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Dear reader 2019 is already gathering momentum! LM has literally doubled the number of events that it will cover in the first quarter. Firstly we will be traveling to Florence, where a new and very impressive edition of PITTI BIMBO 88 awaits, featuring the exclusive NICE LICENSING section (organized by BM Srl on behalf of Pitti Immagine and in collaboration with Bolognafiere Spa and Bologna Licensing Trade Fair), and then we head over to the U.S. attending the NEW YORK TOY FAIR for the first time as a Media Partner. LM will report on all the latest news, happenings and trends, as well as covering all the key industry licensing events such as SPIELWARENMESSE through to KIDSCREEN SUMMIT, the Bordeaux CARTOON MOVIE and then finally on to Milan at the end of March to attend PROMOTION EXPO.


Originally launching as an Italian magazine for the Italian industry, LM has rapidly grown over the past two years, extending its reach internationally to become one of the most prestigious titles of the sector. From the US to China, and widespread across Europe, there are no international events and news that LM does not follow, making sure its content is never limited to just consumer products, but also explores trends, emerging new content, new developments, platforms and strategies, leaving no stone unturned!

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This extraordinary growth has been made possible thanks to the companies that have always believed in our ethos and ideas, and as such, we would like to say a very warm THANK YOU! We wish everyone a fantastic and productive start to the new year and may this be a positive trend that we see over the coming months for the local and international licensing market.


As always, enjoy reading!

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Cover story MATTEL

INSPIRING GIRLS SINCE 1959 Since her debut in 1959, Barbie has become an international icon and muse. Today, she continues to spark imaginations and influence conversations around the world. From female firsts to famous collaborations, Barbie is a reflection of the times – a snapshot of pop culture. Created to show girls that women have choices, Barbie has always empowered the limitless potential in every girl. underrepresented by women, and highlighting role models and Sheroes. Finding that the brand wasn’t resonating with millennial mums looking for purpose, the Barbie brand took a hard look at itself, and started on a journey to better represent Ruth Handlers original vision for the doll. This started in 2015 with the introduction of a flat foot – for the first

As a muse to the world’s leading designers, Barbie has collaborated with over 75 global brands and up and coming young designers and talent, partnering with Moschino, MattyBovan, Nasir Mazhar, Roksanda Ilincic, Karl Lagerfeld, Comme Des Garçons, and many more to create one of a kind dolls and exciting fashion collaborations. Since 1959, Barbie has inspired girls to be anything. From princess to president, astronaut to zoologist, there isn’t a plastic ceiling Barbie hasn’t broken. Today, with over 200 careers and counting, she continues to inspire the limitless potential in every girl, through representing a broader view of society (and beauty), showcasing careers typically

time, Barbie doesn’t just wear heels - and additional skin tones, hair colours and face sculpts. Later in 2015 Barbie released “Imagine the Possibilities” an award-winning creative that brought to life the brand message You Can be Anything for a new generation of mums and girls. Months later, in Jan 2016 Barbie unveiled the curvy, tall and petite body shapes with a Time Cover; “Now Can We Stop Talking About My Body?” this was a break-through moment for the brand,


Cover story of their country’s history. Since the 80s, Mattel continues to integrate cultural variety in the Barbie line with Barbie friends and characters of Asian, Hispanic, African American and ethnically ambiguous descent. Over 100 dolls with different skin tones, face sculpts, hair colours, styles and eye colours have been introduced since 2015 alone, committing Barbie to be the most diverse doll on the market.

generating over 4 billion impressions globally. To date, Barbie Fashionistas have had over 100 different skin tones, ethnicities, hair textures, eye colours, and even face shapes since 2015. Finding research that a dad’s involvement in his daughter’s imaginary play contributes to her social, intellectual and emotional development in real life, Barbie connected with parents through “Dads Who Play Barbie” to further articulate the brands campaign to empower girls. This autumn, Barbie will be spotlighting the “Dream Gap” which is the critical time between the ages of 5-6 where girls start to believe they are less brilliant than boys. To raise awareness of this issue, Barbie is launching a campaign dedicated to research and resources for parents on how to help girls transcend this “Dream Gap.” One of the ways to help girls continue to believe they are brilliant is through role modelling – by showing them women from diverse backgrounds and fields who are breaking boundaries. Since 2015, the Barbie brand has committed to showing girls more role models, or Sheroes as they call them, to help girls imagine what they can become in the future. Some of the amazing women that Barbie has honoured as part of the Shero programme in recent years include UK Olympian Boxer Nicola Adams, US Olympian Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, Body


“My whole philosophy of Barbie was that through the doll, the little girl could be

In her role as confidant to a generation of girls, Barbie empowers kids to shatter the glass ceiling, by enjoying over 200 careers - Barbie went to the moon before man, she was a presidential candidate before an American woman ran for office, as well

anything she wanted to be. Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices.” - Ruth Handler

Activist and Model Ashley Graham, the first African-American Principal Ballerina in American Ballet Misty Copeland, and the Director of film Selma, Ava DuVernay. This year in an effort in showcase more empowering stories to girls, Barbie launched www.barbie.com/rolemodels and introduced the Inspiring Women line of dolls of Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo and Katherine Johnson.

as having also been a president, a robotics engineer, an architect, vet, dentist, astronaut, paleontologist, video game developer to a CEO, and has even been a rapper, staunchly continuing to this day, to inspire young girls to try on careers.

DIVERSITY, CAREERS & FASHION Barbie line-up continues to evolve. The first African American doll introduced into the Barbie line was Francie in 1967 (collectors often refer to this doll as ‘Black Francie’), followed by Talking Christie in 1968, and Julia in 1970, inspired by Diahann Carroll’s popular TV character Julia Baker. The same year, Christie’s boyfriend Brad is introduced, the first male black doll in the Barbie line, followed by further characters Cara and Curtis in 1975. Black Barbie, the first black doll named Barbie, launched in 1980, as well as Dolls of the World, featuring Barbie dolls from all over the world, representing more than 45 different nationalities with unique skin tones, hair colour and facial features, each wearing authentic clothing representative


Sergio Tacchini

Cover story MATTEL

Back to the origins. Mattel’s new philosophy for CP in Europe

Original Marines Lisa Weger LM interviewed Lisa Weger, Head of Regional Consumer Products Europe for Mattel, to learn more the company’s European licensing strategies. What is your strategy for Barbie in Europe? Our strategy for Barbie consumer products in Europe is to get back to basics and start growing again in the kids market by focusing on product and our fans. The toy has been on a double digit upswing

for the last 3 years and the consumer products business will soon follow that trajectory as well. We will start by reshaping our product to reflect the doll and her DNA in a more pure way. We will put our Barbie fans at the center instead of placing focus on the competition. We will always ask the question: will this product, service, idea excite a true Barbie fan? Is the fashion and lifestyle positioning of Barbie so strong in Europe as it is in Italy? Fashion is at the core of the Barbie brand



and Barbie always shines when she pays tribute to that part of her DNA. Italy has a particularly special place in Barbie’s fashion history because of the amazing collaborations that the Italian people and the Italian designers have gifted to the brand. Barbie and Italy will always have a special connection. Barbie recognizes the importance of Italy in the world of fashion and Italy recognizes Barbies importance in the same way. What are the future plans for Barbie in Europe with reference to softlines, hardlines and publishing? We are excited to work with our long term partners as well as new partners to explore the appeal of Barbie in the most innovative and exciting new ways. There is no doubt that the world is changing and girls are changing. We will look to our partners to help us with their category and country expertise to offer the most appealing and innovative products to our fans in the most contemporary and fresh new ways. We will always look to thrill the customer and if we must pass on an opportunity that does not fit the new vision of Barbie, we will do so in order to bring the best of the brand back to our core fans – girls!

Cover story

Barbie’s key role in Italy. A Patrizia Pepe capsule collection on her 60th anniversary Italy is a strategic country for Mattel, especially when it concerns the story and development of the Barbie brand. To find out more, LM interviewed Eleonora Schiavoni, Managing Director of Victoria Licensing & Marketing, exclusive agent of the Mattel brands in Italy. of products that communicate endless possibilities and empowerment to girls.

Eleonora Schiavoni Historically, what were the development strategies for the Barbie CP in Italy? Victoria Licensing & Marketing has been developing the Barbie brand for the Italian territory Consumer Products for 18 years. The Consumer Products strategy has always been linked to the positioning of the brand over time. At first, a strong fashion and beauty positioning led us to successfully develop all the softlines area. We then created the rest of the lifestyle, also going through the development of a more typical fantasy and entertainment area aimed at younger girls. Today thanks to the great job of repositioning the brand - I can say that we finally went

back to communicating the essence of the brand to girls, with the mantra “you can be anything”. This makes the Consumer Products the perfect tool to complete the brand message through the offer


What are the most important results and for which categories? Over the years, the Barbie brand has been carefully developed covering every relevant category. Of course, the areas that best expressed the DNA of the brand have always been that of fashion and of role play, both for their natural link to the essence of the product: fashion on one side and the endless playing possibilities that Barbie offers on the other. As well as beautiful clothing and accessories collections, we also have role play lines that reproduce the dreams and aspirations of young girls, from cooking stations, for those who dream of becoming chefs, to doctor’s sets for those who love to imagine themselves as a doctor. Another very important category for the brand has been and still is, the one of food promotions. Barbie is very successful in this area too, especially in the confectionery and seasonal products segment, showing all its crossgenerational power in the communication aimed at the actual buyers. Lifestyle has always been a relevant aspect in the development of this brand. Can you tell us something more about it? What are the main examples which have characterized this development over the years? Lifestyle is part of the DNA of this brand. Besides clothing, which has always been the flagship category of the brand, the back to school undoubtedly represents a relevant category because it is linked to

Cover story MATTEL a very important moment in each girl’s life. After a long partnership with Seven, today the Barbie back to school world is very well represented by GUT, especially through backpacks and stationery. In the accessories and footwear’ areas, which in Italy has represented a story of success for Barbie, we work with Fly, a dynamic company that has captured the


Ferrero essence of the Barbie brand and is able to combine it in the most fashionable and contemporary styles. Then we have the area of beauty, developed with great care by combining the brand with tailored-kid’s products and always characterized by fun and new elements. And finally, the lifestyle area of the brand is also complemented by the outdoor products such as bicycles, kick scooters and outdoor games.

Dino Bikes

What does Barbie’s CP development mainly rely on? Licensing today lives and expresses itself more and more through a variety of elements that must combine effectiveness and harmony. In a nutshell, it is no longer enough to have a brand, however famous, to assure popularity and growth. It takes writing projects and the capacity to start them, with investments and dedicated care given by the licensor. I believe this is the recipe that we have always applied to the development of Barbie Consumer Products in Italy. In this way, with the help of the Mattel team, we build partnerships with companies and retailers who see Barbie as a brand that stands for its values and holds a continuous cultural relevance as well as awareness. Moreover, I am equally aware that Mattel, together with the identified partners, pursues common goals of success.

iconic doll in the world? Many projects await as we enter a year of celebrations for Barbie’s 60th anniversary.


What are the future plans for the most


Grandi Giochi


Cover story

A brand that after 60 years is still able to renew and present itself with modernity and distinction to the younger generations, a brand that is an icon of empowerment and endless possibilities for girls. Barbie will be the protagonist of many projects, with the first being marked by the launch of the Barbie capsule collection by Patrizia Pepe, presented during the 88th edition of Pitti Immagine Bimbo in Florence. The other “celebration” projects concern the world of sport - with the launch of the Sergio Tacchini woman and child capsule collection dedicated to tennis - and the world of confectionery - with the celebratory Zaini chocolate bars and Caffarel chocolates. And there’s much more that we will unveil and tell you about throughout the year!

The 2019 projects for the other Mattel brands

celebrations of its 50th anniversary, it has always lived in “fifth gear”, enjoying great visibility thanks to the many events dedicated to it. Moreover, we must mention the “Top games” Mattel: Uno (market leader among card games), Scrabble and Pictionary, “historical” games that everyone knows and have thrilled several generations. In 2019 they will be supported by an important marketing plan, which will rely on the most famous social influencers.

There is not only Barbie in the Mattel world. The preschool brands of the group, Fisher Price, Thomas and Friends and Fireman Sam, are in very good shape and ready for a new year, full of news, and confirmed to be a healthy segment, full of innovation. Another great brand in good shape is Hot Wheels. The brand, aimed at all those children who love speed, breathtaking challenges and competitions on four wheels, continues to be the leading male brand in the market. Following the Gut The licensing portfolio is enriched thanks to an appreciated return: Polly Pocket, a unique doll, truly innovative when it was launched in the ‘90s, which marked this memorable decade and is still hailed with nostalgia today. The brand returns with a collection of new products along with the animated series, to revive a toy that marked the childhood of mums, who will

Puma share with their daughters a joyful and fun moment! Finally, for 2019, the group will focus on an innovative Digital strategy, which will also involve Consumer Products and around which further news will be announced throughout the year.




THE TOY EXPERIENCE FAO Schwarz is one of the oldest, most historic, and iconic toy brands in the world.FAO Schwarz has always been synonymous with quality and innovation, generating cherished memories for generations of adults and children alike. FAO Schwarz has meant more than just a trip to a toy store – providing a special and nostalgic place for the art of ‘play’ to come to life, and as of last November 2018, with the re-opening of its flagship store, will do so again!

Credit Photo by Richard Cadan

GLOBAL EXPANSION PLANS Founded in 1862, Frederick August Otto Schwarz opened FAO Schwarz, a marvelous bountiful emporium full of extraordinary, one-of-a-kind toys from all over the world. For more than 150 years, FAO Schwarz has been recognized as one of the oldest and most iconic toy brands in the world, and as of October 2018,

announced the company’s international retail expansion plans as well as the November 16th official opening date of the New York City flagship store located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. As Jan-Eric Kloth, Chief Operating Officer of ThreeSixty Group, owners of the FAO Schwarz brand explained to us: “Our licensing partner in China

Credit Photo by Richard Cadan

is Kidsland, the largest toy distributor in China and they are also a strong toy retailer with almost 300 stores. They will open a 27,000 square foot FAO Schwarz flagship at China World Mall in Beijing and the opening is slated for the end of April 2019. The long-term, multi-channel partnership with Kidsland will see FAO Schwarz enter the market and establish its position as the high-end toy retailer in mainland China with a location opening in Beijing in March 2019 and other stores set to open across China over the next five years. We also have established partnerships that will bring FAO Schwarz flagship stores to the UK, Ireland and the Middle East at the end of 2019. We will share more on those partnerships in 2019!” Towards the end of last year and in time for the Christmas holidays, FAO Schwarz launched in Europe (UK and Spain). Last November 2018, and in partnership with Selfridges, the group opened a pop-up as part of the “Selfridges Rocks” Christmas shop, in London UK. In Spain, El Corte Inglés opened a FAO Schwarz pop-up in

Who’s ThreeSixty Brands ThreeSixty Brands owns and operates the FAO Schwarz and Sharper Image brands and is a New York based subsidiary of ThreeSixty Group. ThreeSixty Group was founded in Southern California in 2001 and today has offices across the globe. The company designs, sources, and distributes consumer products across diverse categories under a portfolio of owned and licensed brands. Their portfolio includes more than 20 brands (internally developed, acquired, and licensed) including the iconic FAO Schwarz, Sharper Image, Wembley, and Discovery brands. The brands and products are sold in over 70,000 retail stores in the U.S. and across the world.


