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Dear reader It’s the time to say new year, new life. The BM published magazine has undergone a definitive metamorphosis. LICENSING MAGAZINE. Renewed in the title, graphics and the staff, the trade press aspires to be even more international than it was previously. The innovation is not only regarding the magazine, but also online, with an all-news website that mirrors the new style of the magazine. We shall see the fruits of this tree over the next few months, and we are optimistic about how the market will respond to this editorial decision. Coming to this issue, we are all set to attend the Toy Fair in Nuremberg for the first time, not only with customary distribution in the press area, but also with a dedicated stand at the West entrance, NCC WEST, stand n.08, at the foyer of pavilion 12. A choice that was dictated by the evidence that the German fair has become one of the most unmissable events in Europe and even on a global scale, for those who are in the licensing trade, moving far beyond the world of toys. In this issue, much news from the market’s main players, with an evident focus on their presence in the world of toys. The new year presents many challenges, from great change in the industry to an increasing level of attention to digital trends in every sector, such as that of television production and animation. Regarding the latter, we are proud to publish an exclusive interview with one of the top players in the industry, Marc du Pontavice of Xilam. As always, lots of content that we invite you to read, comment on and share. Happy reading!


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Cover story SHOWLAB

SHOWLAB ENTERS INTO THE WORLD OF LICENSING FROM SPECIALIZING IN FACTUAL AND FORMAT TO BEING AN IMPORTANT PRODUCER OF CHILDREN’S PROGRAMMES, THIS COMPANY’S STEP TOWARDS A NEW LICENSING DIVISION HAS BEEN A SWIFT ONE. Showlab is a production company that is part of the PRODEA SpA group. Constituted in 2009, it has already produced various primetime shows along with documentaries, factuals and entertainment formats. The company has been orientating a part of its activity towards the young audience for some years, including the Magic School format not to mention the management of the television channel LA3, property of the H3G telecommunications company, which was amongst the first operators to adopt the ‘second screen’ in Europe. Showlab established a special department dedicated to the production of animated and live programmes for youngsters, head by Alfio Bastiancich, with the aim of creating international co-productions for cross-media and educational entertainment purposes.

Identity Card: YO-YO Format Target Graphics Direction Story Editor Screenplay

Music Executive Producers Rai Producer Produced by In coproduction with

This new department holds 52 episodes of the new preschool animated series YO-YO - a European co-production with RAI, GRID Animation and Telegael - the graphic style of which is by Ugo Nespolo. Development is going ahead for the EDEN series, created with the German Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion and the Singaporean M’Go Film; the animated documentary TUFO, in partnership with the French Les Contes Modernes, and last but not least the factual series MY FAITH, with M’Go Film. For the showing and the commercial development of their own productions, Showlab has recently created a dedicated department within its own company for operation on Italian soil and abroad. Showlab’s first job for the Consumer


Animated series 3D, 52 x 7’ 4 / 7 year olds Ugo Nespolo Stefania Gallo, Ernesto Paganoni Robin Lyons Robin Lyons, Andrew Offiler, Keith Browett, Alessandro Ferrari, Patricia Forde, Eleonora Fornasari, Ilenia Provenzi, Maria Chiara Oltolini, Tea Orsi, Andrea Baravelli, Amy Stephenson, Shane Langan, Patrick Fitz Symons. Carlo Forester, Stefano Cisotto Alfio Bastiancich, Mark Mertens, Paul Cummins, Steve Walsh Annita Romanelli Showlab Srl RAI Fiction, Grid Animation (Belgium), Telegael (Irland)

Cover story

“It seemed almost obligatory to me to overthrow my pictorial work into the boundless, dynamic and noble world of animation. My colorful universe took root straight away in fertile ground, where it lives and is animated in the fantastic world of YO-YO, alongside their fine protagonists. Stories in which I belong and thoroughly enjoy”. - Ugo Nespolo -

than redesigning the twins, Nespolo planned out twelve fantasy worlds for the twins to travel to from time to time, encouraged by their dog Ragoo. Other than the two protagonists and the dog, Ragoo, the series hosts about ten original characters, with whom the twins have encounters on a regular basis during their imaginative adventures. One of the main aims for this series is to show how imagination can be a catalyst for dialogue and common experiences


Products sector, entrusted to Guido Bertè, takes care in co-operation with RaiCom, of the launch of the animated series YO-YO on the licensing market. Inspired by the characters that made the Italian thematic channel RAI YOYO what it is, the protagonists of the series are seven year old twins with very different personalities: Yo (him) is shy and prudent, while Yo (her) is expansive and impulsive. He reflects before acting, while she acts before thinking. And so, both in their daily lives and in their imaginary trips, they mostly have opposite behaviour, but at a certain point their minds “twin up”, which takes them to the discovery that two heads certainly are better than one. Written by the Welsh Robin Lyons, together with an Italian and Irish team of writers, and directed by two Italian animation experts, Stefania Gallo and Ernesto Paganoni, the series proposes, for the first time in 3D, the joyous colourful energy of Ugo Nespolo, one of the main exhibitors of international pop art. Other

“YO-YO is the fruit of three years of work by a European team of about two hundred people and, both for its visual originality and narrative agility, it constitutes an innovative television offering of children’s animation. For this reason, we hope that it enjoys great success in Italy and abroad”. - Alfio Bastiancich, Head of Showlab Children’s Programmes and Executive Producer of YOYO -


Ugo Nespolo, who’s operas of art have been exhibited in the main museums and galleries worldwide, was also one of the predominant exhibitors in art film after meeting the likes of Andy Warhol, Jonas Mekas, Yoko Ono, Adam Sitney and other personalities of New American Cinema. His films have been objects of exhibitions in great museums, such as the MoMA in New York City, the Tate Gallery of London, the George Pompidou Centre in Paris and the National Museum of Cinema in Turin. The colourful energy that Ugo Nespolo boasts is the signature characteristic of his art, which has gained a mention with numerous companies, such as Swatch (who will be stars of an exhibition in June 2017 at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai), Caffarel, Campari, Piaggio and many others.


INTERVIEW WITH MARC DU PONTAVICE, PRESIDENT XILAM ANIMATION FRENCH PRODUCER, MARC IS ONE OF THE MAJOR PROTAGONISTS OF THE ANIMATION INDUSTRY AND HE IS HEAD OF ONE OF THE MOST INNOVATIVE PRODUCTION COMPANIES IN THIS PERIOD. brand based. From the beginning, it has always been our ambition to create our own brands and not only to serve existing ones. Again, our clients recognise that and show a strong interest whenever we come with new programming opportunity. Long term: this strategy has enabled us to build one of the most active and lucrative library in the business. Our successes has built a revenue which helps us tremendously to grow more talents and more content.

Marc du Pontavice LM. Xilam is one of the major international producers and content factory in the animation industry. What is at the basis of your success? MP. Xilam has been around for almost 25 years and has grown larger than ever with 5 shows in production and 400 employees working through our 4 studios in France and Vietnam. This longevity has three main reasons: High quality: the company has grown as a studio. In other words, we are focused on getting the best possible result on screen with our own crews. Integrated production facilities enables us to sustain such promise. Our clients around the world recognises that; hence their trust in our capacity to deliver. Creation: we don’t hire talents, we develop them internally in our studio. They start with us right after school and through their journey into Xilam, they eventually become creators, writers, directors, etc. That explains why Xilam shows are essentially creator based as opposed to

LM. Your IPs have in common a certain kind of humour, which is also the secret behind their success. How does your team get inspired? MP. The studio was created with the idea of rejuvenating the genre of slapstick comedy that Hollywood had ignored for decades. It was more than a vintage ambition. We knew this humour had proven its capacity to travel and to last. Hanna Barbera, Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, but also John Kricfaluci, were and are still


our references. Their characters haven’t aged, we believe our characters will follow the same path. We have confidence that OGGY and the cockroaches has inherited that secret of perpetual youth. After 20 years and three more seasons to come we hope to have him last for another 20 years at least. But other titles are now following that model, such as Zig and Sharko. LM. Which are the most relevant market areas for your IPs in terms of broadcasting and business development? MP. Xilam has always been strong in Western Europe and Middle East, and in some cases in the US. But recently

Interview Asia (and more specifically India and SE Asia) has become a very strong business partner, as our shows attract a fabulous audience over there. And we expect a lot from a deal we recently closed with China. LM. How much does digital trends impact your productions? MP. Digital has completely changed the face of our business. Providing opportunities, we had never dreamt before. Firstly, it does respond very strongly to short format which has always been the essence of our library. Second it provides an instant worldwide exposure that generates a completely new stream of revenues. And it is a fabulous marketing tool. Moreover, for a production company, it’s a unique gate to open a B to C business. LM. How important is licensing development related to your main properties; e.g. Oggy? MP. Licensing has always been a component of OGGY’s success. But it was significant in limited territories. Now it is expanding and we believe the WW launch of three new seasons will open a different approach, more of a global one.

As for Paprika, Xilam entering into the preschool genre was driven by the idea that we could build a whole licensing campaign if it was with the right property. Paprika is definitely a world children will want to live in and characters they will want to play with. And we do expect a strong reception from the parents as the values are so positive and engaging.


