to his


Le Loupe (the Wolf), a French IP, is a new animated TV series aimed at children. There are 78 seven-minute episodes. This delightful series is based on the books written by Eléonore Thuillier, illustrated by Orianne Lallemand and published in France by Auzou. It tells the tales of the adventures of a wolf like no other: give him any chance to turn a normal day into an adventure and he won’t hesitate! 46

London, the late 19th century. A series of incredible and wonderful creatures with their origins in ancient myths suddenly begin to appear in our world…The Beasties have arrived! However, evil Trident has an ambition: to capture them and exploit them for his own purposes. Only Kim,

Licensing&Animation an 11-year-old girl with extraordinary powers, together with her friends, will be able to stop him!

into a guide – the biggest “Galactic Games Guide” that has ever existed! Production Studio Bozzetto & Co.

Co-produced by Studio Bozzetto & Co and CyberGroup Studios.


The adventures of twins Alex and Tasi and gull Florestan as they discover the issues and emotions that all children have to face every day.



In Fantaville, the strangest things happen. It’s a place where dreams and Fairy Tales come true – and the perfect place for a wolf to be not to just a wolf, but a detective, along with other fairy tale heroes and heroines You have to be careful, though. Fantaville has very special rules! Everyone who lives in this magical city knows how important it is to keep things peaceful but could something get in the way? The Bads certainly could! Strange and scary the enemy may be, but Spooky Wolf and his friends are ready to foil their evil plans.

In a huge universe inhabited by very different alien races, Mr Tuck, who runs the nursery school on the tiny planet of Flossy, has discovered that the fun playground games, handed down and played by generations of children, are slowly disappearing. Determined to change this he, along with four of his little pupils from different planets, starts the Game Catching Team. The Game Catching Team is a group of friends who take incredible journeys to the four corners of the universe to find out what the typical games of every planet’s children are. Then they put them

Co-produced by Movimenti Production and Millimages.

Co-produced by Mobo Digital Factory and Anima Kitchent.


Created in 1959 by director and animator Bruno Bozzetto, Signor Rossi is a middleaged man dressed in red who acts as the personification of the virtues and vices of the common man. He represents the whole of the human race; everyone can see themselves reflected in his stories. His return to the screen will see him looking at the world of technology and social networking – with hilarious results! Production Studio Bozzetto & Co.


Accompanied by her friend Lewis the rabbit, Alice, a sweet six-year-old girl has magical adventures in the crazy world of Wonderland, which is ruled over by the Queen whose moods are ever-changing. Mobo Digital Factory co-production and Blue Spirit Productions, pre-acquisition Rai Ragazzi. 47

Licensing&Animation PGS ENTERTAINMENT

PGS comes on board as global distributor for the new hit series Moominvalley AWARD-WINNING ENTERTAINMENT DISTRIBUTOR PGS ENTERTAINMENT IS NOW ON-BOARD AS GLOBAL DISTRIBUTOR (EXCL. FINLAND, UK, JAPAN, CHINA, & SOUTH KOREA) FOR THE BRAND NEW TV ADAPTATION OF THE FINNISH WRITER AND ARTIST TOVE JANSSON’S CLASSIC AND MUCH-LOVED MOOMIN STORIES. Pekka Kuusisto and Samuli Kosminen and the dedicated soundtrack was created in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment and Columbia Records, which includes original music from Tom Odell, First Aid Kit, Alma, Delilah Montagu, Declan McKenna, MØ, SOAK, and many more. Beginning with the first publication in © Moomin Characters™

© Moomin Characters™

© Gutsy Animations 2019

To learn more about Gutsy Animations To discover the wonderful world of The Moomins To learn more about PGS Entertainment

1945, the original Moomin books have been translated in over 50 languages. The Moomin brand is one of the most successful licensing properties in the world, with annual revenues close to a billion dollars each year. The lavishly produced CG series (each episode costing approx. 1 million euros), made with state of the art 3D CGI with 4K deliverables, targets both family and kids. The brand