Interview wink to its future, the new store designed by Chute Gerdeman capitalizes on the Art Déco architecture of its new home and amplifies memories of the best FAO experiences from years past. The store features FAO’s staple retail experiences including the iconic dance-on-piano, magic shows, a baby adoption center, a kids’ grocery shopping experience, and a build-your-own RC race car station, among others. Many of these experiences will be duplicated with FAO Schwarz international partner locations, offering the world that one-of-a-kind toy retail experience the brand is known for. More than a toy store, FAO Schwarz is a place of imagination and discovery. Guests who enter at Rockefeller Plaza are transported to another world with FAO Schwarz’s newest icon, the rocket ship. Surrounded by classic plush creations, the 27-foot tall rocket ship - sponsored

Credit Photo by Richard Cadan

Madrid in early November 2018 through the holidays. Moreover, starting last October 2018, FAO Schwarz also arrived in Australia, in partnership with Myer Australia, and opened a pop-up in their two flagship stores in Sydney and Melbourne as a part of their Giftorium Event. In partnership with Canada’s Hudson’s Bay Co, all 89 stores across the country will open pop-up FAO Schwarz shops, ranging in size from 300 to 1,200 square feet. Items will also be available at www. thebay.com. In March 2019, FAO Schwarz will open a 27,000 square foot flagship in China via Kidsland China in Beijing. Additional stores and pop-ups will open over the next few years. FAO SCHWARZ FLAGSHIP IN MANHATTAN: THE NEW TOY EXPERIENCE On November 16th 2018, 30 Rockefeller Plaza became home to the new FAO Schwarz New York City flagship with over 20,000 square feet of FAO Schwarz signature toys and items from partners such as Melissa & Doug, Marvin’s Magic and Build-A-Bear as well as FAO Schweetz in partnership with IT’SUGAR. The beloved toy store spans 2.5 levels with over 20,000 square feet of signature toys, interactive experiences and shops crafted to instill a world of wonderment and deep nostalgia for parents and children alike. With a nod to the deep history of the brand in New York and a

Interview with David Conn, CEO of ThreeSixty Brands

David Conn How has FAO Schwarz become a timeless toy icon? FAO Schwarz is one of the oldest, most historic, and iconic toy brands in the world. Founded in 1862, Frederick August Otto Schwarz opened FAO Schwarz, a marvelous bountiful emporium full of extraordinary, one-of-a-kind toys from all over the world. As one of the oldest and most iconic toy brands in the world, FAO Schwarz has always been synonymous with quality and innovation, and offering cherished memories for generations of adults and children alike. The fondness associated with FAO Schwarz is wrapped up in the theatre of it all. It’s more than just toys. It’s the deep nostalgia for play that came to life and was so often larger than it. A visit to FAO Schwarz means 15

much more than a trip to a toy store. Can you tell us more about the brand strategy and identity? FAO Schwarz has continued to innovate with a focus on the wonderment of toys and a deep nostalgia for the larger than life experience the brand has always been known for. With more than 5,000 current shops in stores across the U.S. and Canada, FAO Schwarz is now being cared for and nurtured by the ThreeSixty Brands which bought the brand in 2016 from Toys ‘R’ Us. What does it mean to be opening a brand-new toy store in Manhattan? In November 2018, FAO Schwarz opened its doors at 30 Rockefeller Plaza with a brand-new flagship location. We were seduced by the location in the heart of Rockefeller Plaza in New York City next to the Christmas tree and ice-skating rink. It is such an iconic building and we felt it was the perfect spot to house the return of FAO Schwarz. The new toy store spans 2.5 levels with over 20,000 square feet of signature toys, interactive experiences and shops crafted to instill a world of wonderment and deep nostalgia the brand has always been known for.

Interview FAO SCHWARZ by Build-A-Bear Workshop - showcases teddy-bear astronauts and is the first cue that there is more to discover upstairs. From the 49th Street entrance, guests are greeted by FAO’s iconic three-story, three-dimensional clock tower, inviting exploration up, through, around and within. Beyond the clocktower and rocket ship, a journey of discovery begins, where over 200 FAO Schwarz-branded toys as well as products from over 15 wellloved toy brands come to life with unique experiences. Moreover, FAO Schwarz’s handselected toy ambassadors and product demonstrators provide a world-class shopping experience through the whimsical and theatrical wonderment FAO has always been known for. The famous FAO Schwarz dance-on piano sponsored by Hape returns and is featured on the second floor. The new and improved Piano is reflected on the ceiling above and guests can overlook the ice-skating rink below at Rockefeller Plaza. FAO Schweetz, operated by specialty candy retailer IT’SUGAR, also returns encompassing over 2,150 square feet in candy installations and innovative merchandising, honoring FAO Schwarz’s legacy as “retail-tainment” pioneers. Life-sized versions of classic toys such as a space ship, fire truck, and toy train serve as bulk candy containers and

HOW TO GET TO FAO SCHWARZ TOY STORE IN MANHATTAN, NEW YORK Store Location 30 Rockefeller Plaza,New York NY, 10111 Website: www.faoschwarz.com Facebook: https://www. facebook.com/FAO/ Instagram: @FAOSchwarz Twitter: @FAOSchwarz #ReturnToWonder

design elements such as a toy soldier and a subway car will be at the checkout counter. A new FAO Schweetz-branded product line includes giant gummy bears and unicorns, make-your-own gummy worm kits, and mega chocolate bars among other sweets. FAO Schwarz recruited over 140 employees all of which were hand-picked to bring the magic of FAO Schwarz to every customer. Housing one of a kind items, and great specialty toys from around the globe, Personal Shoppers are on hand to assist with guest’s needs, and throughout 2019, events and additional programming will be available in-store.

Credit Photo by Richard Cadan


Credit Photo by Richard Cadan

Interview with David Niggli, chief merchandising officer at FAO Schwarz

David Niggli What are the toy market trends in the U.S. today? What has been interesting for us, is that some of the most popular toys at FAO, are consistent with key products and categories that have always sold at FAO. Toys associated with experiences/ customization like make your own RC car, our Baby Doll adoption center, the Alex Spa, and Build A Bear are very popular, along with plush teddy bears, Patrick and Penelope, and the FAO line of toys. Of course, Paw Patrol, Hatchimals, Barbie, and Transformers are popular, but that is what is unique about FAO, you can find classic FAO toys, popular toys of the day, and also toys and experiences only found at FAO. How do children enjoy playing today? Will traditional toys still exist in the future? I feel it is and will be a mixture of toys based on the latest technologies, but also toys that inspire emotion and imagination like plush, dolls and creativity items.


KEY PLAYERS IN 2019 Viacom Nickelodeon Consumer Products continues to carry out its mission, developing, for its broad and diverse target, brands with which to identify through products that are emotive and offer unforgettable life experiences, also renamed “Nickelodeon Experiences”. With this in mind, Viacom Nickelodeon Consumer Products, the CP team of the group (believing in the daily vision of building a world in which to raise children), is ready to line up a portfolio of explosive properties, whose performance has given a lot of satisfaction in 2018, and setting the stage for an even more exciting 2019.

live, enriching their fun adventures with a particular focus on spreading positive messages and values. The launch of the series on Nick. Jr (Sky Channel 603) was the best launch of 2018, achieving a growth in ratings of 93% and of 35% share in comparison to the channel average! This

Hot Properties 2019 For 2019, Nick. Jr lines up the friendly characters of the successful preschool series TOP WING. Swift, Rod, Penny and Brody, are 4 best friends who are training at the Top Wing Academy to become real pilots supporting each other and helping the community in which they

awareness is also linked to the marketing activities built around the property, such as the one in November 2018 at Volandia, the Italian Museum of Flight, where the children of blogger mums, who shared the experience on social media, have played the role of the TOP WING characters for a whole day, passing several tests and games to receive their pilot license from the Top Wing Academy. This positive scenario will be the background to the launch of the Licensing programme that will start from Spring 2019 with Hasbro’s toys, to gradually embrace all the product categories. For 2019 Viacom Nickelodeon Consumer Products also lines up another crucial property: the Ninja Turtles! Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael



News returned to the small screen at the end of 2018, with a new and engaging manga style series RISE OF TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, telling the story of the beginnings of the four most famous turtles in the world. The launch of the new series was accompanied by PR and Marketing initiatives. In fact, in Italy the return of the Turtles, was supported by the popular Youtubers “Mates”, who attended the presentation of the launch of the series in a well-known pizzeria in Milan (an association to the food which the Ninja Turtles are fond of). During the event, journalists and children found themselves immersed in a typically “Ninja Turtles” atmosphere with themed menus and gadgets, to view the premiere.The YouTubers Mates also commented live on one of the episodes broadcast on Nickelodeon (Sky channel 605) and amplified the re-launch with posts on their very popular social platforms. At the end of January the new episodes will give way to a 2019 full of news, including the highly anticipated launch of the toy distributed by Giochi Preziosi in Spring/ Summer.

Viacom Nickelodeon Consumer Products has an ever-increasing presence in the social media world, both to diversify the pre-school series that airs on Nick Jr. and because it’s hard to ignore this trend which is rooted in everyday life. This helps to reinforce the bond between young and very young audiences, with fresh and upto-date proposals, as in the case of the stylish JOJO SIWA, presenter and actress of Nickelodeon programmes, as well as

dancer and singer with a US tour starting in May, with 52 stage performances sold out, but above all a social phenomenon that counts over 30 million followers worldwide, a spokesperson for positive messages and good values, from the fight against bullying to the importance of the family. For this reason, the brand launch programme, written in 2018 in partnership with the Super! team (FTA), had two prominent Italian social influencers, Luciano Spinelli and Iris Ferrari, as brand ambassadors. They introduced the eclectic character of JoJo Siwa, with her istinctive trait, a stylish bow, to the Italian market, to prepare for the roll-out of the Consumer Products. Throughout 2019 we will find the DeAgostini books, the Centauria magazines , the T-shirts from OVS, the Giochi Preziosi school line, the accessories of MC Group and much more!

Always On Top Among the now consolidated properties, we cannot forget the PAW PATROL. The famous puppies, always ready to help the community, will be among the key players of 2019, with many episodes packed with 19

News VIACOM NICKELODEON CONSUMER PRODUCTS new topics, increasingly appealing to the pre-school demo, both in pay and in FTA, going from the themed episodes Ultimate Rescue to those of Mighty Pup, that include a special 44-minute movie format, where the Paw Patrol will take on the role of fearless superheroes! Topics that will

be reflected on the development of the product in each category from 2019 on. How could we then forget about SPONGEBOB, one of Nickelodeon’s long-living and most exhilarating worldrenowned properties? SpongeBob is indeed preparing for a very important 2019… his 20th anniversary! A year of special highlights and celebrations and prestigious partnerships with Vans, Nike, Timberland etc as well as various initiatives and local events to commemorate his birthday!

The rest of the Nickelodeon family The Nickelodeon family is made up of other preschool target properties, to satisfy any taste or genre, broadcast both on Nick. Jr and FTA. 2019 will see new episodes and new series which will accompany the shelf-products for the genies in SHIMMER & SHINE, BLAZE the world’s fastest monster truck, the little engineer RUSTY RIVETS with his friend/ helper Botasaur, the unconventional heroine NELLA THE PRINCESS KNIGHT and even the hair stylist SUNNY DAY, always accompanied by her inseparable friends Rox and Blair... You just have to stay tuned to Nick. Jr to find out more about the fun adventures of these characters! 20


Brands that conquer the fashion world

Viacom Nickelodeon Consumer Products is not just a world dedicated to children. Historic brands such as MTV allow it to connect to new generations of teenagers, Teen & Adult, thanks to the consolidated relationship with the fashion world. The Licensing department at Viacom Italia continues to expand the fashion development of brands such as MTV, which makes the relationship with fashion its trump card and boasts over time prestigious collaborations such as those with: Asos, Marc Jacobs, Moschino for H&M, Aw LAB, Happyness, Fyodor Golan, OVS and many others. Viacom Nickelodeon Consumer Products has always had a very strong bond with the eclectic universe of fashion. A bond that will be further implemented in 2019, thanks to the acquisition of the Paramount brand management rights and the related Library, with titles such as Top Gun, The Godfather, Flashdance, Grease, Saturday Night Fever and many others. In Italy, many players in the fast fashion sector have already shown great interest in these brands, seeing great opportunities for product development for targets beyond pre-school. This


path is already well established with the Paramount brand, thanks to high-end collaborations with the likes of Gucci, who in 2018, created a glamorous collection.

Gucci X Paramount


A PROMISING NEW YEAR FOR PLANETA JUNIOR Planeta Junior starts the new year with a richer portfolio, with new IPs ready to become the latest hits in 2019, and others that are among the most followed by young audiences on the small screen and beyond.

Find me in Paris starts its licensing programme in Italy Last December, Federation Kids & Family announced its licensing partnership in Italy with Planeta Junior, for its premium time-traveling ballet series Find me in Paris. Now into its second Season, Find me in Paris (26 x 26’) launched on the Disney Channel Italy in November 2018, alongside a worldwide debut on the most important platforms across the globe including: NBC Universal Kids and HULU

(US), Nickelodeon (UK), France Télévisions (France), Disney (France), ZDF (Germany), ABC (Australia) and VRT (Belgium), among others. Planeta Junior will take on the licensing rights to the series, concentrating on the extraordinary opportunities provided by a tween live action series revolving around music, ballet and modern dance – set against the backdrop of the most iconic opera house, in the most famous city in the world. A first key book deal has already been signed with publishing giant Mondadori, which will launch the first


series of books in 2019. Simone Fenu, Italy Category Manager of Planeta Junior said: “We are thrilled to have a brand of such high standard to work with. The high production budget, on-location filming in Paris and the Opera Garnier, and the world-class choreography, have made this a compelling brand across all categories. We are really proud to work side-by-side with a top entertainment company like Cottonwood.” “With major licensing partners in France & Germany already working on a strong merchandise program ranging from books & magazines, to bedding, fashion, toys and stationary, we have no doubt Find me in Paris will become a hot and fashionable property in Italy”, added David Michel, Managing Director, Federation Kids & Family. Find me in Paris is produced by Federation’s sister company Cottonwood Media with ZDF, ZDF Enterprises, B-FILMS, and the Opera National de Paris. The series follows the story of Lena Grisky, a time-travelling ballet dancer from 1905 Russia trapped in modern day Paris, and the many dilemmas she faces finding her place between two worlds. Filled with world class ballet, modern dance, music, drama and comedy - all filmed on location in iconic Paris and the National Garnier Opera House, with a production budget unparalleled in the market - Find me in Paris has already taken the tween genre by storm with worldwide sales and critical acclaim. Recent accolades include the Washington Post’s listing of the series as a top choice for parents to watch with kids, noting, “This international series also features a lot of really impressive dance sequences from the talented cast.” The second season of Find me in Paris is currently being filmed in Paris.


Pucca is back Planeta Junior is licensing agent for the iconic brand PUCCA, responsable for licensing and TV distribution throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Iconic character Pucca was a hit in 170 countries. She’s returning thanks to an agreement signed by Planeta Junior, Vooz and CJ E&M. Planeta Junior is working on an extensive digital campaign using

Miraculous Ladybug is a hit on and off the Small Screen Following on from the success of the first TV series, the second season of Miraculous, co-produced by ZAG, Method Animation, Toei Animation and SAMG, was eagerly anticipated on Italian thematic channel Super!, which was supported by a huge TV and online launch, as well as a strong impactful outdoor campaign. The second season

introduces new characters that will not only appeal to the youngest fans of the beloved TV show, but also parents and young adults. The show continues to make waves beyond the small screen leading to a renewed deal with the Italian theme park Leolandia, which will feature Ladybug and Cat Noir costumed characters for 2019/2020 entertaining families with

traditional and new formats in order to reach new target audiences. It will also include some alternative advertising and PR initiatives (such as street marketing etc), so as to give audiences an immersive experience. Pucca is also the star of a hilarious TV animated series (78 x 7’) created by South Korean producers Vooz. This curious, reckless and cute looking girl works at the world’s last healthy restaurant. She is head over heels in love with Garu, their main ingredients supplier, who is also one of the best ninja warriors around. The first two 2D seasons are already available and Season 3 will be launched in CGI 3D, in 2019.



The apparel category also includes partnerships with Sun City, Sicem and Sabor, while the accessories & soft lines sector includes Perletti, Coriex and Worldcart. As regards publishing & toys, Miraculous continues to build on its on-going collaborations with Panini, Lisciani, DeAgostini, Dino Bikes, Mondo, Giochi Preziosi, Clementoni and Franco Cosimo Panini.

their fascinating and dynamic adventures. Regarding Miraculous Consumer Products latest milestones, during Easter 2019, Ferrero will offer two different sizes of Kinder eggs, and this will be supported by a strong TV commercial. Guess will extend its Miraculous’ Back to School collection during the winter.

Gormiti TV series triumphs in Italy Since its launch on October 1st on Italy’s Rai Yoyo and Rai Gulp, Gormiti has been achieving excellent and above average ratings on the Rai Ragazzi thematic channels. In fact, Gormiti reached 300.000 viewers and new episodes which launched on December 22nd reached 400.000 individuals and more than 100.000 kids in the 4–7 year old demographic on Rai Yoyo, and 120.000 viewers on Rai Gulp. These ratings are above the channels 24

average and the series has consistently been a huge ratings hit with young audiences since its launch. GiochiPreziosi, co-producer of the series, is the Master Toy for the brand. The toy category also includes partnerships with Villa and Dino Bikes. In the Food category, Preziosi Food will produce snacks and Easter eggs for the next season. In the publishing sector, Planeta Junior has closed important deals with Mondadori, Panini and Multiprint. So.Di. Co will be the main partner in personal health care and Warm Up Industry will be responsible for costumed characters and events. Written by a team of international writers headed by LA-based Romain Van Liemt, creator of the show, the animation series has been developed by Kotoc, producers of international TV hits such as Sendokai Champions and Mutant Busters. The 52 x 11 minute episodes which target boys (5 – 8 years) and combine action and comedy, is based on the global phenomenon Gormiti, created by Giochi Preziosi in 2005, which is fast becoming the leading boys action property throughout Europe. Distributed in over 50 countries, over 500 million model characters of the Gormiti property have been sold resulting in €1.5 billion in retail Sales.