LM. What are the plans in terms of new releases and developments for the future? MP. We have a great new property in development with Disney that will capitalise on Soccer! And we’ll bring more comedy and preschool shows in the market next year, including the infamous Mr Magoo !


TOY AND GAMES ACCORDING TO XILAM Xilam is on the hunt for both a master toy and outdoor toys partner across all major territories for its evergreen slapstick brand Oggy & the Cockroaches and its new pre-school animated comedy series, Paprika. Paprika offers unique storylines following the lives of adventurous twins, Olivia and Stan Paprika. The bright and colorful series makes it a perfect fit for toy development. Paprika is set in an imaginary world where the whole town has been built as a playground for children and will be relevant for plush, role-play, mini universe, learning toys and master toy categories. The series has been commissioned by France 5, Disney junior (EMEA), Discovery Italy (K2+ Frisbee), MBC in the Middle-East, RTBF and most recently UYoung in China with more to be announced soon. Consisting of 78x7’ (26 half-hours) episodes, the series is currently in production at Xilam’s own studios in Paris and Lyon. Another core focus for Xilam is Oggy & the Cockroaches, which has been commissioned by major broadcasters

Gulli (France), Canal J (France), K2/Frisbee (Italy), Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network (Asia) and Latam for three more seasons (234 x 7’ or 78 half-hours) and is due to air in Autumn 2017. This follows great success of the previous four seasons, with the programme achieving high ratings worldwide. Distributed in over 160 countries, watched in 600 million homes, the series is also hugely popular online with 3 billion videos viewed on YouTube so far and three million fans on Facebook. Oggy and the cockroaches targets 6-11 year olds, and suits licensees across all key categories due to its broad and gender neutral appeal. With continued success in France, Italy and Asia, Xilam will be looking to extend the comprehensive licensing program into other territories to coincide with the season 5, 6 and 7

launch date. Xilam’s licensing team are preparing exciting launch plans which are to be released in the Fall 2017. Oggy and the cockroaches has already seen impressive sales reactions on its collectible figurines produced by Grani & Partners in Italy with 1.3 million units sold to date over two wave launches, with the 3rd collection to be released Q2 17 and the 4th collection to follow in Q4 17. Xilam through its licensing agent, Discovery Italia, has secured a gaming partner in Italy, Lisciani Giochi, who covers learning games, board games and puzzles. In addition, Oggy and the cockroaches extended its presence in SEA with its plush range, card games and arts & crafts range via Dynamic in Taiwan and Tristar in Indonesia.

Marie-Laure Marchand is Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Products & Media Distribution USA, UK, Asia Pacific at Xilam Animation (mlm@xilam.com).



PADDINGTON CHOOSES MAURIZIO DISTEFANO TO DEVELOP THE ITALIAN LICENSING PROJECT THE FILM SEQUEL IS EXPECTED FOR CHRISTMAS 2017 Maurizio Distefano announced last December that he came to an agreement with The Copyrights Group for the management of the Italian licensing project for Paddington, the popular little English bear, protagonist of children’s books and a film that enjoyed great success in 2014. The second film inspired by Paddington’s adventures is expected to be out at Christmas 2017, seeing Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson on screen.

and adopted by the Brown family, and enjoyed his first adventure called A Bear Named Paddington, which was published in 1958. The success of Paddington was overwhelming and today the title boasts 150 titles dedicated to his adventures that have been translated into over 40 languages, selling more than 35 million copies on a global scale. The bear also obtained fantastic results with over 130 licensing contracts signed and over 1000

With his little old hat, blue jacket not to mention his passion for a good orange marmalade sandwich, Paddington is a global iconic literary character for children. Friendly, polite and kind, Paddington has the unfortunate habit of ending up in trouble, despite his good intentions. Arriving at the London station of Paddington from Peru, he was found

references available worldwide, not to mention a dedicated theme park in Japan. The first movie entitled “Paddington” hit cinemas in 2014, directed by Paul King, written by King and Hamish McColl, produced by David Heyman and distributed in Italy by Eagle Pictures. The movie was inspired by the very first


drawings by Peggy Fortnum, but made brand new in its computer graphical incarnation with a modern day touch. The film saw protagonists Nicole Kidman, Sally Hawkins, Hugh Bonneville, Jim Broadbent and Julie Walters and enjoyed a grand success of over 280 million dollars made at the box office worldwide, over 6 million dollars in Italy alone, and this contributed to making Paddington 4th in the classification of the 100 most influential brands of 2015. With a second movie coming out in 2017, the business that is linked to Paddington is expected to grow exponentially. Maurizio Distefano and his team are elaborating a complexed licensing plan with special focus on the world of toys, games, peluches and much more.


LICENSING NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF HASBRO WHILE IN NUREMBERG THE MAIN TOY NEWS IS SET TO BE PRESENTED, THE CONSUMER PRODUCTS WORLD IS ALSO IN CONTINUOUS EVOLUTION, WITH PARTICULAR FOCUS ON GREAT CLASSICS. Hasbro is the leader in the creation of the best possible playtime experiences, thanks to their portfolio of bands such as My Little Pony, Nerf, Play-Doh, Transformers and many more products that are linked to famous licenses. In the entertainment environment, Hasbro Studios and their production house AllSpark Pictures, deal with the production and diffusion of tv series’, films and other digital products that are based on stories from the most notable Hasbro brands.

MY LITTLE PONY Publishing is central for this brand and Idee Editoriali Feltrinelli (Gribaudo) now boast a series of books dedicated to the children’s name that is best loved for playing, reading, learning and discovering the importance of friendship, courage, tolerance and other important secrets such as living in harmony. Edizioni PlayPress came out with a new and enthusiastic line dedicated to My Little Pony in November 2016. These boast various formats of content and type, finely tuned in their detail and finishing, created and produced entirely in Italy. Staying in the publishing world, Panini is the editor of the official magazine in Italy, a monthly magazine of all things My Little Pony. Stories in comic

Ferrero strip, posters and the possibility to receive gifts that are exclusive to the magazine readers. In the food area, Easter 2017 will be characterized by eggs produced by Ferrero, while Seven confirms the back to school line for next Autumn.

Worldcart A fantastic collection of WorldCart tissues have been dedicated to My Little Pony. From boxed and packaged tissues, to kitchen roll and toilet roll, My Little Pony is transformed into a trendy accessory for daily use.

Idee Editoriali Feltrinelli (Gribaudo)


Worldcart 14

News TRANSFORMERS Transformers is a property of long life and is always rich with new ideas for young fans. The property will be protagonist this coming Easter with Bauli, who will be offering a fantastic Easter egg dedicated to the robot-vehicle. Accademia is set to come out with a school line in the Autumn, dedicated to transformers. Rucksacks, pencil cases and bags take on the colourful combinations of the autobots that are popular with children across the world. Books and exercise books can be placed in backpacks that are dedicated to Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. Panini did not miss out here either, as it offers a dedicated bimestral magazine. The robots return to newsstands with stories that are set after the end of the war between Autobots and Decepticon. The giant robots have left the earth and have returned to Cybertron, where they must reconstruct society that has been divided by thousands of years of conflict… From June 2017, the magazine will be available every two months in comic book stores and bookshops.

series and the movie Transformers The Last Knight. PLAY-DOH One of the oldest Hasbro toys that is still a success today is Play-Doh. Aimed at little ones, this toy is being relived in bookstores with Idee Editoriali Feltrinelli, who have dedicated a book to the creativity of PlayDoh, giving children the chance to make some fantastic creations by following the simple instructions in the manual and using the famous modelling clay. Also in the world of publishing, Magazine Centauria is publishing the official PlayDoh magazine. The magazine, that bulks

Nerf arrives in schools with Accademia The Nerf blasters, well known in all corners of the earth, arrive to schools with Accademia, who are betting on this sport action brand by Hasbro, creating a fantastic line for free time and school made up of backpacks, wallets and much more. The collection was thought up for children and teenagers that love the spirit of sport and the typical action factor of Nerf.