© Gutsy Animations 2019

The most expensive animated TV series coming out of Europe, it is produced by Gutsy Animations, which is based in Tove Jansson’s Finnish hometown, Helsinki. The commissioning broadcasters Yle and Sky have started broadcasting the show in spring 2019, as well as NHK in Japan. China and South Korea are already on board as pre-buy. The series is the creation of executive producer Marika Makaroff, Oscar-winning director Steve Box (Wallace & Gromit), Emmy award-winning producer John Woolley (Shaun the Sheep), and awardwinning scriptwriters Mark Huckerby and Nick Ostler (Peter Rabbit). The shared passion for the family of white and roundish trolls with large snouts brought on board a stellar voice cast, which includes, Kate Winslet (Mrs. Fillyjonk), Rosamund Pike (Moominmamma), Taron Egerton (Moomintroll), and Matt Berry (Moominpappa). The original music score was composed by two Finnish composers,

© Moomin Characters™

© Gutsy Animations 2019


Licensing&Animation new adaptation of the beloved works provides rich stories and laughter to both lifelong Moomin fans and complete newcomers alike. The star of the show, curious and idealistic Moomintroll, with his extraordinary family and whimsical friends, takes us on a grand adventure into the magical world of Moominvalley. The powerful outreach of the show lies in its strong narrative and its familiar, loving stories of optimism, openness, and deep

© Moomin Characters™

connection with nature. The series launch in Finland was nothing short of a massive success. The recordbreaking TV ratings revealed that one in four Finns tuned in to watch the first episode (Little My Moves In), reaching of 1.5 million people. The success continued on the VOD platform, where the show became the #1 program on YLE Areena with an average audience size of 348,000

© Gutsy Animations 2019

(period between Feb. 25 – April 24). The music album was also launched on April 19 globally, and MØ’s theme song reached No. 7 on Spotify globally. “We’ve been overwhelmed at the positive response to Moominvalley in Finland, Japan and the UK, where it has already premiered, successfully charming and delighting existing and new fans alike. PGS is one of the world-leaders in terms of animated content, so we’re very happy to now be working with them to bring our creation to further audiences worldwide,” said Executive Producer Marika Makaroff. “We couldn’t be more excited to announce our partnership with Gutsy Animations. We are extremely proud and grateful to be a part of such an amazing brand and team. Moominvalley will surely connect with kids and families and we’re certain it will deliver massive success to broadcasters throughout the world,” said Guillaume Soutter of PGS Entertainment.

Licensing&Animation GO-N PRODUCTIONS

SIMON, THE NEW TV AND LICENSING HIT BASED ON THE ICONIC BOOKS FROM STEPHANIE BLAKE, PUBLISHED IN OVER TWENTY COUNTRIES, SIMON IS A PRESCHOOL ANIMATED SERIES PRODUCED BY THE FRENCH ANIMATION STUDIO GO-N PRODUCTIONS. 104 X 5’ EPISODES ARE AVAILABLE SO FAR AND A THIRD SEASON IS ALREADY IN PRODUCTION. Simon is an adorable little rabbit with all the liveliness of childhood. He’s at an age when little rabbits (and indeed little children!) are starting to come into their own - challenging relationships with parents, embarking upon school life and learning about the world in general. Kids can learn from Simon – from his mishaps and from the way he has to get down off his high horse, doing so with

humour and good grace. Simon is broadcast in many territories: France TV and Disney Channel in France, Cartoonito in Italy, Tele Quebec in Canada, all public broadcasters in Scandinavia, Milkshake (Viacom) in the UK, Disney in Latin America and Asia and also Netflix Worldwide, among others. This vast exposure - and great audience ratings - has opened up licensing and

merchandising opportunities in several territories, a trend accelerating with the recent sale to NHK in Japan. For the licensing roll-out strategies in some key territories, GO-N Productions has selected some local licensing agents, such as Boing in Italy, El Ocho in Spain and France TV Distribution in France. In these territories GO-N is investing a lot of effort in leveraging awareness and building a real international property for kids.