Fashion according to Pokémon Pokémon brand has collected important fashion and accessories partnerships throughout last year. And 2019 promises to be better than ever. Global phenomenon Pokémon has become something of a fashion icon over the past year, with a series of prestigious collaborations with leading designers and retailers seeing Pikachu and friends gracing the catwalks and boutiques, their images on a host of high-quality ranges of adult and children’s clothes and accessories. Leading contemporary designer Jeremy Scott, known for his flamboyant, irreverent and fun creativity and his collaborations with a host of popular celebrities, launched an adult capsule range within his Spring 2019 Future Shock collection at

Following the success of the A/W 2018 sneaker collection featuring fan-favourite Pokémon characters, a new S/S2019 collection launches throughout Europe in Geox stores and stores selling Geox products in January. Maison Labiche NY Fashion Week, plus a complementary S/S boys’ and girls’ collection launched this January featuring the same Pikachu pattern as his adult range. The apparel is available from January 2019 in specialist boutiques, high-end department stores and Scott’s website. Pokémon also partnered with the Italian footwear and apparel company Geox to launch a colourful children’s shoe range – Geox’s first-ever kids entertainment character collection.

Jeremy Scott

Geox 26

Pokémon also collaborated with leading Parisian fashion house Maison Labiche, known for its unique blend of classic staples and playful detail, on new capsule collections of apparel and accessories for men and children, launched last November. The exclusive collections – t-shirts and baseball caps for men and kids, plus classic French marinieres (sailor shirts) for kids–all use Maison Labiche’s signature delicate embroidery to pay homage to the most emblematic Pokémon characters. The capsule collections are available from Maison Labiche’s stylish flagship store in Paris, their global web shop and selected

News boys and girls velvet pyjama set featuring a playful, seasonal Pikachu in LCDP’s trademark bright, fun style. The mid-tier fashion retailer has more than 100 stores across France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland, plus several new stores in Spain. Pokémon also collaborated with luxury Italian streetwear brand GCDS on an adult capsule range for both men and women in their S/S 2019 collection presented at Milan Fashion Week, featuring iconic characters Pikachu and Jiggly puff on exciting urban apparel and accessories available globally from specialist boutiques, high-end department stores and GCDS’ website from January.

La Compagnie des Petits high-end department stores in France – including Le Bon Marché, Le Printemps and Citadium – and the US. The collaboration with Fabric Flavours has produced a premium collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts for kids featuring the iconic characters, along with a “Pokémon trainer” t-shirt – all containing a secret message printed inside the neck: “Gotta Catch ‘em All!” The London-based creative showroom supplies many worldrenowned department stores including Selfridges, Brown Thomas and Harvey Nichols.

including T-shirts and accessories with the unmistakable Pokémon characters, all available from Zara Kids stores and website. Pokémon has also continued its successful collaboration with leading French children’s fashion retailer La Compagnie des Petits. Its two 2018 collections featured colourful summer T-shirts and denim shorts for both boys and girls, followed by a cosy winter nightwear collection that included a new

This fashion news is just part of another busy year for Pokémon. Following the successful launch of Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee! exclusively on Nintendo Switch, the hotly anticipated first-ever live action Pokémon movie Detective Pikachu hits screens in May.

There have also been prestigious direct to retail partnerships with H&M, Zara Kids and La Compagnie des Petits. Pokémon expanded its successful collaboration with one of the leading global fashion retailers, H&M, following the success of its S/S launch earlier in 2018. The initial offering of two exclusive kids’ t-shirts and a cap proved so popular that a further global deal was agreed to expand the Pokémon range across kids’ apparel, accessories and footwear from AW18. And another exclusive t-shirt design will have a DTR launch to coincide with the release of the eagerly anticipated first live action Pokémon film, Detective Pikachu, in May. Following three years of successful collaboration, Zara has renewed the partnership with Pokémon to launch a range of apparel and accessories for kids,


An emblem of the 90s, the Pokémon brand was launched in Japan in 1996 and today is one of the most popular entertainment properties in the world. The Pokémon video games series, first released for the Nintendo Game Boy, has driven the brand’s popularity ever since as kids all over the world have discovered the enchanting world of Pokémon. Today the Pokémon family of products also includes the world’s No 1 Trading Card Game, the animated TV series, movies, toys – and much more!



The real evolution of licensing As consumer attitudes change, licensing faces new challenges. The INNOVATIVE PROJECTS and partnerships developed by the agency Maurizio Distefano Licensing in promotions, digital and apparel are meeting those challenges.

Consumer interests and expectations are changing. And promotions, partnerships and licensing must change too. The innovative Italian agency Maurizio Distefano Licensing (MDL) has embraced change, looking for innovative partnerships and creative projects to enhance its properties. Digitisation is an obvious example; advances in technology and consumer interest in multiple media demand a new approach to promotion. An example of this approach is the deal negotiated by MDL for Italy that combines the wildly popular children’s characters Masha and the Bear with the electronics colossus Samsung. This is an innovative and high-impact partnership where the main players use digital content as a way to supply fun and entertainment, while also guaranteeing high exposure for both brands. From the 30th of November 2018 through to the 28th of February 2019, including the entire Christmas period, the

purchase of one of 15 models of Samsung tablets is allowing buyers at participating outlets to download – for free – a ‘Masha and the Bear for Samsung’ application from Galaxy Apps. This allows users to see all the episodes of the three series so far broadcast and 26 episodes of the hit spin-off series Masha’s Tales. But that’s not all. A variety of digital content, such as e-books, games and wallpaper, has also been made available to buyers. Since the 9th of December the promotion has been supported by a television campaign on children’s networks, bringing together the muchloved children’s characters and the highly successful Samsung devices. Another MDL-brokered partnership that utilises digital media – but in a very different way – involves Angry Birds, the famous flock that first rose to fame in mobile gaming and which has since expanded to consumer products, animation and even a full-length animated 28

film. This brand has been chosen by the leading tour operator Alpitour, who has signed a special Licensed Experience contract through which it will work with the Angry Birds brand to promote its seaside resorts across the Mediterranean Sea. The promotion features Red costume character, who will be entertaining customers in 35 Alpitour holiday locations starting from spring 2019. In addition, fans will also have the chance to enjoy incredible digital experiences, including mini-games on the Alpitour website and the augmented reality game Hatchlings Hunt in Alpitour travel agencies. Alpitour has restyled its catalogue, populating it with Angry Birds characters, and will also carry out a promotional campaign with in-game advertising in the Angry Birds apps, along with social media activation and Angry Birds theming on the Alpitour website. However, being effective and modern doesn’t always require being tech-savvy. Fashion is a high-impact area, and the collection developed by Filippo Laterza for Angry Birds, which paraded in an haute couture runway this autumn, is certainly a great example of this. It has attracted a lot of attention at the Milan Licensing Day, at Brand Licensing Europe in London, and in Shanghai in a special event. Centrepiece is a capsule collection of five dresses - three for woman and two for girls – in precious printed silk organza on which Angry Birds characters are featured in an amazing psychedelic overprint. Delicate feathers and precious embroideries give the stars of one of the world’s most popular mobile games even more of an haute couture

News feel. In fact, MDL believes that apparel is a category in which the strong potential of many of the brands managed by the agency can be fully expressed. MDL therefore pays close attention to choosing the most suitable partners. Another example comes from Pitti Bimbo, the international fashion and lifestyle exhibition for kids. At this year’s show, in mid-January, emoji® - THE ICONIC BRAND and Angry Birds, both brands whose strong offer includes creative styleguides suitable for the apparel category, will exhibit in two dedicated areas, and the MDL team will be there too to support them – and to discuss opportunities with visitors. In 2019, Tezenis, the Calzedonia Group’s network of stores which focuses on underwear, homewear, pyjamas for men, women and children, will release a collection of underwear, pyjamas and stockings for women, men and children, entirely dedicated to emoji - THE ICONIC BRAND. While these are established MDL properties, the agency has more recently

been managing licensing for a newer property.Aimed at younger children, Bing is a multi-award-winning TV series broadcast every day on Rai Yoyo. It has enjoyed very fast take-up both on TV, where it has a high percentage of share, and on social channels, where the official Italian Facebook page is already followed by almost 26,000 people just six months after its launch. This means strong potential for licensing projects that appeal both to little fans of Bing and to their families. With this in mind, The agency has organised a launch initiative for Bing in the Italian consumer product market through the popular Focus Pico, a Mondadori Group magazine, which launched a special issue dedicated to Bing in the run-up to Christmas. Magazine promotions, you might say, are much more traditional licensing tie-ins than digital or fashion-linked promotions, and you would be right. However, the challenge for all licensing agencies is to manage an expanding choice of promotional approaches for a

much more diverse audience. The Bing magazine promotion was a success across magazine kiosks. The Samsung/ Masha and the Bear promotion is proving popular among the online generation. The fashion partnerships have gained massive media attention. Many approaches now coexist and must be managed simultaneously. That should be the aim of any modern licensing agency – and it’s certainly the aim of MDL.


2019 IS THE YEAR OF DANCE ACADEMY AND SCHOOL OF ROARS The pre-school SERIES “SCHOOL OF ROARS”is one of Rai Yoyo flagship programmes. In addition, Atlantyca keeps developing the company’s main IPs, along with the launch of the brand new live action Dance Academy. GERONIMO STILTON. THE SUCCESS CONTINUES. For over 18 years at the top, Geronimo Stilton is still Atlantyca’s undisputed success, a benchmark for family entertainment in Italy and abroad. The projects already announced in 2018 are confirmed and further activities are scheduled for the new year. SCHOOL OF ROARS. THE PRESCHOOL PROPERTY OF THE MOMENT School of Roars is the English pre-school series distributed by ZDF Enterprises with which Atlantyca has an exclusive

agreement for Italy - and consists of 52 episodes, 7 minutes each. It was the number one series on Italian networks during 2018. The TV series made its debut in Italy in March 2018 on DeA Junior, recording significant ratings, so much so that as a result, it increased to 6 daily episodes! On October 28th it was RaiYoyo’s turn: in only three weeks of being on air, it made the English cartoon jump to the top ratings of the channel, with a share that doubled when compared to the channel average. Especially with the target demo of 4-7 years, the series has grown dramatically and has then settled on 19,1% of the channel’s share. This

success pushed Rai Yoyo to increase the broadcasting to 6 episodes a day, in order to satisfy the young viewers demand. Obviously the extraordinary success of the first season has led to a great interest in the production of the second series. Many licensees, already attracted to the colour and design as well as the content of the TV series, were waiting to see the shares, so following the results of the television performance they signedup to the rich licensing development programme. Atlantyca - agent for the TV rights and licensing - has constantly updated potential partners, from the dubbing stages, faithful to the original version, through to the television launch. The licensing program School of Roars - School of Little Monsters has just started, and already the TV series is being considered the new benchmark for the preschool market in Italy. DANCE ACADEMY. ACTION



Created in Australia in 2010, here comes the live-action cult series for girls all around the world, broadcast in over 160 countries and composed of three seasons for a total of 65 episodes, 26 minutes each, as well as a film called Dance Academy - The Comeback (100-minute), on the Netflix platform. The series targets the 8-12 year old female demographic and focuses on the evergreen dance theme. In fact, it revolves around the story of a group of young teenagers who enter the National Dance Academy to try to realize their biggest dream: break into the dance 30

News world. Tara Webster is the protagonist of the series, and like all her companions, she wants to become the best dancer ever. Determined to achieve maximum preparation and success through hard work and sacrifice, the characters of the series try, when possible, to enjoy life as teenagers and have fun together.

KAT KARAMAKOV: Born to selfabsorbed ballet parents, Kat has a natural inclination to be a rebel. Kat is a private person and has been Tara’s friend since they first met.

CHRISTIAN REED: Christian is gorgeous, mysterious and angry at the world. At the academy, he assumed he would have nothing in common with the other students but he will fall in love with Tara.

The TV series is perfectly aligned with the current trend of dance, a passion that unites many young people of the new generation and allows the company to create a dynamic and trendy licensing program that further extends Atlantyca’s reach. With this IP, the agency is already working on enriching the publishing, stationary, apparel and lifestyle categories, in tune with the target audience. Let’s meet the main characters of the series! TARA WEBSTER: Country-girl Tara has a dream of becoming a dancer for as long as she can remember. At fifteen, she is accepted to the most prestigious ballet school in Australia. Sensitive and imaginative, Tara is also fiercely determined. BEN TICKLE: Ben is like a puppy, boundless energy and a short attention span. He loves cricket and footie as much as he loves ballet. He has always been intense about his dance training. He’s got a big heart and he pushes himself every day, determined to make the most of his natural talent. ABIGAIL ARMSTRONG: Startlingly beautiful and fascinating, Abigail has been dancing since birth and she is considered the best in class. Abigail can’t stop herself from being jealous of Tara. OLLIE LLYOD: Ollie’s background is comfortably middle-class, with parents who want to give him everything they possibly can. He is an extraordinary dancer and he can’t imagine his life without dancing.



Sanrio Celebrates Hello Kitty’s 45th anniversary Sanrio is excited to start celebrating Hello Kitty’s 45th anniversary in 2019 with a series of events and activities around the globe. Alongside this, co-branded collaborations with international fashion designers, exclusive fashion retail partnerships and limited edition licensed product ranges will form part of the celebrations of the iconic character. Hello Kitty’s iconic red bow will be at the heart of Sanrio’s international celebrations for her 45th anniversary. The dedicated hashtag #hellokitty45 will be used across all social media to support the numerous in-store activations and unique public experiences planned throughout the year. Of course, Hello Kitty herself will be visiting many of the celebrations. Her first appearance will be at Pitti Immagine Bimbo. She will be starring at Fashion Hello Kitty first appeared in 1974 on a clear vinyl coin purse. Throughout the years she has become one of the most unique and interesting characters ever created, a worldwide social icon with relevance to women of all ages, ethnicities and economic backgrounds as well as an inspiration to artists and designers. Thanks to her brand values - happiness and affection, fashionable for all ages, always popular, never stale, never out of date, simplicity and flexibility - Hello Kitty is today one of the coolest lifestyle brands, joining forces with the most respected companies in every licensing category. Now with 45 years of Hello Kitty proven success and a worldwide appeal to all ages, Sanrio is expanding the popular consumer products programme internationally, and in every category, firmly securing Hello Kitty as Sanrio’s top-selling consumer products franchise both domestically and overseas. 32

Comics with a project in collaboration with Sanrio and a selection of brands Monnalisa, Melissa and MC2 Saint Barth, where a series of capsule collections inspired by Hello Kitty and dedicated to the world of girls will be showcased. Sanrio is looking to increase its partnerships across 2019and growing its portfolio of licensees wishing to celebrate Hello Kitty. As Hello Kitty says “you can never have too many friends!”


A VERY RICH NEW YEAR FOR KALLY’S MASHUP The series is coming to the FTA Super! theme channel and important licensing agreements for publishing and toys are already confirmed.

two Golden Globes and a four time Grammy Awards nominee, he has worked on international hits such as Hannah Montana, Glee and The Descendants. Inspired by his life, Anders joined forces with 360 Powwow and Nickelodeon Latinoamerica and Kally’s MashUp was conceived, with an original English soundtrack. The programme debuted on Nickelodeon Latinoamerica in October 2017 and was soon decreed the most famous tween novella in the history of the channel in that territory.

Surfing the wave of success on DeAKids, Kally’s Mashup arrives on Super!. The channel, a joint venture between De Agostini Editore and Viacom International Media Networks (channel 47 DTT and 625 Sky), premiered the first episode on December 21, while the full season will be on air as of February 2019. The new programming comes with important news: B&R360, Kally’s Mashup agent for the TV distribution rights and licensing & merchandising for Southern Europe, announced new toy and publishing partners. As for toys, Simba Dickie Group has acquired a license for both France and Italy and will develop a line of products dedicated to Kally’s. DeAPlaneta Libri has acquired the publishing rights to the series in Italy, with a rich and varied programme of book projects lined-up.