Simba Dickie Group out the preschool offerings by Centauria, was created to offer a well rounded PlayDoh experience. Each issue comes with three tubs of Play-Doh and stickers. The operation uses the communication support and Marketing of the newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport. The next issue of “Play-Doh, the official magazine” is set to hit newsstands on 17th February. Iceberg On the clothing side, the partners are Iceberg, with two collections, one kids and one infant, dedicated to the world of Transformers, and Prenatal will be offering a colourful collection for the movie release in June 2017. From the partnership with Simba Dickie Group, the Transformers die-cast vehicles were born, inspired by the TV series, Transformers, Robots in Disguise: the models are the perfect 1:64 scaled reproduction of the protagonist vehicles that is aired on K2, together with a charged-up race track. Other than the die-cast models, Simba has developed radio controlled toys that are linked to the characters of both the animated TV


Idee Editoriali Feltrinelli 15


YOOHOO & FRIENDS. FROM A PLUSH LINE TO A TV SERIES LM TALKED TO VALENTINA LA MACCHIA - MONDO TV CONSUMER PRODUCTS DIRECTOR, ABOUT THE COMPANY’S PLANS, THE FUTURE DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROPERTY AND THE DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY FOR THE NEW PLUSH LINE, WHICH, ALONGSIDE THE TV SERIES, WILL BE A MAJOR DRIVER FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE WIDER LICENSING PROGRAMME WORLDWIDE. the new animated series. LM: Brand success bases VLM: Since the first official presentation of the new YooHoo & Friends TV series at last year’s Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, the market has been very keen to hear more about the show and the property, in advance of the series’ launch in autumn 2017. The originality and freshness of the content, the 3D animation and design and the strong attention to detail are all enormously appealing to the licensing industry. In fact, 2017 will be a banner year for the YooHoo & Friends brand with celebration of 10 years since the brand’s launch, with over 80 million plush sold around the world, not to mention two pan-European promotional activities with McDonald’s, which involved 40 countries and were supported by a massive TV campaign. Valentina La Macchia To coincide with both the Hong Kong International Licensing Show and the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair, Mondo TV and Aurora World have planned a series of announcements and presentations about their major project made in 3D CGI technology: YooHoo & Friends animated series. There was the opportunity to enjoy a three-minute presentation showing the opening scenes of the animated series and introducing the 7 stars of the new adventures. Moreover, at its showroom, Aurora World also planned to introduce the brand-new plush line, specially developed to represent the characters in

LM: What is the strategy of the new plush line launch? VLM: the new range of plush will be based


on the characters in the new TV series. The already well known heroes – YooHoo, Pammee, Roodee, Chewoo and Lemmee - will be joined by some delightful new ones. Compared to the existing line of plush featured by large, colourful eyes and high quality materials, the new line-up for the 3D series will retain some of the characteristics of the earlier one, but with a number of important differences. Our launch strategy has already been clearly defined: there were a number of meetings planned with all the major players in the European toy market in Hong Kong at the Aurora World showroom. The aim of these meetings was to ensure the arrival of the new plush on shelf in time for the release of the TV series. Many marketing activities will be planned alongside the distributors such as huge investments in TV campaigns on the main Free To Air Broadcasters as well as direct involvement of retailers, particularly in defining promotional and cross-category activities. Retailers will implement in-store promotions, dedicated corners, and events that enhance the

News visibility of the new plush line, ensuring widespread coverage of the product on all retailer signs. LM: What’s new on the licensing programme roll out? VLM: An important master toy agreement will soon be announced. It will involve the development of a wide range of products, including plastic toy figurines and playsets. Of course, plush is wholly and directly managed by Aurora World, through the distributor network now being put in place. One of the main assets of the brand is its collectability: more than 70 characters appear in the series, offer the opportunity to develop a wide range of toy products. Well ahead of the start of the series, we have been able to get on board a number of licensees who are

very enthusiastic about the potential of YooHoo & Friends. Some categories, like publishing, collectibles, food and personal care, have already been finalized. We aim to announce more license agreements very soon. Our goal is to develop long-term partnerships with companies that share our belief in the YooHoo & Friends brand, its values and its potential — a potential that is, we feel, clearly established. We will work with our partners on marketing activities for the launch of products — many of which are expected on shelves from the 1st Semester of 2018 — and on creating synergies between licensees. All the products merchandised will be able to benefit from wonderful graphics based on a new style guide and a refreshed logo that allow us to make the product lines even more appealing to our target


audience. LM: Can you tell us more about the TV show? VLM: The expanded scope of the new 3D TV series will be popular with the master toy licensee, which will be able to work on a wide range of products. For example, each of the characters in the new season will feature a special gadget that, after being loaded with the help of a magic ingredient, will be used by our friends to solve the problems they will face. The series will be aimed at a target audience between 3 and 6 years old — an audience that we are certain will love the exciting stories told in the course of its 52 episodes.


MATTEL “INSPIRING THE WORLD OF CHILDHOOD” NEW PROJECTS AND NEW PRODUCTS FOR AN EXTRAORDINARY 2017 With the recent Mattel Licensing Conference, that saw an extraordinary participation on part of licensing companies, the new year is set out to be full of exciting news for Victoria Licensing & Marketing, Mattel consultant of Consumer Products in Italy. The hottest protagonists will without a doubt be the portfolio brands, starting with Barbie, that will enrich the next year with inflatable outdoor toys by Bestway, from floats to an inflatable outdoor house, with new child-sized vehicles by Mario Schiano, we can look forward to a super accessorised battery powered automobile to cruise in the open air, and let’s not forget the brand new tricycle by Grandi Giochi made of circular shapes and decorated with the coolest Barbie icons. Also for Hot Wheels, the brand of

Barbie Inflantable Toy Line by Bestway

Barbie Tricycle by Grandi Giochi excellence for the male target that has been enjoying sell-through performance and extraordinary popularity, there is lots of news for the outdoor segments, with Bestway inflatables, the battery powered car by Mario Schiano and the fantastic tricycle by Grandi Giochi. Dino Bikes is also currently notable as they renewed their whole bicycle range for 2017 and are set to put new models into production with a dedicated Barbie range, not to mention boasting an eye for the littler ones with the Thomas and Fireman Sam line! The preschool department is particularly important for Mattel, growing year by year, and in 2017 we can expect an enriching launch of Bob the Builder. Bob the Builder, well known and loved children’s character, is supported by a new television series, transmitted daily on Rai Yoyo. The Mattel toy line is set to launch at the beginning of the year, and the property will moreover be supported by a rich licensing plan. Amongst the most relevant launches, we’d like to announce the role play line by Smoby: that includes of all of the tools (an electric drill, a chainsaw, a set of utensils, clothing and accessories) to make every child into the perfect Bob the Builder. Also branded Bob the Builder, a new line of beach sets 18

Bob the Builder by Androni Giocattoli, to play building on the sand. All of the products are immediately recognizable as being from the world of Bob, and they will be enjoyed by children and their dads! The Fisher Price, Thomas and Fireman Sam brands are in good health, presenting a rich offer of news and innovation. Beginning with a rich range of new Fisher Price for Dolu products, with a line of mountables, school desk and a shopping trolley, the checkout operator and a bowling set! Bestway presents a real life inflatable “fun park” for the littler ones under the Fisher Price brand, while

Focus on with Sam!” is developed on a web platform that is dedicated to teachers with a rich menu of fun and educational instruments that are characterized by level of difficulty for children of 3-5 years and 6-7 years, teaching guides, parent guides, and a handbook for the rules of risk prevention. The premises are perfect to plan a great 2017 with Mattel properties.

Fireman Sam is the testimonial of an edutainment project on safety themes addressed to schools Uno Giochi presents the new mountable Thomas the tank engine, the perfect reproduction of the fun locomotive that is known throughout the world, to take toddlers around. Looking at Fireman Sam, the relationship continues with Giochi Preziosi, who are set to distribute new vehicles and playsets in Italy that are linked to the series and created by Simba. The licensing plan for Sam is ever growing with new categories. Supporting the property is an important

to actively involve children in learning the rules of prevention of daily risks. Aimed at children, teachers and families, “Safer with Sam!” is articulated in interactive digital games for little ones, in playexperience guides for schools, and in other activities to share at home with parents. Fireman Sam becomes the spokesperson of a project that teaches children safety through an educational experience that is original and fun, aimed at schools up to the second year of primary school. “Safer

Thomas & Friends by Uno Giochi project dedicated to schools, which is called “Safer with Sam”, which was launched at the end of last year and expects involvement from important partners. Mattel, after commissioning research in 2016 for Doxa Kids to analyse the most effective themes for the infant age group, (where the image of the fireman comes from as a reference figure for parents and children), will see the new project of edutainment emerge in 2017, which aims

Fisher Price Inflantable Toys by Bestway 19

Bob The Builder Role Play Line by Smoby


CPLG. KIDS NEWS FOR 2017 CPLG’S SUBSTANTIAL PORTFOLIO IS ALWAYS REVEALING NEWS AND DEVELOPMENT FOR BOTH MARKET OPERATORS AND THE FINAL CONSUMER RAINBOW RUBY Rainbow Ruby is the new property, created for girls between 3 and 5 years of age and managed by CLPG. The TV series (52 x 11’) has been on air since last October on Italian channels, DTT and Frisbee. This year foresees brand new episodes and the repeat showing of the series’ that have already been shown. The consumer products launch is set for Autumn 2017 and the property is already deserving of their valuable partner, UNESCO. Indeed, Rainbow Ruby is the protagonist of a

YO-KAI WATCH The success of the boys phenomenon, aimed at 5-9 year olds, the Yo-Kai Watch television series, continues as it is aired with record breaking results on Cartoon Network, followed by Boing. The series was launched last April in Italy and was made available on DigitalTerrestrial television a little later, in September. The show is back in 2017

for the important editorial plan, proposed by Panini inspired by the franchise. Indeed, the Modena editor is set to publish the official manga magazine and the sticker album inspired by the world of Yo-Kai Watch. All set for Easter 2017 is the launch of the Easter egg by Balocco, with exclusive surprises inside, and, to follow, there are many players that are ready to launch new products that are inspired by the television series, starting for the 2017/18 school year branded by Giochi Preziosi, and puzzles and art&craft by Lisciani Giochi. special project to promote the rights to education for children all over the globe. A portion of the proceeds made with the Rainbow Ruby products will go to support this important cause. Rainbow Ruby is a highly inspirational property for the world of toys, with many collectable elements. Rainbow Ruby tells the story Ruby, a forward little 6 year old girl, and her loved bear, Choco, as they travel to the “Rainbow Village”, a fantastic colourful world where Ruby’s toys come to life and she can turn herself into anything she wishes. The musical components are important.

with new episodes and products on the shelves that are inspired by the sensation, aiming to feed Yokai-mania even more. Following the 2016 launch of the Nintendo video game, products by the Master Toy Partner, Hasbro, conquered Christmas with products such as the YoKai Watch and the collectable medals, consolidating the brand amongst the best in the NPD classification. After the launch of the first activity titles and the franchise inspired novels by Fabbri Editore, 2017 is set to be the year 20


A WORLD OF TOYS WITH RAINBOW FROM FASHION DOLLS WINX CLUB TO THE MAGGIE&BIANCA FASHION FRIENDS TOY LINE, THE RAINBOW PROPERTIES REGAIN LIFE IN THE FORM OF TOYS TO GIFT EMOTIONS TO YOUNG FANS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD WINX: the Winx Tynix Fairy dolls Last Christmas the Winx Tynix Fairies came out on the market distributed by Giochi Preziosi. Directly from the 7th season of “Winx Club”, the Winx Tynix are very well established with their precious crystal clothing and they are ready to visit the magic MiniMondi.