This is a 53x13’ story about the incredible friendship between a boy and a dinosaur. Tib has a birth mark on his face. Because of this physical oddity, the other kids in his prehistoric village are always making fun of him. But Tib has something special that the other kids don’t have: his best friend 50

Licensing&Animation They crave the creature comforts only the suburbs can provide – so they decide to get into costume and disguise themselves as run-of-the-mill house pets. So far, their secret is safe but you can count on the gang’s wild animal instincts to surface at the very worst moments, with gags and suspence not far behind! They’ve tamed their new household, but they’re not out of the woods just yet. ZIP ZIP is a 52x13’ non-stop, high octane comedy full of unexpected jokes and much foolishness. GO-N is completing the production of the second season. The series is on air in over 100 countries and has received many awards from all over the world, including the: Silver Dolphin Award for “Best Animated TV Series” at Xiamen International Festival (China) and inclusion in official competitions at Cartoons on the Bay, Annecy Festival, Animacor, Sichuan TV Festival and others. Todate, the series has been sold to: Disney (Italy, Benelux, Russia, SEA, Japan, Korea, Israel, Australia/ NZ and Latin America), RTVE (Spain), SVT (Sweden), RUV (Iceland), Minimax (Eastern Europe), ITI Neovision (Poland), SIC (Portugal), E-Vision (Middle East), Jetsen Huashi (China), TV5 Worldwide, DS TV (Mozambique & Angola) and many others. is a DINOSAUR ! How cool can you get ?! Being best buddies with a T-Rex is pretty awesome, but it can also lead to some nightmarish situations! Making room at home for an endearing yet gigantic and totally uncontrollable creature is not going to be easy. Today Tib & TumTum is broadcast in many territories as, among them, TF1 in France, TFO in Canada, VRT in Belgium, KIKA in Germany, TV3 Catalunya (Spain), Be Junior (Middle East) and many others. Tib & TumTum is an evergreen show, providing kids with a visually exciting breath of fresh air! It’s a combination of emotion and adventure, full of substance and conveying the universal values of friendship and tolerance.


Washington the fox, Sam the wild boar and Eugenie, Sam’s little sister, are tired of living paw-to-mouth in the wilderness.

ABOUT GO-N PRODUCTIONS GO-N Productions is an international animation producer and distributor with 10 years’ experience. The company is fully dedicated to the creation and exploitation of reputable animation for kids world-wide. GO-N strives to deliver valued brands to its clients. The GO-N slate is high quality, eclectic and covers a range of genres and target age groups. Star titles are the delightful pre-school show SIMON, the high-octane cartoon ZIPZIP, the comedy adventures of TIB & TUMTUM, the iconic and irreverent TOOTUFF, the delightful show for tweens LOU!, the intergalactic cartoon COMMANDER CLARK, and the heart-warming classic THE LARGE FAMILY. Since its inception in 2004, GO-N Productions has nurtured a world-class pool of creative directors and graphic designers within its own studio and has offered inhouse pre-production for all properties in development. 2016 marks a new challenge for GO-N Productions with the opening of new and bigger studios in the centre of Paris, and the undertaking of the entire production and animation process of SIMON in digital 2D. GO-N Productions has established a solid track record for excellence within the animation business. The company boasts an extensive network of international contacts and the capacity to partner, co-produce, develop and produce alongside the most renowned companies worldwide.


Licensing&Animation TEAMTO

MIGHTY MIKE GOES TO U.S. AND CANADA! KIDS ‘CANINE’ SLAPSTICK SERIES COMMENCES ROLLOUT ACROSS TV CHANNELS. SURGE LICENSING HAS BEEN APPOINTED TO REPRESENT TEAMTO’S MIGHTY MIKE IN U.S. AND CANADA. Last May leading European kids entertainment studio TeamTO appointed New York based Surge Licensing as the exclusive licensing and merchandising agent for the Mighty Mike brand in the U.S. and Canada. The appointment coincides with the 2019 international roll-out of the beloved kids’ series across TV channels. Mighty Mike which premiered on Family Channel (Canada) in March, will air on Boomerang (streaming in the EMEA, Asia Pacific and Latam) as of May, with further announcements to follow. “We are delighted to announce this partnership with Surge, a boutique agency that from the outset shares the same passion and clarity of vision for the Mighty Mike brand. It is also gratifying to