Also, last November Sony Music Entertainment, owner of the music rights, launched the Kally’s Mashup CD in France, as well as a competition on Gulli’s (the TV Channel) website. Negotiations are currently underway for other categories, including live-shows, food, clothing and accessories. The live-action series for tweens, consisting of 120 episodes of 44 min episodes, focuses, focuses on music: the creator of Kally’s music is Adam Anders, one of the most renowned and awarded authors for this age group, winner of

Kally’s Mashup follows the adventures of Kally, a 13-year-old girl, with an extraordinary gift for playing the piano that will take her to move from a small town to the most prestigious music school in the country. Although everyone thinks she was born to be a classical pianist, Kally dreams of becoming a pop star. Her creative journey will lead her to combine her classic talents with the passion for pop. The “mashup” between the two genres will represent her strength and the key to success. The series has been sold in France, Portugal, Israel, Africa, Russia and as for TV distribution, more news is coming soon.



COMMITTED TO SUCCESS YPSILON LICENSING manages the licensing, publishing and promotional rights of animated TV series and brands in Spain, Portugal and Italy, building tailor-made strategies for merchandising and publishing across multiple platforms with producers and licensees. Ypsilon Licensing was created as a joint venture between Multitrade and Ypsilon Films in order to expand global opportunities in the kids entertainment and licensing business. Ypsilon Films is currently one of the major suppliers of animation, kids & teen programming in Iberia. The company shares the same goals and vision as its international partners and clients and is committed to the success of each property, with 2019 promising to be a very busy year for the agency.

Monchhichi arrives in Spain and Portugal Ypsilon Licensing has recently become the exclusive licensing agent of Monchhichi in Spain and Portugal. Monchhichi is produced by Technicolor Animation Productions (TAP), and TF1 in collaboration with Sekiguchi, with PGS Entertainment as worldwide TV distributor (outside of France). Silverlit, the global master toy partner for

the series, also launched the Monchhichi toy line in Spain (and ran a TV advertising campaign). On Spain’s Clan TV, the series is the second most watched program in the morning with an audience of over 210,000 viewers and a share of 9.7%. This data reveals a sustained growth, which helps to consolidate the commercial development of this IP.

Godzilla in Spain Godzilla franchise is making its return, appealing to a broad target audience - from families through to teens and collectors. Ypsilon Licensing will manage the rights of the new films and the classic iconic movies. The new theatrical release, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, sequel to Godzilla (2014), will be launched in 2019, ready to become the 35th movie of the franchise. Godzilla is one of the most recognizable symbols of Japanese popular culture. Launched as a franchise in 1954, the property has expanded to become a


worldwide icon appearing in movies, video games, novels, comic books, collectibles, toys, etc.

The problem solvers... Peg + Cat! Peg + Cat is a book based preschool series, whose protagonists are an adorable energetic girl named Peg, and her friend, Cat. Ypsilon Licensing has developed a dedicated licensing program, including deals with Editorial Planeta for publishing, Ravensburger for puzzles, Artesanías Cerdà for BTS, apparel and accessories, Comansi for figurines, Ediciones Saldaña for activity books, CyP for BTS and gifts, and Play by Play for plush. Peg has been praised as a great S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and was recognized by Common Sense Media as one of the best role models in Television.


THE IMPORTANCE OF TIMELESS ICONS Classic Brands offer great opportunities to retailers giving them a wider product offering and potential for long-term revenue. These brands are not necessarily time dependent; they resonate across multiple markets. CPLG uses a strategic mix of collaborations and halo partnerships to elevate the profile of its brand, generate PR and drive long-term interest. Since 1974, CPLG, one of the world’s leading licensing agencies, represents some of the world’s best known Classic Brands; some of which it has been working for over a decade. Over the years, CPLG has become a home of classic brands and has developed a real understanding of how to extend these brands into new areas and keep them modern, relevant and constantly evolving. Classic Brands offer great chance for retailer giving them a wider product offering and potential for long term revenue. These brands are not necessarily time dependent; they resonate across multiple markets. CPLG uses a strategic mix of collaborations and halo partnership to elevate the profile of its brand, generate PR and drive long term interest. From the glamourous and ironic Pink Panther, to the fashionable feline Felix, the Cat and

Essentiel Antwerp

the world’s cutest little rabbit Miffy, CPLG has successfully “remixed” timeless icons with cool partner brands to create unique and exiting projects.

Pink Panther Established in 1964, a star of both small screen animation as well as the movies, the Pink Panther has become a true pop icon with his cool, hip, laid-back style. Loved by both adults and children, he has been the inspiration behind prestigious fashion collaborations around the world including Supreme, Iceberg, Pinko, Castelbajac Paris, Stereo Vinyls and New Era Cap. In 2017 Pink Panther starred as the fashion muse at Pitti Bimbo. Famous designers Monnalisa, Twinset Simona Barbieri, Ermanno Scervino Junior, MiMiSol and N.21 created special outfits dedicated to the Pink Panther. Following on from this, British designer Mimi Wade took the Pink Panther to the catwalk at London Fashion Week AW17 and then HUF Worldwide released its Pink Panther co-branded collection line of adult t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and accessories in March 2017. The collaborations captured the attention of high street fashion retailers across Europe. Pink Panther has already featured in a ladies and girls wear collection at Zara stores worldwide and launched into Pinko stores across lady’s apparel and bags. H&M, Bershka and Pull & Bear are also on board with fashion collection for ladies and girls. Undiz launched a winter capsule collection in November in its own 36

outlets in Europe and franchise stores in the Middle East. Most recently Belgian fashion label Essentiel Antwerp launched a range of playful sweatshirts, knit sweaters, t-shirts and handbags with embroidery, sequins and catchy slogans featuring the iconic Pink Panther and ICEBERG will launch a new SS 2019 collection, dedicated to the

News collection available in department stores and speciality boutiques worldwide. These collaborations have captured the attention of a number of fashion retailers including Mango, Urban Outfitters. In 2019, a well-known Italian Fashion Retailer will dedicate a FW collection for Adults & Kids to Felix the Cat.


HUF Worldwide brand. Pink Panther will be the protagonist of the latest Pitti Immagine editions in January 2019; during the 95th edition of Pitti Uomo, Alessandro Enriquez will launch a Men’s capsule collection inspired by Pink Panther and Monnalisa will launch an AW 2019 kid’s collection at Pitti Bimbo.

Felix The Cat Felix the Cat made his screen debut in an animated short in 1919, progressing over the years to his own Cartoon Strip and TV series. He has since grown to become one of the most populare, memorable animated characters and true popculture icon. This year will be the 100th anniversary of the brand. Over the last few years, Felix the Cat has partnered with top designers to develop collaborations that reinterpret the brand in a fresh, modern way. Through capsule collections from designers including Castelbajac Paris, A Bathing Ape and Coach, a whole new generation of consumers are being introduced to and embracing the brand. Dutch fashion pioneer Scotch & Soda collaborated with Felix the Cat in 2017 and created two extensive collections across menswear, ladies wear and kids wear; the collection bends exclusive

vintage artwork with streetwear styles to create a premium fashion collection. LA Skate lifestyle brand HUF Worldwide, launched a unisex range across t-shirts, fleece, hats, shirts and jackets which was available across their stores, online and retailers worldwide. Both collaborations were able to celebrate the spirit of the brand, reinterpreting Felix the Cat as the icon of pop-culture throught range of quintessential graphics and garments. Felix the Cat is a real phenomenon, known all over the world; in the Italian panorama, the designer Alessandro Enriquez launched a capsule collection inspired by the iconic cat. Felix was reimagined, thanks to Alessandro Enriquez’s ironic style, throughout different apparel items, such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, knitwear and shirts, to create an irreverent and joyful capsule collection. Highly regarded London based fashion label Fyodor Golan launched a Felix the Cat collection as part of its SS 18 resort. The range launched at Selfridges in the UK and at high-end department stores and boutiques worldwide and was supported through a consumer PR and social media campaign. In the US Lauren Moshi, the Los Angeles-based apparel and lifestyle retail brand known for its line of graphic T-shirts, launched a womenswear 37

In 1955, Miffy was created by the famous graphic designer and illustrator, Dick Bruna, author of some of the best-known and most appreciated children’s books on a global scale. Designed for kids, Miffy quickly became an editorial phenomenon with over 85 million copies of books sold worldwide. Among his achievements, Miffy boasts a dedicated museum in Utrecht, TV series broadcasted in over 70 countries, 300 licensees worldwide and more than 10,000 products on the market. Famous for her minimal style, Miffy is considered an iconic character who has influenced the Design and Fashion worldwide. Miffy has been the inspiration behind prestigious Fashion Collaborations around the world including Chinti & Parker, Tobias & the Bear, Uniqlo, Primark but also H&M, C&A e Marks & Spencer for newborn and kids and Women’secret for Women’s collections.

Chinti & Parker


RENEWED APPOINTMENT BETWEEN LICENSING AND KIDS FASHION Following on from the success of the first Nice Licensing, the section which provides a unique platform for licensing and fashion, returns to Pitti Bimbo 88, from January 17th to 19th in Florence.

collections with a high creative potential. Besides fashion, lifestyle is becoming increasingly important for Pitti Bimbo. In fact, the Fancy Room section - dedicated to furnishing accessories, technological and vintage objects, homewear, gadgets, toys and much more - has expanded from 44 to 74 brands, a reflection on how these areas are growing when it comes to kids.

Nice Licensing is a special project in collaboration with Bologna Licensing Trade Fair and Pitti Immagine, which offers a unique platform for brands to connect to the outside world of fashion and the rich sector of companies that produce children’s clothing, for those who attend this international fair each year. Pitti Bimbo 88 sees approximately 553 fashion brands and new collections of which 360 from abroad. Divided into 11 sections to give space to the world of children’s fashion, Pitti Bimbo is without doubt, the number one rendez-vous for this sector. In the atmospheric setting of Fortezza da Basso, each year around 10,000 visitors meet, including 6,870 buyers from over 60 countries. It is the place where next seasons trends are set, from themes through to styles, attracting key players from territories such as: Russia, Spain, U.K., Germany, Turkey, Ukraine, the Netherlands, China, France, Greece, U.S., Belgium, Japan, Switzerland and Portugal.

The Florentine fair stands out, not only because of the richness of the exhibition and of the brands, but also the numerous initiatives and themes that identify each edition. Pitti Bimbo 88 welcomes the world of Hello Kitty by Sanrio, on the occasion of its 45th anniversary. On show within the usual Fashion Comics section organised by designer Alessandro Enriquez in the Central Pavilion, the project presents a selection of brands Monnalisa, Melissa and MC2 Saint Barth that are inspired by Hello Kitty for capsule collections dedicated to the world of children. Moreover, Pitti Bimbo is also where the celebrations for the wonderful 60 years of Barbie begin. For the occasion there is a celebratory exhibition and the launch of a capsule collection by Patrizia Pepe, which also includes a special t-shirt, all taking place in the Polveriera Area. The brainchild of Alessandro Enriquez, the Kid’s Evolution section, attracts adult research designers and create kids capsule 38

Finally, the Pitti Box is the guiding theme of this edition and it aims to be a tribute to the main feature of the Pitti events: being a Surprise Box, extraordinary containers of ideas and news on the world of fashion and lifestyle. At Pitti Bimbo, the audience will be immersed in an “in-and-out-of-theBox” multisensory journey, to discover the geography of the exhibition and its pavilions. This special set-up, which will cover the whole event, is curated by lifestyler Sergio Colantuoni.


Adrenalyn XL

Angry Birds The world famous Angry Birds, the protagonists of the most successful mobile game franchise ever and the stars of the 2016 smash hit The Angry Birds Movie, will return to the Italian cinemas on September 12th 2019 in The Angry Birds Movie 2! To support the movie sequel, the brand owner Rovio Entertainment is pursuing its biggest licensing initiative ever. As part of the support, Rovio has created very impactful and creative styleguides that focus on the most fun and unique features of The Angry Birds Movie 2. The styleguides are the strong point of the brand, designed by a talented and creative team flexible to the needs of the individual licensee. In addition, Rovio is creating a new Augmented Reality application through which the consumers can enjoy an even more extensive Angry Birds experience. Moreover. the application offers great opportunities for licensees and retailers.

ADRENALYN XL is the collectible card game from PANINI, a distinctive brand that has become the most successful collection in trading cards in recent years. A constantly growing phenomenon that develops and expands the gaming experience of the various PANINI collections, from CALCIATORI to the World Cup. A universe populated by athletes and top players, superheroes and steel walls. Given the huge success of the collections in Italy and internationally, several licensees have decided to launch ADRENALYN XL brand products throughout 2019, including diaries, backpacks, notebooks and balloons.

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Bravado, a Universal Music Group brand, is the leading record company in Italy and Worldwide, acting as an intermediary between the artists and the licensees, with the aim of producing licensed consumer products inspired to them. Bravado supports the building of brand opportunities at the crossover of music, fashion and innovation, exploring all the possible market areas. The portfolio includes over 250 brands among the most famous, iconic, pop, rock and teen-idol artists. Bravado is present in 40 countries, guarantying a tailored-made approach to every kind of project. Each project provides a great opportunity: through the further exposure of the artist, it offers licensees an exclusive add-on value allowing them to align their products to values of the artist.

emoji® - THE ICONIC BRAND is the official iconic lifestyle brand with true evergreen potential. The official emoji® brand transports the feelings and emotions we share when using digital icons into the world of physical and tangible products and offers legal security and safety to its partners and grants its official licensees access to more than 15.000 protected icons available for legal licensing. emoji® enjoys global awareness, incredible popularity, millions of daily users and a large collection of icons, all that is needed to keep up with trends. The over 80 beautiful style guides of emoji® allow you to create different products, suitable for every occasion and every licensee!

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maurizio@mdistefanolicensing.com 39


Festy Pets

Felix the Cat

What makes Feisty Pets a plush toy like none other? They appear sweet and cute but in minutes can transform themselves into mean and weird characters. The brainchild of Mark Forti from WMC toys, the brand was launched at the New York Toy Fair in 2016. This simple concept has made the toy one of the most sought-after in the States, with over 80 characters and an extraordinary success online and with the sale of over 1 million pieces just six months after its launch. Mondo TV plans to replicate the success of Feisty Pets in Italy, Spain and Portugal. With Jazwares as Toy partner, supported by Giochi Preziosi for Italy and by Goliath Games for Spain and Portugal, it is possible to rely on a very strong retail strategy. Feisty Pets, however, is not only a toy, but also a brand with a strong potential for lifestyle development, especially in kids and young adults fashion.

Created in 1919, Felix The Cat was the first star of animated cinema, making its appearance in over 100 films. Today, it is considered by the teen-young adult market an authentic pop icon, that has become a lifestyle brand thanks to the high level collaborations of which it has been protagonist, such as the one with Joyrich, United Arrows, Castlebajac Paris, Coach, Scotch & Soda, Fyodor Golan and HUF. Among his biggest fans are celebrities such as Mylie Cyrus, Pharell Williams, Fergie and Jennifer Aniston, confirming his international awareness. 2019 will be the 100th anniversary of the most famous cat in the world. #THECATISBACK!

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Jojo Siwa For the second year running, Nickelodeon Viacom Consumer Product has chosen to participate in the Nice Licensing space @Pitti Bimbo because of its very strong bond with the eclectic universe of fashion. NVCP has reinforced this link thanks to brands dedicated to young consumers of all ages, as in the case of the stylish JoJo Siwa, the popular face of Nickelodeon that owes its popularity to TV Specials dedicated to her as “Jojo Siwa My World”, as well as other shows that see her as a presenter such as “Lip Sink Battle Shorties” or as an actress in the most followed live action by Nickelodeon (from “Henry Danger” to “School of Rock”). JoJo is recognized internationally as a performer/singer and in 2019 she will amaze us with a new album and music tour which kicks-off in the US from May through to August, covering 52 different locations, with tickets that have already sold out!

Launched in 1984, Ghostbusters tells the story of three scientists at the University of New York who fight the ghosts that invade the city. Since then Ghostbusters has become a cultural phenomenon; the logo has a 97% recognition, and the soundtrack is one of the most listed to in the world. 2019 marks the 35th anniversary of this franchise that has been embraced through generations and continues to touch the hearts of all consumers. To support the anniversary a release of new style guides dedicated to the phenomenon will be issued.