Real Friends Fashion Dolls: The protagonists of the Rose series, Astoria and Joy, are dressed “casual” but the other girls have various different looks together with a hairbrush and a colourful pair of shoes, personalized for each character.

Musical Academy Fashion Doll: Rose, Astoria and Joy are set out with the noticeable and super fashionable uniform of the Regal Academy. When the little magic scepter is put close to the doll, it sings the soundtrack to the tv show. Shoe Shop: The protagonist, Rose,

REGAL ACADEMY: Fashion Dolls and Playset The Regal Academy Fashion Dolls are one of the new products from last Christmas, also by Giochi Preziosi. Directly from the new series, Regal Academy, that retells classic well-loved stories with a twist, four collections are currently out; a dream for little girls. 22

Winx Tynix Fairy was the best-selling fashion doll in Italy in November based on revenue (#2 in unit sales), according to The NPD Group.

granddaughter of Cinderella, is very passionate about shoes and the shoe shop is one of her favourite places to be in the series. This wonderful playset reproduces Rose’s favourite shop to a tee! The set also includes a Rose fashion doll, 1 outfit 3 pairs of shoes, a clothes hanger, 2 shoe bags, 3 shoe boxes… for all of the shoe fans like Rose!

Rose’s scepter is a magic accessory with which all of the Regal Academy fans can use “pumpkin magic”. The magic wand is topped with a ball that can be launched into the air and caught.

News MAGGIE & BIANCA: the second series is on air and the Simba toys are on their way After the success of the 1st series, the second season of Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends, the live action show that revolves around fashion and music, went on air in January on Rai Gulp.

stepsisters, and this reality changed their conflictual relationship somewhat, resolving the situation in a positive manner. Between study and music, the new series will not be missing a heartfelt problem or two. With CoolGhost, not only will a strong rivalry be amongst us, but unsuspectable feelings will arise.

fan would desire to become Maggie & Bianca, the stars of the show! Towards the middle of February, the tv campaign will begin for the secret pen and musical diary; while in Spring 2017 there will be an intense promotion strategy taking place, with the introduction of Simba Art&Craft, Make Up, Musical Toys and Wheeled Toys that will be sustained

On the toy side and staying with this property, Rainbow has struck an agreement with Simba Dickie Group. This is an original line of toys arriving

The second season begins with a new school year that is set to be even richer with challenges than the first for the two girls, Maggie and Bianca, and for their class and bandmates, Quinn, Jacques and Eduard. The young protagonists will have to face not only the arrival of the new professor Ruggero Falques -ex pop star who will put them up to homework that they’ve never before imagined- but they will also have to face a rival music band: the hated CoolGhost who will be attending the academy for the first year. In this scenario, Maggie and Bianca are going through a very difficult time: after their first meeting they learnt to appreciate each other, by the end of the first series they discovered they were actually

on European shelves. The toys bring together all of the ingredients of innovation, involvement and appeal that the program has, with fashion and music as key elements. This wide collection focuses on the trends of the market and includes fashion art & craft, role play, musical instruments and electronics. It is a line of toys that brings the idea of self expression to life allowing girls to enter in the world of the arts to find and display their own style and personality - and it has all that a young


by an intense tv, print, digital campaign. At retail we shall see multi-product exhibitors and POP material. To support the toy line and all of the licensees in general, Rainbow has created a 360 degree marketing plan that includes Corporate and Trade alike, with participation from the actors of the series. To sum up, on the Digital side, there are blogs present of the protagonists who offer precious content to support the products of the licensees and of stores.



Moris Calasso – Licensing Director, Sanrio GmbH in EMEA, both from a qualitative and quantitative point of view.

“Hello Kitty Butterfly Dream” Holiday Homes c/o Altomincio Family Park (Valeggio Sul Mincio – VR) LM. Goals reached in 2016 MC. 2016 was a year full of important changes and confirmations for Sanrio: Hello Kitty remains one of the most loved female properties both by consumers and celebrities alike, maintaining over 95% of the brand’s awareness. The will is to get to know the world of Hello Kitty on a deeper level, on the one hand, bringing the origins of the brand back forward the values of our company and the culture behind it (Japanese) that it represents and of which we are particularly proud - and on the other hand, immersing fans in a 360° Sanrio experience, that goes beyond the product itself. With

this in mind, we have inaugurated the first “entertaining facilities” in EMEA: the Hello Kitty Pop Up Cafè in London at Cutter & Squidge proved to be the real success of the summer, followed by the first Hello Kitty Holiday homes that have been created in Italy in collaboration with Nestlè and ED Vacanze, national leader in the family hospitality sector. Just before summer, a new concept was opened in Florence, the “Hello Kitty Patisserie”: a small and sweet corner to enjoy exclusive sweet delicacies … obviously all branded Hello Kitty. Other important signals of growth arrive from the Emerging Markets and The Middle East, who, after years of contemplation are becoming the most relevant markets for the Sanrio business 24

LM. Sanrio news for the new year. What are the main focuses MC. In 2017 Sanrio is working on the objective of maximising the results of last year in the fields of SPACE LICENSING by promoting the opening of entertainment facilities such as stores, corners, cafès and other receptive structures in the main countries. Other essential focus will be on DIVERSIFICATION: Hello Kitty is only one of 400 characters in the Sanrio Universe and Gudetama, My Melody and Little Twin Stars are gaining excellent feedback on a global scale. Other focus will be on brand collaboration: Hello Kitty and the other properties are lifestyle brands, which are detached from the world and content is of pure entertainment. With this in mind, Sanrio has been collaborating with the most important brands worldwide for ten years, in order to offer fans the most enthusiastic and surprising partnerships from any sector possible. Over the last few months of 2016 important global partnerships were launched with various emerging fashion designers, amongst these, the Austrian Marina Hoermanseder, the French Olympia Le-Tan and the English Alice Vandy, not to mention lifestyle brands such as Moleskine, Grafea, Tangle Teezer and Aire Retro. 2017 will not have less of an effect: in Italy we can anticipate collaborations with 2Star and the fashion brand GCDS. LM. What IP developments are happening for toys in casa Sanrio... MC. For Sanrio, toys, just as with

News clothing, are an important category and for this reason, they have been pushed in different directions compared to how things were done in the past. We are strategically moving towards a certain redesigning of the licencees, selecting the product leaders that allow us to outline a structure as precisely as possible,

Grafea x Hello Kitty

Moleskine x Hello Kitty

enabling us to renew products and ideas on any given market, such as that of toys, paying great attention to change. Amongst the new ideas taking flight, we have stabilized a new pan-European collaboration with Grandi Giochi, Italian company and emerging player on a global scale, that presents us with a role play line aimed to provide little fans with the opportunity to live out the Hello Kitty world in first person together with a toy makeup set and a line of Hello Kitty popup dolls that are set to be a grand success. Lisciani Giochi, with their core values being in playful learning, on the other hand, shall be our partner for educational toys. Renewed in continuation are other international agreements with players such as TY, CIJEP and Famosa for plush toys, Comansi for mini 3D collectables, Lexibook, Mondo, Androni, Dulcop and more. There are many collaborations happening with overseas toy companies such as Just Play, for example, with whom we are working to implement a plan of European distribution for their line of toys.

Gruppo Cortefiel, C&A right through to Primark and Topshop, proposing different limited edition items together that also feature other Sanrio characters.