see the superb response to our canine caper internationally, as our ‘pugalicious’ Mike debuts across TV channels,” said Patricia de Wilde, Director of Marketing and New Business, TeamTO. “Mighty Mike is a brand but for kids of all ages, and certainly filled with heart, thanks to TeamTO’s unique animation technology which brings this affectionate pug to life in the most endearing of ways. As such, Mighty Mike is the basis for an incredible toy and lifestyle brand, and we are confident will resonate with all,” said Elan Freedman, Vice President of Business Development, Surge Licensing. Produced by TeamTO, with Canada’s Digital Dimension, and distributed internationally by CAKE, Mighty Mike (78


x 7’) is a unique CGI animated, dialoguefree slapstick comedy for 6-11 year olds, in the style of Tom & Jerry-meetssilly pet videos. TeamTO’s revolutionary production has resulted in a level of photorealism that is virtually unparalleled in the world of kid’s television. The star of the show is a refined pug with sophisticated tastes who longs for a quiet life but is forced to defend his house from a bunch of furry intruders and maddening pets instead. Raccoons, turtles and Fluffy the cat have a knack for showing up at the worst possible moments, dragging Mike into a series of unforeseen twists and turns – and making him miss yet another opportunity to impress Iris, the neighbour’s elegant dog.



The project was first revealed at Cartoon Forum in 2014. The character designs are by Adam Fair who was heavily involved in the hugely popular Invizimals franchise.


Earth is undergoing some major meteorological changes. Strange weather and disappearances are the order of the day, but for a young group of friends, life in the big city is as dull as always. Best friends Cep and Dodge live in the same tower block along with Hed, Tamiko and the buildings caretaker, Floyd. Convinced that the teachers are aliens and using mind control on the kids, Dodge persuades Cep to help him investigate the strange goings on at school. A discovery leads them and their friends to a secret alien device hidden deep in the basement of their own Tower Block! After accidentally activating the device, the gang is transported into an alternate reality; another dimension which is occupied by The Downers - alien beings that use mind control and reality shifting

technology to invade and exploit other worlds. The only way back is forwards. Splitting up, the gang travel to numerous strange realities - realities that alter them and give them strange powers… where the very laws of nature are turned on their heads.

To learn more:


WHO IS PLENITUDE PRODUCTIONS Plenitude Productions is a hybrid production company based in the UK that was founded to create original feature film and compelling multichannel digital content for a global audience. The team at Plenitude Productions posses years of experience within the film and television industry. Karen Taylor has more than a decade of experience in production with credits on various feature films, television drama & commercials. Now she is a creative feature film & digital content producer. Adam Fair is visual creator of both animated projects in development at Plenitude. He continues to work at a Yorkshire based gaming company as VFX Supervisor with credits on Star Wars Lego, Boris in The Winter Forest and Sony PSP titles ‘The Fight: Lights Out’ and the entire ‘Invizimals’ series. Adam possesses expert knowledge of Cinema 4D, After Effects, Body Paint amongst other creation software.

WHO IS CUBIC 7 PRODUCTIONS Cubic 7 Productions is a fast growing television broadcast and production company, based in Dubai, UAE, providing all production and transmission services for Sport, News, Events with latest technologies and experienced staff inside UAE and the Gulf.

Licensing&Animation RAI RAGAZZI

NEW ANIMATION PRODUCTIONS FROM RAI RAGAZZI AS IT DOES EVERY YEAR DURING CARTOONS ON THE BAY, THE CROSS-MEDIA FESTIVAL ORGANIZED BY RAICOM, RAI RAGAZZI PRESENTED ITS MAJOR NEW PRODUCTIONS. It’s a wide and innovative offering, which includes original productions filmed in the studio. It also confirms the role of Rai as the leading Italian name in the production of series and programmes for children, as well as one of the leading European publishers. Here, we look at what’s new from Rai in the field of animation. Klincus Corteccia is an orphan boy who lives in a city built on trees in a story from the pen of Piedmontese author Alessandro Gatti and the pencil of Lombard illustrator Matteo Piana. Already the hero of a book series of the same name published by Mondadori, Klincus Corteccia will soon appear in animated form in CGI (26 x 22’), thanks to Showlab of Turin and Grid Animation. reigns over Wonderland, Alice loves going there to play with Lewis and her other friends. The 52 x 11’ series is produced by Italy’s MoBo Srl, (the company that brings together Studio Bozzetto and Movimenti Productions) in co-production with the French studio BlueSpirit Productions. The Small Bad Wolf (Il Piccolo Lupo