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Magiki ™ is a De Agostini Publishing brand which launched in 2009, and has been a constant hit on newsstands sales wise ever since. Distributed throughout Europe, Asia and South America, Magiki ™ has quickly become a success in many countries amongst girls, especially in Italy and Russia. Starting out as a flowpack product, Magiki ™ is now a brand developed by the De Agostini group. The current offer includes 11 collections, 120 different characters, each with its own personality and, among them, princesses, dolphins, horses, cats and others which live in a magical world. Today the brand has also been developed into an animated TV series (52 x 11’).

Miffy was created in 1955 by Dick Bruna, one of the best-known international illustrators and authors of children’s books. The simple and clean line has made Miffy a timeless icon that has inspired the world of design and fashion, becoming a transversal phenomenon. Among his achievements, Miffy boasts 125 illustrated books translated into over 50 languages, a dedicated museum in Amsterdam, 300 licensees worldwide, more than 10,000 products on the market, and TV series broadcast in over 70 countries.

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National Geographic

Nicoletta Costa

National Geographic Kids aspires to be the number one global kids’ brand for entertainment with substance. It excites and inspires a new generation of explorers and make it fun for kids to find out about the world. National Geographic Kids is the only kids’ brand with a worldclass non-profit scientific organization at its core. By giving children unique access to National Geographic scientists, explorers, photographers, and experts, National Geographic Kids provides them with exciting, inspiring, and real experiences that ignite their curiosity about the world, making a kid feel like an explorer.

She has been described as one of the greatest interpreters of the “childhood planet” because she has been able to preserve her own ‘inner child’, as well as seeing the world through a child’s eyes. It is the world that she has been telling since 1980, in words and images in dozens of stories: over 300 books that make us discover how children think, act and behave. Nicoletta Costa’s universe is narrative and iconic and lives in the dimension of animism, anthropomorphism and magical realism under the sign of the cat, omnipresent “tutelary deity” of the poetry of the author and symbol of the childish imagination, but also a precise pedagogical and didactic path that develops through amusing illustrated alphabets.

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nicolettacosta.licensing@gmail.com 42


Panini Brand

Parental Advisory Introduced for the first time by the Recording Industry Association of America in 1985, and then adopted by the British Photonographic Industry in 2011, Parental Advisory was created as a warning label to be placed on CDs with the intention

PANINI is a global, iconic brand, synonymous with sharing, exchange, play and entertainment. A leader in the market of stickers and trading cards, PANINI represents a genuine passion for sports and sports heroes, a passion that goes by the motto “CeloCeloManca” (“Got it, got it, gone” commonly used by those who exchanged football stickers). Recognized worldwide by both adults and children alike, Panini collections give life to actual global communities throughout generations. The brand extension strategy which started twelve years ago with a first collaboration with Adidas, has since been renewed with a brand-new Style Guide that includes design heritage as well as modern decorative elements designed for each type of product.

of alerting parents to content deemed violent or explicit for teenagers. Today Parental Advisory is no longer a simple warning, but has become a real symbol of rebellion for the younger generation. A Lifestyle brand that has inspired many collaborations in the fashion world and has won international stars such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kardashians and J-Ax.

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The Pokémon Company International, a subsidiary of The Pokémon Company in Japan, manages the property outside of Asia and is responsible for brand management, licensing, marketing, the Pokémon Trading Card Game, the animated TV series, home entertainment and the official Pokémon website. Pokémon was launched in Japan in 1996 and is one of the most popular children’s entertainment properties in the world.

The world-famous sailor who has influenced many generations, celebrates his birthday with a new animated series (25 episodes) available on YouTube in 2019. Popeye, the paladin of the underdog and defender of nature, emerges on this new platform to convey those precious values that made him loved by many generations, entertaining viewers with his irresistible charm and dynamism. Because the secret of Popeye’s success is that his world and his personality always revealed to be up to date at all times and his extraordinary modernity is manifest even at 90 years old!

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premium@premiumlicensing.it 43


Subway Surfers


S U B W A Y SURFERS is an endless runner mobile game which sees a group of friends, street art loving, who need to constantly run from an inspector and his dog who persecute them. Created in 2012 by Kiloo and Sybo Games, downloaded over 2,1 billion times, played for more than 14 billion hours (about 1,7 billion years), SUBWAY SURFERS is a world phenomenon and still growing: the most downloaded game in 2017 and 2018! Thanks to the resounding success of the game, the first animated series was created and the views on YouTube and on the recently launched SYBO TV in streaming, were more than 28 millions! SUBWAY SURFERS is also lifestyle, it is greatly followed on Facebook and Instagram, new exciting activities are on plans and, from now, Licensing too!

Uglydolls was born from the imagination of a couple of illustrators 16 years ago and grew up through the word of mouth and the love of the fans. Uglydolls conveys the message of universal acceptance, Friendship and Love. With the slogan: “Ugly is beautiful”, it has become a true international phenomenon. Coming soon in October 2019, a colourful and funny Movie with the participation of Pitbull, Kelly Clarkson and Nick Jonas.

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BOLOGNA CHILDREN’S BOOK FAIR RETURNS TO PITTI BIMBO 88 THE EXTRAORDINARY LIBRARY The collaboration between Bologna Children’s Book Fair and Pitti Bimbo successfully continues. The partnership began in 2016 and combines the creativity of international illustration with the best in kids’ fashion. The Extraordinary Library returns to Pitti Bimbo 88, with a selection of 100 books dedicated to toddlers (0-3 yrs). Thanks to the research that the international children’s publishing industry is applying to early childhood, these books offer new sensory opportunities and open up to a unique creative universe. The 2019, Bologna Children’s Book Fair has chosen to dedicate its special category of the Bologna Ragazzi Award to toddlers. The Extraordinary Library Toddler Books! in Florence is therefore a preview of the very latest from in the international book scene for young readers.

Founded in 1701, Yale is one of the most exclusive and famous Universities in the world. Yale is based on three principles: to create, to preserve and to disseminate knowledge. The university has become world-famous thanks to high-profile alumni such as George W. Bush, actor Paul Newman, actress Meryl Streep and numerous appearances in Movies and TV Series. Thanks to this global awareness, important historical and academic values and the collegial style, the brand has been protagonist of prestigious partnerships with high-street brands such as Urban Outfitters, Forever21, Zara and Calvin Klein. Key symbols of Yale are the Bulldog Dan, the campus mascot and the famous «Boola Boola!» Contact Info: valeria.guzzetti@cplg.com Image used with permission from Yale University



SUN CITY FASHION GROUP. A VIEW TO THE FUTURE Sun City is one of the leading licensees for fashion, targeting adults and kids. The Company is always up-to-date with the latest trends, and LM interviewed Francesco De’ Robertis, VP European Sales at Sun City Fashion Group, to learn more about the next steps for the group and fashion licensing. brands they most identify with. So, instead of haute-couture, licensors choose those teen-adult brands based on consumer values that are loyal to the brand, which allows them to receive indirect benefits in terms of communication and loyalty from the Co-Labs. Kids vs. adults target. How much do each of these two targets weigh on Sun City? Nowadays the Sun City Fashion Group mainly works in the kids’ sector. However, the share of business focused on the adult world allows us to see strong signs of growth, thanks to the broad range of possibilities that it generates, such as the “Mini-me” Collections. The system of values always brings the Consumers

Francesco De’Robertis What do you see in terms of future trends in fashion licensing when it comes to kids vs. adults? I entered this profession 16 years ago, and my whole career has been in the licensing world. When I first began, the adult fashion in entertainment was the real driving force for the kids. I remember how Warner and DC worked to make successful collaborations with top fashion companies to increase the appeal of their brand. Nowadays there is a return to this strategy, but with a new perspective. The new interpretation of these co-marketing collaborations is represented by the fact that today we try to generate more and more consumer/follower communities that are built around the values of the 46

together - in this case, values that are lovable, cute, funny and complicity, which keep the family together. A few weeks after my promotion to Vice President

Events of Sales at Sun City I carried out an ambitious project with my staff: it was born out of the desire to find a strong link between parent-child intergenerational identification. I refer, and it’s a preview, to our Eco-friendly Collection for next Christmas 2019. We have met suppliers who buy tons of plastic that the International Organizations have managed to extract from the Oceans of the Planet. Through zero-impact industrial processes they transform them into precious fabrics with which we have created a Mini-Me collection to promote a more ethical and eco-conscious Christmas for families. For the occasion, the well-known “Sun City, Fashion for Humanity” will be transformed into “Sun City Fashion Saving Future” and the logo, printed on recycled cardboard, will be in green. I hope that the care we took in realizing every small detail such as the tickets, the washing labels and the packaging, all with recycled materials and with zero impact, will translate into family love and a kind of storytelling that teaches that the world is precious, unique and that with small daily actions we can and must participate in saving it. Which licenses are you aiming at for kids? In addition to purchases of international licenses, do you also make more local

choices? If I had to draw a list of the driving licenses of the moment, for girls I


would place the LOL Surprise first, for its novelty effect and for the huge success of the Toy. Then Minnie for the

Events PITTI BIMBO awareness and the great momentum in the communication generated by Disney on the 90th anniversary of Mickey, and finally Frozen, for the highly anticipated second chapter of the film. The world of boys is dominated internationally by Spiderman, and the Avengers again thanks to the extraordinary work done by Disney following the acquisition of Marvel. Mickey Mouse, as well as Minnie, is an evergreen that is a guarantee for the Buyer and it is experiencing a celebrity moment. Certainly our Group operates business choices that are also focused on individual local markets. This is the case with the likes of Peppa Pig by Eone, the Paw Patrol by Viacom, Lady Bug by Zag and the new highly anticipated Gormiti by Giochi Preziosi. Sun City is always extremely receptive to the needs of its customers and, thanks to its widespread presence in 15 different European countries with its own offices and staff, it works daily to follow the trends of the various markets. And for adults, what are you focused on? TV series and Gaming are currently the strongest trends, and we are able to seize these business opportunities thanks to the fast-fashion production system we have created in Europe and which guarantees that our customers receive the products in a short time, respecting their purchase targets in clothing. The world of day and night underwear, however, is always dominated by the great classics such as Walt Disney and Warner Bros. In which areas do you expect more growth? The very fact that we are talking about growth today is a challenge in itself. I believe that there are different types of growth to be considered as a goal. For example, maintaining the absolute leadership that we have conquered in our two main markets, France and Italy, requires the company to also develop a leadership in the innovation of the service it offers to its customers. Another and different goal of growth is certainly to promote the reputation of our company in smaller markets. Sun City has a very classical structure, with the founders Michel Benchetrit and Daniel Taieb working in first person to this day as if it

was “the first day of school”, with the same enthusiasm, the same uncertainties about the future and with the determination and energy of those who see the future and life as a great, extraordinary opportunity. A third, but not least, objective that we’ve set is certainly Sustainable Economic growth. We intend to continue on the path of increased production and turnover throughout Europe, but to do so proportionally to investments on the increasing sustainability of our products. How do you see the future of retail? We are in the middle of the 4Es of Marketing 4.0 by Philippe Kothler and today experiencing the product must be approached in completely different ways compared to a few years ago. I do not know companies in our market that have actually entered even the 2.0 era. We are all equipped with B2B websites, 48

some even B2C. But this is not enough, as shown by the market data: the traditional companies are losing market shares semester after semester. I am convinced that the key will be the Omni-channel approach. The future of sales will not only be on the web, nor even in the traditional market. The challenge is first of all on a cultural side and business approach. The companies that will resist will be those that have understood that one of the main missions will be accompanying and supporting their Customers-Distributors in the change, through the evolution of the Age of Omni-channel and complete interaction with their final consumers. I have already presented my development plan to the Founders of the Company and I’ve begun my influence process around the change of direction that we will have to implement to overcome the ever-new market challenges.


RETURN TO A CHILD’S WORLD Zero & Company and the evergreen Sweet Years brand recently signed a licensing agreement as of January 1st 2019 for a new kids clothing collection. The agreement is even more important when we consider the partners retail strength, with 18 flagship stores, 7 outlets and the forecast of even more new stores to open in the future.

Bobo Vieri the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and China, with a master licensee agreement with vip.com, a giant Chinese e-commerce company. Not losing sight of the founders of the brand (two famous Italian football players), the investments in football remain constant and their notoriety helps build the brand awareness. Sweet Years appears in many initiatives in which Bobo Vieri takes part, such as the Summer Foot Volley Tour (Bobo Vieri Summer Cup). And what about the future? Fabio

The Sweet Years trademark was established back in 2003 when two friends picked up on a trend and joined forces to launch a fashion brand. Unlike many other companies, Sweet Years has never had a negative period and has always had a market presence. The debut was marked by 72 million euros worth of revenue, however with the advent of fast fashion, e-commerce and other brands in the limelight, this pace was no longer sustainable. From 2009 to 2016, the brand entered its second life, which led

Sweet Years Kidswear

to its consolidation. Clearly a brand for young people does not last forever but it has found its market and has managed to outlive many others in terms of pricing and distribution. As a matter of fact, Sweet Years is a company that maintains the same partners it had some 15 years ago. During the third and latest life cycle, they aimed again at more widespread sales, along with important collaborations. Today, e-commerce is also an important market share of the brand, together with the large-scale distribution operation – which was once unimaginable. In Italy, Sweet Years covers men’s, women’s and children’s fashion, women’s underwear, pyjamas, bags and textile accessories, perfumes, shoes, flip-flops, slippers, and glasses. Internationally, the brand is in great demand. In Japan, it works in partnership with a sports products company, targeting the brand towards a more sober, adult and technical line. The brand is also present in 50

Paolo Maldini Renzetti, Licensing Director for Sweet Years says us that “Sweet Years will always focus on brand communication even before thinking about the actual product. What we need to do is to stay alive in people’s hearts and remain up-todate. We are also thinking of a structured e-commerce strategy, more developed than the current one. We want to focus on the online initiatives, as well as mobile devices and social media platforms”.

Publishing #CCBF18

LICENSED PUBLISHING: AN OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTH A contribution by Jonathan Symington, Founder and CEO at the Lantic Group During the opening talk of the first Licensing Forum at last China Shangai International Children’s Book Fair (November 2018), Jonatham Symington provided an overview of the licensing process and explored how publishers could use licensing as an opportunity for growth.

Jonathan Symington Shanghai served as an apt backdrop to explore the rapidly changing landscape of licensed publishing in China over the past 30 years. I reminded the audience that the neighborhood they were sitting in was non-existent back in 1989 and today the licensed publishing market is around

RMB 80.7 billion according to Open Book, the Beijing based industry data research firm, of which the kid’s market is approximately 25% and has been growing over 20% for past 2 years to become the largest segment of the publishing market here in China. Many factors have influenced that rapid growth in the licensed publishing market, several of which were external to the industry itself and due to the rapid economic change happening across China. But within the industry much change has happened and propelled growth. Learning best practices in design, production and distribution have certainly been a key factor. I came to China in 2013 for Disney to study opportunities in the publishing market. It was an exciting time, publishing was evolving a lot and retail channels were fast modernizing. Foreign IP that dominated was Mickey, Tom & jerry and Doraemon, but Xi Yang Yang the Happy Goat was dominating the airwaves and setting the stage for the emergence of strong


homegrown IP in the licensed market. 10 years ago foreign authors represented over 50 % of books published in China, as today Chinese authors are over 80% of the market. And whilst we don’t have the exact numbers for the children’s market it is likely to be a similar directional trend. Today Balala The Fairies, Armor Hero and Boonie Bears, to name a few look to keep that strong Chinese presence in the licensing sector. Retailers are also helping drive that growth by providing customers with a world class shopping experience that facilitates discovery and impulse purchasing.