“Hello Kitty Pop Up Cafè” c/o Cutter & Squidge - London (UK)

LM. ... and clothing MC. The apparel category is historically the most important, satisfying and prestigious for all of the Sanrio brands and it will continue to hold a fundamental role, both from a business point of view and for the brand’s image. All of the partnerships with top international retailers have been confirmed for 2017: from H&M to Inditex,

“For us, Sanrio is not just about Hello Kitty, but many more different characters that represent a whole culture and the Kawaii style, the characteristic that sets Sanrio apart on a global market”. Moris Calasso, Licensing Director, Sanrio GmbH

“Hello Kitty Patisserie” – Firenze 25

Focus on #SBABAM

#SBABAM. PRODUCED FOR THE NEWSSTANDS, ORIGINAL AND FUN #SBABAM REPRESENTS FUN AND POSITIVE CHANGES, BOTH FOR IMAGINATION AND HAVING FUN WITH COMPANY. CHANGE THE PRESENT AND FUTURE WORLD FOR THE BETTER IS POSSIBLE: AS LONG AS YOU DON’T STOP HAVING FUN! #sbabam is dedicated to the planning and marketing at newsstands and in stores of accessories, fun and colourful games and objects that are simple, social, attractive and modern. #sbabam was born as a Promotional Themed brand and took flight by a team of young, creative and dynamic professionals who were ready at any given time to develop ideas and transform them

objects, fantasies and possibilities to change: transmitting the pleasure of being together and simply imagining, the will to have fun and smile in good company, the possibility to grow and better oneself. With the same approach #sbabam also approaches the world of licensing. #sbabam is a dream, a few words, a simple question: shall we play for a change? Experience and enthusiasm, creativity and passion. Wishing to transport little explorers to a timeless universe, to touch it with their hands: sparkling colours and surprising people, fun and knowingness, friendship and hope. One can take off for a holiday both inside and outside of the networks, where the cell-phone or computer screen is not the only point from which to observe the world. There is always more space to live the fun together, the taste for being together, the pleasure of smiling face to face. The favourite room in the home, the park in the city or school playground. Of a morning, in the afternoon or before going to bed. Alone, with the family or in the company of friends. Every daily situation can become fun and playful if everything is in sync with #sbabam.

into real life things. A group of people with great experience in the field of the creation and distribution of personalized communication objects and editorial products on a global scale. In Italy and abroad, the company creates

Transform every occasion to a magic moment for change, to create ones own stories and express personal style. Take the brush and commence changing reality: imagination, smiles and company is all it takes. #sbabam invites you to share a splendid adventure and to visit the Official Fan Page on Facebook.

CONTACTS @sbabamworld



Focus on SUN CITY

SUN CITY, LEADER IN LICENSED CLOTHING SUN CITY IS THE EUROPEAN LEADER IN THE PRODUCTION AND COMMERCIAL DISTRIBUTION OF CLOTHING, PYJAMAS, UNDERWEAR, SOCKS, ACCESSORIES, HANDBAGS, SWIMWEAR, BEACH TOWELS, SCHOOL APRONS, HATS, UMBRELLAS, HOMEWARE AND TABLEWARE. The company was founded 30 years ago by the fusion of two companies, a client and a clothing supplier. At that time, DND Sa (supplier) was incredibly knowledgeable of the Chinese and Asian markets. The CIE client, on the other hand, had already dabbled in licensing projects in the world of textiles.

At that time, the French GDO (large retail) market, was in the midst of a commercial boom and this premise resulted in the CIE DND having to become reference supplier for all of the main retail players in a short time. The head office of Sun City is in Paris and the first market on which they have been concentrating on is the French, followed by Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, England, Denmark, Sweden and Finland where they then meet Eastern European countries. The company supported European export in the beginning of the year 2000, structuring their first sales strengths within the Italian market, as we became the pilot country for a wide-ranging project

that then went on to characterize the commercial politics of the company over the next phase. On the product side, everything came to light with the children’s 0-14 year clothing lines. Today Sun City has a wide range of products that cover over 90 brands that are actively licensing in Europe, from the Walt Disney Company to Marvel, Lucas Film and Warner Bros, Viacom, Universal, Copyright, Rainbow and many more. The channels of sales for the company are the GDO (large retail market, food) and Specialized (non food) and to follow wholesale and the world of local distributors by genre. In a market with such a growing orientation towards the lowering of prices, Sun City has decided 28

to undertake a commercial strategy that is completely different, based on spinneret certification, quality of produce and level of customer service. Such a strategy, in a non-exclusive market of the management of brands such as this one, manifests moreover the displaying of how the company has decided to act as a problem solving supplier towards their clients. Sun City is a company that is in continuous evolution and that has, over time, gotten to know how to recuperate commercial strategies that have won in the past and to renew and present them as the key to innovation for both the present day and the future.

Events BLTF

BOLOGNA LICENSING TRADE FAIR. THE ONLY LICENSING EVENT IN ITALY THE 10TH EDITION OF THE BOLOGNA LICENSING TRADE FAIR IS ON THE PROGRAM BETWEEN 3RD AND 5TH APRIL IN BOLOGNA, IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE PRESTIGIOUS BOLOGNA CHILDREN’S BOOK FAIR. NOT ONLY ONE OF THE MAIN EVENTS IN ITALY, BUT ALSO ONE OF THE UNMISSABLE EVENTS FOR THIS INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRY. Bologna Licensing Trade Fair, with multiple services aimed at exhibitors and visitors alike, is the meeting place for the players in licensing. The event is aimed at licensors, licensees, licensing companies, audiovisual production companies, broadcasters, retailers and buyers.

The fair is a unique service for exhibitors, in that the registration at Bologna Licensing Trade Fair is made up of - other than the purchase of the exhibiting space, services and assistance - the possibility to participate in the One-to-One meetings with the Retail world, the Licensing Retail Day for meetings with new licensing partners, and the Licensing Prospect Day, which is organized by the trade magazine Largo Consumo. The event is also a unique and unmissable moment for visitors: with the single ticket, it is possible to

This is a unique acknowledgement, made especially for exhibitors in the fair, for the best licensing program developed in the 2015-2016 window. The nominations will be announced on the eve of the opening of the fair, while the awards will be given during the course of a ceremony on the first evening of the event. An impartial panel of judges who are experts in the field will be deciding on the winners.

participate in all three fairs, licensing, publishing, media&digital, not to mention the numerous organized events and discover all of the recent news on the market of the licensing trade, media and in the sector’s publishing. For the milestone of 10 thousand editions of the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair, BolognaFiere has established Italy’s first award for the sector, the Bologna Licensing Award.


The available exhibition spaces are already 95% sold out. In the 2016 edition, the fair registered 58 exhibitors, 22 of those were foreign from 14 countries, representing around 800 brands. On the occasion of the Licensing Retail Day and the Licensing Prospect Day, over 550 one-to-one meetings were organized for exhibitors of the fair with new licensees and retailers. Licensees Lounge. The new space for licensees

Events Following the success of the Licensing Retail Day and of the growth in number of buyers and retailers present at the fair, moreover those who participate in the organized events with Consumer Products, from 2015 it was decided upon to provide more visibility to licensees and their products in a dedicated space. The goal is that of giving visibility to licensees in the only licensing event in Italy, for licensors and businesses, both Italian and foreign, towards the retail world that habitually attend the fair in increasingly large numbers.

of licenses, generating new and unique possibilities for business. Bologna Digital Media Hall – 2nd Edition After the success achieved for the first edition of the Bologna Digital Media Hall, the 2nd edition is all set for 3-5 April in pavilion number 32, next to the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair. The following are some elements that will be up for discussion for the next Bologna Digital Media.

Licensing Prospect Day. Networking with new Licensees The Licensing Prospect Day arrived with great success in 2015, and the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair supplies such with the aim of enriching the market with new interlocutors and licensing partners.

Rights to digital content. In the context of IP management and in the management of publishing rights and of characters, at the digital cafe the theme of rights for printed material/digital/virtual reality will be mastered. The owners of content master how to obtain the maximum sales possible whether the content is on screen,

in books or in the form of toys. Virtual and Augmented Reality. A new area of creativity to create stories and images: how companies use this format and how to take advantage of the important relationship between the real and the virtual. The creative artist and Technology. Since artists of today and technology partners work together today, they attempt to create a common language and try to understand each of the passions and ideas that are brought forward as innovative and unique products, to push the idea out into the world. In 2017 news is the Digital Media Lounge, which is dedicated to the producers of media that wish to network with the digital operators and editors that are present at the fair. For further information:

Licensing Retail Day. Where Licensing meets the Retail April will see the fifth edition of the Licensing Retail Day, a unique moment in its genre, in which the world of retail has come to light in the rich panorama

Bologna Digital Media: bcbfdigitalmedia@bolognafiere.it Bologna Licensing Trade Fair and Bologna Children’s Book Fair licensing@bolognafiere.it



LICENSING WORLD RUSSIA. RUSSIA’S ONLY EVENT IN THE SECTOR FROM 28TH FEBRUARY TO 2ND MARCH THE ONLY LICENSING EVENT IN RUSSIA TAKES PLACE, ALSO COVERING CIS AND EASTERN EUROPE, ORGANIZED BY GRAND EXPO Made for beginners, it looks at themes such as: the philosophy of brands, the 10 commandments of licensing, ways in which to launch and promote branded products, licensing within various consumer goods sectors. Retail Centre. Licensing presents an interesting opportunity for retailers and the event is the perfect place for beginning negotiations with the protagonists of the market. Character Parade. Just like all respectable licensing fairs, a parade of the most notable characters is in place. This is one of the key moments in the first day of the fair.