A modern take on Alice in Wonderland, Alice & Lewis follows the adventures of a six-year-old girl who has found a magic key that can open the door to a parallel world: Wonderland. Here Alice meets Lewis, a kindly bunny. Despite the strange and eccentric Queen of Hearts who 56

Cattivo) is another Italian-French coproduction, this time between Maga Animation (Monza) and Xilam. It’s a fun and engaging TV series featuring a young wolf who is fed up with being a villain, so he sneaks into fairy tales and assumes the identities of heroes, convinced he can do good – but something always goes wrong. Berry Bees is a brand-new series whose lead characters are three young girls who lead seemingly normal lives – at least when they are not committed to saving

Licensing&Animation RAI RAGAZZI the world on behalf of the BIA, a secret agency that has chosen them to take on missions which adult agents cannot carry out. The TV series is produced by Atlantyca and freely adapted from the series of books published by Fabbri Editore.

From comics to TV As well as much new output, there are plenty of classics offering brand-new adventures. Classic like the 52 11-minute episodes of Barbapapà The New Series, an international co-production by Rai Ragazzi, brought to the screen by the French studio Normaal Animation in collaboration with Alice and Thomas Taylor, the children of the well-known artists Annette Tison and Talus Taylor.

What’s next on TV In the meantime, numerous animated series produced in collaboration with the Rai Ragazzi editorial team are ready for broadcast. Here, we take a look at some that will soon be launching. The new cartoon Ricky Zoom has the potential to become a global phenomenon. From the creators of Peppa Pig, it’s a production by Rai Ragazzi with eOne and the Italian studio Maga Animation – a thrilling challenge between motorcycles in 52 11-minute episodes in CGI, arriving in September on Rai Yoyo.

But that’s not all. There’s a special project on the way – a great fantasy series coproduced with Sergio Bonelli Editore. The project, based on the animated TV series Dragonero, was inspired by the comic novel by Luca Enoch and Stefano Vietti – now also a comic strip for kids with the title Dragonero Adventures. It’s a very successful title that has grown over time, in monthly and comic format and in regular versions, as well as one for boys.

On the 500th anniversary of his death, how could we not have a series starring Leonardo da Vinci? Well, we do! Set in Florence in 1467, Leo da Vinci tells the adventures of the young Tuscan artist and scientist, who we find working as an apprentice painter in the workshop of the Florentine master Verrocchio, and his friends Lisa and Lollo. The three will have to stop the largest conspiracy ever hatched in Florence against the Medici. It’s an international production from 58

Gruppo Alcuni in co-production with Rai Ragazzi, HR, Cosmos Maya and AllRights Entertainment, directed by Sergio Manfio. In autumn Rai Gulp will also be joining forces with the eccentric – and slightly gruesome – group of friends from OPS – Horrible Forever (aka OPS-Orrendi forever), a 52 x 12’ new series by Studio Campedelli with Movimenti Production and Cosmos Maya. The series follows a unique and inseparable group who are a little unusual, to say the least, but share the emotions and traits of all children. Growing up has never been such fun!


Buried Treasures: Unboxing Toys Reach New Heights in 2019 A CONTRIBUTION BY KRISTIN MORENCY GOLDMAN, THE TOY ASSOCIATION

Unboxing 2.0 is one of the hottest toy trends of 2019, according to trend experts at The Toy Association in the United States. The trend encompasses toys and games that make it fun for kids to “unbox” their toys and includescreative new ways for them to uncover what’s inside. “Whether it’s by incorporating unique packaging that transforms into a playset, or by using different compounds (like slime, foam, clay, or sand) that kids have to dig through to get to the surprise, the unboxing trend is ramping up in a major way,” said Adrienne Appell, trend expert at The Toy Association. The unboxing phenomenon has its roots on YouTube, where toy unboxing videos by family influencers have amassed