How licensing can help the publishing business grow Licensing can clearly be a very dynamic source of growth. The mechanics of licensing are very straight forward, a licensor the IP holder hands over the right to commercialize their brand in defined product categories in exchange for consideration provided by licensee. As a publisher licensing can provide incremental revenue and broaden your audience, as the content and other product categories in the market will have ensured a customer base for your books and magazines. If you are a brand owner getting your brand translated into publishing formats provides ways in which you can grow your brand and deepen engagement from consumers with your brand. Not all licenses will perform strongly so it’s important to be selective when choosing a property. The following points can help you determine whether a property will be

Publishing #CCBF18 merchandisable. Does the content deliver on what drives people to buy merchandise? Not only is content key but also key stakeholders in the route to market, licensees and retailers. The platform on which content is distributed will impact the scope of its merchandisability. The age group of target audience is another key factor. Factors that will help ensure a property will be successful are the level awareness for the property at the time products will go on sale. This can be impacted by either pre-existing awareness of a property or the level of marketing spend the content owner will be deploying. New Platforms are emerging as sources of great content from which great licensed publishing programs are being built. Online influencers are connecting directly with audiences through platforms such as You Tube in the west and Youku Tudou in China. Gaming platforms are

BOLOGNA CHILDREN’S BOOK FAIR: THE GLOBAL LEADING CHILDREN’S CONTENT EVENT BCBF is the only global event where over 1,400 exhibitors from 70 countries and over 4,000 illustrators meet, providing an unparalleled unique creative workshop and market that focuses on content for kids and teens. Highlights include and exclusive exhibition space for audiobooks and a programme dedicated to specialized booksellers, key players in the promotion of books, and much more relating to entertainment products for the kids/teen demographic. The 56th edition of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair will be focused on toddlers.

providing increasing opportunities, with Roblox and Fortnite being the latest examples, and China’s Children’s Press has been wildly successful with Plants vs Zombies with its unique approach to crafting a publishing program for its reader base. Netflix, Tencent and others offering streaming platforms are also going to see the beginnings of strong publishing programs based on content they produce. At the heart of the success of any licensing program is the consumer. To bring the consumer into your program you will need content that resonates with target audience, customer affinity and pre-existing awareness are powerful drivers. But not all successful films at the box office drive merchandise programs. Content will also need to meet certain criteria: aspirational characters, relevant themes, culturally relevant, expandable elements, asset availability. A licensee will be looking for retail support, content support, asset availability, promotional support, launch timing. Retailers will


be looking for content support, asset availability, launch timing and potential for multi-category placement.

What can a publisher do to grow their licensed publishing programs? Here are several ideas to consider that can help grow publisher’s business. Format innovation is a key growth driver. This can vary from upgrading design and material used on covers to adding additional play patterns to books, including puzzles and other activities or adding electronics. Finding new distribution channels is a great way to find incremental business.

Publishing For example you can look to merchandise books alongside other categories by getting out of aisle placement or being a part of cross Category promotional pallets and end caps. E-commerce is of course a dynamic and growing channel that all publishers should have as a part of their sales strategy. Straight book bundles or bundles of book + toy or book + apparel are formats that can generate great consumer demand, as are implementation of price and format adjustments such as downsizing a book to create small impulse purchase format at a low entry level price. The performance of licensed publishing programs will be impacted by content trends and the type of entertainment

still a growing and important part of the publishing landscape. Audio platforms such as Amazon’s Alexa & Google Home are now offering an upgraded version of the reading experience once enjoyed by families who had book + CDs. Disney and Random House just announced a collaboration with google Home using its Little Golden Books Storybooks that will allow users to get all the sound effects and music to accompany the story that they once got from CDs and tapes. Publishing can serve as way for an IP holder to extend and grow it brand awareness. In 2005 at Disney we decided that we could expand our publishing business by appealing to the timeless fairies play pattern bring out a

properties that are being developed whether that be in TV, Film or in Video games. But comics and manga can also impact what can work in licensed publishing. Recent resurgence in comic book content repacked in various pocket book format has been a big driver for some licensed publishers globally that has helped counter the decline fo the traditional magazine format. And of course social trends by that I mean areas of interest that are important to parents can spill over into licensed publishing, providing opportunities for publishers to get behind books focused on emotional intelligence, nurturing and other such themes to name a few. Whilst there is growing reticence in some families to allow kids to spend time in front of screens, apps & e-books are

series of books based around the story of Tinkerbell and her fairy friends, we launched a storybook with author Gayle Carson Levine to set the world and then developed a range of chapter books that were licensed around the world, the merchandise division developed a broad range of licensed product, the video division launched a series of direct to video film and within 2 years the Fairies Franchise was a billion dollar brand for Disney at retail. Lego have also masterfully expanded their brand by licensing their brand beyond their iconic brick and built a huge global publishing program of books & magazines. The strength of licensed publishing when the stars align like in these examples is that it allows kids of all ages to experience their favorite characters in new ways and enriches their 55

traditional means of engagement with the brands by fueling their imagination with the rich storytelling that only books and magazines can provide.

What is behind the success of #CCBF18 In 2018 BolognaFiere and Bologna Children’s Book Fair opened a new important chapter of its international activities becoming co-organizer of the China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair (CCBF), the most important children’s book fair of the Asia Pacific Region and the only event that can be assimilated to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in being focused exclusively on children’s publishing and with a predominantly professional format. After six successful editions, CCBF has quickly become a premium event for the global children’s publishing industry: it hosts one of the leading copyright exchange hubs for children’s books and content, contributing to the meeting and exchange between China, with its heritage of literature and illustration, with the rest of the world. On the occasion of the 6th China Shangai International Children’s Book Fair (November 2018), the first edition co-organised by BolognaFiere, BCBF managed to bring to Shanghai several activities aimed at enhancing the professional side of the fair along with numerous international experts in illustration and publishing for children. CCBF drew together 367 exhibitors and 33.796 visitors from all over the world. Bologna Children’s Book Fair contributed to the success of the event, enlarging the cultural programme with meetings, exhibitions and awards while combining copyright, including licensing, and cultural exchange with professional updating.


WHAT’S NEXT IN ASIAN TV MARKET The 19th edition of the Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF) and 8th ScreenSingapore, Asia’s leading entertainment content market and conference, ended on a strong note on the 7th of December 2018, with the biggest-ever representation from the international content industry.

From the 4th to the 7th of December 2018, more than 5,600 delegates from 58 countries and regions across the globe converged on the market floor, as they sought opportunities to buy, sell, coproduce and distribute content. Close to 770 exhibiting companies including key Asian brands and major international studios from around the world, showcased their latest programming and content. They included CBS Studios International, Disney, FOX, MGM, NBC Universal Television, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Television and Warner Bros. Preliminary estimates from exhibitor feedback put the total value of deals brokered at more than US $313 million. To focus on what’s next for the Asian Animation industry and how much it impacts on a global scale, LM interviewed

Avril Blondelot, Head of Content Insight at Eurodata TV Worldwide, the international TV research agency and unique provider of official TV ratings of 7000+ channels in more than 110 territories, reaching 4.1 billion potential viewers, and insight analyses based on a global expertise. In your opinion, what is the status of Asian Animation today? The dynamics for the Asian animation are quite positive right now: they are gradually evolving from a rather niche to a larger market. We observe this trend in the audience profile of some of the shows we are analysing, but also by following what’s new on the air. In the past years, specialist video streamers such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Anime Digital Network 56

Avril Blondelot have gathered communities of anime addicts from across the world. They are now joined by generalist platforms, which are tapping into the appeal of the genre. Hulu has recently expanded its anime offering with Funimation by signing a multi-year partnership and output deal for new content from the Sony Pictures Television subsidiary. Netflix has invested in a great variety of original anime. Amongst them Aggretsuko, which tells the story of the Sanrio character, a little panda who belts out death metal at night in order to vent her frustrations from the working dayand the annoying colleagues she must put up with in her accounting department. Lost Song is also on the Netflix platform. It tells the story of two girls who have the power to heal wounds with songs. SVOD players also invest locally in Asia where they operate and bring new money

Events ASIA TV FORUM for local productions. In that respect, what’s happening in India is particularly interesting. International players are trying to break through amongst relatively well-established local players. They invest in local storytelling and develop new IPs with high production values and a potential to travel. An example of this is Kalari Kids, from Greengold Animation for Amazon. It brings kalaripayattu, a dying form of martial art to contemporary kids in an action-packed comedy series with

their way amongst pre-schoolers, featuring 3D cars and engines and light educational messages: Robocar Poli (#5* in Canada English in children 2-6), Vroomiz (#1* on Cartoonito in Italy), to mention just a few examples.

With a cumulative of 73.8M* of viewing hours in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK,Miraculous Ladybug includes three Asian co-producers: TOEI Animation, SAMG Animation and SK Broadband along with Western co-producers:

Asian studios also feature as key international co-production partners of numerous programmes and channels.

Zagtoon, Method Animation, Mediawan Thematics and De Agostini Editore. China also strives to create a footprint. There are many examples of series where a little panda is included in Western IPs or in original co-productions such as Panda and Krash (CCTV, FunUnion, Riki Group). One of the most interesting examples recently is Luo Bao Bai (+69%** versus market share in children 5-12 vs ABC2 slot in Australia). Written by Dave Ingham, which adds a dash of British charm, and tells the story of an imaginative little girl from a modern Chinese family, as she navigates childhood.

a graphic style, and is reminiscent of the traditional kalari paintings. Greengold is also working for Netflix on Mighty Little Bheema, the prequel to Chhota Bheem, one of the national heroes in India. How does Asian Animation impact the International Animation market? Pure Asian productions come with specific themes and production techniques which appeal to children. The strengths of Japanese anime are numerous. Its themes are quite specific and has its roots in rich fantasy worlds that thrill and draw attention to positive values that are created as a result of competition and friendship. South Korean productions also carved

How does Asian Animation influence the Western style of Animation? The influence of Asian animation isn’t 58

Events ASIA TV FORUM new. Avatar: the Last Airbender is an American production which includes anime elements and much of the Asian culture, and has been a success for Nickelodeon and 2x2 in Russia for years. What’s interesting right now is that inspiration goes back and forth. Since October 2018, NHKE broadcast Radiant, an anime based on Manfra, a French comic book that draws its inspiration from Japanese manga. And it doesn’t end

there, as coming up we also have Droners (Cyber Group Studios, Supamonk Studios and La Choutte Compagnie) which was inspired by The Legend of Korra and anime One Piece. It takes place in a land which is 95% covered by water and where the heroes want to win the craziest drone race of all time.

What are the best known global Asian IPs according to your research? Our research isn’t about brand awareness. What we do is to analyse authoritative audience information which comes from the Television Audience Measurement agencies such as Auditel/Nielsen Audience Measurement in Italy. Currently, two titles appear quite regularly amongst the highest rated in our Kids

TV Report. The first one is SuperWings (Alpha Group, Funny Flux, Little Airplane Production), #3* on Cartoonito in Italy which also ranks amongst the highest rated in Spain, Germany, Poland and Turkey. In terms of the number of viewing hours (i.e. the total amount of time expressed in hours spent by children in front of the TV watching programmes), it often surpasses other popular kids franchises such as Peppa Pig, PJMasks, Fireman Sam, Ben&Holly Little Kingdom and Rusty Rivets. The second-best property is Pokémon, which doesn’t necessarily air on the top channels, but has notched some impressive viewing figures (almost 1,500.000 hours in the UK on Pop, PopMax and CITV) thanks to its catalogue size.

*in Jan.-June 2018, source Kids TV Report Eurodata TV Worldwide/Relevant partners **between Feb. – August 2018, 168 airings, source Eurodata TV Worldwide/ Relevant partners 60


PROMOTION IN LICENSING The increasingly central role of promotion in licensing. Who are the main players in the Italian promotion market who also have an everincreasing presence internationally? How do they work with licensors and companies? Below is a summary of some of the main companies in this sector.

Pea & Promoplast Established in 1973, Pea &Promoplast has had many years’ experience in promotion & loyalties. 10 years ago it expanded its business in collectibles & toys and finally opened a publishing &newsstand division in 2010. Throughout its journey, it has included collaborations with Italian and foreign companies, creating over 800 new tested and certified gifts each year.

Licensing has always played a strategic role for the company, that collaborates with both licensees and licensors. The year 2018 was an important one: it saw the consolidation of new areas in addition to the usual ones, and the development of new innovative concepts. In the meantime, the Hong Kong office has defined its activity focusing on the Far East and South Asia. 2019 will be a very busy year, with continued expansion from of what was achieved in 2018 and the increase of strategic agreements in all areas of the company’s business. The collaboration with Rovio for the development of the Hatchies line of toys and the whole promotional catalogue linked to the plush line which started in

2018, has come to its conclusion at the end of the year, with broad distribution across Italy, France, Indonesia, India, the Middle East and it will extend into the new year to coincide with a new movie. Since 2017, P&P has also ventured into producing its own IPs, starting with Smalldiers, and then in 2018 creating new properties such as Monster Mix, Kimmees and Hatchies. On the side of loyalty, the collaboration with TCC and UNIVERSAL was very important, as it led to the creation of Dinosaurs Mix, released on the market in the second half of 2018. In the last year the Collectibles were also an intense activity for the group, which has developed a new product, in the wake of the adult-oriented vintage trend, called Super Figurines: 3D characters to be assembled in a simple and fast way. The first project is dedicated to Holly and Benji. Furthermore, the Juventus project AllianzStadium, distributed at newsstands by Corriere dello Sport/Tuttosport, was an extraordinary success. During the first quarter of 2019, new lines will be launched in cooperation with some


Focus on Super Figurines, based on Japanese (as well as others) licenses, which by the end of the year will be distributed in Italy and Europe. The Bologna Licensing Trade Fair will be the first opportunity for P&P to present these novelties. With a stand that has doubled in size and a revised layout, the company will be able to showcase all these new innovations and more. For more information: www.peapromoplast.com

of the most famous licenses on the market and with the other IPs of the company. The distribution channels involved will range from retail to newsagents and convenience stores.

In the new year, a new product will take shape for Special Promotions, based on the original P&P “Kimmees� concept, a signing with TCC. The Partwork in 2019 will feature the


Cool Things Cool Things is a dynamic company created to entertain children with curious, colorful and always up-to-date games. The company was created by Alberto Stolfi and Jessica Gasperoni, who in 1992 founded the International Games Trade Spa. Later, the Cool Things brand was born, and its success was so strong that today it has become the name of the company itself. The company’s strategy is flexibility - the ability to adapt the business to the needs of customers as well as being innovative. In the year 2000, a branch was set up in Hong Kong, extending the company’s reach, and crossing new frontiers. Cool Things products travel from East to West, between the San Marino and Hong Kong offices to reach the homes of children worldwide. The appreciation of their products makes Cool Things one of the most innovative producers and creators of small toys, capsule toys, promotional games, gadgets and souvenirs for Theme

Parks/Stores. The company has an annual turnover of 12 million euros. From this, 35% is Promotion, 20% newsstands and 45% derives from capsule toys, for a total of about 50 million pieces distributed each year. Italy covers 40% of the Cool Things market area, while the rest is covered by Europe (40%), from Spain to Poland, and the rest of the world (20% ), ranging from USA to Australia. Looking towards the future, Cool Things aims to consolidate its leadership in Capsule Toys; expanding its business in the USA, the Middle East and Southeast Asia; increasing its position as a European licensee in its specialist areas; expanding the focus on international licensing and creating partnerships with licensors for their promotional needs. One of Cool Thing’s great strengths is

the direct use of new communication channels for children and young people, such as YouTube, the most direct way to create product trends and that best allows to promote and show the gaming potentials of the company’s creations. The Cool Things products are specifically designed to be compatible with many packaging solutions and be included in many sales channels. The company

develops every aspect of the product, from concept to design, from design to production. As regards promotion, Cool Things creates campaigns with prizes, surprise products, points collection, QSR promos, loyalty programmes, cover mounts. The company also carries out projects for the retail channel with products ranging from toys to personal care items. Moreover, one of Cool Things’ strengths is the collaboration with Italian and foreign theme parks, providing a design and supply service for their stores. The company is also a partner with: DISNEY STORES Europe (80 stores), DISNEY STORES USA (200 stores), DISNEY THEME PARKS in Los Angeles, Orlando, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai; UNIVERSAL STUDIOS in Los Angeles, Orlando and Singapore; AQUAFAN and OLTREMARE in Riccione. Even for Cool Things, licensing plays an important role. Thanks to collaborations with Warner Bros and Cartoon Network, Cool Things has entered the world of licensing, creating products with over 30 licenses. This area accounts for around 40% of the company’s turnover. 64

Focus on

Cool Things, also develops its own properties and, among these, Puppy Club Dogz House - a collection of cute pets with attractive packaging which is enjoying a huge success. After 3 collections of Puppy Club Tin Box and tens of millions of pieces sold all over the world, the company has decided to innovate, by introducing a new creation: the mini 3Ds representing the cute puppies of the most famous dog breeds are no longer included in small metal boxes, but are now enclosed in colourful plastic houses that can be stacked thanks to a joint that connects the bases and roofs. The possibility of stacking the new elements creates a nice super coloured condominium and the multiple combinations are a great stimulus for a child’s imagination.