Grand Expo is the leader fair organizer in Russia. Other than Licensing World Russia, Grand Expo organizes the B2B Kids Russia event in concomitance, while September’s Moscow Licensing Summit. Why participate in Licensing World Russia First of all, the potential for development in the industry of the Russian market, with demand for quality licensed products is constantly growing. It is the sector’s only event in Russia, that presents the main properties and

brands. Visitors are highly qualified, offering a network of potential partners from Russia and the entire CIS region. The profile of the visitors at Licensing World Russia is made up of: licensees and manufacturers, retailers, retail and e-commerce, marketing and advertising agencies, creative design companies, consultants and sales, public institutions and government

authorities. The key points of the event are: Brand Product Gallery. An exhibit of characters, images and brands applied to various types of product on the market, successfully created by licensees. Business Programme. An opportunity for the professionals in the sector to refresh their knowledge of the market and share experiences with key people in the industry. Licensing School. Involving players that are new to the licensing business. 32

In Russia, the volume of annual retail of licensed products in 2015 was 34 billion rubles (roughly 15 billion Euro). Under 9’s are the main target for licensed products (around 70% of them choose licensed products). (Source: Ipsos Comcon 2015)


KAZACHOK LICENSING FORUM 2017 THE 14TH EDITION OF THE FRENCH LICENSING EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE FROM 19TH THROUGH 20TH APRIL IN PARIS. it will display licensed food products as an example of how licensing can be a growth engine for mass-market products, particularly food. The fair includes not only booths and the famous Pitching Sessions that unveil brand and property strategies but a series of conferences hosted by such institutes

This year, Kazachok took into account the MIP and the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair dates, to allow the whole profession to meet up during this major licensing event. The event will take place at the Paris Event Center for the 3rd year in a row. The space concept will remain just as spectacular with the huge lit up structures to offer ever more visibility to brands, which is the fair’s core aim. Over the past 15 years Kazachok has succeeded in creating an event that enables different branches and actors to share and maximize their mutual interest for licensing. Kazachok Licensing Forum’s goal is to allow participants to understand and use licensing whatever their importance and financial means may be. Everything is organized to help exhibitors and visitors to meet and exchange. At Kazachok Licensing Forum networking takes on a whole new dimension since they go out of their way to ensure that everyone finds the suitable contact, client, licensee, rights

holder or partner to develop new business opportunities. To do so organisers begin accompanying exhibitors and visitors alike, months before the event. Each year organizers select novelties that can interest visitors and exhibitors. The Trends Corner is a space dedicated to showcasing licensed products based on a specific theme selected depending on market trends. In 2017, the Trends Corner will be colorful and mouthwatering since


as NPD and Junior City among others to identify and decipher market value and licensing figures. They will exhibit: The Pokémon Company, TF1 Licences, France TV Distribution, Mediatoon, Rainbow, Toei Animation, Nelvana Enterprises, Smiley, Hasbro, Mattel Brands, On Entertainment, Warners Bros. CP, CPLG, Nickelodeon Viacom, The Licensing Company, Planeta Jr, Studio 100, Delcourt-Soleil, Longboard, Viz Media Europe, Cyber Group Studios, Freegun, M6 Licences, Perfetti van Melle, Sagoo, Biplano, Cotton Blue, Procidis, Deliso, Glénat Licensing, Eurogift, Corolle, Studiocanal, Universal Studios CP…


Trends in the world of toys THE NEW TOYS PRESENT IN NUREMBERG AND SOON TO BE ON THE SHELVES Each year at Spielwarenmesse, with over 2800 businesses and 70,000 professional visitors, decisive commercial contacts are created and trends for the next few years are born. The following is only a taste of what to expect at the main global event in the sector.

Quercetti. Turning Green

are recyclable and eco-friendly, beginning with wood. The first line of wooden toys by the Piedmont company is called Gioca Wood. Two new construction toys are also being presented, which are created entirely with recycled cardboard: Pop Out 3D and Tecno Puzzle 3D. And last but not least, the earth. The Gioca

Quercetti presents a particularly rich catalogue of new items. The classic tacks are presented in a brand new way. From this moment on, the products in the line are called Pixel Baby, Pixel Junior and Pixel Evo and they are characterized by a design that is completely renewed that gives elements of play that stimulate the curiosity of little ones. Three versions are to be presented for three age groups. The real Quercetti news is in the choice of

Oli & Carol

with safe colours for children to play with. Playmonster. Power to the children with Wonder Crew PlayMonster LLC has announced the global acquisition of the Wonder CrewÂŽ license, the brand with the line of toys that encourage children to understand empathy through friendship, imagination and adventure. Wonder Crew looks at the stereotypes that are common amongst kids: combining adventure with action figures together with the emotional connotations of the characters, the wonder crew characters

Quercetti Green line foresees 10 kits with which children can make their own vegetable garden on the balcony. All of the materials contained in the Gioca Green sets are 100% biodegradable.

Oil & Carol. Fun and safe games Quercetti

textiles. In effect, for the first time in 67 years, Quercetti uses materials other than plastic. New lines of products with which the company gives life to a new idea, characterized by the use of materials that

Colour, fun and safety. Oil & Carol natural rubber toys that respect the environment are arriving in Italy. All of the Oil & Carol toys are made of 100% latex from the Hevea trees; they are safe to chew, fun for the bath, on the beach and at the pool. The toys are easy to clean and nice to look at as decorative objects. All of the products are natural and homemade, eco-friendly and biodegradable, hand painted and made 34

Oli & Carol

Trends Cartamundi. New card games and new ideas Two years since the manufacturing expansion, Cartamundi has become leader in the production of playing cards and board games on a global scale. New

Playmonster are coordinated with role-play accessories, also thought up for children. Laurel Wider, psychotherapist and mother, created Wonder Crew by the inspiration of her own son, to encourage children to express themselves in an emotional manner while being themselves. Launched on Kickstarter in March 2015, Wonder Crew grasped the

attention of parents and the media in an instant, followed by the request from the Whitehouse for Wider to talk to the media regarding the breaking of stereotypes and to create toys to aid such an idea. From here the commitment of Wonder Crew has been taken on by PlayMonster, and shall be on shelves from the beginning of 2017. The target age group is 2-5 years.




product lines of the brands Fundels and Shuffle are to be announced in Nuremberg. The new Fundels educational card game is based on the notion that 68% of the human brain is much more active when we are having fun and the line of cards is made according to this fact as it offers children as much fun as it does learning. The Fundels line combines entertainment, colourful games and packaging with themes such as language, conceptual thought and mathematics. Monopoly from the Shuffle line has been one of the most popular games yet. Shuffle MONOPOLY DEAL CITIES takes classic Monopoly to the next level, incorporating the most famous places of London into the game. A must-have for every lover of the city. Following the success of the Snap and Happy Families games inspired by PAW Patrol, the new Cartamundi games inspired by this property are ready, such as Rescue Memo.

Santoro Wooly Organic Santoro. The Gorjuss toy news Nuremberg is set to be an intense fair for the iconic Gorjuss. Having twelve Gorjuss licenses present at the fair, they are selling in 20 countries. First of all, the expansion of the Gorjuss doll line. EducaBorras presents the Fofuchadoll kit for making the Gorjuss ladybird (already the top selling Fofuchain in Spain), and Paola Reina, already presented in 2016, with new dolls and clothing. Staying with Spain, the CYP Imports licensee exhibits their dolls and the new line of fashion accessories by Gorjuss, including hair accessories, jewelry boxes and alarm clocks. In the toys category, EducaBorras and Jumbo B.V will show their puzzles, which have amplified the notoriety of Gorjuss in North Europe, in the Scandinavian markets and in Spain. The new partners for Santoro, such as ComansiS.L. are set to launch the

Cartamundi WOOLY ORGANIC. Design and Green Wooly Organic is a young brand that has health at the centre of its being for the future of today’s children. For this, sustainable toys that are safe for children and the environment, were created. All of the characters in the collection are made in Europe (Latvia) with natural materials, following the highest qualitative standards. Wooly Organic uses 100% organic cotton that is GOTS certified and uses 100% corn fibre fillings, naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Wooly Organic 36

first series of collectables for Spain, while Sequin Art UK presents the first sparkling Gorjuss kit of sequins, that will be introduced into the world of arts and crafts.

BM Srl with LICENSING MAGAZINE is exhibiting for the first time at the 68th Spielwarenmesse. We are the only licensing magazine present with our own stand, in addition to our usual distribution at the East entrance of the Fair. Come to visit us at the NCC WEST area (Foyer Pavilion 12) stand n. 08.


Next Christmas according to Clementoni ENRICHED WITH TECHNOLOGICAL, INTERACTIVE, EDUCATIVE NEWS AND FUN AS EVER Clementoni had always had the goal of helping children to have fun learning amidst today’s increasingly modern technology and advanced didactic theories. Leader in the sector of educative play, the company has been proud of this dimension of play for over 50 years, accompanying children in growth and learning through using their toys. This year, Clementoni are dedicating even more attention on the didactic and cognitive aspects, translating the STEM method into the play environment, nearing little ones to scientific material, assisting the development of logical and critical thinking, problem solving capacity and creativity, in such a way that proves intuitive and fun.

DOC TALKING EDUCATIVE ROBOT (4-7 years) DOC, the Sapientino robot, helps children to stimulate creativity and train their logical capacity in order to solve problems, from the preschool age. DOC is an innovative toy that enjoys the disciplinary aspects of an educative robot. Children play with the robot, applying basic concepts of programming in an easy and fun manner. DOC teaches them to count, he helps them to learn from their mistakes and also supports their logical thinking while working on the logic involved in moving successfully in a given space.