millions of global fans and have resulted in lucrative partnerships with brands. The North American International Toy Fair, held annually in New York City, has seen a rise in influencer attendees, with more than 100 influencers in attendance at this year’s February show. The show has been leveraged by social media personalities to announce partnerships with toy brands, unveil new toy lines, and forge toy industry relationships. Global play professionals who visited Toy Fair New York took in an array of toys that offer kids the excitement of the “big reveal,” from toys based on family YouTube channels to multi-layered toys

with multiple hidden surprises, including: 9” Lil’ Surprise Reveal Cabbage Patch (Wicked Cool Toys): Kids will experience the fun and exciting moment of a gender reveal with these dolls, which come with a removable swaddle that opens up to the cutest, most iconic reveal – a pink or blue heart with Xavier Roberts’ signature! Also, for a double reveal and bonus play, be sure to open the hidden bottle to see if it’s blue or pink! As soon as the baby’s gender is known, the loving, hugging, and caring begins. Hatchimals Colleggtibles Mermal Magic (Spin Master): These new seashell-shaped eggs with sparkly accents hatch new characters (half Hatchimal, half mermaid) and change color when dipped in water. 60

Interested in discovering next year’s hit toy and games? Mark your calendar for Toy Fair New York 2020 – visit to learn more.

Surprise Figures in Mini Camper Van (Jazwares): Each mini camper comes with an exclusive Peppa Pig, George, or friend figure. Mini campers come in five fun colors. Kids can collect and stack for endless play! 5 Surprise Mini Brands (Zuru): Featuring the same 5 Surprise excitement of unwrapping, peeling, and revealing mystery toys from each segment of the unique 5 Surprise capsule, Zuru 5 Surprise Mini Brandsare realistic miniatures of the world’s most iconic and loved shopping brands. The reusable capsules contain an assortment of mini brands like Dove, Skippy, Airheads, Breyers and more, as well as mini surprise shopping accessories like a shopping trolley, shelves, and shopping basket. Harry Potter Ooshie Pencil Toppers (Bulls i Toy): Bring your favorite wizards with you wherever you goand turn your ordinary Muggle pencil into a magical writing device! With 36 to collect, keep an eye out for the limited-edition golden Harry Potter. Added Appell: “With so many fresh and fun concepts that companies are bringing to the unboxing table, kids will continue to clamor for more, giving toymakers a terrific opportunity to continue to further innovate in the category.”



SAVE IN YOUR CALENDAR Children’s Media Conference 2-4 July Sheffield, UK To learn more on CMC and to buy your ticket

be expected to be there. Both for the invaluable International Exchange Market day on 2 July, and for the following conference, with over 50 sessions on every topic of interest to creatives, executives and business people from the kids media scene.

Upwards of 1200 delegates from every sector in kids’ and youth media can

Great British Bake Off winner, popular TV chef and children’s book author, Nadiya Hussain is opening the conference on the evening of 2 July with her Keynote touching on the personal anxiety and public prejudices she has had to overcome to become a UK “National Treasure”.

Nadiya Hussain Attending the International Exchange to meet IP creators, writers and producers early in the development process is of special value to forward-thinking companies in the Licensing world. Equally many of the sessions at the conference will cover trends, strategies, issues and innovation that invaluable provide intelligence for the year ahead. This year’s session devoted to licensing takes just such a future-focused view. It’s about the digital disruption that has impacted so many areas of the retail economy. With consumer habits shifting from traditional retail to digital purchasing, and amid ongoing reports of the death of the high street, the Clicks and Mortar session will consider how the world of children’s entertainment licensing is adapting to these changes. Shelf space is increasingly dominated by the big studios, and toy companies are 62

Events now investing in their own content arms, so the traditional licensing models seem less and less sustainable, particularly for smaller producers who are yet to secure a suite of licensing partners. But digital also brings opportunity, and the demand for licensed product remains strong. The new players are exploring the increasingly important world of selling direct to consumers via digital platforms, and leveraging everything that social media has to offer for targeted marketing to their ideal customers. Children’s entertainment brands such as Messy Goes to Okido and Mini Sago, are currently looking at how they can create profitable consumer products businesses with the direct engagement with their customers via social media and a D2C platform. A major factor here is also the control it affords to brand-owners. Jules Coke, CEO at Doodle Productions, who produce Messy Goes to Okido, comments on their move to open a dedicated e-store for the brand, “The traditional licensing model doesn’t work for us or about 98% of other kids brands. By opening our own store we give our audience what they want, and have full global control over our brand.” For Jason Krogh, CEO at Torontobased Mini Sago, this control has extended