EQSG Creating ideas that can be realized. This sentence goes hand-in-hand with EQSG’s

philosophy, a company founded 35 years ago by Arnaldo Malfatto, whose intuition at the time allowed him to forecast the future importance of the Asian market. It was the beginning of an extremely successful career, and of an important reality in the promotional world, that went on to be developed by his daughter Paola (Creative Director) and son Fabio (President), working alongside Claudio Basile, General Manager, who deals with the administrative and contractual elements of the business, and Chiara Malfatto in the creative department. The company has been operating for over thirty years from its office in Asti, with subsidiary offices and accredited suppliers

For more information www.coolthings.sm/it/

in the Far East, and is among the leading companies in the publishing, promotional and loyalty sectors. The achievement of some certifications (UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, SA8000 and Sedex-Smeta) has placed the company among the few operators in the sector at an international level to have chosen a philosophy that focuses on the quality of the product and production. The strength of the EQSG, say the Malfattos iblings, consists in having been able to create a perfect union between creativity and Italian thinking, the production network in the Far East and customers all over the world:elements that led to the creation of very successful projects. With them at the helm, the company has consolidated its customers and developed new market areas, both in terms of product and quality. As part of the 65

Focus on PROMOTION REPORT growth of the business, the acquisition of some international profile licenses was subsequently added. To mention one of the recent success stories, EQSG in collaboration with the Volponi agency has created an operation that ran from September through to December and allowed individuals to collect fantastic SuperMario prizes from all the stores connected to Auchan, such as 8 mug packs in original metal boxes with slots on the lid, also usable as a piggy bank, along with 4 fantastic American placemats.

Dal Negro The undisputed leader of playing cards, Dal Negro, was established in 1876 in Treviso. Dal Negro has experienced the historical changes of its country and market, right through until the arrival of digital, which since 2003, has led the company to diversify its production, creating new products for all age groups, bringing a breath of novelty within a company that focused on one product. The production of cards, however, did not

For more information http://www.eqsg.com/en/

Sbabam For over 20 years, TEMA PROMOTIONAL GIFTS has taken care of its customers, creating exclusive merchandising for Italian and foreign companies.

Established in 2014, Sbabam is a TemaProm brand, dedicated to the ideation, design and marketing at newsstands and in the large-scale distribution of accessories, games and playful, simple, social and trendy objects. Sbabam has a team of creative and dynamic professionals, ready to develop ideas and turn them into fun games, placing itself among the most innovative companies in its sector, with extensive experience in the production and distribution of customized communication objects and editorial products at an international level. Sbabam not only creates toys, but it also builds real worlds where children can move and play with their imagination. The company has an annual turnover of 35 million euros, with an advertising investment plan close to 5 million euros a year. For more information www.sbabam.com 66

Focus on PROMOTION REPORT decrease, but rather increased, thanks to the production of card decks for casinos all over the world. Currently the company’s production capacity is set at ten thousand decks a day and Dal Negro cards can be found all over the world. As regards licensing, Dal Negro is licensee of the La Gazzetta dello Sport brand, for which it has developed various types of games. For 2019, the company will propose customized playing cards for the Promotion Expo in Milan. For more information www.dalnegro.com

Dynit Dynit was founded in 1995, and rapidly established itself as a leading entertainment company for the distribution of cartoons, comics and later movies throughout Italy. Since 2007, it has diversified its activities, successfully entering the licensing market, newsstand chains, promotions and customized projects. The Gifts & Premium division designs and develops gift ideas for gift-on-pack or instore promotion activities.

The company’s strength lies in the possibility of creating customized campaigns for the most varied of product categories through acquired licenses (such as Minions, Doraemon, Barbapapa, the Smurfs) and Licenses of properties, including the Pony of Dreams, Beauty Sirens, Dinosaurpark, Splatterosi, My little friends and others. The creative graphic staff allows Dynit to conceive, develop and produce totally personalized gifts. The company is organised to manage promotional projects in-house, whilst supporting the customer throughout each phase. For some time now, Dynit has been collaborating with leading customers in their sectors, such as Amadori, Balocco, Casa Modena, Mattel, Galbani, Montefarmaco, Parmareggio, Roadhouse. For more information www.dynit.it



A Destination for Toy Licensing

Visit www.ToyFairNY.com or download the free Toy Fair Mobile App (available in the Apple Store and Google Play) for information about registration, exhibiting companies, special events, educational opportunities, hotel bookings, and more. The LICENSING MAGAZINE team will be present at NEWYORK TOY FAIR. Feel free to contact us at office@bm-eu.com if you want to send us your latest news which we will publish in the next issue of the magazine!

As the destination to see the newest, hottest, and largest selection of cutting-edge toys, games, and youth entertainment products, the 116th North American International Toy Fair (taking place February 16 to 19 in New York City) is a natural fit for the global licensing community to scout unique playthings coming to market in 2019 and to strike lucrative deals. Toys are the second largest licensed merchandise category behind apparel, representing 13.3 percent of the $271.6 billion global licensing business in 2017, according to the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association’s (LIMA). And with licensed playthings

representing nearly 30 percent of all toy sales in the U.S., show organizers have dedicated an entire track of educational programming just for the licensing industry. Seminars under the “Licensing Content Connection” series cover topics including licensing fundamentals, how to negotiate a deal, the latest global trends in licensing, and how to evaluate whether a property is ready for licensing. The sessions are free and open to all Toy Fair registrants. “Whether you’re a novice or seasoned professional, Toy Fair’s licensed-focused educational seminars led by industry experts provide actionable insights into the profitable category,” said Marian


Bossard, Executive Vice President of Global Market Events at The Toy Association, the U.S. trade group that produces Toy Fair. “In addition, the show will provide ample opportunity to network and connect with toy entrepreneurs and companies, leading to valuable business opportunities.”


A rundown of must-attend events during NY Toy Fair Licensing 101

Saturday, February 16 1:30 p.m. Level 1, Hall 1E, Room 1E09 In “Licensing 101,� presented by LIMA, session attendees will get a solid grounding in how a trademark licensing deal comes together, including basic terminology and how a deal is structured.

License to Play: From Toys to Tennis Shoes and Tableware

Saturday, February 16 3:30 p.m. Level 1, Hall 1E, Room 1E09 Presented by UBM, the seminar will explore why toy and game IPs are fast becoming the most popular brands that extend into other product categories, and share which toy properties are in demand and how to jump in on the action.

Are You Ready for Licensing?

Sunday, February 17 1:30 p.m. Level 1, Hall 1E, Room 1E11 How do you evaluate whether your property is ready for licensing? Attendees will learn what drives successful licensing programs during the session, presented by Ira Mayer, former publisher and executive editor of The Licensing Letter and Youth Market Alerts; and Karen Raugust, writer, editor, and researcher at Raugust Communications.

Licensing & Retail Trends

Sunday, February 17 3:30 p.m. Level 1, Hall 1E, Room 1E11 During this seminar, experts from LIMA will spotlight the top business trends they see affecting the licensing business,

including the changing shape of the retail business for brick-and-mortar stores and the rise of e-commerce.

Toying with Social Media: New Names in the Toy Space

Monday, February 18 1:30 p.m. Level 1, Hall 1E, Room 1E09 Presented by UBM, the session will examine how social media influencers are shaping the toy industry in support of new licensed toys and products.


Henson Independent Properties (HIP) Re-launch Kidscreen Summit 2019 will be the occasion for The Jim Henson Company to relaunch HIP (Henson Independent Properties), a third-party licensing banner formed initially in 2009, to acquire and service global consumer products programs and media distribution for external brands and entertainment properties. This division is managed by Claudia Scott- Hansen, Senior Vice President for Global Distribution.

Claudia Scott-Hansen Key titles previously represented by the company include Elias: Rescue Team Adventures (produced by Animando and CAOZ Animation) and Lily’s Driftwood Bay (produced by Sixteen South of Northern Ireland), for which Henson signed multiple distribution deals across the globe. Development Slate Highlights Social Emotional Themes With many STEM - based series successes under their belt (Dinosaur Train, Sid the Science Kid, Splash and Bubbles, Dot.), the company is now focusing on properties with social-emotional learning themes, at a time when there are deepening divisions around the world. Much research indicates that positive TV can help. For example, television

shows that depict sharing, getting along with others, or rejecting stereotypes can improve those skills in children, who may also benefit from TV shows that encourage emotional regulation, befriending diverse children, and solving problems responsibly. Three new series are in development, each with an existing audience across publishing and toys. Teddy Ruxpin. Most recently Henson teamed up with Alchemy II to develop an animated fantasy adventure series for kids ages 3-7 based on the popular Teddy Ruxpin property. The new series will focus on important themes and skills like fostering self-esteem, empathy and individuality. Global master toy partner is Wicked Cool Toys. Slumberkins. Hensonis developing a new 72

live-action puppet preschool series based on Slumberkins, a leading educational children’s brand working to teach positive social-emotional life skills to both parents and children. Co-founded in 2016 by Callie Christensen and Kelly Oriard, an educator and a family therapist respectively, Slumberkins strives to empower children and parents through the use of their plush and snuggly creatures, in order to help navigate life in a balanced way. And interactive board books and storylines incorporate therapeutic techniques that accompany each creature. The Kissing Hand. Based on Audrey Penn’s beloved, award-winning picture book series The Kissing Hand, the series will bebrought to life with adorable puppets from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. The Kissing Hand, which is arguably the top book parents use to prepare their children for preschool and kindergarten, is deeply nurturing and perfectly suited for puppetry.


KID-E-CATS GLOBAL HIT, READY FOR LAS VEGAS IN JUNE 2019 Kid-E-Cats is a successful Russian animated series for preschoolers, created by Metrafilms studio for CTC Media. It launched in Russia in October 2015 on CTC and then on Carousel, and the TV series has gone on to conquer Russia and beyond. Kid-Đ•-Cats crossed the borders of the Russian Federation and became very popular amongst young viewers worldwide. In December 2017, Nick Jr. channel launched the series in 143 countries simultaneously, adapting it to 36 languages, including countries in SouthEast Asia, the Middle East, Northern and Southern Africa, Scandinavia, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS and the Baltic states.

International distribution rights for Kid-E-Cats are owned by APC Kids, a subsidiary of About Premium Content. In 2018, the American multinational mass media conglomerate Viacom acquired rights to the intriguing second season of the animated series. Now residents in 170 countries around the world have an opportunity to enjoy adventures of the cats on Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon TV channels.

Licensing development In September 2018, APC Kids signed its first European licensing deals for KIDE-CATS. Leading children’s publisher

Egmont acquired the publishing rights to the property for the Central and Eastern European region and will launch a new range of story books, picture books, coloring activity books, sticker books and novelty books across the region in 2019. Towards the end of 2018, APC Kids appointed Hong Kong-based Toy Plus as master toy partner for its animated series Kid-E-Cats. The deal will see Toy Plus develop a range of toys including plush, collectibles, figurines and playsets for preschoolers. Initial products were launched at Hong Kong Toys & Games fair in January 2019, followed by a global retail launch scheduled for October 2019. In 2018, CTC Media and Beijing Joy Culture Media signed an agreement giving the Chinese company rights to broadcast Kid-E-Cats and distribute it on digital media, as well as produce licensed products in the territory of China. The Chinese premiere of Kid-E-Cats was in 73

December 2018 and now the series is broadcast simultaneously across 8 top Chinese media platforms. Moreover, new deals have been secured with Ravensburger for puzzles and board games across Europe; V. Christakopoulos for plushes in Greece & Cyprus, and Anthaix for back to school, stationery and dinnerware in Peru. In 2019, for the first time there will be a dedicated Kid-E-Cats booth presented during the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.


FROM PRINT TO DIGITAL Established in 1873, Bayard is a leading French publisher with an enormous portfolio of successful IPs for children. Bayard is made of many divisions which follow a specific part of an IP development. Today, Bayard Jeunesse has a 360° content strategy which captures children’s attention across a broad range of platforms. To learn more, LM interviewed Stephanie Simonin, Digital Development and Licensing Manager, Bayard Foreign Rights. When it comes to the BJ strategy, how do you build Community around your brands? Bayard builds communities across its brands (J’aime lire, for example) and IPs (Petit Ours Brun, SamSam) by creating content across multiple formats and distributing it on multiple channels. This is only possible as a result of our very close relationship with our authors and illustrators to take their stories, characters and concepts from one format and sales channel to another. J’aime lire for example is a magazine read monthly by over 2 million 7 to 10 year olds. It is available on subscription to families, schools and public libraries. Many stories published in the magazine are also published as printed books and e-books. E-books are distributed on e-reading platforms, but also on Bayard’s e-book platform - the J’aime lire Store which is dedicated to offering accurate and enriched e-book experiences to 3-12 year olds readers. J’aime lire also has its

own website and Facebook page for both kids as well as parents, and the publisher also organizes special events to reach out to all readers. Little Brown Bear (Petit Ours Brun) is an IP with brand new content published

the editor of board games featuring Little Brown Bear. Little Brown Bear is also a TV series, which just launched on France Television, together with the roll-out of a merchandising program. On the digital front, Petit Ours Brun has its own YouTube channel, website, dedicated FB page with more than 120.000 followers and a strong community of mothers. Bayard’s digital studio also produces interactive games available on Bayard’s OTT platform Bayam. Finally, little Brown Bear is also a live musical show produced by Shorty Prod. How do you target kids today? Our mission at Bayard is to contribute to each child’s personal development and to create positive learning experiences for as many children as possible in France and throughout the world by partnering with

each month in Popi and Pomme d’api magazines. Little Brown Bear also has a very large number of dedicated inhouse magazines. More than 1 million books are sold each year and Bayard is

a very large number of foreign companies. We can reach an international audience both directly through subsidiaries and joint ventures - such as Bayard bridge, our recent joint venture publishing house in China, or Twirl - our English language imprint distributed worldwide - and indirectly, through foreign right sales. 74

Digital & Media Based on the age group and the nature of the content, Bayard addresses both the family as a whole, and the child as an individual. Group Bayard addresses children wherever they are…starting from print (magazines and books) to screen (TV, e-books, videos-games, audio-books), and even real-life events. Can you explain how you moved from a format first company to a brand/IP first company? Firstly, we have worked to reduce time between the release of our content and the feedback from our audience (thanks to our direct links in particular) and rolling it out into new formats. A lot of it has to do with changes in the internal organization of the company. Until quite recently each department worked alongside each other with quite a linear time scale. If a character or editorial concept did well in a magazine, it could become a book, and if the print audience was good than maybe there would be a TV show and digital content. Now, although most of our IPs are still bookbased properties, we are keen to think of IP first. This is only possible because of an internal organisation that allows a cross-media decision-making both in terms of editorial strategy (360° IP plan) and distribution: handling direct BtoC or indirect BtoB distribution channels on an international scale. It means working across departments in a much more flexible way to identify strong IPs and

different roll-out formats, which are more appropriate to the IP’s DNA. Then, we are open to new formats. Models are not finite and necessarily frozen in time. We must be creative all the time. At Bayard, new formats such as web-radios (radio Pomme d’api), podcasts, audio-books, and Box subscriptions, are only recent examples of what we have been experimenting with, as well as reallife events. It is important to highlight the fact that this strategy is only possible because Bayard has built a very strong relationship with its authors, illustrators and rights owners over time.

Can you explain to us in more detail the success of the SAM SAM case history? SamSam is a great example of the way Bayard has rolled out its IP internationally. SamSam debuted in the magazine Pomme d’api where it was very popular amongst kids and parents. A large publishing program was rolled out with one editor working on both dedicated SamSam magazines and books. Rights were sold

in many countries and a two season TV series was produced with France TV and distributed in many territories, in both linear and non-linear channels. Digital games, apps and e-books have also become very popular and a movie is currently being produced. More and more, print IPs with a strong audience and strong narrative qualities are of great interest to TV and OTT producers. 75

Digital & Media TF1

THE EVOLUTION OF THE TRADITIONAL TV PLATFORM Which strategies are traditional broadcasters implementing in order to retain their audience? What is the best liaison between TV programming, digital platforms and licensing development? TF1, the leading French broadcaster has developed a complete strategy which answers all these questions. LM met Daphné de Beauffort, EVP Acquistion of Kids Content at TF1 to learn more. or via their box (Bouygues, Free, Orange) or Apps (android, IOS ) and through some partnerships we are dealing with. MYTF1 provides all the content that is available on the TF1 channels (5 channels). All these different channels for different targets. TF1 hosts a kids section called TFOU. TFOUMAX, the 1st SVOD offer in France for kids 3-12 years old, can be accessible from everywhere. In our SVOD platform we also have content which is not broadcast on linear TV.