BABY BILIARDINO ( 18 months +) With Baby Biliardino (baby snooker) children can have fun with challenges that help them to learn letters, numbers, shapes, colours and new words, also in English. Thanks to its various functionalities, the fun Biliardino allows the child to develop coordination, manuality, and to understand the causeeffect relationship better.

EVOLUTION ROBOT (8+ years) Evolution Robot is the final frontier of Made in Clementoni science, created to near children to the world of Educative Robotics in a winning and easy way. After having constructed the robot, which is 30cm tall, children can learn to program him and teach him to move objects with the help of the free app. The scientific manual supplies children with lots of information to spark their curiosity of both robotics and electronics. 37

Clementoni Clementoni registers sales revenue of 175 million Euro, of which 55% are from exports. With 500 employees in Italy and over 80 abroad, the group presently holds offices in Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, Poland, UK, Turkey, Benelux and has an operative branch in Hong Kong.


The Giochi Preziosi news in Nuremberg OWN BRANDS AND LOTS OF LICENSED TOY LINES, THE COMPANY PRESENTS A SUBSTANTIAL CATALOGUE OF NEWS THAT COVERS ALL TARGETS. Girl’s Target First note for the unmissable Cicciobello®, classic brand by Giochi Preziosi that, since its birth in 1962, has become brilliantly established over the years thanks to the toy’s design and capacity to reinvent itself time and time again. As they continue to represent the doll amidst the global panorama of Large Dolls, brand awareness is still proving incredibly strong in Italy and France. For the upcoming Spring 2017 season, Cicciobello will cut his first tooth. They will therefore present Cicciobello Dentino. During Christmas 2016 the Glimmies™ saw great appreciation from girls. The Glimmies™ are 23 dolls, each 6 cm tall, that glow in the dark and turn off in the light thanks to their photometric sensors. There are also 6 different cassettes that are inspired by nature, the Glimhouse, not to mention the Glimtern, a special lantern-shaped playset. From Spring 2017, their adventures can be followed on TV thanks to the 20 episode series of the same name.

Ice skating, Fashion and looks, Music. The range is set to be expanded under the Sporty, Makeup and Electronics titles. After the Family series, made up of sweet dogs and cats, the Pet Parade Club is enriched with another new collection of puppies that will be present before next Christmas. Moreover the programming of the mini tv series dedicated to Pet Parade is on Cartoonito. Boy’s Target Stretch Armstrong is an all time classic! After the extraordinary success in the ‘90’s, Stretch is a confirmed evergreen in the industry and the toy registered optimum sales performance during Christmas 2016, as usual. Fun, stimulating and simply addictive, Stretch Armstrong is ready to return for Christmas 2017!

The association with Rainbow is evident, and Regal Academy is the Toy Master License for Preziosi as they present a rich collection in Nuremberg that revolves around fashion dolls, role play toys and play sets. Soy Luna - the Disney TV series - is also part of the Giochi Preziosi portfolio as Toy Master Licensee. They present the brand at the fair with precise attributes that are faithful to the themes of the series: 38

Preschool Super Wings, on air with Cartoonito since February 2016, is foreseen as one of the top lines in the panorama that is the preschool target, for 2017. After the grand launch of the toy line for Christmas 2017, Giochi Preziosi continues its investment for 2017, both extending its current assortment and adding brand new products with new characters, vehicles and playsets, all inspired by the upcoming television series.


The upcoming season for children’s fashion PITTI BIMBO EXPLORES CHILDREN’S AUTUMN/WINTER 2017/2018 FASHION TRENDS THIS JANUARY. Elisabetta Franchi. La mia Bambina For the 84th edition of Pitti Bimbo, ELISABETTA FRANCHI presents her first collection, dedicated to girls. From crepes on silk to printed textiles, from delicate neutral tones to bright colours, many different quality combinations make up the DNA that sets ELISABETTA FRANCHI, women’s Made in Italy clothing brand, apart from the crowd. The winners that have been created reflect the soul of the brand, with details that truly identify a woman. The ‘50’s are revisited in the form of shape and materials, along with inspired prints and

sweatshirts and denim to satisfy the necessities of everyday wear without losing out on style. QUIS QUIS Stefano Cavalleri. Precious stones and gems. A collection that is entirely dedicated to precious gems and stones, to their beauty, to their light and their colours. Three tones with different shades are available. The ruby and garnet reds, which represent


nobility, magnificence, the sun and the fiery flame not to mention the joy to be alive. To follow are the quartz and opal pinks: the eternal youth and everlasting beauty, a stone that stimulates true love, with delicate tones. Last but not least, the aqua of the Moonstone and Aquamarine. The Moonstone is the sacred stone, it is intuition, protection and deep comprehension, symbolising the moon; while aquamarine is clarity, balance, dreams, harmony, purity and altruism. A precious collection enriched with magic and decoration, chiffon, tulle, organza, satin, brocade and velvets, embroidery,

Elisabetta Franchi. La mia Bambina accessories, adapted into children’s sizes. The padded jackets, coats and other styles of jacket in the line are made to face the winter time like a sweet enveloping cuddle, while staying true to the designer’s Animal Friendly spirit. BETTY DOLL, icon of the designer, Elisabetta Franchi, is proposed in both print and embroidery, while CANE TEO is the characteristic element of patches that give a touch of personalization to any girl. Also full of life is the range of sporty garments: jerseys,

QUIS QUIS - Stefano Cavalleri decoration, sprinkling of stones, crystals, sequins, pearls, ribbons and lace. The palettes of Goya, Velasquez, Klimt, Monet, Manet, Renoir and Bronzino inspire this collection. The Autumn/Winter collection 2017 by Sarabanda

QUIS QUIS - Stefano Cavalleri 40

Sarabanda is set to present the themes of the new Autumn/Winter collection for

Trends 2017 at the Florence event. A collection rich with elegant clothing for special events and creative solutions for daywear. Sarabanda Girl. For the Back to School season, an American university style is brought forth. Must have: denim. On the palette we can expect blue, cherry red, white and heather grey. Current and super fashionable this season is the oversized hoodie and bomber jacket. For the Preppy in Black look, black and white with mustard yellow stitching is in play. An urban and contemporary style with a rock chick feeling. Luxury Winter is the inspiration that gives life to this elegant line of allure, in the shades of grey and white with gold and silver stitching that refine each piece and give the garments style. Urban Military Style is created to actively live both school and free time. Military style interpreted in a contemporary fashion, adapted for day to day wear. Black, grey and red are dominating this range, along with military green, with gold and copper stitching.

The bomber jackets and long sweatshirts with graphics and text to express the theme are not to be missed. Preppy in black presents lines where black and white are dominating with added red. A rock style with a minimal feel. The Hipster culture presents the Sarabanda boy range with an elegant tone that is adapted for special occasions. The designer has interpreted this style with a modern take on vintage. Urban Military Style displays a contemporary and fashionable style. Shades are grey, light and dark, with military green. Knitwear with holes and sweatshirts with diagonal tears, presence of parkas, cargo pants, not to mention torn and patterned camouflage prints. For infants (0 – 24 months), the Minibanda collection is all about everyday wear and clothing for important occasions, with an optimum fit and created in comfortable and warm textiles. We move from a romantic theme to that of ceremony to university, both for girls and boys, for whom there is a little rock feel added.

Manuel Ritz Kids Autumn/ Winter 2017-2018 Manuel Ritz presents his first ever children’s line at the 84th Pitti Bimbo event, produced and distributed by Follie’s Group.

Sarabanda Boy. For the boy’s Back to School range, clothing with university style and a mixture of modern vestitures.

Sarabanda Girl


For the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, Manuel Ritz kids draws from the wardrobe of a gentleman, taking styles and textiles, looking over them with fine detail to see what makes each garment unique. The precious materials are handcrafted and combined in a mix and match manner that sees formal wear and casual harmonize. The entire collection is enriched by a vast range of footwear, where white sneakers with the Manuel Ritz logo are posed, on the lining.