to the products themselves, with his company creating a product development team in-house. Even children’s properties that have successful traditional retail offerings, are now looking to add directto-consumer platforms to their portfolio, such as Coolabi’s opening of a Clangers e-store. Selling direct brings with it many challenges - the regulatory environment is

tough, with data protection and product safety compliance both major concerns but with the millennial generation making more purchases online than in retail stores, direct-to-consumer is an opportunity that can’t be missed. And for those brands who have yet to form a retail presence, an online platform provides an invaluable opportunity to get to know your audience, at relatively low risk.

Juliet Tzabar Clicks and Mortar, The New Retail Space, is being produced for CMC by Juliet Tzabar, CEO of Plug-in Media. It’s just one of over 50 sessions that will explore in depth the ideas that matters to today’s media makers and their licensing partners. 63


Are live events the latest big thing for the marketing industry? A CONTRIBUTION BY TOM MUSK, HEAD OF CONTENT, THE INSIGHT PEOPLE Kids’ influence on the household is growing, with this generation of three to 12-year-olds having a greater say on what their parents buy than ever before. They also receive a median average of £20 (€23, $26) per month in pocket money, giving them considerable purchasing power of their own. While 2018 was a tough year for licensed products in general,our latest

Kids Insights research gives reason for optimism,showing 80 per cent of children aged seven to nine used their pocket money and influence over their parents to buy licensed products in the first three months of 2019. But what can brands do if they want to try and stand out in what is an incredibly competitive marketplace? One avenue that our data suggests could be worth

WHAT IS THE INSIGHT PEOPLE The Insight People is a UK leading Research and Marketing agency. They specialise in the kids, parents and family sectors. Today they are recognised as the go-to insight people by some of the biggest brands and agencies in the world.

exploring is licensed live events and experiences. Our figures show that while fewer than one in ten children bought tickets to live events related to their favourite television shows during the first quarter of the year, that could be set to change significantly as 2019 progresses.



As data shows, the market for licensed products is constantly changing, so staying on top of the latest trends and the areas in which kids are wielding their considerable spending power is key. For further information on how Kids Insights can become your competitive advantage not just in the UK, but across the US and Europe call (0) 330 159 6631, and to download a complimentary report visit http://www.kidsinsights. kids broadcasting brands, are also getting in on the act, holding a Summer Social in the north-west of England later this year, where kids will have the chance to meet some of their favourite characters.


Many major brands are exploring the opportunities that live events and experiences present to young families – many of which are headed by millennial parents who are keen to show the value of experiences rather than material products to their kids.

Away from live events, another trend highlighted by Kids Insights data is the positive effect YouTube can have on licensed products. Figures show kids aged four to 12 who keep up-to-date with their favourite shows on YouTube are 18 per cent more likely to purchase toys than those who don’t, and brands are capitalising on this trend to expand their offering beyond YouTube to other overthe-top (OTT) video services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.MGA Entertainment


While our research primarily focuses on kids based in the UK, this is a global trend. Mattel recently announced it will open a theme park in Toronto next year, which will be followed by a global rollout. Brands like Barbie and Hot Wheels will have a strong presence at the park, which will be geared towards children aged four to ten and combine the physical worlds. In Asia, eOne and Merlin have partnered to launch a Peppa Pig World of Play in China, while Nick Jr brought a themed adventure centre to various UK cities last summer. CBBC and CBeebies, the BBC’s popular 65

is growing its original LOL Surprise digital content beyond YouTube to many global OTT channels. The brand will be sharing three seasons of Unboxed and behind the scenes footage, which will be available on OTT platforms weekly. The company hopes it can replicate the success it has seen on YouTube, where it has just broken through the one million subscriber mark on YouTube.


Book-related licensed products led a broader resurgence in licensed products during the first quarter of the year, as sales saw a notable uptick across the board. Book purchases related to a favourite television show among kids aged four to nine rose from 25 per cent to 29 per cent.

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