Adam Rubins

Can you give us more insight as regards the TFOU editorial line and programming strategy? TFOU is for kids 4-10 years old, with a focus on European and French content. It’s a 2-hour programming block (3 hours on Sunday) which broadcasts

Daphné de Beauffort How do kids watch video content via the TF1 platform and beyond the traditional TV model? Kids can watch video content through MYTF1, our catch up and AVOD platform. We are also communicating through social networks, although mainly with a promotional purpose. Kids can also watch content via TFOUMAX, our SVOD platform which is accessible via a subscription fee, 76

in the morning on traditional TV and offers strong characters, good stories, comedy and adventure for kids, providing content for kids that parents would deem ‘wholesome’. If the series is also supported by licensing, then this is a real bonus, but we still pay attention to the content first. The combination of both good content and licensing potential is the ideal combination. How does MYTF1 catch-up service work? MYTF1 is our catch-up platform, where it’s possible to replay all of the content that is broadcast across TF1’s various linear TVchannels (TF1, TFX, TMC, TF1 Series Films, LCI and with a TFOU/kids section). We are recently buying content that is not on air on the channels, such as

Digital & Media

Sunny Bunnies or Super Wings Season 1, and we are doing window programming of the episodes or seasons between MYTF1 and TFOUMAX. TFOUMAX was the first SVOD service exclusively targeting kids in France. How did this come about? Yes, it is the first kids offer in France. Our success was down to a few things: the TFOU brand is very strong in France and trusted by parents; we have a user interface with great features (age filter, timer and the possibility to download the content for 2 weeks); a good selection of content for kids aged 3 to 10 years old (coming both from our channel or well known series);as well as great distribution partners. We launched TFOUMAX 3 years ago and now have reached more than 700.000 households! It’s a big number considering that’s only for kids in France. Actually, we are also extending the distribution of this service into


already had a strong digital life, through a dedicated YouTube channel. The content was already produced, and it didn’t need any dubbing as it is a non-dialogue series, so we decided to launch the TV series through our digital ecosystem, MYTF1 & TFOUMAX, and push the visibility of the characters thanks to TF1 Licensing. The first plush line is soon to be released in France. Sunny Bunnies has marked the first IP with which we used this kind of approach. We are now discussing applying the same method with other brands. For example,we are broadcasting SUPER WINGS both on digital (season 1) and linear (season 2 and 3). Some toy manufacturers and distributors now understand the importance of the digital exposure, and therefore want to push forward with their content on our non-linear platforms.

Could you tell us more about the SUNNY BUNNIES case history? I believe Sunny Bunnies is a successful case history for several reasons. The

On the licensing side, how do you support the Toy Partners? We are working closely with the channel and the other departments at TF1 in order

visuals are very catchy and appealing, the content is fun & short, and the series

to increase the visibility and the appeal of the series. We try to support the toy partners at their crucial sales periods throughout the year. We work with the toy manufacturers when it comes to advertising and providing dedicated spots to showcase the toys. When TF1 Licensing is agent for the brand derived from the series, they work closely with the toy partner on the toys development and help the launch and the in-store presence of the products. For example, we have been working with the Toy Company Bandai on Miraculous, The Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir, so as to increase exposure in partnership with the toy company and get great results.


Digital & Media OD MEDIA GROUP

A NEW APPROACH TO CONTENT DISTRIBUTION Each year LM attends Cartoon Digital, the toplevel master seminar organised by Cartoon Media. The event provides the latest developments in digital animation and animation for connected screens. The last edition took place in November 2018 in Ghent (Belgium) and LM caught up with all the latest news for its readers.

our clients, we protect their copyright, manage and monetise their content and build a complete strategy for their movies, series, music and channels. Expoza receives a percentage from the advertisement revenues generated around the content that we allow on YouTube. If we need to block content, we ask for a service fee.

Sjef Pijnenburg Although the event was not specifically about licensing topics, it was very important to learn more about the fast changing TV Content Distribution strategies, and the impact of these on TV series. For this purpose, LM met Sjef Pijnenburg, CEO & Founder at OD Media Group, who explained to us his new approach to media content distribution. What is ODMEDIA GROUP’s business model? How do you differentiate your business from the one of “traditional” tv distributor? ODMedia is a distributor in the broadest sense, with technical and commercial distribution services for content owners. We have different business models, but

always try to be a partner instead of a supplier. The ODMedia Group has 3 divisions: ODMedia: ODMedia provides a one-stop solution which makes sure content is in the right format, in the right place, at the right time. We deliver films and series to all major platforms such as Netflix and Amazon for a flat fee rate. Doco Digital: Doco Digital is specialized in content aggregation for the world’s leading digital entertainment platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Netflix. Doco Digital works on a revenue share basis, so is only successful if a title performs well. This means we try our best to make it a success during the entire lifecycle of content. Expoza: Expoza offers services to premium content owners on YouTube. For 78

From traditional TV channels to Video Content platforms. What’s happening to TV content distribution and exposure in terms of trends and overview? We see a shift in viewing traditional TV content from linear to Advertisement based Video On Demand (AVOD) platforms like Youtube, Facebook and self-built platforms. The platforms are also becoming affordable to manage yourself. We see an increase in requests from clients that want their own SVOD or AVOD platform. Also more and more long form content is published on platforms like Youtube.

Digital & Media OD MEDIA GROUP What are the challenges for TV Content Producers and Rights Holders to maximize their video exposure? There are many challenges, but here are a few: 1. Control your rights carefully. Keep them close and only give away the rights that are relevant. If an international sales agent primarily sells to broadcasters, why should they also have VOD rights or why should they still have a large part of the

world within the deal if they have not sold to it in the first 12 months? 2. In the contracts you close, ask for the language versions in the deal. If you get the English dub for a UK deal, you are able to close deals in 40+ countries globally if you have the dub in-house. And you can do this without harming the UK deal. 3. Global reach is possible nowadays through filling in the blanks with platforms

like Youtube and Facebook. If broadcasters and Netflix or Amazon are a no go for certain territories, why not allow them on more open platforms. 4. Take control of the distribution to global VOD platforms yourself. Of course you can still pay local partners their revenues, but organising this yourself will give you real sales statistics and avoid a lot of unnecessary double costs. How important is copyright protection on YouTube and what do you do for that? Copyright protection brings control. Control brings revenues or other value. As a certified YouTube partner we are able to find every illegal upload on YouTube directly. If it matches only 1 frame of video


or 20 seconds of audio, we will find it. Once you control and own all illegal uploads of your content on YouTube, you can start adding strategies of what you would like to do. Most of our clients do a mix between the blocking of whole episodes, but allowing shorter ones. The content that is allowed will be monetised through advertisement insertion. This way illegal uploads change from a negative source of trouble towards a controllable group of uploads that also generate revenue. Additionally, we are able to redirect the viewers of illegal uploads to our client’s official channel. Besides YouTube, we will add Facebook as a platform where we will do copyright protection.

8-11 April 2019 Cannes France

n o i t u b Distri

nt e m op l e v e D t n e t n o C

See you at MIPTV in 2019 NEW

The Kids community greenlights projects at


6-7 April 2019


6-7 April 2019

Driving the content economy


HOW CHILDREN CONSUME MEDIA CONTENT In an increasingly fragmented landscape, with over 1000 brands available for the kids audience, children are accessing content in the most diverse of ways. To learn more, LM caught up with Peter Robinson, Director, Dubit Ltd, last November during Cartoon Digital in Ghent.

There have been a few major trends in how kids use devices over the last three years. As Peter Robinson explained, whilst TV’s are on just as much, there are less of them, so they have become more communal. And they are increasingly connected so the growth in usage of Netflix, YouTube and voice connected has accelerated in 2018. Smartphones continue ageing down, with many children receiving their first ‘own’ device between the ages of 7 and 10 years of age. This means they have access to both social messaging and networks and of course games, such as Fortnite. Finally, where as getting a TV in your bedroom was a rite of passage in the 90’s and noughties, getting your own tablet is now the equivalent. Most children under the age of 8 are frequent users of the tablet, accessing it as their own personal entertainment machine. Let’s note also that when the child gets a smartphone, tablet use fades. The phone is more portable and more broadly functional, and the tablet becomes a “little kid” thing.

We also asked Peter about the most preferred genres per territory and age group. He told us that the ability to laugh was the most important thing, and therefore comedy was the top entertainment genre across all ages and territories. When children aren’t wanting to laugh, they want a mixture of action,


sci-fi and wildlife content.From the age of 8 years and older, genres such as music, sport and horror become more prevalent, but that is never at the expense of humour and action. The number of brands known by children is enormous, but only the top 5 have a consistent percentage of awareness. As Peter explained to us: “Over the four years of Dubit Trends, we have observed two key trends. We ask children to name their three favourite brands across a number of media formats. And as media is fragmented, it us unsurprising that the number of brands in children’s lives are increasing. The long tail of media is now broader than ever, with niche and microniche content existing in distribution platforms, that offer low-costs to entry and easy access - such as YouTube”. In terms of digital trends, it’s impossible to avoid the evidence of the huge success of Fortnite, which continues to go from strength to strength. It has done many things well, but as Peter says, “two things we have noticed that really supported its growth are its ability to create appointment viewing via social play straight after school and the playground buzz around the dances. Both trends have existed via traditional media for decades, but right now are owned by the latest gaming trend”.

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ENTERTAINMENT WITH SUBSTANCE Established over 130 years ago, National Geographic has extended its reach to over 700 million people in 172 countries worldwide and counts 423 million followers on social media. These are just some figures that give us the measure of this historical world brand. Geographic Society for exploration, conservation of the environment and education.

National Geographic Partners Licensing Team in Europe

Luca Vecci The National Geographic universe includes television channels, other media and consumer-oriented assets of the group, including the monthly magazine National Geographic, National Geographic Studios, digital platforms and social media, books, maps, magazines for kids, and activities such as travel, events, catalogues, licensing and e-commerce. A rich and versatile ecosystem that offers multiple business opportunities ranging from publishing, travel experience, through to consumer products and events. The licensing activities extend to the consumers the values that have always characterized National Geographic and represent an important element for the many partners who have decided to meet them. A very tangible commitment: 27% of the revenue generated by the products and experiences proposed, is destined to finance the activities of the National

In the last 12 months, National Geographic has embarked on a path to upgrade its licensing programme, with the aim of extending the activity not only to the core business categories, but also in terms of consumer product and retail. The progressive consolidation of the National European Publishing Team, Consumer


Products & Experiences of National Geographic Partners: Luca Vecci (Italy), Helena Mansell Stopher (UK), Angela


The National Geographic Kids brand strategy National Geographic Kids aims at becoming the “entertainment with substance” number one brand in the world, inspiring new generations to discover and take care of the world around them. National Geographic Kids is in fact the only kids brand with an internationally important non-profit organization behind it (the National Geographic Society). Through its photographers, explorers

and experts, National Geographic Kids is able to provide children from all over the world with extremely qualitative experiences able to stimulate their curiosity and make them feel personally involved, as little explorers. As Luca Vecci explains “By offering unique access to National Geographic scientists, explorers, photographers, and experts, National Geographic Kids provides children exciting, inspiring and real experiences that ignite their curiosity about the world. The creative assets are an extension of the visual storytelling; they have been developed to excite and inspire new generations of explorers through a variety

Maria Maranesi Reuber (Germany and Benelux), Sophie Dufeu (France), Cristina Zuazua (Spain), went precisely in this direction,under the guidance of Maria Maranesi, Vice President of Europe & Africa, who explains: “our goal was to create a consumer products team that covers the 5 main territories to have the strongest possible impact in Europe”. The team has focused its work on international operations aimed at increasing the awareness of the National Geographic brand in the various areas in which it operates, from publishing to TV channels, through travel and licensing, also devoting attention to the development of the kids strategy. This approach has generated a strong growth in all sectors, both in absolute terms and in terms of the launch of new business lines, with the signing of highlevel strategic partnerships that meet a natural positioning with the National Geographic brand. of fact-based info-graphics, badges and stunning photography”. The goal of National Geographic Kids is to transfer these issues to the Publishing, Consumer Products and Experiences strategies. The new licensing programme, in fact, is developed through three main themes: Amazing Animals, Stem and Space, Explorers in Training. The partnership signed with the creative agency Blue Kangaroo, has allowed to unearth a multitude of assets available to licensees around the world for the development of National Geographic Kids branded products. 87

News NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Many prestigious European partnerships have been signed. Among these Dr Cool, American Toy Partner for the STEM line, has finalized the distribution of its products in the main European markets, starting with the UK, France and Germany. Bresser, is a partner specialized in optical and electronic products, for both adults and children, which has launched a new line of microscopes, telescopes and exploration kits. Topps has signed an agreement for the EMEA and Latin America markets for the development and distribution of two collections of “Animals” and “Space” sticker albums, available in the main European markets starting from February 2019. Jakala, which is among the top 5 players in Europe in the promotional sector, has signed a three-year license agreement for the development of loyalty programmes under the National Geographic Kids brand. Venturelli has renewed the partnership on a world scale until 2020 for the development and commercialization of the National Geographic stuffed animals line. Hermet, which is a leading company for Home Textiles in Italy, has created a

collection of home textile and bedding products inspired by Photo Ark (a project to defend biodiversity, created by National Geographic photographer’ Joel Sartore). The products will be on sale in early 2019. Dreamtex, will develop and sell in the UK an adult and children’s collection of products made from 100% organic cotton and recycled materials. John Lewis, an important UK retailer, from March 2019 will launch a kids clothing collection produced with ecofriendly materials, bringing the message of the National Geographic campaign against disposable plastic directly to the final consumer. Clarks, from April 2019, will sell the collection of shoes always inspired by Photo Ark. Resulting from a European partnership between National Geographic and Clarks, the Photo Ark shoes collection will include both an adult line and a kids line produced with 100% sustainable materials coming from plastic bottles, in a recycled cardboard packaging. Steiff, new partner for the development of a Photo Ark soft toy collection, will launch the first products in North America and some European markets starting from 88

spring 2019. The collection celebrates the beauty and fragility of the animal species and encourages consumers to take care of them. Ravensburger is the new global partner and will develop the first Joel Sartore Photo Ark 2D National Geographic puzzle. A 1000 piece puzzle that will be called “99 extraordinary animals”.

News Caselle Open Mall in Italy near Turin, will offer an experiential path thanks to a wide range of theme attractions, guaranteeing an immersive edutainment National Geographic experience aimed at the whole family.

Planet or Plastic? The message of National Geographic

Mattel, during the Nuremberg toy fair, will officially present a great toys project, the result of a global agreement between National Geographic and Mattel. In August 2018, National Geographic debuted its kids fiction books, with a new editorial project, Explorer Academy, an interactive and cross media saga, composed of 7 titles and aimed at young people between 8 and 12 years old. Within the text, the young reader must track down secret symbols, codes and enigmas scattered throughout the book. The first volume which was published by the best publishers from all over Europe (Hachette, RBA, White Star, Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, and Olesiejuk) encountered great success.

Planet or Plastic? initiative asks consumers to make a choice between the planet over single-use plastic. As the amount of plastic in the world’s oceans continues to grow, National Geographic is announcing a global commitment to help tackle this pressing problem. The group is launching a multiyear initiative aimed at raising awareness about the global plastic crisis and reducing the amount of plastic in the world’s oceans. As a global brand with a rich history of scientific discovery and exploration, National Geographic is uniquely positioned to tackle this crisis in a way that only National Geographic can — through storytelling and science.

National Geographic Experiences In Europe, the brand is also active in the field of theme installations for edutainment purposes. In the early months of 2018, National Geographic and iP2Entertainment announced a strategic partnership with Aedes SIIQ for the creation of the first National Geographic Ultimate Explorer (NGUX) centre in Europe. The centre, which will have an extension of 5 thousand square metres and will be integrated into the

By leveraging the power and reach of National Geographic’s global media platforms and the expertise of National Geographic explorers and scientists who are investigating the devastating impacts of the plastic crisis, they can raise awareness and inspire consumers to take action. They have consulted experts, studied the problem and assessed the current initiatives already underway. As a result, they believe their consumer campaign and scientific endeavours will be complementary and contribute to filling gaps in knowledge, whether in the scientific community or among the general public. Since its launch, Planet or Plastic? has generated 34 million earned social media impressions and led to 47,000 pledges. ‘We are working towards driving sustainable messaging through our consumer products and publishing business’ says Maria Maranesi VP EMEA Consumer Products. Maranesi has worked tirelessly with current partners and new licensees to achieve this thus continuing to drive a sustainable message for the brand, as we aim to be singe use plastic free. Kids vs Plastic is the “Planet or Plastic” version dedicated to National Geographic Kids plan. Through the programme Kids vs Plastic, the young explorers of National Geographic Kids could get their personal certificate “Planet Protector”, helping environment and saving the world, thanks to the reduction of the use of any disposable plastic object. To learn more: natgeokids.com/KidsVsPlastic


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