Sarabanda Boy 41


Pink Panther, the Italian evolution. From classic brand to fashion icon AN EXTRAORDINARY AND EVOLVING CASE HISTORY ABOUT THE DEVELOPMENT OF A CHARACTER INTO THE KIDS AND ADULT FASHION SYSTEM IN A STABLE AND DURABLE WAY, UNTIL TO BECOME AN ICON. In the last decade Pink Panther, one of the most recognized characters in the world and international icon of cool and sophistication, inspired several high end collaborations raising from Italian fashion arena that strengthen the fashion positioning of the character but also generated huge visibility and press coverage and last but not least generated significant royalties. To name just of the few, Monnalisa with his girl collection and a spin off in the baby

last Spring Summer DTR Collection with the sporty chic collection for girls. Thanks to the local knowledge and strong relationships nurtured by CPLG at a local level, this also demonstrates how local application can be so successful, raising the profile of brands both locally and globally. MGM and CPLG in the last years investigates new opportunities in licensing, refresh apparel ranges and other product sectors with new creative assets. MGM has always been prolific in releasing new creative assets, seasonal updates


Ice Iceberg which can be key in licensing and also shown great flexibility in terms of creative interpretation! For 2017, CPLG in collaboration with MGM, decided to turn Pink Panther to the next generation of designers and tap into the local pool of talent by partnering with Pitti Immagine Bimbo, the most important international tradeshow for kids and teenage fashion, other than the incubator for the new lifestyle trends for the next years. In occasion of the tradeshow, a bunch of famous international fashion designer will create a special outfit dedicated to Pink Panther that will be showcased during the tradeshow in Florence, happening in January 2017. The limited edition of the cobranded outfits will be then sold in the most prestigious department stores in Italy and in the flagship stores of the designers involved in the project and part of the earnings from the project will go to charity in favour of OXFAM.

range featuring the cute pink panther, and Iceberg, an historical partner of MGM that honoured the famous character starting from the adult collection to the Ice Iceberg spin off SS 2017 collection dedicated to Girls. The fashion appeal of the pink panther coloured the windows of numerous retailers, from the historical partnership with Benetton to Original Marines, with their


Iceberg 42


New Frontiers of Animation TWO INTENSE DAYS OF INSIGHTS AND NEWS AT LAST CARTOON DIGITAL. HERE A DETAILED REPORT BY SIMONA FABBRI, KIDS ENTERTAINMENT EXPERT for on demand and streaming services in their various formulations: “subscription based”, “advertising based” or free. It is therefore for this reason that during the days of the Master course, the mantra “content is king” was repeated in many a context: not exactly a new concept, but something which seems truer today than it has ever been. And in a mere moment, from the exaltation of content, it came to magnifying this era as if it were the season of gold for those who produce it. This is in fact the message that has been emerged in a more or less explicated manner by the representatives of the content aggregators - Fred Seibert of Freferator Networks (USA), José Carlos García of Atomo Network (Mexico) who invited IP creators to use their own

Simona Fabbri The Master course was, as always, organized by Cartoon with support from the Creative Europe of Media programme. If it is true that if feels almost obligatory for everyone to be present where it seems that children take up most of their time (at least according to the most accredited research, such as that which was presented in great professionality to Cartoon Digital by Avril Blondelot of Mediametrie), it is also true that it is not completely clear, yet, how advantageous and profitable the efforts made by the market players are, when they take actions in order to become more and more multiplatform. That, which is irrefutably real for digital platforms, is the hunger for content, in particular 44

platforms to meet the audience as vastly as possible and to submit their own work for the judgment of the users. All true, even if it is not so simple to orientate oneself amidst the jungle of one abundant offer, and quantity, which is often difficult to pigeonhole, tends to become a drawback mainly for users, but also for authors themselves. From this point of view, the most significant steps have been for the children’s audience for whom contents have not only been treated in terms of organization, but also under the microscope of safety. With this in mind, the Master course testimonials of Lucy Murphy of Sky UK, Guilhelm Ravet of Lagardere Active, Cedric Petitpas of YouTube Kids (EMEA), Christine Reinaudo of France Television and Luca Fiore of Azomee (UK) have been

Digital reassuring. Their services appear to have been thought over with a fine tooth comb and special attention to the needs of small children has been paid. Small children are of course digital natives, but with respect to the risks of the Internet, they are today more exposed and at the same time less screened than adults. Returning to the producers, the good news is that the number of windows where content can be displayed has sensibly increased. Positive, sure, because this means that the chances are increasing that the strength of the IP, that traditional broadcasters could have underestimated in the past, will be recognized and that “word of mouth” could prove to be the projector at the attention of thousands (or in some cases, millions) of users. But it must be clear: the multiplication of platforms has not resolved, at least for now, the more uncomfortable question that has always made independent producers lose sleep over: to find investors or commercial partners who are willing to put their hands in their pockets to sustain their economic efforts. The speeches at Cartoon Digital, in this sense, have not been very comforting, because they have let it be known that the investments, other than being an option that has only very recently been considered, are still quite tight, restricted to only certain types of content and

evaluated only by the giants of the market, and sometimes not even by them. So, not much confusion on the matter: many screens do not mean many budgets to create new IP’s, at most they represent an occasion to monetize content that has already been produced, giving the tired material new life. This is not something to be overlooked, on the contrary, but it may not be that which producers were hoping for. There is now one card left to be played, always the same, that of creativity. Not only from a content point of view, where it continues to be the necessary ingredient to give life to iconic characters


and engaging stories (which have always granted a programme’s success), but also from the financial side, by making strategic alliances with companies that operate in different sectors, for example that of food and drink or of tourism - as outlined in the Master course by Eric Huang of Made In Me (UK), a company specialized in partnerships between the digital world and the businesses outside of it. Such that is affirmed by many speakers is quite possibly true, amongst those Tuomas Sorjamaa of the Finnish publishing house Kaiken Publishing, affiliated with Rovio: “If something exists in the media, for children it exists everywhere”. Maybe it’s best if we start again from here.

Digital & Media

Animation and Virtual Reality The so-called Virtual Reality is certainly one of the newest territories that is under experimentation throughout the digital world. It is difficult to say whether a real revolution of content is upon us or if it will wear out enveloping in itself, victim of its own referentiality. While we are still waiting to understand this, is has been interesting to listen to presentations on the matter at Cartoon Digital (see pages 44 and 45), such as that of Sylvain Joly di Apelab, young Swiss company that is already present in the USA. Joly illustrated two methods of VR expression to us: 360 degree videos, that, even with their notable impact on the viewer, they have a limited possibility for interaction: and

FROM ANIMATION TO APPS. Two European projects for the kids target SUN IN EYE - PIKKULI Pikkuli is a brand for Finnish children. The first tv series of 26 x 5 minute episodes, produced by Sun In Eye and Tomavistas, has already been sold in 14 countries and the second series is on its way. The project was born of a children’s book that was published in 2011 entitled Fly, Pikkuli Fly.

Six apps exist at present, along with online games for children, a YouTube channel and social media pages. The fundamental elements are: family, friends, play, exploration, learning, nature and environment. The brand is looking at the first phases of licensing.

PEEKABOO ANIMATION – MIRONINS In Spain, the Peekaboo animation studio is working towards a project that brings little ones towards the world of art, the Mironins, created in collaboration with the Joan Mirò foundation. Mironins has coloured drops as protagonists, which escape from pieces of Joan Mirò’s art and come to life. During their adventures, children can travel into the world of art. The TV series is a slice of a fuller transmedia project. The project includes museum guides based on Augmented Reality with interactive games on the app, not to mention a book entitled Mironins. A book to play and learn with Joan Miró, which is already available in 5 languages.


the so-called “real time VR”, created with computer generated elements (similar to those in video games) that offer a wide range of possibilities to interact but at the same time run the risk of not managing to bring significant content to life. Convinces sustainer of the VR’s revolutionary strength is without a doubt Mark Ashmore of the British Future Artists. Ashmore maintains that VR - just like AR (augmented reality) and MR (mixed reality) - is fundamental to create content, in particular new artistic forms, which can attract, involve and withhold millennials, the generation that most feels the need to have strong experiences inside a space that truly mirrors the twenty first century.


The New Challenge for Toy’s players as Kids’ schedules are getting busier and busier BY IVAN COLECCHIA, GENERAL MANAGER ITALY, KIDZ GLOBAL

Ivan Colecchia Ah, to be a child again - running across fields, playing football until it gets dark, drawing the afternoon away. But is that an accurate image? Is modern day childhood the halcyon, unflustered time we imagine, or a regimented period governed by a never-ending list of activities? As ever, the answer is somewhere in the middle. School is more structured than ever, and many parents would be shocked by the effects of a child’s daily routine. While they’re far from objectively negative, set lesson, break, and

meal times mean that if two children end up on different schedules, they may be completely unable to spend time together during the day. Just hope best friends end up on the same schedule, or they likely won’t even get to have lunch at the same time. Homework is also set to a timetable, rather than amount achieved or material covered - teacher guidelines are written based on how long homework should be taking a child, so even with an easy subject, kids are bringing home one to two hours’ worth of work per day. Tutelage, private lessons, and
 hobbies can be similarly
regimented, as there’s only
certain times such activities
can take place. Sports
demand that facilities and
 other players are available,
 and the same is true for
leisure activities. Videogames
played together mean every
player has to be available at
once, while games like
Stardew Valley set specific,
real-world timeframes for in-
game tasks - don’t play at a
specific time and the crop
you’re growing may wilt or die. Some games have even introduced limited-time content - play within a


specific window or you’ll simply never have access to it. Around these events, even more casual endeavours end up with enforced timeframes. Meals are eaten in available windows, and casual time threatens to become a thing of the past. Digitised, and therefore highly portable, content removes some of the burden, allowing children to work and play in environments which were previously limiting. Homework can be researched on the way to visit grandma, and TV watched in the bath. The recently released augmented reality game Pokemon Go maps its playable features on to the real world, meaning that a child can be unlocking unique game content while travelling or out on a walk. Perhaps this is the future - finding ways to open up new ways to do things and amalgamating tasks that were mutually exclusive just years ago. If, for example, your child can go on a healthy walk AND be excited to catch digital monsters on the way, perhaps that’s not a walk spoiled, but a new fusion of exercise and play that kids are excited to experience.

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